Friday, 21 October 2011

Got my Mojo workin'

Wow. just wow.

Amazing digital 'sculpt' from Toby whiting, perfectly captures the Marvel Werewolf as Ploog intended. had a slight concern you guys wouldn't like it because he leaves the front of the base quite a bit, but I thought it was so brilliantly dynamic it'd only spoil it to stand him up straighter.
Talking of Mike Ploog we've got him to do the cover! - and if what I've seen from the sketch he did us (coming soon) it's gonna be a classic.

Trapster final stage

I think the final detail really brings it alive. Very close to the reference we provided the sculptor. A good paint job should complete a great figurine.

Mojo early design stage

Still needs all the little detail etc, but I was really delighted with it to be honest.
As a first draft I think they nailed him pretty good.

Have a fine weekend.


BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Holy maccaroney!
This update is absolutely mind-blowing. Werewolf by Night is stupendous. It's got to be one of the best sculpts in the entire collection. Wow, just wow! This will persuade anyone who was indifferent to his inclusion in the CMFC. What a stunning addition. Congrats Dan, you created an awesome representation of this horror character.

ElvenBrit said...

WOW! is an understatement to describe the Werewolf by Night. This should increase the amount of votes he gets, on the 'Are you going to buy' poll on the Forum.
I was always going to buy this one, now I'm convinced.

Hiperion said...

I LOVE the Trapster sculpt and the Werewolf by Night design. I was excited to get Jack in the collection, but now I can't wait!!

Wonderful job, EM ;)

Mojo's not a character that turn me crazy, but could be a very good sculpt like that.

Mike Ploog doing the Werewolf By Night is great news and a great way to pay tribute to his art in the 70s book

Great update, Dan.

Becquerel said...

Holy smokes, that Werewolf. It's awesome.

Sage said...

Wow both Werewolf by Night and Mojo look to be coming along nicely.

Mojo is gonna look insane!. I really just can't wait to have him on my shelf one day.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

And hey, i'm first again this week!
Trapster looks very cool, and I can't wait to see the painted version. As for Mojo, as foreseen he's going to be a rather spectacular special. Amazing rendition, especially the intricate work on his techno-insectoid legs wrapped around the base. A unique, truly outstanding figure. This collection has been reaching stellar levels of quality.
Long live the CMFC. It's the best thing to ever happen for Marvel fans worldwide.

fredpostman said...

Werewolf looks amazing!What a brilliant sculpt.Trapster is coming on is Mojo.....LOCKJAW for 2012 please Dan..just picked up Puppet Master and he is brilliantly realized...well done sculptor and painter..would love a Mr Hyde/Cobra double pack...

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Wow, can't wait to see Werewolf by Night and Mojo sculpts, this will be awesome.
So Dan, can You say now Terrax, GiantMan and Mojo are confirmed for next year.

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Werewoof looks like it was sculpted by Mike Ploog himself, In otherwords it looks absolutely incredible. Trapster is looking dandy.
Mofo looks fine but there's no way i'm taking a €20 hit in the wallet for that. I can absorb the odd £5.99 hit for figs i'm not interested in but not for Mofo no way.

TheTooN said...

Jaw dropping ! Hats off EM. I cant even say anything bad about MOJO after seeing the wolf.

Hope the digital transitions well into lead.

Whats the current thought on support for MOJO,? and will the legs be separate for us to 'slot in' on unpacking ? Might be the safest way. I wouldnt mind doing it. Whats everyone else think ?

Friday night is beer night and the word verification is 'mulsh' :)

Have a great night guys and gals.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Mojo pose looks similar to
Just confirm Terrax, and 2012 is gonna rock.

Tornado Web said...

Wow!!! The Werewolf figurine is just amazing!!! When this will come out?

mgf said...

W-by-N is astonishing.

Trapster is growing on me. I wasn't too keen on the costume choice.

Mojo would be better if he looked more like Lockjaw.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Indeed Werewolf looks very impressive, I have to admit.
I also like trapster.

Can't wait to see Mojo's actual sculpt, he might turn out to be THE most intricate sculpt in the entire collection...

Robert said...

Werewolf by Night is just amazing looking. Potential to be one of the best sculpts yet. Great job.

Trapster looking very good, too. Not my first choice of costume but can't argue with the quality.

Paibok said...

Mojo - not a fan of the character at all, so not going to get exited about him. A good computer design nethertheless, whether that can be translated into lead / resin is another matter, weight and gravity doesn't exist in cyberworld, so I am skeptical that Modjo will look like that when sculpted. Can we have Terrax before him please, by wallet would prefer this, and for once I agree with it.

Werewolf by Night - wow. Excellent sculpt at this stage, and there is nothing wrong with the pose it seems though he would be moving to the front of my MK display.

Trapster - Looks better in detail, its how I imagined him, it like he jumped straight out of the comic books, or even the 80s top trumps.

Paibok said...

Just to add, that if Werewolf by Night can look that amazing, think how incredible Vermin would look.

The sculptor deserves a beer.

CGJ said...

No problem with Werewolf leaning forward over the base because nobody is going to put that on the back row of a plinth. Awesome work.

michal9402 said...

Werewolf by Night is best sculpt I ever see in this collection. I hope he'll be as good with paint job. Trapster is ok but I'm not a big fan of him.

Nightwing said...

Wow Mojo looks superb. Even at this early stage I know I will be buying it for sure :D Great work Eaglemoss!

(Trapster looks brilliant too)

buffduffdan said...

The digital sculpt of Werewolf By Night is astonishing. The pose captures the character perfectly and the level of detail is just amazing. If the actual figure looks as good then he'll be one of the best so far!!

Trapster looks so much better with the cannisters and other touches added. He could have been a bit of a boring figure but I think you guys have done him well. Looking forward to seeing him all painted up :)

Which just leaves Mojo! He looks cool, I guess he's still in the very early stages so it's hard to say much but it seems to me like you guys know what your doing with him and I am positive he will turn out well!

The Hood said...

Werewolf By Night looks fantastic, it really shows how good horror characters can look. Trapster is good too and Mojo is coming along nicely, well done.

LAWay said...

Ok, i admit it. I was wrong.

Werewolf By Night looks absolutely brilliant in this digital sculpt. I hope it transitions well into lead, as we will lose an awful lot of detail that makes it so stunning. The pose is amazing, but i am concerned he is going to be too heavy to stand.

Trapster looks ace finished. Very pleased. Great work.

I have no idea how MOJO will work. I cant see how those legs will support him. I guess the legs will be lead and everything else resin? Need to see more detailed version but looking good.

Is every character done as a digital sculpt first or only a few? Would be interesting to know which ones are and which arent. Does the mold then get 3D printed, or does a sculptor try replicating it?

The Mad Thinker said...



I take it back , what I said about Trapster , he's coming along nicely.

Dan , bravo on a great update !!

Hawkeye said...

Got to be honest Mojo and Trapster leave me cold as I know nothing about the characters but for those who do, well done on getting these into the collection. But Werewolf By Night, that's a beauty and recalls all those old Marvel comics from when I were a lad - ah, those were the days. Can. Not. Wait .... :)

BobDiamond said...

Like everyone else, I'm totally knocked out by the amazing design for Werewolf By Night..a truly awesome rendition. Well done EM!
(Both Trapster and Mojo look like very worthy inclusions too I should add.)
Is it my imagination, or are these figures coming around faster lately? It certainly doesn't feel like 4 weeks since my last subby-pack...still, not something to complain about! (except for the hole in the bank account...)
DC's Blackest Night Sub-Set has finally come to a close. They were excellent figures, but I hardly knew who any of them were, so I'm kind of pleased from that point of view.
Even the main DC Collection is struggling to keep my interest so I might have to draw a line under that one too. This basically underscores the difference between the 2 companies- The Marvel Collection could carry on producing worthy and classic characters for years yet, whereas DC relies too heavily on so-called Legacy characters, and is really beginning to scrape the bottom of the barrel already. Mind you, they are always beautiful sculpts, which is why I've stuck it out with them this long.

Talking of beautiful sculpts- Odin is a masterpiece! Puppet Master is excellent, and even Blackheart is a cool figure. Altogether a superb bunch of new additions!


JinxDealer said...

WoW WeReWoLf By NiGhT is looking awesome. but as LAWay brought up i hope he's not going to be be a tipper like those pesky rooftop spidermen.. slightest wobble and TIMBER !!!!!!

Bob said...

I have to say I am in awe!! That Werewolf sculpt looks like it jumped out of the comic book! Trapster is brilliantly sculpted. One thing about Mojo, I like his sculpt but like the Hulk figure he is not as massive and bulky as I envisioned. His potbelly needs to be increased in proportion to his head size like the illustrations in his book suggests. Just my 2 cents.

Banshee said...

OK honesty time. I couldn't give a hoot about Werewolf but OH MY GOD that is a damn good sculpt. I now can't wait to see him finished and get him on my shelf. A Masterpiece!!!

Trapster is coming along nicely. I like all the detail that has gone into him.

And Holy Moly what a finish with Mojo. If you guys at EM pull this off you are going to be gods amongst men. An insane figurine. I just can't wait!!!

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

I hope Mofo is sales success, A scientist friend of mine Dave, you remember him? Anywho he reckons the Mofoverse is about as popular as a Gary Glitter tribute band ,But hey the 78 Mufuhverse fans are on the blog / eh ...?...good luck.

It's at these times i am truly grateful there was no blog/forum at the beginning of this series , Other wise i'd have a shelf full of shit specials and no sign of Man-Thing......What's next ?,oh yeah Strongay....gimme bloody strength!!

I can't justify wasting my money on pish i care not a jot for, I took a simple wee test, If i was not a subscriber, and one day i was skipping gaily up Buchanan st and stopped at FP's window and caught a glimpse of ..Stronguy,Mojo, Sauron,Omega Red would i have spent £50 to buy them, eh NO!! not even on crack!!

You partimers were right all along us subscribers are mugs.or lazy at the very least.

Hey if the dungbeetle is a success i'll eat my words, Here's hoping the 7900 subbies that didn't vote for this turd . are too lazy to cancel him.

Thor8 said...

I'm going to end up broke and it's your guys fault. Werewolf B N was another figurine I wasn't planning to buy,but this sculpt is just too cool looking to pass by. Hope he turns out just as well in lead and painted.

Not realy interested in Mojo,I'll pass on this one.

Hope to hear some great news on Giant-Man soon and seen some sneek peeks of his sculpt.

Robert said...

I didn't avoid subscribing through any forward thinking about avoiding characters I didn't like. I was in FP every week and just picked up the latest fortnightly release on the way to the till with a pile of comicbooks. It was just easier. Looking back, I'm glad I was lucky enough to be able to do that. Although I have most of the figures, I would definitely have cancelled a subscription by now. Drax would have been a definite tipping point. And maybe someone like Jubilee, who looks spectacularly awful. No, actually, it might have happened as early as cat-Beast!

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...
Harvey the red headed conure, he's lovely MOfO.....Ain't

Jacadoo said...

Werewolf by night - can only say one word WOW!!!!!!!!

John said...

Dan, take note:
Make Mojo's legs detachable.
-This way they won't break off in shipping. You're welcome. ;)

I just don't want to see another Fin Fang Foom incident. Foom may be the best figurine in the collection (Enchantress and Spiral are also fighting for the spot,) and most shops only have memories of breakage after breakage.

At least in this stage, I don't like the positioning of Mojo's arms. Not sure what to change them to though...

WerewolfBN looks AWESOME. Though PLEASE address the weight distribution concerns. I see that and worry that he'll tip and fall flat on his face. The sculpt would look too good to risk that (Shang-Chi base? New Rectangle base?)

Dan, I'm also curious on your opinion of something. Last week we had an interesting discussion about Spider-Man related characters. IF two were chosen next extension, who would be YOUR picks? Not official EM choices, just... who would YOU like to see? I'm insanely curious about this and think it would give some neat insight/perspective to your views.

LAWay said...

The solution to the MOJO leg breaking problem is obvious.

Make them out of Adamantium.

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Dan, after watching Muammar Gadaffi being beaten and executed and his bloodsoaked corpse being paraded all over western tv, just to show how civilised we are compared to wot e was , i was minded to ask ,what is your favourite train journey ?, not EM's ..but yours little cutie you.
Right am off fer some blood pudding night sweet meats

LAWay said...

Ted, why are you doing this? I know we were told to ignore nonsense, but what is the point man?

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Ted, why are you doing this? I know we were told to ignore nonsense, but what is the point man?

I don't know.....are you ok ? . why are you calling me man ???

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

For sure we need 2-3 spidey related characters since next extension. Jackal, Tombstone, White Tiger in 201-220.

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Hey,Leigh you talented cabbAge ,head over to YouTube and check out " laway is a fanny"
Lots of love fae Ted ya prick

tinodragon14 said...

Thank you Dan for the update. Much appreciated. I will have to make it a unanimous WOW regarding the WEREWOLF by NIGHT figure. AWESOME! I wish the same had been done for MAN-WOLF.

TRAPSTER looks good as well even though it was not the costume I wanted.

mojo looks silly so you got it right & unfortunately it is the first figure I will not buy.

AMARON said...

Werewolf looks AMAZING!!!! Who gives a flying leap if he is forward fro his base. He justs needs that kinetic feel and this pose gives it to him. Maybe more of the sculpts need to be off base. WOW!!!!!

Kal Brindle said...

I am stoked to see such an awesome design for old Jack Russell and even more stoked to see the fan response to his proposed design. Bravo Eaglemoss - if this one plays out in the lead even half as good as it looks in those preview picks you have asure fire winner on your hands!

Trapster looks amazing - thank you for being so incredibly adaptable on this sculpt. This design truly gives us the best of both worlds. Cannot wait to add him to my collection.

Mojo - well you're off to one hell of a good start. Not a character I was rooting for, but I have to say I am impressed by your designers bravery...this is going to be one fun sculpt to bring to the masses. Best of British and all that.

Northstar and Aurora? Dan, can you promise us, that we'll see them in January? It feels like I have been waiting forever on these two and I am SO excited to see them finally arrive.

Speaking of Alpha Flight, have you decided on a pose for Shaman yet? I'm hoping for something pretty dynamic...I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Thanks for another amazing update Dan.

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Dan I do like the TRAPSTER figure but where does he holster his gun?

The Mad Thinker said...

Shaman :
floating pose please , something different and would look amazing !!

Robert said...

Why would you need a holster when you have access to all the adhesives known to man? He'd just stick it to his belt!

(Okay, you have a point!)

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Change of subject...

As you know, Vance Astro has been confirmed in extension 181-200. The classic Guardians of the Galaxy are a cool cosmic bunch.
Which ones would you like to join Vance Astro in the CMFC?

Who's your favorite classic Guardian?


It goes without saying, I'm a huge fan and would love them all. And of course I still hope in a subset.
I'd love to hear from EM/Dan that we can expect more GOTG figs soon.

TheTooN said...

My classic GotG love comes from the Korvac Saga which was reprinted in Marvel Superheroes back in 1980.

Starhawk and Yondu are must haves for me, Martinex next followed by Nikki and a Charlie special. Have to be honest and say I dont know Talon or Aleta.

More Cosmics next extension please.

Robert said...

Guys, guys, just bought something incredibly cool at the shops.

A Captain America advent calendar!!!

Much better than all that baby-in-a-manger nonsense...

kissynose said...


If there us still consideration for doing some new A diorama statue of Power Pack in action could be great.

TheTooN said...

I keep hearing Power Pack mentioned and dont have a clue so just had a gander on google image.

Are they Mutants or heroes kids or what ? I dont think I would fancy them in the CMFC from what I have seen. Same goes for any children eg Franklin/Valeria.

mighty_marvel said...

would be nice to get a classic and modern gotg in future extensions.

starhawk and yondu from classic, starlord and phyla-vell from modern over the next 2 extensions please.

charlie 27 would need to be a special.

hopefully we'll get corsair to start the starjammers in the next extension too.

1 or 2 spidey characters per extension is the ideal imo. the next 2 should be tombstone and jackal. also, madame web as a special would be great.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Less than 2 per extension isn't good. Spiderman is main marvel hero, we need more characters from his universe.

,,the next 2 should be tombstone and jackal. also, madame web as a special would be great."

John said...

I'm loving this. For once, most people are agreeing with me. Tombstone AND Jackal in the next extension, and a Madame Web special next year with the movie.

On the old Guardians of the Galaxy, my thoughts on this are that they are a less known team, so a display of 3 would be perfect, but with no rush. Starhawk and Yondu seem the most popular/visually interesting.

Personally, I feel we should get at LEAST 2 Cosmics per extension, as they come from so many varied groups and areas. An old and a modern GotG representative in the next 2 extensions works perfectly for me (until Starhawk and Yondu are done.)

But let's not forget the other Cosmic groups with Heralds, Starjammers, or Constructs, and villains like Beyonder, Maximus, Blastaar, Psycho-Man, or heroes in Lockjaw, Sersi or Pip.

Some of those are more X-Men or more FF (like Deathbird was) but they still represent important corners of the MU.

My most wanted/Top 10:

Rocket Raccoon w/ Groot



With a special mention of Death and Eternity.

Again, 2 should be the MINIMUM. ;)

pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...

Werewolf by Night is looking decidedly average, but as i wont be picking him up, i dont care, he may look better painted.... is he supposed to look like Michael J Fox from Teen Wolf??

Trapster? another i wont be getting

and Mojo is a waste of a special slot imo

on a happier note i picked up Odin and Blackheart recently and they are simply amazing and NO!! Odin isn't too big he looks just right siting next to his Daddy


Robert said...

"Personally, I feel we should get at LEAST 2 Cosmics per extension (HEAR, HEAR!), as they come from so many varied groups and areas (EXCELLENT POINT). An old and a modern GotG representative in the next 2 extensions works perfectly for me (until Starhawk and Yondu are done.) (HMM, NOT SO SURE ABOUT THAT BIT.)

But let's not forget the other Cosmic groups with Heralds (YAAAHH!), Starjammers, or Constructs, and villains like Beyonder, Maximus, Blastaar (GOOD CALL!), Psycho-Man, or heroes in Lockjaw (LONG OVERDUE!), Sersi (ALSO OVERDUE!) or Pip (JOHN FOR EL PRESIDENTE OF THE CMFC!!!)."

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Pirate Adam said "Werewolf by Night is looking decidedly average, but as i wont be picking him up, i dont care, he may look better painted.... is he supposed to look like Michael J Fox from Teen Wolf??"
Hahahahahhhaaa! that cracked me up,Now that we are both loved up on Arkham City, i miss our little bonding sessions on GOW3.
"Werewolf by Night is looking decidedly average, but as i wont be picking him up, i dont care, he may look better painted" that sent me into a coughing fit you salty sea dog you.If Scarlett Johansson knocked at yer bedroom window tonight, You would probably tell her she's not your type, you only go fer good looking lasses ;)

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

We're at #200 of CMFC, can we finally stop using words ,,marmite" or ,,waste"?
Can we have Beyonder, White Tiger, Lockjaw, Raccoon and Howard in? as they are marvel comic characters too.
,,and Mojo is a waste of a special slot". He isn't regular size, and in special poll he's first. IMO Odin is waste of slot as I don't understand using in Marvel comics, characters created by Nordic mythology. But he was most wanted special too, so he deserved to be in. Accept what other people want, what most of them want.

Thor8 said...

My two picks for The Guardians Of The Galaxy would be:

1) Yondu
2) Starhawk

Thor8 said...

Now that The Swordsman has been included in this collection and Giant-Man is almost in,I'd like to see the following Avengers approved:


I would also like to see the following foes:

Count Nefaria

As for Asgardians:


and their foes:


Hope we get at least one of each in next extension.

TheTooN said...

tomaszkasjaniuk said...
We're at #200 of CMFC, can we finally stop using words ,,marmite" or ,,waste"?

I dont think 'waste' is the best word, I dont like MOJO at all but fairs fair he is well liked by enough to deserve his moment in lead.

'Marmite' on the other hand is absolutely applicable when used on Howard. I buy the CMFC religously but would honestly consider breaking my 100% collection if Howard was made.

Whilst I have an intense dislike of the visuals, I can 'take one for the team' in MOJO, MODOK, I would even buy Strong Guy to support the collection.

But a fat white duck ?

Marmite in the purest form. Double yeast :)

PA must have lost a tenner and found ten bob before that post ;)

Loving all things Cosmic, I'd be happy with 2 classic + 2 modern gotg in the next extension, plus a Rocket/Groot 2 pack, actually I would be 'over the moon'


Robert said...

After seeing Thor8's list I'd like to quote Clint Eastwood at the end of "For a Few Dollars More": "Bravo!"

Also, I'm with all the folk who aren't going to buy Mojo and with Toon in his condemnation of Disney parodies.

Oh, for anyone unsure of Toon's monetary analogy, a "bob" is worth 5 pence.

A "Bob" is priceless.

JinxDealer said...

wait a mo is a "bob" priceless or worth 5p.. im confused, is it a good thing to find? AS for howard the duck, im not interested in him but ive read all the arguments for & against on here so would have no problem with him being the final ever issue as Dan proposed, or in a double/triple pack with other small characters of the risky category. mojo i dont have a problem with, i prefer visually interesting characters but at the same time dont like being saturated in X'ers.

Robert said...

A "bob" (small capital) is what a shilling in old money was often called informally. Now that we have decimalisation, and no longer have to deal with nonsense like 240 pence in a pound, we don't use old money but the term has survived, particularly amongst older people. A "bob" is equivalent to 5 pennies or 5 pence. In other words, it's an insignificant amount, sometimes associated with a child's pocketmoney.

"Bob" (large capital) is a shortened (and slightly altered) version of Robert, like "Bill" is a short form of William.

In conclusion, I am worth a lot more than 5p!

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Tomain ODIN will always be ahead of that silly mojo. Just because 57 people voted for that concoction on the forum does not mean he is popular with all collectors & I've seen enough persons on the blog saying they are not interested in mojo that I'm not alone.

I too hope like Thor that WHIRLWIND gets picked but my previous support has only spun him out of contention so I'm sorry Thor. I have also mentioned the MELTER but he has three different costume choices. The first where his melting beam come from his chest then when he carried a gun that fired the melting ray & finally when it shot out from his fingertips. Psst I like the chest beam outfit but you did not hear it from me.

Clearly if there is a next extension & I hope the powers that be will indeed extend this grand collection my call for more villains means there will be less. I'm so sorry my bad guys. I weep for thee.

Do Mantis to go with SWORDSMAN & she was an Avenger.
Marrina for Alpha Flight & former love of Namor.
For the horror character I would FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER or BARON BLOOD which means they will pick Brother Voodoo.
Corsair of the STARJAMMERS because I would not pick him.
Dan wants a western hero & because I like the PHANTOM RIDER AKA THE ORIGINAL GHOST RIDER he does not have a chance & it will not be RAWHIDE KID because they made him gay.
Yondu is the most striking of the Guardians appearance wise though Starhawk seems popular as well.
Dan has seemed to favor JACKAL as a Spidey villain & others want TOMBSTONE as well. I of course tended more towards gold with MOLTEN MAN rather then white but that cost MM his chance at a slot.
WHIRLWIND or BLIZZARD or MELTER or THE EEL for the Avengers.
DIABLO or MOLECULE MAN for the FF. There is RED GHOST but he has three super apes & THE MAD THINKER has his Android.
THE UNICORN would make a fine figure as an IRONMAN foe.
THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY has many high on his inclusion in this extension.
Hogun or Fandral 0r Heimdall should be one of the next Asgardians.
ATTUMA should be a Special & would make a grand one & a great looking one. As would TITANIUM MAN, THE EXECUTIONER, BLASTAAR, MR. HYDE with the COBRA, THE DESTROYER, THE LIVING MONOLITH & DRAGONMAN if only I had not supported them so much.
We know the forum will pick three X characters. Perhaps SILVER SAMURAI or SUNSPOT or Sage or Karma judging by past voting. MASTERMIND has no chance.

tinodragon14 said...

PRINCESS PYTHON & QUICKSAND for the lethal ladies. Thundra is suppose to be a Special but when. Who knows.

DOOM 2099 would make an awesome figure. His futuristic armor was quite impressive.

THE SCARECROW & JACK O'LANTERN for a two-pack Halloween special. BOO!
SCARECROW would be holding his pitchfork with a crow sitting on his shoulder. Or a three-pack adding NIGHTMARE.

Squirrel Girl (Much laughter!) & Howard the Duck & the raccoon & the tree in the Forest animals special edition or maybe just the Hunter's Special.`

Robert said...

Captain America Corps #4. A band of rebel heroes have attacked the Americops and are winning.
Henry Gyrich: "Not leaving much for us to do."
Wyatt Wingfoot: "You'd complain about a sunny day, Gyrich."

Tino and Gyrich: separated at birth? ;)

tinodragon14 said...

Dan oh Dan I would still like to know where the TRAPSTER holsters his gun?

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

So Toon you don't want duck, but you want raccoon + tree, (all 3 sounds like ZOO area) ? That's funny. Duck, raccoon, tree and even dog (Lockjaw), all are characters of Marvel comics. If someone wants big dog, then why not fat duck?
Toon isn't Cap Brit your favorite character? Why you're against Mojo and Strong Guy? Braddock is x-connected character, and read his magazine, there are a lot of the same silly looking characters, example page5 - woman looking like Mojo.

,,We know the forum will pick three X characters."
Broken record, and bad argument. You better read updates about poll choice again. Last time and this time it wasn't 3 x-connected characters.

John said...

"Duck, raccoon, tree and even dog (Lockjaw), all are characters of Marvel comics."

I would also like Cosmo for beink considered. Though I have no idea how they'd ever work him in... Kind of like the Crypto supporters on the DC side.

Any other Cosmo fans?

Sometimes, in the sci-fi world, main characters are not human or humanoid. Having the GotG without Rocket Raccoon because he's a raccoon, would be like having a Jaws collection without Jaws... because he's a shark...

TheTooN said...


I wasnt trying to have a pop at you mate, I agreed with 50% of your post saying 'a waste' was the wrong terminology.

'not for me' would have been better.

I apologize if you thought I was targeting you, that wasnt my intention. (I was grinning whilst typing though)

Choosing an avatar of Captain Britain was easy for me. I loved what I read in the UK monthlies. Only one story arc that I remember to be truthful !! ;) and I'm a Brit too if that makes it any easier to understand my choice.

Having little knowledge outside of the comics of my early youth I find that I usually like/dislike characters purely on their visual appeal, or lack of it.

I didnt want Fin Fang Foom, I dont want MOJO, MODOK, Strong Guy or Lockjaw as they are just plain odd/ugly looking in 'my personal opinion'

I'm sorry but I didnt read any more Captain Britain stories so cant appreciate your argument about his weirder companions/enemies.

If I could wave a magic wand and make the weird looking characters disappear then believe me I would.

In the last 25 years pretty much all I have read is Secret Invasion and Annihilation....I have seen modern GotG and appreciate Rocket and Groot. Odd sure but not ugly.

I read Spiral's CMFC mag last week and the whole Mojoverse thing just struck me as bizarre.

And I am no big fan of X-Men and would much prefer half as many as we have been getting or will 'no doubt' get next time.

More Cosmics and Asgardians would suit me perfectly.

I know I'm an oddball compared to most comic fans and make no apologies for it.

I accept that popular characters deserve a chance of inclusion in the CMFC.

When the popular opinion is split pretty much 50/50 as it is for HTD 'Marmite' is the perfect choice of description.

@John - No dogs :P

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I must admit I don't understand how some people want a Strong Guy special. Personally, I can't think of any reason why he would be given priority above characters that are more important and iconic in the Marvel Universe. Naturally I respect personal tastes. But I'd like Strong Guy fans to offer some objective reasons - in terms of MU history, concept or design - why he should be in the CMFC?

JinxDealer said...

@ ROBERT , thanks for the clarification , it now makes sence :) .

@ THE TOON , i have to agree the whole mojoverse thing is rather odd ( i did a little exploration to find out why opinions are so split ). but as for visuals i kinda like MOJO & love MODOK (though i liked the yellow painted MODOK better than the gold).

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Waaaay! Back in the day, the ladies used to call me the loch ness monster, because two humps and I was gone.
Speaking of monsters the greatest monster hunter of them all Ulysses Bloodstone is currently to be found in Captain America Corps. Robert this may be of interest to you .
Bloodstone first appeared in 1975 , I can hardly wait for the space year 2015 as I Have made him a birthday card it simply says UB40.

Robert said...

Miguel, I was in FP today to pick up Captain America Corps #'s 4 and 5. In #4, you almost have to be looking for him to see him he is such a peripheral figure, and in #5 he's in two panels and, well, I don't want to spoil this story so I won't say any more. He does not utter a word. (I will need to pull out the first three issues to check whether his role in earlier parts in more prominent.)

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Yeah, but I bet he stole every scene he was in??
Robert, your proppa clever. Be a dear and knock up a Bloodstone storyline, and pop it round to Grant Morrison or Mark Millar they must stay near you .
Do this small thing for me and I'll send you a box of snowballs.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

What we like in heores, they are strong and powerfull. Guido is strong and powerfull.
Just look at great bowen design
The funny man of X-Factor, Guido Carosella aka Strong Guy. I feel Strong Guy is one of those underrated....well... strong guys (no pun intended) in Marvel. He doesn't get many one on one fights and he doesn't have that many feats, but hes a cool character none the less. His power set is pretty cool imo, similar to those of Inner Circle leader Sebastian Shaw, but with a couple of minor differences.
He had heart problems many times because of his power, but that wasn't a problem to save so many heroes before death. He's a real hero, with ,,big heart". Complete 90's X-Factor roster!
Who are those ,,characters that are more important and iconic in the Marvel Universe"?

Robert said...

Much as I am partial to snowballs, I don't know the first thing about Mr Bloodstone and neither do I have any writing talent, Mig. And I wouldn't wany anything to do with Marvel nowadays anyway. Every week, sometimes every day, I hear about some other nonsense that makes my blood boil. Today it was an announcement that there was going to be a new god of thunder. No, I didn't make that up. Unfortunately.

pirate adam said...

whats that about Thor, Robert??

Robert said...

Adam, go to

Honestly, I keep TRYING to find a reason to go back to buying my monthlies and Marvel just keep pulling stunts like this to make me stick to re-reading my old comicbooks. Luckily for me I have 10,000 or so. It's taken 35 years to collect them and if it takes another 35 years to re-read them, I'll be pretty old and death won't be far off. If that works out, I think I have this problem of not being able to buy new comicbooks resolved. Sort of. As long as I don't live too be very, very old...

Deadpool said...

Back from Africa - lots of boxes to open. Odin is amazing and I even like Blackheart.

Shame Blackest night has ended on 16 especially since Arisia is crap.

Dan if I open another subscription will I be able to purchase a set in resin; as is being launched in Brazil and Canada?

Werewolf by Night digital sculpt looks very good.

Mojo - please abandon this aweful character.

I came home to a copy of Dreadfleet and will post some images of the ships later this week.

I also came home to the limited edition issue 2 of Lady Mechanika.

I don't have much time at the moment... I have a report to write which I am not looking forward to.

Well the Shi Devil has a nice new handbag so she is happy.

Cya later guys

Yours truly


JinxDealer said...

@ DEADPOOL . i share your disappointment at the blackest night collection ending.. such a shame i was expecting lots of big names done as black lanterns.

pirate adam said...

what the floop is goin on???

you cant just replace the God of Thunder, Thor's the God of Thunder always has been always will be, who the hell is this other guy


BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

But now that Blackest Night has ended, we can hope that EM will concentrate on producing a Marvel subset. Maybe Dan can let us know if Marvel subsets have a chance to see the light of the day.

Kal Brindle said...

Actually Thor has been replaced several times already...most notably by Erik Masterson (Thunderstrike) and Beta Ray Bill. I wouldn't panic too much, I am sure blondie-locks will be back soon.

Speaking of Thunderstrike, I'd really like him to be the next Asgardian. Then Fandral or Karnilla but I'd like to see Erik first.

Most wanted cosmics???

Lockjaw, Yondu, Corsair, Pip the Troll, Nova (Frankie Raye), Sersi, Air Walker, The Stranger, Hepzibah, the Living Tribunal, Oracle, Ch'od, Grandmaster, Phyla Vell, the Collector, Makkarri, Eternity and so on...

Most wanted Avengers?

Marrina, US Agent, Thunderstrike, Firebird, Mantis, Sersi, Starfox, Living Lightning, Yellowjacket II (Rita DiMara) and Jewel.

I am totally gutted that Marvel has reneged on the Alpha Flight ongoing and has turned the book back into and eight or maybe nine issue maxi series. I wil be writing to express my unhappiness. I've been buying two copies of the book and passing one on to friends and co-workers in an effort to get them hooked.

Subsequently I need Eaglemoss to give me some more Flight goodness - Marrina, Vindicator, Talisman, Box, Diamond Lil, Madison Jeffries Master of the World, Purple Woman, Wendigo, Yukon Jack & Wildchild would be awesome thanks!

JinxDealer said...

@ BLAKENEWMAN. i hope your right but i get the impression EM are arfraid to try a CMFC subset.

Becquerel said...

As mentioned, a 90s/Jim Lee era X-Men subset would be the very best seller in terms of specials that EM could get out.

I hope Dan is aware of that.

CGJ said...

Have you got a link to what you have in mind for the Jim lee x men? All the ones I have managed to find have been the same as the Marc Silvestri X Men

Thor8 said...

Robert: I don't believe The real Thor will be replaced,and if he is,it will most likely be a temporary thing. It's just today's Marvel trying to produced one of it's 'Marvel Milestones' of today.(maybe they should follow your example and go read some 70's and 80's back issues so they can see how true milestones are done.)

Robert said...

Yeh, I realise it won't be permanent, Thor8. It's just kind of typical of Marvel at this point in time: change everything and make as much noise about these stunts as possible. Obviously, no one has told them the old adage about empty drums.

I'm now starting to realise just how lucky I was to start reading during the Silver Age. Maybe we should call the noughties something like the Tarnished Age or the Disillusioned Lifers Age...

Do you still buy Thor, Thor8? Even though I dropped every other title earlier this year, I can't bring myself to give up Cap, my favourite character.

John said...

"Actually Thor has been replaced several times already...most notably by Erik Masterson (Thunderstrike) and Beta Ray Bill."

I was about to say the exact same thing. This isn't "typical modern Marvel." This is typical "Marvel." Spider-Man took Johnny's place in the FF, and Black Panther and Storm took Reed and Sue's places not long ago. In fact, wasn't the ENTIRE team replaced with new members, including Ghost Rider. And THAT was a while ago...

Thunderstrike was created back in 1988 (I was 4,) and Beta Ray Bill in 1983 (I was in transit to the world.)

Hulk went off the grid and the title became Incredible Hercules. Spider-Man was a "clone" and Ben Reilly was Spider-Man for 2 years. Etc. Etc. Etc. This is just Marvel mixing it up. Trying to add new characters that stick. Expect Thor back before the Avengers movie drops.

Let me answer your question as a guy who DOESN'T like Strong Guy...
You look at characters mostly from a visual perspective. The people that want Strong Guy are looking at him from a Character perspective. #1, he helps to complete a team, a fan favorite team, and a major X-Men team at that. #2, he's the funny character, which makes him instantly likable to fans of his book. #3, as I've heard, he's a deep character, with a big heart. He's been tested emotionally, proven himself a hero, and is an all-around good character.

Just looking at him visually, however, I support the stranger looking characters as I feel it helps diversify the overall look of the collection and celebrates Marvel for what it is... a sci-fi saga of many creative ideas coming together into a single shared universe. Now if Strong-Guy or Mojo or Howard or Rocket of Groot or Cosmo or MODOK or Lockjaw don't fit in as "Marvel characters" worthy of joining the ranks of the other classics, then I guess we have to send back Blackheart, Fin Fang Foom, Uatu, and stop the campaigns for Blastaar, etc.

Robert said...

I can take issue with individual examples - Bill never replaced Thor and Incredible Hercules IS modern Marvel - but you can't possibly compare now to what happened before. When did classic Marvel ever have JJJ swinging on a spider web?

CGJ said...

Compare Fear Itself and Thor 380-382. The same tale, but very different in terms of class, great art work and lack of cynical multi-crossover-lets get everyone involved story telling

deamon82 said...

Agree with John, it's comic characters collection. Does heroes need to look like simply human? Yelling about character look is bad argument.
Strong Guy rulez

What's with Sebastian Shaw? Dan you said he need changes, can you show us final version of figurine?

Thor8 said...

Robert; Yes I still buy and read Thor,and I also buy most of the Avengers titles,but it just doesn't seem to have the same 'flavor' to them. I don't know maybe old age is catching up,and today's books just don't thrill me as they used to. One bok that I find to be well written and has great character development is Avengers Academy. When this book first came out I thought I'd buy the first two or three issues and then drop it,but to my surprise the book and it's characters have grown on me (except Reptyl). Maybe you would like to give it a try Robert.

Deadpool said...


Hello Dan, I called customer service today for the following as an existing subscriber: -

• Order additional figures ( including another ODIN)
• Set up a new subscription today for CMFC ( hopefully in resin)
• Enquire when I would receive my subscription copy of Mr Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite special (I bought a copy from Forbidden Planet)

The customer service representative from South Africa: -

• Demanded that I give her my credit card details.
• Stated there was no such special as Mr Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite and warned me not to continue that discussion??!
• Stated I couldn't have any additional figurines as a subscriber and would have to buy them as a non subscriber.
• Didn't give me a chance to talk about another subscription.

This is appalling customer service.

All collectors take note that with customer service like this, the collection is doomed.

I then called the Eaglemoss office to raise this as a concern.

Eaglemoss Publications Ltd
1st Floor, Beaumont House,
Kensington Village, Avonmore Road
London, W14 8TS, England
Tel: 020 7605 1200

• I was first forwarded unceremoniously to South Africa.
• Second time I was sent to an anonymous answer machine
• Third time sent to a different answer machine where I eventually left a message.

Dan, please forward my complaint to the powers that be so that the service can be improved.

I still want the following issues to be dealt with sensibly: -

• Order additional figures (including another ODIN)
• Set up a new subscription today for CMFC (in resin)
• When will I receive the subscription copy of Mr Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite?

Thanks again.

Depressed and Disgruntled Deadpool.

Deadpool said...

PS I hate Africa.

And as if taunting me to send in "Lobo The Duck" to deal with these issues,the blog mocks me with the verification word...


Robert said...

Thanks for the tip, Thor8.

John said...

"When did classic Marvel ever have JJJ swinging on a spider web?"

You're right, I guess modern Marvel is a much... sillier place. Ideas are getting pretty lame. Its not like the first time Spidey defeated Sandman, he used a vacuum cleaner. ;)

Robert said...

Oh, there's always been silly stuff, especially in the very early days of the Marvel Age like your example.

There is, however, a difference between a lame ending to a story and thinking a terrible idea should be blown up into a multi-part event with variant covers and all the hysterical and frankly desperate hullabaloo that seems to be obligatory now.

Mark my words, Uncle Ben's return in coming. Staczynski has already brought him back very briefly and he's the only character yet to be exploited in a crass, sensationaist and continuity-wrecking way.

fredpostman said...

It's been a long time;
THE TWINS are on preorder at Forbidden Planet for UK dispatch on 30th Apr 2012 (my birthday)

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Uncle Ben ( the purveyors of gloop in a jar and instant rice for the impatient ) Have signed the deal with Disney. Uncle Ben is to be the face of Uncle Ben. You actually could not make this stuff up.
Ulysses Bloodstone is to be featured in an upcoming Lynx campaign.

SinisterVenom said...

Sorry I've been quiet guys, had to leave for family business. But I'm back now and everything's good. So, the update...


Werewolf By Night looks stunning! As I mentioned before, I was worried that he, Wolfsbane and Man-Wolf would all look very similar but after this, I'm not so worried. This figurine looks to be up there in the favourite figurines!
Trapster looks like he's coming along nicely too. I'm really looking forward to seeing him painted.
Interesting design for Mojo too. I say make the sculpt and let's see how he looks then. If it works then definately consider putting forward to next year's specials.
Good to be back...even it was only a week since I last posted haha.

Thor8 said...

Not only has Marvel become 'sillier',it's also become sensationalist and has lost it's magic. Since it's conception in the early 60's to about half way through the 90's The Marvel Universe was a solid creation where every small detail,issue and action that took place in one title would neatly fall into place everywhere else,and if by some chance it didn't something would be done to correct this in a believable way.=,and an explanation would be given to the readers. Now drastic changes are made left and right without rythm or ryme and no explanation is given. It's like mixing ten different jigzaw puzzles together and trying to ge one clear picture. Galactus,The Celestials,nor The ultimate nullifier destroyed the MU. Most of today's writers are doing that.

John said...

And yet you have readers like me that can't stand the old stuff and LOVE the new stuff. And not as a 'flavor of the month,' but as a life long reader... Until the day when the writing is drastically changed again like Thor and Robert's writing was to the present.

LarryS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarryS said...

Stan reigns supreme.

And, if we're comparing the 60s with the modern era for silliness, then Stan still reigns supreme.

So the Skrulls are technological geniuses able to cross the universe to reach our planet. But then they turn tail back home because Reed Richards simply shows them a couple of old godzilla movies with men-in-lizard-suits. Nope, can't think of anything daft with that storyline.

And when Matt Murdoch's closest friends rumble his secret identity, how does he respond? He - ahem - changes his glasses and persuades them he's not Matt but Mike, his twin brother. That's right, of course, all the hot shots lawyers I know are sooo very gullible.

And what a great idea to be a 25 foot tall Avenger but not bullet proof. Just what they teach in police training. Make yourself a really easy-to-hit target. Great for your life expectancy.

And let's say you were the world's greatest hypnotist, and you wanted to strike it rich. Well, you could become the Derren Brown of the 60s, star of stage and screen, making millions through personal appearances. Or you could, umm, become a circus ringmaster, hypnotise your audiences every night, and then have your crew swipe ladies' jewels. And unless you were unlucky enough to have a superhero in the audience, nobody would every figure out something dodgy was happening. Yup, the police and insurers would never get suspicious when hundreds of members of your audience are filing the same crime reports every night. Because police never keep files of crime statistics, do they. Makes even the Skrulls seem switched on and savvy.

And who can spot the hole in this one...? Bodyguards are employed to ... hmmm ... guard your body. The clue is in the word. So, para one in Iron Man's job description would be standing alongside the 'genius billionaire, playboy, philanthropist'. And making sure no-one (not the Stark Industries board of directors, nor Stark's PA or chauffeur, nor the paparazzi, nor stock market analysts), would ever notice that's, cough, the one place you never appear. People really weren't that bright in the 60s were they?


tinodragon14 said...

Oh Dan I'm still wondering where the TRAPSTER holsters his paste gun.

So MODOK which is a Mega Special comes out at the end of November & NORTHSTAR & his sister don't come out until April so can they not move up TERRAX as a regular Special to come out in January or February since mojo is coming out after NORTHSTAR & sis & then have a regular special between mojo & GIANT-MAN.

Oh Dan would you please consider putting a pointy headed Wasp figure on GIANT-MAN'S shoulder.

The Wasp is a disappointing figure by herself. She does not have her wings when she grows to normal size. It bugs me that they did not do like they did the Atom DC figure where there is a small figure of her with wings & then her full size self with no wings.

ghost said...

I think Modok and Mojo are going to be two of the stand out figures of the collection. Can't wait to get them. Both look fab. Bring on more of the weird.

If (and it looks like we unfortunately will) we get a giant sized Giant Man (what a waste of a Mega Special), why are people asking for wasp on his shoulder? She'd have to be microscopic! otherwise whats the point in him being a Mega Special??!

deamon82 said...

Twins will come in April at Forbidden Planet. In official shop they will be in January. I you buy at FP, you always have to wait 3 months more.

tinodragon14 said...

Boo Ghost! I'm the only one suggesting having a small original costume pointy headed Wasp figure on GIANT-MAN's shoulder which means it would never happen so don't worry. Also even though I would prefer the LIVING MONOLITH as the size changer Mega Special or a DRAGONMAN Mega Special which means they are doomed as figures I have been supportive of the GIANT-MAN figure which means there is a good chance they will change their minds & do someone else I don't care for. So keep hope alive because those characters I support as figures are usually dead.

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Dan I was wondering where the TRAPSTER holsters his paste gun?

Kal Brindle said...

Okay Dan, it's time for some crazy yet really awesome suggestions for the next extension...

Agatha Harkness
Blonde Phantom
Diamond Lil
Gilded Lily
Living Lightning
Master of the World
Mister Immortal
Red Wolf & Lobo
Texas Twister

and any of the Pantheon from Peter David's Incredible Hulk!

Thor8 said...

LarryS: Did you read Robert's answer to John's post? He realizes(and I agree) that their were silly stories in the early years of Marvel (like the Hulk hiding in plain sight buy disquising himself as a 'robot clown'),but once Marvel took off and became a solid believable universe the plots,stories and characters were as large as life and consistent.

Lately things have change too drasticly and hardly any explanation is given for these changes.

Norman Osborn was brought back to life,and it was said he truly never died due to is 'healing factor' which was neer mentioned before.

Aunt May is about to die,and Mephisto brings her back to life (along with Harry Osborn) and he changes Spidey's history from the past few years with no consequences in the time continuim,no explanation were ol'Mephis got this power over life and death.

Hawkeye,whom has always been faithful to his fellow Avengers,is suddenly going to bed with The Wasp whom he says he has always had a crush on,and shows biterness against Pym to whom he had always shown respect.(He was even one of the few whom believed in Pym and stood by his side when he was down.

I could go on mentioning other catostraphic changes made in the MU,but what for,some people just don't want to see the truth of this.

SinisterVenom said...

Uh oh, here come the lists...I like goes! My favourites for the next extension:

Baron Mordo
Silver Samurai
Maximus The Mad
US Agent
Count Nefaria
High Evolutionary
Dark Beast

I know I won't see them all in the next extension but there it is, 20 characters I would love to see appear soon!

Victor said...

Black Tom Casssidy
Goblin Queen (Madelyne Pryor)
Count Nefaria
High Evolutionary
Maximus The Mad
Molecular Man
Silver Samurai

mighty_marvel said...

brother voodoo
general ross
karolina dean
misty knight
silver samurai

sed tallis said...

If i could pick the perfect extension. I would plump for these.
1 Nutbrace
2 Feltch
3 Hob
4 Gwangfuggle ( classic outfit )
5 Whore Lady
6 Cornedteeth
7 Starhorn
8 Dark Stool
9 Bunnywalker
10 Frisbee Dave
11 B*stard Boy
12 Tallboy
13 Brown Fist
14 Crack
15 Discharge
16 Chuck Knife
17 The Reeking Bell
18 Tooth

Robert said...

What a day. Anyway, a bit late responding to Larry but I did manage to read the post early this morning and thought about it on the way to work. And now I have read Thor's comment, I'm glad I didn't have time.

Basically, I think you're both right. Totally agree, Larry, that the Marvel Universe has always been silly. The Mike Murdock Storyline, for instance, is just plain awful. (Hey, even Pele missed the odd penalty.) But I also can't disagree with Thor with his objections to modern storylines, either, and he hit a nerve when he singled out certain plots.

This morning I thought again about my objections to modern storylines and I now think "silly" is the wrong word to use. What I find hard now is the plausibility of stories. I know, I know, the whole premise of the characters is implausible. Bear with me. Mark Gruenwald once said that comic characters get one free 'suspension of belief' element - usually the origin - and then after that you have to earn any more implausible elements and try and keep things as realistic as possible. That's where I have problems. Like Thor said, being pierced through the heart is fatal. As is being blown up by a flying bomb. Superhero stories were always fairly outlandish, it's just being pushed way beyond the point where it is credible to folk like Thor and I.

I also have no time for the post-post-moderism that is constantly winking to the audience. The worst example being the Thor-is-Hercules, Hercules-is-Thor, let's-kick-each-other-in-the-nuts story. It was painful to read.

Robert said...

Oh, Thor, I also didn't buy into the Janet-Clint romance. Refined heiress and the rough-spoken carney-performer? Yeh, that sounds likely. The Janet-Tony romance made much more sense, as did Janet being interested in Paladin, another well-educated, cultured guy.

tinodragon14 said...

My picks but not really

deamon82 said...

Those lists look like your top 20 wanted, not next extension. This is how it should look, characters from all areas:
Tombstone - SM villain
Jackal - SM villain
Sunspot - forum most wanted
Silver Samurai - x-villain
Warlock - x-hero
Selene - x-villain
Sage - x-hero
Corsair - Starjammer
High Evolutionary - cosmic
Nova - F4/herald
Whirlwind - Avenger villain
Mantis - Avenger
US Agent - Avenger
Grey Gargoyle - Avenger villain
Brother Voodoo - supernatural/horror
Baron Mordo - MK villain
Jigsaw - MK villain
White Tiger - MK
Namora - Golden Age
Speedball - New Warrior

SinisterVenom said...

I did say when I made my list that these were the 20 I'd like to see in the extension, not the 20 that I thought would make it in Deamon.

Sage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sage said...

This would be my extension:

Sage - Top ranked most wanted female character on the SHFF
Sunspot - Top ranked character on the SHFF
Warlock - X-Hero
Dust - Top ranked Modern character and X-Hero
Selene - X-Villain
High Evolutionary - Cosmic
Mantis - Avenger
US Agent - Avenger
Grey Gargoyle - Avenger villain
Gargoyle - MK Hero
Baron Mordo - MK villain
Jigsaw - MK villain
Marrina - Alpha Flight Hero
Tombstone - Spider-Man Villain
Namora - Golden Age
Speedball - New Warrior
Paladin - Hero for Hire/Thunderbolt
Thundra - Fantastic Four Hero
Rawhide Kid - Western Character
General Thunderbolt Ross - Hulk Character

LarryS said...

In fairness, Robert, John and Thor8: I will confess that the number one 'silliest story' in Marvel's history occurred in modern times.

If in doubt, please picture the following scene. Middle aged bloke with no superpowers and no healing factor (and a never-ending taste for punishing) gets chopped into about a dozen pieces by a diminutive Canadian with adamantium claws. And the body parts are thrown off the top of a building into a rat-infested alleyway.

Now I've searched the best medical websites. And I can state with reasonable confidence that getting chopped up is pretty terminal. Quite fatal in fact. The ferryman doesn't think twice. The fat lady definitely sings a belter.

I don't care how Marvel might try to persuade us otherwise. If assorted ghouls try to stitch you back together as a Frankencastle, it don't matter. When you're chopped up, you stay chopped up!!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

A game of like for like
Here's how I create my 201-220 extension by mirroring the tried & tested logic of extension 181-200.

201. Sebastian Shaw = Selene
Both are classic X-Men villains.

202. Firelord = Airwalker
Another much wanted Herald.

203. Hela = Heimdall
Another iconic Asgardian.

204. Wiccan = Hulkling
A Young Avengers representative.

205. Longshot = Sage
A still missing major X character.

206. Swordsman = Starfox
A still missing major Avenger.

207. Hammerhead = Jackal
A popular Spider-man villain.

208. Owl = Mister Fear
A classic Daredevil villain.

209. Moonstone = Ghost
A Thunderbolts representative.

210. Mirage = Magma
Another iconic New Mutant.

211. Vance Astro = Starhawk
A classic Guardian of the Galaxy.

212. Spiderman 2099 = Killraven
Curveball from alternate MU area.

213. Werewolf by Night = Phantom Rider. Swapping horror with western, still providing a representative for a less explored MU area.

214. Gamora = Mantis
Cosmic lady with modern GOTG affiliation.

215. Deathbird = Corsair
Important character in X-Men's more cosmic adventures.

216. Trapster = Diablo
Old-school FF villain with eye-catching design.

217. Shaman = Doctor Voodoo
Another sorcerer, supernatural.

218. Stingray = Darkhawk
Popular, stunning-looking Avenger.

219. Wolfsbane = Sunspot
Popular, iconic New Mutant.

220. Constrictor = Whirlwind
Iconic villain with Masters of Evil affiliation.

deamon82 said...

Heimdall, Hulkling - special size characters. As Dan said today Thing would be special too.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

No, sorry. Have you seen Blackheart? He's as big as Colossus. And we already have other precedents, like Crimson Dynamo, also huge.

Hulkling and Heimdall can be regulars. Indeed they should be regulars, so we leave special slots to characters who really need them.

ghost said...

Talking of Blackheart.. Am I the only one who's figurine is standing at an unusual angle? I don't seem to be able to find images to compare it to.

Robert said...

I heard about Frankencastle but didn't know the background, Larry. I stopped buying Frank's comicbook when Ennis left. Just wondering, was Wolvie getting revenge for the time Mr C. ran him over with a steamroller?

For the next extension, if we get one, I'd really be disappointed if we didn't get Mantis or U.S.Agent. The latter is especially overdue. And at least one Asgardian. Hogun, preferably.

tinodragon14 said...

Now I listed 20 I wanted or not but if you a more realistic list well the forum will vote for three X-characters say
Sage or Selene
Dan has mentioned strong support for THE JACKAL
& a Western character
one will be chosen by the contest so that leaves 13 choices
1 - MANTIS - An Avenger, love of the SWORDSMAN, A cosmic
2 - CORSAIR - Leader of the STARJAMMERS - X-related
3 - WHIRLWIND - Avenger villain - mentioned a lot on this blog (not by me) & polls high on forum
4 - TOMBSTONE - Spidey villain - Popular on this blog
5 - GREY GARGOYLE - Avenger villain - Polls high on forum
6 - YONDU - Original Guardian & a cosmic
7 - Horror character - choices - Frankenstein's Monster, Baron Blood or Brother Voodoo
8 - BARON MORDO - Main opponent for Dr. Strange - Long past due to be picked
9 - Asgardian - choices - FANDRAL, HEIMDALL, HOGUN
11 - DD Villain - choices - MR. FEAR or STILT-MAN
12 - DOOM 2099 - Awesome looking futuristic armor
13 - Ironman villain - choices - THE MELTER, THE UNICORN

tinodragon14 said...

Of course there are five others mentioned a lot
MARRINA - ALPHA FLIGHT member - former love of Subby
US AGENT - Avenger & Cap wannabe
STARHAWK - Also a Guardian & cosmic

Paibok said...

Blackheart arrived today, hefty bugger. Really surprised he wasn't bumped upto a special. I suppose that if he was confirmed now he would have to he a special fig.

Next 20? Quick Prediction

1. Warlock
2. Sunspot (forum)
3. Silver Samurai (forum)
4. Selene
5. Sage (forum)
6. Corsair
7. Mantis
8. Patriot
9. Grey Gargoyle
10. Whirlwind
11. Starlord
12. Nova
14. Diablo / Attuma
15. Brother Voodoo
16. White Tiger (Hector)
17. Misty Knight
18. Namora
19. Tombstone
20. Jackal

Personally.... would dump Sage (boring), Patriot, Nova, Misty Knight, Voodoo, Namora and Jackal for Anole, US Agent, Paibok, Clea, Baron Blood, Two Gun Kid and the Spot

deamon82 said...

,,No, sorry. Have you seen Blackheart? He's as big as Colossus. And we already have other precedents, like Crimson Dynamo, also huge."
And Paibok give answer:
,,I suppose that if he was confirmed now he would have to he a special fig."

sed tallis said...

The reason comics seem silly is because superheros are for children and most of us on here are are in our late twenties to late forties. Speaking of silly, Please confirm Giant Man as a mega spesh.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Well, I actually think that for the next extension Sage has be picked by EM. She came in 5th on the forum choice Poll, she's fourth on the request poll, she's one of the last senior X-Men to be made....etc...

David said...

Should lead be put to bed?

i am a subscriber and have been from day one, i think the CMFC is fantastic but..
Having recently received the Odin Special fig and so i thought it would be a good time to bring up the topic of Resin V Lead.
i was more than slightly annoyed to open my Odin only to find that he (like many others)had been damaged in transit before reaching me; his Sceptre is shaped like a Banana!

I know 'Cast in Lead' has a nice ring to it, but wouldn't you prefer to receive your figurines without bent Limbs, Fingers or Weapons etc?.. which is the case all too often when i open my monthly delivered parcel..

The Sasquatch figurine was awsome (prob one of my favourites so far)and that is in no small part due to the fact he's made of Resin and not Lead.

the paint on the lead figurines chips easy and the lines of the figurines are not as crisp as there resin counterparts.

Casting in lead is an old technology. I would much prefer to receive a figurine that looks fresh and clean but weighs slighly less, than receiving a lead (fishing weight..) figurine that has chipped paint, bent limbs and shows its cast/mould lines.

What are your thoughts?

Goth Prince said...

Sage is a total must for the next extension she is the top female x-hero and top female period (as the fans have voted) and with only a handful of female picks by EM I think the top fan choice female (or even the top 3) should be guaranteed a spot in the next extension.

High Evolutionary, Sunspot, US Agent and Warlock should all be in the next extension as well.

sed tallis said...

Wangmaster for the next " Curveball"

Evans Beer said...

Here given nice post. I like his style, but like the Hulk figure, he is not as big and heavy, I imagine. In proportion to increase the size of his head, as illustrated in his book that his belly needs.

Hulk Slots