Friday, 1 August 2008

Mutant Beware!

Right so I’m back again with another update, but before I talk about the Figurine Collection I just want to address a couple of points that were raised with the Chess Set.

First I think I should make it clear that this is an entirely new series from Eaglemoss and not an extension of the Marvel Figurine Collection.

And Second, the Marvel Chess Collection will not in anyway affect the quality of the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection and certainly won’t take any resources away. I won’t be in charge of the Chess set, a different team will handle it, and if anything the addition of another Marvel product to Eaglemoss’ range is only going to help us. We’re going to have more Marvel experts working here and we’re going to have a stronger relationship with Marvel because of it. Oh and no this doesn’t replace double pack ideas we’re still looking into these and will see how well Prof. X and Lilandra do.

So on to this week’s update.

I have some lovely pictures of the Taskmaster sculpt (see below). Personally he’s one of my favourite sculpts to date and hopefully everyone can agree we went for the correct costume, none of this Agent X costume malarkey.

Apart from Taskmaster’s appearance in the office, this week has been pretty quiet but very busy, so I don’t have a lot to report. We’re still discussing the extension and possible characters. I think it’s safe to say Jubilee is getting into any extension, so Jubilee fans can celebrate.

Once the chess polls are finished I’m going to have a (regular) specials' poll put up to help us choose the next special character.

And lastly, I know some of you have seen him already but here’s an image of the Sentinel Mega Special, due out around the second week in November.

The Sentinel figure posed an interesting challenge for us when deciding which costume/version to make. As there have been many versions of the Sentinels since they were introduced in the 1960s we really wanted to make a classic looking Sentinel that would be recognised by comic readers from all generations. The actual Sentinel we have settled for is based on the Mark VII Sentinel, which in my mind is the most iconic as the design of this Sentinel can be seen in (and heavily influenced by) the Mark III Sentinels (drawn by Neal Adams), the Mark IV, Chalmer's Sentinel, Psi-ber Sentinel, Mark VI, and Day's of Future Now. While the Sentinels are obviously robots each model in the classic pink/purple and blue has always had a certain human body tone and as such this is recognised in our model. My favourite thing about this sculpt is the pose. I think this screams classic 'stop and identify yourself Mutant'.

And for those of you wondering about a size comparison with Galactus, what we've decided to do is have all the mega specials standing at roughly the same height. Yes, I know Galactus is bigger but the Mega Specials are obviously slightly out of scale with the rest of the collection (let's face it, at our scale Galactus should be about 6ft) so we want to make each of these figures as big as we can. Hence Sentinels and Galactus being very similar.

That's enough rambling for now, I'll catch you all next time.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Taskmaster is sheer jaw-droppingly amazing.

I'm very pleased with what you've said about the chess collection and how can only be good news for the regular CMFC. Put a lot of doubters to rest I hope.

Oh and did I see some mention about Jubilee? hehe, now you sir, have made my day!!! Now who am I going to campaign about in every single blog reply? Hmmm...

Oh, while we're discussing specials, are you considering the Sasquatch and Blob sculpts that the talented Man-Thing sculptor has produced?

Have a good weekend!

King_Chris (Holy Wolf)

Captain Taggart said...

The Taskmaster sculpt is outstanding, whoever worked on that deserves serious kudos! Excellent stuff.

Thanks for clarifying the chess set collection, I'm sure there'll be many customers. For me personally (as with my last post) I'll probably only buy those issues that feature characters such as The Slingers or others unlikely to make the grade in CMFC (unless I land that Euromillions jackpot tonight!).

Perfect choice of Sentinel, can't image there'll be any negative response on that.

Great news on Jubliee - now we need some more X-Villains such as Omega Red, Spiral and the Silver Samurai. And don't forget Maverick!

Will The Kingpin also feature in the extension?

Is there any chance The Young Avengers have been mentioned at any of the extension meetings? There's so much life left in this collection yet...

pete said...

Jubilee woohoo :)

I hope Blob will be an option to vote for in the specials poll, along with Kingpin of course.

jarvis69 said...

Waoooo Richard !! Great job on Taskmaster !!
Another good last !!
Thanks for your " clarifications " about the chess more pbl for me..( maybe with my bank
And , I agree with King Chris....WE NEED SASQUATCH !!!and ALL the Alpha Flight !!
thanks again for this blog.
Good week-End !!

karnak37 said...

Taskmaster looks really awsome,and very detailed sculpt. Can't wait to see him painted. If the collection goes past 120, I hope Tigershark,and Radioactive Man get in. I think they would make great sculpts, and we need more villians.

Anonymous said...

Taskmaster is looking great.

And good news about Jubilee. Now us annoying Jubilee fans wil stop hounding you for her and move on to something else.

Now to start the campaign of the Beast (Ape) and Dark Beast 2-Pack Special. :D

prnied said...

Thanks for the latest blog. Taskmaster looks awesome & I can't wait for the Sentinel.

From my point of view, I wish the chess set would be the same size as the figurine set. If this was done, you would be able to complete several of the forum wishes for team completion & also produce some of the lesser known figures to fill out the chess team sets.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for another great blog and sneak peak of Taskmaster. For me the most important part of this blog is your mention of Jubilee being in any extention. Not a fan myself but i know she has alot of fans out there so good to see that can happen. Now what about Pete Wisdom? I could write an essay about why he deserves to be made. I just hope he gets consideration. Thanks again for the amazing Taskmaster pic and the hope that we'll have another extention (with Wisdom).

leon said...

with jubilee been added im hoping theres chance omega red will be 2 if there is an extension

Cable said...

Ah, I love Taskmaster, one of the best you guys have done so far.

Also, glad to hear that Jubilee will be in any extenson, liked her look on the X-Men cartoon and know she'd be a pretty good addition to the collection too.

Concerning the specials, I still wouldn't mind seeing a Kingpin special myself, he's one I am hoping will make it into the collection, fingers crossed on that one.

keldorbow said...

Great news about Jubilee!

Im hoping that The Blob will be one of the choices in the next special poll?


andrewandlisa said...

Is there going to be howard the duck special, since it was the first ever mainline un-animated marvel film. You can't get more classic than that! I also agree with a King Pin special, my collection would be incomplete without him.

Nightstar1441 said...

Want to thank Richard Jackson for participating in a Live Q&A on on August 14th at 8:30 PM GBT.

Fans of the CMFC are eager and excited to learn more about this wonderful collection which has been a treat for any Marvel fan.

We look forward to this opportunity to hear about where the collection has been and where it is going.

Looking forward to it!

Fabio Mucci said...
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Fabio Mucci said...

A Marvel collection isn't a Marvel collection without this figurine:
-Werewolf by night (i enjoy this!);
-Jubilee (dear GOD!);
-Cloak & Dagger (yes!);
-Shang-Chi (Please!!!);
-Killraven (great!);
-the Power Pack (yes, all 4)
and Howard The Duck!!!

Please, added there!!!


P.s. Man-thing, Taskmaster and Sentinel are pretty cools!

Rich300 said...
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Rich300 said...

I hope you bring out prof-x on its own as well.Its just that alandra will look out of place along side the x-men team in my display cabinet.I would also like more "BROTHERHOOD OF EVIL MUTANTS"figures such as:avalanche,blob,pyro,tom,mastermind etc.just to even a things out with the x-men.

Cloak and Dagger would be a great 2-pack,and the twins Aurora and Northstar from "ALPHA FLIGHT" wich you must bring out.for all the wolverine fans!

I just need Shang-chi to coplete my marvel knights and Uatu The Watcher to complete the "FANTASTIC FOUR"


Freakazoid37 said...

Love it, Love everything about the sentinal, its the one issue i feel i could by ten just to hunt down the rest of the collection... If only you could have a feature where they could talk..."Stop now mutant"

Actually that would be a good idea, the technology to make these talk wouldnt be that hard to add, think about the specials, how cool would it be for Galactus to say "This will quench my thirst" or the sentinal "Stop Now Mutant"

Talking of specials... I'm digging the whole Inhumans but i ponder weather Crystal should of been a double special with Lockjaw? i dont know i wasnt specially happy to get this issue, the character isnt really someone i would find exciting but if you had put her with Lockjaw as a double pack that would of been a million times better.

Cant wait for Xavier and whoever you chose as its double i think it was llandra, i'll have to re-read you posts.

You did Mr sinister well. thought i would just throw this in the middle of a thought about specials...Not related.

back to specials... just a few hundred ideas... Artie and Leech? everyones wanting cloack and dagger...

Here's a question for you, riddle me this, have you ever come across a character you wouldnt know where to start upon creating a figure for...

Someone who comes to mind Abyss, i would actually like to see him as a fig... Oooh what about Glob Herman... if you made a figure of him it would be way to much of a reference to a previous fourtnightly collection of How my body works... wonder if anyone remembers that?

Seezle said...

Attention any and all Marvel Gurus:
I am very interested in anyone who can help me identify the Mark 1 through Mark 7 series of Sentinel design.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...