Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Are you a Grandmaster?

Hello everyone,

I’ve got a very special blog update today regarding another of Eaglemoss’ fine Marvel products, the Marvel Chess Set (we’re still thinking of a name).

As some of you newshounds and forum members may have discovered, we’re looking at expanding our Marvel range of products by offering a unique chess set.

Similarly to the Lord of the Rings Chess set (which we also produce) we’re going to create new poses for your favourite figures, add new characters that have yet to be included to the Marvel Figurine Collection and aim to produce a chess set you simply can’t find in the shops. Our aim is to build up different teams/families of Super Heroes to battle their respective villains with each set based on a branch of the Marvel universe.

So, what does this mean? Well, imagine collecting a Spider-Man set of Heroes to battle their greatest foes: Spidey battles Venom, Black Cat fights Doc Ock and Aunt May takes on the Grim Reaper (ok, just kidding with that last one but seriously how old is she now?) The next set in the collection could then be based around the X-Men with Prof. X vs. Magneto, Wolvie vs. Sabretooth, Colossus vs a Sentinel etc… You get the picture.

So why am I announcing this on the Marvel Figurine blog? Well, as collectors of the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection and true Marvelites, you guys know what characters make the best figures and we want your opinions on the Spider-Man chess set. I’ve put up a few polls with some interesting choices, the discerning amongst you will notice that we’ve got ‘powers’ vs ‘civvies’, and we’re keen to see if you’d prefer a line-up full of Super Heroes and Villains or whether you’d like a few more of Peter Parker’s supporting cast instead.

Well what are you waiting for, let the voting begin.

P.S. I'll have a fully CMFC update before the week is out.


Anonymous said...

So are you now going to be working on two separate partworks now or is someone else going to be taking over one of the projects?

I'm not sure how much you've worked out about these, but presumably they'll come with a magazine - how will they differ to the CMFC magazines?

With both the CMFC and the DC collection under full swing with lots of specials etc I can't see myself being able to afford another collection. If the pieces are the same scale as the CMFC and don't look too much like playing pieces I may consider picking up the odd piece here and there which won't make it into the normal CMFC to fit into my collection.

I'll leave the voting to other people with more interest and money than I.

Looking forward to the next CMFC update!

*Inserts generic Jubilee request here* :-)

jarvis69 said...

Hi Richard. I totally agree with King Chris !!not yet !! wait some
But , it's a good idea .

Captain Taggart said...

I hate to sound negative, but I couldn't stretch to this collection as well, even if I wanted to.

The thing that's getting me excited about this is that The Slingers - Prodigy, Ricochet, Hornet and Dusk - will be made into figurines!! I'd buy those issues as it doesn't look likely they'll be made in CMFC, but that's it I'm afraid :-(

Sire-bd said...

Not thank you Richard not for me! I prefer and by far the Boss in HS !

You should not mess around and to take us for blind collectors in the stretchable purse in the infinity!
I do not want of the game of defeat and I am very disappointed by this announcement …

Why not to continue the collection normally and simply?

Sire-bd a French collector very dissatisfied!

Anonymous said...

I don't quite understand all the negativity. I'm not sure this collection is being marketed directly at us CMFC collectors, more perhaps at those who missed the original collection.

Although I couldn't afford another collection and prefer the CMFC and DC collections, this can only be good news at showing that EM are still commited to releasing marvel products and still have a very healthy relationship with marvel. They obviously still feel that marvel is a profitable line to pursue.

Take a look at the Original LotR collection, which also has a chess collection running parallel to it, if I'm not mistaken the original colelction has just recieved yet another big extension, despite having a very limited supply of characters. Surely this bodes well for the CMFC to go a very long distance indeed, which is what we all want! Especially when you consider the international success the CMFC has been as well.


King Chris (Holy Wolf)

Tick said...

I don't really see a problem with eaglemoss producing another Marvel collection. If you don't want it, don't buy it.

I certainly can't afford the chess set as well as marvel and dc so I won't be buying it, plus I kind of noticed that the regular series can already be used as chess pieces.

If the collection is anything like LOTR chess set then I guess the pieces will be on special bases and will look totally out of place with the Marvel figurine collection. So definitely not going to be buying.

I don't think this is replacing the Marvel figures it's just another collection. Don't get too angry, CMFC is going on for ever.

Oh and gotta say why no Tigershark, c'mon Rich you know it makes sense.

Ashy73 said...

I cant see a Spiderman chess set having enough'goodies'to be honest. If you have to rely on Aunt May and Gwen Stacy then its a bit of a stretch. An Avengers or XMen set would probably make more sense. But either way I couldn't afford it with the CMFC and DC collection subscriptions, so maybe I should keep out of it....

pete said...

I totally agree with tick, I think the bases are crucial with this collection. If the characters are out of scale with the CMFC and come on raised bases then I won't be buying any of these, except maybe the specials as they likely won't have the same bases.

On the other hand if you keep the CMFC bases then i'll likely buy them all as I can just pretend they are part of my CMFC collection and display them in the same cabinet :)

gabe23 said...

Me and my wife love to play chess and this would be a perfect piece to add to my collection of marvel figure's. I personally would love to see the x-men vs. the maurders or the civil war with cap. and iron man's teams.
either way, eaglemoss doesn't half-@$$ things so I'm sure it's going to be great.

siri said... name is Frank, an i am collector..but...i am from Czech republic, where the figourines and magazin no-sell (sorry my English)..That´s why, i would wanted request, some good soul,about purchased figourine in England, or else, and transmission by post.of course, i everything pay.
I´m already desperate. Thanks all willing people