Monday, 14 July 2008

Questions, questions, questions...

Thanks for all the positive comments, it's great to hear from so many collectors all around the world. A few questions have popped up, so I thought I'd answer these before moving on.

1. Abomination on a different base- Well here at Eaglemoss we're always looking at new ways to expand the collection and make it the best we can. As such we decided to try a more dynamic pose with the Abomination to see how he worked in an almost diorama type of setting, similar in some ways to the Spider-Man rooftop figures. Having received a lot of feedback on the figure, I think we can say that we succeeded in making a great looking Abomination but perhaps went a little too far with the base. Sure it looks good but many collectors have stated it stands out a little too much.

Personally I think it's great to try new things and bring fresh blood into the collection (a lot of fans have been crying out for more dynamic poses) but based on the feedback we will definitely be thinking long and hard before changing the base on any other figures. This blog and the other forums are a great place to talk to you guys about things like the Abomination, so in the future I'd like to get your opinions before we try anything new. And so for the next two specials Man-Thing and Sentinel we've gone back to the lovely basic black base.

2. Classic costumes vs. Modern costumes- Sure the magazine is called the Classic Figurine Collection and we always aim to put the character in their classic costume. However, for me Classic doesn't just mean the first costume the character appeared in, sometimes a character has a classic style/costume/look that appeared much later. We also have to get approval from Marvel on every figure we produce and sometimes Marvel prefer us to use an updated or different costume to the one we initially choose. A great example of both these points is the Beast figure. You could argue that his first appearance (human form, X-costume) is classic but for me and everyone working on the project his classic look is his original blue fuzzy form. However, when we started the sculpting process Marvel were very clear that the new cat-like Beast was the figure they wanted to see. We've also got to take into consideration the costume from a sculpting point of view and make sure we can supply enough quality art to the sculptor to make a great figurine.

So it's a bit of a balancing act to get the best looking figures and retain the Classic element we want to achieve. I think, and hope most people agree, that we've struck a nice balance between the pure classic costumes/looks each character has and their best costumes even if they are a bit more modern.

3. My favourite character has not been made yet- Let me know. Seriously, if your favourite character or one that you think has been missed out is not in our 120 figures list, let me know on the message boards and this blog. Last I heard Marvel had over 5000 original characters, so clearly we're not going to get through every single one but the more I hear a character's name the more likely they are to get in. In my mind once we got past 100 issues the choice of characters became so much more interesting. There were still a few relatively big names left but the selection became so much more personal. If we go past 120, which it looks like we might, then I'm going to open up a couple of polls and really let collectors have a say.

Hope that sorts out a few things and I'll aim to have another figurine update ready for you by the end of the week, until then keep on voting for the next mega special.


The Grim Reaper said...

Some good info in there mate and the critical bit for me is in regards to ABOMINATION.

Over on the No.1 Forum there has been a great deal of discussion. In the early days folk were shouting out for "more dynamic poses", "can you do dioramas" etc. for me the Abomination base was a step in that direction - but "oh no" went the cry - "He looks odd" "he won't fit in with the rest of my collection".

So now we have a classic catch22 situation. If you make more sculpted base figures to redress the balance will these too be baulked and rebuffed or do you stick at just the Abomination figure and really have "One ODD piece" in the collection?

decisions decisions...

You could of course make two variants one on a standard base and one on a detailed base ;-)

However, by doing that you will introduce the 3rd gang who will jump on the "Eaglemoss really are milking this" bandwagon.

End of the day Richard, this is a fantastic and unique Marvel collection. There has never been anything like it to satisfy the needs of the genuine collector. Normally at this scale they are just childrens toys, much bigger an dth eprices mean they ar enot affordable to most. Give it a few weeks and the clamour for more will be as strong as ever.



Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Just a thought in regards to the Abomination issue - Have you ever thought of building up scenery onto the standard black bases? So, to take Abomination as an example, instead of having the whole base made up of rubble you could instead build up a bit of rubble onto the black base and have Abomination standing on a little built up ledge. A great example of this in action would be the Games Workshop customs you sometimes see in their stores and magazine, what with an Ork standing on a base that's been made up to look like a grassy field with bits of battle debris everywhere, one foot proudly standing on a half-buried Space Marine helmet.

I'm not sure how practical an idea this would be to achieve, or if collectors of the series would be up for it, but I know there's concern that Abomination will stand out in the long run. So I was thinking this could be a way to, not only keep uniformity in the collection, but also try to do something more dynamic and striking with the bases while not leaving Abomination on his lonesome.

Thanks a lot, and seeing as you asked so nicely - I think Lockjaw would be an *excellent* edition to the collection and one I'd snap up in a heartbeat. :D

- The Artificial Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks fot the blog once again Richard. :) Another informative post.

On "the No.1 Forum" i've made a few photoshop edited mock-ups of other ways the base could have been done to fit in with the collection more and i feel that none of them look any better than your "unique" base. My thoughts on the subject are less about the actual figure itself and more about the thought behind it. I think it's great that you guys at EM have tryed to push the envelope and it fills me with hope and anticipation for the future. And not only of this collection but the DC one aswell.

This leads me directly on to the next point about "Classic/modern" costumes. The fact that there is so much thought that goes into the final look of each character is a breath of fresh air and, i feel, keeps the collection interesting.

Now i'm not sure exactly what kind of Pandora's box you've opened here by asking for our favorate characters and adding "the more I hear a character's name the more likely they are to get in.".
But for me the character i need to see is Pete Wisdom. And i can say that ALOT. (Just ask Grim ;) )

Thanks once again.

Anonymous said...
That is one of my mockups that seems to fit senor-aies' discription/idea. Personaly i think it's worth looking into.

Bobbyvjay said...

Thanks for taking the time to do this blog, some good info there, I do share you hope that this will continues over 120 as I think we still have the best to come making this the most unique collection of its kind.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update rich, some interesting points there!

With regards to the Abomination base, I'm one who really likes the continuity of the black bases, but after much protesting have finally succumbed and ordered one, with the intention of putting it on a black base. Personally I'm not a big fan of putting characters on dynamic bases if we don't have a 'normal' version of them already.

With regards to the costumes, I'm of the opinion that you've picked the correct costume for nearly every figurine (the exception being Beast - maybe make him in furry blue form with a dynamic base? )

As for characters that need making: Jubilee! I think she was the top rated X-character on the questionnaire on Grim's site, and I won't stop mentioning her! heh.
The one big gap in the collection I feel which is just starting to get covered is Alpha Flight, and I'd really like to see it covered more when we go past 120 issues!
The one character I'm very surprised we haven't seen much earlier on in the collection is Kingpin, but I'll stop now before I list all 5000 marvel characters one by one!

Thanks again

Chris (Holy Wolf)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Rich.

While I'm not a huge fan of the Abomination base, I have ordered one. The non-X-Characters get stuck in the back of my display anyway so the base won't bother me as much as it might some. I'd still rather have a uniform black base. I also wouldn't have minded some comic-accurate trunks on old Abom.

Good news to hear we might get another extention, because there's alot of characters still to be made. Since I'll let everyone else champion the other teams, I'll leave my hopes to X-Related Characters.

There's still Marvel Girl (Rachel), Sage, Longshot, Northstar, Destiny, Pyro, Dark Beast, Toad, Mastermind, Sunfire, Thunderbird/Warpath, Jubilee, Forge, Sauron, Nimrod, Spiral, Blob, etc. of fairly major X-Characters to get to. And let's not forget the New Mutants who have more than earned a place in the collection as well. This would be a great place to utilize the 2-Packs ideas you've been considering.

Cannonball / Sunspot
Mirage / Wolfsbane
Karma / Magma
Cypher / Warlock

Since Cannonball has been an official X-Men for the longest ammount of time you could probably stick him in the main line and stick Magik with Sunspot instead.

You mentioned the known problem with Marvel insisting on you doing the current Kitty Beast. While I love the sculpt, why don't you use the upcoming 2-Pack ideas to rectify things. You could do Beast (Apeman) vs. Dark Beast as seen in X-Men: Unlimted #10. After all Dark Beast is a pretty major AoA/616 character, and this allows you to kill two birds with one stone.

Entertainment_Woop said...

hello :D

i really would like to see a cloak and dagger figure!

im not sure whether they should be together ? yeh i think so.

possible an invisable women variant would be GREAT. im not sure how it would be though, maybe just the stand?

anyone got any ideas

reply please! :D

pete said...

Some good choices for the next batch of figures there, i'm personally hoping for Jubilee, Sauron and Kingpin to be made, the latter two hopefully as specials.

I was gutted way back when EM said they probably wouldn't be doing Jubilee, hopefully once Rich see's she has a lot of fans then he'll change his mind.

Anonymous said...

They're doing X-23...

It's only fair that Jubilee gets some love as well.

Zombula said...

Rich - Are EM planning on doing any of the New Warriors , Liberty Legion or any of the Guardians of the Galaxy as figures ???
If any of the Guardians are made - will it be from the old team or the new bunch led by Starlord ???
Personally , id love to see Yondu , Starhawk, Charlie 27 & co ........ And who gave you your nick-name ???!.

Mitch Millar said...

Good Day

Please answer on the possibility of a Goliath Special.
Also answers on Living Lightning, Tigra, The Whizzer, Jocasta, War Machine, Thunderstrike, Rage, US Agent, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton.

Mitch Millar

FLASH said...

Hi Richard,

Personnaly, i have no problem with the abomination base.
The figurine is great and it's the more important for me.
I hope more of 120 character's, my whish list is for old and iconic character's like The gladiator, tiger shark, firelord, tarantula....



Ben said...

Hi Richard!

I have to say that Abomination is the only figure in CMFC i haven't bought - not a huge fan of the character so it doesn't bother me really, but having said that, I would have definitely bought it if it had a standard base - i like the uniformity the bases give the collection.

And we REALLY need Jubilee in this collection - I'm shocked that she hasn't made the list yet! You know you want her too haha!

I'd prefer to see Dust (who I'm currently LOVING as a character) and Wolfsbane, but the reasons for them not being in the collection are understandable seeing as they're both relatively new characters....still think a Dust figurine would look AMAZING though!

Ghost Of Sparta said...

Personally I love this set and hope that it goes well pat 120, it would be nice to continue to see some of the characters that don't get made by other companies.

My only complaint is that a subscription is not available here in the USA forcing me to buy my figures on the secondary market.

The base on Abomination looks good and I think that doing something different for the specials is a good idea. Just keep the standard black base for the regular issues.

Some figures I would like to see are Thundra, Tigra, Rom the Spaceknight, Black Knight & Jack Of Hearts. A personal favorite would be a diorama of Baron Karza and the Micronauts.

Anonymous said...

Ghost of Sparta...

If you have a comic shop you shouldn't have to deal with the secondary market. The figurines are available here in the U.S. from Diamoned Previews. Just find your local Comic Shop and pay them a visit. You'll be glad you did.

Anonymous said...

Crud, no editing function.

Ghost of Sparta,

You should know that Tigra's already been confirmed. As for Rom the Spacenight and the Micronauts, not going to happen. Those were characters that Marvel licensed, and no longer have the rights to. The only character that really could be done for Micronauts is Bug. Since he was created and owned by Marvel. Of course, it's unlikely to happen... given that the magazine couldn't mention the Micronauts info in the magazine.

asura said...

I really like the abomination in term of sculpt. I would like to see these following characters in the collection:
Omega Red, Vulcan, Gladiator (Kallark, the Shi'ar version of course), hyperion and Ares.
As for the special figures, I would like to see a X-men Superskrull from Secret Invasion or a Thunderbolt Superskrull would be nice as well.
Grettings from France !

Mono said...


I live in the USA and I can't seem to find the DC figurine collection. Will it also be available through Diamond later on?

I would love to see more galactic characters,
Drax the destroyer(current)
at least or plus
Moondragon, Ronan, Terrax, Gamora, etc.

asura said...

The current Drax the destroyer would be great! And Terrax as a special one too.
But I hope we'll have the new Super skrulls (X-men, Avengers) from SI and Gladiator (Sh'iar version) in 2009 !

Sire-bd said...

Hello Richard,

Congratulation to you! Very good initiative of your part!
I hope that we can collaborate in the future all together (creators and collectors) to avoid disaster of the style Crystal and Leader!
Propose we full of soundings and make leaves us the progress of your future figurines.
The only criticism which I would make on this collection it is can him of ancient suit a proportion of 70/30 % in favour of the recent suits.
Question: that would be brilliant if in a near future to see a new collection taking back the ancient suits the most symbolic (Havoc, Cyclops etc. for example) of Whom think of it you?
As the said so well Jarvis do not forget either the French persos style Batroc, Cyclone and Grey Gargoyle !
I take advantage of my message to leave you a proposition of groups of Great Hero and Naughty boys who would enrich largely the collection. This list is the result of a vote emitted by the members of the French collectors of the forum BD-Gest of whom I am a part and whose unofficial honor I have to be one of active representatives.
Thank you in advance if you take into account our proposition!
Long life in the collection, Kind regards,


Results of the sounding on the teams Marvel

1/ Alpha Flight
2/Guardiens de la Galaxie
4/young avengers
5/Garde impériale shi ar
8/Heraults de Galactus
9/Sinistre Escadron
10/Garde de l'Hiver
13/Generation X
14/Serpent Society
16/Night Shift
17/Confrérie des Mauvais Mutants
22/Wrecking Crew
24/Ani Men
26/X Babies

keldorbow said...

Jubilee totally needs to be done, If a terrible character like x-23 has made the list then Jubilee deserves too.

Id also love to see a Dust figurine also shes shuch a cool character. Northstar, Marvel Girl and Sage would also be some more of my picks. A few more X-men Characters and a few less Avengers been released would be cool.

HTDUCK said...

Thanks very much for your reply to my letter. You will already be aware that the one figure I am still waiting for is HOWARD THE DUCK, but I thought it was worth mentioning it again here to see if it prompts any more discussion (favourable only please!!!)

Big Blue said...

I would really like to see a couple more Specials with similiar bases to Abomination. Doing this would make him look less odd and i feel around 3 Specials with different bases is about right

Kind Regards

Big Blue

silversdood said...

Hi Richard.

It's great that you have invited us to ask if our favourate characters might be considered.

I am a fan of the Heralds of Galactus and other cosmic characters and would love to see more heralds in addition to the museum pose Silver Surfer. In particular, I would especially like if possible an action pose Silver Surfer and also a Nova Frankie Raye.

Also, are you likely to consider different finishes such as Chrome? Chrome is always a really popular look and the Silver Surfer is an ideal candidate for Silver Chrome and Nova Frankie Raye is ideal for Gold Chrome. We all love super shiny objects and these characters in chrome would sell very well.

I hope that you can acknowledge that you have at least read our requests in some way.

Thanks for listening.

Rich300 said...


will it be possible to do a team pack will eliminate alot of charecters at some of the less known charecters wont have enough big story lines to fill a magazine,like the big ones.combining a team would be perfect.

I would love to see:
-Alpha Flight
-The Starjammers
-Masters of evil(original members)
-X-Factor II(with havok and polaris wich i have kept in the box cause her costume looks to oldschool)
-Young Avengers

butch said...

Cloak and Dagger all the way!

Raven said...

* Morbius, the living vampire
* Modred the Mystic, with the Darkhold tome in his hands

Brian Reaves said...

I'd love to see Sunfire up there sometime.