Friday, 4 July 2008

Hello Everybody!

Welcome to the first official CMFC blog. We may have taken our time getting it up and running but now we’re here and I’m ready to ramble endlessly about our collection. First I’d like to say a huge thanks to all the collectors, without you guys the magazine wouldn’t be the success it is today and I’d have to find some other way to geek-out about Marvel comics.

Over the coming weeks and months I plan to use this blog to give everyone a little insight into the way we put the magazine and figures together as well as announcing new figures and products.

So today I’m working on issue 86- The Scorpion, the figure has been approved and we’re very happy with the final product. As you can see from the picture I’ve popped up, we went for the classic green costume from the 80s/90s. We could have gone for the new Venom look but let’s face it he just isn’t Scorpion and we’ve already had a Venom figure. Let me know what you think about the figure and go and vote in our poll for the next potential Mega Special after the Sentinel.


The Grim Reaper said...

Hi Richard, great idea mate and this should work very well in conjunction with: website and also forum.

Lets's all hope that this series continues to flourish.

Hope you are ready to be busy ;-)

Regards Steve ( The Grim Reaper )

pete said...

Great to see a CMFC blog, is Al going to counter with a DC one?.

Very tricky to decide what mega-special I would like next, voted for FFF in the end as he is truly mega-special size and would look fantastic. Yes the character doesn't have the importance of someone like the Watcher but hopefully he'll also be done eventually.

One thing though - no chance of a Celestial?, gutted :(

Anonymous said...

Haha nice plug Grim ;)

This blog is a great idea and it would be really good to see one for the DCFC aswell if thats possible. Thankyou for the preview pic of scorpion. I've waited a long time for the painted version to show up and i've not been disapointed :)

My vote goes to Fin Fang Foom as he'd really stand out in the collection... and ive just finished re-watching the 90s Iron man cartoon so he's fresh in my mind at the moment :)

thanks again

Anonymous said...

Very cool idea. Allows you to get more feedback on the sculpts and plans before commiting to them. Saving us from things like the wonky Abomination base and such.

As for the Mega Special, I went with Mojo. Since I really would like to see him in the line along with Spiral and Longshot of course.

jarvis69 said...

Hi Richard !! Bonjour from France !! This blog is a great idea , and , for my first message , I have a request:Please , don't forget the "froggies " ..I WANT A BATROC!!!lol

Ashy73 said...

Think the Scorpion figure looks great.

Personally think that the Watcher has to win from the list offered. Are there plans to have votes for Specials as well as Mega Specials? Would love to see Man-Thing and The Blob on the list


flash said...

Hi Richard,

A small "bonjour" from France and a big thank you for your great job.
I really hope more of 120 figurines.
Like jarvis69 give us more great figurines like Batroc (for french), the gladiator or Suunfire.

Regards Alain (flash)

Zombula said...

Great idea for this blog & long overdue.
Looking forward to seeing further developments on the figures front & many thanks for making us involved in the process from this point onwards.

José Ricardo said...

Hi, Richard. Bom dia (good morning) from Brazil. Congratulations for this Blog. I have all Marvels figurines and they are fantastic.

Thanks for all! You're great!

José Ricardo (Bonelli HQ)

ikabodcrane said...

Hello from france!
This blog is a very very great idea!!!
Please Mr Richard Jackson, of many French does not like the base of abomination. (Forum BD-gest) We prefer the normal base black which harmonizes the collection!!! We do not want except series with different bases. We are thus disappointed by the abomination!!!

karnak37 said...

Hi Richard. Greetings from Florida USA. Scorpion looks really nice painted. I really hope this goes past 120, cos i'd like to see Tigershark, Radiative Man and also the rest of the inhumans Gorgon,Karnak,and Triton included in this awsome collection. I vote for the Watcher.

mrdphill said...

Hi Richard

Regarding the Abomination figurine, I would like to know why he is the first standing figurine to not have a MARVEL plinth like every other character.

Also which specials are following Abomination?

Please let me know.

Thank you very much.

Cable said...

Hi Richard.

Hard to know about the next Mega-Special, as I'm in New Zealand and I'm only up to Iceman in the main collection, however, seeing the previews of both Galactus and the Sentinel looks awesome indeed and I wouldn't mind an Odin Mega-Special myself.

Also, is there, at all, any chance that Kingpin is going to get included in the collection at any point in time? Cause I'd be happy to see him in it, special or regular figure ;)

Thanks for your time Richard.

kdrockguy said...

Good day Richard,
Larry from Toronto,Canada here.
Love the figurines, however there seems to be big gaps in the "Classic Figurines". Is there any chance to have the original X-men done (coloured costumes-Neal Adams version),original Captain Marvel (70's version),Iron Man (70's) version as well as a Giant-Man.
I do beleive most of the fans prefer the original costumes as to the 90's up versions. Havok and the Beast are prime examples. If you hear the fans (look at John Byrne's forum for example)most everyone passes on the new version character designs.Again, these are great figurines and hopefully we can see more of the classic designs.

Thanks again

Mitch Millar said...

Hey Richard

Great collection, great to be able to send you this message.
But, please, please, please. You have to do a special on Goliath, aka Hank Pym (Giant Man, Ant Man, Yellowjacket are his other names)

Many thanks
Mitch Millar
South Africa

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,

Great idea on the blog, as an avid CMFC collector it's always great to hear from you; both on Grim's site, and now on here as well.

I'd like to congratulate you on the continued success of the CMFC and lend my support to many more years and extensions to the series.


Chris (Holy Wolf)

Oh and Onslaught for next Mega-Special, and certainly a Watcher and Fing Fang Foom at some point later down the line!

P.S. you can no longer ignore the need for Jubilee in this collection!

Ashy73 said...

I believe the collection is scheduled to continue until #120 (at the moment),

Have these all been decided?

Is there anywhere we can see the list?

David said...

Hi, It's a very good idea to vote for the next megaHS but I wonder why you talk about megaHS, there is for me only to caracters who can be a megaHS : The Watcher and Fin Fang Foom.
The other can be only a HS ...

killer uno said...

Any chance of the punisher in his captain america uniform as seen in comic. Are their any plans to do Howard the Duck and the king pin(original version).
I would like to see fff as a mega special would look great.

regards chris

Jacadoo said...

What about a Sasquatch special - underated but a fantastic character and would make a great addition.

chewiebeast said...

Hi Richard
This direct-to-EM forum is a great idea and I wanted to express how fantastic I think the CMFC is and long may it continue!
You invited us to suggest characters for possible future production and I've been championing my favourite character on the superherofigurine forum for quite some time, plugging him at least once a week. How about Sauron?
He'd certainly stand out from the rest of the figurines, since there is no other character anything like him. Not sure if he could be done as a regular fig, but he'd be exactly the sort of figurine that would certainly keep the collection fresh and interesting, without having to change bases. For a long-running collection, keeping things alive is key to long-term success and we all want to see the collection continue. I'm of the opinion that falling short of 200-250 figs would be missing out some fantastic characters and I'd certainly be in it for the long haul - I've just had a 4m long customised shelf made specifically for this collection - I've got to be able to fill it now! :)
congratualtions on a job well done mate!
Damien (chewiebeast)

captain america said...

are u doing a celstail and any of the wrecking crew

captain america said...

i totally think the scorpoin is awsome, and want to see a watcher done after all, he should be done.

Fafaplouf said...

Please explain to my friend SuperGuigui how to create a Blogger Account !! ;)

captain america said...

i think the collection is great, but whers the kinpin, and tiger shark, and how about drax come on guys

captain america said...

richard can u please get back to me on my msn please, ok, i want to see more villains asi tihnk there is to many heroes being done , not that i dont like em i do, but i think u should be doign alot more villains, and cosmic ones to,like the stilt man, wreckin crew,baron mordo,whilr wind,orca,hammer head, etc,and the kingpin u cant have acollection with out wilson fisk tut tut tut shame on you.

captain america said...

chewiebeast i tihnk your right mate, sauron should be in the collection tae m8, where is heand cross bones or maching smith

Thor8 said...

I discovered your blog a little late,so I missed out on voting on your polls. I hope to be able to vote on future polls. I'd really would like to see a mega special of either Goliath or Giant_man or maybe both( one being the variation of the other). I'd also like to see The Swordsman,Wasp, Photon and Starfox get their own figurine. Good luck and I hope to see you reach 200 and beyond!