Friday, 5 September 2008

You wait for ages and then two turn up at once!

That’s right I have another blog update this week.

First I wanted to show everyone the Bishop figure. I promised this a while ago on one of the forums and completely forgot, sorry about that. I know the costume choice is going to split the fans but we went for his original 90s look. The reason for this was that we thought this particular costume was the most iconic and represented the character the best. After all, this is his XSE uniform that he wears in the future he comes from. The more modern costumes/appearances have lost this look and, in my mind, really made the character into just another generic X-Man in an X-uniform.

The second part of this update is once again devoted to that controversial subject: the possible Marvel Chess Set. After reading (and passing on) a lot of the comments on this blog and other websites we’ve decided to set up a poll to outright see if you guys actually want a chess-set or not. It’s not just a bit of cheeky market research we really want to know if you think a chess set is a good idea, now, later or never, we do value your opinions.

As with all the polls I promise we won’t just go blindly forward with the top result but we will be using the results as a guide.

Anyway that’s your lot, enjoy.



Anonymous said...

Bishop looks pretty good.

I prefer his X-Treme or costume that he was sporting before turning "Evil", but this turned out pretty nice. It should still fit pretty good with the rest of the collection. It's just unfortunate that when Sage gets made, she won't match Bishop.

jarvis69 said...

Bishop....thanks , thanks !! Not for me , not enough...."classic " character
The "vote " for the chess game is a good idea!!
Merci for all your informations Richard

jimbob said...

Bishop looks great!i like it.
what about 'brotherhood of evil mutants'team.Blob,Black Tom Cassidy,Toad,Sauron.hope they will be out soon.

Nightstar1441 said...

Very nice on the Bishop - really prefer this look to the character.

With the chess set - it's an interesting concept. There are a few PVC sets in the US and there were going to be 4 painter pewter sets released by Sota Toys - but they only released the Spider-Man (the X-Men was made via prototype but never mass produced).

Just curious though to the planning process - would the figures be in the same scale/same base on the CMFC and would they address characters already in the collection?

Also, how would you do the pawns - would they be different characters repreated numerous times or would it be a unique character per pawn?

Nick Kyme said...

Tremendous! Bishop was always one of my favourite characters from the whole Days of Future Past/Age of Apocalypse era. One criticism I would level at the collection (and it's only a minor gripe) is the consistency with the detail and quality of some of the characters. Some, such as Bishop for instance, look great with loads of detail, and are obviously high quality. But take Cable, I felt pretty disappointed with him, especially since he's one of my favourite Marvel characters. I guess it all depends on what you've got to work with (i.e. how detailed said character is). I would also say that I'm surprised Sabertooth wasn't a Special. He's a pretty big and beefy villain, yet he looks pretty unimpressive in miniature form. These are just splashes in what is a fine ocean of great character renders. I'd love to see the King Pin given the miniature treatment (and I see he's head, shoulders and stomach ahead in the polls, so three cheers for that), but I hope that Cloak & Dagger find their way in somehow and Omega Red (pity you can't have a 2nd and 3rd choice on these polls; I suspect it would throw up some very interesting results).

Absolutely loving The Sentinel, by the way - the two Mega Specials really have set the bar high. Tremendous stuff.

Fabio Mucci said...

I'd love bishop but not the Marvel chess set idea...Sorry!

sire-bd said...

Still thank you Richard!
That falls at the moment news! And it is so completed but I wait desperately for another piece of news (the competition of custom for soon?)

Sire-bd said...

Cool Bishop, very good idea to have taken its first suit!
All the figurines of the collection should be similar!
But otherwise it is not one of my favorite characters …

James said...

What's Spider-Man: Tower of Power? I've seen some pictures and a little info on the web about this as coming from you and including new art pages. Hulk and Warlock have been mentioned in connection with this

asura said...

I do really like Bishop ! Unfortunately, and I know that it's a classic collection...the outfits are really too classical. I know that there are a lot of people who like the 90's design but that doesn't really match with the actual design of the marvel characters. On another side, that would be good to complete some teams like the inhumans (with gorgon and karnak) or Ares for the mighty avengers (I'm sure you can make a great figure out of this character).
I still hope you'll plane to release Omega red, Drax the destroyer (the new one, with his knives), Gladiator, Warpath, Marvel girl, Vulcan and/or Bastion.

Thank you

fireyFred said...

Iwould love to see a Rocket Racoon figurine made if the collection goes past 120

Anonymous said...

I know you are considering an extension to the collection. I had sent an e-mail to but wasn't sure if that would get to you so I'm going to put it here as well. :)

I had said:

I know that you are currently considering an additional expansion of the CMFC collection beyond issue 120. I would like to make the case for two characters who have not yet made the collection but have had a bigger role in the Marvel Universe than many who have already been included. Two of the upcoming figures are Morbius and Man-Wolf, but there are two comparable characters who have had many more appearances and had longer ongoing series than either of those characters. They are Dracula from the 70 issue ongoing Tomb of Dracula series by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan and featured the first appearance of Blade. The other is Werewolf by Night a character who's ongoing series lasted 43 issues and featured the first appearance of Moon Knight. Those 2 Marvel horror characters have the longest history and most appearances of all the various Marvel horror characters.

After Dracula's original series ended he (where he encountered Blade, Spider-Man and Silver Surfer) he was given a second ongoing series in magazine form. This has since been followed by a couple of mini-series. He has made appearances in the Marvel Universe since his series ended in X-Men and Solomon Kane along with having crossovers with Doctor Strange, Werewolf by Night and Frankenstein. He later turned up in Howard the Duck, Blade and the Nightstalkers series.

Werewolf by Night
After Werewolf's ongoing series ended (where he encountered Dracula, Moon Knight and Iron Man) he was given a mini-series. He has made many appearances throughout the Marvel Universe since his series ended in Moon Knight, Spider-Woman, West Coast Avengers, Doctor Strange, Morbius, Marvel Comics Presents, Ghost Rider, Captain America, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk and Midnight Sons. He also shared an ongoing Strange Tales series with Man-Thing.

I hope that I able to persuade you to at least consider them in the next expansion of the series. :)

Scott (Kamandi2 on the superherofigurineforum)

Freakazoid37 said...

Bishop looks brilliant i cant wait till next year.

Rickabod said...

Liking the Bishop Fig.

Got to agree with a previous poster about the Cable figurine, was very disappointed with that one, and he ISN'T one of my favourite characters!

Seeing as people are throwing out suggestions, I'd like to throw a name for a charcter in there myself -

ROM! we have got to get a ROM spaceknight, classic character, classic design, and if Guardian(!?!) deserves a figurine so does ROM!

Guardian MEh *shakes head in disbelief*

GAMBIT17773 said...

Can we please have a vote on how many characters you produce.
I know 120 figures have been suggested but i would really love it to go on double that number.
Does anybody else agree!!!!

Sire-bd said...

Hello Richard,
Here is naughty boys' list who miss cruelly in the collection, the voters come all of the French forum BD-Gest and we are all very definite to see the collection going at least to the number 150 and more!
Please take into account it in a near future!

1) Le Gladiateur 2) Le Chacal 3) Le Démolisseur 4) Hammerhead
5) Tarentula 6) L’Homme aux Echasses
7) Le Crapaud
8) Requin Tigre 9) Le Caméléon 10) Klaw le Maître du Son
11) Le Scarabée
12) Arcade 13) Blizzard 14) Mesmero 15) La Dynamo Pourpre
16) King Cobra
17) Le Rôdeur
18) Le Sphinx
19) Batroc
20) Docteur Spectrum

omega said...

I would like to see as a figurine
or special:-
archangel with silver wings.
omega red.
scarlet spider-man.
morbius the vampire.

sergiogf said...

What about a Banshee / Forge / Sauron / Surfire figs?

Cam said...

Hi, i'm really loving the Marvel figurine collection set & think a chess set would also be a great idea!

As for my choics of Charecters I would like to see made; BANSHEE, is a definet, he has such an original and unique looking costume that I think he would look great. Now that I hear Tigra is being made I would also love to see a BLACK KNIGHT, original costume, TIGER SHARK, MOONSTONE, SUNFIRE, MOONDRAGON, MESMERO, PHANTOM RIDER & JACK OF HEARTS.

I also think the double-pack idea is a good one, this could maybe include: CLOAK & DAGGER, LONGSHOT & DAZZLER, SWORDSMAN & MANTIS, NORTHSTAR & AURORA, You could also mix charectures from certain teams like maybe, SHAMAN & SNOWBIRD, GORGON & TRITON, AVALANCHE & PYRO, MASTERMOND & TOAD, or maybe you could do a cross species couple like having a SKRULL & a KREE, or a BROOD & a SH'ar.

Now that Angel is back to being Archangel in the comics, maybe you could do a double of him with the blue & furry non-catlike Beast.

I also think that the Wasp really needs her own figurine as the Yellowjacket & Wasp one was mainly abou him.

As for Mega-specials, DRAGON MAN & FIN-FANG-FOOM definetly get my votes as again they would both look amazing! also I really would love to see a Mega-Special of ETERNITY, You could make ut 6ft if you like, I would still buy it.

Overall, I am really pleased with this collection and think it is great value for money, It's something i've been waiting for for a long time. The only problem I have is that I'm running out of shelve space to put them on! Hey, maybe you could make special marvel shelve set's of classic marvel locations, like the X-Men's Danger room Or the Blue area of the Moon to put the figurines on'in ?1?

cheers very much1 Cameron