Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Professor is in.


I'm back once again after a bit of a break and once again I've got some fantastic news regarding the specials.

First up I have some images of Professor Xavier and Lilandra (please forgive my photoshop skills or lack of). For anyone who doesn't know, these two figures are going to be our first (and hopefully not the last) double pack. I hope everyone likes the figures as much as I do.

Second I have some news regarding our next special after Prof. X. This special is going to be another mega special and we've gone with the Watcher. I know that Onslaught narrowly beat Watcher in the vote but as we had an X-Men foe as our last special (Sentinel) and we will have also just had Professor Xavier's special, we thought we'd give another branch of the MU it's turn. Sculpting has already begun on the figure and I hope to have a few images up within the next week.

Right well that's your lot, I promise to be back a little sooner next time and hopefully I can give a definitive yes or no to the series extension.


Lonewolf said...

Good news

And about the Kingpin, what's news ?


Halnawulf said...

Thanks a lot for this news.

Just 2 things :

Some kinds of little "tatoos" are missing on the face of Lilandra... and the armchair of Xavier isn't the most... "interesting"!!! Just my opinion, but the older or the yellow flying could be a better choice, if it isn't too late. Could you ask by vote to the fans?

Anonymous said...

Lilandra looks great. Very impressed and love the staff adition :)

I'm going to reserve judgment on Xavia until i have him in hand as i'm not sure how much i like him yet lol. Very good choice on the chair though. Soooo glad you didn't go with that silly hover chair lol


Now when do we get Pete Wisdom ;)

Anonymous said...

Re: Xavier's Chair. They went with the All-Terrain version from Genosha.

But I do think the arms are a bit big. Especially when Chuck's arms arn't resting on them.
He looks great otherwise though. Shame that they couldn't work Cerebro into it somehow.

Lilandra however looks fantastic. I'm glad they went with her classic armored appearance.

jimbob said...

xavier looks good.armchair looks a bit big for him.might be the picture.

Is jack of hearts going to be made.and anymore alternive costumes like is there a green quicksilver etc

ted sallis said...

lilandra looks great , not totaly convinced with xavier.out of sheer nostalgia i would love to see a bloodstone figurine. not sure if theres enough history to fill a 20 page mag tho? i would also love to see penance from the thunderbolts,would a speedball/ penance twinpack work? and i am delighted to see my all time fav man-thing is on hs way.

Anonymous said...

You'll probably get Speedball if he gets made.

Especially since the Penance version is supposedly on the way out. Thank goodness.

Sire-bd said...

Lilandra is absolutely magnificent and the Prof. X is made well in his armchair!

I hope to have your answer soon concerning the pursuitof the collection, look at our list that I sent to you recently he remains some more of characters inescapable then by pity to continue!
Thank you in advance!

jarvis69 said...

Well done !!Even the "Patrick Stewart" is fine lol
And now , let's go for the Imperial guard......number 200 to 210
Thanks again to listen to us Richard

Nello said...

Beautifuuuuuuul Prof Xavier. Tank you for immage.

Freakazoid37 said...

Love the first double pack, Xavier looks perfect, well worth the wait.

I must admit im a little disappointed with the news on the special, not that you've gone with the watcher over onslaught but the fact that it is another Fantastic Four mega special... When we first brought the magazine there was a 5 way split with the figurines Spiderman, X-Men, Marvel Knights, Fantastic Four and Avengers... So far we have a mega special for Fantastic Four and for X-Men so logically it would of made more sense to make a special for the others. not that there has been many giant sized characters but i would of thought that Giant/Ant Man would of been a mega special for the avengers? I mean i know we already had the yellow jacket but there has been many different ant-men over the time so there could be multiple types of the character...

Also something i have noticed is that this past year you seemed to have focused on mostly Avengers and x-men figurines... i cant help but feel my Marvel Knights and Spiderman collection are looking a bit sparce... although at the moment i am quiet happy with the Moon Knight and Deathlok which will probably go into my marvel knights collection. But i think we are needed to focus on more of them collections, Im surprised though... all 5 areas of the collection seems to have had there first foe to fight... if you remember x-men first thought Magneto and Avengers well id say Red Skull because of captain america. then there is Fantastic Four with is it moleman or doom eitherway it was one of them, and well daredevil with bullseye... i think but the one thats got me is Spiderman where is Chamelon he was the first villian after all?

Anyhoo it got me thinking about the movies especially the X-Men Origins: Wolverine which is comming out next year... Have you thought about doing a special in time for that. I mean one that is Wolverine Orientated?

I have an idea if you may..Its difficult because most of the characters have already been made that will appear in the movie but how about releasing a Agent Zero/Maverick (Which design would have to be put up to the vote) or Blob? Actually Blob might be better because he could be a special so it doesnt mess with the normal collection figure roster.

Oh well thats it for now, keep up the good work.

Also consider Age Of Apocaylpse MORPH i think you have to admit he is a must... MORPH, MORPH, MORPH

Oh and like columbo... just one more thing! Madrox, i see the new look will win the design but the third design came a close second, well the way i look at it, if you look at the 3rd and the 4th picture what kind of combinds the two is the trench coat, so maybe it should feature the trench coat so that it fits in with fans of both designs. Trench Coat but with his recent look.

Toodles for now...

Anonymous said...

The Watcher isn't really just a FF character. He's appeared in multiple books. Most recently in Civil War and in Uncanny X-Men. Naturally since he only shows up to observe things of cosmic level importance, it's common that the majority of his appearances have been in Fantastic Four books.

It has to be pretty hard for Eaglemoss to come up with decent choices for the Mega Specials. Since there's only a few giant size characters who would have enough comic panel time to work. Such as Galactus, The Sentinel, Fin Fang Foom, The Watcher, and Onslaught. There's a few others that could work, but you're starting to stretch beyond that.

Fabio Mucci said...

I love the Prof X figurine, also Lilandra...But i still expect the Howard the Duck figurine, also the Power Pack!

ted sallis said...

i know this is probably an incredibly dumb question but i have never been afraid to be dumb. what are the chances of a conan figurine?. i know that dark horse now have the publishing rights for r.e howards charachters , but i noticed that dark horse are reprinting the savage sword of conan. so if marvel and d h can cooperate on this then why not let eaglemoss produce figurines from the " classic" marvel depictions of howard's heroes. here's a couple of double packs for you conan/red sonja and kull/solmon kane . okay so it may never happen so how about a dark horse figurine collection?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see more updates here and pics of forthcoming figures, especially the regular series...

Anthony Stark said...

The Professor looks good, very Patrick Stewart. Just a general question though, how about including Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)in the collection? His costume kicks ass. Not to mention Spideys first villain the Chameleon, any plans for him?

Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed. Can't wait to get this doublepack. Lilandra could use the facial markings added, and Professor X's hands look to be a little oversized - but then I said Deathlok was mis-scaled until I recieved him last week.

Seeing as the blog comments has now turned into a free-for-all on plugging personal faves, I'm going to mention Domino. There I did it.

omega said...

these two specials are good and
I think the biggest special of
them all will be bruce banner turning into the hulk.
if it is made.

Colin said...

kingpin? why???? he's not even giant sized.... he sucks actually. i believe it is called giant sized special.... oh wells i wouldve preferred onslaught if you aks me.

But hey

Good work with Prof. X looks good.

but you think you could updat you offical site with new pics of the new forthcoming figurines???
and keep updating us on your blog?


Love this collection!!!!!!
Keep up the great work