Friday, 24 October 2008

Watching over us...


First of all I want to apologise for the not-so-frequent updates on the blog. I had really hoped to post something at least once a week, but as time has gone on I’ve found it difficult to keep up.

Anyway, I’m definitely going to keep aiming for the once a week target but I don’t want to reveal every figure that’s going to come out, otherwise there will be no surprises left.

With that in mind, I thought some of the discerning Marvel fans amongst you might be interested to hear that we’ve got a couple of Marvel’s greatest artist to produce some covers for us.

The first is the Absorbing Man pencilled by Herb Trimpe (coloured by Alan Craddock) and the second is Warlock, drawn by Jim Starlin.

For those of you not familiar with their work (shame on you), Herb Trimpe worked for Marvel back in the late 60s/early 70s and is best remembered for his amazing run on the Incredible Hulk. Jim Starlin on the other hand has worked for Marvel (amongst other comic companies) since 1972 and is perhaps best known for his cosmic stories; he introduced Thanos to the Marvel Universe and helped shape Adam Warlock into the character he is today.

Being huge fans of their comics we were thrilled to work with both creators.

Right, I tried to be good at the beginning of this post and not just slap up some new figurine images but I can’t resist. Below is Uatu the Watcher.

As you can see from the image we’ve gone for the version of the Watcher best characterised in John Byrne’s run on the Fantastic Four. With the Watcher we’re very lucky that the costume has changed little since his first appearance in Fantastic Four # 13. However, we did go for the ‘baby’ style of head rather than the original ‘just a bald guy’ look. The obvious reason for this is that the look we’ve chosen has pretty much become the ‘official’ Uatu look and has been used to illustrate him more times than any other.

If you’re wondering what the original Watcher looked like check out the image below.

Ok, I’m off again now but I’m going to make sure you get another update next week, I should have the Madrox figure in by then.


Anonymous said...

Awsome sneak peek at Uatu there. Cheers for that. I really agree with the choice for the head aswell :) good shout guys.

Now how about you get that Pete Wisdom fig up next week ;)

jarvis69 said...

Great job on Uatu !!! And , don't worry , we ALL know You are a busy man !! lol
Thanks again to take on your time to "inform" us.
ps: If Maddrox is not the "first" one....change it !!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping for the odern version of Madrox with the trench coat!

Uatu looks amaaaazing!! Really great job there.

The specially created covers are also very cool, and one can assume that the collection is doing very well indeed.

If you didn't want to give us a list of figs are we to assume an extension is confirmed?

rob said...

please go with the 90s XFactor look for Mr. Madrox BUT considering you have the new version of Havok :( giving him a more kid feel, why not make fellow xfactor the newest version, giving them a lineage in their looks as the xfactor members would be rad, xfactor being the B-Team a tad younger..why not? iuno, just a thought.

jimbob said...

uatu is brilliant!ive been hoping he'll be made.what scale is he going to be?hope you will do a giant size i can put him in the back of my collection.

maybe you could update us on any new variant figures.there are still a few you can just change the paint job such as green quicksilver,yellow daredevil,white elecktra or if its popular enough the red hulk.giant man and ant man hast to be made!

the punisher movie is coming out soon any chance of a punisher special i dont think that the recent figure did him any justice.

Fabio Mucci said...

Uatu is very cool!

Anonymous said...

Love The Watcher. Awesome sculpt! next mega special has to be Onslaught!!! can't wait!!!

Brian Reaves said...

Finally! The Watcher! He looks great, and I can't wait to add him to the collection. Gorgeous sculpt.

Sire-bd said...

Again thank you Richard for the photo of the Uatu he is really magnificent! Very beautiful sculpture! Really faithful to comics!

On the other hand Warlock is missed rather especially at the level of the face which makes too young but also with a young lacks of aggressiveness! Why not to have him to us to present it preview to give our opinion?

I leave you a list (stemming from numerous French voters) to give yourselves an idea onto the duets which would deserve to be to create in the collection:

1. Cloak & Dagger
2. Aurora & Northstar
3. Drax & Moondragon
4. Firestar & Justice
5. Shaman & Harfang
6. Mr Hyde & Cobra
7. Mad Thinker & Quasimodo
8. Darkstar & Vanguard
9. Paladin & Silver Sable
10. Pip & Gamora
11. Balder & Sif
12. Stingray & Tigershark
13. Chacal & Kaine
14. M.J Watson & Aunt May
15. Gwen Stacy & JJ Jameson
16. Grimm Brothers
17. Corsair & Hepzibah
18. Mojo & Spiral
19. Pyro & Avalanche
20. Heralds of Galactus pack
21. Blizzard & Fondeur
22. Mach IV & Songbird
23. Attuma & Orka
24. Captain Marvel 1 & Ronan the acustator
25. Sebastian Shaw & Hellfireclub tug
26. Karnak & Gorgon
27. Baron Von Strucker & Hydra Agent
28. Styx & Stone
29. Wizard & Fixer
30. Hela & Odin
31. Hammerhead & Boomrang
32. Misty Knight & Colleen Wing
33. Ikaris & Circée
34. Rom & Torpille
35. Outlaw & Agent X
36. Pyro & Toad
37. Hydra pack
38. Aim pack
39. Ikarus & Aleta
40. Sasquatch & Puck
41. Night Trasher & Speedball
42. Diablo & Mesmero

ted sallis said...

just seen the next 5 figs all good but come on warlock looks absolutely awful , that must be a mock up surely? this is way below the high standard of this collection

Anonymous said...
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Thor8 said...

I agree with King Chris. I for one have access to various emails and could easily cast in various votes if I so wished to (of course I won't),but not everyone has proven to be as honest as others.
I believe we could just use this blog itself to cast in our votes.
You could list 25 or 30 heroes and everyone could pick thier favorite 5. The 5 heroes with the most votes win their right to be inclueded in this collection. No one would be able to vote more than once because they have to sigh-in in order to vote and we would all know if they already voted or not.

ikabodcrane said...

Hello dear Richard.
I have great difficulty to understand, like much French your policy of exit.
Indeed we are few interested of NOMAD, son of Satan and another X-Man at this stage. Only one is enough.
There is more enthralling and emblematic has our eyes.

Read our forum:

We want the discovery of characters less known.

However the list has our eyes would have more resembled:

121. Chameleon
122. Jack off Hearts
123. Toad
125. Typhoid Mary
126. Annihilus
127. Gorgone
128. Harfang
129. Wrecker
130. Radioactive man
131. Sunfire
132. Blackheart
133. Hydroman
134. Terrax
135. Arachne
136. Jubilee
137. Darkstar
138. Klaw
139. Owl
140. Shaman

141. Stingray
142. Omega red
143. X-man
144. Tarentula
145. Karnak
146. Quasar
147. Jocasta
148. Drax the destroyer
149. Grim reaper
150. Forge
151. Puck
152. Bird mocker
153. Gamora
155. Baron strucker
156. Hammerhead
157. Pyro
158. Crossfire
159. Shanna
160. Deathbird

161. Ant-Man
162. Ronana the accuser
163. Clea
164. Prowler
165. NOMAD
166. Sauron
167. Ronin
168. TigerShark
169. Exodus
170. Longshot
171. Brother Voodoo
172. Ares
173. Starfox
174. Magik
175. Moondragon
176. Avalanche

Double pack:
2. Northstar and Aurora
3. The jackal and Kaine
4. Hela and Odin
5. Balder and Sif
6. Cloak and Dagger
7. Outlaw and the Agent-X
8. Mary Jane and Aunt May
9. Gwen Stacy and J.J.Jameson …

Except series:
1. The blob
2. Sasquatch
3. Gold mouth …

And to make a number 58 (a) with WASP with its booklet and a quarter of page for the yellow jacket of information as on its booklet.

The idea is to always create waiting and desire…
I think that this list should be appropriate for English, American, and French etc…

Thank you Dear Richard of your attention!!! Devoted French.