Friday, 7 November 2008


It’s Friday and so in celebration of the weekend I thought I’d update the blog.

I know everyone wants to know if we’re getting extended and I’ve put off answering for weeks now, but I can finally confirm that the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection is going up to 140 issues.

That's right 140 issues!!!

So first of all I’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone who’s made this mag successful, without the collectors we wouldn’t be here.

And of course you know what that means… we need to choose another 20 characters to immortalise in lead.

So far we have Jubilee, as I’ve already promised you guys she’d be included, that leaves 19 places.

As the collection has grown we’ve tried to include as many fan-favourites as we can but for the first time in the series I want to let you guys decide who gets on to the regular list. As such I’m going to be putting up plenty of polls on the blog as well as coming up with different ways to let you choose which figures we should include.

As I've said we’ve got 19 places left, however I am going to call 4 of those places for the guys in the office to choose a favourite, leaving you guys with 15 to choose.

Obviously, I’m going to have to choose who’s going to be in a poll but I hope to keep all polls themed, i.e. Fantastic Four, Spider-Man foes, cosmic heroes etc… After running a few polls I think we’ll have a second and third place play-off, where everyone who finished second or third gets another chance. So all votes count.

So without further to do I have two polls ready, one for Spidey villains, one poll for Marvel Knights/Daredevil characters.


Ryan Maxwell said...

Great news! Don't forget to run 5 or 6 Alpha Flight polls :^)

jarvis69 said...

It's Christmas time!!!! And I agree with my American friend Ryan : WE WANT ALPHA FLIGHT !!!!

Anthony Stark said...

Brilliant news!!! There are barely any Iron Man villains in this collection. How about Crimson Dynamo, Iron Monger, Titanium Man? Hopefully War Machine is already on his way.

Fabio Mucci said...

A collection is not a collection without this characters:
- Werewolf by Night;
- Simon Garth the Zombie;
- Cloak & Dagger;
- the Power Pack (all four, mega special?);
- War Machine;
- Shang-Chi;
- Killraven;
- Brother Voodoo;
- Howard the Duck.

Please, do this characters!


Anonymous said...

Only a 20 figurine extention? That's someone disappointing. I would have thought you'd go at least to 150. But maybe you're trying to remain conservative.

And The Gibbon should have been included in the 'Spider-Man' poll. Especially him playing such a major role in the recent hit Marvel Apes mini-series.

Anonymous said...

Awesome news! I agree we need some more members of Alpha Flight. Great news about Jubilee

Mblu6 site said...

Deamond head


Howard the Duck

jimbob said...

how about ultimate nick fury,and world war 2 captain america!

Stutch said...

I would've thought that the New Captain America would've been a good choice to have as a character, rather than go too obscure with the figurines (casual people aren't going to have a clue about Adam Warlock!).

David said...

Dont forget the caracters important like MaryJane or Franklin Reeds.

And if it's possible somme caracters from Marvel Universe like Firelord, Gamora, Drax, Moondragon ....

Anonymous said...

Awsome news!! Can i have Pete Wisdom now pretty please?

sergiogf said...

Agree with MJ, but, please, remember BANSHEE and FORGE¡

Τομ Σόγιερ said...

We want FIRESTAR!!!!!!!!!

We must complete ''Spiderman and his amazing friends'' collection!

P L E A S E . . . .

ted sallis said...

good news on the extension but there are loads of great charachters who may miss out , such as rick jones, bucky, most of the inhumans,thundra,firelord,jigsaw,baraccuda,and as a huge fan i would have loved to have seen the ultimate versions of cap america ,thor spidey and co . there would i'm sure be more interest in the ultimates version of existing heroes than minor charachters, caus let,s face it alpha flight suck!although to be fair they did have the first openly gay member and he he really did suck ass

Anthony Stark said...

How about including Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)in the collection? His costume kicks so much ass. Come on.

Cable said...

Now that's great news indeed Richard, much more of a chance to see other characters people would want in the collection.

Anonymous said...

i think there should be far more villains and it sucks that tere arent.

~P~ said...

My feelings are tied for:

Brother Voodoo
& Son of Satan

BOTH should be included.

Also, the Doctor Strange villain:
NIGHTMARE (who first appeared in the same issue that Dr. Strange did - Strange Tales # 110)

We have Dormammu (thanks), but Nightmare was FIRST!

For that matter, where's

How about mega issues for the following BIG GUNS:


And, while I'm tossing longshots out there;

I'll buy them all!

Sanctum Sanctorum Comix

Petrelli Kid said...

Great news. I love this collection

lipstick said...

We need Angelica Jones
(F i r e s t a r)!

Sire-bd said...

Very good news! Thank you Richard!

Tarentula is really inescapable and Mister fear also I hope whom these two characters will be create in figurine!

asura said...

good news, but as a fan I would like to see more and more...
Are these 140 the limit ? Or just the actual expected extension of the collection ?
I also would like to see these figures:

Omega Red
Marvel girl/Rachel Grey
Drax the destroyer
Ronan the accusser
Major Victory
Raza Longknive

Thank you for considering our tastes.

HTDUCK said...

Let's hope that one of those "Guys in the Office" votes for Howard the Duck as his favourite. I know that his inclusion may be contraversial, but he must surely be included in Marvel's top 140 characters! Come on, let's have the Duck confirmed!

Anonymous said...

So sad to see the line winding down but I'm looking forward to collected the DC line. Here are some of my pics for characters I'd love to add to my collection:
Young Avengers! (please, please, please)
Black Knight (Modern)
Jack of Hearts
Northstar/Auroa 2 pack - counts as 1 right ;)
Pete Wisdom
Quasar (Phyla Vell)
Living Tribunal
High Evolutionary

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you've seen or not Richard but over on the boards we've noticed that Hammerhead appeared to suddenly gain 50 odd votes very quickly putting him ever so ahead of Hydro Man, Jackal and Tarantula. The Spiderman poll also seems to have about 50 votes more than the Marvel Knights poll.

Just thought you might want to know of our suspicion and/or look into it.

Brian Reaves said...

Definitely need Stingray and Nighthawk (Kyle Rayner from the Defenders years, not Squadron Supreme)

jimbob said...

just wanted to add my list you cant leave them out:-


avalanche and pyro
black tom cassidy


jack of hearts


cloak and dagger


beta ray bill



radioactive man
black knight
tiger shark
crimso dynamo
baron zemo
baron mordo
purple man
shadow king

alot of these are key characters and are very well know thankyou.

crammond1 said...

just a few thoughts for the collection
and the big alien alien dude from planet terror
you keep making them i'll keep buying them

Anonymous said...

Question: I have about 65 of these figures now, and was wondering if they are just sitting there not being touched at all out in the open if they can give off any lead dust, or are they sealed with something?

Thanks for any and all comments