Friday, 14 November 2008

Another Friday, another update.

Welcome back everyone; it’s good to see all the positive comments about the series being extended to 140 issues. Some have pointed out that 150 would be a nicer number and I can’t agree more, hopefully if all goes well and (in the style of Stan Lee) ‘You readers demand it!’ we’ll get another extension. Only time will tell.

Anywho, with the collection expanding it’s good to see everyone having their say on which characters they’d like included, last count I made the comments section had over 60 requests. Wow we really could go on forever.

I’ve noticed that a few of the requests are for figures we’ve already got planned so I though it might help to put the 100-120 list up here:

100 Banshee
101 War Machine
102 Hobgoblin
103 Baron Zemo
104 Taskmaster
105 Doc Samson
106 Madrox
107 Shang-Chi
108 Titania/Viper (we've not quite decided)
109 Beta Ray Bill
110 Man-Wolf
111 Union Jack
112 Dazzler
113 Ka Zar
114 Black Knight
115 Machine Man
116 X-23
117 Ikaris
118 Tigra
119 Hellcat
120 Enchantress

Now as some of you may remember we ran a poll to choose the costume for the Madrox figurine, and despite it being very close the most modern version of the character won. So, I know this is going to split opinions but we’ve gone with this costume for the figure, as shown below, with an image of the final sculpt stage.

If you voted for the first Kirby costume I hope that the quality of the sculpt at least eases the pain of not having ‘your’ version. I personally love this costume; I think it matches the direction the character has been going in perfectly, while at the same time paying homage to the Jack Kirby costume with the T-shirt design.

So this just leaves me with one last thing to talk about and that’s the polls from last week. They finished today and it looks like Chameleon is a no-brainer but the MK poll appears to have ended in a tie between Blackheart and Gladiator. I think we’ll have to settle this with a showdown – Blackheart vs. Gladiator, no-holds barred, well as ‘no-holds barred’ as a poll between the two characters can be.

For anyone who doesn’t know the characters check out the pic and mini-description I’ve put below.

(First app. Daredevil #270 1989) – Son of the demon-lord Mephisto, Blackheart was created from the evil energy that accumulated in the town of Christ’s Crown, a particularly popular spot with murderers. He’s fought Daredevil, Spider-Man and Ghost Rider and constantly tried to usurp his father’s position in hell.

Gladiator, Melvin Potter (First app. Daredevil #18 1966) – A costume designer who made his own suit of battle armour, complete with deadly wrist blades, Melvin Potter decided to become a professional criminal. One of Daredevil’s earliest foes, who has also fought Iron Man and Spider-Man. Gladiator has reformed a couple of times and helped Elektra and Daredevil fight the Hand.

I’ll have some more character polls up early next week.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


Fabio Mucci said...

Well, Melvin Potter/Gladiator!

Good the 120 characters but there no still Howard the Duck, Cloak & Dagger, Power Pack, Werewolf by Night, Simon Garth the Zombie, Killraven and Brother Voodoo. There are important in the Marvel Universe!


jarvis69 said...

Thanks again dear Editor.I'm one of the "old" Marvel fan so comment , it'll be the third "missing" in my collection after Cable and the so-called Havoc.Don't forget the name CMFC.....C= classic no ? lol
After a bad news , a good one.I hope Gladiator'll win !!! Go Marvin !!!

asura said...

Great news! I enjoy that the collection could maybe have a new extention. However I completely forgot to suggest a figure of Warpath. With his two knives, I think such a figure can shows a great quality sculpt.
As for omega red, will it be a special figure ?
Vulcan is also a compulsory figure to add to this collection according to the actual comic storyline and its background (he's the third brother of the Summer family).

jimbob said...

Thankyou for the update.some good names in the next 120,but then some that i think i will miss out,characters i dont now about.i woudnt mind collecting them as long
my favorites dont miss out. such as



these cant be missed out!

keldorbow said...

Multiple Man looks great thanks. Cant wait to see pics of Dazzler :)

I really hope that characters like Dust, Wolfsbane and Longshot will feature on the X-MEN poll.

Oh and if its a toss up between Titania and Viper (Madamme Hydra) Please select Viper! :)

Anonymous said...

Classic is referring to the characters. Not the costume choices. Especially in regard to the X-Men who change their costumes about as often as most people change their clothes.

MadWelshBoy87 said...

I hope when you do an x-men poll you have two seperate ones, one for allies and one for villans. I agree with jimbob, the brotherhood is not greatly represented in the collection!! Warpath, Armor, Cannonball, Marvel Girl (Rachel Summers), Northstar & Sunfire should be included. And as asura said Vulcan should be included, maybe as a double pack with Darwin.

sergiogf said...

Agree with both x-men polls: allies & villains :

What about Forge, Sunfire, Wolfsbane, Magik, Warlock or Longshot in allies?

And about Sauron, Black Tom Cassidy, Blob, Toad, Pyros, Avalanche... in villains?

Anda about an Alpha Flight poll: Northstar & Aurora, Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird & Puck?

Dazzler in 80's costume, please¡¡

Captain Taggart said...

Thanks for the update that's great news, and the fig of Madrox is excellent, it really captures his film noir persona.

Even though she scored low, Echo would be a great addition to the collection especially now she's part of the New Avengers.

Other ideas for you:

Sunfire (amazingly visual!)
Cannonball (imagine him with a blasting base instead of legs!)
The Young Avengers
Kingpin (where is he??)
Marvel Boy
The Hood
Mr. Negative

Sharky69 said...

Blackheart! All the way. really hope he gets through. Love your blog btw

Anonymous said...

Sad to see none of the X-Fans mention Destiny.

We need Mystique's Leman.

Not to mention Sage, Spiral, and Mastermind.

As well as everyone else that has already been mentioned above.

lipstick said...

Northstar and Aurora figs, is a good idea.....! And Sunfire, too.

Sire-bd said...

Hello Richard,
I would be completely demoralized if there was one day no Gladiator in the collection what would be absolutely normal seen that it misses cruelly enemies of Dardevil and that it is one of inescapable of the universe Marvel... Then why this new poll ?

Anthony Stark said...

Hey just wanna say the blog is great, it gives us fans a chance to have a say in the creation process which is very cool.

I`d like to throw one more suggestion out there for a Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) figurine. I know the whole Clone Saga isn`t thought very highly of (I`m not that keen on it myself), but you have to admit he would be a great addition to the collection.

bomber59 said...

well, great pics for Madrox (i like this costum...even the trenchcoat!!!)

but, blackheart and gladiator were exaequo in the previous poll... so why a new poll for that, we had already voted ? the both were chosen, the both will be made.

ok, if we have to choose, priority to the oldest... gladiator (but it's a waste of time).

Mxpatte said...


Long time Marvel Fan here. Luv collection for Nostalia reasons.

Like the upcoming issues but have to ask where are the following:

Northstar/Aurora(and indeed Alpha Flight)
New Mutants(Canball,sunspot etc)

Here a few ideas for specials-

(1)How about a team special such as The new mutants in their old yellow and black costumes.

(2)Madrox-Luv this guy-few different poses whould be cool. Id buy 10 of them.

And Finally one last question-

I have a few whom I would gladly pay a bit more for to get made.



Anonymous said...

Great to hear the collection has been extended. At this point it's getting to a stage where i'm learning more and more about characters i know little to nothing about and an extention really makes me feel possative about learning about characters alongside getting some of my faves(Union Jack, Warmachine).

As for Madox; well, i think i'd have liked a more classic costume to represent the character but i still absolutly love the scult and it just makes me more possative that characters with less distinctive costumes can still look amazing in lead. Pete Wisdom for example, coat and tie blowing in the wind with Hot-Knives at the ready could be a stunning figure. That scult proves it! It makes me even more adament that he deserves a place in this collection.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

Where is King Pin? Seriously... Someone answer me. He is even in their poster of figures. I am glad your trying to figure out between some Gladiator and Black whatever but come on KING PIN, major character here.

PS love all your work. Buying as much as I can in Canada. Without getting ripped off for shipping.


S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

I agree with Keldorbow, please select Viper (Madame Hydra). Green costume, two pistols, Jim Steranko style...
She is so much cooler than Titania.
I really would like to see Silver Sable and Paladin collected as well.

HTDUCK said...

Great news about the extension, but where's Howard the Duck?!

ikabodcrane said...

Hello dear Richard.
I have great difficulty to understand, like much French your policy of exit.
Indeed we are few interested of NOMAD, son of Satan and another X-Man at this stage. Only one is enough.
There is more enthralling and emblematic has our eyes.

Read our forum:

We want the discovery of characters less known.

However the list has our eyes would have more resembled:

121. Chameleon
122. Jack off Hearts
123. Toad
125. Typhoid Mary
126. Annihilus
127. Gorgone
128. Harfang
129. Wrecker
130. Radioactive man
131. Sunfire
132. Blackheart
133. Hydroman
134. Terrax
135. Arachne
136. Jubilee
137. Darkstar
138. Klaw
139. Owl
140. Shaman

141. Stingray
142. Omega red
143. X-man
144. Tarentula
145. Karnak
146. Quasar
147. Jocasta
148. Drax the destroyer
149. Grim reaper
150. Forge
151. Puck
152. Bird mocker
153. Gamora
155. Baron strucker
156. Hammerhead
157. Pyro
158. Crossfire
159. Shanna
160. Deathbird

161. Ant-Man
162. Ronana the accuser
163. Clea
164. Prowler
165. NOMAD
166. Sauron
167. Ronin
168. TigerShark
169. Exodus
170. Longshot
171. Brother Voodoo
172. Ares
173. Starfox
174. Magik
175. Moondragon
176. Avalanche

Double pack:
2. Northstar and Aurora
3. The jackal and Kaine
4. Hela and Odin
5. Balder and Sif
6. Cloak and Dagger
7. Outlaw and the Agent-X
8. Mary Jane and Aunt May
9. Gwen Stacy and J.J.Jameson …

Except series:
1. The blob
2. Sasquatch
3. Gold mouth …

And to make a number 58 (a) with WASP with its booklet and a quarter of page for the yellow jacket of information as on its booklet.

The idea is to always create waiting and desire…
I think that this list should be appropriate for English, American, and French etc…

Thank you Dear Richard of your attention!!! Devoted French.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...