Friday, 21 November 2008

It's a knockout

The results are in for the latest poll and it looks like Blackheart has won the day with over 60% of the vote. All is not lost for poor old Melvin Potter, he’ll be entered into another ‘losers’ playoff poll at a later date.

As I've previously said, I’m really keen to vary the way we choose the next batch of characters, so this week I’ve decided to put up a tournament style poll. The way this will work, is that we’ll have a number of head to head polls, with the winner progressing to the next stage. The figure that wins the tournament will be put into the 121-140 list. (See diagram below for structure)

I’ve decided we’ll have two sides to the tournament, an Avengers Heroes side and an Avengers Villains side. This week we’ll start with the Heroes.

Round One will be up until Monday afternoon, so get voting.

So, while I’ve got your attention, I thought I’d see if you guys can come up with a caption for the last image in the magazine. As some of you may know, we tend to finish page 19 of the magazine with a funny image of the featured character. We’ve had a bit of a dry run with this image recently but this week Dan the designer has finally got round to putting it back in, and now he wants your help with the caption. The image is below and will be featured in Issue 93 – Valkyrie.

The caption can be for either Valkyrie or Hellcat and can be a thought or word balloon. The only limit is that it must be under 15 words. Oh and it has to be of good taste.

Please post your ideas for the word balloon in the comments section and I will announce the winner next Friday.


Ryan Maxwell said...

"Mmmm...the CMFC (mag) is like catnip..."

Pedro said...

These are my options for 121-140 and some other options. I have considered the 3 characters already decided to appear.

Issue 121: Jubilee
Issue 122: Chamaleon
Issue 123: Blackheart
Issue 124: Quasar
Issue 125: Rachel Grey
Issue 126: Magik
Issue 127: Crossbones
Issue 128: Speedball
Issue 129: Jack of Hearts
Issue 130: Longshot
Issue 131: Cannonball
Issue 132: Moondragon
Issue 133: Scarlet Spider
Issue 134: Songbird
Issue 135: Klaw
Issue 136: Spiral
Issue 137: Grim Reaper
Issue 138: Photon
Issue 139: Warpath
Issue 140: Boomerang

Double Pack Issue 3: Northstar and Aurora
Mega Special Issue 7: Eternity
Special Issue 27: Terrax
Special Issue 28: Dyscordia
Special Issue 29: Mojo
Special Issue 30: Drax
Special Issue 31: Mr Hyde

Chris Towell said...

Magazine bubble

"Don't worry your magazine isn't far behind!"

Excellent idea on how to pick the final figurines. It's hard to vote though when you don't know who some of them are lol

McMarvel said...

"Stop giving me a back massage and just leave me alone with my precious CMFC mags!"

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

guys, I have some names for 121 and up...
Madame Hydra (I hope she is #108)
Silver Sable
Agent 13 (Sharon Carter)
Yelena Belova (blonde Black Widow)


David said...

Why only one of this tournament ?

rob said...

Whats wrong with you people!! aaargh Quasar over Ares!?? Come on we need the Mighty Avengers Team Collectively!


btw...which Quasar are we talking about, there's a few in the Universe...thanks!

Ryan Maxwell said...

Personally, adding a god of war, whom I've only seen depicted (both in comics and in myth) as, if not evil, not good or heroic but very self-serving, to the Avengers is about as stupid as including Wolverine. My two cents, but I can understand current fans wanted him.

jarvis69 said...

+1 !!! And , Mantis vs Moondragon.?????? Noooooo....Mantis AND Moondragon

Electro said...
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Electro said...

soory richards but i write the caption in french , my translater is too bad :)

" Pourquoi je n'ai pas commencé la collection doit lui rendre maintenant . "

Marvelbeast said...

Val to Hellcat "You know you're going to have to order a new binder soon"

I like the idea of the tournament but I really want all of the characters listed.


jimbob said...

These polls are starting to annoy me.Too many good characters are being left out.I like jack of hearts i know of him from the avengers dissassembled story and would love him to be in my avengers collection.

I hope you wont include brotherhood of evil mutants in the evil.They should be in the x-men polls if there is going to be one.As they have seem to be forgoten about

What about the double packs,is there going to be anymore after xavier and lilandra?you could have done a double pack out of the last poll,where they had the same amount of votes.

keldorbow said...

The Tournament is cool but will the winner of the good side and the winner of the bad side face of in a poll or will the winner of each section make it onto the list to be made along with JUBILEE, CHAMELEON & BLACKHEART?

Im hoping that FIRESTAR wins shes my favourite out of this group. I think the collection has to be varied gender wise and i have a feeling that not many female characters are gonna be winning many of the polls i hope she makes it through.

Dan said...

"Maybe by hiding my head in these cmfc mags I can pretend I haven't noticed that she stole Madonna's bra..."

Dr Who said...

Noooo! There finishing at 140 and I still can't get the Black Spiderman

lipstick said...

I'm very happy for FIRESTAR!!!!!!!
I vote her! Thank you for this poll.

In Bubble: ''Leave me alone stupid bitch''!


Anonymous said...

Which Marvel Boy?

I hope it's Bob Grayson aka The Urnaian from Agents of Atlas. Cause the Agents kick serious arse. But sadly since it's an Avengers Poll I assume it's Justice.

Dan said...

Darn, forgot the 15 word limit, ok here goes:

"No Vulcan nerve pinch will make me relinquish my precious CMFC mags Valkyrie!"

Fabio Mucci said...

"I'm so sorry if i am so beautiful...They draw me like that!!!"

keldorbow said...

"Girlfriend my cover better be hotter than Tigra's!"

Zombula said...

Going from strength to strength - well done Rich & team ! : )

...Caption comp entry ? ....... " Dont worry honey - you've got more whiskers than Tigra ... "

Iain said...

Great selection of figures to choose from, and hard choices to make, but c'est la vie

As for the caption I'd have Valkyrie saying "Put your magazines away, Hellcat. You promised to clean out your litter tray today"

Sire-bd said...

For the magazine Bubble :

"Hellcat to us does not cry two and with our charms the quotations are going to climb!"

Verry excellent idea Richard !

And for Gladiator not of new polls !ONE NEEDS ABSOLUTELY IN THE COLLECTION! Otherwise that would be a shame!

Sire-bd said...

Really too cruel as poll !
practically should be all in the collection !

Covenant said...

Hellcat: "CMFC mag is already very relaxing, but you can give me a back massage too."

Hellcat: "CMFC is world's best mag, so please give me world's best back massage too!"

MattyB said...


"I wish she would stop massaging me...I want to read my mags!"

Anonymous said...