Monday, 24 November 2008

Round Two. Fight!

So the first round has now ended and yes, there will be some of you disappointed that your choice hasn't gotten through but don't let that put you off voting in the next round.

From some of the comments left, I can see that we all want more than one of the characters on the list and if we go with the choices that everyone has posted, I think we'd have to run the series to well over 200 issues. I see that many collectors have a favourite family/branch of the Marvel Universe; some people want every Inhuman, some want every character in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. While we're never going to fit all Marvel's characters into the collection (they have over 2000) hopefully by doing a few of these polls everyone will be happy that we've managed to get at least one of their favs into the last 20. You never know you might discover a new favourite just by looking up those in the polls.

Oh, and if you don't know who a character is the best place to get a bio is from Marvel's official website at:

So that's it from me today, go vote, the polls will close on Thursday.


lipstick said...


P.S. 200 issues is good. Why not?
There are more basic and favourite characters..!

Ryan Maxwell said...

Wait. "THE LAST 20"?!?!? Say it ain't so!

Marvelbeast said...

I think 200 will mean we have many more great characters. Obviously the more the better. Marvel has 5000= character but many are not worthy of a magazine/figurine. Characters who appeared only once or disappeared years ago are included in that number. As are civilians.

Monica Rambeau has to be made way before we reach the end of the line.

I like the tournament by the way. I great way to show how difficult it is to choose.

Sire-bd said...

200 is I think of the perfect figure! Then Richard all right?

Really damage for Swordsman he deserves nevertheless widely that places in the collection...

jarvis69 said...

"disappointed".......YES !! We have to "choose" the last 20 fig Alpha Flight character so , yes...I'm disappointed !!

Covenant said...

Why not running the series to 200 or 250 issues? As you mentioned we would see nearly all characters from the already finshed polls and from the upcoming polls - even a great number of characters from all the wishlists would be covered.
I think there are enough collectors from all over the world (like me from Germany) who would buy such a number of mags.

But only Eaglemoss really knows if they earn enough money with such a high amount of figures - and this is what counts in times of world wide financial crisis....

Fabio Mucci said...

I think 200 figurines will be great and a very Marvel fans will buy it. Finally, FI-RE-STAR!

Anonymous said...

"the last 20."

That better not be true.

Mark said...
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marveljoe said...

Should do at least 150 issues here are some that should be included

Jubilee, Blackheart, Chameleon, Forge, Cannonball, Moondragon, Firestar, Diablo, Jackal, Quasar, Photon, Morbius, Sunfire, Pyro, The Owl, Stingray, Grim Reaper, Silver Sable, Long Shot, Puck, J Jonah Jameson, Omega Red, Sunspot, Sauron, Syrin, Wolfsbane, Wizard, Mary Jane Watson, Warpath and Justive.

Some of these were already on the poster provided at the beginning showing how they were linked why are they not in the 120 already?

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

last 20?
I really would like to see Silver Sable, Madame HYDRA, Yelena Belova (Black Widow II), Paladin, Sharon Carter (Agent 13), Madame Masque collected...


keldorbow said...

Characters id like to see in the collection before it ends are:

Firestar, Marvel Girl, Longshot, Sage, Dust, Pyro, Vulcan, Deathbird, The Blob, Northstar & Aurora, Snowbird, Wolfsbane, Magma, Toad, Omega Red, Sauron, Destiny.

Enik said...
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jimbob said...

Here is my list the figures should be included:-


I think these characters should not be left out,they deserve there place in the collection.Some are well known from tv,films and forthcoming films.

I also think that the top 5 from the next special issue poll,that king pin won should be made.There was too many good names in that poll to leave out.

And as for ALPHA FLIGHT you cant leave them out they seem to be the most requested figures so far!


Editor said...

Hi everyone, I don't tend to leave comments as I prefer to just update the blog but I'm a little busy today.

Anyway, just wanted to say don't be too disheartened by the use of the word 'last'. Currently the series will end at 140 but it is not set in stone and if the demand is still there then a further extension is likely.

So nothing definite either way, we won't know until we get closer to #140 but think positively.

jarvis69 said...

Thanks dear Editor , I'm reassured !! lol

marveljoe said...

I'll keep collecting as long as the characters have enough depth and are interesting not bother with ones like howard the duck or brother voodoo what about specials will Kingpin and Sasquatch Cloak & Dagger with Northstar & Aurua be included

Sire-bd said...

Thank you Richard for these reassuring news !
Maintaining objective 200!

But by pity no Howard the duck that would be really ridiculous he na nothing to make in a collection of high Super Héros! There are so other characters more interesting than him but if that had to arrive I would be demoralized and I would not buy him...

Marvelbeast said...

Thanks for giving us the chance to take part in the tournament it's nice to have so much input.

I'm concerned though that not everyone is being fair. The number of votes in the Mockingbird/Firestar poll is 73 more then the other polls.

73 less votes and Firestar would have lost by 1 vote so it doesn't look completely honest to me. I don't think it's likely that 73 people would only vote in that poll and ignore the others.

It calls into question the previous polls if someone has cheated. If they've ruined this poll, how many others have they messed up?

keldorbow said...

Id like to respond to the previous poster about it not been likely that people would only vote in the Firestar poll and not the others which basically implies its been tampered with!.
I was one of those people that only voted in the one poll and the reason for that is plain and simple i love Firestar like many others and could not care less about the other 3 polls as the characters bore me to death!
Moondragon lost fair and square and the biggest suprise about the poll was that she got so many votes! It was tactical voting by Jack of Hearts fans who were scared that Firestar would beat him because shes a character people have genuine affection for. The minute i saw the draw I and im sure most others knew that the winner was gonna be either Jack of Hearts or Firestar.
Theres no rule which states that you have to vote in all of the polls.

lipstick said...

Maybe Firestar has a big promotion from her fans.
And if has cheated a Moondragon's fan..?

P.S I voted only in the Firestar poll.

Elementstv said...

I am one that voted only for firestar.I do not think that someone cheated...

David said...

The final must be Jack versus Quasar, why only one can be product ? Why human can't be product ? There are a lot of human realy important in the marvel universe like MaryJane.

I thing Franklin Richards with the robots must be great.

I think also than 200 will be a good number.

Long life to this collection.

(Sorry for my English)

Thor8 said...

Judging by the amount of comments you receive and the enthusiasome shown by collectors I have no doubts that this series will reach 200 without any major problems and will go beyond. Hope to see future polls posted soon.

Thor8 said...

Okay I see everone is very shy in stating which characters they would like to see get their own figurine,so I guess I'll jump in and have my say;I really would like to see a Mega Special of either Goliath or Giant-Man or mabe even both (one being the Variant of the other)I'd also like to see Ant-Man (Classic),Wasp, Swordsman,Photon,Starfox, Executioner,Radioactiveman (with glow in the dark paint?)and a special of the Destroyer and battle armor Thor!