Friday, 27 April 2012

Fighting talk!

No firm news about the extension as yet. Sorry for the flippant comments last week, seems to have caused quite a stir. Let's all just wait for the final decision. Que sera sera... Cheers. Dan


tinodragon14 said...

I'm first but not much to comment on & still pretty down about no extension talk.

jarvis69 said...

Qui vivra verra ;)
But I still hope .. we have so much GREAT characters missing ......

Osvaldoeaf said...

Nice covers! But Dan, sorry to push, but can you tell us if you are optimIstic or pessimistic about it? Sometime ago you told us you were feeling positive about a new extension! What's changed? Just the production costs or is there something else that's making you doubtful!?

fredpostman said...

Hmmmm,come on EM please don't cancel this wonderful collection;it is literally a once in a lifetime experience which i have enjoyed being part of....raise the price and make us all VERY happy (go on it's my birthday Monday)
LOCKJAW soon please (i am going to stay optimistic)

max_0888 said...

Nice covers. JJJ's looks especially great.

I can't believe we are talking about the end of the collection already. Don't get me wrong, I already feel pretty lucky about getting 200 figurines plus specials, but everything indicated that we were going to have at least one more extansion. I know one more extansion won't be enough to please everyone, but it's a start hehe.

I am reading again the first serie of new mutants back then. I just love the team so much and don't see this collection ending without Magma, Sunspot, Warlock, Karma and Cypher. I know it's a lot to ask but I thought we would at least get two or three members more (Magma, Sunspot and Warlock).

I do try to stay optimistic though.

Here's hoping next week will bring good news.

Kal Brindle said...

Dan - mate - you've got to give us more than that! LOL

We're all sweating here.

Love the JJJ cover! It truly looks awesome.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

It's not good blog etiquette, but I'm going to post this AGAIN!
Just trying to brainwash you, really ;) ...

The CMFC as a celebration
of the House of Ideas

Personally I find this collection totally amazing precisely because it recognizes that all Marvel characters are supestars, each one shining for his/her unique design, backstory, power sets and concept. It's a celebration of Marvel as a House of Ideas, and the CMFC is getting more and more interesting with characters from all areas of the MU, such as Firelord, Wiccan, Gamora, Vance Astro and so on. The sculpts are becoming more and more amazing, and it would be a dream to see at least another 100 characters. Anyone who loves and bought these characters so far, will be ecstatic to see the CMFC expand to include other characters that enrich the existign ones. For each Thor, there's a Skurge, Heimdall and Warriors Three to get. For each, Vance Astro there is a Starhawk, Yondu and then Star-Lord and the modern GOTG. For each Wiccan, there's a Hulking. For each, Cannonball and Magik there's a Sunspot, Magma, Warlock. For every Spider-Man, there's a Jackal and Tomstone to have. And so on. I'm absolutely sure the CMFC can continue to prosper by including more of the amazing characters left to cover, adding extraordinary beauty and meaning to the characters we already have, as there's beauty and ecstasy in seeing so many of them together. Go on. CMFC figurines assemble!
Long live the CMFC.

Osvaldoeaf said...

I wonder if any of our suggestions were taken into considerantion! We Almost all agreed we'd pay more for the collection to go on!

The Mad Thinker said...

Missing :

Excalibur - Meggan

X Factor - Strong Guy

New Mutants -
Karma + Sunspot + Magma + Cypher + Warlock

Defenders - Clea + Gargoyle

West coast Avengers -
Firebird + U.S Agent

Mantis + Justice + Starfox + Thunderstrike

Young Avengers -
Patriot + Kate Bishop + Hulkling + Iron Lad + Stature

Inhumans - Lockjaw + Maximus

Wrecking Crew -
Thunderball + Bulldozer + Piledriver

Masters of Evil -
Blackout + Whirlwind +
Egghead + Boomerang + Man Ape +
Crimson Cowl + Executioner +
Grey Gargoyle + Melter +
Mister Hyde + Black Knight

Atlas + Blizzard + Fixer + Jolt +
Speed Demon + Jack 'o' Lantern +
King Cobra + Whiplash

There's still a hell of a lot more characters to be included in this collection other than the one's needed to complete teams that I've just listed above.


deamon said...

Dan You can say people working in EM, we won't have end of world this December, next year or even the next one...
so You can easily confirm next extensions.

Thor8 said...

The JJJ cover looks very good and the figurine itself is superb.

Dan,this past week has been pure torture for many of us. There's no doubt in our minds that 200 is a tremendous victory and very few can come close to such a magnifecent feat,but the potential left in this collection is still too great to have it end now.

We need to have some news as to where this collection is heading. Saying we have to wait for the "FINAL" decision is like saying we have to wait for the firing squad to come get us. Not much to be said or done once that happens.

Simon West said...

flippant comment or not, it's always good to have an update. We apprechiate it even if we don't all see eye to eye on what we want to for the collection going foward :)

The Mad Thinker said...

Others to include :

X men category

Silver Samurai

Avengers category

Count Nefaria

Fantastic Four category

Air Walker
High Evolutionary
Mad Thinker
Ms Marvel - Sharon Ventura
Nova - Frankie Raye
Red Ghost

Spiderman category

Aunt May
Stilt Man
White Tiger

Marvel Knights category

Baron Mordo
Black Tarantula
Brother Voodoo
Colleen Wing
Misty Knight
Night Thrasher
Ulysses Bloodstone

Cosmic category

Captain Atlas
Howard the Duck
Pip the Troll
Rocket Raccoon


Madame Web


Osvaldoeaf said...

Let's think one extension at a time! We were all counting on the 200-220 extension, me specially, cuz Sage seemed to have a pretty decent chance after waiting for so long! I've been down for a week now! Besides the characters we love, we have all spent the last week giving viable sugestions of how to keep the collection going! I hope they all make some difference in the process of making this final decision! The silence has been defeaning!

sed tallis said...

Man o man o man, Avengers was EPIC loved it, forgot I had to change buses on the journey home , got off in the wrong town and had to walk 9 miles to get home.
Worth every aching muscle.

LarryS said...

And another thing...

Whenever I comment on this blog, why must I "prove I'm not a robot"...? After all, Vision, Ultron, Jocasta and Machine Man have all been immortalised as highly respected figurines!

I think the blog should be open to all. Robots, clones, aliens, time-travellers, mystics, mutants, cosmic entities, talking ducks and racoons, alternative reality versions, reincarnations, monsters and demons should all be allowed to offer their two-penneth.

Restricting comments to humans alone is, well, so 1950s.

LAWay said...

JJJ cover is superb!

Sebastian Shaw, the close up of his face, that cover...that is hideous. The second version showing more of the character looks alot better.

Disappointing update in terms on information. Sometimes I think we dont NEED pictures every update, and wouldnt mind a Q&A session, or just delivering us some good info to actually talk about.

This update is uncontroversial, lacks substance, and I imagine is meant to calm the situation down as we possibly couldnt moan about the same topic for another week?

You underestimate us. :P

Joking aside, reading more and more positive reviews about Avengers which is great to see.

Robert said...

Not long in and still sporting my T-shirt with the distinctive A symbol...

I kind of incline towards a point somewhere between Adam's 7/10 and Ted's "Awesome". Enough old-school action (and interaction) to keep me more than happy. And a few surprises, too. Pity I was sitting next to the Joker. Hopefully, I won't have an Arkham Asylum escapee in the seat next to me on Sunday when I watch it in 3D on an IMAX screen.

There is one mid-credit scene to stay for, guys. For once it's not at the very end, so you won't have to wait as long as normal. It just blew the socks off me. Only the fanboys like us would get it but I yelped with delight. The possibilities for a sequel after that are just mind-blowing. Go see it, guys, as soon as you can!

Osvaldoeaf said...

Happy that you liked it, Robert. I am going to watch it in about two hours...very excited!

deamon said...

Question to people who watched Avengers?
Is there scene during credits and second scene after credits?

LAWay said...

I didnt stay til after the full credits, but i dont think there is.

Like Robert said, theres like a 'mid credits' that doesnt take very long.

I heard there was last minute filming for another post credit scene but I think it was just a rumour. Havent seen anything online, and you can find the scene me and Robert are talking about on youtube.

I would give the film a solid 8.5/9 out of 10. I dont think it really does much wrong.

sed tallis said...

I would give it 4.345 out of 5. I am of an age where I can officially be referred to as a dirty old man . With that in mind I tells ya Scarlett Johanssonnnnn is the most beautifulist lady actress currently the acting.
I thought of Robert, Not while I was watching Scarlett, cuz that would have been.....weird.
Anyway back to the epic who's the other cover image? The one that isnae JJJ?? My best guess is Ickabod Cranes dad Derrick

sed tallis said...

Just one complaint
3D, an annoying distraction , wish i had the option of seeing it old you kids would say

pirate adam said...

Agree with Ted, 3d is not for me and the lady talent is very very amazing

And I seem to have upset LAway with my 7/10, BS comment and love of Dark Knight. Well I could explain myself but my contempt for LAway and fact that I couldnt care less what he thinks means I wont. If anyone else would like me to explain just let me know and I will be happy to


Robert said...

Daemon. There's just one extra scene, that comes up reasonably early, probably less than half way, through the credits. There's only a big MARVEL sign on the screen at the very end of all the credits. When you see the mid-scene you will realise that there will be nothing afterwards, anyway. It's so spectacularly audacious that I would never have dreamed they would do it. I'm not exactly sure what noise I made when it came up: something like a squeak-yelp-squeal combination!

Ted: I waited an extra day - which was harder than it sounds! - so I could see it the first time in 2D. But I'm going to see it in 3D tomorrow. Not really a 3D fan but, well, it's the Avengers.

Robert said...

Hi, Adam! I think I get why you scored it 7/10. Lower than I would score (8) but I know what you mean.

sed tallis said...

I am looking forward to DKR Adam, Tom Hardy is amazing in Warrior. I just hope Bale calms the Batman voice doon just a touch.
Go and watch Dark Knight Joker interrogation On YouTube and yool see wot I mean ;) couldn't understand what the he'll he was on aboot . And judging by the tittering in the crowd I wasn't alone.
Am aff tae teds shed naw coming oot til Monday ,
Love yooz

Robert said...

As I haven't seen the Dark Knight film with the Joker, I popped onto Youtube as Ted recommended and watched the clip. What a silly voice.

Then followed it up with a spoof version that was hilarious and much better than the actual film.

Thanks, Ted!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

The Avengers movie left me with mixed feelings. The first hour is incredibly boring, with uninspiring action scenes and lame dialogues. The movie only really takes off in the second hour with the first Hulk transformation, then the truly epic battle in Manhattan, which is absolutely fantastic. Hulk and Black Widow shine. Thor and Cap are made very poor use of. I'd give 6/10 to the first hour and 9/10 only to the battle in Manhattan. Just my opinion, of course.

LAWay said...

Didnt watch in 3D, think it was converted into 3D afterwards instead of shot in 3D, just to boost takings at the box office. I have found that with 3D, its pretty much useless in action movies with things moving fast at the picture quality it then rubbish. So I recommend 2D for everyone.

I didnt mind 7/10 PA, but you reasoning that it wasnt accurate to the comics and that its nothing compared to The Dark Knight seemed silly. 2 different types of comicbook films, and TDK isnt comic accurate either. How anyone can sit through Christian Bale angrily croak his way through 2 hours of a movie and think that its perfect need their head and ears examined. The movie is good in terms of a story and the way its made, just like Avengers is. Neither are fully comic accurate, but Avengers is more accurate than TDK.

pirate adam said...

Not being a DC comic fan means I dont care or know if the films are acurate or not, what I do know is that both the recent Batman films are just great films, being a Marvel fan who collects comics and has a small knowledge of the MU means I want my Marvel films to be loyal to the comics and 7/10 us not a bad score considering what I gave other Marvel films, I like the Avengers film and will buy it wben it comes out on blue ray


sed tallis said...

Ah pork schnitzel with reggae reggae sauce lunch of champions.
Had to laff at the Avengers toy adverts , hey let's repackage all the unsold Hulk fists from the Hulk movie , all the disc firing shields from the Cap movie, all the Iron Man helmets and toy Mjoliners from their movies and put an Avengers sticker on them . My boy has Cap's shield and the talking IM helmet, he might be 5 but he's no mug .
I might pick up Dark Knight On DVD , it should be easier to understand with the subtitles turned on ;)
Back To Stan Laurels left nostril.
Love yeez

John said...

Dan, as always, thanks for the WIPs. Looking forward to seeing Hela soon, and am excited for next Friday. :)

Thank you.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Great movie, had a lot of fun! Excited about the possibilities of a sequel!

Robert said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Osvaldo.

Earlier this afternoon I was informed that my involuntary noise at the 'hidden scene' in the credits was not unlike an eight-year-old girl shrieking at the sight of Justin Bieber.

I still insist it was more manly than that.

LAWay said...

Yeh I think thats the problem as comic fans being so close to things, slight changes can be annoying and make you dislike the film for silly reasons when you look back at it.

I love spidey, and when they showed the new costume, I was raging about how awful the film looks. And then the lizard. But the more I see the trailers, the more I accept that, damn, it looks a good movie.

And I do like the Batman films...but the way Bale talks as Batman rips me out of the film. Its not just that as a fan I know Batman doesnt talk like that, but it makes no sense in the movie. I really hope he talks normally as I cant see Catwoman flirting with batman while he sounds like he is being strangled.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Osvaldoeaf said...

LOL There was a lot of people making those noises during the whole movie in the theatre yesterday! Specially in that "mid-credits" scene....
I loved Hawkeye in the movie, so cool!

pirate adam said...

I love Spidey but hate all 3 films, 3rd is the worst


Eagle said...

I have a sugestion. Why don't we all show our collections, the way they are displayed, etc.

I would like to see how other collectors have done it and maybe improve my own display.

LAWay said...

You hate all 3 spidey films too?! I can understand the 3rd film, but I thought 1 & 2 are great and they are critically acclaimed with great reviews.

Do you like any Marvel movie? Dont think any of them particularly sticks to the comics, and almost every early marvel movie were even worse in that respect. I think recently it seems like Marvel have more say in the film proces since Iron Man and I think it has shown.

I would show my collection, but to be honest, because there are so many figurines, I havent got a shelf or area big enough for them all, so they are cramped in some areas and scattered around my room in others. Its a terrible display. lol

sed tallis said...

I have given my figurines a protective coating of black Hammerite paint , I currently store them in the coal bunker.until I finally figure out just what the heck do you do with 300 figurines?
Watching Bale in Terminator Salvation, When does he put on the Batsuit? Should be a quality scrap.
Night night
Love yeez

Robert said...

I enjoyed the second Spidey film, really enjoyed the second and was a bit underwhelmed by the third. I just have to keep reminding myself its not the same as the comics. (Mind you, I am pleased that it's Gwen in the reboot and not the airhead.)

As for noises during the film, I couldn't hear much over the maniacal laughing and thigh-slapping of the moron beside me. He seemed to think that over-reacting to a film was making him a fun guy for the poor lassie he was with.

Eagle, my figurines are now displayed along the top edges of three long bookcases. Will try put up some photos on my blog in the next week.

Francesco said...

I write once more the extension I wish EM could pubblish as 201-220 (with 6 specials)!

I also wish this could be not the last one and the series could continue at least until 250 (even though I have a bad feeling about that)!

01. Warlock
02. Silver Samurai
03. Selene
04. Goblin Queen
05. Mantis
06. Hate Monger
07. Grey Gargoyle
08. Tarantula
09. US Agent
10. High Evolutionary
11. Krang
12. Hyperion
13. Jackal
14. Emplate
15. Diamondback
16. Arnim Zola
17. Nova
18. Darkstar
19. Marrina
20. Thundra

And specials:

01. the Destroyer
02. the Executioner
03. Blastaar
04. Wendigo
05. Stilt-Man
06. Quicksand

Francesco said...

I write once more the extension I wish EM could pubblish as 201-220 (with 6 specials)!

I also wish this could be not the last one and the series could continue at least until 250 (even though I have a bad feeling about that)!

01. Warlock
02. Silver Samurai
03. Selene
04. Goblin Queen
05. Mantis
06. Hate Monger
07. Grey Gargoyle
08. Tarantula
09. US Agent
10. High Evolutionary
11. Krang
12. Hyperion
13. Jackal
14. Emplate
15. Diamondback
16. Arnim Zola
17. Nova
18. Darkstar
19. Marrina
20. Thundra

And specials:

01. the Destroyer
02. the Executioner
03. Blastaar
04. Wendigo
05. Stilt-Man
06. Quicksand

pirate adam said...

I like loads of Marvel films, same could be asked of you and the figs of this collection


[daniel] said...

Is it just me or the forums dont seem to work the past day or so?

jimbob said...

What's happening with Green Quicksilver variant????

Are we going to be able to buy official Green Quicksilver variant or what!?!

How is this collection not profitable for EM to carry on?

I think it's those magazine waste of money.Cut back on those pages, save some money.

LAWay said...

It was just a genuine question as no marvel film sticks to a specific story or is like the comics. Spiderman, and the newest Marvel films from Iron Man, THor, Cap & Avengers are probably closest to the comics than any other. Just wondered because if you didnt like Avengers because it wasnt like the comics, then I thought that mentality must be the same with the rest of the movies.

Unless people are comparing the movie Avengers with the comic version, instead of the Ultimate comic version (which is still quite different).

I think there is a difference from enjoying an entertaining movie on its own merit, and disliking a figurine because of poor costume/sculpt/paintjob/pose/character choice. At least one has redeeming qualities. Figurines can still look ugly. Just as much as films could stick to the comics and be awful.

pirate adam said...

I never said I didnt like Avengers


Robert said...

Having watched the film for a second time now (and the last time I'll watch it in 3D, thank you very much), I am amazed at all the little asides and clues that I missed the first time. Lots of subtle characterisation in amongst the pyrotechnics. And I was able to properly appreciate the 'hidden' scene better. Avengers 2 promises to be even more amazing!

Avengers Fans Assemble!

Thor8 said...

Seems as if we'll have to stick to commenting on movies and other subjects since there is really very little to comment about lately about this collection. The last 4 or 5 updates have been lots of pics and practically no news.

SinisterVenom said...

Nice covers of JJJ and Shaw there. Especially loving Jameson's one.

Went to see the Avengers on Friday and again on Saturday, I absolutely love it! It was well worth the wait! So many hints to the next few films to come too like Avengers 2 and Cap 2. Going again sometime this week.

Some may have noticed I haven't posted a figurine inspection lately. That's because when I got Arachne, one of her arms were out of place and I was not happy. I have since received a second figurine, only this one was not standing up straight from her base and was leaning to her left. I'm sending her back again today and hoping for third time lucky but I must say how disappointed I am with how bad these Arachne figurines are that I'm getting.

Finally, I've noticed that the CMFC main site has been updated, although the order has been changed slightly. Before it was:
176: Tigershark
177: Nico Minoru
178: Domino
Now the site is showing:

176: Domino
177: Tigershark
178: Nico Minoru
179: Lady Sif
180: J Jonah Jameson
181: Sebastian Shaw
182: Swordsman
183: Owl
184: Hammerhead
185: Longshot
186: Trapster
187: Shaman
188: Werewolf By Night
189: Gamora
190: Vance Astro

The site still shows MODOK as their latest special too. It's no wonder the double packs aren't going to do well if they're not going to advertize them. Northstar and Aurora have been out for months now!

sed tallis said...

Nice to see the site updated, some great figs to look forward to, I note you have lumped all the meh ones together Domino, Nike Murinho and that chick with a sword that looks nowt like wot Sif looks like.Apart from them it looks peachy.

mighty_marvel said...

what a fantastic run of figurines coming up. demonstrates perfectly why the cmfc can't end just yet.

didn't realise nico was nearly due for release. hopefully i'll receive my comp win fig soon. looking forward to it

Robert said...

Yah, site updated and I can see Gamora! (I'm going to try not to get upset about "Sif".) Anyone worked out when we get her...?

By the way, does anyone know who Stan is playing chess with in the Avengers film?

sed tallis said...

Reg varney

sed tallis said...

Benjamin netinyahoo

Robert said...

It's possible, Ted.

However, that would either involve the living dead (Varney passed away three or four years ago) or a sudden aging on the part of Netanyahu.

Try again.

LarryS said...

Don't know who IS playing chess, but I do know who it SHOULD be.

It should be the oldest surviving relative of a certain Jack King Kirby!

sed tallis said...

er if Thor 2 and Cap 2 are oot in 2014, Avengers 2 must be at least 2015ish, helluva wait.Still it gives EM plenty time to come up with a tie in.
The Marvel Crochet collection will be up and running by then, A croched Cap cummerbund is a long held dream of mine.

LAWay said...

Apologies then PA, I think I mistook your comment meaning something else entirely. I think I saw the 'BS' part and it was like a red flag to a bull and when you mentioned being comic accurate and how highly you rated batman and I guess I just took it the wrong way. Soz.

Is Avengers out in US yet? If not, how annoyed are you guys listening to us? lol

Robert said...

Yeh, Larry, it's a huge pity that Jack didn't live long enough to see and appear in these films and to get some of the limelight, too.

I was just wondering because I know a few guys like Walt Simonson and JMS were in the scene in Thor where Stan tries to pull the hammer away using a pick-up truck. And in the credits to Avengers we see a tip of the hat to the likes of Sal Buscema (sure it's not him) and Larry Lieber. It sure would be cool if it was Larry, although last I saw him he was sporting a goatee.

Aw, Ted, now you made me think about how long it'll be before we get Avengers 2!

sed tallis said...

I thought studios shot movies back tae back these days, i mean auld Downey jnr will be using his IM suit as a zimmerframe/commode combo by the time they start filming the sequel.

Osvaldoeaf said...

I'm watching it again tonight, I hope to, like Robert, catch some details I might have missed the first time!

LAWay said...

Next Avengers will probably be in around 3-4 years time.

Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 are scheduled for a 2013 summer release, with Captain America sequel in 2014. Depending on whether they shoot the Avengers while shooting Captain America, we wont see Avengers 2 until 2015. Perhaps we will see cameos in the solo movies though.

Sorry to put a downer on things...

...its what I do.

Paulo said...

I'm from Brazil (sorry my english) and I love the CMFC!
Please do not end up with this wonderful collection. Although there are many interesting characters to be released and so we need another extension. Pleaaaseee ...
Here are some suggestions for future extension:

Mutant Universe: Quenn Goblin (very sexy), Xorn, Selene, Strong Guy, Shatterstar, Meggan
Universe Exiles: Nocturne and Morph;
Universe Alpha Flight: Marrina;
Asgardian Universe: Volstagg, Hogun and Fandral;
Traditional Universe: Speedball, U. S. Agent
Cosmic Universe: Pip the Troll (complement Warlock Group), Death (lover of Thanos)
Mystical Universe: Satana (sister of Daimon)
Universe Spider: Madame Web
Inhumans Universe: Maximus

Specials: Eternity and Livingtribunal (looks great) and the High Evolutionary



Bagman said...

Robert, by my count GAMORA should be out 15th November.
Liked Paulo's shout out for Death to compliment Thanos would look really good.

Thor8 said...

Well The Avengers will be showing in local theatres this Thursday and I'l give you 3 guesses as to whom will be first on line. Already spoke to my niece so she can get me all the paraphenalia she can get her hands on. My #1 group on the big screen at last. Wish I could hear some good news on this blog to make the weekend perfect.

sed tallis said...

"Wish I could hear some good news on this blog" Well Thor8 I found a 50p coin down the side of my favourite armchair.
This Friday May the fourth be with us.

Robert said...

Thanks, Bagman F.F.F.

LarryS said...

The week of the Avengers movie release is a milestone is the 70 year history of Marvel. It's the week the company went from the big time to mega stardom.

It cannot be the week the CMFC is canned, so I'm more confident than ever that Dan will have great news for us on Friday!

Robert said...

Hi. Favour to ask.

Does anyone own "The Last Defenders", 6-issue Limited Series? I just read that the Recorder appears in this series. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.

Osvaldoeaf said...

"The Avengers" broke a record in Brazil. It was the biggest box office for an opening weekend in Brazil's history!
Like Larry said, please don't cancel the wonderful CMFC in such a great time for Marvel fans around the world!

Hiperion said...

Robert, tecnically it's the Recorder's floating head what appears in that mini.

His rol is to speak with the villain of the story while he explains his goals and reasons.

The Mad Thinker said...

Sinister Venom :

My local comic shop has 3 Aracne figurines and they are all poorly made - the hands and fingers are either fat or bent up and one of them has a bad paint job.
I guess there must be a problem with this character.

The Mad Thinker said...

How about we all have a little fun on here and cheer the place up ?

play a prank

bring back Jabba the slutt

change your identity and let us see if we can guess who you really are

have a sing song

ideas anyone ?

SinisterVenom said...

I hope the next Arachne figurine I get isn't in bad condition MT, being a completist, I find it quite frustrating having a character missing from my shelves, and I'm supposed to be picking up Mockingbird in a couple of days too.
I must say another thing I find frustrating. Characters that were voted into the collection, but were made into poor figurines! All this trouble with Arachne, the bad paint job on Moondragon, people's disappointment with Toad (though I was happy with him) it just makes me think that surely these ones should be handled more carefully than normal considering it's what the people asked for?

Robert said...

Thanks, Hiperion. That's very helpful.

sed tallis said...

Ah it's one of those subby packs that make realise I would never ever consider buying these if i were not a subscriber.
Arachne , dull as dirt ,crap paintjob she looks like she's wearing Mickey Mouses gloves such is the amount of paint applied to her hands. Mockingbird Garish fleshtones with big ass paintflakes painted over. Her right hand is covered in grey paint from her batons.
3/10 and that's being generous

sed tallis said...

Mockingbird statistics, she is good at gym and carries two sticks, my mind reels at the thought of wielding that kind of power, i hope the next Avengers movie has her going toe to toe with Willie Lumkin.
2 slots doon the pisser

Robert said...

Ach, I'm quite happy to get Bobbi, Ted. She's a big improvement over some we've had lately. You're right to say she's fairly lame, but then again we all watch James Bond films and are willing to suspend belief and essentially both Bond and Mockingbird are just trained spies.

Hang on, Bond doesn't fight Ultron and the Absorbing Man.

Okay, I see where you are coming from now...

sed tallis said...

okay Mockie isnae awful, the slapdash paintjob and deadly dull companion fig added to a feeling of " why am i paying fur these?"
apologies to everyone for revealing Willie Lumkin from the Avengers movie.

The Mad Thinker said...

Another complaint about Aracne !!

Yes I agree , Mickey mouse hands.

Why is it a lot of the figurines we are getting lately aren't up to scratch compared to the master version ?

Are the Moss men getting lazy ?

Have they given up ?

Is this collection really doomed ?

Only smarties have the answer , oops , I mean Dan !!

mgf said...

Pretty disappointing subby pack today. Twelve quid and both straight to the back of the shelf. I could have spent that money on reinforcing... the back of the shelf. No paint issues though.

If you must insist on pretending these curiously chromosomed creatures are a core part of the MU when they are not at least try splitting up these cruddy females EM. Harriet Harman isn't watching. I'm seriously considering ducking out of both Domino and Issi Noho. Positive news of an extension might make them an investment.

I'd love to have seen a non PC version of this collection. It would have been, as you youngsters say, both rad and fly.

mgf said...

Oh, almost forgot. Saw Avengers this morning. Great fun. Hulk versus Loki was particularly enjoyable.

Apparently Hulk might get his own movie in 2015. Paul Gitter, Marvel's Head Of Mechandising said of the green pop culture icon...

"His sales are up in a major way. We repositioned him from where he was always misunderstood to now depicting him in a more heroic and aspirational manner."

I suppose we should be grateful they didn't do a Poochie and rastafy him by ten percent.

Bill Hicks was right.

Robert said...

Haven't picked up Mockingbird yet and reading your comments I'm a bit worried she'll have chubby hands and the skin colour of a TOWIE airhead.

Reading some old comics... guess who dominates the very first published page of Thor art by a certain Mr Walt Simonson?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Mockingbird. My review.
My figurine is perfect. The skin tone is a natural rose. The paint job is immaculate, and I think the sculpt captures a sexy feminine essence very well. I also like the fact that the costume design has a 'retro' look & feel. While she's not a character with a WOW factor, she's a great figurine and looks awesome next to Hawkeye. My only complaint: I wish she didn't have hair strands falling down her face, as they break the design of her mask. Her big pointy mask is the best element in the costume design. It's a pity that EM didn't leave it fully exposed.

Arachne. My review.
Again, this is a neat figurine. I'm pretty sure that it comes from the same factory where Northstar & Aurora were produced, because the spider logo on her costume is perfectly printed on. She's a bit tiny, though, but this is so that she's in proportion with the Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider figs.
My only complaint: I wish EM had gone with her more recent costume design - the one on the cover of the mag. She would have been a more impressive figurine.

Banshee said...

I was really looking forward to this months subby-pack but I'm gutted to say that it was a major disappointment.

Mockingbird is OK.... she had the potential to be an amazing figure and looked so on the EM site but the paint job on mine wasn't that great. Her mask and hair formed an awkward mish-mash of colour, some hair in the mask and mask in the hair. The same happened to her legs and boots, part of her legs were blue and her boots skin tone. I wanted to display her next to Clint but may have to have her behind the rest of the Avengers :(

Arachne is a definite back of the shelf figure. Sure the motif on the front of her costume looks great and is very detailed but the rest of the paintwork is terrible. Again the hair and costume seem to inter-mingle, her fingers have been melded together to form two club hands and she has webbed thighs. And whats with the deformed arm?? Just strange.

Rant over.

On the back of Mockingbird's mag it says Tigershark is next but on the EM site is says Domino? Anyone know who we can expect?

sed tallis said...

Arachne, Mockburd and Domiho all in a row? Did Dan say females outsell male characters?
One of us has been sniffing burning bus shelters.

Thor8 said...
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Thor8 said...

I've really been looking foward to adding Mockingbird and Arachne to my Avengres collection,but from what I've heard so far from the majority of your opinions,I've lost a little bit of enthusiasm. I just hope I have the same luck Blake did and get some good looking samples. Most people complained about Moonstone awhile back yet my figurine is quite nice looking. The one I'm dissapointed with is Aurora. It seems like she borrowed a pair of gloves from Arachne. They look more like mittens rather than cloves.

mgf said...

DC subby pack this morning...

Just. Amazing.

Swamp Thing is perfect, right down to his gloopy footprints. There was a lot of talk early on that EM did not have the licence for either him or Animal Man, but thankfully that was sorted out and has resulted in two magnificent figures.

Next up is Gold of the Metal Men. If the DC collection is cancelled the prospect of an incomplete Metal Men lineup will be a major disappointment. This is a lovely understated figure, yet captures him so well.

As to this month's CMFC subby pack I am aware EM have a thankless task. It is impossible to please everyone.

That said, don't take criticism as negativity. I, like others, fear for the future of his collection. I'm not convinced these females are the strongest sellers. If they were why are we waiting on an extension that even an EM staffer seems to think might not happen?