Friday, 11 February 2011

An update, at last...

Hi everyone,

First update I have for you this week is the current running order for figures #150-180.

151 ARES
156 TOAD

There are a couple of figures that I’m running a little behind on so I can’t guarantee this order will stay but I will let you know if anything change.

Next up is a preview of Destiny and Captain Marvel.

Also, just wanted to pick up on some of the comments made about the DC subset. I would like nothing more than for us to do a Marvel subset but the opportunity hasn’t really come about yet. We need to look at licensing issues and choose a subset that is popular. With the upcoming Green Lantern movie and Blackest Night being recognized as one of last year’s greatest comic events, it was decided to test the waters with this subset. I can’t promise we’ll put out a Marvel one, but if the demand is there, we will definitely consider it.

By the way love all the suggestions for different subsets, here’s a random thought: would you guys go for an original X-Men (Jean, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel) subset? This would have the characters all in their original costumes.

I also love the idea of a Marvel Zombies subset but that’s probably just me and my unhealthy obsession with the walking dead.

And lastly, while I’m here, I’d like to get your opinions on the pose and costume for Lady Sif. What do you reckon? I’ve not commissioned the sculpt yet so any images or ideas you have put them in the comments section. I can’t promise we’ll definitely use them but who knows.

Right that’s it, I’m out of the office next Friday (waiting for BT to sort my home phone line out) so I will do my best to have an update of some sort for Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Destiny looks great! Can't wait to get her to add her to the growing Brotherhood/Freedom Force ranks. Though Mystique in her White Dress would be preferred to the one we have.

"By the way love all the suggestions for different subsets, here’s a random thought: would you guys go for an original X-Men (Jean, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel) subset? This would have the characters all in their original costumes."

Problem there is.... which original costumes? They had three. Their original student uniforms, their graduation uniforms, and the X-Men First Class comic uniforms. The graduation costumes make the most sense... plus that would give us the "Death of Phoenix" pairing of Cyclops and Phoenix.

Iceman is another question, the snowman version or the more iced up version? Probably the second, since the snowman look didn't last long.

It seems to me that a 80's/90's subset of the X-Men would make more sense and sell better. I'd keep the Death of Phoenix costumes for Scott and Jean though. But you have Rogue in her Jim Lee costume, Ape Beast (Highly Requested), Mystique (White Dress) and Archangel for a Special. Best choice, in my honest opinion.

Anke said...

Destiny looks great. Makes me wish we had Mystique in her old white costume. Captain Marvel is great, too ... I just had imagined he would come sort of in a flying pose. Nah, forget my ranting! This figurine deserves its place in the collection. Thanks for the update

buffduffdan said...

Loving Captain Marvel! He looks brilliant :) Destiny is cool, as good as she was ever going to be anyway!

Not a big fan of an Original X-Men subset personally. A subset of the Young Avengers would be my personal suggestion :) A classic Guardian of Galaxy set, possibly extending into the modern one would also be amazing!

As for Sif, I think she has to be in her modern costume. It's easily her best one and would go well with the modern Balder we're getting!

Anonymous said...

Marvel probably wouldn't play ball with the Marvel Zombies anyway. They put an official kibosh on merchandise featuring them after it was felt they damaged the brand.

As for Lady Sif...

Something like that would be great. I like the shouldered sword, it's a bit different than every other sword wielder you have in the collection so far.

ted sallis said...

Destiny? know virtualy nowt about her, nonetheless the sculpt looks lovely, Cap Mar-vell, looks very Starlin inspired, looks fantastic, theres just something about his face(i get the same comment made about me all the time )
Original Xmen subset would be great,I'm no Gok Wan when it comes to remembering every different pair of underpants the team have worn, The original Blue and yellow, would be the most classic of the classic looks?

The Hood said...

Destiny and Captain Marvel look great. As for subsets,i'd love Marvel Zombies , Young Avengers, Age Of Apocalypse, or Earth X.

Gremlin said...

Destiny looks very classy and you went with the pose I thought you would. Well done, I am going to be pleased to add her to my fast growing x-villain display.

Don't know much about Captain Mar-vell but he sure looks good. I am glad he looks different from the Marvel we already have.

Two very solid figures there.

As for the subset idea. I too am not overly fond of an original XMen set. If an X-set were to be done I would rather an alternate costume set so that we can get eggbeater Havok, 90's leather jacket Rogue and White costume Mystique.
Either that or as BDD said go for a Young Avenger set or GOTG.

PS - pleased to see Blackheart hasn't slipped back further. Has the issue with the spines on his head been sorted now?

Andy said...


Can you tell me how many issue's is going to be in this Marvel Collection as I collect the DC Comics aswell an its getting a bit pricey now. Thanks Andy Pen

Andy said...


Can you please tell me how many more issue's The Marvel Collection is going upto, as I also collect the DC Comics one aswell an its getting a bit pricey now.

Andy Pen

AVENGERS -87 said...

Destny and Mar-Vell are awesome . For Lady Sif , the modern costume .

Anonymous said...

Andy, it's running to 180 right now. Which takes up to July 11th, 2012. Though an expansion is likely. I don't see it ending anytime soon. Why should it? It's still selling well and there's still tons of characters worthy of inclusion.

mighty_marvel said...

its got to be the red costume for sif rather than her warrior maiden look. i do like the pose beast has found with the sword on the shoulder. like he said, its a different pose to other people with swords we've had.

would probably buy and original costume x-men subset but, like i mentioned on the last blog, i think an x-men animated series/jim lee inspired subset would be better. we could sort out the costume issues with rogue, mystique, beast etc, new characters could potentially be included and you possibly have a larger potential customer base of people who read few comics but watched the series.

mgf said...

Love the new two.

I'd go for an original X Men lineup. Why there is a question over what original means I'm not sure. It means original.

Rather than go for a this subset or that subset why not just try an origins subset? Yellow Daredevil, Kirby Hulk in shorts, 40s Cap America, 60s Mar-Vell, proper Havok.

Brennan said...

Really wish you'd do a Hulk subset so I can finally have a Red Hulk! As for the Beast, I'd prefer a Perez or Lee style Beast before a human one. Can't stand the awful Astonishing lion design for Hank.

BobDiamond said...

Firstly, Destiny looks superb and Cap Marvel looks pretty damn good too- although the old clenched fist thing has been done quite a few times now.

Secondly, I'm not in favour of a Marvel Zombies sub-set, and most likely would not get it if it was done. Those who want this look can easily customize the figures into zombified versions anyway (burn 'em, break 'em and splatter blood on 'em- simple)
I would however, like an Original X-Men sub-set (blue/ yellow)...but would prefer a Golden Age Sub-Set made up of re-dos and new guys and gals.
Classic/ New GotG would also be very cool-especially the classic bunch as none of them have been made yet.

Thirdly....where are you Robert! I'm getting mighty concerned now my friend. Hope all is OK.


Ryan Maxwell said...

Marvel subset. Make it happen. Eleven figures: Original X-Men, both in the yellow/black costumes and the Neal Adams era, please. With the crowning figure to be a George Perez Beast.

John said...

Captain Marvel looks amazing.

I would LOVE a Marvel Subset, and would HATE an original X-Men set. Aside from adding redos to the collection, it adds even MORE X-Characters, of which there are an abundance.

Granted, they sell the best, but please don't use subsets for characters we already have. :(

(As far as redos go, the most requested is Beast, and this would simply give us a 2nd Beast that's not the one we wanted.)

I would focus on teams (Young Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, heck, even the New X-Men, etc.) and avoid redos at all costs. They may come as a set, but once they're out of the packaging, they just join the rest of the shelf.

Or themes (Top villians, cosmics, heck, even mutants.) I know there are a LOT of requests for more cosmics, and the Heralds of Galactus are still just at 1.

Or loosely base the set on a recent event. Again, it doesn't have to have all the main players as they're just going on our shelves afterward anyway (I'd hate to be a DC buyer and own 2 Sinestros...) So, for example, Chaos War doesn't really need Hercules. The one we already have is perfect. But there are plenty of featured characters to use, fan favorites, major Marvel characters, that aren't in the collection yet.

OR, go for alternate dimensions. I wouldn't be as big a fan of this, as most of them are pretty much a redo... in a way. But there's Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Girl who are definitely contenders and all original characters. Then if you wanted to go for AoA Wolverine or Zombie Captain America or whatever, the option is open.

One of my personal favorites is the Event Villain Subset. Take the main villains from some of Marvels Events, and tie them together that way. I think everyone agrees the collection is seriously lacking on villains. Beyonder, The Hood, Chaos King. Use "Fear Itself" as a springboard and make sure that villain is known (as he'll be THE event villain while people are talking about this.)

But with so many teams and so many characters still not done, can we please not use ANY available spaces for characters we already have? Just my opinion of course. And thanks for taking the time. :)

Thor8 said...
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CGJ said...

Beasty Boy, a little exercise for you. Repeat the following words 'That's' 'a' 'valid' 'point' 'I' 'totally' 'agree'. Go on, prove to the doubters that you can do it.

Love Destiny and Captain Marvel,

Love the Xmen subset idea. Original so lets start with the, oh I don't know, original ones?
Costumes from Xmen number 1, a Vanisher fig, Unus the Untouchable etc and I have to say I was quite jealous of the special stand on the Blackest Night collection so how about an 'X' shaped stand? No, maybe not.

And oh god, No zombie subset please

Thor8 said...
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Thor8 said...

First of all,thank you Rich for the update and the new sheak peeks. Destiny looks good and Mar-Vell is a welcome addition. His pose is a classic one and I half suspected he would be portrayed this way,the only minor problem with this is that the other Captain Marvel (his son)is posed in a very similar manner. Would you consider posing him clanging his mega bands together?

As for a subset I would buy an original X-Men subset,but would much rather have an original GOTG subset (Nikki included)

Modern Sif wold be fine,can hardy wait to have her standing next to Valkrye and Enchantress.

Where are my Warrios Three,Pirate,Jacadoo,and Robert?

pirate adam said...

WOW!! another 6 maybe 7 figs for me to buy.

X-Men subset?? cant think of anything worse....

....and Beast's pic of Sif is just perfect


LarryS said...

It's now nearly a year since 161-180 was confirmed, so I assume Eaglemoss needs to make a decision very soon on 181-200, in order that figures can get selected and sculpts underway. I'm far keener on an extension - twenty brand new characters - than resculpts. There are over 6000 characters in the MU, so I'd only vote for resculpts when we have first versions of at least 1000!

Anonymous said...

winter guard sub set :

crimson dynamo ( already in )
red guardian
ursa major ( special )

guardians of the galaxy sub set :

star hawk
charlie 27
major victory

hellfire club sub set :

emma frost ( already in )
sebastian shaw
donald pierce
harry leland
jason wyngarde

star jammers sub set :

raza longknife

young avengers sub set :

iron lad
kate bishop

serpent society sub set :

viper ( already in )
black mamba
black racer
death adder
fer de lance
king cobra
princess python
rock python

imperial guard sub set :

lilandra ( already in )
gladiator ( already in )

just a few sub sets there as an idea folks !!

Anonymous said...

Great figurine, but I feel that the choice of pose is repetitive. Very similar to the Cap Marvel we already have. I can't help but feel it's a wasted opportunity. I would have loved classic Cap Marvel to have an arm punching the air and his face slightly facing up, as if he was taking off.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, considering what the character's minimalist design had to offer. Stylish, charismatic figurine - just like Destiny herself. I love the character and the Books of Destiny story arcs, etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm ecstatic to see that EM are starting to consider this option. I would love COSMIC SUBSETS, like the much wanted HERALDS OF GALACTUS. In my opinion, the subsets should be done as bumper packs. What I mean, for example, is do an ANNIHILATION subset leaving out the characters we already have in the main CMFC. So we get all the others. Subsets are likely to be bought predominantly by existing collectors. It could work very well.

the blog of a mental Time Lord said...

How about some more of the Asgardians to tie in with the Thor Movie?
Personally, I wouldn't want the Original X-Men

Anonymous said...

They've been doing an Asgardian per expansion and Odin is coming this Summer as a quasi movie tie-in.

LAWay said...

Nice update, looking forward to a lot of those in the extension. Will 200 be the finishing line?

As for subsets, I am all for it. X-men originals, hell yeh. But I dont see it as a subset. 4? Surely that can either be a 4 pack...or 2x 2packs.

If you want a realy subset, 90s Jim Lee X-Men. EVERYONE wants them. SO many characters, it would fill a few slots.

AoA X-Men is very popular too. And I would buy Marvel Zombies. Hurt the brand? Popular seller with minimates, heroclix and marvel select.

But lets not go crazy people. GotG? Young Avengers? Runaways? Get real! Those are for normal slots, subsets are for redos and variant costumes. Because of the risk, the only properties that have a large enough fanbase to start anew are:


The subsets must revolve around those characters, as any major Marvel event feature them. Its the easiest to work around, and contain the most amount of variation.

Personally I would love to see a subset of spidey or iron man costumes alone.

Destiny looks ok, I have no idea who she is and feels like a filler to me. Captain Marvel looks great though.

I dont really care for Lady Sif, another filler character to me, so decide wisely folks. Just copy some DC female sculpt. :)

Anonymous said...

You should read up on the X-Men. But Destiny is hardly filler. She was Mystique's longtime lover, and helped raise Rogue. She was a Precog who went blind after writing a series of diaries that foretold the future. A member of Mystique's Brotherhood/Freedom Force. Her diaries pop up regularly in stories. She's also known as Irene Adler, and yes... she's the Irene Adler from Sherlock Holmes.

Also, as for Marvel Zombies hurting the brand. That's official from Marvel. No more merchandise featuring it. That's why there hasn't been any more Marvel Zombie merchandise after those few items that you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

i'm with CBR Beast 100 percent on Sif - that pose and costume would be great.

as for subsets, what about The Ultimates? even if it was just Cap, Thor, Iron Man and Nick Fury...

John said...

"If you want a realy subset, 90s Jim Lee X-Men. EVERYONE wants them."

I don't.

I'd still Rather have them than the 1st appearance ones, but either way, I wouldn't be buying it.

"But lets not go crazy people. GotG? Young Avengers? Runaways? Get real! Those are for normal slots."

As said earlier, there's like 6,000+ Marvel characters. Much fewer are worth making into lead, but still, that leaves HUNDREDS left to do. Of the ones left, I don't know that any are more popular than others to a degree, so there's no reason not to give a character to a Subset just because they could be done as a Regular.

pirate adam said...

shame on you LAWay!!

Lady Sif, a FILLER!! you use those words around here and Thor8 will fill you with an Uru Hammer, never has such a disgrace been branded at Asgards finest beauty to be called a filler is like calling Sauron worthy of a special, although i do agree Destiny could be confused for a tub of Polycell


jimbob said...

Destiny and Captain Marvel looks great.

I would like to see original x-men subset.Or why not just give us the variant subset??

That pose and costume of Sif is spot on.I think this is the only time that Beast is right on something.

Steve Tanner said...

A Golden Age subset - featuring the Invaders, The Twelve and any others that were first published by Timely.

Alternate Earths subset - Squadron Supreme, Earth X, Age of Apocalypse, Ultimate Universe etc.

And in the original series I'd love to see a Special that features The Fury (the original Alan Davis design from the 80's Captain Britain comic.)


edward1d8 said...


What about doing smaller Subsets once a year (3-5) of different teams or groupings? This way, if its a success of failure, you're not stuck with it in a long term.

There are many, major characters people have been asking for on the forum that could benefit from this. The other 3 Wrecking Crew members, the Starjammers, etc. If you're worried about adding in new characters as they would take away from the main line (which I disagree with...) characters like these lack some of the history, but are highly requested for the grouping. For instance, Piledriver would have trouble filling a magazine, and people may get upset if he got in over Count Nefaria, but there are also a LOT of requests for a full Wrecking Crew. This could solve it.

I really don't think we're short on characters, so I'd even go more high profile (which is also more profit.) Go with higher profile teams that you haven't started yet.

Night Thrasher, Speedball, Rage, Namorita. A short, quick New Warriors Subset. Popular characters, should sell well, strong connection, etc. etc.

Or this is a perfect way to get in the Heralds of Galactus. The original Guardians of the Galaxy. A quick Golden Age set. Just keep the set limited to 3-5 and you don't have to worry about so many contributing factors like DC is with Blackest Night.

Again, these are high profile characters that people want. Stick with those. Marvel has so many characters still left to do, its not going to hurt the collection because "the New Warriors are all used up."

And if it sounds like I just want to use the subset idea to get characters out faster... well, yes I do. :D

avenger guy said...
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AVENGERS -87 said...

When the annonce for the next extension ?

Mr J said...

Both Destiny and Mar-Vell look very good indeed, excellent work on both.

As far as a subset goes I think an X-Related one would be best (if that does'nt sell well no other subset will)

An original X-men subset however gets a bit NO from me. Give us new characters we dont have please.

What about an X-MEN VILLAINS subset? for example:

Issue 1. Silver Samurai
Issue 2. Deathbird
Issue 3. Sebastian Shaw
Issue 4. Goblin Queen
Issue 5. Exodus
Issue 6. Selene

All of those characters have done very well in request polls and X-MEN Villains are popular.

Other than that a subset of THE STARJAMMERS would be nice as their long over due.

Fabrizio said...

Greetings Richard, I absolutely agree to make a subset for Marvel.
To maintain the idea of original characters, I would suggest these sets:

- Universe 1602
- universe NOIR
- Ultimate Universe

Anonymous said...

Remember they have to have enough info to fill a magazine. 1602 is gonna be tough, beyond the few characters who got additional minis like Spider-Man. Noir is gonna be next to impossible.

SinisterVenom said...

Ahh somehow I just knew JJJ would end up last in the latest extension. Oh well if the order does change please don't push him into the next extension (if we hopefully get one) and the same with Blackheart, don't push him back again, it's torture waiting this long for him as it is lol.
Now Destiny looks superb! Can't wait for her. Captain Marvel looks nice too. Can't say I'm too fussed on how Sif will look, just having her in the collection is good enough for me.
I'm all up for Subsets, but the original X-Men? Not so much I'm afraid. If we have to have a subset with characters we've already had as regulars, then let's have remakes that we all want. I'm talking Jim Lee's Rogue, White Dress Mystique, 80s/90s Cyclops, Ape-like Beast, Storm in her white dress etc...
And even I'm getting worried about you now Robert, where are buddy? Hope all is ok? And also, can we expect a visit from DP soon too?

mighty_marvel said...
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mighty_marvel said...

X-men TAS/jim lee art subset would be a great idea. wouldn't have to be restricted to resculpts either.

starjammers, morlocks, hellfire club, mojoverse (mojo and longshot), alpha flight (northstar and aurora), shadow king, silver samurai, mastermind, warlock are all characters who appeared in the series that we havent had yet.
and on top of this as an added bonus it would also allow the most requested resculpts of mystique, rogue, beast, archangel, cyclops etc etc
a win-win in my eyes

edward1d8 said...

The more I think about it, the more an all Villains Subset works for me.

We really don't get a lot of villains in the main line, so its not like we're taking out an important chunk of characters for the Regulars. If they would really be that missed, then we'd have a lot more by now.

Earlier I proposed an Event Villain subset, but it could have a theme of the Masters of Evil or even just a very general "Marvel Villains" theme.

This would give a broader audience to the Subset rather than just "X-Fans" or "Avengers Fans." Blackest Night sounds great... to Green Lantern readers, but if you want to do a full 8-character Subset, I'd recommend opening up the playing field.

The Hood
Chaos King

Onslaught could be a Special.

This gives us characters from all over the MU (Spidey, Cosmic, Gods, X-Men, Avengers) which are all very well known (thanks to the Event itself.)

My hope would be that seeing a major player from an event would attract a new buyer that remembers the storyline, while having these all be new characters, and A or B listers keeps the collectors (like me) happy.

I'd also recommend Sin for a Fear Itself entry, unless we think the "Fear God" will catch on.

-But what would you guys recommend? What are the most important events in Marvel, and what villain would you have represent them? (Obviously discounting things like Siege, as we already have Norman Osborne.)

MrRyAn said...

Firstly great job with Blob, picked him up Friday and he is brilliant.

I really like the idea of the subsets I think you could do movie related ones and to do the Original X-men would be a brilliant idea especially sometime soon with the X-men: First Class coming around.

Maybe subsets could be a way of getting teams done with.

For Sif i think this pose exactly would be pretty great alongside Thor.

LAWay said...

The issue has been raised before about subsets and the collection. There are some collectors who cant afford specials etc. There could be one character in a subset of 5 that they want, but unable to shell out the money for it. Or those wanting a magazine dedicated to one character.

Someone else raised an interesting point about newcomers to the collection. With the number that we are on now, how many newcomers join the collection and are intent on buying the hundreds that they have already missed out on? Surely the large number we are on must alienate newcomers thinking they would be out of their depth collecting, and with the characters they see in these high numbers, it wouldnt be a marvel they recognize or can relate to with the comics that are on the shelves.

Of course, if they like what they see they will buy, regardless if they want to collect or not. Forbidden Planet in London has LOADS from the back catalogue on their shelves, so I dunno if they are continually restocking or not getting rid of the stuff.

DIdnt know marvel said that themselves, but there you go. It was an overhyped series that went on for too long. I enjoyed the first run...but then lost interest.

Thor8 said...

Personally I like CBR Beast's suggestion for the Sif figurine.

pirate adam said...

Rich, if you do get around to giving us an update on thursday any chance of a sneak peak of the Odin sculpt? you must have one for us by now


pirate adam said...

hey Thor8, hows it goin pal

SinisterVenom said...

After days of trying and leaving it under the light for hours, my Radioactive Man won't glow in the dark :(

Deadpool said...

Having been left behind in the Dark Continent, I eventually made it home. I'm not happy about the situation but that's another story.

I am leaving again tomorrow, so I'll make this as brief as i can.

Mossmen - you are doing a great job on all the collections.
You make them and I'll buy them.

Destiny is great.
Captain Marvel is cool but maybe a little too muscular - I remember him being bit sleeker.

Sub set suggestions: -

The Young avengers - start with Kate "the Babe" Bishop in her more busty and curvy form.

Amalagam - collaborate with DC and produce half of the figures for Marvel and Half for DC.
Super Soldier
Speed Demon
Carol Danvers the Huntress (drool)

Hellfire Club story arch leading to the death of Jean grey.
Do a mega special of Dark Phoenix surrounded by coloured resin representing the Phoenix Force.

Classics and Variants - Original outfits or unusual outfits using modern artwork and dynamic poses.
Daredevil - Yellow and Black
Iron Man - Hulbuster
Mr Fixit - Hulk
WW2 Captain America and Bucky

Swimsuit Super Heroines.
Our favourite super hero babes in their undies.

Days of Future past story arch characters.

Future incarnations of heroes : -
Such as Spidey 2099.

The Dark Avengers - as seen in the Seige Event.

I returned home to find the following figures : -

Radioactive Man,
Silver Sable

Black Hand

Big Barda

Each one is awesome - particularly Blob who is huge.

The blackest night figures are very cool too.

Finally a big hello and goodbye to Ted, Absentee Robert, Bob, SV, MM, Thor, Law, the Mad Thinker, Kirly and that evolutionary dead end - Mr Homoerectus himself - PA.

Yours Truly


Deadpool said...

Oh and one final thing...I am very pleased to find out me are no longer Sif-less.

I prefer my Asgardian women to be more war like.

Therefore Can we have Sif as she appears on Thor 614 variant Edition.

Alternatively - how about Bald Sif with an expression of horror - the day after Loki shaved her head?

If my memory serves me - Sif's new head of hair is actually made from Gold.

ted sallis said...

Hey DP, nice to know your still twitching, I know what you mean about the "buff" Mar-vell, but i think the pose is kinda a mix of the iconic( lean and athletic look ) Gil Kane cover when Mar-vell had a Gok Wan makeover, and his equally iconic( steroid loving bodybuilder ) Starlin look.
He looks just dandy either way.
Every time you visit Africa a goverment falls a shady dude?

Anonymous said...

The CMFC is increasingly famous amongst Marvel fans all around the world as the only collection to explore the Marvel Universe with unprecedented intelligence & depth. Each character is treated as a unique creation with unique design, unique story and unique philosophical concept behind.
This collection can - and must - continue to cover as many varied characters as possible. It would be a great loss to fans, and to popular culture in general, if it didn't make it to cover the hundreds of awesome characters still waiting to be studied and immortalised in a figurine. While I am not against redos to appear every now and then in the CMFC, I want the collection to continue with its mission to cover the MU with encyclopaedic breadth and accuracy. This is its unique selling point and its most admirable quality. There are way too many collections fixated on the usual A Listers, and I suggest the fixated fan should buy from them. But leave the CMFC to cover all the other neglected characters that are in fact equally awesome for design, costume, story and concept. We can easily reach #500. Personally, this is what I want and I can't wait to see more and more of them.

mgf said...

Agree entirely K.

I think it is easy to lose sight of just how important this collection is.

I am nearing my fourth decade as a Marvelite. Nothing has come even close to the CMFC in all that time, and I doubt anything ever will.

(I suppose that might be considered a negative opinion in some quarters.)

If the odd redo can squeeze another two or three extensions, hopefully many more, then it is worth it.

I'm slightly amused by the X fans who aren't interested in the '63 originals. One of the funniest CMFC incidents of 2010 for me was the X fanatics reaction to Thunderbird. I simply don't get those who would rather see a modern here today, gone tomorrow X-Man over a Kirby snowman Iceman. I'm not saying it's wrong... Errr... Actually, yes, I am saying that. It's beyond my comprehension.

ted sallis said...

Yep, i want the collection to go on and ariston, Most of my wants like Bloodstone. Princess Python and Ulik only registered one hit each in the last vote for the three remaining slots, So realisticaly I'll be waiting til around #500 before i have any chance of seeing them, It will be fun collecting til then.
Impossible Man gives me hope that at least one of my wants could happen before then, Let's face it he shouldn't have been considered before 250ish, so i live in hope that a staff member within EM suddenly remembers one of my picks when choosing the next "curveball"
If this collection was to be "rebooted" from #1, i would never see Bloodstone etc in my lifetime.
For what it's worth, i would love to see an "originals" subset the purple shorts wearing Hulk was a mean thug who could make poor old Ben Grimm "brick it"
long before they reintroduced him as Forrest Gump

Robert said...

Hi, guys. Just opened an email from my old buddy Ted and thought I would drop a quick line to explain why I am absent.

I am fine. The reason I have been off the forum is basically because Hawkeye revealed which FF member died. I had been staying off all comic sites and even avoiding newspapers so that I would not accidentally find out. Then Hawkeye posted his thoughtless and selfish reveal. I have calmed down now but at the time I was pretty angry. (Saying SPOILER ALERT does not help if the name of the character is directly below!) It crossed my mind that there might be some further discussion, probably revealing the how and why of the death. So, not wanting to know anything else, I stopped visiting here until I read the death issue itself. Due to speculators - a form of life lower than scum - hoovering up every issue in FP I still don't have that issue, although I did eventually give in and buy one off eBay. I haven't read it yet so this is a brief hello and goodbye. I will return in a few days when I finally read the bloody comic.

Hope you are all well.

Anonymous said...

Amalgam isn't going to happen either, because of the current relationship between Marvel & DC. One that isn't likely to change anytime soon. I can't even say that you might ever get Access, since DC got to keep ownership of him. Since the magazine couldn't talk about the Amalgam storyline at all.

Thor8 said...

Glad to see Pirate posting more often lately and also glad to hear from Robert,but were in the Marvel Universe has jacadoo disappeared to?

I like many who have posted before me,agree that this collection should keep going on. I just hope I get to see some of my wants approved before Ragnarok comes about once more. Now that My daddy Odin has been approved I'd like to see Mangog,Ulik and The Destroyer done as specials,The Warriors Three are a natural for a multi-pack and you could add Heimdall to make it a foursome. I just have to have The Swordsman and Mantis as a double pack,and as others have mentioned lets see some more villains like Whirlwind,Princess Python,The Collector,Mimic,Mastermind,Super Adaptoid,The Stranger,etc.

For theme packs I'd like to see teams that are popular in the MU,but whose members would not rate a mag all by themselves individually. Teams such as Soviet Super Soldiers,Zodiac,Squadron Supreme,Guardians of The Galaxy (original)Each of these teams have a couple of members who might make it on their own,but most of them wouldn't.

As for re-do's I'd like Beast(ape like)Havok and Crystal.

edward1d8 said...

Ted: "Let's face it [Impossible Man] shouldn't have been considered before 250ish."

But an Impossible Man yesterday means a Psycho-Man tomorrow. I'm all for mixing in the more obscure fan favorites to extend the life of the collection.

I mean, otherwise we would get to around 250 and have an extension with Impossible Man, Unus the Untouchable, Red Shift, Slapstick, Al Smythe... and granted, I'd happily buy all of them but the general fan is going to be like, "Really?"

So give us Alystair Smythe today, and a Hammerhead later, to extend the collection. :)

Larrygil said...

Yes...please do a X-men set.You have nailed most of the Classic marvel heroes except the original X-men . Their 1st colored costumes would be awesome. (Neal Adams version)
Beast-red and blue costume
Angel- yellw costume
Marvel Girl- green costume ,etc

Please make this happen...thanks from Canada

Larrygil said...

As the original x-men in their 1st colored costumes (neal Adams version) , add Havok and Lorna. As well, hope you can do George Perez Beast , Daredevil Yellow ,70's version of Iron-man long overdo ( most ppl that see my collection always ask why Iron-man is so small ), Clint Barton Golaith ,Giant-man ( the blue and red costume from John Buscema would Rock) . Anyways , thanks again.

Thor8 said...

Mixing in a grade B or C character has been done from the very beginning of this collection. I mean let's face it Blade whom happens to be the #6 figurine in this collection is far from being considered a top A grade character of the MU. Given he was featured in a couple of movies that were pretty well taken in by the general public of the time,but in the MU as such he is a low key character that hasn't been featured in quite some time. There are other characters scattered in this collection that are hardly top notch grade A heroes or villains which is quite all right by me for the same reasons edward1d8 mentions in his post. If we leave all the grade Z characters for last how many collectors will continue buying this collection?

John said...

Thank you Thor8.

And most of my most wanted are the lower grade characters. Sleepwalker, Venus, Star-Lord... Very significant to Marvel history, would make awesome sculpts (can you just imagine a Sleepwalker sculpt?) but unknown to casual buyers.

So thank you EM, for our Batroc, our Karnak, and our Jack of Hearts. As was said earlier, its this diversity and respect to all corners of the MU that really attracts fans now to the collection, rather than rehashes of the same A-listers. :D

Hawkeye said...

Robert - I'm mortified that my FF post has caused you so much anguish. Please accept my apologies - I assumed that any Marvel fans out there would have already been aware of the "event" but like the eejit who tells someone the football score when they've been avoiding the news all day, I've dropped a clanger. It was thoughtless of me. Sincere and honest apologies

Yours in friendship, Hawkeye

Robert said...

You are a class act, Hawkeye.

P.S. Had a look at this week's update. (Thanks to Ted for the heads-up about the update, by the way.) Great to see Captain Marvel. My only comment - not a criticism - is that the pose is rather generic. I had expected him to be posed with arms raised and crossed, clashing his power bands together. That is his iconic pose. Still, happy to see Mar-Vell regardless.

avenger guy said...
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Barnabas said...

My vote for subsets would be to put the 'Classic' back into the collection.
X-Men from #1 Yes. The human style beast would look goo I think. And how many times has that particular version been made I wonder?
Classic characters like the Ditko beetle or even his 'style' of spidey. Or how about 'Obscures'? A collection of single appearance characters. But I admit, a little hard to fill a mag though. Maybe just loads of BIG pictures.
But I am torn about when the collection should end. I'd like to have a set BEFORE I die! LOL
Maybe the idea would be to move to short run series. 20 figures a go, then at least there would always be a jumping on/off place for people, to bring in new collectors. That would also give the Mossmen a chance to change the price if necessary with rising costs.


avenger guy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
avenger guy said...

i am also in favor of subsets.I would love a serpent society subset with possibly Anaconda, Bushmaster (Quincy McIver), Copperhead (Davis Lawfers), Cottonmouth, Death Adder, Fer–de–Lance, Puff Adder, Rattler, Rock Python.

avenger guy said...

I have been researching a team called God Squad.

The History is-During the Secret Invasion tie-in issues of Incredible Hercules, Hercules was made the leader of a team of gods to battle the pantheon of Skrull gods, seeking to launch a preemptive strike to prevent the Skrulls from subjugating Earth and thus its culture, society and religion.This "God Squad" consists of Snowbird, Ajak, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, and Demogorge, and opposes the Skrull gods led by Kly'bn and Sl'gur't, gathered not only by the representatives of the Gods of the North, South, East and West, but of the Elder Gods of Earth. They get to the Skrulls in a boat made from the Rainbow Serpent's skin, although a Skrull agent destroys it. Although Ajak and Demogorge are slain by the enemy Skrulls, the team ultimately manages to triumph and destroy the Skrull deities to return to Earth, Kly'bn is impaled on Demogorges spine by Snowbird after Hercules knocks him back, and Sl'gurt is killed by Mikaboshi ,when she assumes his form she is torn in two. This happens around the time of Reed Richards' escape at Secret Invasion #5. Mikaboshi stays behind after killing Sl'gur't and takes over the Skrull Pantheon.
After Mikaboshi emerges as the primal Chaos King and takes over the thousands of slave-deities of the Skrulls, he leads them to ravage the many worlds and realities of the deities of other extraterrestrial civilizations, such as the gods of the Shi'ar and the gods of Zenn-La, enslaving them all and leeching their power to further bolster himself. Hercules senses Mikaboshi's coming, and to counter him and his hordes, assembles a new version of the God Squad to help fight him in the devastating Chaos War.While the Chaos King scatters the God Squad across Earth and the divine realms, the six of them manage to reunite and aid the surviving gods in the final battle, ultimately managing to stop the threat of Mikaboshi.

The group members are-

First God Squad-

Amadeus Cho

Second God Squad-

Amadeus Cho
Silver Surfer
Daimon Hellstrom
Panther God

I really want Amatsu-Mikaboshi because he/she is like a horror character and would do great in the collection.If Amatsu-Mikaboshi was in the collection. The magazine would be over flowing with information and would be the first Japanese god in the collection

LAWay said...

People go on about how eventually they can get the odd character that they probably would never have been able to get otherwise. Are you saying that with the intention to buy every figurine until your dream is met? Then what?

The amount of Marvel characters is vast, we all know that, so there is every chance that we can reach #500 and none of your pet wants will appear in the collection. Is it really worth it to have 200+ obscure characters filling your shelves in the hope that 1 might get made? You're better off commissioning someone for a custom if you are willing to put that much money into the collection.

Can the collection really reach 500? We know there are characters that can fill it out, but will comic shops keep stocking them when shelves are already overflowing. Only EM know whether the collection is getting stronger and stronger with its fanbase, and if it is, then great. I just worry after 300...people may drift off, and if they are only latching on in the hope of getting 1 character that has never been made into any sort of merchandise, it just seems rather selfish.

I know I am saying this from a selfish point of view of wanting more modern characters and variant costumes, but I am willing to purchase all those variants. A variant collection could go to 500 and I'll be there. I wouldnt be hanging on here in the hope they announce a Man-Spider spiderman special, and then drop out. Just hope others are the same.

LAWay said...

MvC3 news

Pre-order exclusives....theres like 5 different t-shirts, 1 steelbook and 1 comic depending on where you buy it from in the UK. Unfair? Yes.

But which one you getting it from?
Heres a link for more info:

Banshee said...
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Banshee said...

Destiny looks amazing !!!! Captain Marvel is good too but he's not a character I know alot about to be honest.

As for the sub-set I'm all up for that but I do have to agree with the majority, I'm not that fussed about the original X-Men line-up, as much as I love the X-Men. I think a Young-Avengers sub-set would be epic :-)

And Rich please please please can you tell us anything about Northstar and Aurora the tension is killing me :p

ted sallis said...

Leigh, my bonnie boy of course we all have wants that may or may not ever be part of this collection, if i were to see Bloodstone, Princess Python or Molecule Man one day take their place on my shelve, then that would be the cherry on the cake. I hadn't planned on shelling out two or three thousands pounds just on the offchance of one day getting Bloodstone.
It sounds as if you are genuinly incredulous that people are still getting excited when receiving these obscure characters,
One question why are you bothering to collect them?

Robert said...

Been thinking about the possibility of subsets and wanted to suggest one for S.H.I.E.L.D. and one for MU aliens.

I know Papa Fury has already been made - although there is the option of a variant - but what about Agent 13 (in silver/ white costume?), Dum Dum, the Contessa, Quartermain and, as enemies, Hydra and A.I.M. agents?

As for the aliens, a Kree soldier (in original Captain Marvel costume would be cool), a Badoon, a Skrull (no, I haven't forgotten Super Skrull, but he's a special case) and a Brood thingie to keep the X-fans happy.

Also happy with idea of the original Guardians or the rest of the Wrecking Crew or the 'original' X-Men (the changes during the early issues were slight; often little more than the loss of boots in the case of Beast and Bobby, as I recall).

Robert said...

Actually, just had another thought: the S.H.I.E.L.D. pack could also have Baron Strucker with Satan Claw! That would be pretty cool.

ted sallis said...

Agree with Pa's wish, let's see a wee sneak peak of Odin this Thorsday

ted sallis said...

A wee valentines day gift from Ted and Jim Steranko only $15 000

Robert said...

Apparently, the drawing was done in zero gravity, Ted...

Anywho, came on about Sif. She's actually had quite a few looks. I'm re-reading the early 1970s and she's aready gone from a princess-cum-fairy dress with leg bindings to a skin-tight silvery armour/ fabric. Neither is particularly interesting; the first is not remotely warrior-like and the latter now reminds us of Silver Sable or Dazzler. It also seems overly concerned with showing off her curves. I can understand that with Amora or Lorelei, less so with Sif.

The link that CBR Beast posted is a great pose and the costume looks very good. I slightly prefer a slightly more stream-lined and less cluttered look that is very similar and is kind of a middle stage between the Simonson incarnation and the present one. I can't find it in comics but I'm now thinking it may have been during the Lord of Asgard era. (I did find an image but the link was horribly long. Google Sif and you'll see one of her walking left to right.) I'd be happy with the modern look (certainly more so than the Balder version we're getting), it's recognisably Sif, and she does look very much like a warrior woman. Not sure about the furry shoulder pads or the Roman centurion-like leather strips that hang down as they are rather reminiscent of Hogun. No, would definitely prefer the 'middle stage'. Will try get an exact issue reference tomorrow so you can see...

Robert said...

Here you go:

I prefer this version, although I know we'll get the more recent look. A lone voice in the wilderness, that's me...

Robert said...

Oops. It's image #17.

Robert said...

Statement: According to Marvel, Fandrall has 422 comicbook appearances, Hogun 426 and Volstagg 471 appearances.

By comparison, the two most recent CMFC figures have been Silver Sable with 180 and Radioactive Man with a mere 65.

I know volume of appearances is only one justification for having a character made, but it raises the question whether there are any other costumed characters with so many appearances who have yet to appear in the collection?

LAWay said...

Yeh Ted, I know, seems like I do nothing but moan recently. A shame too, as the next extension there is nothing to moan about, a great line up of figurines.

I am just doing a hissy fit of people going on about how long the collection should last purely because their favourite character hasnt shown up, while alot of people's favourite characters appeared early on in a costume or pose that they are not happy with or haven't grown up reading.

SO yeh, I am just being a dick.

mighty_marvel said...

wolfsbane 586 appearances
sunspot 580 appearances

max_0888 said...

Thanks Rich for the preview! Destiny looks exactly like id hope her to be!

As for a original x-men subset? I wouldn't buy it. But thats because I wouldn't buy ANY redos. If re-dos had to be done, I would prefer them in subsets...just because I wouldn't have to miss a character from the collection.
Re-dos in the regular line-up? Why? hehe (sorry laway...its my opinion) I mean, the colletion is working really well with characters like Nomad, Batroc and Grim Reaper...which is beyond awesome! Why stop something thats working so well :) I mean, as long as the profits are there...People who are still collection now, will continue when characters like Grey Gargoyle, Misty Knight and Hyperion will arrive. BUT people might stop when characters like Jean Grey and Rogue are redone. Cause it goes against what this collection has established for the past 5 years and a half.

If re-dos started at number 75 maybe it would have worked with the collection, but we are at 180 original characters announced! It feels like it doesn't belong what happens with the magazine? I just dont feel the need to have another Cyclops.

I know the debate of re-dos has been done again and again, but I just wanted to make my point.


ted sallis said...

Och Leigh, you naw a dicky.
Although when we clash on MvC3... well let's just say i ntend making you my beeyatch......? that even a word my nephew said that's how youg cats talk.....
Anywho , Just sold a batch from my secret stash , all sold for a profit, The specials and variants doing very nicely indeed, Only dissapointment were Falcon and Vulture, both went cheep, cheep indeed

Robert said...

Thanks, Mighty Marvel. Had crossed my mind an X-character might exceed that but had no real idea.

Anonymous said...

@ LAWay - Just to clarify. There are people like me who genuinely want to see all Marvel characters, and that's why we want the CMFC to go on for as long as possible.

I buy every single figurine, and I love and admire what the CMFC is doing for fans who always dreamed about having the largets possible set of Marvel figurines.

To be honest, I find your fixation on A Listers quite strange... but hey, you like what you like. And that's fine with me.

I totally disagree that new collectors can be put off by the fact that the A Listers appeared in early issues of the CMFC.

Fact is, EM can continue to release those issues and figurines over the years, and they do. They have already paid for developing the sculpt, the mold and the magazine and all production processes are all in place. The CMFC can continue to cover new characters, and can gain new collectors by re-releasing early issues. This, I believe, is already happening.

Most Marvel fans are absolutely ecstatic that the CMFC continues as it is, and that it continues to give us all those outlandish, awe-inspiring characters that make the MU so varied and interesting.

Below is a random list of some of the characters that deserve to appear in the CMFC for their amazing stories, costumes and concepts. It's only a small portion, but it gives an idea of how many there still are...

181. Sunspot
182. Hyperion
183. Stingray
184. Danger
185. Gargoyle
186. Warlock (New Mutants)
187. Starhawk
188. Attuma
189. Gravity
190. Swordsman
191. Mantis
192. Magma
193. Moonstone
194. Crossbones
195. Sleepwalker
196. Dr Spectrum
197. Grandmaster
198. Xorn
199. Deathbird
200. Hulkling
201. Longshot
202. Vertigo (Marauders)
203. The Uranian
204. Darkhawk
205. Yondu
206. Caliban
207. Grey Gargoyle
208. Vance Astro
209. Wiccan
210. Terrax
211. Corsair
212. Gamora
213. Starfox
214. Anole
215. Marrina
216. Firelord
217. Patriot
218. Northstar
219. Dreadknight
220. High Evolutionary

I, for one, can't wait to buy all of the above and more.

John said...

I'm with Ted on the obscure characters. I get genuinely excited even for characters I didn't even know. When I heard Jack of Hearts was getting made, I simply read about him and was excited.

But the majority of these "obscure" characters are still well known by the hardcore Marvel fans... which are the ones that buy them from these specialized comic book shops. ...If you go into a store that sells COMIC BOOKS with the intent to buy a lead figurine (which, let's face it, is for collectors, not kids) then you probably know who Swordsman is. Granted, Spider-Man will sell better than Swordsman at Wal-Mart by leaps and bounds, but in a comic book store the margin will be MUCH less.

I do agree with LAWay that more modern characters are required. I think if you really want to pull in more buyers, don't think of it by A or D characters, think of it by exposure. Chaos King is current and happening NOW. The Hood has been HUGE. Notice how many requests there are to dedicate an entire subset to the Young Avengers? Take advantage of that. :D

Bagman said...

Quite impressed with the way Destiny looks.
Very impressed with Captain Marvel, kind of makes me wish we had gotten classic Drax now.
I still like the idea of some generics being in the collection, like Robert said -- Hydra, A.I.M., Kree, Skrull, Brood,Badoon,etc.
And i'm still waiting on confirmation of original Guardians of the Galaxy multi-pack -- it will happen of course it may well be the 31st century by then.

jimbob said...

I think this collection has one more extension left before we really scrape characters out the bottom of the barrel.

We need to see A listers back in this collection!

This collection needs a bit of spark to keep others interested and attract new collectors.

I bet variants of Captain America,
Thor,Hulk,X-Men Characters would sell more than most new characters we get in the next extension.

This calls out for variants subset!!

mrsinister88 said...

jimbob i totally disagree. There are loads and loads of very popular characters still waiting to join the collection....Alpha Flight, The Avengers, the X-men, The Defenders, The New Mutants, The Masters of Evil...all have characters missing... The Hulk is the Hulk. His sculpt was good and i like it. I dont need another one.... the only three characters I think need redone are Crystal and Jean Gray basically cos the sculpts are out of scale to the rest.... and spiderwoman basically cos the sculpt does her no justice what so ever....

Robert said...

Glad to see someone agrees with me, Bagman, F.F.F. I knew if I waited long enough it would happen. People can ignore me but it's not so smart to ignore the world's greatest detective!

There are loads of great characters still to do, I'm just not convinced that the likes of Silver Sable fall into that category. Spidey has the best rogue's gallery of any hero but he has also introduced the world to hordes of lame villains, of which Sable is just one. Even when she first appeared she was lame. Not to mention she spent half the time with some spine disorder that made her butt stick out. When you google images of her the drawings you see are like cheap comic smut for closetted teenagers. Don't get the appeal. Maybe it's just me and Sable sold out everywhere. I remain unconvinced. Quick poll: if given the choice between Sable
or Tarantula, or Sable and Jackal, etc. would anyone pick Sable...?

LAWay said...

Its a good list KE, many I would love to see make the collection. Some I dont care about, but thats personal taste. Just like I could think up a dozen more characters I would like to see (non variants). Would I prefer to see them more over variants? Nah, not really.

Although like it was said, putting in variants into the collection now would look odd breaking the norm.

Variants in subsets? Sure thing. But it means these will be a rare occurrence...and expensive at that. Decisions would have to be made whether what characters go together, so either way it will either be disjointed, and may not be supported by collectors.

Would I like to see a new collection? Hell yeah. I am still dying to know what that big secret project Rich was talking about. Whatever it was, seems like it has fallen through.

Why do I love the A-listers so much? silly question really. If you read comics today, if you read the epic marvel crossover events, the A-listers are the ones who are represented. They are the characters that define marvel, and have so many great stories and costumes through decades of being in the spotlight. While people can say they enjoy every character in the marvel universe, chances are you probably havent read about those characters in every comic unless you bought everything marvel produced.

And like it was said before, despite EM being able to republish any magazine, the high number of the collection will scare people off. If I started collected now and saw the number, I would be conscious of how much money it would cost. However, I'm too deep into this now to call it quits. lol I see the collection reaching 250-300 easily, but then maybe thats when the door should be closed.

We'll get to the stage where there are more figurines than bloomin' pokemon, which can't be a good sign.

Robert said...

Just noticed I bracketed Sable in with the villains, when of course she is basically a goodie with floating morals. Substitute "villain" for "supporting character".

ted sallis said...

"Floating Morals" cor! i've never erd them called that before and no mistake.
Sable is bland beyond words i actualy yawn at her mention, she's the equivilant of Kate Humble, bland as baby food, i would even take the grizzly or the Kangaroo over her inclusion any day of the week.

avenger guy said...

I just was learning about the savage lands mutants. I think they would be a good subset. For example-

Amphibius - A frog-like mutate who can leap great distances, breathe underwater, and psionically control aquatic life.

Barbarus - A four-armed mutate with physical strength, endurance, and injury resistant powers. Escaped The Raft holding facility in the breakout of Sauron.

Equilibrius - A mutate who can induce sensations of vertigo in anyone who looks him in the eyes.
Gaza - A mutate with slightly enhanced strength and durability. He is blind, but makes up for it with an additional power, radar senses.

Leash - A mutate who can psychically imprison another being's astral essence, rendering them catatonic or under her mental control.
Lorelei (Lani Ubana) - A mutate who is able to place men in a hypnotic trance using her hypersonic vocal emissions. She was also briefly a member of the first Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Lupo - A mutate who has enhanced strength, speed, reflexes & reactions, agility, and durability as well as hyper keen senses (including night vision), sharp claws and fangs, and can psionically command canine creatures. In later appearances he gained a lupine-humanoid appearance. At one point Lupo had an ursine appearance, looking like a blue bear. It is unknown whether he is related to Lupa.

Lupa - A mutate with enhanced strength, speed, reflexes & reactions, agility, and durability as well as hyper keen senses (including night vision). She controls a small army of dire wolves. She can also emit pheromones that allow her to control bestial creatures. It is unknown whether she is related to Lupo.

Piper - A mutate who can psionically control large groups of animals using his flute as a focus for his power.

Vertigo- A mutate that can emit waves that affect the equilibrioception of anyone hit by them. She left the Savage Land to join Mister Sinister's Marauders, but later returned under mysterious circumstances (see profile for details).

Whiteout - A mutate who can emit brilliant flashes of psionic "light" that can blind anyone she chooses.

Worm - A mutate who secretes mucus that allows him to override other living beings' motor and autonomic nervous functions after coating them with it. He also has a worm-like lower body and enlarged hands with suction-cups on them.

Zaladane - Prophetess for Garokk. Rarely leads the group.

Sauron - Life-force draining human who transforms into a mind controlling, savage pterosaur-like creature if he feeds on mutant energy.

Brainchild - A mutate with an enlarged cranium with psychic powers. Tends to most often be second in command, after Sauron, and in his absences (when taken by Weapon X or dominated by his Karl Lykos personality), Brainchild actually leads the group.

Numerous tribes (Aerians, Ape-Men, Awakilius, Bhadwuans, Cat People, Cliff Forest People, Disians, Durammi, Fall People, Golden People, Gondorans, Gorankians, Gwundas, Hauk'ka, Hill-Forest People, Jeriens, Kantos, Karems, Klantorr, Lemurans, Lizard-Men, Locot, Man-Apes, Mutates, Neo-Men, N'Galans, Nhu'gari, Nowek, Palandorians, Pterons, Reptile Men, Saurids, Snowmen, Sun People, Swamp Men, Sylandans, Tandar-Kaans, Tokchis, Tordon-Naans, Tree People, Tribe of Fire, Tubanti, Uruburians, Vala-Kuri, Waidians, Water People, Zebra People, others)

At the end of the subset you could have a huge land figure which has the land scape,the animals and the different tribes and mutants fighting and about 10 would be made a year.They would cost £100-£200 and could only buy it on the internet.

For an example for a landscape figure would be -

avenger guy said...

I have an another idea of a shang-chi subset with some of these-


Adder (Shang-Chi foe)

Agent D (DuCharme)

Agent Syn (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Agents Syn (Shang-Chi foes)

Anna ?? (Shang-Chi character)

Argus (Shang-Chi foe)

Asquint, Pendleton (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Beswick, Theresa (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

"Big Ben" Donovan (Marvel Knights foe)

"Big Guy" (Past Assassins)

Black Demon Sect (Shang-Chi foes) - by Prime Eternal

Black Jack Tarr

Black Jack Blue (Black Jack Tarr, smuggler-ring apearance only)
Black Jack Tarr of Earth-79816
Blair, Nicholas (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Blevins (Shang-Chi foe)

Blue Diamonds (rare diamonds) - by the Beetle

Bolo (Golden Daggers, Oriental Expediters)

Brynocki (Shang-Chi foe)

Brynocki's Marauders (Ultra-Men)

Bucher, William (Fourth Reich, Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Burtonwil, Lord (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Carter, Rufus (Shang-Chi character) - by Prime Eternal

Chang (agent of Kogar)

Chankar (Golden Daggers, Oriental Expediters)

Chen (Joy Boys)

Cinnabar (Circus of Moon Sun)

Circus of Moon Sun (Shang-Chi characters) - by Spidermay

Corporation (Captain America, Hulk, (and a bunch of other) foes) - by the Beetle

Council of Seven (Si-Fan) - by Prime Eternal

Council of Seven (two unnamed members)
Council of Seven (next version)
Cult of K li (worshippers of K li, Shroud, Spider-Woman Iron Fist and Shang-Chi foes) - by Prime Eternal

Dacoits (Cult of K li) - by Prime Eternal

Dacoits of Death of Earth-79816

Darkstrider (Shang-Chi foe) - by Spidermay

Dawning Light (Shang-Chi foes) - by the Beetle

de Peyraud, Renee (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Death-Dealer (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Diadem (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Dr. Chow (Shang-Chi character)

Dome (Joy Boys)

DuCharme - partial entry

Dweller in Darkness (Si-Fan, Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

his "monster"
Earth-79816 (What if? world) - by Proto-Man

Fah lo Suee (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle, with Prime Eternal and Chuck D

Fong, Linda (Adder's daughter)

Fong, Robert (Adder)

Fourth Reich (Bucher)

Fu Manchu (the greatest fiend the world has ever known, Shang-Chi's father) - by Prime Eternal

Fu Manchu of Earth-79816
George (Circus of Moon Sun)

Ghost-Maker (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Golden Beetle (hypnotic item) - by the Beetle

Golden Claws (Shang-Chi characters) - by the Beetle

Golden Daggers (Oriental Expediters)

Golden Dawn (Brynocki followers)

Golden Dragon (enigmatic statue)

Gregor (Past Assassins)

Greville, Amanda "Mandy" (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Greville, Melissa (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Greville, Robert (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Grindhouse (Heroes for Hire foe) - by Madison Carter

Griswold, sir Herbert (Tarrant)

Hackstabber, Rufus T. (Shang-Chi/Defenders character) - by Prime Eternal

"Hir Soot" (Past Assassins)

I.D.I.C (Shang-Chi foes) - by the Beetle

Joy Boys (Shang-Chi characters) - by the Beetle

Kimba (Golden Daggers, Oriental Expediters)

avenger guy said...

Kogar (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Kuramoto, Shintaro (IDIC)

Kwai (Golden Dragon)

Larner, James (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Lazarus (Shang-Chi foe)

Lee, Cho (Golden Dragon saga)

Lee, Tommy (Joy Boys)

Left-Hand Path (satanists, Order of the Golden Dawn)

Light-Seekers (Order of the Golden Dawn)

Lord of Darkness (Darkstrider)

Lugash, Dr. (IDIC)

Madame Hydra (Viper, Avengers/Spider-Woman/Captain America/Wolverine, etc. foe)

Mad Dog (Hellcat foe) - by Chadman

Mad Slayer (Shang-Chi foe) - by Prime Eternal

Markham, Christine (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Midnight Slasher (Lazarus)

Mister Man (Past Assassins)

Monstrobot (robot, servant of Brynocki) - by Prime Eternal

Moon Sun (Darkstrider ally)

Mordillo (Shang-Chi foe)

Moving Shadow (Shang-Chi's brother) - by Grendel Prime

Murder Mansion (Black Jack Tarr's home) - by Prime Eternal

Order of the Golden Dawn (Fu Manchu's organization) - by Prime Eternal

Oriental Expediters (Shang-Chi foes) - by the Beetle

Pan Sing (Circus of Moon Sun)

Past Assassins (Shang-Chi foes)

"Patch" (Past Assassins)

"Patch" imposter (Fu Manchu)
Paulve, Anton (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Pavane (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Peko (Fu Manchu's monkey) - by Prime Eternal

Petrie, Dr. James -partial entry

Prime Mover (Dr. Doom's robot) - by Omar Karindu

Project: Ultra-Violet (Mordillo)

Puff Adder (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Quinn, Jenny (Golden Dragon saga)

Razor-Fist (original, agent of Carlton Velcro) - by Prime Eternal

Razor-Fist (second, Shang-Chi, Spider-Man, Elektra, Avengers, Captain America, etc. foe) - by Prime Eternal

Razor-Fist (third, brother of the second) - by Prime Eternal

Reston, Clive of Earth-79816

Richard (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Rynor (Circus of Moon Sun)

avenger guy said...

Samisdat (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Sata (Shang-Chi foe) - by Grendel Prime

Seth-Amon (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Shadow Slasher (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Shadow-Stalker (Shang-Chi foe) - by Prime Eternal

Shadow Thief (Golden Dragon, Shang-Chi foe)

Shaka Kharn (Shang-Chi ancestor/foe) - by Spidermay

Shang-Chi of Earth-79816

Shareen (Golden Dragon, Shang-Chi character)

Sheena (Circus of Moon Sun)

Shockwave (Shang-Chi foe, MI-6 traitor) - by Prime Eternal

Si-Fan (Fu Manchu's minions) - by Prime Eternal

Si-Fan of Earth-79816
Sing, Pan (Circus of Moon Sun)

Sir Denis Nayland Smith of Earth-79816

Sklar (agent of Kogar)

Skolnik (Oriental Expediters)

Skullcrusher (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Snake (Circus of Moon Sun)

Stern, Lionel (Golden Dragon, Shang-Chi foe)

Sumo (Chankar)

Sybilis (Circus of Moon Sun)

Syn Variants (Agents Syn)

Tarrant (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Three-Cornered Sight (Order of the Golden Dawn)

Tiger-Claw (Shang-Chi foe, rogue Si-Fan) - by Prime Eternal

Tiko (Circus of Moon Sun)

Tsaa (Past Assassins)

Twenty-Third Sect (Order of the Golden Dawn)

Ultra-Men (Brynocki's robots)

unnamed Si-Fan assassin (first, Council of Seven)

unnamed Si-Fan assassin (second, Council of Seven)

unnamed Si-Fan assassin (third, Council of Seven)

unnamed Si-Fan assassin (fourth, Council of Seven)

unnamed Si-Fan assassin (fifth, Council of Seven)

Velcro, Carlton (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Velcro's men
Vienna (mercenary, Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle & Snood

Viper (Madame Hydra)

Warlords of the Web (Shang-Chi foes)

Warmflash, Dinah (Quigley J. Warmflash’s daughter)

Warmflash, Quigley J. (Give this profile an even break!) - by Prime Eternal

War-Yore (Shang-Chi foe) - by Prime Eternal

Wu, David (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Wu, Leiko of Earth-79816

Xiao (Freelance Restorations, Shang-Chi character) - by Prime Eternal

At the end of the subset you could do a open building set figure with the council of seven with the 7 assassins .
For the open building set figure it could be-

avenger guy said...

Anonymous said...

An Age of Apocalypse subset would be quality!!! Also Onslaught... Wasn't he kinda confirmed afew years back? Anything new on him? he would be a class sculpt :D

avenger guy said...

I have an idea to get younger people at the age of 3-12 year olds to collect the collection. A Otherworld(Avalon)subset with The Tuatha Da Danaan (Celtic Gods)-Angus, Anpao, Arawn, Arianhrod, Badb/Andraste, Boann, Bodb (Red Lord, god of war), Brigit, Caber (god of speed & bards), Cernunnos (god of animals & the hunt), Conor, Crom, CĂșchulain, Cuthbadth, Dagda (god of magic), Danu (Gaea), Gwynn (god of springtime), Niamh (Lady of the Lake, goddess of lakes), Leir (god of the storm & sea), Lud, Lug, Macha, Midir, Morrigan (goddess of battle), Nemain, Nuada/Nuadhu (god of warriors), Oghma, Rhiannon, Scathach, Taranis (god of thunder & the elements);
Fuamnach (a deified mortal); Cuchulain (demi-god)
(allegedly) Ludi, Nauda ;
Amergin, the natives of Camelot (Askalan, Gafael, Owein, King Arthur Pendragon, the Proud Walkers, Weyland), Iron Ogre, Lady of the Lake, Merlyn, Sir Benedict of the Falls, Roma, Strider, the Walkers, along with some dragons (Ashtoroth, Kharad Dur, Malcolm Drake, Sarafand), elves (Buckthorn, Jackdaw, Moondog, Sundog), faeries, giants (Gargantua, Gog, Maegog), goblins (Bogweed, Gagol, Groglin, Hornwort), leprechauns (Irish elves), and similar beings;

It possibly the point of origin of the members of the Troll Associates.

Saturnyne frequently resides with the Starlight Citadel, although she is not native to Otherworld.
see also Features for other natives to related/connected realms.

At the end you could do a fantasy scene at the end of the subset.

jimbob said...

News from EM on the forum.

Robert said...

Um... some of us ain't on the forum. What's the news?

jimbob said...

Okay,Evolution confirmed for the next extension!!

Whenever that will be.

And EM is going to set up a poll for Sif costume.

DC subset extension list confirmed,

jimbob said...

Here you go quote from EM on High Evolutionary.

"High Evolutionary would make any extension as a regular"

So he will be a regular when we get the next extension.

Robert said...

Thanks, Jimbob, you're a good man.

Poll for Sif? Fully expect the present look to win.

High Evolutionary as a regular. Great news. Most of the appearances I can think of off the top of my head he was regular-sized. (Warlock stories, that devoloving story with the Hulk that Sal B drew, etc.) A character well worth including (unlike Sable, but let's not go on about that again).

"Evolution"? I take it he's/ it's an X-character...? I will need to google him/ it.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Give Domino the "Black Ops" costume, please.

Dan The Man said...

someone mentioned why we didn't do Mar-Vell clanging the bands together - well, we did! (Rich maybe you could show the sculpt!?), basically it looked like he was tied up and about to be whipped in some fetish dungeon! so we made the more conservative decision of what we have now. we were gonna have some energy passing between the bands, but Lightning Lad has that in the DC collection and we didn't wanna copy it.

I agree that we should just concentrate on doing another 20 new characters rather than subsets - but hey if we can do both then go for it! My idea would be a 'Alternative universe/What If?' type concept, with the best characters from the various otherworlds - e.g. Age of Apocalypse Wolverine, Zombie or 2099 Spidey, Black Proto-Captain America, Spider-Girl, Starbrand? any other ideas welcome!

Robert said...

Dan, if that's what you guys thought when you saw a sculpt of Mar-Vell clashing his power bands together then the Eaglemoss Christmas party must be something to behold... :)

jbmb2000 said...

Hey All,

Just found out about this collection after noticing and buying the DC Blackest Night/Brightest Day #1. I'm currently awaiting (for a while now) to reply to emails about starting asubscription for the 2 main series so I'll see how it goes.

Just about the idea of subsets - and I'm just making a suggestion and not suggesting that this should be done - but I've got 2 options that might be of interest.

The first one has been mentioned by some else and that the X-Mens 90's cartoon. On a personal level I've only really gotten into comic in the last year or so so these were the X-Men that I grew up with and you could get extra collectors through this as I'm sure there's other people like me who've little to no experience with comics but saw this great cartoon and of course they were in the comics a one stage also. Especially now that the cartoon is out on DVD this could be a good way to go. Hell if you wanted you could extend it to Marvel Animation in general and include the Spider-Man 90's cartoons and beyond. The only thing with this is that it'll be a very large subset but that wouldn't bother me personally.

The other idea I had was a Marvel Suits of Armour subset. Basically you could have any character whose worn a suit of armour in this. The set would focus on the many suits Iron Man has had with probably and Iron Man every 2 or 3 issues. I mean how cool would it be to have Stark's Armoury on your shelf? You'd also have potential specials with the Hulkbuster armour and Iron Monger (sp?) armour.

Well that's my 2 cent.

Hopefully I'll get a response to my email soon so I can make a decision on getting started on this.

Take it easy!

LAWay said...

I hope avenger guy is joking, as those subsets would truly be the death of this collection.

High Evolutionary is appearing in the new Silver Surfer be afraid that he may have a new look to tie in with the new comic.

A DC subset Marvel one announced? Its ok for DC to juggle 2 collections, but for Marvel its best that they concentrate on their current one?

Is this a joke?

The alternate worlds/what ifs is exactly what we want...but also variant costumes. But if its the only way to kick start a subset, so be it. But why does Marvel need to concentrate on the main collection when DC's collection blossoms?

mighty_marvel said...

i know i've said it before but, as dan has asked for suggestions again, an x-men TAS/jim lee art subset is the way to go with a marvel subset if one is done imo.

x-men is the sensible option as they're the biggest sellers, most recognisable and have the largest base of characters still left to be done. also, this subset should not alienate people who haven't collected so far as it allows resculpts of the a-listers, as well as introducing new characters for long-time collectors sooner.

potential figures include

Resculpts: rogue, mystique, beast, cyclops, jean grey, storm, archangel

New figures: mastermind, sebastian shaw, callisto, caliban, leech, shadow king, longshot, mojo, silver samurai, northstar, aurora, corsair, warlock

and i'm sure there's plenty of other characters i'm missing

Anonymous said...

Risk of Boredom vs. Promises of Mega Excitation
I want subsets, and am happy to see some variants. Hell, I'd love to see Age Of Apocalypse variants.
However, I feel that having too many variants of same A Listers over and over again would be infinitely boring. I mean, c'mon. How many Wolverine and Iron Man variants can one possibly need? Having one important variant of each major character would be more than enough. Personally, I don't feel that this 'Project Variants' is worthy of EM's production efforts more than the 'Marvel Universe Project'. What I mean is, I'd still want EM to continue with its mission to cover as many varied characters of the Marvel Universe as possible. It's what makes the CMFC such a legend, which will go down in history as the best thing to ever happen to Marvel fans worldwide.

SinisterVenom said...

How about the Nasty Boys to join Mr. Sinister? We got Ruckus, Hairbag, Gorgeous George, Slab and Ramrod.
Or even better, the Morlocks! We could get Callisto, Marrow, Leech, Caliban, Scaleface etc...Heck, even Dark Beast could appear since he was the creator of the Morlocks and what the Gene Nation call ''The First One''.
There's a few names there I would like to see appear.

John said...

"My idea would be a 'Alternative universe/What If?' type concept, with the best characters from the various otherworlds."

I like the way they're tied together, but I'd still only want characters we don't have.

Spider-Girl and Spider-Man 2099 work for me, because its not Peter Parker. Those are two individuals unique to their universes.

What if the alternate universes covered Bug from the Micro-verse, Blastaar from the Negative Zone...?

Its tough, because I'm personally interested in a Spider-Man Noir figurine, but wouldn't want any other you listed that we already have a character for. (And I'd still take Hammerhead or Jackal... or Kangaroo... over a 2nd Spider-Man.)

...But then, these other suggestions might have their OWN audience. Maybe we're not the ones to ask. If none of your current collectors buy it (and if its variants/redos, I won't) they may still be very profitable with other collectors and might bring them into the main line. Its a gamble though.

John said...

No to the Nasty Boys.

Yes to the Morlocks.

The Morlocks would sell, but probably not as a Subset. Personally, as far as teams go, I think Young Avengers is the way to go, as you can cover EVERYBODY with no redos and they have a large fan base.

If you wanted an older team, I'd support the original Guardians of the Galaxy. Again, none of them have been started yet, and they get a huge request following on the forums by the fans of some Classics.

But yeah, we need some Morlocks. I'd like Leech the most. And you know they'd sell... they're X-Characters.

pirate adam said...

i cant think of anything worse than a X-Men originals subset, we get to many of them as it is, if people want a re-do subset then fair enough but pick like 20 proper A-List Characters (including some X-Men) and put them in different costumes, theres an endless list of what people are asking for so why just the damn X-Men again, if not a re-do subset then how about the Heralds, GotG, Annihilation or my personal favorite.....


Warriors Three

excellent idea i know, and if we get all these i can finally put this collection to bed.


LAWay said...

see, comments like that PA, 'if i get my wants I will stop collecting' is what I am talking about.

KE, how many variants of one character do we need? Some people like individual characters, some like teams or worlds, like the Asgardians, who, apart from appearing in Thor, and unknown to any Marvel reader.

How many variants are there of each character? Substantial variants? How many costume changes has Wolverine actually had? Sure, in action figure lines they reproduce the same damn figure or costume a million times, but how many costumes does he actually have? Same with spidey. Maybe at most 5 or 6?

And its not as if all those would come out the same year. 24 figurines a year...probably wouldnt get a doubler variant for 2/3 years. You can then complete teams of variants from different eras and universes. Some people only read the Ultimates comic line, some people have never read anything past the last 10 years...why are modern marvel collectors being punished for their personal likes not being represented in lead form? Why can't everyone get a bit of what they want, classic figures and variants alike.

Robert said...

Love Adam's idea. An Asgardian subset would be immense. I just don't see it being even a remote possibility. For reasons utterly beyond me, they don't have much impact in polls and apart from a pasionate minority on here - PA, Thor8, myself and maybe one or two others like Ted and Bob - don't seem to interest folk. I guess fans of the Asgardians just have to be patient. Even if I think that in terms of longevity, volume of appearances, importance and just plain classic look, they should have appeared ages ago. (I'm especially thinking of the Warriors Three and to a lesser degree Skurge.)

Robert said...

Just noticed in a previous post that there is an X-character called Hairbag! A name that is ALMOST worse than the worst name ever - Night Thrasher.

pirate adam said...

sorry LAWay, i thought i had mentioned it before...i actually stopped getting all the figs at around 120ish, simple reason, why should i spend my hard earned cash on figs that i have zero interest in and in my opinion dont deserve there place yet, i wouldn't have minded picking up the odd obscure character had it been placed in amongst some of the fantastic characters that have so far been rudely overlooked or even the odd variant of one of the major players


pirate adam said...

i will now just pick up the 3-4 per extension that i am interested in and save myself £'s in the meantime

BobDiamond said...

Hi Robert, nice to have you back mate.
Also, glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that 'Night Thrasher' is the worst super-hero name EVER!
What does it even mean??!
Is it a name based on anything in the real world??
All I get is an image of Basil Fawlty taking that huge branch to his little red car and "giving it a damn good thrashing!", whenever I hear the name.
Sorry to rant on, but Robert managed to hit upon one of my all-time pet-hates of the MU- good to get it out of my system at last...

(I might even like the character if he didn't have such a ******* awful name.)


BobDiamond said...

Maybe we should compile a list of our most hated super-hero/ villain names ever....obviously 'Night Thrasher' is top of the league for Robert and me...
Other names I can't stand are:

Thor Girl- what's that all about??!
Thor is a NAME..It's like calling someone 'Bob Woman'.

Anole- ??? Sounds like ...yep.


Robert said...

Good to 'speak' to you, too, Bob. (Man hug!)

Yeh, feel much the same about the Night Thrasher codename. I've had years to get used to it and it still makes me cringe.

As for Hairbag, words fail me. It sounds like something a barber may use for his floor sweepings. Or it's missing a 'y' and it's altogether coarser. Now curious what the character looks like...

Anyway, back on Planet CMFC. I bought R-Man yesterday and placed him with the Avengers foes. He ended up next to Ultron - but not for long as he made Ultron look like some kiddie's toy. As a wee nipper, the four villains that scared me were Galactus, Thanos, Doc Doom and Ultron. Radioactive Man looks great but would he really overshadow Ultron like that? I also tried placing him next to the Crimson Dynamo and that didn't work, either. Maybe it's me but the male figures seem to be getting bulkier: Cap A is dwarfed by the likes of Northstar, for instance. Am I alone in thinking this?

Robert said...

Another bum note was definitely Thor Girl, Bob, although to be fair that was a name she gave herself and was never officially recognised. Generally she was called the Designate.

I'm also still accepting She-Hulk as a name, as I have been since she first appeared in the '70s. Jack of Hearts is a character I am very fond of but having his real name be Jack Hart was clumsy.

Robert said...

Hairbag belonged to a group called the Nasty Boys, alongside a character called Slab. (No, really.)

I was told not to go to the park and play with the neighbour's sons as they were nasty boys. To be fair, all they did was nick the occasional Texan bar or tie up the swings so the younger kids couldn't reach them. Hardly taking over the world. Wonder if it's the same folk?

And Slab? He had a brother: Paving Stone. They got in a fight with the loony who lived three doors up and he flattened them.

Yeh, I know: Don't give up the day job.

John said...

"Jack of Hearts is a character I am very fond of but having his real name be Jack Hart was clumsy."

The driver of Big Wheel is named Jackson Weele. :D

LAWay said...

Ah didnt know that PA, thanks for informing me, makes sense now.

It is feared that including variants into the collection or subset would just see a dozen wolverines, iron mans and spideys, when I think the collection could be just as diverse with characters that have already appeared.

So pick a list of characters already in the collection and name what variant you would like to see...but you may only use the character once.

1 - Spider-Man - iron spiderman
2 - Wolverine - 90s/Jim Lee Wolverine
3 - Doctor Octopus - Ultimate Doc Ock
4 - The Thing - Ultimate Thing
5 - Magneto - purple/black costume
6 - Blade - 90s animated spiderman
7 - Green Goblin - modern goblin
8 - Captain America - Bucky Captain
9 - Jean Grey - Jim Lee costume
10 - Iron Man - Modular Armour
11 - Daredevil - original yellow/black
12 - Storm - White costume
13 - Thor - Modern Costume
14 - The Beast - beast w/pants
15 - The Punisher - Cap Punisher
16 - Captain Britain michael ryan design
Ghost Rid
17 - Cyclops - Jim Lee
18 - Mr Fantastic - Ultimate
19 - Rogue - Jim Lee
20 Angel - archangel
21 - Venom - mac gargan
22 - Namor - green speedos
23 - She-Hulk - fantastic 4
24 - Mystique - white costume
25 - Invisible Woman - 90s boob window costume
26 - Nightcrawler - original costume
27 - Kitty Pryde - blue costume w/mask
28 - Emma Frost - lingerie/corset w/cape
29 - Hawkeye - new hawkeye
30 - Hulk - Gladiator

Havent even scratched the surface, but i hate writing really long lists, so help fill out your own wants. :)

Robert said...

I had forgotten about him, John. Another lame Spidey villain. I remember that story well. A guy in a big wheel chasing a guy on a rocket-powered skateboard. Who needs Doctor Doom when you have such menacing adversaries?

jimbob said...

LAway that list looks stronger and inviting than any other extension we will ever have from now on.

Variant subset is a must!!!!!!!!

The variants must have a different pose to it's original figurine.

Did you know that the DC subset are having a special included.
That means they are having an extra special.

Maybe we can finally have a larger Hulk and redo of Abomination special.

The problem I have with some of the old sculpts is that they are not big enough.

Captain America - More Muscular
Captain Britain - More Muscular
Punisher - More Muscular and first costume
Doctor Doom - Bigger
Cable - Bigger
Lizard - Bigger
Crystal - better sculpt
Lady Deathstrike - better sculpt

Thor8 said...

If variants were to be done I would like to see the following;

Battle Armor Thor
Classic Armor Iron Man
Classic Doctor Octopus
White costume Mystique
Avengers Beast
Classic Punisher
Original costume Captain Britain
White costume Storm
Classic Havoc
X-Factor Madrox
Stargod Man-Wolf
X-Men Dazzler
Classic Drax
Avengers Firestar

If redo's were to be done I'd pick:
Captain America
Captain Britain
Crystal (one of the worse yet)
Carnage (the worse)
There may be others but these are the first that come to mind.

Well,I hope we hear about a new extension comming soon.

Robert said...

Quite happy with a small number of variants: classic Captain Britain, Iron Man (Tuska era), Drax, Doc Ock and Namor and furry Beast.

Not nuts about the sculpts for Captain America or Warlock but I can live with them and would rather see someone new like Tarantula or Mantis instead.

Robert said...

Just got home to find two items of postage on the rug at the front door.

One is FF #587 - more on that later, perhaps.

The other was from Marvel. Apparently, they are going to 'kill off' my wife and bring her back with lighter-coloured hair and an inch taller, with a slightly more flawed personality and an altered taste in fashion. For the life of me I don't know why they want to change her as she is lovely the way she is.

pirate adam said...

give us a new Johnny Storm so i can finally throw away that horrible excuse for a sculpt they gave us

its the only fig that i truly hate


Gremlin said...

Here's a fun game for you guys.
Follow the link below and name the top 100 comic book character based on number of appearences.

Some interesting inclusions. Although I guess whoever made this up used comicvine because some of those numbers seem a bit high. We have pretty much all of them in the collection now (except the civvies) and the characters who aren't made all come from one team.....funny that.

Gremlin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gremlin said...

Stupid blog cut off half the address....

ted sallis said...

Give us a new Bloodstone fig, so i can finally throw away that horrible excuse for a fig that they gave us.
It's the only fig i truly hate...

Just got my mitts on Marvel vs Capcom 3, It's made me realise just how inept i am at fighting games, even more importantly it makes me want a special of Modok.....and a Capcom collection.

pirate adam said...

Ted are you taking the PISH out of me ;)


Robert said...

347 appearances for Thanos???? If that's correct I'm Stan Lee's right-hand man!

ted sallis said...

"Ted, are you taking the pish? )
Bor he's a jolly good fellow, Bor he's a jolly goodfellow, Bor he's a jolly good fe..ha looo and so say all of us.
mibbe i hijacked your post and replaced your want with my own... but take the pish??? the thought never entered my head auld pal ;)

LAWay said...

i didnt even realize MvC3 was out now, thought it was next week.

Damn...missed out on all those pre-order goodies. Did you get anything free with it Ted?

pirate adam said...

check it out...absolutely awsome

pirate adam said...



Robert said...

Thanks, PA. Much more action that previous clips and trailers.

The only thing I didn't like was the three-letter word "May". Ugh. Seems soooooooooooooo far away... sob, sob...

ted sallis said...

Cheers PA , That trailer is off the scale, my son has been watching it continuously for the last hour ( nothing to do with his old geek dad, honest )
Leigh, I received my copy of MvC3 a day early but that's about it, i seem to have ordered it from the only retailer not offering freebies :(
I was kinda hoping against hope we might get a wee glimpse at the Odin fig this week, but hey ho, that new trailer more than makes up for it.

Dr Headache Rushing said...

Not keen on the idea of a subset to be honest for cost reasons, I'd love to start collecting the DC figures but finances mean that I'll have to wait for the Marvel range to complete before I even think about it.

However, if a subset is to go ahead I do LOVE the idea of some Golden Age characters as I feel they often get overlooked.