Friday, 2 March 2012



Stingray (amended 'all in one' suit):

Original 'open cape' painted:

Wolfsbane (Colour 2)

Terrax Special Cover roughs by Steven Butler:


Sage said...

Mirage looks fantastic! an excellent sculpt for an excellent character.

Wolfsbane looks much better darker, that's how dark her fur is in the comics, not that light yellow that was used before that was more "Feral" looking.

LAWay said...

And ye shall be silenced! lol

Moonstar looks a lil odd. Doesnt look like she is looking where she is aiming, way too stiff in the torso and hips, definitely needs some rotation there, and that trailing leg looks way too awkward. Without any rotation in the hips, is the rotation in the trailing leg even possible? Hmmm...

Stingray looks great coloured. Didnt realize how big he was! Nice touch up on the cape.

Wolfsbane - now a darker shade of brown reflecting like a mood figurine of how I feel about the figurine. Still horrid. The face is just ugly and its just a blurgh pose like no one was bothered trying.

Concepts for Terrax cover look ace! 1 and 2 are my faves.

Nice update with lots of pics though! Cheers.

(to anyone in love with Stan Lee, he will be an unlockable skin to play in the new spider-man game! lol)

mgf said...

New Stingray looks terrific.

bethrezen said...

Mirage looks fantastic!I want she to have now!

Wolsbane looks very good.

sed tallis said...

Stingray is sweet as a nut, as you cock a neez would say.
All the Terrax cover roughs look pretty damn good, how about putting them on fleabay and let us have a go at winning them? heck give the money to charadee if you like?

BobDiamond said...

Good up-date Dan...
Got to say I echo LAWay's concerns over Mirage however, the pose does look a little awkward, but I like the fact that the bow is such a prominent part of the design.

Fantastic drafts for the Terrax cover. Second one is my favourite.

Yesterday I popped into Smiths and just happened to notice the first issue of the DC Chess Collection. It comes with an excellent Batman figure based on the roof-top version from the normal series, however the costume is lighter in colour with the oval yellow Bat-emblem.
It was only £2.99, so I bought it and it does look great. I'm not planning on continuing the collection, but as a one-off it's excellent value. It is resin however, as a heads-up to all you lead-purists out there!

Cheers for now,

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Really happy to get a blog update.

Personally I find her body lacks femininity, but this - alas - is a recurrent challenge for sculptors doing female characters. Also, I would have preffered the bow to be held horizontally rather than vertically. There's reference materials which show her holding it horizontally, and this would have made a more original bow-holding figurine, imo.

Absolutely beautiful. Not just because the character's design is awesome per se. Also because it's been sculpted and painted so well, and now with the corrected glider wings it's just perfection. 10/10

Much, much better with the darker fur. It's still eliciting a mixed reaction in me, and I still don't know if this is how I wanted the character. I reserve final judgement to when I have the fig in hand. I'm happy she's in, but I'm still a bit puzzled that she and Mirage made it before Sunspot, Magma and Warlock - who are the msot awesome New Mutants, in my very personal opinion of course.

TERRAX cover
Fantastic artwork. It's great to get such sublime art, which makes us see the CMFC from this other (and often unsung) angle - all the visual research and creative work of exquisite quality.

I can't wait to hear the announcement (hopefully) of a new extension.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I will also add that the arrow is way too long. It's unnecessarily cumbersome. The tip of the arrow should be closer to the bow, imo.
It'd look better and it'd be easier for EM to pack and for us to display on shelf.

max_0888 said...

Thanks for the update Dan. Really appreciate this.

Mirage looks promising. I love the pose and I think once painted, the figurine will be awesome.

Stingray does look fantastic. Great job.

Wolfsbane is indeed better with the darker fur.

Oh and I also enjoy Terrax's covers!!

deamon said...

Stingray looks like 6'6 not 6'3.
Wolfsbane's fur is darker but still equal.

fredpostman said...

Stingray looks fantastic;really happy he made the it's LOCKJAW soon please.

Banshee said...

I find it odd that Mirage isn't looking where she's aiming and the arrow is way to long.

I might regret saying this but I think the first painted version of Stingray is better. The new cape looks all rumpled.

I really want to love all the figurines in this collection but Wolfsbane is terrible. Sorry!!!

All the Terrax covers look great, I don't have an objection to any.

Thanks for this awesome update Dan. I hope you know how much all the guys and girls in here appriciate your continual efforts on this blog.

CGJ said...

Wolfsbane still looks a dog, sorry.

Stingray looks better in the original sculpt in my opinion, not sure which is the most historically accurate.

Terrax cover I would go with number 1. Have a look in 'How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way' for why. Much more dynamism in the first pic

buffduffdan said...

Really liking Stingray! The 2nd version is definitely an improvement and more reflects how is costume actually is :) Nice figurine!

Liking Dani. Good pose for her. Looking forward to seeing a painted version!

Wolfsbane looks better. She's never going to be one of my favourites (especially in that costume) but she's decent enough.

As for the Terrax covers, I'd got for 1 personally - failing that, 3!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I think I've identified the reason why the cape in the 2nd sculpt is visually less attractive. It has lost the fluid U-shaped pattern of vertical lines that followed the contour of the cape. Now the cape has horizontal lines, and this makes it look too static, and less pleasing to the eye. I wonder why the pattern of lines had to be changed? Can we reinstate the original fluid, vertical lines?

Osvaldoeaf said...

Thanks for another great update, Dan!

Nice correction on Stingray, he looks really awesome and I feel tempted now to get him, which I wasn’t going to do.

I’m amazed at how just the change of colour on Wolfsbane made her look better. I don’t see all the problems everyone is seeing, she looks good tome.

Loooooove Moonstar, can’t wait to see her painted, I bet she will look amazing!!!

Have a great week, Dan.

Paibok said...

Mirage actually looks great, the body is fine. I think the arrow is too long, normally the arrow is drawn all the way back like it is would be level with the bow.

Like the Stingray sculpt, he looks fab.

Wolfsbane is better darkened, and that is probably as good as she is going to look, she always appeared ruff in the comics I remember her.

I think the first Terrax cover is best, like he his trying to grab the buyer.

clarification: recturi entiesse.

jimbob said...

Wolfsbane does not do it for me.The look is off!

I think EM needs to go with a different look for her.

Robert said...

Terrax covers look great. Ted's idea of selling these pieces of art is an excellent one.

Stingray. Looking good. He has a cracking design and he's long overdue. I do think, however, that the paint job needs some shading. The colouring is rather simplistic and looks a bit like a kid's toy at the moment. May just give him an ink wash when I get him. Wouldn't be the first time I have had to do that...

mighty_marvel said...

strange we didn't get some comments from dan to go along with the great pictures.

wolfsbane's body is good, although could do with a bit of differentiation in the colour of the fur. i still think the face, however, is horrible. she really should have been facially more human

mirage is looking excellent. a great job on her.

Robert said...

Yeh, I noticed that, too. Hopefully, it was just because he was in a rush, but it does seem awfully coincidental.

Bob said...

Mirage - the sculpt is great, but the archery pose is technically flawed. Any practicing archer knows that to aim their bow, their head needs to be lined up and facing the target at the very least.

ADParker said...

Mirage: She looks really good. Only negatives are that the arrow is too long (fully drawn back should never extend far at all beyond the bow, any archer with such a discrepeny has selected the wrong arrow/bow pairing.) And the stance does look rather off, looking at a professional archer stance might be in order. Look directly along the arrow shaft for a start. Love her expression though.

Stingray: Much better. A little more like this and it would be perfect:

Wolfbane: The colour is definitely an improvement. Would still prefer a more human,less wolfen face, a generally softer depiction. More like this:

Terrax cover: They all look good. I would vote for #1, but any of them would be just fine in my books.

max_0888 said...

Oh and I just want to add that on the website, in the shop section there is a little mistake. We see the picture of Destiny for the Songbird number. And Songbird for the Destiny number.

Oh and even if I already own Northstar and Aurora, I was wondering when they will be available on the main site.


SinisterVenom said...

Whoa guys, say what you want, but I think Moonstar is looking awesome! Considering this was a character that did not excite me in the slightest, I must admit seeing this preview has impressed me.
The latest Stingray is certainly an improvement from the last one, well done on that EM. I was looking forward to him anyway, but this version is much better :)
Can't say I'm too bothered about the Wolfsbane figurine. But the Terrax designs are quite interesting. Honestly I'd be happy with any of them so choose what you will True Believers!

mgf said...

Mirage could be captured in the process of drawing the bow. I think the sculpt is quite good and has a fluidity to it that works quite well. Put it down to archtistic licence.

Of course, the only problem is that she is the wrong Mirage. Everyone who voted thought they were getting the Spidey villain from ASM #156.

sed tallis said...

Harumph! , I foolishly purchased the Nightcrawler figure sight unseen. expecting the classic Hulk villain from #126. I get an evil Smurf. Harumph!!
I think mirages arrow is actually meant for a ballista .

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Yeah, the more I see the improved Stingray figurine, the more I think that it's awesome. Can't wait to get it.

LAWay said...

dont think you can buy the artwork because I would imagine most of it is done digitally nowadays.

But would be cool for any art collectors.

Like I said before, I would be immensely happy with a book that gathered all production artwork of covers and figurines. :)

Guilherme said...

OMG!!! Mirage is awesome!!! The pose, the facial details, the ponnytail, every part of it is fantastic!!! The darker colour in Wolfsbane made THE improvement on the figurine. I almost like her in all aspects, maybe those boxes on the belt are too big? Or her boops are too small? But those are just detais... Stingray still looks great! And I vote for cover # 2 followed by # 3. thanks for the post, Dann!

LarryS said...

SV and Robert
(and anyone else who's interested in what happened at last weekend's Convention)...

I've just posted a selection of photos from the Great Day on my page.

Now you all know what you missed... so hope to see you there next year!

PS, sorry about poor lighting on a couple of 'em

TheTooN said...

I was in 2 minds about commenting at all on 'half' an update.

It isnt the same without your input Dan. I hope you can get some dialogue going again soon ? Maybe list a set of topics that are out of bounds for Q&A so us awful bloggers cant trip you up and incur the wrath of others.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

As an all-Marvel fan, I always like to discover the favorite curveball characters of CMFC collectors.
Some interesting ideas have been submitted for display in this week's

This Inhuman scientist, banished from the city
of Attilan, is a remarkable all-Marvel villain.

Human Fly
The first human fly has become a dangerous, flesh-
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Thor Girl
Destined to be the Designate - a cosmic hero who evolves
mankind to a higher level - Tarene was transformed into
an Asgardian goddess and became Thor's loyal ally.

This amazing Inhuman resembling a giant bulldog is in fact
a poweful cross-dimensional teleporter with psionic ability
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Behind its cartoony looks, this green spheroid creature
has incredible powers, from space/time manipulation to
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With one of the weirdest designs in Marvel history, this
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the most powerful members of the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Phantom Eagle
A rather obscure member of Counter-Earth's Thunderbolts,
this character is both a male counterpart of Moonstone
and a modernist variation of the 1940s Golden Age Eagle.

If you are curious and, also, if you wish to submit your ideas for potential CMFC figures, click here:

There is no end to the awesome, weird and wonderful creations of the Marvel Universe.

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the update Dan. I hope you are well & that what ever negative remarks were made that you know your blog updates are much appreciated by this collector.

Love the TERRAX Artwork especially the first two & ultimately the second one because I like TERRAX'S position in that drawing best. Really wish he was coming out as the next Special.

STINGRAY looks good.

Wolfsbane looks okay but admittedly I'm not a fan of this character though I will purchase it as a devoted collector.

Mirage's stance & head position seem off. Her face looks to hard & not feminine enough. Her ponytail ends look too big.

DAN THE MAN Please have ARCHANGEL as a Special this year.

jimbob said...

Just seen it!

The belt needs to be taken away from Wolfsbane fig to give her more of a feminine shape.It would make a big difference.

SinisterVenom said...

Hey guys, listen to this!
To begin with, I wasn't planning on buying the Amazing Spider-Man game that's coming out later this year. Normally games based on films aren't really great (anyone played Spidey 3?).
BUT.....this was all before I just found out that in this get as.............STAN LEE!!!!!
What better reason does one need to get this game??!!!

Alex Summers   said...

Still liking Wolfsbane, specially now with the correct colour!
Yes, Dani's pose is somehow awkward.....a bit off!

Nice improvement on Stingray, even though I'm still not excited about him!

Dan, please don't be upset about what some people say here or on the forum, they're the minority!

Robert said...

Stan Lee in a game?

I may just start playing computer games!

And, Larry, enjoyed your blog. Thanks from sharing that. My photos from the panel are really fuzzy. Well-lit, but fuzzy!

TheTooN said...

Love your pics Larry, thanks for sharing them.

Anyone a Con veteran and can compare the LSCC with US ones ?

I know Stan being there was the main attraction but outside of the great man was it a good place to shop ? Comics/toys ?

Robert said...

Comics, yes. Toys, no. Which is the way it should be.

Guilherme said...

As I told before, sonething was wrong with Rahne's figurine besides the dog face. And it's definitely the belt: too large! Take that bt off or at least make is smaller!!!

navaho said...

Met Stan Lee last week and have to say he was a wonderful, personable and extremely articulate man. They say you should never meet your heroes because the reality is often a letdown but he was every bit as lovely as I hoped he would be, excelsior!
Back to the blog, Mirage's arrow is too long, shorten it and it will look great.
Stingray looks fine, the cape is still slightly odd but it works better now than the original version.
Cannot get my head round Wolfsbane, I don't know what it is but something is not right.
Make Mine Marvel

SinisterVenom said...

Nice pics Larry! I actually remember you! I went to my mate and said how great it is that a whole family was all going to meet Stan Lee and seeing your photos, I realized that yours was the family I pointed out! Awesome stuff :)
Just finished the sketch of Hawkeye now guys! Took me absolutely ages! How those artists at the Con were able to draw characters in minutes is just beyond me but saying that, I like to take my time and make sure there's enough detail as possible.
Anyway, I'll post the Hawkeye pic on my page tomorrow. Gonna grab some rest now. Believe it or not, even artwork can leave you exhausted when you're done!

LAWay said...

Ah SV, already mentioned about Stan Lee appearing in game, gonna be funny as hell seeing him flipping around doing spidey poses. The Man would surely get a kick out of it himself.

Larry, nice pics. I dont mean to sound a jerk or seem stupid, was just wondering, did you name your one boy after the x-men leader himself because you are such a big marvel fan, or is it just coincidence?

Anyway, you have a lovely family. Glad you got so many pics with Stan. Hope you scan or photo that Venom sketch too, would love to see it.

Kal Brindle said...

Hey Dan,

Thanks for the awesome update, even if it was a relatively silent one.

Mirage/Moonstar - she looks amazing - thank you tot eh sculptors for a stellar job on one of my favourite X-Folk. Bravo.

Stingray - I'm thrilled to see the cape joined to his legs and back, making him comic book accurate, though I have to admit I'd have loved a more dynamic pose. The paint job is superb and I'll be delighted to add him to my collection.

Wolfsbane - is still a bit of a dogs dinner for me (pun intended) - she looks too masculine, her body is too stocky - perhaps it's the belt with all those pouches - it might be best to get rid of it. Her face too seems very masuline, sorry for being so critical as I'm sure she will look 1,000 times better in hand, but based on these pics, she's not quite right yet.

Terrax art - I like numbers 2 and 4, but they're all aces, I'm sure whichever you pick it will look great.

Everyone out here is waiting with baited breath to hear about a new Marvel Extension soon and despite your misgivings is hopeful that the axe on the DC collection hasn't fallen yet.

Pleas for inclusion in the next extension or two are Baron Mordo, Count Nefaria, White Tiger, Grey Gargoyle, Texas Twister, Arcade, Karma, Thunderstrike, Yondu, Shroud, Clea, Mantis, Whirlwind, Marrina, Corsair, Molecule Man, Thundra, Justice, Meggan, Graviton, Firebird, Two Gun Kid, Diamondback, Princess Python, Red Guardian II, Warlock, Graviton, Arnim Zola, Diablo, Mesmero, Matermind, Random, Darkstar, Phantom Rider, Vindicator, Dust, Lorelei, Hector, Madison Jeffries, Rawhide KId, Anole, Nova (Frankie Raye), Vanguard, Diamond Lil, Sunspot, Sersi, Starfox, US Agent, Squirrel Girl, Captain Universe, Brother Voodoo, Black Tom Cassidy, Agatha Harkness and Dum Dum Dugan.

LarryS said...

Thanks for the kind words, SV and LA Way. Yup, Harry's middle name Xavier was indeed in tribute to the Professor himself (and Ben's middle name, Steranko, is a nod to the creator whose Nick Fury series blew my mind month-after-month when I was young)

LA Way: delighted to share the Venom sketch, and it's now uploaded onto my page, alongside a Green Goblin pic John completed for one of my other boys. He even took the trouble to add a dash of colour! Enjoy...

sed tallis said...

Enjoyed Larrys photo tour of the Con . I apparently named my son after the worlds most famous mutant. It did take my beloved a year to notice though.
I do love my wee Anole.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I too want to thank LarryS for sharing his pics. They're amazing.
They really show the universal appeal of Marvel comics, and it's awesome to see how Larry's wife and kids have clearly embraced the Marvel Universe with the same passion.

I also want to praise Stan Lee's incredible friendliness and humility. When I stood by his side in the photo booth, I told him: 'It's an honour to meet you, and I want to thank you for the endless joy and wonderment that your creations brought me and continue to bring me'.
To which he replied:
God bless you. Thank YOU for coming.'
I mean, this is a giant of pop culture and a true master of human imagination, not to mention a phenomenally successfull businessman, and there he was, thanking ME for being there!
Exclesior indeed.

Thor8 said...

Mirage: Nice figurine but like most,I to believe the arrow is too long,and she should be facing where she's aiming at. Her facial expression should be given a little more feminism.

Wolfsbane: Color has greatly improved ,but could use some shading?! Her face could use a complete makeover.
Sting ray: My favorite of this bunch.,but I agree with BLAKE. Why were the line patterns changed? They looked much better the other way.

Terrax sketches: Alllook good,#1 and #3 being my favs.

Dan hope to "HEAR" from you soon,Peace!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...



Dan, looking at the Wolfsbane sketch you posted last November,
it was great. In order for the sculpt to reflect the artwork,
I created pictures of a sculpt redo
to show you possible improvements as follows:

a) face is shorter, with nose much closer to mouth

b) eyes are more horizontal and less slanted

c) ears are longer and more prominent

d) hair is more disheveled, with big locks falling down her face, creating an effect that softens and feminizes

e) belt is smaller, so a womanly waist-line is emphasised

The pictures can be seen here:

Without revolutionizing the sculpt too much, these subtle changes can really make the difference. Hope they are possible.

SinisterVenom said...

My bad Leigh, I must have missed your post. Still exciting stuff though huh? :)

Hawkeye is uploaded on my page now guys. Should have the coloured pic coming soon!

SinisterVenom said...

Been busy today guys, as not only have I completed the sketch of Hawkeye and uploaded it on my page, I've now finished the colouring too and that is also uploaded for you all to check out :)
Also my thoughts on Hawkeye in the Avengers movie and what's coming next in my artwork is on there too if anyone wants a read and leave me a comment on their thoughts.
Thanks guys! Catch ya laters!

Thor8 said...

Took a look at your CMFC Laboratory Blake and I believe that your suggestions would indeed help to improve Wolfsbane's facial expression quite a bit. I think semi longer hair would do nicer than much longer hair,and IMO I think her fangs should be reduced a bit also.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Not to mention how she looks more feminine if her thorax is made smaller and curvier like a girl's.

Joeking said...

Personally I like the Wolfsbane sculpt exactly as it is.

sed tallis said...

Some guys like a gal with long legs,some go for curvy hips or gravity defying boobage. Me? i'm a thorax man .

sed tallis said...

Hey Dan, i don't know if you've been gagged or have decided "who needs this hassle", but it would be cool if at some point you could share your SuperCon experiences, post up yer photos like Larry and SV have done, do you recognise them? did you meet Stan?,Did you mention what you worked on,???? C'mon Dan us bloggers loves ya .

Thor8 said...

Well while Dan decides if he'll break his silence or not, I already posted a list of heroes and one of villains that need be added to this collection,and now it's time for my re-do's and variants list.


1) Captain America
2) Carnage
3) Crystal
4) Cable
5) Leader
6) Songbird

1) Doc Ock (classic look)
2) Beast (ape Beast)
3) Captain Britain (Classic look)
4) Mystique (White dress)
5) Havok (Classic look)
6) Winter Soldier (Bucky)
7) Iron Man (Classic)
8) Madrox (X-Factor Look)
9) Man Wolf (Stargod look)
10)Dazzler (X-Men era)
11)Drax (Classic look)
12)Marvel Girl (classic)
13)Hawkeye (Ronin)
14)Beetle (Mack IV)
15)Kang (Rama Tut)
16)Zemo (Citizen V)

These list are just based on my wants and in no way am I stating that they are the only ones that should be made.

Dan The Man said...

Hi guys, I didn't go to the SuperCon. Rich and Sven from the office went, they seemed to enjoy it (I couldn't go, had to dog sit my little pups).

I like the Wolfsbane images - it may be too late to do anything, but thanks anyway, I actually think they would improve her. We are running way behind schedule on the figs at the moment so I doubt we can change her at this stage. Have had to alter the running order as some sculpts have been delayed for various reasons so be prepared for a different running order than you may be expecting.

just seen Spidey 2099, and after some changes we're pretty pleased with him - will preview on friday...

Osvaldoeaf said...

Glad you finally talked to us again, Dan! Lol! Well, like I said before, I do like Wolfsbane as she is...

max_0888 said...

Thanks for the info Dan,

I can't wait to see the change in the running order. I suppose Hela will probably pushed back at the end and Constrictor and Mirage move a bit forward.

Spider-man 2099 wasn't a character I wanted, but i'm still very curious to see how he turns out.

And about Wolfsbane, too bad it might be too late to change some little details about her, but with the change of color is still a good improvement. I'm sure the figurine will look even better in hands

SinisterVenom said...

Well if I'm honest I actually like the Wolfsbane figurine too. I watched an episode of the X-Men Animated Series the other day and funnily enough, it was the one with X-Factor so I was able to get another look at her in action. Seeing that has made me look forward to her a little bit more.
I'm guessing the likes of Hela, Deathbird and Spidey 2099 will be towards the back of the extension. Just promise not to delay J Jonah Jameson please Dan? I was getting excited recently at the thought that I'm only 10 issues away from getting him, I don't want it to be the case that happened to Beta Ray Bill and Blackheart where they get pushed to the back of the extensions.

LAWay said...

Funnily enough Blake I was thinking of setting up a blog following a similar theme of your 'Laboratory' where I would post photoshopped versions of sculpts where I would 'fix' them as I saw fit, or to simply colour in grey sculpts to show the costume, and even photoshop different costumes on.

Basically is would be customizing, but without me getting messing and bankrupt buying loads more figurines to hack. ^_^

thanks for posting the scans Larry, looks like some great sketches.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Thanks for getting back to us, Dan. After all, Marvel characters aside, you are the star of the blog
and we love the opportunity to interact with your creative process.

Perhaps in future... (yes, I'm optimsitic about another extension)
... in future you could always show us the sculpts in their earliest stages of production. The earlier stage, the better - so you can get collectors' feedback in the most timely fashion. I think Wolfsbane's un-feminine thorax could have been spotted and addressed earlier.

Even so, I do like Wolfsbane as she is and I will buy the fig... but hey, I buy all figs anyway, often in double or triple copy!

Long live the CMFC.

Dan The Man said...

Yes, ideally I could preview sculpts in their earliest form so you could give feedback in plenty of time to make changes if I agree, but sometimes it's just not possible/impractical for various reasons (for instance not all sculptors supply early stage images as they are sculpting).
But please continue to spot the things we might have missed! as we may have time to pass your comments onto the sculptors.

Bagman said...

Well after complaining for so long about not being able to subscribe to this collection and then finally getting the opportunity last year, i have just recieved this letter with #5 Magneto ---

Dear Reader,

Thank you for buying The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection. This letter is to inform you that, due to unforseen circumstances, the Publisher has to suspend publication of
the series. Unfortunately, this also means that we will be unable to supply you with the subs gifts at this time.

We have greatly valued your custom and hope you will continue to enjoy and value the issues you have bought.


Customer Service Team
Bissett Magazine Service
Australian Subscription Agents for Eaglemoss Ltd

I can only hope the trial in Canada fared better.
A sad day indeed.

sed tallis said...

On the plus side Bagman you may have the rarest figurines on the planet , the Ultra rare resin flop. eBay em in a few years ;)

sed tallis said...

Wow! Just got my subby pack Thunderbird is astounding .pose sculpt and paintjob are all 10/10 . Wizard is fantastic quality too. .... It's just that He kinda pales next to Thunderbird .Just to recap Thunderbird is freaking amazing ;)

mgf said...

Lovely subby pack today. T-Bird, who'd have thought we'd get a real X-Man in the collection this far in?

Wizard also wonderful, helmet not too much of a problem after all. A perfect 10/10.

sed tallis said...

Nice article on the B+W Curtis magazine line from the 70's. There must a fan in the office ( naw the air agitating kind)
Doc Savage, Simon Garth, Man-Phibian, Frankenstein,White Tiger any of those would ably represent the Curtis era.
oh and some dude named Bloodstone was in the old Hulk B+w mags too :)

tinodragon14 said...

Received my BEETLE, DESTINY, MAGIK, NORTHSTAR & Aurora on Monday.

THE BEETLE - Though I preferred the original costume I cannot say I did not also like the costume picked. I am very pleased with this figure & happily placed him with the other villains. Bought two of him.

DESTINY - I really like the look of this figure & the colors & paint job. Placed her on the X-villain's shelf next to Mystique with the BLOB towering behind them. Bought two of her.

MAGIK - Though not a character I had much interest in I must admit it is another well done figure.

NORTHSTAR & Aurora - The figures overall look good though I would have preferred NORTHSTAR separate & in his red costume. The problem is in the paint job on the hands & boots where excess paint has filled in where there should have been gaps.

TheTooN said...

And in the fact they dont fit side by side on the OFFICIAL plinth. God I'm such a moaning minnie :P

Northstar had a big splodge of paint around his shin too. I guess he was put in the clamshell wet and paint went out from the point of contact causing a 'moon crater' effect.

I do still love them both :)

Sorry to hear about the news Bagman. Hope it isnt contagious.

Why 2 copies of some Tino ? Do you have more than one collection ?

@Dan - Nice to see you.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I've got my Thunderbird as well.
It's a really beautiful figurine.
I defy anyone not to fall in love with the CMFC when they see this on the shelves in stores. It's the type of solid, classic sculpt that makes you feel the CMFC is in a league of its own, and so totally addictive, and you instantly want to get as many Marvel characters as possible in CMFC format. A job really well done with this X-Man, EM.

tinodragon14 said...


SinisterVenom said...

First time I've opened a post with...


Two weeks ago, I said:

"I'm not sure whether or not I'm excited for Thunderbird next time, I just have a bad feeling about how the paint job may look for some reason. We'll wait and see anyway."

I stand corrected.
Thunderbird is actually a lovely figurine! Mine had the odd one or two blotches of paint but nothing that can't be overlooked. The detail is fabulous too! I'm much more happier with it than I thought I was gonna be. Easily a 10/10, well done EM!
Next comes Dracula! I think this may be another one to look forward to...

mgf said...

I remember Thunderbird being rather controversial when he was announced, particularly amongst the Xombies themselves, one or two of whom were furious.

He's absolutely superb. A surprise inclusion executed with great style. This is the stuff that will keep the collection trundling along. EM take note, and while you're at it take a bow.

Thor8 said...

Totally agree with you mfg. Figurines such as Thunderbird,Magik,and Sheena are samples of how second and even third grade chaacters can really add to this colectin by being done right,with care and details.
As mentiond before by others and myself, this colection is mainly a VISUAL collection and although at first glance the 'A' listers can atract peope to this collection,well done magnificentfigurines of lesser known charater will definately keep it going. So keep up the good,I mean great work!

Thor8 said...

Sorry,I meant mgf not mfg. Man I hate this lousy keyboard.

fredpostman said...

Thanks for the update Dan;we love all the news...
When's the next extension going to be revealed???
Why aren't the twins on sale on the official site???
Will LOCKJAW ever make it???
Why do i ask so many questions???

vicnuts said...

Don't like the D. Moonstar sculpt. It's just off somehow, the bizarre foot placement, etc.

Loving the Stingray. Odd character but a great look. While I think it's too oversized, the figurine line has been inconsistent as far as size comparison. The Songbird figurine probably would stand taller than most figurines if when up straight. She should be the same size as the blink or x-23 sculpts. I'll also add that the Songbird sculpt was a lost opportunity (as is common with this line now). The figurine should have been the open winged design used on the magazines cover. Unfortunately most of the female sculpts are a miss.