Friday, 9 March 2012

CMFC #2099

Hi True Believers, this one will be fairly brief so let's get straight into it...

SPIDEY 2099:

Dene Mason supplies the skills, lovely detail and a dynamic pose make this a 'future' classic.

Wolfsbane paint 3:

After last weeks darker brown paint job, we still felt it wasn't quite right, so we went through tons of reference material (comics) and came up with this slightly less dark and less yellowy brown shade - I think this is the best compromise for a character that has a different shade of brown in nearly every appearance!

Secrets of comic art reconstruction:

I'm always thinking of different stuff to show you guys, so as I was painstakingly rebuilding this image from Avengers #239, I thought why not show the stages of reconstruction. What seems such a simple thing when you see it in print is actually a process which takes some time, effort and a little skill to do.

Firstly you have to do the research and find/buy/steal all the comics that the particular character is in (in this case Mockingbird). Then you have to identify the cool or important images to be used, I thought this image nicely sums up the original love and marriage between Hawkeye and Mockingbird.

I thought it would be best (and economical in terms of space) to have it as a cut out, so I did a quick clip to remove the unwanted areas of the picture. I also did a little colour correcting (trying to clean up the whites, darken the black and brighten the other colours).

It's not always the case, but this image was very badly printed the blacks were thin and washed out and the other colours were similarly bad. So I decided to isolate the black line art (or inks) from the colours, et voila after some photoshop trickery (which I won't go into here) You have your fairly clean black line art ready for a new application of colour. (this stage was also where I removed every bit of background art that wasn't needed and zoomed right in to redraw/smooth out some areas that were missing or badly reproduced - also a lot of unwanted black dots and ink marks need to be carefully removed)...

Then it's just a matter of filling in the areas with colour on a layer underneath the black line. After about 2 hours of solid work you get this... (then you ask yourself was it worth it?)

And here's the final image in situ.

So next time you flip through the issue, spare a thought for the poor sucker (me) slaveing away to bring you the wonders of the Marvel Universe!

Have a grand weekend!

Right where's that John Buscema Tiger Shark comic....


Guilherme said...

Great erase/paint job! Nice to hear from you again, Dan! And Rahne´s color is better this way, indeed!

sed tallis said...

Aw Danny Boy , Spidey 2099 looks simply amazing. To be honest I am mainly familiar with Miguel in videogame form , but he has a fantastic design . One of the very first pages of original art I ever bought was a Rick Leonardi Page from Spidey 2099.
Oh and Dan you saucy boy , I can see how much you enjoy your work , finally got round to reading the Sheena mag, you included an "interesting" choice of images.
Sheena lying on her back Enjoying the attentions of an over friendly python was certainly an attention grabber.
Can't wait to see that Spidey painted. Top update Dan.

sLmT said...

Spider-man 2099 seems very nice!
I'm waiting to see it painted...
Nice Weekend!

Sire-bd said...

For Wolfsbane, paint 2 for me...

deamon said...

Finally Wolfsbane's fur isn't equal brown and looks better.

Spiderman 2099 sculpt is great.

But nothing about next extension?

jimbob said...

Spidey looks cool!

Wolfsbane does look better,what a different the right colour makes.

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the update Dan. Hope you are doing well.

Enjoyed the Hawkeye/Mockingbird explanation of what you have to do to get the mags done Dan. Well done by the way sir.

Really liking the Spidey 99 figure. Looking forward to the paint job.

Wolfsbane still looks okay to me but then I'm not big on this character.

Oh Dan, Wish you would release TERRAX as the next Special. Anxious to get him.

ARCHANGEL as a Special!

A classic IRONMAN Special two pack with TITANIUM MAN!!



WHIRLWIND for the next extension!

ATTUMA for the next extension!

BARON MORDO for the next extension!

THE MOLTEN MAN for the next extension!

BLIZZARD for the next extension!


Blog Master Dan said...



BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

A superb sculpt, indeed. The details are exquisite. Perhaps the pose is a bit too delicate - it looks slightly as though Spidey is attempting a classical ballet choreography... assuming that ballet is still in vogue in 2099!
Anyhow, this is definitely a fig that deserves futuristic metallic paint, Dan. Oh yeah.

I must say, considering it's only a colour change, surprisingly she looks infinitely better. Even her face looks more like the girl that she is. Very happy with this.

Thanks so much for this insight into your mega skillful work, Dan. I find the aspect of your research fascinating and exciting, and your devotion to Marvel iconography worthy of an award from the House of Ideas itself. I love the CMFC mags. Mag after mag, the CMFC is building one of the best archives of MU character images ever. I see this as fantastic value, and is a key component of the great CMFC experience.

Banshee said...

Spider-man 2099 was a character I wasn't at all bothered about but WOW, what a great sculpt. Your guys down at EM towers have excelled themselves Dan.

Wolfsbane looks better with every enhancement.

I love all the effort that goes into the magazines even the little details. Dan your doing a superb job.

Great that TERRAX is the next special. I serious love love love the Mojo sculpt but I don't mind waiting for him. I understand all the effort and timing that's probably got to go into him.

So if Terrax is next, then Mojo and Giant-man are out this year. Does this mean we will be getting a price breaker in between the two mega's Dan?

deamon said...

About longer waiting for few figurines.
If we have to wait longer for Mojo, please give us Arnim Zola. You already have his sculpt, just change the face Dan :P
If we have to wait for Deathbird and Hela till next extension, give us Corsair and Fandral instead of them in 181-200.

jimbob said...

Looking forward to Terrax.

Hope we dont wait too long for Giant Man with the Avengers movie coming out.

Lockjaw Warpath Stong Guy

next special!

Simon West said...


I love the model for Spidey 2099, but now you left me wanting more of the 2099 guys - hulk, ghost rider etc. (although i seem to think his head might just be a little round, but maybe thats me).

As always Keep up the good work

Still Hoping for :-
Sleep walker

max_0888 said...

Nice update Dan, thanks once more.

Spidey 2099 looks very good. I like the pose a lot. Of course i'll buy the figurine since I'm a completist, but even if he wasn't a character I wanted, at least I like the sculpt a lot. I really want to see it painted now.

Too bad Mojo is pushed back. Saw it coming though. Terrax will be a great addition to the cosmic display.

I do hope Strong guy has a shot sooner rather than later. Maybe between Mojo and Giant-man? hehe

As for Wolfsbane, definitely the best color out of the three. Very happy with the change.

Oh and glad you showed us how much work there was behind the mag. Really nice of you ot show us how it works.

John said...

The best news here is Terrax. I want ALL the Heralds. :D

And I'll echo Simon West's comment that Sleepwalker and Doppleganger would make OUTSTANDING looking figurines. Not two of my most wanted characters, but two that will turn some heads on their visuals alone.

2099 would've looked better with one fist slightly raised. Like the other two Spideys. ;) j/k, he looks great.

Thanks for the update Dan!

Osvaldoeaf said...

I was actually re-reading a few issues in the last couple of days and I thought that we don't comment enough on the magazines themselves, just the figurines. Well, the magazines are so amazing, and they're such a great read, as well as eye candy. So it was nice to learn about all the effort that goes into them, Dan, thanks for that and great work, man!
I don't take for granted the updates, so I'm always happy to come here and see that there is a new blog from you.
Yes, I think you guys have nailed Wolfsbane colour, it is better, even if the second one had already pleased me.
I actually like Spidey 2009's pose, it's pretty different from what we've had so far.
A bit bumped that Mojo was pushed, but I guess there are good reasons for that.
Well, since everyone seems to be campaigning, I'll keep it simple:
SAGE for the next extension!!!


deamon said...

Would be great to see Strong Guy soon, but if EM already have Arnim Zola sculpt, they don't need too much time to prepare this character to sell, and we can have him between Terrax and Mojo. Also hope for Wendigo, if Mojo and GiantMan are later.

Doppelganger is a chance for better use hands than Spiral. Each hand in different pose, hope we see this character in 221-240, of course if Dan confirms next extension :D
Do it.

Paibok said...

I liked reading all the explanations regarding how the magazine is made. The magazines are a joy to read and don't get the appreciation they deserve. Wizard and Thunderbird arrived today, both were ace - figure and mag.

Wolfsbane paint is better now, a vast improvement.

Spider-Man 2099 is a characte I am only aware of through the Shattered Dimensions game, and I like the fact his pose is different to the other Spidey characters.

Good news that Terrax is going to be the next special.

I echo hopes that there would be another normal special between Mojo and Giant Man. Preference would be to SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER, as he would be one of the smaller specials. If not then someone like WARPATH who deserves to be the next X-Man confirmed.

Thor8 said...

I've tried to stay optimistic about the possibilities of future extensions being approved,but with extension 161-180 about to conclude and thus giving way to 181-200 soon,I'm beginning to fear there will probably be no further extensions. This would be a real bummer,since I really expected to have The Destroyer,Skurge,Mastermind,The Warriors Three,USAgent,Baron Mordo,Starfox,The Jackal,Count Nefaria,Whirlwind,Graviton,The Squadron Supreme,The Guardians Of The Galaxy,an Aim Tech,a Hydra agent,and quite a few others included in this collection before it ended,now the possibilities seem very thin.

In the event that I am wrong,and we do get additional extensions,now that we have a character from Marvel's future in this collection,wouldn't it be fair to add a couple from it's golden age past? Maybe the golden age Angel,GA vision,GA Human Torch,The Whizzer,Miss America,Blazing Skull,or Bucky.

Robert said...

Was fairly unmoved by the announcement of the SPidey 2099 figure and then saw the figure. Looks great, and pose is very reminiscent of the character's early days. Top job.

Terrax. Great news.

Enjoying seeing the process of producing a magazine. Paibok was spot on when he said the magazines don't get enough love.

tinodragon14 said...

THANKS FOR TERRAX BEING NEXT DAN! He is a favorite villain of mine.

I hate to be a pest DAN but I think an ARCHANGEL Special between mojo & GIANT-MAN or GIANT-MAN & mojo will be a big hit for the Collection & EM. He is an X character & a different version of a X character that has been done, ANGEL of course. He is a very popular character & I believe would make an awesome figure with his metal wings spread out. I think comic book stores would be inclined to display such an awesome figure & it would probably sell even to people that do not collect all the figures. I think it is a win-win.

Thor8 said...

If EM were to announce that they will have only one more extension approved,and you were given the opportunity to pick five of the characters,which five would you pick? Oh and you can pick ONE special for good measure. Think it over and choose.

Osvaldoeaf said...

I'm still optimistic about a new extension, and even another one after that, but I agree it's taking a little longer than normal for EM to announce it...well, I love Thor's question, so here goes mine:

Warpath as a special!

Suzene said...

Only five? Ouch.

Karma, Sunspot and Magma, plus Cypher/Warlock as a special to round out the New Mutants. Chamber for the great visual. Meggan to round out Excalibur.

sed tallis said...

I read another comic this week , yeah that's how I roll.
Anywho, It was an old What If? Issue featuring Dr Strange. Why on earth is Clea not in this collection ? How classic do you need to be? Will I stop asking rhetorical questions?
Clea was created in the year of my birth , which makes her a milf ( so my nephew tells me). She was drawn by Ditko in his prime.
If the next extension is the last .then the inclusion of these five would help ease the pain
Princess Python
Oh the final special is tooooo tough to choose so I'll go for superadaptoiddestroyerwendigo

TheTooN said...

Huzzaah ! Dan's back.

Spidey 2099 looks spectacular. Metallic paint would be great, just look how Beetle turned out recently.

I like the way the holes in the web/cape (whatever it is) will be visible from the front and not a lost feature.

Wolfsbane still looks orrible but you cant make a silk purse.....

I had no idea how long it took to turn a scan into something fit for the magazine but it looks great insitu and is worth the time imho.

Mags have always been a free bonus with the figurine to me but seeing what goes into one they deserve more appreciation.

Thanks for the update as always.

If this were the last extension and I had to choose 5 and a special.

Its hard tbh and I know only a tiny handful of the MU.

I'd love to have the orginal GotG lineup

Charlie as a special.

But then I'd also love to see...

Adam Warlock Variant
Groot special

but then what about villains ?

Count Nefaria
Grey Gargoyle
The Collector
Skurge special

Not easy at all.

Strong Guy - I'm on record for not being a fan of this guy but I saw a Marvel Legends custom of him via a Facebook page the other day which made me stop and think.

Is this how you envisage him in the CMFC guys ? I think he looks decent here and not so freaky weird.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up on Spider-Man 2099! Looking good

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
deamon said...

@ TheTooN
Finally guy with Cap Brit in x-costume in his sig approves Strong Guy :)
As for Guido I prefer his Bowen pose

mighty_marvel said...

wolfsbane looks better in this new shade of brown. still think though that losing the fangs and giving her a more human face would have been the best move.

looking forward to seeing spiderman 2099 painted.

only 5?

corsair - starjammers deserve a representative
general ross - hulk's too important to not have his main antagonist in the collection
usagent - finishes off the west coast avengers
karolina dean - i don't want nico on her own and she has the potential to look amazing
rogue (90s) - my all time favourite character in my favourite look for her

and 1 special?

atlas - needed for thunderbolts

Paibok said...

I'm optimistic that there will be more than one more extension, collection should look to around 300 because there is no much still to cover.

Okay to choose only five - that would be tough.
The special choice is easy - SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER the partner of Enchantress a must.

1. Hulkling
2. Mantis
3. Paibok
4. Spot
5. White Tiger (Hector Ayala)

Ken said...

Hi Dan,

Thank you for the update. I honestly cherish the behind the scenes tidbit of the CMFC more so than the character updates, so please tell us more about this magnificent collection :0)

Sadly I know you said the next extension might be the
last one. Please please make sure the HIGH EVOLUTIONARY, JIGSAW, DARKHAWK, WHIRLWIND, ATTUMA and some other classic characters are included. Thank you.


LarryS said...

Dan -

I'd be v. interested to know a bit more about the processes within EM towers for making a 'go / no-go' decision on extensions.

1- Is there a particular time of year, e.g. when budgets are set, that most of the extension decisions get made?

2- Is there a cut-off date, e.g. a certain number of issues before the end of the current extension, by when the decision must be taken in order to allow time for design and production?

3- Is there a certain circulation figure, above which the green-light is a formality, and below which it's unlikely?

Any light you can shed would be appreciated!

tinodragon14 said...





Thor8 said...

Good to see the responses to my little inquiry on whom would you pick if given the chance to pick 5 characters and one special.

Osvaldoeaf: You only picked four you can still pick one more amigo.

Toon: you mentioned quite a few but did not say which FIVE you would finally pick.

I have dozens I would like to see done,of which some of you have mentioned in your picks,but I guess my top five pick would be...

1)Starfox for the Avengers (I also want USAgent but I can always customize a Cptain America fig)

2)Skurge (If Crimson dynamo and Spiral could make it in the regular line then I guess so can he)

3)Yondu (Vance Astro can use some company.)

4)White Tiger (Hey he's from Puerto Rico just like me.)

5)Mantis (Swordsman needs his lady)

My special just has to be The Destroyer (The Odin created one)

Welllet's hear from the rest of you. Whom would you pick?

max_0888 said...

hehe I always enjoy reading people's top most wanted characters.

Only 5? 1 special? Really hard to choose, but here goes:

1- Jessica Jones
(She is my most wanted. Her jewel costume is simply lovely. She's the only new avengers member not yet made. Luke Cage needs his wife next to him. Plus, Alias and Pulse were so good that I just can't see my marvel collection without her)

2- Colleen Wing
3- Misty Knight
(Definitely need those two. Id love Paladin also, but since I can only choose 5 he isn't making the cut. The Daughters of the dragon have a lot of history and I cannot have a proper Marvel knight / Heroes for hire display without them. Colleen Wing would look very nice with her sword.

4- Meggan
(Most needed to complete the original Excalibur line-up)

5- Monet
(I had a very hard time choosing my fifth character. I really really want Magma, Husk, Karolina Dean, Paladin and Vindicator but Monet wins this. I really want to add her on my x-factor investigation display next to Madrox, Siryn, Wolfsbane and Longshot.)


STRONG GUY!! My most wanted special without a doubt. And hey The Toon, Id love that costume of Strong guy so he could fit well with Siryn and Madrox's look. But I love the older look also. So any of them and id be happy

Thor8 said...

Nice choices max,and you even explained the why for each one.

Who's next?

LarryS said...

Yup, looking at the range and quality of all these suggestions, we clearly need at least another 100+ issues of the collection.

However, if Thor8's terrifying scenario did come to pass, I'd use my five choices to ensure some of the under-represented corners of the MU are better covered..

- Two Gun Kid (westerns)
- Miss America (Golden Age females)
- Howard (talking ducks)
- Corsair (Starjammers)
- The Hood (modern villains).

- Arishem the Judge (celestials)

SinisterVenom said...

Spidey 2099 looks fabulous! Was worth the wait in my eyes! Already looking forward to seeing the coloured version!
While I was happy with the last Wolfsbane, I will admit this looks a heck of a lot better! Very nice indeed!

I see we're doing lists are my top 5 most wanted!
1. Baron Mordo!
Baron Mordo is far overdue in my eyes and certainly deserves a place in the collection before it eventually ends.
2. Whirlwind!
A classic Avengers foe that deserves his place in the collection. He's been around long enough and had his fair share of involvement in plenty of storylines (but who hasnt?)
3. Tombstone!
He's one of the only Spidey villains I want to see make it now. I want him in more than I do Jackal, even though I think Jackal is actually more deserving.
4. Bastion!
I recently read the Second Coming
storyline and it's kinda made me want Bastion in the collection a lot more now. He even killed Nightcrawler!
5. Dark Beast!
I was stuck between this character and Jigsaw seeing as Punisher needs a villain too. But I do want to see Dark Beast in the collection if I'm honest. Would make another great figurine.

And for the special...Onslaught!
I've always wanted Onslaught since the beginning of the collection and I will continue to want him even near the end. It would make my day, month and year if he ever does get confirmed!

Thor8 said...

The duck not counting I agree with all your choices Larry.

Whirlwind and Baron Mordo are two of my most wanted also SV

Robert said...

RIP, Moebius.

BobDiamond said...

Can't resist a list....
5 Favourite Figs if the collection were to end...

Baron Von Strucker (Steranko-style)
Mantis (Avengers period)
White Tiger (Hector)
Yellow Claw (Steranko-style again)



Dan The Man said...

As not to sound rude in future Q&A type stuff, I will NOT be answering any more questions regarding internal Eaglemoss strategy or marketing/editorial decisions. Sorry to sound a bore, but it's not something I am really allowed to discuss and could lead to serious consequences for me (and the blog). I will also not be commenting on any other EM products apart from CMFC. Although I will keep you informed on extensions and specials as they occur. 'Nuff said.

Thor8 said...

As far as I'm concerned Dan,you've no need to worry, I understand your situation perfectly. I just hope you'll have good news regarding future extensions soon.

Bob: I really don't see Eternity being approved as a special. Not that he doesn't deserve it or would not make a nice figurine,but can you imagine the size he would have to be?

Osvaldoeaf said...

Ok, so my last pick would be Chamber! Hey, Dan, we undetstand you, man! We don't want you to get in any kind of trouble! : -)

Alex Summers   said...

Loving Miguel, can't wait to see him painted! Wolfsbane looks alright! Great work on the magazine, Dan! Well, my five would be: Silver Samurai, USAgent, Sage, Mantis, Sunspot and Lockjaw as a special!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Well, you know me - I think there are at least another 300 characters who deserve to be in the CMFC. I'm prepared to buy them all, if EM can make them!

Here's 7 more! Like or don't like?
The jury is out on these seven new choices showcased in this week's

A major Marvel villain - a manipulator
of gravitational fields who has fought FF,
Avengers, Thunderbolts and many more.

Yellow Claw
A master of science magic & martial arts,
this insidious Cap enemy who dates back
to the pre-Marvel age of Atlas Comics
would make a striking and truly classic

A genius of deathtraps, this eccentric
X-villain is extremely popular. His fun,
kitsch design would bring something
unique to the CMFC.

Not just a giant in terms of size-changing
superpowers. A giant also in terms of his
prominence in the MU. Atlas has been
in loads of stories spanning Avengers,
Defenders, Thunderbolts and more.

The intriguing Shroud can tap into the
Darkforce Dimension. Having declined
offer to join West Coast Avengers, this
crime-fighter masquerades as a criminal
shrouded in an awe-inspiring costume.

The daughter of Attuma is an amazing
female character, and a perfect choice for
fans of the Defenders (she’s been part of
the team!) and fans of Namor and the
Atlantis areas of the MU.

Best known for kidnapping Magik,
Belasco is connected to the Elder Gods
and is one of the most powerful sorcerers
on Earth. Oh, and he’d make a really
impressive figurine.

You know the drill.
Click and enjoy:

Who will you want? ;)

BobDiamond said...

I know that Eternity is very unlikely as a Mega-Special- however we do have Galactus (and Fin Fang Foom) so actual scale of figs can be taken with a pinch of salt sometimes! :)
The reason I think he'd make such a great addition is because he basically IS The Marvel Universe personified (...and he'd look amazing!)


Thor8 said...

No argument there Bob,I totally agree>

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Bob, Check out the Bowen Designs website. He has an ETERNITY Bust you might like.

Robert said...

But Eternity is essentially a doorway or hole that you look through...

Dan, you must really wonder why you took this blog on at times. If it's not dingalings on the forum calling for you to be sacked, you're getting it in the neck from faceless bosses. You've been a wonderful connection between Eaglemoss and the fanbase and they want to ruin that? What's wrong with some background information that lets us - the guys who keep the tills tinging - know what's going on and share in the forward planning of this fantastic collection? I know you can't say any more, and that I just posed a rhetorical question. I honestly don't get this at all. Maybe you should just end the blog and leave Eaglemoss to start treating us like cattle, just like every other collection.

If it sounds like I'm annoyed, I am. How someone can get into trouble for helping promote a product is beyond me. The inmates are running the asylum.

Osvaldoeaf said...

I was reading the Sentinel issue last night, and really thought about how much research goes into these magazines. Em does a great job with them. Of course, for us, the main thing is the figurines, but I really do believe that, even if it were the magazines alone, I'd still be interested in buying them, for they're totally worth it.

John said...

Top 5 Most Wanted:

Rocket Raccoon
My favorite character not yet made.

A must for the collection. Leader of a fan-favorite team. And out of my Top 10 favorite comic characters, only him and Rocket are left (oh yes, I like them that much.)

The other 3 are much harder to decide for only a Top 5... but I'm going to add ANOTHER GotG, Captain Marvel's daughter. Give us Hulkling and we'll have the full family. ;)

I love the Agents of Atlas SO much, but realize most members don't really stand a chance of winning, besides Namora. She should be our Golden Age choice, but made in Modern clothing (it is when she made the biggest impact anyway.)

Brother Voodoo
Because WHY hasn't he been made yet?! Plus he's my favorite black superhero and I teach Art at an all black school. It'd be nice to show them.

Special: Groot
Obviously a Groot/Rocket Double Pack is what fans of the characters want, makes financial sense, and would look stunning/turn heads/sell figurines... and I don't think Groot will sell on his own. This is the way to go, easily.

And there's so many I want to list as honorable mentions, but I won't... besides Ghost... and Jackal... :D

The Mad Thinker said...

Spiderman 2099 looks great , can't wait to see the painted version.
Speaking of paint jobs - I think I preferred the 2nd painted version of Wolfsbane.

Specials wanted :

Strong guy to complete X factor
Lockjaw & Maximus for the Inhumans
Madame Web - way overdue !!
Atlas - also way overdue !!

P.s : Loving the art work Dan

The Mad Thinker said...

Top five ?

I'll choose my characters by relating them to each of the main marvel categories.

X-men - Callisto
Avengers - Whirlwind
Fantastic Four - Red Ghost
Spiderman - Tombstone
Marvel Knights - Clea

karnak37 said...

My top five:
5.High Evolutionary

deamon said...

Definitely CMFC should be kept alive till #300.

My TOP5 Regulars:
Callisto - leader of Morlocks
Corsair - leader of Starjammers
Doppelganger - I wrote about him earlier
Jigsaw - Punisher needs a villain
Sunspot - most wanted in poll, and I want this character too

My TOP Special:
Strong Guy, as someone mentioned to complete 90's X-Factor

zombiedude13 said...

I guess my five would be
1) Wendigo as a Special
2) Darkhawk
3) Gargoyle (Isaac Christians froim Defenders)
4) Foolkiller (Old Costume)
5) Devilslayer
6) Killraven blue costume (since Wendy was a Special)

zombiedude13 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zombiedude13 said...

Oh, Spidey 2099 looks great so far, but I am just not in love with Wolfsbane. There is something off in her face for me, and so I will skip her. I bought Man-Wolf in spite if his 'offness" to me because I loved the character soooo much, but have regretted it since. Werewolf by night looks like you really pulled it off, but Dracula had that same offness, his nose is to pointed for me. I'm a huge monster buff, and my overall choice for a figure would be:
Simon Garth:Zombie

But I know that will never happen.

SinisterVenom said...

If I'm honest, while there are plenty to see this collection through to 300, I think it should at least go to 250. As well as the favourite characters that we all want, there are still important characters we still need before the collection should end. Main enemy of Dr. Strange: Baron Mordo. A villain for Punisher: Jigsaw. Leader of the Starjammers: Corsair. Leader of the Morlocks: Callisto. Final needed character of the West Coast Avengers: US Agent. You see where I'm going with this. But there are obviously going to be the characters that are not necessarily needed, but we still want them in the collection because of how much we love them. Like how much I want characters like Whirlwind, Onslaught and Silver Samurai while others would love to have Rocket Raccoon, Sunspot, White Tiger etc.

Speaking of the raccoon, I kinda would like to see him make the collection too now. I recently bought Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and finally got to play as him. I find him quite humourous yet awesome at the same time, I love him! Besides, now that we have M.O.D.O.K, he is the only missing Marvel character, along with Shuma-Gorath to not appear in the collection yet!
I'm adding a vote to the 'We Want Rocket Raccoon!' group guys! EM, make it so! (Pretty please?)

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Personally I think that the line between NEEDED characters and SIMPLY LOVED characters is always going to be, inevitably, very blurred. However, if we needed to come up with a logic for deciding which characters are 'needed' and which ones are simply 'loved', I would prefer to rely on a team of Marvel researchers who study the history of the MU and formulate criteria for selection in a more structured, well reasoned way.

In the examples I see above, I don't see how Sunspot, Whirlwind or Silver Samurai should not be treated as NEEDED characters. Or how USagent is mentioned as a needed Avenger while Starfox or Mantis are not even mentioned. If the logic is to fill some conspicuous gaps (for example, the notable absence of another Dr Strange villain), then by that logic this collection would need to reach at least 300 issues. I'm not going to list the notable absentees right here right now, but I will post my (personal) analysis of the MU very soon, which will attempt to highlight MU areas and characters that still NEED representation in the CMFC.

Sage said...

Only 5:

Sage - The last big main core X-Men want.

Sunspot, Magma, Warlock & Karma - I really want the New Mutants complete. Cypher just misses out on my top 5 though.

Dagmc said...

I'm also excited with a new extension, and I think CMFC should stop in a number like 300. Here goes my most expected:

SAGE (I have to agree with my friend "Sage" upward comment)

and obviously

ARCHANGEL for Special.

max_0888 said...

I'm all for Husk and Magma Dagmc.

I wonder if we will have one or two new mutants next time. I also really want to complete the team. I guess if we only have one, it will probably be Sunspot. But if there are two, will it be Warlock or Magma? All three of them would look stunning i'm sure of it. Karma and Cypher on the other hand, aren't as cool looking. I guess Karma could have a pink aura around her head to display her power. But to have Cypher, it might be better as a double pack with Warlock. But that would be taking a valuable special spot.

As for Husk, well, I just think ripping her skin off would look kinda great in lead ;)

Mr J said...

The New Mutants been completed is essential. Looking at how well they have done in the current request poll It's clear a lot of fans want the New Mutants completed.

Sage is the last core x-men character needed, she is a must have!

Picking a top 5 is hard but I would do with.....

1. Sage
2. Magma
3. Sunspot
4. Dust
5. Shatterstar

mgf said...

Heavy on the Guardians next time, if there is a next time, of course. Too many mutants imo.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Now, if we can get a new Double Pack, I really think it should be Groot/Rocket Racoon: two characters who are so different in so many aspects, spcoally look wise, but who would totally make sense as a double pack special. They're visually very interesting, and so they'd make really eyecatching sculpts! The double packs have, so far, covered mostly X-men, so it'd be a nice change to have a Cosmic Double Pack, and these two would be the best choice.

Dan The Man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dan The Man said...

Love the top 5's guys - so many great combinations, makes me drool with the possibilities!

It's gonna be hard whittling down some of your wants if we get another 20!...


 (one of these!)
Silver Samurai

Simon Garth Zombie




Bloodstone (indeed)


Colleen Wing
High Evolutionary
Baron Mordo
Grey Gargoyle
Vengeance (would be cool!)
Rocket Racoon
Brother Voodoo
Baron Mordo
The Hood
Two-Gun Kid
Miss America
Howard The Duck
Baron Von Strucker

sed tallis said...

Bloodstone indeed :)
Your right Dan it will be extremely difficult to whittle such great characters down to a mere 20, which is why this collection must have 2 more extensions ( at the very least)
Looking through Blakes gallery has helped me to remember loads of weird and wacky supporting characters, I would love to see .
How cool would Dr Spectrum look? Or Nebulon, or ...etc
I found Selene on Blakes gallery, an Elvira lookalike replete with black thong made from dental floss and enormous almost bare breasts .I believe she is high in
the poll run by Nuts magazine. Surely there are dozens of more worthy choices before this kind of soft porn for teenage boys?

John said...

I can at least say that between the New Mutants, Warlock would be my choice. How cool would he look?! :D

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

It's clear that we need at least another 100 characters in the CMFC.

tinodragon14 said...



SinisterVenom said...

Hey Dan, you wrote Baron Mordo twice! Maybe he's one that you really want in too? *wink wink* ;)

Banshee said...

Loving the list Dan...I think another 2 New Mutants this extension would be great. Sunspot must surely take one place as he's top of the polls and I know Warlock is doing well but I think Magma would look crazy good.

Clea, Simon Garth, Corsair, Namora all awesome calls. I think the next extension is gonna be epic :-)

max_0888 said...

Seeing Dan's list there just makes me realize how hard it will be for Dan and EM to choose only 20 characters.

So I guess, we need as many extansions as it's needed to get them all ;)

Sage said...

I would hope to see 2 New Mutants minimum next extension.

Banshee said...

P.S Please make sure NOVA (Frankie Raye) is on your radar Dan :)


SinisterVenom said...

Oh and Dan, don't forget about Onslaught! He'll make an awesome figurine! Plus I really want him like mad lol ;)

Kal Brindle said...

Spiderman 2099 is looking aces, this is the first character making it into the CMFC that I know absolutely nothing about, so I am looking forward to reading his magazine very much.

Thanks for the image information Dan, it was fascinating to read about and see. I'm one of those guys who love the mags as much as the figures - so I'm always interested to learn more about the process of bringing the collection into our greedy little hands.

Top five:

Woah, that's tought to whittle it down to only five, but here goes.

Grey Gargoyle - my most wanted villain yet to be his look, love his history, love his powers.

Baron Mordo - Stephen Strange's nemesis is way past due in my opinion.

Count Nefaria - an awesome classic Avenger's villain will alos look amazing.

Texas Twister - purely persoanl choice - always loved this guy and really want to see him make the collection one day.

Karma - my next most wanted New Mutant, a simple and inexspensive sculpt to make way for a more elaborate one later.

As for most wanted special well after Lockjaw, I'd pick Hulkling - Wiccan needs his boy toy and It'd be great to have a special from the Young Avengers.

Keep up the great work Dan.

vicnuts said...

Wow! That Spider-man 2099 pose is awful lol!!! The sculpt itself is excellent, but the pose looks like a bizarre ode to "West Side Story". I Spidey a JET or a SHARK?

navaho said...

Hey Dan, what happened to Jackal?? Please don't tell me he's down on your want list. He's an essential part of Spidey's history!

Also consider Tarantula, WhiteTiger and Stegron.


jimbob said...


Rocket Racoon

It would be amazing to have those three in the next extension

deamon said...

More, and more, and more...
Yup definitely we need more extensions, so many amazing and still famous characters, that without any problem will fill magazines with their stories. And of course figurines will look really good.

SinisterVenom said...

Hey guys, a message from Stan 'The Man' Lee about his visit to London for the Super Comic Convention!

Check it out!

Ken said...

Hi Dan

I agree with SV, we have more than enough A-list characters and classic characters to go to at least 250. And to make it a nice round number, this collection should go at least 10 yrs. If you do the math, that's two figurines per month, 24 figurines per year, and 10 yrs = 240 figurines but 250 sounds like a better ending number :0)

Robert said...

Thanks, SV, for posting that link.

I'd like to point out to Stan, however, that it wasn't just English folk there. Guy behind me in line came from Hungary to see him. Also guys from Greece, Germany, Croatia, even Australia and the States. It was a global event.

Still, it's Stan, so can't be annoyed. Even he doesn't realise what a phenomenon he is!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Let's be more ambitious, folks. There are at least another 100 major characters left to cover, and at least another 200 supporting characters that are on the same level as any we've seen in the CMFC so far, all equally deserving. We need to be more ambitious. The CMFC should become a permanent exploration of the Marvel Universe, wave after wave after wave of characters, like Heroclix only 1000 times better of course, coz the CMFC figs are awesome. Dan, c'mon, beam us up to 300 and then more.

michael said...

top choice would defnitely be SAGE. she could make an excellent fig!

top 5:
MAGMA (in magma form)

special would definitely be WARPATH!!

mighty_marvel said...

dan, if there is a new extension please confirm the top 3 of the forum request poll that has been running all year as the forum choices.

i think this currently gives sunspot, silver samurai and mantis. all characters most collectors would be more than happy to see in the collection.

leaving the forum choice until the end means a lot of guesswork on your part about who may or may not be voted in, and subsequently who you should or shouldn't confirm, to ensure the forum choices do not make an extension too heavy in a particular area.

take this uncertainty out of the equation. ensure a fair and balanced extension by confirming the forum choices at the start.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Actually, Sage and Mantis are tied in third place! But either way, I believe they both should get in, Sage is the first x-man on the list, and Mantis is the firts avenger on the list. Both excellent female characters.
I can certainly say, at least, as an X-Fan, that Sage is the biggest x-omission at this point.

John said...

I agree with MM, either take the Top 3 or have us vote before any confirmations. That way you can balance the rest of the extension.

...More than one per group (unless you're finishing off a group) is too many when you consider how many characters should still be made. So this way you could confirm Warlock without worrying that the forum will put through Sunspot and thus overdoing a team.

Personally I'd love Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon BOTH next extension, but that just doesn't seem fair.

:D I also wanted to say how happy I am to see multiple others that want all 3 in Star-Lord, Rocket and Phyla-Vell. :)

John said...

I see Silver Samurai, Sunspot and Sage as ALL X-Characters, so the first one on the list Sunspot imo. HOWEVER, I will say I want Sage the most out of all of them. She'd make an amazing figure (as she HAS an amazing figure ;) and thus would sell product which is what a company wants.

So Dan, out of the (up to) 4 X-Characters EM chooses for the next extension, please consider Sage as one of them... and Warlock and Pixie as another 2. ;D

Gremlin said...

That's an interesting list. If EM are happy with giving the forum 3 character slots next extension then I would suggest picking and choosing the x-characters carefully. My personal suggestion would be to confirm Corsair, Silver Samurai and someone like Warlock. Then if a vote is done, judging by current trends, you will see someone like Sunspot/Sage/Selene get through too. Chances are more than one will get through. I love my x-characters but I understand some people don't so for balances sake I think you may need to pay careful attention as to how many EM confirm themselves.

As for the Avengers I have to say Mantis and US Agent are the best choices. Mantis is a natural choice given Swordsman was confirmed last time (plus he recent appearences in the GOTG saga would have helped boost her popularity). US Agent is a solid choice as he has done the rounds with OmegaFlight, Avengers and Thunderbolts these past few years.
But may I suggest Jewel as a consideration too. I know she is "new" but she was created over 10 years ago now and in that time she has become a key character in the Avengers lineup. She has a TV show coming up aswell as a relaunch of a solo series....I would say, like X-23 was the breakout character for the X-Man, Jewel is the breakout character for the Avengers. Plus she will be cheap to weapons, cape and not bulky.

I hope you will consider some characters who are not on that list. Speedball for example is a great character (along witht he other New Warriors like Justice and Darkhawk).

We are so close to getting an original Thunderbolts lineup. I really hope Fixer is among your choices too. I love his look and he has been the star in the series the past year or so as they are getting thrown around the timeline. That said I do like some of the newer Thunderbolts....especially Ghost and Satana. If any of those make it I will be very happy.

Darkstar is another love of mine but she often gets overlooked because she doesn't really slot into any of the major teams well. Think about how cheap she would be to produce too.

There is one character who I see as a glaring ommission at this point and that's Misty Knight. She needs to be made now. The mainstay of the Heroes for Hire series' and an all round MK hero she is a constant presence in the MU. The only reason I can think that she gets overlooked is because people assume that she would be made as a double with Colleen Wing. But given how much trouble getting Northstar and Aurora was I wouldn't hold my breath. Just confirm Misty and then if we get a further extension you can slip Colleen in it.

I hope that if you are considering character lists then it can only mean good things on the horizon....

The Mad Thinker said...

A Western character would be a waste of space in this collection and wouldn't look right.
Where would we display such a character ?
Cowboys/girls would not look good next to any of the main groups.
I'd love to have a sub set however just based on the wild west.
A display of it's own !!

Kid Colt
Rawhide kid
The phantom rider
Two gun kid
Red wolf
Outlaw kid
Reno Jones
Kid Cassidy
Apache kid
Black rider
Matt Slade
Tex Dawson
Running fish
The masked raider
White face

LarryS said...

Good question, MT.

Two Gun Kid could be displayed with either the Avengers or She Hulk, at least until EM delivers the full western line.

He was with the Avengers (on and off) from around issue 140 to 170. Then, a few years ago, She-Hulk arranged for him to return to the present day, and he worked at her law firm for a while. I think he's still in present-day continuity.

PS: I'm feeling a very positive vibe about Dan's blog this Friday. Are we building-up to the news we've been awaiting so long??!

Osvaldoeaf said...

Me too, Larry, not sure why, but I'm getting this optimistic vibe for some reason!

mtravis390 said...

What a surprised. Dan didn't include
the High Evolutionary on this list.
The biggest omission of the the collection and he is still being ignored.

And don't even get me started on the Beyonder. Love him or hate him he made a major impact on the MU.

buffduffdan said...

Nice to see Phyla-Vell on your list of consideration Dan! Hope she stick there for the next extension ;)

Osvaldoeaf said...

Travis, look again, High evolutionary is right there!

Osvaldoeaf said...

Besides, he is doing really well in the poll this year! I think you and I will have many reasons to celebrate pretty soon, my friend!

mgf said...

There should be no more than four X related characters in the next extension. We got five last time, and it would have been six if that wise chap hadn't chosen the magnificent Constrictor.

The forum will likely choose three straight off, and if there is a competition chances are we'll get another.

Run the competition early before the main EM choices.

mtravis390 said...

Sorry about that. Guess it's time to get some glasses. I passed right by him. Man do I love old age.

The Mad Thinker said...

A while back there was a discussion about how we could change the format of the next extension by having the forum polls votes first followed by a competition winners vote and then eaglemoss to complete the line up.
This would help add more variety to the extension because if the forum voted for all x men related characters , eaglemoss could base the rest of the extension around other groups.
Where as if eaglemoss produced their list first and had 3 x-men related characters and then the forum added 3 more we'd end up with too many x related characters in one extension.

Forum vote first
Competition winner's vote second
Eaglemoss choices third

Osvaldoeaf said...

I still prefer the forum choice poll at the end, keeps the results more interesting and surprising!

spidey_1979 said...

There's no need for a second forum choice poll. The 201 - 220 request poll already says what people want. The top three from that should be counted as the forum choices at the start of the extension. The forum still get their choices, and it is easier for the guys at Eaglemoss to select a balanced set of 20 figures.

TheTooN said...

I agree with TMT on this, if the forum still get 3 slots and the Blog comp winner get's 1 then I would prefer them confirmed at the beginning of the extension process.

Then I can get my disappointment over early and look forward to non 'X' related characters being covered by EM in the final 16-17. I would also hope there would be no more than 1 X Special in that period. (Archangel + 1 other would be ok)

Dont get me wrong I dont hate X-Men, there are just too many of them and not enough slots for the rest of the MU.

I'd take a Horror figurine, Cowboy, High Evolutionary, Beyonder or even a Duck over a 3rd or 4th X-Man in what could potentially be the final extension.

Finally answering Thor8's question, been thinking for a while now, what my absolute final 5 would be.

Count Nefaria
Grey Gargoyle

Yondu's on Dan's I a blog 'pet' ?

Doesn't look good does it ?

Seriously guy's we all love the CMFC so why the baiting ? Rise above it.

Bagman said...

I haven't voted in the "REQUEST POLL" on the Forum because its not an "OFFICIAL" poll,just people putting down the 12 characters they'd like in the next extension.
Now in the last "OFFICIAL" poll you only got to pick 5 characters, so if its the same set up this time the whole dynamic of who to vote for changes as more thought has to be given as who your "TOP 5"
is. Personally i think it should be "TOP 3",may just limit the amount of horse trading that "seems" to go on at vote time.
Big fan of having the vote before EM start announcing their choices.

sergiogf said...

As a huge X-Men fan, I'd rather prefer 4,5 or 6 figurines in the (fingers crossing) next extension than other characters but I understand that we need High evolutionary, Grey Gargoyle, Mantis, Skurge or Starfox in.

But, where is Meggan in your list, Dan? You've forgotten her¡ One of the more fabolous characters and a beautiful design (Alan Davis is a the ONE).

And about Magma/Sunspot/Warlock/Karma... why only one of them? If I have to choose between the ROB¡'s Shatterstar (OK, and Peter David's), Dust or Husk instead of the four new mutants... I choose the New Mutants. Magma and Karma are amazing characters and aestethycally impressive. Warlock too¡ Please, consider them¡

Thanks for all¡

SinisterVenom said...

Dan, I'll make you a deal. Announce Onslaught at some point before the collection ends and I promise to buy AT LEAST 10 of him! I beg of you! This is the main 'must have' that I want now lol.
But from all these comments, I still say the collection can easily make it to 300 issues. You should at least go to 250 and see. I mean, you've got plenty of people here that love the collection and we're all willing to pay for even more figurines so there will still be plenty of business, right guys? :)

And seriously, what are the guys behind the CMFC main site doing!? I havn't tried to see if the Debit Card problem has been fixed for a while now (kinda gave up if I'm honest) but seriously, how long has Northstar and Aurora been out now and they're still not advertizing them!? That won't help make any money. Give them a good butt-kicking into gear! ;)

deamon said...

Some people here forgot about something.
Less X-characters in extension -> worse selling -> end of CMFC.

mgf said...

I disagree. The collection has thrived since the beginning by balancing each extension between all parts of the MU. A quarter of the last extension was X related and here we are still waiting and wondering if we'll get another.

I saw the Longshot figure the other day and was certain we'd already had him, but that was X-Man... Apparently.

Unfortunately modern Marvel has managed to turn its comics division from a mass market business into a niche industry over the last thirty years. It has achieved that remarkable feat by turning what was a boys' universe into a touchy feely feminised socially aware playpen, appealing to fewer and fewer readers.

The X titles don't sell anywhere near what they once did so let's base the collection on great comics characters, not those fondly remembered because they portrayed a certain lifestyle, or from ropey 90s cartoons, beautiful lunchboxes or comics cancelled through lack of sales before they got to thirty issues.

The thing is some of the most vociferous X-fans aren't really about the X-Men as a universe. We saw that when Thunderbird was announced. There was fury in some quarters. In my opinion the X part of this collection has been by far the weakest. It's a complete dog's dinner. It is one of the reasons I support some of these characters being revisited in an attempt to give it a more cohesive look.

By all means have those cookie cutter females some seem so fascinated by but let's have just the four. They can still be painted different colours and have different guns and swords, the one with the cleft palate can still have that, the one who has a loving caring relationship with a tree can still have that but they shouldn't take the place of real Marvel characters from eras when the comics sold by the bushel.

I'm very happy for those characters to have a fair representation in the collection but personally I'll continue to root for Whirlwind. He might not be as PC as others but by God, he's got a cool hat!

TheTooN said...

@deamon - I could accept your point if we were still in the early days of the collection but we have all the big X-Men in now.

I dont agree that Warlock or Dust or Magma (or whoever) would have bigger sales potential than some of the characters who have been around the MU for 20-30 years + eg Grey Gargoyle or High Evolutionary.

X-fans are just too damn greedy :P

Has anyone totted up the collection to date to see which areas have had most/least characters ? I'd try but dont know who goes where half the time.

Fingers well and truly crossed for some good news soon.

Thor8 said...

Do you know what I most liked about the responses that were given to my inquiry about which 5 figurines would you pick if this were to be the last extension?... The responses were quite sincere. Since this was not an official or unofficial poll everyone seemed to pick the characters they really would like to see and were not pursuaded by group preasure,or bribes or convinced by someone else to give thier favorite choice a vote. As a result you don't see 2 or 3 characters get a landslide advantage while all other entries get mentioned 1 or 2 times. I was going to do a head count on the characters entered but I'm a bit busy(not to mention lazy) at the moment,but I don't believe any ONE character was mentioned more than 4 or 5 times. So I have to ask myself just how sincere and trustful are these polls? I'm not trying to accuse anyone of wrong doing,I'm just curious about just how these results come to be. Some will say that that's what the collectors want,but more than once have 'the collectors' gotten what they 'want' and afterwards EM has been bombarded by negative responses and poor sales to those wants. Fod for the mind?

Thor8 said...

I meant FOOD for the mind.

sed tallis said...

Just saw the Japanese Avengers trailer, Helicarrier!!! oh Yaas!
This will be ma boys first cinema experience.
Nothing against these big titted X-Bint, and other characters who's cancelled titles used to sell in the tens of hundreds, It's just that every extension from here on in is precious.
Imagine if this it ?? No Whirlwind, no Fandral,Hogun,Dr Spectrum,Clea or Skurge?? But hey we have Nico,X-Man and Marvel Girl.

TheTooN said...

Had a quick look at the totals for X characters and came up with about 25% of the 200 confirmed to date.

Also about a third of all specials and double packs.

What area of the MU do the Mojo chars come under guys ?

tinodragon14 said...

mojo, longshot & spiral are part of the X-Men titles.

Guilherme said...

My five top choices for a future extension (please, God, please!) are Sunspot, Goblin Queen, Meggan, Bastion and Shatterstar

Guilherme said...

And that´s onde for Dan: why is that an extension should be made of 20 figurines? Could it be about 25 including those (5) re-dos?

deamon said...

It's not like You accept it or not. That's just a reality, and present comic selling has nothing to it. It's figurine collection.
Just go to website to see shops with CMFC, most out of stock are x-characters. They're most popular, look at forum polls where are users from about 10 countries, you can't compare it to about 20 voters from blog.
And characters who were in last extension has nothing to end of collection. They suggest end because of #200.
EM can't say selling is bad, if I'm waiting few months for re-stock, that only means figurines sells very well if they're out of stock.

jimbob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Osvaldoeaf said...

I don't mean to fuel this discussion, but as much as the x-fans may be accused of being greedy, it is ultimately EM who decides which characters are made, and I think if they've kept an average of five x- characters per extension, there might be a commercial reason for it. Just my opinion, though!

Simon West said...

hmm, in some ways its sad to see that the comments have turned into people complaining about too many xmen or too many .....

there are fans for all type, personally i think theres a few too many 'older' charecters, but thats fine. tbh i love th ecollection for what it is, and as much as i'd love some of the less ususal ones i'm sure i'll be happy with what we get.

Banshee said...

A while ago there use to be some strong support for the Eternal Sersi...anyone still intersted in her? Because if the collection does live on for as long as I hope it will, I'd like 3 or 4 Eternals like.. Makkari, Sersi and Thena. Anyone else like the idea of these characters?

TheTooN said...

Thanks tino, that might take it to over 25% of the collection.

@deamon - Your right some X-Men figurines sell like hot cakes.

Original team lineup :)

Victor said...

Every, month we have more than 25% X related comics, so we must have the same in figurines...

jimbob said...

X-MEN best seller.

nuff said!


bethrezen said...

"Some people here forgot about something.
Less X-characters in extension -> worse selling -> end of CMFC."

MORE X-Characters!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Hey Banshee, yes totally.
THE ETERNALS are awesome. I'm a massive fan of both the original Jack Kirby team and the revamped Neil Gaiman team. It's a shame that Ikaris is still all alone. The other 4 main Eternals are great characters:
MAKKARI is not just visually stunning, but was also the star of Gaiman's story. SERSI has also had major role in the Avengers. THENA is a spectacular warrior goddess, who'd make a fab figurine. And my favorite, AJAK, who has amazing Aztec-inspired design, and has recently been a member of the Gods Squad. So, yes. The ETERNALS deserve a few more figurines!
Check their virtual figurines

mighty_marvel said...

repeating this again but a jim lee x-men subset would be a big seller

Nightstar1441 said...

Well - might as well mention my 5 since they are not on the list.

Air Walker - need another herald of Galactus and Gabriel is visually stunning

Paladin - Marvel Knights is sorely underepresented in the list and this is a character who has been an Avenger, Defender, Hero for Hire and a Thunderbolt.

Phantom Rider - Western character with ties to the modern MU and probably the most 'super heroish' look among the western characters

Porcupine - unique character design and classic Ant-Man and Avengers foe

Solo - you really do not list any Spidey allies (Darkhawk might be considered but it's a bit of reach)so figured get a shot out for someone in the genre to be included since there are quite a few yet to be included in the collection(New Warriors, Puma, Rocket Racer, Slingers, Steel Spider etc).

Glad to see Gargoyle, Clea, Baron Mordo, High Evolutionary, Grey Gargoyle, Whirlwind and Darkhawk on the list though

max_0888 said...

Hey nice top 5 Nightstar.

Id love to have Paladin. He's definitely a must for my collection

Thor8 said...

"Some people here forgot about something.
Less X-characters in extension -> worse selling -> end of CMFC."

Where did you do your research Beth? At the X-Forum?

sed tallis said...

Random Stats.
If there are less X characters the collection will be more prone to mildew.
25% of X RELATED CHARACTERS PER EXTENSION IS SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH.As 432% of coleectors who demand that 57.4 % of all extensions should contain X characters will tell you.
I conducted this poll amongst unbiased X-fans ,so it's pretty much a scientific fact.
Also if you don't include more x men, you increase the chance of bear attacks! could you live with that Dan............could you??

jimbob said...

All X-Men extension please Dan.


mgf said...

Yeah, to hell with it, all X-Men next time round. Then we can all save £200 a year or so, and Dan and his mates can start work on a Fluffy Bunny and his Woodland Friends partwork when it's cancelled.

Actually, I know a job is a job, but what a come down it would be for those who do such sterling work on the CMFC when it does finally end. "OK, guys, the CMFC is ending so we are putting you on a really exciting new project. It's all a bit hush-hush, and we are calling it Project Larry the Lamb for now, but I can now reveal it will be... World of Crochet!" Poor devils will all be sat there with that wiggly smile Charlie Brown gets. Mind you, if Dan and his mates think we are all nuts wait 'til the blue rinse set get hold of them...

As someone who grew up reading Whizzer & Chips, Battle Action and MWOM and eschewing both Bunty and Jackie is it really true that the female figures outsell all others?

Is it possible that these females are found either somehow - how can I put it in a delicate manner - enticing, or are welcomed for perhaps fashion tips for evenings in front of the mirror?

Look, I'm an old fashioned cove. I freely admit it. To me the MU is essentially a male universe. Since it stopped being that sales have dropped off a cliff. Coincidence? I'm not so sure.

Thor8 said...

I think we need a new update today,yhe preasure is starting to get to us.

sed tallis said...

i think theres aboot 45 female figs up to issue #175. thats 0ne in every four???. Far too many, Don't get me wrong i love the laydees, it's just there aint 45 decent female characters in the whole MU, let alone this collection. Bar Princess P of couse.
Am aff tae pitch my Bloodstone tv series idea tae the Marvel.

LAWay said...

I know I have been quiet recently, but here is my Spiderman 2099 edit:

Please check it out.
I was very disappointed at the pose, especially when you remember all the sketches of the poses we were shown, and seeing how the sculpt doesnt quite match.

Well the sculpt is solid, the pose is just very awkward and again, doesnt match the sketch that was dynamic and looked great.

Tide you guys over until the next update anyway. :)

SinisterVenom said...

I can name a few ladies that deserve a place in the collection:
Goblin Queen
Miss America
Princess Python

You want specials? Thundra (yes I know she can be done as a regular, which I prefer but this is still an option), Madame Web, The Stepford Cuckoos...

sed tallis said...

Not saying no to the laydeez SV, 20% per extension would be more representative, i think three per extension is more than enough to cover all the grade A female characters out there. Why i would squeak with delight if Princess P, Clea and ehm.......sellophene? were in the next extension
Just ordered Ultimate MVC3, I'm going to take you and the Raccoon down ;0

max_0888 said...

ok, there's an argument saying the x-characters are dominating this collection, but nobody mentions the avengers...
it's pretty much the same thing but no one says anything about having to many of them...

I counted characters for each extansion and look at this:

here it goes:
5 x-characters (Moonstar, Wolfsbane, Longshot, Sebastian Shaw and Deathbird)
5 avengers characters (Swordsman, Moonstone, Wiccan, Stingray and Constrictor)

5 x-characters (Magik, Forge, Thunderbird, Avalanche, Domino)
4 avengers characters (Photon, Arachne, Mockingbird, Tigershark)

7 x-characters (Pyro, Marvel Girl, Cannonball, Destiny, Toad, Spiral and Siryn)
...but it was suppose to be 6 since Pyro was pushed down but wasn't confirmed that time

6 avengers characters (Radioactive man, Quasar, Firestar, Ares, Wrecker, Moondragon)

2 x-characters (Sunfire, X-man) ONLY 2
7 avengers characters (Jack of Hearts, Titania, Ant-man, Klaw, Grim Reaper, Wasp, Batroc)

see...there's a huge difference here...

4 x-characters (Madrox, Dazzler, X-23 and Jubilee)
8 avengers characters (War machine, Baron Zemo, Taskmaster, Black Knight, Hellcat, Viper, Tigra, Jocasta)

Again, huge difference

5 x-characters (Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Bishop, Blink, Banshee)
5 avengers characters (Moon Knight, Winter Soldier, Absorbing man, Valkyrie, Mandarin)

4 x-characters (Cable, Psylocke, Havok, Mr Sinister)
8 avengers characters(Spider-woman, Hercules, Black Widow, Kang, Falcon, Ms Marvel, Sentry, Wonder man)

Didn't count Quicksilver cause he could go in both areas, nor Crystal cause she is more a Fantastic Four character even if she was an avenger...

So let's just say it is pretty well balanced...
And we should just stop saying how much x-characters rule this collection cause it's just not true.

Oh and if you guys say we should count Alpha flight as x-characters...well i'll count Asgardians as Avengers characters cause they aren't related that much to x-men or avengers anyway

What do you guys think?

mighty_marvel said...

i'm ok with the balance of the collection personally. i think 5ish x-men related characters and 5ish avengers related characters per extension is about right.

if an extension follows roughly

2 x-men heroes
2 x-men villains
1 x-men ally
2 avenger heroes
2 avenger villains
1 avenger other
1 spiderman
1 fantastic four
2 cosmic
3 marvel knights
2 other

i'm more than happy.

LAWay said...

Personally when collection I dont even think of the balance and where the characters come from. As long as they are the best characters available then I am happy.

People say that redos are not needed because if people have collected this long they will continue to buy the lesser known characters, so the same theory should apply to whatever origin the character is, be is xmen, avengers, cosmic...I dont think people really care all that much as long as the characters are the best we can get.

vicnuts said...

I agree completely with LAWay. Who cares about what title the characters come from so long we get the best possible figurine possible. My reason for jumping on this blog is because EM stopped doing that with some truly awful pieces i.e. Adam Warlock, Guardian, Havok, Moon Knight, etc. Look at Gorgon or Task Master or earlier sculpts like Dr. Strange or Mephisto as the standard we should be expecting and receiving.

Tohi said...

3d printing era is coming...