Friday, 16 March 2012

Day in the life of a CMFC drone...

Gets into office 6.30 (itchy chin):

1. Does some amazing design (well -).

2. Has a dig through the ever increasing pile of figurines under desk.

3. Poses for cover commission of J.Jonah Jameson.

4. They are ignored and Richard Elson supplies far superior rendition.

With more anger...

Pete Hutchins rounds off the day with his stunnning sculpt of Wiccan!

The drone's job is done. He may now return to his recuperation pod...


CGJ said...

Certainly beats my usual day's work!

Wiccan looks a nice sculpt. I was going to say this last week but it goes double for Wiccan. NOT a character I give two figs for and one I complained bitterly about when people campaigned for it. But, like spidey Space 1999 last week, the sculpts are great and so I will look forward to adding them to the shelf

SinisterVenom said...

Oooh very nice Dan! I am absolutely loving the cover for JJJ! I want him now!!! :D
Wiccan looks fabulous too! I love the pose idea you went for, something you've used already, yet made it different for this character.
Thanks again for a fantastic update Dan!

Osvaldoeaf said...

A really fun and entertaining update, Dan! Wow, I sure envy your job! I'm drooling over that pile of figurines! Love the JJJ second sketch! And Wiccan looks awsome, just as I expected! Cheers!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Dan, hats off to you and the sculptor. Wiccan is stupendous.
I love everything about it: the pose, the facial expression and the incredibly fine details down to the esoteric patterns on the costume. Totally magical.

If this is how modern Marvel characters can look in the CMFC, by all means bring on more Young Avengers, Avengers Academy and Young X-Men please!
From what I can see, Wiccan is possibly the best sculpt in the 181-200 extension.

PS. Love the office pics. I'd love to see a video documentary on the CMFC showing how you, the sculptor and the creative team work on a character from start to finish.

Banshee said...
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Banshee said...

I wish I had a stash like that under my desk at work.

Nice update Dan!!

Loving the JJJ cover, especially the more angry one >:-/

Wiccan looks freaking amazing. Although he looks kinda old in the face? With a fantastic sculpt like that surely he must open the door for more Young Avengers??

buffduffdan said...

Loving Wiccan! He looks amazing :) An example of how modern characters can be done and still sit in with the oldies! Really hope he paves the way for more Young Avengers (especially Patriot and Hulkling!).

Liking the JJJ cover too - spot on!

Thor8 said...

Loved the Wiccan sculpt Hope it looks just as good when painted. I'm all go for more young Avengers and Avengers Academy members being included.

Like both JJJ covers but I would choose the 2nd one. Sorry they didn't pick you pose Dan(maybe if you grew a mustache!)

Please don't make us sufer any longer and tell us another extension has been approved.

sed tallis said...

Wiccan is wiccked.....see what i did there kids?

Banshee said...

Dan I have a question I've never raised before but it's something that's been niggling me for years.

I'm a compulsive completist. I have every figurine in this collection except the GOD DAMN green Quicksilver variant.
Is there any chance you guys can release it over here in the UK because it's driving me insane!!!!

captainfur said...

Love (and envy) all the hard work you pour into it, but that Wiccan looks ten years older than he should be. that build is out of proportion, he's a teenager!

jimbob said...

Wiccan looks superb!Well done!

Please could you try and get Warriors Three in next.

Volstagg (resin if necessary)

or Thunderstrike would be good.

Paibok said...

Well my usual days work is (or was) is not as interesting as that. Envious.

Wiccan looks great. I love the dynamics of the pose, I cannot wait to add him to the collection. The sculpt is great upto the neckline. The problem is the face.

Wiccan is supposed to be a YOUNG Avenger somewhere between 16-18 (at a guess) the face makes him look twenty years older, and the hair is too uniform for a teenager. Making it seem more unruly / finer would probably make him appear younger... god i sould like LaWay....

Needs Hulkling to accompany the sculpt.

Thor8 said...

True Wiccan looks more mature,but If you can't make him look younger it's no big deal.

I agree with jimbob,could you start including the the Warriors Three in this collection.,and some classic villains like Grey Gargoyle,Nefaria,Whirlwind Blastar,Princess Python,Mastermind,Space Phantom.Baron Mordo,Nightmare,Diablo,Rama Tut,etc.

Banshee; No need to swear in God's name mate.

jimbob said...

Wiccan face does look strong wich makes him look alot older,maybe make it a bit softer to give him a youthful look.

Banshee said...

Sorry mate, no offense intended. It really does frustrate me that I'm one figurine short >:-(

John said...

I was going to say the same as the other 3... Wiccan's face looks too old. Otherwise, a pleasant birthday present. :) (Its my birthday.)

And I'll also chime in for the Warriors Three. If we're worried about how many more extensions there will be, go ahead and give us the 2 regular sized ones in one extension. It'll be worth it. The CMFC NEEDS them, and this is coming from a non-Asgardian fan.

And agreed that more villains are needed. People bring up Baron Mordo a lot, but I'd much rather have Nightmare. Mordo is Strange's main nemesis, BUT Nightmare goes after a wider diversity of the supernatural heroes (thus more buyers will recognize him.)

michal9403 said...

Wiccan looks absolutely amazing for me. Now I can't wait to see Hela and Deathbird:)

jimbob said...

Make Wiccan's face less masculine.
He has more of a feminine face any ways which will make him look younger.

The pose look right to me,cant wait to get him.

Also more Young Avengers please.

John said...

Now personally, I don't think the Young Avengers deserve to have EVERY member made, not when so many other teams are left incomplete (Night Thrasher, Vindicator, Air-Walker, Maximus...) but for a team this important to the overall MU, more than 1 should be made. I'm thinking a group of Wiccan, Hulkling and Patriot make the most sense. The others aren't QUITE there in terms of popularity, importance, marketability, etc. (could be in the fututre... but not at the moment and if I were only picking a small group.)


BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

OK Dan, I had another good look at the Wiccan sculpt and I must say I agree with other bloggers - that the face is not quite right. He really needs to look younger, more ethereal and more handsome. I also think that the raised arm is maybe longer than anatomy allows, especially as the forearm appears longer than the segment from elbow to shoulder. Maybe it's the angle of the pic?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

... but I still think it's a stupendous sculpt and, imo, the best figurine of 181-200 together with Firelord.

max_0888 said...

I agree Wiccan's sculpt is very nice. The pose is great and i'm sure painted he will look amazing.

But I also agree about the face looking a bit too mature.

Thanks again for the blog update Dan

Kal Brindle said...

Wiccan looks incredible. Great work Eaglemoss.

LAWay said...

Am I the only one who looked at every detail in those office photos to see if they could spot anything that could have been leaked or shown accidentally about future sculpts or announcements? lol

Saw a boxed Domino, Wizard and Arachne.

Although there is 1 character I am not sure who they are. In the 2nd picture down, in the box lower down in the pic is a figurine next to a box that reads 'La Cape L'epee' (french for cloak & dagger?) The character is predominantly blue and yellow it look like, but the box looks special sized. Maybe my they have slipped my mind, but can anyone shed light on it?

Wiccan is a great sculpt. Boy has he changed since I was reading Young Avengers. He looks like a very strong and confident man, not some scrawny teenager.

Also, did you guys see my Spiderman 2099 edit? I made it look more like the original sketch that was posted ages ago -

lipstick said...

Wiccan must be more young.

LAWay said...

Wiccan edit if anyone is interested.

Personally I like this sculpt and dont think it really needs to be changed, I certainly wouldnt be disappointed by it. Just wanted to have a go at seeing if I could make it younger looking. Dont think it came out too greatm but have a look if interested.

Thor8 said...

I know how you feel Banshee,but you really shouldn't worry too much mate,The green Quicksilver figurine is nothing more than a repaint of the blue one. With the right shade of green paint and some patience you could most likely make one yourself and no one would see the difference(not too mention saving you quite a bit of hard earned cash!)

zombiedude13 said...

I do think that the extensions are far to heavy with mutants, the MU is more than mutants, but I understand sales dictate things, but you'd think that you'd want to string the mutants out over time, after all this is a line that truly can go on indefinately.

That said, I also agree that each line should have 25 figs, 20 new, and 5 redo's. That would be great. And, while it would hurt my pocketbook, I wouldn't complain if 4 figs came out each month.

No comment on Wiccan. I am not a fan of his, and have barely read anything with him in it to warrant comment.

CGJ said...

I noticed the mystery fig too Leigh but looking again there are a few DC boxes in there. Might be one of the DC characters...

sed tallis said...

Pretty sure it's bloodstone in his 90's cartoon outfit?
Fair set of piles you have there Dan

Bagman said...

From the DC collection page, i think the character is called 'RAVAGER', probably need to get one of the DC collectors to confirm that as i know next to nothing about DC ---- except that it's inferior to Marvel :)

LAWay said...

Ah, good spot Bagman and CGJ, it is indeed Ravager. To think, all that careful looking and in my exciting I didnt notice the DC box. Ah well, mystery over. Cheers guys.

Gremlin said...

I have to echo everyone elses statements that Wiccan is a great sculpt. The pose isn't original but it really works for the character and makes him something special. And again I will echo the others in saying his face makes him look about 20-25-ish. Other than that he is perfect.....and to be honest it's a small complaint that I wouldn't really be bothered if it didn't get fixed. Hey he will probably look like that one day.

As for completing the Young Avengers I agree with John, many of the others don't really have the prominance outside their own title to be made. However Hulkling and Patriot and to some respect Stature do. Hulkling (oh I wish they would change it's's very misleading) has the visual design to make him appealing and Patriot was the team leader and also has a snazzy look. Speed, Iron Lad, Kid Vision and Haweye have yet to really strike out on their own outside of the YA.
I hope EM continues with them....get Patriot in next as he would look great next to Captain America and US Agent (who needs to be made this extension too).

I also agree on the Warriors Three front. Confirm the two smaller ones in the one extension and do Volstagg as a special later on.

We have so many teams to try and get in each extension. The New Warriors have been neglected for quite a while and given how Speedball, Justice and Darkhawk have all been around the past few years I would like to see one of them get confirmed.
Then there is Alpha Flight. I know that Marrina is the obvious choice but she died early on in the run and wasn't seen for YEARS. Whereas Vindicator has been a constant presence in most of the series.
The original GOTG got Vance in last time and I am hoping that Starhawk makes it this time. And as for the modern GOTG Starlord has to be made....he led the team and was very much the star of the series (next to Rocket).
Excalibur jst needs Meggan to complete the original lineup and then Peter Wisdom for the last of the main team members (Cerise and Kylun were very short-lived).

vicnuts said...

Very nice Wiccan sculpt, though it doesn't look much like the form of a slim teenager. If we're doing super-teens where's American Dream, Spidergirl & Thunderstrike???

vicnuts said...

Oh yeah.... Shouldn't Wiccans head be facing the direction of his outstretched hand? For the character to be staring away from where he's pointing looks odd

mgf said...

Teams were always going to be tricky because with few exceptions you need half a dozen extensions to complete them. That said I never thought we would get the Inhumans - Lockjaw, I hope, will be a special very soon - and Alpha Flight seemed extremely unlikely, yet they made it.

I think the DC collection made a big mistake ignoring both the LoSH and Metal Men for so long. They seemed fixated with the Teen Titans almost to the exclusion of all others, and it now seems we'll just get the one Metal Man and a very few Legionnaires because of that decision. The CMFC has handled these issues far better, but also had the benefit of more extensions, of course.

The Guardians seem perfectly suited to be well represented next time, perhaps even deserving three or four places across the two eras. Starhawk and Star Lord, and perhaps Yondu, being the most visually spectacular of the old... errr... Guard, would be great additions, and maybe more importantly under current circumstances, strong sellers.

mighty_marvel said...

if we're talking teams, it would be nice if runaways got one or two members to stand with nico. karolina would be a good place to start. she'd make a visually outstanding sculpt. then molly a little further on, possibly holding something ridiculously heavy above her head as she'd be a small figure.

Gremlin said...

An idea that I have heard mentioned before is the idea of re-packaging existing figures into team-packs. So for example now that Thunderbird is out you can pack Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Banshee, Sunfire, Wolverine and Thunderbird together and sell them as the "Giant Sized X-men". What I have heard from new collectors is that they are daunted by the fact they have to track down many of the earlier figures (which are really hard to come by....Nightcrawler!!). By re-issuing these packs you may be able to gain new customers and it would really cost much extra because all the groundwork with designing the figures is done.
You could do an Alpha Flight, Inhumans, Fantastic 4, Giant Sized X-men, Original Avengers, Defenders, Brotherhood.....

With that in mind it may make sense to try and complete teams like the original GOTG so that one day they could be packaged the same.

On another note what does everyone think of a Brood Drone special. I would love one. The Brood are my favourite alien race and my dream is to get at least three drones on my shelf so I have a hive of them.
This does come under the "generic characters" tag I guess but I really feel EM are missing a gold mine with characters people would buy multiple versions of.

mgf said...

It would be interesting to know how well Multiple Man sold. I bought three and I hate long coats. i suppose that might be considered commercially sensitive information. (Those De Agostini spies are everywhere. i understand it was only by spying on EM they came up with the idea of making their figures appear vaguely like the things they were supposed to resemble rather than a waxy lump with "Will this do?" printed on the bottom.)

I think EM are missing a bit of a trick with the alien races and AIM and Hydra. If the poses were static enough I would buy several of each. Half a dozen Hydra bods giving the old salute would look very impressive.

Similarly a Kree captain would be nice. Old gits like me could pretend he's 60s Mar-Vell, while customisers could get out the Humbrol and busy themselves making all the different ranks.

Gremlin said...

Exactly. I know it's sensetive info but I really feel that the AIM and Hydra drone especially would really be beneficial for the collection. For all the people that go " thaks" there are going to be people who will get 2/3/4/5 to make a little display. I did a thread on the forum about it and one of the main NO arguments was that people wanted the leaders in first. With respect to AIM we now have MODOK so there is nothing stopping EM putting an AIM soldier in the collection. For Hydra we have Viper but I guess Baron Von Strucker would be useful to have aswell.
The other main argument was that people wanted "individual" characters but to me the magazine could be on the organisation itself and the figure could be a soldier. Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man ect have mowed down hundreds of these guys in issues, to me they are just as important as the named bad guys.

And alien races too. Like I mentioned, the Brood have pretty much been a constant presence in the MU and I am sure a drone would sell well. Then there is the Kree like MGF mentioned and also Skrulls, Phalanx and Baddoon. OK so maybe we won't get them all but some of the main alien races would be cool.

LAWay said...

Nice idea about the repackaging Gremlin for characters like the X-Men.

What if EM went a step further, and repainted them, or a few of them, just so then even collectors who had them would buy them? Underhanded, but works for everyone.

sed tallis said...

Ah, the old generics hickory nut, Yes please.I'd buy a whole mess of em.
If you pood yer finger oot, You could package Iron man.Cap America, Hawkeye and Thor as an Avengers movie tie in.Rattle off a mag, repackage old stock, bish bosh loadsa dosh innit??

John said...

I'd buy 3 AIM figurines, easily. I know I'd at least buy one HYDRA agent to sit next to Deadpool.

Speaking of Deadpool, can we get Lady Deadpool holding Headpool. Two marketable, high profile characters in one go with hardly any other merchandise would sell very well, I'd imagine.

John said...

I kind of feel the same way about the old GotG as I do the Young Avengers. They need more than 1 member but no more than 3. They don't really deserve more than 3... for many of the same reasons. (Please keep in mind that I'm a huge Young Avengers fan.)

In my opinion, Vance Astro, Starhawk and Yondu would make a perfect little display to represent the group and have the prominence of character and most visually interesting and practical characters there (just as Wiccan, Hulkling and Patriot would do.)

Now other teams I feel should have A representative because the title was important, but 1 is enough. Like Ikaris, I think 1 Runaway is enough at this given moment. Now if the book would actually cross over more, come back with a higher profile, the characters would appear in other titles (like the YA do) SOMETHING... then yeah, Carolina and Molly could be made. If there's a movie being made (I'm still confused if that's actually in the works) then another should DEFINITELY be made and timed with release.

But until then, 3 old GotG, 3 Young Avengers, 1 Runaway, 1 Eternal, and sadly, only 1 Agent of Atlas.

Robert said...

Thanks, Dan, for another update. What's with the 6:30 start, though?

Amazes me people are talking about how many characters the collection has from the Young Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Runaways, Agents of Atlas, Eternals, etc. and we don't have a single member of the Warriors Three. Come on, Dan, it's got to the point where their omission is embarrassing.

John said...

I'm trying to take a step back and look at the colection from a non-bias point of view. That's why I say Agents of Atlas and Young Avengers are 2 of my favorite teams, yet we should only have 1 and 3 members respectively.

Now as Robert was saying, the Warriors Three is only 3 members strong, VERY high profile, lots of exposure from the movie... these guys DESERVE all 3 members. And I say this as a non-Asgardian fan. Where I'd like to see a good mix to increase my chances of getting my Spidey and FF characters, etc. I really, truly believe we should be getting Fandrall AND Hogun in the next extension.

I'm of a similar mind of the New Warriors. The team itself was never That high profile, but the individual members are so big and so important that they individually scream to complete the main cast of the team. Its kind of crazy that we still don't have Speedball, Night Thrasher, Darkhawk or Justice. I mean its really just Nova and Firestar, and Nova's on my Cosmic shelf... leaving Firestar sitting by her lonesome. ;) Each of the above 4 have the history and recognition from so much more than even the team they came from, so can we get 1 or 2 of them next extension as well?

SinisterVenom said...

I have to also shout out for the Warriors Three! These, like a few other characters in the MU, are far overdue and we need at least one of them I suppose.
But in my opinion, which like John said earlier, we could get Hogun and Fandrall in the next extension. In fact, I believe they should be the first two characters to be confirmed due to how overdue they are. With them in, we can have Volstagg as a special around the time they will be released. Then I believe the main Asgardians left to cover would be Skurge, Heimdall and maybe Tyr among others.

Robert said...

I'd be happy if John was in charge of the next extension, if it comes. Man talks good old-fashioned sense. Probably also punctual, good at walking on slippery pavements, can chat to strangers at bus stops without appearing creepy and can carry a tune. Actually, it's amazing what you can tell about a person from a few paragraphs...

John said...

Robert, I'm happy to say that
1. I'm always early.
2. Paper Macheing with 3rd graders yesterday, the floor got slippery around the sink. I slipped, but did not fall.
3. I just had a decent conversation with an old woman at Kroger who was giving out free samples of orange juice.
4. And when I sing, I tend to match the exact pitch, speed and word emphasis as the original song. :D

Now you do realize that if I were in charge, we WOULD be getting Rocket Raccoon, right? Probably in a double pack with Groot if I could convince my superiors.

I'd have the forum vote at the beginning to guarantee a balanced extension, but still have the contest winner at the end for the fun surprise.

I'd be making the extension as balanced as possible, in terms of titles, eras, popularity, or a number of other dictating factors, but also be looking at it in terms of "What is NEEDED if this were the last extension"... thus why I'd say the Asgardians get 2 slots to make sure the Warriors Three are in before the collection is over.

And we'd get Brother Voodoo, Nightmare and High Evolutionary because they're all so deserving and long overdue, as well as Star-Lord and Jackal because I personally want them so bad, but they're also deserving. :D

A Golden Ager would be pushed as Namora, to get both a 50's representative and my own Agents of Atlas, plus she's just been higher profile lately than many other older characters (Agents, World War Hulk, Avengers 1952.)

And there's a lot of other factors I'd have to look at and think in great detail about, but I wouldn't say ANYthing until I had my 16 characters figured out... so as not to get anyone's hopes up.

There's my general take.

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the update Dan. Hope you are well.

Like the second JJJ cover best as it has more anger from Spidey's last angry man.

Not a fan of the so-called young avengers because I'm quite happy with the older ones. The yaers are just a mish mash of the older ones. That said the wiccan figure looks good but I must agree with others that the drawings of him indicate a younger look in the face is required. Also he is a sexy, young gay guy so he needs more package.


Robert said...

Your election manifesto is great, John. Two Asgardians, check. Both to be from the Warriors Three, check. Classic cosmic character? High Evolutionary, check. Classic Spidey character? Jackal, check. You're storming along, an unstoppable juggernaut. The election's in the bag, a done deal.

Then, on the eve of the election, you go and do the equivalent of getting the cute intern from the local Catholic high school up the duff. Why did you have to mention the bloody raccoon?

Sad. Another talented public figure bites the dust due to a fatal personal flaw.


mgf said...

Would Volstagg really need to be a special? The Kirby version wasn't all that tall, just wide. He seems to have put on a bit of height recently though, depending on the artist. If the Thing can make it as a regular Volstagg should just be about possible too.

SinisterVenom said...

Honestly, Volstagg would possibly pass as a regular yes. But if this is a sure fire way of getting all three warriors in the collection then I would be happy with this.

Thor8 said...

Mgf: What Volstagg's seems to be suffering from is a rare disease found only in The Twilight Zone and in The Marvel Universe. Those that are infected by it start to get taller and wider as time marches on. Volstagg has been infected,as has Warpath,Blob,Collosus,Kingpin,Hulk,Thing,and many other characters in the MU. The disease is known as 'artistium redentioum"

SinisterVenom said...

Oh and forgot to mention, Black Widow was completed earlier guys. I'll hopefully have her coloured real soon!

John said...

If Thing was made today, he'd be a Special. So any character comparable to Thing would be Special sized.

Robert, you know Rocket Raccoon's my most wanted character. Remember the picture I drew you of Recorder holding him?

Still, it'd likely be more like:
-High Evolutionary as an Avengers villain.
-Star-Lord as a modern Cosmic.
-Stawhawk as an old Cosmic.
-...Air-Walker if I could slip in another Cosmic...

Rocket and Groot would get a heavy push for Double Pack. If not, he'd be the last of the major players after Star-Lord is made and would get in next extension. Or if I went the contest at the end.

Thor8 said...

As more and more of you guys write in mentioning your wants,I become more and more convinced that this collection should be far from over. there are still to many high grade popular characters to be done and too many areas in the MU still poorly represented or not represented at all,that need covering.

We need generics such as...

Hydra Agents
Aim Technicians
Sons of The Serpent

sub species such as...

lava man

western characters. Maybe...

Two Gun Kid
Phantom Rider
Red Wolf

More Marvel Knights representations


More classic villains...

Grey Gargoyle
King Cobra
Princess Python
(this list could go on for a loooong time)

Other groups other than X and A


Golden age heroes...

Human Torch
Blazing Skull
The Angel

and of course,The asgardians

Warriors Three

So as you can see EM people this show is way from over.

SinisterVenom said...

Completely agree with you Thor8. The amount of wanted characters we've had shows we easily have enough to keep going for a while yet.
You've told us about the chances of new extensions in the future Dan, but what are YOUR personal thoughts on them? Do you believe the collection will continue for a while longer and also, what characters do YOU want to see make it into the collection? I don't think any of us have actually asked Dan which characters he'd like to see made.

Robert said...

I'd forgotten all about that, John!

Okay, I can only imagine that I surrendered when you did that, so - for the second time - I retract my opposition to... to.... oh, I can't say it aloud. You know who I mean.

Damn, was grinding my teeth so hard there I popped a muscle in my jaw...

Any chance you can post a link to that photo again, John? May help with the pain...

P.S. Dan has already said that Ben was lucky he was made as a regular and wouldn't be now. And Volstagg is bigger, always has been.

sed tallis said...

Me and the wee man are playing UMVC3 , Rocket Raccoons Voice over is a cross between Dick Van Dykes Chiminey sweep and Vinnie Jones.
I can see why Robert ates im.
He Looks the type that would molest a poor Titan who was still groggy from rohypnol.
You could get away with Volstagg as a regular , instead of swigging on a flagon of mead have him holding a can of Slimfast.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

You won't believe this it's so coincidental, but I'll tell you anyway. Three or four months back I started re-reading every issue of Hulk from #1 right up to 620-something (when I had to stop because the stories were making me angrier than the eponymous character). Last night I reached issue number 270. Which means that the next issue is the 20th anniversary special and the infamous appearance of you-know-who. And to think, they wasted Sal B pencils and inks, when he was at the very peak of his powers, on this nonsense...

John said...

Robert, are you talking about Rocket's first appearance being in The Hulk? :D

Robert said...

Love that drawing...

Yeh, the furball appeared in Hulk. Don't think it was his first appearance, although it may have been his first colour appearance. It was a dreadful issue: a killer bunny death squad, Keystone Kop Squad, talking turtles, a Walrus with a tusk that looked like a fork, I could go on. Mantlo did a lot of memorable and interesting stuff on the Hulk but you have to wonder what the hell he was thinking with this mess. He went from sensitively commenting on the Israeli-Palestinian tensions in the Middle East to this Looney Tunes silliness in a few short months! (The next issue has the Wendigo, so we have cannibalism and Banner taking control of the HUlk. So it just doesn;t fit at all.)

lipstick said...

One more time, people who doesn't know anything about some character, have opinion.
Wiccan must be fixed.

Ken said...

Dear Dan and Co.,

Everytime I look at my CMFC displayed behind my glass bookshelf, I'm just in awe and feel like it was the '90s once again. It reminds of when I was a teenager reading all those comic books, collecting and trading all those Marvel cards with my buddies, playing those classic Sega Genesis video games like Xmen , and watching those marvel superhero Saturday (and Sunday) morning animations. Thank you, thank you for creating this once in a life time collection. So please please have at least a couple more extensions full of unique and wonderful superheroes and villains!

PS. As a kid, I always dreamt of having my own "Cerebro" such as Prof. X, and now I have it via paperback :0)

no1wonderfan said...

I agree with the other posters that said Wiccan is too old and too buff looking. The edits that LAWay made look perfect. Maybe back to the drawing board a bit? Either way, the figure is gorgeous.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Wiccan really is a magnificent figurine. The cape is particularly spectacular. I like it so much, at this point I even start to question the need to adjust the body frame. It's sculpted so well, it'd be a shame. Maybe we should consider it as a Marvel WHAT IF figurine!
What if Wiccan was 32 years old and had been hitting the gym with Hulkling for 10 years? ;)

jimbob said...

Just seen LAWay Wiccan sketch and the adjustment looks good.

The main factor is Wiccan strong jaw.
Give him more of an oval face shape with pointy features.

And smaller waist line and I hope the figurine isn't too tall.

sed tallis said...

Hey to all you pensioners out there.
Just watched a quite superb documentary on YouTube . Search for Jack Kirby documentary ,it, in 5 parts posted by smolarek1986.
Contributors include Walt Siminson, Len Wein, Neal Adams, john Romita snr, Barry Windsor Smith, Jim Lee and loads more go treat yerselfs.
The rest of you can watch Thundercats.

Guilherme said...

Wiccam looks like more mature than he should be. And Northstar and Aurora still are missing on the main site... What If this error could make some bad inpact on sales? They cause so much noise to be put together they don't deserve that....

no1wonderfan said...

All this talk about Young Avengers makes me think about all the New Warriors that are missing. That book was pretty popular back in the day...and one of my favorites too.

Dan, does Eaglemoss want to show some love to Justice, Namorita, Turbo, Night Thrasher and Rage? Pleeeeese. :D

I know the odds are low that we'd ever see a Namora and a Namorita, but I love them both....another two-pack maybe? ha.

BobDiamond said...

Soap-box time...
All this talk of the possible close demise of the collection has got me thinking (again) of the one true glaring omission so far....
After all, this whole amazing world began with one ground-breaking comic-book back in 1939 named Marvel Comics #1. Said comic had an iconic cover featuring the The Human Torch-the original android version. This character didn't come and go in a flash like so many other GA heroes, but went on to star in hundreds of comics and has become important in the modern Marvel world too (Avengers, H4H, FF, connections to The Vision....)
So, why haven't we got him yet?? It all began with him!
As I've said before, we could have an amazing Special of the Human Torch and his side-kick Toro as a one-base sculpt, or a Special of just him bursting out of his 'pod' as he did in that first issue.

This will never be a complete 'Classic'Collection without Jim Hammond!!
(jumps off soap-box)


PS..John, I knew you were a teacher, but I never knew you were a fellow Art Teacher! That's very cool...Your mention of paper-mache reminded me of the fun I've been having with clay and my lively Yr.8s last week!

LAWay said...

I did forget to mention, but now Blake reminded me, Wiccan's cape is truly amazing.

I think its safe to say everyone loves the sculpt, but its just a shame it isnt on model. I dont think it will affect sales though. I am sure there have been bigger clangers that have passed the sales tests.

I think any future 2 packs or subsets are a no go judging by some things mentioned in the past.

I do think the repackaging of older figures into boxsets is a great one. X-men, Fantastic 4, Sinister 6, Marvel Knights, I am sure they would look great and be very eye catching. While I have suggested make repaint adjustments simply to lure collectors who already have these figurines, its something that could be ignored just to get new people buying them. I really think it would work.

Also someone mentioned why the extension is 20 and not 25? I think its a good shout as ending on 250 or 300 sooner is better than wobbling at 220 and packing it in at 240. Not wanting to sound defeatist, but just those big round numbers seem alot more impressive.

While it was suggested that 5 be redos, while I would love that, it would be so out of place, especially if an end number for the collection was in sight.

But I think both ideas are original and very plausible.

lets not forget the 'Art of the CMFC' guys. I want that art book dammit!

John said...

I'm with Bob, and almost mentioned the Torch in my big post about who to consider for the next extension.

EM, there's a lot of Golden Agers out there that deserve to be looked at.

Personally, I'd love to have Blazing Skull, Jimmy Woo, M-11 and I know others are begging for GA Vision and more, but I think that by the end of the collection, there's 4 figurines in this area that SHOULD be made to truly call this the Classic Marvel:

1. Torch:
#1 is, hands down, The Human Torch, Jim Hammond. One of Marvel's first characters, best sellers, of the 'Big Three', history that matters/relevance

2. Angel:
Another of the firsts, but also something about him embodies an entire genre of the time. I see Angel and I'm reminded of Fiery Mask, Phantom Reporter and others. He's just got that classic Green Hornet or Spirit feel, but looking at his origins, BEST fits to represent this time period for Marvel.

3. Two-Gun Kid
Speaking of representing a genre, cowboy comics are too important to Marvel's history to just ignore. The hard part is deciding between 2-Gun, Rawhide and Kid Colt... but if it were decided that we should have a representative, and it were explained to collectors that we'd likely only have ONE for the collection, I think a vote would fairly decide which of the big 3 cowboys. Thoughts?

4. Whizzer
The final spot goes to the Whizzer. Just a great representative from Marvel's more 'super powered' GA characters. We could say Miss America instead, but according to the polls run on the forum a while ago, over twice as many people wanted Whizzer (not a lot of voters, but still...)

Now these are the guys I think SHOULD be in the collection if this is to represent Marvel and its amazing history and breadth of genre. I would prefer NAMORA (who won that poll, hands down... with Torch 2nd and Whizzer 3rd) but looking unbiased, historically based, there's my opinion.

jimbob said...

Golden Age characters are not the most requested figurines.

Dont think this collection has many extension left,dont want too waste slots.

EM should focus on completeing teams we have started.

Robert said...

I'd like the original Torch and Whizzer, yes, but not before folks like the Warriors Three, original Iron Man, original Cap Britain, Tarantula, Jackal, etc.

Sorry, John.

LAWay said...

No to the wildwest. Just my view on it.

It isnt a huge part of marvel. Most people, if not all are collecting this series because of superhero comics. Not all of us are old enough to even know they made cowboy comics. Marvel dont care for them any more it seems, and I really couldnt think of more out of place and boring figurines than cowboys.

While the Invaders to merit...something...I aint really interested.

LAWay said...

No to the wildwest. Just my view on it.

It isnt a huge part of marvel. Most people, if not all are collecting this series because of superhero comics. Not all of us are old enough to even know they made cowboy comics. Marvel dont care for them any more it seems, and I really couldnt think of more out of place and boring figurines than cowboys.

While the Invaders to merit...something...I aint really interested.

SinisterVenom said...

Sketch of Nick Fury has just been posted guys. Trying to get through them quickly so that I can start work on the Avengers pic very soon! If anyone hasn't seen the Black Widow pic yet, that is also up so feel free to have a look!

John said...

"I'd like the original Torch and Whizzer, yes, but not before folks like..."

Like I said, these are characters I think we should have before the collection is OVER, not necessarily in the next extension or two.

And I tried looking at it from an unbiased point of view. I'd buy all of them, but Torch being the one I want most, isn't even in my Top 50.

Some characters just SHOULD be made. I hate Storm, but recognize her need for inclusion. ...What this really boils down to is simply your viewpoints on what you want this collection to BE overall. If you want it to cover the vast scope of the MU or if you want all your favorite, popular, current characters, or if you want the collection to reflect your childhood or whatever.

zombiedude13 said...

I am left wondering why all this doubt exist for this collection to continue. I understand some reasons wht DC seems to struggle, for them it might be sculpt choices, charcter choices, or even the current shift from classic costumes to the new DCU. I really love DC, but I have skipped several beloved character because of sculpts or costume choices.
For example, I really disliked Elasti Girl's look, and nothing will ever convince me to buy it. Moonstone, from Marvel is one of my alltime faves, but I will skip her because I far prefer her classic costume over the one that was chosen.
Marvel is lucky, some of its most beloved characters are its third tier people. White Tiger? El Aquila, Puck. . . .Rocket Raccoon! Yep, there are lots of people who will snap up those figures in a second. DC has Detective Chimp. DC is all about big guns, beyond them, their characters get lost. Marvel's best characters are not their top 10, seriously, Brother Voodoo needs made, GArgoyle needs made, shoot, I'd even love to see Swarm or Stegron.
Marvel has tons of characters that can extend indefiantely. Marvel has never had a lasting implosion, crisis, or multiverse meltdown that DC uses to confuse or alienate readers ever 10 or so years.
Marvel has mutants, and as much as the mutants bore me (sorry) I know they will always sell. A boost for Marvel if ever there was one.
If anything, The options for Marvel are much better than DC, after all, Marvel could create a Marvel Zombies line (which I would snag every figure of); A Marvel 1600 line, A microverse line, Planet Hulk, etc.
Just a lot to choose from. I know that interest in Marvel won't wane, and I doubt that sales will ever drop so long as there is a mutant to make.

Keep the faith!!!!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I will say it again and again. There is no reason why the CMFC should stop. Heroclix series is still going. And I think the CMFC is the best exploration of the Marvel Universe ever attempted. EM have come up with a beautiful formula. The sculpts are amazing and the magazines are creating the best Marvel encyclopedia, so good I bet even Stan Lee reads it. The CMFC can become a permanent exploration, wave after wave of characters, like Heroclix, but one million times better.
You only need to check my A-Z VIRTUAL CMFC GALLERY to see how much there is, and my gallery is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
Long live the CMFC.

Alex Summers   said...

I hope there is still time to make Wiccan look much as it is a beautiful sculpt, it just doesn't look like him!
Great update again, Dan.
Hope next week you have those great news eevryone is expecting....

jimbob said...

The CMFC needs variants to keep them going just like the other collections have done.

Gremlin said...

I have to say I also have no love for the Western side of the MU. I know there are a few cowboys who made the transition to the superhero side but I have no desire to have any on the shelf. Marvel did that Six Guns mini-series a few months back and it was interested. At this point in the collection I would rather EM go for the more commercially viable characters. I understand the need to get a broad view of the MU with this collection. At a push if you HAD to put a western character in I would say someone ike the Two-Gun Kid or Rawhide Kid....but I wouldn't miss them if they weren't there.

And to some respects I feel the same about the Golden Age characters. If EM need to put some through then I would say go for someone like Namora or Blazing Skull. If I wanted to have Jim Hammnd on my shelf I would buy another Johnny Storm.

Thor8 said...

With all due respect to everyone else opinion: I believe a few golden age heroes would be okay in this collection if they are eye-catching enough and have a healthy history and/or impact in the MU. Some of these are...

The original Human Torch: He was 'Marvel's'(timely's)first Super hero. To distinguish him from Johnny Storm he could be made unflamed with just his hands ablaze and a firebolt in each one.

The Angel: Apart from the GA big three he was their in the begining and had a long run of appearances at that time. He was inspired by The Two Gun Kid's tales of a future filled of costumed heroes( in other words the Marvel Age).

Blazzing Skull: Eye -catching and has ties to the Ghost Rider.

Whizzer: Has history in both the GA and today's. Was an ally of The Avengers.

Miss Marvel: One of Marvel's first female heroes. Also has a strong history.

The Vision: Has ties to both the past and the present and I find him to be an interesting character and appealing visually.

...and there are others such as The Patriot,Bucky,and Red Raven that might be consider also.

As for Westerns: Not really too found of these personally,but if The mnsters culd make it why not a few western guys as well. Maybe we could have...

Phantom Rider: Has enough history in both the past and the present. Has a superhero look.

Two Gun Kid:(Same as Phantom Rider)

Red Wolf: (Same reasons as the previous two).

Dan could you please give us a hint as to how probable a future extension is,or this also somethng you're not alowed to speak of?

sed tallis said...

Dan me old cock, are any of your talented sculptors on Twitter? If so give us a name or two . I was thinking if I have a few spare sheckles later in the year, instead of another page of art, I could commision myself a commission .Dan, announce the extension on April 1st, Don't tell us if it's a wind up or not;)

LAWay said...

SV - you should get a cheap scanner to show off your artwork better, the photos aint doing them justice.

Jimbob hit the nail on the head. why has heroclix gone on for so long? Mainly because its a cheaper to produce product and is essentially a toy, but also because they keep making figures of the same characters in a bunch of different poses and costumes, with varied series based on different storylines and events, or focusing on certain team completions while sprinkling fan favourite resculpts or new costumes.

Thats why there will always be a future for that type of product. With something that relies on just reproducing a single character from an archive of characters once and once only, it has a shelf life. Now it will only last due to the loyalty of collectors.

jimbob said...

Also the DC collection wouldn't have gone as far as they have done without using variants.They have something like four Robin and Three Batwoman etc....

It will work to continue this collection past 200.

Variants should be EM's next tactic to keep this collection going,

SinisterVenom said...

Worry not Leigh, the fully coloured pic of Nick Fury is now uploaded on my page and it is much better, you can see the detail very clearly without any flash getting in the way. Check it out :)
Here's a question, anyone got Netflix? I got it last week (first month free trial then it's £6 a month after that) and you can watch any film or tv series. Last night I watched two animated Marvel films: The Invincible Iron Man and Thor: Tales of Asgard. Needless to say they were great and will be watching Ultimate Avengers 2 later (I have the first one). But there are also the complete series of the X-Men Animated Series, Spider-man Animated Series, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Spider-Man Unlimited, Fantastic Four, Hulk and I think Iron Man was there. I think it's worth checking out, if you don't like it you can cancel before they charge you £6 for the next month. Mine is on my PS3 but I believe you can get it on Xbox or simply on the net too.

LAWay said...

O own most of the animated titles Marvel Produces on dvd and they are usually entertaining stuff. As for netflix, if you have good internet speed and download allowance its a bargain. Sadly I would never be able to use it in my little flat with mobile broadband and download limit.

Sketch looks much better coloured, much clearer. Still think a scanner would be best, a photo is draining all those blacks.

Has anyone seen the new Ms Marvel look? I hate that Carol Danvers no longer wears the black sexy costume with her long flowing hair, but the costume design is quite nice. Just a shame its a sacrifice of an already great character and giving her a mullet.

TheTooN said...

Nice enough costume for a new character but what a crazy decision to change Carol into that.

Her old look is absolutely perfect.

Madness !

Nice to see your office pics Dan and thanks for the update as always.

Wiccan - Nice sculpt. Say no more on him other than 1 YA is enough for me.

X-Men vs Avengers discussions have made me grin these past few days.

Some X fans seem to think pretty much anyone not in the X universe MUST therefore be Avengers and counted in their numbers. EG Asgardians, Iron Man and Cap villains.

I would LOVE to hear from Dan how EM pigeonhole characters in an extension. Following on from that I would love to have examples.

Does this question fall foul or is it something you can enlighten us with Dan ?

I_Broke_the_Dam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I_Broke_the_Dam said...

Can anyone tell me when the NORTHSTAR/AURORA special is out?

SinisterVenom said...

Northstar and Aurora have been out since January. For some reason though, they are yet to be advertised on the CMFC main site. I had to buy mine from ebay.

tinodragon14 said...


LarryS said...

I know that Dan's not keen on generics.

However ... that policy doesn't necessarily rule-out a Hydra figurine.

The solution is simple: make the figurine of Bob, the chap from Hydra who's been Deadpool's hanger-on for the past year or so.

For people who like generics, think of him as a standard Hydra agent. For those who are sceptical of generics, regard him as Bob.

Hail Hydra!! Hail loopholes!!

mighty_marvel said...

i'd like to see a representative from all areas of the MU. bring on a golden age and western character. namora and two-gun kid would be good.

John said...

"Also the DC collection wouldn't have gone as far as they have done without using variants.They have something like four Robin and Three Batwoman etc..."

Each are different characters. Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson. All the Batwomen are different people under the costume. DC remade Batman to put on a bike and possibly Red Robin/Red Hood is a remake. Beyond that, there's 2 Sinestro's. I think that's it.

Its basically like saying Spidey, Scarlet Spider, and Spidey 2099 are all remakes.

John said...

"I'd like to see a representative from all areas of the MU. bring on a golden age and western character. namora and two-gun kid would be good."

Agreed. I really only want ONE western character, just to have a rep. Two-Gun Kid or Rawhide Kid are pretty much the two contenders. Either one. Both is too much, imo.

Namora's my most wanted GA character, and in my Top 20 in general. But I want her modern costume.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Dan, I'm worried about the fact that Northstar and Aurora are still not in the site, and that it might hurt the sales, and consequently hurt our chances of getting more double packs.
Specially when some double packs might be the only way to sneak in certain characters in the collection. For example, Rocket Racoon could come in a double pack with Groot, which would be awsome! Well, if not, I hope EM changes their mind about RR not being allowed in the CFMC. Also, I guess the only way to get Cypher in, and thus completing the New Mutants, is through a double pack with Warlock, as, unfortunately, Cypher doesn't seem like a character who can hold his own in terms of visual impact. So I really hope N&A are put in the site as soon as possible.
On another note, I was looking at previews of Sif and Domino at the forum and felt even more tempted to become a completist, even though that would represent a huge whole in my pocket. I think the last straw of incentive I feel I need to actually start going after the characters I don't have yet, is the confirmation that my all time favorite character has made the cut: Sage!
Sunspot would be nice too, to be the New Mutant of this extension, and the first Brazilian in the CMFC! :-)
On the Avengers side, I'm hoping to see Mantis and USAgent, who,IMO, are the next main Avengers left to be made. Starfox too, eventually.
For Cosmic, I like the idea of having Phyla-Vell, I think she has a very cool design.
And wow, I love the idea of having Fandral and Hogun in the regular line, and then Volstagg as a Special, all in the same extension, thus completing the Warrior's Three who are just so needed at this point!
The High Evolutionary is a big must too, I think almost everyone agrees.
Hopefully Whirlwind, Baron Mordo
and Grey Gargoyle can get in this time too!
Sorry about all the wants list, I'm just feeling kind of optimistic about the new extension!

Alex Summers   said...

Yes!!! Preach, brotha!
Amen to Sage, Sunspot, Mantis and all the rest...but hey, you forgot someone, didn't you?
Silver Samurai, dude!!!!

LarryS said...

To boost sales, Silver Samauri should be timed for release alongside the next Wolvie movie

TheTooN said...

Zombula's put up a couple of new pics of Domino and Sif.

Check it out on the forum in the main CMFC thread. Or here for anyone who cant.

Thor8 said...

I've been thinking about the continuity of this collection and I believe that besides sending in our suggestions and wants to EM thru this blog,we should also convince other collecters that we know,to sign up in this blog's membership list. At this moment there are 157 members,not all post comments,but at least they have made themselves known. If we can boost the membership list,just maybe EM will take notice just how much this collection is appreciated.

jimbob said...

There is over a thousand members on the forum maybe they can help?

LAWay said...

"Its basically like saying Spidey, Scarlet Spider, and Spidey 2099 are all remakes."

Not the same. All 3 spideys are different people & characters. I take it they mean there are 3 characters called Robin. But absolutely those 3 Robins needed to be made as they are distinctly different. However, I also see Ronin is distinctly different to Hawkeye, and Winter Solider is distinctly different to Bucky & Captain America.

It is odd that so many forum members dont transcend into huge numbers following the blog, but then I think only around 200 actually vote in the competitions anyway so its about right.

Lady Sif paintjob on the face looks a little disappointing. She looks like a cartoon character with giant eyes and lips. But its a fantastic figurine.

With the Xmen / Avengers argument, is it coincidence that the next big Marvel crossover event is avengers Vs Xmen? EM should cash in. ;)

Osvaldoeaf said...

Hey, Alex! Actually, I left Silver Samurai out of my comment because I didn't wanna sound like a greedy x-fan! :-) But I do want him to take the x-villain spot this time around! Larry has a huge point, I had completely forgotten that he would be in the new Wolverine movie, I guess the timIng couldn't be better! Also great points raised about the Avengers vs X-men crossover, and about forum members subscribing to the blog, we should do something about that!

Gremlin said...

Hey Dan is there any word on the release date of the various specials? You said last time that Terrax would be next......will that still be for May?

deamon said...

Prefer Vindicator over Marrina, but please stop talking about Alpha Flight for a while. Last 2 double packs were Alpha Flight, enough of them at now, main roster is completed.
Time for a cosmic pirates - Starjammers. We don't have even their leader Corsair.
Ch'od and Raza as double pack please, but first Groot and Rocket ;)

mighty_marvel said...

i agree deamon. x-men ally spot should go to the starjammers this time around. corsair would be the logical place to start. alpha flight original line-up is complete, the opportunity should be taken to move into other areas. vindicator and marrina would be nice at some point. but right now, i'd much prefer to start the starjammers.

dream next extension:

silver samurai
us agent
high evolutionary
misty knight
brother voodoo
two-gun kid

and a toss up between fandral, jewel, namora and (being selfish) karolina dean for the last spot.

I_Broke_the_Dam said...

Cheers for that SV.

John said...

MM has a pretty good list there. There's some changes I'd make due to preference, but its pretty balanced overall. I'd still like to just get Fandrall and Hogun done in one as they're truly NEEDED for the collection, and it guarantees a full group by the end.

And I agree with deamon BIG TIME about the next Double being Rocket and Groot!

As for a FF character, I think we need a vote. The problem with FF characters are... I think everyone agrees that most are very deserving, have the history, impact and fan support, but they're all SO varied and different, its impossible to pick a favorite. Check it:

Red Ghost
Mad Thinker
Maximus the Mad

I'm assuming these are the heaviest contenders, and that's not even counting Nova or Air-Walker. But what's most wanted?

Many people WON'T say Mad Thinker because they want a double with Awesome Android. Is that even a possibility what with the odds of Doubles as they are? Same with Red Ghost and his apes. Now if we knew we'd never get the apes, would his fans want him by himself anyway?

I THINK Thundra's the most wanted, but I see Diablo's name all the time, and I personally want Psycho-Man the most... so...

jimbob said...

Well I hope we get long awaited,


they are two strong characters for the next extension.

put in the special list,when they should have been done as regulars along time ago.

mtravis390 said...

I just saw the cover to the Sif magazine, and saw it did not have the lead logo on it. Is Sif and all resin figurine?

Gremlin said...

Thundra would be great as the next F4 character. I know there was some umming and ahhing over whether she was a special size or not but I really think she could fit in the regular lineup easily. She has essentially the same build as She-Hulk and not even by current standards is She-Hulk a special sized character.
If need be put Thundra through in the regular lineup as one of the "larger" regulars and then conpensate that by having characters like Darkstar, Namora and Jewel who are all smaller/less bulkier sculpts and they have no extras like capes or swords. They would be cheaper to make.

I really hope that doublepacks are still on the cards because I would love the Rocket/Groot pack.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I got my Dracula today.
I think it's a fab, classy figurine.
The paintwork is excellent. The size, pose and large cape add to the production values, and it looks very high-range, so to speak. I like how EM used mixed materials (lead and resin) so well to create this character. I think this ingenious hybrid of mixed materials is the way to go if we want to see characters who are big-ish and have complex design elements. STARHAWK, for example, would look amazing with his cosmic halo and wings. Or ARCHANGEL, with his techno-wings spread wide open. These outstanding details can be achieved very well with resin, as we saw in the awesome Annihilus figurine. The CMFC needs to aim high, creating ambitious sculpts of characters with striking designs that make you go WOW! when you see them on a shelf.
Luckily, extension 181-200 is already taking the CMFC to a higher level. Figs like Wiccan, Gamora, Werewolf and Firelord are paving the way for lots more spectacular characters. I await announcement of the next extension with bated breath. Long live the CMFC.

Gremlin said...

A big YES for an Archangel special in the future. Another remark, like Giant Man, that I would definately be interested in and I really think would sell well.

mighty_marvel said...

an archangel special would be amazing. if giant man sells well i can see it happening. the only thing that could possibly top it is a 90s rogue resculpt, especially as part of a jim lee x-men subset (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) :)

SinisterVenom said...

I too would pay for an Archangel figurine, gotta admit that he'd look way past cool!
I'm kinda growing towards the High Evolutionary a little too, I have been looking up a few characters that keep getting mentioned and there really are some nice choices there!
Still a few specials I'd like to see too. Onslaught, Madame Web, Volstagg, Shadow King, Shuma-Gorath, Titanium Man just to name a few.

mgf said...

Lockjaw deserves the next special spot. He's been overlooked time after time.

jimbob said...

Archangel would be the ultimate collectors item.I hope EM will put as much effort into it as they did for Odin.

LAWay said...

You know how the forum poll is quite a mixed bag voting for 5 characters that could be as obscure as Captain Cymru or Sugar Man.

Why dont EM give us a choice. Maybe give us 50 names, either from past market research, ones that they really want to do, or have to do etc etc And we just vote on our favourites from that batch of characters.

Thor8 said...

I agree with LAWay EM should supply us with a list of potential candidates for this collection and the voting can take place here on this blog. I believe it would be a more balanced choice.

mgf said...

A lovely idea in principle, but open to abuse in practice. A better way to end up with fifteen X-ers would be hard to imagine. Not only would it mean Sage, but almost certainly both Onion and Bread Source too, that new one who can control wheat.

tinodragon14 said...

I have been a big supporter of doing an ARCHANGEL Special this year. Since Dan announced TERRAX will be the next Special (Hooray!) I have suggested doing an ARCHANGEL Special inbetween the GIANT-MAN & mojo MegaSpecials.

sed tallis said...

Hey Dan sorry i mislaid your email address, Hopefully i have figured out how to encrypt my comments so no one else should be able to read them but your good self.
I have posted up a rough sketch of the pose i want Bloodstone portrayed in, Once i am officialy announced as comp "winner" lol,lol
hope your enjoying the deep fried Mars bars.
nice doing business with you.

sed tallis said...

I was trying to come up with a title for my Thing mosaic, "Things are looking Grimm up north" was my fav.
Then my wife arrived home and told me a wee girl and her grandmother had been in the shop and spotted the Thing, the little girl pointed and said "look grannie it's Spider-Man"
Her gran repied " No dear, i don't think thats Spider-Man"
The wee girl replied " Yes it is gran , it's Spider-Man with a poop in his mouth"
My ribs are still aching.
oh and lets be having Lockjaw, that poor mutt has been bumped more times than a fleet of dodgems

tinodragon14 said...

Yes a Mega LOCKJAW Special this year!

NORTHSTAR & Sis two pack


GIANT-MAN MEGA SPECIAL with Avengers movie


mojo mega special

Classic Ironman two-pack special with TITANIUM MAN

Frankenstein's Monster Halloween Special



John said...

"Not only would it mean Sage..."

Let's hope it does mean Sage! I'm not really an X-Fan, so I can say this unbiased: she would sell. She was a main character in a major run on X-MEN. She's popular, has a lot of fans, a lot of history retconned into the past, and is a hot female. This simply equals sales. No question. If you like her or not, you can't deny that she'd help sell and thus keep the collection going longer.

Tino, your idea won't work. If you Double Pack a new character with a redo, people who don't want remakes will be pissed and either just be upset with EM or would miss Titanium Man. Now, if they were a completist, and they were now missing one, they'll be prone to missing many others down the line (as Grim said he was already going to start doing a few weeks ago.) ...and you know its true.

Besides, Doubles should be saved for pairs that just make SO much sense together. Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. Cobra and Mr. Hyde. Mad Thinker and his Awesome Android. Groot and Rocket Raccoon. Characters that you can't imagine having one in your collection without the other. Sasquatch and Puck, Northstar and Aurora, and Ka-Zar and Zabu were great examples of that. Xavier and Lilandra... not so much. Before I was a completist, I skipped Xavier because I didn't want to pay extra for Lilandra.

tinodragon14 said...

You may or may not be right John. I'm a collector & I would by that two-pack but I'm not interested in a Misty Knight/Colleen Wing or a raccoon & a tree. I am not familiar with either though I know of them & reading about them further when I kept seeing a few on here mentioning their names I was not impressed nor do I think they will make great figures.
Since there has been talk of redos in this collection going forward & Classic Ironman has been mentioned a number of times. I thought marketing a redo of a popular character like Ironman with a classic villain of his that has not been done & will make an impressive figure might work as a selling point. If it sold well they might try it with other popular characters like Cap & Spidey as redos with villains of theirs that have not been done yet like Arnim Zola or Tombstone.


tinodragon14 said...

As for this constant demand for Sage I think there are far better looking X characters that have not been done yet & far better looking villains as well & by better looking I mean they will make great looking figures. I have researched the various looks of this rather dull Sage character & saw nothing that makes me think she will make a great looking figure. I accept that she will be picked because she gets votes on the forum poll & on here but she is just another big busted, tight-fitting costumed generic marvel female.

John said...

The important think isn't her look, its her character. People buy the characters they like. She's got fans. She's not getting votes because X-Fans are rallying behind her. She gets votes because a lot of people read X-Men books and want her.

I think the bottom line is, you wouldn't appreciate her as she's a newer character, just as I look at your long lists of villains and see so many that would, to me, look like an incredibly boring figure.

And again, Sage isn't even a character I'm dying to have. I don't follow the X-Men. I'm more Spidey, FF and Cosmic... and Thunderbolts. But I recognize her marketability and that she'd sell, a lot.

Don't compare her to The High Evolutionary or some classic Avengers villain you want. Compare her to the other viable X-Characters, as that's the slot she'll be taking up. When compared to the other X-Men, it makes a lot of sense for EM to choose her for the X-Men hero slot (with Silver Samurai, Warlock or Sunspot, and one other [hopefully modern, like Pixie.])

Osvaldoeaf said...

As a huge x-fan, I really believe Sage is the next logical choice towards completing the core X-Men, at this point. She has a lot of fans who have been supporting and wanting her for years, and I believe her time to make it in has come. Like John said, she will be taking an x-hero spot, and that's the category in which she has to be judged.
To each their own, in my opinion, her look and design is interesting, and the character is very deserving of her place in the CFMC.

SinisterVenom said...

I'm a massive X-fan myself but I see the next big X-character to be confirmed is Silver Samurai. Yes Sage is an important character and will look great but the Samurai is more known (or at least to me he is) and not to mention that he'll be hitting the big screen next year in The Wolverine. Let's not forget that he's been really high in the last two sets of poll results. I believe he just missed out on both of them. Makes sense to get him in if you ask me.
And now...


This time, I picked up Dracula! I think it's safe to say just by looking at the pics that this was going to be a pleasing figurine! He is marvellous! The detail is lovely, the paint job is superb and his face is great, you can really see the good detail on the fangs too! I gotta be honest guys, Dracula is among my favourite figs here! A pleasant 10/10 from me!
Coming next is a character that, in my eyes, completes the main Brotherhood of Evil Mutants: Avalanche! (I know there are many more Brotherhood members like Mastermind and Exodus still missing but to me, Avalanche is the main one missing and will look great next to Pyro!)

Alex Summers   said...

Well, I think they both should get in, as they'd fit two different subcategories: female x-hero and male x-villain. They actually came in fourth and fifth place in the last poll, and are in second and third in the current request poll! If you look at the polls of the last two years, you'll see they both always did well! I almost feel bad for their fans: always seeing them getting so close and not making it. So, please, Dan, as a fan of both, I beg you please put us out of our misery and pick Sage and Silver Samurai for the next extension!

sed tallis said...

They are actually making another Wolverine movie?
here's me thinking the first movie was possibly the worst Marvel film of all time , three times I have attempted to watch it, twice I fell asleep the third time I ejected the disc and put it in a charity bag filled with bedding and bric a brac.
Hugh Jackman is utter mince..
Still like a Silver Samurai tho.
The thought of us lot being able to choose an entire extension would be the worst idea since mr and mrs Hitler said let's try fir a baby one more time.

Gremlin said...

Oh please...the worst Marvel movie is the new Ghost Rider film. Nick Cage chews the scenery.

Whilst I am not a fan of Silver Samurai as a character I think on a visual basis he would make a great figure. He would be bulky which is why EM may have skipped him by the past few extensions but I don't think they can do it again.

Talking about the specials I know Lockjaw is mentioned A LOT but I think he should be done. I have a feeling he might be a mega-special though. Looking at his design and his size compared to characetrs like Back Bolt and Crystal he would certainly be a heafty sculpt. My guess is we might get a situation like Blob where we get a resin coating with a soft chewy center of lead.
On the doublepack front if you are looking at a larger character paired with a smaller then it has to be Groot and Rocket. I think these two have the popularity and visual appeal to sell. If you are talking two characters regardless of size then Colleen and Misty and strong contenders.

Misty Knight needs to be in the collection now. The reason she tends to get overlooked is because many people assume she would work best in a DP but my feeling is that will never happen. She is one of the biggest ommissions from the Marvel Knight area.

John said...

I'm with Gremlin. Obviously Rocket and Groot, but we NEED Lockjaw. And Colleen and Misty are really important characters. If EM knows they won't be a Double Pack, they should be announced as Regulars so fans stop getting confused about them.

Bagman said...

Not having seen the new Ghost Rider movie i can't comment on it but in my opinion the worst marvel movie ever was Generation X, an absolute waste of (anyone's) time even the directors by the look of it.

sed tallis said...

It still annoys me that we didn't get a Ghost Rider movie tie in , Just think how cool the movie Blackheart fig would have looked.
Don't know who originally mentioned repackaging old figs into theme packs , but it sounds a nice way for EM to make a handy profit with little outlay, surely two themepacks for the upcoming Avengers would be a smash hit!!
Although judging by the tales of woe on here regarding people trying to buy goods from EM , it's obvious they are not profit driven.

Deadpool said...

Ghost Rider 2 was crap.
Ragnarok is on the horizon and Marvel looks like it will be the first casualty.

The mossmen seem to have their act together and are producing a superb product at a great price.

Lets have more young avengers - Kate Bishop for me please.

Back to the real, nasty world for me.

I will be off to Russia soon and may be getting a Russian side kick to go with my Asian one (very cool).

Enjoy your fantasies for another week bloggers. Hopefully I can rejoin the chat in the future.

Yours Truly


Thor8 said...
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Thor8 said...

Will there be an update today?

Will Dan finally announce that another extension has been approved?

Will we finally see the Warriors Three included in this collection?

For the answer to these and other inquiries,stay tuned to this blog!

tinodragon14 said...

I disagree John. It is about her(Sage's) look not her character as this is a visual collection so you pick the characters that will look good as a figure. She is a generic looking female character with nothing that stands out except her generic big breasts. I don't deny her popularity in the polls but she will not make a great looking figure. SUNSPOT, SILVER SAMURAI, the future X-Man BLOODHAWK & the newer X-character Dust would all make far better looking figures then Sage. So just as you think the villains I list & there are quite a few are boring looking to you I'm entitled to think she is just another generic looking female character X or not, new or not.

As to those that call Sage a core X character I say Huh? The core X-Men were CYCLOPS, ICEMAN, BEAST, ANGEL & MARVEL GIRL with PROFESSOR X as their leader. Then Marvel rebooted the X-Men with the new team of WOLVERINE, NIGHTCRAWLER, COLOSSUS, SUNFIRE, BANSHEE, STORM, THUNDERBIRD & CYCLOPS. SUNFIRE left after the first adventure & for some reason Marvel killed off it's first Native American mutant character THUNDERBIRD. That was dumb. More recently they may have rewritten X-Men history to stick Sage where she never was but she is not a core X-character.

tinodragon14 said...

I look forward to adding AVALANCHE to my X-Foe shelf as well SV but the original Brotherhood was MAGNETO, QUICKSILVER, MASTERMIND, TOAD & THE SCARLET WITCH. AVALANCHE was part of MYSTIQUE'S Brotherhood reboot with BLOB, PYRO & DESTINY.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Ok, Tino, we get it! You clearly don't want Sage, but many people do, so can we just leave it at that? She is my favorite character and she' s doing great on the polls! I will tell you this: no matter what your favorite character is, you will never see me campaigning against them! I think everyone deserves to see their favorite in the collection!

Sage said...

Sage is part of the main X-Men group that's what fans mean when they say she is a core x-man. She's not a New Mutant or an X-Force member or an X-Factor team member.

As you say Tinodragon you can't deny her popularity as the polls speak for themselves. The top female x-want (which Sage is) should be included next extension the fans have voted for this character enough.

I personally don't think she has a boring look, she has more to her costume design than females like Crystal, Firestar and Moonstone.

I for one can't wait to see SAGE in the CMFC and would like to see the X-Picks next time look like this:


mgf said...

Sage can be customised from that Domino figure we are getting soon, surely? Everyone is happy that way. I'm sure most Sage fans would welcome that as they would be getting her months earlier, and all for the price of a pink pot of Humbrol.

TheTooN said...

Never read a single comic with Sage in so I take her on face value.

She 'looks' boring so I wouldnt want a figurine of her. She may well have a great background and be an interesting personality but I want good looking figurines.

I dusted the entire collection today and lots of females are poor relations when it comes to looks.

Silver Sable
Black Widow
Marvel Girl
Shadow Cat

I'm not a downer on the female form by any stretch but all of the above are at the back of my display due to lack of the all important visual appeal.

25 forum votes (or whatever) doesnt make her popular outside of the forum 'or' a shoe in.

Much rather have Silver Samurai or any of the New Mutants.

jimbob said...
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jimbob said...
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eeuuiioo said...

PLEASE READ: can anyone please upload a picture of the Santa subscribers special. been looking all over for a picture can't find one anywhere.