Friday, 23 March 2012

It's cosmic man!

Been busy this week trying to catch up/get ahead before Easter. So haven't been able to read your comments.

Got a few images for you this week...

Painted Moonstone:
Nice and subtle paint job, loving the plasticy-gold colour.

Firelord (Redone):
Had real trouble getting Marvel to approve our original Firelord (they twice rejected it), and as much as we were all happy with it, we made the decision to start again with a different sculptor but using the same pose. For those who liked the original I think this re-do has all the best bits of the original plus a better overall anatomy.

Terrax Special wraparound cover:
Wow, I do love a bit of old school inking!
Fine job by Steven Butler, should get the final coloured version by next week.

That's all for now folks!


Gremlin said...

Loving the painted Moonstone.

I am glad Marvel were so picky about Firelord as this new sculptor has done wonders. The flame effects on the hair, pole and shoulders look great. Although I will say that long wisp coming off the back of his head looks a little odd. Maybe it needs to be shortened. But all in all a FANTASTIC sculpt. Cannot wait to add him to the collection.

Any release dates for the various specials?

Banshee said...

Oh no I really want to like Moonstone but the paintwork has disappointed me :-( She's to white, it looks like she's been painted with tippex. Sorry :-(

In complete contrast Firelord looks freaking amazing!!! I don't know who this sculptor is but he's one talented guy. He looks so much more dynamic. Hats of to you guys in the towers.

Finally the Terrax cover is superb. Is he coming our way in May Dan?

Awesome update!! Cheers dude!!

Banshee said...

Sorry one more thing...Gremlin's right Firelord's head flame does look a bit Marge Simpsony. A reduction in size would be great.

Peace out!!

Osvaldoeaf said...

No way!!!!!!! I can't believe the improvement on Firelord! Oh man, I'm so close to becoming a completist! This collection keeps blowing my mind! Also, the paintjob on Moonstone really made her eyecatching for me! Great update, Dan!

Anonymous said...

Firelord looks quality. So my detail, love it!! Moonstone is also ace!!!! Top update buddy

Robert said...

Massive improvement in Firelord. Much happier with him now.

The Terrax wraparound cover looks fabulous, certainly one of the best covers in the collection.

sed tallis said...

That Firelord is far superior to the first effort, kinda reminds me of Akuma for some reason.
Moonstones facial detailing is top notch and that's about as interesting as she gets.
The Terrax art is superb.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

is absolutely mega-fantastic.
Marvel were right to ask for a redo, as such awesome character deserved an equally awesome sculpt.
And now we got it. Perhaps only the face needs some adjustments - be a bit more handsome without losing a menacing countenance.

I must say I'm a bit disappointed that Moonstone is not in metallic paint. Maybe it's the picture, but she should look more pearlescent. Yeah, she should have the glow/shine of a moonstone gem.
Can this effect be achieved?
I hope so.

buffduffdan said...

I'm loving Moonstone. She's just how I envisioned her!!

Firelord is looking ok. I think I preferred the previous one but I guess if Marvel rejected it then what can you do? Does that happen often btw?

Nice Terrax cover too :D

fredpostman said...

Thanks for the update Dan;can't wait to get my mitts on Terrax.
Any news on an extension soon please?
LOCKJAW soon please!
I just picked up Dracula and even though i wasn't especially excited to see him in the collection,i am pleased how good he has turned out;will still remain at the back of my display though.....saving place of honour for STINGRAY (less than a year now i believe)

Gaétan said...

Thanks Dan !!!

Moonstone is great ;-), exactly like I was picturing her in my mind.

Firelord is perfect, don't touch anything, the fluidity of the flames is amazing... The body posture is nice and natural. It is what I call ART...
I love it !!!


deamon said...

WOW at new Firelord sculpt. New flame effects are amazing, so far best in flames in this collection, hope for good paintjob.

jimbob said...

MOONSTONE looks good to me,her expression looks a bit to friendly for a villain.Thought she would look a bit more angry.

ATLAS and FIXER for the next extension.

Firelord looks superb!More HERALDS please.

Unknown said...

The new Firelord rocks, one detail though: he should have pointy ears [just like "elf"].

LAWay said...

Great update!
Moonstone looks incredible! Certainly one of the best female sculpts we have had I think in terms of anatomy. Very feminine despite being in a strong pose. I hope the colours wont be too simplistic on the mass produced versions and ruin the figurine, but i think she looks lovely.

FireLord looks alot better. The flame effect looks alot more dynamic and detailed. I did prefer the musculature on the original version, but apart from that this is superior in every way.

Terrax inks looks incredible.Truly a piece of art.

michal9403 said...

Not much to say today.
I love Monnstone and new version of Firelord:)

max_0888 said...

Moonstone is gorgeous indeed. I love it.

And Firelord is a lot better imo. Thanks for that.

All in all, i'm very happy with both!

Oh and is Terrax coming out in May or july?

mgf said...

Firelord looks great. I suppose he is bound to look a bit Mr Whippy until he's painted. I'm really looking forward to getting him. Air Walker next? He'd make a sensational sculpt.

Kal Brindle said...

Moonstone looks great. Nice job guys.

Firelord looks fantastic! Bravo to the new sculptor.

Can't wait to add him to my Cosmic display.

Dan The Man said...

Thanks for the positive comments, I will look into the pearlescent paint? and (if we have time) maybe the wisp on FLord's head. (and pointy ears?)

Will have to get confirmed date for Terrax.

Paibok said...

I wanted Moonstone in original costume, to me she looks quite bland, paintwise compared what she could have been. Still tts a good sculpt (not as good as the ,incredible Sif and Enchantress, Titania or Scarlet Witch).

I hope that ATLAS is in the next run of specials, he is needed.

Firelord looks superb a fantastic sculpt.

Hope Terrax is out soon

John said...

Good gracious, Firelord looks amazing! Can we get that same sculptor to make Air-Walker next extension? :D ...just to have some unity amoung the similar Heralds. It'd be sweet. Thoughts?

Seeing Moonstone makes me want Fixer and Atlas even more. ...and Ghost... Can we get at least 5 more extensions? Between these guys, I want Ghost the most, but Fixer REALLY deserves to get in.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Really happy to see the love for Air-Walker, my most wanted Marvel character for the CMFC! He's awesome.
Check him out in virtual CMFC format
... well, if you haven't already
of course. ;)

jimbob said...

Air-Walker would be a great challenge for the sculptor could be one of the best figurine in the collection if made.

no1wonderfan said...

Very nice!!!
I can't wait until we see Nova (Frankie Raye). How has she not been made yet?

Gremlin said...

Definately support Fixer for the next extension. And Nova too.

Atlas would be a great special to have as well. Seeing how well Giant Man came out I have no doubt that Atlas would look just as good.

Dazzler had the pearlescent paint on her costume so hopefully Moonstone can have the same.

Alex Summers   said...

Moonstone is a simple, but very nice looking and feminine sculpt, I like her!
Firelord is amazing!!! Just out of curiosity, Dan: which other sculpts have been done by this amazing artist who redid Firelord?
Nice art for Terrax!

John said...

I'd like to know this answer finally: Who is the preferred next Herald? The two main contenders are Nova and Air-Walker. Really the only other one is Stardust, but he's been out of comics for too long now to seem relevant. These might be the last two of the major Heralds to make!

Which is it? I vote Air-Walker first.

John said...

Dan, I got Aqua Man recently through back order. The trident was bent back slightly. I slowly tried to fix it, and it just snapped in my fingers. :(

Any ideas to avoid this on Firelord. I care about FL so much more than Aqua Man, so I don't want that feeling of devastation... Maybe make the top flame detachable and we can add it on when we open it? It should reduce the chances of the entire baton bending during shipping.

jimbob said...

Why don't we have both Heralds,would be good for a strong extension.

Victor said...

I vote Air-Walker first.

John said...

If we have both, the extension won't be balanced. It'd be nice to get Fandrall and Hogun, Nova and Air-Walker, Sunspot and Warlock, but take up too many spots with few teams, and less fans are interested per year...

I DO still think we should have Fandrall and Hogun in one extension as they are SO integral to Marvel, we NEED both by the end of the collection, they can't be in a 2-pack and a triple is out of the question, and it would time about right with Thor 2 being released.

But we generally only get 2 Cosmics per extension, right? As a huge fan of the modern Guardians of the Galaxy and knowing others on here have been waiting on Starhawk and Yondu from the old GotG, and still others are waiting on other Cosmics like Beyonder or Grandmaster... to have our only 2 go to a single Cosmic team would be disheartening to the others fans. ..."I'll have to wait ANOTHER year for Star-Lord..." etc.

Cosmics being one of my favorite areas, I'd love to see 3 or 4 Cosmics next extension, I just don't think its likely. There are too many amazing characters and areas to cover still... and that's a good thing!

Gremlin said...

I think it would be easy to get 3 cosmics in the next extension.


Simples. All three represent a different area/time in the Marvel cosmic saga and as a result all have different fans.
You could even go for a 4th with Nova (who would be my choice as the next Herald).

Robert said...

My heart says Air-Walker but my head says Nova as she has more appearances and made a greater impact. Pity we can't have both. Too many lame cookie-cutter mutants to make room for, alas.

But I agree with John, Fandrall and Hogun are a must in any future extension. They're the most outrageous and glaring omissions from this collection.

John said...

Robert, X-Men characters and Avengers characters have greater sales impact and that's reflected in how many slots they're granted per extension. If X-Men get 4 or 5 slots, they're only competing with themselves for those slots. So this isn't about "too many lame cookie-cutter mutants to make room for."

I see where you're coming from, as I don't follow X-Men either and want to see more focus on other areas. But they have die-hard fans and it sells. So really, on the flip-side (and I'm sorry to say this) what you do when you put down the mutants is simply create an air of negativity. Half the collectors are collecting because of the mutants... EM gets saddened because they see this devoted fan in you, upset, over something they can't change because it doesn't make monetary sense... and many collectors feel like they're suppose to be ashamed of the thing they're looking forward to the most.

We have two big fans of Sage on the blog. Imagine how they feel every time Tino puts her down, calls her bland and unnecessary, etc.

...My most wanted is a talking Raccoon. Yours is a recording robot that no one's seen in YEARS and only if they were devoted fans of Thor. Blake's is the... 5th? most important Herald of Galactus. Teddy wants a C-lister most people have never seen in a comic. Mighty Marvel's is a resculpt of a character that's probably doubtful to be made even as a resculpt.

ALL of these characters are viable though, have made impact on the MU and a rich history. But when we lay waste to each others' opinions, it simply confuses Dan and the rest of EM as thinking there are no characters left that will sell. Instead of putting each other down, why don't we build each other up. You don't like mutants? Tell us what you DO like. You don't like Sage? Offer what you'd like to have. But don't crush someone else's dreams in the process.

zombiedude13 said...

Look, I am not a mutant fan. I'm not anti mutant, but the last X book I bought was in 1990. I was oversaturated.

Still, I understand that the Mutants carry this line. Look at the DC side, they seem to be struggling for every extension they get (and I am a huge fan of DC, or at least I was until the latest reboot thingy just occured).

So, I am willing to "suffer" through mutants, because I know that they are, in essence, the lifeblood of this line. I am also willing to settle on the so-called scraps (i.e. non-mutants) that we do get. I know that this line will continue for a good long while, so long as we keep interest in it, and eventually ALL characters we want will get made.

I will say this, too. Sometimes just making one character will spur me into buying characters I normally wouldn't have. I am not a big Silver Surfer fan, but I bought him to complete my Defenders line. Now, I want to get the other Heralsds because I have him. EM ought to realize that sometimes people will go down paths they normally wouldn't have just because of the most minute connection. If you make White Tiger, I'll buy him because you sold me Shang Chi and Iron Fist, but then I'll be wanting the other Son's of the Tiger, too. Of course, Steel Serpent would also rock.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...


Yeah, it gets scientific!

To be precise, Moonstone should be adularescent, not simply pearlescent as Dazzler. A moonstone gem has almost a metallic silver mirror effect. Just do a google image search and see.

The ancient Romans admired moonstone, as they believed it was born from solidified rays of the moon.

A moonstone's unique visual effect is caused by light reflecting internally and then being scattered in many directions producing the phenomenon called adularescence.

Looking at recent pics of Moonstone in Marvel comics, colorists usually try to recreate an effect of adularescensce on her costume.

Maybe a metallic silver/white paint should be used on the fig?
It should definetely NOT be like Dazzler or Dagger. Personally I'd love EM/Dan to try using metallic silver/white and also metallic gold instead of yellow.

So, yeah.
The word's on everyone's mouth. ;)

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Click here to see an image of
Moonstone is an adularescent
silver/white costume:

She would look amazing like this, and she'd be totally unique,
in fact perfect, imo.

Thor8 said...

Moon stone pose looks a lot like Captain Marvel's(both),and there's something about her facial features that just don't look right to me.I'd love to see the paint job done as Blake suggests.(The face on his sample looks better also)

Firelord looks pretty nice although the top flame on his head looks a little too long and kind of awkward when seen sideways.

The Terrax wrap around cover is awesome. I'm not into purchasing original art,but this is one piece of art I would love to get my hands on.

If we can get 5 X-men or Avengers slots per extension,I don't see why 3 or 4 slots can't be dedicated to cosmics,or FF,or Asgardians,or some other area of the MU. Oh,and I do not agree that the X-line is what's keeping this collection alive. Yes it's true that they are an essential part of the MU and this collection,but so are many other areas of the MU. Without the proper balance from ALL areas many would lose interest in this collection and it would suffer a sudden and painful death.

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Oh Dan I forgot to ask: By any chance was the pose given to Firelord inspired by the drawing on the cover of Sub-Mariner #1 from the 60's?

Robert said...

Gee, people still listen to me on here? Anyway, John, since you were so polite as to respond, and did it in calm terms, the least I can do is reply.

I was kind of being noisy for the sake of it, John, as, deep down, I have just given up with ever seeing the Warriors Three, despite the fact they have a compelling case for inclusion - certainly more than some characters that are getting in now. I never saw it as anything remotely like "dream crushing", which, forgive me, is a bit over-the-top. It was more a case of "I'd rather have this than that"-type point of view. The phrase "cookie-cutter" is hardly strong language, and "lame" is only slightly stronger. Such tame language isn't a strong enough attack to injure a marshmallow.

As for the Recorder, he actually appeared as a main co-star in a recent Hercules mini. Last year I think. But, essentially, you are correct so I have never actually seriously called for him to be made. I say I'd like him in the CMFC, of course, but never campaign or vote or anything else. I don't EVER expect to see him, even if we get another ten extensions. That's why I made my own!

And, just to clarify: I am not compaining that there are mutants, I am complaining that there are minor mutant cast members (and other characters) who are coming before characters who have a long history, huge numbers of appearances in a core title, etc. THAT'S my bugbear, really. I'd love someone to construct a logical, convincing argument for me that states that Silver Sable - or probably anyone in the last year - should come before Hogun or Fandrall.

Anyway, peace, John. You're one of the best guys on here and strain to be fair, so I'd still support you as someone who could pick the collection. Yes, yes, even the bloody furball. I DO love that drawing...

sed tallis said...

"Teddy wants a. c- lister most people have never seen in a comic"
Well John boy as I recall , I was given written assurance that bloodstone will indeed appear in one of the 300-340 extensions. Don't you go trying to crush my dreams.
I do agree that Robert can be vicious and not very respectful of his playmates heartfelt views.
I think of Robert as a friend but seeing this dark side has genuinely shaken me too my core.

mighty_marvel said...

great improvements on firelord.

moonstone's good. would be improved by the paint suggestions from blake.

hope we get to see atlas as a special and fixer in the regulars at some point to complete the thunderbolts.

Sage said...

Love the paint job on Moonstone, she looks fantastic.

Firelord looks a million time better also, the flame effects look great.

Dan, has the running order changed slightly at all?

SinisterVenom said...

Moonstone looks nice, nothing too extraordinary IMO. My main concern with her is the angle she's facing on the base. She is going to be facing the front when she's released, right Dan?
Firelord looks terrific! A great improvement from the last couple of sculpts. Still, they were great too, how they could be denied yet figurines like Marvel Girl, Crystal and Moondragon get approved is beyond me.
Liking the Terrax cover too. Great work EM!

Gremlin said...

In all fairness Moondragon's main problem comes from the sloppy painters in the China. I don't really see any issue with Marvel's the character design that I believe many are let down by. And as for Crystal....yes I will definately give you that one.
I have to say I am not normally bothered by angles on bases but Moonstone really is at an odd one. Luckily I don't put my figures on the redundant plinths now so it's no big deal for me but I know some people still do.
As for Moonstone's costume colour. I said before a pearlescent paint would work well. The comic art doesn't really show the sheen of the costume. That image you got Blake was from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 computer game. So it's really hard to say what her costume should truely be like in comic-verse. Either way I really like the sculpt and the face is really good. I hope the children in China do her justice.

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the update Dan. Hope you are well.

Moonstone looks fine but generic.

FIRELORD looks awesome. In this case I must agree with Marvel's changes. Looking forward to the painted version.

TERRAX'S cover looks great. Cannot wait to buy several of him.

As for John's comments about my comments about Sage. I never said she was unnecessary but just that she is another generic looking female. I happen to think there are more impressive looking characters both X & non X that will make more impressive looking figures. If saying a character looks generic is too harsh for the other bloggers then I think they are a bit too thin skinned. I also said I expected her to be picked because of her being popular. I'm interested mostly in characters that will make great looking figures. That is why I have been pushing for an ARCHANGEL Special. The X character is popular & will make an awesome figure that I think would catch the eye of even non collectors when on display. More sales are a good thing.

zombiedude13 said...

I'm sure characters like Moondragon, Mantis, Crystal, etc are being made to keep a balance. While superheroes are very male centric, the line doesn't have to be. There should be one or two female characters per extension.

tinodragon14 said...

Of the two Heralds discussed I go with AIR-WALKER. He is one of the four original Heralds before Marvel started running amok with new Heralds popping up every month which I think diluted the specialness of being a GALACTUS Herald. When he picked his new Herald TERRAX at the time GALACTUS talked about each of his Heralds had been based on the four elements
Air - Gabriel the AIR-WALKER
& finally Earth represented by TERRAX THE TAMER

NOVA is really just a female version of FIRELORD. It is a shame Marvel did not come up with a more unique look for the first female Herald.

mgf said...

It would be a shame if contrary opinion was suddenly classed as negativity.

This was a ploy favoured by some forum members a couple of years back, but seemed to be the last refuge of those who had no further argument to make. Dark Beast was a master at this effort to infantilise the argument. That ended with his calls for Dan to be dismissed for choosing the "wrong" look for a figure, as I recall. "Nurse, the screens!"

There is no proof in the assertion that half of the collectors of the CMFC are only in it for the mutants, or that the mutants are responsible for the continuation of the collection. If the mutants were really selling that many more than the others there wouldn't be four or five per extension, there would be ten or twelve, perhaps even... twenty.

The idea EMs business plan for the CMFC might contain the aspiration that they seek to make profits from between 20% and 25% of the releases is fun, but unlikely.

Over the last few posts Sage has been described by some of her supporters as the last of the key X-Men. That's fine, but if that is the case do the X-Men still deserve four spots? Do the FF or the Avengers still deserve the same number of spots anymore now we are getting into the third tier in many cases?

Is it possible that EM might think Star Lord is a better commercial bet than Starfox these days? I'm confident he would be, although both deserve a spot in my opinion. One is a major Guardian, the other a minor Avenger.

Should we trim the slots for the X-Men, the Avengers and the FF down to three each now the major players are made, and perhaps hand those free spaces over to another Asgardian, more Guardians, old and new, or even a Squadronaire or two?

Finally let me address this "cookie cutter" and "lame" argument. I've been reading comics for four decades, and believe me, lame has cropped up time and time again. But amongst all those dopey characters, Rocket Racer and the Ringer leap to mind for some reason = I'd love both of them - even then they were distinctive and often had a charm about them that I find is missing from some of the more derivative modern characters.

Look, there's nothing new under the sun. That most iconic of comic heroes, The Batman, owes much to the great pulp heroes that predated even him, such as the magnificent Shadow, whose own mythos has such depth it is a thing of beauty eight decades on. Stan Lee took a soupçon of Frankenstein and mixed it into a bucket of Dr Jekyll & Mr hyde and created the Hulk. All good stuff.

(Of course if you combine The Shadow, The Batman, Daredevil and Iron Fist, four greats of the medium, you end up with... the Shroud. Remember those Amalgam comics? A great concept. You take two indisputably brilliant characters and combine them to make something so infinitely bad it would take the Large Hadron Collider to measure the pure awfulness of it. It takes a very special magic to make a truly great comics character. That's why there are so very few of them.)

The problem today is that these newer draw their inspiration from so many that have gone before their impact is lessened, unless you grew up with them and they were your first contact with comics. That's where the fault line between old readers and new lays.

The last really iconic get the tills ringing Marvel character was Wolverine, and he first wrinkled his whiskers in the seventies.

Comics are a little bit like one of these boybands who sell a shed load of cover versions to kids who know no better. It's nearly all been done before and in almost all circumstances, far, far better.

Originality is dead in mainstream comics today. It has been replaced by usually very temporary shock tactics, and characters who seem all very reminiscent of past glories revisited, or closer to the truth, rehashed.

Thor8 said...

Robert: Don't be discouraged my friend. I still have hopes that we will see The Warriors Three make it into this collection before it (GULP) ends. As for The Recorder,you never know. I didn't have my hopes too high on seeing the Swordsman make it in. I thought the only way he'd make it in was by winning the comp,and yet,God willing, in a couple of months I'll be holding his figurine in my loving hands(sniff sniff).

Tino: I,just like yourself,have always thought that this is mainly a visual collection,and that it is truly a shame that many great looking characters such as Dr. Spectrum,Whirlwind King Cobra,Mimic,Grey Gargoyle,Tarantula,Nefaria,Graviton,Space Phantom,Silver Samurai,and many others have yet to be included in this collection,while others like semi-naked Drax,Aspirin Ad Marvel Girl,Edward G. Hammerhead,have been included. Sheesh!

jimbob said...

"Of the two Heralds discussed I go with AIR-WALKER. He is one of the four original Heralds before Marvel started running amok with new Heralds popping up every month which I think diluted the specialness of being a GALACTUS Herald. When he picked his new Herald TERRAX at the time GALACTUS talked about each of his Heralds had been based on the four elements
Air - Gabriel the AIR-WALKER
& finally Earth represented by TERRAX THE TAMER"

That's a very good reason why Air-Walker should be next Herald.

So far my strong candidates for next extension are,


they all have very good reason why they should be in the next extension.

John said...

For those of you complaining about Firelord's hair, keep in mind a lot of the side view height is coming from the baton behind him. I was a bit thrown off too until I realized.

I like the colors of the game image Blake posted for Moonstone. That would be so much better than just 'white.'

Tino, fair enough. You want the strong visuals. The problem for me, however, is if I were a casual collector, I wouldn't care how neat a 3-4" sculpt looked unless I KNEW the character really well. That's why popularity is more important than visual impact. But you do hold a strong case, as I know others have a similar mindset to you... Blake, for instance.

Big Bad Ted: "I think of Robert as a friend but seeing this dark side has genuinely shaken me too my core."
I know what you mean, old bean. I had nightmares last night of Robert riding an 8 legged horse and missing a eye, stomping out raccoons. As a side note, I DO think the elder Bloodstone would make a nice curveball. I'd rather wait a year and see if Marvel wants to do ANYTHING else with Elsa, as they've slightly built her up in Legion of Monsters. If so, maybe we should have her instead, but I think both is too many.

Rob: "And, just to clarify: I am not compaining that there are mutants, I am complaining that there are minor mutant cast members (and other characters) who are coming before characters who have a long history, huge numbers of appearances in a core title, etc. THAT'S my bugbear, really."

Fair enough. Only EM really knows for sure which areas sell more, but it does make sense that even the minor characters from high selling books will sell more than major characters from low selling books. As someone who doesn't read X-Men or Avengers, I'm trying to look at it from a strictly "what will sell?" mindset.

Its why Marrow or Maggot would sell more than Tyr. Its why we get C-list Spidey villains before B-list Daredevil villains. Or even Dr. Stranger or Punisher's arch-enemies.

I do see where you're coming from though. I see Star-Lord as a MAJOR Cosmic character with so much importance, yet people are throwing around names of some lesser characters or, like you said, I see characters getting through like Thunderbird or Forge and its like... why? So it really just has to come down to sales.

"Aspirin Ad Marvel Girl"

Robert said...

Been a great day. Baby-sitting for my brother and have just explained to my niece and nephew that there's no Santa or tooth fairy. And you should have seen their faces when I explained the truth about the stork! Priceless. Anyway, I am not sure that some folk on here are seeing clearer patterns in selling than acually exist. So, a mutant outsells others? What about a C-list X-character against a B-list Avneger? Who outsells who? Do they sell the same as a female Spidey adversary or is that the same sales as a male MK villain and a B-list FF-Inhumans ally combined? And does that means a generic character with FF-MK-Avengers-X links is worth two mutants in the bush? Honestly, this is a bit like some game Sheldon invented on The Big Bang Theory. I doubt buying patterns are as clear cut as we are supposing.

Although the game sounds fun, sort of...

max_0888 said...

Good posts mgf and John,

it's so hard to tell who would sell better anyway, cause we won't know how much each sold seperately.

But the question about who would sell better between Starfox and Starlord is an excellent point, mgf. Starfox was a great avengers back then who isn't seen much these days and Starlord was a lot more popular recently, but doesn,t mean he would actually sell better...I guess having them both would be a good compromise ;) hehe

As for the Sage argument being the last important x-character...I couldn't disagree more. To me Sage is one of the x-characters I like the least...I know she has a lot of popularity and I would be happy for those who wants her, but her making it in wouldn't get an x-character off my wish list which contains (Magma, Monet, Strong guy, Meggan, Karma, Sunspot, Warlock, Cypher, Rictor, Shatterstar, Fantomex...and many more)

There's a lot of controverse with Sage, cause people who wants her, wants her with some huuuuuuuge passion. But saying we don't really care for the character doesn't mean she doesn't deserve the spot. I guess her excellent score in the polls proves her worth. But on here and on the forum, we are fans expressing who they like and who they don't. We all have different opinions, and we are completist. So if Sage makes it in, everyone is going to buy her.

Same for when I made you all buy Siryn muahahahahah ;) You're welcome you guys


max_0888 said...

I mean i'm going to buy Spider-man 2099 and Dracula even if I had zero interest in neither. I bought Nomad, Ikaris and The Destroyer too even if I didn't care at all. Cause in the end, most of the characters per extansion i'm very happy to add them. I mean, in the newest extansion, there's really just Spidey 2099 that I wasn't glad he was in. All the others i'm happy to add them to the group they belong.
Spidey I just doN,t know where to put him. (probably will next to scarlet spider and spidey)
Same for Destroyer and Ikaris...I guess i'd prefer Ikaris if we could have at least one more externals like Sersi.

The thing is, even if I don't particularly like Shaman as a character on his own, i'm happy to add him next to the other Alphans. Same for Trapster, really glad I can put him next to Wizard.

Anyway, don't really know where I was going with this...I just love this collection hehe

sed tallis said...

There is a summery feel to weather, am sitting wi the windaes open, theres an all day darts tournament drawing to a close at the bowling club , loads o drunk folk talking mince very loudly, Am sketching Laurel & Hardy in my nerdy nook surrounded by ma collection of little lead dollies.
I better crack on as i promised myself a wee slice of malt cake as a reward fer finishing.

jimbob said...

Sage is rubbish,prefer to have Howard the Duck would be more revelant to my display.

There are so many important x-character needed to complete almost finished teams,hope EM dont go off the radar and pick a random.

If EM wanted to pick individual X-Character they should go with

Silver Samurai

or maybe start a new x-team like StarJammers starting with Corsair.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Sage is not rubbish. She's doing well in the polls and has a lot of people requesting her in here. Dan, please, consider Sage for the next x-men spot. I will stop bringing her up for a while, as it seems there's a lot of backslash against her, and I'm afraid it might hurt the campaign I've been doing for her for a really long time now, which seemed to be working just fine before all the negativity! Hopefullyit hasn't hurt her chances that much!

Alex Summers   said...

I'd like Sage for female x-hero, and Silver Samurai for x-villain for the next extension. Sorry if it bothers anyone!

Robert said...

Bowls and darts on a Saturday, Ted? But everyone knows that Tuesdays and Thursdays are Bowls Nights, Wednesday is Darts Night, Friday is Quiz Night and Saturday is Bingo Night.

Robert, Room 101, Shady Brooks Retirement Village, Glasgow.

lipstick said...

You seriously need to read the previeusly comments about Wiccan!!!

mgf said...

Disagreeing is not negativity. It might be considered to be by 21st century debating standards, but it is in fact opinion, which remains, at least temporarily, free.

We've had a very, very small number of extremely vociferous X fans hijack places in this collection time and again. Omega Red is a good example. A gob smacking waste of a special. Mojo has appeared recently out of nowhere to fill yet another precious place. Inexplicable.

This collection is not the exclusive preserve of X fans just because they shout the loudest, or claim, unprovably, that that corner of the collection is the most popular. The CMFC is about the entire MU. Let's try and preserve that if there is another extension.

I really believe there is a subtle difference between modern X fans and MU fans. I consider myself a fan of both, yes, even the X-Men, as I grew up reading the first and second teams and loved them both. I'm not convinced all that many modern X fans either give a damn or know very much about the wider Marvel Universe. They are increasingly like Scientologists. You can agree and shut up, or you can disagree and be pilloried for it.

As I have mentioned before the anger from some quarters that greeted Thunderbird when he was announced was really quite shocking to me and indicated a disconnect even within the Xers, where it was less about the X Men since their inception and more about the last decade or so. I'd have thought he would have been greeted with open arms, but in many cases he simply wasn't. Very odd.

I find Sage to have a pretty dull look, but she is a certainty next time if there is one. Silver Samurai on the other hand will make a very interesting figure at least. Personally, just to prove I'm not completely anti the X-Men, I'd like an original Mimic, but that will not happen unfortunately.

Robert said...

Excellent post. I've had similar thoughts, mgf. Some of the folk screaming for modern Drax admitted they had not read Starlin's Warlocks, any of the many Infinity series, etc. Actually, anything before, what, 2004! Why Eaglemoss listened to them when their knowledge was so shallow was a complete mystery to me. Pointing out to them the number of appearances, time spent in one costume, importance of appearances, and so on was just wasted effort. "I read the Annihilation stuff and loved it, so you should listen to me!" (Even though I know about the last 5 minutes of continuity!) That anyone can think they know about the cosmic side of Marvel and have never read any of Starlin's classic '70s run is incredible. EM should stick to selecting characters internally, using knowledgable guys who know their history. It's not a perfect system but it's better than the Super Ted generation picking yet another modern incarnation over classic or another modern character over a classic one.

There. Now I've got that off my chest I do feel much better.

zombiedude13 said...

Why Thunderbird????

Because he helps complete the new X-men. Cyclops, Banshee, Storm, Wolverine, Collossus, Nightcrawler, and THUNDERBIRD.

That's why. Is he better than Sage? I dunno, but I always felt he got a raw deal for why he was killed off.

Like I said, I am not an X-men fan. I gave up round about the time every other line was from a movie, "Stay Frosty". That was the early 90's and I felt that they were getting away from good characterizations for stunt storylines.

Nightcrawler is one of my favorite characters, and I wish I would have bought his fig. Same with Mr. Rasputin, so I do know regret when it comes to the X-line.

I think a lot of grief stems from the fact comes in as everyone has favorites and they want them now.

When my favorite gets left out for something I deem unworthy, it makes me mad. This is good, as it means I actually CARE about this line.

I still beileve that the X-figures help carry this line. Face it, besides spidey, there aint a lot of villain galleries that have notoriety. Punisher-----Jigsaw and. . . .? Dr. Strange ------Baron Mordo, Dormammu, Mephisto, and . . . . . .? You get the idea.

X-Men have tons of villains and characters to choose from. Even the FF can't say they have a huge load of foes that are impressive. Frightful 4? Doc Doom? Annihilus? Who else?

Personally, I would love to see some real diversity, lots of 2nd and 3rd tier players in the next few extension. . . .El Aquila, White Tiger, Simon Garth, Foolkiller, Phantom Rider, Red Wolf, etc. I could easily come up with 50 figures I absolutely MUST have. Fortunately, I have patience and faith.

I can wait, and hope that one day I will have my beloved "nobodies".

zombiedude13 said...

Robert said:

EM should stick to selecting characters internally, using knowledgable guys who know their history. It's not a perfect system but it's better than the Super Ted generation picking yet another modern incarnation over classic or another modern character over a classic one

Amen, had that happened we might have gotten a "Classic" costume for Moonstone. This new one is far too generic. She could be mistaken for Dagger at a glance. Your point is well taken.

LAWay said...


To play devil's advocate, people complain about new marvel readers not knowing enough about Marvel history like they are to blame for being born later than them and then not studying and doing their research about the history of Marvel.

While modern readers will feel older readers are out of touch with marvel current affairs and feel things are better now than before.

Then we have people who did read marvel back in the day, but have long given up on buying any new comics.

And finally we get the long time readers who still buy comics in the modern day who feel their opinion is best.

Lets face it, its a debate we are all never going to agree on when it comes to character and costume choices. ^_^

I think either EM do it internally, or should ask Marvel what they want and Marvel decide. But still, arguments are unavoidable. ^_^

Thor8 said...

Dan: Who decides which characters are done in this collection? Is it Marvel or is it EM? Who decides which costume said character should be done in? Does Marvel decide,or is it decided by EM or is it a joint decision?

Osvaldoeaf said...

Nice post LAWay! I really feel uncomfortble about arguments, so I'll try to keep my posts from now on only about Dan's updates! Peace!

John said...

LAWay's right. We all read comics at different times, so our tastes are varied. The angers are understood but never 'the right answer.'

Personally, I hate the old way of storytelling, and will never enjoy reading Starlin's 70's run. It would literally be a chore for me. As much as I love Spider-Man... my FAVORITE superhero... I bought his Essentials, but didn't get past issue 6. EVEN STAN LEE COULDN'T HOLD MY INTEREST!

I'm sorry, but I love Marvel and its history, I love to read ABOUT the characters to fill me in, and I totally respect where they come from and the creators involved... but as much as I love the Cosmic characters, I simply wouldn't enjoy reading Infinity Watch for myself.

Now I'm obsessed with Marvel, this collection, and... Pokemon. Those are probably my biggest obsessions... They take up the majority of my thought and creep into most conversations. So even though I've only read modern Drax and Gamora, I am a HUGE FAN of Drax and Gamora. So YES I only want the modern costumes. I think the "classic" ones are lame and I can't stand them. Honestly. So say what you want about Drax, I've got to deal with Gamora. Say what you will about Moonstone, I have to look at Shanna, Wizard and Trapster who have costumes about a decade or 2 too old for my liking.

The CMFC has a pretty good mix of old and new costumes for old and new characters. It branches out to every area Marvel has to offer, and we should be thankful of that.

Gamora's one of my Top 10 favorite comic book characters, and I think she's one of Robert's too. No matter what choice EM makes, someone is going to be unhappy.

Robert said...

John, even though EM made the correct (and only choice) with Gamora, I do feel bad you can't get the Gamora you want.

Mind you, that's not as bad as I feel when you say you can't read the classic Silver Age stuff. Yeh, some of it is heavy going (early Thor in particular) but it's well worth persevering. The first time I listened to Koyannisqatsi, I had to switch it off as it was driving me nuts. Then I went back and watched the rest and now I'm a huge Philip Glass fan. Even went to Edinburgh to see him perform! (I appreciate that this argument may be counter-productive! :) )

As for Starlin's run, it is the work of a talented guy suddely and temporarily elevated to genius. I have no understanding of why you do not like it if you like the cosmic stuff. Although I guess it does vaguely explain why you liked the Annihilation series and I hated them.

As for Leigh, this is not old folk envious of the young. But if you haven't bothered to read anything but modern stories and creators, it's a bit like asking someone to write a guide to Europe and the only place they have been is France. It's not about age, it's about knowledge.

sed tallis said...

The only answer is for Eaglemoss to launch the "Classic Classic Marvel Figurine Collection" every character portrayed in there 1st appearance guise, from " lumpy Thing to proper Drax.

TheTooN said...

Some really good discussion this week and I agree with a lot of whats been said.

My comic reading era was 70's and early 80's but I have read some of the modern 'events' in the last couple of years.

I love the early Infinity arcs so am happy to have classic Gamora but visually I dont much care for classic Drax.

"I read annihilation and loved it" echo in here.....:P so I'm happy with the Drax we got.

Part of it is simply what you have read and enjoyed. Part of it is visual appeal. EM choose what they hope will sell best.

I would happily buy a classic Drax if he was made to stand with Warlock, Thanos and Gamora.

I would also love Starlord and Rocket to put next to modern Drax.

It must be a nightmare for EM to decide who gets in and then which era to go with.

Always going to be a set of fans that dont like the characters chosen and then potentially another set who do like them but go mental due to costume choice.

I'm just pleased to have such an awesome collection that I enjoy every day of the week.

Friday was dusting day and I managed to break off Punishers rifle barrel, Nighthawk lost his right hand, Shanna's spear bent and Typoid Mary came off her base.

I lovingly repaired them all and am sat admiring the whole shebang right now.

Thank you EM !!

Gremlin said...

What were you dusting them with??

I use an aerosol air-duster and tissue paper along with cotton wool buds to clean the difficult sculpts.

Robert said...

Gremlin's post made me laugh out loud.

So, Gremlin's new Bob-style game: what was Toon dusting with that caused such carnage?

Paibok said...

Speaking as someone from the Super Ted generation (fantastic cartoon), its quite clear the main problem is that people have different opinions on what is classic. Super Ted was 20-25 years ago Bananaman. So to me Silver Sable, Shatterstar and Caliban are classic characters.

Anyway unlike John when I picked up the essential Spiderman and x-men, avengers, iron man, thor, fantastic four I got hooked into the storytelling, all the secondary storylines taking place - it added to tales and develops the characters. The reveal of Osborn as Green Goblin as intense and then the Stacys deaths and Xaviers were shocking. The Living Brain and the Locust are forgetable though and best for it.

I do pick up the current Marvel as well - i loved Annihilation and to Serve and Protect. I do intend to get Childrens Crusade when in tradeback (no local CS)

Old Marvel wipes floor with current in terms of storytelling as current marvel is short termist. To many crossovers of heroes vs heroes it gets boring and makes the villains redundant, unless they join one of the heroes sides.

Any character with good character development, has a few issues under their belt (30) and has somebody wanting them is worthy of a fig. The same respect should be for those whose issues were 30 years ago to those from the last 30.

Onto the character at the centre of this. Sage:

I have a load of characters I want ahead of her. I don't find her look visually appealing and to me comes across as quite generic and boring. (M is another) I don't understand how she has that many devoted fans, no matter how many leather clad pictures they post up to convince me otherwise, compared to Magma or Mantis there is no competition.


she does have her obsessed fans begging almost desperately on hands and knees for her. She was a breakout character from a few years ago from forgetable backgound Hellfire club secretary to central X-Man (for a time) and i think she deserves a slot.

Osvaldo mate i hope you get your Sage in the next extension so you can focus on Marrow.

Finally Nova will be next herald as she is woman and collectors want woman.

Robert said...

Of course you realise I have no idea who Super Ted is. There was someone dressed like that at the con and I had to ask someone (younger) to name him. I just used him as a vague and cheeky shorthand.

Paibok said...

Yeah I realised... and yeah it was probably a 28 year old man dressed as a teddy bear...

I see nobody has done an ideal list yet this weekend so i'll have a go

1. Starlord
2. White Tiger (Hector Ayala)
3. US Agent
4. Whirlwind
5. Grey Gargoyle
6. Tombstone / Molten Man
7. Baron Mordo
8. Darkhawk
9. Mantis
10. Magma
11. Silver Samurai
12. Jackal
13. Meggan / Spitfire
14. Clea
15. Fandral
16. Attuma / Diablo
17. Nova (Frankie Raye)
18. Satana / Namora
19. Two Gun Kid
20. Sage

Specials - Skurge the Executioner, Lockjaw, Atlas, Warpath and Hulkling

Thor8 said...

I'm probably the 'CLASSIC' member of this blog,since I've been reading and collecting Marvel since my very early childhood in the 60's (yes LAWay I know,even your parents weren't born yet),but anyhow as I've mentioned a few times before I have complete runs of,Avengers ,Thor,Spider-Man, and up to a short while back,X-Men,Iron Man,Power Man Defender,New Warriors She Hulk,and others.

If we're going to speak about 'OLD MARVEL' and 'MODERN MARVEL' I believe there isn't much to compare. AS Paibok mentions in his recent post,Marvel used to pride and distinguish itself for their story development,it's sub plots that would slowly but surely develop into interesting stories and add dimension to the characters involved,and it's continuity,where even the smallest detail such as calling 'BRUCE' Banner 'BOB' was later explained to be his second name.
The characters were three dimensional. They had their personal life we would know about,a supporting cast that added to the stories etc. Today most heroes are bland,generic,one dimensional characters (that's including the old school heroes). The stories go from one SUPER-MEGA,EXTRAORDINARY,SENSATIONAL,NEVER SEEN BEFORE,THE MU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME,story to another and we are left bored ,frustrated,angry at it's conclusion,with nothing to show for all the built-up and hype.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just an old foggy whom just doesn't understand today's writers,but judging by the sales charts of comics today,it seems I'm not alone.

Now that I've got that off my chest,I just want to say: THANK YOU,oh so very much EM for one heck of a SUPER-MEGA,EXTRAORDINARY,SENSATIONAL,NEVER SEEN BEFORE,THE MU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME,ONE OF A KIND,collection.

sed tallis said...

i thought it was a term of endearment for me, lets face it i'm probably the most loved guy on the blog.i actually thought it was the name of the Rangers mascot.
Theres your next partwork Dan fitba mascots, you know how you can thank me.....don't you?

Paibok said...

couldn't fit all into one.....

1. High Evolutionary
2. Brother Voodoo
3. Patriot
4. Count Nefaria
5. Gargoyle
6. Tombstone / Molten Man
7. Paladin
8. Starhawk
9. Sersi
10. Sunspot
11. Selene
12. Boomerang
13. Meggan / Spitfire
14. Diamondback
15. Hogun
16. Attuma / Diablo
17. Thundra
18. Satana / Namora
19. Warlock
20. Crossbones

or two....

1. Corsair
2. Misty Knight
3. Jewel
4. Blacklash
5. Armin Zola
6. Jack O'Lantern
7. Colleen Wing
8. Yondu
9. Starfox
10. Shatterstar
11. Callisto
12. Baron Blood
13. Ringmaster
14. Cobra
15. Thunderstrike
16. Paibok
17. Rigellan Recorder (curveball)
18. Jim Hammond
19. Karma
20. Bob

Dragon Man, Strong Guy, Titanium Man, Volstagg, Groot & Rocket, Blastaar, Frankensteins Monster, Rockslide & Anole, Orka and Manphibian specials

Robert said...

Aw, Paibok has listed the Recorder.

Maybe HE should be the one to pick the next extension?

Just remember who suggested you for the post, mind. ;)

P.S. Ted, you're confusing Super Ally with Super Ted, although both are fairly rotund...

TheTooN said...

@Gremlin - I only use a duster but I guess I got a bit rough with them after the first 100 or so. Mary's always been wobbly and the duster caught on the sharp bits on the others. I should take more time on them.

I usually bend an odd bit here and there but this time they kicked my arse for waiting so long between cleans :P

Lesson learned !

I like most on your lists Paibok.

sed tallis said...

Pah! Call yerself a biker Robert?, PAH! Any biker worth his salt would have spotted what Galactus is working on in that Terrax wraparound cover.
He's obviously trying to change the big end bearing on a Honda XC500, a notoriously tricky affair , even fer an immortal.
Do i get to choose a fig fer figuring that out Dan???

sed tallis said...

CX tut! tut! how embarrassed am i??

Osvaldoeaf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Osvaldoeaf said...

Paibok said: "Osvaldo mate i hope you get your Sage in the next extension"

Thanks, man, you are a very cool guy. Thanks for putting her on your list.

I'll stop hammering over you guys' heads with her name though, and jusat cross my fingers in hope us her fans have been able to put her on EM's radar...we've come a really long way!

Robert said...


I'm not a biker.

I'm a lazy cyclist.

John said...

"1. High Evolutionary
2. Brother Voodoo
3. Patriot
4. Count Nefaria
5. Gargoyle
6. Tombstone / Molten Man
7. Paladin

Paibok speaks sense. I agree with Most of his choices.

The Mad Thinker said...

Moonstone :

A stunning sculpt but can we get a metallic paint job please ?

Firelord :

Much improved but can we please lose the silly curly flame from the back of his head ?

Any chance of a Lockjaw / Maximus special like we had with -
Sasquatch / Puck ?
( completes the inhumans )

Strong guy special ?
( completes x factor )

Other specials wanted :

Madame web

LAWay said...

SuperTed was created here in Wales! Woo! I actually had work experience in the studio they made it in.

I did read some old, classic Marvel, I havent just been reading 90s and current stuff, but like John said, I dont enjoy them as much. Some are just hard to get through, the style of writing just isn't my cup of tea. I have plenty of old school spider-man and x-men books purely for the classic stories, but often they have left me wondering what the fuss was about.

Maybe we should separate collectors into categories like 'Classic', 'Modern' whatever, and allocate 8-10 guesses each. ^_^

karnak37 said...

Moonstone looks good painted. But I agree with Blake on the metallic silver/white and gold.

The new sculpt of Firelord looks awesome! Really nice detail on the flames.

The Mad Thinker said...

ooh , I love a list lol.

Next extension :

1- Callisto
2- Silver Samurai
3- Selene

4- Whirlwind
5- Egghead
6- Skurge the executioner

Fantastic Four
7- Red Ghost
8- Thundra
9- Mad Thinker

10- Tombstone
11- Jackal
12- Boomerang

Marvel Knights
13- Paladin
14- Clea
15- Jigsaw

16- Starhawk
17- Corsair

18- Ulysses Bloodstone

Golden Age
19- Spitfire

Random Choice ( any category )
20- Red Guardian

Gremlin said...

Go on then I too am a sucker for a good list. I will try and make this as balanced as possible with a few "curveballs" also thrown into the mix.

201 - Baron Mordo
202 - Mantis
203 - Grey Gargoyle
204 - US Agent
205 - Jewel
206 - Corsair
207 - Silver Samurai
208 - Warlock
209 - Meggan
210 - Jackal

211 - Misty Knight
212 - White Tiger
213 - Fixer
214 - Starlord
215 - Starhawk
216 - Darkstar
217 - Thundra
218 - High Evolutionary
219 - Speedball
220 - Brother Voodoo

The specials for that period...

Lockjaw (Mega)
Atlas (Mega)
Brood Drone (normal)
Wendigo (Normal)

That was really hard to whittle it down. I had to let go of Namora, Sunspot, Vindicator, Justice, Darkhawk and Selene.
I chose some obvious names like Mantis, Warlock and Silver Samurai but also a fw who I really hope will amke the cut even though they are not on the tips of peoples tongues like Meggan, Speedball and Darkstar.

The specials are more obvious. Lockjaw (I am not the biggest fan, I just want him out the way now sp people will stop talking about him). Atlas I really want in conjunction with Fixer for my original Thunderbolts display (I've been reading the entire run and I really want my 'Bolts display)
I really really really want a Brood 'nuff said.
And Wendigo is a great middle-of-the-MU villain. He has fought everyone from Hulk to Alpha Flight to Wolverine.

mighty_marvel said...

posted this last week, but as lists are going around again.

1. sunspot
2. sage
3. silver samurai
4. selene
5. corsair
6. us agent
7. mantis
8. whirlwind
9. diamondback
10. high evolutionary
11. jackal
12. thundra
13. misty knight
14. jigsaw
15. brother voodoo
16. starlord
17. starhawk
18. speedball
19. two-gun kid
20. fandral

and because i'm certain the cmfc has plenty of life in it yet, a second extension too :)

21. warlock
22. magma
23. exodus
24. madelyne pryor
25. callisto
26. justice
27. jewel
28. fixer
29. princess python
30. patriot
31. tombstone
32. diablo
33. paladin
34. baron mordo
35. colleen wing
36. phyla-vell
37. yondu
38. namora
39. karolina dean
40. hogun


madame web, atlas, brood, archangel, lockjaw, volstagg, hulkling, warpath

vicnuts said...

Loving the moonstone & Firelord!! While the changes are subtle, they make a major difderence. Can't wait!

Now where's my Rom Space-knight,Count Nefaria & Moses Magnum?!?!?!

Guilherme said...

Repeating my post of last week because I think those are major subjects of the CMFC: Wiccam looks more mature than he should be. And Northstar and Aurora still are missing on the main site... What If this error could make some bad inpact on sales? They cause so much noise to be put together they don't deserve that....

John said...

I'm going to try and list a balanced list, but only of my most wanted characters... should be interesting...



Ant-Man (O'Grady)
Squirrel Girl
High Evolutionary

Jack O' Lantern/Tombstone

Psycho -Man/Maximus the Mad

Brother Voodoo


-Golden Age:

-New Warriors:
Speedball/Night Thrasher/Justice/Darkhawk


Jimmy Woo/Venus/Sleepwalker


Obviously I don’t care for the X-Men or Avengers… I could have easily just made it half Cosmic and Spidey. :)

Rocket Raccoon and Groot
Madame Web

Any chance of Gorilla Man? ;)

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Well well well. Lots of great lists. Decisions decisions. Meanwhile, let me contribute some food for thoughts with a curious set of 7 characters in this weeks'

Prominent member of the group of almost-immortal mutants known as the Externals, who may deserve a representative in the CMFC. Gideon can copy and utilise the powers of nearby people and mechanical beings.

Also known as The Human Robot, M-11 is an iconic member of the Agents of Atlas, who I'd like to make an appearance in the CMFC. Powers include force fields and death-ray.

This cool member of New Warriors has teamed up with major players
of the MU, has been part of the Initiative and even formed his
own Counter Force team. Once we get Speedball and Night Thrasher
in the CMFC, Rage is the next New Warrior I'd like to see.

Sharra Neramani is an amazing Shi'ar powerforce who's been an Avenger and also assisted Starlord in the great Annihilation Conquest saga. Her original Avengers look really stands out, and would make a
stunning figurine.

James Proudstar was awesome in his prominent role in X-Force, and has established himself as one of the most popular new X-Men characters. He would make a magnificent CMFC addition.

The hunter of mutants who kill men. Armed with alien Z'nox sensors, Sentinel propulsion units for flight and a Shi'ar body armor.
Was considered as a potential recruit for the Initiative.

The most prominent member of The Futurians, the Marvel team and
mini-series created by Dave Cockrum, which, while often unjustly forgotten, is actually really interesting. As part of the CMFC's exploration of remote MU areas, Avatar would be a great curveball.

Click here to check 'em out:

It's quite a motley crew!

Alex Summers   said...

Hahah, I was going to post my list and just realised that all four x-characters I truly beleive should be in the next extension have names that start with "S", which I hope is a good sign (which also starts with an "S"), so here it goes:


1-Sunspot (male x-hero)
2-Sage (female x-hero)
3-Silver Samurai - my favorite (male x-villain)
4-Selene (female x-villain)

(There's really no mistake with these, they're the highest in the poll in their respective categories, and have people wanting them for a long time!)
I'm a huge x-fan, as you can tell from my nickname, but doing a whole x-characters list is unrealistic and selfish, so I'm satisfied with these four!
And here's the rest I'd like to see:


(Totally agree with the Warriors Threee campaign that's been going on here! They were in the Thor movie and at least one of them should have been in the last extension!)

10-Baron Mordo
11-Grey Gargoyle
14-High Evolutionary
17-Brother Voodoo
19-Princess Python (would be visually extremely cool)

I guess my list is a bit villain heavy, but I do love me some bad guys!

And for Specials:

Warlock and Cypher Double Pack
Warpath or Strong guy

Ok, the Specials are x-heavy, but hey, there has been a precedent, LOL!

sed tallis said...

I was talking to a young lad just the other day , he had his bundle of Yoogi goo goo comics and Bakuganan toys, His gaze was fixed on my army of little lead lovelies .unka Ted, have all the good ones been made? He asked. I smiled and ruffled his thick golden curls . He always scrunches his wee face up when I do that. He'll be 28 next month.
No son , I replied, they've barely scratched the surface.
To highlight my point, I asked him to pick a year any year between 1960 - 1979.
He chose the year his dear old uncle Ted was unleashed. Here we are 200 issues in and all of these classic characters from the same year have been overlooked to accommodate giants of the genre such as Xman and Silver Sable.
Baron Von Strucker
Grey Gargoyle
Dan?? Sort it out luv.

Thor8 said...

How about:

Baron Mordo
Doc Spectrum
Princess Python
White Tiger
Grey Gargoyle
Count Nefaria(Super powered version)


Destroyer(A must)
Titanium Man
Super Adaptoid
Dragon Man
The Stranger

and Dan; PLEASE let us know what the status is regarding the next extension.

bethrezen said...

My perfect extension:

1. Sunspot (male x-hero)
2. Magma (female x-hero)
3. Silver Samurai (male x-villain)
4. Callisto (female x-villain)
5. Corsair (First member Starjammer, Cosmic character, X-men friend)
6. Dust (First member New X-men)
7. Tombstone (Spider Villiain)
8. Jackal (Second Spider Villiain)
9. Crossbones (Avengers Villiain)
10. Whirlwind (Second Avengers Villiain)
11. Jewel (Avengers)
12. Patriot (Young Avengers)
13. Heimdall (Asgardians)
14. Baron Mordo (Dr strange Villiain)
15. Jigsaw (Punisher Villain)
16. Speedball (New Warriors)
17. Starlord (GotG male)
18. Phylla-vell (GotG female)
19. Namora (Gold Age)
20. Thundra (FF character)

The Mad Thinker said...

Some amazing lists out there but I think mine has the most variety for an extension.
Maybe we could base our lists around this sort of breakdown ?

3 X-Men
3 Avengers
3 Fantastic Four
3 Spiderman
3 Marvel Knights
2 Cosmic
1 Horror
1 Golden Age
1 Random Choice

bethrezen said...

"3 Fantastic Four
3 Spiderman"

too many

for SM 2 characters
for FF 1 or 2 characters

Alex Summers   said...

I don't think EM should pick two New Mutants and zero x- men! If a second New Mutant is to get in it should be through the forum poll! It's like picking two Young Avengers and no Avenger! In the last extension, they went with one X-man (Longshot) and one NM (Mirage) , and then Wolfsbane got through via forum poll! So, this time, specially considering the request poll, it be more balanced and fair if they picked Sunspot for New Mutant, Sage as x-man, and then Magma could make it via forum poll!

bethrezen said...

I know it.

But in "my perfect extension" I would like to see the Magma, not Sage

jimbob said...

To keep these extension going,EM should not be afraid to give us more X-Men,Cosmic and Avengers since they still have alot of wanted characters.

MK,FF and Spiderman to me are running out of good characters to keep this collection going.1 or 2 out of these each catagory would be a nuff.

John said...

"MK,FF and Spiderman to me are running out of good characters to keep this collection going.1 or 2 out of these each catagory would be a nuff."

Brother Voodoo
Baron Mordo
Misty Knight
Colleen Wing

I'm taking MK to mean either street level or magic?

Jack O' Lantern
Madame Web
Swarm :D
Mr. Negative

Maximus the Mad
Mad Thinker

I'm leaving a lot off these lists... I don't think we're running out of big named characters in ANY category.

Thor8 said...

Most lists look pretty neat,except maybe bethrezen's. It may be his perfect extension,but for most of us it's to X-RATED> Oh and Crossbones is a Captain America adversary,not an Avengers foe.

Gremlin said...

I think that 1-2 slots for the SpiderMan area is a good amount. Whilst he may be a popular character he is also a singular one as opposed to teams like X-mena nd Avengers with dozens upon dozens of regular featuring characters.
Jackal seems a good choice for the next Spidey character due to his prominance and visual appeal. Soemone mentioned SpiderGirl on the forum and given that we have Spidey 2099 I think she is a perfect candidate. She has a great look and had a long running solo series...100 issues which is the longest running solo series for any Marvel woman. She has a very loyal fanbase that saved the series from cancellation and as a result has a bit of a cult following (similar to Howard). I am sure a SpiderGirl figure would fly off the shelves.

As for the Marvel Knight area. It's HUGE. It basically encompasses all the characters that don't fit into the A/X/SM/Cosmic areas. As John pointed out there are some very prominant MK people ike Misty, Brother Voodoo, Mordo, Clea, Nightmare plus others like White Tiger, Paladin and Purple Man. I would like to see about 3-4 slots for these guys in an extension.

Thor8 said...

There are still quite a few Spider-Man friend and foes that have not been added to this collection,such as:

1) Molten Man
2) Tarantula
3) Jackal
4) Puma
5) Madame Web
6) Tombstone
7) Will O The Wisp
8) Silvermane
9) Princess Python


max_0888 said...

I love Spidey's villains!!

My fave left to be done is Vermin without a doubt. He's a must for me.

But then id also love to have Jack O Lantern, Jackal, Kaine, Demogoblin, Shriek, Scream, Carrion, Doppelganger, Smythe and Tombstone. So really any of them and id be happy!

But my preference still goes to Vermin all the way

SinisterVenom said...

Vermin is an interesting choice Max, I wouldn't mind seeing that character in the future. While I believe the next two Spidey characters to make it in would be Tombstone and Jackal, there are plenty more I'd like to see in too: Molten Man, Spot, Jack O'Lantern, Madame Web, Kaine, Alistair Smythe, Silvermane, Demogoblin, Toxin, pretty similar to yours really.

I'm happy to say that I've just completed my Apprenticeship now guys which means I should now have more time to focus on my artwork. I sketched Loki last night and I'm about to upload him on my page now. I'm not sure what to think about him to be honest, I think I'll wait to see the coloured pic before I judge him. But once he's completed, I will finally begin work on the long awaited Avengers pic! I actually can't wait to get started!

Robert said...

Congratulations, SV!

Agree there are loads of Spidey villains worth inclusion.

tinodragon14 said...


Oh Boy more lists! Here's mine again.

20) ?

max_0888 said...

I think it's so hard to choose between Marrina and Vindicator. I want both so much.

Vindicator is a much more important Alpha flight character. I mean, she was there from the beginning, and was the tea leader for a long time. Her presence as a member of Alpha flight is without a doubt more important than Marrina and I can't have a proper display of Alpha without Heather.

But Marrina had a bigger impact in other books.I mean she was an avengers for a little while. Plus, she was Namor's partner.

So, in the end, I really really want both.

It's just a question of who will be in this collection first?

And I do agree we were pretty lucky with the Alphans recently. I mean two double packs? hehe...but i'm pretty optimistic this collection has enough life left into it, that we can have both even if neither are chosen in the next extansion

bethrezen said...

Look at Request Poll.

Scarcely at the site 27-28 is Tombstone and Jackal

Next is Tarantula at the site 57

So for spiderman villiain only 2 places in next extension

tinodragon14 said...





tinodragon14 said...


jimbob said...

Good point,some good names there MK and Spidey list.But look how far down they are on the forum request poll.

Only Baron Mordo,Jigsaw,Jackel and Tombstone are in sight.The rest are way down the list.

I would love those four to be in the next extension,but from a business point of view Avengers,X-characters and Cosmics will carry this collection forward.

tinodragon14 said...

Next 20 because I have hope

4) DOOM 2099
14) BLOODHAWK - X-MEN 2099

max_0888 said...

I know tino looooves villains. So here's my 20 most wanted villains plus specials

Alistair Smythe
Black Tom Cassidy
Goblin Queen
Grey Gargoyle
Jack O Lantern
Madame Masque
Purple man

Brood drone
Dargon man

Most of my most wanted villains are for Spidey when I really think about it. There isn't a lot of X-villains I actually really want. Arcade, Brood, Black tom and Goblin Queen pretty much covers it. As for Avengers, Whirlwind and Grey Gargoyle are definitely my two most wanted. Madame Masque is high on my wish list too. She'd make a stunning fig. Would love her father too.

I really want Maximus (Lockjaw too actually). To me, my inhuman collection will not be complete without the Mad!!

Ghost I love him because of Thunderbolts and not because of his older Iron man appearances. So I want him if he's in his recent look. If not, id be happy for those who prefers the classic look :)

Fixer and Atlas are much needed for my Thunderbolts display.

I must say that one of my fave villain is Purple man though!! Bendis, with his Alias serie, made him one of the creepiest villain out there imo. If Jessica Jones makes it in one day, Id hope Purple man wouldn't be too far behind.

Of course, this list is only made of 20 characters, and Id love many more villains. Diablo, Molecule man, High Evolutionary, Living Laser, Graviton, Skurge, the Wrecking crew...

And that's only villains...

My heroes list is much much bigger.

As long as the next extansion is well balanced i'm sure i'll be happy

So here's to many many more extansions

John said...

Here's a challenge for you: 2 lists of 4.

With all this Spider-Man talk, imagine (sadly) that we only get 4 more Spider-Man characters before the collection's over. That's 2 in 2 extensions, or 1 from 4 extensions.

Make a list of the 4 Spider-Man characters you feel is most deserving... who you don't feel the collection is complete without... who's NEEDED.

Make a list of your 4 most wanted Spider-Man characters.

Spider-Girl (it would just sell... sooo well. Even to
people that don't know who she is.)

Most Wanted:
Jack O' Lantern

These are just Regular sized. ...Though I think Madame Web is the last of the Special sized. And Big Wheel, but...

sed tallis said...

Dan me old cock, don't know if you have finished work on the Terrax mag ? I just remembered you include a fold out poster with specials . Please use that fantastic image from the wraparound cover , it would make a fab poster above the wee man's bed.
Thank you

deamon said...

,,Over the last few posts Sage has been described by some of her supporters as the last of the key X-Men. That's fine, but if that is the case do the X-Men still deserve four spots?"
X-Men, not X-Force, or X-Factor, or X-villains.

,,Omega Red is a good example. A gob smacking waste of a special."
Wolverine is one of main Marvel characters, and Arkady is one of his main villains, not waste for me.

,,Mojo has appeared recently out of nowhere to fill yet another precious place."
That was good choice, now only Shadow King for main special size x-villains.

,,Kaine, Demogoblin, Shriek, Scream, Carrion, Doppelganger, Smythe and Tombstone"
Please, do it EM!

Perfect EXTENSION 201-220?

Silver Samurai
High Evolutionary
US Agent
Grey Gargoyle
Baron Mordo
Brother Voodoo

Specials in 2013:
Strong Guy (regular special)
Groot and Rocket (double pack)
Madame Web (regular special)
Lockjaw (regular special)
Atlas (mega special)

,,Make a list of your 4 most wanted Spider-Man characters."

Thor8 said...

My most wanted Spidey characters would be.....

Molten Man

As for what position the Spidey foes are in on the forum poll,just tatoo an "X" on thier forehead and watch them zoom up to 1st place. Sorry but I don't place too much faith on which characters are "REALY" wanted based on fprum polls.

sed tallis said...

Listen I don't doubt that as many as fifty eight people voted for the number one want over on the forum. It's veh veh impressive, that a few dozen people some of them no doubt part of the many hundreds of folk that still buy comics today have spoken,
Thank Stan, EM still choose the majority of this collection, otherwise this collection would disappear up Sages Anole before you could say "cancelled due to lack of interest"

jimbob said...

I love my spider man display but I feel there isn't much more I want too spend my money on.

Here is my list of my most wanted Spidey,

Spider Girl
Madame Web Special

I would be very interested in Spider Variants tho.
My most wanted is Iron Spider Man.

bethrezen said...

For me:
Mary Jane Watson
Jackal or Demogoblin

tinodragon14 said...

My Four Spidey Foes are:


Robert said...

Spidey "characters"?

Tarantula, Jackal, Puma and Gwen Stacy.

Gremlin said...

I wouldn't mind seeing some guys like Kaine, Madame Web, Spider-Girl and Boomerang.

Sage said...

Picking a top 20 for an extension is tough but if I was making the choice it would look like this.

1. Sage
2. US Agent
3. Jackal
4. High Evolutionary
5. Warlock
6. Thundra
7. Speedball
8. Grey Gargoyle
9. Selene
10. Zombie (Simon Garth)
11. Namora
12. Tombstone
13. General Thunderbolt Ross
14. Mantis
15. Sunspot
16. Whirlwind
17. Spider-Girl (Anya Sofia Corazon)
18. Rocket Racoon
19. Baron Mordo
20. Darkhawk

sed tallis said...

The looter
The Ringer
The Basilisk
The Grizzly
The Kangaroo
The Jackal
The Molten Man
The end

mgf said...

Molten Man
Will O' The Wisp
Rocket Racer

John said...

I thought I was the only one who would want a Looter. You know, he was in the very first superhero comic I ever got... 6th grade, a Scarlet Spider comic. :D

Lots of calls for Molten Man... the classic readers have spoken Dan.

Honestly, I fully support and very much want Every Spidey character named minus Tarantula (that's just me though. MANY people want him.) But geez, Boomerang, Smythe, Tinkerer... there are SO many I want.

SinisterVenom said...

My top 4 Spidey wants would be:

1. Tombstone
2. Molten Man
3. Madame Web
4. The Tinkerer

The complete pic of Loki is on my page now everyone. Next will finally be...the Avengers!

tinodragon14 said...

Hey SinVen,

I like your Loki drawing very much. Same goes for your Hawkeye drawing. I wish this collection would have done the Black Widow figure like your drawing of her. She looks sexy, feminine, elegant but deadly.

I am pleased to see the votes for THE MOLTEN MAN. He is really the last of the classic Spidey villains.

SinisterVenom said...

Hey tino, thanks for the kind words! They really are appreciated! :)
I'm glad you like the pics! My first Widow pic was something similar to the figurine but I didn't like it so threw it away and started again, the result being that sexy lady you saw there ;) I'll aim to keep up the sexiness in my future female drawings :) And also Hawkeye is currently my favourite pic I've done so far! Keep your eyes peeled for the Avengers coming soon! I'm hoping to have it done in time for the movie so I have around a month to get busy!

sed tallis said...

This collection dare not end until these Mighty Avengers characters have been included
Papa Roach

sed tallis said...

Ah!' wait a wee minute..... Aha,ahum, yup I appear to have listed artists from the Avengers movie soundtrack.
I have checked with kids some as young as 24 they all agree this is possibly the worst collection of crap "Assembled" for any soundtrack album ever. I hope this is not an omen.

Finsternis said...


Cheshire Cat said...

How could they even consider no further extension for CMFC?!?

Thor8 said...

Well we're one day away from a new update(I hope)and I'm really looking fowrd to Dan announcing that EM has gotten the green light for another extension,and that it will inclued such classic heroes and villains such as...

1)USAgent: Overdue Avenger
2)Mastermind:Classic Brotherhood
3)Air Walker: Herald
4)Sersi: Another Eternal needed
5)Yondu:Classic Guardian
6)Doc Spectrum:Squadron Supreme
7)Mimic:Classic X-Men foe
8)Whirlwind: Classic Giantman foe
9)Skurge:Classic Asgardian
10)Darkstar:Soviet Super Soldiers
11)Diablo:Classic FF foe
12)Baron Mordo: Dr.Strange foe
13)Krang:Sub-Mariner foe
15)Citezen V: Classic Thunderbolts
16)Hogun: Warriors Three
17)Sunspot: New Mutants
18)Melter:Classic Iron Man foe
20)Molten Man: Classic Spidey foe


4)Titanium Man

Double pack...
1) Hogun/Fandral


2)Super Adaptoid
3)Dragon Man

sed tallis said...

I ate a big red candle.
Will Ferrel confirmed Anchorman 2,
make my weekend even more spiffing by announcing the next extension.
thank you
i love yooz

AVENGERS -87 said...

4)Silver Samurai
8)Grey Gargoyle
11)Baron Mordo
12)Brother Voodoo
14)White Tiger
16)Nova (Frankie Raye)

Thor8 said...

Dan please give us an update today,and mke it a good one.

Gremlin said...

Yeah....make it a Hela of a good one....

Thor8 said...

Yeah Dan...what Gremlin said.