Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Moonstone and Vance!

Wow! thanks to all those involved in getting her thus far. We took in most, if not all of LAWay's comments/sketch, plus our own amendments. I'm pretty pleased with her although her face reminds me of Kylie Minogue (not a bad thing I suppose), and she's not facing directly out from the base but at a cheeky angle (to allow for the wider stance).

Hopefully she'll be well recieved...

Nice Vance Astro paints too. I think the paint job really brings him to life...

PS. We collated your votes for Deathbird and it was a real mixed bag #2 and #4 came out top with #6 in 3rd place - so we went with 2. We shall have a fuller sketch for you soon.

That's all folks!


mighty_marvel said...

vance looks really good. simple, but very effective. such a shame we won't be able to put a decent display of other guardians of the galaxy around him. he'd have made a great centrepiece to that display.

not crazy about the choice of pose for deathbird. i'm sure you'll do your best with it though.

looking forward to seeing moonstone painted

Banshee said...

Moonstone looks OK. I think one hand on her hip would make a sexier sculpt though. I honestly don't care though I'm just glad we're getting her.

Vance Astro looks amazing. The paintwork really lifted the sculpt from average to amaze-balls.

Can't wait to see Deathbird. She's going to be outstanding.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Really like the improvements on Moonstone, and true: the paintjob on Vance really does bring him to life! Dan, we know you recently told us you have no info on a new extension, but I thinking the news that the DC collection has been cancelled again has left us all worried, specially those of us whose favorite characters are very close to making the cut. On the DC side, I for example, em really scared of not having Fire and Ice, who are first and second on the poll! While here on the Marvel side, it's Sage. So I guess more than ever we Will be looking forward to good news from you. Thanks for keeping the regular blog updates, they're very apreciated!.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Oh, and I like the pose choice for Deathbird!

Kal Brindle said...

Vance look aces! Nice simple pose (shield forward) th epaint job has really made all the difference.

Moonstone looks great too - I'm stil sad you couldn't incorporate her Classic Helmet into the sculpt in some way as that would have been the Moonstone I'd have preferred, but she stil has one of the best butts in the entire collection!

Deathbird sculpt! Yay - this is one of the poses I preferred. Happy.

AVENGERS -87 said...

Great thanks for Moonstone : she's fabulous

CGJ said...

If anybody has the phone number for the lady that posed for the Moonstone sculpt, can I have it? Please?

Blog Master Dan said...

Can all those who haven't, please join this blog as a member/follower.
Even if you don't post in the comments section.

Hopefully this could help boost the profile of this blog/collection
which in the long run may help towards the longevity of the collection. Thanks.


mtravis390 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mtravis390 said...

I will be quite disappointed if the design of Deathbird blocks any of my other characters on the plinths.

Yes EM there are still collectors out there that uses the plinth. Even thought you've made them impossible to get. Please remember that.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Vance Astro looks amazing. I always loved the modernity of his costume design, and the figurine has inherited the clean futuristic style very well.

Moonstone looks really hot.
It is not her face that reminds me of Kylie Minogue! I hope you'll use metallic paint for this fig.

Blog stats.
I'm really happy to see the Page Views stats for this excellent blog. I'm delighted to see so many people are viewing it, and I think this is good indication that the CMFC still has a healthy number of fans. May it live and prosper until we've got all our favorite characters.

Robert said...

While I was hoping for the original Moonstone, that is definitely an improved sculpt.

As for the members thing you mentioned, Dan, I was surprised to see that myself, Thor, Ted, Bagman, SV, PA, Jacadoo and many others are not on the members' list. I had mistakenly assumed that we were already members...

jimbob said...

Both sculpt looks fine.

Looking forward to Deathbird.

I have just signed to follow this blog.

LOCKJAW special!!!

mgf said...

Sad to hear about DC once again being cancelled. No Captain Marvel Junior, far too few Metal Men. Very sad. We shall not see its like again.

Don't fall into the same trap with the CMFC please. Fewer bland generic females - hello, Moonstone! - and get stuck into the GotG and for Gawd's sake get Lockjaw in before it's too late.

max_0888 said...

Moonstone is really great imo. I can't wait to see the painted version. I'm sure she will look fantastic.

Vance Astro is so much better painted.

Thanks for the advise about being a member. I post on the blog but I wasn't a member. Just joined.

Like others, with the cancellation once again of the DC collection, I'm getting a bit stressed out about the CMFC. Here's hoping we will at least get to 250.

Thanks for the update once again Dan

Dan The Man said...

Yes, we will do our upmost (if we get another extension!) to make it the best one yet! with loads of cool, exciting characters, hopefully covering all the areas that our collector's want, as well as offbeat curve-balls and sales boosting dynamic sculpts. How's that for a mission statement!

PS. Yes it is a sad day that our 'sister paper' will not be getting another extension. It's been a great ride working along side Sven and Colin & Co. over the last few years (both Sven and Colin originally worked with me on CMFC and took over DC when staff we re-arranged) with our friendly rivalry and one-upmanship "STEP UP!". Hopefully their expertise will be utilized on something new. They have both put in as much hard work as those working on the CMFC and unfortunately Marvel seemed to be more popular to the general public (what with the films that were blowing up at the same time we were launching). All great things must come to an end.

PPS Thanks for those who signed up to the blog!

Dan The Man said...

Shame we can't do what they used to do on the old British weekly comics - "Great news inside readers!" - Yes! 'The Classic Marvel & DC Figurine Collection' the merger no one wanted!

max_0888 said...

That's a great mission statement indeed Dan. I'm sure it will be an awesome extansion and here's hoping

Jessica Jones takes the modern curve-ball slot ;) (what? I couldn't resist)

mrsinister88 said...

It's a great pity the DC Collection has been cancelled, if in fact it has. Where did everyone hear this news? Is this perhaps because of the Batman chess figurine collection which has launched. I though thta was kind of weird given that they are now re-doing Batman, Black Canary, Batgirl, Poison Ivy etc..... I have to be honest I think the weird choice of some characters hasn't really helped the collection too much - at times I wondered where it was actually going..... Im hoping the variety and character choices on the marvel collection will be reason enough for it to continue as I would actually be quite upset if it finished....VANCE AND Moonstone both look great... the quality of alot of the recent figurines has been brilliant......

mighty_marvel said...

only 250 max? i'm thinking we're going to need to get to 300 to properly do marvel justice :D

Paibok said...

Shame about the DC collection being cancelled again. There is no reason why the CMFC should go the same way, it must be more popular, and if people are still willing to carry on then why stop a good thing.

I think there needs to be more than 20characters to cover all areas collector want. How about an extension of 100.

There is still a Skurge the Executioner special yet to me made, that would be an exciting and imposing sculpt and Silver Samurai who is in the Wolverine movie next year, Selene who wears practically nothing and also Whirlwind in mid spin.

With the previews...

I would have preferred Moonstone in her classic outfit, but I suppose the sculpt does show off her best bits.

The Vance Astro is amazing, its one of my favourites from this extension.

Sage said...

Moonstone looks very sexy for sure and I like Vance alot also.

The pose selected for Deathbird is fine, 2 and 4 were probably the best two.

Hopefully another Marvel extension is likely and hopefully it has popular selections like Sunspot, High Evolutionary, Sage and Silver Samurai to ensure high sales to get future extensions also.

Bagman said...

Very happy with Vance Astro, now all we need are Yondu, Starhawk, Martinex and Charlie-27 just to round it off(hint-hint).

max_0888 said...

Mighty_marvel, I agree with you. 300 would be a dream.

John said...

I guess Deathbird was going to the back of the shelf anyway, I'm just sad for the fans that really liked her. I mean, there's NO way, with that pose, that she won't block figurines behind her. ...Still, it will make for a more visually impressive sculpt, thus pulling in more casual buyers that wouldn't have gotten a C-lister otherwise. I preferred 5 or 7, but if 2 helps the collection, I'm sold. Just don't do this on characters I really like. ;)

John said...

Moonstone's hot, but you didn't make her pretty. I do agree with Dan, though. She looks like Kylie Minogue. I didn't know who that was, so I looked her up. She's not pretty. No offense. Personal taste, rude American and all that... EM, fix the cheeks please (on the face. The others are perfect.)

Vance is also perfect. More cosmics please. :) I'll second (3rd, whatever) Lockjaw!!! *cough* STAR-LORD *cough*

...if I'm signed in through my Google account, am I signed up to follow the blog? I don't know if I'm actually a 'member.' I obviously want to help.

John said...

Dan, finally, when it comes closer to decision time about having another extension or not, any way you could provide an address for us to send in some heartfelt letters expressing our (obvious) deep love (or obsession) with this great collection? Any way I can support this thing and keep it rolling, you bet I'll do it.

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the update Dan.

As I thought after seeing him painted it would reveal how the Vance figure looked & he is a fine figure indeed. A very well done to the painter.

You have done the best you can with the generic looking Moonstone figure & now it is up to the painter.

I picked sketch #2 for DEATHBIRD & you picked it?? How did that happen??

Osvaldoeaf said...

Wow, I loved reading those optimistic words from you, Dan! Really got me excited! I joined the blog as you requested and I had no idea it had so many visitors in one month! Makes me think of how many people got to see my Apocalypse picture you so kindly posted last week! I'm not mourning the DC collection yet, for I still have hopes we can save it one more time! Ps: sorry for any crazy mispellings from me, my iPhone spelling check is in Portuguese!

Thor8 said...

As everyone before me has stated,both sneak peaks are grand,but shouldn't Vance's suit be metallic?

Would really love to see this collection reach 300(at least) regular figurines with a few more specials and a couple of well deserved megas such as Atlas and The Stranger.
Blakenewman2002's gallery is proof that there are too many figurines yet to be done before calling it a day.

I wish to see

The Destroyer
Princess Python
Count Nefaria
Doc Spectrum
Madam Masque
Charlie 27
Space Phantom
Baron Mordo
AIM Tech
Hydra Agent
White Tiger

...and the list goes on and on and on and...

Thor8 said...

Oh,by the way. I thought that after 3 years and 2 months posting here,I was already a member,but if I'm not ,then how do I sigh in for membership

Alex Summers   said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one here who wants Sage, I think she's gonna be a hot figurine! They could make her really sexy looking!

mmo84 said...

Dan, there's a letter campaign going on to fave the DC collection. It worked last time, we're hoping for the best this time too.

sed tallis said...

The Marvel Universe is just way more interesting than the DC nonsense.Let it die, don't let it limp on like an old boil covered emaciated pet dog, just say goodbye and let him go...sniff.
Love Moonstone that Lithuanian sex worker look is classy , feel free to use it on Sage. Slut and Snore.
Vance is just peachy a genuine classic character.

mgf said...

Has the DC Chess set cost us the DC collection and if so can lessons be learnt for the CMFC?

I ask as EM obviously wish to revisit the DC big hitters, the very thing we have discussed for the CMFC.

If they are prepared to invest in a DC chess collection while seemingly cancelling the other DC collection the problem does not seem to lie with the licensing, but with the lesser known characters.

I believe there will be ancther CMFC extension, and I want that extension to be big and bold featuring real old Marvel silver age classics and to roll the dice to get a further extension by revisiting perhaps Wolverine, Beast or Iron Man.

fredpostman said...

Thanks for the update Dan;atleast Vance's shield is facing forwards.Preferred Moonstone with the helmet but atleast we are getting the character.
Sorry to hear about the DC cancellation but i think the Marvel Universe is far more interesting and this collection is going to run and run (Destiny told me)and i agree with Thor8 and his choice of future figurines (don't for
get Mr Hyde)
LOCKJAW soon please.

sed tallis said...

Ah, Thor 8, I would love every single fig mentioned in your list. Why have you listed Nighthawk? Do you mean the squadron Supreme look? , or am I missing something( as usual)
I know this is mo scientific survey , but sometimes I will sell on my extra figs via eBay , to help finance whatever piece of art I am desperate to own. Now by the time I plod my way through listing my Marvel figs , I sometimes find most of them sold before I have finished listing em!!
The last time I listed a pile of DC figs Inc specials I received. One solitary bid.

Blog Master Dan said...

Just wanted to say that DC is not officially ending as yet. just the vibe we are getting from all areas. so it may yet get an extension?

Sorry to have jumped the gun.

Joeking said...

Moonstone Is Looking good, It would be a shame to see the DC collection go Without the inclusion of Fire And Ice.
We also need a few more New mutants in this collection so hopefully this one will last a good while yet.

Joeking said...
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Joeking said...
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Joeking said...
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Joeking said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joeking said...
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Joeking said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Ted my friend,you guessed it. I definately am reffering to the Nighthawk from the alternate earth's Squadron Supreme. No one can clain that it would be a re-do,becase it's a different person and the uniform is different. I also meant to list his cohort The Whizzer in that list.

Thor8 said...

Rechecking my recent list and adding The Whizzer as I mentioned makes a total of 40 characters. That alone makes enough characters for 2 extensions,and this was just a list I made as I posted here,there truly are many more that I and others can think of and wish to see made. I just know you will have another extension approved.

sed tallis said...

It's pretty obvious we have to see the Marvel big hitters revisited in the next extension. unless we want to see the CMFC go the way of the dodo and DC,
EM have to frankly ignore the naysayers as they are a tiny proportion of the customer base. I for one would love to see what the sculptors could dazzle us with in the space year 2012, With those 7 years of experience, just imagine how amazing Wolvie, Iron Man and Beast would look today??
Saying "me not want redoes" is tantamount to saying " me rather collection die"
Speaking of Beast, I'm beginning to regret buying that radioactive clay from the Puppet Master!!

mighty_marvel said...

i totally agree ted. resculpts seem inevitable and personally i welcome them. i'd be happy with 3 in every extension of 20.

i'd like to see spiderman, thor, iron man, captain america, captain britain, human torch, luke cage, wolverine, beast, rogue, mystique, cyclops, storm, jean grey and doc ock redone.

you've also got potential special resculpts of archangel and hulk.

Osvaldoeaf said...

To be honest, I wouldn't like redos at this point just yet, if possible. Dan's last comment got me a little more optimistic about our chances of saving the DC collection! Also, I love people making the point about Sage being a sexy fig. Lol, I guess it's true. Personally I want her cuz at this point it's, for me, about completing teams, specially if there's a chance it will be the last extension, and she's the only member of XSE left to be made, so her inclusion would round up that team! Besides, I really like her!

mrsinister88 said...

Im totally cool about the odd redo in the collection, i've said that a few times before .... if it was 2 or 3 in every 20 that would be fine.... i'd ebay the originals and buy the redo's that i prefer ie... beast, phoenix, spiderwoman and crystal... I'm also for completing a few sets now....

I really need Vindicator and Marrina to finish alpha flight....

Sersi, Mantis, Starfox and us agent for avengers....

Magma, Karma, Sunspot for my new mutants

Molecule man and Volcana for my secret wars villians collection....

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Chess set, not checkmate
I don't think the arrival of chess sets should worry us too much. It's a great marketing ploy for EM to sell the most famous characters over and over again, attracting new customers and also those CMFC collectors who fancy variants of their favorite characters. I wish EM great success with this, and am confident they know that the CMFC has a different raison d'etre and selling point.

What the CMFC does best
For me, the CMFC is doing exactly what most Marvel fans have always wanted to see: a collection that explores the vastity of the Marvel Universe to include all those other awesome characters that exist around and beyond the usual A-listers, and that we always wanted to see treated like stars in their own right. This is the real strength and beauty of the CMFC. Nothing beats it. Nothing can replace the uniqueness of the CMFC, and I trust that Marvel fans will continue to support its mission to become the greatest exploration of the MU ever.
It's a dream come true.

LAWay said...

Wow! I am so excited that some of my suggestions were taken on board for the Moonstone sculpt! She looks fantastic in this more detailed render, much happier now!

And Vance Astro looks great too, knew the added colour would make him stand out.

As for redos, I think the DC collection being cancelled and the chess set being launched is an indicator of what may happen to the CMFC. 200 is a nice number to end on for cynical money men.

I think its interesting how the DC set has been promoted in its direction. Using DC's 'most modern or classic look' for the character. The rules are clearly defined. You can get no argument with costume choices.

So, with Avengers coming out soon, how about:

Bucky - Captain America (modern)
Thor - (modern - we have already had classic)
Iron Man - Classic red and gold (classic)

An easy to begin with 3 characters to redo as establish the rules. Wolverine in classic look or tanned version, as well as Spider-Man in his new Fantastic 4 costume, simple direction.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Indeed, good to see that constructive comments are being taken on board. However, Dan still hasn't responded to the comments about Stingray's glider wings. The sculpt we've seen has a free-flowing cape, whereas Stingray's wings are attached to the costume.
Will we see a correction? Hope so.

SinisterVenom said...



...wait, what?

Aww...what's that all about. Don't you love us Dan? :(
Nawww I'm just kidding of course. But you could tell us how to sign up to become a member? Like Robert said, we've been around on the blog for quite a while now so surely we gotta be on the list :)

Now the update, Vance Astro looks great! Loving having that shield up front this time. Ragarding the metallic paint, with all the time left until his release there's still time to add it on. Look at Beetle for example, he didn't look very metallic in the preview pics we got but in hand, it was a completely different story, much better, lovely and shiny :)

Moonstone looks stunning for an early sculpt. Even I can see the Kylie in her face but hey so what? She looks fabulous and I'm looking forward to seeing her next stages.

As for Deathbird, I will admit I'm gutted we're not getting the fourth pose, I really liked that one. But the second pose is great too so I'm happy all the same.

SinisterVenom said...

Also guys I've ordered a Venom T-Shirt that has the same pic as my profile pic here so I may be wearing it at the convention. Makes it easier for you guys to try and spot me ;)
Btw, who's gonna be there on the Saturday, Sunday or both days?

mighty_marvel said...

sorry for the long list but i think the following are needed as a minimum to give decent representation to all the corners of the mu. so there's no way the cmfc should be thinking of calling it a day for a long while yet.

sunspot, sage, magma, warlock, m, corsair, hepzibah, vindicator, marrina, dust, mercury, anole, pixie, mastermind, selene, madelyne prior, silver samurai, exodus, fabian cortez, caliban, callisto, stature, kate bishop, patriot, usagent, darkhawk, firebird, squirrel girl, echo, mantis, starfox, sersi, jewel, two gun kid, whirlwind, crossbones, diamondback, general ross, grey gargoyle, blizzard, the hood, count nefaria, cobra, high evolutionary, baron von strucker, fixer, ghost, namora, jackal, tombstone, kaine, mary jane, thundra, sharon ventura, molecule man, diablo, maximus, frankie raye, phyla-vell, yondu, starhawk, starlord, brother voodoo, baron mordo, misty knight, colleen wing, jigsaw, simon garth, mr fear, paladin, karolina dean, molly hayes, speedball, justice, namorita, night thrasher, red guardian, darkstar, fandral, hogun, heimdall, thunderstrike, meggan, hyperion, whizzer

add in resculpts of spiderman, mystique, rogue, beast, cap america, iron man, cap britain, cyclops, thor, jean grey, wolverine, storm, human torch, luke cage and doc ock and this would take us to a nice round 300.

it should also give time to get specials of archangel, rockslide, strong guy, warpath, shadow king, brood, atlas, madame web, hulkling, volstagg, lockjaw, blastaar, wendigo, onslaught, titanium man, dragon man, groot with rocket raccoon, destroyer, attuma and a resculpt of hulk (which could have a rulk variant)

mighty_marvel said...

on another note, i hope the dc collection gets at least one more extension to fill the glaring gaps - fire, ice, commissioner gordon, wesley dodds, general zod to name a few

Thor8 said...

Dan if you need material for an update today how about answering (if you can) various questions still hanging the air,such as ....

1) How do I sign in as a member of the blog?

2) Is Stingrays wings being loked into?

3) Did EM ever take into cosideration any of the advertisments or inovative suggestion the bloggers sent in upon your request a while back?

I can't wait for the anouncment of another extension being officially approved and that it wil inclued at least 2 asgardians and the first 2 re-do's.

Thor8 said...

Oh one more thing Dan maybe you can show us a couple of blast from the past sculpts in progress as you did before and pics of unused covers and/or sculpts that were rejected.

LAWay said...

SV to show up on the group members you have to click to watch the blog publicly. Perhaps you watch it but clicked to hide yourself or something. Just give it another click and see.

ps the new captcha words are harder to make out I find.

SinisterVenom said...

Ahhh clicking the 'follow' button at the top of the page! I never noticed it before, d'oh! Thanks Leigh :)
And yeah, why have the captcha words changed? Really difficult to see these are :(

AVENGERS -87 said...

Dan , please no redo in the next extension.
There are too many characters not confirmed .
Grey Gargoyle
Silver Samurai
Living Laser
The Hood
Speed Demon
Madame Masque
Count Nefaria
Mr Hyde

mighty_marvel said...

yes there are lots of characters unconfirmed. but they will never be confirmed if the collection is cancelled. if resculpts can help to extend the life of the collection, then surely a few resculpts is preferable to no collection at all. and to be honest, there are some big characters that would really benefit from a resculpt.

AVENGERS -87 said...

there are a great number of characters unconfirmided and the characters listed B or C are very interresting .not redo please

mgf said...

Those of us who have been contemplating re-dos for some time are not seeking to limit new characters, but to get more by looking at ways to ensure several extensions.

There is little point insisting on unique figures which might end the collection prematurely when perhaps even two re-dos might see a sales increase that could lead us beyond 300 issues.

The X universe in the CMFc has been very poorly served and is a complete dog's dinner. I would welcome many X re-dos.

max_0888 said...

hey Dan, I was wondering why isn't Northstar and Aurora announced on the main site? If we want the specials to do well, shouldn't it be available on the site as soon as they come out?

tinodragon14 said...

I would support a Mystique redo in her classic white dress or Ironman in his class red & gold armor.
But I still have many originals to support
Bad Guys

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Great stuff. I too have joined as an official follower. I didn't know I wasn't already one!

Dan's mission statement to create exciting new extensions is perfect. I hope we'll get to see his plan come to fruition. Judging from the awesome figurines we've seen in this 181-200 extension, the CMFC is going to be totally magnificent.

A few redos would be ok, especially as they'd give extra commercial strength to new extensions.

Oh, and if you want to see how many more exciting characters we could get into the CMFC, of course you can visit

where you can also request mock-ups of figurines that you want to campaign for. Go on!

tinodragon14 said...

I see I left out
& two Megas

tinodragon14 said...

As for Good Guys


tinodragon14 said...

Also forgot Bad Guys

SinisterVenom said...

Don't forget Onslaught Tino! Hehe ;)

Max has a point. If you want to improve sales, the specials should be advertized when, if not before they are released. Otherwise how else will people know, unless of course they come on here or somehow find another way to find out.

Speaking of the twins, they finally arrived today after I ordered them weeks ago. It turned out it was delivered 2 weeks ago but the house was empty so next door was looking after it! Nice of them to take two weeks to tell me huh!?
Oh well, I've got them now so this calls for...


It's been a long wait for Northstar and Aurora but they were worth it. Two amazing figurines indeed! Neither of the figurines had the webby fingers problems that some of the figurines have had so I'm happy with that. The paint job is done really well and the faces look lovely. Aurora is up there in my favourite female figs now :)
Keep an eye out for another SV'S FI in the coming week. Should be getting the Wizard before I leave for London :D

sed tallis said...

Stan should get to choose a character. So when you get to meet him next weekend , show him the 200 confirmed characters and ask him what the most obvious omission is.
I'm sure the organisers wouldn't mind Stan taking 20 minutes to peruse the list.Bung him 50 quid and I'm sure he will play along .
Just reading MTU #16 from 1973, Basil Elks becomes the Basilisk...Genius!!!!!

deamon said...

Deathbird won't block figurines behind her

It's not time for redos now, definitely this collection can't be finished before #300.
Ideal 201-220:

Robert said...

You'd REALLY take Speedball before classic Iron Man?

John said...

Deamon, as good as your display looks, not everyone has a step..thing for display. Most people use plinths, bookshelves or display cases. i.e. flat surfaces. She will block characters behind her unless she's in the back, which makes me so happy we dodged the bullet on Stingray because I want him in the 1st or 2nd row.

I like your list though, although I think there's 1 or 2 too many X-Men and I'll never like White Tiger as long as he stays dead and never in a comic I'll actually read (if they haven't been in a comic for over a decade, hold no legacy, and barely mattered in the overall scheme of things when they WERE in comics, do they really deserve a figurine? And this from the guy who's most wanted include The Uranian and Trauma...)

Victor said...

See this display:

Robert said...

Wow. That's some display case, Victor.

LAWay said...

Incoming logic.

Each extension only holds 20 characters.

There are hundreds of characters in your want lists.

You will never get all the characters you wish for.

The inclusion of a handful of redos will not affect you wants or deny anyone off your wishlist because chances are they will never get made anyway.

If redos spike increase in sales, everyone wins if it means more extensions.

If the collection naturally falls away after another 2 or 3 extensions without any redos and unable to complete the neverending wishlists, we all lose.

So in perspective, the inclusion of redos doesnt really matter.

tinodragon14 said...

Just got my CAPTAIN MARVEL & Photon figures. I don't expect perfection here but come on
The CM figure design is fine but the paint job is disappointing. The red is too dark & the blue looks almost black. The star burst on his chest should be yellow but instead it is painted gold like the wristbands. In the light I can barely make out the star burst & it seems on purpose to cover up how poorly it looks. The dark paint on his face mask is covering what should be blond hair & the wristband on the left arm has too much gold on the glove & too much dark blue on the wristband. The painted CM on the website display looks nothing like mine.

Photon's face is scary. It looks like a voodoo mask. Her left leg is curved not straight like on the website & the paint job is poor. Black paint all over the top of the white boots & black paint covers her hip area where there should be white. The starburst ironically looks fine but they could not follow the lines along the top of her legs down to the tops of her boots.

Sadly both figures get put away without display.

Bagman said...

Very impressive Victor, nice display.

Bagman said...

Hey Ted, what if Stan chose H.T.D.?
Do you think he'd get made? Or Forbushman?

sed tallis said...

Ha, Bagman . I think the rule of thumb is "If Stan says so , it gets done" .So yeah to Forbush Man , there's plenty content from Marvels humour titles to fill the mag. Tee hee can you imagine the reaction ??

Thor8 said...

Speaking of Forbush Man,This would make a nice free-bee for subscribers. I'm in the Caribbean so I can't subscribe,but I know LAWay would have a fields-day with this one.

Sad to hear about your disappointment with your Captain Marvel and Photon figurines Tino, these have been two of my most wanted for my Avengers collection. I''ll be receiving mine in a day or two so I'll let you know how mine turned out. Many people complained about their Moondragon figurine (especially the paint job),yet mine turned out to be fine.

max_0888 said...

I tried to to some publicity about the CMFC on comicvine. Since Marvel Girl, i've been updating the official preview pictures of every CMFC figurine coming out in the picture section of the character. I can't believe it wasn't done before. I hope it brought some new collectors. Maybe I should update the pic for every character before Marvel Girl...i'll get right on that actually

Victor said...
this display case it's not mine. It's from a friend.
He promise build one for me :)

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

OK, here's this week's
featuring 7 interesting characters that have been requested:

Arnim Zola
This prominent Cap enemy needs to be in the CMFC. With his ESP Box head and holographic face, his iconic design will make an outstanding figurine.

Immortal, researcher, adventurer, mercenary, Marvel hero with a mystical meteoric fragment embedded in his chest.

Also known as Mister Sensitive, this intriguing mutant is the perfect X-Statics representative and his striking looks would make a fab fig.

Fighting is the mission of this Elder of the Universe, who has battled Colossus, Sasquatch, Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer, Thor and many more.

Planet Hulk was awesome. This amazing shadow warrior - then wife of Hulk and mother of Skaar -deserves a place in the CMFC.

Fans of the Clone Saga and Maximun Carnage will agree that this is one of the most dangerous and memorable enemies of Spider-Man.

Speed Demon
Once known as the Whizzer, this cool-looking speedster has a rich history spanning Squadron Sinister, Sinister Syndicate and Thunderbolts.

Check if you like, here:

max_0888 said...

Cool update blake. Carrion and Armin Zola would look very good indeed.

Id love for you to include Colleen Wing and Husk in there

deamon said...

,,You'd REALLY take Speedball before classic Iron Man?"

Bagman said...

Easy there Robert, easy mate!!!!!:D

John said...

"You'd REALLY take Speedball before classic Iron Man?"


Thor8 said...

Don't worry Robert M'Lad I
second your choice of Classic Iron Man over Speedball.

Robert said...

Don't worry, Bagman and Thor, I know there's no reasoning with crazy people. ;)

TheTooN said...

I would take classic Shellhead over 'anyone' not confirmed yet. Same for Ape Beast.

Bring on the redo's EM, you know it makes sense. I would throw 2 or 3 in the next extension to gauge sales.

Chuck out Wolfsbane, Shaw and Longshot (temporarily) and replace with redo's.

Why wait another 20 figurines to try it out.

deamon said...

Classic IronMan vs Speedball at the begin of collection, of course IronMan, but not at this moment.
Most of subscribers doesn't want second version of character we already have, not in regular extension. If this is just different costume for IronMan and still static pose, it won't sell better than Speedball.
People wanted GiantMan, people wants Archangel in specials.
After #250, but not now, still too many famous regular characters to move them to future extensions, and replace them by redos.

sed tallis said...

I would take Bloodstone over Speedball. Anyone named after an intravenous drug cocktail ain't "High" on my want list.
Bless you Blake, Bloodstone looks fantastic.

Robert said...

"Most of subscribers doesn't want second version of character we already have, not in regular extension."

I look forward to the publication of your survey, daemon. Can't remember taking part, but obviously it's just my memory acting up again.

I would be willing to bet you £100 that classic Shellhead would outsell Speedball, daemon. Hopefully, Dan will confirm both in the next extension and prove me right. I feel bad taking money off you on such an easy bet, so I will donate it to charity. I am thinking the RSPCA as they do really great work rescuing animals.

sed tallis said...

Speedball outselling classic Shellhead? Yeah in Bizzaro world.
Six days to go guys n gals , have fun

LAWay said...

deamon talking nonsense there.

Give me classic shellhead.

Ask the retailers which they would prefer to stock.

Ask marvel collectors on a whole which product they would more likely buy.

The forum or the blog are hardly representative of the collectors out there, and it doesnt seem like most people who add to the conversation of redos actually subscribe or buy every figurine. So I wonder what poll you have been undertaking to get such concrete results.

Regarding redos as specials, it just goes to show collectors want them. Although the proof will be in the sales, so who knows, GiantMan may flop.

Thats not an euphemism by the way. :P

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

There is no doubt that Iron Man is one of Marvel's most famous characters. But you don't really need EM and the CMFC to give you an Iron Man figure, do you? Shops are full of Iron Man figures in all sizes and prices. In my view, it is preposterous to suggest that retailers need a CMFC Iron Man to 'sell more'.

But hey, let's leave business theories to the experts. I am certainly not one of them. I am a collector who is in awe of the CMFC and its ability to give me MU awesome characters like Beta Ray Bill, Vance Astro or the hypothetical Speedball, treating each one as a star in its own right, each one with a great sculpt and magazine. If you want to throw in a few redos, that's fine but only because it may attract new collectors to commit to the CMFC, thus giving it commercial support to more extensions. But let's not lose sight of the unique awesomeness of the CMFC, and the premise on which collectors commit to it, which is the exploration of as many different MU characters as possible.

It is preposterous to suggest that retailers need a CMFC Iron Man to 'sell more'. Let's think about what makes the CMFC unique and great to us, the collectors.

Robert said...

Why is it preposterous, Blake? It is a fact that the most produced characters are folk like Spidey, Cap, Iron Man, etc. The Big Guns, as it were. That's no accident: it's obviously because they sell well.

Reverse that logic: How many Masterworks, Essentials, trade paperbacks, comicbooks, statues, busts, play figures, MiniMates, t-shirts, masks, caps, costumes, belt buckles, bobbleheads, kids' shoes, keyrings, posters, bed spreads, etc. are there out there that are dedicated to Speedball? There's also a reason for that, too.

I know you think of the CMFC as a collection that has a huge variety of different characters, but that's not everyone's view, as my comments and others on here prove.

tinodragon14 said...

After disappointing MOONDRAGON, CAPTAIN MARVEL, PHOTON I received BLACKHEART, PUPPET MASTER, DAZZLER (I finally found one.) & SIRYN.

BLACKHEART is an AWESOME looking figure though I was never very familiar with him. I bought a second one.

PUPPET MASTER was well painted & I love the classic cover drawing of him on the magazine. However he was drawn early on with a puppet like face & the figure just does not capture that look but I like the overall figure & bought two.

Dazzler was never a character I liked. I mean a disco hero. Please. However she came with the Siryn figure & both were a surprise. They have Dazz in her original disco outfit & the paint job on her is almost perfect. Her hair, her blue mask, her silvery suit, her bracelets, her mike & right down to the chain around her neck hanging down with the disco ball on the end. Only the paint job on the roller skates is sloppy but you don't notice that so much. A surprisingly fine paint job on a character I don't care for. Also her open hand with fingers extended looks good. I have been disappointed with the hands on recent figures I received like KARNAK, HYDRO-MAN & Moondragon.

To those of you who mentioned how light the Siryn figure is I must concur. I noticed how heavy Dazzler was compared to Siryn which registered no weight. I thought it might float away.

This to was another character I am not interested in. Just a female version of BANSHEE. I thought the Siryn figure looked bad but when I got it I have to admit I was wrong. She looks good from the cape to her well painted red hair to her face to the finger held up to her mouth but not quite touching. It was a nice surprise. I wish I had a place for her.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Dan said that the subscription renewal rate continues to be good, so clearly the CMFC must be doing something that keeps collectors happy, offering something special that no other line is offering.

There is a risk in your line of reasoning suggesting that A-listers
are so acutely needed. Why do the B-listers at all, then? Why not stop the CMFC, then? Why not let EM stop the CMFC and run a new 20-issues series based on A-listers instead? And then another partwork after that, once again covering A-listers? Because they sell. Yeah?
I, of course, totally disagree with this line of reasoning.

EM and the CMFC are not here to cater for people fixated on A-listers. There's plenty of other lines that cater for that, very well in fact. EM doesn't need to try to compete in such saturated market. With the CMFC, EM has a special unique niche where they can sell a Speedball, Sleepwalker and Airwalker figurine that no other line is selling.

The CMFC is in a league of its own, and marketing hearsay only applies to a certain extent. There is no proof or evidence whatsoever that a CMFC Iron Man redo would automatically sell more than the hypothetical Speedball. I know that I'd buy Speedball as much as I buy any other character. I also think that Marvel fans are more impressed with figurines of rarely seen characters, and as the CMFC is doing this, it has a reputation for being a dream come true. If the CMFC were to gradually become full of A-listers over and over again, it would lose this 'Marvel Dream halo' which curently surrounds it.

Like I said, I am not against redos and variants at all. I like them, and I agree that they can keep the CMFC fresher for new and random buyers. But I also want to ensure that EM doesn't lose sight of the core CMFC mission. The CMFC needs more extensions to cover all the awesome characters left to cover. If it produces beautiful figurines, then the humble C-lister will sell more than the tired overexposed A-lister.

Robert said...

"There is a risk in your line of reasoning suggesting that A-listers
are so acutely needed. Why do the B-listers at all, then? Why not stop the CMFC, then? Why not let EM stop the CMFC and run a new 20-issues series based on A-listers instead? And then another partwork after that, once again covering A-listers? Because they sell. Yeah?
I, of course, totally disagree with this line of reasoning."

So do I. That's not what I was saying at all.

I actually agree with you that a mix of variants (minority) and entirely new characters (majority) is the way to go. It's the complete rejection of variants like classic Iron Man I disagree with.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Good. The point is not for EM to come up with a ploy to simply sell more. The point is for EM to sell
well - and more - with what they are doing so uniquely well.

They can do so by producing high quality, exciting figurines of diverse characters from all Marvel Universe areas and tiers. The operative words being high quality and exciting.

Luckily, pretty much all Marvel characters are exciting in a way or another. So it's all about choosing interesting ones that are based on intriguing concepts, and that are memorable for a reason or another, whether it's a storyline in which they've left a mark or simply visually outstanding in terms of design. Then it's all about focus on sculpt quality, ensuring they get represented in 3d in the best possible way.

Judging from what we saw in extension 181-200, plus Dan's latest mission statement, the CMFC can do this. Now, if we want to throw in a cool classic Beast or the iconic classic Iron Man, I don't see why there should be objections. But it's all about balance, and not losing sight of the fact that the CMCF is uniquely equipped to provide us with once-in-a-lifetime coverage of all those diverse, exciting characters in the MU that we always wanted to collect.

LAWay said...

I thought Dan said the subscription numbers are good but always dropping off as the nature of part works? I may be misquoting, but I thought thats why he mentioned the redo argument himself to bring in fresh blood.

Although its irrelevant from my point of view. While I think more people may casually buy a classic iron man because it would get more online hits through search engines etc My main reason for it is...

...I want it.

Sure a classic armour iron man already comes in all shapes and sizes in action figure form, or giant expensive statues and busts. But not in lead, not in scale with this collection. A collection I enjoy, making a character I really like and want to see made, why would I not want that?

I could literally list hundreds of redos I want of characters I actually, genuinely want and care for, rather than merit a collection for being diverse and producing figurines of characters 'never been done before'. A line often said with such ignorance as most, if not all the characters in the CMFC has been made into an action figure, statue or bust.

You could argue that if you like these c list characters so much, why do you need EM to make figurines of them when there are other versions already available?

Its the same with classic Iron Man.

You keep talking about this 'Marvel Dream'. Whose dream is this exactly? I dont believe it is Marvel's or EM's to deliver a collection of every Marvel character that has ever existed. I don't believe that was their 'mission'. It certainly isn't my dream, or the dream of many others who collect this great product.

Alot of us are Marvel fans that just want to buy Marvel stuff, regardless if its redos or not. If CMFC doesnt do redos, it doesnt matter to me. I am not blinded by what I think the collection 'should be'. I am not confining the collection with my own deluded 'rules' on what it should be purely to benefit my own dream.

I would love to see some redos sprinkled in to the collection, because I love those characters a heck of a lot more. I love those costumes a heck of a lot more. Are they overexposed? Sure, if by definition of 'overexposure' is using your main mascots to lead your brand. Does it bother me? Not in the slightest. iron Man, spdier-man, captain america, wolverine etc...they are marvel, they are the foundations propping up marvel nowadays. As a marvel fan, I want merchandise of them.

Sure I buy action figures of all shapes and sizes of them too, dont get me wrong. But what is so bad for wanting a beautiful CMFC variant of the characters I love. Every other product does it and it sells because so many fans want it, so is it really so wrong to keep fans happy?

I honestly dont believe every collector is 100% happy with every character or sculpt or costume a figurine is made in, yet buy them anyway. So would those collectors really be bothered replacing a character they wouldnt be happy with anyway with a redo?

Anyway, rant over for now. Just think people shouldnt just dismiss the idea. If EM decides against it, fine, but they are lots of collectors that do want them and theres nothing wrong in letting them know it.

LAWay said...

"Judging from what we saw in extension 181-200, plus Dan's latest mission statement, the CMFC can do this. Now, if we want to throw in a cool classic Beast or the iconic classic Iron Man, I don't see why there should be objections."

Well said.

"But it's all about balance, and not losing sight of the fact that the CMCF is uniquely equipped to provide us with once-in-a-lifetime coverage of all those diverse, exciting characters in the MU that we always wanted to collect."

Thats what bothers me. CMFC isnt a unique once in a lifetime product. It will never be able to produce all the characters you want. Other products offer diverse characters. Please stop labelling this great collection with constraints of what it cant be.

And lets face it, not all characters are 'wonderuflly' designed. They are not all 'exciting'. People are being blinded by this 'dream' and really over-hyping this diverse aspect of this great collection.

Great characters and figurines is what I want. That doesnt necessarily have to be diverse characters.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Nobody expects the CMFC to cover all the characters wanted by me, or by you or by all the other collectors. I am pretty sure, however, that people expect the CMFC to explore the Marvel Universe and show us its diverse character concepts, stories and designs - to a reasonable extent that is well within EM's capabilities.

If you remove this fact from the collection, then the CMFC becomes something else. It seems to me that it'd be best and more reasonable, then, to launch a new like of products (chess sets, anyone?), whilst keeping the CMFC to do what does best: produce quality figurines of diverse characters all in the same scale, etc.

To see the CMFC as a 'dream come true' is the spontaneous reaction of most Marvel fans. I don't see how one can be dismissive of this fact.

PS. Everybody knows that other manufacturers, too, have covered or are covering sub-tier characters. I am only talking about doing it within the CMFC, all with the same bases, concistent scale (more or less) and encyclopaedic approach via a magazine that covers history, profile and iconography.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Once in a lifetime, yes.
LAway, It's a fact that many Marvel fans genuinely perceive the CMFC as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In which sense? Just think about this: if the CMFC stops, then we're left with just plastic action figures or mega expensive Bowen-level sculpts (which, by the way, are too big, often only busts and not full figures).

I really don't understand how you can be dimissive of the 'once-in-a-lifetime' status that many of us attach to the CMFC. Personally I want to see Speedball, Starhawk and Hulkling in CMFC format, and I don't want them in any other format currently available. So, yes, the CMFC really is a once-in-a-lifetime collection that can give me lead sculpts of characters I love. If you don't agree, or if you support the CMFC for other reasons, that's fine. An opinion is an opinion. I can only hope EM pay attention to my 'dream', as much as to your odd version of the 'dream'. No diversity, and only major characters is definitely not my dream! :P

mighty_marvel said...

i don't think anyone who supports resculpts is in favour of no diversity and only major characters blake. as far as i can tell people want a few resculpts alongside the new characters - 2 or 3 resculpts per extension.

i originally got into this collection for the major characters. and while i am pleased that we are now getting the lesser known characters from the mu, the quality and dynamism of the sculpts now is making some of the big hitters look a little short changed.

LAWay said...

I totally understand that, and action figures aren't everyones cup of tea. To dismiss them I feel is up to the person. Personally I love the sculpts, the designs, and the range the action figures produce. I would have thought if you are a fan of diverse characters or a large marvel collection consistent in scale, then its no different other than they are plastic and has the stigma of 'action figure' attached to it.

I dont understand the argument. If CMFC stops, thre are other marvel products making diverse characters, and who will continue to do so. Regardless of the material they are made in.

I never said 'no diverse characters'. I didnt say I have a 'dream' of what the collection would be. I said, as a Marvel fan, I want to buy marvel characters. I dont want to restrict what those characters are, thats all I am saying.

Its silly keeping on arguing this point, but when someone posts that everyone is in favour against redos I had to bite.

My main points are:
-CMFC cant make every character in the Marvel Universe.

-Since they cant, spots in the collection are not 'wasted' by the odd redo

-If collectors are already not buying every character, what difference does it make with the odd redo

-I dont care about it boosting sells to prolong the collection, my main want is just to have the characters marvel fans love. If the odd 1 or 2 slip in then thats all I would want.

-If none make it, it doesnt matter. I just dont want to dismiss the idea and state that NO ONE wants redos, as that is an obvious lie.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

All I know is that I want more extensions. I want to get other MU characters in CMFC format that I can display alongside the other 200 characters. We have Vance Astro, now I want Starhawk and Yondu. We have 4 New Mutants, now I want Sunspot, Magma and Warlock... and so on, following this logic of organic expansion. It's a dream, yes, a big one that I support with a passion. If EM's expert market analysts reach the conclusion that the CMFC needs some redos of A-listers to thrive commercially, then that's the way to go. Because the alternative would be no CMFC at all. Personally I'm not against redos, and will be happy with a modern Thor, Avengers-era Beast, classic Iron Man. So long as the CMFC continues to cover other characters
as well.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

CMFC mission statement,
in the words of Richard Jackson

I also would like to remind you that, after a series of posts where we all described our personal dream for the CMFC back in May 2010, Richard Jackson posted the following statement which (modesty aside!) quoted my post:

I think the key is balance and to quote one of you guys our mission statement should pretty much be:

1. Coverage of famous characters

2. Less known characters based on awe-inspiring concepts and design

3. Completion of top/famous teams

4. Expansions into new emerging teams and Marvel realities

5. Coverage of unmissable, classic characters that are testament to the House Of The Idea.

I think that this statement is perfect and still valid, and it will work terrifically well in combination with Dan's own statement to create exciting sculpts of exciting characters.

TheTooN said...

I do love the diversity of the CMFC if not some of the choices/areas.

I'd love to see some A list redo's so I can have classic team displays for Avengers and X-Men just for starters.

I would imagine that c and d list characters would have a far lower casual sales performance than the big hitters and to me that spells an earlier end for the collection due to poor sales. Not rocket science.

2-3 redo's per extension could be a real shot in the arm. I would want to get some into 180-200 to test the waters. If it proves a success then the request for a 200-220 extension is a lot easier to grant.

If we carry on as usual and numbers dont hit targets whats the chances of another extension ?

I would argue that UK subs today form a small part of CMFC revenue and that casual sales and the all important US market are whats keeping it going.

If Classic Iron Man doesnt obliterate Speedball on that basis I would eat my hat, coat and scarf.

New word verification is a royal pain in the ass ;) Hope it fixed the problems Dan.

LAWay said...

Yep, at no point is the collection all about diversity purely concentrating on that aspect to make every single marvel character.

If they are a great & exciting design, excellent. (although we have already had some that dont tick that box)

Complete teams...I'm all for it. Apart from X-Men and Avengers that seem to have a million members, or teams that are not even popular. Like above, if its an exciting team with the characters an exciting design, great.

We havent touched on Marvel realities, which would be variants. May not be everyone's favourites to get variants from, but it was mentioned and thus not dismissed.

And famous characters. At no point did it say not to keep producing the same famous characters in different costumes. You can argue as we go on, there are less and less 'famous' characters, so this can hint at redos too.

So we all want a good healthy balance. Again, my point was to argue deamon who dismissed redos saying no one wanted them, as collectors clearly do. And if anything, the 'mission statement' though not even coined by EM, does not restrict itself to some of the personal views and 'dreams' of others.

Anyway, silly argument to keep bringing up, like I said, I just wanted to voice my opinion when I saw deamon's post.

BobDiamond said...

Hi Robert, SV and anyone else going to the Super Con this weekend! Been away on hols for a bit, and there's been a lot to catch-up on here recently...
Anyway...I've just bought my ticket- Saturday only, and I'm in the process of getting a Bob Diamond style T-shirt sorted out. So,if anyone wants to meet up we should arrange times, like maybe on the hour at the main entrance, 1 o'clock onwards etc.
Let us know what you think..

Cheers, BD

The Mad Thinker said...

deathbird :

I think you chose the wrong pose there as she might block out others on display with those wings of hers.

Vance Astro :

Top notch figurine , well done !!

Robert said...

Bob, so as we don't clutter up this blog, click on my blog so we can chat. Anyone else interested in meeting up, like SV, you are likewise invited.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I wonder if there is any chance to get Vance Astro in a metallic paint, as it worked so well for
Beetle and it'd work terrifically well for Vance.

LAWay said...

Mad Thinker - You're right. Thats why I wasnt rooting for those poses as my favourites, she will have to be at the back of the display for me.

I may have asked this before, but with the digital sculpts we are shown, do these get a 3D print or is it not possible for lead?

I mean, is it possible to print out the mould straight from these digital sculpts or are they given to a sculptor to work his magic?

And if not, is it something you may consider for the future? perhaps print straight out into resin or vinyl if possible?

With the chess sets seemingly going for an all resin material, is that going to integrate its way into the CMFC, or is it something that will only be used for specials, capes, and future marvel projects?

Thanks :)

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Dan, I think you should do more specials this year. Along with TERRAX THE TAMER, MEGA GIANT-MAN, mega mojo do an
TITANIUM MAN Special (maybe with a classic Ironman figure)
THE COBRA & MR. HYDE Two Pack Special

Thor8 said...

If the CMFC continues(which I'm hoping it will) I'd like to see in future extensions students of Avengers Academy included,starting off with Veil or Mettle. I'm aware that there are other more classic and famous characters still to be made,but the truth is this series has really grown on me and I find that the characters in this titles are some of the most interesting characters in Marvel to come along in a long time.

The economy being as it is right now I believe that there are certain characters that can be made and made well without having to get the "SPECIAL" treatment. Some of these are;

1) Skurge The Executioner
2) Thundra
3) Hyde
4) Cobra
5) Blastar

...and others.

LAWay said...

I still have a lot of wants that I still consider big names with Thor and Tino naming a few.

What I would really like is a statement of intent for redos. I am just getting worried that we are at #200 with not news of an extension. It sounds a good number to end on (if you are in marketing), and a good place to break off and start something new charging the same price for a cheaper to make, resin product (again, if you are in marketing).

I worry because would another Marvel collection get a greenlight? I would like to think so, but would it last as long? Would we just get chess sets like were previews of Spider-Man, Fantastic 4, X-Men & Avengers. Sure they had some great characters in their line ups, but I think we all agree that we dont particularly just want a resculpt of an already done costume/character.

Robert said...

Don't think business types care about round numbers or think in terms of "a good number to end on", Leigh. The only numbers they care about are the ones in the profit column. If this colection is making enough money to keep them happy, it will continue regardless of whether it is 200, 220 or 680.

Thor8 said...

At this stage this collection is much like a cooking recipe. You have to mix in just the right amount of ingredients to get it right. We have spoken of re-do's,specials ,double packs ,multi packs,sub-groups,newer characters,classic characters(including golden age)marketing,advertisements,subcriptions,etc.

I believe EM should cosider placing a couple of redo,s in the 180-200 extension to see how they work out,and if their sales are favorable add a couple more in future extensions. Same goes for certain groups who's individual entries might not fair well,but as multi packs would most probably sell great,such as Warriors Three,Wrecking Crew,Guardins Of The Galaxy.

On the other hand Specials and megas should be limited to those characters that just can't be made any other way and that are tuly feasable of making a decent profit and for EM and a great addition for most collectors,and not just produce megas and double packs just to fill an agenda. EM has to take chances if they want to se this collection continue succesfully. No one has made it to the top,or have become trully succesful without taking chances or risks.

May The CMFC saga continue.

joeee said...

We haven´t any member of Supreme Squadron to the "next extension"!!!

I think Hyperion could be a very good choice... what do you think???

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

A proven formula
If the CMFC has been extended, extension after extension to the point where it has reached #200 by covering characters from various Marvel Universe areas and tiers, then surely this means that it's been doing the right thing to keep collectors happy.

Another extension based on the proven formula, plus some great redos of major names, will continue to prove successful, imo.

A matter of Like for Like
After all, anyone who's happy to buy the likes of Enchantress, Shanna, Sif and Gamora, will be more or less equally happy to buy Mantis, Magma and Selene. Anyone who's happy to buy Cannonball, Firelord and Annihilus, will be more or less equally happy to buy Sunspot, Airwalker and Blastaar.
And so on.

I don't see why EM's business decision makers would want to change a formula that seems to be working so well.

One extra £1 for support?
If anything, I don't mean to be controversial but I think the price could go up to £6.99 for non-subscribers and remain £5.99 for subscribers. I value and respect both types of buyers, but I do feel that an extra £1 could make the CMFC more profitable for EM and could therefore guarantee that we get more and more extensions. Adding £1 to retail price would be easier than adding it to subscription price. Also, an extra £1 could also give us better figurines!

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mtravis390 said...

Please tell me Moonstone is not going to be set diagonal on the base. What a way to ruin a figurine. Bad enough we have Gladiator and Pyro face blocked.
I don't know how many times I have to say this, but it's obvious I have to repeat it again since no one from EM is listening.

Hey EM!!!!! There are still buyers who use the plinths that you sale and made for this collection. When you make a characters who face is blocked or turn the character at a weird angel on the base you are spitting in the face of every buyer who has bought the plinths.
Bad enough that I have to pay 2 time the cost for a plinth since EM is refusing to sale them in the US. You could at least make sure a regular figurine will display well if someone wants to place them on the plinths you offer.

Robert said...

Not sure if it's true, but Stan is rumoured to be appeared on The One Show on Friday night.

LarryS said...

Does anyone else have tickets for the Stan 'Meet And Greet' on Saturday evening at the London Convention...?

If so, let me know. It'll be fantastic to see you and put faces to names,

Robert said...

I do. Look out for the old guy wearing a Stan Lee is My God t-shirt.

LarryS said...

See you on Saturday, Robert!

SinisterVenom said...

Look out for me too guys! I'm planning to wear a t-shirt with my Venom profile pic on it on Saturday and most likely a t-shirt with BAZINGA! on for Sunday. Both days I'll most likely have an open shirt over them too so keep an eye out!

The last one before meeting the Stan the Man himself...


Picked up the Wizard today, a nice simple figurine. I can easily say I'm not disappointed. Though I think the paint work could have been better as it is a little bit blotchy in places, it's hardly noticable and gives him a score of 9/10. I'm not sure whether or not I'm excited for Thunderbird next time, I just have a bad feeling about how the paint job may look for some reason. We'll wait and see anyway.

Hope we get to see the Deathbird sculpt soon, maybe some sketches for Hela too.
And also it's been a while since we've had sneak peaks of the front covers. Any more to show soon Dan? I'm really looking forward to seeing what you choose for J Jonah Jameson! :)

Right then, gonna finish packing my bag for London and will hopefully see you guys this weekend! I still need to decide what I want Stan Lee to sign, I just can't decide!!!

A very, very, very excited...

Banshee said...

A sneak peak of Mojo painted today would be fantasmagorical Dan :)

Thor8 said...

Dan; Do you think you could put together a gallery of magazine covers that weren't used?,and while you're at it could you show us some rejected poses or proto types of characters already in the collection as you did with the Green goblin?

Here's hoping we get an update today.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Stan seeker
Does anyone know if it will be possible to buy Tier 2 or 3 tickets at the Comic Convention itself. I only managed to buy the standard admission ticket. Everyhting else is SOLD OUT on the site and it's been so for a while. Aaargh. I do want to catch a glimpse of Stan in a conference hall, if not meet & greet.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
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