Friday, 19 November 2010

Behold I return with answers...

Hello everyone, apologies for the frankly abysmal lack of updates, I don’t know what happened, I went away to NY comic con and next thing I know it’s nearly bloomin’ Christmas. Is that a sign of getting old – losing track of time?

Oh well, time for me to answer some reader mail:

Q1) Where have you been???

A1) Where haven’t I been! It’s been a crazy couple of months but I’m back now.

Q2) With the themed packs already talked about, could the CMFC finally redo some characters and give us alternate versions of classic, A-list characters?

This is definitely a possibility. However, at the moment we have not agreed with Marvel or internally if we’ll do Marvel subsets. Despite there being a few different groups that could be done, it’s not sure whether Marvel will have any spinoffs at this point. If we did, the idea of alternate costumes (say classic X-Men) would certainly be on the list.

Why have EM decided against producing multiple versions of characters unlike every other marvel product out there?

A3) Simply put, we’ve listened to a lot of feedback and in general it has seemed that new characters are favored over redos. This does not mean characters are ruled out, only that the general consensus is that there are still enough characters wanted by collectors to not need redos. If you’re after alternate versions of characters (such as Age of Apocalypse Wolverine) then this also has been discussed, but more support – in the office and online – seems to be for new characters.

Q4) Do the forum members reflect the figures of subscribers and collectors that you know are selling? Why cant subscribers, who must give details with address and email, get something in the post to decide on how the collection should go? As inexpensive as printing our bills.

A4) It is very difficult to know if the forum (and here) truly reflects the numbers of collectors we have. Obviously not everyone that collects the series (especially non-English speaking collectors) is on the forum. In general, I think the forum (and blogs etc…) represent a significantly wide variety and number of people to reflect our collectors. Clearly not everything can be taken at face value; however, the forums are certainly more representative than the 8 or so guys (myself included) who sit at Eaglemoss making the decisions.

To answer the second point, we’ve run a number of web-based surveys in the past asking about the collection, and did initially send out questionnaires in magazines. It’s not a prohibitively expensive act (except possibly offering a freepost service) and is in general something us ‘creatives’ leave to marketing. I will pass on the request for this and see if we can make it happen.

Q5) I would love to see an 'Art of' book or magazine feature that collected all production pictures of sculpts, WIPs, paint tests, different sculpts, the design process etc. Will something like this ever happen? Art books seem to be hugely popular now. I would gladly lay down £25-£40 for a book.

A while back I looked into this and although it did seem possible it looked like it would be a lot of work. We use many different sculptors/painters for the collection and their input would be vital. We’d need to take a lot of time collecting more images from. It was debated in the office whether this type of book would actually sell. Plus it’s not something we at Eaglemoss tend to do, so there’s a little resistance to different ideas. I’ll bring it up in our next meeting.

I love specials, I really do, but can we not have forced megas and large characters just for the sake of filling up the gap and making us pay a fortune. I really don’t know how many more giant characters I would be genuinely interested in purchasing and would prefer more double packs or to move onto theme packs instead.

A6) Despite some of the comments I’ve seen, I guarantee that we don’t simply do big specials to charge you guys more. We look at all the characters that could be specials and try to balance the sizes. We’re bound by our licensors to make sure our figures are a good representation of the character and often that means Marvel or DC recommending a height. I’m working hard with our marketing team and sculptors to try and get the best value-for-money I can for you guys. If a figure can be sold out a lower price, I’ll argue for this.

Double-packs are tricky because despite the size of the characters some costs are simply doubled – these could be the fact we need two separate molds, two separate production lines for painting etc…

I’m keen to have double-packs so I’ll be looking at our 2011-2012 special line-up.

Q7) How about a competition to tour the CMFC studio?

A7) I guess this is possible but the winner may be a bit disappointed. We’re currently just an office in London working on a number of magazines. The actual sculpts are made elsewhere but perhaps I could talk to one of the sculpting companies about touring their facilities.

Q8) What costume was chosen for the Beetle figurine? (Hopefully the second choice he displayed).

A8) Yes, you are correct the second choice. Pics will hopefully follow in the next few weeks.

Q9) A while back, Rich, someone suggested occasional guest-slots on the blog by other members of the Eaglemoss staff as a way of ensuring more regular contact without loading more work onto you. Have you considered doing this?

A9) I’m happy to let my co-workers take over this blog anytime they want. Unfortunately, we’re all in the same boat and snowed under with work. I’ll see if anyone is interested.

Q10) Rich, the comments on here regarding a second character with Lockjaw were not exactly wildly enthusiastic. Are you any closer to deciding whether or not to release Lockjaw individually or with either Maximus or Luna?

Umm no is the short answer. I’m not really any closer to a final decision. Essentially you guys have confirmed what I thought: Lockjaw could (and perhaps should) be offered as a separate special. We’ll see if/when he can fit into the run and then try and work out his size/cost. I’d like to believe we could do him justice and make him £10.99 but only time will tell.

Q11) In regards to an earlier post by Robert, who's sidekick would YOU like to be and why? (Well we know so much about each other, how about you share some of your views Rich?)

That is a tricky one, I mean first-up I’d clearly like to be the star rather than the sidekick. But then if I have to be a sidekick I guess it’s a tough choice:

Spider-Man- Not sure I could put up with the ‘witty remarks’. Plus I’d probably get written out of continuity when Mephisto reverses another wedding/relationship.

Wolverine- NO WAY. Just look at the number of partners that end up dead or hideously scarred.

Hulk- I tend to wind people up a little, not a good idea with Hulk – I’d end-up smashed.

Batman- Couldn’t deal with the ‘Robin must wear tights rule’.

Captain America- See Wolverine. Bucky’s tend not to last too long.

Sooo many characters just don’t do sidekicks, hmm, I guess if we’re talking about Marvel I’d go for She-Hulk’s sidekick. Let’s face it she’s a total babe, very protective of her mates and has some zany adventures.

If DC I think I’d probably just go for being a Red Lantern – I can be a bit of a stress head and the rage can build-up. Does that count?

Right, that’s enough questions for now (sorry if I didn’t answer yours).

On to sneak peeks, check out Spiral, Wrecker, and Quasar. Please note Spiral is not on base in final position.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.


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Robert said...

I just love the feeback we get from Rich.

Thank you, good sir.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Spiral is a beautiful piece. Here's hoping we see Destiny next. But Spiral is probably one of the best female figurines as of yet. She's really going to stand out on the shelf. Can't wait to get her.

Wrecker looks pretty good also. Hopefully we can eventually one day see the rest of the Wrecking Crew. But at least we have the most important and fleshed out of them.

Quasar. Still looks good, but I hate seeing characters standing sideways on the base. It just makes displaying them disappointing.

Re: Lockjaw. I still want him with Luna.

ted sallis said...

Wow! Rich,Wrecker looks very tidy indeed, One day a wrecking crew triplepack must happen.
Spiral, easily one of the best sculpts i have seen.
Your great you are :)

LAWay said...

lovely update, very exciting to have our questions answered in such depth and very exciting that things may be brought up in meetings.

Spiral is a stunning sculpt and pose, really beautiful. Didnt we see quasar before? I agree with CBR BEast about the sideways pose, but like you said its not final.

Wrecker...I am disappointed in. Outstretched arms to collide into any figurines next to him, with an insanely huge crowbar. I dunno, it doesnt seem to suit the character, which is usually represented more of a bulky character. This sculpt makes him look rather lean with him standing tall like that. I dunno.

I'll have a proper comment later, but good to see an awesome update today. :)

lipstick said...

Why we see Quasar again..?

ted sallis said...

The Wrecker pose is perfect, i intend to position him in front of FFF . he looky like he throw a bone for a bigga dinosaur like a da night atta museum.

Banshee said...

Spiral is just incredible. I don't mind if you leave her as she is. She's definely one of the best looking sculpts yet. Wrecker looks good too. Quasar really isn't doing it for me though, he just looks odd??

buffduffdan said...

Thanks for answering so many questions Rich :)

Spiral is looking phenomenal - really one of the best sculpts so far! Wrecker is also looking pretty great :D

Quasar is nice but let down a little by the face, just something about it that doesn't seem right to me?

Also I'm with Beast in that I'd love to get Luna with Lockjaw!!

buffduffdan said...

Quick question that I forgot to add,

Would it be possible to get an updated running order Rich? :) We haven't seen one since before the last extension so presume characters have moved about!


Joeking said...

Wow am loving the Spiral figure definitely one to look forward to. Loving the feedback. thanks for caring.

Warlock Hint

mighty_marvel said...

spiral. WOW. new best figurine me thinks

CGJ said...

Wow, Spiral and Wrecker look amazing which has cheered me up no end because the dullest subby pack in the world turned up today.

Snowbird is a nice enough fig but the resin cape feels like sugar paper. Omega Red is a great sculpt but I haven't read a single comic with him in. Wasp is very dull and on the back of the magazine Batroc is next.

Thank God for the update, Spiral could be the best fig of the collection. Please tell me that it is all lead and doesn't have four resin arms to keep costs down.

It seems daft to say can we not pay more for the collection but holding Snowbird I can't help but think the collection is being cheapened and ultimately ruined by the inclusion of resin

Anonymous said...

Considering Resin retains more fine detail from the original sculpt, it is not being cheapened by the inclusion of resin. It's a necessary move at this point due to the insane rise in production and materials costs. People really need to stop overreacting and exaggerating about resin.

CGJ said...

Not an overreaction or an exaggeration, just a different opinion to yours, but I shall consider myself duly shouted down

ted sallis said...

I have no probs with resin capes to keep costs down etc,Though when i first picked up the snowbird mag i actually thought the box was empty until i realised the fig weighed approximataely one teardrop.
This is how it is i suppose but they do feel awful cheap, Thankfuly since i cancelled my first ever fig , i find picking and choosing a doddle.
Wasp is fab even though she does look slightly Ga Ga ( lady )

Robert said...

I won't be buying Spiral but that is a fantastic sculpt. It's even more stunning when you consider the size of these figurines.

Lovely paintjob on the Wrecker. However, I have to agree with Leigh in that he looks slimmer than in the comics.

Glad we're getting another Avenger soon in the form of Quasar, who I always thought was a likeable 'square', with his old-fashioned manners (especially when he called Captain America "Sir"). Staring at Quasar's head, though, I think I can see why some don't like him. His lips are pouting slightly and the hair isn't helping. There's just a hint of the ladyboy about him.

John said...

I really hope the majority remains AGAINST redos.

Can you imagine an original X-Men subset? Afterward, all we would hear is "Now just make Cable bigger." "We need Mystique in her white dress." "Eggbeater Havok is the best." There are literally hundreds more original Marvel characters I want to get to, and we never will if we open that can of worms. And its not like we need more X-Men...

MAYBE, if redos were strictly limited to subsets, so a completist like me wouldn't feel they needed them to complete the set.

Or, a better option for each party would be like the AoA thing. Make a subset of alternate reality characters. As some people feel this as a redo, others feel they are different characters, and you'll get a few more buyers that way. Plus, its an easy way to get high requests like Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Girl, Dark Beast, etc. in one fell swoop.

...if Lockjaw can come at $22 alone, and would cost more otherwise, I could go for that. I can't imagine a free extra at that price point.

Spiral looks great. Wrecker's crowbar is huge.

Robert said...

I see where you are coming from, John, but the thing about redos is that the Iron Man we got is not really Iron Man to many of my generation of comic readers. Classic Iron Man is Iron Man. The Iron Man Eaglemoss made is the variant!

John said...

I understand, Robert. But then we also didn't get the right Beast. And I love the classic Green Goblin design, but I find his newer, Ramos design better as it has more thought, detail, and menace. Also, Reed Richards is my 2nd favorite superhero, and I'm really not a fan of that pose. Plus, Cap. Britain needs his other costume. So does Storm and Rogue. Venom's too small. Emma Frost isn't sexy enough. Yellowjacket should have been Giant Man and a Special. Scott Lang needed his creepy helmet. Carnage doesn't look like he has a living suit, it looks like a mistake they just went with. Dormammu would have also been much better as a Special (see Marvel vs. Capcom 3.) Crystal needs her Kirby design. Winter Soldier should have been WWII. Drax should have been classic. Warlock should have been modern. Valkarie's sword sticks out too far. Gladiator has his hand over his face. Man-Wolf is too tall. Nomad should have been Speedball. Sasquatch should be redone in lead. Wasp should have shorter hair. Pyro's fire is in front of his face. And then there's tiny Cable, eggbeater Havok, and white dress Mystique.

Now these aren't all my own opinions, just what I've heard from others. So these span just about everywhere and I'm sure I missed some. But if everyone got the corrections they wanted, how far back does that push the collection. There ARE some of those that I'M not happy with, but once that can of worms is open, it's open. I'd rather just look forward.

And like Rich said... or more the question he asked, "Why have EM decided against producing multiple versions of characters unlike every other marvel product out there?"

EVERY OTHER MARVEL PRODUCT does this. For once, can we have ONE collection that doesn't just do the same thing?!

Plus, back to Robert, I know you don't collect X-Men, or at least I thought I remembered you saying that once. You realize that the majority of redos/alternate costumes people ask for are all from the X-Universe, right? You get Iron Man and you'll have to wait through a LOT of X-Characters.

jimbob said...

Good update!

SPIRAL- Amazing

WRECKER- Amazing

LOCKJAW- On his own!Don't need any more Inhumans!

QUASAR- A bit disappointed not going for a more modern look.And I agree that side poses don't work with displaying these figurines!

SUBSET- Redos please,Classic Iron-man,90s X-Men etc.....the list goes on and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Gremlin said...

Spiral is outstanding. Thank you for making such an amazing sculpt of my favorite character. I was a bit worried about how you would do her arms and how many swords you would include but you got it spot on. With the pose you have given her she looks like she is about to cast a spell.


Robert said...

That's some list, John. You're basically right and I'm not disagreeing that it could get out of hand. I think, however, that you combined two separate issues: the variant that is a different incarnation and a variant that is a resculpt because the pose/ body position/ etc. is not liked. Of course it's unfeasible to resculpt figurines purely on the grounds that someone doesn't fancy it much as I'm sure we'd end up with a list that wanted every character redone. That's not the same case as different incarnations. Maybe I can explain it better by saying that I think Doctor Who is Tom Baker. I believe the second doctor was on TV when I was born and there have been many doctors since, several very good, but Doctor Who will always be Tom Baker. (The same thing doesn't apply to James Bond: Roger Moore was Bond in the cinema, Uncle Sean on tv, so I saw both and got to choose.) I like the Iron Man suit we got, I've liked other versions like the Silver Centurion armour, but it's just not the Iron Man I grew up with, the one I love, the one that's in my mind's eye. Same with Beast, as I grew up with him in the Avengers. Maybe it seems autistic, or I'm stuck in my childhood, either or both may be true. I cannot look at the figurines without noticing it's not 'Iron Man' standing next to Cap. Although it is. If you get my meaning.
P.S. I accept X-Men in the regular order, and buy some, so why would I object to X-Men in a variant order? If you told me I could get classic Iron Man I'd be patient!

ted sallis said...

To be even more specific my classic Iron Man would have a nose piece and rollerskates, Hope this is the look we will see in the Avengers movie.
Themed packs would be a way of revisiting some big names without slots being taken from the regular line up,
It would be like a little spin off series therefor no need for completists to hold their breaths until they turn blue,or generaly sulk until the idea is kicked into touch over and over again.

Robert said...

Sounds like a BD game, Ted: crappy incarnations! (Where is Bob, anyway?) We could get Cap-Wolf, inflated-with-power Surfer (from a Ron Lim-drawn SS Vol. 3 issue; an Infinity crossover, I think) and Patch, the lamest disguise since Clark Kent thought glasses would stop people recognising him as Superman!

One other point about variants: We can easily put a cap on this. One variant doesn't mean an avalanche is inevitable. After all, sensible people can have one or two drinks without getting steamboats!

jimbob said...

Is Wrecker's crowbar final production peace????

Because it is obviously looks too big!?

Mr J said...

Spiral is a stand out piece a very good job on that one.

Wrecker is very nice too.

I have a couple of Questions;

1) When is SAURON going to be a special?

2) What's happening with a NORTHSTAR & AURORA double pack?

AVENGERS -87 said...

Wrecker is perferct , BRAVO at his sculptor : The colors are sublime , his pose is perfect . I hope to see Songbird . And the confirmation for the next extensions of Thunderball , Piledriver and Bulldozzer .

jimbob said...

Please start doing the rest of the Wrecking Crew EM.


SinisterVenom said...

Welcome back Rich! Your update is truly a great sight to behold indeed.
First of all, while I'm not bothered whether we get Lockjaw on his own or paired with another character, let me point out there may not be a better chance to get Luna released. I doubt she'll do well as a regular figure. But regardless of what happens, please confirm Maximus soon, I can wait for the next extension.
Now the sneak peaks. First off, I'm sure we have already seen Quasar already...that's all I have to say for him.
Wrecker looks great, very good job and will be looking forward to getting him.
And saving the best til last, Spiral looks spot on! I can't wait to see her painted and positioned correctly! Easily one of your best so far guys!
Thank you for taking the time to answer some of our questions too Rich, much appreciated.
For the next sneak peaks, Blackheart? Prowler? JJJ?

LAWay said...

Wow, John is a stick in the mud isn't he? lol :P

Sorry mate, your long list of potential variants just makes me want them more, and I am sure the topic is something everyone wants in some way. There are alot of variantions of character costumes and appearances we all want, that we would all prefer over what we have got. But like you said, and something I am perfectly happy with, is introducing these characters into the subsets so they are fodder to the actual numbering line-up (although, people who complain about this only have an excuse if they collect every figurine, otherwise numbering doesnt matter to you anyway.)

Although some characters wont fall into subsets necessarily. Say I want a Captain America Bucky version. Why cant he just be a £6.99 special? Cheap, effective, not numbered so wont bother 'completests' (surely a completest buys everything, why complain?) I am sure it would sell bucket loads, not just collectors but in shops too.

I mean, not every special has to be huge and expensive, right? We had repainted variants as early specials, so why not revisioned characters?

People say 'when will it end?', same can be said of making a figurine of every marvel character. Thing is, it will come a time when people will lose interest when characters get more obscure, with people thinking 'meh, i dont have to buy that one...i dont really know him or care that much.' It could lead to the end of the collection. I understand people not wanting hundreds of variants taking up space of new characters, but I dont expect to see like 5 iron man variants in 1 year. Just keep it sensible.

People in the forums and the blog may shout louder about their dislike of the variation idea, but like I said, I would love to hear what the subscribers would vote.

Wasnt a recent poll on the forum in favor of a Hulk special redo?

LAWay said...

Q2)Hope subsets are discussed, and I hope the green lantern one goes down well with DC. I am sure there are many marvel sets fans would love. Maybe a poll to find out which one, with the option on 'none' for those genuinely not interested.
Q3)I am glad the issue of alternative versions of characters are being discussed. I appreciate that a lot of people want new characters. However, I have to challenge the idea that if you put up a certain character against an alternative, the result wouldnt be so clear cut as it may be implied. It would be nice for some of us collectors who want this inclusion to see it happen as I am sure there are many out there who wouldnt have a problem with the odd alternative costume now and then.
Q4) The issue with the online questionnaire is that it is not informative in the slightest. There is no option of what you want, why you collect the collection, how much the individual buys, etc. I remember the mail questionnaires were similarly slim in selection with multiple choice answers for characters you would want out of about 4 choices.

I would prefer to see something that is maybe abit more personal to the opinions of collectors. Maybe we can all think of questions that would be a good template. My only concern is a lot of voices expressed on the forums come from members who have stated they dont really buy much of the product. While these voices should still be listened too, these online voices should not drown out views from subscribers.
Q5)Very happy that the book issue may be brought up and discussed. I would definitely buy this and think it would be a great item for any collector of the CMFC, and to any marvel fan, comic fan, art fan and sculptors. I'll keep my fingers extra crossed.
Q6) I dont mind and understand double packs would simply be the price of 2 figurines. I kinda expect it really. As long as its a worthwhile, meaningful double pack, I'm happy.

Again, what about a normal special? Like the old coloured variants, but instead do an alternative like a classic red and gold iron man? Cheap, appealing, non numbered.
Q7)Didnt realize the work place was so boring. lol Again, more reason for the art book, means we wouldnt have to travel all around the country to see the inner workings.

How about you guys come down to a comic expo? There are loads around the UK nowadays, would be a great chance to meet the fans, get new ones, and introduce the artists and team behind this great product. Maybe even have a con exclusive figurine (hides from haters).

Thanks for answering my questions, really appreciate it guys. It makes the difference being a collector and knowing your input and opinions gets considered and receives feedback. Makes the collection extra special.

Robert said...

I like Leigh's idea of some of the team visiting conventions or expos. A chance to make more people aware of the collection and increase sales. The only, rather glaring, problem with the idea is that Rich has pointed out on a number of occasions, including in his post this week, that everyone on the Eaglemoss staff is working flat out. Look what happened when Rich went to New York. We had three - or was it four? - weeks with no post. The team is too small and too busy to fit this in. Pity, though. It is a good idea.

And, Leigh, while I also would love to see variants, I do think we are in the minority. We just have to be patient. They will come! I want a Silver Centurion Iron Man so I can make a West Coast Avengers line-up!

LAWay said...

Hmmmmm Thing is, most cons and expos are done on the weekend, and I imagine the EM guys must give themselves that time off usually. Sure there will be a little work to set up and organize, but I wouldnt think it would be too much work really.

You say we are in the minority Robert, but what I am trying to get at is we dont know this as a fact, and thats why I want a new questionnaire that asks these questions to collectors and subscribers. I think anyone who subscribes doesnt care what character they get, they just love the product. I dont think they would cancel a subscription over an alternative figurine after a couple of naff characters/figurines we have had.

We may be outnumbered on the forum and blog, but I dont think it truly reflects how people think.

Robert said...

It's a bit much to expect Eaglemoss staff to give up weekends, Leigh. What if Rich and others have young children? Family to visit and weddings, etc. to attend? Hobbies? A football team they follow? (Didn't Rich go off to a Eurpean game at one point?) The free time we get is precious and I'm sure we can all think of better things to do than something work-related. Like I said, a great idea if the Eaglemoss staff were not already very busy. We have to be realistic and see the idea from their point of view as well as our own.

As for whether or not we are in a minority on the subject of variants, it's impossible to say for sure. It's just the impression I get from being on here. And Rich gets the same impression from the forum. Hard to say one way or other, just my opinion. God knows I've been wrong before. It is slightly irritating, however, that whenever I go into FP I see variants. Just this morning I saw a classic and Silver Centurion Mini-Mate Shellhead. And they already have generic characters, too! Way I see it, with each extension the possibility grows. After all, who thought we'd ever see a civilian in the collection?

Anonymous said...

we've already seen quasar , but thanks anyway lol.
spiral and wrecker ............. ?
fantastico !!
these figurines get better and better all the time , thanks rich and keep up the excellent work , i love this collection so much it's crazy.
please do lockjaw with maximus.
please do more multi packs.
please do more villains.

ted sallis said...

I think Leigh's idea of £6.99 specials is the best idea i have heard on this blog, Some characters could be redone as part of a theme pack , Those that wouldn't fall into that category could be made as £6.99ers,
Red and gold Iron Man.
Original Cap Britain.
Beast ( from Avengers #155 )
Wolvie alt costume.
They would sell more than some of the more......niche? characters we have coming down the pike , like Nico Minoru,puppet master, Greyfriars Bobby,
Leigh's also spot on about a simple questionnaire on this subject being sent out to the thousands of subbies, It may sound crazy but let's see what they think.
I mean they manage to type out their credit card details, so i think they could cope with a wee questionnare

AVENGERS -87 said...

it's impossible for be connected at the forum today , are you have of news on this problem ?

mighty_marvel said...

i think most people are against resculpts being in the main line. but surely this is why if CMFC subsets become a reality then they are the ideal place for resculpts. they will be outside of the normal numbering so people won't feel they have to buy them and they won't take up a place in the main line that could be used for an unrepresented character. also, i would imagine that subsets are likely to sell better if they are of the big hitters rather than the second and third string characters we have reached in the main line, and then extra profits from this should help the main line to continue for longer.

also, say for example a guardians of the galaxy subset were produced. this would mean that the GOTG would not then be done in the main line. so collectors would HAVE to buy this subset to have a complete collection. this makes this less of a subset and more 5 extra main line figures. if subsets were used in this way, EM might as well just release 32 main line figures per year instead of 26.

subsets shouldn't make collectors feel that they have to buy them. only using them for resculpts would achieve this

mgf said...

"AVENGERS -87 said...
it's impossible for be connected at the forum today , are you have of news on this problem?"

Perhaps he's banned everyone. That is the logical next step, after all. ;0)

Spiral is superb. I wasn't overly excited at the idea of her being made, but what a sculpt!

Ditto Wrecker. Like some others I thought his crowbar was a bit big, but it seems in keeping with the images online.

Subby pack was good. It's great to see the Alpha Flight roster filling out so quickly. Shaman is nailed on for the next extension.

So the update... Well, I'm not sure I like seeing the words "Lockjaw" and "if" in the same sentence. With an extra figure, without an extra figure, I don't care. but give me that fat teleporting dog, EM!

Robert said...

It's only puppy fat, mgf.

Boom boom.

jimbob said...

Anyone can give us some info on what's happening with the forum?????

Anonymous said...

It's monthly maintenance time for the servers that host the forum. Hopefully they'll be back up sometime today. There's been a lot of talk of subsets and redos. Well, the best way of handling both is targeting what storyline to handle. So what about one of the all-time best selling storylines ever that just had it's 30th Anniversary and is almost constantly in print....

The Dark Phoenix Saga!!

1. Jean Grey - Marvel Girl costume from the battle on the moon and her sacrifice. Since we've technically got Phoenix, but not Jean represented in the collection.

2. Cyclops - While most people want the 90's Jim Lee costume. The 80's look isn't that bad either. And would at least give classic costume fans a version that they like.

3. Beast - Speedo Sporting Blue Furry Apeman and member of the Avengers during this period. Would satisfy those people who didn't like the Cat Beast that we wound up getting to fill out the AXM roster.

4. Storm - Of the All-New All-Different team, this is the only many feel wasn't done in the right costume. Well, that's more due to the other members hardly ever changing their costumes. But a classic Cockrum Storm would be cool.

5. Mastermind - The often overlooked member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. And the one who put the whole Dark Phoenix Saga into motion with his manipulation of Jean Grey. I'd rather they did his real form rather than his illusionary one though.

6. Sebastian Shaw - Playing a big part in the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie, now is the perfect time to include this fairly major X-Baddy in his elegant Hellfire Club wear. I'm not sure whether I want him shirt on or shirt off though. Either way is great.

7. Emma Frost - In her White Queen of the Hellfire Club outfit. Since the Astonsihing X-Men one is great for displaying together as that team. But a lot of people seemed disappointed they didn't go with her original villainous incarnation.

8. Hellfire Club Goon - The army builder of the group. Much like Multiple Man in the main line. A lot of people have been asking for generic troopers, and this is one way of getting them in. The magazine can of course cover not just the HFC, but the wounded goons who later became the Reavers.

mighty_marvel said...

the problem with storyline subsets is that you'll get some characters who are so far unrepresented. if these were done in a subset, then they will not be done in the main line, meaning collectors will HAVE to buy those particular subset figures to have a full collection. subsets should be completely out of the main line and not need to be bought to have all the characters. unrepresented characters should only be in the main line

Anonymous said...

Well, you're clearly not aware of how the DC Subset is working. That it does include characters that could be in the main line. Any figures that you include in a subset is going to be one that includes characters that could be in the main line.

Robert said...

Even a non-X-fan like me would buy a Dark Phoenix set. Great story.

One set I'd like to see is the original Invaders. It would have two new characters in the original Torch (yes, I know he looks very much like the FF Torch) and Toro plus three variants in the form of Bucky, Namor in green trunks and a more muscular Cap.

ted sallis said...

I want a Conan,Red Sonja, Kull triple pack. I don't care how impossible it is, Those barbarians alongside various kung-fu kicking cats were a Marvel mainstay while the Xmen were reduced to a reprint title,
If i say my pwayers in a sweet little voice tonite , maybe.....just..maybe?

Anonymous said...

Not gonna happen. Marvel doesn't own the characters. At best, you might get a Kulan Gath around 300, since Marvel does own that character.

mighty_marvel said...

i am aware of how the dc subset is doing things and i personally don't agree with it. you should not get characters in a subset that have not been in the main line as it is basically forcing people to buy the subset figures to have a full collection. as i said earlier rather than have a subset you just might as well increase the number of main line issues that come out per year. if subsets are done in the cmfc they should be completely optional and people shouldn't feel that not buying them will mean their collection is incomplete.

but of course, my opinion is different to yours beast so it is clearly completely wrong

Anonymous said...

But ANY characters done in a subset could be done in the regular line-up. That's kinda the point. It's still DC or Marvel related characters. So no matter what you put in either subset, could have fit in the main line. Nobody is obligated to by anything they don't want to. I don't feel obligated to buy the entire DC collection for the few characters I give two shakes about. It's just a silly argument.

jimbob said...

The Dark Phoenix Saga!!

I would love this.

A mix of new and re-sculpt characters.

I think it is 50/50 on collectors wanting re-sculpts,just look at Hulk re-sculpt poll result with YES winning slightly.

It is time to put the A-listers back into the collection!

Robert said...

While I have my own pet wants, I can sympathise with anyone not wanting to buy a twin-pack or group set just to get only one character to keep their collection complete. I'm curious as to whether the issue of sets has been discussed on the forum. I assume it has, so what is the feeling there?

Is there some preference for sets that have, say, entirely original characters (say, a team like the original Guardians of the Galaxy or Young Avengers), teams that are a mix of new characters and variants (Invaders), an already produced team that is completely redone (original or Dark Phoenix X-Men, for instance), a set that's a mix of specials and regulars (say, an Avengers set with Giant-Man, Swordsman, Mantis, etc.), a special theme like SHIELD (Dum Dum, the Contessa, maybe a Hydra goon, etc.) or generic characters, or, well, what?

mighty_marvel said...

yes, resculpts 'could' be in the regular line up but from what rich has said coupled with all the naysayers on the forum it is highly unlikely. whereas unrepresented figurines are likely to be in the main line at some point.
now take for example sebastian shaw from your suggested dark phoenix subset. if the subset were produced with him in it, then he is not going to also be in the main line. this would mean that completionists would HAVE to buy him from the subset, making him an extra figurine that year that these people would have to buy. in the current economic climate it is not fair to add extra expenses onto people.
resculpt subsets would avoid this problem because people are able to say either 'i already have this character and don't need another', or 'i always wanted this character represented this way so i'll buy it', making it more optional.
just because YOU don't feel obligated to buy every character beast, doesn't mean there aren't completionists out there who DO want all and will buy all of the unique characters made available in this collection.

jimbob said...

I think that new teams like GOTG,Invaders,Starjammers can be in the regular line up to help lengthen the collection and there for increase more specials included in the collections.

Variant subset is a obvious choice now.It just feels right time to do this.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone on the forum is against resculpts. So that argument doesn't really hold up. Not to mention, a subset that is nothing but resculpts isn't going to be a big seller. The BN subset has a couple new versions of characters in White Lantern Sinestro and Parallax Hal Jordan. But for the most part, they are all new characters. Plus the Subset is getting a Special even, in Nekron. We can most likely expect the same of any subset.

Anonymous said...

Also, anyone who feels obligated to buy every character because they buy one has bigger issues that need dealt with. By the way, the argument about the economy doesn't hold up. When you know about these things around 6 months before they come out and have time to budget.

mighty_marvel said...

because you can see the future and know all the sales figures in advance?????

mighty_marvel said...

you and i both know there are completionists out there beast and for you to question their state of mind is completely out of order

mighty_marvel said...

and even with time to budget as you put it, it is still an extra cost that in other years would not have been there

Anonymous said...

Ummm, who needs to see the future. We have this amazing thing called solicits. As well as the blog and the forum. So we know what is coming out numerous months ahead of time. It doesn't take a crystal ball to use common sense. That and knowing how to budget your spending is half the battle. ;)

ted sallis said...

Mighty Marvel is right , You shouldn't have to buy a complete subset just to obtain one character, Original X-Men, fine as we already have versions of the characters,
Maybe Eaglemoss could just say bollocks to copyright laws and just produce a few bootlegs, Conan, Red Sonja Kull,Solomon Kane, Doc Savage.
I will sell them at my stall in Camden Town,if i'm rumbled i won't say nuffink

Anonymous said...

Nope, questioning the state of mind of completists is a perfectly valid point. If you're buying things you hate, just because you're obsessed with "Gotta Catch Them All", there probably is a deeper issue there. Collecting easily turns into a sickness for some people. So it is something to think about.

Also, your argument about budgeting makes no sense. The collection wasn't around over five years ago either. So clearly you managed to budget for it then. It's not like EM is announcing things that are being released tomorrow. So it's kinda a moot point.

Anonymous said...

Not really aware how copyright works, are you Ted. ;)

And who says you have to buy an entire subset to get one character? You can just buy the one character you want. Again, that completist mindset is often the sign of bigger issues. It's not the Pokemon collection. You don't gotta "Catch 'Em All". ;)

mighty_marvel said...

ummmmmm........if you read my post properly you would have realised that i was asking if you could see the future regarding sales FIGURES. implying that i was asking you to back up your bold claim that a resculpt subset would not be a very big seller.

amazingly enough i know that we can find out what issues are coming out in the future

mighty_marvel said...

yes. people have budgeted for the collection as it stands. 26 regs plus specials. adding subsets onto that now would not really be fair if the subsets contain unrepresented characters that you can only get from the subsets

Anonymous said...

I don't recall EM ever agreeing to be "Fair" when it comes to what they made. I certainly don't remember signing any fairness agreement with them. They're a company producing merchandise. There's nothing fair or unfair about what they make. They make what they feel will sell. That's what they're in business for. And given the sales of the Blackest Night subset, apperantly EM made the correct choice on how to handle subsets. Especially given that subset has already gotten a Special and an extension.

mighty_marvel said...

i'd be perfectly happy if an unrepresented character that was put into a subset would also be put into the main line as well at some point, so that people who can't afford the subset on top of the main line still get the chance to purchase the character but i get the feeling this will probably not happen. in my humble (and clearly less valid than yours beast) opinion unrepresented characters should be in the main line and the main line only.

Anonymous said...

Well, EM clearly doesn't feel that way. Why not just buy the characters you want from the subset? Not like it's that hard to figure out how to do that. Most people handle deciding what to purchase fairly easily.

mighty_marvel said...

oh my god. do you even actually read what people are saying or do you just skim through and pick out the bits that you think you can try to belittle people on.

i never even mentioned buying or not buying all of a subset. i merely said that, now pay attention here, that if unrepresented characters are only supplied in a subset and never in the main line then you may be excluding some people who may want these characters but simply cannot afford (even with careful budgeting) the extra costs of these subset characters on top of the figures they already buy in the main line.

and yes EM may feel differently to me, but that does not mean i cannot express my opinion

ted sallis said...

Steve Beaton just BeAT Phil Taylor wotta match, It was a Darts match A very popular sport among the uneducated masses,
Your right CBR ya big lug i don't understand copyright laws... kinda like how you don't get sarcasm, irony or outside enuff.
This may be a longshot but i'm guessing the forum is still outa commish.

LAWay said...

lol CBR Beast calling completists mentally unstable?

So he is attacking children who play pokemon, the point of the game to catch them all. All those days in school if you collect sticker albums...insane. If you play xbox games and dont just stop playing halfway through but feel compelled to finish the game, you need psychiatric help.

Sorry bud, you have lost it. Its called a collection with a subscription service which is meant for people to collect. It doesnt make you mental for collecting a collection.

I fully support subsets as alternate characters only, but also A-list characters only. I dont want GotG. Just because it is a team doesnt mean they should be a set. I dont think new characters should be in these subsets, but there wouldnt be an issue. EM would be setting a standard of reproducing characters, so any new characters that feature in a subset could easily feature in the main line up seperately. EM could even do so to test how popular character is if the demand is huge. But then, if the demand isn't big enough, then that goes against everything that is coming from the 'we want only new characters camp', so there shouldnt be any complaints.

But lets not complicate things. DC green lantern subset may feature new and alternate characters, bit from this we have learnt some people are not happy with the decision. So keep Marvel subsets as popular alternate characters. Doesnt neccessarily need to be restricted to 'storylines', as you may limit yourself to what is possible.

mighty_marvel said...

prepare yourself for the backlash leigh for you have disagreed with the omniscient cbr beast

mighty_marvel said...

a quick query.

why, when she has three swords, does spiral only have one scabbard?

Gremlin said...

Because she can conjour other swords into existance when the need arises.

John said...

3 Part Post:
Just to make my own point clear on why I don’t want redos, I put together a list of the characters that I’d be excited about if they were confirmed. Now keep in mind this is a list of my own and only characters that I’d get really excited about. Like… I feel Jigsaw deserves a place, but I wouldn’t be excited about his inclusion.

John said...

Rocket Raccoon, The Uranian, Phyla Vell, Wiccan, Hulkling, Trauma, Gauntlet, Komodo, Gravity, Gamora, Gorilla Man, Groot, Paladin, Speedball, Namora, Night Thrasher, Brother Voodoo, Ant-Man III, Bug, Jimmy Woo, Dum Dum Dugan, M-11, Sleepwalker, Shaman, Beyonder, Boomerang, Constrictor, Fixer, Grizzly, Hammerhead, Jack 'O Lantern, Jackal, Maximus the Mad, Mr. Negative, Nightmare, Psycho-Man, Scarecrow, Slyde, The Spot, Stilt-Man, Swarm, Tombstone, Trapster, White Rabbit, Blastaar, Dragon Man, Ego, MODOK, Cobra & Mr. Hyde, Molten Man, Kangaroo, High Evolutionary, Grandmaster, Vermin, The Hood, Alistair Smythe, Ghost, Black Mamba, Calypso, Clea, Death, Diamondback, Joystick, Lady Deadpool, Mantis, Mary Jane, Pixie, Princess Python, Squirrel Girl, Stature, Venus, Vindicator, Misty Knight & Colleen Wing, Mr. Immortal, Doorman, Flatman, Big Bertha, Infinity, Madame Web, Stardust, Red Shift, Nova, Air-Walker, Black Fox, Demogoblin, Cloud 9, Living Tribunal, Darkhawk, Jim Hammond, Angel (GA,) Blazing Skull, Two-Gun Kid, Rawhide Kid, Texas Twister, Shooting Star, Armadillo, Phantom Reporter, Yellow Claw, Whirlwind, Dr. Druid, Baron Von Blitzschlag, Henchmen: (Hydra, Aim, Shield, Brood,) Centennial, Major Mapleleaf, Nemesis, Puck II, Yukon Jack, Madison Jeffries, Hiro, Baymax, Gogo Tomago, Honey Lemon, Silver Samurai, Sidewinder, Kaine, Ox, Montana, Fancy Dan, Lockjaw, Mojo, Surge, Justice, Death Adder, Typeface, Arcade, Wong, Arnim Zola, Vance Astro, Bi-Beast, Big Wheel Mega, Thunderball, Butterball, Caliban, Howard the Duck, Will ‘O Wisp, Gargoyle, Firelord, Bill Foster, Frog-Man, Vertigo, Leech, Mendel Stromm, Tinkerer, Jonas Harrow, Heimdall, Slapstick, Oblivian, Warlock, Rocket Racer, Puma, Red Ghost, Prodigy, General Ross, Star Lord, US Agent, The Shroud, and the Warriors Three.

John said...

So that came to 164 names. And I’m sure I missed some. Now why did I post this list? Because I REALLY want all of these characters. If EM started now, we’d get through everyone on the list in about 6 years. But the thing is, obviously, I have very different taste than other people. A lot of people are asking for Longshot and Moonstone, or their other favorites. X-Characters tend to dominate, and as you can see, there are very few I’d be excited for. So let’s just say for simplicity sake that this will now take 12 years instead. Leigh has said before that 4-6 redos per extension wouldn’t be too much, and when you think about it year by year, that’s still 15 original characters… but that also pushes my list to about 15 years if I did my math right.

Extensions for the CMFC are announced in sets of 20. We have no idea how long it will go. Though I really doubt it will go on for 15 years. All I’m saying is that if you’re a huge fan of Living Laser, The Recorder, Darkstar, or any of Marvel’s other AMAZING B and C characters, we should push for as many NEW characters as possible to get to our biggest favorites and really flesh out this collection like the MU truly is.

John said...

This is coming from someone who is a completionist. I buy EVERY Marvel character. I don't want redos, so if they're produced, I'll skip them, like Beast said. Of course (and I'm sure, like many other completionists) once I've missed a complete collection, I'll be picky and choosy from here on out. I definitely wouldn't have gotten the likes of Bishop, Blink, Jubilee, or plan on getting Forge and Domino. But as of now, I will be.

Basically, make a collector break a full set, and you miss out on guaranteed income in the future.

max_0888 said...

I just want to say how much I like the Spiral fig! :) Wow can't wait to add her to my collection! Wrecker is also pretty great!

I have a question for you guys! I REALLLY REALLY want Misty Knight and Colleen Wing! A LOT! I adore those two characters and I wonder what way would be the best for them. I know they are very popular together as a two pack, since the're history is so linked, but do you really think they have a chance in the speical slot?

If not, one per extansion could be nice! (for the next two extansions)

What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

SPIRAL is absolutely phenomenal. She's going to be one of the best CMFC figurines ever.

MARVEL SUBSETS - Please EM, continue to look into the feasibility. Subsets based on major sagas and story arcs, or
planets and dimensions of the MU. These would be totally awesome.
If DC can have spin-off subsets, then certainly Marvel should too.
Marvel history and the vastity of the Marvel universe deserve subsets.

Thanks Rich for all the time you dedicated to anwering all our questions.

Robert said...

It was rather lively on here last night. Some very interesting points raised.

Anyway, I'm glad Mighty Marvel explained his thinking about sets. I hadn't really considered that some folk might call themselves completists but only want different characters. Collectors, including myself, have to respect that, even if they disagree. In terms of money, advance warning doesn't make the cost any less. My bank sent me my first ever Personal Annual Statement yesterday, which totalled all my comicbook and comicbook-related expenditure for the last year. It was in four figures and I hid it from the wife! It may seem only £3 for a comicbook here and £5.99 for a figure there. However, the accumulated amount is rather surprising. I know one of the long-time staff in FP now hardly buys comicbooks because he has two children and he, obviously, prioritises.

Robert said...

Part 2. One last suggestion about variants: no more than one per extension.

Looking over John's list there are loads of great shouts (and couldn't help but want to hug him for mentioning the Recorder). There were also a fair amount I hadn't even heard of, though, which means I probably wouldn't buy them. Moreover, I cannot think of a time when Big Bertha will sell better than classic Iron Man. Or the White Rabbit will outsell a classic Beast. Surely I'm not THAT out of touch?! :)
Ultimately, someone in Eaglemoss will take the decision to try a variant. To the best of my knowledge, every other Marvel toy, figure, statue, etc. collection offers variants. They do that because it sells. This is a business and money talks.

We haven't seen humungous lists on here since the days of a certain Mr. Smith but I may come on later with my own wants list. Anyone thinking of doing the same, Mighty Marvel has lots of ideas on his blog.

Deadpool said...

Hello Guys,

Richard has made a point that everyone has overlooked.
This Blog and the Forum is made up of a small subset of collectors.

Those of us that blog or use the forum have a much narrower view of what we want from the collection than those who don't blog or forum.

I had the good fortune to have some time to visit the FP in Newcastle yesterday.
Cracking on with some of the guys, they have had a huge amount of interest about the DC spin off collection and requests for redo's of Captain America and Captain Britain etc.

Apparently the elderly, like Robert, Ted, Bob and me would like to see the real Iron man, a better sculpt of Captain America and Captain Britain etc.

However the kiddies like mutants.

Age and general nerdiness polarise opinions.

Anyway.. Spiral is a babe , she has very nice curvy assets. Obviously there was a DC Mossman who gave advice to the "creatives" on how a woman should really look.
Good Job.

My Alpha flight display looks rather good now with the addition of Snowbird. I believe that anyone who made the decision not to get Sasquatch has made a big mistake.

I rearranged my Avengers display to incorporate Janet and who despite the "Basin Cut" hairstyle is nice.

I bought a second Snowbird and Wasp with future conversions in mind.

All things considered Eaglemoss are doing a good job at a good price, regardless if they use resin or lead.

Personally I think it is the character, sculpt and paint job that counts not the modelling medium.

Bye for now ... I am very busy and will be flying back out to the "hell hole". Hopefully I'll be back before Christmas.

Yours Truly

Deadpool :0)

Deadpool said...

Oh one thing I almost forgot.

Representation of powers.

Check out Lightning Lad.

Now there is no excuse not to display power effects.

Roll on with those translucent coloured resins, Mossmen.

Bye bye

Deadpool said...

Ok and just one final comment.

Robert I agree with you 100%.

The casual collector, as well as the die hard obsessive compulsive (ie me) would definately buy redo's of classic characters.

FFS some of the loonies were prepared to pay £50 for a green Quick silver. Those that wouldn't pay that pouted because it was a Froggie Exclusive.

Mossmen I formally challenge you to do create a redo of Captain America, Iron Man, Chimpy Beast and Captain Britain.

Pouty bloggers ... I dare you all not to buy them.
I know for a damn fact you will have many sleepless nights, waking up in a cold sweat ,if you have a gap in the collecion.

MMM ... Yours Truly


Robert said...

Ah, Deadpool, how did you know that Ted, Bob and I were in Steve Rogers' class, years before he was injected with the Super Soldier Serum? What was it like? Well, Bob and I used to write stories together. Steve and Ted drew the stories, but Steve was always rubbing out the rude bits that Ted added.

Deadpool said...

I know I said I was finished but here is some food for thought.

Blackest Night - Atrocitus
Easy Conversion into Marvel Nimrod.

Who said that sub sets weren't awesome, hmmm?

I will be buying at least two of each figure... probably 3 depending upon how I can convert them.

Verification word - DpYouAreMyGod how strange ....

Cya ;0)

Deadpool said...

I should have guessed that there would be lots of "Rude Bits" rubbing :0)

Robert said...

Ah, it has almost been like the old days on here the last day or so.

You really should visit more, DP.

Deadpool said...

Robert I would love to spend more time blogging, but unfortunately my work has taken me out of the country quite a bit lately.

To be honest I hate the places that I've been sent to recently.
I don't like what I've been tasked with and the locations haven't been particularly safe.

Anyway ---->

Check out these Images of other Blackest Night and DC figurines.

Azrael is Awesome.

Cya later and it's been nice to speak to you again ;o)

Deadpool said...

lik was truncated last time

Deadpool said...

Darn the links are being truncated.

Try googling them they are worth looking at .

last try to add links below: -

Deadpool said...

If you highlight the row and copy to clip board the whole link can be pasted into the address bar of your browser


Robert said...

Thanks, DP. They look fine, I guess. For DC. Can feel my brain dying in pain just a little...

P.S. I know that magazine cover images and the figurine can differ slightly, but Saturn Girl is completely unrecognisable except for the Saturn symbol!

P.P.S. Lastly, but most importantly, take care of yourself.

Deadpool said...

Azrael Link


Deadpool said...

Thanks Robert...

I'll be back on just before Christmas...cya

Robert said...

Azrael, as in used-to-be-Batman? Looks terrible.

Anyway, see you soon, DP. Gee, I feel like a parent watching his child go off to college...

Word verification: "relec." Appropriate.

LAWay said...

I know there are still hundreds of Marvel characters out there. Its not the point. Unlike most collections, there is no cap or final conclusion to the series, and I very much doubt the collection will produce every single marvel character ever created. Would people actually want that? To go into the 1,000s reaching characters of obscurity? No. Just because they exist doesnt mean they should be made.

You may list 160+ characters, most of which I wouldnt care about. I am a completest though and would still collect. There are many characters I havent cared for and yet still bought. I am sure there are more like me. its impossible for people to like, know, and care for every single marvel character. The average comic fan only subscribes to a couple of different titles. SOme stay rooted in Fantastic 4, or Spider-man, or X-men.

Like Deadpool said, people would love to see more of their favourite characters. Sure, they would love to see and learn more about marvel, but the reason that statues and busts and toys are made of certain characters is because thats what people want to buy.

Collections have made products of lesser known characters before. It isn't a new venture.

I think alternatives could survive as specials and not take up continuity of the series. Its up to the collector then. Like others have said, a red and gold classic iron man would sell just as well, probably even better than Baymax and Big Bertha.

Given that DP talked to a consumer in a shop that said they would love redos, and the fact that people were fighting for painted variants and complaining of not being able to get them, why should EM be concerned about producing them. Some people may protest and not buy them, but they would probably pick up a lot of people who would.

mgf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mgf said...


Lockjaw, Sauron, Giant Man, Whirlwind, Blizzard, Torpedo, Marvelman, Vance Astro, Starhawk, Yondu, Martinex, Charlie-27, Star-Lord, A-Bomb, AIM Agent, Air-Walker, Angel (GA), Attuma, Avalanche, Awesome Android, Baron Blood, Baron Mordo, Basilisk, Blacklash, Blastaar, Blazing Skull, Blue Diamond, Boomerang, Brother Voodoo, Bucky, Bug, Bulldozer, Captain Universe, Ch'od, Clea, Cobalt Man, Cobra, Coleen Wing, Constrictor, Corsair, Cosmo, Count Nefaria, Crossbones, Deathbird, Demogoblin, Destroyer (Asgardian), Devil Dinosaur, Doctor Gargunza, Doctor Spectrum, Dragon Man, Dum-Dum Dugan, Eel, Executioner, Fandral, Firelord, Gamora, Gargoyle, Gibbon, Goliath (Barton), Goliath (Foster), Goliath (Pym), Groot, Grey Gargoyle, Guardsman, Heimdall, Hepzibah, Hera, Hogun, Howard The Duck, Human Torch & Toro, Hydra Agent, Hyperion, Iron Monger, Jack Flag, Jack Frost, Jack O'Lantern, Jackal, Kid Colt, Kid Marvelman, Killer Shrike, Killraven, Kuurgo, Lady Lark, Leap-Frog, Lionheart, Living Laser, Mad Thinker, Madame Masque, Mantis, Marvelwoman, Maximus, Melter, Mint Julep, Mimic, Mirage, Miss America, Mister Hyde, Misty Knight, MODOK, Molecule Man, Molten Man, Moonboy, Odin, Omega The Unknown, Origin Captain Britain, Origin Captain Mar-Vell, Origin Daredevil, Origin Doctor Octopus, Origin Havok, Origin Hulk, Origin Nighthawk, Origin Sub-Mariner, Origin Thing, Origin X-Men, Paladin, Patriot, Pete Wisdom, Phyla-Vell, Piledriver, Plantman, Porcupine, Purple Man, Rawhide Kid, Raza Longknife, Red Hulk, Red Guardian, Red Raven, Red Wolf & Lobo, Ringer, Rocket Racer, Rocket Racoon, Shaman, SHIELD Agent, Shroud, Silver Samurai, Sons Of The Tiger, Speed Demon, Spirit Of '76, Spitfire, Spot, Stegron, Stilt-Man, Stingray, Super-Adaptoid, Swordsman, Tarantula, Terrax, Thin Man, Thunderball, Thunderstrike, Thundra, Tinkerer, Titanium Man, Tom Thumb, Trapster, Two Gun Kid, Unicorn, Ursa Major, USAgent, Vindicator, Volstagg, Warpath, Wendigo, White Tiger, Whizzer, Will O' The Wisp, Woodgod, Young Marvelman, Zzzax, 3-D Man.

Of those, next time round we will definately see - Shaman, Leap-Frog, Young Marvelman, Woodgod, Spirit Of '76, Zzzax, Thin Man, Kuurgo and Air-Walker, but the rest are really anyone's guess.

mgf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ted sallis said...

Ah hate lists............
Predictions on the other hand, well they're the most fun you can have while being held in restraints
181 - 200 , whoever gets most wins a Thorthong.
1.Molecule Man
2.Some X character
5.Some X character
7.Some X character
9.High Evolutionary
10.Howard the Duck
11.The Jackal
12.Some X character
14.Princess Python
15.Brother Voodoo
16.Werewolve by night
17.Some X character
18.Paste Pot Pete
19.Count Nefaria
Get yerselves doon tae the bookies those are dead certs.

mighty_marvel said...

as the lists are back. my predictions for the next extension

1. Brother Voodoo
2. Clea
3. Gamora
4. Grey Gargoyle
5. Hela
6. Howard the Duck
7. Jackal
8. Longshot
9. Moonstone
10. Owl
11. Patriot
12. Selene
13. Shaman
14. Silver Samurai
15. Swordsman
16. The Hood
17. Trapster
18. USAgent
19. Vance Astro
20. Wolfsbane

not all my personal wants, but who i think will be in the next extension

Robert said...

I won't even try to predict who would appear in any possible extension. When I thought of characters I would like to see the largest group by far was the Avengers 'family', and I'm including characters associated with Cap, Shellhead and Thor here. To trim the list down I then thought of the characters I am REALLY keen to see.

FF: Heralds - Air Walker, Terrax, Nova; also Trapster, High Evolutionary and Blastar.

Spidey: Mostly characters from when I was first reading the Web-head - Tarantula, Jackal, Mirage, Cyclone, Shroud (original), Stegron, Molten Man, Hammerhead.

Asgardians: Hela, Heimdall, Hogun, Fandrall, Volstagg, Destroyer, Skurge, Karnilla.

Avengers: Giant-Man, Whirlwind, Blizzard, AIM technician, Hydra agent, Baron Blood, Bucky, Guardsman, Tiger Shark, Mantis, Crossbones, USAgent, Immortus, Grey Gargoyle, Crossbones, Melter, Swordsman, Mister Hyde, Whizzer, Stingray, Attuma, Constrictor, Madam Masque.

MK/ miscellaneous: Torpedo, Clea, Gamora.

Variants: original Captain Britain and X-Men; 'Avengers' Beast.

Specials: Titanium Man and Wendigo.

If I could only pick five of these fifty-seven, they'd be Mantis, Tarantula and the Warriors Three.

mighty_marvel said...

my personal most wanted:

jackal, tombstone, madame web, swordsman, usagent, wiccan, speed, hulkling, lockjaw, trapster, terrax, longshot, wolfsbane, shaman, corsair, hepzibah, mastermind, sebastian shaw, selene, sauron, silver samurai, shadow king, dark beast, atlas, moonstone, fixer, whirlwind, karolina dean, molly hayes, clea, the hood, crossbones, owl, brother voodoo, jigsaw, blizzard, baron mordo, count nefaria, vance astro, starhawk, gamora, phyla-vell, hyperion, hela, sersi, meggan, pete wisdom,

plus a fair few resculpts with rogue being the main one i'd like to see redone

ted sallis said...

Was there a marvel title in the 70's. A british reprint that printed the pages .. side on? ie ye had tae turn the comic 45 degrees to read it. This may be a hallucination on my part but i just had a vivid flashback.
Any ho nice for the time o year.... whistle...

Robert said...

I think you are getting confused, Ted, with the Super-Spider-Man title. For a while it used to print two pages side-by-side, so the shape of the comic was a 'landscape' rectangle. This format meant they could reprint half of a US original Amazing Spider-Man comicbook and also parts of others like the Invaders, Captain America, Thor, etc. The Titans comic also came in this format. (Yes, I still have all the comics I got as a kid!)

Robert said...

Story: I remember buying a 'landscape' Super Spider-Man reprint comicbook in the summer of 1976. I'm pretty sure the number was #177, and it starred the Vulture (III). I was staying with my grandparents and my grandmother, who died soon afterwards, had taken me to a shop to buy a comic for me. (I was actually in the street my dad was born in and didn't know it, but I digress.) Anyway, on our way out of the shop Granny bumped into a neighbour. She chatted for no more than a few minutes and yet it felt like an eternity because I was so desperate to get back and devour the story. I only just resisted the urge to tug her hand or plead with her to take us back. Ah, if only I still felt like that every Saturday...

ted sallis said...

Titans !!! that's the very chap i was thinking of .
Robert, this is a longshot but i remember a British reprint title that had a Spidey pin-up, Drawn by a british artist it featured Spidey clinging to a wall, BUT! it also showed Spidey's costume with wrinkles much to the displeasure of some fans in the following weeks mailbag, It was definately a centrespread poster if my abused memory serves me well.
Like i say it is a very random longshot.

Robert said...

It is unlikely to be the Titans. I don't have many issues of that - I was rationed in my comic puchases - but the only time I saw Spidey in the Titans was a reprinted (original) X-Men story (I still have that issue). Super-Spider-Man always had a Spidey centrespread poster and that's where the poster will have appeared. I removed some of them to put on the bedroom wall, which somehow seemed a good idea at the time. Don't remember the letters of course but I may try and dig out the old comics and look for the poster. I'm babysitting at my brother's tonight so it'll be tomorrow, if I can be bothered. And as far as wrinkles in his costume, I always loved the way Romita senior drew creases. Remember that cover where Man Mountain Marko pulls Spidey's shirt up so you see some of Pete? I always loved that cover because of that. It was very 'real'.

BobDiamond said...

Hi Ted, Robert, Guys...
The Titans. 52 issues, if memory serves me well- I collected all of them, and loved the format. Those usually naff posters in the middle I used to take out and put on my very few mint editions left unfortunately!
Ted, that weird poster of Spidey was part of a 4-part poster that had to be collected with 2 issues of Super spider-man to make one whole (I never got all 4 pieces, so I ended up with an L-shaped poster!) . It was drawn by either Frank Bellemy or Frank Hampson, both famous for Dan Dare in the 50s Eagle Comic. Even as a kid I found that Spidey image awkward and 'wrong' in so many ways. The Thing was in it too somewhere, and in the blurb it mentioned The Hulk (I think?) being 'out of frame'??!What was all that about? Still, the rest of the image was excellent, showing London attacked by mechanical aliens or something....
Ah...bringing back memories again...after The Titans I think I started getting Captain Britain, which merged with Super Spiderman....then it all got confusing...


Robert said...

Hola, Bob! The four-part poster doesn't ring a bell at all. The only multi-part poster I can (vaguely) recall has the FF in it, flying over a cityscape in the Fantasticar. The Thing is in the foreground, falling or something, with Reed's arm reaching out to him. I don't believe I ever had all the parts and can't remember what comic it was in. It's not the same thing, though, is it?

Robert said...

Oh, Bob, the Titans merged with Spider-Man around #200. Then the comic absorbed Captain Britain about #230 or so.

Robert said...

Do you still have the three parts, Bob? I might have the missing part if we can work out where they appeared...

BobDiamond said...

Not sure if I've still got the posters, but the comics are up-stairs in the attic...I might have a check next week-end or sooner...
I also remember the 4-part FF poster (vaguely!), particularly the large pic of the Human Torch in the foreground. I wish I'd kept my old British reprints in better condition instead of cutting bits out, colouring the odd poster in even these are gaining in value these days...
My all-time fav British Marvel Comic was The Avengers. This really started me off on this mad obsession in the first place. It had the Avengers (obviously..), Dr. Strange (which I never read, but would ogle the weird psychedelic art for hours!)...and my first taste of Shang-Chi and Ironfist- both of which just blew my mind!!
Later on it had the amazing John Buscema's Conans added too. I can't think of a better line-up for a weekly comic!


ps. word verification- rednec !!

Robert said...

I only owned a couple of issues of the Avengers, Bob. I bought Super-Spider-Man and the Superheroes, which became S-S-M and the Titans, then S-S-M and Captain Britain from early '76 till '81 or so. I also bought every issue of Captain Britain, 1976-1977, which I loved. The colouring on CB was always way brighter and bolder than an US originals I bought.

Curious about these multi-part posters now. I'm home now and checked the covers of the Spidey reprint title for any mention of a special poster and there's nothing.

SinisterVenom said...

Coming on late tonight (or should that be coming on early this morning?) to voice my personal list for 180-200.
So here we go:
1. Owl
2. Hammerhead
3. Baron Mordo
4. Silver Samurai
5. Count Nefaria
6. Longshot
7. Whirlwind
8. Shaman
9. Jigsaw
10. Jackal
11. Grey Gargoyle
12. Vance Astro
13. Moonstone
14. Whiplash
15. US Agent
16. Callisto
17. Selene
18. Trapster
19. Brother Voodoo
20. Howard The Duck

For specials, both normal and mega, I'd like:
Onslaught, Madame Web, Mojo or MODOK.

For double pack:
Deathbird and Vulcan


edward1d8 said...

Rich, we're on again at the forums about 2-Packs and Young Avengers Specials.

Many people assume that Hulkling would be a Special (though he's not terribly big...) and others are asking for a Wiccan and Speed 2-Pack.

My suggestion was a Wiccan and Hulkling 2-Pack, as these are 2 of the 3 biggest wanted characters and thus would sell really well, making way for more 2-Packs hopefully. Plus, this increases the likelihood as it reduces the NEEDED Specials for the YA to a single Special.

Aside from just wanting to bring this team to your attention, I wanted to ask, does EM consider Hulkling to be a Special. Many argue yes, due to his bulk and that he can shapeshift some wings. I don't think he's THAT big, and he hardly has wings... but he's just one of those characters that's right in between a Regular and needing to be Special. What's the ruling?

Robert said...

Bob, Ted, after a bit of trawling I found this. Still looking!

"One of the best features of Titans and Spider-man when it was in the same format was the centre-spreads. Remember that Frank Hampson did a couple including one of Spider-man above London is a wrinkly suit. To our wrong eyes that was all kinds of wrong.

6 April 2009 03:19
pete doree said...

Yeah, I tried to locate that Hampson pic on the Net, so I could put it up here, but no luck as yet."

Well, at least we've narrowed the artist down.

ted sallis said...

Cool, Rob n Bob are on the case :)
Glad you could ascertain what Spidey poster i was on about from my patchy description, It would be sweet if you guys could somehow come up with an image of all four parts together. ( Don't ask for much do i )
I may have to start collecting the old UK titles again, they are cheap as chips compared to the originals. Aaaaaaaah, the smell of nostalgia in the morning...oh waitaminnit that's my feet :)

ted sallis said...

Or instead of making you guys do all the work. Could you could give me one issue number that this four part poster appeared in i'll track them down for myself.gawd bless yer one and all

BobDiamond said...

Dear Robert and Ted (and anyone else who might be remotely interested...),
It occurred to me in the clear light of day this morning that I have been having what is known colloquially, as a senior moment.
I have muddled the memory of the 4-Part FF poster- which appeared in 2 issues of The Titans and 2 issues of Super Spiderman- with the Frank Bellemy Spidey Poster. Sorry guys! the FB Crinkled Spidey WAS just a single poster in The Titans....and it was the FF one that I never completed, as the local shop had sold-out of that second issue of SSS that I needed.... I'll still try to look upstairs for the actual issue if you're interested- hopefully my younger self put it back in the correct comic eventually!
BTW Robert- great news! I finally got the first volume of Siminson's Thor Classics today!! How many months has it been?? Still, now I can settle into that Epic at last!


ted sallis said...

Ah we all have senior moments these days Bob, If the Spidey poster appeared in Titans then hopefully you don't have to trawl through too many issues to find it. hint,hint, Yer a good man :)

LAWay said...

Young Avengers dont need to be a single subset special.

They dont need a double pack either. Sure, its a nice idea because they are a couple, but there has been many marvel couples that have been released as singles.

Hulkling is not a special. Just release them all separate, at least 1 Young Avenger in the next extension (preferably Patriot).

Speaking of couples, any couples you would like to see as a 2 pack? Redos and alternates allowed.

BobDiamond said...

The only actual 'couple' I can think of that I'd love to have would be Swordsman and Mantis.
Both classic Avengers and desperately needed in the collection.
I can imagine that there would be a lot of backing for a modern Luke Cage and Jessica (Jewel costume?) double-pack, but personally it's not one of my wants.

Moondragon and Phyla-Vell perhaps?

Stature and 'new' Vision? (might be the only way to get this version in- but do we really need him once we've got the classic one?)

Come to think of it, I'd really love to have Silver-Age Giant-Man and The Wasp (on GM's shoulder), but then we'd have 3 wasps in the collection!

...And I've just remembered another classic couple that would be amazing to have- The Whizzer and Miss America.
Fun idea for a thread Leigh!


BobDiamond said...

Right, Ted and Robert- are you ready for this? The latest instalment of The Titans/ Super Spiderman Saga...

I've been busy unearthing my old boxes of Marvel UK and sorting out all the old posters I'd taken out etc etc...Well...
The 4-Part Mega-Poster with The FF, Dr.Doom, Subby, Spidey, Green Goblin and ?? (I don't have the last bit- damnit..)was in The Titans issues 35 and 36, and Super Spiderman 175 and 176.
Now to show that I really did have a Senior Moment back then, it turns out that the Frank Bellemy single poster of winkled Spidey (with The Thing ...and The Hulk 'out of frame'!?)was in Super Spiderman issue 163, and not in The Titans at all!
Whew! All sorted, I think. Now Ted, you can start looking for those wee gems if you still want them. The confusing thing (for my fuddled old memory at any rate)was that both images are set against a London/ Thames-side background. The artist on the big Quad-poster is actually really good, not one of the ones who did the usual naff centre-spreads. Looks a bit like Romita Senior actually-but probably isn't.



Robert said...

Bob, I am pretty certain I have never seen the 'wrinkled' Spidey poster. I will check the two or three Titans issues I have but unlikely I have it.

As for the FF poster, any ideas where it is? I haven't a clue where to start...

TzAtZiKiS (no onion) said...


Awesome, simply awesome!!!!!! 8o

Robert said...

Oh, not sure how I managed to miss your post, Bob. Sterling work, Sherlock. Can't wait to get home and check the issues. I should have the Spidey ones, it's just a case of whether or not I have taken out the centre-spread poster...

To be concluded!

Robert said...

Okay. I have one part: SSM #175, the quarter I partly remembered. It does have Ben, and Reed stretching an arm from the Fantasticar, but it also has the Hulk wrestling with Ben! How I forgot ol' Greenskin I'll never know! I have #176 - my granny bought me that issue not #177 as I thought yesterday - but I've taken out the part and it's long gone now. As for the Titans, I have #34, not #35 or #36!

However, as I have the bottom left corner, I can supply some information. It is signed by Ron Wilson and Dave Hunt. Wilson did lots of UK covers and of course did some later Captain Britain stuff in his own comic and when it combined with Spidey's weekly. And it is definitely set in London: there's the Houses of Parliament in the background, the Thames and a double-decker bus.

Thanks, Bob, for tracking down the issues. It saved me going through a stack tonight as my curiosity was killing me!

Robert said...

Nipped onto eBay and no sign of Titans #35 or 36. Spidey #177 is £4.75! What happened? They used to be 10p!!

I hope someone has the issues in mint condition. Well, Bob, do you have any of the other three parts to combine with my part? (Em, that may have come out a bit saucy there...)

BobDiamond said...

Yep, sure do!
Strangely, the part I haven't got is the piece you've got- but I have all the rest! All a bit tatty though, as they were on my wall as a nipper and have sticky-tape marks all over 'em. I'm glad you found out who the artist is, as I've pondered that for decades. Surprised it's Ron Wilson- must be some of the best stuff he ever did.


BobDiamond said...

PS.Robert, if you're interested in the Frank Bellamy issue of SSS (163), I just saw it on E-bay for £1.79.

Robert said...

Cheers. Would like to see the Hampson drawing, even though it does sound odd. Have found a cheaper copy and contacted the seller to double-check the poster is intact. My copy is missing it. Thanks for the tip.

As for the poster, do you want a copy of the fourth part? I'd like to see the other parts. Not sure how to work this if you're game to swap. Last time anyone posted their email address on here they were swamped with photographs of "adult situations". Not sure who would send me anything suspect (well, maybe my "nemesis") but not keen to find out how many people are nursing grudges. Or have even more exotic ideas...

Robert said...

Unsuccessfully tried to find the letters that you mentioned, Ted. Not all centre pages in my UK Spideys are present, and letters pages were often on the reverse of the poster pages. Oh well...

ted sallis said...

Ah, Ron Wilson gawd bless im, he drew some damn ugly comics MTIO being my personal fav,
The safest way to get you two boys together snigger!.... would be if your both on the forum , As you can PM each other in private, therefor avoiding ( if you wish ) subscriptions to six feet of meat and other homoerotic gubbins flooding your inbox, ooh! er! inbox that's a bit rude innit?

Robert said...

"Join the forum", Ted? Is there an Option B?

Ron Wilson was never a name I looked for but he was okay. Everyone he drew did seem to have over-developed muscles, to the point where you would think that walking, never mind superheroics, would be difficult. Still, he was okay. I can easily think of artists I liked less: Kupperberg, Infantino, you-know-who.

BobDiamond said...

Robert, Ted,
I am on the forum - have been for about 5 months now. Hint- if you're a Shang-Chi fan you'd know who I am!
Thing is, would this involve complex use of cameras, scanners etc etc to get these images up? My wife could probably help if it came to it I suppose...she's brilliant with all that stuff.


Robert said...

I don't own a scanner, Bob, though friends do, and I could send a copy that way. May be a week or two before I see them. Thinking I will set up an email account just to receive scans you can make. Rather not take chances with my main account. Sounds over-cautious? Well, maybe. Ted may have been banned from the forum, and I have my own controversial moments, but we at least don't send porn to folk, as someone - almost certainly from the forum - did a while back...

Bagman said...

Robert, Ted and BD, been reading your posts about the Quad poster, hope this link helps.

Barnabas said...

Spider-Man Comics Weekly.
#177 Is that the first of a 2 part Vulture stoty? If so that was the issue that started me off collecting properly!
Up until then all I had was Dracula Lives and Planet of the Apes. I still have the complete run of both of those and the early Spidey and Mighty World of Marvels. Not sure what is left. I know I dumped a load of the later Spideys late last year when moving. Everything else is in storage apart from my Captain Britain Weeklies. E-Bay is sure going to be busy next year! Selling all those UK weeklies/monthlies and the majority of my US collection.

Back to the figures themselves. I'm a little confused (not hard to achieve) there has been, on and off, requests for the figures to be produced more quickly. Now this can happen with the subsets, that's being complained about. Does it matter that much if subsets are not numbered, or in fact, any of the figurines are? As long as they appear.

Robert said...

I think you are my new Best Friend in the World, Bagman. Unfortunately, the link isn't working. I'm at work so hopefully I'll have more joy when I get home. Darn, the afternoon is gonna be a long one now!

Barnabas, the two-part Vulture story started with #176. Classic story, beautiful art, just class from beginning to end. Ah, they don't make 'em like they used to.

ted sallis said...

Bagman you are a star that quadposter is amazing, first time i have ever seen it complete,
Think i'll sell off the figurines and hunt down the original artwork .Robert i was talking pish , for if that art is by Ron Wilson then i take back any aspersions i made about his artwork, I would give my new potatos to own that original.

Robert said...

Stunning. Just stunning. Certainly looks like Wilson at his best. Dave Hunt is a great inker; smooth, graceful, clean lines in the vein of a Layton or even a Sinnott. As a kid I always felt good on the rare occasions I saw his name on a comicbook. An undervalued guy.

As for 'bad' artists, as Ted touched on, maybe we should be careful to separate guys who are always bad, sometimes bad, mostly bad and seldom bad. Trimpe's work in the '90s on FF Unlimited is awful beyond words; his Hulks in the '70s were great fun. Al Milgrom is often unpopular, with reason. His WCA is terrible, for instance. Folk like Mooney and Perlin seldom rise above okay. And then you have the impact of inkers: On Hulk Sal B had Staton then Chan and it's incredible (pun intended) the difference in quality. I'm not a particular fan of Wilson myself, Ted, but his early MTIOs are highly enjoyable silliness.

And Bagman. I feel like he deserves some sort of award. What was the initials for someone who does a Marvel service above and beyond the call of duty? I'll need to go off and look it up. He thoroughly deserves it. So I wish to nominate him and ask for a second to make it official.

Bullseye81 said...

I'm loving both Wrecker and Spiral. At first glance i was thinking Wrecker's crowbar was a little big but after looking back at some of his first appearances i gotta say i think it's about right. As for Spiral, as many have already stated, i think she's a standout can't wait to see the painted version.

Thanks Barnabas, i was beginning to wonder what Ted, Robert and Bob were going on about. Very impressive.

Thanks Robert, i was at a comic show yesterday and managed to find13 or the jungle actions in the 50 cent bin (in pretty darn good condition too). Now the hunt is on for the remaining few. I couldn't find Thanos War (never even heard of that one before) but it should be easy enough to find. I'll post my thoughts on them after i've read them all.

Robert said...

I, Robert, formally nominate Bagman for the honorary initials of F.F.F. A Fearless Front-Facer is bestowed for devotion to Marvel above and beyond the call of duty. In this occasion, Bagman provided Bob, Ted and myself with the complete quadra-poster we have waited an accumulated 102 years to see in all its glory. I also ask for a second so that this nomination can be ratified.

Robert said...

"Thanos War"? Did I write that? Oops. I meant "Thanos Quest", Bullseye. Another one of those senior moments! Actually, I am a happy oldie, reminiscing about the wonderful, under-rated '70s! Enjoy the Jungle Actions. Can't understand how they ended up in a bargainbin, but well done spotting them. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

And, Bob, I was going to ask you about the Simonson volume 1 and stopped myself a few days back. Glad you finally got them. You are in for a treat.

ted sallis said...

Bagaman's FFF nomination is formaly seconded :)
Er,, don't want to push my luck but anyone know of a link to the "wrinkly" Spidey poster?, it must be 35 yrs since i gazed on it's wondrousness.
I liked Al Milgrom when he worked on the old Cap Marvel series before the excellent Pat Broderick ? took over.
I remember WCA being the ugliest comic of all time on his tenure.

BobDiamond said...

Hi Everybody!
Just got in. Sounds like our quad-Poster problem is solved due to the magnificent work of Bagman.
Thanks BG!!
...And I'll second the nomination for awarding The FFF Medal of Honour to Bagman!

Now...How the Hell do you see the pic!!? I've gone to the website, and all I'm getting is a 'fileden' Homepage or something. Am I doing something incredibly stupid or what?? Someone please help!

Robert, looking forward to those Thor Classics..Probably start this week after catching up with my Iain Banks and my DDs.


Robert said...

Thanks, Ted.

Congratulations, Bagman, you can officially display your name with the initials F.F.F.!


Robert said...

And thanks, Bob.

Robert said...

I was off repairing the handle on the boiler cupboard door when I noticed I was inhabiting a state of perfect contentment. I reconnected to my happy, happy childhood today and it was just wonderful beyond words.

I know it's not quite Christmas and a bit early for goodwill to all men, but I just want to say that I love you guys.

BobDiamond said...

er...Guys, did you simply go to that website and the poster image came up?...or did you have to do something else?
'Cause I'm still getting the Homepage inviting me to join....

Puzzled BD

Robert said...

Yeh, Bob, it popped up right away. I can't begin to guess why it won't let you on. It was a blocked site from work, and when I got home it opened no problem. When you get the picture up, it even gives you a zoom option...

BobDiamond said...

Oh well...I'll try again later I s'pose....

Sulky BD

PS...Joe Sinnott- That was the inker I was thinking of before you found the real artists, certainly has his feel. What a legend he was...But this Dave Hunt proves that he was pretty hot stuff himself- funny that I've never heard of him before..

Robert said...

I remember Hunt primarily for MTU #56. He inked Sal Buscema beautifully. It was a fun story with Spidey teaming up with DD to fight Electro and Blizzard. If my memory is not acting up again...

Robert said...

And the Torch DOES look uncannily like a Buscema-Sinnott Torch. may be a swipe? Who knows?

Bagman said...

Thanks guys your to kind, always willing to help fellow marvelites.
BD maybe try this way--
Google Make Mine Marvel UK- Facebook.
Click on that.
Scroll down to photos.
Click see all.
And it should be photo #6.
You guys may also be interested in -- Marvel uk apes comics.
Spent many hours re-reading them!!

Robert said...

Just googled Dave Hunt and it reminded me he inked some lovely Ross Andru Spideys with Frank Giacoia and some Claremont-Byrne MTUs, too. I really should have remembered the ASMs as I read them this year. It's embarrassing how much we forget...

BobDiamond said...

Bagman- you're a Marvel!!
I did the Facebook link, and got the image. What an excellent piece in it's entirety.
Thanks loads for making it possible! mention the old Marvel UK Planet of The Apes comic. I've got quite a few of those, and the most noticeable thing about them was the infamous use of Killraven. To pad out the Ape stories for the UK market, MUK actually redrew over Killraven stories, turning the bad-guys into apes, and changing Killraven into...APE-SLAYER!!
Amazing ...Only in the 70s!!
Thanks again BM,

Bagman said...

Thanks BD, I should have said that MARVEL UK APES COMICS is a site where you can read the entire collection, only the ape stories are there doesn't have the back up stories that used to appear.
Happy reading.

BobDiamond said...

Excellent BM, I'll check it out!


Robert said...

Ted, I've bid on an issue of Spidey #163. So, if no one can provide a link to the Hampson poster, and I win the comicbook, I'll see about scanning the image to send to your email address.

ted sallis said...

Thanks Robert, hope it's as cool as i remember :)
Bob, spookily enuff, i am sitting looking at art from Killraven Amazing Adventures #18 alongside the morphed Apeslayer artwork from POTA bizzare stuff, 70's UK Marvel titles were fab

Robert said...

International release dates for the Captain America movie are out. We will see it on 29th July, one week after our American cousins.

Couldn't help noticing the historical irony that an Axis power - Italy - will get the film two days before us. I mean it's not as if we fought alongside Winghead, or one of our PMs named his wartime team, or anything. Sheesh.

Bagman said...

Hi guys, this might interest a few people here. Check out these items on e-bay?????


Is this legit????

Robert said...

VERY interesting, Bagman F.F.F. Although it's hard to be certain through the plastic, they do look the genuine article. What convinced me was that the inner hollow of the plastic packaging is very similar to the shape of the figurines, especially for Hydro-Man and Karnak. Wonder what's going on?

P.S. Even slightly obscured, Karnak and Triton look great. Looking forward to some more Inhumans!

CGJ said...

Those ebay links look genuine Baggy, someone in the warehouse thinks they have been unfairly dismissed and has gone on the rob by the look of it

A few sneak peeks in there too. Karnak, Triton and Beetle look cool

ted sallis said...

Yay, blessed be the thiefs.
This is how i used to obtain compensation from ars++ole employers

Robert said...

Well, as a grown man who has spent most of his life reading comicbooks, I have turned my thoughts to solving this mystery. It's not Doctor Doom as it doesn't involve worldwide domination, it's not Magneto because it does not aid the militant mutant cause and it's not Thanos as no one died. So, who exactly IS responsible?

Anonymous said...

OMEGA RED - Awesome figure!
Just got my Omega Red special.
It's a terrific sculpt, very dynamic and very well painted.
Only the Omega symbol on his bandana is not very well embossed, or maybe it got lost under a layer of paint.

The magazine has a few errors, though. The Stats section says 'signs if fatigue' instead of 'signs of fatigue'. And the last appearance in Wolverine Origins #39 is dated 2005, but should be 2009, I think.

LAWay said...

Hope those links dont count as craft specials EM as trying to palm on us...'limited off the back of a van edition without authenticity sticker'. You thought there was a sh*tstorm with quicksilver...

why are people bidding on them? We are gonna get them eventually, and cheaper than what some are going for. Ridiculous.

Just goes to show, if you are not a subscriber, you are funding theft which probably links to terrorists. Everything corrupt funds the terrorists.

SinisterVenom said...

Interesting discovery there Bagman. Those do look like the genuine figs and if I recall correctly, Hydro-Man, Pyro and Silver Sable did look like that when we were shown on here.
I've also noticed some magazine numbers revealed. Issue 162 is Karnak, 163 is Hydro-Man and Beetle is revealed to be 167. I trust these are the correct issues?
If so then I can only assume the guys at EM have already figured out the order issues 161-180 are going to go. Would you mind confirming this and sharing the list with us on your next update please Rich?

Robert said...

Well, if the bidding on eBay is anything to go by, Karnak is the most eagerly anticipated by collectors (or, at least, the scruple-free minority of collectors). Oddly, Triton is well below the usual price of a figurine and about a third of the value of Karnak's bids. I would have thought that if you were so keen on one Inhuman you would be keen to buy the other one, too...

I know a few clever folk on here have speadsheets that can tell them when a figure is released. So, can anyone tell us when #'s 162 (Karnak), 163 (Hydro-Man) and 167 (Beetle) will be officially released?

Oh, Leigh, as for non-subscribers funding terrorists, that's about the single maddest comment ever posted here. Please tell us your tongue is in your cheek, even if your humour is in bad taste. I shudder to even consider the possibility you are even a little serious.

Bagman said...

Robert, by my reckoning --

# 162 karnak -- 2/11/2011
# 163 hydroman -- 16/11/2011
# 167 beetle -- 11/1/2012

that's providing the figurine numbers are correct, i didn't think the running order had been confirmed yet or maybe it has and i missed it.
Personally i'll give the one's on e-bay a miss, but curious to see how much they go for.

Robert said...

Thanks, Bagman F.F.F. I was curious to know how far ahead Eaglemoss is in terms of producing figures and the release dates. According to your info, the answer is well over a year. Interesting.

I'm impatient to get my hands on the Inhuman royal family too but, like you, not so impatient that I will support theft. Or terrorism.

ted sallis said...

It's worse than that Robert my sources tell me Hydra is being funded my the sale of these figurines.
cause for pause before bidding

ted sallis said...

Why don't EM make sure they are the winning bidder to track down the nefarious n'ere do well?

ted sallis said...

Or inform Fleabay that the goods are stolen.

Robert said...

Brilliant, Ted. Very funny. I had been wondering something similar: if non-subscribers pay for terrorism, does that mean the subscribers financially prop up democratic governments or organisations? However, your idea is a huge improvement, as it means subscribers are financing S.H.I.E.L.D.! Wow. Just think, Leigh, your money is paying the Helicarrier fuel bill! Or keeping ol' Nickie boy in cheroots! As they used to say in the comicbooks, "Don't yield (or non-subscribe), Back S.H.I.E.L.D!"

Robert said...

Oh, on another point, Ted, I'm also surprised that Eaglemoss haven't contacted eBay to have these presumably-stolen figurines removed. I'm also surprised that there hasn't been more bidding. Either few folk know or there are more principled (and patient!) collectors than I thought. Hope it's the latter.

Robert said...


Check out these commissions! Lovely stuff.

Robert said...

Bottom of page, Spidey and Man-Thing, Ted!

ted sallis said...

Some lovely art from Mr Byrne. I looked into getting a commission a few years back it was roughly £150 for a single fig, the cost went up depending on the size of the piece, background, number of characters etc, It ended up a bit too rich for my blood , plus the fact that for £700 i could buy a gorgeous George Tuska Iron Man page, Or a Sal Buscema Hulk splash Even a late Kirby piece,To be honest i would far rather own a piece of published bronze age art than a commission piece, Not wishing to sound snooty about it just my preference. The artist i looked at was Frank Brunner great artist but all his commisions appeared to be aimed at 15 yr old boys with raging hormones Red Sonja with one bare breast hanging in the wind, A stunning Man -Thing piece with a girl tied to a tree....with her bare baps exposed etc,etc.
I do have one commission piece because it is drawn by Rudy D Nebres who is a comic artist god in my eyes and the piece is a wonderful Bloodstone illustration as there is so little Bloodstone art from the seventies( he only appeared in a handful of stories ) i could have waited 30 yrs to find another piece from then.
The one appeal i can see in getting a commission is you can determine the outcome of your favourite superhero brawl, instruct the artist to draw Thor beating the crap outta hulk or vice versa.
If i win the pools i may get old Sal to do me a giant pice of artist featuring Spidey taking on the Sinister Six,.. a man can dream :)

Robert said...

Yep, an original comicbook page does have a certain special quality, Ted. They are just so damn expensive. If I had a commission done, it would be Cap kicking Batman's butt, correcting the silly Marvel/DC crossover that had the reverse happen. At least when Byrne had the guys fight it was a draw.

I had thought my loft was pretty cool and that I owned a lot of comicbooks till I saw some of these guy's basements. I don't own any commissions, though I do have a lovely original sketch Sal B. drew for me.

So, do you think Rich will be on tomorrow? Will he give us some info on the illegal sales on eBay? Will he outline the order of the 160-180 figurines? Will he ratify Bagman's F.F.F.

Robert said...


(Not sure how, but lost the end of the last message!)

ted sallis said...

Batman the boy botherer beating up Cap???? That's the lamest joke i've heard this year :P)

Robert said...

It was awful, Ted. Cap threw his shield, Bats dodged, Bats threw his Baterang, hit Cap, knocked him senseless and then Bats saved Cap's from drowning. I practically had kittens reading it. I can understand the argument that Bats would win a fight with Cap cause he'd cheat but in a straight fight it's gotta be Cap. Our fellow fans voted Bats to win, by the way. Or at least the majority of voters were DC fans with delusions.

Word verification is "poodfish"!

ted sallis said...

Oh. i'm sure it would be a tasty dust up, but the Cap that famously said "do you think this A on my head stands for France?" .That Cap would take out the boy botherer without breaking sweat.
Tomorrow i want to what Eaglemoss Investigates are planning to do about their stolen property being touted on ebay...
And a prowler sneaky peeky, a painted Blackheart perhaps??

Robert said...

Funnily enough, I was thinking earlier that Leigh's comments about non-subscribers supporting terrorists was the barmiest thing to appear on here since Mr Smith said that Eaglemoss had an investigative department!

Not sure we have had a sneak peak of a painted Karnak or Beetle yet, and considering they're now on eBay, what's to lose? Hope Rich is back tomorrow. Would be great to get two posts in as many weeks. He doesn't have many questions to answer so we'd be more than happy with a sneak peak. (Hint, hint.) And a confirmation that Bagman's award is recognised by officialdom.

LAWay said...

haha of course i was joking robert. dont worry. i was just making a social commentary where everything illegal seems to fund terrorism, even pirate dvds somehow. lol (seriously, have you seen those ads!?)

surprised that these figurines arent selling more despite being out early. Possibly because collectors dont really want them and want redos and alternatives.

(come on, i saw a chance to make a pro redo argument, you know i aint going to pass it up) :P

Robert said...

That's a relief, Leigh. I was starting to wonder if you had gone completely mad.

Nice insert about variants, even if I hope it's honesty rather than disinterest. I don't want to go all Kwai Chang Caine on you, but we must think like a tortoise and not a hare. As long as we keep getting the extensions, the variants will eventually come. (Actually, that now sounds like Kevin Costner in "Field of Dreams".)

ted sallis said...

9 Captain Marvel
24 The Falcon
35 Killraven
45 Mantis
56 Rawhide Kid
100 ?????

Robert said...


ted sallis said...

All you old timers should figure it out in no time at all :)
my verification is conme

Bagman said...

#100 -- GALACTUS.

ted sallis said...

Bagman wins a cigar :)

LAWay said...

please take your smoking outside. Health and safety laws n all that.

LAWay said...

haha yeh, eventually we believe the variants will come, i just dont have much hope that it will be any time soon.

You look at customs that sell for ridiculous amounts of money, and what do we see more of? Customs of character not yet created in lead, or redos, repaints and alternate costumes?

People are willing to pay £50+ for a custom of a character they already have, but have second thoughts paying less than the asking price for a leaked figurine of a lesser known character that is supposedly what the collectors want. Speaks volumes to me. ;)

Bagman said...

Thanks Ted, luckily for me i never ruined the comics by cutting them, i'll have to go through them some day and see how many i have.

Robert said...

Not sure your argument is watertight, Leigh. Yes, the likes of Karnak are a long way off, but Silver Sable will be out fairly soon, so it's not a great test of patience. And let's keep an open mind to the possibility that collectors don't like the idea of buying stolen items, as the figurines must be. I'm keen on Karnak myself, for instance, but it never crossed my mind to bid. As for variants, I agree they are a long way off. While I'd rather the variants started asap, too, we just have to wait.

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