Thursday, 21 October 2010

Will Rich be back Friday???

...No I'm here Thursday.

Hey guys, so I’m back from my extended holiday to New York and knowing how my Fridays usually end up, thought I’d update a day early.

The All-Father!
First up, I’d like to mention the Odin special. Having looked through a vast number of Odin’s appearances, from Kirby to Coipel, I can officially say that the All-father has had more costumes than any other character. Clearly a design choice by Kirby, Odin literally changes his outfit every single appearance. At first, I thought that there would be elements that remain the same (after all I seem to remember Odin looking a certain way) but when comparing images I found that the entire costume changes; he has a cape (with or without collar) as often as not, he goes from horned helmets to large ornamental hats, his look frequently goes from Cosmic to Viking, chainmail to modular armour… the list goes on.

What this means is that we’ve not fully picked the costume for Odin yet but essentially want to have him with the eyepatch, horned helmet and a cloak/cape. The image below is one of the images that stands out but I’m not sure we’ll be matching this exactly.

Anyway, while the sculptor and I work through these issues, I am happy to confirm that we’re aiming for an April-May 2011 release to coincide with the Thor film. I’m also aiming to have Odin no bigger/more expensive than the mid-special price point – £15.99. (He may be £10.99 but no promises) He won’t be as tall as Galactus/Watcher etc… The reason for this is very simple: in the comics Odin is generally drawn quite big and bulky but not super-sized, in fact he’s listed as 6’ 9”.

The Mutt
Right enough Odin-speak, let’s move on to Lockjaw.
The debate kicked up by the suggestion that he may come with another figure has been really interesting and has certainly provided food for thought. At the moment we’re not ruling out producing Lockjaw on his own (if he does indeed get made). The only reason to suggest having another figure was that I thought it would be nice to try and give you guys a little extra. The suggestion that Lockjaw should be accompanied by another character didn’t come from management or marketing, and was simply an idea I had. Looking at the size of Lockjaw, I imagined that he’d be priced between £15.99 and £18.99. If the figure was going to be priced at £18.99, I thought it would be good to give you all an extra – possibly smaller – (in the case of Luna) figure. There should be no suggestions that we are adding Luna or Maximus to make this special more expensive, if anything I imagine other departments at Eaglemoss would prefer not to include an extra figure.

But the debate has been really good and I agree with many of the comments that a solo Lockjaw would be a good special. We’ll just need to get the size/material and costs right at our end and I’ll certainly be listening to all your feedback.

Height: Does it matter?
The last subject I’d like to tackle is the height guide for specials. In the past I have stated that characters should be under 6’ 5” to be a regular and those above are likely to be specials. Now this is a general rule but is by no means binding. Of course, the character’s bulk and additions to costume play a large role in the decision process. If a character existed that was 7’ but had the bulk of Flatman, he could be a regular.

While 6’ 5” generally works, we do need to make the decision on a case-by-case basis, looking at height, bulk, costume details, accessories and pose.

The debate seems to have been opened up again with talk of a Sauron figure. Personally, I think it would just be possible to get the character in the regular running order BUT it would require cheating the scale a little, we simply couldn’t have him standing tall at 7’ and not having a very dynamic pose. We wouldn’t be able to have a lot of wingspan on display. If we did the character as a special, we could have him at full height and with his wings open.

Which would you guys prefer? (Neither is definite at the moment).

Right that leaves me with just a sneak peek to post: check out Ares.



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Gremlin said...

Cheers for clearing those points up Rich.
Odin I am sure will look good no matter what.
Lockjaw....hmmm....not fussed about Luna really so I would prefer if he were made on his own.
Sauron I definately want wings outstrectched in all his glory. He would make a great special and really showcase the talents of the sculptors.

Ares doesn;t look bad at all. I think we saw him a while ago but it looks like he as bulked up slightly since then....I will say this though....he could do with a bit of body hair. Other than that he is spot on.

Editor said...

Aaah, I had a quick look through the blog archive and couldn't find a pic of Ares, must have missed it.

I'll try and find another figure tomorrow or Monday.

mgf said...

Awww... All this talk of Lockjaw is warming the cockles of me heart, and no mistake. Guv. As for him with another figure or not I'm happy either way. Maximus would be my preference if a double pack did go ahead, and cost immaterial on the basis that it's a huge teleporting dog and that's the only thing that matters.

As for Odin, as long as it's recognisably Kirby again I'm OK with it.

I wasn't greatly fussed when I heard Ares was on the way but the sculpt, which I'm sure I saw yonks ago, wins me over.

TBH I'm still chuffed seeing the Alpha Flight roster gradually appearing on my shelf. On a bit of a roll for positive news on here at the moment.

buffduffdan said...

Lockjaw with Luna makes the most sense to me and something I suggested on the forum a while back. Her being a small figure with the big dog for £19 would be great and probably the best double pack so far :D

I say make Sauron a special and a great one at that! Massive wingspan, looking brilliant :) A regular would look pretty lame IMO.

Odin is way overdue and will make a good special in any costume I think so can't wait for that one!

Ares we saw a while back over on the forum but he looks a little different here! His waist seems bulkier and he looks better painted. Sadly still not hairy as some people wanted but a nice figure :P

ted sallis said...

I would be more than happy to see Odin depicted along the lines you have mentioned.
The waxed butch reject from 300 is actually looking pretty darned smart..

pirate adam said...

OHHH it hurts to be right all the time LOL

did i not say that 6'5 was a guideline for specials? where's CBR so i can say "I TOLD YOU SO" only kiddin

Rich, go with the costume you have just shown us for Odin, its the one i always remember him in, but please please please he has to have 2 Ravens and Gungnir

as for Sauron? regular, (if at all lol) if he had his wings fully open he would be to hard to display and the packaging would be massive, save yourself a few quid on packaging Rich and make him a regular, as always keep special slots for those that need it


ted sallis said...

PA normaly gloating isn't big or clever , but in this case it is.... and funny too :) :)

Mr J said...

SAURON is long over due so just make him special or not! :) I think a special with the wings stretched out wud look very cool.

Can we see Firestar next or a painted Marvel Girl?

Anonymous said...

Odin Special, good news. And I would prefer a more modern interpretation. And hopefully he'd have his spear and ravens. I really like the costume they went with for the SHS figure.

Hoping for Lockjaw and Luna. Since it's unlikely she'll make it into the collection any other way. Plus she's a nice small lead figurine to give people who buy Lockjaw a lil something extra. So all for that.

Sauron Special please. There's no way he can be as dynamic and impressive as he is in the comics if he's forced into the restrictions of a regular. Some characters can be fudged a little to fit in a regular. But if you're making Man-Bat a Special, Sauron should be one as well. Nuff said.

As for Ares, he looks good but there's problems. He's not as bulky as he is in the comics. He really looks far too slender. He's also lacking a hairy body like he's portrayed in the comics. After Puck had a great hairy body look, it's a shame Ares is waxing.

jimbob said...


Luna and Maximus are crap!!!!!

Prefer some other character to go with Lockjaw,like Thundra,Mad Thinker,Red Ghost.I know they have no connections,but Luna and Maximus would be a waste of our money.

Size does matter,Cable is too small.

ted sallis said...

We were talking theme packs on the last update, maybe Luna and Maximus could bookend Angar the Screamer in a Triple Crap Pack?
Odins doughnuts April can't come quick enuff.

pirate adam said...

its my Birthday in April :)

Rich i will accept an Odin issue from your good self as my present


John said...

Maximus is one of my favorite characters, and I'd like to see him sooner or later.

If there would be no price increase, there's no real reason to complain about his inclusion... especially if he would show up in a later extension anyway. This saves a spot, saves the buyer $12, and helps to sell a big dog.

...If fewer people care about Luna, and there's a very vocal group that hate Maximus (or its determined he's too big,) maybe this is the chance to get Franklin Richards in the collection. As far as "kid characters" go, he's the one I hear the most requests for.

Anyway, again, if there's no additional cost, I'll VERY gladly take another character. Any character.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that EM will include Franklin and Valeria as pack-ins with Dragon Man. Would make the most sense, and give people something extra given the nearly Mega-Special size/price that Dragon Man will have to be.

jimbob said...

Lockjaw doesn't need a extra character to help it.

Having a rubbish character to go with Lockjaw may have a negative effect on collectors not buying the double pack.

Lockjaw is a very popular charcter to go on his own:)

ted sallis said...

Heh, Ares does kinda look like a 300 fan at a convention , his muscleature is

John said...

Some random thoughts:

I just checked in on the board. Most of the people that want Lockjaw solo, are hoping that if he's solo, he'll be lead. I just wanted to get their voices heard. ;)

Personally, I don't want Sauron's wings spread out, as it will make him hard to display around others. ...I mean, I'm annoyed that Valkyrie's sword sticks out so much. :) Imagine my frustration with giant wings. He'd pretty much HAVE to go to the back of the cabinet. Plus... it's Sauron. Not really a character I want to have so much unnecessary attention drawn to. There's also SOOO many Specials, Doubles, and Megas I'm after. That's just another spot lost. I'd rather have him as a Regular... but I'll support him either way.

Ares needs to be covered in hair, like Puck. Please don't release him with waxed arms. ;)

I don't really care about Odin, but I'm sure his sculpt will look great. Don't forget the ravens. =]

Anonymous said...

"Lockjaw doesn't need a extra character to help it.

Having a rubbish character to go with Lockjaw may have a negative effect on collectors not buying the double pack.

Lockjaw is a very popular charcter to go on his own:)"

Well, Lockjaw isn't even a character.... he's more of a plot device than anything. Also, why do you keep beating the drum that a second free figurine included with Lockjaw would have a negative impact? People whine endlessly how they want and deserve more for their money. So EM wants to actually give it to them, and it's more whining? Sheesh.

Gremlin said...

Sauron is definately worthy of a special. As someone put before, why skimp on the character and make a lesser specimen when you can go all out and make a masterpiece. I am willing to wait for Sauron as long as he is done as a special.

Preferably if we did get another blog update soon I would die to see SPIRAL. She is my most wanted figure so I hope I am not disppointed.

ted sallis said...

I am all for the well deserved inclusion of Sauron, but let's face it he's Mr Bean wearing a Foghorn Leghorn mask , he aint no special

jimbob said...

Ares looks great,even without the hairy arms.

Cant wait to get him!

jimbob said...

Don't care how much Odin cost,don't hold back on him EM!:)

Make this a serious priced collection!

Don't resort to cheap material,have confidence that we will buy these figurines despite the prices!;)

Robert said...

Thanks for the unexpected update, Rich.

Really chuffed about Odin. He will look incredible. I would be happy to see a sculpt similar to the picture shown, sans the animal hide kilt. Hadn't really thought about how tricky the All-father would be for Rich and the team to make. He does change his attire every appearance, though that was historically more to do with Kirby finding it easier to invent new costumes than to reference the previous one! (Kirby was the same with FF gadgets and vehicles. What a guy!) I will go off and look at some old comics later tonight or tomorrow out of curiosity.

...Can't wait to see my rather sparse collection of Asgardians expand some more!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully like with Balder, they go modern and avoid the horridly ugly costumes like pictured here.

That's just about perfect. And includes the Ravens as well. Plus fits in better with the rest of the Astagrdians who have already been included. The only Asgardian type who should be relly futuristic looking is Beta Ray Bill.

mgf said...


I could live with that, but with ravens, and axe, and Gungnir, and sword and the whole shebang. I still like the throne custom, but accept it won't happen now. I just like the Lewis chessmen vibe it has.

So, how many Asgardians does that leave stuck at the wrong end of Bifröst now? Sif is already in. Balder too, Odin well on the way, so that leaves Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, Heimdall, Hela. Oh, the Destroyer, of course. Anymore?

Travis said...

If Lockjaw as to be made of resin to get Luna then I just want Lockjaw.

If we can get Luna and Lockjaw as lead figurines then the more the merrier. Just as long as they are both made of lead.

Anonymous said...

Rich, would it be possible for you to let us know if you/EM are planning to produce a thematic subset based on a Marvel saga?
Something like the awesome Blackest Night subset we are getting in the DC collection.
Do we have to camp outside the EM office to get an answer? Please let us know. I, for one, would buy all kinds of thematic MU subsets - and have been asking for months!

LAWay said...

agree with john all the way.

pleasant surprise of the update though!

Odin, like you said, he changes all the time, we all must have different ideas of what the guy looks like! lol But at 6'9", I dont see why he would need to be a mega special. Granted, he is bulky, but bigger than man-thing, rhino, juggernaut? £10.99 is enough for a standard guy in armour surely.

Lockjaw seems to be a debate on the material he is made in. Most people want a lead version. Of course, if you are throwing in a 'free' figurine, no complaints from me. Although I expect this is a tactic to hike the price up and maybe make Lockjaw from resin. Call me cynical. Again, he is a big dog, but not £18.99 worth surely?

Sauron, I really wont want a dynamic epic wingspan that fills my entire shelf. He is not that dynamic and interesting a character and I would prefer to save my money. If you wanted dynamic wingspan, that boat sailed with angel or archangel, thats who we all wanted to see. I dont want a sauron thinking where the hell i am going to put him, and i dont want the price abused and hiked up to £18.99 just because he will have massive wings. Regular is fine with me.

Any news on redos? Theme packs for Marvel? How about updating the questionnaire form on the website to find out what people actually want. God's honest truth, if I stumbled upon the website and the product and saw the characters being produced now, I wouldnt subscribe as the ones that 'made' marvel have already gone so there's less to look forward to for the commercial fan.

LAWay said...

Also, Ares still has snake hips. Thought we addressed this problem with the bombardment of complaints on the blog and forum. A figurine with potential that is only half good.

Robert said...

What about Skurge the Executioner, MGF?

Robert said...

Kirlianeyes and Leigh have mentioned themed packs, and they seem a great idea. It may depend on how well the DC set sells before Eaglemoss commits, but in the meantime what about a set of Heralds as an idea? As PA pointed out a few days ago, we only have the Surfer. Terrax, Air-Walker, Nova and Firelord are definites. And there are a few, lesser Heralds like Morg worth consideration, too.

So, what themed sets would you guys like to see?

Anonymous said...

The Cosmic arm of Marvel has limited appeal though, if you judge by sales. The reason DC/EM jumped on Blackest Night was because it was the first story from DC that actually outsold what Marvel had to offer. So I would think a Marvel Subset would have to be tied to a major event. Dark Reign could have worked. Also could have gotten us Iron Patriot, Bucky Cap, The Hood, Madame Masque, etc.

EM is really going to have to keep an eye out for what sells well and jump on it. An AOA Subset might have worked at one point. World War Hulk sadly wouldn't have, due to most of the characters having to be Specials. We'll have to see what big stories come down the pipe. Maybe Age of X coud be something big. Who knows. :)

Robert said...

I hadn't thought about a set as only being tied to a major event, CBR Beast, but you're probably right. I wondered if people would suggest a team, and aim for, say, the Young Avengers done-in-one. Or even a SHIELD set with Dugan, the Contessa, etc. and a Hydra agent. Or even a set of generic characters like a Hydra agent (Yeh, them again), AIM technician, Hand assassin and Guardsman. I know, I know, I am a dreamer!

Oh, went off and checked out the famous 'invisible' car Steranko gave Nick. It's a Ferrari 330/P4 Berlinetta. VERY cool car. They only made four, by the way!

Anonymous said...

A team set could work...

Young Avengers wouldn't be a bad idea. Since the team is hot again due to Avengers: Children's Crusade. Plus this is a good way of sampling a team set for expansions. If it does well, there's always a chance for Wrecking Crew, Marauders, etc.

Lesse... Young Avengers:

1. Iron Lad
2. Patriot
3. Wiccan
4. Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)
5. Vision 2.0
6. Stature
7. Speed
8. Hulkling (Special)

Seems decent enough. Sure, one would have to be a Special. But I think that Stature could be done as a regular. Because she doesn't have to be in grown form.

Goth Prince said...

Lockjaw can be done on his own this is how I would like to see him.

Ares looks very slick I like him alot.

Sauron needs to be a special and if your not going to make him as a special then really dont bother to make him at all. I dont want a figure that could of been epic as a special to be second rate as a regular. Sauron for a special in 2011!

A team set could work and the team that deserve it the most are the New Mutants.

1. Mirage
2. Sunspot
3. Warlock
4. Magma
5. Wolfsbane
6. Karma
7. Cypher
8. Legion (added him to get it up to 8 but he could be a nice one to add)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the New Mutants could work.

Though I would kinda prefer Warlock and Cypher as a 2-Pack. Since I like the larger depictions of Warlock in the comics.

Robert said...

Bob-type game: if you could have any choice of three (or five or whatever, this is all informal!) sets, what would they be?

My choices:
1. Asgardians: Warriors Three, Skurge, Hela, Destroyer, Heimdall.
2. The Infinity Watch. Take Moondragon from regular slot and do a 1990s Adam. Drax would be a special but this would be off-set by Pip.
3. Heralds.

SinisterVenom said...

Ahh I do like coming home from a nice holiday to find a nice update.
Let's start with Odin. I'm chuffed he's in the collection and to be honest, I really don't care much about what costume he's done in, I just really want him.
Lockjaw next and personally I really want Maximus to make the collection soon but I would rather see him as a regular figure in the next line-up so use this opportunity to make Luna. Better now to make a smaller figure in a two-pack than on her own, even though I don't care much about her but still an extra figure is always nice.
Now Sauron, I really want Sauron's figure to look good and personally I can't see it much in a regular issue. Don't get me wrong guys I don't really want to see Sauron use up a special slot either but I do want to see him in a pose with his wings out so I would be willing to purchase him if he does become a special. But whatever you decide Rich, make him quickly because I've wanted Sauron for quite a while and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
And Ares again? Seriously? I saw this sneak peak a few months ago, don't think it was on here though. Next time Rich, how about sneak peaks of Destiny, Spiral or painted Toad or Blackheart?

ted sallis said...

I think Sauron will work as a regular fig, Annihilus is one of the best figs so far, And Namor's wings looked awesome despite being a regular fig.
As far as theme packs go, Me likey a Golden Age triple pack

mighty_marvel said...

thinking of displaying him, i'd rather have sauron as a regular. with wings outstretched he'd be nigh on impossible to display alongside the other figs. being slightly smaller than he should doesn't bother me too much. also, there are so many possible specials to be done that HAVE to be specials, so wherever characters can be done as a regular they should be imo

CGJ said...

If Lockjaw is going to be priced at £18.99 then he had better be made in lead coz I ain't paying that for a resin bulldog with a tuning fork stuck in his head.

With regard to Sauron as a special, not bothered either way but if he has his wings fully extended as people are suggesting, how big will the packaging have to be? I will have to get the letterbox widened

ted sallis said...

There are so many wonderful Lockjaw stories, What's your favourite Lockjaw quote guys?
Mine has to be Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! Wurf! parp!
I love the big mutt . BUT if he's been at the rez and is £18.00 , no thanks

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Lockjaw is resin. Given his size, it's the best option for EM. And if he includes Luna, all the better. Don't really care about Maximus.

ted sallis said...

Not botherd about Luna, However if Lockjaw came with a lamb bhuna, I would be all over that

jimbob said...

Like others have said,Lockjaw lead please EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lockjaw as double pack would mean he will be resin,then no thanks!


SinisterVenom said...

On a personal note to Rich (take note of this because I've been wondering for some time), what are the possibilities of getting some of the bigger characters like MODOK and Mojo now that you are using resin on parts of some of the figures?
I believe I speak for the majority of us when I say I really want a MODOK figure and Mojo would have to be made soon surely, what with Spiral confirmed and Longshot was a favourite in the polls and will most likely make the next extension. If needs be, throw in a bit extra to make the figure. For example, put some smoke behind MODOK to make him look like he's flying, like the Cannonball figurine.
Anyway what 'bigger' figures are you guys hoping to see in the future? Peronally I have always wanted an Onslaught figurine and I know the chances of getting him are not brilliant, I can always hope that one day...just one day...EM will cover the Onslaught Saga and produce a fine figurine of him.

mighty_marvel said...

i'm hoping that using resin will allow for a madame web special. i imagine the intricate webbing detail on her chair would be quite hard to pull off in lead

Robert said...

In terms of 'bigger' figures I would like to see some size-changers like Hank Pym Giant Man/ Goliath. (Cue protests as that old controversy is rekindled!) Or the Sphinx, who was sometimes really big. No expectations of either, though. My tastes are generally at odds with everyone else.

Not bothered abot MODOK or Mojo. Sorry, SV.

ted sallis said...

My Gay Foreskin said " How many Asgardians does that leave stuck at the wrong end of the Bifrost bridge?"
Sid James
your email working ?

Ramshackle said...

Rich you yourself have said that Sauron would work better as a special and that is the reason that no one voted for him during the forum polls for the last couple of extensions.

Sauron is a special and the majority want him as that. I'm sure if there is a poll on the forum you will see that the majority want Sauron as a special.

SAURON FOR 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (AS A SPECIAL)

mighty_marvel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

If Eaglemoss are going to embrace resin and it's cheaper, then that might mean we open up greater possibilities for the collection. That could mean bigger or more ambitious specials and megas. It could even - dare I say it? - lead (no spelling pun intended) to vehicles, backdrops and other items!

I know, I know, I live in a fantasy land.

It's very beautiful here, though...

jimbob said...

Duh guys!

Resin has been used for Batman bike and Charles Xavier wheelchair already.

Of course resin will be used for MOJO mechanical parts and Madam Web chair and the webbing detail behind it.

Resin has been used for vehicles and backdrops before and will for the future.

But I hate to have normal specials to be all resin tho.

mighty_marvel said...

i wouldn't mind a couple of size changers done as specials. as we're working through the thunderbolts i think atlas would be a good choice. he would look good halfway between the sizes of a normal sized special and a mega special

jimbob said...

Yes we need a size changer represented in this collection,full scale!

They would look amazing amongst regular figurines.

Check out Bowen Designs they have suddenly have made 4-5 size changers statue already!

Bullseye81 said...

I really like the image of Odin you posted on the blog Rich, i also like the image CBR Beast is referring to (super hero squad). There's a really nice one on the forum in a modern look that looks great too. I'm probably in the minority but i would love it if you went all out and included the ravens and Gungnir, with Odin sitting on a throne (don't worry i know i'm in the minority).

So it's no surprise i'd rather see Sauron as a special with wings outstretched. I don't like losing the special slot, but i think Sauron is deserving of the best possible representation we can get for him (plus, i think he is the most requested Special right now on the forum, which tells me he has the support).

I'll take Lockjaw anyway i can get him...with Luna, Maximus, solo, resin or lead it really doesn't matter to me. Even though i would prefer him with Maximus, a part of me is hoping he will be packaged with Luna so her fans will be able to get her.

As for team packs, the idea is starting to worry me. I see lots of complaints about character groupings like people wanting Professor X and not Lilandra, Ka-Zar and not Zabu, Sasquatch but not Puck (on this one there's the lead thing as well) and of course Lockjaw but without Luna/Maximus. Now if we start increasing the number of figs in a package wouldn't this increase the possiblility/probability of complaints. Of course i think there are a few exceptions such as the Warriors Three or the Wrecking Crew (mainly because i can't see too many people wanting 1 of those without the other 2, but never say What do you guys think?

For the record..I love the idea of Multipacks, and i love the double packs we've received thus far.

Bullseye81 said...

I would also love to see a MODOK, Mojo and an Onslaught special SinisterVenom (in actuality those are 3 of my top special wants)

Mighty Marvel, i'm with you on a Madame Web special, i think she'd look great (probably my top special want)

I'll take Atlas anyway i can get him...if he was done as a special i think he would look spectacular, but then i'd also want a Giant Man (Hank Pym) at some point

If we're talking specials Terrax, and the Heralds in general could use some more love

PA, your Bor custom looks great, nice job man, i wish i had your talent...who was the base fig?

Robert, if you ever get around to posting picks of your Recorder custom, let us know as i'm sure i'm not the only one that wants to see it.

John said...

SV: "Anyway what 'bigger' figures are you guys hoping to see in the future? "

MODOK is my number one for sure. Madame Web in her chair, and a Rocket Raccoon and Groot Double-Pack.

pirate adam said...


i thought i had heard the last about size changers being made as specials,


why pay £15-£18 for a fig that easily fits into the £5.99 bracket, dont get me wrong its not just about the money but the fact that we only get 5-6 specials a year and there are many many characters that we all want that can only be done at the larger scale and size changers dont fit into this catagory


Anonymous said...

Great list John. Just add Mojo to that, and I would be more than pleased. I especially want Groot & Rocket Raccoon. Groot roughly Sasquatch size with Rocket Raccoon with one of his big blaster carbines would be awesome. So yes please.

Another one I thought would be great?

Dragon Man w/ Franklin & Valeria Richards.

Robert said...

Bullseye, I'm not so sure you really want to see the Recorder custom. While I'll admit that it makes me smile every time I see it, it's a bit, well, rubbish. If I get round to posting pics of customs I'm far more likely to post other characters. None of my customs are remotely adverturous or impressive. I do things like run black ink into the cracks in Ben Grimm's rocky hide; removing the Panther's cape and 'Tricorder' and repainting him with blue highlights (like I remember him from the comics); I completely repainted Captain Marvel as Mar-Vell and repainted the Abomination, Rhino, Sassy and a few others to get more definition and shading. I also repainted Cyclops and Jean Grey in their X-Factor costumes (c. #16) as I really liked them, but I will probably repaint them again in the original costumes if I can figure out how to do Beast in his human form. I'm too lazy and untalented to attempt anything else.

BobDiamond said...

Now that's a Sub-set that I'd love to see, and I think would sell well - The Original X-Men in their iconic first blue/ yellow costumes.
Those costumes are an historic part of 'Marvel lore', and it would be a great shame if we never had them featured in this collection somehow...I suppose we've got Shadowcat in a version of it - but it's not the same as having the original crew in them....We could even have Iceman in his 'snowman' look!...and of course Beast in his more human look.


Robert said...

Bob, I'll start the countdown for how long it takes CBR Beast to come on here and say there is no classic X-Men costume...

LAWay said...

Just opened my awesome Wrecker, Iron Patriot, Iron Spiderman and Modern Thor figures. Great to see such diversity in not just characters but also costumes in the collection.

I am of course speaking of the Hasbro Marvel Universe figure range, sillies.

EM, take note.

Boxed themes I want to see:
Young Avengers - give us all of them
Original X-Men
Age of Apocolypse characters
Spiderman's different appearances
Iron Man's different armours

Lets get it done folks. :)

LAWay said...

Wait, a better idea.

Let's alienate and disregard every other Marvel fan by not making any more figurines of these popular characters that sell bucket loads in every figure, statue, and collectible range, and let's make up these self imposed rules and limits to what this collection should be so that eventually we can get the most obscure characters in the Marvel universe.

Personally I cant wait for Captain Cymru for #679!

jimbob said...

Marvel sub-set should be variants.

We have talked about this for ages,a way too get variants into the collection without effecting the normal line up.

LAWay said...

Right on jimbob!

realistically, because so many characters have been released, there arent many sets that would make sense or be all that interesting.

Variants would be awesome

I also throw in Ultimate incarnations and original Thunderbolts.

mighty_marvel said...

variants subsets. a big yes from me

as well as original x-men costumes i'd also like jim lee style costume x-men too

LAWay said...

HUGE yes mighty_marvel, that is on my wishlist as well.

An excellent idea for subsets that in no way can be numbered in part of the collection, thus no causing a reason for a hissy fit.

PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE make this happen! I will NEVER bitch about a character selection again if I knew we were getting one subset a year of these classics (i use the word in its truest form, memorable and iconic, not just old vintage characters).

I expect an update in 2 weeks time to confirm this radical innovation to the collection. :)

SinisterVenom said...

Ahhh yes, Madame Web! I can't believe I forgot about her! She's also high on my want list.
Glad to see how alike we are in our wants list Bullseye. Preferrably I want Onslaught most of all, with MODOK in a close second place, Mojo in third and Madame Web in fourth. Not too sure about any more as of yet, though a few names have been mentioned that I do want to see, like Terrax.

ted sallis said...

I recall a few months ago Rich showed us a mock up of just how huge FFF and Galactus would be if they were in scale with the rest of the collection, Due to their size and weight he stated EM couldn't afford to post them let alone make them.
I could bear an all resin fig if it was the only feasible way to portray a supersized character, Arishem the celestial f'rinstance,
Or a Hank Pym Giant Man, for me a character has to be displayed using his powers Giant Man should be...giant, Otherwise it's like showing Spiderman as Peter Parker

ted sallis said...

jimbob said...

I hope EM start making size-changers different sizes like Bowen Designs has.

Super Special
Mega Special

I would buy a bigger Galactus if EM did him again.

I would buy him if he cost £34.99,wonder how big he would be for that price?!:)

jimbob said...

I think Ares is spot on!

Just seen there are alot of pictures of Ares without hair on his body.

I think EM has him spot on,and I cant wait to get him.

ted sallis said...

Aah, how i love an old firm hate fest, I'm glad i'm an arab,Speaking of arabs Ahmet Abdol aka the Living Monolith would be a most worthy addition.
Peace on you all

Robert said...

Some great ideas being bounced around, guys. Love the idea of 'classic' themed sets. Let's face it, how well would a set that included classic Iron Man and (furry blue) Beast sell?

Mini-mates have an original X-Men set and if they can do it, why not the CMFC? (I believe they also have 'generic' characters like Hydra agents and Guardsmen, but don't get me started on that again.)

Anyway, has Rich or any of the Eaglemoss team made any comment on the forum about the possibility of a Marvel themed set, or is it just a vague possibility at the moment?

P.S. Ted, both my parents come from either side of the Old Firm divide and it's not a problem. As usual with these things, the headbangers - numerous though they may be - are not at all representative of the silent majority.

ted sallis said...

Indeed Robert every nation has their "bampots",
This theme pack topic seems to be an idea that might just take off, as it seems to be garnering a fare bit of support, EM could debit my card today if they announced
Wrecking crew triple pack
Warriors three... er ..triple pack
Heralds of Galactus
Generic/Henchmen pack
Ultimate Avengers
Ultimate Spidey. with Goblin and Electro,etc ,etc .Ages ago Rich mentioned in one of his updates that it was Eaglemoss's mantra to explore the "other" Marvel universes ,Ultimate and AoA could be a way of revisiting the A-listers

Robert said...

The Wrecking Crew multi-pack is an excellent shout, Ted. Had forgotten about them.

P.S. Funny story about football headcases. I was up in Aberdeen for an interview in 2000 and, somehow, found myself not far from Pittodrie. On a wall nearby someone has spray-painted in bold red "Aberdeen fans kill visiting fans!". All rather ominous and unpleasant until you noticed that some wag had used white paint to turn the l's in "kill" into s's...

Anonymous said...

i'd like to see maximus and the seeker in this collection , if not , just maximus the mad , perhaps you could put maximus with lockjaw ?

sauron : i'd prefer him as a regular rather than a special , if we can get annihilus as a regular with his wings , why not sauron ?

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Annihilus is smaller than Sauron. And the way his wings attach/work are vastly different as well.

Robert said...

On the subject of themed packs, I had to support Leigh's suggestion of alternate incarnations as also worth consideration.

Not so bothered about the Arno Stark/ Iron Man 2020 version but definitely game for the other three armours.

ted sallis said...

$445.00 ?????????????????????
Robert my lad do you realise what a lovely piece of original art you could buy for that kinda cash?
Still each to their own, i must not be such a judgemental poo pooer

Robert said...

I didn't even look at the price, Ted. I wasn't suggesting buying these figures, only that they demonstrated what a set of Iron Man figures could look like as part of the CMFC.

If I had that much money lying around, I'd either spend it on comics or get a Captain America shield that has straps you can adjust to let you wear the shield on your back.

Or go to a convention that Stan will be appearing at, so I can kneel in the presence of my God.

By the way, I saw the Big Bang Theory episode with Stan last night and it was great. It's spooky how much Penny's reactions to Leonard are like my wife's when I first met her.

Robert said...

Oh, Ted, did you like the Half Man Half Biscuit song because it had a Laird?

ted sallis said...

Heh, the laird lyric was a mere bonus i have loved HMHB since aboot 1986, I don't know if you follow Moto Gp Robert but back at the US grand prix Jorge Lorenzo wore Cap America racing leathers and at the end of the race he picked up a replica Cap shield to do his lap of honour amazing sport and a brilliant champion, with excellent taste in superheroes :)

Robert said...

Sounds like my kind of guy, Ted.

Returning to the subject of football from earlier, my dad - who knows all too well how much I love Cap - used to call a Rangers player from ten years ago Captain America. His name was Claudio Reyna and he was the captain of the USA soccer team. To the best of my knowledge, no one ever asked him if he played with a shield hidden under his Rangers top...

Thor8 said...

I find the Ares figurine looks quite alright,if you decide to add a little body hair to it,it wouldn't hurt but all the same it's a very attractive figurine in my humble opinion.

I believe Sauron should be a regular,if he's made with his wings spread out he''ll take up a lot of space displayed with the others,the packaging would be humongous,and the percentage of probabilities of damage when shipping are quite higher. Besides he really isn't that big (and I mean important or outstanding) a character to merit so much attention.

Really exited about the Odin special,and I also agree to the addition of the ravens and Gungnir.

Lets have size changers as they should be,MEGA SPECIALS.

Robert said...

Captain America in Scotland!! Being chased by a tank!

"Filming is going to start at 5pm tonight, the 19th October in Culross, Fife, Scotland, and shooting through the night. Filming crew, on lunch break, mentioned the scene was to be a tank going through a wall chasing Captain America."

LAWay said...

Cap in Scotland!? Chased by a tank!? Cool!

A set of iron man armours would be awesome, but not thrilled with some of the choices in that example. I favour the armour that appeared in the 90s cartoon series and original marvel vs capcom computer game. Dont remember its exact name. Woul love to see original red and yellow armour, wouldnt mind a proper first appearance armour, and throw in the newest version to really mix things up. Also, Hulkbuster armour in resin? Could EM include pieces with other figurines like a 'build a figure'?

Anyway, done successfully in collectible ranges marvel select, legends, universe, bowen statues, minimates...the CMFC is the only marvel collection to not revisit characters with different appearances, and it does not enhance the collection one bit.

Finally, I thought the same about sauron when i received annihillus, which looks great. A sturdy, stocky figurine with good wings. Not OTT, and Sauron shouldnt be. I mean, you can tell me how awesome he is going to look spread eagled, but I dont see it, I think it will be an eyesore in the collection. He doesnt have the build or size of a Mega Special, and I dont want to be charged that much for him. £10 max, I dont want to pay any more, and really shouldnt do. What is it, £5.99 a figurine? Even given his height and disregarding his slender frame, surely he could be made for £7.99. Are you saying resin wings alone would be £2, when we have already seen capes and wings implemented? Does that mean that Annilus should of been £4.99?

Again, stop trying to screw me out of money, i aint playing that game.

Fabio Mucci said...

Ares is good! And Odin's special sounds very very good!

Finally i hear a good news: Lockjaw. I can't wait for that!

I want a new extension. Put Jigsaw and Howard the duck!

pirate adam said...

for once i agree with LAWay, why pay more? when we dont have to


Robert said...

If there is any possibility of an Iron Man set - and I know it is a very remote possibility at this point - then it is far more likely that the incarnations will be from Shellhead's comicbook rather than cartoons or games, Leigh. The Silver Centurion armour (complete with 'coffin' backpack) was worn for quite a while and the classic red-and-gold armour was the main armour for years and years and still pops up regularly.

LAWay said...

Oh, i understand that Robert.

I was referring to the the Modular Armour, which did feature in comics, but is better known for the cartoons and games.

Anyway, its my fave and its so different.

Robert said...

Ah. I realise what armour you mean now, Leigh. Not at the top of my list but I'd still buy it of course.

Interesting link, by the way. I enjoyed reading the comments and revisiting old models of Tony's armour. I have a comic/ manual with all the incarnations which I remember looking at and being amazed just how many versions there are to choose from.

BobDiamond said...

On the subject of 'Sub-sets'....

Now that EM have announced their 'Blackest Night'DC Sub-set, it has opened the flood-gates for further speculation regarding possible Marvel sets of a similar type.
I think the possible themes would fall into one of the following areas:

1. Classic Costumes for Existing Groups.
Eg. Original X-Men

2. Alternative Costumes for an Iconic Character.
Eg. Variants on the Iron Man armour, Wolverine's various looks...

3. Groups with Little or No Representation so far.
Eg. Original Guardians of The Galaxy, Young Avengers, Heralds or Runaways..

4. Marvel Events (similar to 'Darkest Night')
Eg. 'Dark Reign'- which could include 'Bucky Cap', Iron Patriot, The Hood, Madam Masque, Daken, Ronin...( This grouping based on a cool idea from CBRBeast on the'Other'Forum BTW.)

So...what sort of sub-set interests you guys the most?

Personally, I'd be up for a collection of the original GotG as a sub-set, but I also wouldn't say no to to a classic yellow-blue set of X-Men....


Rabid Womble said...

Odin's costume.

I'm sure I speak for everone when I say we want him in stockings, suspenders a peek-a-boo bra and frilly panties!

No? That's just me then *Blush!*


IMO the character wouldn't look as good without his wings spread so would definately go for doing him as a special rather than an normal release.


This is a tricky one. I think Maximus as a character is strong enough as an character not to have an release on his own. If it is going to be a secoond person than Luna is the best choice.

I'm going to throw an idea into the mix and see what people think about this one. It will certainly be different.

Make the Lockjaw figure as per normal on it's base although the base is very slightly longer than usual. You may not have to do this, but I think you will for this idea.

Create Luna in an sitting cross-legged pose, not attached to the base. This would allow us the collector to place her on Lockjaw's base should we wish too.

Ideally a seperate base could be issued for the people that wish to keep her seperate and would rather she had an base than not have one at all. I'm sure pretty much everyone would be able to attach her figure to a bae ourselves if we would rather she isn't just sitting on one unsecured.

Doing the release this way accomplishes a couple of things.

1) It pleases the people that wanted a second person with Lockjaw

2) It pleases the people that doesn't want a second character with him as they can keep her seperate.

3) As CBR Beast noted; Luna is unlikely to get an release of her own, so she does at least get an release.

4) Her inclusion would give more material for the magazine that comes with the release. I'm not sure how much you can actually write about Lockjaw to be honest.

5) As JimBob pointed out having an "rubbish character" may affect sales. If they aren't connected as one unit then it may limit that as they can if necessary just ditch Luna if they choose too.

This idea should only be used if it's not going to increase the price of the figure to accomodate it's inclusion.

So there is my slightly different idea. I will be interested to read what other people think about doing Luna this slightly different way.
A good idea or terrible?

Robert said...

Bob, I vote for classic costumes sub-sets! Of course there are undiscovered tribes in the Amazon jungle who could have predicted that response...

Interesting ideas, Rabid Womble, especially with regards to having the option of Luna being on the Lockjaw base or on her own. Not sure if anything like this has been proposed before, but it's definitely worth some consideration. If Eaglemoss did decide to go with a double-pack, and choose Luna rather than Maximus, I think I'd prefer her standing instead of sitting. Whichever way you decided to go they should be attachable to the Lockjaw base.

As for Sauron, I'd prefer him to be a regular if possible so that one of the all-too-rare special slots isn't used up.

Rabid Womble said...


I'm glad you found my ideas interesting.

Regarding the posing of Luna. I chose her sitting cross-legged for a few of reasons.

1) No character has been done that way before so it's something unique.

2) If the pose is standing, what would the pose be?
In my head I see the two touching each other. So Luna would have her hand on LockJaw as if she were patting or stroking him. Of course there is no real reason for this, but there seems to be a logic to it. Would the figure whomever it ends up being look a bit odd just randomly standing next to Lockjaw for no real apparent reason? By touching them touching it seems to give them purpose. If that makes sense?

However you then have a problem should people wish to have Luna/Maximus seperate. When you look at them one of their arms would inexplicable be reaching out into nothing and so could look a bit odd. At one point I did think about Luna straddling Lockjaw as if she were riding him, but for people taht want her on a seperate base that pose would look just bizarre. LOL!

Lastly the problems with the base. If you look at the Kazar & Sabu release. Imagine they had been on one stand. The base would eith have to be an "L" shape ot an "T" shaped base. If you kept it rectangular or made it square you would have a lot of unused base.
In that space there would have been room to put another fugure standing behind or in front of Kazar.

When looking at the shaping of the base should an second figure be included I was looking at the logistics of where the person would be places for minimal wastage of space. Enlongating the rectangle base rather than creating an odd shape or an square seemd the logical option. However, standing behind Lockjaw would look wrong and in front of him would obscure him. So how could you do it?
That is where I got the idea of her sitting as it would half her height so she wouldn't obscure Lockjaw so much and by placing her to the side of Lockjaw's head in the corner of the base it means that the width of the base would only need to be about an centimetre wider as most of the extra space is on the length.

ted sallis said...

Like all true Marvel fans ,I waited 5 months til Iron Man 2 came out on dvd before bothering to see it.
Must say i rather loved it, Mickey Rourke has been a fav of mine since Angel Eyes. All the cast were excellent but the surprise for me was Sam Rockwell ( Justin Hammer ) that guy was funny, His sales pitch for his "ex wife missile" was a scene stealer and a half.
But easily the best scene was his slick dance moves at the Stark Expo , Even my long suffering missus seemed genuinely impressed at his moves.
( scientists have apparently proven that females instinctively go for guys that can bust some shapes on the dance floor? )
And thank the big guy upstairs for Scarlett Johansson . At last an actress with curves instead of protruding bones.Hubba Bubba indeed

SinisterVenom said...

I agree Ted, I also waited until Iron Man 2 was released on dvd before I watched it.
Indeed Justin Hammer's missile for War Machine was an excellent laugh and Mickey Rourke did a geat job as Whiplash but for me, the brilliant performance Robert Downey Jr. does in playing Tony Stark is a win!
And let us not forget Scarlett Johansson aka Black Widow slipping out of her dress into her black suit in the back of the car. If I was Happy Hogan at that moment, I would head online as soon as I could and use deed poll to change my name to Very Very Happy Hogan. :)

pirate adam said...

your resident Pirate is setting sail, dont know if or when i will return

Adios Amigos


BobDiamond said...

Au revoir PA, but don't make a stranger of yourself too long...we need you back here soon!
Take care,

Robert said...

Sad to see PA go. When major bloggers like Thor8 and PA exit, it makes you question whether you want to continue posting.

Anyway, a question: how are you guys displaying Nomad? Logically, he should be beside Cap, as Steve was the original Nomad. However, Cap is at the centre of the Avengers, with Thor and Shellhead on either side, and Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Hawkeye, etc. spreading out from them. (Basically, there's a vague - with some exceptions like Cap - chronological order: older Avenger, nearer the centre.) So, where to put Nomad? He's currectly on the 'Miscellaneous Heroes' shelf. He's not an Avenger, X-Man, Defender, Champion, etc., to my knowledge. I have a similar problem with the Falcon, but he was an Avenger so I just placed him with other Assemblers from that era. But Nomad has me stumped. So I need help! My autism needs a clear answer!

Anonymous said...

If EM decides to give us Marvel subsets, then the way to go is Thematic Subsets centred around major sagas & events, or special Marvel Universe dimensions, or special concepts.

Subsets can't be simply team packs, as this would negate the ability for the main CMFC to alternate between big league characters and niche characters, which is the beauty of it - as this guarantees unbiased exploration of all areas of the Marvel Universe. Team packs would also lead to upset among fans, and endless debate about why a certain team is given the privilege of appearing as a full team pack while other teams see their members appear every now and then over the course of regular CMFC releases.

As I proposed months ago, subsets would work well as Marvel Universe studies. It needs a unifying concept, one which brings a variety of characters together. Say, an Annihilation case study that brings together Gamora, Heralds of Galactus, Bug, Paibok and so on. Or, say, an Atlantis case study bringing together Attuma, Namora, Orka and so on. Or, say, a Secret Organisations file bringing together AIM & Hydra characters. Or, naturally, a major saga like Age of Apocalypse giving us a chance to cover alternate timeline characters and their costume variants. Subsets can be really interesting if based on a strong theme or concept, more than the simple team pack concept. Although this would, of course, also include the concept of Classic Era costumes, such as Classic X-Men. And that's my view, folks.

LAWay said...

BD, i want all those except the characters not are not normally in the limelight. those characters are what the line-up is for, and should be numbered with the set.

The sets would be great as characters we have already had, but alternate versions. I would love scenarios and scenes too. Question would be how it would be done? How many a pack? While easier to determine costume changes, not so much with a diorama unfortunately, where alot of money could just be in the base/display and not the figurines.

SinisterVenom said...

Hey Robert ol buddy, I know what you mean about that feeling when our chums like PA disappear for a while but we have to continue the conversations otherwise they won't have anything to come back to. Those guys are relying on us to keep this blog alive! (Yeah I do like to get carried away sometimes) :)
As for Nomad I had him behind Cap to the right of him a little. I have Thor on Cap's left and Iron Man on his right and I didn't want to move them. Directly behind Cap is Hulk and I know having Nomad next to him is a little strange, but I'd rather have him there than anywhere else to be honest.

SinisterVenom said...

First of all, word verification is dully, what's that all about?
Now just out of interest, does anyone actually own a Green Goblin figurine that matches the one advertised on the CMFC website? The one with the darker colours and the purple bag instead of brown? And does anyone know why they changed it if they have?

Robert said...

I appreciate the positive comments, SV. While he's been fairly quiet of late, not so long ago Adam was one of the main guys on here and he'll be sorely missed.

As for the feedback on Nomad, thanks. Unfortunately, I display my figurines along the edges of comicbook shelves, so they are in lines and therefore can't display Nomad behind anyone. By the way, I also have Thor, Cap, Iron Man in that order. I would guess that many, if not most, collectors have the Big Three together.

P.S. Surprised that you and Ted waited until Iron Man II came out on dvd. I dragged my wife to an IMAX screening (well, not "dragged", she kind of has a wee thing for Mr. Downey Junior). If you think Scarlet Johansson looks good on a tv, try her fifty-feet high!

SinisterVenom said...

Agreed during this first year of mine on the blog I have considered PA one of the main guys as you say on here, along with you, Thor8, Ted, Jacadoo and CBR Beast. We have many more popular peeps too like Leigh, DP (Where is he by the way?), Mad Thinker etc...
Unfortunately I don't have enough room to have all my figures in one line. They are in lines but behind each other, apart from the villains and groups, I like to sort of keep them together like Alpha Flight and the Brotherhood.
As for Iron Man 2 I did originally plan to watch it at the cinema but due to things like work and money it just didn't happen unfortunately. I did watch the first one on the big screen though.
But I make this promise: I won't let anything stand in my way of watching Thor on the big screen next year! :)

BobDiamond said...

...and what am I, Chopped Liver???!! (as our 'friends across the pond' would say..)

Think I'll change my name to Invisible Bob....sulk, boo-hoo etc...


LAWay said...

My collection is very sporadic. It was organized, but with the ever increasing numbers, I am just putting them anywhere now! lol

I had a dedicated shelf for x-men characters, spiderman characters, and my main display with the plinth is like a civil war set-up, spidey in the middle caught between cap and iron man, with other characters on the team either side. The backrow is then fantastic 4, namor and silver surfer, with the shelf being completed by most of the specials.

And I really enjoyed iron man too...and scarlet johansson did make it alot better. lol I would have loved a scarlet black widow figurine. Anyway, I havent got the dvd yet, i am actually saving up for the blu-ray when I finally get a ps3.

Cant wait for thor and cap, and avengers. Also, after seeing 'The Social Network', I think Andrew Garfield will make for an awesome peter parker. The boy has some good acting chops, so really looking forward to seeing him in spiderman.

Robert said...

Ah, Bob, we all luvs ya! I know you are joking but to be fair to SV, I think he was talking about the 'old-timers' (in terms of blogging rather than physical years). I came on a few months before you and by then Jacadoo, PA, Thor8 and a few others were already semi-legendary. It's like Manchester United without Sir Fuwious: life will go on but it won't be quite the same. So come over here, ya big lug, and give me a man-hug! (Hey, it's been a while since we felt the lurve on here.)

SinisterVenom said...

Aww I apologize BD, I didn't mean to miss you out. You know you're still a valued member here on the blog and I have missed a few others too like Gremlin, Jimbob, Mighty Marvel and a few others (sorry by the way guys). I was in a rush to send that comment as I was on my break at work and due back so I threw in what names were in my head and went with it. But you know we love ya really and like Rob said, it has been a while since we were all sharing man-hugs and stuff with everyone. So a special man-hug to you all buddies!

BobDiamond said...

Awwww shucks, guys... (wipes tear from eye etc). I knew you hadn't really forgotten uh ..manly hugs all round then...OK...all done.

Anywayyy...My CA is placed in the centre of The Avengers shelves at the moment, but I'm thinking of having a 'Cap Group' consisting CA, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Nick Fury, Black Widow and Nomad. Kind of based on the last few years of Cap's book.

BD (better than IB, I think.)

Robert said...

Glad that's all sorted out. My wife was starting to wonder why I was getting all emotional...

Anyway, have you guys seen the Iron Man Mark V briefcase replica? A working replica of Stark's briefcase from the film!? Bonkers but brilliant. (I have no idea why it costs as much but hey ho.) Then I saw this and thought, "By the bristling beard of Odin, the world has gone completely nuts!"

And I want one.

This has to be seen to be believed, guys...

ted sallis said...

Nuts but nice Robert ( the suit not yerself )
A bit too butch for me , Although i'm having palpatations at the thought of some official Iron Man oven gloves (gauntlets), or a set of Black Widow nut crackers ouch!!

Robert said...

Superhero oven gloves! You are a genius, Ted! What a brilliant idea! You could have Infinity Gauntlet oven gloves, Ben Grimm rocky gloves, Spidey oven gloves, Wolvie gloves (with partially shown claws?), see-through gloves (Invisible Woman, of course), the possiblities are endless! This is soooo much better an idea than an Iron Man motorcycle suit - we don't all have motorcycles or can afford a $1200 suit, but we all have ovens! Ted, I think you should take this idea to a company in the States. And put me down for at least half a dozen of your Marvelous oven gloves!

SinisterVenom said...

I would certainly be willing to purchase some Marvel oven gloves! I can see it in some Hulk oven gloves roaring ''HULK SMASH DINNER!!!.....HULK BROKE FOOD, HULK HUNGRY...''

SinisterVenom said...

...Maybe some Beast hands and slippers too? I could go on!

Robert said...

Please do!

Great ideas!

ted sallis said...

I bet when Rich is on the phone to the Marvel bods, he will pass this idea off as his own :), But hey I'll be happy witha free pair of Infinity Gauntlets , They would look frankly awesome!!!

SinisterVenom said...

Well personally I always thought a set of Lady Deathstrike claws would help out with the gardening...

Robert said...

If you had Infinity Gauntlet over gloves, dinner would be ready instantly by using the powers of the time gem!

And if you had Wolverine oven gloves, you'd be able to cut up things like pizza without needing to look for a knife!

And if you had Human Torch over gloves, you'd be able to heat food up without having to put them back in the oven for an extra few minutes!

Okay, I'm being silly, but the idea is a belter. Much better than my idea of quinjets rather than trams in Edinburgh...

Deadpool said...

Hello guys, I'm back briefly after finding out that a guy in one of the other teams was shot in the foot.

I'll make this short and sweet because I am back on a plane on Sunday morning and I have a lot to do.

Odin - great news - I want to see him as a the "Viking all father" not some modern Saturday Night Fever reject. NORSE GARB ALL THE WAY!!!

Lockjaw on his own would suit me too.

Just to change the subject slightly; Richard please give us an update on the Blackest Night sub set of DC characters.
I know it isnt Marvel but I can't get any info from the DC Subscriber telephone service.

Will this be a DC extension so subscribers are automatically opted in or do we need to create a new subscription.

I certainly would like to be around long enough to have these in my collection.

See you all in a few weeks time.

Yours Truly

Deadpool ;0)

ted sallis said...

Do you play football for Colombia DP ?
When you write your memoirs ,i want a copy :)

jimbob said...

There are three pics of Blackest Night sub set characters on the forum,DC thread.

It looks like there are two regulars and one special size figurine.

Some members think they might be out every two weeks,there is no date so far for there release.

EM needs to get started on Marvel sub-set!

DC sub-set looks great already!!!

ted sallis said...

Heh,Heh i posted up a pic of my finished Cap mosaic on the forum, then i hung around to see how long it would take for the moderators, Gawd luv em buffduffdan was the winner
It really is crapper than a zombie whorehouse over there, My annoying them is probably one of their few pleasures, God the main thread is a bore fest

jimbob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jimbob said...


How big is Lockjaw going to be???

Because most of the pics i have seen,he is not that tall!

I think his shoulder height is 4'6".

He is maybe just 1 or 2 inches taller than Zabu,but obviously more bulky.

LAWay said...

surely an iron man armour replica should be expensive...i mean, its a replica, so it should fly and shoot crazy lazers...right?

Poor ted. the forum is good for when they get sneak peeks, but it does get quite dull and repetitive. its all 'lets get my character made'. Any discussion or debate is shot down, ironically, for repeating stuff thats already been said.

Anyway, you guys seen the new captain america movie pics?

Robert said...

Mosaic looks great, Ted. Where will you put it?

Thanks for the links, Leigh. Can't wait till next summer...

ted sallis said...

Robert the cap mosaic was a commission i did for a mate on the forum,
I have no problem at all being banned from the "other" place it just amuses me to think of them trawling through my inane blogs,
Yesterday the guy i did the mosaic for posted up the image .
It is weird and off putting ( for you forum members at least) how quickly the " management" begin monitoring posts, 5 mins after a picture of the mosaic was posted , I checked the bottom of the page to see who else was watching the same page, A moderator called buffydan 2 seconds later the banned page appeared as expected. Now the only place an image of my mosaics appeared was in my blog here.
I couldn't imagine why the heck my rather plain blogs had nearly 1600 views.
Last night merely confirmed what i thought.
Heck even the once mighty Gort is no longer, a sure sign of it's terminal decline.
My darling wife put it rather succintly " sneaky little buggers aren't they ?"
Now Robert with my mosaic complete , i have to decide between a Gene Colan page or an entire Superhero Squad collection for your chrimbo :)

Robert said...

An Obscene Gene mosaic? That shouldn't take long. After all the face will be at an awkward angle or from behind so that it is fully or partially obscured, and the hands and feet will be hidden in speed lines, shadow, blocked from view by another body part or clothing, out of panel, etc. Go and look at his artwork and see if I'm not right. You are capable of much, much more, Ted, and should not set the bar so low it's practically underground. Anyway, the person who commissioned the Cap mosaic has excellent taste and I'm jealous. Did he say where he was going to put it? It is worth sharing with the world and it would be a shame to hide it away somewhere.

As for the forum, I don't really understand why you bother checking it when you clearly dislike them so much and knew they would ban the image. I'm not getting involved again but it seems a bit like stabbing yourself in the eye and then saying, "I knew that would hurt!" If you leave the forum alone, they will probably leave you alone. (I'm assuming the porn being sent to your email address has stopped.)

ted sallis said...

Robert, I had a spooky premonition. I was watching some CCTV footage that was posted up on Youtube it showed two middle aged men rolling around on the the ground outside FP in Buchanan st, the chap with slightly more hair was shouting " Take back what you said ,ya big meanie! "
The guy with slightly less hair was screaming " I will not, GENE COLAN SUCKS ASS!!"
I'm famed for my premonitions you know. :)

Robert said...

Wouldn't you rather have a man-hug? Let's leave the violence to Frank Castle, Jet Li and the reprobates who dislike telephone boxes. Besides, everyone in the Glasgow FP knows me, some for over twenty years, and they're likely to come to my aid against the crazy man who attacked me! ;)

Anyway, Bob-style question for everyone. Of the next five figures to be released, who are you most looking forward to?

Robert said...

Oh, the next five are Snowbird, Wasp, Batroc, Scarlet Spider, Beta Ray Bill.

All worthy characters. I vote Bill, with the Leaper a close second.

SinisterVenom said...

I'm actually looking forward to Snowbird more at the moment, I'm enjoying watching my team of Alpha Flight grow. But Bill is in second place with Scarlett Spider in third.
Anyone know what Wasp's wings are gonna look like then? Seeing as we were never actually told in the end.

ted sallis said...

Well when i was over on the forum, i saw the painted Beta Ray it is absolutely astonishing , should be the best fig so far, by a country mile, Wasp looked good can't remember if her wings were resin, hang on and i'll pop over to the forum and check

Robert said...

I know he's hardly the epitome of reasonableness, but John Byrne was very critical of the earlier, unpainted sneak-peak of Snowbird. He thought that the female characters in the collection were all physically very similar and that Snowbird was overly buxom, curvy and leggy. I will reserve judgement until I see the finished version.

As for Bill, I'd love to see the finished version. Almost makes me want to join the forum. Well, almost.

mgf said...

I got my ban for not liking that idiotic method they use when they have a poll result.

"We know the result."

"Yes, we do. Do you think they want to know?"

"Well it's one in the morning, so should we come back in an hour?"

"That seems a little soon."

"Interesting result though."

"Very. I bet they can't guess."

"Yes, and I reckon they really want to know."

"I'm sure they do. Let's make them wait shall we?"

Every damn time! If a toddler group did that you'd tell them not to, yet over there it's the height of hilarity for some reason. I told the founder he was too sensitive of mild criticism... He kindly proved my point by banning me.

That said at least I got my ban from the paranoic-in-chief directly. No PM, no nothing, just a ban. A born liar and control freak without the courage to even drop me a line.

If they run a poll again EM should announce the result here. Some there simply cannot be trusted.

I don't miss it - thought I would frankly, although the superb contributions from Kal, Pip, Zomb (criminally unappreciated imo), TFS, Chewie, Crispin, our French friends and many others were often extremely interesting. Now the fools have a foothold - carte blanche almost - that Damo loon, One of Three (zzzzzz), and so on it just doesn't have the same sparkle imo.

One day, sooner now than later, this collection will end and quite what one or two of the sycophants will do then for a hobby I'm not sure. Drowning puppies for the RSPCA, perhaps. What is fun for most there is a monumental power trip for a very small few.

The forum can be a great place, with some really decent people, but in the end if I wanted to live in North Korea, that's where I would go.

CGJ said...

Interesting post Gort, I mean mgf, sorry, my mistake.

I didn't get a ban for the same incident, I just chose not to go back after himself took the time to see what time I logged out in and out on the night of the poll because I had the cheek to call a couple of mods out for acting like a pair of Richards.

So yeah, been back only once to check that I hadn't been fired a cheap shot that I hadn't defended.

But won't be going tback to Grim's playground anytime soon.


Robert said...


Anyway, not being on the forum, I saw Beta Ray Bill at the address below and it looks just amazing. Now I see why Ted was raving about it. Assuming the paint job is as good as the image there, I will be a very, very happy collector.

BobDiamond said...

Ones I'm most looking forward to?
First- Batroc...I love that crazy French guy!
Second- Beta Ray...a stunning piece of work from what I've seen.

I hope the others are as good- they just need to do something about Snowbird's face, as she looks a little like a blow-up doll at the mo....:)


ted sallis said...

Sheesh! I had no idea things were that bad over there.
Make no mistake, i was banned for being my usual offensive/drunk/rude/arguementative self. But that whole big brother vibe over there was always going to illicit some kind o reaction from me
" Kicking against the pricks" is a fine Nick Cave album .
There are/were some great posters on the forum, guys n gals that i would look out for to enliven a dull debate.
Any who Glad you got to see BRB Robert, now understand my excitement, Right am aff tae grout Cap's armpits

Blue Angel said...

Grim reaper is a sad little man with way too much say in this collection. I have witnessed him banning people with no reason to suit his own purpose, spamming peoples email addresses and making personal attacks via other forums and through MSN and email. The guy is an ageing clown with little to no life outside of this collection and when it ends he will get a short sharp shock as he will have no one to control.

The forum has always been a place that likes to control everything, I remember when they decided they would screen EVERY single new topic to decide if THEY thought it was good enough to be posted! Talk about over the top and don't even get me started on the way the polls are run......

jimbob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jimbob said...

The Forum and Blog are both great!

I like to use both.

People seem to forget that there are young users on the forum,hence some being banned!

And there are rules the forum have to follow,otherwise they will be shut down again!:(

Apart from more exclusive pics on the forum,I don't see much difference in the discussion between the both groups.

Both have same mix of likes and dislikes.

I was very impressed that EM took some control of the polls,making it a blind poll.This shows that EM is trying to make this fair as possible.

Robert said...

My wife, much wiser than myself, asked what we were talking about on the blog.

"Not a lot. A bit about Beta Ray Bill. And a few complaints about the forum. Someone was on comparing it to North Korea."

Cue bemused look. "Let me get this right: yesterday you were talking about superhero oven gloves and now you're discussing totalitarian dictatorships?"

Not sure whether I should have answered yes or no. Either way, it doesn't sound good.

Word verification is "schush"!

jimbob said...

My wife thinks we are all crazy!:)

ted sallis said...

I was sitting on the landing this fine sunny morning grouting my Cap, The kids were in their room loading up Lego Batman my son has a wee speech affectation like a cute wee Jonathon Woss,At the character selection screen i heard him announce to his sister " Me widdler you coo face"
It made me laugh, then again i'm probably biased.
happy halloween ya hooligans :)

SinisterVenom said...

Buy her some Marvel oven gloves for xmas Rob, then she'll understand. ;)

Robert said...

It is funny and also cute, Ted. In a related vein, I spent the afternoon at my niece's 3rd birthday party. For the first half I regretted not having kids, then I started to think that maybe having a figurine collection not covered in messy handprints is the civilised choice. Captain America would look far less dignified covered in jam and chocolate.

SV, if Ted's frankly stupendous idea comes to pass, the over gloves will be MINE!

Jimbob, it's hard to argue with your wife's conclusion. It should be noted, however, that the gender that watches X-Factor, Come Dine With Me, Strictly Come Dancing, Big Brother, Neighbours, Eastenders, etc. is living in something of a glass house. ;)

BobDiamond said...

Hmmmmmm.....been kinda quiet on here for a while...
Sooo...New game time!

I thought I'd turn our usual way of thinking around for this one, so instead of a list of 'wants', I thought we should do a list of 'not bothered if they never make the collection'.
Basic rules is you have to pick your Top Ten least favourite characters WHO HAVE A GOOD/REASONABLE CHANCE OF GETTING you can't say something like 'the blond one in Seeker 3000'. Has to be characters that are mentioned a lot, but YOU happen not to care for....whew... list:-

Dani Moonstar
Alistair Smythe

That was actually harder than I thought it was going to be...and I was trying to keep it to characters who's names keep popping up.

(I hope this doesn't come across as too negative, I just thought it would be another way of getting a feel of what people want...or not)


CGJ said...

Most of the ones I wouldn't want have already made it in!

Scarlet Spider, Firestar, Arachne and Siryn are all ones I will look at at the end and wish I could swap for a better character.

And Nico Minoru has probably put paid to the 'Punters choice' competition. They do have to sell in reasonably large numbers these figurines, it was interesting watching everyones response to that choice, 'Interesting....not one I have heard of much but....okay...' and that's from those that read blogs about the figures. God only knows what the silent subbys and WHSmiths collectors will make of it. But still, a nice keepsake for MM

SinisterVenom said...

Well I do like a new game as I'm sure you might have noticed before BD so let's play.

Phyla Vell
Werewolf By Night
Fabian Cortez

I realize there are a few there that are high on people's wish lists but for the moment I can't say I'm really psyched about these yet. Of course I'd still buy them anyway and who knows after reading the mags and getting the figs I might change my opinions. But there ya go.
Word verification is beled, if said in 'chav language' as some of my buddies like to call it, it doesn't sound so uncommonly used.

mgf said...

My top ten of non-wants would probably be all female - so many modern Marvel females are deadly dull - and 90% will be X related so I'll leave it at that.

Robert said...

Couldn't possibly keep it down to ten, Bob. I am interested in the characters I grew up with or who are in the comicbooks I have bought in the past or buy now. So, as I don't buy Runaways, Young Avengers, any X-titles, T-Bolts, Agents of Atlas, etc., I have developed no connection to or interest in these characters. Up to now I have bought the vast majority of the figurines as they have often been classic or long-established characters. However, I am starting to be picky. ("Drax", I'm looking at you!)

Oh, and of course add the raccoon and the duck. They would probably be top of my Don't Want List (or, as it is called in my house, the I Would Like to Shoot Them List).

P.S. I am not trying to antagonise anyone with the above. I know that I have dismissed popular characters. I was just being honest.

BobDiamond said...

That's exactly why I came up with the 'top ten not-wants' Robert, so we could really see what people cared about in the collection.
I'm in agreement with you f'instance, about The Runaways - I'm fine with having one member to represent that branch of the MU, but I wouldn't want any more.
Also, the only member of The New Mutants that I wouldn't mind in the collection is Warlock- due to his whole unique concept...the others I just find a bit dull. (although EM've done an amazing job with Cannonball visually.)


jimbob said...

Teams that need to be completed.

Original Brotherhood
Excalibur-has EM forgotten about them
New Mutants
Masters of Evil 3 & 4

That is all!

Robert said...

The Asgardians don't really qualify to be termed a "team", jimbob, but I agree with you that they deserve more spots.

Who exactly were you talking about with regards the Masters of Evil? (Sorry, I get all the incarnations a bit muddled!)

SinisterVenom said...

Got my Snowbird figurine today, what a beauty! It's great to see Alpha Flight getting bigger compared to a month ago when I only had Guardian. Now there's Puck, Guardian, Snowbird, and Sasquatch stands behind the three. :)
Looking at the back of the mag it looks like EM went with keeping Wasp's wings in lead (or resin, who knows?) instead of having them clear. Personally I think I'm happy with that but what about you guys?

ted sallis said...

Top 10 " non wants" ooooh that's a toughy,
I'll just go with any 10 characters created by Rob Liefeld.
My "top 10 villains from the original Marvel Team Up series that you have never heard of and will probably never get made" ....are
Infinitus ( you will have heard of his brother Tinnitus)
Drom the Backwards man
Paxton Pentecost.

BobDiamond said...

Ahh....Drom The Backwards Man...fought Spidey and Iron-Fist quite early on...Now you're talking Ted!!!
Always thought he was the oddest villain they could've picked for an Iron-Fist story...ah, the 70s.

BTW...talking of the 70s, and your 'alter-ego'...are you in possession of a Giant-Size Man-Thing by any chance??

I've actually got issue 2!


(PS. You've got to admit that is the best title for any 70s comic, ever!)

ted sallis said...

Bob, Giant size Man-Thing is probably the best comic title ever.
Let's have some more figs from the Man-thing or that guy that was a Superman homage,I think he was called Wundaar?
Giant size Man-Thing will be right up their in the annals of Marveldom

ted sallis said...
Met the stuntman playing Cap when they were filming up here in Scotland, Great guy and a handsome sumbitch too!

Bullseye81 said...

There seems to be lots of talk about subsets of late. IMO the best option would be variants. As the recent poll for a Hulk redo would suggest there is a market for redo's. If it's done as a subset it should keep the collectors who are sternly opposed to redo's showing up in the regular lineup happy. If every 5th or 6th character was a special you could address another highly debated topic as well...size changers. This set would be the ideal place for the likes of Giant Man or other possible specials like Archangel. Of course it would still cause a debate over what to do with the likes of Atlas, Stature, we make them as specials or regulars. A great idea, but not one we're likely to see anytime soon.

Bullseye81 said...

Sorry Bob, i can't play your current game of 'not bothered if they never make the collection' mainly because i hope this collection goes on long enough that we get every legitimate character i can think of. Besides my number 1 want would be somewhat of a controversial pick.
I can tell you my bottom 5 of characters we already have though.
Impossible Man (nice sculpt)
Jack of Hearts
That was tougher than i thought, but i gotta say i don't hate any of those characters i just never really connected with any of them.

SinisterVenom said...

Interesting Bullseye, your 'hate list' if you will, is a little similar to mine. I will post my 10 worst figs:

Captain Britain
Doc Samson

Of course, these are just my opinions. If anyone else thinks different, be sure to let us know who your 10 worst figs are.

ted sallis said...

The Scottish Sunday Mail has a 2 page spread on all the upcoming superhero movies, And an interview with Mark Millar.
The reporter is obviously a huge comic fan, my favourite quote being
"but less well kown cartoon heroes will be making their big screen debuts including norse warrior god Thor and other Marvel legends such as Green Lantern"

Robert said...

Have to nod in agreement with most of names that popped up in the least-favourite lists. Undecided about Kang, although he was clearly scuplted by the same guy who did the Donald Dewar statue outside the Glasgow Concert Hall. I love Jack of Hearts, even though I cannot explain why. Maybe because I first saw him in a lovely Sal Buscema-Ernic Chan issue of Hulk back in '76 or '77? Who knows.

Oh, and I would definitely buy a Stegron figure. He was in a dafter-than-daft story with the Lizard in ASM in the '70s, but it had dinosaurs, and when you're a wee boy you really can't complain about any story that has dinosaurs...

BobDiamond said...

Listmania continues!
...following on from SV's list of Top 10 Least Favourite Figs So Far- these are mine (this has nothing to do with the character themselves, just the sculpt.)

Rogue (All-time Least favourite!)
Cap Britain
Black Widow

Now to balance the books Top 10 Favourite Sculpts So Far (not including Specials- 'cause that wouldn't be fair.)

Winter Soldier
Red Skull
Dr. Strange

(Awful lot of villains there I've just noticed...maybe those EM guys just love sculpting bad-guys!)

I'd be interested in what your lists would look like guys....


PS. Favourite Special So Far:
Fin Fang Foom
Least Fav. Special:

Robert said...

Mostly with you on what you wrote, Bob. I quite like the Juggernaut figure, although I did repaint him a little. As for Doc Strange, he seems awfully tall. And it seems that if you took away the cape he'd have an unfeasibly long neck. Iron Man is much too small. It's like a skeleton is wearing the armour.

My top ten would probably include Jack, Thor and Enchantress, and maybe Shang-Chi. Least favourite special is Rhino as he's much too skinny and tall. Rhino should be much bulkier. Least favourite regular would number more than ten and include Drax, Crystal, Drax, Drax, Beast (wrong incarnation and terrible costume), Drax and, oh, Drax.

Word verification is "budes". Awww...

Bullseye81 said...

Nice lists guys. SV- Is your list least favorite characters or sculpts? My original list was based on the character itself and had nothing to do with the sculpt. What are your least favorite characters that have been released so far guys?

My Ten worst sculpts (in no particular order)

Cable-good but just too small

Crystal/Nomad/Ikaris-(Nothing really that wrong
with any of them, i just find the characters boring and i think that just translates to the figures for offence meant to anyone who loves these characters, i just never connected with them)

Black Widow-face is just off

Rogue-Everything is off

Dr. Strange-now i see what Robert was talking about with the

Dazzler-pose looks weird to me

Valkyrie-i have a minor complaint with this one. I love everything about it except for the sword. If the sword was put at a little bit more of an angle it would be a lot easier for dislay purposes (i know i'm getting picky, but i have to because i think overall EM does an amazing job)

Multiple Man-the only issue i have here is in the costume, i know most people prefer the one we got but that just isn't Multiple Man to me. I love his original X-Factor look. I was hoping all of X-Factor could be in those costumes and i understand the complaint that the costumes look too generic but one or even a few teams looking the same out of 200 figs would look fantastic to me. Let there faces and powers (if displayed) distinguish them. I am thankful EM gave us the opportunity to vote for his costume choice, but sadly mine didn't win. So he's found his place at the back of my X-verse shelf.

I'll think about my favs and post later

Robert-If your refering to ASM 165-166 with Stegron and the Lizard, that was a cool story. I'd be all for a Stegron fig at some point. He'd make a stunning sculpt.

Ted-that story you posted about the reporter was hilarious...good stuff

SinisterVenom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SinisterVenom said...

Bullseye my list was based on the sculpts. Believe me I would love it if Rogue or Spider-Woman looked better than ow they turned out.
Now then BD, my 10 favourite figs:

Silver Surfer
Mr. Sinister

As for special sculpts...

Favourite: Fin Fang Foom

Least favourite: Abomination

I suppose the sculpt wasn't bad but I felt Abomination should have been done without that pole and the rocky base.

Deadpool said...

Well once again I am back from another hellish trip away.

After several muggings, one murder, a colleague downed due to serious infection and the discovery that somebody I worked with a few years ago has been killed, it's been an eventful week.

Shame there hasn't been an update.

The Deadpool hall of shame figures are as follows: -

Black Widow
Human Torch
Master of Kung Fu
Spider Woman
Shadow Cat
Captain Britain

Bye for now and, still in the land of the living for the moment, Deadpool.

Robert said...

Lists continued...

5 characters I'm surprised have been released: Impossible Man, Man Wolf, Jocasta, Ka-zar and the Winter Soldier.

5 characters who are scarey as hell in the comicbooks but not-so intimidating in lead: Ultron, Grim Reaper, Sabretooth, Thanos and Dormammu.

5 characters I wanted made that were not in the original 60: Warlock, Jack of Hearts and Shang-Chi by a mile. Don't really need the other two slots!

5 characters who you would like to be their side-kick: Captain America (he's a banker even if you take away the chance to ride in a quinjet), Adam Warlock (when I was a teenager his morose nature in the mid-1970s was very compelling), Nick Fury (helicarrier, gadgets, secret stuff, etc.), Thing (cause it would be fun) and probably someone like Ms Marvel cause I's a bit partial to underdressed sex goddesses, ahem.

ted sallis said...

Okay so wanna play games is that it?
Suppose as a wee treat after the next extension Rich let the comp winner pick a special instead of a regular fig??
What daft as a balloon special would you pick?
For me it, it would have to be....
Super Adaptoid , Heck i'd let Rich pick his fav from that threesome, i would be over the proverbial with any of them .
Glad you arrived home in one piece DP.
I realise of course that there is more chance of Robert buying a Gene Colan biography than there is of Rich letting a comp winner pick a special :)

Robert said...

Special? Hmm. Ulik is a great shout. Would also be happy with the other two suggestions, Ted. What about Hela, whose name pops up fairly regularly?

Ah, back to mentioning Obscene Gene? It amazes (and slightly depresses) me the stick that Vince Colleta gets for corner-cutting and yet, somehow, the greatest corner cutter of all time escapes criticism. I'd say it's like Einsteinian physics in that I don't understand it, but that's actually completely different. Einstein's equations do make sense, it is just a case of me not being smart enough. Colan's unending initiative in avoiding drawing faces, hands and feet is obvious. Actually his ingenuity in this respect is quite impressive. Impressive, that is, in the same way that a nuclear bomb or a diabolical conspiracy can be impressive.

ted sallis said...

Hela would be a contentious choice for a special Robert, And you know how i always like to avoid causing any sort of discord among our flock ;)
I actually named my cat after Vince Colleta , it's called mince.

SinisterVenom said...

Oooh I do like these lists.
Ok let's start with the 5 I'd like to be sidekick to.
Beast - I imagine hanging out with our blue friend in his lab could be fun, especially when you live in a mansion with the other X-Men.
Thor - Well, who wouldn't want to be a sidekick to this almighty warrior?
Black Widow - After seeing the second Iron Man film, I would go on any mission with her. Yes I said
Guardian - Alpha Flight, says it all really. I have always wanted to be part of that team ever since a young age.
Deadpool - Never a dull moment with our merc around. In fact, I actually envy Cable for all his adventures with him.

5 that I wanted that came out after 60: Mr. Sinister, Carnage, Electro, Mandarin, War Machine.

I'm not bothered much about scary looking ones, though Carnage has his moments. So moving on to 5 I'm surprised to see: Ikaris, Maelstorm, Deathlok, Valkyrie, Machine Man.

And finally word verification is maggicus. Sounds like something out of Harry Potter?
And while I'm on the subject, I leave you all with this to ponder:
If Harry Potter is really so magical, why hasn't he found a cure for his eyesight?

Robert said...

SV, I laughed at your last comment about Harry Potter's eyesight. Reminds me of a remark someone made when Star Trek: The Next Generation first aired on the telly: Why, with all their future technology, can't they solve Picard's baldness?

Ah, Ted, I thought you would fire a shot across the bows for my hyperbole! As for Colleta, I remember as a wee nipper scratching my head when he inked Sal on an MTU story with Frankenstein and a werewolf (Man Wolf?) and couldn't work out why it looked funny at times. I now know he was erasing backgrounds and other details so the panels lost some of their three-dimensionality. This shocking practice aside, I reread the Thors where Colleta inked Kirby not so long ago and they were fine. It gave the book a quite different feel to FF, where Sinnott was inking the King. This was, of course, Stan's intent, as he has admitted numerous times. Any comments from other pros about their dealings with Colletta don't exactly make you like him any better, nor does his reported 'policy' of not spending more than one-and-a-half hours on a page. The only thing that makes me a bit reticent to bash Colleta any more that necessary is a letter I read from one of his grand-daughters. She was really upset to read the vitriol aimed at him, and I would also be deeply hurt to read attacks - however justified - of someone I loved.

ted sallis said...

The early Thor stuff he did with Kirby was okay, Many years ago i was lucky enough to get hold of a Gil Kane Thor cover and i loved it, even though it was inked by Mince Colleta :)
Right i'm aff tae tile Supermans groin. Nitey nite

BobDiamond said...

OK then....
5 figs that my personal collection wouldn't feel complete without, that came out after issue 60....
Adam Warlock
Son of Satan
Black Knight

Honourable mentions to...Valkyrie, Kang and Viper.

Now as for side-kick status....I feel I'm a little long in the tooth for such shenanigans, however I do think that it would be amazing to be whisked off into deep space and explore the I pick - hanging out with the Original Guardians of The Galaxy.
Shooting up Badoon and seeing amazing spacy phenomenon on a daily basis, with that bunch of fun-loving weidos would be very cool I feel.

Hanging out with Doc Strange and the Gerber-era Defenders would be pretty mind-blowing stuff too!

As for Colleta...I've heard some of this controversial stuff from Comic Book Legends Revealed (on CBR website- check it out- a brilliant column..), however, I've always quite liked his style of inking, especially on the Kirby Thors.
And as for Colan (again!!) Robert Mon Amigo, his female faces are some of the most beautiful and poised in the history of comics!'Nuff said on that subject I feel.:)

Deadpool- good to hear from you again- keep safe pal!


lipstick said...

Where are you Rich Bitch...?

ted sallis said...

Rich Bitch, I had one of those.
Whenever i look at Nick Fury i hear Devo singing "Secret agent man"
My wife shrieked "oooh! he's not shy" pointing at Booster Gold. The lad is loaded for elephant, There's a banana and two golden delicious in his lunchbox, All the Marvel guys look like eunuch's by comparison.
Don't shoot the messenger.

Robert said...

Okay, in the spirit of optimism, let's assume Rich will have time to blog this week. What questions are uppermost in our minds and keep us awake at night? I'll kick things off.

1. Rich, are Eaglemoss considering a Marvel multi-pack like DCs? Presumably this will depend on the sales of the DC set but is it even a possibility?

2. A while back, Rich, someone suggested occasional guest-slots on the blog by other members of the Eaglemoss staff as a way of ensuring more regular contact without loading more work onto you. Have you considered doing this?

3. Rich, the comments on here regarding a second character with Lockjaw were not exactly wildly enthusiastic. Are you any closer to deciding whether or not to release Lockjaw individually or with either Maximus or Luna?

Over to you, guys.

SinisterVenom said...

Well I would like to ask our dear Rich:
By the beard of Odin, where have you been???

That said and done, I have other questions.

What costume was chosen for the Beetle figurine? (Hopefully the second choice he displayed).

In regards to an earlier post by Robert, who's sidekick would YOU like to be and why? (Well we know so much about each other, how about you share some of your views Rich?)

And that's that...Hmm also could we get AT LEAST 3 sneak peaks this time round to make up for lost time? I personally want to see Spiral, Prowler and a painted Blackheart.

LAWay said...

Here's some questions:

1)With the themed packs already talked about, could the CMFC finally redo some characters and give us alternate versions of classic, A-list characters?

2)Why have EM decided against producing multiple versions of characters unlike every other marvel product out there?

3)Do the forum members reflect the figures of subscribers and collectors that you know are selling? Why cant subscribers, who must give details with address and email, get something in the post to decide on how the collection should go? As inexpensive as printing our bills.

4)I would love to see an 'Art of' book or magazine feature that collected all production pictures of sculpts, WIPs, paint tests, different sculpts, the design process etc. Will something like this ever happen? Art books seem to be hugely popular now. I would gladly lay down £25-£40 for a book.

5)I love specials, I really do, but can we not have forced megas and large characters just for the sake of filling up the gap and making us pay a fortune. I really dont know how many more giant characters I would be genuinely interested in purchasing and would prefer more double packs or to move onto theme packs instead.

6)How about a competition to tour the CMFC studio?

back to work I go. Hi-ho!

ted sallis said...

Questions Rich must answer
1. Whatever happened to Spud u Like?
2.Can we have a Wagner fig?, after all he is in X Factor....
3.Does my arse look big in this?

Robert said...

Yes, Ted, your arse does look a little on the large side.

However, take comfort from the knowledge that it's not a personal failing on your part as Wonder Women knickers never look good on any man. At least, that's what my psychiatrist says.

BobDiamond said...

Excellent question Ted- I've always wondered what happened to Spud-U-like too....and Fine Fare Supermarkets, now you mention it....So Rich, any ideas??

ted sallis said...

Wonder Woman pants....hmmm,maybe i should try those. I've been trying to fit my bits into a Killraven mankini :)
Bob, It may be coicidence but i worked at Fine Fare from 1982 to 1985 i think it went into liquidation shortly afterwards,
One thing i would love to know is when the main site will be updated, i like to see my upcoming figs i does

mighty_marvel said...

LAWay - "1)With the themed packs already talked about, could the CMFC finally redo some characters and give us alternate versions of classic, A-list characters?"

please yes. resculpts are the only sensible option for subsets imo. unreleased characters should be in the main collection.

and would like to echo the call for site update. next 5 figures are seriously overdue.

Robert said...

If I could pick the themed packs my first would be an Asgardian one wth the Warriors Three, Hela, Skurge, Ulik and maybe another like Karnilla.

Second set would be an Avengers one with a mix of classic and unseen Avengers. Classic Iron Man and classic Beast, with Swordsman and Mantis. And a special: Giant-Man manifesting his power! (I know, compromises never work, the folk that don't want redoes would resent buying a set for two new characters. Just an idea.)

Looking forward to an update this week. Lots of questions for Rich to dip into, if he has time.

Robert said...

Ted and any Scots-based posters, have you seen this? Okay, it's DC, but it's Batman. And it raises the possibility of a Marvel version.

I was kind of cringing until I saw Geoff John's name attached to it. By coincidence, I'm rereading his run on Avengers at the moment and I am really enjoying them.

ted sallis said...

Well funnily enuff Robert at just after 7 this morning i was flicking through the news when i landed on daybreak ,now usually that Bleakley lass sends me into an early morning swearathon with her hash cake fuelled laughter that girl would literaly laugh at a swinging gate..
Any who just as i was about to flick they had a report on this live action Batman extravaganza , the dick of a reporter got a signed Jim Lee Batman sketch the unworthy heathen, I might have to go, just for the kids sake you understand ;)

Robert said...
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Robert said...

"That girl would literally laugh at a swinging gate."


Anyway, did you see any of the Batman show, Ted? How did it look? Let's hope the guy they get to be Batman is a bit taller than that munchkin Keaton...

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