Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Runaway winner...


A very quick update today just to officially announce the competition winner's chosen character.

Taking the last spot of this extension is Nico Minoru from the Runaways.

Certainly an interesting choice, I think the figure will look great and we've started a new team.

Right, I'm off to New York tomorrow so no more updates until I'm back.

Take it easy.


Gremlin said...

Excellent choice. She is going to make a great looing figure in her goth-chick get-up and staff.

TzAtZiKiS (no onion) said...

Congrats to the winner, but weird choice...

jimbob said...

That's the beauty of winning the comp.It's your chance on picking someone who may never get into the collection!:)

But please no more Runaways!;)

Deadpool said...

OMG Ted's Sasquatch custom is awesome .... I WANT ONE !!!!!!

Nico must be done as the Sexy Goth Girly version as seen on Mystic Arcana.

The Marvel Moss Men struggle with the female form.
They seem to be disturbed and confused when it comes to curves and forbidden fruit.
Maybe they have spent far too much time alone in their bedrooms playing Dungeons and Dragons; fantasising about being hunky Barbarians or stinky Dwarves while fiddling with their geometric dice.
I suggest that they confer with the DC Moss Men who clearly have some experience with women.

BobDiamond said...

Well done MM on the competition...and an interesting and fresh choice for the collection.
Got to echo jimbob though....one Runaway is enough for me, thanks! :)

PS. hope we get the 'Mystic Arcadia' cover version, and not the one Rich posted of Nico. The MA look has a cool and original look.

BobDiamond said...

Ah..it's ArCANA is it? sorry about that...

PS hi DP!

jimbob said...

It would be cool if EM start alot of new teams in the next extension.

Guardian Of The Galaxy
Warriors Three
Young Avengers

But only if EM promise to complete them,oherwise they might as well complete the teams we have already!:)

Original Brotherhood
Avengers West Coast
New Mutants
Wrecking Crew

BobDiamond said...

Jimbob, as a bit of fun...if you could have one from each of those groups you mentioned...who would they be?
My choices~
CORSAIR - Starjammers
FANDAL - Warriors Three
PATRIOT - Young Warriors

And from your other groups...
CLEA - Defenders
MEGGAN - Excalibur
WOLFSBANE - New Mutants
THUNDERBALL - Wrecking Crew
ATLAS - Thunderbolts


jimbob said...

Mine would be,

CORSAIR - Starjammers
FANDAL - Warriors Three
PATRIOT - Young Warriors

CLEA - Defenders
MEGGAN - Excalibur
MOONSTONE - New Mutants
THUNDERBALL - Wrecking Crew
ATLAS - Thunderbolts

Also waiting for Lockjaw to complete the INHUMANS!:)

Gremlin said...

Completing/continuing teams....

Darkstar - Champions
Meggan - Excalibur
US Agent - WCA
Clea - Defenders
Moonstone - Thunderbolts
Gamora - GOTG Modern
Vance Astro - GOTG Old
Wolfsbane - New Mutants/X-Factor
Hela - Asgardians
Misty Knight - Heroes for Hire
Trapster - Frightful Four
Justice - New Warriors

Colossus said...

I don't see how Nico is a strange choice. I usually got the impression that the Runaways are actually fairly popular and liked, but that their fans are in a different demographic than what comprises most of the active members on the blog and forum. The only strange choice I see is Rich's choice in image that makes Nico look like a scary, psychotic girl lol

I'm definitely going to pick Nico up, so I'm pretty excited about this pick. Congratulations to the winner!

I appreciate the thoughtfulness in the others who are wanting to start other teams. This especially applies to the two who called the Young Avengers the Young Warriors out of excitement. Wiccan, though, please! Hulkling special would just make my year, but that seems like asking for too much sometimes.

BobDiamond said...

I think in my case Colossus, Calling the Young Avengers, The Young Warriors, was more a case of creeping senility than excitement... Can't speak for Jimbob however, but I did notice he put Moonstone in as his New Mutants choice...which kind of confused me...!


mighty_marvel said...

Thanks to everyone for being generally supportive of nico. and for those unsure about my choice, hopefully when you see just how awesome this fig will look you'll be wanting her as much as i do.

at the very least, nico has forced EMs hand into trying new teams and we can now look forward to the young avengers, gotg, starjammers in not too distant extensions. (as well as karolina, molly and chase at some point too ;)

Starjammers - Corsair
Guardian Of The Galaxy - Vance Astro (links the old and new gotg)
Warriors Three - Hogun (Volstagg would need to be a special and could be a double with Fandral as he's smaller)
Young Avengers - Patriot (Wiccan and Hulkling would make a great double pack)

Anonymous said...

The only problem with the Mystic Arcana outfit, is that she never actually wore the outfit in any of the books, if I recall correctly. Marvel did the same thing with the Magik cover for Mystic Arcana.

She's a definate curveball character, but that's half the fun of the competition. Like I had planned to select Beak if I had won. :)

ted sallis said...

Thought i should dip my toe back in the water, so i ordered some comics, A run of Daredvils by Bendis/ Mack , Think i'll stick to episodes of Marvel Superhero Squad, This stuff makes Eastenders seem cheerful.
Answer yer emails Gort ya lollygagger

jimbob said...

I think that Hulkling and Wiccan would make a great doble pack.

Rich said on the blog that Sasquatch was only resin because he was extra larger than a normal special.Which means that Hulkling and Wiccan would should be lead!:)

Scrap Alpha Flight idea now,after Sasquatch disaster!;)

Hulkling and Wiccan for next double pack please EM.

And oops,on my mixed up choices i meant Moonstar for New Mutants Bob:)

Anonymous said...

HELLSTORM - One hell of a figurine.
I just picked up my Hellstorm Son Of Satan figurine, and it's really awesome. I love the character, and I'm glad EM went for the iconic original costume. Both the sculpt and the paint job are excellent. Definitely one of my top 3 figurines in the current extension. The other two are Annihilus and Jack Of Hearts.

LAWay said...

continue discussion from last thread in here, or return there where its a less cheerful place. lol

unless that discussion has now closed.

Comments about Nico. Congratz MM again for winning. A character I am not hugely familiar with or find appealing, but you aint going to find everyone agreeing with personal choices anyway. I dont even like the Runaways though, thought it was a dull comic with dull characters.

Hope EM do her justice though for MM, and I will still of course buy the figurine. I would prefer the Goth look as opposed to this really plain boring looking witch, but again, I aint too familiar with them.

Say, do you have a say in the details MM? Since you are the winner it seems only right you have some input. Would be a shame to pick a character you want created, but then have the costume or appearance of an era you hated. I know Marvel has to ultimately approve, but it makes the prize slightly more special, right?

LAWay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

Ted, not sure if you have read it, but I recommend "Captain America: Patriot". Really enjoying it. And it's only peripherally about Cap...

LAWay said...

Sod it, I'll post my feelings on resin gate regardless.

Like I said before, I dont mind resin figurines. It should have been made clear to everyone before hand, so thats unprofessional and false advertising unless it was stated on our subscription letters that Sasquatch was resin. But honestly, if the collection started in resin, i would have collected it. If it was in plastic, I would have collected it, so generally, I dont care.

The price does concern me. They say Sasquatch would have been £18.99 himself. I havent got him yet, but is he really the size of the watcher ,t he sentinel and fing fang foom?

So, if its £18.99 for the double pack, then I am presuming the resin Sasquatch cost £13, which is still expensive for a single special. But it is like a 32% saving. With this in mind, regular figruines could be sold at £4.75. Under a fiver!

I just dont buy the excuse that double packs are more expensive to make and thats the reason for the change. And if this is the case for future double pack specials, save the hassle and dont make a special with a regular figure, just give us 2 regular figurines. I would much prefer the megas be dropped and get more characters we want at a cheaper price. Alot of 'specials' remaining are not exactly fan favourites liked by all, so your yourselves and us the money, and give us more regular figurines in 2 packs.

Side note...if you ever want to restart the collection in resin for £4.75 and will do more versions of previous characters I will be more than happy to subscribe. :)

LAWay said...

a quick question too regarding competitions and polls.

if the CMFC website can process orders and register new subscription members, why in mephisto's fiery abode can EM not send out emails and newsletters to subscribers or any customers through the website about competitions, which would be the fairest way to arrange such a thing?

SinisterVenom said...

Picked up my Hellstorm figurine today and I must say it looks a lot better up front than it does on picture. I agree Kirlian Eyes, one of the best, though not in my top 3 faves I'm afraid.
Also, did you notice on the back of the mag where it advertises Nomad coming next that Nomad's name isn't on his front cover?

BobDiamond said...

Robert - good to hear from you again!

...On the subject of Captain America: Patriot...Great minds and all that, 'cos I was sing it's praises on the OTHER forum a few days ago in the Comic Chat Thread.
An excellent comic, certainly the best Cap-related title at the moment (and they're all pretty good IMO).

just got the first issue of the new big event thing - Chaos War - today, haven't read it yet, but it looks good....I'm assuming all the Asgardian-Obsessed Types on here will be picking this one up? :)


Gremlin said...

I don't think the Asgardians are really involved. I know Thor is featured in Chaos War but then again so is Hercules, the Avengers, Xmen and even Alpha Flight.

pirate adam said...

i believe Thor will be fighting a character called Glory but i havent heared anything about other Asgardians, but to answer your you Question Bob, Yes this Asgardian obsessive will be picking it up.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a bit controversially, I am going to try to counterbalance the opinion of collectors who think figurines could/should be cheaper.

I understand and respect their opinion, but I feel differently.
Resin or lead, personally I'd be happy to pay an additional £1 for regulars(ie. £6.99) and an extra £2 for specials (say, £12.99) to allow EM the maximum degree of creativity and faithfulness to the characters.

For example, if the extra £ means that caped characters do get the cape, damn it! I'm quite upset that Ronan came without a cape, despite the fact that I never saw him cape-less in Annihilation or War Of Kings. I wonder if EM dropped the cape to keep the price down. I also wonder if the street-cred tattooed version of Drax was chosen over the classic caped version to save on the bulk of lead that version would have needed, for example.

With production costs going up all over the world, an with EM having never increased prices in years, I am concerned that they may find it difficult to give us the best figurines possible. Whereas I want the best figurines possible. If an extra £1 became necessary to ensure that, I would not hesitate.

And that's my view, folks.
I am a devoted fan! And I want the collection to reach 500 and also start to give us team packs.

LAWay said...


I understand your view point with the price increase. But not everything has increased in price, and the recession is just an excuse. If anything, prices have come down on alot of things. Although, granted, the magazine market to often flux in price.

I dont think the extra money would be poured into making the figurines better, it would go straight into their pockets I believe. Although we know the DC figurines are generally better than the marvel ones, is it because of the £1 difference, or if its the creative team?

Gremlin said...

Why are the DC figures better than the Marvel ones? Sure at the beginning of the collection the Marvel figures were made in uninspiring poses but for the most part the figures were very smart. The DC collection however wasn't too fantastic with the poses either....just look at Superman, Twoface and Wonder Woman....nothing special there. Now that both collections have progressed there is a certain dynamism to the figures.....look at Plastic Man and Adam Strange on the DC side and Cannonball and Hydroman on the Marvel. In fact we got some fairly decent figures before the DC collection even came out...look at the Scarlet Witch, Juggernaut and Dr Strange.
Both collections have their good figures and not so good figures but I just get confused when people just say that the DC figures are better.

Deadpool said...

Since I collect DC and Marvel I can say for definate that the quality of most DC figures is better than the Marvel figures.
They are also slightly larger.

That's why the majority of my mods are done using DC figurines.

Marvel is catching up however and I hope it continues.

I have to comment on girlies.
The DC Moss Men are much better at delivering curvy girlies than the Marvel Moss Men.

Maybe its because the Marvel Moss men are still maturing or maybe they are a little more "festive" than the DC Moss Men.
Anyway this is an area that requires improvement.

If a price increase is necessary to make girly girls rather than pig ugly afro night hags, and to keep the collection going, then the Moss Men get the -Deadpool- "Thumbs up".

Let's have a blog vote.
What would the less festive bloggers prefer "Girly Girls" or "Fuglies"?

I say "Thumbs up Girly Girls"

LAWay said...

agree with Deadpool here, and if the extra cost was really noticeable in the sculpts, I would pay the extra £1. So is this really due to the sculptors and having different teams? A shame really, EM should get the best sculptor on Marvel, especially since the collection needs to wow fans with some of the lesser known characters.

Do we have any girlie girls? Enchantress was pretty decent, but i dont think any other female has actually been any good.

Hawkeye said...

The Black Cat figure was pretty decent, purely from an aesthetic point of view :). The DC ones are actually pretty comparable - think Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Huntress - all nice figures but lacking the "phwoar" factor....

Hawkeye said...

Mind you, thinking about it you should see the one they (DC) have got coming out for Power Girl. Good Lord...DP, you'll be a very happy bunny.

ted sallis said...

I think the DC ladies tend to make their Marvel counterparts look rougher than Rodney Dangerfield.
Although, i must say i do like the Mystique pose,
I have realised that this whole topic is sexist and incredibly derogatory towards women, Who are we to decide which face is beautiful ?
As long as they have massive dumplings!

david phillips said...

congrats to winner,but can you tell me if segt.nick fury et all was ever considered in collection

Gremlin said...

Nick Fury was out years ago....fig #51 I believe.

Anonymous said...


I collect both Marvel and DC figurines, all of them. In my view, we are getting pretty awesome Marvel figurines for just £5.99. In fact, on average I don't think that the DC figurines are superior at all, and yet they cost £6.99. Take DC's Green Arrow and you'll see that Hawkeye is just as good. Take DC's Blue Beetle, and see how Ant-Man is just as good. And so on.

The reason why I'd be happy to pay £6.99 for Marvel figurines is to ensure that costume and pose choices are NOT dictated by the need to keep the price down. I want characters to be captured at their best, with their best features and gadgets, whether they are wings or weapons, and great details. I think that an extra £1 would help EM create the best figurines possible.

I'm sure that it's only by virtue of the £6.99 price that EM was able to give DC collectors such beauties as Hawkman, Mister Miracle and Adam Strange, which are the only cases where DC has proven superior. So it'd be great if the Marvel team could have the freedom to experiment creatively as much as the DC team seem able to be granted.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the main area where the DC collection tends to be better than CMFC is the paint job.
Most of the DC figurines are consistently immaculately painted.
Whereas some of the Marvel ones have distinctly sloppy paintwork.

I mean, take Sunfire for example.
There are grooves on his chest to help painters to execute the distinctive red stripes. And yet those grooves are not filled well, quite messy near the shoulders, and costume details look sloppy.
A DC painter probably would have filled the grooves with immaculate precision. I would have been happy to pay £6.99 for a better paint job.

Robert said...

Bob, glad to hear you are also enjoying "Captain America: Patriot". Nothing much recently has been floating my boat - including "Chaos War" - but I have been engrossed with that mini-series. My highlight of the month (as is often the case) will be a Masterwork - Spidey vs Hulk by Kane and Romita Snr.! CLASSIC in bold lettering six feet high...

david phillips said...

i am thinking along the lines of the howling commandoes which to me is a classic marvel character

Deadpool said...

Has anyone that bought Saqsquatch been disappointed?

I have just acquired sasquatch and puck and I think they are both excellent figurines.

So Sasquatch is made of resin; I say hooray because he is big.
As your spouses will tell you, if you're brave enough to ask them, size matters!!!

There is no difference in my opinion between a lead model and a resin model in terms of quality.
Sasquatch is still quite a heavy figurine, just not as heavy as Kilowog.

For all you nay sayers who have been pouting about resin: -


I assure you that you will not be disappointed they are superb.

If you are still disappointed then by all means feel free to hurl abuse at me :0)

Richard you have the -Deadpool- seal of approval to continue producing large figurines in resin.

How about wowing the fans by producing a Dark Phoenix mega special with a standard size Phoenix hovering within an orange transluscent resin sculpt of the rising Phoenix Force.

I would be happy if all future specials and mega specials are resin, particularly if you can give us special effects and bigger models.

Also consider multi packs of resin teams, lackeys and civillians.

Deadpool said...

Well Hawkeye, I have to agree.
I did smile when I checked out the updated DC site.

I now know where Power Girl gets her powers from.
If only we had some Marvel girlies who were equally powerful :0)

Maybe if the Moss Men used some resin then they could make the Girlies even more powerful.

Deadpool said...

And finally a hello Bob.
Nice to see we share the same taste in Grimm Goth Girlies.

Bye for now :0)

Deadpool said...

Oh and one last thing Ted.
I think dumplings should always be served with meat and two veg with a generous amount of gravy..... nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more .... :0)

jimbob said...

Got Drax,Son of Satan today,brilliant sculpts.

And I also picked up KILWOOOOOG super special!!;)

Very Happy.

Resin specials,No thanks!;)

ted sallis said...

" If you are still disappointed then by all means feel free to hurl abuse at me"
I ain't convinced it's worth me paying £ 18.00 just so i can scream..DP you are a bollock faced bambi botherer :) :0
As Sassybitch has the DP seal of approval . I suppose i could actually fondle the fig in person before discounting res

Deadpool said...

Hi Ted, the rumours about my involvement with Bambi are purely ficticious.

When you put Sasquatch and Puck on your shelf next to the other figures you'll be pleasantly surprised.

PS the bollock faced episode was due to an allergic reaction.

ted sallis said...

Now my only problem is do i ring customer services and sheepishly ask for my previous cancellation to be rescinded?. Or just wait til i visit Glasgae in November?
I can always sell it on if i ain't convinced.
i can also sell a run of shite Daredevil issues to finance the purchase so it's win win

pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...

i started the rumours about Deadpool and Bambi LOL and i'm proud of it too LOL


ted sallis said...

Eight years ago as a single man i muralised? a wall with a giant Ghost Rider cover now 2 children later my dearest has convinced me that satan and a skeleton with a flaming skull are not ideal role models for the little uns , So tomorrow i take the magnolia eggshell to my beloved wah.
Do you want to see ... do you?

SinisterVenom said...

On a different note now guys, have any of you heard of the video game series: Marvel vs. Capcom?
Well the series already has 2 successful games out already with many big names showing up with characters like Wolvie, Gambit, Thor, War Machine, Onslaught, Venom and Doctor Doom just to name a few. Well they are releasing a third game next year and I've been checking up pretty much every day and was I surprised this weekend to see MODOK as a confirmed playable character!
Anyway I've gone on a bit here so here's the link to the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 website so you can all check it out yourslves.


Oh, before I go, DP I feel sorry for the pain your ass must have gone through. I suggest you watch the trailer to the above to know what I'm talking about ;)

pirate adam said...

its ok SV, Deadpool is used to things like that LOL


BobDiamond said...

It's about time we had some good old fashion childish fun on this blog...like we did in the good ol' days...so wipe away the cobwebs and give us your...
'Alphabet of Unconfirmed Villains You Would Love To See'

I'll go first...
Arnim Zola
Baron Strucker
Living Monolith
Xemnu The Titan
Yellow Claw

We can do Heroes later too!


PS. Ted...that was some mural you had to paint over...one day archaeologists will unearth it under the paint, and it will become one of the 'Great Lost Treasures of Marveldom'.

pirate adam said...

some gudduns there Bob, i'll give it a go although i may struggle :)

Alistair Smythe
Count Nefaria
Executioner, Skurge the (i cheated)
Grey Gargoyle
Iron Patriot
Living Monolith

i admit i had to copy a few of your choices Bob, namely Q, U and Z, but i'm happy with this list


BobDiamond said...

Good list PA, and I don't think it's cheating calling Skurge just The Executioner. That's how I've always referred to him, like in the old Enchantress and The Executioner days of Kirby's Thor and Avengers...gone all misty there for a mo...
Wish I'd thought of him actually... I think I'll replace Egghead with him in my list too!


pirate adam said...

ok i'll let you copy Skurge since i copied a couple of yours


ted sallis said...

Okay meestor i play yor leetle game
Destroyer ( Asgardian)
Nefaria Count
Princess Python
Space Phantom
Yellow Claw
Zarko the tommorow man

SinisterVenom said...

Ok lets see how I get on with your game BD.

Baron Mordo
Dark Beast
Iron Monger
Living Laser
Maximus The Mad
Purple Man
Red Ghost
Sebastian Shaw
Yellow Claw

Whew...that was harder than I thought it would be.

LAWay said...

Damn PA!? MODOK!? Didnt see that one coming! How the heck is he going to play? Will be interesting.

Deadpool's admission about the discussion of size and his wife actually sounds like a response she gave him in a heated argument. *ahem*

And I think I may pay the extra £1 for a better paint job too. Many are quite shoddy and I think ' i could do a better job.' I mean, i dont think i could paint as good a job in a rushed time limit the painters probably do it, but I also dont want to devalue the figurines by stripping them of their mint conidition. Cache 22.

And just went on the DC page to check out powergirl...and scroll through all the other figurines. Depressing, hard to find a real stinker in terms of sculpt, and most the characters i dont even know.

SinisterVenom said...

Umm...I'm guessing your MODOK playable character comment was aimed at my earlier post Leigh? In which case, I'm SV, not PA lol...though it would be great to be a pirate ;)
Anyway here's MODOK in action:


So far the confirmed Marvel characters appearing are:
Captain America
Iron Man
Dr. Doom
Super Skrull

Apparently the Fantastic Four are going to appear too but only as characters in connection to the story, they won't be playable. This adds to my guess that Galactus might be the main antagonist.
So Leigh, I'm guessing you'll be buying this next year when it's released?

jimbob said...

I bet DC has less collectors than Marvel.

DC charges £1 more and still doing well,extension confirmed a month ago.

Marvel has to resort to resin cheaper material for their specials.

DC has lead Kilwog super special!;)

Sometimes I feel that DC likes to keep their quality consistent,raising their prices if they have to.

Marvel must be makeing more money.Probably wants to make even more,get cheaper material and so on.

Please no more resin!Don't cut coners!

pirate adam said...

hey SV, being a Pirate isn't as cool as you'd think.....

......it's way way cooler LOL


SinisterVenom said...

Ah...only one thing for it then.
Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.

LOL :)

LAWay said...

Gah, i meant you SV, your icons looked similar in my dazed, tired state.

Does anyone else find that? They recognize people online more by their avatars than their actual names?

Rhys Ifans to play a villain in the next spidey film. Could this be the time we finally see Lizard?

jimbob said...

# News from the forum #

EM wants to make Lockjaw double pack with Luna or Maximus.

Personally I prefer to buy Lockjaw on his own,the other two are not worthy to be in the collection yet:)

Odin confirmed on the special list,no date when he will be out yet.

Other news as well,check the forum out!

CGJ said...

Is Lockjaw going to be resin?

I have held back from the resin debate until I get the subby pack on Thursday but I shall still make a point of phoning EM to complain of the unannounced use of resin in a lead figurine collection. If they are planning on continuing with the idea I shall probably call it a day.

Just put the price up for heavens sake and keep the quality

Anonymous said...


The DC Collection will be launching an 8 piece subset (same scale as the DC Collection) for Blackest Night. The characters are Black Hand, White Lantern Sinestro, Hal Jordan - Parallax, Agent Orange, Atrocious, Saint Walker and probably Star Sapphire and Indigo-1.

This is absolutely amazing, especially as it can open the gates to CMFC SUBSETS dedicated to major story arcs.

By the way, this is something I have been campaigning for, for a long time. In my opinion, SUBSETS are the way to go. Imagine for example an ANNIHILATION SUBSET giving us the Heralds of Galactus and some other major alien characters. I would be absolutely estatic and would buy in a blink of the eye.

LAWay said...

Oh great.

We have been crying out for themed sets for Marvel for ages, and instead, DC get it, while EM contemplate shipping some poor characters in with a special most want, but which will most likely be resin.

Well done CMFC guys, it feels like a sinking ship at the moment.

Anonymous said...

"Is Lockjaw going to be resin?"

Most likely. Just like Lockjaw, it's probably the only way he'll make it in. Going with Resin for Lockjaw and packing him with a second figure will make the price point more appealing. Plus EM probably is a bit worried going with a lead dog, who might sell like a lead balloon. Hell, they're not the only ones who are aware that he might not sell well. Toy Biz avoided doing him, due to the fact he was a risky sell. And recently he was done in the Minimates line, but only in the variant pack with British Psylocke.

Also as was noted on the forums, lead prices have increased 40% since the collection started. And Eaglemoss wants to maintain the pricepoint as long as possible. So it's a case of getting Lockjaw in resin with another character, or not getting Lockjaw at all. And me, I want Luna. Much like I want Frankin and Valeria with Dragon Man.

"I have held back from the resin debate until I get the subby pack on Thursday but I shall still make a point of phoning EM to complain of the unannounced use of resin in a lead figurine collection. If they are planning on continuing with the idea I shall probably call it a day."
They've been using Resin for tons of figures so far. And that's not going to change as prices continue to go up. We're lucky the collection is still going with no real price increases as of yet. A lot of other products have gone up during this same period, including comic books. Also, there's nothing that promises that only 100% lead will be used on the figurines. So you're point of complaint really has no basis. It's already been noted and discussed by Rich and the guys at EM that Resin is necessary at this point.

"Just put the price up for heavens sake and keep the quality"

Or do the smart thing, and keep the price steady and switch to resin which is the same, if not better quality. Since it retains more fine detail than the lead does. Also, raising the price is the most likely way to sink the collection than switching to resin. Especially with the economy and increasing prices. Again, the price of lead is up 40%. I doubt anyone is willing to eat a 40% price increse for the collection. People need to deal with it and quit throwing hissy fits.

Anonymous said...

"Oh great.

We have been crying out for themed sets for Marvel for ages, and instead, DC get it, while EM contemplate shipping some poor characters in with a special most want, but which will most likely be resin.

Well done CMFC guys, it feels like a sinking ship at the moment."

The difference is... DC has a major Green Lantern film next year. As well as a fairly major storyline the last year or so that introduced the Rainbow Lanterns. And people have been wanting the Heads of each Lantern group in the collection. So it's smart that DC gets the Theme Sub-Line before Marvel does. Especially since there's really no major Green Lantern tie-in they could do with the Green Lantern movie otherwise. If it sells well, then I am sure that the Marvel collection will get one as well at some point.

We also have to remember that the Marvel side has been a lot more lucky than the DC side. We haven't had to deal with things like the Batbike or the Superman Mega Statue. And also have had 2-Packs and such. So it's kinda nice that DC gets something before DC does.

And what you consider a "Poor Character", not everyone does. Luna and Maximus have both been around a long time. And it's the only way we're likely to get a massive special like Lockjaw. Since Eagleoss is likely worried about how well it will sell. Trying to reduce the costs a bit and also giving people something extra is a smart move.

ted sallis said...

Delighted to see The return of the Marvel vs Capcom franchise , For me comics mean Marvel and games mean Capcom, Dead rising 2 is dead good ...aha...ahaahaaa.haaahahaa.
Now i know that to a lot of the more introverted savants who collect these figs the whole resin debate is frankly a little puzzling. After all you have been raised on Warhammer , Furbies , Burger King giveaways, Smurfs and Ben 10, And i am sure many have converted their lounges into faithful recreations of Captain Kirks girdle.
So please forgive us irrelevant partimers.

BobDiamond said...

Hey Robert, is everything OK? - you've been very quiet lately.


SinisterVenom said...

BD, are you by any chance a mind reader? I was about to come on here to comment on Robert not being around much lately too. Weird.
But yeah, wherefore are thou Robert? Sitting tight until a new update approaches us?

Robert said...

Hi, guys. I'm fine. (Well, apart from tight calves after walking some of the West Highland Way yesterday.) My internet is still down at home and I'm actually in no hurry to have someone look at it. I pop into the local library once or twice a week and that seems enough at the moment. I haven't said much recently as the lead/ resin debate has been rumbling on (and on) and I have already made my position on this issue clear. I thought CBR Beast's most recent posts were bang on the money (excuse the pun), by the way. I want to see characters like Lockjaw (and DEFINITELY Franklin and Valeria Richards, too) and also don't want to spend too much cash on this collection. So, the resin question is not a big deal to me as long as the quality of the sculpts is maintained. It almost sounds like some folk would rather see the collection die than switch to using resin, which is a point of view I find utterly incomprehensible. I want the collection to go on for years and resin seems a small sacrifice if that increases the collection's lifespan.

I would love a themed set like the DC fans are getting. The collection is moving frustratingly slowly. I'd like to get my mitts on the Recorder and the Warriors Three before incontinence, pill organisers and wheelchair access become features of my daily life. When this collection started I was unmarried, living in a different house and doing a different job; my sister was unmarried and now she's married with a child; my brother was just newly married and now he's a dad of two, and the elder child is now at school! Meanwhile, the CMFC is still miles away from completing the classic line-up of the Frightful Four!

Robert said...

Oh, and Ted, what's the difference between calling someone "autistic" and "an introverted savant"? You gave me a hard time for the former then use the latter phrase. Not trying to start an argument but that sounds suspiciously like double-standards to me...

And, I am of the same generation as you and missed the boat as far as Warhammer, Furbies, etc. are concerned, so the other part of your reasoning was off-target as well.

ted sallis said...

Tiles delivered today , I got my perrywinkle and my cobalt mixed up.. Schoolboy error. I mean can you see Cap America in perry winkle?

ted sallis said...

There ,there Bobby Wobby , It ground yer nuts when i called you up on some of the language you were directing towards me . Well now Ted has said a mean thing you can puff yer chest out and feel wonderful about life again.. No,no no need to thank me :)
I have obviously failed miserably to articulate the point some are failing to grasp.
I am the kinda guy that likes a product to do" exactly what it says on the tin"
In this case i would like my lead figurine collection to be....lead ..crazy i know.
I am a lightweight geek compared to most , i have absolutely zero interest in filling my house with embarassing geek tat no matter how ironic .
I love the collection in lead , All resin figs are just going to be another thing i have no interest in.
It is now obvious that i am farting against thunder on this topic as many of you are collectors of all sorts of Marvel merchandise from little plastic dollies to Super hero Squad toys aimed at 5yr olds ...cough
So of course nobody cares if the collection is lead,pumice or dung. As long as it continues forever and ever.
Like i said i'm a lightweight geek, I can't compete with the hardcore.
Massive respect

pirate adam said...

im with Ted here...

...i only started collecting because the figs where lead and didn't feel cheap and tacky but rather had a quality feel to them. i to am an amateur geek and apart from a few comics a month i only get these figs and not even all of them any more, i do however buy anything with to do with Thor

i dont mind the odd prop or cape being resin to keep cost down but it is a lead figurine collection so keep it lead in my opinion

and welcome back Robert


Anonymous said...

So you only care about fondling the figurines, not who and what the figurines are of. Oooooooookay. They have sex toys if that's what you're looking for. Heh.

ted sallis said...

seriously pal, I am truly embarassed for you, That was lamer than a 4 legged centipede. It stank like a turd in a toupe

pirate adam said...

no Ted dont critisise CBR Beast for that comment, i finally have proof that the guy ha a sense of humour, even if it is a sad one ;)


ted sallis said...

All joking aside CBR , Do you know how Roberts doing after the operation?

BobDiamond said...

Ted..I really didn't get that last bit...have I missed a chapter or something...??

....And CBRBeast, that was pretty pathetic.
We're all allowed an opinion. Why make out it's weird just 'cos someone wants the figs in lead? Stamping all over other peoples views ain't the way to go about things IMO.

pirate adam said...

its Ok Bob...CBR doesn't like me because of something i said a few years ago, i dont loose any sleep over it and wont over this latest little snipe at me, like i said i'm just happy he has a sense of humour


ted sallis said...

Well BD, I believe it took surgeons 11 hrs to remove Roberts nose from CBR's anoos. As conjoined twins go i'd say CBR had the better deal.
Our thoughts are wih you robert

Anonymous said...

You guys realize, that immature and rude behavior will end up likely costing you this blog in the end. I highly doubt that Rich enjoys coming on here and seeing behavior like you're indulged in. Any wonder why many of you have been banned from the forums. You don't know how to behave like human beings.

ted sallis said...

CBR, are you a scientologist?
if so i want to repent and become special just like wot you are

Robert said...

I don't have much time to respond - the train leaves in fifteen minutes and the library is five minutes away - but I felt it necessary to say something.

Firstly, we DO understand the points you are trying to make, Ted, you don't need to reiterate. We understand fine, it's just that we disagree.

Also, I'm not upset you had a "go", Ted. What I object to is your hypocrisy. Why is it okay for you to complain about something and then do the same thing? Either something is right or it's wrong. Be consistent.

I rarely if ever agree with CBR Beast. Our tastes seldom overlap and I cannot believe his position on Thanos being tortured by a woodland creature. However, I happen to agree with him on the lead-resin issue. I was expressing an honest opinion in a democratic and polite manner. The fact that you, Ted, interpret that as some sort of vulgar butt-related (and possibly homo-erotic) activity says more about you than it does about either CBR Beast or myself.

P.S. Good to see you too, PA. I'd like to say it's nice to be back but even posting twice a week I seem to get emboiled in controversy ... -sigh!- ...

ted sallis said...

Just got Son of Satan and Nomad, Not wishing to bang on about resin again but the paintjob on his cape is awful streaky, Nomad is nice tho.
I'm off on a wee holiday to the scottish seaside, in October , The gales blowing in from the Irish sea are most character building,
Be good while i'm gone

ted sallis said...

Robert, I love you, you crack me up :) :), I have some superhero squad toys for your chrismus . I'll leave them behind the counter at FP :):)
Emboiled indeed

ted sallis said...

How do you like your eggs?
Personaly i like emboiled

BobDiamond said...

Don't want to get all 'teachery' on you guys, but the word you're looking for is 'embroiled', not 'emboiled'

Also, I'm glad and enlightened to see that suggesting that these wonderful figurines we collect, be used as sex toys, or even to bludgeon people to death with, DOESN'T come under 'immature and rude behaviour'!!
(Yes, I am being sarcastic.)
Double standard or what!?!

Anyway...'Nuff said, as the Great One would say....
Got both Subby- packs today - Marvel and DC...all look excellent, (including Sassy)...It's these little treasures that it's all about after all, so let's put all the other toys back in the pram shall we?


pirate adam said...

so Robert is CBR being hypocritical by disagreeing with me that I personally would like the figures in this lead figurine collection to be...ummm...i dont know.....LEAD

...and he has the nerve to call other people RUDE and IMMATURE

talk about double standards


Anonymous said...

It's not a "Lead Figurine Collection". It's the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection. It's just that lead was the primary material the earliest figurines were composed of. Later, they switched to employing resin as well, to keep costs down rather than having to pass it on to the consumers. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be happy with a 40% across the board increase in price simply to return to full resin. Considering then prices would likely go up again, and then we'd be right back to having to use Resin to keep costs down.

Anonymous said...

To full lead, I mean.

Man, I miss being able to edit posts. :)

mgf said...

"CBR Beast said...

You guys realize, that immature and rude behavior will end up likely costing you this blog in the end. I highly doubt that Rich enjoys coming on here and seeing behavior like you're indulged in. Any wonder why many of you have been banned from the forums. You don't know how to behave like human beings."

I agree with this up to a point, Beast, but the more people banned the more you really have to look at the Kim Jong Il style, paranoid, control freakery exhibited by a certain person who makes the decisions, rather than those who fall foul of it.

it's the old Queen Victoria thing, isn't it? "Once might be considered unfortunate, twice might be considered carelessness." I wonder what she might have thought of a couple of dozen?

It strikes me, in fact I know for a fact as I've been told first hand, that a small but significant number of the great posters over there, and there are many truly excellent posters there, bite their lip for fear of falling foul of the guy at the top and being "disappeared".

The founder claims elsewhere on this blog that people are not banned until they have had "guidance" (how Orwellian is that?) via PM. That is simply a blatant lie.

Power corrupts and that person is one of the most corrupt I've ever had dealings with, to an almost Gollum-esque level.

The language here can sometimes be too strong. Perhaps not strong by the standards of dockworkers or naval ratings, but by others. The language itself does not offend me personally, but in the context of the place in which it is posted it embarrasses me often.

It needs to be toned down and in that respect you are absolutely correct.

Jacadoo said...

Gents WTF - we were all just collectors once apon a time!!!

Very sad to see the comments left here - no longer can i access SHFF (kicked off with no reason) and now i fear why the hell should anybody care about this blog with so many crass comments?

Guys I have a guilty secret - I love this colletion!!

Be it lead, be it resin - sorry my friend Padam cant accept it detracts the quality and wishes of the many who collect.

Gents i have just receceived sasquatch and let me tell you that you cannot achieve the same level of detail and cost with lead - so please make a choice shall we???

Do we think the figurine better for weight, detail or cost - me for one quality first Rich and cost secondry!!!

Sorry guys just my view.

Thor8 come and smite these dudes or do i need to call Herc?

pirate adam said...

hey Jacadoo, me old sparring partner, how are ya?

i'm genuinly glad you like Sassy,and i have no problem with guys who like the resin i just prefer lead and would personally pay the extra £1 to get specials like DC's Killowog in all Lead

just my opinion

ohh and Herc couldnt smite a bad smell with a can of Febreeze :)

Robert said...

Reading previous comments really isn't encouraging me to get the computer fixed...

On my Avengers shelf I have a Giant-Man figure that is five times the height of the other characters. Years ago I took a poseable figure (from an Avengers boxed set), glued the joints, filled in the gaps with clay, smeared filler over the clay, rubbed it down smooth and repainted the figure. It now looks like a statue (albeit not quite the standard of a Bowen one). Yep, he's made of plastic (with some clay and filler) rather than lead but I now have a shelf with all the main 1960s Avengers. (I could of course now achieve the same effect - to a better standard - by buying the Bowen statue of GM.) I haven't yet bought a quinjet to sit behind the Assemblers, although the only reason for that is I can't work out how to display the iconic craft on the edge of a comic shelf with the figures. I also placed my FF and Surfer figures next to my bust of Galactus, despite the fact the bust is not lead and the collections are different. I even have figures of Judge Dredd, Johnny Alpha and Mr. Fixit pointing guns at each other in a re-enactment of the end of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly". I don't see much of a problem with combining collections. If anything it shows a (tiny) bit of imagination and - ahem - initiative.

And on that train of thought, Ted, it was awful kind of you to offer to buy me something from the Superhero Squad Collection. I think it only fair to point you in the right direction: I'd like a quinjet, or failing that a helicarrier. At a push I will accept Nick Fury's flying SHIELD car. The folks in the Glasgow FP all know me so they'll be happy to keep something aside for me if you drop it in at the end of the month. I can hardly wait to open it up on Christmas morning! Cheers, pal!

Anyway, that wasn't why I popped in. After leaving here yesterday I took the train into town to get my weekly stash from FP. One of the comics was called "Iron Man by Design", a rather interesting collection of variant covers and commentary. At the back was quite simply the best sentence I've read in yonks:


Samurai Jack film: Best news this month?
Samurai Jack: Best cartoon ever?

See you next week.

P.S. Dredd usually wins the stand-off. Mr. Fixit's gun is enormous and shoots bombs, and Johnny Alpha's gun can fire through objects and so on, but Dredd can shoot incendiary, ricochet ("dodgem"), armour-piercing, etc. bullets from his Lawgiver.

LAWay said...

hehe childish comments without me getting involved?! What is everything coming to?

Just got back home and got my Puck & Sasquatch. Luckily, my Sas is alot better painted than some I have seen on the forums.

Although, you do feel the resin, puck feels just has heavy...which is odd, as puck is alot smaller than I thought.

This was the same price as the epicly huge fing fang foom? I really dont think a lead sasquatch would be worth £18.99, yet alone a resin one with half a figurine. Puck should be £3 or £4 himself, and with that in mind, perhaps a £14 lead sasquatch would make sense, but again, its resin.

I dont care about the material, i care about the price, and this is disgusting. Marvel have released resin figuries that I have seen priced up at $15 which are bigger than sasquatch here, so whats the excuse EM?

I really think I resent this collection more and more I come on this blog. lol Not because of the comments, but just the direction it goes in. CBR Beast complains of DC having a golden superman statue and batbike. Frankly, i would love a ghost rider on a biker, or golden first appearence iron man. Heck, any character redone. Why wouldnt I want it?

I know everyone loves that the collection produces so many different characters, but lets be honest, no one actually likes these characters...I mean actually likes them. The reason most people are hanging on is because of the hope that their character they have an obsession with gets made.

LAWay said...

Also, you know what I hate. Know it alls.

Thinking they can explain or defend EM's choice in moving to resin to keep the price 'the same'. Open your eyes.

There are different classes of resin, lead, etc. Some resin statues and figurines are £50-£100 or even more. Some lead figurines no bigger than 2 inches can be £5 themselves. So dont go on about the price of lead getting more expensive with percentages. Business works so that the company make a damn good profit on their product, much more than the what the price of lead has gone up since the collection began.

The only reason they would change is to make more profit. They wouldnt be making a loss continuing is lead megas, they just wouldnt be making as much money as before.

You can get kids toys made of resin larger and cheaper than sasquatch. You seem blinded by the whole debate of the material and not thinking of the costs.

Honestly i want the collection to keep on going, no matter the material, but dont screw me around with prices and cut backs, and give us some figurines that the majority of marvel fans care about. The reason Marvel makes money is because of the marvel fans of present, not the marvel fans living out their golden years.

(yeah, I'm in one of those moods. Man United just drew with West Brom!!!)

LAWay said...

wait, ted is buying stuff for people? I'll have some superhero squad stuff! I had a nasty operation which involved removing my foot from my mouth.

Its on niggling problem that keeps occurring with me.

I also have to continually visit my speech therapist as they help to control the sounds from my rectum from blurting out.

So I'll have any spiderman/iron man/cap or wolverine related superhero squad figure. Thanks Ted! ;)

Anonymous said...

LaWay, you don't know what you're talking about as usual. Again, EM themselves have stated that production costs for them have increased 40% since the collection started. That's why the move to using Resin to reduce costs where they can. Especially when not only can they save some money on the production end of things. But the shipping side of things as well. There's a reason why the Specials prices went from $20.00 to $24.00, as we saw with Kingpin and Ronan. And it's certainly not to make more money off the consumers. If that was the desire, they would just raise prices.

And I also disagree with your comment of... "I know everyone loves that the collection produces so many different characters, but lets be honest, no one actually likes these characters...I mean actually likes them." Cause I actually do love the B and C list characters more than most of the major ones. Only characers I don't care much for are the Asgardians.

Anonymous said...

The reason why I love the CMFC is that it is treating every Marvel character with the same level of passion and artistic respect, showing us that each one is a superstar for a reason or another.

It's awesome that we are getting beautiful sculpts for such varied characters as Son Of Satan, Triton, Annihilus, Jack of Hearts
- instead of just the usual major characters over and over.

Some fans are obsessed with only major characters. I accept their view, hey it's a free world. But I don't accept that they jump to
conclusions on behalf of the other collectors who, like me, want EM to cover the most diverse range of characters in the Marvel Universe.
I can't wait to see more and more of the so-called B listers and C listers. I love them with a passion.

LAWay said...

EM stated costs went up in the 4 years of production, they didnt state specifics.

The price increase in specials i thought was mainly down to size. Thats why kingpin costs more than sentinel...etc not because of a price increase.

Lots of people say they love these characters, but money talks my friend. Subscribe and collect them all, or buy them all in your local. But unless you are buying every single figurine, like many people DONT do who post on the blog and forum, then their preferences doesnt matter.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if someone collects 1 or 100. Their opinion still matters just as much. They have just as much right to say who they want and who they don't want. And to vote in polls and enter contests when they occur. Buying more just means you have a bigger collection. It does not give you priority voting rights or a more important opinion over anyone else.

pirate adam said...

this is where me and CBR agree, doesn't happen alot but it does happen ;)


BobDiamond said...

LA Way, my friend... you certainly know how to stir the pot on this blog dontcha? ;)
..But there is one (at least) fundamental flaw in your argument..and that is - If people didn't honestly love and want these B- Z listers (or whatever we decide to call them)with a passion, Then the collection would have dried-up at about issue 20! Instead we're getting extension after extension being made.....it's not all about Wolverine and Spiderman y'know!:)


Bullseye81 said...

Congratulations Mighty Marvel! When i heard that you had won, i knew you were going to pick Nico. She's not a character i know anything about, therefore i have very little interest in her, but since i am a completist i'll find a spot for her somewhere in my collection (probably at the back somewhere...lol). With the movie coming out soon it seems like a pretty good time to include her. I hope nobobdy takes offence to this, but i hope we don't see another Runaway for another extension or two. However i would like to see more at some point (mainly for the Runaway fans, plus then i'll have someone to put her with). In regards to her costume, i like the one Rich posted. I would think it a little strange to have a figure of a costume that never appeared in any comic (Mystic Arcana version), but i seem to be in the minority on that one. Either way i'm not too bothered.

Bullseye81 said...

We all knew it was coming but it's still awesome to hear. Odin is confirmed. Now we can get to some of the other great Asgardian specials that still need to be made like Hela, the Destroyer, Skurge the Executioner, Surtur, Kurse, Ulik and Ymir just to name a few. I realize Hela and possibly some of the others may be able to be done in the regular line-up with the help of resin but that is for EM to say. It would be cool though since special slots are hard to come by. On that note who do you guys think will be the next special confirmed? I'm thinking Sauron, MODOK or Terrax, with Madame Web as my longshot.

Anonymous said...

Well, it'll be a regular special. Since next year already has a Mega and a 2-Pack. We have Blob (Mega), Odin, and Northstar & Aurora (2-Pack). So we only have regular specials left. Sauron's been at the top of the polls for a while, and e even mentioned on the Blog. So I think he's likely. Then I think the 5th one will be more of a wild card.

pirate adam said...

Sauron doesn't need to be a special, i'd go with Terrax


Anonymous said...

Actually, Sauron does need to be a Special.

Rich already stated as such. It's due to his height and his wingspan.

He's 7' tall, well over the maximum of 6'5 for regulars. And has a 12' wingspan. So regardless of how they do him, wings open or closed.... he's still a special.

ted sallis said...

On the beach today you could see the Isle Of Man across the Solway, It was a simply a perfect early autumn day. Then i realised what made Doc Ock unique in this collection

pirate adam said...

i think the height for specials is somewhat a guideline rather than definate, there are lots of characters already in the collection that are over the so called height limit for a special, going of your logic Hela should be a special as well then...do i think Hela should be a special?...NO although i wouldn't argue if she was, Sauron may meet the height criteria but he is very thin as is Hela, he has large wings, well Hela has a big headdress and cloak, no doubt these would be made of resin.

i am not arguing against Saurons inclusion just his status

Rich, dont waste special slots on people that dont need to be special, if they can be made regular as sauron and Hela can easily then keep them regular, plus we have enough X-specials to last till 2013

X-Fans STOP BEING GREEDY!! and give others a chance for specials


mighty_marvel said...

i'm with you PA. i think sauron could potentially be done as a regular. with his skeletal frame and sculpted with wings folded and made of resin i can't see how he'd use any more material than some of the bigger regular figs like dr strange or nighthawk. and he certainly wouldn't use more material than hawkman from the dc collection. i know that the dc collection is £1 more but here's an idea. for special/regular borderline characters like sauron and hela why not have them in the regular run at £6.99. personally i'd rather pay £1 extra for a large regular fig than £5 extra for a special fig.

thanks to bullseye for the congratulations on the comp win. and i'm sure that when nico is done and you see how amazing she looks you'll want her at the front of the collection :) not too keen on the costume from the blog pic myself. have been going through my runaways books since i won and i've got a few possible costumes. i may ask the forum for assistance in the next couple of weeks if i do get input on the costume choice.

and i'm sure nobody will take offence to you not wanting another runaway for an extension or two. i love the runaways but wouldn't want another one in the next extension. am hoping to see at least a young avenger and maybe even a starjammer next time. but at some point i would like karolina, molly and chase for the runaways.

Jacadoo said...

Got to agree with my buddy Padam - no way can Sauron be a special and would cheapen the brand.

Mr Sallis you should have waved when looking towards the Isle of Man...... A certain Jacadoo was out walking the dogs on Peel beach this morning!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Man-Bat is already a Special. So Sauron will be. And the figurines you're mentioning like Dr. Strange were from before the massive cost increases. Sauron is confirmed to be a Special size.

Anonymous said...

Also, it's not X-Fans being greedy that earn them Specials. It's the fact that the X-Sphere has the majority of the larger sized major characters that require them. Also, it doesn't take a genius to know that the X-Men and Avengers spheres sell better than the more obscure ones.

LAWay said...

Gotta agree with PA, dont thin Sauron is a special. So what he is 7 foot and a huge wingspan? Lets not forget this wingspan will be resin, and may not even be fully open. I hope not actually, i cant see how he would fit alongside other figurines. Disregarding his height, remember his is lanky and lean, so just as much lead should go into him as a normal figurine.

Putting him into special category is just to swindle us out of another £5+.

Odin confirmed, but any pics? Seen the new Odin marvel universe figures from the movie which look pretty cool. And after seeing Modok appear in Marvel Vs Capcom 3, and now want him more than ever as a special, so hurry up EM.

Now, about opinions and all that. Of course you're entitled to them, its just they are less important. :P

Here's my crazy analogy. I own a shop. I get several regular customers. Some new customer comes along, doesnt buy anything and gives his opinion on how to improve my shop. 'Great!' I think, always welcoming new ideas. I branch out, and ask my regular customers what they want and what ideas they have. Many differ from that customer who never bought anything from me, while some being similar within my regular customer pool. So, to improve my store, I go with what my regular customers say, as they are the ones that will keep giving me business. I am keeping these regular customers happy, as without these, my shop couldnt go on.

Thats my view on it. Its not that I have a bigger collection, its 'you' dont have a collection. You have a sporadic ensemble of characters which you like , which does not reflect your love of all characters and the collection, but mainly just describes the characters which you collect.

You could say EM must be doing something right as the collection is still going with these 'C-Z list characters'. My view, there are plenty of us who will keep buying because we love marvel. We dont dip in and out, we continue to show our committed support as its a product we love. Doesnt mean its a product I am entirely happy with. I am the regular customer giving my opinions on improvement. My money will always be there, and thats why I am more valued, to keep me happy and involved in something I have supported. You could argue that making the casual buyer happy trying to get extra money from them is the best option. It could be, but its not the most loyal.

And BD my friend, I think there were loads of A-List characters within the top 60 at least. Like the main, core marvel characters that feature week in, week out in the comics continuity and main story arcs. Everyone else is fodder, ready to be killed off for impact's sake. ;)

I never asked to radically change anything, my want is to reintroduce more of the popular A-listers in different costumes. There are too many good costumes going unmade, so it would be nice to seem the trickle in every now and then. Hell, even if they are 100% resin I'd take 'em.

Anonymous said...

You can plug your ears and la-la-la as much as you like. But the fact is that ANY character over 6'5" now is going to be a Special. It doesn't matter how slim or lean they are. Sauron's slim build is made up for by his wings. Which even if they are Resin, will still cost money to produce. Resin is not THAT much cheaper than lead.

Also, your analogy for a shop doesn't work at all. This is a totally different kind of thing. Buying more figurines than someone else does not give you shares in the company and a greater say in how the company is run and what gets made. Everyone has equal say, no matter how much they buy.

pirate adam said...

so CBR, as Hela is likely going to be the next Asgardian, as she has been discussed, does this mean that she will be a special? as she is over the MAGIC 6'5" that you keep going on about

i hope there are no objections when Hela is confirmed as a special, at 7ft nobody can argue, CBR said so


ted sallis said...

Michael Gambons Femur said " The language on her can sometimes be too strong"
Here! here!
Robert, i sent your request up the lumb, Be good we will see what Santa can do :)
Odin confimed ? Great news.Is there any detail on his size or pose?
Jacadoo i was using one of those seafront binocular, thingies, i could have sworn i saw an Olympian like chap in full Hercules regalia walking his shitzues. I didn't get a clear look as my 5p ran out.
That's right 5p , daylight robbery :)eawe

ted sallis said...

eawe? that was my word verification.

Robert said...

I have to be good, Ted, to get my Superhero Squad pressie? Darn. That may be tricky for me! I knew you'd find a clause to get out of this! (Actually, have started to think that I can buy a diecast metal car - scale 1:24? - that I can rip the wheels off and then reattach as if they have flipped into 'hover' mode. Voila, Nick Fury flying car!)

Anyway, went into FP after leaving here on Friday and one of the staff told me a funny story I wanted to pass on.

A crowd had gathered at the counter when one of the customers said, "Hi, Gary. Not saying hello?"
Gary was taken aback for a second and then said, "Oh, sorry, Phil, didn't recognise you without your mask."
At that the place went silent and all the customers and the other staff member turned to look at Phil.
Sheepishly, Gary said, "I probably should explain that remark. He's not a Kick-Ass wannabe or anything. He's my dentist."

Well, it made me laugh.

P.S. Ted, saw a new comic book with Man-Thing in it. You probably know but thought I'd mention it.

P.P.S. I also think that due to his skinny frame that Sauron could possibly be made as a regular. However, Rich has already said that if a character's height exceeds a certain height it won't be made. In other words, we're wasting our time even debating it. That said, I'd much rather see a special slot go to the likes of Terrax, as someone else suggested...

mgf said...

Wow. Got the subby pack today. Utterly marvellous, no pun intended. It's so nice to have a truly great pack again after suffering Drax and X Man recently.

Son of Satan and Nomad are superb - full of seventies goodness. Both daft as a brush, both brilliant.

Puck & Sasquatch are terrific. Resin or not, standing next to Guardian, with Snowbird imminent they look magnificent. A triumph.

Great pack, delighted.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked Son of Satan and Nomad. Neither of them are characters I care about, but that's what is so great about the collection. Everyone can find characters they like. Hope we get a sneakpeek of Destiny or Spiral soon. :)

Thor8 said...

It's been awhile since I've actually read the comments posted here. Most of the time I just skim through the majority and read a few I find of interest to me,but when I saw the shiny shield of Captain America I knew my old mate Jacadoo was back.
You're not alone with your thoughts of what this blog is coming to mate,I,and I know others feel the same as you do. There's nothing wrong with having differences or disagreements about one thing or another and I welcome a "FRIENDLY" debate as much as the next guy. Heck,my friendship with ol' jacadoo was born from a debate of rather or not a full size Wasp figurine should be done. (We all know who won that debate so why open up old wounds,heh,heh,heh). Having one's say and expressing your sincere opinion on a matter is a precious gift given to us from The One Above and we shouldn't smear that gift by offending one another or pretending to be a know-it-all,never wrong supreme soul.Sorry if I've come on as a poor man's Billy Graham but It's not the first time this matter has been discussed here,and it seems to go away for a short while then rears it's ugly head towards us once more.

AS for the matter of Resin,I've fallen behind on the latest figurines available,and have none made with resin as of yet. Personally I prefer lead as figurines made of this material has always been associated with collectors & collectibles alike,but by no means do I criticize in a demeaning matter those who prefer or accept resin. If the figurine turns out to be a piece of quality it shall be well received in my collection.

Well,this has turned out to be a longer post than anticipated (don't really know if anyone will actually read it)but best to all,and be kind to one another!

Bullseye81 said...

In my last post i forgot to commend the 32% of voters that answered the competition correctly. Sadly i was not one of them, as a matter of fact i was so bad i only got one of the images correct. Like many i was sure it was Captain America {i'd love to tell you that i was debating between him and Hobgoblin but the truth is i didn't even consider Hobgoglin, (which really sucks becuase he's one of my fav villains all time)} Unlike the majority i managed to convince myself the last image was circular, so even though the colour was off i still went with Rhino. This time i can admit i had it between Rhino and Kraven, but sadly i was not looking at Kraven's spear but was looking at the bones around his waist.

In summary i suck...lol

Great competition though and thanks to EM for doing it.

ps. nice to see you posting Thor8

LAWay said...

Luke Cage is 6'6". Would he be a special nowadays? No. Same with Bishop. Cable is 6'8".

Its just a generic excuse. Height shouldnt limit a figurine. An extra 12 inches of a character is like 2cm, hardly much. It just means they dont make as big a profit as usual.

Overall mass should be considered into making a special. Tall, muscular characters that are just large are special. Just a tall man isnt a special.

You say resin isnt that much cheaper, making up your own facts. They said sasquatch as lead would be £18.99. They double packed a resin figure with a lead figurine for that price. So if we are generous and say Puck is £4 (even though they would charge us £6.99 for him) Sasquatch in resin could be about £15. A 22% price difference. Practically a 1/4 of the price shaved off. That is a huge saving.

Sauron, is made a special, should be no more than £9.99. Anything else is just rape.

Why doesnt the analogies make sense? Put yourself in the situation and have a think, logically, what would you do? Listen to the customer who buys more of the stuff. Thats all I am saying.

But then again, you seem to know everything, so its pointless me expressing anything as its all utterly wrong.


LAWay said...

moving on...


coming up. Anyone dressing up as a marvel character, or bought their kids a superhero outfit that they probably didnt ask for, but you bought thinking they would look cool. lol

Thor8 said...

I don't believe a figurine should be classified as a special based only on height. If this were the case Thor Hercules Doc Samson and many other figurines done should have been considered as specials.

pirate adam said...

OK now i'm freaked out, i'm not used to people agreeing with me

although i am used to CBR disagreeing LOL

only joking mate


LAWay said...

you reckon we will get an update this week? Or technically not because this week isn't the usual bi-weekly date.

If that makes sense.

probably doesnt.

Robert said...

Not sure there is any rhyme or reason to updates, Leigh, especially with Rich out of the country for a bit, so I wouldn't hold my breath in anticipation of one this week.

Well, last night I finally got round to altering Machine Man and turning him into the Recorder. Took about an hour, when you include the filing (mainly at the waist), removal of the arm extension and repainting. I'd like to say the paint job turned out good but my daddy didn't raise a liar. What type of paint is the best to use on lead? I may repaint it. Anyway, having the Recorder standing next to Thor just makes me ache for the Warriors Three (no innuendo please, Ted!) and more Asgardians.

And one last question, what is the scale of the figurines? (Still thinking about having a flying car for Nicky-boy...)

ted sallis said...

Well Robert the Winter soldier fig is 8.2 cm tall ,he is listed as 6ft 6" which is 198cm tall , Which gives you a scale of 24:1?.
My maths are as shaky as my manners so i'm sure someone will correct me.
I too have been pondering on things Asgardian, Namely how cool the Odin fig will look, it could prove to be a very special...special!. One thing about daddy Odin is he is thee king of bling, I was looking at some images anything Kirby inspired would of course be great, but take a look at your Thor mag from this very collection and look at the Neal Adams image, That would be perfect.

pirate adam said...

i hope Rich gives us some info on the Odin sculpt when he comes back,

Sneak Peak
Release Date

all would be welcome, i know he is being sculpted by the guy who did Taskmaster, who in my opinion is one of the best, so i have high hopes for the Big Daddy.

Just gotta paint Bor now and i will have all 3 generations of Asgardian Kings.....YIPEEEE!!!!

mighty_marvel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mighty_marvel said...

the scale of the figs is rarely the same. generally they are all pretty much 21:1, but some have ranged anywhere from approx 19:1 (dr strange) to 23:1 (cable)

John said...

I see the blog is still the same...

I just stopped by to give my opinion on the Lockjaw debate (in hopes Rich will see it) then I'm back to the forum.

There's a poll for who people would like to see Double Packed with Lockjaw; Luna or Maximus (hopefully in his current costume if he ever gets made.)

Its about even, but after reading through the comments, you find the answer is actually very complex. Some vote for Maximus because they like him more, or don't want to lose another spot to an Inhuman (if Luna were Double Packed, Maximus would likely take a place among the next extension.) Others vote Luna because they thought she was a better fit with Lockjaw for the magazine OR didn't know the characters but saw a picture of Maximus's hideous old costume. Many people would rather just have Lockjaw by himself, and just picked one to vote for, not really caring or thinking through long term.

The way I argued it was, we don't know how long the collection will go on. Pretend we get... 150 more characters in the collection (fingers crossed for a million, but let's pretend for 150.) If Luna is made in a Double Pack with Lockjaw, Maximus will take a spot in the Regular line-up. So in essence, if Luna is made, she will use up a spot...

...People have (all of us) extremely large Wants Lists for characters we'd like to see. If you really sit down and think about it, IS LUNA IN YOUR TOP 150??? If she's not, then it should definitely be Maximus that makes the Double-Pack.

Now I know of about 3 people that say that Luna is a legitimate want for them. Most everybody else says she's either a better fit for the magazine/better paired with Lockjaw (only want her for the perposes of the 2-Pack) or that they don't want Maximus (or either and thought the costs would help, maybe?)

Someone else on the forum gave a great idea too. If some people didn't think Maximus was close enough to the "good Inhumans" to warrant being sold with Lockjaw, pull Karnak or Triton from the Regular line-up and use THEM for the Double-Pack. That also adds an extra spot for a regular in THIS extension, and we can just have Maximus later.

Seriously, there are some kids I think would be kind of neat in the collection (Franklin, Leech, etc.) but Luna? If Luna, then why not Blackbolt's son? And the main question is; do we want them as much as Grey Gargoyle, Count Nefaria, Moonstone, Longshot, Silver Samurai, Gamora, etc. etc. etc.

pirate adam said...

will rich be back friday???

who knows


Bullseye81 said...

"for special/regular borderline characters like sauron and hela why not have them in the regular run at £6.99. personally i'd rather pay £1 extra for a large regular fig than £5 extra for a special fig." I think this is a very intriguing idea MM. I'll be honest i'm not too bothered about the price when it comes to borderline specials (or course it is always nicer to pay less), but what does concern me is the special spot. We get anywhere from 4-6 specials a year and unfortunately/fortunately depending how you look at it, my wants list for specials is quite long. This collection would have to go on until 2020 for me to get anywhere close to the end of it (one can dream). These "mini" specials for borderline regular specials would allow us, the consumer, to get more larger characters at a faster rate with a marginal increase in price. Of course i don't expect this to ever happen for all of the problems it could potentially create like: how often to include these "mini" specials, how a character would qualify as a "mini" vs regular, the added price increase to the regular line-up and so on...An awesome idea though...well done Mighty Marvel

Bullseye81 said...

Interesting thought John, personally i voted for Maximus instead of Luna. Admittedly neither character is at the top of my wants list but i would want Maximus at some point. Luna on the other hand is not a character i would need for my collection to feel complete. Meaning at some point Maximus would start to get my votes and support (i have quite a few characters ahead of him right now though), Luna however would likely never get to that point. I'll be happy to have her if she's voted in by the fans or EM chooses her but she's not a character i would miss if she was never made. Either way i'm not bothered though, because by the sounds of it we're likely to get Maximus regardless.

PA do you have pics of your Bor custom?
Robert do you have pics of your Recorder custom?

i hope we get an update on Friday

if we do i'd love to hear more about Odin

LAWay said...

A load of tosh John.

Just trying to push your want on others? I dont blame you.

But I dont want maximus in my collection, so should i vote Luna? I want Lockjaw by himself, and anything else is just wasting my money. Lunar would be a cheaper double pack (should be, but knowing EM, they may try to rob us).

Both characters wouldnt make my top 150. They wouldnt make my top 300. Alot of characters that have already featured or have been announced would never have made my list.

I would be happy with Lockjaw though, he is a pretty big character in the marvel universe. EM are just afraid that no one would buy the other 2 characters separate.

Lockjaw isnt like the kazarr special, which featured 2 characters that no one would buy separately.

So stop wasting our time and money EM, just give us Lockjaw.

ted sallis said...

I never new you could vote for Lockjaw and Luna, Heck if i'd known that i wouldn't have voted for Anne Widdecombe and Anton Du Beke.

CGJ said...

I agree with LA on this one, sell Lockjaw on his own, he will no doubt be resin so knock him out at £9.99 and save the double pack for someone else, or another Mega Special instead

Robert said...

Statement: Thanks to Ted and Mighty Marvel for answering my question about scale. The 1:24 scale was just a guess on my part and I'm actually surprised it was so close! Now to go dig out some old comics and then match some car images to what's on sale in the model shop along from A1 Comics in Glasgow! May go retro as a nod to Steranko...

Observation: Not bothered about Luna much and Maximus is waaaaay down my list of wants. Happy to have Lockjaw sold on his own, although I guess Maximus and Luna appeal to the completist in me. If it has to be a double-pack, then I think I like the idea of Lockjaw with a resculpted Crystal best of all...

Query: Any idea when we get the All-Father?

Statement: Now, just another score or so major Asgardians and then I'll be really happy!

Robert said...

P.S. Bullseye, sorry, no images. I have been thinking of taking some photos of some of my past modifications for, like, a year or three and just haven't got round to it. At the moment I don't even have internet access at home, although that may get rectified tomorrow.

pirate adam said...

Hela, Heimdall and Warriors 3 and i will be more than happy with that

plus a few specials



pirate adam said...

bullseye, if you click on my name you can see a pic of Bor, he has sinse had a couple of layers of primer but needs painting, not a great quality pic and it also looks better in hand


jimbob said...

Lockjaw should be on his own.

Luna and Maximus are rubbish!

Would be a waste of money for some of us to have to pay more,just to get Lockjaw.

Anonymous said...

If we want to get more of the characters that we love, and at a faster pace, we must campaign for a series of CMFC subsets dedicated to sagas, like the awesome Blackest Night ssubset they are doing for DC collectors. I just saw pics of Black Hand and Atrocitus, and they are sublime.

The Blackest Night Collection is a new magazine series that expands upon the DC Comics Super Hero Collection, running in parallel with it. It will focus on DC the critically-acclaimed Blackest Night event and its follow-up Brightest Day.

I would love an Annhilation subset. I know it's a relatively old Marvel saga, but its cosmic scope is similar to Blackest Night and it could give us much loved characters like the Heralds of Galactus, Gamora and a whole host of aliens and entities. Richard, please give us this subset. I will buy multiple copies to support it!

Anonymous said...

I would buy it alone. But if there are doubts about the commercial success of Lockjaw as a single special, or doubts about the appeal of Inhuman characters in general, then it makes
no sense to think that Luna or Maximus will boost the appeal.
If someone does not like the Inhumans, why would they like 2 of them? They would probably find Lockjaw more attractive in combination with another non-Inhuman character.

If we really need to boost the appeal of Lockjaw, then maybe we should look to combine it with a character who has much broader appeal than Luna or Maximus.
Why are we given just the 'Luna or Maximus' choice? If EM are only willing to give us Lockjaw in a double-pack, and if they really
want to produce another figurine, I would like to encourage them to be more creative with the formula. It does not HAVE to be an Inhuman character.

Minimates have done Lockjaw with Psylocke. Much as I'd love double-packs to Can we come up with ideas for another character to go with Lockjaw? Some forum members have proposed that Karnak or Triton could go with Lockjaw, so we also free up a regular space. I wholly support this idea.

pirate adam said...

Great idea for an Annihilation subset, i still cant believe that 180 issues confirmed and we still only have 1 Herald, they are great characters with fantastic looks, please give us some Heralds EM

Red Shift

granted some of these cant fill a mag thats why a subset or double packs make perfect sense


BobDiamond said...

Right then...Game time!
Imagine EM have stated that they will do sub-sets of certain Marvel groups, BUT after that there will be NO MORE of that group produced. Also the sub-sets can only contain 3 figures (standard, specials and megas can be included).
For Heralds of Galactus and Asgardians- who would you choose?

My choices:




ted sallis said...

Themed packs you say?, Say you could be on to something there,
A henchmen pack would seem well suited to this, My threesome ( ooh! stop muckin about )
Son of a Serpent




Werwolve by Night
Simon Garth
And perhaps a " CRAP PACK" consisting of three figs no one in there right mind would consider buying.
Dr Druid
3-D Man

ted sallis said...


jimbob said...

It is the 4th Masters of Evil i really want.

Fourth Roster

Absorbing Man, Baron Helmut Zemo, Blackout, Bulldozer, Fixer, Goliath ( Atlas), Grey Gargoyle, Moonstone, Mr Hyde, Piledriver, Screaming Mimi ( Songbird), Tigershark, Titania, Thunderball, Whirlwind, Wrecker, YellowjacketII