Friday, 12 August 2011

The Blog Vol.2 #12

Good afternoon,

Nico Minoru painted:

Domino unpainted sculpt:

This weeks costume forum poll result:
Which outfit for Trapster ?

7% [ 12 ] first costume design - Paste Pot Pete

8% [ 13 ] modified 1st costume design

60% [ 103 ] redesign - masters of evil

8% [ 14 ] ninja

9% [ 16 ] current outfit

I don't mind, any of them ! 9% [ 15 ]

“One of the things a lot of people stated when they picked option #3 was that they would want him with his glue gun and it was also mentioned as one of the reasons a few people defered from that option and chose another that had him weilding the gun. A few members even found instances in comics where he used the gun with that costume design.”

I’m totally satisfied with this result, I think it’s his best look (I’ll even agree that he can have the glue gun in that cossie too).


Odin Special on sale 22nd September 2011. Priced £15.99 (subject to change of course).

Good news, the production problems have been sorted on the Northstar/Aurora (the clear pegs were not fixing into the feet securely enough). So I would hope they will be our next special – Will have to wait for the go ahead from Top Floor EM Towers. But things are looking positive.

The next 2 characters to be confirmed will be:

Captain Off-Cuts

and ‘Limbs’ Lieberman

That’s a clue on the upcoming competiton!? ;) (Thanks to Ted Sallis for the idea - and see the end of previous comments for LAWAY's pre-emptive attempt.


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avenger guy said...

good figures i'm first today

mighty_marvel said...

nico - something not quite right with the little finger on the outstretched hand. white top could do with some shading. black finger polish would have been a nice touch. and what happened to her choker and crucifix? the boots are amazing and the little details on her face are really good. overall i think its a fantastic representation of the character. thanks EM!

domino - looks amazing. will be an outstanding fig.

laway - did i get the characters from your frankenstein right?

Gremlin in the works said...

I like both sculpts there. Nice dynamism to Nico in a spellcasting style.
Domino is coming along quite well. I hpe the spot over her eye shows up well enough since her hair seems to be covering that side.

I will be picking both up definately.

As for the N+A news I am pleased the issues have been sorted out. Hopefully a Jan/Feb release date will be soon announced.
Fingers crossed the marketing dept give the go ahead for more doubles. I would like to see a Misty Kngith and Colleen Wing one. Failing that a Groot and Rocket one would be cool.

mighty_marvel said...

+ 1 for misty knight/colleen wing and groot/rocket raccoon. lets just hope n + a are confirmed soon and sell as well as we all think they will.

LarryS said...


To reinforce my request from last week...

Isn't it time to update the figurine homepage?

Sauron goes off to the rotating space on the right, to be replaced with Odin.

Relegate the last five figures (Balder, Destiny etc), and replace with the next group (Toad, Moondragon etc).

While we wait for the competition results, it'll give us something new to look at!!!

mgf said...

As long as Trapster gets his glue gun I don't mind the costume choice.

Nico M is OK. Looks like she works in an emo curtain shop, which I imagine might be called, errrr... Runner-ways.

Osvaldoeaf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Osvaldoeaf said...

I love Nico's sculpt so much that, even not being familiar with the character, I'm tempted to buy it!

Love Domino as well, very cool.

Great news on Northsatr and Aurora, but I can't believe we still don't have a final word on them.

Wow, so I guess the competition will be pretty hard!

tinodragon14 said...

I'm afraid the Nico figure looks even worse painted.

Domino looks like she trying to have sex with her guns.
The drawing where she had both guys pulled out in each hand firing was the dynamic Domino pose.

Naturally they picked the wrong TRAPSTER look. The second look was the one he wore longest. The futuristic third one was designed by someone else not TRAPSTER & he did not have it very long. Why have the gun when the wrist gadgets fired the paste. So much for the classic TRAPSTER.

We knew ODIN was next but did Dan mean Northstar & his sis are next or is it still ODIN, MODOK, NORTHSTAR???

How about announcing TERRAX as the next special Dan.

SinisterVenom said...

Nico actually turned out quite nice, well done guys!
Loving the sneaks of Domino. She certainly has a different look compared to most of the figurines...apart from maybe Nick Fury, his pose is similar but just posing more to the side.
I think we got the right costume for Trapster. It's the look I know him in and he deffo will look right with his glue gun.
Odin will be released when I get back off holiday...woohoo! :) Fingers crossed that Northstar and Aurora make the special slot. We need them if we're not getting Shaman this extension, unless he makes the poll or competition that is (which I can't wait for!)
Before I go, I leave you with...


This time it's Toad and this I believe is one that pretty much everyone on here is upset about.
Yes the arm is quite long to be honest I don't notice it as much upfront. Maybe it's because I can look at his other arm from all angles now to compare the arms? Or maybe I'm biased as Toad is one of the characters I've always wanted in the collection. Who knows...everyone has their opinions but Toad is ok in my eyes, not good yet not bad but ok.
Next up is Moondragon!

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

I prefer different pose for Domino, but this sculpt look good.

Misty + Colleen? Another 2 regulars as double pack is lost of time.
Groot + Rocket in 2012
Ch'od + Raza in 2013

mgf said...

Tino, we were never going to get the real Trapster, and the winning choice is probably third best out of the five when it comes to it.

These days it pays to grateful when we don't get the very worst option, Drax, Havok etc. I voted for version one, which never had a chance, version two would have been terrific too.

I'm just relieved we didn't get option five, frankly.

Great to see N&A might finally get a slot. We seem to have been waiting for them for a very, very long time.

Victor said...

mgf, I'm with you on concerns Tapster

pirate adam said...

just want to thank Dan for keeping up with the weekly updates, we know your busy but i'm sure we all appreciate it.

this weeks update is a little MEH!!

cant wait for Odin, not sure what to make of Domino, will wait for the painted version, Nico looks good and i couldn't give a flying monkeys about Trapster (not in my top 1000)


ted sallis said...

I'm with PA, i would not give a flying monkey for Trapster.£5.99 will be quite sufficient.
Dan glad the comp idea helped you out.
Nico, hey there are worse looking figs on my shelve, happy to have her.....that wasn't meant to sound ...Ted!

Osvaldoeaf said...

Hey, Dan..I think it'd be a good idea to remind the bloggers about the forum choice poll that is already open in the forum...maybe a lot of people might not know it yet!

John said...

I just wanted to echo the requests for a Rocket Raccoon/Groot Special next year, with a big ol' Groot. :D

LarryS said...

A quick observation on the Forum poll.

The instructions state we should not vote for variants of characters already in the collection, since they will be ruled ineligible, and gives examples such as Archangel, Giant Man, Ronin.

I agree that when Ronin first appeared he was a Hawkeye variant. However in the recent mini-series Widowmaker, it was revealed that Ronin (identical costume) is also Black Widow's ex-husband Alexi.

OK, hardly the most influential character in Marvel history, but seems a legitimate choice, n'est-ce pas...?

Gutterpunk said...

Nice to hear good things about Northstar and Aurora. I hope they get put through as a Double Pack. Nico's hands are a bit strange and the painting is a bit flat but I always think that and then a month later the next painted pic comes up and they look great.

I do want to rebutt something that's been said alot with the samey X-Characters thing. Yeah, a couple of them do have the same blue/yellow black/yellow color scheme as those were the trainee uniforms. But, actually, you're probably pretty much looking at everyone who would be wearing them. Shadowcat, Forge, Magik, Dani Moonstar, and if we ever get Cypher or Karma, those two. None of the remaining ancillary characters would have them (and it's quite a long list). And out of the six, four possess a fair bit of alteration to the standard uniform. It's kind of a straw man argument when you consider the sheer size of the X-line.

Just because a set of figs look the same to you doesn't mean they're the same to me. I mean, when I look at all these people and their desires for 60s and 70s "classic" versions of costumes for their characters who alot of times I've only barely heard of, they all blend together in my head. But, I feel like, if people are that excited about them, then good for them. I wish non-X-fans would get off their high horse about us when we get ours in. I've been a comic reader for 25 years. I think I deserve to get characters I want too.

And if the popular vote is such a problem, maybe they should do it first. I can see it being beneficial.

The Mad Thinker said...

this collection is doin my nut in. Why do we keep getting the newer costumes and not the one's we recognise ? I'm this close to giving this up !!we keep getting the newer costumes and not the one's we recognise ? I'm this close to giving this up !!

Osvaldoeaf said...

Couldn't agree more with you, Gutterpunk...neither could I have said it better.

It's like we have to feel bad for being x-fans and for getting our fave characters in!

Robert said...

Disappointed by the Trapster vote, although it did have an air of inevitability from the get-go. I suppose I should be grateful we've at least got the paste gun.

On a more optimistic note, I'm looking forward to getting Odin. He does look rather stupendous.

LarryS said...

Thanks for the reminder, Osvaldoeaf. I've now voted!

One modern (regular), one modern (first sppeared in MAX), one classic, one cowboy, and one wild card.

Let's push the boat out with this one, crew. Methinks the final tally will throw up some fascinating and unexpected results!

spidey_1979 said...

Nico is looking really good. You should be really pleased with her MM. Hopefully its the first stage of painting though as like others have said its a little flat at the moment. She could do with more depth particularly on her top and her hair. Also, the stockings could be made striped just to break up the black a little bit more.

Domino has the potential to be a stand out figure. Good work on her EM.

Looking forward to the competition.

jimbob said...

Great news about Aurora and Northstar double pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Domino sculpt looks amazing.

Wont be getting Nico.Not interested in Runaways.

Looking forward to Trapster sculpt.

Kal Brindle said...

Love the title of this Blog Entry - The Blog, Vol. 2 # 12 very clever.

Domino looks lovely what a great sculpt. I was rooting for another pose, but this looks marvelous. Nico is coming along great - a little more colour would be hice, but then again she is a goth, so maybe nevermind.

Looking forward to the contest, but am nervous now. While I wasn't the ultimate winner the last two times I did get the answers right and was hoping for a three-peat.

Still working on my short list just in case.

LAWay said...

Nico looks much better painted, but still underwhelming. The face looks much better with colour, But the clothes just look to 'normal' and just generic. The sculpt still on the boots is great detail, but this is the problem with competition. (always, remember what you said Robert about female characters? 2 competition winners, 2 female characters.)

Dominio looks amazing. Superb. Sublime! When I saw the sketch I thought it was the best of the bunch, and you have whacked in alot of character and detail in it. I am glad we havent got a generic action pose, we dont need that in the collection. This feels like the original sculpts from the beginning, simple but with character, but with the added skills acquired from doing this collection over a long period of time. Highly impressed.

Trapster, I am glad we got that one. And why are people surprised? Its the ONLY Trapster costume I have known since the 80s and is the main costume that has been used for promotional material of the character. To say it is 'wrong'? Marvel clearly stood by it for a very long time, longer than the others. And just look at the other awful designs, its the only one that isnt goofy and stand out. And why does he need the gun? Just because people who wanted the other costumes with the gun say so? It would be like asking for Ultimate Thor but with classic Thor's hammer. The guy shoots out of his wrists! Don't ruin this sculpt and pose to accommodate the guy pointing a naff tiny pistol!!!! Just sculpt him EXACTLY like that pic of him.

LAWay said...

Check out my blog post for the results of the Frankenstein challenge.

Well done MM. Curse you. Thought I had made a decent effort that would stump people, not get it solved the 1st time of asking.

max_0888 said...

Wow Nico looks awesome. Thanks mighty_marvel for giving us our first Runaways. I'll probably put her and Wiccan next to the other until we have some more of their groups.

Domino also looks very promising. Great details.
Oh and fun idea Ted and good job LAWay on doing one.

mighty_marvel said...

i await my no-prize laway :)

ted sallis said...

I hope Nico is a Runaway success

Deadpool said...


Domino - please move the gun away from her face slightly and lean it on her right shoulder.

I approve of Tindragon's assessment of Domino and her gun fetish - despite the fact she looks like Nick Fury.

Nico - she looks as if she is constipated.

Deadpool said...

Dan you're doing a great job .. but I am a bit annoyed.

Why should the forum dictate which figures are in the collection?

They are a miniscule minority of collectors; most of whom are f**king cherry pickers.

The whole situation boils my p***

How about giving the subscribers a say?

pirate adam said...

Deadpoo! on the last blog you said your almost impossible to insult, what if i called you a "POO POO HEAD"?, would that boil your p***

happy hunting mate and keep up the fine customs


ted sallis said...

"Nico looks constipated" that slang for asian?
PA i bought wobbly girls beach volleyball for the xbox, see ya online.

LAWay said...

boo at Ted's poor pun.

Thanks max, it was fun to do and hoped others would get a kick out of playing.

Mighty Marvel, these painted pics of Nico are your no-prize. ;)

Google Marvel Domino and you find alot of pics of her 'posing' with her guns. Its all in character.

Deadpool, no one likes our idea of subscriber only benefits. We live in a world that everyone must be equal, even when they dont want things. They want stuff if others get it, but dont want to pay for it . One day there will be a CMFC fanclub convention for us subscribers and thats when we will debate and input our exclusive opinions.


ted sallis said...

"boo at Teds poor pun"
Sorry Lalaway.
All i meant by the constipated remark was Nico is meant to look asian, it makes no sense someone constipated would try to evacuate there bowels in that pose.
Don't worry your pretty little head ,Ted was in no way being anything other than gorgeous, now toddle off and Aqua doodle me a big red bol.

Banshee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Glad wil be getting Odin soon,he's won of my most awiated figs. Hope will be getting the good news that the Northstar and Aurora double pack has finally be given the green light. Won't comment on the nicco figurine since I'm not interested in her(and I most certainly don't mean that as a put down). Domino looks okay,Ill comment more on her once I see the painted fig.

Most of the time I go with the classic or original versions,but on rare ocassions I may tend to go with an updated version,sos the case with the Trapster.

Do not agree with some people's point of view on classifying re-do's. Giant-Man,Ronin,are not re-do's just because the peron underneath the costume is the same the identity ,nor the figurine is the same.

jimbob said...

Didn't check the date of Odin special.Cant wait to get him,last special of the year yeah?

Shame we cant get a Christmas special.I'm sure it will boost sales around that time.

Hope EM are thinking about variant subset for the future of this collection

promo1965 said...

I hope the same: "EM are thinking about variant subset for the future of this collection"

ted sallis said...

I would love a christmas about snow effects on the mag titles, like they do with the tv times??
The Saint Nicholas lookalike released in sept will assuage me xmas urgicals.

jimbob said...

If Domino fig is taller than Cable fig then we desperately need a variant subset!

Bigger Cable please Dan.

Banshee said...

Deadpool, you're comment is quite unfair!! I'm a forum member and a subscriber. I'll admit I subscried on a whim after buying spiderman and wolverine. I've never read a single marvel comic but as the collection grew I found myself loving all areas of the marvel universe and researching all of the characters I can. I feel my poll votes are as valid as anyones on the forum or in this blog. Not everyone who is part of this blog is a subscriber so where would you have the poll held??

LAWay said...

indeed, something to consider. This is a collection about superheroes. Not the people behind the mask.

Ronin for example was firstly Maya Lopez, so the character us definitely fair game to be made. just because Clint wore the costume for a longer time doesnt change anything.

Its not exactly a 'redo' or 'alternate' character, its a whole different character.

EG, first appearance cumbersome Iron Man was a simple playboy. Nowadays marvel he is one of the most powerful heroes on the planet, not just behind the mask, but because of his new armour.

Archangel is a completely different character to the angel that first joined x-men.

Bucky Barnes is completely different to the winter solider, who is completely different to captain america. If you put those 3 on the shelves, no one would know they are the same character unless they read the comics, and each one had their own stories, history, alliances etc.

Alot of people say they wouldnt buy these characters. Alot of the people saying that DONT buy all the characters anyway. Meanwhile there are comic fans who have never read a story with winter solider but love the new cap. fans who dont know a thing about hawkeye but dig the look of ronin. People reading thunderbolts not knowing venom used to be the scorpion!

Really, these are MAINSTREAM characters that could rejuvenate the collection. Dont bow to the whims of fickle people who threaten the collection and listen to the fans of superheroes, the fans of marvel.

LAWay said...

Banshee, whats the problem? DP said subscribers should get to vote. since you are a subscriber, no problem.

the only way to vote would be through slips in our subscription packages.

People say its unfair, but then again, how many thousand people who subscribe do not vote on the forums? I bet more people are subscribed that are not on the forum than people registered on that site.

Can you imagine if it was advertised 'as voted for by the forum' on the front of the mag. How annoyed a subscriber would feel not knowing this existed, or having a say themselves? At least everyone online knows full well they have a choice whether to subscribe or not if they wanted a vote. Those subscribers still dont have a clue, and is that fair?

ted sallis said...

The forum poll is like Mike Tysons left aint right and it aint fair

Banshee said...

No actually what he said was most of the people on the forum were 'and I quote' f** king cherry pickers. It's just not a valid comment. I think subscibers and selective collectors alike should have a vote. It's all of us together who are keeping this collection afloat. The guys at EM are doing a great job and then they have to come on this blog and read cynical crap like that. It's just not on.

LAWay said...

Well the amount of people who subscribe on the forum has never been confirmed. I'ved asked to see a poll (depending on if people answer truthfully) as i think it would give a good insight on the type of collectors that are online. I mean, if 30% of the forum are subscribers, maybe EM need to do something to get subscribers online for example.

You cant say its an invalid statement, as we dont know the truth either way. But its not a polite way of saying it.

Of course we are all keeping this thing afloat, subscribers and selective buyers.

But imagine this. In a room with 2 selective buyers. Each one of those buyers have only bought 1 figurine each. You have bought every single figurine to date. Then Dan steps out from behind the door and asks you what figurine you want next. Those 2 selective buyers vote the same, and you vote something else. Dan takes the results and the selective buyers get what they voted for made.

Then they don't actually buy the figurine when it is released.

This is a very extreme example, but thats how it can be viewed from a disgruntled subscribers. If it happened in real life in those circumstances, you wouldnt be holding hands with those selective buyers singing how we all have a say, you would be annoyed. Some people however, already see things like that.

Banshee said...

Well I may not like some of the subscribers poll votes. I was horrified when Shaman was bumped for Trapster but that's how it is. You have to take the rough with the smooth. As long as people (subscribers and cherry pickers alike) are buying this collection I will remain a happy chappy and live in hope that the characters I love will eventually make the cut.

John said...

Shaman wasn't bumped for Trapster. He was bumped for Deathbird.

"This is a collection about superheroes. Not the people behind the mask."

It depends on how you classify it. Many people view Marvel as; The superheroes ARE the ones under the mask. There is no Bucky AND Winter Soldier. Bucky IS Winter Soldier. Angel IS Archangel.

"Why should the forum dictate which figures are in the collection?"

Because it polls a larger section of collectors in a fairer way. The simple answer is to just JOIN the forum, then you have a say as well.

If there's an issue of subscribers not knowing about the forum... EM can't advertise the forum, but they can advertise the Blog. Dan, let collectors know about the blog (with inserts or whatever) then mention the forum on here. Perfect way around it, and you increase your market research base. But EM has GOT to start advertising (both the blog, forum, and collection in general!)

CGJ said...

'It depends on how you classify it. Many people view Marvel as; The superheroes ARE the ones under the mask. There is no Bucky AND Winter Soldier. Bucky IS Winter Soldier. Angel IS Archangel.'

But this is a figurine collection representing Marvel Characters on a shelf. You can't look at Winter Soldier on your shelf and pretend it looks the same as Bucky Barnes.

Not that I am desperate for a Bucky Barnes character, just a Giant Man Mega Special. And if the only reason we don't get him is because of the person underneath the mask, thats insane

Can I just point out that there wasn't a massive outcry when Black Spiderman was released as a Special.

Becquerel said...

First of all, the further I see Nico's sculpt coming along, the more I want her, despite not liking the Runaways at all.
Domino looks cool, though I would've preferred another pose. Alas. :P

Towards the current discussions on here:
Having only the subscribers decide on which characters/costumes are used will result in the exclusion of everyone but people living in the UK or Ireland.
As someone who is not located in either and thus is not able to subscribe (as much as I wanted to), I would feel very disappointed if the input of fans and collectors from every other country would simply be overlooked just cause they aren't subscribers.

I think Dan does a great job keeping mind of both the people on the blog and the forum (who are pretty much the only collectors voicing their opinions in some form). I'm very happy he is considering the input from both communities and bases his decisions heavily upon it. I mean, he could just go and make whatever HE thinks is best, right? But aside from Sebastian Shaw, I believe none of the figurines in this extension so far haven't been heavily mentioned in the blog, right?

Anyway, I'm not a fan of a specific era of Marvel, but of Marvel in general. If more people deem the newer Trapster costume(s) to be better than the older ones, then so be it. I like Trapster as a character in general, and to me, he is not bound to one costume, just like most other characters are not bound to just one costume.

After all, taste is taste, and to each their own. It's silly to argue about taste, because it leads to nowhere. And calling everyone who is not sharing the same taste as you an idiot is actually making YOU the idiot. So... that's my 2 cents.

Robert said...

Morning, guys. Let's hope for a more peaceful and calm day of posts. Really no need for some of the stuff that's been flying around.

Anywho, anyone interested in seeing my collection and loft, I set up a blog. Oh, you probably want to scroll to the bottom when you start.

John said...

"You can't look at Winter Soldier on your shelf and pretend it looks the same as Bucky Barnes."

That's my point though. It IS Bucky Barnes. I look at the figure and I see the full history Bucky went through. I'd have much rather had a "Bucky" figurine to begin with, but its too late now. I'd rather move on to other characters not covered yet.

John said...

Robert, nice loft, man! Seeing your custom Recorder made me pretty happy, I've gotta say. ;)

tinodragon14 said...

I never call anyone an idiot for disagreeing with me but the classic TRAPSTER outfit is the second one & yes his paste gun is an important part of that. Putting a character's costume to a vote may be fun but the fact is a character's classic costume is always going to lose just like the BEETLE, MOONSTONE, GAMORA, DRAX, & now TRAPSTER. I have heard the arguments for this costume or that but I will tend to go with the look that is their classic costume. You can say the TRAPSTER's third costume is cooler or whatever but it is not his classic costume & you do not need the gun with that one because the paste was fired from his wrist gauntlets. The paste gun is unnecessary. I will buy the figure but will not set him out on my figure shelf as he is not in his classic garb. Just as Drax is in that figure container so will be Moonstone & Gamora & Nico Who I have no interest in & Domino because a woman having sex with her guns deserves privacy.

TheTooN said...

Thanks for sharing Robert. Awesome collection mate. Curious about the mods, are you saying those were regular toys ? Legends or similar ?

ted sallis said...

Robert, only one word to describe your collection "Absolutely flipping awesome"
Impressive as it is check out my blog Ted's Shed .you'll run oot of superlatives.
"because a woman having sex with her guns deserves privacy"......bestest sentence i've ever read on here

TheTooN said...

Strontium Dog !! Where did he come from Robert ? Darn EM for not doing 2000ad :)

Robert said...

Thanks, guy.

The Toon: to answer your question, yes, the mods started life as toy figures.

Glued the joints, filled the gaps with clay, smeared filler over the clay so I could rub it smooth as the Watcher's napper and then repainted. I'm quite good at the modelling bit, not so hot at the actual painting, unfortunately.

Robert said...

Toon, there was a series of 2000AD poseable figures a good while back. I think they also had a Slaine and Judge Anderson. Anyway, I'll have a look and see if I can get the name of the series for you.

TheTooN said...

Teds shed :) You make me grin Ted. Just what I need on a Saturday morning mate.

Robert said...

Toon, Johnny was released in 1999 as part of a Fleetway/ Re-Action series. Couldn't see any on eBay, although there was a few Durham Red figures from the same series for sale.

TheTooN said...

Thanks for the info Robert, I am going to scoot off to Ebay and see what I can find. I bought the Legendary Heroes Death and Dredd and love them but really like the idea of adding more.

I bought myself a load of citadel paints and green stuff etc to have a go at customising on some of my spares but I guess I dont have the balls. You did a great job on them and they sure look like statues.

@Ted - Daily Dredd ? is that a piece of original artwork ?

Back to the blog update I love the early pics for Domino. Not a clue who the Runaways are but Nico looks like she should be pretty good.

Personally I would buy variants in a flash either as regulars or 2 packs or subsets. Its criminal we dont have Ape Beast and Ronin should be in here too.

I would love a Mega special Goliath too.

Robert said...

No problem, Toon. Thanks for the compliment. I'll try get a better photo of Johnny for you.

On the subject of giants, if you look closely at the Masterwork photo you'll notice an outsized figure alongside the CMFC figures. That's another modification.

ted sallis said...

Hey there Toon. The Dredd piece is an original, it was on ebay with an hour to go,no bids. i got it for about £25.00 .That has to be a bargain. If you look at the blurb it was Mark Millars first Story on the Dredd newspaper strip dated 1999.Best get my shelves up.

dallen238 said...

re trapster, its not a glue gun its a paste gun hence paste pot pete,can people stop asking for Rocket Raccoon as its already been said they wont do it for the same reasons as howard the duck.
nico minoru will save me £6 as if i want a woman in street clothes i'll look out of the window,will wait to see domino painted but prob another £6 saved.
glad to get a date for odin.
To MAD THINKER im with you mate the older costumes were different and coluorful unlike the boring street clothes or black leather of most modern characters.

TheTooN said...

Holy moly there was more on pages 2 and 3. Didnt see those first time around. More questions....

Mjolnir is amazing, balancing the weight so it stands like that really sets it off. How long did it take to put together ?

I love the bean bag and cushions and would like to get some made for my nippers room. How did those come about ?

What donor figure did you use for the Giant man mod ?

It looks a perfect place to relax and read and by heck you have enough to choose from. I could lose myself for weeks in there. It reminds me of Books a Million in the US there is so much.

I have seen some nice collections and amazing 'geek rooms' (wifes description) on forums etc but I think I could move into yours ;)

Thanks again for sharing pal.

I found US listings for Slaine, Durham Red, Alpha, Anderson and Death so will ask a bud over there to get me them. 2000ad Heroclix look pretty nice and the foundry miniatures are also very interesting. Joe Pineapples, Nemesis, Torquemada....WOW! If only I could paint.

Original artwork for £25 is pretty amazing, great find. I had forgotten he was even in the papers tbh.

Talk of 2000ad is making me itchy to get some progs out of storage. Sorry for going off topic again guys ;)

John said...

"can people stop asking for Rocket Raccoon as its already been said they wont do it for the same reasons as howard the duck."

They can both be done as Specials, and everyone asking for Rocket Raccoon lately has been asking for a Double Pack with Groot.

Robert said...

Toon, I'll answer your questions on my blog, rather than here, okay?

TheTooN said...

That would be great thanks.

Deadpool said...

Subscribers should have exclusive rights to choose at least one figure per extension.

Each subscriber has a subscriber number so all they need to do is go online and send an email with their suggestion to EM.

Alternatively they could log on to the CMFC web site to vote.

My personal objection is the same as that of Law.

You could have a single subscriber ,that has every figure, denied their choice by a dozen "Fudge Packing Cherry picking cheese mongers" that don't have a full collection between them.

Essentially subscribers are more like shareholders, we have made a commitment to Eaglemoss that we will purchase their product.
In this context we deserve some form of dividend.

kissynose said...


Next extension can you focus more on the " mainstream" characters? Like new warriors and other characters that have had many appearances and are more recognizable. This extension seems to be on the fringe side. I do appreciate the depth of the collection but I worry about sales and longitivity. That being said can you give me any word on the status of Power Pack or Speedball? They are worthy characters.

kissynose said...

Im tired if hearing about subscribers. Let the US subscribe because I'm in. People act like we should be left out because we can't subscribe. Get off your high horse and stop acting like we wouldn't jump on the bandwagon if we could. I pay twice as much for my complete collection. Would you?

Deadpool said...

I fully support resculpts and redos that represent a new persona for a familiar character.

Hawkeye, Goliath, Ronin is an excellent example.


Re-releases that fix obscenities like the disco dancing Man wolf.

Deadpool said...


I think it is correct for everyone who wants to subscribe to be able to subscribe.
Yes, even the intellectually challenged yanks who blog here.

I hope the Mossmen sort this out.

Until then, we cannot ignore the fact that the faceless forum mafia have the collection by the short and curlies.

I sincerely believe that the so called admins skew the voting in their favour.

And as far as how much I pay for my figurines .. I have multiples and collect Marvel, DC and Blackestnight as well as models for customisation.
I sincerely doubt that your investment, let alone the majority of collectors investments, has been as high as mine.

Deadpool said...

Oh and for info, aside from my subscription, just this week I spent an additional £60 on extra duplicate figurines for customisation ..

So as bender would say.....






(from benders Top 10)

Deadpool said...

Oh and especially for PA.....

Don't get your hopes up.

Just because I quote Bender... doesn't mean I actually Bend.

Sorry to dissappoint you... ;0)

PS thanks for the praise regarding my customs.. my dear swashbuckling comrade.

verification word is: - homizat ...
especisally for PA it would seem.

Anonymous said...

Well, hello. It turned out to be a great fig, and it makes me a bit jealous. I wish that level of detail and dynamism had gone into a character with more imaginative design, rather than a goth girl in her everyday attire. Luckily her magic Staff Of One adds an iconic desgin element. Very happy for Runaways fans.

I'm afraid this is a character I find devoid of interesting traits, so I'm not excited about the fig. It's a very good sculpt, but I don't see a 'wow' factor in it, but rather in the same class as Nick Fury or Deathlok. Also, I agree that her pose looks creepy. She seems in the act of throttling
herself. There's something kinky in the pose. Does that reflect the character's personality???

The third costume is definitely the most iconic, and I'm really happy that it won. The combination of that costume and the paste gun is also 100% Marvel canon, as can be seen in this picture:
I think this dynamic pose would make an awesome fig. A simpler pose can be seen in the Virtual CMFC Gallery:
I think the paste gun adds a great visual element to the fig.

Victor Costa said...

Nico is awesome, but her a face is a little different from the comic books

ted sallis said...

Heh, DP have you got a " Gender Bender"? best birthday present i ever received.
Your the very man to tell me where i can find the perfect Deadpool image....some weirdo wants a zaic ;) a head portrait with gun or sword in view....yeah i'm a chancer. i hate wading thru google results, do this for me and i will nominate your pick if i win the comp.......

Anonymous said...

Sorry Deadpool, but there's no chance in hell that the Admin skew the vote in favor of their wants. Since very few of them are big X-Character Fans. And a lot of their favorites haven't even been made yet. I know you guys love conspiracy theories as they seem to turn you on as much as you talk about them. But there's no conspiracy occurring. Other than the ones going on in your sad but vivid imagination.

And yes, it would be nice if more people knew about the forum vote. But the results they get offer a nice cross-section of voters that can be extrapolated out to a larger collecting fanbase. Sure there's a margain for error, but the results aren't going to change all that much. You can look at any kind of polls for Marvel collectibles and you'll see similar results. X-Men tend to dominate because they still have a large fan following from when they were the best selling books and the core of the Marvel Universe.

As for the discussion of about whether Marvel is about the costume or about the character beneath. Marvel has pretty much always been based around the idea that it's the person under the mask that matters. That's why they don't do a lot of legacy characters, and those they do are distinct and unique. That's also why characters actually grow and evolve and change their clothes and their costumes regularly. Where as with DC pre-Reboot you had very rare costume changes and legacy carries eventually replaced the older characters but looked the same 9 times out of 10.

Anonymous said...

Also, Subscribers are not "Like Shareholders". What you pay for is the merchandise you receive. Buying something doesn't give you shares in the company or exclusive voting rights. That's not how things work. No company would run their business like that. It would be asinine. We're lucky that EM cares at all what we think. And want input from the forum and the blog. If they had the manpower to run the fan choice polls some other way they probably would. But they don't have the funds or the manpower to do what the forum basically does for free out of a love for the collection. And sure, maybe not everyone buys every figurine. But their wants are just as important as someone who buys every figurine.

Kal Brindle said...

Deadpool you are entitled to your opinions about the forum and other collectors no matter how far fetched or insulting I may think they are; but please try to keep your homophobic BS to yourself. It is not cool or clever or funny - it is simply bigoted, narrow minded, bullying and you are a better man that that.

pirate adam said...

ahh!! Deadpoo, why dont you just come out of the closet and admit your in love with me?? i promise to let you down gently

and the forum vote, it may not be everyone's choice, but everyone can join and vote whereas not everyone can subscribe

so until EM can come up with a better way of running polls and votes i suggest you shut your cake holes and go place a vote


pirate adam said...

Ted....go on this page and check the 7th image down


ted sallis said...

Deadpool wallpapers.Duh!, why didn't i think o that?
cheers PA.
Ha ha DP. i keep me comp pick.

LAWay said...

Deadpool, your comments and attitude is not presenting subscribers who would like a fair say in good light.

This is coming from me of all people.
Tone it down please mate.

LAWay said...

Rob's loft looks ace too!

And John said something along the lines of 'when he see's winter soldier, he see's bucky barnes' past'?

A good point. You dont see his future. Just like fans nowadays don't see his past, they will only recognize bucky as cap, and however he moves on from here. Some old comic fans will only know bucky, and may have stopped reading years ago.

I dont understand this obsession with hating on doing different costumes/aliases. Archangel IS NOT Angel. The character and personality and history of both characters are different. Same with bucky, winter solider and cap...they are practically different people!

No one asked for a black spidey granted, but I feel EM thought it would boost sales. It probably did. I love spidey, but was disappointed. I didnt want him on a stupid wall, where you are paying £10 for lead bricks. That is why it didnt work, but EM were greedy and wanted more money from fans.

I also cant believe that there are some people limiting others of the enjoyment of the marvel universe restricting characters from being made. I feel people saying 'no' to redos is the same as saying 'subscriber only vote'. The difference is, when it is your way, its ok.

LAWay said...

Also, a solution for this 'subscriber only' debate.

Like John said, advertise the blog in the magazine. It wont cost money, its your own magazine and own site. On the inside front page or inside back page. Also link the forum in the blog. It is hard enough to find as it is.

If more readers in general visit the blog, then the forum, then surely everyone wins. Sure, subscribers still feel hard done by and wont be convinced they are being listened too, but it is a start.

It is impossible to hold a vote like the forum does for subscribers. We are talking thousands of subscribers, and it would be impossible for them to send in 5 names and for someone in EM to organize that.

However, we have received poll forms before, or customer feedback forms. How about sending subscribers a poll form, either with a list of 12 characters, or the option to vote anything, but instead, limited it to specials. So the subscribers get a 1 off special 'special' vote. It is nothing too drastic to upset non subscribers, and gives the subscribers a feeling of appreciation.

This is the main issue here. Subscribers who have followed the collection need to feel loved and appreciated. Seeing casual buyers competing or winning contests and getting characters made does not invoke this feeling. It feels unbalanced. The subscriber feels like he is being taken for a ride and others are benefiting on his loyalty and hard earned money spent into the collection.

Should EM hear out non subscribers? Of course. They must know what they can do to improve customer relations and get more people spending more money. Does this mean EM should ignore subscriber benefits? No.

How is it ok to listen to what someone who doesnt buy many figurines what they want from the CMFC, but its not ok to listen to actual subscribers? Because they are going to buy every figurine anyway? That is not appreciation, that is everyone disrespecting the people who are pouring money into this thing to keep it going.

I understand alot of international buyers are doing the same and would want a say themselves. I am not talking exclusives, but maybe Diamond can run a special poll too for US folk. Could be good PR to: 'As voted for by Diamond'.

This idea takes nothing away from anyone, but gives other people a say and sense of appreciation.

(and if that wont do, just give us subscribers something free once a year. *cough* variants *cough*)

Victor said...


JinxDealer said...

100% agree LAWay, its like you read my mind @ times...

JinxDealer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deadpool said...

Clearly Kal you don't actually know what Cherry Pickers and Cheese mongers are .... check out the uk military.

As for the subscriber debate.

I rarely push the argument this far but the bottom line is that we should have a louder voice than you guys that only purchase select figures.

I am a subscriber.

Now lets here from you guys... are you.

Law I too agree 100% about a poll form in the magazine for subscribers.

Clearly I have struck a chord for so many forum suck ups to act with indignation.

ted sallis said...

Yep the guys at EM should keep one thing in mind when fawning over the forum, they are more akin to the Muppets than the Murdoch's.
Nothing against the vast majority of forumers heck i have a couple of bona fide pals from there.
Non subscriber/subscriber we are all's just us subscribers are ever so slightly more gorgeous. It would be nice if EM tossed us the occassional token in appreciation.....Ok with the forum first of course;)

Deadpool said...

Since I have gotten everyone's attention with the main gripe that subscribers have.

It is time to announce my departure.

I have some serious work on the horizon that will take me away for a couple of years.

So to Ted, Robert, Law, SV, PA and all the others ...

I say goodbye ...

ted sallis said...

Take care of yerself ya handsome sumbitch.We will still be here in a couple of years...if yer heading somewhere dangerous perhaps now would be the time to sell me yer Bloodstone mod ;)
take it easy big guy

LAWay said...

Man DP is going to have a load of unopened subscription boxes in that time. He'll be too busy to even take part in a subscriber only vote. ironic. ^_^

Take care man. I'm sure we will hear from you soon.

Gutterpunk said...

I don't live in the UK. It's impossible for me to subscribe. Being called a 'fudge packing cherry picker' is pretty offensive.

Advertise the forum in the mag, like a few others said. BUT OH NO, what if a fudge packing cherry picker happens to buy the mag and find out about the poll too? THE WORLD WILL END!!1!

Seriously, guys.

Kal Brindle said...

An idea about redoes that I always thought might work would be to do a Team Magazine Subset.

16 team mags celebrating major Marvel superhero and villainous teams with a figure representing the team - no reason why some of those figures can't be do-overs.

Avengers - Ape Beast
X-Men - C.ockrum Storm or 90s Rogue
Brotherhood - White Mystique
X-Force - bigger Cable or Boom Boom
Champions - Darkstar
Thunderbolts - Mach IV or Citizen V
Circus of Crime - Princess Python
Winter Guard - Vanguard
Hood's Gang - The Hood or Madame Masque
Young Avengers - Patriot or Hawkeye II
X-Factor - Layla Miller
Savage Land Mutates - Lorelei
Heroes for Hire - modern Luke Cage
New Warriors - Speedball or Justice
The Wrecking Crew - Piledriver
West Coast Avengers - US Agent
The Rangers - Texas Twister
Zodiac - Scorpio or Virgo
Hydra - Bob or the Baron
Marauders - Sabretooth redo or Scalphunter
New X-Men - Anole or Dust
Sinister Six - classic Doc Octopus
Excalibur - Meggan
The Pantheon - Hector or Ulysses
Runaways - Karolina Dean or Molly Hayes
Alpha Flight - Vindicator or Talisman
Beta Flight - Diamond Lil or Marrina
Squadron Supreme - Hyperion
Horsemen of Apocalypse - Archangel
Defenders - Hulk Special

And so on just put in the team and character of your choice and this could be a really sweet idea.

I love the mags almost as much as I love the figures and it would be awesome to have a mag dedicated to our favourite teams. Rosters with headshots, major story arcs, rogues galleries, it could be so frickin' cool.

It would also be a way to get characters with minimal history or development like Bulldozer or Devil Slayer into the collection as a representative of an entire team.

Pitch that please Dan!

LAWay said...

Gutterpunk - what DP said isnt a reflection on what others are thinking or expressing their views.

I think the forum cant be advertised in the mag. It isnt official and being a Marvel product, it cannot approve of everything that gets posted there. Then its the issue of money. The forum would have to pay the mag to advertise in it, or may get iffy with the mag if it directs too much traffic for its servers, or may even suggest EM pay them. Again, the main point is that it isnt official.

It should promote its blog more, and in the blog link towards the forum, but thats as much as it could do.

Kal, i like the idea, any idea which includes redos and variants. But it doesnt need to be limited like that. Doesnt need to be a subset. Doesnt need an excuse. EM just need to start doing them. People already saying they wont buy Nico, so what difference would it have been if it had been a redo or variant?

ted sallis said...

HEH,the winner of the comp should select a redo..stand firm refuse to alter your choice. when they say you are not following the rules of the comp and move on to the runner up. you choose a variant too and so on, exercise a bit of people power ...people.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,Its not exactly a 'redo' or 'alternate' character, its a whole different character."
No, it's the same person in different shoes.
Winter Soldier is James Bucky Barnes.
Archangel is Warren Worthington III.

,,Shaman wasn't bumped for Trapster. He was bumped for Deathbird."
Deathbird had more votes than Trapster. Would be better Deathbird + Shaman.

,,can people stop asking for Rocket Raccoon as its already been said they wont do it"
Nobody is asking for him as regular. Give him with Groot as next double pack.

,,Next extension can you focus more on the " mainstream" characters?...other characters that have had many appearances and are more recognizable...Power Pack"
Who the f.k
are Power Pack?
Sounds like deal from McDonald or KFC.

spidey_1979 said...

I just noticed - The staff part of the staff of one should be wooden with gold at the base. It shouldn't be gold all the way down.

John said...

I like you Tomas. :)

"How about sending subscribers a poll form, either with a list of 12 characters, or the option to vote anything, but instead, limited it to specials. So the subscribers get a 1 off special 'special' vote. It is nothing too drastic to upset non subscribers, and gives the subscribers a feeling of appreciation."

I like this idea. I buy every figurine, but live in the US and can't subscribe. But I also feel that any of the big buyers in the US know its a UK collection and would be more than fine with this. Votes on 1 Special per year for Subscribers. I like it.

"Deadpool you are entitled to your opinions about the forum and other collectors no matter how far fetched or insulting I may think they are; but please try to keep your homophobic BS to yourself. It is not cool or clever or funny - it is simply bigoted, narrow minded, bullying and you are a better man that that."

Ditto. This is why a lot of 'forumers' don't post on the blog. They think it's full of rude and offensive people. Well...

LAWay said...

Characters are the same in the literal sense. However when they have changed aliases, it has usually come with a major personality change. Although what a stupid and petty issue to base figurines on.

I aint buying a mac gargan figurine. I ain't buying Peter Parker. I ain't buying Warren Worthington III. I want the super heroes and villains. They may be the 'same person', but like an actor, its a different character. If the collection was iconic movie characters, would you not have Jack Sparrow, edward scissorhands or the mad hatter cos johnny depp got made as willy wonka. It would be having only a Roger Moore James Bond figurine and no other bonds...because he is the same character. Only A Christopher Eccleston Dr Who figurine because he is the same person.

People say they want the most characters as possible, so what is the difference? If you dont want variant costumes, at least allow characters who have changed IDENTITIES!

Bucky Barnes is different from the brainwashed, ruthless killer that was Winter Soldier, who is different from the reformed Captain America, who is still different from his origin Bucky. If no one told you, you wouldnt be able to link those 3 characters in the slightest because they are so different.

Mainstream, A list characters, heroes and villains. Swept aside because of ignorance? I dont buy it.

Gremlin in the works said...

Give me an Archangel figure and I will die a happy man. Ok so it would be another Warren Worthington III figure but the Archangel look and persona is far removed from the Angel one. Both versions have had longstanding careers and as a result have gained their own fans. He would most likely have to be a special but what a special he would be in all his metallic winged glory.

The other obvious candidate is Hank Pym as Giant Man. Again another special would be needed here but I am sure this version will have his fans. As we get further into the realms of lesser known characters I bet that a Giant Man special will sell just as well as a Strong Guy, Terrax or Wendigo special.

I don't like the word re-do and I don't think EM would ever refer to figures like that. If we were to get the same character in a different costume you could called it an Iconic Costume Varient or something. Again the obvious candidates are Beast (Ape), Mystique (White Dress), Havok (Ehhbeater head-dress) and Bucky. Trouble is would people buy a second version of a character they probably already have. EM would need to commit to this new idea and do a decent amount of varients otherwise the few which were done would stand out like a sore thumb. In all fairness the most liekly course of action would be a subset offering different takes on characters we already have. Sadly I just don't think there is a market for it as judging from various peoples posts over the last few years many would skip on it.

If a subset were to be done it would need a proper theme. The original XMen theme was a good idea with 60's costumes of Marvel Girl, Beast, Havok, Cyclops, Iceman and a few villains like Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Mastermind and Unus or somthing like that.

Victor said...

Please don't forget Binary (Carol Denvers)

Victor said...


Thor8 said...

LAWay,Gremlin; I'm with you 100%. This is what I have tried to put across time and time again but some people don't seem to or don't "WANT TO" understand. Identities such as GIANT-MAN/GOLIATH,RONIN,BUCKY,ARCHANGEL would make great looking figurines and I believe many fans and collectors would indeed buy them.

As for other versions of certain characters done before,I say "WHY NOT"? IF we could get two Spider-Man specials and a movie version Iron Man mark 1 special,I don't see what the problem would be about getting an Archangel figurine or a Battle Armour Thor.Many a fan has stated on this blog that they would gladly buy the "ape" looking Beast,a white dressed Mystique,or a "classic" armor Iron Man,so if this is what the collectors want,what seems to be the problem? I don't see hear DC fans threatening to bomb EM's offices for giving them a hundered and ten Green Lanterns.

tinodragon14 said...

I would support doing some characters in their classic costume like MYSTIQUE, HAVOK, DOC OCK, THE MANDARIN, THE BEETLE or characters like Hank Pym as GIANT-MAN or better yet as GOLIATH & Angel as ARCHANGEL though obviously GOLIATH would be a special & probably ARCHANGEL with his outspread metal wings. I'm sure there are those who would buy a Ghost Rider on his bike special like Batman was done on his. I wish they would do the original bad guy BLACK KNIGHT on his flying winged black horse. Oh well.

tinodragon14 said...

Or the original X-Men in their original looks or the Beast in his blur fur Avenger days or maybe Ironman in his bulky golden armor or his stealth armor or Hulkbuster armor. I wish they would do the RHINO in his more smooth skinned original look charging or ABOMINATION in fist clenched battle postion without the weapon.

mighty_marvel said...

If a subset were to be done it would need a proper theme. The original XMen theme was a good idea with 60's costumes of Marvel Girl, Beast, Havok, Cyclops, Iceman and a few villains like Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Mastermind and Unus or somthing like that.

said it once and i'll say it again.


would give alot of the most wanted resculpts including white costume mystique, ape beast, archangel, 90s rogue, blue/yellow costume cyclops, a proper jean grey instead of phoenix and white costume storm. and as well as resculpts it would also allow for x-men characters who aren't in the collection yet.

this subset would appeal not only to x-men comics fans, but also those who watched the animated series.

pirate adam said...

i would love an Iron Patriot but doubt we'd ever get him as we already have Green Goblin


pirate adam said...

so just done my forum vote, not sure if i'm aloud to tell you who i voted for so i'll just tell you two of them, and i picked them for two of my bestest best buddies on this very blog,

for Robert i chose the RECORDER and for Ted i picked Bloodstone

i'm pretty sure that John will be happy with my other choices though


John said...

PA, you can't just drop a line like that and not give me details! ;)

Star-Lord? Is it Star-Lord?

CGJ said...

Sorry Kissynose but you can't say you are worried about sales and longevity and then have New Warriors, Power Pack and Speedball in your requests in the same paragraph

If the character under the costume is what we are truly collecting, why are we bothering to put costumes on them at all? Lets just have WW3 and Peter Parker in their civvies and have pictures of all the costumes they wore in the magazine.

That way you can look at the visually stimulating collection you have created and imagine how they looked in all of the costumes they wore over the years.

And lets just be clear so we dont muddy the waters, this is not a call to redo all of the costume mistakes that have been visisted over the years (sadly), but to get representations of characters that were actually different superheroes.

Archangel was not Angel, Bucky Barnes was not Winter Soldier, Giant Man was not Yellowjacket

And can we can Rocket Raccoon with Groot requests as well? Thats like your daughter coming home and saying 'Dad can I have tattoos and a drug habit?' 'No' 'Ok, well can I have tattoos and a drug habit AND marry a man in prison instead?'

John said...

"Archangel was not Angel, Bucky Barnes was not Winter Soldier, Giant Man was not Yellowjacket"

To me, they are. And to many collectors, they are. Wether many collectors CARE is another question, but Giant Man and Yellowjacket are both definitely Pym.

"And can we can Rocket Raccoon with Groot requests as well?"

That's just my favorite character. That's not hurtful at all... :(

Robert said...

Had no intention of posting this morning after reading over yesterday's posts. I started Saturday with a post hoping for a peaceful day on here and, later, when I read some of the comments I ended up not bothering posting here and limiting myself to my blog.

Anyway, the only reason I came on here to post was to say thanks to Adam for voting for the Recorder.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,I bet that a Giant Man special will sell just as well as a Strong Guy, Terrax or Wendigo special."
I don't think so, look at poll Strong Guy, Terrax and Wendigo are leading by 10 or more points over Giantman. Also we already have Pym in collection and he isn't part of Avengers movie, so he won't be more popular than now.

Archangel is still Warren, and I wouldn't put this figurine next to Angel who is Warren too from the same earth-616. But I prefer Archangel version too, so I will have to sell Angel.

Character created by Marvel deserves to be in the collection, and because few guys don't want him, this character can't be in?
Saying someone doesn't fit is really frivolous argument. If it's not money, then what? Say the real reason.
Thor isn't character created by Marvel and is in. Marvel only changed few things in character created by Nordics.
Rocket Raccoon is created by Marvel, I don't care he looks like animal, we have many characters in Marvel looking like animals, example - Pteranodon (Sauron) is in. Just give Rocket with Groot like Puck with Sussy.

John said...

Ha! I'm really liking this Tomas guy. :D

Robert, I'll avoid all argumentative comments to help with the peace.

Golden Age fans (or any Marvel fans) there is a poll on the forum for which GA character you'd like to see in the next extension. Results will be sent to Dan by... next Friday? At the moment, only 82 votes are in. My favorite character is winning (Namora) but with the numbers still so low, it doesn't really prove much. Please vote if you haven't. ;) And a vote for Namora, Angel or Human Torch would sure make me happy. :D

Victor said...

or REd Raven! :)

LAWay said...

Its quite hypocritical saying no to 'redos', yet admitting you want certain ones, and even characters that EM have said 'no' to themselves.

Hank Pym isnt in the Avengers movie not because he isn't popular enough. An Ant-Man movie is having its own treatment and is contracted to do so. Thats why we are not getting hank, scott, antman, giant man, yellow jacket, whatever you want to call him, thats why he aint in the movie, not because of popularity.

I think making things 'specials' is a chance to fluff things up. Look at black spidey and movie iron man. Because of the price of them, and the direction EM took with them, it has tainted the whole idea of revisiting a character, simply because they are bad figurines, not because of the characters themselves.

EM just need to play it safe with the sculpt and not try to make it seem 'special'. A Jim Lee x-men would be an amazing start to introduce, or test the waters with the idea. Alot of X-fans already, we know this from the collection. At the time the comic sold better than anything else. It was some people's introduction to the world of xmen in that era (like myself). Fans of the cartoon series would love it...they released the dvds of that series because fans of it exist.

If it sells, great, integrate slwoly into the collection with the alias changes like archangel, bucky, venom etc first. Monitor those sales. If it hasnt dipped, integrate costume changes that people have been wanting for years.

If at any stage any of this fails, then shut down the idea and continue with what you have been doing. I wouldnt complain if EM listened and tried, and if it was unsuccessful, then the collectors have spoken.

Alot of people on the blog seem to like the idea, and alot of people are loud about their disdain for it. I say just give it a go and give us proof whether the fans would actally buy them or not.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

LAWay can You read and understand it?
I didn't say Pym isn't in movie because he isn't popular, but he won't be more popular in special poll next year, because he isn't in movie. Look how popularity grew up for Destroyer after Thor movie. Antman movie is just a plot for now. If they will make this movie, then will be reason to make this figurine, at now we have Pym.

I'm interested in Archangel figurine, but in additional subset, not in place of regulars or specials. But it's too early, I would prefer a subset for most wanted still don't started team with about 8 members.

Becquerel said...

Sheesh, so much hatred in these comments. It makes me sad...

Also, subscribers "not getting any appreciation" is, to be frank, BS. You already are getting everything at lower prices and as soon as it comes out. I think that's appreciation enough - you don't need to completely lock out everyone not sitting on your island from having influence onto the decision of which character(s) should be included.

Subscribers are important to EM for sure, but I think that they're not making up the majority of the sales, especially considering the comparably big amount of collectors sitting in Central Europe (most importantly France and Germany) and across the pond.

Loki said...


I've been collecting these figures for a couple of years now as a subscriber.

Since I am on holiday now, taking a well earned break from my studies, I have finally gotten around to writing a comment here.

Eaglemoss do a superb job creating these figurines.

I do feel that subscribers should have a say in the direction of this collection and, having read the comments over the last few subjects, heartily agree with the idea that subscribers should have an independent choice of figurines.

I understand the frustration that has been displayed by some of the bloggers and think that the forum is more akin to a Quango than a truly representative voice of collectors and subscribers as a whole.

Americans are rightly upset because they cannot subscribe but they appear to rant and rave when they should petition for subscription.

Bloggers like Lawey, Ted and the much defamed Deadpool are in my opinion quite correct that subscribers should be given priority.

I sincerely hope that my first post to this blog will not be met with the same abuse and hypocrisy that the likes of CDR and Karl Bindle appear to deliver.

But I suppose this remains to be seen.

Lawey I like your art work.

Ted you too are a talented artist.

Deadpool you are an expert customiser and skilled sculptor.

Robert you have a lexicon like mind when it comes to the Marvel universe.

The atmosphere here is often quite jovial.

Keep on blogging and keep things positive.

Remember that everyone has a valued opinion and that subscriber numbers keep this collection as a vaiable enterprise.

TheTooN said...

I dont really get how EM could make the same decision about Rocket unless its was to temporarily take the heat out of the whole Duck debate.

I hope to see him as a special in the future with Groot. He is certainly popular with the fans here and the forum and I can honestly say I cant remember a single post/blog saying anyone doesnt want Rocket.

Maybe my mind works in funny ways.

I also couldnt understand why Dan mentioned possible difficulties with modern Gamora and wondered if he was being a bit sarcastic after our doubts on EM's ability to pull off the fishnet.

Dan ? Are you still reading after the last couple of days ?

Play nice guys and gals :)

Anonymous said...

The U.S. will never be allowed to offer subscriptions due to the lead content of the figurines. We're lucky they can at least be sold in speciality/comic stores.

And subscribers do have a voice. They can write EM letters, post on the blog, and even find their way to the forum. But they shouldn't have a louder and more important voice than anyone else.

tinodragon14 said...

I still would ask DAN if with ODIN is confirmed for Sept.
is MODOK next or is NORTHSTAR & sis?
I also still hope you will confirm TERRAX as the next special.

Deadpool said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LAWay said...

Loki being so polite and complimentary? What sort of mischief is that?!

haha thanks bud. Nice to hear a new reasonable voice on the blog.

LAWay said...

As opposed to Becquerel. I suggested an option for international / US buyers to have their own voted figurine. Did you not read?

I dont really read 'hatred'. I hear strong opinions, but no one is really being abusive or offensive. Comments like that stir things up making them worse than they are.

Tomaz, re-read your pym comment, my bad, totally read it wrong.

CBR Beast mentions US buyers are LUCKY to even buy the collection. So just feel lucky you can vote on the polls, and like I dont, dont feel like it is a god given right. Subscribers are the only ones who would 'rightfully' demand any sort of feedback since they are fully committed. Thats not saying US buyers aren't, but again, they are lucky the collection is available through special stores, and while its a shame they cant subscribe, they are lucky they can buy them at the moment.

There is a divide of subscribers and everyone else. Having £1 off a special throughout the year isn't a massive incentive. As people have mentioned, the binders and plinths are useless with collections as big as this. And we don get them as soon as they are available. If anything you wait longer because you have to wait for your 2 pack. They dont come individually through the post. And they get a lil backlogged, I still get my regular monthly package, but I am not up to date with the deliveries.

I stand by my previous post.

-Promote the blog better in the mag, with the blog to direct people towards the forums.

-Give Subscribers an option to choose 1 special during the year.

-Keep the forum vote as usual.

-Have a Diamond selected figure as voted for by US buyers.

Everyone is a winner. Feel free to ignore these ideas like people have been doing though and just jump on the whole 'subscribers - boo!' bandwagon.

Appreciation is showing you care. Subscribers are saying they dont feel this. Thus you cant say are are being appreciated when they feel otherwise.

Loki said...

Regarding mischief.

The Devil is always in the detail.

Many a fiend has mesmerised his victims with a silver tongue.

Loki said...

I propose the following: -

1 x Figure voted by subscribers
1 x figure voted by the forum
1 x figure from the blog competition
1 x figure randomly selected from MU.

Loki said...

Without being accused of SPAM.

I would like to compare the number of forum users who make the decisions for the collection compared to the quantity of subscribers.

Additionally I would also like to see the number of forum users who have a full collection.

It is quite likely that a many of the forum users are indeed from the "Cherry picking" category.

Eaglemoss should rate their customers by how much they spend.

That would certainly sort the men from the boys.

Or is that Subscribers from the Forum voters?

Anonymous said...

Nah. It's perfect how they're already doing it Loki. I don't even know how you'd really select a random character. It would have to be a pretty big hat to put 5,000 names in.

Anonymous said...

Loki, you may as well just go back to Deadpool. Since it's not fooling anyone. And who cares if some people don't buy every figurine. Every one that they buy is still one more sale for Eaglemoss. And they have just as much right to a equal sale as someone who buys everything.

Anonymous said...

Equal Say, that is.

Damn cat walked across the keys. And I missed the typo.

Anonymous said...

As noted before. Buying something doesn't give you shares in the company or exclusive voting rights. What you pay for is the merchandise that you receive. Nothing more and nothing less. That's the reality of the world. I buy a ton of comics, doesn't mean I have a right to tell Marvel what to print. They may on occasion be interested in what fans have to say. But that doesn't mean my voice is any more important than someone who buys only one book.

ted sallis said...

CBR show us your pussy. I'm a softie fer cats.
My brother in law Carlo's favourite joke..Q What's a specimen?
A An Italian astronaut.
Sometimes i think the lead content is getting to us :)
"As noted before. Buying something does'nt give you shares in the company"........what if you buy shares....wouldn't that give you the company??

LAWay said...

AH, is Loki really Deadpool? Might explain that deleted deadpool message. Like a fool I feel for it.

Although, CBR Beast, equal say is going too far. Everyone should have a say and everyone should be listened too.

But subscribers SHOULD have a special say. Basically subscribers are a fan club, and should have vip treatment.

Maybe EM's subscriptions should only last a year. Then each year you renew, and get different free gifts with each renewal. Or greater discount. Its how every other subscription works.

Gremlin in the works said...

Trouble is if you force the subscribers to renew you are giving them the perfect opportunity to end the subscription too. By having an ongoing subscription you are removing the temptation for someone to end the subscritption and start cherry picking.

It's probably why there has been no price increase. Subscribers would have to resubscribe and that would provide a jumping off point. I think many subscribers have this debit going on in the background. They don't really pay much attention to it now that it has gone on so long. I know that's what I do.

As for giving subbies special votes. I think that is ludicrous. It's unfair to all the US and overseas fans who collect every figure and can't subscribe because of legal mumbo jumbo. It's also unfair to all the other fans who buy some figures but not all. It's a weird topic of discussing who is the more improtant costumer. Every person who is invested in this collection is important.
As has been stated we get cheaper specials and binder ect plus the red spiderman aswell.
I would say maybe EM could release another subbie only special. Like Archangel. It may prompt more people so subscribe but I am sure it would also kick of a hornets nest of overseas fans saying it's not fair and that they wanted a figure too.

mighty_marvel said...

i'd give my left arm for an archangel special. know the phrase is normally right arm but i'm saving that to give for a jim lee era rogue resculpt :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a partworks collection. They probably can't really raise the price. That's why the DC one was started at a higher price point than the Marvel one. Because at that time, production and material prices had already risen significantly. That's why you see shorter magazines and alternative materials which are cheaper than lead being used more often.

ted sallis said...

Hey just caught up, Thanks PA, your a lovely big manly man,Is Bloodstone in the top 3????,tell me puhweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze ;)
Gimme ter top want PA and i will add it to my 5 nominations

ted sallis said...


pirate adam said...

Ted you could vote for any Herald or Asgardian and i'd be a happy man, i would truely love to see Bloodstone get made just to see your reaction


LAWay said...

You just fell for my trap.

You say that if subscribers are forced to renew, then they may quit or become casual buyers, and since subscription numbers are important for the collection to get extensions, subscribers are important.

Then you say for subscribers to have any sort of special treatment as ludicrous.

What a flaming hypocrite. Just admitted that because of the ongoing subscription support the collection survives. You worry without us that it would die, and yet you dont give us the respect we deserve.

What a joke.

Thanks for falling for it though and confirming what I have been saying, you NEED us, and yet YOU feel hard done by if we want some input.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Randomness: ever since I read someone on this blog suggesting a Thundercats Figurine collection I can't stop thinking about it!! Damm my nerdyness!!!!

mighty_marvel said...

that might have been me :D

and speaking of thundercats. i managed to get hold of the first few episodes of the new series. one word - AWESOME

pirate adam said...

Subscibers need the casual buyer just as much as the casual buyer needs the subscriber

tinodragon14 said...

I think if ODIN is coming out in Sept. & then MODOK & then NORTHSTAR in Jan. perhaps he should do a Christmas special special figure of ARCHANGEL. I bet that would sell bunches & everyone would enjoy the irony of his outspread metal wings being made of lead. Of course still do TERRAX after NORTHSTAR & sis.

LAWay said...

PA - that is bull.

If subscribers DIDNT subscribe and casually bought as well, the collection would have been over a long time ago.

Dan said they go by subscription numbers for the reassurance.

Its far from a mutual thing, and I honestly cannot understand the blind ignorance of that. Jog on son.

And yet any positive comment or idea I make that included everyone is ignored. The mere idea that subscribers get something...even just a vote, that others cant, and they act all high and mighty and defensive.

LAWay said...

I didnt want to keep dragging out this debate, thats why i posted my 'solution idea' which was ignored.

Chances are, not everyone will buy every figurine from the forum vote. And people wont buy the competition winner's choice. They have said so themselves with past winners.

They have the audacity to state they wont buy these figurines, but when subscribers want a mere say on something that they want since they are buying everything, these people then jump in, knowing full well they probably wouldnt buy it anyway. Its not as if you miss out when you are not fully committed anyway.

And no matter what, I'm sure stores would acquire ANYTHING, even exclusives if that was the case. So you would still get a chance to be offered it and ignore it. What is the difference?

LAWay said...

My apologies for the tone, but some of these comments really got under my skin.

Bagman said...

Dear Dan, can you please tell LAway that as a subscriber HE is really important and that without him the collection would wither and die and maybe, just maybe he'll feel that he's really the most important collector of these figurines in the whole wide world and then stop posting the subscribers(him) deserve a free gift/voice/vote.... that seems to come up when he runs out of things to say about the figurines themselves. :))

CGJ said...

Ugh this subscriber thing is getting tedious and I am one.

I seem to remember not long ago, somebody attacking the forum for their tactical voting and Mason-esque you vote for my favourite and I'll vote for yours, it seems to have infiltrated the blog too from what I can gather.

I haven't voted on the forum, don't use it. But my 5 would be

Molecule Man
Silver Samurai

Dan, if you get a minute could you clear up whether a Giant Man or Archangel fig would classify as a redo or are they characters in their own right. We might have covered it once before in the dim distant past but I cant remember

Robert said...

"I seem to remember not long ago, somebody attacking the forum for their tactical voting and Mason-esque you vote for my favourite and I'll vote for yours, it seems to have infiltrated the blog too from what I can gather."

I wasn't the person who made that comment but I think you're very mistaken comparing what sometimes goes on on the forum to what happened on here. Horse-trading refers to unethical business practice, originally when horses were sold by unscupulous owners for more than they were worth. The term, then, was used about the forum because it was seen as people promising to vote for someone else's character if the other collector voted for theirs - even, in some/ many cases, when they had no intention of buying the figure. Even if we are generous and assume all voters would buy everyone they voted for, there was clearly "trading" going on in this instance.

Out of nothing more than kindness, Thor8, Adam and Bagman offered to vote for two collectors (Ted and I) who are not on the forum. There was no trading involved as nothing was or could be offered in return.

Additionally, there can be no doubt that, unlike some "tactical" voting on the forum, these votes for the Recorder and Bloodstone are genuine. We would buy these figures if they came out. You all know that.

That is all. Have a good - and a peaceful - day, guys.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dan. How do people vote for future figurines who aren't on the SHFF?


TheTooN said...

Its only held on the SHFF James, they run it on behalf of/in conjunction with EM so if you want a voice go sign up and be heard mate.

I use both and honestly cant see what all the fuss is about between the 2 sets of fans. We basically both want the same thing :)

If folks dont like the style of the forum or any individuals then fine just go and sign up and cast your votes. No-one has to post or get involved if they dont want to.

Anonymous said...

part of the trouble with this collection is the magazine,i understand a lot of work must go into it but people buy for the figurines so who cares if certain characters have enough history,saying that blackheart and thunderbird both made it in and they were hardly ever used but they are both x characters so i guess that's why they made it.i want figurines that are different and visually interesting,i don't look at my collection and think i love that figure because she had a troubled childhood.i think what a great costume,pose etc.i mean domino and nico minoru are well made but who cares?one is a manga reject and the other a goth with a gun,big deal.there are so many much more visually interesting and longer standing characters who have not been done.tarantula,death adder,thundra,stilt-man,whiplash,living laser,hyperion,whirlwind,diamondhead,fly,siberian tiger,man-bull,torpedo,whizzer,killer shrike,diablo,mr.hyde,cobra far from this extension i am only buying 8 of the figurines because it is so biased towards very minor x and even worse female characters,hela not included.

LAWay said...

never been about me Bagman, always been about the subscribers as a collective. And these issues only come up due to argue other people's arguements.

Like I said, i suggested ideas that would work for everyone and not really change much for everyone to get a say. Of course you ignore and don't offer any ideas yourselves and focus on subscribers vs everyone else.

I am fed up keeping on typing it, but I wont stop defending it if people are being disrespectful.

CGJ said...

I see your point Robert but that is not horse trading, merely people throwing a vote for a character they might not otherwise simply because they like you

Exactly the sort of behaviour that was called in to question between forum members hoping for rep points from Mods and admins

pirate adam said...


dont tell me jog on and dont call me "SON" you ignorant piece of SHIT!!!

people are getting very pissed off with your holier than thou attitude, so what you subscribe, its you choice your not forced to so why the hell should you get anything more than anyone else

go take a very long run of a very short pier and save us all from your constant whining, YOU NOB!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Toon, ashame really as I've been collecting this collection right from day 1! With the polls being only in SHFF I won't be allowed to vote by the team for all the hassell they gave me afew years ago... Is there anyway I can vote? Can I PM an admin or something as I too have a right to vote... As It's the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection not the SHFF collection

Bagman said...

Thing is about subsriptions --- NOBODY IS FORCING YOU TO SUBSCRIBE --- If your not happy with what's being offered (or in this case not offered), don't subscribe.

pirate adam said...

James, i remember a few years ago Rich let a blogger who was banned from the forum cast his votes directly to him, maybe Dan would do the same

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

You should know forum isn't place for hassel. Looks like you didn't read rules.
,,SHFF collection" What? 1 min for register and anybody can vote, people from all countries where is CMFC, know about existing this forum, but if you don't accept rules...
Votes from over 1000 current members > few hassel knock out former members.

John said...

Sorry if this has been answered already. I've had to do a lot of skimming. Bleh.

Tino: "I still would ask DAN if with ODIN confirmed for Sept. is MODOK next or is N&A? I also still hope you will confirm TERRAX as the next special."

MODOK is this year and N&A should be out early next year. And I agree that Terrax should be announced next. He'd be amazing.

Anonymous said...

Lon Chaney, Blackheart isn't an X-Character. Maybe if you... you know, did some research on these characters instead of just viewing them with an uniformed standpoint you might be aware of some things. And the magazines are just as important as the figurines. And you couldn't have one without the other as that's the point of the collection. Also you list a lot of good characters, but the X-Characters and Females you hate are just as valid as them. And most of them that have made it in so far are a lot less minor than the characters you mentioned. Just because YOU don't like them, doesn't make them less worthy. It's not Lon Chaney's Marvel Figurine Collection.

James, you have to sign up and vote. That's the rules. It's so they can make sure that people arn't making multiple accounts and trying to pad the numbers. Same reason why the voting is now blind, so that people can't get an idea of who is in the lead. That's the only way to make it fair so that every character has a shot.

And there's nothing wrong with tossing a vote for a character that someone else loves, especially if you are happy no matter who wins. Or someone sways you with a character campaign in the campaign thread. There's nothing shady about that. Especially if you're someone who's happy to buy pretty much any characters that win and don't have a concrete list of your Favorite 5. Frankly some of the most interesting figurines and magazines have come out of characters I know little about. So I'm happy with whoever makes it in.

Also, I still never understood where this crazy idea of the forum being X-Focused came from. Yeah, they're popular there. But the X-Men are still popular in a lot of places. Even on Comic Forums the X-sections are usually the most active. Sure the comics might not be as great as they once were... but the characters are still popular. But to prove my point that the forum isn't X-Biased, lets look at every character that has been voted into the collection by the forum.

Ant Man II
Jack of Hearts

Pretty diverse list, I'd say. Yeah there's a couple X-Characters on it. But there's actually more Avengers related characters on it.

TheTooN said...

And what a list that is. Jack of Hearts is in my top 5 ever. Awesome paint job. Spiral could well topple Enchantress as my all time fave female. Jocasta is beautiful and I cant wait for Moondragon.

Only one so far thats a wee bit iffy is poor old toad.

I have only been voting for a year or so myself but I am very happy with all of the characters previously put through by the forum.

My votes went to classic characters and not an X in sight :)

Count Nefaria
Grey Gargoyle
White Tiger

Anonymous said...

Clearly you can't be on the Forum then, Toon. Don't you know... it's only for X-Fans. Since that's all they care or vote for. At least according to the uninformed little group who posts here.

I'm a huge X-Fan myself, but I think my selections were pretty diverse as well. Just some characters I either really like or ones I've grown to enjoy. And only one real X-Character.

Dark Beast
Gorilla-Man (Ken Hale)

JinxDealer said...

wow alot of hatred on here at the moment i think we need to calm it down a little. subscribers should have a variant or special figurine vote. U.S guys it sucks you cant subscribe but tough.. u get 4 burgers in your big mac & i get 2 so should i demand the U.S stop getting the 4.. no i accept it !! :) remember the CMFC started off as a UK product made for UK buyers.

LAWay said...

haha for once I am speechless. bravo.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Private Adam. Sounds good. I'll see what Dan says

LAWay said...



Although I am more than happy for US to have their own vote hosted by the distributers (ie diamond website) and for the forum to keep the vote for everyone.

Is that really an idea to get abuse from? Subscribers would feel more involved, US would feel more appreciated, its win win for everyone. Any others ideas would be interesting to hear. Not saying my idea is right, jsut want to discuss ideas and not just put people down.

JinxDealer said...

@ LAWay , i noticed your post regarding the diamond vote etc & thought it offered a very good alternative.. infact almost perfect solution.

Anonymous said...

And yeah it may take afew seconds to sign up but I don't want that Hassell again. All I'd like to do is vote for the characters I'd love to see in this collection.

I would love to vote for:

Baron Mordo

Anonymous said...

Whoops... I'd swap Toxin for Terrax

JinxDealer said...

& before i get attacked.. im not a subscriber BUT would subscribe ttoday if their was a sweetner added.. ie if i subscribe today theirs no rooftop spidey or varients so why should i bother???

JinxDealer said...

@ dan. my money is here now waiting to invest in a subscription you've got to sweeten the deal abit 1st.. just saying a binder & folder not really doing it for me. oh 1 more note fore future figurine collections.. maybe try the plinths/stands with a tier system, i.e the back of the plinth should be raised so the figurines at the back are easier seen & stand out better

jimbob said...

I would subscribe again if we had variants.

JinxDealer said...

@ jimbob. i love variants too & even liked tracking down them on ebay a little bit :)

jimbob said...

I have them all,except the Green Quicksilver variant,which was only exclusive to the French collectors as a test.

I think that EM could do just 2 or 3 variants per year in a subset.That wont be too hard to do.

JinxDealer said...

@ jimbob . yes 2 or 3 variants a year would make me subscribe 100% on the spot, its just a little thing but would make all the difference. theirs a guy in italy on ebay selling green quicksilvers for about £35 & the serial numbers check out to be legitimate if your still searching for 1

TheTooN said...

@Jinx - I am not getting into the subscription discussion myself but I liked your Maccy D analogy :)

And those lucky devils also get 'Double' quarter pounders 'and' third pounders with bacon.

I dont mind them having them at all but I think its unfair we dont :P

JinxDealer said...

@ THE TOON. thanks :) was wondering about your blog name.. are you a fellow geordie??

Robert said...

"I see your point Robert but that is not horse trading, merely people throwing a vote for a character they might not otherwise simply because they like you

Exactly the sort of behaviour that was called in to question between forum members hoping for rep points from Mods and admins."

I agree that voting for a friend's favourite is the same thing whether on here or the forum.

HOWEVER, that it not what the horse-trading term was originally used to describe. Forum members had said that people were exchanging votes, a case of 'you vote for my guy, I vote for yours' with no promise of buying the figure. That's what the horse-trading term referred to. Otherwise, the use of that term makes no sense because nothing is being exchanged.

How widespread it is or whether it makes much difference I don't know (I suspect not that much), but several forum members said it did happen.

TheTooN said...

Exiled for 15 years (nottingham) born and bred in Durham and lifelong Toon fan. Howbout you ?

Robert said...

Newcastle United fans. The only fans in the world who are tortured almost as much as Scotland fans.

TheTooN said...

We like to keep everyone amused :)

Off topic

Just reading in the paper...Nice to see the police doing the business (if a little late). I just cant believe the stupidity of some folk posting FB pics of their 'loot' ! They deserve everything that they get.

And arresting a 14 year old girl for 'incitement' is a masterstroke. I think she asked Who was 'up for it' in Wakefield.

Just wanted to share.

On topic

Even though it will be an eternity before we get any of them I cant wait for the poll results !!

I hope Grey Gargoyle makes it through this extension and I can dream about a classic GotG too.

Can you imagine the clamour for Rocket if Starlord gets in ?

ted sallis said...

Dear Dan you talented man, below are my 5 nominations.
1 Bloodstone
2 Princess Python
3 Recorder
4 Karnilla
5 Molecule Man
I had no idea the delightful bagman had nominated Bloodstone, there was nothing asked for in return. Face it i'm just so damn likeable:)

Robert said...

Aw, Ted, you big softie. Thanks for that.

Anywho, play nice tonight, boys, I'm off to our fair capital to watch Philip Glass play keyboards on Naqoyqatsi.

ted sallis said...

Naqoyqatsi, are you sure that's wise Robert?, Head banging plays havoc with your sinuses, remember your inhaler.
l'm in Teds shed but i will look in on the kids to see that they're not getting up to mishief. Now you go enjoy yerself

Becquerel said...

I'm not even opposed to subscribers getting a special treatment in general.

See, I'm not from the UK (obviously), or from the US, I'm from Central Europe, Austria to be exact. There's no legal mumbo jumbo regarding subscriptions as far as I am aware of, it's just that we simply don't have them offered.

We only have one big German comic distributor sending out the figurines in waves and offering them on a backlist. We're not even close to #150 (the distributor only recently extended to like #80ish), and I haven't bought all of the figurines available there (let alone in general) YET because I haven't been aware of the CMFC until March.
I will get ALL of the figurines though. Hell, I think I'm the only person on this blog or the forums who even bought the damn movie Iron Man Special.

Yet I am called a "f***ing cherry picker" because I'm not able to subscribe, and don't want something as vital to be tacked onto ONLY the subscribers. If I was ABLE to subscribe, I would, so totally, believe me. But I cannot. And thusly, I would feel horrendously left out if I couldn't. And I'm sure the collectors in France (a big chunk from what I know, they even got an exclusive variant after all), and all across the rest of Europe and overseas would be feeling left out too.
And for me, that is *despite the fact* I got (almost) every figurine that is available to me so far.

Verification word is "hopere". Kinda makes me hope I can make my argument clear. And stop people calling me a "f***ing cherry picker" for being unable to subscribe.

SinisterVenom said...

With Toad released in the UK now, shouldn't we be due an update on the CMFC main site now showing figurines 156-160?

JinxDealer said...

@ THE TOON. yes born & raised in newcastle :)

Bagman said...

" remember the CMFC started off as a UK product made for UK buyers."

Marvel comics started as a US product for US buyers, but quickly realised that there is a much bigger market.
And as for being a UK product I'm sure it says "Made in China" on the bottom of the figurines?

"for once I am speechless"
Find that very hard to believe. :)

ted sallis said...

Remember how Eeeeeeeeeeverybody wanted Howard in the collection? but those Marvel smelly types wouldn't allow it??
Well how about Lobo the duck? gawd bless Amalgam. He looks awesome and...he's packing huge guns!!! everybody's happy!!

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