Thursday, 27 August 2009


A bit of a shorter post this week (and a day early) as I'm actually away to the States for a couple of weeks from tomorrow.

First up I've seen a few comments asking us how we choose characters and how we choose poses. So here's a little insight:

Characters – When we choose which characters are going into the collection we look at a number of factors. We look at the character's popularity (within the collection as well as the comic world), we look at how many appearances and the importance of these appearances they've made and we look at how the character fits into our collection.

There's no strict set of rules except that a character must have enough appearances/back-story to make a good figurine and magazine. In the past we've gone for the A-listers first and then moved down through the ranks, while trying to keep the collection diverse. It's not the Spider-Man collection or the X-Men/FF/Avengers collection, so I'm always keen to have a healthy variety.

Now that we've got through pretty much all the 'big' characters the choice is a lot more subjective and it's very difficult to choose characters for extensions mostly because I can't decide who not to make. In the past few extensions, I've let you guys decide (on here and the forum) and I've let a few members of staff/contributors choose some.

I understand the need to complete teams and that is definitely something I want to do but if we just go for completing teams we've already started then we'll have pretty much an entire extension filled with one branch/area of Marvel comics. I know Alpha Flight/X-Men/Brotherhood are popular but it's great to have at least one character representing each area. I think there's a strong chance this collection will continue past 140 and each extension gives us the chance to fill/complete some teams and start new ones.

Pose – As for the pose, this greatly varies depending on the character. Some have very obvious, classic stances/poses that have to be done and others have great pieces of artwork that we can base a pose on. However, now that we've got down to some lesser-known characters, the costume and pose artwork can be slim. We'll try to order most of the comics a character is in and choose reference from these, we'll then ask our sculptors/artists to come up with poses and lastly we'll get Marvel's approval. We always try to capture a little something of the character in each pose, whether that's very subtle or a little over-the-top depends on the character.

At the start of the collection we went for more stoic, static poses that aimed to show the heroic (or villainous) nature of the character but without turning them in to action figures. As the collection has been extended and evolved over the years we've tended to make the characters more dynamic while keeping the integrity of the early models.

At the end of the day, it's for you guys to decide if we've done this well but we're definitely not slacking off. You wouldn't believe some of the arguments/debates we have in the office over the sculpt details.

Anyway, there's a little look into how we work (which made it a longer post than I had originally planned) and here's the Enchantress.



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jarvis69 said...

Thanks for the '' How we choose '' details ;)
Shall we understand a new extention is....'' possible '' now ?
Have fun in the old colonies !

Bill9000 said...

The Enchantress looks great. Always thought the collection could use more Asgardian material in it. Heh! And thanks for the inside look into how characters are chosen for the lead treatment. I've always thought that each wave should have a mixture of characters from as far across the board as possible ... some from the FF crowd, some from the Thor crowd, some from the X-Men crowd, some from the Spider-Man crowd, some that don't really belong in ANY crowd ... and so on.

Anonymous said...

love the enchantress figurine , not sure about her left hand though , what's with that ?
why is she making a gun shape with her hand ?
what about the effect this could have on our young collectors ?
what about gun crime ?
not happy about this at all , i think the figurine has been spoilt by this mistake.
like i said , love the rest of the figurine though !!

pirate adam said...


Jimbob, mate, Mojo was mentioned 5 times not once on the last blog and 3 of them were by you and he has been mentioned many times before that!

anyway the Enchantress looks awsome hope my Asgardian friend is happy now and im free to visit the carribian once again LOL, however i hope she gets a slighty bigger base so her feet dont hang off the edge

4 out of 4 thanks Rich have fun in the states, look forward to Odin being announced when u get back

Jacadoo i remember a time when u was with us Asgardians and now your all for the (resiting typing naughty word) OLYMPIANS, u traitor!

Pirate Adam

Holy Wolf said...

Enchantress looks great! Female sculpts are continuously improving! Her leg stance looks a little wide for that base though lol.

Not quite sure what on Earth you're on about Smiffy to be frank. How can you possibily be spouting on about guncrime because she has two fingers extended, while people like Winter Soldier, Nick fury, Bishop etc actually carry, wouldyoubeliveit, guns! Very strange comment to make...

Ryan Maxwell said...

She's beautiful, Richard!

Enchantress isn't making a "gun" sign, she's casting a spell.

buffduffdan said...

Always love hearing about the process of choosing and designing a fig. Can only imagine how much difficult it must be to choose figurines now, just going off the amount of choices we have on the polls and the random forum choices we get all the time :)

Enchantress looks awesome too! Another great Asgardian fig to add to the collection!

Anonymous said...

One of the best female sculpts in the Marvel series. Great work! Keep it up! Was v.impressed with Taskmaster and Doc Samson... great painting

mighty_marvel said...
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mighty_marvel said...

enchantress looking good. once odin is confirmed to gather them all around we should have a good asgardian display going!

nice info on how characters are chosen. hope we now stop getting special and extension suggestions full of mostly one group of characters. xmen and avengers will naturally get more characters than others but not the 70% and over share some people have been wanting.

as rich has said an extension is likely i just wanted to post my suggestions again. if constant asking worked for blob it's got to work for some of these!


Northstar/Aurora (ALPHA FLIGHT)
Madame Web (SPIDERMAN)


Mockingbird (AVENGERS)
Moondragon (AVENGERS)
Cannonball (XMEN)
Destiny (XMEN)
Wolfsbane (XMEN)
Forge (XMEN)
Sauron (XMEN)
Sister Grimm (RUNAWAYS)
J Jonah Jameson (SPIDERMAN)
Balder (ASGARD)
Triton (INHUMAN)
Frankie Raye (HERALD)
Pete Wisdom (MI:13)
Radioactive Man (MASTERS OF EVIL)


Avalanche/Pyro (XMEN)
Ronan the Accuser (KREE)
Sasquatch (ALPHA FLIGHT)

i do think it's a little xmen heavy when you include alpha flight characters but i did drop 1 and just couldn't choose another to lose between the others.

Jacadoo said...

Enchantress is a superb - even if she is from Asgard!!

PAdam still mates but I’m reading my way through World War Hulk – Hercules and really enjoyed how Marvel are maintaining his bad boy (although a bit dim) image. Must admit I’m a bit disappointed in the current Thor story lines (Asgard now on earth blah blah).

Smiffy dude take some medication.

Rich I can tell we have worked through the A listers, you’ve resorted to giving us blobby.

Nice information regarding earlier poses, but what cant be mistaken is that as the collection has matured so have the skills of the artists and sculptors.

We are now benefiting month on month – but how about a Thor and Captain America re-sculpt, that allows the people who want them to decide on purchasing rather than part of the main running order.

For me:

Thor and Captain America.


Double pack:
Stingray and Tiger Shark.

Fing Fang Foom (many thanks).

mighty_marvel said...

rogue resculpt is a must too if they happen

ikabodcrane said...

i like enchantress!!! Fabulous!!! Unbeliveble!!

this is "my list" for an extension!

142. OWL
148. ARES
159. DUST
166. HUSK
169. PUCK

174. KLAW
180. FORGE
187. SAGE
199. CLEA

206. AGENT X
207. GHAUR
208. HELA
216. YONDU
217. PETRA
218. RONIN
219. URSA MAJOR (Version militaire ou transformée)
220. TOAD
224. NITRO
229. XORN


Fabio Mucci said...


I always think that Jigsaw from Punisher, Simon Garth, the Power Pack, Werewolf by night and - yes - Howard the Duck they must be made for collection!

pirate adam said...

Looking at how good Enchantress looks then surely Sif is a must for the next extension along with Balder the rest of the Asgardians should then be considered for specials:

Warriors three pack
and of course ODIN

i realise this collection would have to go to about 600 to get them all but i think 2 upto 160 would be fair

Pirate Adam

jimbob said...

Enchantress looks fantastic!!!!

smiffy are you high mate!:)

More Asgardians and Odin please!And cant leave out Executioner now we have Enchantress!

jimbob said...

With picking characters from teams i think it would be possible to pick 1 member from each team for the next extension!

I would like more cosmics,but would'nt want the collection to end without completing some of the main teams,or haveing a descent amount of representatves!

1)Ares - Avenger
2)Klaw - FF villain
3)Hydroman - Spiderman
4)Thunderbird - X-Men
5)Thunderstrike - Asgardian
6)Destiny - Brotherhood
7)Shaman - Alpha Flight
8)Pete Wisdom - Excalibur/MI:13
9)Cannonball - New Mutants/X-Force
10)Wolfsbane - X-Factor
11)Wrecker - Wrecking Crew
12)Songbird - Thunderbolts
13)Karnak - Inhumans
14)Air-Walker - Heralds of Galactus
15)Quasar - Cosmic
16)Deathbird - Shi'ar
17)Jigsaw - Marvel knights
18)Clea - Defenders
19)Blazing Skull - Invaders
20)Tigershark - Masters of Evil

limegrove said...

i hope to get sif soon just like thor . no gun poses or gang signs

nickwebb1980 said...


Gremlin said...

Wow, the Enchantress looks enchanting (can't belive I am the first to say that. You all missed out on a great pun there). She is a figure I have been looking forward to seeing for a long time and she does not disappoint.

Thanks for taking the time to explain why you choose certain characters and the poses too. I love seeing a new characetr then trying to find the comic or card the pose is taken off....I'm sad like that.

Its nice that you try to get a broad range of categories in each extension and I understand now that the obvious choices are gone it must be very hard to please everyone. You sound very positive about future extensions which makes me hopeful I will get to see Cannonball and Rachel Grey finally made for the New Mutants and XMen. Plus the likes of Moondragon, Quasar, Photon, Ares, Spiral and Hydroman will also make an appearence.

Keep up the good work, its most appreciated and have a good trip to the states.

Thor8 said...

Hi Rich; Just wanted to say thank you for the following;

A) The sneek-Peek of The Enchantress,she looks very fine. I like the way her facial features were done as this seems to be the bane of many a feminine figurine or action figure.You've dome her justice.

B) Thanks for your time! Four post in four weeks in a row! I imagine you have a very heavy work load yet you've taken the time to post more often.

C) Thank you for the details on how you proceed in picking characters and which poses to use. I was the won you posted this request and I really appreciate you taking the time to reveal this to us.

And now the unavoidable want list. I would like to see the following:

Shaman--Alpha Flight
Mirage--New Mutants/X-Force
Firestar--New Warriors
Moonstone-Defenders/Infinity Watch
Darkstar--Super Soldiers
Ares-- Olipians
Wrecker--Wrecking Crew
I'll post my special wants lter on!

lipstick said...

Nice hair and nice face. Enchantress is really gorgeous!!!
Think about Firestar for the new extension.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

The Enchantress looks awesome!
I really would like to see more avengers (heroes and villains) and SHIELD characters
Baron Strucker
Red Guardian
Madame Masque
Tiger Shark
Silver Sable
Yelena Belova (please!)
Sharon Carter (White costume)
Lady Sif

limegrove said...

baron mordo
molecule man
count nefaria
man bull
uri geller
harold jaekelsson
puppet master
red ghost
dragon man
princess python
titanium man
the sphinx
omega the unknown
wyatt wingfoot
the swordsman
(guardians of the galaxy) take your pick.
franklin richards
i have spoken!

Hawkeye said...

Loving the Enchantress figure - very cool! Just making my usual plea for a J Jonah Jameson figure - sorry to keep banging on about it but if bloggers can get the Blob, surely JJJ can be added to any extension? Remember it's the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection, not the Classic Marvel Superhero Collection. Yours in hope (just outside London!)

Miss Medusa said...

She looks so pretty! Thanks Rich :)

Sunfire next?

spidey_1979 said...
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jimbob said...

I think we could do without anymore X-MEN and SPIDERMAN Villains in the next extension!!!

Make way for other groups we could do with more of!

We have enough X-Men to last us a while,we have very little x-men villains tho!

Siderman villains has a high volume of figs as well!

I would like to make way for more Asgardians and Cosmics for the next extension!!!!

And also have some Wrecking Crew members.There are only four,how about have all of them in the next extension get it over and done with!;)

And also it would be cool to have more Thunderbolts members,Original if possible!


jimbob said...

With the cosmics there are a couple of groups to think about.

Heralds of Galactus
And characters that have appeared in the Annihilation chronicles!:)

spidey_1979 said...

using your argument jimbob you could call for the omission of nearly anyone.

for example we have more avengers related characters than anything else, so no avengers related characters should make an extension. that means thunderbolts are out as they were set up after the avengers were mostly killed by onslaught. asgardians would also be out as they are related to thor who is part of the avengers family. therefore asgardians are part of avengers family also. you've already said we've got enough xmen related characters to be going on with so that means starjammers and shi'ar are out.

see where i'm going with this - you could make up arguments to leave out almost anybody.

all extensions should have representatives from each of the 5 big families of characters - avengers, fantastic 4, marvel knights, spiderman and xmen. obviously some will get more than others but ALL should be represented.

jimbob said...

Well i kinda meant the teams not the families they fall into.

I guess everone looks at it differently?:)

jimbob said...

At the moment i have split up my collection into these groups.

Fantastic Four


Marvel Knights


X-Men Team

X-Men Villains



Villains(Thunderbolts,Masters of Evil and Other villain)

And i have a spare shelf to display others such as Excalibur,Alpha Flight and other characters that dont fit in with the rest of my family layout!;)

Would love to have enough Asgardians to give them their own shelf!he he

pirate adam said...

Jimbob, im really starting to like the way your thinking with the Asgardians, the more the better.

Now if i can just get Jacadoo back on side and with the support of Thor8 and the forum seem to like the Asgardians i dont think Rich would be able to ignore them in the next Extension

however i dont think Spidey and the X-Gang can be ignored totally in the next extension, Hydroman for example would look really cool done similar to Sandman (with water instead of sand obviously) and he has a decent history and plenty of appearances


Pirate Adam

Gremlin said...

My ideal extension would use the skeleton of....

2 x XMen/ally
2 x X-villian
2 x Avenger
2 x Avenger villian
1 x SpiderMan villian
1 x F4 villian
1 x Thunderbolt
2 x MK villian
2 x MK ally
3 x Cosmic
2 x other (horror/golden/other team or genre)

Omitting teams like the XMen or Avengers out of future extensions would be a huge mistake. Remember that they are Marvels biggest sellers and I am sure they sell more than some of the other teams. We are just getting to that good stage now where the main guys are out the way and its the second tier characters that get a chance to shine. Keeping a healthy balance between the big hitters and the curveball teams is what will kepp this collection going on for a long time. So yes give me Cannonball and Photon but also give me Hela, Meggan and Typhoid Mary.

limegrove said...

yaaaaay jorge lorenzo yayyy captain america!

Skott said...

I love this collection! It saddens me so much that I lost so many during my move and now it's near impossible to find what I need to replace.
As for characters I'd love to see in this set:
1970's Ghost Rider
Terror, Inc
Death's Head, the original, yes? Then, if there's time Death's Head II, eh?
Living Tribunal if there was a way to make him look right
and, I have to say it: Marvel Zombies.
Other than that, this set of figures it really awesome! Keep up the great work!

andre said...

First of all we must congratulate you for a dream come true. For me there’s been a long time of waiting for such a fulfillment concept, the idea of having the Marvel Universe characters in sculpture it’s a landmark in my aspirations and I’m very, very pleased with the results. My area is Arts and my field is sculpture, and in general the figurines are amazing works, more so for their small size. All this said I know it will be difficult to please all, each one of us has favorite characters and we all want “our” figurines in the collection. I can’t imagine the pressure it must be to please all, but I think many of our “must wanted” are in the collection. One thing I must point, the few female characters (and when people chose an insect (Annhilius) over one of the must beautiful women in creation (Enchanteress) - and the figurine it’s really beautiful - says everything). I know this is a male oriented product, but I think the Marvel Universe has several interesting female figures (many of them are not treated with all the potential I think they can have). Plus the fact that the ratio is 32 females to 108 males, if we count the 140 already announced. Not wanting to be one of the “pressure voices”, and looking at the criteria you establish to choose new figurines, if a new number of figurines should be considered it would be nice to see more female figures associated with several of the teams (I prefer teams to single heroes).

andre said...

My choices (the underline are my favorites), according to the several pools and considering your proceedings are:
Inumans (Gorgon, Triton, Karnak, Maximus) (all of them have good image and long history)
X-Men (the most interesting in an aesthetical and historical point of view are: Forge, Magic (a very interesting figure, with her X uniform, long flowing hair and a sword, hummm), Warpath, Wolfbane (in a transitional lupine state). Others that have a long history and in spite of being probably less interesting in their image are: Cannonball, Marvel Girl (Rachel, a character that has passed by so many incarnations has gained her place in this pantheon), Mirage (Moonstar, I know that, at the moment she doesn’t have any specific features, but has a very interesting path along the way), Sage (a bit two dimensional, as a character, but with a lot of potential and mystery, and she’s hot), Syrin (I know she’s very similar to her father, but is a very damaged figure, and is interesting to have those who remind us that heroes can fall), Sunspot (in his black sun persona))
X-Men foes (the most interesting in an aesthetical and historical point of view are: Black King, Exodus, Goblin Queen, Mesmero, Silver Samurai, Spiral. Others that have a long history and in spite of being probably less interesting in their image are: Avalanche, Destiny, Toad, Vulcan.)
Alpha Flight (the most interesting in an aesthetical and historical point of view are: Aurora/Northstar (double pack), Sasquatch, Marrina. Others that have a long history and in spite of being probably less interesting in their image are: Puck, Shaman,)
Cosmic (the most interesting in an aesthetical and historical point of view are: Gamora, Mantis, Moondragon (these three in their seventies costumes, should be interesting to have a girl with green skin and another one bald), Quasar (Vaughn))
Avengers (the most interesting in an aesthetical and historical point of view are: Arachne, Captain Marvel (Rambeau, in her first costume). With a long history in spite of being probably less interesting in their image: Firestar/Justice (probably a double pack),
Thunderbolts (the most interesting in an aesthetical and historical point of view are: Moonstone (in her silver costume, before change to the Miss Marvel persona), Radioactive Man, Songbird, Swordsman)
Marvel Knights & Others (the most interesting in an aesthetical and historical point of view are: Brother Vodoo, Clea, Darkstar (with her black uniform with the star (?) in the center), Gargoyle, Typhoid Mary)
Characters not considered in the previous pools (the most interesting in an aesthetical and historical point of view are: Living Monolith, Nekra (her vampiric appearance and Kali costume with be an interesting choice). With a long history in spite of being probably less interesting in their image: Karma (I know she doesn’t have anything distinctive, but is an interesting and troubled character), Magma (in her molten lava persona), Lady Mastermind, Penance, Skein, and some of the New X-Men, in spite of being new and don’t have a long history (the most interesting aesthetically would be: Elixir, Pixie (difficult, I know, to make those fairy wings, but she would be very nice in the collection), Surge, Rockslide, Mercury, Gentle)
I know it’s a lot of names and that many wont be made at all, but dreaming it’s easy, and if at least the several of the underlined names will be made I’ll be, not happy (because I’m already very happy with the collection) but ecstatic.
Keep up the fantastic job, congratulations for the amazing work and the patience to put up with us “kids”,
And hope to see some of my proposals one day in lead and paint….

Thor8 said...
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Thor8 said...

I'd like to see a couple of extra females added to this collection also andre,but I must be fair with EM and say that I believe they have kept the percentage of the female entries more or less up to par with that of the Marvel U. For example in the first run of 100 figurines 21 were females that's 21%, in the first extension there are 5 out of 20 for a 25% and in the second extension there are 6 out of 20 for a 30.5% so if anything there has been a steady increase in female representation.
That doesn't mean I do not wish to see more females (as long as they are at a par with Enchantress and not like Crystal)would love to see the following femmies added;


Bill9000 said...

Just something a little off topic here. If I may ask, how will Disney's aquisition of Marvel Characters affect this line?

Skott said...

That's a very good question...

jimbob said...

I hope we will know soon if the Disney take over is going to effect this collection?

Hopefully they will love it and help it to expand worldwide and create all the characters in the Marvel universe!!!!!!!

bombhead said...

what about having STICK as 1 of the next special characters

Anonymous said...

message to holywolf :

yes you are right , didn't think about the real guns used on some figurines , i was just being funny , but i was still trying to make a point about enchantress's hand though
i don't like that part of the figurine , and i agree with others about her legs , base needs to be bigger or a smaller stance , other than those two points , i think she looks great , so maybe just a couple of changes eh ?

Anonymous said...

well looks like i have upset some of you , so i guess i should apologise.
sorry about my comments about enchantress , i was a little drunk at the time , i love the figurine , just wasn't too sure about the two fingers , that's all , and now some of you have mentioned her stance being too wide for the base , i have to agree on that one but i'm sure the finished article will do her justice , keep up the amazing work guys !!

Anonymous said...

hawkeye :

i have also been going on about civilians being made , jj jamerson
mary jane watson , aunt may , betty ross , general thunderbolt ross , flash thompson etc etc

spiderman civies could be done as a multi pack perhaps ?

hulk civies too maybe ?

Anonymous said...

jj jameson pose :

i'd go for rolled up newspaper in one hand and smoking a cigar with the other hand

think he'd look great !!

Anonymous said...

i agree with spidey 1979 - jimbob you don't know what you are talking about
fair enough there is a lot of spidey villains in the collection , but there's still a few that could be added , but your biggest mistake was to mention x-men villains , we don't have enough , there's plenty of x-men heroes alright , but hardly any villains !!
i can think of loads of characters that we need in the collection , and like mostly all collectors , would love to see the collection extended as far as possible !!

Anonymous said...

ok request list time , long i know but can be worked on , just trying to include popular characters , colourful characters , and one's with larger backgrounds , so here goes :

longshot , spiral , mojo , maverick
silverfox , darkstar , omega red
sasquatch , wendigo , puck , shaman
northstar + aurora , forge , shard
strong guy , thornn , avelanche
toad , gorgeous george , hairbag
ruckus , slab , amphibius
barbarus , brain child , vertigo
sauron , shanna , ch'od , corsair
raza longknife , hepzibah , manta
flashfire , titan , warstar
fang , neutron , hussar
deathbird , d'ken neramani
baron mordo , in-betweener
3d man , angela del toro , jigsaw
nightmare , madame web , bluebird
black tarantula , boomerang
hammerhead , jackal , owl , puma
shriek , spot , solo , stilt man
silver sable , tombstone , toxin
graviton , sharon ventura , klaw
crucible , huntara , mad thinker
texas twister , psychoman , nova
firelord , giant man , terrax
annelle , skrull king , lyja
paibok , puppet master , trapster
red ghost , wizard , blastaar
hydroman , triton , karnak
maximus , diablo , dragon man
dorma , krang , maelstrom
high evolutionary , stingray
tigershark , eel , whirlwind
blizzard , modok , grey gargoyle
blacklash / whiplash , dreadknight
beetle mk II , aracne , ares
atlas , crossfire , firestar
lionheart , mantis , mockingbird
neutron , songbird , swordsman
ultimo , king cobra , asp
puff adder , black mamba
black racer , diamond back
gargoyle ( issak christians )
gargoyle ( yuri topolov )
bulldozer , pile driver , wrecker
thunderball , domino , gamora
kate bishop , marrow , moonstone
miss america , cannonball ,
justice ( vance astrovik )
baron strucker , red guardian
exodus , unicorn , night thrasher
marrina , yondu , ronin , sif
constrictor , count nefaria
speedball , bug , morph
arleta ogord + stakar ogord

nuff said !!

Jacadoo said...

PAdam I'm still on-side for Asgard - my Bowen and Sideshow collection is dominated by Thor!!

But I have the same old worry - we can see the quality of statues are improving issue by issue, my real fear is that the Thor figurine really is starting to look second rate (along with a few others).

I know there will be a number of bloggers complaining but for me Thor is a signature character.

So please Rich why not consider offering (outside of current running list) an alternative pose / costume in way of update?

Thor8 said...

If and when EM decides to re-do some of thier figurines I for one would prefer Thor in his classic attire. If a change in clothing is called for then The Battle Armour look is the one for me.

If Rick is going to be in the USA for a while, will one of you EM staffers be covering for him on the blog this week?

I'm putting together a list of candidates for the next three extensions and a character for a mega sprang into my head. What do you guys think about The Living Monolith as a Mega?

jimbob said...

I would like to know if there is any possiblies of some re-dos in the futre?

Could you give us a reply on the next blog please Richard.:)

I still like the idea of replaceing the old fig with a new improved fig instead of haveing 2 variants.

Jacadoo said...

So come on bloggers lets all get together and request at the very least if re-do's are a potential.

So as things go - heres my list of re-do requests:

Captain America.
Iron Man.
Captain Britain.

Not a large list - but if we are to get anything like a response we all need to ask - so come on whats it to be?

Thor8 said...

Okay,this topic is a little tricky so to say,due to the fact that if everyone wants thier favorite figurine re-done EM might end up doing the whole run over again. Maybe we can just send in those we feel truly have a valid reason of a makeover and EM can hold like an unofficial survey to see which figurines are those with the most requests of a makeover and choose let's say the 10 figurines with the most reguests. If this can be done,please don't write in 20 or 30times making the same request over and over again so it'll seem as if 30 people want so and so figurine re-done. Lets all play fair.(I'm not making up the rules,but rather just expressing an opinion). You can also add a short comment on why you believe it should be re done.

Okay that said here goes my re-do wish list;

Carnage-Worst looking in this run
Crystal-Bad pose,hair,face,ect.
Captain America-Short + Scrawnny
Captain Britain-Short + Scrawnny
Iron-Man-Short + Scrawnny
Doc Ock-Go for Cassic look
Beast-Go for Cassic look
Mystique-Go for Cassic look
Morbius-Short + Scrawnny
Thor- Should be taller

Well there you have it,now let's hear from the rest of you!

Jacadoo said...

OK my rational for my list:

Short + Scrawnny Category:
Captain America.
Iron Man.

Just poor in comparrison:
Captain Britain.

Just Awful:

So there you have my choices - I think we would have a more meaningful list if we stear clear of requested updated costumes etc. And stick to figurines who we feel seriously let the collection down - as Thor8 says keep the list to a maximum of 10 and perhaps our friends within the SHFF or MMarvel could compile requst ratings - just an idea.

Anonymous said...

don't get me wrong , some figurines could have been made to look better like kang should have had a cape on to add extra feature and doctor octopus could have done with more colour brown or yellow added , but if we bother eaglemoss with this , we may not get so many figurines added into an extention , and i personally would love to see as many made as possible

jimbob said...

Just wondering guys how tall is Thor?

Because i thought his fig Height is fine.He is one of the tallest fig out of my Avengers display.

And he is quite bulky,maybe a bit more musculer detailing might make him look better.

Anyway here is my 10 re-dos

Mystique - classic look
Rouge - classic 90s look
Beast - 90s look
Captain America - Bigger muscular
Captain Britain - Bigger Muscular
Iron Man - Bigger
Cable - Bigger
Doctor Doom - Bigger
Punisher - Classic look
Crystal - Better quality

Anonymous said...

some additional ideas for my list of figurines to add to an extention :

the ringmaster , leir , seth
grandmaster , blackout , hulkling

Anonymous said...

large characters for specials :

mojo , sasquatch , wendigo
strong guy , hairbag , slab
ch'od , madame web , terrax
neutron , desak , madman
onslaught , ravage , bor , odin

extra large for mega specials :

giant man , psycho man , ultimo

double pack specials :

atlas + man killer
northstar + aurora
arleta ogord + stakar ogord

pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...

hello jacadoo, glad ur back.

i thought the Thor figurine was ok when it first came out but now the figs are getting much better he looks a bit sad and when compared to the pic of Beta Ray he looks very poor. i think redoos could be a big money spinner for EM and think it may happen in the future.

my redoos

Johnny Storm - worst fig by far
Beast - Bigger, Musclier
Iron Man - should be bigger
Cap America - Bigger, Musclier
Pheonix - change the pose
Sabre Tooth - Bigger, Musclier
Super Scrull - Bigger, Musclier
Venom - Musclier
Carnage - just awfull
Lady Deathstrike - awfull
Thor - should be the best fig out of the lot :)

most people have named Iron Man as a redoo because hes too small but if he is then surely War Machine is aswell

Thor8 just wondering if i am forgiven yet for not picking Enchantress over Annihilus even though she was shown a week later

Pirate Adam

ghost said...

On the subject of re-do's...

God some folk ain't a happy contented bunch. I for one ain't interested, so I thought I'd stand up for those who think the idea of re-do's suck.

Why complain about early figures, you must have liked them enough to keep collecting. I agree some are dodgy.

But Beast? America? Ironman? Thor? Venom? Doc Ock? these figures are excellent.

I could understand it if you moaned about the terrible 'Leader' figure, which considering how late in the collection he was there's no excuse for him being so c**p.

We're all begging for more and more new figures, so lets get them first and then look at at the size of our houses and decide if theres room for civies and redo's.

Look forward to the flak :) Just trying to balance the views!

jimbob said...

I think that the re-dos could be done through out this collection.

It will save new collectors on buying the old ones.

Only Rich can tell us if this is possible.

Please give us some info on this topic in your next blog!:)

Anonymous said...

why don't you lot just shut up about re-sculpts ?

i don't see the point , i'd rather see more figurines added to the collection than waste eaglemoss's time with silly complaints from a minor few !!

no offence guys , but just buy some paint and do it yourselves !!

p.s : i do agree that some figurines could have been better , but don't think that changes should be made , we should be looking forward to future issues and concerntrating on which characters to choose !!

Holy Wolf said...

I agree, the talk of redos is totally and utterly rediculous. EM are much better off making new characters rather than attempting to redo other ones just because a couple of people don't like them, yet still bought them. There's not a whole lot wrong with them. Ok Iron Man may be a little small, and Crystal and Leade might not be great but who really cares? You pay £5.99 for them and the mag, you really can't expect quality like Bowen statues. For the price and scale of the figurines I've always been astounded at the quality of them. They run circles round similarly sized figs from other collections.

As for characters like Captain America, Wolverine, Doc Ock etc. What on eath are you guys on about? Those are some of the best figs in the collection!

Anonymous said...

well said holy wolf , it has become clear to me that some people on here have lost the plot and also have bad taste , some of the requests they make for characters to be made as future figurines suck , i tend to look for characters with a long background , the reason for this , is because the magazine is just as important as the figurine , and if they use a character with hardly any information , how could they produce a magazine too ?

do some research guys , i do , and also use ideas from cartoons i have seen , so i know what characters are important !!

check out the official marvel universe database web site , that helps !!

not only can you see what characters look like , but you can also see how much background they have , then simply use google images to see more pictures of a character and see how their image changes over the years.

check out my want list , you will see some colourful characters there

pirate adam said...

Smiffy said 'why dont you lot just shut up about re-sculpts'

Smiffy, put your dummy back in!!

the question came up that if redoos were a posibility which ones would you like to be done, nobody is demanding that they be done and if you dont want to make a list in the spirit of things then keep your opinion to yourself, thanks!

anyway i found it really hard to think of 10 figs that i would change as the only one i really dislike is Johnny Storm.

Pirate Adam

jimbob said...

I think its fine for people to have views as long as it isnt said in a disrespectful way.

There are always people going to be for or against on what ever is going to be said on this collection.

So i have no problem with this.

Re-dos topic have been discussed on the forum and on this blog.

So it must be kinda reocurring topic that people want an answer too!

Like i said before Richard would be the only one who would now (unless one of you guys work at EM)
if this is possible and give us a reason if he can or can not do these re-dos,which i always find interesting when he explains on how these production of the figs work.;)

Jacadoo said...

Ghost, Holy Wolf and Smiffy - take a tablet and read my original post. There was not a request - just a question.

As a re-occuring subject - this process did no harm to securing Blobby.

Just tobe clear I repeat - re-do's outside of the current running list, not as substutes or taking places of worthwhile additions.


I only make comment in comparrison in quality - Nuff Said - and don't get me started on civilians.

Gents in future try and save the nasty comments - a blog is for everybody not just infants!!

Pirate Adam is watching.....

Thor8 said...

You know it really is sad that some people just can't seem to respect the opinion of others and have to resort to insulting and redicule those they don't agree with. I re-read all comments from those who mentioned re-do figurines and at no momment did I come upon anyone threating to blow up the EM offices if thier petition wasn't met.It was just an innocent idea of which figurines they would like to see improved upon if possible. No one said they "HAD" to be done or else!!! It really rubs me the wrong way when people have to offend others just because they don't agree with them on any given subject.

Smiffy; You say "some people have bad taste , some of the requests they make for characters to be made as future figurines suck" and then refer to your fabulos list of colorful characters. You also said;"if they use a character with hardly any information ,how could they produce a magazine too?" Yet looking at your wonderful list I can't help but wonder how in the world would you make a 16 page mag full of info with characters like; Fang,amphibius,barbarus,brainchild vertigo,raza longknife,chod,solo, spot,bulldozer and many others in your marvelous list?

I could just as easily say that most of your list "sucks" but i won't. Know why?,because you have just as much right as the rest of us to express your opinion. If other bloggers would love to see characters like Howard the Duck,Rocket Racoon,Lockjaw,whom I would gladly do without and whom I wish didn't even exist in the Marvel Universe (except Lockjaw) doesn't give me the right to say that these bloggers are ridiculous or have lousy taste. Thier wants just differ from mine that's all.
If I had a figurine for every time this has been said in this blog I'd have the complete collection three times over!

Thor8 said...

Oh Pirate Adam, Let it never be said that The Lord of Thunder is not without forgivness. As my mercy is as measureless as is my strength and power. So I calleth thee once again friend and ally!

pirate adam said...

ouch!! dont mess with the God of Thunder

thank God were friends again

Pirate Adam

Anonymous said...

i apologise , i meant no offence , just making a point , and as for my list , i think you will find that some characters with less information
or background could be done as double , triple , or even four pack specials
i know that eaglemoss asked this question before about if we would purchase multi pack specials in the future and we have already had the prof.xavier / lilandra double pack
and kazar / zabu double pack

anyway , so if you can't beat them , why not join them ?

re-do's ?

here's my list then , just to stop you lot moaning at me !!

ice man - more colour , add dark trousers

doctor octopus - add more colour

kang - add more feature like a cape

ultron - add more colour

yellow jacket - get rid of wasp being as we are getting a seperate wasp figurine

human torch - add partial clothing showing the 4 logo

crystal - complete re-model

abomination - change base to standard black marvel base

doctor doom - new pose

rogue - change to the sculpt that was on the forum in the competition

well hope that pleases some !!

Hawkeye said...

Yey - support for JJJ from Spidey and Smiffy - cheers guys! Let's keep the pressure on - totally agree with the pose, great minds think alike.

As for redo's I'm actually quite happy with the majority of the figures in this collection - Iron Man, Dr Doom, Capt America are some of my personal favs so can't quite understand why bloggers are so anti them - also I like the Beast figure which appears to have some of you upset. Maybe I'm just easily pleased!

However, I agree with the Human Torch - a missed opportunity for one of my all-time favorite characters. The worst are Carnage and Crystal, neither of which I bothered with as I don't have any particular fondness for the characters, a prerequisite for the purchase of any figure personally speaking. As a 40-something dad with 3 kids, I have to be selective as far as spending on these things goes as I'm sure some will understand!!

(Plus I also dabble in the DC collection (whisper it softly) so that's twice the selection!)

ghost said...

Thats quite funny smiffy :) I like your list.. although you forgot to add:

Green Goblin - fingers too fat

Punisher - face too long

blah blah blah

Its only when you take the micky does it show how daft some peoples comments are.

The human torch is an excellent figure. It must have been a particularly tricky figure to do.

I know some folk think they actually work for EM or are actually gods or sailors or something... but writing 20 comments every week don't make you our representatives.

My 'anti-re-does' comment was placed mearly to balance the views in case Richard actually thought everyone really liked the idea.

I know I'll face flak again for writing this but I'm a ghost, these comments go straight through me (like vinderloo).

Oh wait a minute... I'm not actually a ghost (It's my nickname due to being so well tanned).

PS. This comment is totally written in good spirit - I mean no offence :)

ted sallis said...

if there are to be re-do's i really think that they should be done in a not brand ecch! stylee IE:
knock furious
the mighty sore
and even the inedible bulk!

Thor8 said...

Ahh Ghost I'm so glad you added that post statement at the end of your comment as I was already aiming at your noggin with my trusty mallet.When you say things go right thru you do you mean like in thru one ear out the other? HA!
Just kidding amigo,but now on a more serious note,when I mentioned the re-do's I was just mentioning them as wishful thinking,a fantasy so to say.(Doesn't mean that if EM ever decides to do so you'll catch me cryin' in my collection) It really wasn't a request or demand as such.(At least on my part). I agree that the vast majority of the collection is excelent by far and out does any other collection in this category,and even most of those I mentioned are good,I just mentioned I'd like to see certain details improved.(Even though I still think Carnage and Crystal are the exception).

So I hope this finally clears this topic up, if not just let me know, as your representitives,Pirate, Jackadoo and I will do are best to assist you.

Jacadoo said...

I only wanted to ask peoples opinion on an old topic - peace to all....

So Rich and the boys whats your position regarding re-dos?

And now the Wasp loving Asgardian cant even remember my name LOL!!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha lol , you guys are so funny , this blog is geting like a comedy show , nothing wrong with a bit of harmless banter , as long as it stays that way and we don't start to turn nasty on each other and throw mallets lol thor 8 , and ghost you are a star mate , love the post , anyway i'm so glad i joined this site , i too can now become a comic geek lol , it's nice to get ideas from other collectors and at the same time get your own views and wishes heard !!

i won't just say keep up the good work eaglemoss and rich , but i will also say the same to everyone on here.

thanks guys !!

just an idea , but how about a special double pack containing the confirmed blob character , and also big bertha , lol the blobbies , they could make a lovely couple , the fatties lol , now i'm being silly

bye for now xx

Constantine said...

Enchantress looks great but doesn't that sort of set a president to open up to more Asgardian characters (Sif, Balder, Hogun, Fandrel, Volkstag, etc).

WHo gets to keep the original prototype models? The painting looks far better than the standard production run figures. Anychance they will be auctioned off?

Do a special of the Destroyer Thor (Bowens releasing a full size later this year). It is Sweet.

Do a double of Hulk and Silver Surfer in Planet Hulk costume.

Good blog y'all

Anonymous said...

constantine what are you on about ?

we already have hulk , thor , silver surfer , and destroyer in the collection !!

and why is everyone banging on about asgardians ?
this collection was supposed to be based around 5 marvel groups
spiderman , fantastic four ,
avengers , x-men , and marvel knights , don't get me wrong i would love to see eaglemoss produce as many figurines as possible , but if they start branching out too far into other groups we will not be seeing all of the characters that we would like to for the current groups , and i for one would like to see the groups completed as well as can be with all or most of the main / popular characters in !!

guess we will just have to wait and see just how far eaglemoss are willing to extend the collection to

Jacadoo said...

Mr Smith we do not have the Asgardian Destroyer, just some oldster from Marvel History....

Anyway I believe the Asgarians do have a definate place in the Marvel family - with all collections we keep buying they will keep expanding the collection.

Rich I say again my list for re-dos:

Short + Scrawnny Category:
Captain America.
Iron Man.

Just poor in comparrison:
Captain Britain.

Just Awful:

Come on Rich whats the chances?

mighty_marvel said...

following jacadoo's comment about some figs being comparitively 'short and scrawny' i just wanted to post something i have mentioned on the forum about scale.

spiderman was done to a rough scale of 1:21, as were the majority of the figures up to issue #102. there were only 20 figs up to #102 that are so far off this scale that it made them more than 5mm too big or too small.

more than 5mm too small

doctor doom, iron man, daredevil, captain britain, mephisto, ultron, venom, namor, lizard, cable, carnage

more than 5mm too big

doctor strange, dormammu, leader, quicksilver, black widow, havok, winter soldier, warlock, nighthawk

however, since issue #103 the figures have all been done at a rough scale of 1:19. this has made them all more than 5mm bigger than they should be and made earlier figures look small in comparison, especially so for the ones that were too small to begin with.

anyways, outside of scale issues the main figure i would like to see redone if it were ever possible is rogue. 90s rogue would have been much better imo

Sculpt-1 said...

Hello there Mighty Marvel.

I don't know the reference you're using for scale comparisons but they are not correct.

I don't mean to create any ill feeling it's just that it irks me when people make claims with little or no authority.

I always look at one of the hardback Marvel encyclopedias for character reference whenever possible. This doesn't mean that every figure is 100% correct scale wise but certainly within a millimeter or two at the outside. At least those within my control.


jimbob said...

Hey Jacadoo just checking that you know that Wolverine is 5'3" and his fig is kinda right height.

Just want to check with you!

And i think the 5 marvel groups was just a rough guide for the collection.

Richard mentioned in the Q&A on the forum that he would like to add more Asgardians to the collection.

Constantine said...

Smiffy, it not the WW2 soldier I'm thinking about. There was a robot called the Destroyer that was created by the Asgardians to combat the celestials. The robot was given power from the gods but was energised by life essence (kind of like a vampire). At one time used by Loki it absorbed Thors essence and took on some of Thor's aspects as Thor took control of it (very cool looking character with Thors cape belt and wings). It would make a very cool looking special and has been a pretty big bad guy character in the MU.

With regards to the Planet Hulk characters. I figure Planet Hulk and WW Hulk has been a massive Marvel storyline, if eaglemoss can sell us on repaints (Green and Grey Hulk) or even Original and modern Ironman then why not make the Gladiator versions of Hulk and SS (a personal preference).

Personally, I'd do not necessarily think it would be bad to see a few character arcs rather than obscure characters. Certainly I would like to by such figures to enhance my collect but again that's a personal preference.

As you say, we will see.

mighty_marvel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mighty_marvel said...

jimbob - agree with you. wolverine fig height is about right

mighty_marvel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jacadoo said...

Yes I have to agree with the height of Wolverine, but he does look kinda Scrawnny and as I did not want him to be in his own category (a bit lazy) - I lumped him into the mix.

Nice to see Sculp1 is looking in - at the very least it shows the guys at EM are paying attention.

I have to support MMarvel - although I'm not sure regarding a mm here or there, some of the figurines are definatly smaller or far larger than they should be.

I must also echo Constentine regarding comments for WW Hulk - would be an awsome addition.

Hey Sculpt1 if your still there how about some images of figures during the development / design stages - dont want any secrets just really interested in the creative side of things.

mighty_marvel said...


i have been using character heights listed at and sculpt heights listed in latest figurines section. i have been consistent in where i have sourced information and what i have said is accurate from this information.

unfortunately i do not have a hardback marvel encyclopedia so i am unable to compare heights to those in the encyclopedia. however, from what i know articles submitted to are reviewed before publication so i assume that all facts are checked for accuracy.

but if figurines are as you say at the most 1-2mm out please could you explain just for one example how iron man, luke cage and doc samson who are all listed as being 6'6" tall at have figurine heights of 86mm, 95mm and 102mm respectively. there is far more than 2mm between each of these figurines

rob said...

Hey Richard!!

Rob here from Vancouver, I have all the figurines since day one..thank you for the series/line and keep it up!!!

BTW, Sometimes the packaging isn't so great, so if you can shoot a memo to Shipping that would be great, some figs i had to reorder due to damage!! its all good...

Just wondering if the CMFC will feature more of the characters from the Annihilation Storyline, like all the bigger aliens or possibly all included from the Annihilation Handbook...


jimbob said...

Ok again the re-do issue has been discussed on the forum as well as here.

Some people are put off by this because they think its going to effect of new characters coming out.

Like i said before i think they can do this without takeing up rgular slots.

Hopefully we will have some answers soon on the blog!

Here are some Questions i have for Richard regarding re-dos and variants!

*Can we have re-dos without effecting the normal run of the collection?

*Will we have two variants of the re-do chosen or will the new one replace the original?

*With special variants e.g Archangel,Ghostrider on bike,WWHulk.Can these be done without effecting the special line up like Destroyer has'nt.

The special Variant can be done like the Batman on a bike,just in a special box no need for a magazine!


Anonymous said...

jackadoo you are so fussy , there is nothing wrong with the figurines : thor , captain america , iron man , wolverine , beast , carnage , cyclops , captain britain ,
etc etc , the only one i'd agree with is crystal !!
and if you love asgard so much why don't you just move there ?
oh and by the way my name is not mr smith , it's smiffy6987

you have upset me now !!

anyone got a tissue please ?

Anonymous said...

jimbob :

re-do's ?
i'd like to have archangel in my collection , red hulk would look pretty cool , ghost rider on his bike would be great , if they can do batman like you say , then why not ?
i also think that someone on horseback would look cool too , so how about dreadknight on horseback for example ?
i think that eaglemoss could do a poll to see what characters we would like to change and then produce a few re-do's and show them on their website for us to buy or swap at our own leisure rather than mass produce as this could effect more important work , i.e : further extentions!!
that way we could place an order and then they could make the figurine/s for us but only when ordered , and not before.

constantine :

destroyer robot is okay but i prefer characters with more colour or features , however i would purchase one if it were made as i also like variety and i'd like to see as many characters as possible in the collection , at least 250 issues + specials.
as for hulk variants - i'd buy red hulk , but maybe rather than variants we could ask for more hulk foes like : gargoyle - yuri topolov
ravage , madman , and wendigo who also thought with x-men characters and avengers too !!

and finally !!

mighty marvel :

i think you need to get out more lol.

ghost said...

Can we now assume that lots want and lots don't want re-do's.

Biggest problem is - I'd have to collect them all!!!! We all would. I don't want gaps in the collection, but I'd rather keep having something new!

Also - If everything needed to be perfect - I'd have sent at least 50 figures back to EM because the paintwork could have been a bit better! and if we all did that then I doubt the collection would have gone past 40!

So lets talk about something new now, unless its funny! Your cue Smiffy!!!

PS. Enchantess looks gorgeous!

mighty_marvel said...

i know its been mentioned on here now and again but if EM were to make a female only extension who would people have. this is a question on the forum and its interesting to see who people come up with. to kick off my choices would be

boom boom
danielle moonstar
frankie raye
nico minoru
silver sable
typhoid mary

and a madame web special

Jacadoo said...

Sorry Ghost but where do you assume lots of people don't want re-dos?

Or is it really a case you want the collection to follow just a prescribed route?

Rememeber this blog was put in place to gauge subscribers likes / dislikes and wants - so please respect all contributors.

Constantine said...

Smiffy, I agree with what you say about the Destroyer robot being a bit grey and plain. If you get a chance have a look at the link below, this is the Destroyer robot when it Thor's lifeforce was in it. Much more colourful and very very awesome looking.

There were a few cowboy Marvel characters that could be done on horse back (The Rawhide Kid, the Black Rider, Tex Dawson, and Kid Colt). Can't think of anything really mainstream though.

The increadible diversity of Stan the man!

ghost said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Constantine said...

Ghost, just caught your comment before you removed it. I guess you meant stink not stick... LMAO Very funny... should have left it.

pirate adam said...

Jacadoo u big bully, u made Mr Smith cry! LOL how do u do it? let me in on your secret and we'll tag team all the re-doo oppossers. mwahahahahahahaha (meant to be an evil laugh)

Mr Smith, i wish i could go and live in Asgard all i need is a plane ticket to Oaklahoma and a really big ladder!!

MM you missed out Hela on your female list buddy, i know you only forgot and will fix as soon as possible, YES?? LOL

Constantine, i have seen the statue of Destroyer Thor and it is truely awsome and would make a fantastic addition to this collection

Pirate Adam :)

mighty_marvel said...

sorry PA. thinking about it a 20 extension will have more than one special so will add the following female specials to my only female list from earlier.

madame web (regular special)
hela (regular special)
misty knight/colleen wing
stature (mega special)

Anonymous said...

ghost :

subject : enchantress

if you think she's so hot , why don't you ask her out on a date ?
i've heard she's getting bored with all those asgardians lol

Anonymous said...

constantine :

the destroyer / thor combo is more colourful yes but i think it looks weird , i'd still buy it though , the more the better !!

pirate adam :

please refer to me as smiffy , i don't call you captain pugwash or peg leg pete now do i ?

mighty marvel :

did someone mention the female of the species ?

aracne , bluebird , domino ,
darkstar , firestar , gamora ,
feral , kate bishop , hepzibah ,
huntara , jackpot , marrow ,
mockingbird , miss america ,
moonstone , sharon ventura ,
sif , arleta ogord , madame web ,
man killer , dorma , lionheart ,
mantis , songbird , asp ,
black mamba , black racer ,
diamondback , red guardian ,
marrina , spiral , silverfox ,
shard , thornn , vertigo ,
shanna , manta , hussar ,
deathbird , angela del toro ,
shriek , silver sable , nova ,
annelle , lyja ,

will that do ya ?

they get my vote , but i'm sure there are more too , stan the man is a legend !!

Danny Rand said...

The Enchantress looks good! I'd like more Asgardians too! Sif, Balder, The Warriors Three, Heimdall, Odin and Hela at least!

Baroni_08 said...

So lets see am for re do's if they dont get in the way of any figures we havent had . Lady Deathstrike by far my worse figurine she's gozzy lol.
Variants id buy them especially WWhulk one with silver savage . As for red hulk or RULK he's not a variant he may look like hulk but has diffrent powers and story , so would like him in any extension .

Nice female list MM , suprised we still havent had Firestar .
More heralds pls Rich cant believe we only have one .

PA asguard does not allow ur kind on its land ,so keep to the sea's buddy .


Anonymous said...

ok so we can gather that people seem to want more asgardians in the collection now !!

and there are some fussy collectors who are not happy with some of the earlier figurines , but this is only because the collection has improved along the way and so where the figurines are now looking more awesome than ever , they may make earlier one's look not as good !!

also i have noticed that some of you are obsessed with enchantress , and have the hots for her , you do realise that she's just a cartoon character from a comic book don't you ?

and now for something completely different lol

subject : extra large mega specials

so we already have galactus , sentinel , and watcher.
but who would we like to see next ?
fin fang foom has been confirmed but who do you guys want to see ?

the only characters large enough that i can think of are :

giant man , psycho man , and ultimo

can anyone help with more ideas please ?

also perhaps we could get ghost rider on his motorbike or dreadknight on horseback ?

let the requests begin !!

Anonymous said...

oops , my bad , watcher was only a special and not a mega special , so make that 2 : galactus + sentinel that we have so far in the collection.

so who want's more ? ideas anyone ?

giant man , ultimo , psycho man

Thor8 said...

Smiffy6987; The Watcher is indeed a mega special and if you look at past comments you will find that there have been quite a few candidates proposed for mega special status such as The Stranger
Goliath,Atlas,The Monolith, and others.

My #1 pick goes to GiantMan/Goliath

Jacadoo said...

OMG I received KarZar and Zabu today!!!!!!!

Absolutly Fantastic - Zabu is HUGE!!!!!!!

Anybody not happy with this double pack needs to go and sit in a darkened room and be ashamed....

Sculpt1 is this one of yours?

PAdam now leave Mr Smith - sorry I mean Smitty alone LOL!!

Danny Rand said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danny Rand said...

As I said, the Enchantress looks good, but maybe she'd have looked better with a golden apple in her left hand, rather than the gun shape hand.

pirate adam said...

Mr Smith, feel free to call me by any name you choose, i dont care its all good fun, sticks and stones and all that!

as for Mega specials i would rather have The Living Tribunal, A Celestial or Eternity over Atlas, Ant-Man (Goliath, Giant Man or whoever he is these days), Henry Pym wasn't a Mega so why do other size changers have to be, mega status should be saved for the people who are 60ft plus all the time

Jacadoo you spelt Mr Smith's name wrong again, its not Smitty LOL

Pirate Adam

jimbob said...

Wasp costume poll on the forum.

Help EM chose Wasp costume!

Constantine said...

Jimbob... Be careful asking about costume choice for Wasp... Jacadoo may suggest dressing her like Vicky Pollard with wings then complain she is too big for the collection... LOL... no offence Jacadoo.

I would go with the current black costume with Yellow breast plates. Simple but by far the best look for Janet. Legs flexed and two arms forward like she's pointing a double stinger blast.

Anonymous said...

i said mega special not special !!

specials are large figurines or multi packs and mega specials are extra large characters.

the name's smiffy by the way , not smitty or mr smith or any other name ok !!

thor 8 :

watcher was only a special according to em's website
so we have only had 2 which are galactus and sentinel.

i want to see suggestions from my fellow collectors please.

my ideas are :

giant man , psycho man , ultimo

please can we get some more ideas from people ?

Anonymous said...

giants anyone ?




the living tribunal


goliath - clint barton red/blue costume

giant man - henry pym blue/yellow costume

living monolith

psycho man


Anonymous said...

discovered a cool looking character , that i think would look great as a figurine.

anyone seen spymaster ?

looks wicked !!

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Smiffy6987; According to Wikapedia (who classifies it as mega special #3)and judging by it's size The Watcher is indeed a mega special, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over this I'll let Rich and the EM gang clear this up if and when they can. Oh and Pym in his blue/yellow duds is called Goliath.

jimbob/Constantine; I think the current black and gold would be perfect for the Wasp's costume choice. Second pick would be the sky blue and white costume she used in the 90's. Don't worry about jacadoo. I'm sure he would love a multi-pack with a variaty of her best costumes. Am I right jacadoo? bzzzzzzzzz
(notice I got the name right this time)

Thor8 said...

I almost forgot,Danny Rand The one with the golden apples is called Idunn.

Danny Rand said...

Ouch! I confused the two... due to the fact that in "Thor: Ages of Thunder" Idunn is referred as Enchantress.

Anonymous said...

thor 8 :

well if you go on em's web site and click on the shop you will see all of the specials there and there are only 2 mega specials , i think you will find that em who produce the figurines will be right rather than wikepedia !!
i always thought that watcher looked like a mega special and the price being the same as sentinel + galactus gave me an indication too but according to the website he is not , but i also noticed that the magazine's do not state the word special or mega special anymore what's going on rich ?

p.s glad you got my name right lol

and as for goliath / giant man , i'm not fussed about the names , i just want the 2 different figurines
yellow / blue costume + red / blue costume.

Gremlin said...

Does it matter what something is labelled? As long as we get the figure in the collection and the price is suitable for its size I don't care. The "mega" specials are saved for characters that cannot be done to scale, all the other specials are damn near close.
Size changers are an interesting point because as the name suggests....they change size. They could legitimately be done as a regular figure, normal special, gorilla grodd special or a mega special. I personally would want them as a gorilla grodd sized special. Maybe just a bit bigger than Apocalypse, they don't have to be bulky, just taller than their team mates. Since we won't get a Hank Pym/Giant Man then the next logical choice would be either Atlas which I would support.

Remember to play nice guys. Reading through some of these posts it seems there is a bit of tension coming through. It's hard to tell when something is made in jest over the internet.

Anonymous said...

gremlin :

i'm sorry but there are plenty of characters that we could use as specials , but not so many we can use as mega specials , my question was , what characters we would like to see as mega specials ?
and as for the comments , we are only having a laugh with each other and by the way , this site is for marvel , not dc so gorilla grodd doesn't count my friend !!

jimbob said...

Size changers have to be a mega-special!!!!!!

Giant Man 100ft!

Atlas 60ft

These guys can grow as tall as the Sentinel or more?

Comon EM give us one Size changer Mega Special at least!!!!!!!!

jimbob said...

There are three or four i would like to be on the same scale as Grodd!

Sasquatch 10ft

Onslaught 10ft+

MODOK 12ft

Odin if we get a standing version?

Thor8 said...

I'm with you jimbob,size changers should definately be done as megas. Don.t really care for too many of these so I'll just list a few I believe could posssibly be done:

Giant Man/Goliath
Living Monolith
A Celestial

Smiffy; I did go to EM's site and I'm aware that they did not write the word Mega on The Watcher, but I believe that if an auto factory makes 5 different model cars all the same size and they advertise the first 4 as compacts but not the 5th; does this mean the 5th is not a compact? No problem in using Gorilla Grodd as size reference even if he does belong to DC, it's the catagory we're interested in not the character.

Now on a different note; Rick when will your main site see a very seriously needed update (not just the following 5 figurines to follow) I mean if you can show us sneek peeks as far ahead as Enchantress (#137) you can most certanly list on your main site way beyond #110. Speaking of; Do you have updated pics of the Ant Man and Black Heart figurine?

Anonymous said...

jimbob :

how is modok going to be a special or mega special ?
he's small and floats , if he gets made he would be a regular issue due to his size.
if i was going to make a modik figurine i would have him sitting on a high chair / computer chair as you can't have him floating above the base now can you ? and he would look silly standing on a base as he only has little legs !!

thor 8 :

if you did go on em's web site you would have noticed that it states on all of the issues if they are specials or mega specials , like i said before , i agree with you , i thought watcher was a mega special due to the size and cost but then i saw it on em's website and it was described as only a special.

p.s - you forgot psycho man , he was an enemy of f/four and would look great as a mega special

Gremlin said...

MODOK is a bulky character and one that would probably be difficult to get just right. The best figure I have seen so far is him in his jet-chair with a rocket blast coming out the base. The blast helps lift MODOK off the base and provides sturdy support, thats how I would like to see him.
Thor 8 got it right when I said that we should use Gorilla Grodds size as a comparison. Looking across the collection he is bigger than Colossus and Juggernaut but smaller than Galactus. Having this new size option means character like Sasquatch don't have to be condenced into fitting into a regular special size. You can do any character the correct size and just price accordingly.

I agree the mega special list isn't as big as the regular special one. You could create a list full of wierd and wonderful monsters and cosmic entities but really most don't really deserve a figure at this point in the collection.
As has been stated MODOK, Mojo, a Celestial and Ego are all Mega Special size whether it be for being just huge (Celestial) or robust (Mojo).

Anonymous said...

here's another question for ya ?
multi pack issues as specials.
we have already had 2 twin pack specials , but who has any ideas for more of the same and also 3 or 4 pack specials for teams etc ?
some multi packs could be done for characters that don't have much of a background history or information about them but would make great figurines , and using all characters information together to make the magazines !!

here are my ideas :

atlas + mankiller twin pack mega special - mega because atlas would be large in size but not as large as galactus or sentinal.

nasty boys - 4 pack ultimate special containing slab , ruckus , hairbag , gorgeous george.
the issue would have to cost slightly more than a mega special as 3 of the characters are large in size

arleta ogord + stakar ogord twin pack special

darkstar + omega red twin pack mega special - mega because omega red would be a large sized figurine

puppet master + red ghost twin pack special

frightful four 4 pack mega special
containing trapster , wizard , blastaar , hydroman

inhumans 3 pack super special containing triton , karnak , maximus

atlantians twin pack special containing dorma + krang

serpent society multi pack specials containing king cobra , puff adder
asp , black mamba , black racer ,
diamond back , constrictor

wrecking crew 4 pack mega special containing bulldozer , piledriver
thunderball , wrecker

hulk connections multi pack specials containing hulkling , the ringmaster , gargoyle yuri topolov
ravage , mad man

x factor 4 pack mega special containing strong guy , shard , thornn , forge

brotherhood of evil mutants twin pack special containing toad + avelanche

maverick + silverfox twin pack special

longshot + spiral + mojo 3 pack mega special

alpha flight / omega flight multi pack specials containing sasquatch
puck , shaman , marrina , diamond lil , northstar + aurora

savage lands multi pack specials containing amphibius , barbarus ,
brainchild , vertigo , sauron , shanna

starjammers 4 pack mega special containing ch'od , raza longknife ,
corsair , hepzibah

shi'ar empire / imperial guard multi pack specials containing flashfire , manta , titan ,
death cry , warstar , fang , neutron , hussar , deathbird ,
d'ken neramani , erik the red ,

kree multi pack specials containing
att-lass , photon , ronan ,
ultimus , korath , dr.minerva ,

heralds of galactus triple pack mega special containing terrax , nova , firelord

skrulls four pack mega special containing annelle , skrull king ,
lyja , paibok

silver sable + solo twin pack special

criminal underworld multi packs containing spiderman / daredevil foes including jigsaw , nightmare , black tarantula , hammerhead ,
jackal , owl , tombstone ,
stilt man

asgardians + connections multi pack specials containing bor , odin , sif ,
hogun , vidar , volstagg ,
kurse , hela , frey , geirrodur ,
fandral , executioner , destroyer ,
balder , hermod , karnilla ,
ymir , ulik , leir , seth , desak

so there is no short list of candidates for multi pack specials eh ?

pirate adam said...

Mr Smith, MODOK is stated as 12ft tall, thats how he gets special status

Pirate Adam

Anonymous said...

i don't care pirate poo pants
modok is not my cup of tea , so would prefer to see better characters as specials , ever watched the iron man cartoon series ? well look at the size of modok compared to the mandarin , then you will know what i am talking about , and stop calling me mr smith lol

jimbob said...

On the Team/multiple pack issue,

Richard has stated on the forum that EM has no plans on doing Team pack at the moment because of price issues:(

pirate adam said...

Mr smith, i know what you mean about MODOK on the cartoon i thought he was a small character also, but when people started asking for him as a special i went and checked his size on, personally i dont want him for a while yet but he is quite popular here and on the forum.

and please Rich dont waste important Mega Special spots on size changers

Pirate Poo Pants (Pirate Adam)

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ted sallis said...

how about a convergance between the marvel and dc collections? i think there was an amalgam series a few years ago penned by the great stan lee himself ,
iron lantern anyone?
makes howard the the duck a fan favourite in comparison

Thor8 said...

Smiffy; I'd use a much more reliable source of information other than the marvel animated cartoon series if I were you. They really are off base 50% of the times or more when it comes to the actual Marvel U.characters,Modok in reality is quite large and bulky. As for the Watcher, if you read my previous comment more carefully you will understand why I consider The Watcher a mega no matter how it was advertised by EM.
I mean if a farmers sells his crops of apples labled as pears,does that mean there actually pears just because he grew them?

Pirate; What do you mean including the size changers as megas is a waste of space? Have you ever had your ship sunk by an uru hammer?

jimbob said...

I think Pirate Adam has been on the forum too much he has turned to the other side!;)

I think it if fair if we have one size changer as a mega-special,prferably ATLAS.

And then probably Giant Man around later on in the collection.

Bill Foster can be a special because he can only go up to 25ft!

pirate adam said...

i meant that including size changers is a waste of time when you consider the genuine 60ft+ characters that still have to be done:

Living Tribual

give me any of these before a size changer any day

Pirate Adam

jimbob said...

I prefer size changers to that list im afraid mate!

Giant Man
Bill Foster

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Guys, does anyone have the eaglemoss message board link?

ted sallis said...

dear mr eagly moss
please could you fix it for me
could we have a mega special of the spidey mobile ( spidey figure sold separately of course )

Jacadoo said...

Just to be difficult I want:

Mega Special:
Bill Foster

Sasquatch (sorry not keen on pose in forum).

Double pack:
Stingray and Tiger Shark.

Please note I rise above comments made by norse gods and car related horror characters - I actually voted for the black busy bee costumed busy bee variant on the forum....

Oh how I hate FS Miss Pyme!!

Hey Rich please dont forget my question regarding re-do's - no matter how much people pick on poor old me..

I say again Kar Zar and Zabu - OMG fantastic!!!!!

pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...

OUCHHH!!!!! Jacadoo again you've stabbed me in the back :) LOL

I thought you was on my side and against size changers as mega specials but then you go and suggest Bill Foster and Atlas.

I just dont see the point in having them as megas when we already have Yellow Jacket and Ant-Man on his way as regulars. OK if i have to pick one then i say lets pull Wasp from the regular running order and have a Mega sized Jannet Pym (how would you like that Jacadoo) LOL

Pirate Adam

jimbob said...

Yellow Jacket and Wasp mega special variant please EM!!!!!!!!:)

Jacadoo said...

Sorry PAdam buddy - but I did restrict my selection till two size changers...

I honestly thought quite resonable - considering you supported a certain Norse God with the FS Miss Pyme!!

Anonymous said...

pirate poo poo pants :

quit your jibba jabba lol

your list of mega's is ok but ego ?
who in their right mind would want a planet in the collection and how could a giant football shaped character sit on a marvel base ?

as for size changers :

what is wrong with that ?
who says we have to use the henry pym version of giant man
or goliath ? when we could have bill foster and clint barton versions , which i personally prefer anyway !!

so here is my wish list of mega specials :

1: atlas
2: tyrant
3: goliath - clint barton
4: giant man - bill foster
5: giant girl - janet van dyne

i think a large female sculpt would look fantastic in the collection and that's why i went for giant girl , also because i like the henry pym costume but like some have mentioned , we already have yellow jacket and ant man versions of henry pym so i thought why not choose the female of the species instead ?

jimbob said...

Size changers would be best displayed in their Giant form,just like they are in pictures is see them in all the time!

pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...

Ok, Ok, i give up, but if we are going to have size changers as Mega Specials then i want a Gorilla Grodd sized Sasquatch, Onslaught and of cause Odin.

Mr Smith i think you will find the Ant Man we are gettung is the Scott Lange version if i'm not mistaken, one Henry Pym is one to many if you ask me.

Sorry Jacacdoo buddy, but i just think the Wasp deserves to be more than a spec on Yellow Jackets shoulder as she is a founding member of the Avenger.

Pirate Adam

jimbob said...

Now your talking Pirate Adam!!!!!

Thor8 said...

Okay enough of size changers. Awhile back Bill9000 ask us what do we think about Disney acquiring Marvel,to which only jimbob made a brief comment. So i raise the inquiry once more. What do you think of this move by marvel are you pro or con on this?

I just hope they don't mess up characterazation and that we won't be seeing double packs of Odin and Goofy or Terrax and Mickey, or worst of all Lockjaw and Pluto or Howard the Duck and Donald!

Constantine said...

I think the Disney question is all about the integrity of keeping the Marvel brand intact and consistent with what the fan base expects. I would like to understand that the full Marvel team of writers, artists, and creative talent will still be kept in place.

I do not see so many plus points on the Marvel size as the brand has grown so big by itself, especially over the past 15 years. For Disney I think it adds an all new edge of creativity and consumer to their portfolio and undoubtedly a lot of money as Marvel brand continues to grow.

BIG POINT: They better no can any of the Movies that Marvel committed (Thor, Captian America, AVENGERS)

Anonymous said...

thor 8 :

i don't understand ,
what's going on ?
are disney taking over from eaglemoss
or something ?
could someone please give me some more info about this , because i would like to have my say on the subject , but obviously i'd like to know all the facts firstly.

Jacadoo said...

I think the take over of Marvel by Disney to be positive - Disney are all about premium brand and developing creativity - they already own Pixar, so with the Marvel franchise I can only see goo things.

If you look on the numerous web-sites most of the Chief Exsecutives ar all childhood fans (I will try and re-locate an article I read a number of weeks ago and paste later).

Mr Smith Eaglemoss and Marvel are two seperate entities!!

Mind you the new owners may well look kindly on the collection and encourage EM to expand....

By the way Mickey did you see my question regarding redo's......

Thor8 said...

Constantine; You mentioned two of my biggest worries about this take over,1)will they keep the current Marvel staff on board,and 2)will they keep the integrity of the movies up to par. My third concern or inquiry is.. now that Marvel belongs to Disney,what will happen with Universal Studios Island of Adventure theme park based on Marvel characters? In my opinion this theme park rang rings around any of Disney's parks. So now that they own Marvel what will happen Universal's licensing?

Anonymous said...

jacadoughnut :

i only asked a question ?

what are you on about seperate entities ?

i just wanted to know what this disney thing is about that's all !!

now moving on ...............

aren't we due for another update ?
some more pics + info please !!

Constantine said...

Smiffy, Marvel has been bought by Disney for a reported $4billion. Imagine Thor with Mickey Mouse ears and Huey, Duey, and Luey taking on the Hulk!!

Hawkeye said...

The Marvel / Disney merger will enable Disney to add the Marvel "brand" to their merchandising - so whenever you go to a Disney store expect to see Spiderman T-shirts, mugs and lunchboxes next to the High School Musical stuff. Whilst this may not sit easily with die-hard fans, it will strengthen Marvel's global image. Let's just hope that they leave the creativity with those who know best,i.e., Stan The Man and his team. I mean, can you imagine the likely crossovers? Finding Baron Nemo anyone?

Jacadoo said...

Mr Smith - your question was:

i don't understand, what's going on ?
are disney taking over from eaglemoss or something ?

Seperate entities means there are different creatures, in no way related....

Mr Dumpling to you lol!!

pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...

Thor8, i too was concerned about Marvel Island, i was there last year and never wanted to leave, the place is awsome and way better than the Magic Kingdom. i have heard however that Universal own the rights to the rides and shops that they have there and they will be staying there for the forseeable future (fingers crossed cos i'm goin back in 2011)

Mr Smith called my good buddy Jacadoo "Jacadoughnut" LOL that realy cracked me up, sorry Jacadoo

Pirate Adam

Constantine said...

Jacadoodledoo: So entities are actually creatures? is that something you read in a marvel comic?

Smiffy, perhaps Jacodumpling was trying to explain that Marvel is a completely seperate company to Eaglemoss. In this case the only risk to the continuation of our collection is if Disney want to either cancel or change the licensing conditions beyond what has already been agreed and signed. Disney have to accept all contract in place (the current license agreement that allows EM to replicate Marvel characters). Question is how far is that license is in effect for (number of figurines) and have the EM boys heard anything that Disney may want to review renewable agreements / contracts???

Chances are we EM will come in under the radar and not even peak Disneys interest about such things as license fees and contractual changes.

Anyone from EM have a comment?

Anonymous said...

well said constipated tina lol

and a jacadoodledoo to you too.
as if i did not realise that eaglemoss and marvel were seperate companies !!

like your sense of humour captain jack sparrow

well i don't really know what to say about disney + marvel merging , guess we will have to wait and see just what the future holds !!

i know one thing though , the staff at eaglemoss have gone quiet and i think we are due another update on here.

Jacadoo said...

Mr Smith apologies I only tried to explain in simplistic terms - but it begs the question if you understood why did you ask????

Too many largers and limes lol!!

ConstenTINA many thanks for war and peace - not needed my old boy (with girls name).

Pirate DAVE you traitor - nuff said..

JacaPOOPOO signing off!!

ted sallis said...

aww eagly moss what are you like?
my new figs arrive and i tear open the the box like a 5yr old on christmas morning. inside i find issues 106 and 107 ,a new binder but no ka-zar and sabu ??
just the option letter telling me the kazar / sabu special is to be release on the 5 th of sept.
we usually get these option letters a month in advance of the release date not a month after.
so it looks like no kazar and pussy til the end of oct..
to use the vanacular of our american cousins " that sucks dude"
okay temper tantrum over

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Looking foward to a new post today. If Rich can't fill the bill ,maybe someone else from the EM staff can pitch-hit for him.

Do you think you can show us some updates on the Ant Man and the Blackheart figurines? How about some pics of Tigra,Wasp,or Grim Reaper?

Update on the main site pleeeeease

Banshee said...

Agree with Ted Sallis I also expected Ka-Zar and Zabu this month and was gutted to discover they were not present :(

Does this now effect when we receive Destroyer and Cloak and Dagger?

Finally with 2 of the special spots of next year taken can I please cast a vote for a double-pack of Aurora/Northstar. I know these guys are very popular so I hope they make the cut :)

max_0888 said...

The figurine I want the most is a Siryn figurine. (Theresa Rourke Cassidy). Banshee needs his daughter :p
I think she's one of the most interesting x-female character. And she was part of both X-force and X-factor which will help complete series! hehe
Siryn wwas never made as a statue or any sort of figurine there is out there. It's a shame! And that's why I really hope that she will be announced in the next extansion!
(a big fan who has almost all the collection!)

And as a special, Mojo or Strong guy!!!! :)

Holy Wolf said...

As far as I'm aware Rich is just finishing his trip to the US, if so then it might be another couple weeks for a blog update, as I dare say there will be a lot of work on his desk to sift through when he get's back. Be patient my friends :)

pirate adam said...

JacaDUDE i asked for a special sized Sasquatch, i thought that may have redeemed my previous wrong doings LOL

whos Pirate Dave?

#1 Pirate

ted sallis said...

just wondering has there ever been a live Q and A session with rich on this blog?
if rich or another eagly moss staffer took a one hour Q and A session i'm sure a lot of the long running questions on this blog could be answered or at least acknowledged

pirate adam said...

very good point Mr Sallis

c'mon Rich hows about a Q+A with us Bloggers?


S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

I am very worried about that Disney stuff.

I canto wait to get my long waited Madame HYDRA...

ted sallis said...

hey there rich
this has nothing to do with the the marvel fig collection .
i was just wondering what other popular culture would lend itself to the lead collection treatment.
i think a capcom collection could be quite viable .gaming is right up there with movies in the revenue stakes and i think capcom have enough big name brands to make a marvel fig like collection possible
for example
streefighter must be worth at least 40 figs
resident evil series 30,40 figs?
devil may cry series
dead rising
power stone
etc etc
now if you pitch this idea and the big wigs go for it just remember where you heard it first.
i would expect some payback a free binder would be fine.

Hawkeye said...

I'd say Dr Who would make a brilliant lead figure collection with over 40 years of characters to make, excellent villains, companions etc. Same goes for James Bond...what do others think?

Anonymous said...

james bond + dr who collections would be cool , but i'd still like them to make a horror collection , they started it but had to cancel for some unknown reason , but my idea was to take that idea and make it better by making a sci-fi / horror collection but some people said it would be hard because of the licences , so why not stick to one like stephen king collection or john carpenter collection ?

i also thought a legends of wrestling figurine collection would be a huge hit as there are many characters and possibilities with that one !!

someone also mentioned dandy or beano , cool !!

i heard that eaglemoss are currently trying to get thundercats
thing is , there aren't many characters in the thundercats

so what i'm trying to say is that we need a collection that has enough characters in , in order to produce as many issues as the marvel or dc collections have.

i'd like to see star wars because the figurine collection that was made by another company was pants and the figurines were tiny crappy things , if eaglemoss made the figurines the same size scale as dc / marvel ones , they would look fantastic and think how many characters there are !!

perhaps someone at eaglemoss could let us know if any future figurine collections are in the pipeline ?

Anonymous said...

oops i forgot star trek lol

Anonymous said...

double oops , i forgot gi-joe
that would make a great collection

Hawkeye said...

Completely agree with the Star Wars figures Smiffy - I get most of my Marvel ones from Forbidden Planet in London and when you see the SW ones next to the Marvel / DC ones it's embarrassing the gulf in quality - Mr Lucas needed to oversee the licence on that one more closely!

Agree with Star Trek as that has a rich history of characters to mine but not much of an interet in GI Joe from me I'm afraid....

Anonymous said...

hawkeye :

what about james bond , dr who ,
sci fi / horror , dandy / beano ,
and legends of wrestling ?

you never said if you liked them ideas or not ?

glad you agree with me about the star wars figurines. eaglemoss would do a fantastic job if they did a version.
the company that did produce them should be ashamed of themselves !!

as for star trek , that too has been attempted before but the company decided to terminate the project after only a few issues

i'm just loving figurines and would like to see more more more , so come on eaglemoss , please share with us any ideas or if you have something lined up already for the next figurine collector series ?

will the buffy / angel figurine collection take off ? i have seen 3 issues , but gotta be honest , i think it is over priced at £9.99
i noticed you added an extra £1 to the dc figurine collection due to the success of the marvel figurine collection , but now you are pushing it i think , and £6.99 or £7.99 would have been more reasonable for the buffy / angel collection. i'd have bought them at that price but £9.99 is too expensive , especially in this credit crunch !!

Jacadoo said...

Pirate Adam - we are buddies again!!

Thanks for the Sasquatch mention (but sadly I'm not really keen on the sculpt on the forum sorry guys).

I have to echo the comments regarding the Star Wars figurines (god their bad) - but have you all seen the SW space ships collection - excellent (and you can hide the SW figurines behind the ships).

Sorry not keen on the other collections mentioned - although I'm sure they would be excellent if EM do them, but not so sure if they all have a sufficient fan base to be viable - I may be wrong.

Saying that I am still receiving the awful Lord of the Rings collection number 151 just arrived nothing new just another Ork, only slightly differing from the previous 19 Orks I already have.

I pray EM stop this collection soon, great when it started, now very sad - is anybody else suffering from the same or a different subscription?

pirate adam said...

Mr Sallis has made another fantastic suggestion!! a Capcom collection would be awsome. as for Star Wars, the other collection was so poo i didn't bother getting it and i am a huge fan. now listen carfully EM "you will make a fortune if you produce a Star Wars collection to the same standard as marvel and you could have the vehicles as special editions." to me Star Wars is the only thing better than Marvel (ducks to avoid things thrown at me) sorry i just love Star Wars. i think the next collection EM will do however is likely to be Disney cahacters or Harry Potter which i personally have zero interest in

i would however love a Formula 1 collection with drivers and cars, with greats like Senna, Stewart, Moss, Prost, Hill, Fangio, Shumacher...ect...ect

might not be everybodys cup of tea but i would be very very very very very very happy with it.

Pirate Adam

Hawkeye said...

Smiffy - I like the idea of Dr Who and James Bond - see my original post! As for sci-fi horror, you could expland that to Classic Movie characters (Dracula, Rambo, John McLane from Die Hard), Terminator, John Wayne in True Grit, Ripley etc etc) - truly iconic characters only would need to apply!

Pirate Adam - can't say F1 interests me much (I'd rather have Classic Players from the Premier League - Dennis Bergkamp for the first edition please!).

Anonymous said...

pirate adam ant :

vehicles as specials in a starwars collection wouldn't work as the scales would be wrong and would look stupid , i would just go for larger characters like jabba the hut etc !!

eaglemoss would make a fortune if they produced a star wars figurine collection to the same scale and quality as the marvel / dc collections.

hawkeye :

i already suggested characters like the terminator and ripley etc , but some people said there would be too many licences involved that's why i also suggested sticking to one like john carpenters collection for example.

as for your idea for f1 collection i thought it would be a good idea to do a legends of sport collection
i suggestd a legends of wrestling collection as kids love wrestling but if that's not good enough perhaps sport in general :
tiger woods - golf
mohumad ali - boxing
hulk hogan - wrestling
pele or bobby moore - football
etc etc

so to sum up so far we have people wanting or talking about :

star wars
dr who
james bond
star trek
sporting icons
legends of wrestling or football
sci fi / horror
beano / dandy

eaglemoss are you listening ?
there's money to be made !!

pirate adam said...

mr smith

vehicles in a Star Wars collection done as specials would look fantastic, your comment about scale holds about as much water as a fishing net LOL. the mega specials in this collection are not done to scale and do they look stupid? i think not

Anonymous said...

pirate adamantium :

you are so silly , specials in marvel and dc collections are of large characters , and so it should be in a star wars collection if eaglemoss were to do one !!
i wouldn't want a han solo figurine
in my cabinet standing next to the millenium falcon , it just wouldn't look right , the space ship would have to be the size of my cabinet.
space ships are a big no no.
the only way that would be possible is biker scout on speeder bike , or similar vehicles , bit like batman on motorbike , ya get me , pirate poopy pants ?

Jacadoo said...

Mr Smith and PAdam I think I can shed a little light on the debate regarding SW figures and vehicles looking silly together - not at all!!

I unfortunatly purchased the awful SW figurine collection and am currently collecting the SW space ship collection (so EM cant get a licence anyway).

But just to inform you both I have each of the awful SW characters standing to the side of their respective vehicle (eg for Darth Maul his Ship and Bike - looks awsome).

Although not to scale, the display looks very nice with the vehicles taking center stage and the characters (I shudder) dotted around.

Unfortunatly we are moving to the Isle of Mann at the moment so I can't post images - I will do soon.

Hope this helps!!

Sorry I can't provide the company currently supplying the spaceships as they are a competitor of EM and Rich would beat me stupid!!

Baroni_08 said...

MR Smith , read people's posts proper before jumpin the gun , PA stated star wars vehicle's would look good as special's and would have to be the special's cos of size & detail . Of course ur not gonna have an ewok the size of a star destroyer . They would have to scale it like the Marvel collection ,and use some discretion makin figurines not to small and the ships not to big , and u cant leave the vehicle's out there a major part in the films .

Back to Marvel !! time for a update pls Rich , still want more heralds announced and firestar . Madame Web for a female special which is long overdue. NOW THOR8, Jacadoo & you PA play nice with MR SMIFFY lol ...


pirate adam said...

thank you Jacadoo!!!

i know SW vehicles would look awsome next to there respective character and anything Mr Smith (Silly Pants) says wont change my mind, ya get me!!! anyhows i've had enough of talking about other collections, this is the MARVEL FIGURINE COLLECTION nothing else, so what do you guys say we get back onto the topic at hand.

hows about everybody name there most wanted variant? umm nope done that, ok then most wanted special? erm no done that too, oh i know a female list? damn done that also.

hope Rich is back soon to give us somthing to discuss but until then i just have to say "Rich when are you going to confirm ODIN for the third special slot for next year?"

Pirate Adam

mighty_marvel said...

how about a list of one character from each 'family' (spiderman, xmen, avengers, fantastic four, knights) and one special that people feel the collection simply MUST have. would say any five characters but then we just always end up with loads of lists of xmen and while i love the xmen i do like to see a bit more thought and variety put in.

this would be mine

(AV) Mockingbird
(FF) Triton
(KN) Clea
(XM) Cannonball


Thor8 said...

Yeah Rich when are you going to confirm Odin as the third special for 2011? And when in this century are we going to get an updated (a really good one) on your main site?

Baroni_08; Why ask me to play nice with Smiffy6987? I've never done him wrong!! Heck I think I'm even the only one who addresses him by his correct nom de guerre!

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