Friday, 14 August 2009

Mega Update

So I promised I'd be back this week and here I am with a slightly longer blog update than the last.

First thing I wanted to talk about was the specials for next year, which I know everyone is interested in.

So far I've started planning the first special for 2010 (due out sometime in Feb). We're going for an early Mega Special and one that may surprise you.

Drum roll please...


OK so why have we chosen the dragon lord? Well looking at the possibilities for Mega Specials/larger figures, Fin Fang Foom really stands out. For those of you who don't know, Foom is a character that appeared before the Marvel Universe really began (pre-Fantastic Four, even if it was just one month) and has in some capacity endured for nearly 50 years.

He's a great villain and will make a spectacular figurine. I know he's not the usual Super Hero/Villain spandex but I think Foom will look amazing standing alongside Galactus, Watcher and Sentinel. Other choices for Mega Specials included MODOK, Mojo, Onslaught, High Evolutionary, Celestial and Odin but I think a lot of these figures could be done at a slightly smaller scale to Foom, maybe something similar to the Gorilla Grodd figurine our DC counterpart produced. A character such as Onslaught or Odin (two of my favourite candidates for a special position) could be made at Gorilla Grodd's height and look amazing.

Plus, we really do have plenty of time to put more mega (and normal) specials into the collection.

So the main question to debate will be: 'Should Foom be wearing his trademark purple pants or not?'

In other news, we've been slightly rejigging the magazine format for a few characters. After the comments about removing the centre-page poster and putting back pages of the history article, we've decided to give it a go with Ikaris and Machine Man.

We've also just begun work on the Shang-Chi issue and below is the cover artwork our designer Dan has chosen.

Right, I think that's a little more to talk about this week. Be back here next Friday for another update and a sneak peek of a new figurine. I'll let you guys decide which you see:

Annihilus or The Enchantress

Leave your comment.


Joeking said...

No contest, the Enchantress for me, Big Fan

Banshee said...

OMG Fin Fang Foom - AMAZING. I actually can't wait.

Completely onside with the size of characters such as Onslaught and Odin, they can easily be just a Special and I hope MODOK and Mojo are seriously considered for next years specials too :).

I think Foom would look great either way but I think without the purple pants would make him stand out more.

And finally it has to be Enchantress, after all she is a goddess :).

Gremlin said...


Can't wait for Fin Fang Foom, he will certainly stand out from the crowd. But no purple pants. I am pleased you are leaning towards a normal special sized for Onslaught and Odin.
As for MODOK and Mojo I really really hope they make it. They too are rather unique looking characters.

I would certainly like to see Enchantress please.

Anonymous said...

Great news! Good to see Onslaught is a huge possibility for next years specials. I agree with the Grodd size for Onslaught too.

MODOK & Mojo brill!!! Next year should have even more qualty figurines!

Also I'm going for: Annihilus for the next peek.

Bobbyvjay said...

All great news. Fin Fang Foom will be cool and I really hope onslaught makes it too. Think its great to ditch the poster and add more info, best news by far for me.

Annihilous for me please

Holy Wolf said...

Great news on Fin Fang Foom, he was my favourite choice for the next special slot, and glad to hear that Onslaughts being considered for a Grodd sized special, just how I'd like him. Pesonally I see nothing wong with keeping the purple shorts, will break up an otherwise all green fig nicely :)

Liking the idea of putting more history pages in the mag, at the expense fo the middle poster. Great work! Shang Chi and Destroyer covers look good as well.

Oh and Annihilus for next week please :)

buffduffdan said...

What an update :D

Fin Fang Foom is easily my most wanted mega special so I'm so excited that he's coming (and in only 6 months!!). I say keep his purple pants on.

Onslaught would be perfect at Grodd's height. I know the subject of a special between the size of a mega and special has been discussed before and so glad the CMFC guys are considering. Sasquatch and Odin would also be awesome at that size.

Think the reworking of the mag makes sense. I know we still get a decent amount of history in the current format but I'm sure most of us would be greedy for more instead of a large double page pic :)

Oh, and Annihilus next week please ;)

jimbob said...

Not fussed about Foom!

Still hopeing that Blob will be announced as the next special after Foom.

He deserves it!Still on top of the special polls!

Blob 66
Sasquatch 59
Omega Red 42
Fin Fang Foom 41
Lockjaw 39
Odin 34
Onslaught 31
Mojo 30

Dont let us down Rich!

Im glad that Onslaught will be same scale as Grodd,other large character that would be good at that scale is Sasquatch!

But would prefer Aurora & Northstar double pack first!

So 1 down 4-5 places left then for next year specials!

And i would like to see Annihilus next week please!

jimbob said...

Not fusst on Foom!

Hope that Blob will be next special after Foom.

He is still on top of the special polls and deserves his place!

Blob 66
Sasquatch 59
Omega Red 42
Fin Fang Foom 41
Lockjaw 39
Odin 34
Onslaught 31
Mojo 30

Im Glad that Onslaught will be similar scale to Grodd special.

Other large special character that should be done the same is Sasquatch!

But i would prefer to have Aurora & Northstar double pack first!

Annihilus next week please!

Saturn Lad said...

Not interested in Foom sorry.

Where the hell is BLOB!

Annihilus next week please.

Travis said...

I want to see The Enchantress as well.

Why would High Evolutionary be in the running for a mega size figurine. He should be made as a regular size character not a mega.

Miss Medusa said...

So we get our first special of 2010 and its a mega special of Fin Fang Foom. Ill not be getting him but I guess thats a extra cash in my purse in Feb.

Its interesting to see that Blob is the most requested special on the forum thats run and also on this blog and yet hes still been left out. Very disapointing.

Enchantress next week.

Killer Frost said...

Enchantress for next time plz.

If it was gonna be a mega of the ones you listed then Mojo would of by far been the best choice.

Blob, Northstar & Aurora and Avalanche & Pyro are by far the most requested specials and none of them make it in thus far! Talk about a let down.

Foom = no thanks from me.


Webs said...

This is disappointing news for me personally I guess most of us are just fixed on wanting THE BLOB and double packs of NORTHSTAR AND AURORA / PYRO AND AVALANCHE.

I guess there are still 4 more specials slots for 2010 up for grabs lets hope THE BLOB and at least one of those double packs make it.

Interstingly enought was'nt a poll run on the SHFF as to what kind of special was wanted first in 2010 and if my memory serves me correctly from the results been posted on the blog by fellow fans it showed that a Regular special and a double pack beat Mega Special in 3rd place? so basically the least desired special out of the 3 has now been selected above 2 that the majority wanted.

Not fussed about which one is shown next week.

buffduffdan said...

God you people can moan! You know there are plenty of other special slots for 2010 - At least 4 more by my count. Also the SHFF poll for which type of special we should get next which as you said did say a regular special - and then Destroyer was confirmed ;)

Considering we're getting special, double, special then double again in these next few months a mega makes the most sense to kick off next year.

Besides if Blob gets confirmed then what are you all going to be able to post about each week :P

Cardcaptor said...

Id love to see:

Pyro & Avalanche
Omega Red
Northstar & Aurora

Blob however is the one I want most and clearly the fans do also. Give us Blob and we can stop requesting him.

Annihilus next time thanks.

Richie Rich said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Holy Wolf said...

Wow you guys sure have got cranky of late. I know we're in a recession and all but is there really a need to be so negative all the time?

As far as we're aware theres 5-6 specials lined up for next year, and an extension is looking more and more likely by the month so probs another 4-5 after that. There's really no need to throw the rattles out of the pram, so to speak, just because it means Blob or whoever will be out 2 months later than you'd hope because of FFF, who btw, should look amazing as a mega special and has been pretty popular for a long while among various collectors.

We've already got 2 double packs lined up for the end of this year so it was always unlikely that we'd get another one right away. And I'm sure Blob will get made sooner rather than later. So just chill people and appreciate the fact that Rich has not only gone out of his way to let us know about FFF, but is also keen to keep us involved in the design choice for him.

Ryan Maxwell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Richie Rich said...

oh buffduffdan as we all know that poll was nothing to do with Destroyer ;)

As for Fin fan Frig or whatever hes called if I wanted a dragon figure id collect Harry Potter stuff.

Never thought Mojo would be an option due to his base but hearing he was and got pipped by a big green lizard sucks.

I think Blob been excluded has gone on way to long now. Blob sud of been done years ago. Im sure well ask for him till we get him hes clearly the most desired.

Annihilus to be shown in the next blog update.

Superdude said...

I'm overjoyed to hear that we'll be getting a Fin Fang Foom special in just 6 months!

He easily has the potential to be one of the best specials to date and I can't wait to see what EM come up with!

Artificial Idiot said...

Yeeeeeeeeah! Fin Fang Foom! Absolutely fantastic choice there Rich! :D Can't wait to see him, the sculpt will kick all kinds of arse and he was, in my eyes, the most obvious choice for a mega special!

I don't see why so many people think Blob is any more valid a choice than The Foom. Like Rich said,he has masses of history, he's fought damn near everyone (which is more than Blog can say!) and he'll look fantastic! I don't know. Blob is certaintly worthy, but not worth going on about week in, week out... I can only really assume that the reason so many are clawing for him is that he's the only character with the right build for some people to make customs of themselves out of. In which case, I wish you luck and hope you come and display them on the forum - As I'd love to see them! :D

Purple pants for me please - Will help break up the green colour scheme. :)

Also, I'd very much like to see Enchantress next week please. :)

Thanks for the update!

ghost said...

Can't wait for Fang, I've been looking forward to a none human looking character in the collection. With so many on the shelf things were starting to get a bit 'samey'.

Roll on 'lockjaw'!

Also, can't wait to see Annihilus, I've been looking forwardf to this character for a long time.

Just like to say that everything is looking very positive at the moment, except the cover of Karate Kid - naff looking cover for a naff character. But wow, destroyer cover looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Fing Fang Foom, I hope he has his purple trousers on. I know theres another 5 or so specials for next year but I really hope Atlas or Goliath get one.

Tanner said...

Enchantress for me!

I always find it funny how people of the forum come on here and have a go for non forum members expressing how they feel. You forum members need to understand that your opinions are not the only ones that are valid and you dont rule the CMFC. Other fans have a voice.

Maybe fans of the Blob (i am one and he is over due) maybe we could start a campaign and contact EM directly?

Cookie said...

The forum is not a place that alot of us want to use as it seems like school run by bullies and if you dont toe the line you get hounded non stop. Plus its got loads of middle-aged men who hate characters created after 1980.

I use this blog as I can pop on every now and then and I dont have time to be posting all day on a forum non stop.

Foom is an ok choice, I think purple pants look will be best.

Blob next please.

Holy Wolf said...

Why? I'm sure your voices are being heard by EM, and afterall as mentioned on here already, Blobs also top of the specials poll on the forums, hell I think I even voted for him.

But it doesn't mean eveyone needs to moan when a different character gets confirmed. It's pretty unlikely that Blob won't make it into the collection and Fing Fang Foom is just as worthy an addition. The thing you need to realise is that Rich doesn't need to do any of this, he could just decide by himself who the next special is and let us all find out only when we pop into our newsagents in feb or get our subbie boxes.

You've got a chance here and on the forums to voice your opinions and have an actual say in this collection. But it is not a god given right, and a few people on here, voicing their opinions one way or another, and yes myself included, is by no means a proportionate reflection on the CMFC collectors as a worldwide whole.

buffduffdan said...

Lmao run by bullies? Full of middle aged men? Well as 19 year old guy who's a mod there I completely disagree. If that were true then we wouldn't have half the debates we do on there about the figs cus "people would just get hounded out" all the time :P

And trust me, Blob is just as wanted on the forum as he is here. He's topped several of our special polls and I know we'd all want him in.

But there's a difference between wanting and just whining. We like to have a bit of dignity when we show Rich our requests by using discussion and polls. Not having a go at him for making a "wrong choice" because it doesn't fit your own agenda.

Not to repeat what's been said but Rich doesn't have to do this. The DC collection doesn't have a blog. He does it to show off figurines, discuss news and get people's opinions. Now you all have a valid one of wanting Blob by why harrass the man each time?? We all know the Blob will get in eventually, so be patient :)

mighty_marvel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Holy Wolf said...

"The forum is not a place that alot of us want to use as it seems like school run by bullies and if you dont toe the line you get hounded non stop"

Not tying to start an arguement, I'm just merely intrigued, what line is this? Can you ellaborate?

mighty_marvel said...

having looked at figures of foom already done elsewhere he looks best without purple pants imo.

am pleased em have taken on board what alot of people on here have been saying and not making specials any larger than they have to be. no need for odin and others to be mega special when they can easily be done as a regular special.

enchantress next week please

A_Jay said...

would like to see enchantress next week too. and am still holding on to slight hope she is going to be done as a double with the executioner. we can but hope

jimbob said...

Oh no i hope Forum and Bloggers are going to kick off now!

I always thought that there would be mix feeling towards Foom.

I think people has the right to say if they dont want Foom tho!

Hopefully some people will say it in a respectfull way!

Its in our nature for us comic book collectors to have a moan,its always been like this!

Thor8 said...

Nice looking covers for The Destroyer and Shang Chi. Hope you can show us a couple more in upcomming blogs!

Not really a fan of FFF but I know he has a strong following so he should do great sales wise!Glad to hear you say that Odin is amoung your favorites for a special as I really wish to see him done.

My vote goes to Enchantress on the next figurine sneek peek.

As for changes in the mag. Maybe you can dedicate a couple of pages to show and explain how a character is chosen,how you decide what pose you pick and the various poses you selected them from.

And last but not least I don't think The SHFF is the best place to get your feedback from. (No offense intended0.

rafaelrodrigues1 said...

The Enchantress!!!

Artificial Idiot said...

"And last but not least I don't think The SHFF is the best place to get your feedback from. (No offense intended0."

You know what, I completely agree with this. Afterall, if it wasn't for feedback from the Figurine forum we wouldn't even have mega specials in the collection... So there'd be no argument over Foom and Blob would be all nicely tucked into his slot by now. :) I mean, we wouldn't have Galactus... Or Uatu... Or a Sentinel either, but that's a small price to pay for a fat man in a leotard, right... Right?!

No, that's slightly unfair. I'd never want to discourage people from supporting the figurines they want - But there's a time and a place and a proper way to do this. It requires patience and an understanding that Rich is trying to balence these specials out nicely. With a two double packs and two regular specials coming up, it makes sense to slot in a Mega. After him, I suspect a regular special will be on the horizon and if Blob isn't in the front running for that, I will personally chew off my own arm, hold an impromtu lottery and mail it to the lucky winner. Blob is coming, sooner than we might think, there's no need to get in a huff as he hasn't been confirmed yet. ;)

Miss Medusa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rty said...

Fing Fang FOOOOOOOM!!!!!

Absolutlely brilliant choice...

Why oh why or some of you guys
not considering getting it...

An incomplete collection is just a waste of time..
I wasn't a huge fan of the character Blink cos I think she was to obscure.. But I still got her to have a complete collection..

Lonewolf said...

Annihilus + 1

Miss Medusa said...

As for Foom i cant say im excited over him but hes ok for a mega slot. I hope M.O.D.O.K and Mojo get to be Megas at some point.

as for the pants thing.... who cares! lol.

I think the forum peeps do come across a bit to strong and pounce somewhat on the blog fans for saying things they do not like but we all have our views and one groups views is not any better than the others in anyway shape or form.

I can imagine the forum posts a buzz with "there slagging of foom lets go get em" it is a slightly Bully type reaction to as a collective pounce on people for been different and expressing themseleves.

Lets all get along shall we after all were all fans :) and for gods sake Rich just give us our Blob already lol. ;)

Zombula said...

..... Yuk :) .

... Destroyer cover is awesome -good choice to supplement the fig.
Liking Shang-Chi cover also - keep em coming.
Fin Fang Foom should look great towering over Iron Man , Fan 4 etc ... purple pants please - keep those dragon googlys under wraps :).
The diversity of the collection makes it strong & hopefully maintain its longevity.
Whatever your choice - Odin , Blob , Onslaught , Giant-Man ...... gotta feeling all will be made eventually.
Just gotta be patient ....
Hard being patient though isnt it ?.
Ill miss the poster if pulled completely but info instead will make up for it.
Fig for next time ??? .... Tigra - sorry - Annihilus :).

Zombula said...

PS - Yuk was to A.I chewing off his arm :) ........... yuk !

Holy Wolf said...

"I think the forum peeps do come across a bit to strong and pounce somewhat on the blog fans for saying things they do not like but we all have our views and one groups views is not any better than the others in anyway shape or form."

I see it the other way round. At the moment the blog seems to come across be a select few members (don't mean to generalise here as I know these really are the minority, but it's a Friday afternoon and I can't be bothered to word it better) who seem to think that if they shout loud enough and often enough that their choices will get in. Maybe they think that's how it works and how other characters got in, maybe they did, who knows.

These same people then also come out and slag off the forum for the figs that were chosen last extension, despite the fact that nearly 400 individual collectors voted.

the thing about the forum(s) is that people generally debate their ideas and opinions as much as they like and then usually end up in some sort of compromise. I know the one between people who preferred pre 1980s characters and those who prefer newer characters was mentioned on here, yet after all the bickering and bantering the general consensus resulted in a general compromise that a good mix is healthy for the collection and that there are many types of collector and demographic the CMFC tries to appease.

Whereas a few people on here (again apologies for the generalisation, most of you are alright ;) ) just like to shout and moan and have a whinge when they don't get everything their own way. No compromise. I'm not totally convinced that a few of these blog accounts aren't linked back to the same person but I shall refrain from going into that.

And this isn't targeted at anyone in paticular. Funnily enough the people I've bickered with in the past are actually some of the ones making quite decent and grown up comments. :)

spidey_1979 said...

enchantress for the next sneak peak please

Nightstar1441 said...

I am very pleased about FFF (no pants for me though) and I am very optimistic for an extension as well as getting the fan-favorite Blob seen as a special in 2010.

It's always a pleasure to see fans from all ages and all genres so passionate.

But we're all on the same side. We all want this collection to continue to grow and continue to expand.

Just because your choice was not picked this time does not mean it will never be. There are fans out there celebrating because of the inclusion of Fing Fang Foom.

We should be happy for them and I would like to think they would be happy for any one us if one of our favorites were made.

Whether you choose to express yourself on a forum or the blog (we each have our own way of expressing ourselves - there is no right or wrong) - it's important to realize that we all want the same thing - for this to be the truely greatest assembly of Marvel characters ever created!

So let's not slag off on each other - there are plenty of opportunities to do that in real life. And let's try to express ourselves while trying to respect the views of others.

Thank you Rich for helping to make this collection as special as it is.

My vote for the sneak next week goes to Annhilus

comichead said...

enchantress next week

make fin fang foom without the purple pants please

dude no one should wear purple pants

Anonymous said...

Great news about Fin Fang Foom...

He's really the only character I felt that was fitting for a Mega Special alongside Galactus, Watcher, and Sentinel. The others can be done, as you said, at a slightly smaller scale... since the Mega Specials technically arn't in scale with the regular figurines anyway. So they should be reserved for characters that can't be done to scale.

As for Purple Pants or No? I say go with no. I always thought it was kinda silly when he was wearing them. And it really would look weird in the collection. Especially since you did Abomination without, and he's generally depicted with them. So yeah, no purple pants for me.

As for who we see? I say... Annihius. The females often don't look that great online. So I'd rather see the crazy alien bug. :)

All for Mojo and Modok to make it in next year as well, as well as Sasquatch. Those three would make me pleased as punch.

Gremlin said...

Reading Rich's comments makes it sound like MODOK and Mojo would be Mega Specials further down the line.
As I said before, really pleased that FFF is in as it gives us a bit of diversity to the collection.

Really looking forward to all the specials next year but I wish people would chillax a bit, by the sounds of it this collection will be going on till at least 2012 so there is more than enough room for the main wants.

Jacadoo said...

The Enchantress for me.

FF Foom Oh yes - no real preferance, dressed or not still great addition.

Guys but why so much complaining - also the repeated calls for fatty is stale come you X fans there are better characters from your sect that must surley warrant a call up sooner than the pie eater.

For me bring on Sasquatch before Blob and double pack of Stingray and Tigershark BEFORE Avalanche & Pyro.

ted sallis said...

i'll admit to being a middle aged collector,and tho my eyesight may be failing and my gnarled bony fingers are becoming more claw like by the year , i like to think i can still bitch and moan like a geek halve my age! where the hecks the aunt may figurine Dangnabbit?
now where did i leave my dentures?

Timbo said...

Annihilus next week cheers.

Foom = meh but if hes got to be done do him in his pants otherwise hes just a random green dragon, his pants make him Foom.

Northstar & Aurora need to be a special next year and Blob also. Sasquatch can wait I dont want 2 Alpha Flight specials in one year.


Dan The Art Ed said...

Hi just digging your comments. I'm usually too busy cleaning up old comic scans to read these blog thingys! really getting a sense that Blob is a fav, I'll have a word with Richard on monday! Your input really does help us make our decisions, so keep up the good fight.

BTW that Destroyer cover will have Gold foil where it shows yellow - similar to the Iron Man movie spesh.

It's the only Special that i haven't had much of a say in, as it was done by a out of house designer, Rich has kept it all secret from me, so i don't interfere and re-design it all!!! haha! Seriously though, i don't need to, as Britnell has done a great job on it - the Top 25 Marvel Comics section is x-cellent!


jimbob said...

Thanks Dan!!!!!;)

As you can see there is a big anticipation over the Blob special!

We have campaigned long and hard for him,he is the most wanted special,top of the polls!!

It would be cruel to make us wait any longer for his confirmation!!:)

Anthony Griffin said...

NO, NO, purple pants for Foom pls.

Mr J said...

Hey Dan thank you so much, Blob has been so wanted by so many of us you having a chat with Rich would be awesome.

Really like the Mag covers and I would quite like to get a sneak peak at Annihilus next time round.

Fin Fang Foom is alright but I really want Blob after him. I think the pants look is better its kinda of a part of the character been different.

Anonymous said...

don't forget to add these characters too :

ultimo ( mega special )
giant man ( mega special )
psycho man ( mega special )
sasquatch + wendigo ( mega special )
madame web ( special )
blob ( special )

i'm also going to send you some ideas for characters that i would love to see added to the collection in a further extention .

thanks for listening , dave.

Jacadoo said...

Dan OK I give in if Blob is on his way please Oh please have him doing something with his arms rather than hands on hips!!!

So X fans when Rich and the guys deliver fatty what Z lister is next from X Men - the mansion gardner perhaps LOL.......

Smiffy respect to your list my only question would be the size of sasquatch + wendigo (mega / special), my friend Mighty Marvel how does this stack up with scale?

Also Giant man would be an excellent addition as a mega special.

Wheres Pirate Adam off sailing the seven seas?

Killer Frost said...

Howdy Dan ;)

Great to have a post from you and thanks for supporting Blob by having a word with Rich about him. By the amount of fan support and requests for him I can guarantee that if hes done he will be one of the biggest selling figures to date!

Cheers mate :)

Bobbyvjay said...

Given the Sculpt of Blob iv seen on Superherofigurineforum by Aren Damiani the Sculptor of Man-Thing he will look great with the rest of the collection.

Now I just hope Ares make it next year too :)

Holy Wolf said...

Many thanks for your comments Dan. Always interesting and welcome to get feedback from different people at EM and I'm liking the sound of the Destroyer cover being gold.

Looks like you've certainly made a few bloggers day by noting there enthusiasm towards Blob! I hope you're fully prepared for the influx of random character suggestions that will fly your way now from various members :P

Congrats on all the great work you've done in the collection so far and keep up the good work :D


sergiogf said...

The Enchantress, please.

And the Avalanche & Pyro / Northstar & Aurora (double packs) or Sauron / Sasquatch / Blob (specials) for 2010¡¡¡

pirate adam said...

hey Jacadoo, im still here.

to be honest i was a bit boared with the last few posts but this one seems to have stirred up a bit of interest with lots of new bloggers coming onboard.

i agree with Jacadoo if Blobby must be made then haveing him do something with his hands is a good sugestion, maybee holding a KFC bucket an one hand and a big mac meal in the other.

soooooo glad rich said Odin is one of his favourites and even gladder he didnt say that Blob was.

the customisers shouldn't want the blob as they could make lots of money from making and selling him, just get lots of lead, roll it into a ball and paint a face onto it, HEY PRESTO instant Blob figure and probably about as good as he can look.

Roll on the Foom!! with pants please

keep Enchantress figure a secret until she is due out as she should look stunning and the suprise shouldn't be spoiled.

personaly i have no probs with the guys from the forum i just prefere this blog

Pirate Adam

Marvelbeast said...

Good news on Foom. Like you said in your blog, there's still plenty of time for more specials, so we are more then likely to see a lot of the names that keep getting repeated.

I think that Foom needs the purple pants, not only to break up the green but also because it makes it more Marvel IMO. Dragons in other areas of Sci-Fi don't wear anything to protect their dignity.

Out of the 2 choices I go for Enchantress, unless there was a third choice of BOTH please ;)

Marvelbeast said...

Sorry Jacadoo but I don't want Blob to have a Bic Mac meal and a KFC bucket in his hands. He lloks too much like me already without the accessories making him my double ;)

Kinda off topic but as it's been mentioned that we're going to at least 2012 and the CMFC is a UK magazine. Are there any chracters that has a link to the Olympics? I'm one of the Londoners that's happy about 2012 and wouldn't mind seeing an Olympic special.

Holy Wolf said...

Think we'd need another couple extensions to take us into 2012 MarvelBeast. The current 140 run ends Dec 2010, and an extension to 160 would take us to Oct 2011. Although personally I'd love to see it go to 2012 and beyond :D

If we're going to get a Blob figure I'd like to see a dynamic pose, but I'm not sure how easy it would be as I doubt the big fella is able to move his arms much :D

I think Aren Damiani had is spot on for his Blob sculpt where his arms were up in front of him in a kind of action pose. I still love that sculpt!!

Holy Wolf said...

Actually, looks like an extension to 180 still means the collection ends 15 days before the 2012 Olympics start...

jimbob said...

Yeah!I love Aren Damiani sculpt of Blob!He has captured him brilliantly!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Blob needs to be holding a white coloured giant sized drinking cup in his left hand raised slightly towards his head and be drinking from a straw and also clutching a large chicken bucket containing drumsticks in his right hand that pose would be great i think and realistic to how he was often portrayed in the x men animated series which used to be on tv .
check out my blog , smiffy6987

Anonymous said...

check out my ideas for future figurines that could be added to the classic marvel figurine collection and share your views with me

eaglemoss you should check out my blog too as i have some great ideas , p.s : i'm currently un-employed if you want to hire me lol

i have also listed some ideas for other figurine collections that i'd like to see eaglemoss make like a legends of wrestling figurine collection and a sci-fi / horror figurine collection .

check it out now , smiffy6987

jimbob said...

Hopefully we will get 6 specials next year!

So Foom is confirmed that leaves 5 places left,here are my choices,

NORTHSTAR & AURORA double pack

And last but not least by popular demand from the collectors :-

AVALANCHE & PYRO double pack

mighty_marvel said...

6 specials next year would be nice but I would think we'll get 5 at the most.

My personal choices would be
1)Foom (confirmed)
2) Blob
3) Odin
4) Madame Web
5) Northstar/Aurora

If we did get a 6th special I would go for Celestial mega as the specials have to be from all areas of the MU just like the regular line up. Most of the other choices I had in mind like onslaught and pyro/avalanche would make this batch of specials favoured towards x-men related characters.

One more thing, please don't mention numbers like 160 and 180, I'm still wanting this collection to go to well over 200 :)

TOM said...

Annihilus, Annihilus, Annihilus please, please, please.

Thanks for the cover peak of Destroyer. Very Nice. Master of Kung Fu is good looking as well.

I know everyone talks about the figures here, mostly.., but the magazines are a REALLY crucial part for me because I like the getting a condensed collection and decent cross-section of the art created for these characters over the years.

On that note. I would love to see something by Joe Jusko show up on a future cover. (not to many characters left that haven't already been done though)

But Jusko did do cool renditions of both Blob and Enchantress.

Thanks, Tom

PS: Annihilus, Annihilus, Annihilus please, please, please.

Anonymous said...

i forgot to mention :

could you please consider making some civilians and adding them to the classic marvel figurine collection.

jj jameson + mary jane watson
+ aunt may
general thunderbolt ross + betty ross

thanks , smiffy6987

mighty_marvel said...

omg smiffy what have you done. don't mention the c word whatever you do. i can feel the wrath coming already :) lol

Thor8 said...

Quote;"Keep Enchantress figure a secret until she is due out" Pirate I thought you and I were mates! You want me to have a stroke or something? I want to see that heavenly beauty now. If you should set sail by the carribean sea I'll make sure to make a storm blow your sails from here to asgard for such an offense!

Dan my friend, it sure was a pleasure reading your post within a post. Sure wish you and other EM staff members could do this more often. It makes the interactions between fans and creators more exiting and personal,not to mention getting additional info which is quite appreciated.

Since Dan himself said our input helps EM make thier decisions and to keep them comming,and many are already doing so I'll put in my two bits once again also:

Mega: Giant-Man/Goliath


Double pack:Enchantress/Executioner

And yes I want to see Enchantress in the next blog. Remember she's an immortal from asgard so make her a real beauty.

pirate adam said...

ahh Thor08 my friend,

i just think that the Enchantress could be made so awsome that it would spoil the suprise for Rich to reveal her to soon also does the fact that he is willing to release a pic of the Goddess mean that she wont be made into a double with Executioner?

i hope not

Pirate Adam

Goth Prince aka Andrew said...

Not thrilled by Foom but as far as Megas go he does make sense to be Mega number 4.

Blob next though as if Foom is the first special of 2010 that means hes gonna be out around Feb time? so by the time feb is over it will over a year since we have had an X-MEN special!


Really want to see Annihilus next!

Fabio Mucci said...

To me Annihilus, it's great.

Happy with Fin Fang Foom: it's a great special.

But, hey, please add the Jigsaw character (punisher foe) to collection. He has the best look!

limegrove said...

oof! i was surprised that such a little known charachter as fig fim foom was to be given mega special status , after some research i realise i was confusing this big green entity with the midgard serpent.
i think glob is more interesting than gloob why comic collector love obese peeps?

jimbob said...

With the mega-special my next favorite choice is ATLAS!!!

He can grow to 60ft and he more than qualifies for a mega-special!:)

Holy Wolf said...

Hmm, if I were to pick next years specials I personally would go for somehting like this:

1 - Fin Fang Foom
2 - Blob
3 - Northstar and Aurora
4 - Omega Red
5 - Odin
6 - Sasquatch

Personally I've no love for a Pyro and Avalanche double pack an would much rather just keep Pyro in the regular line up and have someone else in the special place.

Robin said...

My top 6 specials I want next year are (in order)

1. BLOB (NUMBER 1 CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!)
6. M.O.D.O.K

Really want Sauron and Strong Guy to be done someday.

Annihilus for friday please.

spidey_1979 said...

just a thought. why not have avalanche and toad as a double. i know theres been support for blob and toad together but with blob needing to be special size anyway its unlikely he'll be made into a double pack. same thing for sasquatch and puck. why not have shaman and puck as a double and sasquatch as a special.

mighty_marvel said...

THE ULTIMATE LIST - have been working on this for a while now and just wanted to share with everyone. this is my list up to issue 255 including specials. started off with over 400 characters but after much deliberations i whittled it down to this. let me know what you think - hope rich takes time to read it too :)

105. Doc Samson
106. Madrox


107. Union Jack
108. Man Wolf


109. Ikaris
110. Machine Man


111. Shang Chi
112. Black Knight
113. Hellcat
114. Viper
115. Dazzler
116. Chameleon
117. X-23


118. Tigra
119. Son of Satan
120. Beta Ray Bill
121. Jack of Hearts
122. Crimson Dynamo


123. Jocasta
124. Gladiator
125. Sunfire
126. Titania
127. Gorgon


128. Jubilee
129. Ant-Man
130. Snowbird
131. Grim Reaper
132. Annihilus


133. Pyro
134. Prowler
135. Drax the Destroyer
136. Nomad
137. Enchantress


138. X-Man
139. Black Heart
140. Wasp
141. Destiny
142. Starfox


143. Frankie Raye
144. Hydro Man
145. Ares
146. Typhoid Mary
147. Forge


148. Radioactive Man
149. Wolfsbane
150. Arachne
151. Abner Jenkins
152. Clea


153. Triton
154. Jackal
155. Longshot
156. Swordsman
157. Sage


158. Simon Garth
159. Fixer
160. Maya Lopez (Ronin)
161. Cannonball
162. Owl


163. Nico Minoru
164. Puma
165. Lyja
166. Balder
167. Sersi


168. Black Tom Cassidy
169. Moonstone
170. Purple Man
171. Danielle Moonstar
172. US Agent


173. Sebastian Shaw
174. Silver Sable
175. Shroud
176. Karnak
177. Pete Wisdom


178. Archangel
179. Blizzard
180. Stingray
181. Callisto
182. Gamora


183. Tiger Shark
184. Silvermane
185. Vulcan
186. Karolina Dean
187. Molecule Man


188. Hyperion
189. The Hood
190. Domino
191. Vance Astro
192. Sauron


193. Scourge
194. J. Jonah Jameson
195. Hela
196. Magik
197. Gargoyle


198. Beyonder
199. Songbird
200. Brother Voodoo
201. Marvel Girl
202. Starhawk


203. Mockingbird
204. Trapster
205. Spiral
206. Satana
207. Whirlwind


208. Thundra
209. Chase Stein
210. Magma
211. Thena
212. Baron Mordo


213. Scarlet Spider
214. Spitfire
215. Meggan
216. Crimson Cowl (Justine Hammer)
217. Caliban


218. Devil Slayer
219. Moondragon
220. Maximus
221. Dust
222. Firestar


223. Paladin
224. Sif
225. Tinkerer
226. Goblin Queen
227. Mantis


228. Speedball
229. Xorn
230. Mr. Fear
231. Immortus
232. Xavin


233. Siryn
234. Kaine
235. Makkari
236. Shanna
237. Diamondback


238. Monet St Croix
239. Constrictor
240. Kate Bishop
241. Darkhawk
242. Red Ghost


243. Jigsaw
244. Arana
245. Chamber
246. Sharon Carter
247. Quasar


248. Night Thrasher
249. Selene
250. Dr. Spectrum
251. Howard the Duck
252. Shadow King


253. Turbo
254. Morlun
255. Stan Lee

jimbob said...

Not a bad list MM,kind a lost me towards the end tho.

Brandon G. DeStefano said...

I'm cool with either figurine preview, I just like getting a sneak peak at any of them.

PS - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get on the guys doing the DC Figurines to post some stuff to their blog. I would love to see some sneak peaks of that line as well (as I collect both). Thanks!

jimbob said...

Hey Brandon G. DeStefano there are sneak peaks of Poison Ivy,Cyborg etc...on the forum!

Banshee said...

Main site update :-o

Jacadoo said...

MMarvel - things were going OK with your list till we hit the DUCK dude please!!!!

Also no room for the warriors three?

Nice update to the main site.

Have to echo Jimbobs call for Atlas as a mega special.

Thor8 said...

I hate to sound ungrateful but I check the main site daily and I sure was glad to see it was updated,but don't you think that after so looooong a time it could have been updated a little more?

I agree with Jackadoo on the Howard T.D. issue.

You know there is one character that I believe has never been pproposed for production whon I belive should be in this collection
and that's The Collector. It would serve as poetic justice to have him be collected instead of the other way around!

mighty_marvel said...

i know, i know. wouldnt have put the duck in but there have been a few people ask for him both on here and on the forum. i always try to be fair on my lists and include what others have asked for as much as possible. sadly the duck has reared his head on a number of occasions in various discussions.

warriors three were on my specials shortlist which was very difficult to cut down. trying to keep a reasonable balance between mega, regular, double and team was tricky. main reason they didn't get in was because i felt i didn't have enough mega specials so i put surtur in.

did have the collector on the shortlist. nearly made it too. if i'd have gone to 270 he'd have been on there.

know how difficult it must be for the guys at eaglemoss to choose characters now. was horrible having to remove some characters in favour of others, but i hope that my list at least shows that this collection has a lot of life in it yet. there's good characters to easily reach the 250 - 300 mark

Webs said...

Mighty Marvel that list is wonderful!

I would say add Omega Red and Meltdown and drop Howard the Duck and Stan Lee other than that its a wonderful list.

Well done mate.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

The Enchantress, please!

dont forget the Agent 13 (Sharon Carter)...

buffduffdan said...

Perfect special line-up for next year IMO would be:

Fin Fang Foom
Northstar & Aurora
Lockjaw & Karnak

Oh and for Brandon, we asked Sven about a blog for the DC collection before but apparently their contract with DC doesn't allow them too :(

Nice list to 255 too btw, some I wouldn't like but for the most part pretty good!

Psybeam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Psybeam said...

Foom is ok, if hes been done then have him in his pants that makes him not your bog standard green dragon.

I hope that Blob will be done next year and these are some of my most wanted specials,

Pyro & Avalanche

I think a special of Lilith the Mother of all Demons is a potential candidate she would look really good. Nimrod and Omega Red are obvious choices for me as well.

Easy choice about friday I want to see Annihilus.

A_Jay said...

just wanted to know what you all thought of this. i collect some of the dc figures as well and hawkman has been done as a regular figurine. made me think about sauron. some people have been asking for him as a special but does he really need to be? hawkman's wings are about as big as sauron's and even though sauron is a bit taller he is a lot thinner - this leads me to think sauron could also be done as a regular fig.

liking the list MM. this collection simply has to reach the 250/300 mark at least. some of the characters on there made me realise just how much is still missing

ted sallis said...

cerroatwith all these wish lists taking this collection well into the next decade . have eaglemoss got any plans to commemorate the Fantastic Fours 50th anniversary in 2011? . i think there is strong case for marking this important milestone.
here's an idea for all the fing fang foom lovers out there. how about a mega special of the moleman's monster from the cover of FF #1?
i'd wager there isn't a marvel fan be he 17 or 70 that doesn't know that iconic image.
somebody mentioned the possibilty of some kind of tie in between this collection and the 2012 london olympics.
well i was looking through an issue of comic book artist and there was a fab page of original larry lieber artwork from the uk comic Captain Britain not the dullard from our collection but the original "classic" all red with lion rampant on his chest and he was leaping majesticaly into the air using his extendable golden staff as a polevault.
it may be slightly tenuous but that's the only link i can make between this collection and the london games

Anonymous said...

olympics ?

well it would be silly to do another captain britain figurine so why not do lionheart instead as she has the union jack flag on her face , check her out on the marvel universe character bio web page.

and i agree with ajay , sauron would be a regular issue , as there are much larger characters that could be used as specials , bring on the nasty boys - x men foes , they are large and would make great figurines , we already have their leader mr sinister in the collection and also we don't have many x men foes in the collection , in fact we don't have many villains
at all for all catagories .

thanks for listening , dave.

p.s check out my blogg smiffy6987

Anonymous said...

mega specials wanted :

psycho man
giant man

specials wanted :

strong guy
gorgeous george
madame web
atlas ( erik josten )

Anonymous said...

groups wanted / multi packs :

wrecking crew -

bulldozer + piledriver +
thunderball + wrecker

serpent society -

king cobra + puff adder +
asp + black mamba +
diamondback + black racer

heralds of galactus -

firelord + nova

skrulls -

annelle + lyja +
paibok + skrull king

frightful four -

trapster + wizard +
blastaar + hydro man

inhumans -

triton + karnak + maximus

atlantians -

dorma + krang

savage lands -

amphibius + brainchild +
vertigo + sauron + shanna

starjammers -

raza longknife + hepzibah + corsair

imperial guard -

flashfire + manta + titan +
warstar + fang + neutron + hussar +
d'ken neramani + deathbird

alpha flight -

northstar + aurora + puck + snowbird + shaman +
diamond lil or vindicator

brotherhood of evil mutants -

avelanche + toad

x factor -

forge + shard + thornn or wolfsbane

other characters -

longshot + spiral
maverick + silverfox
darkstar + omega red
jackal + owl
tombstone + hammerhead
silver sable + solo
puppet master + red ghost
stingray + tiger shark + eel
whirlwind + blizzard + modok +
grey gargoyle + dreadknight +
blacklash or whiplash

Anonymous said...

other characters i'd like to see added to the classic marvel figurine collection as standard single packs :

beetle mk II
gargoyle ( isaak christians )
gargoyle ( yuri topolov )
sharon ventura
mad thinker
texas twister
dragon man
high evolutionary
baron mordo
3d man
white tiger ( angela deltoro )
black tarantula

Anonymous said...

i think a cowboy swinging a piece of rope would look cool as a cucumber in the marvel figurine collection , so i would love to see the texas twister added as i think this character is very colourful and would stand out in the crowd , and make a great figurine
and addition to the collection

check him out on the marvel universe character bio database / website

Anonymous said...

forgot a group , thunderbolts :

radioactive man
speed demon
killer shrine
texas twister

jimbob said...

Attention EM!

Amazing sculpture on the forum by Aren!Would defenetely pay alot of money for this!

Thor8 and Pirate Adam you two would be interested in this,go and look for your selfs!;)

pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...

thanks for the info jimbob and the sculpt looks awsome, EM would be stupid to ignore this and if they do decide to do an Odin special they could do alot worse than that model just hope they put the crows on and have him with his spear.

Pirate Adam

Anonymous said...

loving the odin figurine sculpture on the forum , very professionaly done.

where he is sitting on a throne i think that something similar should be done with modok as he floats and the only way i think modok could be captured would be to have him sitting on a silver / grey high chair as if he was at a computer in a control room for example .

p.s also like the sasquatch and blob figurine sculptures on the forum too but think that blob's arms don't look right , he should have a drink in one hand and a chicken bucket in the other

Anonymous said...

loving the odin figurine sculpture on the forum , very professionaly done.

where he is sitting on a throne i think that something similar should be done with modok as he floats and the only way i think modok could be captured would be to have him sitting on a silver / grey high chair as if he was at a computer in a control room for example .

p.s also like the sasquatch and blob figurine sculptures on the forum too but think that blob's arms don't look right , he should have a drink in one hand and a chicken bucket in the other

Anonymous said...

how about a legends of wrestling figurine collection ?

loads of characters that would make great figurines !!!

display stands could be in the shape of a wrestling ring

specials could be of managers + large characters like andre the giant etc + tag team specials of more than one wrestler

i think it would be a nice money maker for eaglemoss

i have more information and a list of characters on my blogg

check out my blogg : smiffy6987

Anonymous said...

another idea :

gi-joe the figurine collection ?

i used to love collecting the toy figures as a kid , but how about a figurine collection , i remember that there were so many different characters and think that they would make great figurines , p.s can't wait to see the film !!

Thor8 said...

Thanks for the tip Jacadoo, I had seen this sculpture before and find it to be a great sculp,but quite frankly I'd prefer a standing pose,maybe something similiar to the Bowens designs statue.

Bill9000 said...

Well, these are my first comments for the Classic Marvel Figurines Collection, so here goes:

Fin Fang Foom is a great choice for a mega-special. I'll be sure to grab it once it becomes available at my favorite comic book specialty shop here in eastern Canada ... but no pants, please. A dragon like Foom would look silly wearing purple shorts and would take away from the menace of the character.

Now, on to the choice between Annihilus and the Enchantress. Although I'm a big fan of all things Asgardian, I'd have to say I'd snatch up Annihilus before I purchase Amora. So my vote goes to Annihilus!

But then, if they both became available at the same time, I'd buy 'em both. ;)

Thor8 said...

Bill9000; The surevey is for which figurine would you like to "SEE" posted first,not which one you'd purchase first.

Thor8 said...

Bill9000; Forgive my bad manners! I forgot to welcome you aboard. It sure is nice to hear from new bloggers and it's double sweet when they're fans of Asgard.

Jacadoo said...

Bill9000 - Bah another Asgardian - Olympus is the place that rocks!!

Eating drinking taking advantage of earth females, not like the boy scouts in Asgard.....

Get with the program!

pirate adam said...

Jacadoo what happened?

i thought you was with us Asgardians all the way and now you go and side yourself with those sisies from Olympus (tut tut) not that i think the Olympians are sisies and i really want Areas in the collection but compared to the mighty Asgardians then no contest!!

Pirate Adam

Loeis Chandra said...

Fing Fang Foom is good story and your mega updated is true. Congratulations. But Blob, Mojo, and Sauron is also good.

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