Friday, 7 August 2009

Super Quick Update: Madame Hydra


As the heading says just a quick update with an image of Madame Hydra (also known as Viper). We went for the classic Jim Steranko look.

Hope you like it and as always please leave your feedback in the comments section.

More next week. I promise.


Holy Wolf said...

Very nice indeed! The pose really suits the character and I'm liking the costume choice for this one.

Thanks Rich!

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the update! She was well worth the wait. Another great figurine. The figurines in this collection get better all the time :D

TOM said...

Just want to say thanks for these updates and photos of the finished and work-in-progress figures. Before finding your blog I wasn't seriously collecting these figures, mostly because one never knows how long a series is going to last. I hate getting into a series or collection that dies off after just a few batches. The blog is a great way of demonstrating that there are lots more to come. Love the work. favorite character so far, Kraven. Character I would love to see, Tarantula.


buffduffdan said...

What a figure :D Great pose, superb costume and the face is stunning too (which is often the weakest point for the female figs).

Brilliant :) Cheers Rich!

Gremlin said...

Excellent figure, nice pose and good to see the whip out :).
I was worried that in the wrong costume she may look too much like Polaris but my fears have been quashed. I am glad you decided to keep her in the lineup after that debate as to whether her or Titania would get the chop. Speaking of which I am really looking forward to see her aswell, the female figures are getting better and better. Time to make Spiral I think....:)

Robert said...

Excellent choice of figure and costume. However, am I the only one who thinks her anatomical positioning is a bit awkward? Particularly her head and her rather elevated, ahem, bosom.

jarvis69 said...

Thanks Richard ! Another bad girl in the collection and one of the best ! lol
I agree with buff , very nice face .

Riddler83 said...

Have to say I was on the Titania side of the argument when it was between her and Viper for the spot, but Ive been convinced otherwise. Love the sculpt, thanks for showing us! :D

jimbob said...

Titania is issue 126 in this collection she comes out june 2010.

Miss Medusa said...

Thanks Richard she looks like a stunner ;)

Really nice sculpt. Great to hear your going to be updating next week again.

Any news on specials for 2010 yet? :)

lipstick said...

Because the female figures are getting better, I believe we must have one more Jean Grey (Phoenix) figurine. She is the most famous and favourite woman in MARVEL universe and the figurine we already have isn't something special...
In other collections there are 2 or 3 figurines with the same character. It happens with the special characters.
Jean had the good and bad luck be the first woman in the collection.

Viper can't be better from JEAN GREY!

lipstick said...

Ah and I think hair must be longer on the female figurines.

Anonymous said...

You meam something like this lipstick?

But it is the dark Phoenix though

Thor8 said...

Personally I don't mind if EM decides to make another Jean Grey (Phoenix) figurine,but right now is not the time for it. There are too many characters still to be made that should hold preferance over any repeats of any given character. The reason "other" collections have 2 or 3 figurines of the same hero or heroine is because they don't have such a wide variaty of top notch characters with a healthy amount of followers to choose from.Let's get the heroes that are still missing first then we'll ask for upgrades.

Killer Frost said...

Thor8 said it perfectly.

No repeats of any characters before atleast 200 if not much higher.

Phoenix is fine if any females need doing again its Crystal and Rogue.

Viper looks great, cheers Rich.

Thor8 said...

When I first saw that Rich had finally written a new comment, I just took a quick glance at the Viper figurine and rushed over to read the comments sent in by fellow bloggers. Now that I've gone back and taken a better look at it (the figurine) I have to agree with Robert and say that she indeed has kind of an awkward pose. It looks as though someone has placed thier knee on the back of her waist and is pushing her foward while holding on to her shoulders.

Killer Frost I definately agree that if there's a female figurine that needs to be re-done in the future Crystal is the one to do.

Oh and Tom, Kraven is one of my favorite figurines in this collection so far also.

Banshee said...

I think Madame Hydra looks awesome and I really like the pose, she looks like she's about ready to kick arse :)
I'm not really fussed about any re-makes. I think it just shows the progression of the collection and I like that. Besides there are far to many characters to be taken into consideration before Eaglemoss start grinding out do-overs. And the variants never took off that well anyway, hence while they stopped being made. I think the collection should just carry on as is because it just seems to be getting better and better.

Also looking forward to next weeks blog. I'm hoping for a glance of Jocasta or Enchantress :) :)

jimbob said...

I dont see why EM just chuck the re-dos in there gradually.

Why would they take up other regular slots?!

Just have them to replace the original figs,still the same issue and the same magazine just a diffrent fig.

9. Captain America - replace
10. Dr Doom - replace
12. Iron Man - replace
19. The Punisher - replace
21. Captain Britain - replace
29. Rogue - replace
39. Mystique - replace
63. Cable - replace
78. Crystal - replace

some of these ols figures can be improved or enhanced during this collection and should not interupt forthcoming issues.

And also Banshee there is a pic of Jocasta on the and she does look really good.

Thor8 said...

It's not a matter of taking up any slots Jimbob. It's a matter of the time and effort it'll take in remaking these figurines that will put behind schedule the production of the new releases. Just think, you alone propose that nine(9) figurines be redone. I have others in mind (such as Carnage) and so do many other collectors have thier choices. I mean when would the EM gang have time to do thier regular releases,the specials,the meagas,the double packs?
I still insist re-do's (if any) should be done at the end of this run.

jimbob said...

I did say gradually re-do them.

If they discontinue the original figure and replace it with the remake figure i dont see what the diffrence would be.

They would just be produceing the remake figure instead of the original one.

Banshee said...

Thanks for the Jocasta news jimbob, you're right she looks great.

So now I'd really like to see Enchantress or Snowbird. Any chance Rich ?? :) :)

Tanner said...

Viper looks good, hope to see Sunfire and Pyro soon.

Hopefully the update this week will be a good one I welcome the figure pics but I want to hear about specials for next year now (Basically when will Blob be out) LOL.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Steranko's Madame HYDRA is the best version ever.
Congratulations guys...

Sire-bd said...

Let's go now for a hydra soldier and Baron Von Stucker ! Thanks Rich !

Thor8 said...

Looks like these "quickies" don't cause too much enthusiasem amoung the bloggers,just one or two comments per day. Hope tommorow's blog is a biggie and I also hope you'll update your main site by then,it really has fallen way behind. Would love to see pics of Tigra,Wasp and Enchantress.

Miss Medusa said...

I think really the quickies are ok for a look but apart from saying "yeah looks great" theres nothing to debate or talk about anymore as where all really waiting on two big pieces of news,

1, Will there be another extension?

2, What are the specials for 2010 going to be?

The extension news will not be coming till later in the year so really the only big news were all wanting to know about is the specials for next year.

I hope we can hear about 1 or 2 of them soon, tomorrow would be great.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Totally agree with Sire-bd.
and I really would like to see the SILVER SABLE, SHARON CARTER (white costume, please!, CROSSFIRE, MADAME MASQUE and PALADIN collected as well.

jimbob said...

If you want debates go on the forum,theres diffrent descussion and exclusive pics on there frequently!

Thor8 said...

I have tried the forum,but to be quite frank it's not my cup of tea!
Speaking of the forum I hope that if any type of poll takes place for the next extension you can work something out and have it take place here and not in the forum. I have nothing against the forum,but I'd prefer to either have a poll here or just let you guys do the picking.

Anonymous said...

i still think the marvel figurine collection needs more female characters and also more foes .

here are some ideas :

females :

asp + black mamba + diamond back
aracne , firestar , lionheart
mantis , mocking bird , song bird
aurora , dorma , nova , huntara
sharon ventura , silver sable
madame web , shriek , bluebird
angela deltoro , deathbird
manta , hussar , hepzibah , vertigo
shanna , spiral , silverfox
darkstar , snowbird , shard , thornn , annelle + lyja .

foes :

mojo , omega red , wendigo , avelanche , toad , hairbag , ruckus
slab , gorgeous george , amphibius
barbarus , brainchild , sauron
jackal + owl , stiltman , toxin spot , black tarantula , puma
boomerang , tombstone + hammerhead
jigsaw , nightmare , destroyer
baron mordo , skrull king + paibok
puppetmaster + redghost , trapster
wizard , blastaar , hydroman
triton , karnak , maximus
diablo , dragonman , krang
maelstrom , high evolutionary
crucible , klaw , mad thinker
texas twister , psychoman
firelord , terrax , tigershark
eel , whirlwind , blizzard , modok
blacklash/whiplash , grey gargoyle
dreadknight , beetle MK II ,
crossfire , swordsman , ultimo
gargoyle ( isaak christians )
gargoyle ( yuri topolov )
king cobra + puff adder

bring it on , so much interest , eaglemoss would have to be mad not to extend the collection further as there are still so many popular characters that have not been included in the collection !!

don't get me wrong , i don't expect every single marvel character to get made but i think we could definately go past the 300 issue mark , just think of all the profits eaglemoss !!

thanks for listening , dave.