Friday, 21 August 2009

Bob, Blob, Glob?

Hello everyone,

Well I'm glad to see that last week's blog update led to a bit more action in the comments section.

From all the comments I can see that there's a certain character that you guys really want for a special. What was his name? Oh that's right – The Glob.

Well fair play he's confirmed, let's have the Glob in the collection.

So that's the chap below confirmed for 2010.

OK, that was a bit cruel.

So the BLOB it is then. I've enjoyed teasing you guys with this one for a while but I think it's only fair to say (bar any catastrophes) that we'll have him in the collection at some point next year.

Right so that's two slots sorted for next year, begin the comments for another. The Glob anyone?

And lastly today, it looks like Annihilus got the most votes so here he is:

We went for the classic Annihilus not the new Annihilation (more insecty) one and made sure to include the cosmic rod on his chestplate.

Have a good weekend.


Bill9000 said...

Excellent work! Annihilus looks superb. And I'm really pleased you went with his classic Jack Kirby look than his overdone Annihilation appearance. And it's great to hear confirmation on ol' Fred J. Dukes.

mighty_marvel said...

thank you for confirming blob. we can now move on to other topics - obviously the main ones being please please please confirm odin special and northstar/aurora double

mighty_marvel said...

i'm going to work on the basis that there will be 5 specials next year so i think ideal line-up, alongside fin fang foom and blob, should be

odin (regular special)
northstar/aurora (double)
madame web (regular special)

Ryan Maxwell said...

Wow. Annihilus. Best sculpt yet, hands down. FANTASTIC work. It's gonna be a looooooong, hard wait for him to hit the U.S.

Glad to hear about Blob. Now, about a certain handful of Canadians...

Anonymous said...

Annihilus is awesome! really cool pose too. Must say the sculpts are getting better all the time. Anything new on Onslaught?

Sire-bd said...

Very good news, thank you Richard!

Very well for Blob that will be the one sculptured by Aren Damiani? It will not be necessary forgotten its two other creations ODIN and SASQUATCH magnificent everything them two!

Holy Wolf said...

Wow!! Annihilus looks AMAZING!! It's a brilliant pose and a sublime sculpt. Top job to whoever did that one!

Good news about the Blob, should please a lot of people.

As for next special to be confirmed I'm with everyone else in wanting Northstar/Aurora. Make it so Rich...please


Killer Frost said...

Annihilus looks really good! Im now convinced that Omega Red could be regular figure if Annihilus looks that good as a regular so would Omega Red!

Thank you so much for giving us Blob hes been such a big want for such a long time.

As far as specials for next year I would love to see....

Pyro and Avalanche (Double)
Northstar and Aurora (Double)
Sauron (Regular special)

Holy Wolf said...

Also, the quaility of the Annihilus fig has led to me decicing that I think Sauron would be far best suited to a regular slot and not take up a special slot.

Tanner said...


Thats just made my weekend thanks Rich.

Annihilus does indeed look amazing! and Im hoping for two doubles next year with the first been:


A_Jay said...


simply HAS to be odin to be next confirmed special.

used to want pyro/avalanche but unless toad gets put with blob i think the double should be toad/avalanche and leave pyro in the regular order. northstar/aurora should come first though.

A_Jay said...

nice to see someone else on same wavelength as me holy wolf. i mentioned about sauron being able to be done as a regular fig in the last post. for me it was the dc hawkman fig that was the convincer. but as u say the quality of annihilus proves it too. no need to take up a special slot on sauron when he could be done in good quality as a regular fig

Miss Medusa said...


Annihilus = FANTASTIC!

Next special = NORTHSTAR & AURORA!

:) Thank you Richard and Dan as well who im sure had a word about Blob.

ted sallis said...

always nice to recieve my new figs and a new update on the same day. taskmaster wasn't a charachter i was particulary bothered about but seeing him in the flesh/lead
he is very impressive lovely paint job.
you made a grown man cry when you revealed the glob special was just a cruel joke.
annihilus looks amazing.
looking at that lovely herbe trimpe glob artwork made me think of another classic hulk enemy from the trimpe era . anyone remember the original nightcrawler?
he should be considered for special status after we reach #400

buffduffdan said...

Annihilus looks awesome :D Looks set to be one of the best regular figs so far!

Cool news on the Blob, although not really suprising :) That Glob guy does look cool though...

So Enchantress next time? ;) And while I don't usually go on about wants, we need Northstar & Aurora!

buffduffdan said...

Oh and by the way Rich, we ran a poll on the SHFF about FFF and his pants. So far we've had 102 votes and these are the results at present:

Wearing his purple pants[43][42.16%]

Wearing nothing[59][57.84%]

So hope that helps with the decision :D

Mr J said...

Great news all round! Annihilus looks amazing and BLOB been in next years specials is just down right great!

Ill echo the opinion of others on what special should come next and thats got to be a Double Pack of Northstar & Aurora ;)


Cardcaptor said...

What an update! Annihilus looks wonderful and finally gettin The Blob is awesome.

As for the next special of 2010 I have really wanted Pyro & Avalanche but im thinking that Northstar & Aurora might be a better pick now as really Avalanche could be done a solo figure where as Northstar & Aurora really sud be a double. Ill rally behind Northstar & Aurora next.

pirate adam said...


I cant believe Blob got the vote over Glob.

Now Rich with my faith in you shacken to the very foundations the only way to redeem yourself is to confirm that a proper character will be coming next year aka ODIN then i will be a very very happy Pirate or do us Asgardians have to moan as much as the Blob fans have for the past 6 months before you will confirm the Big Daddy?

on a less grumpy note Annihilus looks awsome, glad i picked him over Enchantress (sorry Thor8) and i totally agree that Sauron and Omega Red should be made as quality regular figs.


Pirate Adam :(

jimbob said...


Thankyou Richard your the best!!

At long last confirmed thats all we have been waiting to hear!:)

Annihilus looks out of this world!!!!!Absoultely amazing work!

For the next special i think its time to confirm a double pack next!


They are probably the obvious 1st choice double pack (Pyro & Avalanche are not far of)so have them confirmed to get them out of the way.

Banshee said...

I voted for Enchantress but I'm glad Annihilus came through he looks amazing :)

And finally confirmation of the Blob, seems our persistant nagging paid off, maybe now the next biggest nag Aurora/Northstar will come to light. PLEEEAASSSEEE !!!! There has to be a double pack for 2010 and i can't think of any better :)

Richie Rich said...

BLOB is IN!!! finally thanks Rich.

So the specials for next year so far are >

Fin Fang Foom - Mega Special

The Blob - Regular Special

It hopefully will be a Double Pack next and if thats the case then its got to be >

Aurora and Northstar or Pyro and Avalanche.

p.s, Annihilus looks so cool!

jimbob said...

So with Blob confirmed,Sasquatch will take his place as the most wanted.I prefer to get Aurora & Northstar before him tho!

I have also added Sauron & Ronan in the running for specials!As they seem to be popular as well!

Sasquatch 59
Omega Red 42
Lockjaw 39
Odin 34
Onslaught 31
Mojo 30


It's goinig to be tough!!

P.S I hope that Arens sculpt of Blob will be used!

Gremlin said...

Wow, I have to say well done to the guy/gal who sculpted that one. Annihilus looks fantastic. I am glad to see that even though he is a larger character EM are not afraid to invest a bit more lead in him to show him off properly.

As for the next special...well....we have a Mega confirmed, a regular special confirmed so it make sense to go for the doublepack next. C'mon Rich you know yourself it has to be Northstar and Aurora. They are two characters who ooze doublepack due to their family ties, team affiliation and a large shared history. Plus Alpha Flight seem to be a popular team (maybe you haven't noticed :) ) so getting them in will go some way to calming the Canadian masses.

After that I would say Onslaught but that would mean an X-heavy special list for the year so maybe a Gorilla Grodd-sized special like Odin would do. He also has a lot of support and the painted sculpt by Aren is now on the forum and it has recieved a lot of fan support because it is so damn good.

comichead said...

annihilus looks great I'm glad you
went classic

any word on regular issues after 140?

Webs said...

Were in the Blobby :) yay Blob's comin out in 2010, fantastic.

Annihilus very nice!

After a MEGA & REGULAR SPECIAL its time for a Double next and if were talking a Double then its between Northstar & Aurora and Pyro & Avalanche.

Im going to go with Northstar and Aurora next, its a tough call but they just edge it for me.

As for other specials Im keen for Sauron to remain on the specials list but Omega Red could be a Regular figure and Id love to see him done.

spidey_1979 said...

how about rich confirms both northstar/aurora double pack and odin special in the next post. have a feeling that would make everyone more than happy.

agree about sauron being a regular figure. he's a thin character and only his wings would make him a special but other figures with wings and large capes have shown sauron should only be a regular figure. omega red is a close call. could be done as regular or special.

main question for me though is just where do i display kingpin? (got him today - very happy) do i put him with spiderman or daredevil? just can't decide

jimbob said...

Actually there is a way we can split these up into catagories,to pick the next three specials!


Aurora & Northstar
Avalanche & Pyro

SUPER SPECIAL(Grodd size special)



Odin (throne)

mighty_marvel said...

don't forget madame web jimbob. after all the discussions about female specials i think she deserves to be in the running. my specials line-up for next year is still

fin fang foom



madame web


i feel this line-up would give a nice mix from right across the MU rather than being too biased towards one area. using others mentioned would give a very xmen feel to the specials next year

Artificial Idiot said...

Annihilus looks absolutely fantastic! On par with Brother Blood in DC for extruding all kinds of vile malevolence in his pose! :D

Great news on Blob - Will you be using Aren's fantastic sculpt as the basis of the fig? It seemed to have a lot of fan support, and is ready to go! Not to mention it looks great! :)

pirate adam said...

ok i may be a total dork but i cant seem to find the picture of the Blob on the forum can sombody please help?

Pirate Adam

Saturn Lad said...

Annihilus looks like one of the best so far and Blob been done is like a dream come true!

2 specials announced so this is how I would like to see as the line-up for next year.




4. M.O.D.O.K


We only had 1 x-special in 2009 (Prof X & Lil) so having 3 next year for Marvels biggest seller is fine by me.

Artificial Idiot said...

Hey Pirate Adam, try this link!

Should take you directly to the post with sculpts of Blob, Sasquatch and Odin sculpted by the same man who did the excellent Man-Thing special that was released a few months back.

jimbob said...

Ok Pirate Adam,

click on to cutoms & display

and then look for Aren Damiani-sculptor click that and then you are soted.

limegrove said...

analus he look sooo perfect

sergiogf said...

Blob¡ Yeah¡

Now you've to decide the 2010's double pack and I bet for Pyro & Avalanche or Northstar & Aurora.

And don't forget Sauron, please.

New mutants or Excalibur figurines for the next extension¡

Cookie said...

The Blob :-0 yes!!!! thank you Richard.

Annihilus just got himself into the top 5 best figurines in the collection with one little pic. He is truly stunning.

I know there will probably be only 5 specials next year but if we could have 6 i think these 6 would make a great line up for next year.

Fin Fang Foom
The Blob
Avalanche & Pyro
Northstar & Aurora.

jimbob said...

I think we could have two double pack for next year!

Aurora & Northstar

Pyro & Avalanche

They seem to be on alot of peoples list!

I hope we can have 6 specials for next year instead of the usual 5!

sweet2cute said...

Booooooooooooooooooo! Where is Enchantress. Bad enough you bumped her to the end of the collection, but now your not even going to show us the work. Why not show both Enchantress and Bugboy if you have them.

Thor8 said...

Ooookay Rick, Three post in three weeks,fantastic. I know it musn't be easy for you to do this but I sure do appreciate it.

Don't know if anyone's mentioned this yet but I quess not,so I'LL go ahead and say it;THE ANNIHILUS FIGURINE IS FAAANTAAASTIC! It will surly stand out in everyones collection. I voted for Amora (that's The Enchantress for you mere mortals) but ol'Anni looks great!(that doesn't get you off the hook Pirate A)if you rear your sails towards the carribean you shall still feel my wrath unless of course you can help me convince Rich that ODIN is the next special to be approved for 2010.

The next special will most likely be a double pack so it should be
Northstar and Aurora since Blob has already been approved and Pyro and Avalanche also x-men characters should give way to non x-men figurines (even though Alpha Flight is an x-men spin off)

So the five specials for 2010could be something like this;

Fing Fang Foom
Madam Web

The X-Men have 6 specials so far as the Avengers have none so I believe A Giant Man/Goliath mega special shoulsd strongly be considered for 2011 or sooner!

jimbob said...

Yes please!

I would love Giant Man,Black Goliath,Atlas specials!

I think that Atlas (Thunderbolts)can be the next mega special for 2011!!

Anonymous said...

Well Annihilus looks superb great stuff on that one.

Now for my vote for the next fig to be confirmed. One of the best mutants and british characters in the MU AND not oly the leader of MI13 but also a member of several X-teams including Xcalibur and X force. The great Pete Wisdom

spidey_1979 said...

no chance of pete wisdom being confirmed until next extension is confirmed i'm afraid jayms - and on that note why not confirm the next extension rich!!!

Gremlin said...

I you want to give us a bit of a curveball special for next year you could try the Brood Queen....

Holy Wolf said...

I'll also lend my support to getting someone like Atlas/Goliath as a special once we've had a Northstar/Aurora double pack. =]

Goth Prince aka Andrew said...

WOW big news all around, Anni looks out of this world a stand out piece no question. THE BLOB :) thanks Rich your probably thrilled not to have to keep reading "we want blob anymore lol" cheers Rich.

Lets hope the next one is a double and the two most wanted are Aurora and Northstar and Avalanche and Pyro. If we can get both in 2010 GREAT! If not then I would be equally happy with either.

pirate adam said...

firstly i would like to thank Jimbob and Artificial Idiot for there help, Thanks Guys! the sculps look great (even Tubby)

secondly, Thor8 i find the carribean seas too tame for my liking, i will however help you any way i can in order to get Rich to confirm Odin for next year, though the only way may be to emulate the Blob fans as i said previously and moan constantly until he does.

i think 6 specials isnt to much to ask for and i would like to see:

Fing Fang Foom (in pants)

Pyro + Avalanch


Northstar + Aurora

Onslaught or a Celestial


now just because Blob is confirmed dont mean he has to be straight after FFF

Pirate Adam ;)

mighty_marvel said...

if we're going for 6, would love it even though i'm only expecting 5, alongside the 5 i mentioned earlier

fin fang foom
madame web

i would like


again i'm trying to be as fair as possible and range the specials from right across the MU rather than focusing too heavily on one group

Timbo said...

Annihilus looks like a beauty really like the metallic paint effect used on him.

The Blob news is fantastic thanks hes long over due will be great to get him.

Six specials next year would be great lets hope so. Really like the lists by Cookie and Pirate Adam. I hope there will be two doubles which of course will be..

Pyro/Avalanche and Northstar/Aurora.

jimbob said...

I think we should just go for it with the double packs have two next year please Rich!

Aurora & Northstar

Pyro & Avalanche

And i do feel we will get Odin(throne) and Onslaught (Super Special)for next year!

But first can you confirm the double packs please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mighty_marvel said...

does anyone have any ideas at all outside of xmen for specials. if rich follows the majority of suggestions so far if we get 6 specials next year 4 will be xmen or strongly xmen related. surely thats too much - xmen is my favourite marvel family and even i think its too much. give the others a chance.

how about

tombstone/hammerhead, black mamba/anaconda, mister hyde/cobra, jackal/carrion, terrax, super adaptoid, ronan the accuser, man-ape, lockjaw, skurge, atlas, awesome android, celestial, madame web, dragon man, death, eternity, heimdall, high evolutionary, iron monger, living tribunal, surtur

jimbob said...

The thing is that,

Aurora & Northstar

Pyro & Avalanche


look alot more apealing than your list MM at this stage of the collection!

But as long as we get the two most wanted double pack im happy!:)

Miss Medusa said...

I agree NORTHSTAR & AURORA and PYRO & AVALANCHE are the 2 most wanted double packs so hopefully they make it in next year. We got 2 doubles in 2009 Professor Xavier and Ka-Zar & Zabu (I assume ClOAK & DAGGER are considered a regular special) so I hope we get 2 next year.

Plus PYRO & AVALANCHE with DESTINY hopefully taking PYRO's space in the regular line up would help get the X-MEN Villains to where they should be number wise in the collection. Its been such a badly neglected group considering its such a popluar group. Im sure someone mentioned that the X-MEN Villains poll from the last extension was the most voted on poll out of them all is that correct?

So hopefully next year we can get NORTHSTAR & AURORA and PYRO & AVALANCHE.

Thor8 said...

Without wanting to offend anyone, but couldn't we ALL try to keep an open mind when suggesting canditates for the inclusion in this collection? I say this because some fans of a particular following seem to have a one track mind and act as if it's practically impossible for them to see the whole picture collection wise. I've said this before and so have Mighty_Marvel,Pirate Adam, Jacadoo,Ghost,and many other fellow bloggers. This is The Classic "MARVEL" Figurine collection, not The Classic X or The Classic Z collection. We just had Blob approved as a special for 2010 so that would be 4 X-men specials out of 14 so far for a30.5% 1 out of 3 Mega specials for a 33.33% and 1 out of 2 double packs for a 50%. And still there are those who want the remaining specials for 2010 to be X-men related. C'mon people let's give other branches of the Marvel U a chance at a piece of the pie!

It's up to the rest of you guys to have your say and be heard. Send in your comments and voice your wants.

Psybeam said...

OMG Blob been added to the collection is wonderful thanks to everyone who asked for him and to Richard, Dan and the guys at EM.

Annihilus looks superb!

Next special should be a double and either the two mentioned The Beaubier twins or Avalanche and Pyro would be great doubles.

The best specials lists so far are Pirate Adam's and particuarly Cookie's either would be wonderful.

Keep up the good work EM.

A_Jay said...

best special suggestions for me so far has to be thor8's. nice mix from different families. good choices mate.

do think that 2010 should include blob and northstar/aurora and 2011 should be sasquatch and avalanche/pyro (or toad?). would then give an xmen and alpha flight special or double in each of the next 2 years

limegrove said...

howay man
how aboot showin thor wi a dose of the sif? wy aye!

chewiebeast said...

Annihilus looks fantastic!
I've been quiet for a while but since you asked for more special suggestions, Lets have SAURON!

Anthony Stark said...

Hmmm... How about Scarlet Spider on a rooftop as a special to coincide with the new Clone Wars issues? Or even Whiplash being added to the collection as Micky Rourke is gonna be bringing him to life in Iron Man 2? PLEASE! :)

Anthony Stark said...

Or Iron Monger? But please, please, please give Scarlet Spider some serious consideration. ;)

pirate adam said...

you guys, (sniff) i've got a lump in my throat, people actualy like my list :) lol

anyway i do agree with MM and Thor8 there does need to be a mix of all the factions and if my suggestions were made in 2010 then i would expect some other people represented in the 2011 specials, if i was being biased i would want


i dont think we will ever get everybody to agree and we should all just keep moaning about what we get as we always have.

Pirate Adam :)

Robin said...

Annihilus has booked himself a space on my front row in my collection easily, he looks terrific.

The 3 specials I was hoping for next year were Blob (can i just say yippppppppppppeeeeee) now confirmed and double packs of Northstar & Aurora / Pyro & Avalanche. If those 2 doubles can join Blob and Foom next year ill be over the moon.

Thanks for The Blob Rich.

jimbob said...

I think i will make a special list for next year and the extension list for the year after!


Fing Fang Foom (confirmed)
Blob (confirmed)
Aurora & Northstar
Pyro & Avalanche


Ronan the Accuser
Atlas (mega special)
Sasquatch & Puck

There we go,there are no x-men in the extension list.There are none in the 2011 list i would want next year,i feel people have been compaigning for the 2010 list for ages!



mighty_marvel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bill9000 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bill9000 said...

Mighty Marvel and Thor8 have asked for suggestions for specials outside the X-Men crowd. Just to go on record, I don't consider Alpha Flight part of the X-Men crowd anymore since I believe they've established an identity all their own. But anyway, here are some ideas for non-X specials to mull over:

Awesome Android
Destroyer (Asgardian)
Executioner (Skurge)
Hulk 2099
Iron Monger
Ronan the Accuser
Supreme Intelligence
Titanium Man
Ursa Major

I left Mojo and Strong Guy off the list because I wanted this to be an X-Men free list. But I still think Mojo and Strong Guy would make great specials.

mighty_marvel said...

maybe i'm being optimistic but this should give specials to somewhere around issue 300


fin fang foom
madame web


ronan the accuser


skurge the executioner
wrecking crew


ulysses and elsa bloodstone


black mamba/anaconda
brood queen
warriors three

and jimbob, maybe its just me but i'd count mojo, sasquatch and puck as xmen related characters in your 2011 list. mojo is xmen villain and sasquatch/puck are alpha flight who first appeared in xmen, still appear in xmen from time to time, issue #1 of alpha flight says 'exploding from the pages of the x-men' and they are basically a canadian version of xmen.

Gremlin said...

Really not keen on a Pyro/Avalanche doublepack as suggested by so many of you. Its seems such a waste of a special slot. Pyro was voted into the collection by the forum, many people cast their votes to get him on thew regular lineup. That is where he should stay.

What about...
Brood Queen/Plahanx

jimbob said...

Yeah i voted for Pyro,but doesnt feel right to have him on his own tho.

I think this is a good opportunity to pull him out of the regular slot,and have a replacement added.

So there we have gained 2 extra figures Avalanche and the replacement!

Pyro & Avalanche is much wanted more than alot of the specials for next year!It's going to be tuff for Rich to ignore this campaign.

pirate adam said...

i know i put P + A in my list as a double pack but that was going on us gettin 6 specials next year, however if we only get 5 then i think it wil be 2 regular 2 mega and only 1 double i say this because we are getting the mega early in the year and 12 months would be too late to wait for another and we are due Kazar and Zabu very soon so another double pack in the middle of next year would seem the logical choice. plus are Cloack and Dagger classed as a special or a double?

Pirate Adam

pirate adam said...

what about a Corsair and Vulcan double pack?

Pirate Adam

Thor8 said...

There's something I've been considering for quite some time now but I've refrained from stating it due to the very slim(almost impossible)probability of it being taken into consideration,
but I'm goiong to give it a go anyway. There are a few groups in the MU that have members that I believe would make for some stunning figurines but alas unfortunately do not have enough history individually to rank an entry on thier own. So maybe EM could considered making them as a once a year multi-pack special. Some examples of these groups are:

The original Zodiac
The Soviet Super Soldiers
The Wrecking Crew
The original New Warriors
The Rangers

and other such groups. Zodiac could be divided into two sub groups and the mag(for all groups) could dedicate a page to each member individually and other articles to the group as a whole.

Okay there I had my say, now you can throw your sticks and stones. No tar and feathers please.

mighty_marvel said...

i have posted a collection extension suggestions list up to issue #300 on my blog. please read it if you have time and let me know what you think. am hoping it will show there is plenty of life in the collection still and encourage the news we have all been wanting of a new extension

jimbob said...

How about for the 2011 extension a cosmic special!


Living Tribunal
Ronan the Accuser
Corsair & Hepzibah
Deathbird & Vulcan

Or even beter an Asagardian special list!


Warriors three
Thunderstrike & Sif

pirate adam said...

i quite like your extension list on your blog MM with the exception of the civies, i personally dont think they belong in the collection unless it goes past the 500 mark.

maybe Rich could tell us what he thinks about civilians in the collection?

Pirate Adam

Thor8 said...

Jimbob: I like both of your specials extension suggestions(except for Lockjaw)I really would love to see your second special list become a reality but as it has been mentioned before I doubt very much that EM will make any given extension,be it regular or special based on just one branch of the MU in particular.

jimbob said...

No need to discuss civvies,please dont mention them again!;)


mighty_marvel said...

there's only 3 PA, 2 of them being quite far down the list. and if the collection does reach 300 i don't think it is too much for spiderman fans to ask to have JJJ, aunt may and mary jane in there somewhere.

hope 500 does happen though, i imagine its the only way we'll get characters like toxin, dead girl, rockslide.

thats a good question. what are characters people would love to see but don't think will get in unless we reach 400 - 500 issues?

Jacadoo said...

To be honest if we reach 300 and maintain high character integrity (without real depths of digging up D listers), I will be happy.

Can't see the collection reaching qtys of 300+ and maintaining quality level, only civilian wotrth mentioning would be Stan the Man Lee.

PAdam still mates but Asgard has had its day - when Blobby can be justified as a special in front of Odin....

mighty_marvel said...

at the moment i would say 300 is almost at the limit of the better characters. when writing my big extension list i was beginning to struggle near the end.

however, to reach 300 would take another 7 years, by that time some of the lesser known characters currently will have had more time to establish and build stories. so the potential is possibly there to reach 300+

jimbob said...

Yeah i dont think i would be interested going pass 300!

I would advise EM to focus on teams,this is what is driving the extensions forward!

Let us complete our teams,it makes an amazing display when we do have a full set.

Alpha Flight
Brotherhood of evil mutants
Masters of Evil
Heralds of Galactus

And some new teams that we havent had in the collection yet!

Wrecking Crew
New Mutants

Actually this list could carry us past 300?

But this is what we want!!!!!

Please dont waste regular slots with curveballs.

Fill our teams up EM,give us a descent diplay.


Russ said...

You know, as long as you're doing a beautiful Annihilus sculpt, why not also sculpt another well known cosmic character.

None other than Wendell Vaughn, or Quasar as he's better known! Here's a popular character that has a solid following that has never had any sort of figurine officially made of him on behalf of Marvel... I think it's about time.

pirate adam said...

Yep still mates Jacadoo but i cant agree that Asgard has had its day,
i dont think its day has even started yet with so many quality A-LIST characters left and i still cant believe Tubby got announced befor the All Father, i think Rich only did it to stop the constant barrage he was getting on this blog, but now he has to get ready for a barrage of the same people asking for Toad to be included, some people are never happy!

Pirate Adam :(

jimbob said...

Hey Blob and Toad was Richards idea!;)

A_Jay said...

i think it would be easier to put toad/avalanche as a double pack and leave pyro where he is and have blob as a special on his own. destiny is likely to make an extension (you could have a mastermind/lady mastermind double at some point) and this would pretty much complete the brotherhood.

same thing in alpha flight. i imagine northstar/aurora are pretty much certain then you can have sasquatch as a special on his own and have a double of puck/shaman. then you just need to find a space for vindicator (and maybe marrina) somewhere in the regular run and alpha flight is all set.

jimbob said...

Mastermind and Toad would be a better double pack because they started off together in the first Brotherhood team!

My most wanted Brotherhood team consist of Mysique,Blob,Destiny,Pyro and Avalanche!

Miss Medusa said...

I do not want Toad put with Blob! Blob should be a special on his own. My most wanted Brotherhood team is Mystiques and now Blob is confirmed that just leaves Destiny (who I hope will make the next extension as Rich said she was one of his top choices) and Avalanche to complete the line up.

spidey_1979 said...

how about a white costume mystique and avalanche double pack :) lol

jimbob said...

Nah,i think we can complicate things here by adding too many diffrent suggestions,it giving me a headache.

Just keep to Pyro & Avalanche!

Who knows how far the collection will go,dont want to end it with one half of the partership!

ghost said...

Just when you think the collection has finally peeked, along comes something to make you scream for more.

Annihilus (who I've been looking forward to since the start) has to be the best figurine design to date (just hope mine looks as good as the pic when delivered.)

One good thing is that everyone seems to be begging for the same 8 or 9 specials, so cross fingers we'll get all of them.

Keep up the good work rich.

BUT... Doc Sampson was poor, I yawned when I put him on the back of the stand. Can we at least have figures that are dynamic - if this had been your opening figurine I'm sure that no-one would have bought it (I don't even remember anyone particulary begging for him... bit of a space filler really... sorry to fans of his, but I'm sure even they will agree that more could have been done to make him look exciting!)

Sonic Scream said...

Annihilus is excellent! Really digging the suggestions for potential specials.

Really cool that Blob is been done and I really wanna see:



Thor8 said...

Using Ghost's comments on the Doc Samson figurine as a springboard,I would like to request once again that if possible you'd dedicate an article in your mags to explain to us how (aside from holding a poll) do you decide on which heroes and heroins are chosen to be featured in this collection.I mean aside from Doc Samson there have been a couple of other charcters that have been put into the collection that aren't exactly academy award winning characters,such as Ikaris, Blade,and others.

Second of all how do you decide on what costume or/and what pose to give each one of the figurines.
I'd really would like to know and would deeply apreciate if you can at least mention in your next comments if you will considered doing this,thanks!

Baroni_08 said...

Wait a minute there THOR08 my friend, dont be putting Blade in any class with Doc Samson or any other run of the mill character .He is by far a better character and story than most that have been put in or announced ( cough ) BLOB .LOL.
Anyway been reading the last few blogs some great suggestions , so hope we do pass the 300 mark , i agree no civilian 's till the end .

PA my old chum still fighting for the asguardians i see well i give you my vote .

How about a Heralds double pack ?? got to have some more Heralds .And Firestar cant be left out .

GREAT JOB !!Rich &Guys at EM Keep it up ...

Thor8 said...

Baroni_08 Mi amigo,tanto tiempo! I kinda felt that my comment on Blade would cause a reaction from someone and I was right.Sorry about that,please accept my apologies,but if it was enough to make you write then it was worth it ,after all you kind of vanished from the face of the Earth(or at least from this blog)and it's good to hear from you again! So what do you think about my suggestion about EM letting us in on how they decide on what characters to choose and how they decide on costumes and poses?

ghost said...

Lets face it Thor8... we'll never know. I'd love to know how Doc Sampson got into the collection. If we don't have another extension think of all the characters that won't be made because of his inclusion.

Did Marvel twist your arm Rich, and demand him being done because he's about to star in a major story arc or something... and because you yourself didn't want him, is that why he's so mind bogglingly dull?

On a positive note - the next few figurines look blumin marvelous x

jimbob said...

Im glad that Doc Sampson is in the collection.

He is a crucial part of the Hulk catagory!I would like Jarella next or even a Planet Hulk variant.

Im also happy with his pose,save the best poses for more of a colourfull character!

jimbob said...

Just heard that Ka-Zar & Zabu double pack is out on 3rd of September!

Fantastic that we dont have to wait that long for another special!

Keep it up EM at this rate we would be able to fit 7 specials in next year!

This is the information that the forum has on the special realease dates!

Ka-Zar & Zabu September 2009
The Destroyer October 2009
Cloak and Dagger November 2009
Fin Fang Foom February 2010

Stinger said...

They look really great!

Hey, how about a Quasar Wendell Vaughn one? The guy has been in a ton of comics (his own, Avengers etc) and is pretty popular.

Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

there's no point in doing northstar and aurora if we don't get the rest of the alpha flight team !!

we already have one member : guardian

i would love to see a double pack of northstar and aurora , special of sasquatch , and regular issues of puck , snowbird , shaman , and vindicator or diamond lil

please make the whole alpha flight team eaglemoss !!

mighty_marvel said...

snowbird already confirmed for the collection smiffy. will be issue #130.

agree that sasquatch should be done as a special but will probably be part of an extension now. specials already confirmed will take us to around issue #120 so there will probably be 3 more specials to #140.

i imagine these specials will be


and one of celestial, modok or pyro/avalanche (even though i really think it should be madame web)

puck too small to be put on his own imo. should be as part of a double pack with shaman. then spaces in the regular line-up at some point for vindicator and marrina would complete alpha flight for me

Anonymous said...

specials anyone ?

here's my choices :

( extra large characters )

ultimo mega special
giant man mega special
psycho man mega special

( large characters )

sasquatch special
wendigo special
strong guy special
hairbag special
slab special
ch'od special
madame web special
terrax special
atlas special
neutron special
odin special
mojo special

( twin packs )

ruckus + gorgeous george
longshot + spiral
maverick + silverfox
darkstar + omega red
avelanche + toad
king cobra + puff adder
asp + black mamba
diamond back + black racer
fire lord + nova
puppet master + red ghost
dorma + krang
jackal + owl
silver sable + solo
tombstone + hammerhead
whirlwind + blizzard
blacklash + dreadknight
grey gargoyle + modok
northstar + aurora
snowbird + puck
shaman + vindicator or diamond lil

( triple packs )

triton + karnak + maximus
stingray + tigershark + eel
forge + shard + thornn
amphibius + barbarus + brainchild
vertigo + sauron + shanna
raza longknife + corsair + hepzibah
flashfire + manta + titan
warstar + fang + neutron
hussar + d'ken neramani + deathbird

( four packs )

annelle,skrull king,lyja,paibok

PierreNZ said...

Dude! Annhilus looks sooo cool! Great pose, great character, totally impressed by this one. Can't wait to get it.... which should be around 2015, judging from the speed at which we get our CMFC issues down here in New Zealand *grumbles* Still haven't seen Apocalypse or Galactus *sobs*

pirate adam said...

i cant believe people are asking for MOJO already there are hundreds of more deserving people to go before he should be considered (waiting for backlash), besides we already have 1 tubby and with the amount of fans this collection has EM may run out of lead if they have to do them both, they'll probably struggle to supply enough just for the blob LOL

i would like to have MODOK at some stage though

i wonder if Rich will make it 4 posts in 4 weeks, if he does i hope he has some good news for us ASGARDIANS.

come on Thor8 we have to moan more to get the Big Man

Pirate Adam :)

jimbob said...

What on earth are you taking about?
Only Mighty Marvel has mentioned Mojo mate!

Not my most wanted special!!!

There is hot talk about Ronan,Lockjaw and maybe Terrax special for next extension wich would be cool!!!!!!!


Double pack please Rich!!

nickwebb1980 said...


mighty_marvel said...

didnt mention mojo to be released soon though jimbob. if you look at my specials suggestions list posted earlier i've put mojo down for 2014 - there's 21 other specials ahead of him

Jacadoo said...

Guys please I'm still trying to swallow having to accept Blobby before we get Sasquatch or a hundred other more desirable characters - now please X Fiends allow some space for a little variety!!

Terrex would be a start - Perhaps even Odin......

Smiffy got to respect your wish list - although I think Rich is reaching for the tablets with asking for triple or quad packs.

Who is MOJO?

Come on Rich go for the record and update the main site this week.

Gggggrrrr the Asgardians are making noises again... LOL

More Olympians and lock up your daughters!!!!

jimbob said...

I think that some of the specials wants could depend on what futre regular figures we get!

I mean we dont want Mojo without Spiral in the collection!

No point on asking for Ch'od if we dont have any of the Starjammers yet!

Lockjaw would go nice with the Inhumans

Atlas would look great towering over the Thunderbolts!

The Asgardians are missing their King Odin!

Cant have Pyro without Avalanche!;)

Anonymous said...

who in their right mind would want a giant dog in the collection ?

lockjaw is the most boring character ever !!

Anonymous said...

what is the name of this "thing" bob, blog, glob? anyway the design of this creatures is so cool, maybe could will be a excellent villain, maybe his name must be viagra online or creature of the swamp.