Friday, 2 October 2009

What do you want first...

Right, this week I have good news and I have bad news.

First up the bad. I’m sorry to say that the Cloak and Dagger Special will be postponed until next year. I’m not sure when next year it will be out but it will definitely be after the Fin Fang Foom Special.

There are a couple of reasons that we’ve had to delay this figure. First is that Marvel have asked us to change the paint scheme of the figurine. We’ve been asked to paint Cloak as he was originally shown in the comics. So rather than being a dark colour with shading, we’ve had to go for the blue and black stripes look.

The second reason is that we’ve had a number of problems with the final production of the figurine. We’ve not been happy with some of the samples we’ve had in, which have had Dagger looking out of place and fragile as well as Cloak’s cloak looking a little disjointed.

Unfortunately the combination of these problems has meant we can’t produce a fully approved figure (that is up to our standards) in time for its release.

So with that aside I have some good news: we have indeed been given the green light for another 20-figure extension. The series will now run to 160!

This time round the extension is going to mostly be chosen be myself and the guys at Eaglemoss, however, I will be looking closely at all the wants lists on here and on the forums. I will also be talking to the chaps on and letting people vote on a few figurine choices via that website. I also hope to run a competition to let one collector choose a character and be involved in as much of the creation process as I can.

Obviously we’ve only just got the news of the extension so all of the above will take a little bit of time but I’d like to start the ball rolling (as well as a little controversy) by confirming the first figure chosen for the new extension as:
Radioactive Man.

And while technically not an official figurine update, I thought I’d show off our latest staff member to become a Marvel villain.

Behold Danim Zola (Art Editor).


Miss Medusa said...

Amazing news! another extension is what we have all wanted more than anything.

I hope we see a New Mutant is this extension (Cannonball, Magik or Mirage) and Destiny would be cool considering she missed out to Snowbird in the last one.

Good news about Radioactive Man!

ted sallis said...

great news on the extension,
arnim zola looks amazing, glad you are not going to release a substandard cloak and dagger, don't mind a long delay if it means a high quality product

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear about another extension... Will this be the last? Also love that figurine you guys have done! great face and looks like a great villain :D

Dan said...

Great news about the extension :D Here's hoping we have many more to come! Shame about Cloak & Dagger but we still have Destroyer to round out the year!

Radioactive Man is an excellent choice IMO. Ticks the box for a few teams and has a great look (presumably your going with his original one and not the odd suit one!)

jarvis69 said...

Yesssss ! at last ! Thanks for the good ( and the bad..) news .Radioactiv Man is a really good choice ( at least for me , nvm ) and Armin look great too .I hope this time the cheaters will stay away ;)

Killer Frost said...

Great news, so many top characters left to do.

Cannonball is long over due!

Richard im sure alot of us remember you saying that come another extension Destiny would be one of your top choices for inclusion? I hope she still is as Medusa points out she missed out last time to an Alpha Flight character.

Scarlet Spider, Photon, Exodus and Forge would be great to get as well.

max_0888 said...

cool news! Can't believe we will have 20 new figurines :)
I reeeeallllly hope Siryn will be included in that one! Deadpool's ex-lover and X-factor's leading lady is a most :)

Ryan Maxwell said...

YEA!!! Another extension!! And Radioactive Man!! (Standard green from Masters of Evil era, please) Great news, Rich, thanks for letting us know.

The Arnim Zola is hysterical! Lucky guy to be immortalized in lead.

My thoughts for the next extension:
Sasquatch and Puck double pack (who I will be pushing for when I win the contest :) )
A New Mutant
Masters of Evil/Thunderbolts, preferably Beetle and Songbird
Photon (Monica Rambeau)

Goth Prince aka Andrew said...
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Goth Prince aka Andrew said...

HALLELUJAH! The extension is happening.

Radioactive Man is a good first pick.

A New Mutant is needed this extension and I think Cannonball or Dani Moonstar (Mirage) would be good.

I agree with others that Pulsar or Photon as she is also known would be good and I agree that Destiny should get in this extension after been pipped to the post in the last.


Zombula said...

Great news on the extension ( here's hoping White Tiger gets in ...) & on Radioactive Man - a Thunderbolt & Villian in one - great choice !
Original look please :).
Awesome news about the comp you intend to run also ; a very kind & decent gesture . Zola looks neat ... how long did he have to pose for it ..... ;)!!!!! .
Here's hoping the collection goes beyond 160 ; includes as yet un-covered teams etc & broadens the outstanding sculpts produced so far.
Id prefer to see more characters such as Hyperion , Vance Astro , Whirlwind , Thundra & Deaths Head than have more " X " - related figs.
Respect for holding back the Cloak & Dagger sculpt - shows quality does matter.

Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Another extension!!!


Webs said...

I'll not post 19 picks but ill have a go with 10 picks.

Typhoid Mary

Anthony Stark said...

Aslong as Scarlet Spider is included in this new extension, I don't care if you postpone Cloak & Dagger 'til the year 2030.

Great update, cheers :)

Cardcaptor said...

Not fussed about Cloak and Dagger to be honest but the new extension is fantastic!

Really hope that the following make it...


jimbob said...

Good news,another extension!

I hope it will be more exciting than 100-120 line up we are on at the moment!

Have to add Destiny in, unless you replace her in Pyro spot for Pyro and Avalanche double pack!;)

Shame about C&D,but it is only for the better.New design hope Cloak will have a bit more action movement, his previous fig looks like his head is just floating in the air!


mighty_marvel said...

if it means we get a better quality fig then i'm happy to wait a little bit for cloak and dagger.

excellent news about new extension. this collection could run and run imo. radioactive man has been on my extension suggestions for a while so will be nice to see him. the rest of my ideal extension to 160 including specials


1 Odin
2 Northstar/Aurora
3 Ronan the Accuser


1 Ares
2 Mockingbird
3 Moondragon
4 Cannonball
5 Destiny
6 Wolfsbane
7 Forge
8 Sauron
9 Hydro-Man
10 J. Jonah Jameson
11 Vance Astro
12 Balder
13 Triton
14 Clea
15 Pete Wisdom
16 Sersi
17 Songbird
18 Radioactive Man
19 Moonstone
20 Owl


1 Celestial
2 Corsair/Hepzibah
3 Madame Web
4 Sasquatch

Dan said...

These would be my ideal next 19, covers all the bases IMO!

Rachel Grey
Scarlet Spider
Tiger Shark
Typhoid Mary
Vance Astro

Cookie said...

160 issues! amazing really who would of thought back when we started collecting that we would get this far!

Radioactive Man a splendid way to kick start the new extension.

Ill echo a few others and say Destiny deserves a space in this extension it was a shame in my opinion that she lost out to Snowbird last time so getting her now would be great and she would make a very cool figure.

Would be nice to see about 7-8 female characters this extension.

sergiogf said...

Very good news¡ I'm really happy to hear that¡

20 more figurines: about 5 X-figurines, isn't it?

I think a new mutant is a must election: Magik, Mirage, Wolfsbane or Cannoball...

And Forge, Longshot, Spiral, Sauron and Destiny too¡

Anonymous said...

it's a tough one guys !!
which says one thing really , and that is , we need more than one extention , as there are still so many great characters to be included in the collection.

here's my list of candidates :

1 radioactive man ( confirmed )
2 hydro man
3 stingray
4 aracne
5 fire star
6 longshot
7 forge
8 sauron
9 shanna
10 spiral
11 tombstone
12 owl
13 solo
14 silver sable
15 moonstone
16 j jonah jameson
17 ares
18 whirlwind or blizzard
19 avelanche
20 jigsaw

very hard to choose , that's why we need more more more.

please do not stop at 160 , there are so many more amazing characters to do !!

Anonymous said...

p.s :

rich , you mentioned re-do's or multi packs for teams and some figurines without magazines as a possibility when we get to issue 200 +

is this a hint ?

are we going to get further extentions to take us up to or beyond 200 issues ?

please tell !!
would be great if we did get further extentions , i'm sure other collectors would also agree ?

Dan said...

You know the Destiny love is quite suprising. Obviously she's racked up a lot of fans in the past year as she did terrible in the forum polls.

Pyro 116
Sauron 112
Toad 107
Silver Samurai 84
Spiral 72
Dark Beast 54
Goblin Queen 50
Exodus 38
Avalanche 34
Death Bird 34
Vulcan 34
Black King (Sebastian Shaw) 29
Callisto 24
Arcade 23
Stryfe 19
Mesmero 14
Black Tom Cassidy 10
Mastermind 9
Destiny 8
Bastion 6
Legion 6
Vertigo 3
Master of the World 2
Trevor Fitzroy 2
Fabian Cotez 1

19th out of 25 in fact. Personally I think Toad is a much better Brotherhood representative! Saying that there does seem to be a huge X-following on this blog so maybe not that shocking ;)

Miss Medusa said...

Dan what you need to remember is that not everyone who buys the marvel figurine collection uses that forum.

Destiny is much more important in x-men villians history than Toad ever has been. I want Toad to tho ;)

jimbob said...

Pete Wisdom
Avelanche (if we dont get him with Pyro double pack!!;)

My must have for the next extension!!!!!

Mr J said...

Miss Medusa hit the nail on the head there. Not all the collectors of the collection use the SHFF so while the results represent some they do not show what collectors on the whole want.

When it comes to X-MEN Bad guys the two most important characters in terms of there history and backstory that have not been done yet imo are SEBASTIAN SHAW and DESTINY. Toad and Callisto are very mainstream characters who will pull alot of votes where Shaw and Destiny are much more X-Men specific comic characters. There both very important characters imo. We dont have many X-MEN bad guys so the ones we do get should be the important ones.

It would be nice to get DESTINY in this extension and I forgot she came so close last time.

DESTINY & CANNONBALL for this extension please.

ted sallis said...

one lucky collector gets to choose a fig!
that's an attention grabber rich.
i am sure i speak for all my fellow bloggers when i say howard the duck all the way!

MadWelshBoy87 said...

Extention awesome! top pick Toad! allways so close but yet so far!

jimbob said...

Give us Brotherhood of evil mutants!

Even out the score between them and the X-Men!

Pyro and Avalanche double pack!

Destiny and Toad for the extension!

Psybeam said...


I hope we can hear about the next character in the new extension next week. Can RADIOACTIVE MAN have glow in the dark paint, lol (joke).

I'm going to support these 4 -


johnkav said...

I know I seem to be in the minority having read all these posts but I always had a soft spot for Power Pack when I used to read them in the '80s(the more recent incarnations have me puzzled as to how they exist in the Marvel Universe). So a Special of the four Power children with Franklin Richards would round off the Fantastic Four as well (heck I would even let them make a HERBIE robot...

Anonymous said...

I think the lack of signifigant votes for Destiny was also due to the fact that Eaglemoss had also mentioned liking her and planning to include her at some point, so the votes for her went other places. I hope she makes it in the next grouping. Shame we can't get her in a 2-pack with a White Costume Mystique.

As for the extention.. here's my hopes.

Arachne (Julia Carpenter)
The Beyonder
Dark Beast
Hydro Man
Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey)
Rocket Raccoon
Tiger Shark
The Wrecker

Dan said...

True Miss Medusa, but quite a lot do (especially compared to how many people actually comment on this blog). She has been used for key storylines I admit but in terms of popularity, I don't think Destiny can really compare to Toad or with character development.

Don't get me wrong, I would like Destiny at some point. But if she was really that important and popular, surely she would be everywhere? I like to think the forum represents the collectors as a whole to some degree just through numbers and the diverse demographics. Sure it's not an exact but it's probably the closest we got! Also a lot of non-regulars joined up specifically to take part in those polls :)

Speaking of which, I hope you guys will be joining up for when we eventually do run any polls for Rich! Obviously we want to get as true and fair a result as possible in terms of who we all as collectors want made :D

Richie Rich said...

Ok just got in and had a check to see if there was an update and what an update it is were getting twenty more figures! Hell Yeah!

The support for Destiny is wonderful and Richard did say on this very blog and I quote...

"If we get another extension then Destiny will be top of my list"

I understand that plans can change and figures will get pushed out in favour of others but alot of peeps have hoped she would make the next extension or even get Pyro's space if he becomes a double with Avalanche.

Rich I hope you will give us Destiny this extension I could'nt believe Snowbird was chosen over her last time for the Ka-Zar space. I know its mainly the Forum fans who get to pick the figs but I think alot blog fans wud be so happy to get Destiny.

Plus Destiny has just come back in the comics and will be featured in 2 comic titles which are X-FORCE and X-MEN LEGACY. She also has 110 appearances (so far) and her character is full of rich, important and interesting history. Would be great to get a female x-villain too.

pippin said...

Thats just awesome news on a further extension...could not be more happy

Think it's cool Cloak and dagger is been tweaked a sure it will be a amazing scult when finshed

For my want wont bore anyone on here with them as have posted them over on the forum so many times lol

charcters who imho do deserve a spot in the extension due to history,storylines, impact and looks are..Photon/Captain Marvel ( not new look though but classic white one with afro hair ) Quasar , Moondragon , Songbird , Cannonball and Exodus....Radio active Man is a great choice imho

jothagraz said...

great news! because i would love this to become the biggest marvel character figure collection of the same style and scale ever.

so i made a list: over 150 marvel characters i would still commit myself to buy. don't worry. I won't list them all now.

here is my personal wish list:

agatha harkness
AIM agent
gabriel the air walker
arnim zola
baron von strucker
skurge the executioner
jean grey as black queen
original living laser
psycho man
princess python


cobra & mr. hyde
mentallo & fixer
clint barton as goliath
kree sentry

does anybody agree or am I too much retro?

hope you eaglemoss guys stay long in this business! best regards!

lipstick said...

Typhoid Mary
Firestar (Spidey & amazing friends costume)
Silver Sable
Cassandra Nova
Sebastian Shaw
Mary Jane
Aunt May and
Moira MacTaggert

.....for me. Kisses

Brandon said...

I'm really keen for 20 more figurines. With all the lists going around it will be very difficult to find 20 characters because there are so many that have their own fan base. But one character that I havent seen mentioned yet is a relatively new one. I know there are issues with new characters but if they do this one near the end then, with it taking 24 figurines per year, and we are only on 105, then it'll be nearly 3 years of story by that time to be included. So the character that I want in the collection is........

Here's my list
Arachne (Julia Carpenter)
Rick Jones (A-Bomb)
The Hood
Tiger Shark

With a Red Hulk and Sasquatch specials

Timbo said...

Great news on the extension and Radioactive Man hope he is not done with the horrible suit look ;0

FOR the next extension my top five men and women are;

Forge, Cannonball, Longshot, Exodus and Thunderstrike

Sage, Destiny, Firestar, Wolfsbane and Magik.

Anonymous said...

I hope with the new extention we get to see:

*Silver Sable
*Omega Red
*Scarlet Spider

Onslaught :D

Holy Wolf said...

Great news on the extension! Can't wait to see the list of other confirmed EM choices, hopefully before we do the polls this time :)

Don't forget Songbird this time Rich :D

Min said...

I think polling from suphero forum is usless, how about buyers like me who's internet doesn't work for those sites
how ever here is my wishlist of figurines

howard the duck

Anonymous said...

firstly :

what does imo and imho mean ?

secondly :

i would prefer to see radioactive man wearing his suit , perhaps eaglemoss could do a variant to suit both collectors ?
one with suit / one without suit

thirdly :

destiny who ?
never heard of her , but i've heard of toad , so i'd choose him over her any day.
hopefully we will get further extentions , so that we get both characters in.
there are so many important characters that are yet to be included in the collection.

i'm surprised we have not had the following characters yet :

j jonah jameson + aunt may
sasquatch + wendigo
avelanche + toad
longshot + spiral
darkstar + omega red
silversable + solo
northstar + aurora
puck + shaman
hydroman + tombstone
hammerhead + owl
aracne + firestar

they would make great double packs
perhaps that would be a good way to squeeze more characters into the collection ?

Miss Medusa said...

I think there should be 2 X-Men Villians this extension 1 female and 1 male. The female hopefully let it be Destiny and the male could be Toad or Exodus.

spidey_1979 said...

my top 10 wants

Silver Sable

and smiffy - imo means in my opinion, imho means in my honest opinion

jimbob said...

Just thinking with C&D delay till next year will this mean we have lost a special slot??????!

If this is the case i regret the decision of Destroyer!:(sorry

foxchilde said...

I would just like to support the whole DESTINY thing - I was really devastated that she got pipped at the post last time, and I'd like to see her in the collection. She has been a classic character and villain in the past, and her actions after her death have influenced far more story arcs than that. - Plus, as someone mentioned, she's about to be a resurrected player in the new story arc, Necrosha: The Rise of Selene. Lets give her a chance, we needs more X-villainesses anyway!

It would also be great to see SIRYN in the collection: I'm a huge fan of X-factor and seeing her or M make it would be amazing. New mutants are cool to.

Non-X characters? I'd like to see MOONSTONE. Just cos she rocks my fanboy world ;-)

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

I see SILVER SABLE in six different lists here.

Robert said...

Excellent news about the extension - let's hope it's not the last.

Radioactive Man is a welcome choice, as are nearly all the suggestions being made (Am I the only person not really bothered about the X-Men characters?).

I vote for the Warriors Three. The collection would not be complete without them!

Ryan said...

Yes!!! *pumps fist into air*

This is awesome news. Can't wait to find out the other 19.

Robin said...

Fantastic, fantastic thank you for taking the collection up to 160.

RM is a cool pick we have got a Thunderbolt.

A New Mutant would be great for another new team to be represented.

Yes, Yes, Yes to DESTINY! its feels only fair that she gets done this time due to what happened last time and she looks so cool!

Lets hope we hear about the next figure in next week.

Thanks Richard.

jimbob said...

I reckon that the X characters can fill the 19 slots and we still have good X-Men left!!:)

So my point is that the x-characters are EM's secret weapon,but obviously they should be spread out fairly.

We said before that we need more X-Villains!!!

Spook 198666 said...

Great news about the extension and I'm glad of the Cloak & Dagger delay because we wouldn't want an inferior statue would we.

With the extension in mind and some open spaces avaliable I would like to put forward some suggestions.

Jack 'O' Lantern
Howard The Duck
The Russian

I'm also looking forward to the Fin Fang Foom special, can't wait to see what it looks like.

This may be a bit off topic but since this collection started I've wanted to have other comic characters that weren't in the Marvel U. I'm currently collecting the DC figures but would love to see more comics included (Hellboy, Watchmen, Sin City) and was wondering to the possibility of stand alone collector's sets of say six or more of the best known characters in each title (Sin City - Marv, Hartigan, Miho, Yellow B****rd, Dwight, Wallace, Nancy) and a magazine (probably more than 20 pages) with short bios on each character, a couple of pages on people who weren't in the collection and then the Behind the scenes pages with background info. I realise that this may not be cost effective but it was just an idea for something I'd love to see.

I thank you for any consideration on the idea and also for all the good work so far. Sorry for the long post


Saturn Lad said...

Best news possible about another twenty! this collection can so go to a minimum of 250 characters,

Radioactive man as the first new character sounds good.

Destiny wud be nice, her character design looks good so she wud make a nice sculpt.

C & D been delayed is not a big deal, its all about the quality ;D

jimbob said...

Good support for Destiny!

I guess its down to her just missing out on the replacement slot! :)

Remeber what you said Rich she will be on top of your list for the next extension! ;)

ikabodcrane said...

The Chameleon is beautiful!!!!

1.Radioactive man
11.Black Mamba
12.Silver Samurai
14.Baron Von Strucker
15.Goblin Queen
18. Whirlwind

Tanner said...

Great news! with one space confirmed here is my for the rest:

1. Radioactive Man (confirmed)

2. Forge
3. Magik
4. Cannonball
5. Destiny
6. Avalanche
7. Mockingbird
8. Quasar
9. Justice
10. Firestar
11. Moonstone
12. Thundra
13. Puppet Master
14. Typhoid Mary
15. High Evolutionary
16. Darkstar
17. Yondu
18. Scarlet Spider
19. Tombstone

Banshee said...

Yes another extension. Not to fussed Cloak and Dagger have been pushed back to next year but does that mean weve lost one of next years specials places??

Smiffy6987 your list is the shiz. The only change I'd make is Toad in the place of JJJ.

Thor8 said...

Quote: "(Am I the only person not really bothered about the X-Men characters?)." Well Robert I'll let you know that the answer to that inquiry is NO! There are others amoung us that are not X-Men haters,but neither are we exactly suicidal because our favorite X character was not inclueded in the last extension.
Just like you I would love to see the Warriors Three in this collection as well as members of other teams that have been ill represented so far in this collection.

Well I gues I should list which 19 characters I'd like to see next in the latest extension so here I go;

Shaman--Alpha Flight
Owl--M. Knights
Red Guardian--Soviet SS

Enchantress /Executioner-- double

Tried to be as fair as possible without letting my personal preferance for Avengers and asgardians get the beteer of me.

A_Jay said...

new 20. excellent news. my wish list is

1) radioactive man (confirmed)

2) ares
3) songbird
4) moondragon
5) moonstone
6) magik
7) cannonball
8) destiny
9) toad
10) terrax
11) triton
12) JJJ
13) jackal
14) typhoid mary
15) sif
16) brother voodoo
17) vindicator
18) sister grimm
19) abner jenkins
20) vace astro

navaho said...

Great news on the extension, please, please please include

Molecule Man
Scarlet Spider
and the Rulk

you know it makes sense!

why not just extend to 200 and put us out of our misery!

Sonic Scream said...

Really happy about the new extension. I'm gonna pick characters i hope to see from Marvels biggest 3 families.

So this is how i think the top 3 family branches should turn out -

Spiderman characters:
Spiderman Villain = Hammerhead
Spiderman Hero = Silver Sable

X-MEN characters:
X-MEN male Villain = Toad
X-MEN female Villain = Destiny
X-MEN male Hero = Cannonball
X-MEN female Hero = Magik or Sage

Avengers characters:
Avengers male Hero = Stingray
Avengers female Hero = Photon
Avengers Villain = Songbird

Travis said...

Does this mean the New Mutants might get a figurine in this collection?

Any chance there will be a Secret Wars 25th anniversary figurine or is EM still anti Secret Wars. ;)

pirate adam said...

Sonic Scream, i think 5 X-characters is to many to be considered for any extension, that would ne a whole 25% of the 20 characters. i personaly would be happy with 2 x-men, 3 at a push.

with everyone else making lists (that i am getting bored of reading) i am just going to name the 2 people that i want included the most (not counting Asgardians because i want them all)

Ares and Hydroman

Pirate Adam

Robert said...

Thanks, Thor8 and pirateadam, for the moral support! (And a great suggestions list, Thor8.)

Just to be clear, I don't have any adverse feelings about the X-Men and appreciate their central role in the MU. (I actually buy most of them.) It just seems that calls for X-Men characters are very prominent on the message board. I wondered how representative that is of posters and the people who buy the figures...

To my mind the Asgardians are very much under-represented in the collection so far. Likewise, the Inhumans. Impossible to please everyone, I know, especially when there are so many great characters. I guess we need a few more extensions... ;)

Robert said...

Actually, now that I think about it, the Inhumans are doing fine. If memory serves, we already have Black Bolt, Medusa and Crystal with Gorgon and Triton to follow. I guess that leaves Karnak...

Anonymous said...

banshee :

thank you for your support , i too would like to see toad , but i think j j jameson would have to come first.
that list was very hard to do considering there are at least 100 characters on my wish list , so choosing just 20 was mind bending !!

it seems most of us , if not all , would like to see more extentions added to the collection !!

rich hinted at 200 + , hope he was telling the truth , love to see it reach at least 200 regular issues and more multi packs + specials.

just think of all the pound notes you guys at eaglemoss could make !!

dallen238 said...

Great news about the extension,if possible do Radioactive man in his original costume,id like a break from the x characters for a while as there are loads of better costumed characters to do, Till Iron Man rusts Make Mine Marvel.

Webs said...

I hope there will be an update on fri and we find out who the second new characters will be for the extension! DESTINY!!!! :-D

Its going to be cool to eventually hear what this potential competition would involve. I hope its something everyone has a chance to enter not something like make a custom fig or something like that.

Destiny 4 the Collection!

Banshee said...

In the next extension I'd love to see :-

Monet St. Croix
Scarlet Spider

Thor8 said...

I was very glad to hear that you and the EM gang will be picking most of the characters for the next extension yourselves. I believe it was a wise chioce and that I can expect the selections you'll make to be be well balanced and not one sided in favor of one particular following.

As for the first selection already approved,what do you think the chances are of using glow in the dark paint and give it that special effects detail?

Last but not least, we're still waiting for that desperately needed update on your main site!

jimbob said...

Unfortunately Robert,Triton is'nt confirmed in the collection yet!:(

Just need Triton,Karnak and Lockjaw special to have a complete set!

Robert said...

No Triton!?! Darn premature senility! I thought Triton was on the list. Guess I read it on someone's suggestion list and my faulty brain did the rest. Thanks, jimbob, for helping clear that up for me.

Thor8's idea about glow-in-the-dark paint is inspired. It would be perfect for Radioactive Man. Not sure it's feasible but what a great idea.

Anonymous said...

i am all for a glow in the dark radioactive man , but at the same time i think we should get a variant of him to suit both collectors.
some want him with his suit , some want him without , and some want him to be painted in glow in the dark paint , so i think it's variant time.

not keen on destiny but she seems to have a huge following on here , so i guess she will get into this extention.
personally i prefer toad !!

you've seen my wish lists including the most recent ( next 20 )
but here's my top picks and most wanted out of them.
i have chosen 1 character from each category / group.

fantastic four : hydroman
spiderman : j jonah jameson
x-men : sauron
avengers : aracne
marvel knights : shanna

ted sallis said...

dear rich
i wish to buy another 39 copys of madrox , just to keep the collection as authentic as possible.
do you do group discounts?
yours sincerely
theodore sallis

Sean said...

Awesome news, I hope Thundra makes the cut. I would like to complete my Lady Liberators set.

I wouldn't mind seeing a few more from the Hulk family e.g. Skaar or Rulk and She-Rulk double pack.

jimbob said...

Since C&D are going to be moved to next years special list how about a replacement for their original release date?

I would like Pyro & Avalanche please!!!!!!!:)

A nother double pack would be the easiest replacement for such a short notice,just like Ka-zar & Zabu.

Thor8 said...

If you really are considering filling the gap that C&D are going to leave I propose Enchantress and Excecutioner,after all you already have Enchantress in progress,all you have to do is add Excecutioner! Since we're on the subject of The Enchantress do you think there's still time to change the two finger gesture for a more "enchanting" gesture like hand up and foward with all fingers separated like casting a spell?

And as I've been ending all my comments lately...How about that update on your main site?

Goth Prince aka Andrew said...

I doubt there would be time to fill the C & D specials slot but if there was lets get Avalanche made to go with Pyro!

Lets not forget that the 2 most wanted double packs are Pyro & Avalanche and Northstar & Aurora.


Robert said...

At the risk of sounding like I have a "thing" for Thor8, his shout for a two-pack with the Enchantress and Executioner sounds preferable to Pyro and Avalanche. (Sorry, Goth Prince and jimbob.) That's me all over: Asgardians, Asgardians, Asgardians...

Not so sure about any need to change the hand gesture, tho', Thor8. I think the gun shape her hand makes is vaguely threatening, like she is about to "shoot" a spell. Guns injure and kill, so the implicit threat of a destructive spell seems, to me, slightly menacing and entirely deliberate on the part of the sculptor. It contrasts with Dr. Strange's outstretched hand, which is much more neutral and implies a non-aggressive spell.

On the subject of actual guns rather than gun-like poses, what about Black Widow? What was wrong with her aiming her wrist blasters instead of holding a large machine gun? Now, that was unnecessary!

jimbob said...

Maybe EM could do a multi-pack for December!

Try it out?Because it would be easy to produce in short notice without the magazine!

How about the Wrecking Crew!

But i still prefer Pyro & Avalanche double pack!

Wadders said...

If there were no magazine wouldn't that leave Richard and his team with little (if anything) to do? Plus I think the magazine is an important part of this collection for many people.

Anonymous said...

double packs :

avelanche + pyro
northstar + aurora
longshot + spiral
arleta ogord + stakar ogord
darkstar + omega red
maverick + silver fox
sasquatch + wendigo
puck + snowbird or marrina
shaman + diamond lil or vindicator
forge + shard
strong guy + thornn
amphibius + barbarus
brain child + vertigo
corsair + hepzibah
ch'od + raza longknife
silver sable + solo
owl + jigsaw
hammerhead + tombstone
nova + terrax
puppet master + red ghost

the list goes on ...............

Anonymous said...

p.s :

i'm all for multi pack specials , with or without the magazine !!

so bring 'em on eaglemoss , the more figurines the better.

we could easily finish this collection with double packs and multi packs.
this way we get more characters into the collection.

example :

the frightful four.

do hydro man as a regular issue on his own because there is enough background information about the character to produce the magazine.
he appeared as a member of a team
( frightful four ) and fought against the fantastic four , and he also appeared in spiderman and fought as a solo villain.

the other team members - trapster + wizard + blastaar could be made into a multi pack

mark allen said...

very pleased about the extension.i like the x-men but i hope there arn't too many mutants in the extension,instead i would prefer some older characters such as whirlwind,klaw,tiger shark,thundra,screaming mimi,moonstone,tatantula,constrictor,beetle,mr hyde,man-bull,unicorn,blacklash,living laser,melter and the serpent society.