Friday, 23 October 2009

Hi guys,

Sorry for the lack of an update last week but hopefully I can make up for it today.

First I wanted to answer a few questions from the comment section.

Q): Are we going to get more double packs?
A): Yes, I’m pretty sure that the double packs have been successful enough to warrant more being included in the collection. When and who’s in them I don’t know. We’ve started planning the specials for next year and so far Fin Fang Foom will be first, most likely followed by Cloak and Dagger. After these two I’m unsure if we’ll do Blob or have a double pack next.

Q): Are we going to see team-packs with more than 2 characters in?
A): Not at the moment. While the prospect of getting more characters into the collection is certainly an attractive one, team-packs are not on the agenda at the moment. We have discussed making these but feel that the price for packs of four or more characters would make it difficult for everyone to continue their collections. We wouldn’t want to make this collection too expensive.

Q): Are civilians going to be included in the collection?
A): At this point I have no plans to put civilians in the collection. Certainly if we were extended to 200+ issues then we would consider having them in. The reason that we’ve not had them in so far is that civilian figures can look a little generic or boring. While I personally would rather have Tiger Shark or the Beetle in the collection before Mary Jane and Jarvis, I do see the argument for some characters such as Thunderbolt Ross and J. Jonah Jameson. These civilians have been in hundreds of issues and are actually integral to a lot of Marvel’s storylines. So they’re not in at the moment but don’t be surprised if JJJ or Ross get in if we reach issue 200.

Q): What’s going on with the competition to choose a figurine?
A): I’ve almost finalized the extension list (the ones that have been chosen by Eaglemoss), after this I will speak to the chaps at the and have them choose three figures. Once all of this has happened, we’ll sort out the competition so that whoever wins can choose a character knowing full-well which ones have already made it in. As for the details of the comp, I’ve not yet decided.

Right so hopefully that has answered some questions and I can now announce that the next two figurines in the extension are:

Destiny (well I did say she was a strong contender last time)
Silver Sable

I’ve chosen Silver Sable as I believe she’ll not only make a great looking figurine but also because she boosts our Spidey allies and females sections of the collection. Although not a ‘classic’ Marvel character in terms of her age (she made her debut in 1985), Silver Sable managed to hold her own title for 35 issues and has appeared throughout Spidey’s history.

And lastly this week, I present our nearly finished sculpt of Gorgon. Hope you enjoy.


Gremlin said...

Excellent update!!!!!

Both Destiny and Silver Sable will make fine sculpts. I am not too surprised about Destiny but SS did come slightly out the blue. Really looking forward to these two.

Gorgon looks amazing and I know that there are some Inhuman's fans out there that are going to be over the moon with how he turned out.

I am also liking the fact you seem confident that this collection can reach to #200. If we all think this way and support the figs then we are sure to get there.

Also I would like to say a HUGE thank you for letting pick three figures and an even bigger thank you for letting a random fan pick one aswell. I am sure we will all do you proud.

Holy Wolf said...

Great news on silver sable! Really really pleased with that one! That's 2 of my top 8 confirmed already from my sig on shff.

Destiny isn't to my tastes but she's been quite popular on here so i've no complaints there.

Gorgon looks great, hopefully we'll get triton to join him this extension. Songbird and rachel summers/grey for my next two female preferences.

Looking forward to next weeks update!

Holy Wolf said...

Just noticed gorgon's base, an interesting touch. I personally like it!

Joeking said...

Am loving the base of the Gorgon sculpt, very clever. Also glad to hear that Silver Sable has made it into the collection. Can I also say that I have my favourites in the Marvel world that I would love to see made, but I am happy with whatever is produced. Here's hoping you keep going long enough to get more of my choices in.

Bill9000 said...

Nice round of news with this latest blog, I gotta say. Destiny and Silver Sable are good choices to include in this latest extension. We needed more female characters in the collection, and ya can't really argue with the choosing of these two.

Gorgon looks great ... and AGAIN with the classic look! YES! And that is a really nice touch with the cracked base. Perfect for Gorgon!

And we at get to choose three of the figurines for inclusion in the extension. I kinda feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

Many thanks, Rich.

max_0888 said...

That'S a really great update Rich. Thank you so much. Silver Sable and Destiny are too excellent choices and I can't wait to add them to my collection. They will look fantastic. Gorgon also looks brilliant.

As a lot of people knows from the forum, i'm a huge Siryn fan. Have been since I was a kid. I was wondering if she had a chance? I need to know heheh :) She would look amazing and Madrox need his leading X-factor lady to go with his current look. Same for Deadpool. He needs his first love :p
If not in the lead figurine, she could be as a double-pack with either Black Tom Cassidy or Monet St-Croix.

Thanks again for the update

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!Silver Sable!

Please be this image...

jarvis69 said...

Hi Richard . What do U mean '' Tiger Shark before Jarvis " ? No no no !! lol
Jarvis is the MOST inportant Avenger ! lol
Anyway , good news about Destiny and SS and Gorgon looks great
Thx again

jimbob said...

Thankyou so much for Destiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gorgon looks great!

ted sallis said...

destiny and silver sable ... in all honesty i really couldn't give a toss for either of them.
that said gorgon looks ace but fix the gimmicky base it looks lame.
the inferance that this collection will in all likelyhood reach at least # 200 is welcome news

jimbob said...

Toad next x-men villain!!!!!!!!!

Remember there are not enough x-villains!

mighty_marvel said...

we'd better reach at least 200 then because JJJ simply must be in this collection at some point. can understand leaving MJ and jarvis for a good while yet but JJJ is far too important to miss out so roll on issue #200.

nice to see my prediction of destiny was correct and i had silver sable in my 161-180 extension list so not too far off with her either.

after 2 avengers, 1 spidey and 1 xmen think it will be nice to see a character from one of the smaller groups confirmed next so hoping for one of

vance astro (gotg)
clea (knights)
balder (asgard)
sersi (eternals)
nico (runaways)

announced next week.

also, some news on a possible female special edition would be good. madame web should be a definite for this as the only other contender (hela) could just about be made as a regular fig

jimbob said...

Cosmic must be next!!


Mr J said...

Really happy news about Destiny thanks Richard.

Sable is a nice choice and Gorgon looks the business.

I hope that Cannonball has made it this time as well.

Anonymous said...

rich :

great update , thanks.
gorgon looks fantastic , love the cracked base.
and so glad silver sable has been confirmed , perhaps we could get solo too ?

ted sallis :

harsh comments dude , but fair play
you are entitled to your own opinions !!

mighty marvel :

other female contenders for specials ..........................

man killer
big bertha
giant girl - janet van dyne

jimbob :

i too would like to see toad in this collection but i think avelanche is over due and would have to come first.

mighty marvel :

i can understand the debate over civvies , and for rich to say lets leave them for now , until issue 200+ , but i think j jonah jameson should be an acception.
to me he is an excellent character and should not be discarded just because he doesn't wear a mask or costume.
cigar in mouth , rolled up newspaper in left hand , spidey's mask in right hand = great pose.

Hawkeye said...

Just to support Mighty Marvel & Slapstick about JJJ. Whilst I take on board Rich's comments about generic civilians looking boring, I can't see this applying to the Bugle's finest. He has such a distinctive look I think an exception should be made and I hope to see him appear well before 200 - however, if that's when he gets here, so be it. At least he's in EM's thinking.

Liking the Gorgon figure with the cracked base - a nice touch! Not really aware of Destiny but have some knowledge of Silver Sable and she'll look good along side Black Cat etc.

jimbob said...

Avalanche would be nice,dont think i would like to display Pyro until we get Avalanche,it just wont look right!

Since Pyro is due so close to the extension maybe he can be brought forward for a double pack with Avalanche!

Big Mattio said...

Fully agree with you on the civvies Rich, way too many candidates waiting before they even deserve a look-in imo.

Silver Sable and Destiny, not 2 of my personal picks but deserving of their spots and i'm happy for those who campaigned for them.

Gorgon is just perfect, glad you went with the concept sketch you showed us, and after the flak you guys caught on Abominations base, the alteration was a brave move, reaction seems positive though. I think its an inspired idea.

Fantastic update

Anonymous said...

ok guys and girls , who do you want to be added in this extention ?
so we can only pick 3 on the forum.
i take it there will be a poll on the forum and the 3 with the most votes will be confirmed , so how about we choose 3 characters on here too ?

my top 3 are ..............

song bird

lipstick said...

I prefer Firestar from Silver Sable for Spidey allies, but it's ok. Thank you...

Fabio Mucci said...

Yes, but c'mon Jigsaw, Power Pack, Songbird and Howard The Duck must be on collection. Along with Lockjaw as special.

Thor8 said...

Not a big fan of either Silver Sable or Destiny,but both have been requested quite often so I guess they were wise choices. Gorgon looks great,maybe we can get Triton this round to boost The Inhumans group.

Who will put together the list of candidates from which the three figurines chosen by TSHFF are taken from? Or will their staff be the ones choosing these three? I agree with your decision concerning civvies for now!

AS for Blob or double pack, I say double pack (and make it a surprise)

spidey_1979 said...

sorry but have to disagree with rich and say that JJJ should be in before 200. yes, ok characters like MJ and jarvis can wait but nobody was seriously trying to argue for their inclusion this side of 250.

But you can't compare background civilians like MJ who don't really do all that much or add a great deal to stories to JJJ. boring and generic, no way. he has a unique look; and imo has history and involvement in big story arcs that cannot be matched by any spiderman character not yet done.

spiderman generally gets 2 or 3 slots per 20 which is potentially another 5 - 8 spidey figs before 200. imo there are not 5 - 8 spiderman characters more deserving of a slot than JJJ.

but if it must be that JJJ is unfairly delayed again i hope rich can at least confirm next week that issue #201 will be j jonah jameson!

spidey_1979 said...

think i'll go for brother voodoo to be confirmed next week. new sorcerer supreme and looking set to become a big player

PS. would also like to echo mighty_marvels call for madame web female special

Holy Wolf said...

'Who will put together the list of candidates from which the three figurines chosen by TSHFF are taken from? Or will their staff be the ones choosing these three? I agree with your decision concerning civvies for now!'

Just to shed a bit of light on that for you Thor8, when we chose the SHFFs 3 choices last year I'm pretty sure we offered it so that it was open vote. People could vote for whichever characters they liked, rather than from a pre-determined list. Hope that helps.


pirate adam said...


Rich isn't considering civies for a long time yet! YIPPIE!!

seriously though, lets have a female special confirmed next please Rich, Hela or Madame Web are fine by me.

dont care much for Destiny or Silver Sable would rather have had Firestar and Nova (frankie raye)

Pirate Adam

Anonymous said...

wouldn't hela be a regular issue though pirate adam ?
i would like to see a few lists of ideas for female candidates for specials.

madame web is top choice at the moment , but who else could we use ?

man killer
big bertha
giant girl - janet van dyne

any other ideas people ?

ted sallis said...

there was a debate on this blog a few months back, about female charachters who could qualify for special status.
madame web is a prime candidate
and i personally think that hela in her full regalia would look very impressive. And would probably come in at the £8.99 pricepoint.

mighty_marvel said...

or hela could (just) be done as a regular fig at £5.99. but madame web can only be done as a special at probably £9.99. £15.98 for both characters.

however with hela as a special at £8.99 to get madame web also would be another special at £9.99. £18.98 for both characters.

so vote for madame web special and hela regular and save £3 for both characters.

Holy Wolf said...

Personally I don't think we should be getting a female
special just for the sake or making up the numbers of females. I feel that there's plenty more male characters who deserve special status before we get onto the likes of Madame Webb and Hela.

ted sallis said...

okay mighty marvel,you have appealed to my scottish ancestry. I am happy to go along with a madame web special and a regular hela.
the £ 3.00 saving swung it for me

jimbob said...

Dont think EM or other collectors would like to pic a female special just because there are no female specials!!!!

Special slots are precious in the collection!

6 places a year!

Otherwise it wont matter!

Here is special poll top 20 so far from the forum.

Sasquatch 44
Lockjaw 37
Ronan The Accuser 36
Omega Red 29
Odin 23
Mojo 21
Terrax 17
Ch'od 16
Strong Guy 15
Sauron 14
Onslaught 13
Goliath 11
Atlas 9
Giant Man 9
Super Adaptoid 9
Dragon Man 8
Stilt Man 8
Celestial 7
Destroyer 7

ted sallis said...

well pardon me for being the optimistc type. if this collection goes on well beyond # 200 that would take us into the space year 2013/14 . there could be another 20 to 30 special slots to fill before this collection is done.
i never suggested that madame web should be a special because she has a bosom, i just thought she would make a damn fine fig.

Anonymous said...

i fail to see why collectors should pay a special price for hela when she's not large enough to fit that status , and should be a regular issue at the regular price of £5.99

madame web on the other hand is a must have for this collection.

i agree with ted sallis about the male characters though.
just looking at jimbob's list says it all really.
there are a hell of a lot of large characters or size changers in the male category still left to be done.
i think that sauron should be a regular issue though , just look at nighthawk for example.

Thor8 said...

Holy Wolf; Thanks for the "light shedding" on the choosing of the 3 on TSHFF. I agree with you that a female special shouldn't be done just for the sake of it.I also agree with Slapstick and others who believe Sauron can be done as a regular.

Would love to see either a herald,an asgardian,or a Squadrom member chosen as the next entry.

Robert said...

Excellent post, Rich.

Not surprised that the civilians will have to wait. Totally agree that there are loads of great costumed characters first. I just think that if we get to 200 and beyond that they should be considered. Have to admit I don't fully understand why no one - excepting Jarvis69? - is bothered about Jarvis. I appreciate he doesn't drive plots like JJJ or Ross but he's very prominent in Avengers history.

Hopefully, we'll see an Asgardian (or two), Triton and a herald when the line-up for the next extention is completed. But just so many great characters out there to do I probably won't be upset by the choices made. So many on jimbob's specials list would be great, too, especially Lockjaw.

Oh, I'm all for Hela. Not sure if she would be a regular or a special but either way she'd look incredible.

Fabio Mucci said...

I seriously think that there are lack of Marvel Knight characters. Most of them are Spider-Man, F4 or X-Men characters. The Marvel Knights aren't that used and there much chars to develop as figurines. Two of them are Howard The Duck (one of the fans favourite) and Jigsaw from Punisher (there are very very lack of Marvel Knight's villains, and Jigsaw is one of the most important). For Special or Double Pack i'd want also Power Pack and Lockjaw. Period.

jimbob said...

The thing is Marvel Knights are the least requested at the moment!

There are'nt that many good ones left in that category!

Jigsaw and Brother voodoo would be good choices for that section tho!

pirate adam said...

out of the 20 candidates on Jimbobs list from the forum i can only see 7 or 8 that i would want to be made into a special and would be willing to pay the extra cash for.

size changers as an example should NOT even be considered for any special slot as they can be easily be made regular size, same with Sauron and Omega Red.

save the specials for characters that deserve it and cant be made any other way, Living Tribunal springs to mind.

Pirate Adam

Anonymous said...

marvel knights :

baron mordo
king cobra
man ape
stilt man
super adaptoid
typhoid mary
white tiger - angela del toro

so how can anyone say there is lack of marvel knight characters left ?

Mr J said...

DARKSTAR is The Marvel Knights character i wanna see the most. Not fussed about any of tthe others to be honest.

jimbob said...

Thats a strong list there slaptick!

I think Hela could be in there as well.

But compare the lenght of the list to a cosmic or x-men they would have more depth of characters to choose from!

I would be happy if all the characters from the list would be made.

Especially Man-Ape(special)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the support guys on the marvel knights issue.

yeah i'd like to see darkstar , but i think she'd be good as a double pack with omega red , another character well over due !!

Fabio Mucci said...

Yeah Slapstick, Marvel Knights are important but so tto much forget in this collection. They MUST made Jigsaw from Punisher because it's important in the Marvel Universe and because has a good look (do you imagine a figurine of Jigsaw? Cool!). And they MUST made Howard The Duck! The others figurines of your list that they'll made are Typhoid Mary, Shanna and maybe the Owl and Baron Mordo. But before the last they must made Jigsaw, Howard the Duck and Typhoid Mary.

P.s. I also support the idea of megaspecial: Power Pack and special as Lockjaw ;)

Wadders said...

Any information on how those of us who are banned from SHFF can cast a vote?

Paul said...

Really love the sculpt of Gorgon. Can't wait to add him along side Medusa, Black Bolt and Crystal in my collection. Silver Sable will be just as cool as your other ones.
Being a collector across the pond I would really like it if Eaglemoss could open shipping lanes to North America. My collection is at 53 and rising but I am left to hunt online for the back issues. Very frustrating sometimes.
Anyway I'm a big fan keep up the great work. Let's get it up to 250 and beyond.

Skott said...

I love this line of figures! It's completely replaced my need to collect traditional action figures, thank you for that!
My only problem is the difficulty in getting some of these in the States, for example I recently moved and my Galactus didn't survive along with Thing, Venom and Doctor Strange but besides spending way to much on Ebay, IF they are available, I have to wait and see IF Diamond re-offers them. Is there going to be any chance of offering these great figures to those of us in the States?
Also, I would still really like to have Darkhawk, Sleepwalker, the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider and the Original Death's Head!
Also, what about a line of Marvel Zombie??

bullistic13 said...

love the figurines but am having loads of problems with ordering from eaglemoss have been waiting for over 2 months for my king pin special and everytime i phone up i get a different answer as to way it has not arrived problems such as been sent to wrong address,computers have gone down and have spoke to team leaders who have promised to sort this out ,they too have told that my item as been dispatched and that they will e-mail me conformation that its been sent ,i still have not heared from them,then this morning after another 2 weeks extra ,just the king pin magazine hasd turned up no figurine..AAAARRRRRRR is it that hard to get me my figurine please somebody with some clout on this sight can you get me my KING PIN SPECIAL PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEEEE !

Anonymous said...

can we get back to the subject at hand please ?
once the last 3 posters have stopped moaning lol
marvel knights.

more characters :

white tiger - kasper cole
schemer - richard fisk
fixer - roscoe sweeny
cat - shen kuei
jewel - jessica jones
misty knight
brother voodoo
colleen wing
purple man

jimbob said...

I also would like to bring up the topic on postages!

It has been mentioned by subscribers many times!

I used to be a subscriber but the hassle with tracking down issues that have not shown up was a pain in the back side!

I now have cancelled my subscription which has given me
freedom on skipping issues i dont want.

Which must be a loss to EM if people are cancelling there subscription!

I know its not your department Rich,but could you give us some info on why the system is so bad!

So we can have more of understanding how it works!

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

rich at eaglemoss :

here's an idea for the competition you are going to do where the winner gets to choose a character for this extention.

how about a competition where collectors have to design there own marvel character ?

we could design our own character , draw a picture of how he / she looks , describe what powers they have and also name them.
then scan the picture/s and information into our computers and email them to you at eaglemoss , where you guys can pick a winner.

perhaps as an extra prize the winner could also get their character made into a special figurine for their own personal collection ?

i think this is a great idea and would be fun for everyone to do.

what do my fellow bloggers think about this idea ?

Thor8 said...

Well it seems as if Smiffy6987 has taken a new identity as slapstick, hope a new attitude comes along with the new ID.

Pirate couldn't diagree with you more on the size changers subject as they would look more impresive in thier "giant" stature!

Jacadoo said...

Not too familiure with the Gorgon character but the figurine looks cool although I'm not decided on the base.

Just received the Destroyer OMG fantastic (yes I know I complained it was not the Asgardian version). Cant wait to see silver sable.

Regarding the continued calls for the Hela "special" I worry if we were to have Odin and Hella specials, it makes Thor look like a wimp - so please lets keep to scale.

Rich did you receive my bribe in the post for Stingray to make part of the next extension?

pirate adam said...

No worries Thor8 we cant agree all the time.

.....and dont let Jacadoo calling you a wimp put you of the idea of having Hela as a special LOL

Pirate Adam

Robert said...

Now that we know we have another extension, has anyone worked out roughly when figurine number 160 would come out?

mighty_marvel said...

roughly december 2011 i think

Holy Wolf said...

6th October 2011 according to my release date spreadsheet :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gremlin said...

Ouch, don't think my wallet would like that idea :)

Thor8 said...

Pirate: Nice to deal with people who can accept differances in a civil manner. May the north winds fill your sails as you cruise through the carribean sea and your voages be free of storms. As for The Mighty Thor looking wimpy next to Odin and Hela specials...I don't think so, After all what would make hela a special(if she is made as such)would be her attire more than her stature. As for Odin his bulk along with his full battle armour is what would get him into the "special" category(again if he is made as such). Futhermore I once suggested that we could get a "battle armour" Thor special later on in this collection (would look super cool)

The White Tiger's name has been popping up quite regularly lately,if he IS made,I would prefer the Hector Ayala version.As someone mentioned awhile back he is Marvel's first Puertorican and hispanic hero and also the original White Tiger!

Anonymous said...

thor 8 :

i like the male and female white tigers

not fussed which male version we get.

kasper cole or hector ayala , but
angela del toro is a must have !!

Gutterpunk said...

Misty Knight and Coleen Wing would be a cool eventual double pack if they don't generate enough interest on their own.

Baron Mordo and Brother Voodoo would be cool magic characters, as would Satanna.

And as far as X-Men are concerned, there aren't many X-Characters more deserving of inclusion in this next group than Cannonball. Spiral would be another great choice.

And as for specials... well, what about Mojo?

Gutterpunk said...

Also, if you do Cannonball, -please- use his recent X-Men uniform; the black one with the C on the chest and the goggles. It's so great and trumps just about any other look he's had prior or since.

Anonymous said...

sorry but i prefer the yellow and blue look for cannonball

Robert said...

Mighty Marvel and Holy Wolf, thanks for working out when the current extension of 160 will run to. The end of 2011 seems far away but no doubt it will come round quickly enough. It doesn't seem too long ago that Spidey was alone on my shelf...

If the White Tiger is a possible, mark me down for the classic Hector Ayala version. He was in some really great stories way back when. (The Erskine manuscript story spings to mind.) He was the original and is still the best.

On the subject of Hela and Odin, I really hope they could be done as regular-size figures. There are loads of really great candidates for the specials - Sasquatch, Lockjaw, the Destroyer, Goliath (Hank Pym), to name but four.

As for the next extension, I hope we get at least one Avenger from Swordsman, Moondragon and Mantis.

Any support for this trio...?

Holy Wolf said...

Gotta agree with Gutterpunk here, modern version of Cannonball for sure. With the goggles and 'C'. I'm guessing he's a dead cert for this extension and rightly so!

Thor8 said...

Robert; You can count on me for support on the trio of Avengers you proposed,especially Swordsman. I've been asking Bowen Designs to make a bust of him for ages. I've had to make a custom Marvel Legends figure of him to complete my Avengers collection. Sure would make my decade if EM includes him in this extension!Would also like to see Starfox,Stingray,and Goliath make the grade!

Robert said...

Thanks for the support for Swordsman, Mantis and Moondragon, Thor8. I have to agree with your calls for Starfox, Goliath and Stingray, too. I'm not a great fan of Starfox as a character but he appeared in loads of Avengers comics and we wouldn't have a complete Avengers roster without him. Stingray has a great look. And Goliath is a classic and just a must-have.

The only Avengers I have little interest in are the ones from just before Heroes Reborn, when the comic was awful. And Rage, from a bit earlier. Even his name (and War Machine falls into this category, too) doesn't really fit for a hero and especially an Avenger. I'd rather have Demolition Man before him!

Anonymous said...

i'd prefer goliath as a mega special
along with black goliath and giant man

i agree with your other choices
stingray , mantis , swordsman

not too keen on starfox + moondragon
but would still buy them !!

i think cannonball would look too much like the havok figurine if he was made with the black costume so i'd have to go for the blue and yellow look , sorry holy wolf + gutterpunk , just my opinion.
i do like the black costume , just think it might clash that's all.

Robert said...

Thanks for the support, "Slapstick". I always loved the look of Mantis when I was young (and the fact she was another character riding the kung fu craze), and the Swordsman has loads of history going back to the very early days. Stingray just looks really cool.

Any reasons for not wanting to include Starfox and Moondragon? Just wondering. Moondragon is a very complex character, in many ways not at all heroic. An early issue of Starlin's Infinity Watch described her pompousness perfectly in only a page (might have been two). She's not likeable at all but then that's not why she's an interesting character.

Oh, classic white costume for Moonie, please. It looks a bit red-light district in hindsight but that's her classic look.

Anonymous said...

i just seem to keep finding more and more excellent characters that i feel would look great in this collection.

i can see this collection going way beyond the 200 issue mark , and that would be the best news ever , as most characters on people's wish lists should get in.

at the moment i feel there is a lack of villains in the collection.

can we get some masters of evil + thunderbolts characters please ?

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

I really hope you guys buy Silver Sable and Destiny.
We need more women figurines.

ted sallis said...

i will certainly be getting both the silver sable and destiny figs ,
i have subscribed to this collection since day one .
Even if the odd fig is of no interest to me i still get it to support what is without doubt the best interpretation of our spandex heroes we are ever likely to see.
As long as this collection maintains it's excellent balance between the the various families i cannot see me boycotting any figs.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Thanks Ted.

Thor8 said...

Even though I'm not a big fan of either Destiny or Silver Sable,I'll be purchasing both of them as long as they are nicely done as 98.5% of them have been so far.

Robert: Sorry dude,but Moon Dragon's classic attire is the scarcley covering green costume with the cape not the white one she acquired after the evil dtragon of the moon was purged from her persona.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Boy: You want more female figurines? Well how do these suit you?

Princess Pythom
I hope at least two of these make it into this extension

Holy Wolf said...

Not a bad list at all of female figs there Thor8. I'd like to think Songbird and Moonstone are pretty much nea certs, with Thundra having an outside chance and any 1 of the others being able to get in as a curveball maybe :)

I think Ted Sallis hit the nail on the head in that this collection really is the best physical interpretation of the Marvel Universe that someone could hope for!

Holy Wolf said...

Whoops, I'm getting confused between Moonstone and Moondragon. I see Moondragon as a near dead cert and imagine Moonstone wont be too far behind in a future extension.

mighty_marvel said...

on the topic of females this was the all female extension list i came up with for the forum a while back.

boom boom
danielle moonstar
frankie raye
nico minoru
silver sable
typhoid mary

madame web special
misty knight/colleen wing double
stature mega
hela special

have got 2 from the list included already and like holy wolf would be very surprised if songbird and moondragon aren't in this extension. also think its likely we'll get a female member of the x-men.

Holy Wolf said...

Typhoid Mary is also one to watch this extension, she very very nearly got in last time round.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Thor8, I really would like to see Arachne, Firestar, Sersi, Mockingbird, Thundra, Songbird and Moonstone in my collection.

and Sharon Carter, Madame Masque, Maria Hill...

Robert said...

Thor8, you're right. I stand corrected. Not sure what I was on when I wrote that, especially considering I reread all the Infinity stuff every year or two. I meant the green costume, of course. The white costume was from when she brain-washed the Avengers and took over a planet, right?

Of the women mentioned I'd be keenest to see Hela, Mockingbird, Moondragon, Moonstone, Sif, Thundra and Gamora (c.mid-1970s). Also, Mantis is a must for me. Great character with a great look who was wasted with the daft Celestial Madonna marry-a-tree nonsense...

Thor8 said...

I didn't want to make my list too extensive since I myself have critisized freguent long lists as becoming boring after awhile but truth to say I find almost all of the femmies mentioned by you guys quite appealing,and even those that are not my personnal cup of tea are quite good candidates and deserving some recognition.

On a different note; now that most of the big cannons have been done I believe that EM should mix some lesser requested canditates along with everyones favorite. This would serve as:
A) giving some of us the grade B figurine we wish to see.

B) EM won't be stuck with all the D listers at the end of this collection thus reducing sales figures of the same.

Think about this Rich!

nasia said...

Nice to see Destiny in the next extension.

Don't forget DEATHBIRD and SPIRAL.

Both would make very impressing figures.

Richard please put these two in the collection.

Banshee said...

I'm guessing we'll probably only get five female characters in this extension if it goes along with the current ratio of male to female characters. With two places already handed to Destiny and Siver Sable I really hope the last three places go to...Moonstone, Firestar and Spiral(or Monet St Croix).

With the other 13 figures to go I'd love to see Shaman, Executioner, Corsair and Vulcan in the mix somewhere :)

pirate adam said...

big thumbs up for Vulcan


Robert said...

On the subject of future figurines, Thor8, as you know there are still loads of teams to be completed or even started. Over and above the Avengers and X-Men, the T-Bolts, Alpha Flight, the New Mutants, the Wrecking Crew and a few other newer teams have barely been touched. In fact, we are still waiting on Triton, Karnak and Lockjaw for the Inhumans! And the Wizard and Trapster for the Frightful Four. I'd also quite like the Infinity Watch but I may be in a minority of one on that score and, alas, I don't think we'll ever see a Pip the Troll figure. And please don't get me started on the Asgardians, who have been, to me, the most glaring example of under-representation...!

Gremlin said...

I would put good money on us getting an Inhuman this time round. I don't really mind which although triton would make a better regular figure, then you could put Karnak with Lockjaw in a doublepack.

Rich dismissed the multi-packs with four figure in. Well what about doing three figures. For example we could have Corsair in the regular lineup and at a similar time release the Starjammer team pack with Hepzibah, Ch'od and Raza. Those wanting to complete the team have the option to, but those who don't care don't have to buy it.
The same can go for the Wrecking Crew. Release Wrecker in the regular lineup and have a booster pack of Piledriver, Bulldozer and the other one released at the same time as a special.

Anonymous said...

females the long list :

sharon carter , sharon ventura
marrina , miss america , vindicator
giant girl , mocking bird , moonstone
ronin , firebird , firestar
mantis , moon dragon , black mamba
asp , diamondback , arleta ogord
gamora , frankie raye ,
misty knight , colleen wing , tarantula , astra , manta , hussar
oracle , arc light , vertigo
crimson cowl , man killer ,
quicksand , kate bishop ,
jessica jones , monica rambeau
black racer , coachwhip , jolt
princess python , hepzibah ,
photon , songbird , wolfsbane
shard , marvel girl , big bertha
elsa bloodstone , bounty , callisto
clea , sif , dorma , lionheart
domino , marrow , spiral ,
silver fox , dark star , shanna
deathbird , angela del toro ,
madame web , bluebird , shriek
huntara , annelle , lyja

sorry !!

Anonymous said...

females the short list :

my top ten -

sharon carter

Anonymous said...

gremlin :

the other one ? lol
you mean thunderball.

i think it's clear that the majority of collectors would like to see multi packs with more than 2 characters in and would be willing to pay the right price just to see their favourite teams included.

mighty_marvel said...

gremlin - rich did mention on an earlier blog (late september) an idea of releasing a multi pack with no magazine. at the time i remember we came up with similar ideas to yours of releasing one figure in the regular line up with a mag featuring the full team and then complete the line-up in the mag-less pack. i hope this is still under consideration as it would help to quicky complete teams such as

wrecking crew
guardians of the galaxy
hellfire club
warriors three
squadron supreme

etc etc etc

Anonymous said...

you have my support guys.

multi packs please ?

frightful four , wrecking crew
serpent society , x factor
savage land mutates
secret avengers , starjammers
heroes for hire , imperial guard
marauders , all winners squad
alpha flight , bad girls inc
guardians of the galaxy
thunderbolts , masters of evil

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

My new list:
Sharon Carter (White costume)
Madame Masque
Red Guardian I
Red Guardian II (Tania Levinsky)
Ursa Major
Yellow Claw
Sebastian Shaw

Robert said...

S.H.I.E.L.D. Boy, you raised another interesting sub-group in your list: the Russians/ Soviets. Darkstar, Ursa Major and the Red Guardian would be cool. We're getting the Crimson Dynamo, right? (Sorry memory not always reliable.) Titanium Man would make a good Special/ Mega.

'Slapstick', with your "long list" and teams I think you listed another 140 or so figures today! That would take us to, what, 2016 or thereabouts?! Ah, you youngsters think you will live forever...

ted sallis said...

I know marvel no longer have the rights to Robert E Howard's charachters .
I am probably clutching at straws here but are there any sword n sorcery/ barbarian charachters of merit?
it still wrankles me that this important period in the marvel universe cannot be covered in this collection.
if you asked the current custodians of REH over at Dark Horse , i am sure they would allow you to produce a one off conan fig in the style of that amazing barry smith conan # 1 cover.
i know it's only an impossible dream , but hey it's my christmas wish

Gremlin said...

It's a shame Red Sonja and Conan are no longer under the Marvel license because they would look fantastic. I cannot think of any other barbarian characters really - it's a genre that Marvel seems to have phased out.
Now the horrow side should be more viable. With halloween coming up it would be a perfect opportunity to announce Werewolf-by-night, Simon Garthe, Dracula or even Hela (she is the ruler of hell....)

Dan The Art Ed said...

Re: Ted Sallis. The way EM works makes it difficult to produce one-off figurines from individual rights holders, we tend to do multiple part collections with unified rights (Marvel/DC/Buffy/LOTR). To buy rights to a one-off would prove to costly in development.

There are some 'fantasy/sci-fi' characters we could do, but we decided to pretty much keep to the main Marvel Universe of characters (the one's that exist in the same world 'Earth 616', and can interact with each other.)
There's Blink and X-Man of course but they crossed over from parallel universes (Age of Apocalypse), and there's always the possibility of characters like Killraven/Skull The Slayer/Two-Gun Kid/Spider-Girl ???, but we would like to consentrate of Earth 616 characters before expanding into different genres/universes etc.

Love the wants list guys - they really do help us make decisions, even though at times we know it will make some people 'not as happy' as others!

Hopefully there are some nice surprises coming to at least some of you.

ted sallis said...

i remember ( vaguely) as a wee laddie, Marvel had their own scarecrow charachter, i have a feeling he may not have an abundance of appearances.
i would love to see a horror charachter confirmed. simon garth or werewolve by night..or even the living mummy!!

Dan The Art Ed said...

Yeah, i think the horror characters have more of a chance to get in somewhere along the line - we've done Blade, Man-Wolf and Man-Thing but Dracula and Werewolf by Night would be next in line from the horror side. Howard the duck started out in the horror comcs!!!?

jimbob said...

I think those three would be my top three!!!!!

Werewolf by Night
Howard the duck

pirate adam said...

oh please not the duck again..

i'm now convinced that Slapstick is actually Mr Smith


Thor8 said...

Pirate; It sure took you long to figure this out> I mentioned Slapstick's secret identity ages ago!

ted sallis said...

If we do get a dracula fig somewhere down the line , I hope the sculptor takes his inspiration from gene colans Tomb of Dracula , one of the most beautifully realised comic series ever.
ok dan this is my final clutch at the very last straw regarding a viable barbarian type fig.
like i said clutching at straws.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Robert, Titanium Man is a great Idea.
I have a list of russian characters...
Titanium Man
Crimson Dynamo (cannot wait)
Black Widow II
Ursa Major
Red Guardian I
Red Guardian II

Hey Gremlin, I'd love to see Conan, Belit and Sonja collected someday.

Anonymous said...

robert :

i'm not expecting all of those characters to get in , i'm just showing people that there are still great characters out there to choose from.

gremlin :

one werewolf and one vampire is enough already in this collection so how about a zombie ?

and who said ducks are scary ?

Anonymous said...

horror characters :

adversary , blackout ( lilin )
brother voodoo , d'spayre
dead girl , vera gemini
gargoyle - isaak christians
jack 'o' lantern , living mummy
lilith ( mother of demons )
lucifer , modred the mystic
nightmare , paradox , scarecrow
steel wind , margali szardos
umar , wendigo , zodiak
zombie - simon garth

elsa + ulysses bloodstone the monster hunters
twin pack would be cool

Dan The Art Ed said...

Great horror list Slapstick! Very impressive Knowledge, surely some research was done? All of those would make cool figurines but the MU is so diverse we have to draw the line somewhere-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Anonymous said...

thanks dan , i just browsed through websites to find the most interesting characters.
i know what you mean about being diverse , i don't expect them all to get in , i just like to help.
by producing lists , it helps collectors with less knowledge find characters that look interesting , and also helps them to gain more of an insite into the marvel universe.

my top 5 :

the monster hunters -
elsa + ulysses bloodstone
( twin pack special )

wendigo ( special )
brother voodoo
jack 'o' lantern
simon garth - zombie

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