Thursday, 8 October 2009

And next up is...

A slightly earlier update than usual this week.

First I just want to say that I’m glad the news of the extension has gone down so well, with your support I’d like to think we can go even further but, as they say, only time will tell.

Anyway, I haven’t quite decided on the competition I’ll be running to choose a figure yet but I do promise it will be something that virtually everyone can take part in; definitely no custom sculpt comps.

And while we’re on the subject of the extension I thought I’d announce the next figure that is definitely getting in:


Though by no means a new character in the Marvel Universe, Ares hasn’t really had much prominence in the (Marvel) comic world until recently. However, I think that there’s enough history to make a great magazine and an even better figurine.
We’ve not chosen all our characters for the extension yet so don’t think I’m just drip feeding you guys the list. At the moment it’s still all up for debate and believe me we’re still arguing in the office.

I’ve also heard some of the complaints about our regular website (not being updated regularly enough) and I will pass these on to the Internet designers. Unfortunately, I’m not in charge of their updating schedule but I will give them a little nudge.

And here’s this weeks figurine preview: Sunfire.

As you can see we’ve gone for the classic costume, not the modern (very similar to AoA) look. The pose for this figure was chosen to be a little more muted than some of the recent figures. We hoped to get the proud, stubborn and impatient attitude the character has into the pose, while making sure he fit nicely among the other X-Men sculpts.


foxchilde said...

Hey Richard, cheers for the preview; I really like the Sunfire sculpt. I was torn about which costume he would look better in (I'm a fan of modern comics more than classic), but I think the sculpting medium lends itself better to this classic costume, so it looks like a great choice! :-D I'm a fan of the pose, its very him.

Ares is a cool choice: While I am an X-fan through and through, Ares has been hard to miss in anything in the last few years - also, I know he just missed out in a poll a while aback so...

Of course, talking of people who just missed out, I hope you won't mind me shamelessly plugging for DESTINY once again. :-p

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear Ares is in the next lot and sunfire is quality! very good sculpt. looking forward to the final version

Holy Wolf said...

Great news on Ares, he's been so close to clinching a spot for ages now, good to finally hear it's happened.

Sunfire looks great. the sculpt is cracking and the pose is nicely subtle. I like it, can't wait to see the painted version :D

Snow(bird) for Christmas please Rich :P

Holy Wolf said...

Also I have to say I'm really enjoying having the extension leaked to us one character at a time, it allows some good discussion and appreciation of all the characters confirmed, rather than just the key names if we heard all 20 at once.

Keep up the good work! :)

Wadders said...

I think he would have looked great in a pose similar to Captain Marvel/ Electro but at least he is in the collection :)

I would also like to show my support for a Destiny figurine.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Good to know Ares is coming.

But dont forget SILVER SABLE!!!

sweet2cute said...

No surpirse that Ares would get in.
Now when do we get Cannonball?
Or a charcter in the MU who does something besides being Osborns lap dog. :)

Dan said...

Sunfire looks awesome. Feel the pose really shows off the character's personality and is a little different. Can't wait to see the painted version now :D

Ares is a great pick for a fig! Constantly one of the most requested figures and has done well on numerous polls. Not to mention has the potential to be an almighty fig :P

Thor8 said...

I'm really glad to hear you will be contacting the powers that be on your main site about the much needed update.

The pose for the Sunfire figurine may seem a bit more simple compared to other recent characters but I think it looks quite well.
I hope we will be seeing pics of The Wasp,Tigra,and Jocasta soon!

pippin said...

Sunfire looks really good..the pose works perfect for the charcater

Ares confirmed is just excellent news..was very close last time and just lost out to my man Jack of a character Ares has really made a impact for last few years..hope that bodes well for The Hood to :)

jimbob said...

Sunfire looks awsome!

So glad Ares have been confirmed, endless campaigning for him over and done with!

Im glad EM is going with what we want,no nasty suprise so far.

FF/X- villain next maybe a much needed cosmic?


Jocasta pic is on Hard Facts on the forum.

Miss Medusa said...

Sunfire looks wonderful!

Ares next cool choice, looks like Avengers fans are getting another good extension, lol.

Hope we get an X-Men character next week.

Cannonball and Destiny for the extension please ;)

mighty_marvel said...

good choice in ares. regularly requested by many people and potentially an awesome looking fig.

so we've had 2 avengers family characters confirmed so far. hope we get a spidey or xmen character confirmed next. really hoping for JJJ or cannonball

Thor8 said...

Radioactive Man is now Thunderbolt material rather than Avengers,just like Alpha Flight is considered apart from The X-Men,so I don't believe he should count as an Avengers entry.

mighty_marvel said...

agree that there are smaller sub-groups you can class characters into such as thunderbolts, inhumans, alpha flight etc thor8. but all of these smaller groups can be placed within one of the larger 5 original families. thunderbolts go within avengers, inhumans within fantastic 4, alpha flight within xmen and so on.

so although radioactive man can be placed within the smaller sub-group of either thunderbolt or masters of evil, the larger over-arching family of these particular sub-groups is avengers.

Anonymous said...

Sunfire looks great. I like the current AoA inspired look, but I'm glad you went classic with him instead. He'll be a nice addition to the X-Men related figures.

Very cool news about Ares. He's become a character I really like... especially as of late. He'll be a nice addition to the Avengers, and IMHO... should have come before with got Sentry. ;)

Any chance we can get an X-Character reveal next week. Especially if it's Destiny. I want her in the collection so bad right now. She's a pretty major secondary X-Character, and a lot of storylines have revolved around here... even if she wasn't in them. So bring her on! :D

jimbob said...

Just notice Sunfire mask design is a bit off!

Has it not been finished yet?

X-Villain next - DESTINY please!!!

Or cosmic - QUASAR!!

Banshee said...

Wow Sunfire looks great, can't wait to see the final version.

Ares is a great choice, although I'm a little worried he and The Black Knight will be to similar ??

Finally I'd love to see some more Alpha Flight make it into the collection. Failing that a figurine of Toad, Arachne or Moonstone would scratch my itch :)

Goth Prince aka Andrew said...

I really like Sunfire :)

Two Avengers characters down, an X-Men next please.

Hope were finally getting a New Mutant soon and of course Destiny.


jimbob said...

Hope Ares will be holding the AXE in the fig.

Banshee said...

I'd also settle for Vance Astro :)

Killer Frost said...

CANNONBALL next would be great!

Hope to see DESTINY announced eventually. It will be interesting to find out what characters will be in polls.

Sunfire looks stunning! love him already.

Space Cadet said...

Looks like this extension is gonna be Epic!

Cannonball,Pulsar and Domino are needed!

Cool suggestion about Destiny she would be ace! Bring on Des i'll stand her right next to Mystique.

Its gonna be so cool to see that sunfire painted,

Space Cadet.

Anonymous said...

sunfire :

he looks wicked , can't wait to see the painted version , right choice of costume !!
hope to see more figurine previews next friday please rich ?

thor 8 :

jocasta finished sculpt can be seen on the forum , i've seen her on there and she looks great. i'll try and get a pic for you and put it on my blog here.

marvel groups :

x-men + avengers are the 2 largest groups in the marvel universe , and while i would like to see more characters that have not been done yet for these categories , i feel that the other 3 groups - spiderman
marvel knights + fantastic four need more characters added , as we don't honestly know how far eaglemoss are prepared to go with this collection.
i have my figurines displayed in a cabinet with 4 shelves.
i have placed x-men on 1 shelf
avengers on 1 shelf
i've put spiderman + marvel knights characters on 1 shelf together , and have placed fantastic four characters on the final shelf.
i'll add a picture on my blog for you guys to see.
when you see the pictures you will notice the gaps and then realise what i am talking about when i say that f/f + s/man + m/knights need updating with more characters added to this collection.
but saying that , i also feel we have a shortage of x villains and avengers foes.

peace out !!

Thor8 said...

Mighty_marvel; I'm aware that The Thunderbolts are a sub group that fits into the Avengers branch,It's just that I'm worried that having 2approved from this branch already will prevent further Avengers members from being considered for this extension(I guess I'm just being a little greedy).

jimbob&Smiffy; Thanks for the tip on Jocasta,will look into it. Looking at Sunfire once more makes me want to see Thunderbird made even more so we can have the complete "All new all different" X-Men team that was formed way back when!

Anonymous said...

i too would like to see thunderbird

Zombula said...

Great news about Ares & Sunfire looks to be another amazing sculpt .
Releasing the list one fig at a time seems to be the concensus on the forum ; hope it becomes a set thing.
Imo im hoping eventually to see Vance Astro , The Owl , Thunderbird , Mach IV / The Beetle , Klaw , Whirlwind , 70s Cap Marvel & a certain Tiger make the list ... here's hoping !.

jimbob said...

Thunderbird would be nice to finish off the X-Men main group,then we can move on to X-Force,X-Factor,Exalibur and so on!

mighty_marvel said...

thor8 - can't see this being the last of the avengers characters. i imagine both avengers and x-men will get 4 extension slots each - 2 allies and 2 foes for both seems fair to me.

agree that thunderbird would be good at some point but this extension is too early imo. plus, as he was killed off so quickly, i can't see him filling a mag. we'll probably get him as a double with warpath eventually

ted sallis said...

sunfire looks to be yet another quality sculpt .
totaly agree with thor 8 regarding the main site update ( or lack of ).
when i first began checking this site you could check out at least 10 - 15 upcoming figs after each update.
i remember you posting a finished pic of jubilee , i think she is around the # 130 mark .
so a 15 - 20 fig update would be nice.

lipstick said...

I cant wait for the new list..!
Please think about Firestar. Please, please, please!

BigBot said...

Please give us Hector Ayala the White Tiger and the High Evolutionary! Thank you.

karnak37 said...

Sunfire, looks awesome!!! Thanks Rich for the sneak pic of him, can't wait to see him painted.I'm really hoping for Tigershark to make it in the extension.

Robert said...

Great to hear that the choices of Radioactive Man and Ares are very popular with posters. Excellent additions to the extension.

I'd like to suggest (predictably) that we get some more Asgardians in the extension. We already have Thor, Loki, Valkyrie, with the Enchantress to come. Still loads of great characters like Fandrall, Hogun, Volstagg, Balder, Sif, Odin, Ulik, the Recorder and the Destroyer, though. Not gonna see all of them made, I know, but any hope of seeing a Warriors Three multi-pack?

Other names I'd like to see make the extension are Mantis, Swordsman, Air Walker, Terrax, Triton, Grey Gargoyle, Jackal and a Hydra agent.

spidey_1979 said...

looking forward to ares. he's going to look amazing. thanks for confirming him rich.

2 male characters now so hope we get a female character confirmed next week

these are all more than deserving of a place

sister grimm
silver sable
typhoid mary

Fabio Mucci said...

Please make Power Pack, Jigsaw and Howard the Duck. After this you can make what do you want!

Anonymous said...



01 : radioactive man ( confirmed )
02 : firestar
03 : ares ( confirmed )
04 : song bird


05 : longshot
06 : spiral
07 : sauron
08 : hepzibah


09 : hydro man
10 : sharon ventura ( ms.marvel )
11 : triton
12 : huntara


13 : j jonah jameson
14 : aracne
15 : solo
16 : silver sable


17 : baron mordo
18 : shanna
19 : king cobra
20 : angela del toro



01 : blastaar
02 : moonstone
03 : wizard
04 : sharon carter


05 : forge
06 : shard
07 : avelanche
08 : callisto


09 : trapster
10 : lyja
11 : puppet master
12 : nova ( frankie raye )


13 : demogoblin
14 : bluebird ( sally avril )
15 : tombstone
16 : shriek


17 : owl
18 : typhoid mary
19 : stilt man
20 : clea

nasia said...

Please Richard , you have to include at least the 5 following characters in the next extension :

4)DEATHBIRD (ideal for a sculpt)

I know there are too many x men characters, but they would be excellent sculpts. If i had to be fair, then i would choose a specific number from each Marvel group. For example :


1)Radioactive Man
12)J.J. Jameson


20)Omega Red

5)Queen Brood

4)Mr Hyde/Cobra

2)Lord Chaos

I'm still picking more X-men characters

I repeat Richard, these bad guys would be an excellent addition :

1)D E S T I N Y

2) T O A D

3)S P I R A L

4) D E A T H B I R D

5)J A C K A L

Robert said...

Reading over smiffy6987's and nasia's lists, it's clear there are scores of memorable characters deserving of inclusion in this collection, certainly way beyond the 160 planned so far. (What can I say, Rich, we're all very, very greedy collectors.) What's amazing is that I and every other poster could add more of our own.

And that's not even considering the possibility of variants (like classic Iron Man) or civilians (like Franklin Richards and Gwen Stacy).

This collection could run and run and run...

By the way, smiffy6987, is there some meaning to the number? Just wondering...

Anonymous said...

nasia :

it seems we have similar views on the characters we'd like to see added , and it's so clear that we could easily get to number 200 and possibly beyond that number.

imo , if we can't get all the characters in as single issues , there are so many that could quite easily be done as double packs or multi packs.
and more larger characters that could be done as specials and giant specials like atlas , giant man ,
the russian , madame web etc etc.

i think my list was fair -
4 characters from each of the 5 marvel groups which included 2 male
characters and 2 female characters

hope you guys liked the list !!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

and now for another list .......

specials wish list :

strong guy
madame web
big bertha
the russian
man ape
destroyer ( thor armour )

mega specials wish list :

giant man
black goliath
psycho man

BigBot said...

The White Tiger (Hector Ayala) is the first Puerto Rican superhero in the history of comics and Marvel' 1st superhero of Hispanic descent. Just saying. ;-)

cutetabi said...

Magik. Colossus, little sister, would be awesome. also maybe Pixie.

Thor8 said...

If each and every one of us were to make a full list of which characters to add in future extensions, we will all start making lists of our personal wants(logically) and will end up most of the time with lists that are one sided or heavily inclined towards one branch specificly.A sample of this is nasia's 2nd extension listing. Even though nasia states trying to be fair,there are still 11 out of 20 X-related characters in this extension.

Rich I believe that if you would like a nice balanced list in this new extension and will take into consideration the fans opinion. The best way to be fair with all the MU branches is for each one of us to send in just one(1) pick from each branch. A hard choice I know,but it would even out the extension perfectly.

My choices:
5)White Tiger--M Knights

This is just an example,if you decide to consider this suggestion and set a date for sending in one's choices I may alter a choice or three once the choices start to come in. What do the rest of you think of this?

Robert said...

I've been trying to avoid writing a full wish-list for the next extension for the reasons that Thor8's explained: personal bias. I know that my list would be dominated by Asgardians and that would be wrong. I still think there should be more Asgardians included in the collection, but when I listed my suggestions, I kept it down to only seven, none of whom were Asgardians.

Would the Asgardians come under the Avengers banner because of the link to Thor...? If so, that would narrow the chances of other popular Avengers characters like Stingray, Mantis and Mockingbird getting in... I don't think the Marvel Knights have enough good characters to warrant an equal number of slots.

However, I saw someone asking for an AIM agent. Would that come under Marvel Knights because of Nick Fury? (As would a Hydra agent, which I'd like to see, too?) I know these agents pop up elsewhere, notably in Cap and Iron Man.

Banshee said...

Picking one from each area is sooo hard but I've gave it a shot...

1)Moonstone - Avengers

2)Toad - X-Men

3)Lockjaw - FF

4)Arachne - Spiderman

5)Shanna - M Knights

Anonymous said...
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Thor8 said...

Robert: I understand your doubts as to where to place certain characters. I'd place the asgardians under Avengers for the same reasons you mentioned. It's sometimes a little dificult to classify some characters under a certain branch. For example Black Panter is under M Knights yet he's also an Avenger and he has close ties to the FF which is where he first appeared. Klaw is The Panthers's mortal foe (MK)yet he's also a Masters of Evil (Av) and a foe of the FF,so where do we place him? The Surfer has ties to the FF but he's also a Defender. Wher do we place the cosmics,the olimpians,the Eternals,ect?

Thor8 said...

Smiffy,mi pana! Que es lo que te pasa? Sure I saw your list and I didn't say anything was wrong with it. Yours has not been the first nor the only list that has listed an assortment from from the 5 main branches of the MU or it's sub- groups Mighty_Marvel and others have been doing it for ages. The idea of picking just 1 from each main branch is to have EVERYONE pick a well balanced list. Why just one? Quite frankly, very long list become very very boring after awhile!

Robert said...

What am I "banging on about"? Keep a civil tone, please, smiffy. I merely tried to say that any list - especially a complete one like yours always are - excludes anyone else's ideas. Thor8 limited himself to one from each group. I made seven suggestions. We were restrained enough to leave plenty of room for the choices of others. Others like you.

If only you had afforded us the same courtesy.

nasia said...

I was the first to admit that i have included more X-men characters in my wish list

If you noticed, there's no special balance between the marvel groups so far.

For example up to number 110 we have

Avengers : nearly 30 figurines
X-men : nearly 28 figurines
Spiderman: nearly 15 figurines
FF : nearly 15 figurines
Knights : nearly 14 figurines

Some grous are even more numerous than others.

If we keep the aforementioned balance, the we will have in each extension top characters from one group and secondary characters from another group. So, we don't have to push it so much in some categories.

mighty_marvel said...

My major wants for each big category are

(AV) Songbird
(FF) Triton
(KN) Brother Voodoo
(XM) Cannonball

and from a couple of the smaller sub-groups

(Asgard) Sif
(Cosmic) Vance Astro

re balance of the extension. don't think that simply 4 from each branch as smiffy suggests would be suitable as this wouldn't allow for representatives from all of the smaller sub-groups that are associated with each branch (particularly avengers related ones). personally i would be happy with something along the lines of

2 x avengers
2 x X-Men
2 x X-Villains
2 x marvel knights
1 x spiderman ally
1 x spiderman villain
1 x fantastic 4 ally
1 x fantastic 4 villain
2 x thunderbolts
1 x masters of evil
1 x asgardian
1 x cosmic
1 x eternal
1 x alpha flight
1 x other (british themed or runaways for example)

Hawkeye said...

May I humbly suggest Spitfire for the "British-themed" one - she can keep Capt. Britain and Union Jack company!

Holy Wolf said...

How about trying to guess the next character announced?

After two male characters announced the previous two weeks I'm gonna take a guess at Songbird being announced next to rapturous applause :D

Robert said...

An interesting list, mighty marvel. I've started to wonder whether the original idea of thinking of the collection in terms of five groups is breaking down a bit the longer the collection goes on. Maybe your list is a better way of varying the figures as people are mentioning groups that don't fit comfortably under the five umbrella groups any more. You mentioned the Thunderbolts, cosmic and eternal characters. Thor8 - yeh, him again - menioned these as well as Olympians. I also thought of the Infinity Watch, which would come under cosmic, of course.

While it would be fun to pick the figures I don't really envy Rich and the team the responsibility of keeping everyone happy...

mighty_marvel said...

songbird should be a cert for this extension but they may be reluctant to announce 3 avengers branch characters in a row. agree that we should get a female announced next though so i think it will be


Baroni_08 said...

About time Ares was announced will look forward to seeing his figurine .

I personally would like a Herald in the next extension cant believe we only still have one , my choice would be Fallen One or Morg the Executioner . But there my choices not everyones cup of tea , so id say Nova ( frankie raye ) a female and a good herald.

I would like to see Firestar , Hydro man , Corsair , Wizard, Baldur , Toad even JJJ (hope that pirate ship not changed course ). i would just like more characters in the smaller groups .

Specials that are a must Odin & Madame Web female special is long overdue.
ill guess Firestar to be announced next ......

Come on EM more heralds !! Baroni ........

oh and HOWARD THE DUCK lol ( is that a ship and i hear thunder) were's Jacadoo gone.

pirate adam said...

i have collected every figure in this collection so far but as soon as i see a civilian or a little white duck i think it will be about time to start missing a couple of editions.

now that Ares has finnaly been announced and hopefully Hydroman will get a slot i dont realy care who else gets in as long as we get 2 or even 3 Asgardians, i dont think this is to much for a very popular yet overlooked group Hela, Sif and Balder would be my choices and of course the most overdue character of all....ODIN!!!!

im very happy EM will be picking most of the extension as the currant extension has started to bore me a little with the exception of Beta Ray Bill and Blackheart i cant think of anybody i am realy looking forward to.

Piarte Adam :(

Gremlin said...

Wow, I have been away for a bit and not been able to see the blog. Excellent news on the extension and the first two choice of Ares and Radioactive man are great. Both figs should look outstanding. I am really hoping to see Moondragon, Cannonball and Songbird confirmed soon. I would also die a happy man if SPIRAL made it in too.

Keep up the good work!!!!

jimbob said...

I think it should be a spider villain announced next.

Thats what has been discussed lately on the forum and has been mentioned here!


Richie Rich said...

I think we will get a female character next and I do hope its Destiny! it should be her.

Hopefully Cannonball will be announced eventually. Would like to see Domino and Longshot too.

Jacadoo said...

Hi Baroni - sorry been away from the blog for a while (busy doing customs - if your interested in giving some feedback they are posted on the SHFF new customs forum) - just look for the last reply JACADOO!!

Sunfire is looking good - I just hope he heats up and cooks the duck before he gets another mention.

Cant wait to see what the extension brings but hopeing for Stingray.

Sorry go to go working on Korg to go with my WWHulk (on the SHFF true believers).

Anonymous said...
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Gremlin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gremlin said...

Hey Rich. What are the chances of slipping a generic character such as a SHIELD or HYDRA soldier in the mix? They are as bigger enemy to characters as Dr Doom, Magneto and MODOK are. The magazine could detail the organisations history and the agent sculpt would probably sell well because many collectors might get multiple figures to create a mini diplay.
On the same note what about the Brood? They have a great history, awesome look and have the potential to sell lots because they are always seem in swarms.

Smiffy: I think your list needs a bit of work. F4 and Spiderman can be toned down a bit now. One ally and villain from each would do fine. Instead lets shove some cosmics in the mix such as Quasar, Moondragon, Deathbird and Gamora. I agree with the Avengers and XMen ratio, they are the largest and most popular MU groups. I don't really care for Asgardians much but many other people do so having at least one in would be wise....maybe Sif or Hela as it seems enevitable that Odin will become a special sooner or later.

Robert said...

Just read your latest rude and arrogant post, smiffy, and as usual you are talking nonsense.

Firstly, I buy all types of figures and acknowledged in my last post how difficult a job Rich and the team have keeping everyone happy. Yes, I have been specifically asking for Asgardians but then so have several posters... mighty marvel and spidey 1979 to name two if memory serves.

You don't want Asgardians, justifying your own extensive list with the words: "Why I chose those characters? Because they are popular and have more of a background than characters from a small group."

Characters like the Warriors Three have appeared regularly in Thor for over forty years, racking up hundreds of appearances!

And one of your suggestions? Big Bertha.

Words fail me, they really do.

Jacadoo said...

Hey Mr Sniffy Jacadodo is still here - alive and well, nice to know you were worried!!

Myself as a collector I'm a bit of a tart - EM keep making them and I will keep buying them (please dont put that comment to the test with the duck)..

Bad enough Thor8 got the Wasp LOL!!!

Gents play nice and respect the tastes of other collectors, bring on Tigra ggggrrrr....

pirate adam said...

Jacadoo i was trying to play nice until i read the last load of s**t that smiffy wrote, saying the frightful four are more popular and have more of a background than Odin is total nonsense, Odin is more popular and has more of a background than the entire frightful four put together!!!!


Jacadoo said...

Padam - I have to come down on your side of the fence regarding Odin "Vs" frightful four.

I was just in mellow mode and taking Mr Sniff with a pinch of salt - I must admit I lose interest in reading endless wish lists of B and C raters and even though he is some what noisy - some of the reactions to his posts are really funny.

Rich any news regarding the Odin Special yet?

Guys please note I make no mention of Re-Dos or Wasp......

Thor8 said...

Well well well, the dynamic dou are back. Hi Piarate and Jacadoo long time no see. Robert has been guarding Bifrost in your absence and while Heimdall takes a little men's room break. As you may have heard someone does not think asgardians are big enough to get into this collection just yet.

Smiffy; Until now I've stood by you while others were hurling sticks and stones at you, I welcomed you into the fold when you felt you were being given the cold shoulder,and I've respected your point of view,but it seems that your way of expressing yourself tends to rub people the wrong way. Try looking before you leap,amigo!

Back to Pirate and Wasp lover Jackadoo,glad you guys are back(and Pirate has returned with cannons roaring). Jackadoo,I'll take a look at your customs(although I've heard thru the grapevine that your best work consists of a full collection of Wasp figurines sporting each and everyone of her costumes)Peace!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Jacadoo said...

Sniffy play nice or I will keep your dolly for another week - only joking dude - but action man in a dress I ask you!!

Buddy you need to calm yourself - who cares about the marvel universe website and inches on the page (calm yourself now) - the blog is about who WE THE COLLECTORS WANT not as individuals but as a collective.

To date I think you may be the only blogger asking for the FFOUR where as there are quite a few asking for Grandaddy Odin - majority rule or singularity fool?

I'm just happy Ares is making the collection some time soon.

Thor8 I thought my Wasp addiction we could have kept to ourselves....

Robert said...

Hilarious posts, smiffy. The name-calling was particularly classy. I could almost hear your rattle bounce across the floor. At least we'll get some peace later on when you're having your afternoon nap. Maybe someone will read you a story before you fall asleep. Something like "The Little Boy and the Glass House". Or maybe, since by your own admission you only watch cartoons and look at the pictures on the Marvel website, you could even read a Marvel comic!

P.S. Don't pay attention to the letters and words and stuff. They'll just confuse you.

Anonymous said...
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pirate adam said...

Jacadude i checked out your customs and i have to say i am very impressed, i especially liked WW HULK, what fig did you use to create him?


pippin said...

Some pretty good lists floating about and some not so great lol

just though I would share a poll all the forum guys know we run..has had 158 votes so is pretty good

Ares..................................35 confirmed
Ronan the accusser....................29* special???
Quasar/wendell vaugan.................24
Arachne/julia carpenter...............21
Marvel Girl/Rachel Grey...............20
Photon/Pulsar/Cap Marvel..............20
Scarlet Spider........................18
Sauron................................18* special??
Typhoid Mary..........................17
Silver Sable..........................16

Omega Red................................30

Jacadoo said...

Hi Padam thanks for the comments - I used the Hulk figurine from the collection (chopped off his arms and sanded all clothing smooth).

Korg is going into paint tomorrow and will be posted latest Friday.

ted sallis said...

err! i take it that the destroyer special constitutes the entire main site update , if this be so i sy thee waaugh? as a certain fowl would say.
give us a proper update!!!!

Robert said...

If you have time, Rich, what about using your next blog to comment on the possibility of civilian characters? Names like JJJ pop up in lists quite frequently.

I get the feeling that you have no immediate plans as there are still loads of costumed characters deserving inclusion, and it's hard to argue with that thinking.

However, that said, one name has come to me as arguably the prime example of a significant civilian character: Rick Jones. (Apologies to anyone who might have mentioned him before.)

First seen in Hulk #1 and a semi-regular supporting character in Big Green's book for decades, he's also been Captain America's sidekick, Captain Marvel's alter-ego and an Avenger (he ended the Kree-Skrull War). He is also a gamma-irridiated monster called A-Bomb at the moment, too, I think! Phew!

In civvies, he should - of course - have a guitar slung over his shoulder. You also have the option of dressing him up as Bucky from his Steranko Cap days, and cunningly killing two birds with one stone!

Anywho, I feel like I can't sign off without asking for two Asgardians and one cosmic character in the next extension, please!

Anonymous said...

robert :

i actually agree with your comments this time love !!


i would love to see bucky costume and think rick jones deserves a chance to get into this collection.

j jonah jameson has been requested loads on here yes , and i am one of his fans.
he may be a civvy , but he's a very important character and i dread to think how many appearances he's made along the way.
aunt may + mary jane could be a double pack along with general thunderbolt ross + betty ross from hulk comics also as a twin pack.

next update please .............

Hawkeye said...

I'd just like to lend my support to the argument for including civilians in this collection, which I've said before (and make no apologies for repetition) this is the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection and should not just be for those who wear the spandex!!

Rick Jones is a worthy contender for inclusion and I've longed for a JJJ figure since the early days of this collection and would love to see him included - I believe an earlier poster suggested a pose with a rolled up copy of the Bugle clenched in one fist with the trademark cigar in the other hand. Sounds ideal to me. Rich - what are the chances - we need to know!

Gremlin said...

Whilst I am not a big vivvie fan I do see that JJJ transends that title really. He has a certain style to him and has been involved in so many SpiderMan stories I think he can legitimately be included. After that however we get into dodgy territory for me, Aunt May, Moira MacTaggart, Mary Jane, Rick Jones ect may have been inportant but as figures I don't think they would cut it.

Robert said...

Well, Rich, that's the last four posts here asking for JJJ. He's not my fist choice but he looks like a (very) early favourite if you decide to go in the direction of civilians.

No one mentioning Gwen Stacy, which is sad. Some comic historians date the end of the Silver Age to her death. I experienced her death in the UK Marvels as a wee kid back in '76 and was really shocked Spidey didn't save her but I guess you youngsters weren't around then, dagnabit!

Also, can we really consider the FF complete without Franklin and Valeria (probably cut corners here and have them on a shared base, arms around each other)? I know, I know, lots of great figures to do before then but the longer this collection goes on the greater chance we'll get cosmic characters, Asgardians and civilians.

Smiffy, glad to smoke the peace pipe. I was thinking about your comment about mainly experiencing Marvel through cartoons and the website. That means you've probably not read Starlin's Warlock, Simonson's Thor, J. Buscema's FF, Romita Snr's and Andru's Spidey, Don McGregor's Jungle Action Black Panthers... I am jealous of what you still have to read. Get your butt to a comic shop today, man, and spend some serious moolah on these gems!

Thor8 said...

If we look at the five main branches presented in the introductory mag of this collection you will noticed that The characters listed in The Avengers,X-Men,and FF branches have been completed. Only the Owl is missing from the MK's list and in The Spider-Man list we're still missing The Jackal,JJJ,and Aunt May.Don't really care for May just yet,but The Jackal's a must and JJJ is probably one of the very very few Civs I'd accept in this collection.Maybe you can have him standing next to the spider-slayer armour he used in the 60's to battle Spidey and has been shown once more recently in Spidey's mag.That way it would spice up the character a notch from just a plain civvie figurine.

Smiffy; If you'd like to follow Robert's advice and brush up your knowledge on some of Marvel's long history heroes but can't afford to spend the family jewels on back issues. There are always other much less expensive alternatives like The Marvel Masterworks books that reprint the early expliots of most of Marvel's main heroes. Yry it you'll like it!

Anonymous said...

robert :

i'm sure they are all fantastic reads
but i'm more into the animations and i mainly like the figurines in this collection , don't read much dude and i like colourful characters that i think would look great as figurines.
rich mentioned the possibility of issues just containing figurines without a magazine.

and now lets branch out !!

other characters i'd like to see added to this collection :

hulk :

general thunderbolt + betty ross
gargoyle ( yuri topolov )
hulkling ravage madman

spiderman :

aunt may + mary jane
j jonah jameson

captain america :

rick jones ( bucky version )
isaiah bradley

iron man :

whirlwind blizzard blacklash grey gargoyle dreadknight modok

x factor :

strong guy forge shard
caliban wild child wolfsbane

alpha flight :

northstar + aurora
shaman puck sasquatch marrina
diamond lil or vindicator

savage lands :

amphibius barbarus brainchild
shanna vertigo sauron

shi'ar :

eric the red
d'ken neramani

imperial guard :

fang manta titan flashfire
neutron hussar astra

starjammers :

corsair hepzibah raza ch'od

gods :

odin seth warriors three sif

cosmic :

aleta ogord + stakar ogord
amphibion captain atlas bug gamora maelstrom mantis century

heralds of galactus :

nova terrax air walker firelord

Anonymous said...

thor 8 :

firstly thanks for the advice like robert gave me , and i apologise to any i have offended with past comments , sometimes i go a bit o.t.t
and take things to heart.

secondly , i was meaning to mention that too , about the chart which came with issue 1.

yes it seems we have a few characters missing !!

something else i think the collection needs :

i wanna play cowboys and indians lol

a cowboy and / or an indian would look great in the collection.

kid colt rawhide kid
texas twister american eagle thunderbird warpath

Robert said...

Smiffy, it was encouraging to see you had deleted your more, shall we say, boisterous posts and that you accept a wee bit of restraint is needed in future. At times the comments section came to be dominated by smiffy-related silliness and squabbling. Maybe it was moderately amusing to some posters but, really, not what this blog and its comment section is about. (Says me!)

However, with a slight nod to the irony of what I am about to say next, I find it rather odd, even sad, that you don't read the comics. Comic fans are hopeless optimists in the way footie fans are; we wait ages for a decent creative team and then it's just wonderful when it all clicks. You are denying yourself some great adventures. I'm sure you would read more if you were to go off and buy some classics. Thor8's recommendation to buy some Masterworks or Essentials is worth listening to. For example, I recommend Essential Amazing Spider-Man Volume 6 or 7. Incredible Romita snr. and Ross Andru artwork. Classic storylines and classic characters. You won't regret it.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

No love for Sharon Carter here?

Hawkeye said...

and why would there be - she shot Captain America doncha know! ;)

Bill9000 said...

Glad to hear about the announcement for the next extension. And it's great to hear that Ares and the Radioactive Man will be among them. The Sunfire sculpt is spot-on, and again I'm glad you guys elected to go with the classic look for the character. But if there's gonna be a so-called curveball character in this latest extension, it absolutely HAS to be the classic version of Death's Head! He deserves recognition in this collection and I'm confident he'd sell like mad! There's a lot of Death's Head love out there.

Anonymous said...

excuse me , sharon carter ?

i included her in my extention lists
i think she looks wicked in the black and white uniform , see picture on the marvel universe character database web site !!

she's one of my choices dude

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

Never mind Sharon Carter, Smiffy, in your lists you've mentioned everyone bar Jesus of Nazareth.

mighty_marvel said...

i too would like to see JJJ in the collection. he's not just a civvie, he's a full fledged pain in the web slingers backside. ok he doesn't have any powers and ok he won't be wearing a spandex suit but he is an iconic marvel character and is more important to the history of marvel than many of the names being seriously debated for inclusion. the madrox figurine is basically in civilian clothes and is one of the best sculpts so JJJ has the potential to be a good sculpt also. any other character that has regularly appeared since issue #1 and racked up neary 1300 appearances would have been included long ago. to me its a travesty that JJJ is being overlooked for characters that have barely made 100 appearances.

for me, jjj is a kind of kingpin-esque character, in the background pulling the strings to bring down spiderman but avoiding dirtying his hands himself. just two examples - he was directly responsible for the creaton of scorpion and has worked with the spider-slayers. in this sense he is a villain and has far more history and impact than any other spiderman villain yet to be done.

JJJ deserves to be included in this extension and it's nice to see support growing not just on here but also on the forum where i am campaignig for his inclusion.

JJJ FOR THE CMFC!!!!!!!!!!!

pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...

JJJ for the CMFC but only after hell freezes over (or any civilian or little white duck for that matter)


Robert said...

I understand your disagreement over civilians, Pirate Adam, but don't you think Thor8's idea of JJJ and a Spider-Slayer is a good one? Or that the Fantastic Four are kind of incomplete without Franklin and Valeria? Or that Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson-Parker are important? Or Rick Jones, who I have already posted about so won't repeat myself?

I hadn't thought about them beforehand but now think they deserve consideration.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ted sallis said...

if i win the choose a fig competition i will commision wolverine dressed as santa claws!
i trust there will be built in safeguards against idiotic suggestions like this?
something like a top 50 requested figs and the comp winner gets to choose from this list perhaps

Robert said...

Calm yourself, smiffy. It was a (failed) attempt at humour, not sarcasm. I wasn't insulting your choices - mainly I agree - but was joking about the sheer brain-busting volume of characters.

Just to show you there are no hard feelings, I totally agree with your suggestion of a Stan Lee figure. I seem to remember Rich said it might appear as the very last figure. Can't think of a better way to end the collection than The Man.

spidey_1979 said...

i don't see some peoples problem with having a few of the more prominent civilians in the collection. it's the classic marvel figurine collection and some of the civilians are classic characters who have had a big impact on the marvel universe. if their story is important enough then they deserve to be in - simples.

Anonymous said...

well lets hope that stan lee isn't made next week then lol

rich also dropped a hint when he said that when we get to issue 200 plus
we may see re-do's , multi packs with no mags , or variants etc , so i'm hoping that we do get to issue 200 at least + extra specials.

hopefully we will get to see the majority of characters that we have asked for then.

how about j jonah jameson's pose ?

cigar in mouth , rolled up newspaper in one hand , spiderman's mask in the other ?

that get's my vote , providing we get to see this long awaited character of course !!

Anonymous said...

up coming marvel films :

hidden scenes -

at the end of the iron man and hulk movies there's a hidden scene with samuel l jackson as nick fury talking about a team ?
according to empire magazine we are going to see more hidden scenes in new marvel movies.
these scenes all point to the same thing - the avengers.
yes that's right folks , after we see iron man 2 , ant man , captain america and possibly thor movies , all due within the next 2 years , we are finally going to see the avengers as a movie , hooray hoorah
dunno about you guys but i can't wait !!
i also look forward to seeing x-men origins - magneto which has also been confirmed as being done.
i hope we see more x men based movies , another wolverine movie featuring alpha flight would be cool , that actor from pirates of the carribean would look great as puck !!
other comic book movies due for release are the green hornet and thundercats.

Robert said...

Yeh, I have to admit to girl-like giddy excitement over the thought of an Avengers movie, too.

On the subject of civilians (again), I was reading some Perez and Sal Buscema Avengers last night and realised I had forgotten Jarvis, their butler. D'oh.

And Thunderbolt Ross featured prominently in Hulk comics for donkeys, as well as a central role in both recent films.

Surprising myself over how many civilians may in fact be worth thinking about...

Gremlin said...

Ted sallis: thats a good idea for the competition winner to pick off a list rather than come up with some random lame character like Howard the Duck or a civvie. As EM have said before they choose characters by whittling the names from 400 to about 50 and then their final number. If we got to pick off the 50 list then there is sure to be a range of characters to suit everyone and the character itself should be relatively popular.

I have to say that I am not too keen on civvies but if one had to be made then I would go for JJJ. But I still don't really want them. As for Stan Lee well that would be the one fig in the entire collection I would NOT get. OK so he created some of these characters 45+ years ago but that doesn't mean he should get a figure.

Anonymous said...

main 3 civvies :

j jonah jameson
general thunderbolt ross
rick jones

not bothered about aunt may +
mary jane + betty ross etc
although i'd buy any character that eaglemoss stick in the collection
the more the better !!

Robert said...

Not many would argue with your three-man shortlist for civvies, smiffy. You've picked out very popular choices. Still, it would be nice if you increased your short-list to four and included Jarvis. What do you think?

It seems that the notion of civilians is one that is dividing collectors. Wonder what Rich thinks of this issue... (Yes, clumsy hint for new update asap.)

pirate adam said...

well Robert i must be one of the not many because i will argue against any cicvilians mentioned, dont care who they are or how many apperances they have or their impact on the Marvel Uni i simply dont want civies in the collection

it will be a sad day for me if EM does make a civilian because i will no longer have a complete collection :(


Robert said...

Pirate Adam, I meant that those who are for civilians will agree with smiffy's list. I acknowledged in the same post that this is an issue that is a tad controversial and is dividing collectors.

Sorry you don't want to see the civilian characters, though. I want to see the costumed characters first, too, but you have to admit there is a fair amount of support for the eventual appearance of the likes of JJJ.

Anonymous said...

the original chart / list produced by eaglemoss in issue 1 listed j j jameson + aunt may so where are they ?
like i said not really worried about a granny in the collection but jj is a must have , does it honestly really matter if he don't wear a mask ?
i'm surprised he's not already been done !!
pirate adam :
if you don't like him don't buy him.
i didn't buy the iron man special for that reason.

spidey_1979 said...

what a ridiculous argument against civilians - 'i personally don't want them so they don't deserve to be in at all, regardless of their importance to the MU'

i'm not personally that interested in asgardians but i would never say they don't deserve to be in because some of them clearly do deserve their place. when i do lists i even make sure to include an asgardian because i know they have support and the collection shoud cater to as many people's wants as possible.

people are starting to want to see the higher profile civs; such as general ross, rick jones, JJJ, MJ; and these people deserve to see their wanted characters just as much as you deserve to see your precious asgardians PA

marvel isn't all about the superheroes, some of the best and most engaging marvel storylines are about the interaction of the heroes with the regular people in their lives. spiderman wouldn't be half as good without JJJ, MJ, gwen stacy etc and the storylines these characters have enabled to be written.

PA you should learn to play nice. others respect your want of asgardians so you should respect the growing want of a few of the more imporant civilians.

Robert said...

Spidey_1979 summed it up very well for the pro-civilian camp yesterday. Whether or not we get any civilians will probably depend on future extensions, as I doubt they are high on Rich's priority list for the next extension (or two). It's good that we're passionate about the collection and the debate has made me think about it in a different way. The inclusion of civilians has not been universally welcomed but then we're not going to agree on everything...

Pirate Adam, as another major fan of the Asgardians, I was wondering who you would pick if Rich was to include two in the next extension? (I'm still thinking about my two.)

mighty_marvel said...

i think JJJ is a must to have soon (this extension). other major non-powered characters (general ross, rick jones) should start to appear around the 200 issue mark. the rest (mary jane, gwen stacy) should be around #300

or a multi pack would be good. release JJJ with a mag detailing the role and importance of non-powered characters within the MU and then a 3 or 4 pack (general ross, rick jones, MJ, aunt may or gwen stacy or jarvis for robert) without a mag to round up the prominent 'civilians' that have been asked for. then leave 'civilians' alone for good.

Robert said...

I'm hoping that civilians do eventually appear and since most posters (who wish to see civilians) are only asking for about half a dozen maybe we'll get them. Mighty Marvel, you mentioned 300 figures. I hope so. Looking at the long list of much more expensive busts that have come out, you have to believe that the potential for this collection to run and run is great.

Your idea of multi-packs for the civilans is a very good one, although I would keep Thunderbolt Ross and Rick Jones as a Hulk-themed twin pack and perhaps package the three Parker women together (Aunt May, Gwen and Mary Jane). If they were released as specials then it would not take the place of a regular fortnightly costumed guy and keep the anti-civilian collectors happy, too! Win, win!

Oh, and thanks for acknowledging my desire to see Jarvis. I am a lone voice on that one and it's nice when people take pity on the crazy guy talking to himself!

pirate adam said...

Spidey, dude, chill out, i dont recall saying that your preciouse civilians dont deserve a place in the collection, just that i personnaly would rather not have them. in my opinion you cant compare JJJ, Mary Jane, Aunt May, Gnr Ross or Rick Jones to the likes of Balder, Hela, Sif, Odin, Warriors Three and Surtur (see how i sneaked a list in there for you Robert) however if enough people want them then fan power will win out in the end just as with Blob. i just wont be buying them!!

Pirate Adam

pirate adam said...

Robert if i can only pick two then i'll have Balder and Hela, the currant lord of Asgard and a female villain (the collection seriously needs more bad girls) win win


spidey_1979 said...

i believe your words were

"i will argue against any cicvilians mentioned, dont care who they are or how many apperances they have or their impact on the Marvel Uni"

as i said. i'm not personally fussed about asgardians in the collection but i will never argue against their inclusion because i understand that some deserve their place. so you don't personally want civilians fair enough but actively arguing against their inclusion regardless of their history and importance is saying they don't deserve to be in.

and on another point you're absolutely right PA you can't compare JJJ for example to sif, balder, hela, surtur and warriors three. after all, he only has around 1300 appearances ON HIS OWN compared to the listed asgardians 1200 appearances COMBINED.

clearly JJJ is a far more important character! ;-)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mighty_marvel said...

whoa. getting a little heated on here. nice to see some passion for people's wanted characters though. makes me hopeful we will at the very least get to see JJJ pretty soon.

spidey said if a characters story is important enough then they deserve to be in. couldn't agree more. regardless of whether a character is powered or non-powered if their story is important to the MU then they should be included.

i don't think having a few of the more important non-powered characters now and again will harm the collection. as robert said there's only about half a dozen that are really wanted and if we reach issue 300 i don't think that's too much to ask for. for me the important ones are JJJ, MJ, aunt may, general ross and rick jones. and i know gwen stacy and jarvis have also been mentioned. if these were done between now and #300 i can't imagine any more being asked for. don't think anyone would be interested in ben urich, betty brant or even robbie robertson for example.

i still think the best way to include the major non-powered characters would be to release a single or double pack with a mag detailing the role of these characters as a whole and then have a multipack with no mag containing the other characters. imo this would impact the normal run the least and allow subbies to opt out if they don't want these characters

mighty_marvel said...

oh, and asgardians i'd like to see

odin special (will be surprised if this isn't confirmed soon)


Robert said...

The whole civilians-or-not controversy really has stirred up a hornet's nest, hasn't it? Similarly, the idea of including more Asgardians is bringing out strong opinions. I guess it just shows the Marvel Universe is not just about the big guns like Spidey, it really is a universe with lots of different characters, some human, some super-powered, some mutants, some gods, some aliens and so on.

Even the guys like me who're for Asgardians can't agree on who to pick!

Do you think Rich reads these posts and shakes his head?

Robert said...

P.S. If I'm allowed six civilians I'd pick Jarvis, Frankin and Valeria Richards on a shared base (so it would count as one), Rick Jones, JJJ, Gwen and MJ.

P.P.S. Two Asgardians? Hela and Balder. With the Warriors Three in the next extension, probably as a special multi-pack.

pirate adam said...

Spidey, my personal opinion on Civies or the fact that i WILL argue tooth and nail against there inclusion, i'm sure will have no effect on whether they are included or not. lots of people want them so i'm sure they will make it eventualy but as for JJJ's 1300 appearances how many of them involved him sitting in his office smoking a cigar and shouting at people? doesnt realy compare to saving the world or even the universe on many occasions, does it?....and just for fun what do you think of Howard the Duck being included? a big NO NO for me!!

Mr Smith i do enjoy a good argument as long as its all in good fun

Pirate Adam

ted sallis said...

never mind civvies i'm more worried about the impending postal strike.
i've been waiting an age for the ka-zar / sabu pack.
how about a fig of pope john paul ?
i believe when marvel did a one shot special it was one of the best selling comics of all time.
peace be upon you all

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

i'm bored , rich what happened to this weeks update ?

i'm off for a cup of tea , anyone fancy a cup ?
milk + 2 sugars ?

Robert said...

Not keen on Howard the Duck, either. I was faintly amused by the Howard for President campaign which was dying out as I started collecting comics, but that was about it (and I was seven or eight at the time). I would miss that figure if it came out.

Smiffy, I'm not having a go, honestly I'm not, but it amazes that you can spend so much time compiling lists and then say you don't care who's included. I can't understand how you can reconcile a keen interest with such indifference! (Please, don't get upset at me. I'm really NOT trying to start another argument.)

By the way, no sugar in my tea and a choccy biccy on the side and you're on. I'm bored, too.

spidey_1979 said...

can't say i'd be overly interested in the duck PA but if they released it i'd buy it just for a complete collection. if it happens somewhere around 400th issue that'll be ok i guess

update would be nice but i imagine we'll be waiting til thurs at the very least. maybe they'll update the main site to tide us over in the meantime. hint hint

Anonymous said...

we can all make lists , what i am saying is that if someone else's choice gets in the collection rather than one of mine , i'd still buy it.
obviously i'd like my choices to get in first as everyone would like to see their top choices added first too
but i'm sure we should get to see the majority of characters we all want as a whole being as this collection is so popular.
for example collectors have hinted at wanting to see the collection go up to issue 200 250 and even 300 +
anyway i think my last 2 lists of 20 for next 2 extentions were good.

Anonymous said...

smiffy6987 said...


01 : radioactive man ( confirmed )
02 : firestar
03 : ares ( confirmed )
04 : song bird


05 : longshot
06 : spiral
07 : sauron
08 : hepzibah


09 : hydro man
10 : sharon ventura ( ms.marvel )
11 : triton
12 : huntara


13 : j jonah jameson
14 : aracne
15 : solo
16 : silver sable


17 : baron mordo
18 : shanna
19 : king cobra
20 : angela del toro



01 : blastaar
02 : moonstone
03 : wizard
04 : sharon carter


05 : forge
06 : shard
07 : avelanche
08 : callisto


09 : trapster
10 : lyja
11 : puppet master
12 : nova ( frankie raye )


13 : demogoblin
14 : bluebird ( sally avril )
15 : tombstone
16 : shriek


17 : owl
18 : typhoid mary
19 : stilt man
20 : clea

Robert said...

Interesting list, smiffy. I'd much rather see Cobra than King Cobra. Cobra has a lot of history with Mr Hyde, and as I remember King Cobra was a much later Mark Gruenwald creation in the pages of Cap in the late 80s. With a ridiculously over-sized helmet.

Surely Mockingbird has a good shout for the Avengers line-up, especially as she's back again? (If so, classic costume, please. The new one is awful.) I'd love to see Moondragon, Mantis and the Swordsman but I'm prepared to be patient.

For FF, the Wizard, Triton and Terrax seem strong possibilities. Other candidates could be a Herald like Nova, Firelord or Air Walker.

For MK, Jigsaw and Clea.

For Spidey, well, I wasn't really excited with your list much. Loads of better options. Hammerhead, Scarlet Spider, Jackal, Tarantula, Puma, etc. Shriek and Demogoblin are not in the same league. Sorry.

I have to admit near-complete ignorance of the X-Men world since 1985 so I won't even guess.

And what would Grey Gargoyle come under? I know he fought Cap and Spidey in an old Marvel Team-up, Iron Man way back when, and Thor come to think of it, and Hulk during Peter David's tenure. Help me, guys, where to place him!

ted sallis said...

let' go apespit and start nominating our fav marvel buildings .
the avengers mansion
the baxter building
xaviers school for gifted soap stars.
thunderbolt's mountain.
and come issue 1024 i would love to hear that a full blown yancy steet replica was in the works!

Robert said...

Great idea, Ted!

Don't forget the Daily Bugle Building, Empire State University (tricky one!), Hydrobase Island, Castle Doom, Asgard, Gamma Base/ Hulkbuster Base, the George Washington Bridge (because of Gwen Stacy), the Hidden Land, the West Coast Avengers Compound...

Okay, now I'm getting carried away!

Robert said...

Actually, if we're really going to go off on a mad tangent, what about Marvel vehicles?

(Bathtub) Fantasticar, Pogo Plane, Avengers Quinjet, the X-plane (whatever it's called), Spider-Mobile, Cap's motorbike, Galactus' ship, Thor's chariot with Tooth Gnasher and Tooth-Grinder, Sub-Mariner's aircraft from the old Invaders series, Ghost Rider's motorcycle, Moon Knight's VTOL aircraft, Green Goblin's broomstick or bat glider, and so on.

Okay, now I'm being a bit bonkers in the nut...

ted sallis said...

robert i love your nominations only real glaring omission would be the"sanctum santorium"
did the defenders have an official shack? i love slow news days

Robert said...

God, you're right! What a terrible one to forget! No doubt there's some other notables I've missed, too.

Yep, the Defenders had a "settled shack". Always bamboozled by the Defenders because of their tag as a "non-team". They had a headquarters: the Doc's home in Greenwich Village. They had a recognised leader, who was usually either Dr. Strange or Nighthawk. They had a core line-up that was quite consistent most of the time. They even had a Jarvis-type in Wong. Just because they didn't have a charter like the Avengers and the stories were weird doesn't make them a "non-team". I didn't get it as a kid and still don't really. Ruby of the Headmen, anyone? Bizarre...

Anonymous said...

i'll have some of what you lot are drinking lol

bed knobs and broom sticks ?

shows you how impatient we all are waiting for more updates , we've all gone bonkers , raving mad , and lost the plot , oh dear !!

i would like answers to the following :

1 : are we going to get civilians ?

2 : are we going to get more double packs ?

3 : are we going to get team packs or multi packs with more than 2 characters in ?

4 : who's next for the current extention ?

5 : any more info about the competition to choose a character ?

6 : any plans for mega specials ?
giant man , goliath , black goliath
atlas etc etc ?

if anyone else wishes to add to this list of questions for rich , please feel free to do so , perhaps we will get some answers in the next update ?

Robert said...

I've one more question:

Does chewing gun lose its flavour on the bedpost overnight?

Hawkeye said...

Or "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"

Whatever it is, it's catching!

JJJ for the CMFC!!!!

ted sallis said...

my brother brought round a few bottles of belgian white bier for a quiet sunday tipple. i believe the brew is called Hoegaarden.
don't worry if you can't find any in your local off license just ask a passing donkey to kick you in the back of the head , you will pretty much get the same effect.
" a pope john paul fig???"

Jacadoo said...

PAdam got to echo your comments - PLEASE NO CIVIES and definatly no room for the DUCK!!!!!!!!

Oh come on Rich when the bloggers start talking about thier fav Marvel Building - I feel like jumping off one of them!!!

Next on the agenda will be fav marvel female hair styles - I kid you not!!

Sniffy one question WHY SO MANY LISTS - dude stick with the tea / bear / vodka diet - your so bad now my eyes are bleeding LOL.

Update - Update - Update......

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Robert said...

Peace, guys.

Jackadoo, the Marvel buildings posts were just a bit of fun, killing time till we get a proper update. If you think it's boring, suggest another topic of discussion. We'd all appreciate something new to debate (argue about) rather than Asgardians and civilians.

Smiffy. Several posters, some more diplomatic than others, have suggested that you either stop or reduce the lists. You clearly put a lot of thought, effort and time into them but it's complete overkill. Why don't you try a short list for a change or justify why you think Super-A should be included instead of Captain-B? Just a thought...

Robert said...

Oops, Misspelt Jacadoo with a 'k'. Sorry about that. No pun or slight intended.

Anonymous said...
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Robert said...

Smiffy, I don't know where to start with your latest post. -sigh!- (This is what I get for trying to give helpful advice.)

Now, Smiffy, before I start I want you to sit down and switch off all possible distractions. When you read this do it slowly. VERY slowly.

1. Jacadoo criticised your lists. That's one.

2. I said in the very same post that your lists are "complete overkill". That's two.

(Any time you need to stop for a break, feel free. You can finish reading this later if your brain hurts.)

3. Thor8 wrote "very long list become very very boring".

That's three. Several is a euphemism for three. (A euphemism is another word that means the same, i.e. 'fast' and 'quick'.) I'm sure there's been more over the weeks but I've better things to do than check. Besides, I've already made my point anyway.

Okay, next bit.

You know how when big people - you know, adults - are giving examples they sometimes say things like "I'm going from A to B" or "If Person A shot Person B in the head with a gun because Person B was really thick then Person A would go to prison"? I was using the letters A and B as unnamed examples. In this case, examples of figures in a superhero collection.

I added the "Captain" and "Super" to the letters because this is a superhero collection. It was not complicated.

Honestly, my niece, Abbie, would be embarrassed by some of the things you say.

Mind you, she is nearly three.

Anonymous said...
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pirate adam said...

YAY my old tag team partner Jacadoo is back and he's taken my side on the subject of civies and ducks.

Robert i laughed so hard at your last post it actualy hurt my ribs, and i would like to be included in the list haters club as i also said was bored of never ending lists, not just Mr Smith's to be fair (although he has posted 4 on this thread alone) but lists as a whole.

However my ribs almost broke after reading Mr Smiths last post, Smiffy, my dear chap several is defined as meaning "more than two but fewer than many" not seven.

YAWN, gettin boared now, hope Rich gives us a good update this week and an update to the main site, then Mr Smith can give us another list with the Three confirmed extension characters in it. LOL

Pirate Adam

Robert said...

Smiffy, don't you get tired being wrong about everything?

I'm not sure where you read your definition of 'several' but I just went on to an online dictionary to double-check and it said "more than two but less than many". So three can be considered several. As can seven, although where you came up with that particular number is anyone's guess. Been dreaming about dwarves again?

I've tried to get on with you but it's just impossible. I treat you like a child because that's the way you behave. Let's look at the evidence.

Children namecall. So do you. Remember the deleted post about "Robert the Robot", "Thor 80-year-old", etc. There was "jackadarling" and "jacadoughnut" earlier today, for goodness' sake!

No, you're not the only one who makes long lists. In moderation, it's fine. You do it regularly, however. And it's tedious. It might be enjoyable if you actually knew your comic history but you don't. You mention these lists like you know what you're talking about and then we look more closely and think "What?" Big Bertha?!? Madman?!! Z-listers at best.

Thank God this country doesn't have private gun ownership. You wouldn't have reached 30 without accidentally shooting off a limb or ventilating your empty head.

P.S. Sentences start with a capital letter.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Robert said...

And Pirate Adam makes four!

Anyone else so we can get a "round" seven for our dictionary-challenged village idiot?

Hawkeye said...

In a spirit of embracing diversity I think we should welcome Smiffy's ...ahem...unorthodox approach to this blog. It would be dull without you my friend (he wants civvies, too, y'see and I'm keeping him sweet! - sorry Jacadoo & PA)

I know I have mentioned Spitfire before as a potentially welcome addition to the collection (she features large in the Union Jack mag, people - just got that figure and it's fab, as usual), but is there any support out there? Also, for Lockjaw, the Inhumans mega-pooch (nice doggy!)

Robert said...

Acrostic swearing, smiffy?

Now we really will need to treat you like you're all "growed-up"

(Put the spade away before the hole you're digging for yourself reaches the Mole Man's Subterranea.)

Anonymous said...
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pirate adam said...


I'd like to support your call for lockjaw, even though your a Civies fan LOL

Robert, time to stop the Mr Smith bashing, my ribs seriously cant take any more!


pirate adam said...

....and Smiffy6987 (aka Mr Smith) Son of Satan is confirmed


Jacadoo said...

Robby duh even I took the meaning regarding joke thread - hence my attempt at humour "Jumping Off" Ahem.

Must admit the only list I want to see from Mr Sniff is one detailing all the inventive ways in which he has changed my name - so far:
and my fav Jacadarling (so sweet).

Come on all lets not fall out and be united in our quest for NO Civilians, NO DAMM DUCKS!!!


One question if there were only three regular figures left in the collection, two specials and one mega special what would your choices be?

Guardian (Alpha Flight)
Odin (sorry guys)

Asgardian Destroyer


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Robert said...

On a comic-based figurine collection forum you're telling me to stop reading comics?!? Did I read that right, smiffy?? That may just be Number 1 in your Hit Parade of Daft Utterances (Vol. 35). Maybe it hit a chord because you know zero about the MU and you hate the fact I and everyone else who posts here knows it.

As for the name calling. People have slightly altered your name, not name-called. You are the only one lowering yourself to puerile names.

And even if they were name-calling, your argument is "He did it so it's okay for me to do it". That stops being a defence of that sort of behaviour in primary 1.

The more you go on the more I begin to think that you did shoot yourself in the head at some point in the past. It would explain your previous loony comment about the Enchantress encouraging gun crime with her hand pose. Guns caused your present cognitive difficulties, thereofore you're a bit touchy. Ah, now it all makes sense! (Actually, no.)

Back on planet Earth, I would love to get a Lockjaw figure.

P.S. My wife could kick your flabby ass, smiffy.

pirate adam said...

Ok Jacadoo i'll play your little game,


any Herald of Galactus




Living Tribunal

oh no i made a list, sorry Robert


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
pirate adam said...

awww Smiffy dont give up now it's the most fun i've had on this blog since Jacadoo and i had a ding dong with a certain blogger, who shall remain un-named and i'm still waiting for Thor8 to smite us all with his Mighty Hammer for our childish behaviour LOL


Robert said...

Ah, you almost got me there, Pirate Adam!

Very strong list. I'd also like to see some more heralds, preferably Terrax I think, although Air Walker was the first one I saw in FF after the Surfer so he has a kind of nostalgic appeal. (Jeez, long sentence.)

I've had enough of the arguing, too.

I'll pass on the homoerotic kissing and cuddling, though, if you don't mind, smiffy. Not my cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

if i have to narrow a list down to one character from every category and
also choose just one special , one mega special , one twin pack , and one multi pack , here goes .......

x-men : longshot
avengers : song bird
f/four : hydro man
spiderman : j jonah jameson
m/knights : owl
special : terrax
mega special : atlas
twin pack : northstar + aurora
multi pack : warriors three

Gremlin said...

Sorry to wade in on this but can people please stop using this blog as a personal slanging match arena. Just reading down this there are some incredibaly petty jibes at each other and it's embarresing to read no matter how much everyone says "its all in good humour". Plus it detracts from the real reason for this blog and thats to leave feedback based on rich's comments and character choices.

mighty_marvel said...

jeez. descended into chaos on here today. see what your lack of updates does to some of us rich?

re jacadoo's question

3 regulars


2 specials

ronan the accuser

1 mega


Dennis said...

Hi , the collection is really coming on , but do feel you do need to include HOWARD THE DUCK , TRITON AND A MEGA SPECIAL GIANT MAN OR GOLIATH (early avengers) to add to the collection

Anonymous said...

giant man
black goliath

these are cool characters for mega's
but i think atlas will be next before these , as he seems to be the talking point on here and the forum.

would be nice to see a special or mega special of a female character like man killer or madame web added to this collection too.

Thor8 said...

Dennis; Totally agree with you about Triton & a Giantman/Goliath mega. I also believe ther should be more bad girls in this collection. So far there are only 3and Emma Frost is suppose to be on the side of the angels these days and Electra is an enigma,so that would bring it down to just 1 bad girl and 3 that have been approved in the the last 2 extension would make 4 out of 142 already approved.

As for Howard The Duck,Rocket Racoon,and any other "funny animal" looking character I totally agree that they should be inclueded in this collection.(Once it reaches #1000).

Robert said...

Dennis, Slapstick and Thor8, your idea of a Giant-Man/ Goliath mega from early in Avengers history is a great one. I actually thought he would have appeared by now but I guess we already had Pym in his Yellowjacket alias. (And sort of indirectly with the Scott Lang Ant Man statue.)

Good to have you back, Thor8! You made a great point about female villains. Hadn't though about it before but you're right. Any candidates in mind?

As for Howard the Duck, I have absolutely no interest in him, either. However, by the same rationale that I justified civilians in the collection - i.e., small numbers - I have to (reluctantly) come to the support of Dennis on this. It's only one figure and if he's really desperate for it, it's kinda cruel to say him nay.

Jacadoo said...

I nearly choked when I read Thor8's comments regarding the duck and furry friends - thank goodness I continued on - I say yes yes there is a place for the duck and the racoon 1001 and 1002 respectedly (then we can have the run of civi's starting 1003 +.

Bob Foster for me please - unless a certain Asgardian from this blog wants to kill him over again.

I have just finished Requiem Death of the Silver Surfer - I any of your guys have not had a chance to read it yet, do so - such a touching story (mind you not sure how long he will remain dead for).

Jacadoo said...

Hey wheres my pal Baroni?

Thor8 said...

Maybe we could get a Donald figurine from Disney and just do a color change on it and stick a cigar in it's beak for the Howard fans.

As for bad girls nominees how about

1)Princess Pythom
2)Menace(new version)
3)Morgan Le Fay
4)Madame Masque
Anyone else has any suggestions?

ted sallis said...

i would peronally love to see a princess python fig ( huge snake draped around her shoulders naturaly)
i recently handled a huge python ( apologies for the innuendo )
after a few shandies a biker mate of mine suggested it would be a good idea for me to meet ennis a 16 feet burmese python, i've never been so terrified and exhilarated all at the same time.
also love to see gabriel the airwalker , one of my earliest comic book memories but more importantly would make a mighty impressive fig.
hope we see smiffy back on this blog. i know he can be a bit full on but i find his sheer enthusiasm to be weirdly endearing as he has no interest in reading marvel comics??
if there is no update this friday i suggest we all down a few wine gums and talk even more nonsense than usual ( only joking )

Anonymous said...

bad girls :

man killer
crimson cowl
black mamba
typhoid mary

Gremlin said...

Ahhh back on the subject of women I see, but it sure does bring out some great characters!!!
Being an XMen fan (I know I know I have heard it before) I can think of a few from that side such as...

Madalyne Prior/Goblin Queen

Of those my top choice would be Spiral.

Out of the X-titles you obviously have...

Moonstone (she walks the line between good and evil IMO)
Typhoid Mary

I think 5-7 women per extension generally is enough as it keeps the ratio between the collection and the MU in general.

Really looking forward to Friday to see if we get another character pick....C'mon Cannonball!!!!!!

Fanboy said...

Have you guys chosen the cover art for the Dazzler issue? Because they have something up on Forbidden Planet's site and the art is by this porn artist guy. I surely hope that's not the actual art you're using, as there is plenty of other well done disco Dazzler art out there.

Also, Typhoid Mary and Baron Mordo deserve to be in this next batch of issues!!

jimbob said...

There is a pic of Dazzler and Viper cover on the SHF Forum!

They look tidy to me.

Robert said...

Fanboy, just looked at the Dazzler cover art you mentioned. I see what you mean. I don't know the artist you mention but it is definitely a bit sleazy. I'd be uncomfortable picking that up in FP and anyone seeing me! (Almost as bad as that Dark Avengers #1 cover with Loki as a chick who is a stranger to underwear.)

My top five bad girls, with apologies to the X-crew.
1. Hela. (No surprise there, then.)
2. Moonstone.
3. Typhoid Mary (as she originally appeared in DD).
4. Diamondback.
5. Madam Masque.

(With Princess Python and Morgana le Fey just missing out.)

Anonymous said...

lol it's turning into the classic marvel porn collection , my god there's tits everywhere , check out the magazine covers on forbidden planet , it's a bit much.


they all look a bit naughty to me

jimbob said...

I like them! ;)

I take it you guys have never bought ZOO or FHM mags from WHSmiths!

They are not the official mag covers,dont now why FP have made their own covers???????

Gremlin said...

Yeah, those are not the official covers. We have only seen up to Viper so far. Dazzler's cover is from inside New Excalibur #1 and its a lot tamer. Naughty naughty Forbidden Planet. You can tell they are fake covers cos they don't have the issue number, the name of the character or the official handcast in lead logo.

pirate adam said...

Jacadoo, i recently sailed past Baroni on one of me voyages and decided to blow him up with me cannons for his constant asking for Civilians and his little Duck jibes he aims at me LOL

OK whos next?

i agree with Ted Sallis, i hope Mr Smith comes back, his endless lists aside he is quite entertaining.

and finally Thor8, me good buddy, did u accidentally leave Hela of your female list? or do i have to set sail for the carribean and reload the cannons.


Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Pirate A,I must have some hidden mutant power I was not aware of. For some reason I knew you were going to question why I didn't inclued Hela in my bad girls list. Well my friend I have 2 (not 1) very good reasons for this and they are:

1) Due to her stature and attire she could be a special.
2) Hela is not a "bad girl" as such. She just does her job as the goddess of death.

So do not aim thy cannons at me mortal or I shall send thee to accompany Davy in his locker at the bottom of the sea.

Robert said...

I'm assuming your explanantion for omitting Hela from a bad girls' list was tongue in cheek, Thor8...?

So, in that spirit I suggest we jettison the old, narrow categories of bad guy/ gal and good guy/ gal and introduce a new way of classifying the figurines! In no particular order, here are some ideas.

1. Characters who become bad by listening to poor (=megalomanical) advice.
2a. Characters who become bad because of ignoring health and safety regulations on radioactive substances.
2b. Characters transformed because of inept security around rockets, bombs, open-topped tanks of bubbling liquid and other recklessly created technology.
3. Characters who hate the idea of getting up early for work and turn to crime.
4. Characters who can't get a date and take it out on the world. (Sometimes accompanied by lots of digging.)
5. Characters who do not trial new miracle drugs before injecting themselves.
6. Characters transmogrified by near-omnipotent planet eaters.

Any other suggestions, anyone?

Dennis said...

Its seems Howard the duck is not a good choice with some people, but i have seen Howard come through the Marvel universe with a 31 issue run and a treasury in the 70's even a feature film (ok it was crap ) and he is still going , so i think any Marvel character with this much history should be included

Dennis said...

While i am here how about a double pack of Conan & Red Sonja , also Rom the space knight

Thor8 said...

Dennis; I agree that a Conan/Red Sonja double pack would look great,but I'm afraid that would not be possible for the same reason any Micronauts, Transformers or GI Joe cannot be done,and that is licensing issues. The rights for the aforementioned characters belong to other companies other than Marvel and cannot be used without permision of the same.

pirate adam said...

AHHH Thor8 my good buddy, i too would love to see Hela as a special as she is one of not many females who could be made into a special, however with the impending Odin announcment (fingers crossed) and the fact that lots of people would like to see Madame Web as a special (myself included) i dont think EM will decide to make her into one.
I would like a She-Hulk sized version rather than not at all.

Pirate Adam

Baroni_08 said...

Dont worry Jacadoo im still here just readin all the good sugestions people have made , for the next extension . I have read Silver Sufer Requiem and agree its a must read for all ,but im biased as am a Sufer and Herald fan .

As for me wanting civies PA i dont think so , my reason being if u have one it would snowball and get out of control, yes JJJ, General Ross ,Whistler, rick jones would be good to have eventually but when MJ Gwen stacey and jarvis are mentioned no thanks , other characters that are better still to be done .
As for Mr duck PA he's ur fave character haha lol and ur cannon's are no match for the POWER COSMIC so be warned my friend lol.

Female special long long overdue , got to be Madame Web.
Firestar & more Heralds pls Rich .

Leave Smiffy alone to !! he's just a fan like us all but long list get borin after a while dude , but ur suggestions are ok.

peace to all Baroni........

ted sallis said...

gawd bless yer eaglemoss!
It's been worth the wait Ka Zar and zabu are amazing, easily my fav specials since man-thing.
not forgetting ikarus the sculpt of the face in particular is of the highest quality
i may get another ka zar fig . I reckon if i give it some sunbed treatment and a touch of "Just for men" hair dye, i can end up with my very own conan fig after all!

Thor8 said...

C'mon people,what do we have to do to finally get a decent update on the main site? I've asked,begged, suggested,threatened,both here and on your main site and no response or update is to be seen. Is the person in charge of this dead?

Dennis said...

Have to totally agree with Thor8 , the main site is pretty bad i was collecting the figs for a while b4 i even knew about the variants . People are now paying over the odds for these , Getting back to suggestions how about the whizzer and Miss America double pack

jimbob said...

Dont care much about the main site,I use the forum to keep update with the collection!

Thor8 said...

Well I sure hope we see an update today,and hopefully it will inclued the name of the next approved figurine and a couple of pics of future figurines to come.

Quite a few fellow bloggers have mentioned heroes from Marvel's golden age,up untill now I had refrained from doing so myself thinking that I was amoung the very few who would like to see this done,but now I see I was wrong and I'd like to second Dennis' motion for a Wizzer/Miss America double pack(or individual entries). I'd also like to see the likes of Blazing Skull,The Angel, The Vision,and a Liberty Legion multi-pack, amoung other possible candidates.