Friday, 30 October 2009

Gimme Five

Hi guys,

I’m sorry this is just a quick update this week but it should prove to be an interesting one.

Below are five more characters that have made it into the extension.

1. Typhoid Mary
2. Triton
3. Batroc
4. Marvel Girl (Rachel Summers)
5. Klaw

That leaves seven more to be confirmed by us at Eaglemoss, then we’ll have the choose three and I’ll sort out the comp for one collector to choose a character.

And a super-quick figurine preview, below is the near-final paint for Sunfire.

Tune in next week when I promise I'll reveal the final seven, we're still debating one or two in the office.


Thor8 said...

Rich: All I can say is Sunfire really looks great with his paint job,and if this is how he looks when nearlly completed Ican imagine how cool the finished product will look. Great choices on the next five. Not a big fan of Typhod Mary,although recently I've been enjoying the developement her personality has been given in the dark riegn story plot.

Even though the suspense is killing me I would prefer you tell us who the next 7 heroes are 1 or 2at a time. It's more fun this way. Hope there's an Avenger or an asgardian in there somewhere!

Wadders said...

Sunfire looks alot better painted.

Any information on how those of us who are banned from SHFF can cast a vote in the figurine poll?

max_0888 said...

Thanks Rich. That is becoming one good extension.
Triton = Yeah one more step towards completing the Inhumans. Which i'm really happy.
Typhoid Mary = One great villain in the Daredevil worl. Deserves it a lot.
Klaw = One of the best FF foes that was missing from the collection.
Batroc = A french character! Finally :)
Rachel Summers = I'm reading Excalibur again in the moment, so cannot be more please.

Of course, id be thrilled if the next character announced would be Siryn. hehe

And Sunfire looks stunning! Can't wait to add him in my collection

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

1. Typhoid Mary
2. Triton
3. Batroc
4. Marvel Girl (Rachel Summers)
5. Klaw

Awesome news!
Thanks Rich.

Anonymous said...

interesting additions , but thought some other characters would have been added first.

sauron , king cobra , song bird
forge , blizzard , tiger shark
whirlwind , stingray , moonstone
firestar , diamondback , avelanche
hydro man , wizard , trapster
blastaar , cannonball , longshot
spiral , shanna , toad , corsair
owl , solo , aracne , lionheart

etc etc etc , still a long way to go yet , this collection should hopefully go beyond 200 issues !!

ted sallis said...

Batroc Ze Leaper!
great choices especially Klaw.
Batroc surprised me but in a good way .
Sunfire looks perfect

Nightstar1441 said...

Excellent choices Rich. Very happy for all of our French collectors that they finally have a character of their own in Batroc

Really looking forward to the remaining seven

Wadders - to address your points of concerned about the banned members. We have a total of 4 banned members.

Those four, they will be allowed to submit their votes by proxy, just like what was done the last time as long as the abide by forum policy and the rules of the poll itself. Your votes will be added into the final results and sent to EM.

The polls are for all collectors of this wonderful line. In the future, if you have any questions about official polls on SHFF, please feel free to contact a member of staff to discuss.

pippin gold said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pippin gold said...

Wow thats Five great charcter choices and something for everyone..great the French guys have a country man of their own ..really happy with those choices ..and sunfire is awesome paint work

hopefully a couple of cosmic guys next

Sire-bd said...

Thank you very much Richard for this new list and infinitely thank you for Batroc, it is really very nice to have thought of the French collectors! Soon Grey Gargoyle?

Holy Wolf said...

Great choices all round there Rich, so far we've had a really ncie variation in cahracters this extension, certainly a bit of something for everyone and so far I've got 3 of my top 8 wants and certainly no complaints about the others chosen.

Really looking forward to the final 7 EM choices and then getting a chance to vote ourselves. Bring on Songbird, Cannonball and Quasar :D

Painted Sunfire looks great :)

Mr J said...


I hope that one of the 7 next week is a NEW MUTANT!!!


Also hope that we get another X-Villain.

Zombula said...

5 great choices Rich & Co - well done !.
Klaw espescialy is one ive been looking forward to as well as Triton , Batroc & Typhoid Mary.
Hoping Vance Astro , Songbird , Quasar & The Beetle make next cut.
Howard the Duck would make a great addition also as would White Tiger ( the 1st )....... curveballs'; but great characters .

jarvis69 said...

Finally ! Ze Leaper's in the place ! ;)
The one ( and only...) major French character will be in the collection .
Typhoïd Mary : I hope she'll wear her first costume
Triton and Klaw are very '' clasic '' ....I like that ! lol
And Sunfire 'll be great too .
It'll be long to wait for the next list ( until the next extention....)

pirate adam said...


i hope the next 7 EM choose are better than the ones they have chosen so far. with the exception of Ares the others hold very little interest for me, there were alot of beter characters than the ones chosen...

Nova (Frankie Raye)
Quasar (Wenndal Vaughn)
Tiger Shark
Hydroman name but a few.

Pirate Adam

avengers87 said...

hi rich, my choices from the new extention are : moonstone songbird thunderbird canonball avalanche mockingbird karnak white tiger(angela del toro) tigershark ronin shaman doublepack : aurora/northstar wrecker/thunderball piledriver/bulldozer . n°specials : odin sasquatch . thanks you

Anonymous said...

Great update. Really happy to see Rachel Grey make it into the line-up. Hopefully it will be Ray in her green mini-skirt costume honoring her mother. It was her best costume, IMHO. And it can sorta pass for a non-Phoenix Jean Grey as well. So double the perk. :)

Was hoping to hear you announce Dracula in the line in honor of Halloween. He's the most important one of the Marvel Horror characters, and the one who's had the most interaction outside of the Horror books. With his appearances in Uncanny X-Men back in the day one of the best examples.

Webs said...

Cool choices, There does need to be a New Mutant next week you cant over-look this group anymore.

Exodus or Sebastian Shaw wud be a nice addition too.

Sunfire looks ace!

avengers87 said...

hi rich , my choices are moonstone songbird mockingbird white tiger(angela del toro) thunderbird canonball avalanche tigershark karnak shaman balder doublepack : aurora/northstar wrecker/thunderball piledriver/bulldozer specials : sasquatch odin . thanks you

Gremlin said...

Awesome. All of those characters have been hotely debated on the forums and there is a great varience in them that should please everyone. I am personally really happy that Rachel Grey has made it as I have championed her for a long time now.
I am also glad that Klaw is in as he is a sorely missed character. Triton will kep the Inhuman fans at bay and Typhoid Mary will be perfect to go alongside Daredevil.
I am really really happy that you have finally put a French character in. I know the French guys on the forum will be extatic so a big thank you.

Can't wait for the final seven. This extension is really shaping up to be the best in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. It's one of the best extentions ever so far. Nice to see some of those most wanted characters finally make it in. Ray and Klaw are really welcome, as I assumed they would have been done way before now. So it's always nice to finally have them.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Sharon Carter, Black Widow II, Songbird, Paladin and Solo, please!

Holy Wolf said...

agreed, Rachel Summers in her green and yellow skirt costume please :D

jimbob said...

Good choice on the 5 Rich!

Since the French have had Batroc to represent them could us Brits have Pete Wisdom!!!

We need some stong characters next,Radioactive man and Ares are the only two main ones in the extension so far.

What about the Cosmics and the Asgardians?


Fabio Mucci said...

Typhoid Mary is a nice choice: finally another Marvel Knights character! But i have to say another time to add to collection:
- Jigsaw
- Howard The Duck
And makes Lockjaw and Power Pack as specials.

Robert said...

Excellent news. I'm very happy with your choices, Rich, especially Triton. Batroc and Klaw were really nice surprises, too. Only request I would make is that Typhoid Mary is in her original costume.

An Asgardian and an Avenger in the last seven and I will be even happier!

P.S. Pirate Adam, keep the faith! There's still time for some of the names you mentioned - and others you didn't - to appear in the last seven!

mighty_marvel said...

I'm with PA on the extension. mostly disappointing characters who should be alot further down the line. hoping that it means EM are keeping an eye on future extensions and having strong characters still available for them.

my choices for the final 7 from EM would be

brother voodoo

this would then probably give us

photon or quasar
and ?

from the forum polls

Wadders said...

@ Nightstar:

I still don't know why I was banned on your forum, add this to the way your "staff" members have acted towards me (spamming my forum, abusing me via private messaging, email and MSN) I would prefer not to deal with any of you.

So Rich I ask again is there any way for people to vote without going through SHFF?

The Grim Reaper said...

Wadder, when the polls are announced we will put the list on here too. You can then make your choices known and we will add the requests to the votes.

You guys have voted before by proxy so I cannot see what the problem is. of the 1400+ members we have that abide by our rules, having 4 banned is not a bad balance IMH. You have no say in how we run our forum but you are entitled to have your vote as a collector.

Richie Rich said...

Sunfire looks nice painted can we see Pyro next?

Great choices all round there.

Longshot and Exodus next please.

Jacadoo said...

White tiger for me next the next five - magnifi!!

My French is about as much as I know about Batroc - but having lived in France, it will be great to have him in the collection - Gotta love the variety.

Yes Tyfoid Mary makes the list.

Sunfire looks fantastic - Rich I dont ask for much (but I do ask often) - How about Stingray?

Miss Medusa said...

Love the 4 girls in the extension so far all are great characters.

I really want a New Mutant for this extension and altho I love Cannonball and really want him I would prefer Mirage (Dani Moonstar)

She's a great character with an interesting history. Its also about time we had a Native American character in collection so Mirage is a perfect choice.

Kal Brindle said...

Wadders - I'm a mod on the SHFF and I've never, "met" you and I've certainly never spammed your forum or abused you in any way. Perhaps you were banned before my time? I'm happy to be a neutral go between if you like. If not, no worries, just be aware that the team on the forum are accommodating your request to participate when technically we do not have to.

Rich's offer to let the Forum choose three figures is a very kind gesture to the Forum members and as a Mod, I certainly take it as a nod in our direction for doing as good a job as we can. Be assured your votes will be taken into consideration.

Richard - great news on this extension so far! Thanks for another great five characters. Batroc is an awesome choice and wonderful surprise!

Naturally as a Canadian and a rabid fan, I have my fingers crossed for more Alpha Flight. Perhaps we'll hear some news soon about that Aurora-Northstar two pack idea you teased us with about a year ago?

foxchilde said...

This is really shaping up to be a good extension - thanks Richard, good picks. I am particularly happy about Rachel Summers & Triton, and its also superb to see Typhoid Mary too.

A New Mutant would be great... Canonball or Mirage are both good choices. MAGIK would be my personal fave from then.

Failing that, SIRYN would be cool :-p

max_0888 said...

Hey Foxchilde, I couldn't agree more with you about the Siryn comment :):):) With her recent dark green costume, she would love awesome!

Dan said...

Great picks Rich, especially love Typhoid Mary :D I just know she's going to be a cracking fig! Also really like Rachel Grey :) Batroc, Klaw and Triton tick the french, villains and inhuman boxs too!

Still not had a Thunderbolt or New Mutant confirmed in this extension though ;)

Wadders said...

Kal your comment illistrates my point:

"just be aware that the team on the forum are accommodating your request to participate when technically we do not have to. "

I don't want to be "accommodated" I like every other collector would just like a say, is this too much to ask?

This is an Eaglemoss collection not a SHFF if Eaglemoss want their customers input they should make it so EVERY customer can have their say.

And for the record I still do not know the reason why I am banned there. Apologies for the generalization on the staff members comment it was a select few of the staff who indulged in the disgusting behavior not all of them.

Mr J said...

Wadders which staff/members was it that picked on you?

Holy Wolf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

i'd much rather see weaker characters added in each extention
this leaves room for more extentions.
if we added all of the main characters and left the weaker ones until last we would most likely see the collection end sooner and see some upset collectors too.
we all like and have our own request lists , and i'm sure that not all of them are main characters.
i for one have made long lists of requests and this has upset one or two people on here , but i don't expect them all to get in to this collection.
that's why it's nice to see smaller characters in the mix. this way it suits all collectors.
there are still loads of main or popular characters to be added , i sense another extention folks !!

Anonymous said...

my top ten :

king cobra
song bird

Gremlin said...

At the moment it seems the bases are being covered. We have at least one Avenger hero and villain, XMen hero and villain, Inhuman, Spiderman, F4, Thunderbolt and MK. There is something in the mix for everyone. As has been said before if we get an Asgardian and a cosmic character we should be set. I am personally hoping for Moondragon and Hela :)

Bill9000 said...

Fantastic news on the announcement of the next five figurines for this extension, Rich. To tell the truth, I was expecting two or three ... but not five! And the choices are good ones, too ... especially Klaw. Gotta love them classy FF villains! And it's also nice to see a Daredevil villain get thrown into the mix with Typhoid Mary. The only thing I can say is I hope you go with Mary's original look ... but I can't say I'm worried about that since you've been doing the classic looks for most of the new additions. Which is great for me 'cause I love the classic, iconic looks of the characters. And to top it all off, Sunfire`s looking really spiffy, and the paint job isn't even complete yet! Keep up the good work, and please don't forget about the ever-lovin' red-eyed Death's Head,

What ... you never read a shameless plug for a favorite character before? Heh!

ThePirateKing said...

Great news about Triton. :)

Please please do Lockjaw and Howard the Duck before the collection ends!

Happy Halloween everyone.

Jacadoo said...

Wadders And SHFF gents do you really thin this to be the place for this discussion?

I myself witnessed the evidence regarding what wadders outlines but I also think I know the reasons that caused this situation.

I am not a moderator - so I have absolutly no personnel gain by making this post - gents to save any further public dirty washing can you not communicate direct?

Wadders said...

@ Mr J - Big Mattio, Artificial Idiot and Archangel were involved in having dual accounts and spamming but the biggest culprit was the Grim Reaper himself who had over 5 accounts, admitted to getting people to spam the forum on his behalf, left threatening messages and emails as well as trying to blackmail me.

@Jacadoo - I appreciate this is not the place to argue but my point is as valid here as it is anywhere. Why would I want to vote via a forum full of people who think it is ok to spam another forum as well as someones msn/email etc. You have to ask would I really want to place my votes in their hands? I just think it is fair to everyone that they know the kind of people they are dealing with.

Plus I was asking the question to Rich as his response is the only one I am really interested in as he should be the only one with authority on these matters.

Sonic Scream said...

If Big Mattio, Artificial Idiot, Archangel and Grim Reaper all have multiple accounts is'nt that cheating cuz when it comes polls they can vote more than once. No wonder Melvin Potter and Prowler got picked last time.

Anonymous said...

i agree people , this extention has and should continue to have characters in the mix for everyone and covers most categories.
next categories should be -

wrecking crew
savage land mutates
heroes for hire
serpent society

my list of 7 characters from those groups would have to be :

king cobra
brother voodoo

lipstick said...

Who is Batroc and who is Klaw..............??? And how cool can be a figurine of Klaw....??

Baroni_08 said...

Have to say i agree with PA & MM ,i to am disappointed with the characters so far announced for the next extension apart from Ares who i think should of been done sooner. Lets hope the next seven announced are some of the more deserving characters .

Here is seven in my opinion i would chose,

hydro man
nova ( frankie raye )
omega red

and Odin and Madame Web specials , lets hope there announced soon.
peace to all Baroni........

ted sallis said...

Dear Rich
Please,please confirm at least one or two x men related charachters in the next reveal ,Otherwise i fear for the mental health of their fans .
An asgardian wouldn't go amiss either.
My wife and i watched a lovely family movie last night called Punisher Warzone, personaly i loved it Ray Winstone looks like a tim bradstreet drawing brought to life.
the ongoing shenanigns at the SHFF make me wonder why they are deserving of choosing 3 charachters if Wadders accusations are true.
And finally and most importantly HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Big Mattio said...

5 awesome character selections Rich, i've said on the forum that you guys are doing a bang-up job of maintaining a healthy balance of characters from all across the Marvel U, however like CBRBeast i was hoping for a Horror character to be confirmed this week. Dracula, Werewolf by Night or Simon Garth, either would be a worthy addition and hope to see one confirmed next week. Painted Sunfire looks incredible.

Holy Wolf said...

"Blogger Sonic Scream said...

If Big Mattio, Artificial Idiot, Archangel and Grim Reaper all have multiple accounts is'nt that cheating cuz when it comes polls they can vote more than once. No wonder Melvin Potter and Prowler got picked last time."

None of the above have multiple SHFF or blog accounts and each will have precisely te same amount of votes in the polls as every other member.

I have to say I'm really loving this extension so far, I started to lose the faith a little bit after the last one, but my interest in the CMFC really is peaking now with the current line up and hopefully the remaining 11 will also be awesome. Good job EM!

ted sallis said...

Have to agree not revealing a horror charachter on the eve of halloween was a bit of a let down.
You could have revealed a dolph lundgren punisher , i don't know about anyone else but that movie still gives me nightmares

jimbob said...

It would have been the best time to get a Horror character in the extension!

Its the only time i would have not been bothered about that category to be represented in the collection.

The chance has passed.

I would prefer other new teams started in the extension like:-

Wrecking Crew
Three Warriors
Heralds of Galactus

With that and other overdue characters,Hydro-man,Tigershark,
Toad,Atlas etc.....

There is no room for everyone ;)

ted sallis said...

Wow Jim! loved your Odin like proclamation " the chance has passed"
Like somehow horror charachters aren't relevant come Nov 1st.
If i win the choose a fig competition i will demand eaglemoss produce a Howard the Duck fig dressed as "Quackula"

pirate adam said...

if i win the choose a figure competition i wonder if instead of picking a character for the extension Rich would let me pick one that will never be made? that way we'll never see the DUCK hahaha


jimbob said...

I think there is enough love for the Duck to be made at some point.

He came 8th in the Marvel Knights poll!

Gladiator 78
Typhoid Mary 75
Owl 68
Jigsaw 62
Hyperion 55
Gargoyle 52
White Tiger (Hector Ayala) 48
Howard the Duck 46
Shanna the She-Devil 42
The Hood 40
Baron Mordo 34

Not bad!;)

ted sallis said...

HEH HEY PA i love your twisted idea , the winner of the choose a fig competition should be able to eliminate a charachter of their choice from this collection.
in my case it would be Hammerhead
what a complete doughnut.Man with metal in head run at superhero, even as a kid i hated the sheer lameness of him

lipstick said...

My next 7:

Sebastian Shaw
Cassandra Nova

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping the following for the final 7.

Dracula - The most iconic of the Marvel Horror characters. And the one who's had the most appearances outside of the horror books. His appearances in Uncanny X-Men back in the day and his recent role in Captain Britain. Bring him on. A Marvel Horror character in each expansion wouldn't be a bad thing.

Shamen - Another member to slowly build our Alpha Flight ranks. We had a member of the Inhumans in each of the last two expansions, so time to add a member of Alpha Flight as well. A Northstar/Aurora 2-Pack would be welcome as well.

Blastaar - Time to start growing the cosmic side of things a bit. Problem with Blastaar is his size though, he might actually have to be in the Specials. But we'll see what Eaglemoss has to say for that.

Toad - Time for the original 'Brotherhood of Evil Mutants' to get a member, now that Destiny has added one for the later incarnation headed up by Mystique. While I'm not a huge fan of his original look, I'll take it if it'll please the classic fans.

Rocket Raccoon - Like I said with Blastaar, time to grow the Cosmic side of things. I really want to see Rocket included in the collection. Due to his height just make him with one of his giant chainguns. That and his tail should make up for his stature.

Darkstar - In Soviet Russia, Winter Guard hit you. Yeah, not the greatest of jokes. But I'd like to grow the Winter Guard by a member. We after all started the team last time with Crimson Dynamo. Hopefully Ursa Major would follow as a special at some point.

Gargoyle - One of the few remaining members of the Defenders that haven't gotten made yet. Plus he has a cool look that would translate well to the line-up. Always liked Isaac, just a shame that he doesn't appear much.

And I still want to toss my idea on the pyre again of a Dark Beast/Beast 2-Pack. It's the perfect way of doing Dark Beast... a character who's had such impact on the X-Universe. And hey, he's one of X-Man's main baddies. And doing it this way also fixes the problem that so many had with the modern Cat Beast figurine. The cover for the magazine can be the cover for X-Men Unlimited #10 where Beast and Dark Beast met and faught for the first time.

spidey_1979 said...

happy about triton and ares, destiny was always going to make this extension and i was expecting to see either typhoid mary or owl in for knights but as for the rest.... meh. all i can say is that i probably would have had them in at some point, but this extension is too soon imo.

my perfect last 7

hydroman - should be JJJ really but seems i'll have to wait. although how JJJ can keep getting delayed yet we already have batroc confirmed is beyond me

sif - an asgardian should be in the extension really and i can't see the SHFF guys voting one in so up to EM to confirm this one

songbird - absolute must

vance astro - cosmic characters need more representation and what better way than the leader of the guardians of the galaxy

cannonball - we need a male mutant and although another member of alpha flight would be nice i think the new mutants are more overdue and deserving of a place

gargoyle - about time for another defender and gargoyle fig would look better than clea

sister grimm - EM show their intentions of keeping this collection running and running by starting a new group, the runaways. gone for the group leader but lucy in the sky would be good too

The Grim Reaper said...

Well, i'll say this and put the record straight Ted Sallis.

there are no "on-going" shenanigans over on SHFF.

We have rules like everywhere else, some folk broke them, (and no matter how much they bleat and whine like a stuck record, they know why they were banned) We have tried to placate them and give them what they want put it gets thrown back at us; so what more can we do.

As for why SHFF get this vote, it is for many reasons and i'll list the ones I can think of, there may be more.

1. Large membership with long-standing links to the guys that bring us this collection (and yes I have met them personally)they know that they can trust us to ensure a fair vote.

2. Polls have been tried on these blogs but it was only because we highlighted the problem was it realised multiple accounts on here were swaying the votes and killed that idea in its tracks.

3. All votes via the forum follow a simple " post " , this is open for all to see BUT we have the facilities to ensure multiple accounts don't get through and spoil it for everyone.

4. Why on SHFF? well simply this...
if it was not for SHFF do you think there would be Mega Specials, Double Packs or even a Marvel 70th Anniversary figure? I doubt it. The feedback we (all collectors on there) give to EM has been invaluable and increased the collectability of these figurines for EVERYONE.

5. I have never spammed anyone on MSN, I have never blackmailed anyone (pathetic suggestion), however i do admit to asking some mates on a bike forum to nip onto another forum and say HI....

that was fun, but in hindsight, a bit childish. however, it made me feel better at the time - and if folk want to play like kids, i don't mind joining in at their level :-)

6. Yes I do have two accounts on SHFF, i'd be stupid not to. One is my primary Admin account and the second is Test-by-Grim; set up so I can see what normal members see and helps set the site. As the polls are open polls you will only see my primary account used to vote.

I have e-mailed the banned members who have remained in contact with me and offered them the solution to the problem. ie there is no problem.

Hope that makes sense and everyone sees we are not child-murdering-baby-eating monsters hell-bent on taking over the world; but just like you we are collectors and feel priveledged to be able to have the rapport with EM that we have built up over the years.

Enjoy the collection, have your say
safe in the knowledge that it will be a fair vote.

sorry chaps for having to post this on here but it needed to be said that the polls WILL be fair.


Anonymous said...

Well said Grim...

I previously had my own issues with SHFF for a time. I won't get into it here, but to say that I think they do a fantastic job to try to make it a friendly and open place to everyone who visits. Yes, some bad eggs in the past have tried to cause problems, but honestly... there only being 4 members banned is a surprising thing. Given most forums count the number in hundreds or more.

Grim has been nothing but upstanding in my opinion. We have had our disagreements in the past, but in the end he's always willing to help someone out. Hell, when my Sentinel figurine in the US was missing it's poster and Eaglemoss couldn't help me.... Grim sent me one free of charge. He didn't even charge me shipping. That's the kinda guy he is. An awesome one.

Anonymous said...

By the way...

Have I kissed up enough to earn my Dark Beast figurine as of yet? :D

marveljoe said...

Klaw will make a good character reason as like other characters in this collection a unique look. Typhoid Mary, Triton did well in the last polls on SHFF and can see why they are picked. Was surprised to see Batroc but glad for the French collectors and Marvel Girl was surprised but still deserves a spot.

For the next seven who would I like to see

Cosmic Quasar (Wendall Vaughan)
New Mutant: Cannonball
Native American: Warpath
Defender: Moondragon
Avenger: Stingray
Spiderman: Hydro-man
Eternal: Sersi

Wadders said...

Its nice to see you are such a diplomat in public Grim but in private you are a different person all together!

5. I have never spammed anyone on MSN, I have never blackmailed anyone (pathetic suggestion), however i do admit to asking some mates on a bike forum to nip onto another forum and say HI....

that was fun, but in hindsight, a bit childish. however, it made me feel better at the time - and if folk want to play like kids, i don't mind joining in at their level :-)"

I never claimed you spammed my MSN that was Matt and someone called Shezza (the same Shezza who took over Aces old blog) I still have the emails you sent me:

"Ok, so no reply to my PM so i'll try e-mail.

try to log in and it says i'm banned. is it true?

If it is then you need to sort out your security



With a screenshot included with the new account you set up after being banned.

"well you could reinstate my account and or give a reason why I was banned this morning and i guess i'll see what I can do."

Not blackmail in he traditional sense but you made it pretty clear that the spam attacks were to continue.

And my personal fave on the forum:

"If you want to play fair then do so, but don't piss me off, you may find it funny for a while but then'll you'll think again. Make of that what you will.

Grim says BYE (for now)"

Then your buddies with heir great posts:
"grim says hi. again. c**t."
"Does your carer know you're accessing forums? I mean, I thought retards were supposed to be restrained in their wheelchairs to avoid drool on the keyboard =]Also; grim says hi."

"The answer lies in your heart. Basically, that means because you're a c**t and many people dislike you. grim says hi. =]"

"If you want to be left in peace then keep your petty thoughts and jealous whining to yourself or within your own mods chat area (pretty dull reading BTW)"

It may have been fun for you but I have members on my forum (fair enough a very small amount but still) who want to use the forum to chat with their friends. You ruined that. You were banned along with your other mods because you had dual accounts (the same reason why Ace was banned on SHFF) And on the subject of banning have you admitted to people the real reason why Zombula deleted that guy yet? We have it straight from one of your former mods that he admitted to doing it because the guy gave out some criticism about one of his customs. You all then tried to cover it up by saying the guy was signed up on some porno site or something? Your not as honest as you make out.

By the way why am I banned (actually my account has been deleted now) anyway? I never received a reason.

I will say to Richard again there are some people who cannot or will not use SHFF to vote. There are ways to use this blog such as the IP tracker which is available for it so I feel other options should be made available.

Gremlin said... changing the subject back on track...

we have yet to have a cosmic character but I am hoping against hope that the final seven will include one or two. Moondragon seems like an obvious choice as she has done the rounds on Avengers, Defenders and now the GOTG. Saying that we could to with a rep from the first set of GOTG and it would have to be Vance Astro or Starhawk for me.

Can't wait till friday.....5 days left :)

Anonymous said...

Nice subject change Grem, was really beginning to seem like a beating of a truly dead horse. (Resists urge to add in Monty python jokes a la the dead parrot)

I agree about the cosmics entirely. Really hoping we see Moondragon make this extension, and hopefully Quasar will still make the cut.

As for Vance Astro, I see no reason why not!

5 days to go until the 7 are announced and the poll for the SHFF 3 go underway!Exciting times!! :D

ted sallis said...

Gee! daddy is it safe to come out yet?
As the great Hal David wrote" what the world needs now is love, sweet love , it's the only thing that theres just too little of "
That and an asgardian in the Friday reveal.

The Grim Reaper said...

I'm more interested in what the next figures to be announced are.

Hopefully Wrecker will be in there :-)

No doubt there will be lots to talk about next week and we can get the polls moving on the remaining 3

Typhoid Mary
Marvel Girl (Rachel Summers)
Silver Sable
Radioactive Man

EM ??
EM ??
EM ??
EM ??
EM ??
EM ??
EM ??
One Lucky Winner ??

Interesting times ahead i'd say.

and you're quite safe Ted..... Yeah, the world needs love and a LOT MORE ASGARDIANS. :-)

mighty_marvel said...

agree that there should be cosmics in but rich won't necessarily have to include them in the 7 for next week.

nearly certain that the guys on the forum will vote in one or two cosmic characters so think rich should be putting in characters from x-men (at least 2 more), spiderman (1 more), asgard (at least 1), knights (1 more), avengers (at least 1 more).

maybe room for one cosmic character announced by eaglemoss but even if it doesn't happen i'm pretty sure the forum will vote them in. it's all anyone is talking about on there at the min

Gremlin said...

I think we might see one x-character in EM's list (hopefully Cannonball) but I wouldn't be too surprised if we get another off the forum too. I hope we end up with 2 x-heroes and 2 x-villains total.
We DEFINATELY need another SpiderMan character, a villain this time and I can't think of anyone better than Hydroman.
The Avengers could do with another hero because lets face it Ares is a bit of a bad boy really :). How about Photon/Pulsar/Captain Marvel or failing that Mockingbird who has just returned ina blaze of glory.

What about the newbies to the MU. I think the Hood is a great choice but I would also like to see Sister Grimm from the Runaways making the grade. They are a popular team and out of all of them Nico has the best look to translate into a captivating lead figure.

Robert said...

The new extension is shaping up really well. I'm a happy camper about the choices.

I don't go on to the forum so it's good to hear that there is lots of talk about cosmic characters. Quasar is a notable absence so far and his name crops up here a lot, so I am guessing he is a popular choice...?

Gremlin, hard to argue with your call for Mockingbird and Captain Marvel (II) - important characters with great looks. Like Moondragon, if they don't appear in the last seven for the 140-160 extension then surely they'll appear in the next (if we get one).

As for the Hood, sorry, but he has the lamest costume I have seen in a long time. I know he's featuring prominently in the Avengers at the moment but he looks like a pre-FF DC character. Just an awful, awful design. Tonnes of better candidates.

Three weeks and I get my mitts on Shang-Chi! Yippee!

Holy Wolf said...

I think the X-Men fans will come out in force on the forum polls, happens everytime. Only thing that will be interesting to see if if they all support the same character or split their votes between many and as such another 3 characters beat them to it.

Anonymous said...

and people say lists are boring !!

wadders you are beginning to bore me to death , can you take it somewhere else please as you keep spoiling our topical discussions with your moaning and groaning.

Anonymous said...

well i'd say we need more villains in this collection.

serpent society
savage land mutates
masters of evil
wrecking crew

but on the subject of cosmics :

imperial guard
guardians of the galaxy
heralds of galactus


i'd really love to see a twin pack special of arleta ogord + stakar ogord ( starhawk ), these would make excellent figurines !!

Sal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sal said...

Hi Rich. Thanks for the info, and this is a great extension

I'm totally chuffed that Typhoid Mary has made it into the new extension. Silver Sable was also one of my major wants, so this is looking like a great addition to my collection :)

I'm getting short of ideas for who I want to make it in the collection as most of the main characters I love are already made or on the up-and-coming list. Not that I want to stop collecting, as I love finding out about new characters. So, my suggestions for the final 7 are

Knights/DD Owl
Avengers High Evolutionary
X family Sage
X family Domino
Spiderman Calypso
Avengers Mockingbird
Avengers curveball female Loki

Sal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
avengers87 said...


Thor8 said...

Well looks like we'll be seeing who the final 7 figurines will be on the next blog,although personally as I mentioned before I would have preferred to have them revealed 1 or 2 per post. It gave us something to look foward to and just like a clifhanger series it would built the suspense as we neared the final #20.

This being the case I will list the 7 I would like to see even though at this date the choices must have already been made;

Fantastic 4-Thundra
Marvel KN---White Tiger(original)
Cosmic------Firelord or Starfox

Some people question why some lesser known characters appear before more popular heroes,but I believe this is a wise statergy sales wise. After all if all the so called grade "D" characters are left for last the interest and the sales of this series would most likely dimish.

Anonymous said...

exactly what i said , i'd rather see less important - but interesting all the same , characters added now rather than later , as the collection would end if we left the worst til last.
mixing in smaller characters with larger characters gives collectors more chance of seeing most or all of the one's on their wish lists.
i still think that more twin packs and some multi packs for teams is a good idea , and would help get more characters into the collection too.

Anonymous said...

add these twin packs for example :

northstar + aurora
arleta + stakar ogord
elsa + ulysses bloodstone

nasia said...

i don't like half of the announced figurines. I aprove only Destiny, Radioactive Man, Typhoid Mary and Triton.

Now i would like to see in the next 7:

Spider-Man Jackal
Avengers Songbird or Whirlwind
X-Men Deathbird or Spiral
Fantastic 4 Wizard
Marvel KN Owl
Asgarians Hela
Cosmic Moondragon

It's about we add some good characters. Otherwise we will have to pass spot 500, to see all the "A" list characters.

Banshee said...

I'm not thrilled about the extension up to yet either if I'm honest. However with 7 to come I'd love to see :-


Fabio Mucci said...

There are ever lack of Marvel Knights characters. Add Jigsaw and Howard the Duck to collection.

P.s. make also Power Pack and Lockjaw as specials.

Anonymous said...

We already have all the A-List characters.

We're firmly entrenched in the B's and C's now.

jimbob said...

Captain Mar-Vell is an "A" list for sure!;)

marvelman said...

I have heard that a green version of quicksilver has been released in France - anyone know if this is true?

I hope we soon see:

Omega Red

Thor8 said...

Okay... While we wait and keep our fingers crossed,hoping at least one of our favs makes it into the remaining 7 figurines to be revealed to us in the comming Post, here's a little tibbit to toss around... Do you think golden age heroes from Marvel's Timely and Atlas days should be inclueded in this collection? (other than the Destroyer 70th anniversary speccial of course). You know guys and gals such as The Wizzer,Miss America,Thin Man,Blazing Skull,The Angel,Golden Girl,Blue Diamond,ect?

Okay ,let us know if your pro or con, and if your pro,which ones would you like to see? Try keeping the list between 5 to 10 heroes. I hate eternally long lists!

Anonymous said...

i'd like to see a multi pack containing the all winners squad

miss america

Robert said...

Not keen on Golden Age or Atlas era heroes and didn't buy the Destroyer even though the figurine did look excellent.

The only exceptions would be Bucky (of course) and the Whizzer because he appeared in a few memorable Avengers stories in the 1970s.

Before the collection ends, I'd also like to see a Kree soldier in Captain Mar-Vell's original green costume. And a twin pack of Hydra agents and another twin pack with AIM agents.

Robert said...

Back again.

Been meaning to ask about Monica Rambeau and forgot. Her name's cropped up a few times and I was wondering if anyone could answer a question I have? I really only know her as Captain Marvel II in the Avengers. However, I know she dropped this alias for Photon and then Pulsar. What I want to know - and the official site didn't clearly answer - was whether or not she retained her original silvery costume under these new codenames? She does seem to change at some point but when? I'm asking because if she is a candidate for future inclusion I would definitely want her in her original costume...

And one other thought: if Hela is likely to be a special due to her clothing, wouldn't that also be the case for Air Walker? I seem to remember his "cape" or flames being quite large.

Anonymous said...

robert :

they would just be figurines that keep getting damaged.
there have been some of those issues in this collection.
hela's head dress would surely snap off in the post for example.
i'd love to see captain atlas added
( kree )
monica rambeau is one of my future choices too !!
( white costume )

Robert said...

I appreciate the feedback, "Slapstick", but I'm not sure I completely agree.

I'll need to go and check this out, but I recall Air Walker's cape-like flame trail was quite substantial and not really likely to snap off.

I take your point with Hela, the part of the mask that protruded from her face was indeed thin. I would hope there was some way around this, possibly a slightly modified look like Rich talked about with Blackheart?

Has this been discussed on the other website in the past? (Sorry, I only read comments and post here.)

You also hinted at breakages with past figurines. Apart from breaking Crystal's arm when I attempted a repaint, I have had no problems. What problems have you had?

ted sallis said...

Not too bothered about most golden age charachters as i don't have any reaL connection with them .
Apart from as Robert mentioned the Whizzer whom i remember from an old Avengers storyline.
Wasn't there a time travel Avengers storyline where kid colt joined the Avengers?
Any cowboy lovers out there?

Thor8 said...

Ted; The cowboy you refer to is Two Gun Kid and that adventure took place in Avengers #141-#144(vol 1). He officially didn't become an Avengers but he did share some adventures with them. Check out "The Marvel Project" that is currently being published by Marvel,it mentions this adventure and sheds some light on other golden age heroes!

Robert; You might like to check this series out also. As for breakage due to handling,yeah I've had some headaches with this issue!

TzAtZiKiS (no onion) said...

Come on guys, please include Spiral in the expansion, pretty please..... :D

Btw, Venus would be a cool addition, too!

ps.Keep rockin!!!!!!

jimbob said...

Domino please Rich!!!!!!!

She would make a fantastic fig :)

Anonymous said...

doctor strange , i sent him back about 5 times because his hand was broken.
valkyrie , her arm was broken or the sword , sent back about 4 times.
and only last week i sent morbius + nighthawk back , arm missing and hand chipped etc.
there have been more but i won't list them all.
perhaps eaglemoss could double check items before posting them and also package the issues better to prevent damages.
i look forward to receiving my issues , as i like to play about with my display cabinet from time to time , and move characters around.
when they arrive damaged it's a huge disappointment.

ted sallis said...

Wow! Slapstick that is a list of bad luck . I know what you mean about the sense of dissapointment though especially if a fig you are really looking forward to arrives damaged. i think my last 2 damaged figs were Black Widow broken rifle
Nighthawk chipped paintwork / awful paintjob.
I hope i haven't put a hex on my Shang Chi figurine as i have looking forward to this fig for months now.

Robert said...

Bloody hell, "Slapstick"! No wonder you are against a Hela figure. I thought breakages were rare. In fact, I haven't had any. I buy them from FP in Glasgow, rather than having them delivered so maybe that is the reason. Admittedly, I check them out before I buy them but cannot recall ever seeing a damaged one there. It would be interesting to know if most people who have problems with breakages have them through the mail order service. Must be really infuriating when they arrive damaged...

Thanks for the tip on the Marvel Project, Thor8. I can't afford to buy as much as I'd like and to be honest storage is now an issue, too, but I'll have a look. Might be good timing. For the first time in a few years, I'm not excited about any of the monthlies at the moment...

Anonymous said...

those who want hela as a special are completely mad , i fail to see why she should be a special , she should be a regular issue.
think about it guys , would you rather pay £5.99 for her , or £8.99+
the more you bang on about it , the more likely she will be done as a special , and us collectors will have to pay more money for the issue.
don't get me wrong , i do want her in the collection , but i don't wish to pay over the top.
where as madame web is sure to be a special , and is worth the extra cash , she is also well over due and has been mentioned loads of times on here and the forum.

mighty_marvel said...

speaking of specials on the forum it says EM have confirmed sauron will only be done as a special if he were to be done. think this is a mistake personally as to be done to scale he would only need to be a little taller than the she-hulk figure, and his body mass certainly does not warrant special status. only thing that would possibly make him a special is wings but i can't see this as a problem if he were sculpted with wings folded behind him - like hawkman in DC who was done as a regular.

just don't see the point in a character who could be done as a regular being done as a special as it takes away a special slot from characters who can only be done as special size.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

You are not alone, jimbob!

I really would like to see Domino in my collection as well.

Thor8 said...

I agree with Mighty_Marvel. There really isn't any valid reason for Sauron to be done as a special. His body built is quite slender and there have been other winged characters that have been done as regulars,such as Angel,Vulture, and Nighthawk,and they have heavier builts than Sauron.
AS for Hela,I don't really care if she's done as a special or as a regular,as long as she's done.

jimbob said...

The only thing that qualifies Sauron as a Special is his height(7foot).

Maybe if his Wing span is the same lenght as his height in the sculpt, then it could make a good special.

Im undeceive about it,will have to see two variant sculpt to see;)

Robert said...

Totally agree with you guys about Sauron. Regular size to keep more slots for the larger characters.

For me, Hela is a must. Only debate is whether she is a regular-sized figurine or a special.

Oh, "Slapstick", just because someone else says something you disagree with it doesn't make them "competely mad". I thought you were turning over a new leaf...? T

Hawkeye said...

Re: breakages. When I was a subscriber, I had to return several figures due to chipped paintwork or dismembered limbs(Sandman was missing a finger, Red Skull's hand had come off, paint damage to Iron Man and Dr Strange etc). It was one of the reasons I stopped subscribing as I thought at least I can choose a good figure if I buy it in the shop (God Bless Forbidden Planet). The other more important reason I stopped subscribing was that I kept getting plinths sent to me, even though I had returned them, and written to Eaglemoss on several occasions and still kept getting them. I only wanted one but that did not compute with the EM team so I stopped altogether. I still love this collection but that put a bit of a blot on the landscape.

mighty_marvel said...

even though sauron is 7' this is only 5 inches bigger than she-hulk at 6'7". in figure terms this would only add an extra 5mm or so to the height of the fig to keep it in scale. considering how slim sauron is i can't believe a few extra mm in height bumps him from a regular to a special.

i assume that they are thinking of sculpting him with wings spread but i suggest that they consider how people will be able to display a figure like this with the collection getting ever larger and showing no signs of stopping any time soon. i've found it difficult enough to get vulture in, let alone a figure with a wingspan as big as sauron's would be

ted sallis said...

Even if they do big beak with wings outstretched , i can't see such a spindly charachter being worthy of a rare special slot, And also i ain't paying £9.99
Whatever next Hela?

Anonymous said...

robert : sorry if my comment offended you , but i meant no harm.
just like the last few posters said characters who could easily be included as a regular issue should not take the place of characters who deserve to be made as large scale
( special or mega special ).
otherwise how will we get to see the likes of these characters in the collection ?

atlas , madame web , wendigo
sasquatch , ch'od , strong guy
titan , neutron , blockbuster
man ape , goliath , black goliath
giant man , giant girl , mojo
psycho man , ultimo , man killer
odin , bor , ravage , onslaught
desak , madman

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

first they added a dc version and upped the price to £6.99

ok makes sense and i can deal with that , only an extra £1.

then they produced the likes of killer croc as a special and bumped the price up , even though his size wasn't that much difference to a regular sized figurine.

that upset me.

then they produced buffy the vampire slayer collection at £9.99

well over priced !!

please don't tell me they are going to do the same now with this collection ?

hela and sauron as specials when they should be regular issues at £5.99 , why should we pay more ?

jimbob said...

Here is an update on the special poll from the forum.

Top 10

1# Sasquatch 46
2# Lockjaw 37
3# Ronan The Accuser 37
4# Omega Red 33
5# Odin 26
6# Mojo 24
7# Strong Guy 18
8# Terrax 18
9# MODOK 17
10# Ch'od 16

11#Sauron 15

He is just outside the top 11, maybe if the top 5 gets done Sauron could creep up the polls and would be worthy of a special.
It will show EM there would be enough people that want to buy a Sauron special!

There is sill an option on giving Sauron a special base in the regular line up.If the Thing fig had it then i dont see why not.

ted sallis said...

I agree with jimbob, In that if an
"A"class bone fide candidate like The Thing can be accomodated in the regular lineup, I see no reason why some skinny B movie horror`flick dinobird should be more deserving of a special slot.
I mean seriously folks,out of the large number of deserving candidates who qualify for special status is Mr Beaky worthy?

pirate adam said...

i couldn't agree more!!

characters that can be done as regulars should be, i only mentioned Hela as a special because this collection needs a female special and imo only Hela and Madame Webb are serious candidates.

it appears as though no body wants characters that can be regulars to be included as specials, so does that mean no body wants size-changers as specials anymore? I HOPE SO


jimbob said...

No i dont want size-changers as specials!

I want them as Mega-Specials!HaHaHa

You know the specials are winning on the siz-changers poll on the forum!

Checked Hela stats,she actually qualifies highly as a special dont see why she would be a regular?

marveljoe said...

I would like to see Sauron in the collection at some point whether it be a special or as normal size as I have seen with Annihilius who was originally supposed to be a special turned out great.

As for golden age characters only really interested in seeing Spitfire as she is also included in MI:13

mighty_marvel said...

hela as a special depends on how they do her clothing. she's only 6'6" according to and we've had characters taller than this done as regulars. so if/when hela is done whether she is a special or not depends on how elaborately they sculpt her clothing.

Robert said...

Apology accepted, "Slapstick". I didn't (and don't) want to start another fight. We can, however, disagree in a friendly way.

On a more positive note, "Slapstick", you made an interesting point about cost. I am a True Believer and therefore only buy the Marvel figures. It's already cost me a lot to buy the Marvel figures so I can only guess what anyone buying both collections - and possibly the Buffy figurines you mentioned - is shelling out. I guess I should be more sensitive to the idea that an upgrade from regular to special can be an issue for some people.

On the subject of breakages, that's a lot, guys. I really had no idea this was such a problem. As has been said by someone else, God bless FP! (God being THE MAN, of course.)

Haven't read MI:13 but is Spitfire really a Golden Age character? I was under the impression she was created for the old (and initially great fun) Invaders series in the mid-1970s. I know she is ret-con'd into WWII but doesn't that mean she is a Bronze Age character? Or am I wrong in thinking a character has to be created during the Golden Age to be considered a Golden Age character...?

jimbob said...

I have to admit that i would be happy to pay special price for Sauron,Hela and Omega Red.They would make a fantastic sulpt if done properly!

With Hela i would compare her to Madarin sculpt if costume is the issue.

Sauron with Thing,the Thing is short but bulky and Sauron is tall but very slight!

Omega Red - 6'11" 425lbs?????

ted sallis said...

annecaTime for my gypsy Rose Lee impression as i gaze into my crystal ball ahead of tomorrows big reveal.
It's not an exact science you understand so 6 or 7 of these may be wrong ..ahem.
1 cannonball
2 sif/Balder
3 Tigershark
6.count nefaria
7 Dracula or werewolve by night.

Anonymous said...

i think we need some more female characters in the spiderman category.
silver sable , black cat and
spider woman aren't enough.

aracne - julia carpenter
bluebird - sally avril
jackpot - alana jobson
madame web
scream - donna diego

aunt may + mary jane ( twin pack )
at a later date in the collection.

Robert said...

I'm all for equality, "Slapstick", but the fact of the matter is that there are more interesting male characters than there are interesting female characters, hence the imbalance. With the exceptions of Arachne and Madame Web, who seem to be quite popular, I would find it hard to see how anyone could justify Scream, Jackpot or Bluebird appearing before, say, the Wizard, Terrax or Mister Hyde.

Looking forward to hearing who the last seven will be. Pleased with extension so far but will be disappointed if there's nobody who bends his knee to the All-Father...

The Grim Reaper said...


are now confirmed,

trying hard to work out the remaining 4 before Rich posts in the blog update.

Nice choices, and a few happy collectors i'd say.

Thanks Rich :-)

Thor8 said...

As An avid Avengers fan I would be one happy prince of thunder if at least one of the following makes it in this extension:


Anonymous said...

sorry robert , but i have to disagree
with you.
fair enough i'm sure there are more male characters than female characters out there , but i think that there are some females who are just as interesting as the male characters.
i don't know why but the more i look at jackpot , the more i like her , i think she'd make a great figurine.
she's got a nice looking costume which i think is pretty colourful.

girl power lol

ted sallis said...

Well thats me zero for three on the predictions
But i am so pleased Thor's old crowbar wielding playpal The Wrecker has been confirmed.

mighty_marvel said...

this is shaping up to be worst extension ever for me. don't particularly care for many of the characters. only 3 or 4 i'm pleased about so far.

mighty_marvel said...

only way this extension can be redeemed for me is the confirmation of


tomorrow. alongside confirmation of

madame web specials

jimbob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jimbob said...

No way 4 left ok!

Firestar confirmed at last!

Hydro-man - a must!!!!!!!!!!!!

Songbird - Thunderbolts

Pete Wisdom - British character

Clea - Defenders

jimbob said...

Now Wrecker is confirmed,EM has a responsibility to include the other Wrecking Crew members!:)

ted sallis said...

Agree with jim , It would be neat to get all three remaining members of the crew in one handy sized triple pack.
Although at present Rich has stated they have no plans for triple packs, but things can change

Jacadoo said...

Got to echo the god of thunders call for Stinray and mighty marvels mention for sasquatch (special please),in the remaining extension slots.

jimbob said...

Speaking of starting and finishing teams.

How about Puck for tomorrow!

I would like to finish off Alpha Flight to get it over and done with so we can focus on Wrecking Crew and others going into future extensions.

Anonymous said...

simply adding puck does not finish off alpha flight
we still need shaman , marrina
northstar + aurora
sasquatch , vindicator

but it would be nice to see one of them in this extention.

back to the main site issue :

it is in serious need of an update.
kingpin is wrongly priced for a start.

marveljoe said...

Wasn't 100% sure Firestar was a golden age character bit I do know she has been around awhile since the invaders and has made a comeback and if you haven't read the Captain Britain MI:13 maybe you should give it a read.

I'm really pleased Quasar, Firestar and Wrecker have made it.

How about doing the rest of the wrecking without a magazine as Wrecker could cover the team and his appreances but would be good to see the crew together.

jimbob said...

Do you mean Spitfire Marveljoe?

I do hope Pete Wisdom gets confirmed!!!

MI:13 and a British character.

Or even Lionheart would be cool.

marveljoe said...

Oops, I meant Spitfire. I would also like to see Pete Wisdom but not before Cannonball.

Thor8 said...

Well today's the day we will find out who the final 3 choices by EM will be. In a previous post I mentioned 10 female candidates hoping at least 2 would be picked. Well Firebird is in let's see if another of my choices makes it in. Sure would like to see a male Avengers make the list!

Pedro said...

Just one little question for the SHF staff.

The polls to decide the remaining 3 will be one poll after another or will we all vote altogether and the three most voted from the list will be the chosen ones?

The Grim Reaper said...


Rich should be announcing 4 figures today, not 3 :-)

Good choices they will be no doubt judging by what we have seen announced so far.


We will run this as a single poll. Each member will be able to make a maximum of 5 choices by way of an open posted message. The character count will then be tallied up at poll end-date.

There will be no categories as such, just a completely free choice.

There are some caveats tho: characters larger than 6'8" will fall into a specials category (we are not voting for specials) and of the top (most popular choices) characters Rich will have a final say if there are any reasons (licencing, size, etc) why that particular figure can't be made.

I've seen the list of characters that are "on EM's RADAR" and I really cannot see there being a problem.



Pedro said...

Thanks for your reply, Grim Reaper. Perfectly done!

It´s funny or curious. I have always thought that if the poll is done one way or the other one, maybe the winners would be different. Similar in general, but different in the top 3.

We will never Know. What I said. Curious.