Friday, 6 November 2009

Magnificent Seven

Ok so the big day is here and I'm ready to announce the rest of Eaglemoss' choices.

Drum roll please...


Alright I admit these were leaked yesterday but the four that weren't are:

Scarlet Spider

Altogether that gives us a list of:

Marvel Girl
Radioactive Man
Scarlet Spider
Silver Sable
Typhoid Mary

I've tried to make this extension a little more balanced than the last and I hope that everyone will find at least 2-4 characters in the list that they really wanted.

I know there are a few characters that people will be disappointed didn't make it in but it has been virtually impossible to get 16 characters that everyone really loves – as has been made clear by the discussions on the blog and messageboard.

But even if your biggest want didn't make it in don't give up just yet. The poll on the will be open very soon. You'll be able to vote for your favourite characters there and the three most popular will be added to the extension.

Plus we've still got the comp, which will be announced once the forum polls close.

On a related note, please can I ask that the comments section keeps relevant to the blog. I understand that there are some difference of opinions about the forum (which I'm not taking sides in) but please lets not have an open argument on here.

As far as I'm aware only four people have been banned from the forum and the mods will allow you guys to vote on the collection. However, if you're not happy to do this, I'm more than willing to have these four people submit their votes to myself.

That aside lets celebrate the fact that the collection is still going strong and there's plenty of characters left to fill another four extensions. Here's hoping we get them.


Banshee said...

Wow Scarlet Spider wasn't expecting that at all. Great choice though. And finally Cannonball and Songbird, i think a fair few people will be happy with those guys :)

Not to thrilled about Balder though I can think of aload of characters that would make a more interesting sculpt.

All in all though a great mix of characters in this extension. Can't wait to see which 3 will be chosen in the polls. I'm secretly holding out for a member of Alpha Flight so I hope Shaman is available to vote for :)

ted sallis said...

It was always going to be impossible to please everyone, but BALDER...WAHEYY!!!
I like the hint that there were enough candidates for 4 extensions

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Songbird and Firestar! Thanks Rich...cannot wait for the pool!

Thor8 said...

Well all I can say is Great going Rich! By adding Balder to the list thou hath certainly earned the honor of having thy name added to the hall of heroes in Glorious Asgard! Seriously I am very pleased to see Balder in this extension as I am of seeing others I wanted. Don't sweat it about not being able to accomadate everyone's favoritein this extension,that would be a feat that even Father Odin would be hard pressed to achive. I got 10 out of sixteen so far so I think it's a great extension for me,even the remaining 6 are to my liking so no complaints here,even though I have to admit that the Scarlet Spider was a complete surprise for me! Enough characters to fill another 4 extensions?! I like the sound of that!

Anonymous said...

A very nice selection! really happy about Scarlet Spider/Songbird/Marvel Girl/Silver Sable/Firestar/Cannonball...

I know I'm a broken record but anything new on the progression of ONSLAUGHT!!!! He's so epic he had to be written in caps

I'll post my votes to you rich or grim. I don't mind as long as their counted - thanks

avengers87 said...

rich ,thanks you from ares ,radioactiveman and songbird .i hope thunderbird ,moonstone and mockingbird from the 4 other characters .

prnied said...

An excellent all around list. Kudos to you and the EM staff. It will be nice to have the chance to select the top 3 and see what the winner picks for the last slot...

jarvis69 said...

'' I hope that everyone'll find at least 2-4 characters they really wanted ..''
Well Richard least 12 for me ! lol ( and I'll buy the others too btw...;) )
I hope the vote 'll be '' fair play '' this time , we'r all big boys no ? lol
Thanks again for the news .

Holy Wolf said...


That is all...

pippin gold said...

Excellent happy with songbird..some really great choices and a good ballance

pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...

Scarlet Spider

6/16 supose thats not too bad, but i have decided to only purchase the characters that interest me from now on.

vey happy BALDER made the cut, not sure what Banshee is on about, the Asgardians are some of the best sculps in the collection.

no Hela until at least 160 :( and i dont see here getting voted for on the SHFF


Anthony Stark said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been campaigning to get Scarlet Spider in this collection for ages now and finally he's been officially added. I couldn't be happier. Brilliant news, it's made my day :)

Sire-bd said...

Four extensions Richard? It is the frenzy but that would be so good!

Deeply maintaining the votes and the competition for four last ones!

Dan said...

All very deserving choices and shaping up to be a great extension. Songbird and Cannonball have been wanted for a long time by many, Balder is a good addition for the Asgardian crowd and Scarlet Spider to make up for no spidey villains ;)

Can't wait to add the SHFF 3 to it now :D

Anonymous said...

great job at trying to please everyone by making the extention so diverse.
can gladly say that there's not one character on that list that i hate enough to not buy.
obviously not all on my top wish list but on my list all the same.
all accept scarlet spider who wasn't , but i'll still buy that issue anyway.
and nice to hear you hinting on 4 more extensions.

i think the last 4 characters in this extention should be chosen from any of the following categories to keep the diversity :

all winners squad
alpha flight
frightful four
heralds of galactus
heroes for hire
horror characters
imperial guard
savage land mutates
serpent society

my top 4 characters from within these groups would have to be :

brother voodoo
hydro man
king cobra

Dan said...

The SHFF poll is open now guys :) The poll will be open for 3 weeks, any 5 choices (long as they aren't special sized)! So get to it ;)

lipstick said...

OMG! I will die! Thank you, thank you very much for Firestar!

Firestar, Silver Sable, Typhoid Mary, Rachel, Cannonball, Songbird in the same extension. I don't believe this....

P.S Did I say thanks for Firestar..?

lipstick said...

Ehm.... And of course Firestar with yellow-red costume.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Holy Early Update Batman!!

Interesting extention this time. Nice to see our first New Mutant make the way in. Hopefully Cannonball will be in his last Uncanny X-Men costume. The black leather one with the C on his chest. I like it the best of all of them. Just for refrence:

Hoping to see Dark Beast at some point. I've been campaigning for so long it would be nice to start backing someone else. Then I can move on to Rocket Raccoon.

Robert said...



'Nuff Said.

spidey_1979 said...

can't believe that after saying not having civilians in because they look too generic and wanting to have unique looking characters in this extension we get

scarlet spider - basically spiderman in a blue vest

firestar - who will end up looking a lot like crystal(except wearing a mask) if done in her all yellow costume

marvel girl - will look pretty much like jean grey

all very unique looking characters! JJJ would have stood out much more

Anonymous said...

All those characters you mentioned have a more unique look than J. Jonah Jameson.

spidey_1979 said...

clearly they don't. nobody else in the MU looks like JJJ. whereas those 3 all look like somebody else. completely the opposite of unique i think you'll find.

Thor8 said...

I sure hope Firestar is made with the costume she wore while with The Avengers,and speaking of costumes has The Crimsom Dynamo's proto type been done yet? If not I would prefer he be done in either his third,forth,or sixth armour.

HEY!!! I just noticed we didn't get a sneek peak this time around!

Fabio Mucci said...

Good choices but i still think that Jigsaw and Howard the Duck must joins the collection.

mighty_marvel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mighty_marvel said...

NO! Rich what have you done mentioning another 4 possible extensions. Now we're bound to get slapstick/smiffy writing 80 character lists all the time :-) Personally i think this collection could easily reach 300 which is another 7 extensions (hint, hint) but maybe thats just optimism.

pleased about ares, cannonball, triton, typhoid mary. would have preferred sif to balder but i suppose we haven't had a male asgardian lately so balder's good too. everyone else are people who deserve to be in at some point but now is a little too early imo. like i've said before though this bodes well for futue extensions if EM are saving the other big characters to have some left to include in the future.

My votes on the forum were for

hydro-man - we need a spidey villain
toad - male x-men villain is a big omission
moondragon - surprised she didn't make EMs list to be honest
vance astro - another cosmic should be in
sersi - keep the eternals group growing

jimbob said...

Very nice choices!

Can see you wanted to even up the spidey allies with the villains.

I hope Domino or Hydroman will make the other slots!

Jacadoo said...

Balder is a great suprise although I was hoping that Alpha Flight would have been represented - so I sympathise with banshee.

Also as my mate James points out what ever happened to Onslaught (got to be a special)?

I'm a collection addict so keep the extensions coming - one day, some time in the future Stingray will make an appearance....

Sixth armour set for The Crimsom Dynamo please.

Please note this post in no way hurt any furry animals and avoided the use of endless lists!!!! LOL

ted sallis said...

i just cannot make up my mind whether i am indecisive or not.
I thought i would be able to nominate 5 charachters quite easily , but with so many strong candidates , i have chickened out of posting my final list on the forum 3 times so far.
why the newfound love for Deathshead in the poll?
Just realised no sneaky peaks this update ? i'm sure you will more than make up for it next update Rich hint! hint!

mighty_marvel said...

i was wondering that about deaths head. sure he looks good but where's his history? don't know much about the character so tried looking for info on him and there's hardly any. although considering comicvine says he was in a grand total of only 50 issues its hardly surprising. there's tons of characters who are so much more deserving than deaths head. although it does demonstrate why the forum was limited to only 3 choices this time

Ryan Maxwell said...

Balder is totally out of left field, but I love the choice. Scarlet Spider...great for those fans that have been calling for him. Not my cup of tea, but I'm really happy with most of the 16 so far. Here's hoping Alpha Flight is represented via double pack (Sasquatch/Puck and/or the twins), MEGA special (Sasquatch) or by one of the final four.

Cannonball and Songbird are absolutely PERFECT choices. Now, about what version of Cannonball... :^)

jimbob said...

Alot of favorites are coming through now!

I think for the next extension EM could focus on completing some of the teams off!

Auora & Northstar Double pack next year
Sasquatch special year after!
Puck and Shaman regular slots

Lockjaw Special



pirate adam said...

why is Balder a curveball or out of left field? he has nearly 400 appearances which makes him more deserving than most!


jimbob said...

Balder is going to look so good!

Sif has to be next!:)

Anonymous said...

spidey 1979 :

have to totally agree with you.

mighty marvel :

you complain about my lists , but then you go and write a long essay.
if i want to make wish lists ,
i will. we are all entitled to have our say and share our ideas , as this helps rich when choosing characters to add to the collection.

ted sallis said...

Considering how difficult i found it to nominate 5 charachters for the poll. I hate to think what state i'd get into if lady luck smiled upon me and i got to choose the last fig of this extension .
In the unlikely event of that happening i have came up with a cunning plan!
I would put forward 5 of my favourite charachters any one of whom i would be happy to see made,Then if it was ok with Rich and the guys over at the forum , i would let everyone have a vote.
This would let me cop out of having to make a final decision plus it would show a great deal of love for my fellow collectors.
The winner of the comp can of course do as he/she feels fit,
i'm just an old one person one vote democracy loving patriot

nasia said...

The voting poll is going really well. I think the three remaining spots will be excellent choices

What we desperately need in this collection are :


mighty_marvel said...

slapstick/smiffy - it was a joke. i even put a little smiley face to show it was a joke. i don't mind your lists really. i enjoy coming up with them myself. nothing like a good list

mighty_marvel said...

top of the shff polls so far

tigershark - 31
spiral - 29
moondragon - 24
toad - 24
hydroman - 19
forge - 17
photon - 16
arachne - 14
domino - 14

Stinger said...

Quasar! Awesome.

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Tiger Shark doing so well is no surprise. He's really the only 2nd place finisher from a previous poll to not have been announced yet. So it's pretty likely he'll get one of the slots when the poll finishes up.

Anonymous said...

mighty marvel :

god your such an a*** kisser lol
i forgive you mate.

Kal Brindle said...

Wow Rich - an awesome extension so far! Thank you. It is certainly one of the most well rounded extensions so far - definitely something for everybody. Personally I got several major wants! Cannonball, Wrecker, Destiny, Quasar & Batroc. Woo Hoo.

Gutted there was no Alpha Flight representation .... yet, but I totally understand how incredibly tough it must be to try to please such an eclectic lot as us. So far mate, I think you're doing a stellar job! At the risk of whining - I really hope you'll be announcing an Aurora/Northstar two pack this coming year for sure! NOw I'm off to go convince the entire SHFF that it's time to vote for PUCK!!!

Baroni_08 said...

NO NO NO NO NO , im totally disappointed with this exstention 5 out of them announced are worthy in my opinion . Firestar ( at last ) , Baldur , Ares , Wrecker and Scarlet Spider . the others i dont really care for and there is more worthy and well known characters that should of been in for example HYDRO MAN , OMEGA RED , FORGE ,DOMINO, CORSAIR , NOVA . (frankie raye). I cant believe we didnt get a second herald , i cant be the only herald fan on here surely . Ive been a collector since day one and have all figurines but mite have to follow PA and only start getting who is worthy to be bought .

disappointed Baroni........

Robert said...

Rich, a couple of times over the last couple of months the idea of variants has popped up. I know you're not keen on these while there are still loads of characters to be made.

However, every time I look at my collection of figures I think one thing:

Classic Iron Man.

Nothing against the present armour, but if ever there was a "variant" worth doing, this is it.

Gaétan said...

Hello Rich

Like, Kal, I would like very much to get the Beaubier twins as the next 2-pack...;-)

Thanks for the great extention, nice choice


The Man said...

What about characters like bushwacker and jigsaw? And how about some fantastic four, iron man, and hulk enemies?

There has been WAY too much focus on the x-men in this collection. Over a quarter of the collection (and the same goes for the specials) are x-men related. Enough x-men, please. I love them as much as anyone else but enough is enough.

Also, in order for the collection to remain affordable (which is something you have mentioned you are concerned about), it can't go on forever. Some people are struggling to keep up as it is. Four more extensions is way too much to even joke about. People start to realize when it becomes only about the money. It's starting to happen - don't let it continue to that stage.

Also, it would be really cool if you realeased a variant of scorpion (in his venom form). Really awesome :-D

mighty_marvel said...

personally i don't think four extensions will be enough. there's loads of deserving characters left. i made a list to #300 (7 extensions) a while back and there were difficult choices to be made in the characters to leave off of that, let alone a list to #240 (4 extensions). if you can't afford every issue, just buy the characters you're especially interested in.

shff poll tally (top 10) after 138 votes

spiral - 37
tigershark - 35
toad - 33
moondragon - 31
hydroman - 23
forge - 20
domino - 17
photon - 17
arachne - 16
deaths head - 14

would like to see EM confirm pyro and avalanche as a double. then toad could be given pyro's place and spiral, tigershark and moondragon get the 3 extension slots. this would allow all of the top 4 choices to be included as the voting is so close.

and hopefully hydroman, forge, domino, photon and arachne will be the first 5 confirmed in the 161 - 180 extension

Gaétan said...

The Man

Is somebody breaking your arm? Is somebody forcing you to buy the figures? Like everything else in life, when you consider that you have enough of something, you cease to consume. If 200 is your limit, I am OK with that.

But for me and many others, it is the more the merriest. So be a "MAN" and when you have enough figures stop to buy and let the others have their fun...


Thor8 said...

You know,it really makes me laugh when I read some post where someone will state that this collection is becoming too extensive and then practically in the same sentence asks for some requests to be included in the collection. I also find it funny when some people will say things like "this is a very bad extension." "there are too many lame characters not deserving a spot." "I believe Popsicle Man and his sidekick Lollipop Lad,The Human Hamburger,Laser Lips Lady and Cucumber Kid are way more deserving of inclusion."

I'm not exactly wild about every hero included in this extension yet I find Rich and co. have done a pretty fine job trying to please as many people as possible.I didn't get all my wants,but who did. so lets cut Rich some slack and if your fav didn't make it this time there's always next time. I just hope we don't end up getting 3 X-characters in the final spaces in the SHFF poll and that these last 3 spots are just as varied as the rest of this extension.

The Man said...

Hehe. It's called the Classic Marvel Figurine COLLECTION. It isnt a collection if you only randomly buy the ones that you like.

Anywho, I understand where all of you are coming from. I don't think I once bashed any of you in my comment - so don't bash me. I'm allowed my opinion just like you are.

I'm glad someone else agrees with me about the x-men.

Also I realise that my last post may have come across as slightly hyppocritical - asking for a variant but complaining about too many extensions becoming very expensive. However, compare one extra model to another 100. 'Nuff said.

I'm not trying to start with anybody, just clarify myself.

Peace :-)

Anonymous said...

The polls started? So how do I vote and who's the choices?

The Grim Reaper said...

Thor8 said "I just hope we don't end up getting 3 X-characters in the final spaces in the SHFF poll and that these last 3 spots are just as varied as the rest of this extension."

Thing with polls and the like is that we may end up with 3 x-men characters simply because that is what a majority of collectors want.

It would be nice to have an eclectic mix of final 3 but, as it is an open vote, who knows who we'll get, 3 Avengers, 3 X-men, 3 Asgardians or even Howard The Duck, Beyonder and Aunt May in a spideraman outfit; if these are what the majority want then this is what i'll accept.

Polls are going well so far, just a reminder please, 5 choices, list alphabetically (no priorities) and no specific variant votes, it only confuses matters :-)

The Grim Reaper said...

James, it is a "free vote" as in you can choose any 5 characters. We have not limited to a list as such. Only proviso is that figs approx taller than 6'8" are more likely to be specials so not much point in voting for them.

just post your 5 choices in here and i'll add them in for you.

Anonymous said...

the grim reaper :

only problem with posting votes on here is .........

i am known as slapstick on here , and smiffy on the forum.
other people could also have more than one identity.
my point being , that they vote on the forum , then vote on here and end up with 2 votes.
this would cause a problem and could influence the votes , and would not be fair.

The Man said...

Hehe yeah, majority does rule in the end i how do we vote then if not here? Im new to the blog, where's the forum?


marvelman said...

Please can my five choices be added to the vote (I am not a member on the forum):


Thank you!

Robert said...

Like Marvelman, I'm not a member of the forum either. So, here are my votes. (All characters in classic/ original costumes, of course.)


The Grim Reaper said...

The votes are on

there are only 4 votes that will be accepted via any other means.

If you have not registered on SHHFF then please do so. It is the only way we can guarantee a fair vote, for the reasons highlighted by Smiffy/Slapstick.

WE (me, mods/admins and Rich) know the 4 who cannot access the forum and have offered an alternate method for them only, there is no risk of duplication :-)

marvelman , please register to vote and your voice will be heard ;-)

avengers87 said...

from me ,my 4 favorites figures are: moonstone thunderbird mockingbird karnak

Thor8 said...

The Man: I wasn't referring specifically at you when I made my comment about some of the requests made. I understood you perfectly and respect your opinion and I also respect that you are the type of blogger that can state his opinions without getting on a high horse or becoming verbally aggressive when someone disagrees with them.

Grim: When I made my comment about the 3 chosen on the forum I wasn't insinuating that the polls are in anyway "fixed" or influenced by anyone, I was just voicing a preoccupation since I know many of the forum members are X-fans. Believe me I truly believe the poll there will be run honestly.

If I were to be the lucky winner of the poll contest I already know who my coice will be!

pirate adam said...

i know who my choice will be also


mighty_marvel said...

i'm down to one of two choices if i win the comp.

shff poll after 155 votes

spiral - 44
tigershark - 39
toad - 38
moondragon - 35
hydroman - 26
forge - 24
domino - 20
arachne - 18
photon - 18
warpath - 16

The Grim Reaper said...

Thor8 matey, I never for one second thought you were insinuating any impropriety. I just wanted to say that an open poll can throw up some potentially bizarre results.

of the top 5 as shown by MM, for me only Toad is the weaker choice. However, i'd be more than happy to have him in the collection if he is chosen.

Things seem to be going very well so far and the overall feeling for the announced figs in this extention is very positive. A couple of surprises, but welcome ones all the same :-)

Anonymous said...

Regardless if some people don't like the X-Men, there are still plenty of X-Characters to include in the collection. So it's no surprise they're getting a lot of love this time. As they kinda have been taking a backseat for a bit. Last poll, it was the Avengers who ruled things. Now it's the X-Men's turn. Face it, the Avengers and X-Men are going to take up the most space in the collection, because they're huge teams with an extensive enemies list. Just look at Spidey.... we've made our way through the major villains for the most part. Just a couple more to go. FF has a few more iconic villains as well. But the Avengers and X-Men still have a lot of fairly major characters still waiting.

Current poll results as of this morning....

1. Spiral (52 Votes)
2. Toad (44 Votes)
3. Tiger Shark (43 Votes)
4. Moondragon (40 Votes)
5. HydroMan (30 Votes)
6. Forge (29 Votes)
7. Domino (26 Votes)
8. Arachne (20 Votes)
9. Photon (20 Votes)
10. Warpath (17 Votes)

And I say roll on 4 or more extentions. There's still a ton of characters I want to see made.

jimbob said...

Nice to see Domin & Warpath in there.

Two of my X-Factor wants!

Now Cannonball is confirmed i hope EM will go for a neutral costume where he can fit in with the X-Factor or New Mutants.

Anonymous said...

Only legitimate choice for Cannonball is his black leather number with the C's on the chest and shoulders. Honestly, all of the New Mutants should be done in their individual looking costumes. They'd be kinda boring on the shelf if they all looked the same.

mighty_marvel said...

yeah, i'd like the black one with the Cs too. wouldn't mind the blue and yellow flight suit with the goggles and hat either.

shff poll after 189 voters

spiral - 54
toad - 50
tigershark - 44
moondragon - 41
hydroman - 32
forge - 31
domino - 28
arachne - 20
photon - 20
warpath - 19

jimbob said...

Comon TIGERSHARK!!!!!!!

Thor8 said...

There is a slight contraversy on which costume Cannonball should be given. Maybe some kind of unoficial poll could be done as was done with the Wasp in order to have a better idea on which cosume is favored by most. Other characters whom may need a costume poll are:

1)Crimson Dynamo
5)Typhoid Mary
6)Radioactive Man

avengers87 said...

my favorites are : moonstone mockingbird thunderbird or his brother warpath karnak PLEASE, PLEASE...PLEASE

Fabio Mucci said...

i'd say to continue with collection to 300.


The Man said...

Glad we're on good terms Thor8 :-)

Now...I have one or two stupid questions I'd like to ask somebody (customer services don't reply to me...hehe). Anybody willing to answer?

Hawkeye said...

One question I'd like answered is when the main site will be updated? It's been a dog's age since it was updated and the figures now shown are all currently available if I'm not mistaken? And the Kingpin figure is still mispriced.

It's not just the CMFC either, the DC site is just as bad with a male figure shown as a female one!!!

C'mon Eaglemoss - these sites are a valuable way of connecting with your fan base - get your web boys to get their act together! Pah!

(I'm now going to lie down in adarkened room with a copy of the Justice League / Avengers crossover to calm down......)

The Grim Reaper said...

oooh a Quiz.....

....I like quizzes :-)

ask your first question The man.

Anonymous said...

Hawkeye, if I recall correctly they cut back on employees when the economy took a bad turn. And the web master was among those people who were downsized. So now they get to it when they can.

mighty_marvel said...

daily poll update

after 199 voters

spiral - 56
toad - 52
tigershark - 48
moondragon - 44
hydroman - 35
forge - 33
domino - 30
photon - 22
arachne - 21
warpath - 20

Thor8 said...

Hawkeye my friend and fellow Avenger I gave up on requesting that EM's main site be updated ages ago! I asked,cried,begged,threatened,demanded,and nothing was done,so I decided to just leave it as a lost cause and move on to other matters.

Franceso said...

Hi we are an italian forum
of eaglemoss statue we would to know if the "classic" of title figurines collection means of the original universe marvel of earth 616 and exclude the ultimate universe
in the forum many people would to know if is for this there are new characters like sentry, that aren't real classic but the figurine is part of the classic world"
please let we know if is possible and thanks for the work

The Man said...

Thanks Grim Reaper :-)

ok so before I ask, I am admitting that they are stupid questions - so need to tell me that they are :P...

1. In the general enquiries section of the site, it talks about the Dark Pheonix and Grey Hulk variants. In fact, many years ago, this is the same place where I found out about the existence of such models. However, as a subscriber, I was never offered to purchase these variants nor have I ever seen these variants (ever)- which has led me to a conspiracy theory that they do not exist. :p Please clarify if they do and if you know if they're still available (anywhere!).

2. Is there any particular reason why the Abomination Special is not in the shop? Has it been pulled from production or something? [I know the site isnt updated very often - but it did come out well before such specials such as the Kingpin and Sentinel (i think before Sentinel anyway)...]

3. Although I doubt it will ever be created as a model, would the Doppelganger (from spiderman) be considered as Special size or as a regular model size?

Thanks a lot :-D

Anonymous said...

thor 8 :

hell cat has already been finished so she won't be changed now.
but i agree , some characters could be made in different costumes.
radioactive man for example.
he could be made with or without his suit.
we should have polls on these types of characters , or eaglemoss may want to consider variants like they did with hulk , phoenix / jean grey and captain marvel.
so that collectors could have a choice , some may even purchase both versions , thus more profit.

and now i'd like to ask if we can get some more sneak peaks this friday please ?

we still haven't seen :

son of satan
beta ray bill - painted
crimson dynamo
sunfire - finished paint
grim reaper
drax the destroyer

i'd like to see son of satan in his full red and yellow costume with mask , rather than bare chest and no mask.
another reason we need costume polls , or variants !!

Anonymous said...

following on from my last comment :

if we have had a sneak peak of enchantress , who is number 137 in the collection , why haven't we seen the others ?
issue numbers from my list above are

117 , 118 , 119 , 120 , 122 , 125
126 , 130 , 131 , 133 , 134 , 135
136 , 138 , 140

oops forgot -
blackheart - finished + painted
issue 139

The Grim Reaper said...

Slapstick. some of the ones listed are shown on SHFF.

BRB , X-23 from the comic-con and Sunfire from EM. May be others.

CMFC Hard Facts section, spoilers.


Anonymous said...

i've seen beta ray bill , but not painted.
x-23 , hard to see the detail , but you are right , i remember seeing her in a display picture at comic con.
as for sunfire , we saw him on here but not the final paint.
it would be nice to see some more in this next update.

Robert said...

I'd also like to see some sneak peaks on Friday, particularly of Tigra, Drax and Destroyer and the finished Beta Ray Bill.

Does anyone know what version of Drax we'll get? I'm kind of assuming he'll have his original look but he did make a lot of appearances in the Infinity series in a brain-damaged and physically grotesque incarnation. And I think he has a new look, too, although I haven't seen it. Anyone know...?

The Man said...

Grim Reaper please answer??? :P

Anonymous said...

well i dunno about the rest of you , but i prefer the green and purple outfit for drax.

The Grim Reaper said...

Sorry The Man, missed your post.

Q2 and Q3 i'll have to "phone a friend" on....seems these are best answered by EM.... i'm just a mere mortal. :-)

However Q1 I can answer.

The variants of which you speak are indeed real and were sold in the UK by Forbidden Planet; Dark Phoenix, Grey Hulk, Blue Angel, White Captain Marvel, Naked Sue Storm. (sorry wrong website...ooops ;-) )

Also, Green Quicksilver seems to have been released in France. try searching for VIF ARGENT VARIANT- Figurine Plomb marvel

Anyway, they are still available if you know where to look. Watch out for fleecers on Fleabay selling "variants" that are actually standard figs that they have added a lick of paint to themselves. Prices can be high; be patient and they'll turn up, more often than not as part of job-lot sales. If there are specific figs anyone needs then post a request in our Wants section, 1500 members keeping an eye out for you worldwide may get a quick result.


Thor8 said...

Slapstick: I'm well aware that Hellcat has already been anounced with her yellow leotard but it's just a matter of a repaint job for a black suit version to be done.

jimbob said...

We got tiped off that we might be getting modern Drax wich i prefer!

His look is from Annihilation saga.Which i am a big fan of!

So please Rich can we have Ronan and Blastaar in the collection soon!

Banshee said...

Ok so I'm really happy with the extension, there are 6 or 7 I can't wait for and it looks like Spiral and Toad are going to make it in too, even better. I'm also psyched for Blob, Fin Fang Foom and Cloak and Dagger next year but surely it's now time to announce that Northstar and Aurora will become a double-pack in the collection. Please sort it EM :) :)

Anonymous said...

so go out and buy a tin of black paint then lol

ted sallis said...

Wow! just got a box full of goodies
the finest triple pack ever, shang chi is fab ,mind you destroyer and machine man are pretty amazing too.
Reminds me why i love this collection so much.

The Man said...

Thanks Grim Reaper! - Legend! :-)

P.S. do you think that Green Quicksilver is authentic?

Mr J said...

VOTE TOAD!!! Surely his time has finally come, so cmon guys lets get TOAD in the collection finally.

Totally support Northstar & Aurora as the next double pack we NEED them in 2010!!!!!

jimbob said...

Yess please confirm Auora & Northstar,it is well overdue!

Put us at ezee!:)

Robert said...

Firstly, a thank you to Mighty Marvel for the daily poll update. For folks like myself - albeit the small minority it seems - who don't go onto the main site it's much appreciated.

Another thanks to Jimbob for answering my question about Drax the Destroyer. Have to admit I'll be disappointed if it's not his classic costume and I probably won't buy it. Guess it won't just be Pip missing from the Infinity Watch now. (I am quite positive about Moondragon and I have some hope of eventually getting a Gamora figurine, too.)

PS Can't wait to get Shang-Chi!!

Fabio Mucci said...

I thought that another extension to 300 it's required. Too much character left off of the collection.

Jigsaw, Howard the duck, Killraven, Simon Garth are characters important in the collection. Too much important.

Along with others specials like Lockjaw, Aurora & Northstark and the Power Pack. They're essential to collection!

mighty_marvel said...

you're welcome robert.

today's poll update after 217 voters

spiral - 63
toad - 57
tigershark - 51
moondragon - 48
forge - 39
hydroman - 38
domino - 33
photon - 23
arachne - 21
warpath - 21

Anthony Stark said...

Hi, can anyone explain to me why 'Spiral' is getting so many votes? :S
I mean 'Toad', 'Tigershark', even 'Moondragon' I can understand, but... 'Spiral'?
Don't get me wrong now, I'm not really complaining. It's more out of curiosity than anything else.

Thor8 said...

Robert: By your last comment posted, does this mean you have not voted in the forum yet?

Robert said...

No, I haven't. Don't really want to sign up, Thor8. While I will not buy all the names listed in the poll if they are made, I do like most of them. Basically, I was very happpy with the names on the last extension and trust you guys to select more good 'uns.

Oh, after your suggestion I did buy The Marvel Project last week and enjoyed it a lot. I had avoided it due to cash and the fact my comics are taking over a room but now I'm looking forward to seeing Cap next issue. Thanks for the tip.

spidey_1979 said...

@ anthony stark

its because the forum, just like last time when it was given a vote, is generally more concerned with the aesthetically interesting characters instead of the important ones with decent amount of appearances and storyline impact.

jimbob said...

I think the X-fans like the Mojo world!

pippin gold said...

Mighty Marvel....some of your scores are wrong mate

asd said...

"its because the forum, just like last time when it was given a vote, is generally more concerned with the aesthetically interesting characters instead of the important ones with decent amount of appearances and storyline impact."...........for example?

Banshee said...

Gotta say after all the hype not too long ago, I really thought Avalanche would have made quite an impact on the forum poll. He's not even entered the top 10 ?? Not that I voted for him just saying LOL!!! Glad to see Spiral and Toad making good headway though. I really hope Tigershark holds out over Moondragon too :) :) :)

Saying that does anybody else think EM may turn Spiral down. With the 6 arms and all I imagine her to be quite large, possibly pushing her into the Special category??

Anthony Stark said...

Yeah... For me she's not what you would call 'aesthetically interesting' or even 'interesting' for that matter. I guess it just kinda bugs me because I think the whole 'Mojoverse' thing is pretty lame. But apparently I'm in the minority in this case :D

It's not all bad though as 'Toad' seems to be a sure thing. Anyway, 'Banshee' made a very interesting point above, maybe Eaglemoss could still swoop in to save the day :)

Anonymous said...

Spiral is a great character, with a great look, and a rich histroy. And the figure that Hasbro did of her was amazing looking. I'm glad she's doing so well. I certainly want her over more Asgardians or Inhumans. Hopefully it will encourage Eaglemoss to do a Mojo Special as well. Then we just need Longshot and we'll have all the major Mojoworld players.

Thor8 said...

Anthony Stark; I'm not sure if you are in the minority or not,but you're certainly not alone. I find most of the "Mojoverse" quite lame myself,never did like the character or the concept as such. I believe that with all the extra arms and her height Spiral may just be a niche out of the regular category!

Anonymous said...

She's a female character, even with the extra arms she's not going to require any more material than Dr. Strange with his huge cape. It's cute that you guys are trying to find a way to toss her out of the voting, but I doubt we'll see it happen. She was made as a regular rigure rather than a Build-A-Figure in Marvel Legends as well. Also, as far as her height..... she's only 5'10" plus her helmet.

Thor8 said...

CBRBeast: More asgardians? Thor, Loki and now Balder do not exactly make a crowd(Yeah I know they say 3 is a crowd, ha ha,very funny)but I don't really think 3 asgardians can compre to dozens of X-related and Avengers or Spidey related figurines!

Anonymous said...

Well, I find the whole Asgardian thing is pretty lame. Doesn't mean I should whine that they're being included. Spiral's also our first inclusion from the Mojoverse.... so the Asgardians already have more representations than they do. ;)

Robert said...

Absolutely no interest in Mojo or modern X-Men characters and won't be buying them.

(Which is not to say they don't deserve to be in the collection, of course, just my personal taste.)

Very glad Tiger Shark and Moondragon doing so well in the polls.

pippin gold said...

Enchantress was a agardain last time i looked.and Beta Ray Bill is a honorary that makes 5 and not a huge Thor fan and thats is a good amount for now..Sif would be the choice for next one

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, they did forget Enchantress for some reason. Maybe that's they're real problem with Spiral. They're members of the "He-Man Woman Haters Club".

Also the comment about 'Modern X-Characters'. Spiral's first appearance was Longshot #1, from 1985. That's hardly modern.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, they did forget Enchantress for some reason. Maybe that's they're real problem with Spiral. They're members of the "He-Man Woman Haters Club".

Also the comment about 'Modern X-Characters'. Spiral's first appearance was Longshot #1, from 1985. That's hardly modern.

Anthony Stark said...

Ouch, "He-Man Woman Haters Club". That's us told LOL
I think there would be a huge outcry if 'Spiral' won the poll and was then tossed out. Rest assured CBRBeast, no one is trying to sabotage 'Spiral'. But you can't blame us for being unenthused at the same time. This is a place to voice our opinions after all.

Robert said...

Ah, but it's all relative, CBRBeast.

To you young 'uns, 1985 is your childhood. I was already out working for a living so it honestly doesn't seem that old to me.

Seriously, Longshot debuted about the same time I gave up reading the X-titles (with the exception of occasional visits to see what the Canucklehead is up to). So that's my cut-off point. After that, characters like Blink are complete strangers. It doesn't matter to me if they look cool, as I admit the modern X-characters often do. (Just don't get me started on cat-Beast!) I buy characters I have read about and enjoyed the adventures of for years.

Like the Asgardians.

Anonymous said...

Sure I can blame you. It's silly to complain in a collection that's for everyone, that someone you don't like gets huge support for inclusion. It's not the "Thor8 Marvel Figurine Collection" or the "Anthony Stark Figurine Collection". Maybe you guys are just out of touch with what people want?

Let's look at the current Asgardian results for instance.

Fandral (1 Vote)
Heimdall (4 Votes)
Hela (2 Votes)
Hogun (1 Vote)
Sif (4 Votes)
Volstagg (2 Votes)

Robert said...

We're not complaining, we're disagreeing. There's a big difference.

I have said that anyone who gets support deserves inclusion.

I never said Spiral or any other character should not get made.

But we have every right to disagree with the majority if it's our honest opinion.

"Being in a minority, even a minority of one does not make you mad {or wrong} - Sanity is not statistical" George Orwell, 1984.

Anonymous said...

Might wanna read up at some of the comments about wanting Spiral to get disqualified from the line-up. And any of the other numerous posts on these blogs whenever a character someone doesn't like gets announced. You may not be the one doing it, but you certainly must be aware of it. The huge wobblers that were thrown when Blob was announced was epic.

Robert said...

I would not support any disqualification of any character that was popular, CBRBeast, regardless of what I think of them.

I'm honestly not being deliberately obtuse, but are you saying that you think that calls to make Spiral a special is an attempt to get her off the regular list? I would hope that's not true and also hope it's not me being niave again.

While I have posted pretty regularly lately, I only sporadically read posts here beforehand. So the Blob issue you mentioned doesn't mean anything. You may be right about underhand attempts to remove characters but I really was not aware of it. So to say I was "certainly aware of it" is untrue and unfair.

I would not side with anyone trying to oust a popular character. If you recall, I defended the inclusion of Howard the Duck a while back, despite having no interest in the duck myself.

ted sallis said...

Aww CBR Beast i love you man ,you actually said HUGE WOBBLERS did you keep a straight face when you wrote that?
All i know about spiral is
A people want her .
B she has some neat moves in marvel vs capcom 2.
I can assure you dear cbr beast i have no intention off throwing huge wobblers , I mean what a waste of wobbles?

Anonymous said...


Well, it's nice to see more people on this blog who understands that the line is for everyone. I myself hold a similar view. I may not be interestd in Balder or some of the other choices, but I'm hardly going to have a fit about it. I'm just happy the collection is doing so well that we might see it reach 200 and beyond. I still have a large list of characters that I'd like to see done. So the more the merrier. Roll on 200 Eaglemoss, Bring on Dark Beast, Rocket Raccoon, and Sage!

Robert said...

Glad we got that sorted, CBRBeast.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

P.S. Shang-Chi next week!

P.P.S. "Hai, Yah!"

ted sallis said...

Robert , it should be worth the wait Shang Chi is easily one of my favs. If you are a subscriber i think you will love machine man too.
Took me back to when i was just a wee laddie, Master Of Kung Fu and Jack Kirby's Machine man were some of the few marvel titles that arrived with any regularity at our corner shop

winter soldier said...


Thor8 said...

WOW! When did we go to war? Glad you were able to take care of things Robert and clear things up,for as you stated no one is trying to get Spiral or any other character booted from the competition or collection in general.

True I overlooked Enhantress,but the day I become a woman hater is the day Mangog wins the next Miss Universe Pageant. As for Beta Ray, honarary or not,he is still an alien and not a true asgardian.

Even if Spiral is from the "Mojoworld" she is still an X-Man related character.

Robert said...

Thor8, at the risk of starting another dispute - goodness knows there's been enough of that today - I have to say I think Beta Ray Bill fits more comfortably in the Thor/ Asgardian camp than the cosmics.

His power's from Odin, his look is a futuristic Thor, he's made most of his appearances in Thor's own title and he's sometimes called Beta Ray Thor. Yep, he's an alien but I think the accumulated weight of the other stuff trumps that fact.

Of course, if counting BRB as an Asgardian means one less character who inhabits Asgard will appear in the collection, then I withdraw the above!

mighty_marvel said...

isn't valkyrie an asgardian too?

no need for spiral to be a special. she's only 5'10", not bulky and they managed doc ock with extra arms as a regular so i'm sure spiral will qualify too.

pippin - checked my scores again (top 10 anyway) and got exactly the same results. maybe the mods on the forum have cancelled some votes or something but i'm just reporting the votes as i've counted them.

anyways my vote tally for today (225 voters)

spiral - 65
toad - 57
tigershark - 53
moondragon - 50
forge - 39
hydroman - 38
domino - 33
photon - 23
warpath - 23
arachne - 21

Anonymous said...

no update this week ?

i guess we will get a mega update with some pictures of some more figurines and news about the competition perhaps ?

ted sallis said...

night ,night

Robert said...

As we didn't get an update this week, why don't we vote on who we would like a preview of in Rich's next post?

As has been pointed out by other posters, Rich's previews have been non-sequential. So, using Slapstick's list as a starting point, which of these figurines would you like to see in the next post from Rich?

X-23, Tigra, Son of Satan, Beta Ray Bill (painted), Crimson Dynamo, Titania or Snowbird? (These are from 117-130 only.)

I vote for Tigra.

aderechelsea said...

anyone else having trouble entering the superherofigurineforum?

i cannot even get in the login page.

Holy Wolf said...

Snowbird definitely :D

Anonymous said...

son of satan

jimbob said...

Painted Blackheart!

mighty_marvel said...

snowbird next please.

my shff poll tally (232 voters)

spiral - 67
toad - 58
tigershark - 54
moondragon - 52
hydroman - 40
forge - 39
domino - 33
photon - 24
warpath - 23
arachne - 21
karnak - 20
deaths head - 18
magik - 18
firelord - 17
longshot - 17
beetle - 15
vance astro/major victory/justice - 15
mar-vell - 14
owl - 14
avalanche - 13
wizard - 13

Thor8 said...

Either Tigra or Wasp

The Grim Reaper said...

@ aderechelsea (and anyone else having difficulty logging in to forum)

Try this link,

That should help, if not, drop me an e-mail

Also 2009 Custom Comp entries are all in, images should be available today, voting starts shortly thereafter.



winter soldier said...


marveljoe said...

I would like to see Tigra next. I wonder when we will here what the competition will entail next week.

jimbob said...

Hey guys Foom pick on the forum!;)

Franceso said...

Hello Grim Reaper
sorry if you have trouble
but I would be grateful if
could respond to
My question

a warm greeting from the Italian fans

The Grim Reaper said...

Hi Francesco, warm welcome to all Italian collectors.

I think you question is best answered by Richard but who knows where this fantastic collection will lead.

Personally the term CLASSIC means different things to different people and if we are lucky enough to see the collection go beyond 200-300 then it will become redundant as boundaries get moved.


mighty_marvel said...

my shff poll tally after 247 voters. (some may be a little wrong as mods have cancelled a few votes)

spiral - 71
toad - 62
tigershark - 57
moondragon - 52
forge - 46
hydroman - 42
domino - 36
photon - 26
warpath - 25
arachne - 23

Banshee said...

I checked out the figurine of Fin Fang Foom out on the forum. Are we sure that this is an EM figurine??
If it is I can't wait to get my hands on him he looks incredible :)

Franceso said...

Thanks Grim Reaper
and thanks to all for your passion to the collection
now has also become a bit of our

A warm welcome also to the Editor of the Blog