Friday, 27 November 2009

Costume choices


I’m back this week with a bit of a longer update.

First off, just want to talk about the specials. A few people have asked what characters make specials. For the purposes of the forum poll and as a general rule, if a character is 6’ 8” and over, then they’re likely to be a special.

Now I realize that some characters might be 6’ 9” but thin as a rake so it would seem unfair to class them in the specials category. However, if such characters are popular enough to be in the regular series, we’ll consider putting them in.

Obviously there is a limit to the size we can make certain figures and maintain a successful magazine. Our production team has told me that we’ve been making figures a little too big recently. In all honesty, when we first started the collection the Thing (Issue 4) only just made it in as he was pretty much considered a special due to his bulk. Since then we’ve attempted to balance the collection while trying not to compromise on size and complexity of the figures. The Beta Ray Bill figure was right on the cusp of becoming a special and I’ve fought to keep him in the regular line-up without compromising the original sculpt (which I think was awesome). Due to a few problems with him and a couple of other figures it looks like I’m going to be tweaking the running order from 119-160 in the next few days but all figures confirmed are still going to be made.

So, what I’m getting at is that although you may think someone like Ronan isn’t too bulky, at 7’ tall with a big hammer and possibly a cloak he just breaks the regular limit. We could perhaps compromise and reduce him down, remove his cloak, make him thinner etc… but personally I’d rather make an excellent sculpt at special size than one of the regular sculpts that people say ‘aw, he’s alright but could have been bigger and better’.

At the moment the collection is scheduled to end around the end of 2011 so we’ve got plenty of time for more specials. If we get extended again then we’ll have more on top of that. Plus you never know what’ll happen with double packs etc…

Speaking of double packs…

No, I’m afraid Pyro is not being pulled out and placed with Avalanche at this point. Despite the fact that I’ve actually been struggling to find decent reference for the figure (any ideas for good artwork much appreciated), we’re still planning on including him as a regular.

Right, with that aside I just want to say that the main site should be updated very soon, if not already done. We no longer do this update in house but have a couple of very good people working for us. They hear your comments and should be sorting it out.

Next I’d like to kick off a little debate on character’s costumes. We’re looking to start sculpting a few of the characters chosen in this new extension and a couple has been bothering me as to which costume they should be made in. While I’m sure the guys on the forum will be running some polls, I’d like to hear views in the comments section as well.

Rachel Summers (Marvel Girl)-
We think it should be one of two costumes.

Original hellhound red costume:

New Green and yellow tribute to mum (Jean Grey) costume with or without mask:

Cannonball –

Original New Mutants:

Flight Jacket and goggles (late New Mutants):

Most Recent X-costume:

Or if you think there are better costumes than those listed above, let me know.

And finally this week we have a sneak peek of X-23.

Being a modern character (and Wolverine related) I know she’s going to get some strong reactions from fans of the older characters but I’m happy she’s in the collection as I think it keeps it a little balanced. The pose we chose was based on some Mike Choi artwork from her second comic series and was chosen to reflect a sort of silent menace. After all, she is a deadly assassin but she’s also a lost little girl. Being a new character she has had a few costumes already but we chose this one based on it being the most X-Men-like and iconic. She has recently updated the costume with a mask (as part of X-Force) but we felt it’d be nicer to show her face.


mighty_marvel said...

thanks for the info on specials rich. agree with you on ronan, needs to be a special if he is done really. but how about sauron. yes he's tall but he's also skeletal. doesn't seem to have the necessary bulk for a special.

would like rachel summers in green and yellow costume with mask, as it could pass as a non-phoenix jean grey also for people who aren't too keen on the phoenix design.

cannonball should be in the newest black costume with goggles. although i could live with the flight jacket and goggles idea. original costume too generic and shouldn't be considered imo.

disappointing that pyro is unlikely to be as a double with avalanche. would be nice to complete mystique's brotherhood line-up and with avalanche's lack of history it seemed the only way we were likely to get him in.

hope we get some more specials confirmed soon. hoping for odin, madame web or sasquatch next.

Mr J said...

Marvel Girl NEEDS to be in her yellow & Green costume! The other choice is nasty.

Cannonball I would prefer him in his original black & yellow costume. The newer black costume with the letter C on it looks so similar to Havoks cotume.

Holy Wolf said...

Marvel Girl has to be in the green and yellow costume, preferably in the modern look without the mask.

Rich if you make the red one I will actually cry, it's awful!

As for Cannonball, definitely the modern black one with the goggles.

Thanks for clearing up the stuff on the specials and the double packs. I'm looking forward to hearing the new release order, just don't move Snowbird back!

SuperCliff said...

I really like X-23's costume, and i think that the new extension is one of the best so far!

i think rachel has to has to has to be in her yellow and green costume, that's how i imagined her to be anyway.
Cannonball should be in his original costume or his newest one, simply because the middle one is unfamiliar to me

i can't wait to get fin fang foom, he looks incredible!

Holy Wolf said...

Also you need the remember that the vast majority of the Xmen are all in modern costumes, would be very odd getting Rachel Summers or Cannonball in anything but their modern looks, which is fortunate as they're by far the best looks for both characters :D

Also I forgot the mention that X-23 is great, managed to be a lucky boy get my hands on her in the lead last week and she's a brilliant fig!

Wendy said...

LOVE the X-23! can't wait 'till she comes out.
I agree with the comments above and prefer the marvel girl yellow and green. I would love to see maybe a variant of jean grey as marvel girl :)

jarvis69 said...

Thanks for the explanations about the specials Richard .
For the other guys 'll hate me but: ORIGINALS !!
X-23...another ersatz of Wolverine , no interest for me , sorry ! lol

Hellcat Lover said...

I love Rachel in her Marvel Girl Outfit. So thats My vote. But Hey I liked the Red Hound Outfit too. Rachel's current look is awesome too! Rise and Fall Of the Shiar Empire black leather look. Coolness.

Superdude said...

Modern versions for both please!

Red version of Marvel Girl is ugly!

sergiogf said...


I'm afraid I'd like the Rachel Summers original red costume. Or at least the new one witohout mask.

About Cannonball, I really prefer the black/yellow one (as Kitty Pryde). The last black one is not bad but please not the Liefeld option¡ Uf¡

It's dissapointing to ear that Pyro and Avalanche aer not going to be a double pack.

Sauron should be as special.

Holy Wolf said...

Actually when it comes to Marvel Girl's modern look, instead of the mask I much prefer the yellow phoenix symbol over the one eye. Makes for a much more visually impressive look :)

Anonymous said...

Great info this time.

Re: Rachel - I think the consensus is pretty much the green/yellow mini-skirt costume that honors her Mom. You'll have to do her without "mask" though, as her mask was just a pair of yellow glasses/goggles. And unless you're going to start using plastic or something on the figurines, there's no way to reproduce the effect. The Hasbro ML figure came without mask for the same reason.

Cannonball - I really think in the case of the New Mutants, their individual costumes are a better choice. If you do the first appearance versions, they're gonna look out of place in the collection frankly. That said, I loathe his pink costume. I actually think his more recent black leather costume with the goggles is his best look. Though the problem is, goggles arn't gonna be able to be reproduced.

As for the Pyro/Avalanche 2-Pack... I still think it's the best idea. If you go look up Avalanche's history on Wikipedia or the more detailed Marvel Bio sites... he has very very little history. So making him as a single character is going to be very very difficult. Hopefully he'll still be included somehow.

jimbob said...

CANNONBALL - Flight Jacket and goggles!!!!!!

I am a fan of X-Force and would like his costume to be versitile!

I would not like his NEW MUTANT costume in my X-Force display!

Holy Wolf said...

CBRBeast, I wouldn't think there would be too much toruble with Cannonball's modern look goggles. After all they managed to do blue Beetle and Booster Gold in the Dc collection fine :)

Anonymous said...

Re: Holy Wolf....


Do her with the Phoenix symbol over her eye.

Also, good point about the darkened goggles.

jimbob said...

And as for specials i think that Stilt Man could go on a regular base because of his light build.

spidey_1979 said...

definitely yellow and green homage to jean for marvel girl please.

as for cannonball, either of the looks with goggles is fine by me.

max_0888 said...

Great update Rich :)
I really like X-23's fig. After seeing it, i'm really happy she's in the collection. The quality of the fig are getting beyond great (X-23, Titanis, Fin Fang Foom!!!)

As for costumes, Cannonball would be better in his purple X-force costume imo. The new mutants one is just like Kitty's and doesn't really stands out. I think he would look more original with his X-force look.

As for Rachel, i'm definitely preferring her Excalibur look. I know i'm a minority here, but her recent look, ressembles Jean Grey too much. And I liked the character a lot more while she was in Excalibur. She comes from Days of future past, and I think the nasty slave side of her is more interesting both visually and as a character. I always think it's more interesting having a costume that differs. Like for example, Siry, I would prefer her dark green costume from X-factor than the one that looks like her dad's.

I think the figs will look great with whichever costume EM decides.

Thanks for the great collection, i'm a huge fan!

Robert said...

Thanks for explaining the thinking behind why some figurines are specials rather than standard issues, Rich. It's a nice end to the week when we get a lengthy post and you suggest a poll.

I won't vote for any costumes as the modern X-characters are the only figures I don't buy, but I'll be interested to see which incarnations get most votes.

Anonymous said...

Cannonball and Marvel Girl are modern?

Marvel Graphic Novel #4: The New Mutants (1982)

Marvel Girl:
Uncanny X-Men #141 (January 1981)

Mr J said...

Pyro has just come back into Marvel Comics (along with Destiny) due the the Necrosha event thats currently going on so there is already brand new art work of him and there will obviously be more over the coming months.

Richard are Northstar & Aurora going to be a double pack for 2010?

Dont push Jubilee back bring her forward!!!!!

Travis said...

Hell Hound Rachel is the way to go. It would be nice to have one X-Men in this collection in their classic costume. ;)

Robert said...

Okay, I forgot just how old these characters are, CBRBeast, but they do honestly still seem like johnny-come-latelies. I guess it's one of my personal quirks that I tend to think that any characters I read about in high school or as an adult are "modern". I clearly remember buying the first appearance of Venom and, what, twenty years or so later I still don't think of him as a classic Spidey character.

Anyway, I'm off to play my phonograph and put cream on my feet.

Anonymous said...

x-23 :

she looks fantastic.
i recently complained about her not looking very good , but have now realised that it was because the picture that i saw on the forum was not the finished article.

pyro + avelanche :

i'm very disappointed that we are not going to see a special double pack using these two characters.
rich has already told us of the difficulty of making a magazine for pyro alone , due to lack of artwork
so surely it would make sense to put these two characters together?
then there would be plenty of info and artwork to produce the magazine

costumes :

marvel girl -

green + yellow costume please , with or without the mask.

cannonball -

purple + brown flight jacket costume with goggles above his forehead please.

black costume clashes with havok
blue + yellow costume clashes with other x-men characters

Dan said...

Green + Yellow for Marvel Girl

Black (recent) costume for Cannonball

Ronan as a special (and soon! :D)


Oh and X-23 looks good

mighty_marvel said...

my provisional shff final vote tally (302 voters)

toad - 85
spiral - 84
moondragon - 69
tigershark - 68
forge - 56
hydroman - 51
domino - 43
warpath - 31
photon - 30
arachne - 28
longshot - 26
magik - 26
karnak - 24
avalanche - 21
deaths head - 21
beetle - 19
firelord - 18
mar-vell - 18
owl - 17
vance astro - 17
howard the duck - 16
silver samurai - 16
stingray - 16
wizard - 16
thundra - 15
white tiger - 15
tarantula - 14
hammerhead - 13
moonstone - 13
mirage - 12
werewolf by night - 12
brother voodoo - 11
dust - 11
grey gargoyle - 11
sage - 11
wolfsbane - 11

just waiting on final confirmation from the mods as all votes have to be checked for multiple accounts.

The Grim Reaper said...

Great update Rich, and glad you're back on form.

Polls are running already for costume choices :-)

Also, SHFF next-3 voting has now finished. I'd like to make a suggestion; the potential competition that has been mentioned will be extremely difficult to organise and manage, therefore scrap that idea and just go with the top 4 from the votes ;-)


:-) :-) pleeeeeeeeease

mighty_marvel said...

with multiple account voters taken off

spiral - 84
toad - 82
moondragon - 69
tigershark - 68
forge - 54
hydroman - 51
domino - 43
warpath - 31
photon - 30
arachne - 28

Gaétan said...

X-23 looks great...

I would also scrap the idea of the contest in favor of the four first finalists


Mr J said...


Great choices and all worthy winners.

Ephemerist X said...

I'd say the best choices would be the green gogo dress look for Rachel and the black 'C' one for Cannonball. Though, actually, I think Rachel newer leather pants and halter look is a much better one.

Ephemerist X said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aderechelsea said...

Kaiho from the forum here.

still not able to get in touch with the forum. No idea why.

anyway ...

Rachel is one of those characters that i really don't care about even though i consider myself an x-fan. But since we are getting her than it should be in the green/yellow uniform. The other one is plain ridiculous for the character.

as for Cannonball .... pretty please .. not the original horrible costume. He will be like a generic x-character from the academy. Give him the modern look or the one from the 90's ... blue and yellow.

and Grim ... if you are reading this please tell me why i cannot get in the site. I've sent you a mail about it but got no response.


aderechelsea said...

and now i noticed that Tigershark lost to Moondragon for just one vote !!!

this is a disaster for me ... I was hoping for Tigershark to get made this time around and not that Moonstone that i couldn't care less ... i am bummed ...


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Democracy! :D

Pretty happy with the results. Tigershark never jumped out at me frankly. And I was hoping to get another member of the GotG in this expansion. So I'm very pleased. Hopefully she's in her modern costume, so I can put her with Drax when he comes out. Shame we missed the boat on getting Adam Warlock in his newer costume also.

jhota said...

Rachel needs to be in her Hound costume - it's the genesis of the character, after all.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe so. That would be like saying Kitty needs to be in her Sprite costume. We already have one X-Character who sticks out like a sore thumb in the collection, Dazzler. Let's avoid having another one. Rachel's hound costume worked for the story, but it's frankly boring and kinda meh.

Holy Wolf said...

I'm also in favour of scrapping the other competition and just taking the top 4 :)

As for the costume choices, as Grim said we've got polls running at the moment and after 80ish votes they curently stand at:

Marvel girl:
Red costume 25%
Green/yellow costume 75%

and of that 75% it follows:
with mask 16%
without mask 84%

Original new mutant 12%
Purple flight jacket & goggles 5%
Modern black uniform 30%
Blue/yellow uniform 53%

Mr J said...

I would like the competition to carry on! Tigershark can be in the next extension we were always going to only get the top 3.

Looking forward to hearing the comp details.

jarvis69 said...

I agree with Grim and Gaétan , no more compétition....TigerShark deserve his place in the collection !

lipstick said...

I agree with max_0888 for Rachel.
Original costume is more gorgeous and dynamic.

mighty_marvel said...

can't understand why the blue/yellow costume for cannonball is doing so well. it's not one of the three choices rich showed on the blog, he doesn't have his iconic goggles and it reminds me too much of cyclops 90s costume.

modern black costume all the way

Dan said...

Have to say, I also agree with Grim! Scrap the competition, put Tigershark in. The result was so close I doubt many people would be unhappy with that result, and I don't see any way the competition can be run fairly while including everyone it possibly could in every country.

Artificial Idiot said...

Sorry, that ^ was me. Somehow managed to sign in with a different email. :s But I'm sure Dan agrees too! *shifty*

jimbob said...

Yeah scrap the comp!!!

There are obvious a few people with multiple accounts using there friends computures at there house.

It is hard to do this fairly now:(

Good top three anyway!

The Mast said...

I just can't believe you haven't done a Penance figure.

Imagine how excellent that would look.

Granted, there aren't many characters left to do that would look amazing, but there's a few you're ignoring; Penance is one of them.

Marvel Girl needs to be yellow/green and Cannonball should be in flight jacket. It gives him character.

-The Mast

Anonymous said...

Cause Penance is a heavily disliked character, which kinda destroyed Speedball as a character. At least Marvel's moving towards fixing that hot mess, if you've seen the latest issue of Avengers: The Initiative.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say, X-23!!!! THANK YOU FOR SHOWING HER!! She is my fave Marvel character, so I was SO pleased when I heard she was going to be in this. And to be honest, that's what first got me into the collection (Yes, I arrived late).

I love that you chose that costume. Its one of my faves, and knowing a lot of other X fans, its a fave amongst us all.

I don't know if its too late to tell you, but, you have her eyes as brown. X-23 eyes are GREEN.
As for the costumes, my votes:

Rachel Summers, Green And Yellow.
Cannonball, Most Recent X-costume (But glasses on hi forehead, not over his eyes).

Holy Wolf said...

Seems Cannonball's blue/yellow costume is running away with it in our costume poll.

For me it's a good look but with Cannonball I think its important to have him with his goggles (above his eyes - like a few people have mentioned) otherwise it's a little too similar to the other geneic yellow/blue costumes of the x-men in the 90s.

Something like this works best for me :

mighty_marvel said...

good suggestion for cannonball holy wolf. he MUST be sculpted with his goggles and this look would be a good compromise between the generic blue/yellow from the forum poll and having a costume which shows his goggles

Brandon G. DeStefano said...

I think that Marvel Girl would look great in the yellow and green costume. It's a great tribute to family and I think the mask is cool, too. As for Cannonball, I'd like to see him in the late New Warriors garb. I think it would help him to stand out as a character and not look too much like Havoc.

The Grim Reaper said...

@Kaiho. I can see no reason why you cannot access the forum.

Please try again. if no joy drop me an e-mail and I will reset your account again.

jothagraz said...

Rachel as hound and Cannonball in original black & yellow please.

Why stop at the end of 2011?

jothagraz said...

Rachel as hound and Cannonball in original black & yellow please.

Why stop at the end of 2011?

Danny Rand said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danny Rand said...

About the costumes...
I'd like the statues to be sculpted always with the most recent version of the costume, or at least not with a very old version (Luke Cage... Ouch!)
So: Marvel Girl with yellow and green costume, without the mask, and so Cannonbal with his most recent costume too.
X-23 is awesome! In this case, it's better you've not chosen the most recent version with the mask! ;-)

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Tigershark, please!

Anonymous said...

thought rich said the main site would be updated ?

thekelv said...

Great info on how the specials are decided. I would personally love to see a sasquatch special (with a wendigo variant??)or a celestial mega special. another i would like to see would be strong guy, heres hoping.
As for the costume choices.....dont mind which costume is chosen for rachel summers, they are both cool. As for cannon ball i like the purple outfit.
Im fairly new to this blogging so i havent had the chance to through all of the posts yet so could someone please tell me if Darkhawk has been considered for the collection??

Anonymous said...

sasqauatch / wendigo variant ?

but they are two different characters so how do you work that out ?

karnak37 said...

I also agree with Grim,Jarvis69,Holy Wolf,Artificial Idiot,and Jimbob. Scrap the comp, and take the top 4 from the forum choice poll. Please Rich, Tigershark for the last spot.

thekelv said...

I was just thinking as they are finding it hard to extend the series and wendigo and sasquatch have crossed paths in the marvel universe on more than 1 occasion and look alike, except for the colours of course,that it would be a sneeky way of getting another character added to the series. It would be even better if they could get them both in though.

Anonymous said...

i want to see both wendigo and sasquatch but thought they could both be specials or a twin pack mega special.
we need more mega specials and when we run out of tall bulky characters perhaps we could replace mega slots with two large characters and class the issue as a mega special still ?
as for them looking the same , i think you are wrong.
wendigo has a long tail but sasquatch has no tail.
caliban could also be used in a twin pack with wendigo , he's like a smaller version of wendigo or mongoose / sasquatch twin pack.

so we could get 2 monster twin pack specials lol

wendigo + caliban
sasquatch + mongoose

how cool would that be ?

this collection needs more furry critters lol

Mr J said...

If the competition is cancelled (i dont think it should be) then i think that the next highest heroic character after Moondragon should be selected from the poll for the space.

I think there is now enough villains this extension which is wonderful particuarly the x-men villains who have been lacking and wanted for such a long time.

FORGE who came 5th would be a much better choice gives us another Hero this extension.

Anonymous said...

I agree on Ronan. Can't wait till he's done!!
As for Rachel Summers the green and yellow maskless is the best, possibly with an orange and black variant (current costume). Give her the Phoenix tattoo over her eye! while for Cannonball the black modern one with googles (as introduced by Chris Bachalo) is the ideal since it makes him unique. The other are either clownlike (the 90's one by Nicieza) or a uniform which does not look unique.

As for Pyro I think you can use either of the following as reference pic:





If you have a problem with making a cover design or anything I might give a hand free of charge if you want. Just for the gig :)

Ryan Maxwell said...

For Pyro reference, I suggest getting your hands on Uncanny X-Men, issues 141, 142, 177, & 178. Between Byrne and Romita Jr., you're in for a couple of great stories.

Mauro said...

My choices:

- Cannonball: Original New Mutants

- Rachel Summers (Marvel Girl): Original hellhound red costume

Thank you! :)

Thor8 said...

I do not agree with cancelling the competition because I firmly believe we will be getting another extension and it would be more than fair and probable that the remaining candidates of the top ten from this poll be inclueded in said extension.

My votes go to Green and yellow for Phoenix and purple for Cannonball. X-23 isn't my cup of tea so I don't believe I'll be getting her,sorry!

Still waiting for the main site update!

The Grim Reaper said...


Reported to Rich

Anonymous said...

oh what a surprise , issue 96 + 99 turn up on my doorstep today and for the fourth time in a row they are damaged !!

most annoying , when am i finally going to be able to display morbius and nighthawk ?

jimbob said...

Any news on Auora & Northstar!

Are they going to be a double pack?

I thought double packs are selling good enough to have more double packs in the collection!

People are doubting that it will ever happen:(

Rob Roy said...

Holy smokes, all you people wanting Rachel in the Marvel Girl costume must be teenagers. The most classic Rachel appearances were in her hell hound outfit, black or red take your pick, if for no other reason than having those awesome face tattoos.

But dressing her up in the Marvel Girl garb and calling her Rachel Summers would be like making a "Kristoff" figure that looked like Dr. Doom. What would be the point?

As for Cannonball, unless you plan on doing all the original New Mutants with that same yellow-black costume, it would look weird to only have one or two like that. I vote for one of the other, more individual costumes.

Joeking said...

I'm guessing that all the people who are calling for the comp to be scrapped are Tiger "Fish" Fans. (Yes that was deliberate). Some of us actually like the idea of the competition, and if you win you could always choose the Tiger Fish character. Having said that, by coming fourth, He has got to have a better than average chance of being in the next extension.

skinwalker said...

Hello there! Sorry my english... Is there any possibility of

Omega Red
Silver Samurai
Agent Zero
Shadow King

being made?
Some of these are more "important" than some others that were made, i think.

Mr J said...

Northstar & Aurora need to be the next double pack. They have more than earned there spot and the vast vast majority of fans clearly want them there the most desired double pack hand have been for years.

They seem to constantly keep been bumped down the pecking order first by Ka-Zar & Zabu then by Cloak & Dagger.

I mean lets be honest what would of sold more Ka-Zar & Zabu or Northstar & Aurora? I think its safe to say the Twins would of wiped the floor with Ka-Zar & Zabu in the sales department.

Cmon Rich give us a nice christmas present and announce Northstar & Aurora as a double pack for 2010 ;)

Holy Wolf said...

Latest costume poll results from SHFF (130-140 votes)

Marvel Girl:
Red Hellhound: 23%
Green/yellow with glasses: 12%
Modern Green yellow without glasses: 65%

Original New Mutants: 11%
Purple flight jacket: 7%
Black modern: 34%
Blue & Yellow: 49%

Banshee said...

Have to agree with Mr J. Although I loved Ka-Zar and Zabu and I think there both fantastic sculpts, I believe Northstar and Aurora are well overdue. And unfortunatley Alpha Flight seemed have been over-looked in the latest extension again so putting the twins in is the perfect way to redeem yourself EM :p

ted sallis said...

he he nice update 3 more figs on the main site .
seriously tell me that was just a little appetiser???

Thor8 said...

We waited for months for a decent update on the main site and we get 4 new entries? Does this have anything to do with the "tweaking" you said you might have to do with figurines #119-160? If so when will we know what the updated order will be?

Anonymous said...

i don't see no update ?

Hawkeye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hawkeye said...

I'm sensing a general sense of disappointment from the assembled brethren about the much anticipated "update" to the main site, especially after such a good and lengthy blog from Rich. Hey ho, let's wait another few months....

Thor8 said...

Rich;If we get a new post today could you please answer the follwing:

1) Will we be seeing the new order in which figurines #119-160 will be released?

2)Are plans for the contest for choosing figurine #160 still in motion?

3)If they are will we be informed on what they are soon?

4) Will Odin be done as a special next year?

Banshee said...

5) When are we getting a Northstar/Aurora double-pack?

Anonymous said...

I agree with MrJ about the Beaubiers are long overdue, as were Quasar, Omega Red, Karnak and Lockjaw. Howcome not-so-popular characters such as Madam Hydra and Kang made it to the collection while the aforementioned (except Quasar who was confirmed in the new extension - latest costume PLEASE!!)were left out? Howcome we're left with just 3/4 of the Inhuman Royal Family while the collection might stop at 160?Perhaps a triple pack with Karnak, Lockjaw and Maximus?This could also help with gaining the much-anticipated Warriors Three!
Also why not make some redo's of Luke Cage (modern costume, for completion's sake) and Ghost Rider and Captain Britain which are among the dullest of figurines in matter of posture?
Sorry for being so complaining

Thor8 said...

Banshee; You hit the target point blank! That was indeed going to be my #5 inquiry,but I had to rush off and get something done!

Crowrider: I think it's okay to mix real popular heroes with some not so popular in order to balance out the collection and keep it interesting. After all if all the least popular characters are left for last the interest in this collection will drop and thus so will sales! As for re-do's this topic has been brought up before and Rich mentioned that there was no plans for re-do's at the moment. If there were I'd love to see Crystal,Cap.Britain,Carnage, and Cap America redone.(Not to mention Doc Ock and Punisher!)

Anonymous said...

i'm shocked that we still haven't had any members of the frightful four in the collection yet.
hydro man is a must !!

rich , when you answer the questions please could you also include some sneak peaks in the same update ?


Rei said...

I gotta say, I quite like the Rachel in the red costume, but then again I'm a bit of a spike fan ;)

cannonball would look amazing in the new costume, the fact that it resembles Havok is realy cool to me, and let's face it, the design is just realy cool!

the X-23 looks awesome!