Friday, 4 December 2009

The Old Order Changeth

Right, first things first, my apologies about the duplication of Machine Man on the main site, seems someone likes the robot a little too much. He’s still coming out at #110 and #115 will be Dazzler. I will speak to the people in charge of the main site again but I think there should be more figures going up soon. Unfortunately I'm not in charge of the main site but I will put some pressure on them.

As promised last week, I’ve got an updated running order to share with you. As you can see the main movers are Beta Ray Bill, Son of Satan and Black Heart. We’ve had a few problems with these and other figures, both with our production and Marvel. However, they will all be in the collection we just need to juggle it around a little.

116 Chameleon
117 X-23
118 Tigra
119 Jocasta
120 Jubilee
121 Jack of Hearts
122 Crimson Dynamo
123 Enchantress
124 Gladiator
125 Sunfire
126 Titania
127 Gorgon
128 X-Man
129 Ant-Man
130 Klaw
131 Grim Reaper
132 Annihilus
133 Drax the Destroyer
134 Son of Satan
135 Nomad
136 Snowbird
137 Wasp
138 Batroc
139 Scarlet Spider
140 Beta Ray Bill
141 Pyro
142 Silver Sable
143 Radioactive Man
144 Typhoid Mary
145 Marvel Girl
146 Quasar
147 Prowler
148 Firestar
149 Cannonball
150 Triton
151 Ares
152 Destiny
153 Balder
154 Wrecker
155 Songbird
156 Toad
157 Moondragon
158 Spiral
159 Comp Winner.
160 Black Heart

The figurine update I have for you this week is the paint master of Nomad. Now I know the character wasn’t on everyone’s list but I think the sculpt looks great. In case anyone is unsure, we’ve gone for the Jack Monroe version of Nomad in his first costume.

I personally think that the character is really interesting as he was essentially introduced to make Stan Lee’s revival of Captain America (in Avengers) make sense. As I’m sure some of you will know, when Cap was brought back in Avengers #4 it was explained that his golden-age adventures had occurred but he had died before the end of WWII. The only problem was that if he died before the end of WWII how did he appear in the ’50s fighting commies? (Which he did in his own comic.) Step-in Steve Englehart, who later introduced a new Cap and Bucky for the cold war. That Bucky was none other than Jack Monroe.

Anyway, I love the mess and characters that Captain America and his numerous retcons have made throughout the years (just think Winter Soldier, Nomad, Isaiah Bradley, female Bucky…) and think Nomad will look great next to Steve Rogers and Winter Soldier.

And finally to answer a few questions:

Q). Are Aurora and Northstar going to be made as a double pack special?

A). My plan is that they are our next true double pack special (Cloak and Dagger don’t really count, they’re on one base). But I can’t confirm when they’ll be out, if I get my way then definitely next year.

Q). Is Odin going to be a special?

A). It’s hard to guarantee things with the specials but he’s definitely on the ‘must be made soon’ list. My personal (not confirmed yet) list is: Fin Fang Foom, Cloak and Dagger, Blob, Odin and Aurora & Northstar. But things can change.

Q). What are plans for the comp to choose a figure?

A). I will announce these next week.

And just for you Slapstick :)
Q). I'm shocked that we still haven't had any members of the frightful four in the collection yet. Hydro man is a must !!

A). Hydro-Man will make any extension we get guaranteed but as for members of the Frightful Four, we’ve had Medusa and Sandman from the original group, that’s half the gang! Then if you look at everyone who’s been in the Frightful Four we’ve also got:
Absorbing Man

But I know what you’re getting at, and Wizard and Trapster (other two original) would make fine additions to this collection. There’s always next time.

Well I’m out of here, so have a good weekend.


Ryan Maxwell said...


Ryan Maxwell said...

You know, I have no affinity for Nomad, but I really like that sculpt. You just made a sale.

jarvis69 said...

"there's always next time " .....
a new extention soon ? lol
The twins !!! Great new !
Thanks for all those informations and have a good week end too Richard .

Robert said...

Thanks for another great post, Rich, and taking the time to answer our questions. The confirmation of Northstar and Aurora will be put you at the top of a few Christmas shopping lists.

I was surprised to see Wizard so far down the recent poll as I've always thought he should appear at some point in the collection. So, it's a relief to hear that Wizard - and Trapster - are in your thoughts.

Also, really glad you decided to go with the classic Nomad look. Any truth in the rumour there's a variant version where the Nomad is still Steve Rodgers and he's shown triping over the cape..?

mighty_marvel said...

promising news on northstar/aurora and odin. thanks for making them seem very likely to appear soon. we can now get on to other pressing special matters such as sasquatch, madame web and the next most wanted double pack!

also fantastic news that hydroman is guaranteed for the next extension if/when it comes along. was surprised that he didn't make it this time but i suppose the spidey allies needed topping up a bit. after hydroman my only other big spiderman want is JJJ; once we get him spiderman will be pretty much complete in my eyes.

maybe we can get a 40 extension next time so i can have JJJ confirmed as issue #200!

Nightstar1441 said...

Nomad looks awesome. He was on my wish list from the beginning and seeing him in the collection - with such a fantastic sculpt has made my week. Thank you so much!

jimbob said...

Looking promising with Auora & Northstar and Odin!!!!!!!!!!

Please give us them for next year.

Nomad looks great!

Thor8 said...

WOW!!! Thank you so very much Rich for answering all 5 of my questions this time around,and all of your answers were music to my ears,great news all around! Once again thank-you very much!

I'm also glad to hear you'll be looking into the mains site updating.

Was pleased as punch to see The Enchantress was boosted up to #123 and Wasp moved up a couple of notches also to #137(that should bring a comment or 2 from my friend Jacadoo,who has been quite silent for quite a while now).

Have a nice weekend Rich,and did I say thank you already?

Anonymous said...

Nomad looks great. Not a figurine I was jumping for joy over, but he turned out pretty darn well.

Glad to hear "Hydrant Man" is likely a confirmed in for the next extention, must like Destiny was for the last one. As for Spidey villains that are left to do... gotta have The Spot, Grizzly, Kangaroo, and especially The Gibbon.

As for Specials... Hope we get some news about Modok and Mojo in the line at some point. They really need to be included, being fairly major baddies. Still hoping for Shadow King in his Astral Form also, since he's fairly major. Beyond them, Groot and Nimrod are up there.

Jacadoo said...

Hi Thor8 been real busy (getting ready to move and pre-occupied with my latest purchases Bowen Red Hulk and ArcAngel), Only thing I have to say is Tigra at 118!!!!!

I have been receiving therapy regarding the FS lady bug - its not going well.

Sad not to see any mention regarding Sasquatch -who I would think has been asked for more times than the Frightful Four - I can only hope.

Has there been any images of Drax the Destroyer released yet?

Mr J said...

Fantastic to hear that NORTHSTAR & AURORA are nearly in, try and get them confirmed ASAP Rich, we NEED them.

Can I ask a question about the specials next year so far we have..

FOOM, BLOB, CLOAK & DAGGER and possibly Nortstar & Aurora and Odin. I thought CLOAK & DAGGER were been carried over from last year so should there not be atleast 6 specials all together in 2010? CLOAK & DAGGER (been carried over from 2009) plus the 5 specials for 2010?

I would like to think SAURON would stand a chance of been done in 2010?

ted sallis said...

When i look at Nomad i think he is the answer to the question " If Graham Norton Wanted a camp halloween costume, what would would be his No 1 choice"
Only joshing i'm really looking forward to his release

SinisterVenom said...

I've been on here a while now but never posted a comment so I think it about time I started.
I too am hoping for the release of Northstar and Aurora so news that they are being considered is great news to me!
There are some good specials on the way too, but one (mega) special i'm waiting for is Onslaught, any news on him?
Finally I'm pleased with some of the figures being brought forward like Jubilee and Enchantress, a little gutted that Blackheart has been pushed all the way to 160 but as long as he's confirmed that's good enough for me.
Thanks again Rich.

buffduffdan said...

Great blog today Rich :)

Really pleased to hear about Northstar & Aurora being on your double pack list. And if it isn't possible then I hope Northstar at least gets in on his own ;)

Also glad to know Hydroman is pretty much guaranteed for the next extension as he's a big want of mine. I'd presume Tiger Shark is in that same boat?

Nomad looks wicked, love the cheesy pose and the mag should be a very interesting one. Would love to get Crossbones and a few other Cap characters still!

Banshee said...

Northstar and Aurora....Thankyou so much, its news I've been longing to hear. Also loving the move around on the list. Alot of my wants have moved up the list alot :)
Also psyched to here Wizard being mentioned.
Can't wait to see how the competition is going to be done.

Kal Brindle said...


Rich my friend, you have just made this Canadian cowboy's day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Northstar & Aurora - HECK YEAH! Bring it mate, bring it! The sooner those two are confirmed the better!!! The re-shuffle has also pushed Jocasta forward, another of my all time favourite characters - less waiting is SO good!!!

Nomad looks awesome and I'm glad you chose this costume (though it is a little cheesy).

I truly love this collection and it just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for all you do and thanks also for including us, the collectors in your ruminations & machinations as often as you do - it is greatly appreciated!

Now bring on the contest - I wanna win it and I'm choosing Puck!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I m so overjoyed with Northstar and Aurora being made somewhere along the line! Just Puck, Shaman and Sasquatch and we'll have all the classic Alpha Flight ! (since Snowbird and Guardian are already availabele XD). I really wish we have Ronan too as special since he's been long overdue too - he's been a pretty big character in the cosmic events these last few years. Since Super Skrull and Nova have been included I dont see anything in the contrary to him being included. Also, how about a Rick Jones/Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) double pack? I love Genis but nothing beats the original Marv. As for Annihilus, Drax and Quasar...GREAT WE GETTIN EM EARLIER!!PLEASE MODERN LOOKS!!

Thor8 said...

I took a peek at your list in Wikapedia and saw that Aurora & Northstar are listed as the third double pack in the collection. So does this make it official? Have they been officially confirmed?

Hi Jacadoo glad you're back,hope your therapy shows signs of improvement soon,and don't worry about Alpha Fight's shaggy mascot,I'm sure he's a shoe-in for this collection! I wonder if Pirate Adam has been sent to the bottom of the sea,haven't seen hide or hair of him for some time now!

crowrider; You left out Marrina from the Original Alpha Flight roll call!

jarvis69 said...

Thor , since when Wiki's sérious ? lol
And we'll talk about Marrina after Puck , Sasquatch and Shaman ! lol

Anonymous said...

Marrina isn't original Alpha Flight. She's like Stonewall, Crimson Commando, and Super Sabre are to Mystique's Freedom Force. Unncesscesary additions and unlikely inclusions. Another example would be Cloud. Her most important contribution to the Marvel Universe was Norman Osborn using her in Dark Reign as a weapon against Namor for his betrayl. Which ended in her death and being thrown through the Avengers tower window.

Anonymous said...

how the hell is onslaught mega special status ?
special maybe , but mega ?
i think not !!

speaking of mega specials :

giant man / giant girl
black goliath
psycho man

thanks for directing a comment at me lol
i feel guilty now.

you forgot to mention blastaar for the frightful four list.

glad you understood my point.
yes i was talking about blastaar
wizard , hydroman , trapster.

all of which fit into more than one category !!

more sneak peaks next week please.

and i have already written out my lists for the next 6 extentions so here's hoping !!

still loads of interesting characters to be included rich , so roll on the extensions dude !!

pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...

hey Thor8 buddy, i'm still here reading all the posts, just not that much for me to say that i haven't already said. pretty miffed that Beta Ray Bill and Blackheart have been put back, i was looking forward to those 2.

Rich! if you want Odin in the colection as much as you say you do then why not just confirm him instead of only a maybee? you are the boss after all!!

Pirate Adam

Robert said...

Rich, as you have been answering so many questions of late, can I ask again about Drax? Which incarnation are you going to make? (I hope it's the original version.)

Excellent shout from buffduffdan for Crossbones. You suggested including other Cap characters, buffduffdan. Who were you thinking about...?

Also liked crowrider's idea for a Rick Jones/ Captain Marvel twin-pack. (Rick with arms aloft, slamming his wrists together?) Actually, there are a few figures that deserve to be revisited for original or classic versions - Iron Man and Beast especially. (If I were to win the comp I would probably want a classic Shellhead.)

Anonymous said...

Slapstick, the ones that you mentioned for Mega Specials are size changers. And don't have to be made in Mega Special size to be included. They can be included in their normal size without requiring a mega special. In fact, I think Eaglemoss has already made of for the most part size changers wouldn't be made with their powers in use. That's why Yellowjacket isn't massive and Wasp will be normal size.

Drax has already been confirmed to be the current GotG version. Which is a huge improvement on the Hulk in a purple cape classic look. Hopefully this means all future characters on that team will be made in their current looks. Sadly Adam Warlock got made in one of older crappy costumes.

As for Iron Man and Beast, they said they're not redoing any figures at this time. But I certainly wouldn't object to a classic Apeman Beast to go with Wonderman and the Avengers.

Robert said...

Thanks for answering the questions I had, CBRBeast, but couldn't disagree with you more about Adam Warlock's old costume being "crappy". Starlin's run on the series, when this costume debuted, was - in my humble opinion - a high water mark for not only '70s comics but Marvel full stop. (Actually, I seem to remember these comics being voted number one in the list of cosmic comics in a 70th anniversary book Marvel put out last year, so I am not a lone voice on this.) Warlock was my number one pick when Eaglemoss announced the first extension and I was delighted when he was eventually produced.

Disappointed that Drax is in modern costume. Why call this the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection when you produce modern or recent versions...?

Anonymous said...

Because "Classic" is referring to the characters, not the costumes. And the old Drax look just looked like Hulk in a purple cape. If you want that, go buy some purple material and put it on your hulk figure. ;)

Mr J said...

It would seem that some are getting a bit ahead of themselves. Northstar & Aurora and Odin are NOT OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED.

Rich has simply said that if he can they will be done but that he cannot confirm them yet.

I'm slightly shocked that Odin is been considered ahead of more popular characters like Sasquatch and Omega Red.

Robert said...

CBRBeast, I take your point about the use of "classic". Still, the longer the collection goes on and the more obscure and minor the characters become, we start to stretch the use of the adjective in your sense to breaking point as well, don't you think?

Oh, and as for Drax, I know you were writing with your tongue in your cheek, but he at least had a distinctive costume at one point. Now he just looks like a half-dressed tattooed weirdo.

Anonymous said...

And that's not distinct?

And it's hardly tongue in cheek. I think the original Drax look is silly. Just like the Adam Warlock we got is frankly terrible.

Thor8 said...

CBRBeast; If classic is referring to the character and not his costume or appearance then why do you want a "CLASSIC" ape like Beast if you already have one? oh,and if Marrina isn't original Alpha Flight,then neither is Puck. They were both upgraded from Beta Flight to Alpha in Issue #1 of their first series. One more thing, Drax's original look was not the big dumb child like character shown in The Infinity Watch. He first appeared in Iron Man's book and was very different from Hulk,both in appearance and in character.

Mr J; Sasquatch and Omega Red are more popular than Odin? What galaxy do you hale from?

Glad your still around Pirate A. Now that Odin's chances of being approved have increased we'll be needing your back up on keeping this going!

Anonymous said...

I'm not pleading for one like most people are. Would I buy an ape Beast if they made one? Sure. But I'm quite happy with the modern AXM look. It fits with the rest of the modern X-Men looks.

pirate adam said...

Mr J, i dont know where you learnt to read or write but i cant see a single person that has said Odin and the Twins are confirmed, just people saying that it looks promising.

As for Sasquatch (sorry JACADOO i want him incuded too) and Omega Red being more popular than Odin, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAAAAA HAAAAAA HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

enough said.

Pirate Adam

Robert said...

I seem to remember reading somewhere that Rich never discusses any actual sales figures for the collection.

But has he or anyone else ever said anything about how steady the sales are? In other words, from the sale of Spidey in issue #1 until now have sales dropped, stayed consistent or increased?

I only ask because we'll need a few extra extensions if we're gonna keep everyone happy...

PS In the latest debate/ controversy, I vote Odin, of course.

ted sallis said...

There is no denying that the Starlin run on the original Warlock series is in indeed a true classic , I am just reading an issue of comic book artist which has a really interesting interview with the cosmic Mr Starlin The interview is also adorned with some of Starlins stupendous artwork.
But the Warlock sculpt that was deemed fit for this collection is one of the very few stinkers in this series.
Original Drax would be my choice

Robert said...

Ted, my favourite Dundonian, I couldn't agree with you more about the 70s Warlock and Mr. Starlin. (Is it CBA #18 you're reading, by the way?) I first read it in back-ups stories in my wee brother's Star Wars comics around '78 or '79 and it was so far ahead of anything else Marvel was doing back then.

I wasn't overjoyed with the Warlock sculpt either (and the cane dates from his return during the Infinity Gauntlet) but I was just so darned pleased to have him, and in his classic costume, that I didn't complain. I had thought there was a very good chance Rich and the team might go for the higher-profile incarnation from the various Infinity series instead. While I loved all the the series, I never liked that costume much; it looked like he was wearing some sort of body stocking over his costume. So, I was relived to see the Ultimate Avenger in his most iconic look.

Warlock was my number one pick after the first 60, what was everyone else's...?

ted sallis said...

CBA #18 indeed Robert. I love all these first hand accounts of how some of my favourite stories were created.
I have got to get a hold of strange tales # 179 the " Approved by the cosmic code issue"
In all honesty i thought i would struggle to maintain interest in this collection after 60 or 70 figs.
So it's been a pleasant surprise to find lots of the charachters i remember as a kid still have a followig over 30 years later
Annihillus, jack of hearts ,nomad, etc etc.
I honestly thought by this stage this collection would have been filled with mutants with five minutes of history that would be of absolutely zero interest to me.
Kudos to Rich and the team for the pacing of this collection and keeping a nostalgic old f*rt like me hooked

Robert said...

Ah, the world can never have enough nostalgic old farts, Ted.

I rarely buy CBA but I bought #18 because of Warlock, hence my seemingly impressive feat of memory. Great issue.

You - and everyone else who loves comics - should be nice to yourself in the build up to Christmas and buy the Warlock Masterwork for all the classic Starlin issues.

Anonymous said...

drax :

i like both versions mentioned
variant issue anyone ?

Anonymous said...

A variant wouldn't work. It would require an entirely new sculpt. And that's not going to happen.

Fabio Mucci said...

Yeah, now it's clear that we want another extension to 200!


I suggest to you in a new extension to make characters like Jigsaw and Howard the duck and specials like Lockjaw and Power Pack!


rasengan_kagebushin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

I'd prefer the classic look for Drax! By classic I'm referring to how he first appeared circa Iron Man series 1 issue #55,not The Infinity Watch version.

When will we finally see a member of The original Thunderbolts,The Soviet Super Soldiers,or The Squadron Supreme make it into this collection? There are also dozens of classic foes whom have been ignored up till now.

Dazzler looks kinda tiny compared to the other figurines in your main site!

jimbob said...

Drax modern version please!!!!

Robert said...

I would have preferred the orginal Drax, too, Thor8, but would have accepted the grotesque version from the Infinity Watch. But it's a moot point, as we're getting the modern version whether we like it or not. Slapstick's idea of two versions of Drax was an appealing and diplomatic suggestion, but as CBRBeast pointed out Rich has ruled out variants, at least for the time being.

On another point, Thor8, I'd also like to see the Squadron Supreme and the Soviet Super Soldiers but only after a few more Asgardians, the rest of the Frightful Four, etc. (I confess that the Warriors Three feature prominently in my thoughts.)

You mentioned "dozens of classic foes" who've been "ignored". Do you mean other characters that didn't appear in the recent poll that you'd like to see? Just wondered who you had in mind...

Anonymous said...

i feel that we need more villains definately , as the collection seems to lack in this department.
is it me or do we have mostly heroes?
thunderbolts + masters of evil have tons of current and ex members that we can use for example.
the only category that is ok really is spiderman , we have covered practically every main baddy !!
just need j j jameson , tombstone and maybe some females in that category now.
i hope we get at least 4 more extentions which i know rich hinted about , because there are so many more characters left to add.
i have made lists for 6 extentions
which is an example of just how many characters left to choose from
the only way around it that i see is to produce more specials and also multi packs.
multi packs are a great way of getting more characters in , especially one's with less art work or background history , number of appearances etc , to make a magazine.
i think a good idea is to try one and see how the sales go.
warriors three would be my first choice !!
warriors three multi pack would go down well i think and then eaglemoss would get an idea of if multi packs would work or not ?
as for variants - i take your point beasty boy , but the reason i suggested that was because lately people seem to be of two minds as to which outfit / costume a character should wear !!
i for one would have preferred son of satan in his full costume with mask rather than the bare chested version.
and just look at the question surrounding cannonball.
some like the blue yellow costume , others prefer the black one with goggles.
that's why i mentioned variants.

Jacadoo said...

Drax in tattooed form – no purple cape as it looks awful.

Odin “Vs” Sasquatch in terms of popularity – I’m a big hairy fan but have to fall on the side of Odin if measured terms of popularity and Sasquatch in terms of hair conditioner.

Just to be clear I want Sasquatch, far more than the all father – you are forgiven Pirate Adam (not sure if I will be).

Please bring forward Northstar and Aurora – cant wait any longer and what’s wrong with Adam Warlock – I think the costume selected was perfect

Our friend Slapstick makes a fair point what has happened to Onslaught?

I know the X-Fans are getting fatty but surly Onslaught is far more appealing and deserves to be in before the winged newt Sauron????

Wheres Baroni these days?

Mr J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr J said...

Well well Pirate Adam you are a rude individual its a shame your partents failed to teach you some manners. My parents taught me manners when they taught me how to read and write.

I know there's a most wanted specials poll on the SHFF as I can recall people posting the results on here from time to time could someone of the forum be kind enough to post the top 10 most wanted specials?

Pirate Adam finds the claim that Sasquatch and Omega Red are more popular than Odin funny lets see what the majority of fans think shall we.

pirate adam said...

Mr J, whats your problem? thats the second time you have insulted my parents by questioning my upbringing!! which is very rude, so your parents didn't do a bang up job either did they. the simple fact is i dont like you from your first insulting post towards me, so i'll make you a deal you ignore me and i'll ignore you, then we can save the sensible bloggers from our disagreement

sorry to all the other bloggers who had to read this.

Pirate Adam :)

pirate adam said...

also the fact that you have deleted the two previouse posts leads me to believe that you may have been slighty ruder to me beforehand and maybe feared a backlash. I might be wrong but thats what i think.


Anonymous said...

now now boys , play nice , i learned my lesson and now i try to behave myself althought i'm sure people miss the banter from smiffy lol

Thor8 said...

Mr J; I'm not too confident with polls that take place in the SHFF when X-Men related characters are involved,due to the fact that the SHFF could almost be called the X-SHFF. Don't get me wrong I've nothing against the forum,if I did I wouldn't have joined,but you can't deny that the scale seems always to tilt in favor of the X-Men over at the Forum even if you have an obscure character like The Locust compete against let's say Photon or Madame Web quess who would most likely be the winner?

Pirate and Mr.J be nice to each other guys,after all we're all mates here who have a common love for super heroes just trying to enjoy our hobby!

Jacadoo said...

Slapstick I for one miss Sniffy!!!!

Bring back the alter ego - even spider man went bad lol!!!

ted sallis said...

Over on the forun they are nominaing their favourites for the next pressumed extension 161-180.
Now i know there ther was a slight kerfuffle among some bloggers earlier on in the year about endless lists , but if it's good enuff for the shff it's good enough for us!
My wish list is unashamedly based on much loved charachters from my first age of reading Marvel Comics.
Although hopefully a lot of them still have some relevance in the MU some 30 years later.
1.Bloodstone - You need the monster hunter to keep ol FFF on his leash.
2. Count Nefaria
3.Grey Gargoyle
4.White Tiger
5. Pip The Troll
6. Shanna The She Devil
7. Thundra
8. Hela
10. Blaastar
11. unus the untouhable
12. The Puppet Master
13 The Kangaroo
14. Heimdall
15. The Swordsman
16. The Grim Reaper
17 Princess Python
18. High Evolutionary
19. Gabriel The Airwalker
20. Two Gun Kid

My three nominations for specials
1 The Super Adaptoid
2. Odin
3. Ulik / Mangog (yes i know i cheated) .
Recieved my Black Knight / Hellcat today, both perfect hellcat maybe slightly more perfect?

mighty_marvel said...

a little early but i suppose the optimism for another extension is warranted. my ideal next extension would be

j jonah jameson
silver samurai
sister grimm
us agent
vance astro

for specials

madame web

but hopefully we'll have them way before the next extension comes around

Robert said...

From the size of her, Dazzler looks to be no older than twelve. What's that all about?

Anonymous said...

not that i m actually getting dazzler but i agree...isnt she supposed to have been about 17-ish when she made her debut? not so keen about the costume would ve bought her if she had the new excalibur one :( never mind.
if EM would make another extension I d surely put in:

Heimdall (who is probably borderline special size)
captain universe
werewolf by night
the angel (golden age...why was he overlooked as 70th anniversary special?not that destroyer isnt cool but angel tied timely with marvel more by actually having a connection with the rawhide kid!)

As specials I d have Ronan, Odin, Surtur and Sasquatch Speaking of specials...bring on triple packs! its the only way The Warriors Three (perhaps as tie-in to the Thor movie) and the remaining Inhumans and Wrecking Crew would have an entire magazine to themselves!

Thor8 said...

Ted Sallis and Mighty_Marvel: Have you guys been peeking at my want list? I mean except for 1 or 2 characters from each of your guys list you guy listed most of the characters I'd like to see done also! Oh Ted take another look at EM's approved list and you'll see that The Grim Reaper has already been approved.

Now let's see if I can list some addtional wants that my buddies Ted and Mighty M. left out;

1) Jackal
2) Attuma
3) Living Laser
4) Melter
5) Immortus
6) Rama Tut
7) Mimic
8) Mastermind
9) Destroyer(Odin's)*
11)Dr. Spectrum
12)Wizzer (Squadron)
17)Mach IV (or V,VI,or whatever)
18)Red Guardian

For specials;
Just take a look at Ted's list and make a copy!

*I know these guys are "Special's" material but heck I have to list Thor's foes somewhere. After all most of Thor's foea are "Special" material, after all this guy does not battle 98lbs weaklings!

lipstick said...

One more question Rich. What about Firestar's costume?

Banshee said...

I think the Dazzler picture on the main screen is just set back a little. I believe she is roughly the same size as Viper as it says they are both 90mm. I think the picture was made smaller to fit her onto the next 5 screen....

So if we now do get Northstar/Aurora double-pack, for me that only leaves Shaman, Puck and Sasquatch to fulfill my Alpha Flight dreams.

Can't wait to see how the competition is going to be set out. Haven't a clue who I'd choose if i was fortunate enough to win though. There's so many choices.....

ted sallis said...

I know i am probably repeating myself but as long as Rich and the Eaglemoss accountants take notice ,then it bears repeating this collection should quite easily make it's 300th issue.
THOR 8 i would be delighted to see every nominee on your list given the lead treatment, Ditto Mighty Marvel.
Rich himself recently alluded to the fact that there were strong candidates for a further 4 extensions.
Between us we have come up with 60 charachters ,all whom you could make a strong arguement for. And the great thing is we are nowhere near scraping the bottom of the MU barrel.
Maybe it's the mulled wine that's making me so optimistic ,or it maybe that i know how avid us marvel nuts are.
And i am quite sure the EM accountants know when they are on to a good thing.

Robert said...

This is my suggestions list for any future extension, although it was hard to pick fault with the lists already posted and I had to regretfully cut some good characters like Mr.Hyde, the Beetle, Whirlwind, Heimdall and Attuma. (Yes, I know my list has no mutants and I have made no attempt to give equality to all the family groups.)

1. Mockingbird
2. Mantis
3. Swordsman
4. USAgent (original 'Captain' costume, of course)
5. Stingray
6. Hela
7. The Recorder
8. Sif
9. Skurge, the Executioner
10. Karnak
11. Wizard
12. Trapster
13. High Evolutionary
14. Airwalker
15. Grey Gargoyle
16. Gamora
17. Pip the troll
18. Hydra agent
19. AIM agent
20. Tarantula

1. Goliath (Hank Pym)
2. Destroyer (from Thor)
3. Ulik

Robert said...

Hear, hear, Ted.

Anonymous said...

my choices from my first of six lists of 20 character extentions :

avengers -

diamond back

x men -


fantastic four -

hydro man
ms.marvel ( sharon ventura )

spiderman -


marvel knights -

brother voodoo
king cobra

special = madame web
twin pack special = monster hunters
multi pack special = warriors 3
mega special = atlas

Robert said...

SIX lists, Slapstick!?! Are you confined to a hospital bed??

If so, I hope the nurses are cute, the food is edible and you get to go home for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

robert :

i dunno what point you are trying to make old buddy , old friend , old pal
but if i want to make six lists that's my business !!
i probably could have made more if i wanted , there's that many great characters still left that could be included in this amazing collection.
but i decided to stick to 4 from each of the five main marvel branches and also 2 male 2 female
from each of those.
thus being the fact that i ran out of characters for certain groups.
bring on the multi packs !!

Thor8 said...

MULTI REQUEST FOR MULTI PACKS!:You know it's really a shame that EM stirred our appetite mentioning that they were considring the option for multi packs and then further down the road they turned around and said that multi packs most likely will not be done due the cost factor. I mean,If many collectors are requesting them it's because they are willing to pay for them,right!? Also, what is the differance in material consumption on 3 regular figurines and 1 mega figurine? I'm aware that one item might be labor and time consumption(it takes more time to sculpt 3 figurines than it does one)but as I said before many of us are willing to pay!

On another note C-Day is near,and I'm really curious on what the rules will be. Please have the competition done here and not on some other site.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I like the idea of having also Thunderbird and Warpath as twin pack in the series; there is no other way Thunderbird would be included and in no other way the Uncanny X-Men team would be complete. I think EM should focus on completing the current open team line-ups (Inhumans, Uncanny X-Men,Alpha Flight, West Coast Avengers) rather than open new ones (Eternals, New Mutants, New X-Men) for the time being or at least not as much. Otherwise they would never be complete if no further extensions will be done :(

Anonymous said...

sorry for the double comment but i see no "edit" button on the comments - a comment about the cost of multi-packs - aren't mega specials the size of Fin Fang Foom costlier? not that the final sculpt isn't jaw-droppingly magnificent but i d rather have me a Warriors Three pack or the remaining Inhuman Royal Family or Alpha Flight any day. just a thought.

Thor8 said...

Crowrider; With that comment that you made about preferance for The Warriors Three and the others you have just been inclueded into my favorite bloggers list,for I too would love to see these 3 stout warriors added to my collection, as I'm sure Piarate,Jacadoo,Ted, Slapstick,Robert,Baroni_8 and many others would also! So what do you say EM? Wil we see a couple of triple packs done?

Robert said...

Yep, definitely up for a Warriors Three multi-pack. I know Rich isn't keen on multi-packs. Still, I'm also hopeful we can convince him. I'm just unsure we have enough support. Are there many calls for Thor's buddies on the main forum?

Crowrider, your call for completing teams is a sensible one (although we have already started the Eternals with Ikaris). I'd also like to see the rest of the Inhumans, Avengers, Frightful Four, Alpha Flight, etc. before we start on the T-Bolts, Squadron Supreme and so on. I like Slapstick's optimism but we have no guarantees about how long this collection will last. (By the way, Slapstick, I was just joking earlier. I am busy with a new job and the only way I'd have enough time to write as many lists is if I crashed my motorbike and was hospitalised, hence the hospital comment. I meant no offense; I even wished you cute nurses, man!)

By the way, what other triple-packs do people want? I can think of some four-packs (rest of Wrecking Crew is top of that list), but struggling with another stick-on triple...

Robert said...

My mistake, of course, the Wrecker is already confirmed, leaving three figures for a triple-pack.

Anonymous said...

thanks Thor8! Robert, if I m not mistaken the greatest ever line-up of T-Bolts are almost complete!: Green Goblin, Venom, Bullseye, Songbird and RadioactiveMan - a three-pack would cover the remaining 3: Penance, Swordsman and Moonstone (though the latter deserves an issue to herself and Swordsman would be better off with his sister as double-pack - Fenris). As for three-pack's I d take the following any day!:

- Warriors Three
- Remaining Inhumans (Karnak, Maximus & Lockjaw)
- Remaining Alpha Flight(Puck,Marrina & Shaman with Sasquatch as Special)
- Other Asgardians (Sif, Heimdall & Tyr)
- Excalibur (Meggan, Pete Wisdom & Sage)
- Horror (Werewolf By Night, Living Mummy & Frankenstein's Monster/Simon Garth)
- X-Factor (Monet, Rictor & Siryn w/ Strong Guy as Special)
- New Mutants (Wolfsbane, Moonstar & Sunspot)
- Spider-Man Villains (Jackal, Kaine & Hydro-Man)

Anonymous said...

well guys it looks as though i have some support when it comes to the idea of multi packs !!

basically the idea is mainly to get more characters into the collection b4 it ceases to exist.

with the exception of certain characters like northstar + aurora
we can use characters that on their own would not have enough background or artwork to support a magazine of their own.

we need the other 3 members of the wrecking crew for example.
and lets not forget the civvies.
j j jameson , aunt may , mary jane
rick jones , general thunderbolt +
betty ross.

perhaps we should start a poll on the forum ?
would you be willing to pay the right price for a 3 or 4 pack special ?
and also what would our choices be for 2 , 3 + 4 packs ?

come on guys and girls , show your support for the multi packs !!

oh and thanks for the nurses robert they made me very very happy !! lol

Robert said...

Interesting ideas, Crowrider. I particularly liked the suggestion of an Inhumans pack, although Lockjaw would be pretty big and may be more likely to appear as a stand-alone special. Or not.

Slapstick, your idea of combining characters with little history together is a good one. But there would probably have to be some clear link between them and that raises the question of what constitutes a "link". Aurora and Northstar are obvious due to the fact they are siblings and look similar. Mr Hyde and Cobra were always teaming up and the Warriors Three seldom part (except this month's Thor, natch).

Maybe memorable storylines could be a connection? Crowrider mentioned Jackal and Kaine, from the Ben Reilly clone storyline. Being rather, well, old, I prefer the idea of a Jackal/ Tarantula/ Hammerhead/ Grizzly four-pack. They were all heavily involved in the memorable and beautifully drawn Gwen Stacy clone saga way back when.

Oh, I'm glad the nurses looked after you so well, Slapstick. At first bed baths sound rather undignified and yet with the right nurse it's rather fun!

Fabio Mucci said...

I seriously think that a new extension to 200 will must focus on that chars that need to be in the collection.

For the Avengers Universe:

- Warriors Three;
- Sif;
- Justin Hammer (it will be cool);
- Bucky.

For the Spider-Man Universe:

- J.J. Jameson (it will be cool);
- Jackal;
- Hydro-Man;
- Tombstone.

For the Fantastic Four Universe:

- H.E.R.B.I.E.;
- Franklin Richards.

For the X-Men Universe:

- Forge (we really need this one).

For the Marvel Knights Universe:

- Jigsaw (Punisher's foe);
- Barracuda;
- The Owl;
- Purple Man;
- Scarecrow (Ghost Rider's foe);
- Bushwacker;
- Diamondback (Luke Cage's foe);
- Howard the Duck;
- Deacon Frost.

Plus we need some Marvel Horror chars like:

- Simon Garth the Zombie;
- Werewolf by Night;
- Dracula.

The specials:

- Power Pack (really need);
- Odin;
- Lockjaw.

Final char: Stan Lee, number 200.

Anonymous said...

keep 'em coming folks , it seems to me that we all want more !!

rich hinted at 4 more extensions , but i think we need more than that even.
unless we finish the collection after these four extensions with the multi packs as discussed ?
at least that way , once all of the stand alone characters - main ones
are made , we can focus on other characters and maybe eaglemoss could produce a multi pack every 2 weeks or four weeks and they could consist of 2 , 3 + 4 characters ?

robert :

that was my thinking when i mentioned multi packs , obviously we need the characters to have some kind of connection.
so ideas anyone ?

i'd like to hear what people think and if we are going to convince rich and the guys at eaglemoss we need to come up with some strong candidates , so please start making your lists guys and girls !!

Anonymous said...

i'll start you off :

2 packs -

northstar + aurora
arleta + stakar ogord
elsa + ulysses bloodstone

3 packs -

warriors three

bulldozer piledriver thunderball

tombstone hammerhead owl

4 packs -

marrina puck
shaman vindicator

blizzard whirlwind
blacklash dreadknight

hulkling iron lad
patriot kate bishop

Victoria said...

Wow. Just discovered these recently here in the States and am addicted already. I am going to limit myself to the female characters only, but am delighted with the releases and announced pieces to date.

You have done such an amazing job of character selection (I mean Jocasta!) that there are only a few characters on my ultimate wish list:

classic or mohawk Storm
Heather MacDonald as Vindicator
1990's Jean Grey
Ms. Marvel a.k.a. Photon