Thursday, 19 November 2009

Three Sneak Peeks

Hi guys,

Sorry for the lack of update last week, I've been a little ill recently and pre-occupied with a personal matter.

As I'm not in the office tomorrow here's this week's very quick update with sneak peeks of Fin Fang Foom, Son of Satan and Titania.


Baroni_08 said...

Fing Fang Foom looks awsome and could be up there with the best of the sculpt 's .

jimbob said...

Love it love love it!!!!;)

jarvis69 said...

AMAZING !! Fing Fang Foom is....AMAZING !
Daimon and Titania are nice too ! lol

jarvis69 said...

By the way , I hope U feel better now :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Quality

Banshee said...

Fin Fang Foom and Titania look absolutley incredible. EM you just keep getting better and better. I can't wait to see how all the new extension figurines will look. You've made my day :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

fing fang foom , excellent , just not too sure about the purple pants.

son of satan , love the sculpt but would have preferred the full costume with mask and not bare chested.

titania , love it , no complaints.

perhaps we could get 3 more sneak peaks next week ?

keep up the excellent work guys !!

aderechelsea said...


this is better than i ever hoped. I might even get Titania after all .. she looks great.

and btw ... still having problems with superherofigurineforum. At least i managed to vote before the problems appeared.


Fabio Mucci said...

Are three al good, especially FFF.

winter soldier said...

thanks you from TITANIA ,she 's a incredible sculpture .fing fang foom is the best for the speciaux and son of satan classic is really fun ,from the new extention ,i hope MOONSTONE MOCKINGBIRD WARPATH or THUNDERBIRD and KARNAK .

Thor8 said...

Love all three sneak peeks they're all winners in my book!

Was hoping for a more extensive blog this week but I know your schedule can get quite hectic sometimes. Do you think we'll be getting some info on what the rules for the "pick your own figurine" contest are going to be?

Next sneak peak either...
Tigra..Wasp..or Grim Reaper,please!

ted sallis said...

FFF has exceeded all expectations ,Don't know much of Titania but she is looking very impressive.
Rich whatever it is you are dealing with at present i sincerely wish you all the best mate

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Fing Fang Foom is awesome. Titania not so much...

Cannot wait to see the Crimson Dynamo and Silver Sable sneak peek!

Mr J said...

Fin Fang Foom and Titania are amazing!!!!! Jubilee, Enchantress and Titania are easily the best female sculpts in the collection the females are looking so good these days. Hope Destiny and Marvel Girl get done to such a high standard.

Son Of Satan = Meh! not a figure Im excited for and next to Foom and Titania he looks boring.

Can we see Pyro next?

Paul said...

These are awsome figures as usual, can't wait for more of the same.

Get well soon Richard and all the best too you.

jimbob said...

Son of Satan is good,i think it is his mouth half open thats a bit odd.Very happy with the costume choice.

Looking forward on getting him!:)

Love Titania!!Good pose and detail on her face.

Foom looks awsome!Pants looks fine,lovely detailed fig.

Tigra next please.

winter soldier said...

i hope to see PYRO TIGRA WASP from the next week thanks you rich and too at your team .

foxchilde said...

FFF looks amazing - Wow, just wow.

Thor8 said...

Y'know I'm not to big a fan of old Finggy,but I must say he does look great,I'll be getting him and I know my brother whom happens to collect dragons will also love this figurine! As I thought about this I started to wonder... once this collection comes to an end (if it ever does) what would the chances be of making a sub-series of "The Classic Marvel Aliens Colection" where we could see the different aliens from the Marvel U like The Regalians,The Scrulls, The Avoids,Kree,Shiar,Dire Wraiths ect.,represented. Just a wild thought! Could probably inclued some of Earth's sub species like The Lavamen,The Moloids,and others.

Anonymous said...

now can we see sneak peaks of the following figurines please ?

x-23 , tigra , beta ray bill , crimson dynamo , snowbird ,
grim reaper , pyro , prowler ,
drax the destroyer , nomad ,
x man , blackheart , wasp.

p.s : get well soon rich.

winter soldier said...


Hawkeye said...

The views on double packs have gone quiet recently so can I re-light the fire by suggesting (again) Tombstone & Hammerhead, as these would be a welcome addition to the collection (a Henchmen special magazine could accompany them) - any views?

ted sallis said...

Tombstone i can happily live with, but Hammerhead is one of the very few marvel characters that i genuinely detest.
hey everyone superglue a frying pan to your forehead and run towards superpowered hero.
The guy is just so lame i couldn't bear him in the collection

Anonymous said...

sorry but i disagree , hammerhead deserves to be in the collection.

double packs ?

arleta + stakar ogord
elsa + ulysses bloodstone
toxin + scream
forge + shard
maverick + silver fox
red guardian male + female versions
marrina + puck
yondu + vance astro
asp + black mamba
hyperion + speed demon
boomerang + beetle
shaman + vindicator or diamond lil
mary j watson + aunt may

ted sallis said...

well slapstick me old mucker what a boring world this would be if everyone agreed about everything.
So it's no surprise that i like a couple of your suggestions for double packs
The Bloodstones and the red guardians would get my vote

Anonymous said...

i'm quite surprised we have only had two double / multi pack specials so far in this collection.
they were very popular and there seems to be a huge request for more to be made.

come on you guys at eaglemoss , we could get a lot more characters into this collection by producing more multi packs.

warriors three and the rest of the wrecking crew would make great triple packs too !!

Jacadoo said...

I have got to say FFFoom has got to be the best figurine to date - by a mile!!

Titania looks fantastic and the Son of Satan - well he looks OK...

We have got to hope Mr Foom survives the post and I hope something extra special is done with the pacaging.

Anonymous said...

that's what worries me jacadoo.
i've just sent back morbius and nighthawk for the second time of being damaged.
it's so annoying , you look forward to getting the next issues delivered to your door , but when they arrive damaged it's so disappointing.

ted sallis said...

It's a 180 mile round trip to my "local" Forbidden Planet which is why i'm a subscriber.
I always have fingers crossed when i'm awaitng delivery .
It would be nice to pop into FP every month and cherry pick the best looking figs,
So far i have pretty lucky overall.
God bless the great British postie

jimbob said...

Hey guys new pic of X-23 on the forum

Anonymous said...

personally i think that x 23 looks crap compared to other female figurines in this collection.
extremely disappointed , we should have had aracne or someone instead.

ted sallis said...

gotta disagree with you there schlapschtik
x - 23 looks like the work of michalangelo compared to the travesty that was crystal.
mon the arabs

Thor8 said...

Just two quick questions this go round...
1) Will we be seeing the rules for the pick a figurine contest soon?

2) Will we see the main site updated ever again?

Anonymous said...

ted sallis :

don't start that again , spell my name correctly please.

many thanks , slapstick.

Anonymous said...

p.s , what i meant about x 23 is that she is not my cup of tea , there are better female sculpts in the collection , but then as you say ,
there are also worse one's too.
you are right to use crystal as an example.
i will buy her but not my favourite.

Ephemerist X said...

I still really want a Colleen Wing/Misty Knight double pack. That would be so keen!

Robert said...

Fin Fang Foom looks amazing, although I would have preferred he wasn't wearing shorts. Thor8, I shared your antipathy towards Foom until I read the later Simonson issues of Thor. Foom's comments about General Custer and taking an unfair advantage of an opponent are just brilliant. After that, I was happy to see him make an appearance in Thor or Iron Man.

Titania's pose is spot on, and the Son of Satan is fine. He's not a character I rate highly but I'll probably buy him anyway. Glad Rich stuck with the classic look.

Sorry, Ted, but I have to support Slapstick (or "schlapschtick" when you're impersonating Sean Connery) on his call for Hammerhead. Yep, he's cheesy and lame and your description is pretty much spot-on but I still like him. How can anyone hold a grudge against a fan of James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart?

And, to all you honorary Asgardians, if you hadn't already heard, the Warriors Three will appear in the Thor film. Ain't life grand?

ted sallis said...

sorry slapstick , no offence intended .i didn't actually mean to mispell your name I was indeed shaying it in my finest sean connery voice.
The only slightly pleasant comic memory of Hammerheid i have is from the old Russ Andru run. Some competely daft story featuring the ghost of Hammerhead , unfortunatly he didn't stay dead

Anonymous said...

perhaps we should get hammerhead + owl as a twin pack special ?

they'd look pretty cool standing next to , or behind kingpin.

mighty_marvel said...

my shff poll tally after 276 voters

spiral - 76
toad - 71
tigershark - 65
moondragon - 60
forge - 51
hydroman - 51
domino - 39
warpath - 28
photon - 27
arachne - 26
magik - 23
longshot - 22
karnak - 21
deaths head - 20
avalanche - 19
beetle - 18
firelord - 18
mar-vell - 16
owl - 16
wizard - 16

only 3 days of voting left i think

Robert said...

Looks as if recent votes haven't affected the order of popularity, mighty marvel. Glad to see Moondragon in fourth spot. Surprised to see Karnak so far down and as for Wizard bringing up the rear, how did that happen?

Hammerhead/ Owl two-pack? I'd certainly buy that, Slapstick, although it doesn't strike me as an obvious pairing. Surely a two-pack is more likely to feature the (very popular) siblings from Alpha Flight or even Ephemermist X's idea of Misty Knight and Colleen Wing? (And Owl is not exactly riding high in the poll, either.)

That Hammerhead-ghost story you remember was very silly, Ted, if lovely to look at because of Andru's brilliant art. I have better memories of a slightly earlier fight in the snow with the Spider-Mobile! Hope the weather is better if the City of Discovery than it is in the Dear Green Place...

Anonymous said...

robert :

well obviously northstar + aurora will be first as everyone wants them
and that's why i never included them because it's more or likely gonna happen !!
have a look at my list of twin pack ideas i added earlier on here.
my favourites are :

arleta + stakar ogord
elsa + ulysses bloodstone

Robert said...

Fair enough, slapstick, I take your point about Northstar and Aurora. They are indeed a given.

And there are certainly a few good picks on your list (and a few stinkers). Boomerang, Beetle and Hyperion are my three favourites from your two-pack list and would be welcome additions.

I'm just not as keen on projecting as far into the future as you are. I want to think about, at most, the next two or three specials/ megas/ etc., rather than the next five or so years. The collection seems to be moving at a snail's pace as it is without us adding wish lists with another year's worth of characters.

ted sallis said...

Robert, That old Ross Andru spidey mobile story brought the nostalgia flooding back . I may be wrong but i think i read it as a kid in an annual i got for chrimbo,
The perfect christmas reading alongside oor wullie / the broons.
I see my tangerine tendecies have been exposed , i had toasted the result a few times come sunday evening.
Football and figurines could be an explosive mix, so i will refrain from any further gloating.
I never knew i wrote with a sean connery accent after a shandy or two??!
Glad you are a fellow Andru fan as great as Ditko and Romita were i always had a special fondness for Andru's version ,as that was the one i grew up on.

Robert said...

Ted, you are a man after my own heart. I love Ditko, Romita (Snr.) and Sal Buscema but Ross Andru just edges it for me as the definitive Spidey artist, mainly because he drew so much of the city's architecture. Just a collosal talent and woefully underappreciated.

Oh, a wee question: does anyone else's Shang-Chi figurine lean over at an improbable angle?

winter soldier said...


mighty_marvel said...

double packs i'd like to see

northstar/aurora (obvious one i know)
ulysses/elsa bloodstone
mr hyde/cobra
misty knight/colleen wing

and my vote tally (top 10) after 279 voters

spiral - 77
toad - 73
tigershark - 65
moondragon - 60
forge - 51
hydroman - 51
domino - 39
warpath - 28
photon - 27
arachne - 26

jimbob said...





Dont think that we will need that many now that EM has confidence that we will be going towards 200+.

I think i will be happy if we just have Auora & Northstar double pack and then focus on the special size figs for rest of the collection!

Here is how the special poll looks like know.

Sasquatch 53
Omega Red 47
Lockjaw 42
Ronan The Accuser 41
Odin 31
Mojo 27
Sauron 24
Strong Guy 24
Terrax 19
Ch'od 18
Onslaught 18
Atlas 13
Giant Man 13
Super Adaptoid 12
Goliath 11
Blastaar 9
Destroyer 9
Dragon Man 9
Stilt Man 9

Cant wait till we get Sasquatch!!;)

ted sallis said...

Woah ! Looks like nostalgia has a pretty hefty pricetag . I thought i might steer the good lady towards a Ross Andru original for xmas, found a page from the original xmen a mere £ 4500.
Looks like it will be a hmv voucher again this year ....sigh!
But what if i stuck a claw hammer to my head and ran into banks and stuff and became a famous supervillain ? ......maybe.....just maybe this old geeks wish will come true

Robert said...

Looking over the specials list, it seems to me a few of these characters could be made as standard figures - Sauron, Ronan, Blastaar, for instance. Characters like Sasquatch, Lockjaw, Dragon Man and of course any of the size-changers like Goliath seem more appropriate to the special editions. It seems a shame to use up the very limited number of specials unless we absolutely have to.

Oh, and mighty marvel's shout for a Mr Hyde and Cobra two-pack is the brilliant one.

marveljoe said...

Two packs that I think would be possible:

Aurura & Northstar (surprsied not confirmed)
Puck & Marrina
Hulkling & Wiccan
Owl & Jackal
Shatterstar & Rictor
Mr Hyde & Cobra
The Hood & Madam Masque

I was also wondering if Richard could confirm what the price would be for the remaining wrecking crew (Thunderball, Bulldozer & Piledriver) without a magazine and people could let him know on here and do a poll on SHFF if they will be interested in buying it.

mighty_marvel said...

i agree robert, some of the proposed specials could be done as regular figs, sauron being the main one. but apparantly EM have said anyone listed as being over 6'8" (or could be 6'10" can't remember which one) is to be done as a special. so even though sauron can hardly be described as bulky and could have his wings done behind him like angel or hawkman in dc collection, it seems his 7' height means he HAS to be a special regardless of him only needing to be about 5mm taller than the she-hulk fig to remain in scale. not only costing us more money but also needlessly filling up a precious special slot.

jimbob said...

Sauron has been listed as 7ft!

Everyone on the special list are 7ft and over except for Blastaar and Terrax.I think they are in it because of their bulk!

I think EM has given the guide line for special is 6'8" and over.

If Richard wants to comment on this please do.

Personally i think the top 20 special poll list,they all need to be done,and deserve to be a special because people have voted for them.

ted sallis said...

Would dearly love to see a Cobra Mr Hyde double pack i used to love the banter between them.
Just a thought does Mr Beaky have anyone obvious who could twin up with him in a double pack, And would him being in a double pack free up a special slot?

mighty_marvel said...

double pack is classed as a special edition. having a double pack means we get one less regular or mega special.

sauron could potentially be done with another savage land mutate i suppose. brainchild for example

Robert said...

Thanks, might marvel and jimbob, for explaining the thinking behind a character's inclusion on the specials list. It just seems a rather rigid rule. Sauron is tall and has wings but he's skeletal. My memory is rather dodgy but I don't recall Ronan, even hammer held aloft, being any larger or bulkier than Beta Ray Bill, who is a regular figure. Maybe there is a very good reason for this that we don't know about (that Rich could explain in his next blog, hint, hint).

I would also like all or at least most of the specials mentioned and unnecessarily including some characters in the specials list will reduce the likelihood of us getting them.

If Rich could confirm that the collection will run to 1000 and we'll have 52 specials next year that would solve all our problems.

mighty_marvel said...

no probs robert.

only one voting day left. my current poll tally (top 25)

spiral - 78
toad - 75
tigershark - 66
moondagon - 62
forge - 52
hydroman - 51
domino - 40
photon - 28
warpath - 28
arachne - 27
longshot - 24
magik - 24
karnak - 23
deaths head - 20
avalanche - 19
beetle - 19
firelord - 18
owl - 17
howard the duck - 16
mar-vell - 16
wizard - 16
silver samurai - 15
stingray - 15
thundra - 15
vance astro - 15

still hoping that rich will confirm pyro/avalanche double pack so we can have all four of the top poll choices. toad could have pyro's space and we get spiral, tigershark and moondragon in the extension spaces.

Anonymous said...

nice idea mighty marvel.

so far there have been characters in the collection that could have been placed with another to make a twin pack special.

pyro + avelanche
silver sable + solo

for example.

and if sauron is done as a twin pack special , i'd like to see him with barbarus.

Fabio Mucci said...

X-23 is good!

For costumes. Rachel is better in new grey'n yellow costume, Cannobal is better with his Recent X-costume.

In the end:

Make Power Pack and Lockjaw as specials.

(i'm still hope in Jigsaw and Howard the duck)

Anonymous said...

I really suggest a completion of the Inhumans in specials and double-packs since three are being left out of the collection so far!: Maximus,Karnak and Lockjaw!!

B.J.Grimm said...

Fin Fang Foom is wonderful!!!
I'm waiting for Lockjaw :D