Friday, 3 September 2010

One place left.

Welcome back.

This week I have the pleasure of announcing three new characters to the current extension.

Chosen by the collectors on the forum (in a blind poll) the three winners in order of popularity are:




A big thanks to everyone who voted and an even bigger thanks to the guys that helped make the poll possible. The worked very hard to weed out cheats and make sure the results were as fair as humanly possible. Simply put, the polls wouldn’t be able to happen without the forum’s dedicated staff and the hard work they put in. Well-done guys.

Of course, the ability to spot cheats isn’t the only reason the forum holds these polls. Having been with us since day one, and provided a torrent of useful information and feedback, the forum is chosen to host these polls as my way of saying thanks.

Obviously, I’d very much like to run extra polls, in addition to those on the forum, but alas a number of logistical reasons prevent this.

Right, the line-up is nearly complete now, just one slot remaining. Check out the list below:

Captain Mar-Vell
J. Jonah Jameson
Lady Sif
Puppet Master
Shanna She-Devil

A competition will be run for the last spot. I’m discussing ideas for competitions with the current magazine editor John and I plan to kick-start it next week.

That’s your lot for this week, sneak peeks and competition details next Friday.

Take it easy.


Anonymous said...

great choices , well done to the voters.
look forward to the competition now.

Banshee said...

Im really looking forward to the competition this time around. I would really like Moonstone and Shaman to get in the collection. However I believe that the two will make it in the next extension, so if (fingers crossed) I somehow manage to win the competition I myself would be choosing a curveball :) :)

Guilherme said...

Great characters, hope great figurines as usual.
Richard, try not to leave us without at least one sneak peek per week update, they thrill us all!!!
Can´t wait to start this new competition! I want Sunfire in!

Gremlin said...

This has turned out to be an excellent extension all in all. I have to admit there is only one character I am not fussed about and that's Puppet Master. I am sure if I were a F4 fan then I would have a different view but he is just someone completely out my sphere of influence.
There are some great curveballs like Shanna, JJJ, Dracula and Thunderbird aswell which will all be recieving pride of place on my various shelves.

Roll on the 181-200 extension....hopefully we can confirm some popular names like Moonstone, Nefaria and White Tiger alongside more awesome curveballs like Darkstar, Deathbird, Meggan and Constrictor.

Looking forward to finding out what the competition is aswell.

Anonymous said...

Pretty decent list for this expansion.

Now we just need to add Beak, when I win the Comp.

Ummm, Guilherme... Sunfire is already in. In fact, he's already out. Even in the U.S.

TIM said...

What about Crossbones?!?!?!

Terrax and Diamnondback would be cool as well.

Anonymous said...

Crossbones came in #38 with 12 Votes.

Diamondback came in #66 with 7 Votes.

Guilherme said...

Sorry, I meant SUNSPOT!!!

Here in Brazil he is called "Mancha Solar" as Sunfire is called "Solaris".

Anonymous said...

Ahh, that makes a lot more sense.

The New Mutants didn't do too bad in the poll.

Wolfsbane and Dani even made it into the Top 20.

jarvis69 said...

Thanks to You and the forum crew we have three new characters....too bad I don't like them ( maybe Avalanche...maybe ...! lol
Never mind , I'll have a chance with the competition ;)

Joeking said...

These guys are great picks for the collection, very happy to see that Domino made it in.
Was even more surprised that WARLOCK got 9 votes very happy with that. glad to see that I am not the only one pulling for him.
Cant wait for the competition.

Timothy said...

I see Nefaria seems to have got spot 21 or so...hopefully that means I will see him in a future extension.

Gremlin said...

Even if the top three don't really suit your tastes the vote was brilliant market research for the next extension. The top 20 behind Domino, Avalanche and Arachne contained characters like Moonstone, Grey Gargoyle, Wolfsbane, White Tiger, Count Nefaria, Gamora, Vance Astro and Gargoyle. I am sure many of these names will be confirmed if we have a future extension.

Ryan Maxwell said...

I really think this is the best expansion yet. Well done EM and voters.

jimbob said...

Hope the competition is'nt like last time where we put the name of the character we want down.

Kinda felt that EM hand picked the character they liked rather than pick at random!

Let us win first, then pick the character we want.

Robert said...

Congratulations to the people who voted for the three characters who are now confirmed.

As for the competition, I am very interested to know what ideas are bouncing around the Eaglemoss offices. While I don't believe for a second that the competition was rigged, I would rather that it was a bit more demanding than a "Where's Wally?" search (as one wag on here put it - I think it was Ted). While the previous competition could be solved quickly with some knowledge of comics and/ or some deductive reasoning, it was also solvable by anyone with a mother and nephew who had a free afternoon. I'm really not sure how we can involve everyone while not dumbing the whole thing down to a ridiculously easy level. Any ideas?

Weirdly, my word verification is "compi"!

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Plese give Domino a modern outfit!

ted sallis said...

Regarding the comp, The cynic in me says just run one of those phone in comps with a suitably challenging question .. such as
Which movie phenonenom featured a giant white shark
A Baws
B Jaws
C Clause
Who wants to be a millionaire, loose women , Dickinson's real deal etc, etc. They fleece the dim out of hundreds of thousands of pounds per week with this scam, All eaglemoss would have to pay out in return is a figurine of the winners choice.
peronaly i would love to see a live tombola

Mr J said...

Three fantastic choices! Roll on the comp.

Please put Domino in her Modern costume.

pirate adam said...

well if its gonna be another X-Heavy 181-200 extension may as well stop the collection now in my opinion, i'm not against X-Men but there is just to many of them and the majority are D-listers at best, as i said 3 X-Men per extension is enough, time to give other groups and teams a chance, i used to like them but all the X-men arse kissing is making me resent them and starting to p**s me off


LAWay said...

Fairly happy with the picks. I dont care for Domino, but watching her in Wolverine and the X-men, she could look good and I know she has alot of history. More excited by the other two, just hope we get Arachne in her original costume.

Looking forward to sneak peeks next week of whatever they are. :)

John said...

I'm kind of with Pirate Adam on this, minus the ending the collection part. There are so many X-characters. Of course, this comes from one who tends to avoid X-Comics. And of course, an X-Fan is going to come on in a second and say how they have the highest number of deserving characters left to produce.

They do have a LOT of characters, with very rich histories. I just want more balance in MU areas.

Polls speak for themselves though... They'll sell.

In the next extension, though, let's open up some new teams to make sure we get as long a collection as possible. Only wrapping up teams will cut things short. Lets get the New Warriors, Young Avengers, Agents of Atlas, and even though I'm sick of hearing about them, the Starjammers. I'd love to see the biggest names of the Serpent Society. I don't know much about them besides Vance Astro, but the old Guardians of the Galaxy have a great look. And who wouldn't like to see the Heralds of Galactus?

Anonymous said...

Stop buying the X-Characters and pick and choose who you want then. Because they're still churning out bigger characters in the X-Sphere than they are in the FF or Spider-Man ones. It's certainly not just D-Listers. Crying that they should end the collection cause you don't like some of the collection is silly beyond belief. Don't buy the ones you don't like.

Anonymous said...

5 X-Characters and 5 Avengers Characters are just about right for the collection. It's the two biggest segments of the Marvel Universe. And the two groups with the most major characters left to do. The other 10 slots can get divided up between Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Marvel Knights, and Cosmic. Limiting the collection to not included the biggest selling franchises of the Marvel Universe would be cutting the throat of the collection far before it's needed.

Robert said...

Of course you are right to say that anyone who doesn't want X-Men characters should not buy them, CBR Beast. And I'm not arguing with the fact the X-Men are popular characters, or saying that they shouldn't be made, and I'm certainly not advocating stopping the collection.

However, please try and see it from the point of view of folk who don't read X-Men comicbooks and have no interest, therefore, in X-Men figurines. I mentioned a few days ago that nine of the first twenty figures in the poll were X-Men characters. This wasn't a complaint, a disagreement with the poll's results or format, or sour grapes: it was an observation. We love the collection as much as X-Men collectors but that means that 45 per cent of the characters in a possible extension are of no interest to us. I will average one figure a month through that extension if that's the twenty we get. Try to look at the list with our eyes and it has a very large number of characters we have no interest in.

Non-X-fans have no axe to grind with X-Men fans. We are all fans in the eyes of Stan. All we say is that there are a lot of X-Men characters and it can seem as if they dominate. Yes, they have loads of important/ interesting/ popular characters still to do, probably more than any other 'family' including the Avengers (debatable but I'll concede the point). However, you must surely see that 45 per cent of any extension going to any one 'family' is a lot. Considering the above, I think any frustration, irritation, even criticism on the part of non-X-Men fans is rather to be expected.

Good luck to the X-Men fans and everyone else who got their picks, by the way. Let's hope the collection lasts long enough that we all get our wanted characters.

Jacadoo said...

Guys is anybody else having to re-set passwords everytime they try to post here?

I think it will be near impossible for any poll not to carry a heavy X influence because of the fan base.

Just please at some point give me Stingray - CBR how did he fair in the poll?

AVENGERS -87 said...

GREAT extension , without DRACULA : PERFECT . For the next figure , i like to see win JEWEL , MOONSTONE , SWORDSMAN #1 or LIVING LASER.

Robert said...

"I think it will be near impossible for any poll not to carry a heavy X influence because of the fan base."

That's an interesting thought. Just how substantial is the X-Men fanbase? I know they tend to dominate the polls, which means that they dominate the forum. However, how representative of the collectors' fanbase is the forum? I imagine the forum must be a pretty good guide of collecting tastes, although that's a conculsion that's not backed up with any hard evidence or specifics. Does anyone know what the sales figures are for figures? Do X-characters sell more than, say, FF characters? Are there any discernible buying patterns in the sales of different 'families'? Or is this all top-secret sales dept. stuff?

whiteybhoy said...

1st ever post,subscriber since issue 1.I would love to see shriek demo-goblin and doppelganger to complete a maximum carnage set,would also like to see vermin at some stage, but at the mo its just a pipe dream.

Gremlin said...

The simple option would be that if we know the XMen dominate polls then let the polls pick out the major XMen and EM only put one or two through. Longshot and Wolfsbane are almost guarenteed a place in the collection based on their standings in the polls. If EM confirms Longshot and an X-villain like Silver Samarai and leaves it at that then we are likely to get a wider spread across the MU.
This comes from an X-fan BTW. I want this collection to go on and on and on so the longer we can stretch the most wanted characters out the more likely people will stick with the collection till we get them.

This competition pick could still help balance things out. I myself am either going with Darkstar (original black and yellow costume) or Gamora in her modern thong-thingy and cloak. I really do not like her original look....sorry to all you old classic guys but it just looks bad.

ted sallis said...

I don't really see any problem with too many x- characters, It's all swings and roundabouts, Rich has done a remarkable job maintaining a healthy balance .
Heck you could make an arguement for the x verse being under represented of late
#101 War Machine,102 Hob Goblin,103 Zemo,104 Taskmaster,105 Doc Samson, 106 MADROX, 107 Union Jack, 108 Man Wolf, 109 Ikarus, 110 Machine Man, 111 Shang-Chi,112 Black Knight,113 Hellcat, 114 viper 115 DAZZLER, 116 Chameleon, 117 X-23 118Tigra, 119Jocasta 120JUBILEE, 121 Jack of Hearts, 122 Crimson Dynamo, 123 Enchantress, 124 Gladiator, 125 SUNFIRE, 126 Titania, 127 Gorgon 128 X-MAN, 129 Antman 130 Klaw,131 Grim Reaper in fact up to the last shown release which is Nomad there have been 6 X characters in the last 35 figures.
"We are all sons of Stan Lee"
Nicely put Robert

Robert said...

Excellent point about the numbers of X-Men, Ted. I guess it all just about evens out in the end. (By the way, all my letters to Marvel opened with "Dear Sons of Stan", although one UK editor said it reminded him of the Son of Satan and the Son of Sam murderer from the '70s!)

Gremlin, I beg to differ on the subjecy of Gamora's attire.

Robert said...

Oh, on behalf of everyone on here, welcome to whiteybhoy. Or should that be greenandwhiteybhoy...?

pirate adam said...

CBR, i have stopped collecting the X-Men figs and others besides, i actually dont mind the two characters that have just been announced and think they should have been done long before now, remember people asking for the double pack of Pyro and Avalanche? well i was one of them, you are absolutely right there are still X-men that deserve there place, just they are greatly outnumbered by ones that dont, YET.

i just think there are alot more deserving characters that have yet to be done, before we start getting into the lesser X-Guys, we still only have one Herald out of 180 characters surely people must agree thats not fair to the Herald fans out there.

i dont really want the collection to end, i was just being a bit grumpy last night.

welcome to whiteybhoy and now i'm off to give Jacadoo a massive, pirate man hug since he has i will give Thor8 the same offer, come back and get you hug MATEY!!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that Rich will be announcing a running change to the order again soon. Not only have we seen completed figurines for characters who have just been voted in like Hydrant Man, Forge, and such. But we haven't seen a lot of characters that are listed as coming very soon. Hell, we haven't even seen Spiral who won the competition last time. Though we have seen Toad and Moondragon.

mgf said...

We established some time ago that there are a significant number of vociferous forum members who don't really collect the figures. They pick up three or four per extension, yet scream the loudest as to their wants. I suppose they are hoping to pick up five next time.

The idea that non X fans should not buy those figures fits in well with this seemingly increasing phenomena. I wonder what EM would think of that suggestion? "Don't buy the figures" seems to me to be a recipe for the end of the collection.

The X fans, for whom broadly speaking only that part of the MU is of interest, will be the death of the collection. Their knowledge of the other parts of the MU is often infinitesimal, and their interest is less still. (I discovered Dracula was an X-character the other week BTW. Fascinating.)

The CMFC might stumble on another two or three extensions but the louder they bleat and the more they are listened to the faster the sales will tumble.

Personally I think EM are a lot wiser than that. I certainly hope so.

Anonymous said...

"The X fans, for whom broadly speaking only that part of the MU is of interest, will be the death of the collection. Their knowledge of the other parts of the MU is often infinitesimal, and their interest is less still. (I discovered Dracula was an X-character the other week BTW. Fascinating.)"

Do you actually listen to yourself when you talk? How is one of the largest selling segments of the Marvel Universe going to be the death of the collection? There's a reason why the X-Men are always the largest segment of any sort of collectible line. Because they sell so well. Same with the Avengers. I don't know what fantasy land you live in, where the Fantastic Four or Marvel Cosmic outsell the X-Men. It surely isn't the real world, where the Avengers and X-Men have at least a dozen books each because people support them. And Dracula does have X-Book ties. And will soon be joining the X-Men to take down his son.

ted sallis said...

Bloodstone is to feature in a big upcoming story arc in the X titles. The 10 000 yr old monster hunter is it turns out the grand daddy of all todays mutie verse.....and even if i accidentaly made that up , i still want im.
MGF, i agree with you on the subject of part timers who intend to spend a wopping £10.98 on the next extension, yet are the most vocal at what should or should not make the next extension, and i also agree Rich is no fool,
I've given up bothering about them,I will buy figs that may have no real interest to me if it keeps this going therefor keeping my faint hopes alive that one day, Ulysses and Molecule man and Princess Python may adorn my ikea shelves

mighty_marvel said...

i still think the best option to avoid the polls making an extension biased towards one or another family is to have the poll before the EM selections. this way EM know who has won the poll and can adjust their selections accordingly to maintain an appropriately balanced extension.

and on the x-men numbers issue. i'd say 4/5 x-men related characters per extension is a good number. but these should then have a 2:2 or a 2:3 split of heroes:villains/villains:heroes

Anonymous said...

So what if people only buy one or two characters out of an expansion? They're still collectors who deserve a shot to get the characters they love in the collection. I've only bought 2 DC Figurines so far. But that doesn't mean I don't have a right to offer my opinion of who I would like to see included. Because if they get in, it's more characters I'll buy from that series.

John said...

Ted, Princess Python would be amazing.

I mentioned this in the forum yesterday; a lot of the problem is how characters tend to stay in their own books, so if you don't read that book, you don't care about the character. If someone reads X-Factor, they'll want Strong Guy as the next Special. I don't read that. I read Agents of Atlas. I want Gorilla Man as the next Special. Same problem. Each one would make one type of fan excited. The key is to pick characters that have more interaction with other areas. i.e. If a 'family' has a lot of characters left, start choosing some that fit into other categories as well.

Here's what I said on the forum;
"Deathbird also counts as Cosmic. I think of Silver Samurai as Big Hero 6. I don't associate Alpha Flight with X-Men at all, so Shaman, Vindicator, etc. Someone said Brood, which is just an alien race to me. Heck, I fully view Warlock (techno) as a Cosmic character. Arcade fights everyone. Characters like this would simply be more excepted by those that aren't die-hard X-Fans. I just see people's lists of New X-men, X-Factor, and villains so specific to the X-Men that if I don't read the title, I just wouldn't have the interest (Shadow King.) ...I guess that goes for anything though. Here I am with a name like "Agents of Atlas." The Shatterstar vs. Brother Voodoo wasn't meant to be character specific, just representation specific. Only X-Fans know Shatterstar, whereas Voodoo travels around the MU."

Anonymous said...

I don't think it would really work to run the polls first. Especially since Eaglemoss usually figures out who they want in the expansion long before they announce them. Since they have to start getting them locked in and sculpts worked up. Which is often why we don't see the poll winners for a while afterwards. Yet characters that were recently announced by EM... end up showing up fairly fast in proto form.

Besides, Eaglemoss is always shifting the running order up anyway. So even if an expansion leans heavily towards one particular team... then when they do a running order change they can balance things a bit better.

I do agree that if they do 5 X-Men per expansion, that they need to have at least 2 of them be villains. Since there are a lot of major X-Villains who need some love. Thankfully they seem to be getting more baddies in the line in general. But it could use a boost.

John said...

It is a little frustrating to a non-X-Fan to see a large number of characters, but ultimately I don't care. They're still important characters to the MU, with rich histories and great looks. I'll still buy them. I'll still like them. It just means that it pushes the line-up further back from making the families that I ACTUALLY want, like more Cosmic and Spider-Man. Each vote for an X-Men is one vote further away for Rocket Raccoon or Gamora.

But on the flip-side, I fully understand. I don't read DC Comics, but I love Batman. I buy all the Batman related figuines, and in their Special poll where we could list 5 wants, mine simply said "Clayface." I bet Batman is to DC like X-Men is to CMFC, but those are the only ones I want, so...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, gotta disagree with you on the Deathbird, Silver Samurai, and Brother Voodoo comments.

Deathbird may have cosmic connections, but she's still primarily an X-Baddy. It's the area she's most well known for.

Silver Samurai may have been in a few issues of Big Hero Six, but he's still primarily a X-Character. Due to his appearances there and in Wolverine's books.

And Brother Voodoo is chiefly an Avengers related character. Sure he didn't start off there, but it's the area of the comics where he's most tied to now. He would be back in limbo if not for them.

mighty_marvel said...

EM could still draw up a list of 16 selections before the poll and if the poll happens to then include characters from that list then at the most they have to select 3 further characters. but in choosing these 3 characters they can make sure that families/groups with little representation are represented

ted sallis said...

Does Thor fly in the upcoming movie?
I met a chap carrying a large pole , I said are you a pole vaulter he replied " No i'm Austrian, but how did you know my name was Walter?"
Sorry i've just eaten a bag of Randoms

John said...

Beast, I think you misunderstand the point of my post. Of course Deathbird (or any Shi'ar) is more of an X-Men character. My point is that she also easily fits into a secondary category, in this case, Cosmic. Characters like this simply have more acceptance (if not appeal) to buyers. I don't read X-Men, but I read War of Kings, so I'd be okay with her inclusion.

I'm trying to help these characters chances, not hinder them, as they'll satisfy more people than Sunspot or Anole, if not for the character specifically, than to extend that family.

Its like how Hobgoblin is a Spidey villain. Sandman is too, but FF fans would be happy with him as well.

SinisterVenom said...

I also agree with you CBR Beast on the subject that I think the order may change again soon but I don't think sneak peaks of the figures have anything to do with it.
I say this because before the order was changed last time, there were figures, like Blackheart for example, that had been sculpted and revealed to us and he ended up on the bottom of the new extension! I really hope they don't push him back any farther than 160 as that is one figure that I really want to get and I don't want to have to wait even longer.
Now, here's something to think about. If Stan Lee was to be confirmed in the collection, like as the last figure for example (hopefully that won't be anytime soon), how would you like his 'pose' for the figure?
Personally I would like him stood with a Marvel comic in one hand and his other hand slightly raised as if he was to say ''Excelsior!''

Anonymous said...

If Stan Lee were confirmed for the collection, I would probably not buy it. And that is as someone who has bought every figurine so far, including the variants. Including Dazzler, who I loathe with a passion especially in that costume.

While there's no denying that Stan had a huge impact by creating many of the major Marvel Universe characters. I don't feel that his contribution other than as the "Father" is any greater or even as great as some creators. So to just acknowledge him and not them, would be doing a disservice to everyone who has contributed to the Marvel Universe over the years.

Robert said...

Saying that Stan had a "huge impact" on Marvel is comparable to saying that Churchill had a bit of a role in winning WWII...

ted sallis said...

I can't think of a more fitting end to this collection than a Stan Lee fig . There would be no marvel universe for us to argue over without the man , In fact Rich it would be a considerable coup if you could somehow get an interview with the great man , Hell i'd buy it just for the magazine,
Anyone see Stan on The big Bang theory on E4 ?
Stan is most assuredly THE MAN!

BobDiamond said...

I think that one of the main reasons that we're always having this debate about the X-Universe vs The rest off the MU, is because ever since the collection started we have been persuaded to think of the characters as 'belonging' to different families. This categorising method can be useful at times, but it is also getting in the way of seeing the MU as a whole.
Before this collection, I didn't really think of the MU as a 5-Family thing (bit God Father that), I just collected the comics that appealed to me. It's true in a sense that the X-titles have become quite a strong off-shoot from the central nerve-centre of the MU, but they are still very much a part of the whole sherbang. I don't collect them any-more, not because I hate all X-related material, but because they were just not keeping me interested as they did back in the Bryne/Claremont/Cockrum/Smith days.

What I find both annoying and amusing at the same time though, is when people say that this guy or that bloke belongs in that 'family' and therefore there's a disproportional amount of 'them' represented and it's just not fair etc. etc.!!
The vast amount of characters in the MU should be seen as just belonging to the we personally group them in our displays is no-one else's business. Personally for instance, I don't see Silver Samurai being an X-Villain, to me he's just a major bad-guy throughout the MU, and I'll probably put him next to Viper if he ever got made. Deathbird started out as a Ms. Marvel villain, so I don't necessarily think she has to be lumped together with the X-Villains either.

What's important is that we continue to have a strong and varied collection based on history and importance to the MU, and not just on current fads and trends. I believe that EM are doing this extremely well, and it must be a pretty difficult and thankless task a lot of the time.


BobDiamond said...

On a completely different subject, I also think that there would be no finer, or more fitting end to this collection, than to have a Stan Lee figurine.
He is not just the Father of Marvel, but a wonderful character in his own right- making TV/ film-cameos and appearing in the comics themselves from time-to-time.

I kind of feel however, that Jack Kirby should be given similar respect. He was the one who translated the ideas into the images and came up with so many characters and their stunning designs.
Stan AND Jack are the Lennon and McCartney of comics after all!!


Robert said...

This may be the first time this has happened, but I have disagree with you, Bob, about the 'families' thinking. With the exception of occasional Wolverine issues, I haven't bought any X-Men comicbooks since about 1985. Which means that despite weekly visits to FP over two decades and a substantial collection, there are loads of X-Men characters I have yet to see in a story (or even hear of, I guess). It is true there are characters that cameo in other series - for instance, I remember Silver Samurai from Marvel Team-Up when he fought Spidey. However, there are many characters who do not ever appear in non-X-Men titles. We have the 'families' distinctions because for a lot of characters it makes sense. If you name a character we would generally agree that he or she is most closely associated with a certain character/s or 'family'. I saw the Samurai in MTU but I would always say that he's obviously an X-Men character. You are of course right to say the MU is a connected universe but some connections are stronger - or weaker - than others.

Jacadoo said...

Back at ya Padam - in a man fashion!!

Also got to echo the sentiments - whaere are the heralds??

Too long has Galactus sat on my shelf with only the Surfer as company - - - show the love Rich..

CBR - where did Sting dude come in the poll?

Jacadoo said...

CBR - sorry not the right place - have I been kicked from the SHFF?

I have not been on in a while while traveling - I do not use outlook so cannot communicate with Admin - please help!!!

BobDiamond said...

I know what you mean, up to a point Robert,- there are certain distinct 'areas' in the MU, but the edges/ boundaries are very blurred in most cases.
The way I see it is- your average A, B or even C list character, often moves around the MU over the decades, and even though he/ she might be more prominent in one particular locale, they are still seen as part of the general, greater MU.
It's the more obscure D-listers that often don't move out of a particular area...
For instance-2 Spidey villains:

SANDMAN (A/B lister)
-been around for ages, played major parts in Spidey, FF and even Avengers. To me he is a Spidey character for now, but when the rest of The Frightful Four come along, I'll put him there instead. I'm a huge Avengers fan- so I could put him there too, but due to my own personal bias I think of him being first and foremost a member of The Frightful Four.
KAINE (D-lister)
Must admit, don't know much about him- important in the infamous 'Clone Saga' I believe. Obviously would be lumped into Spidey 'family' as he is never seen anywhere else.

In my own collection, I have The Hulk, The Silver Surfer, The Sub-Mariner and Dr. Strange in a Defenders arrangement, because I see this grouping over-riding The Avengers or 'Cosmics' for these heroes.
Beast I would have instantly put with The Avengers, if it had been the classic 'Ape' version, but instead he's in the X-Men because I don't associate that incarnation with The Avengers.
All I'm basically saying, is a lot of this 'family' grouping business is purely down to personal bias, and we shouldn't get bogged down in it.
Important characters are important, not because of their 'family', but because of their impact.


SinisterVenom said...

It seems Stan The Man has recieved mixed reactions. No big deal at the moment though, we won't have to worry about it until the end of the collection is announced, hopefully that won't be for a while yet. (I know I always say that but hey, what can I say, I don't want the collection to end! lol).
I have noticed however that nobody has shared their thoughts on how they would like a Stan Lee figurine to look! :(
And while we are on the subject of poses, I must admit I'm a little worried about how the Avalanche figurine will look. I mean, they have already let us down with some of the Brotherhood before: Mystique with her costume choice, Toad with his long arm, and let's not get started with the Pyro figurine.

BobDiamond said...

SV, I don't really mind how they do Stan, as long as it's not a Mega-sized Gold-effect 'Statue' with an eagle (or mini Jack Kirby!) on his arm!!!


ted sallis said...

I will be happy to take Rich's advice regarding a suitable pose for Stan , after i win the comp. I really loved his mid 70's look. That's the 1970's not Mr Lee aged 75

Gremlin said...

Sorry but I can't think of anything that would peeve me off more than to end the collection with Stan Lee. I mean seriously come on....look how much debate JJJ caused when he was included and he actually is a huge part of the Spidey mythos. Now I am not debating how important Stan is to the creation of the characters we know and love today....I am just saying he would make a crap figure and we should have a more fitting end to the collection....when the time comes. There is still a lot of life in it yet.

When that day does come however I can't see a better way than to have the MU's version of Death be the last figure. She has played an important role in the MU and has ties with characters like Thanos and Deadpool. Plus her magazine doesn't have to detail just her exploits but discuss the whole concept of death and resurrection in the MU.

John said...

I'm always surprised by how divided people are about Stan Lee. I almost emailed EM when I first discovered the collection to tell them my idea to add Stan. Then I joined the forum and found people had been debating it for a while and where split right down the middle. Not just split, but with half thinking of it as this great praise to give the legendary creator, and the other half thinking it would be the worst idea for the collection possible.

I think he has an incredibly iconic look, and would make a great looking figurine. But then I think the same about JJJ.

Robert said...

Still disagree, Bob. Most cases are pretty clear cut. The 'families' organisation of the MU has always been there in some form or another. The most obvious example is that some characters repeatedly face the same villains, for instance. That was the whole point of the "Acts of Vengeance" storyline a while back, where villains swapped their usual adversaries. There's some debate over where to categorise a few characters. Beast is a good example because he was an Avenger during a classic period. But strictly speaking he's an X-Man - and I say that as someone who would display Beast with the Avengers if he was in his previous incarnation. Like Wolvie, he simply has much longer and closer ties to the X-Men. As for Hulk, yep, same here, he's displayed as a Defender. Again, that's perfectly obvious because he was an Avenger for, what, one or two issues and a Defender for years. As for Sandman, he can also be displayed as one of the Sinister Six, although that still leaves him as a Spidey villain rather than an FF villain.

On the subject of Stan, no one reveres The Man more than myself, and I'd certainly buy a figure of him, but I don't think it would be a great idea. Who really thinks that a little figurine could do him justice, whatever pose you can think of? It pains me to say it, but this collection is not really suited to any kind of tribute to Stan. The figures themselves are probably the best acknowledgement of his role in creating the MU. When you look at their massed ranks, and see how many he co-created, that is enough to make you realise he is the (All)-Father of Marvel.

ted sallis said...

Ahem, For the first time in recorded history i has to disagrees with ye Robert,
Some folk seem to be anti Stan simply because they fear the inclusion of a "real person" amongst all this spandex make believe would somehow break the illusion.. Pardon me while a laff ma heid off.
Stan lee at the centre of this universe he created would be a most fitting tribute . It's the last figurine we are talking about here it could 3,4 or 5 years away. If nay sayers don't want it don't buy it......Like that would happen?

Robert said...

A figurine of Stan would be an appropriate final figure, I guess, but it just seems so, I don't know, inadequate. I'd still rather see New York City erect a larger-than-life statue of Stan Lee. That's more like the tribute he deserves for being a pop culture icon and creative genius. It's gotta happen one day, surely?

jimbob said...

Dont think we need Stan Lee figure,other collections has'nt bothered.

Robert said...

There's a Stan Lee doll and a Stan Lee bust, jimbob, so it's not true to say he has not featured in other collections.

Besides, the dream for many people with this collection is for it to be the most complete Marvel series ever.

ted sallis said...

Having Stan front and centre , on your shelve is like saying Stan Lee presents!
Come end game be it 300 or 350 . I should imagine we will mostly have had our "major" D and E list characters.
This collections finale deserves no less, oh wait a minute let's make the last issue of this unique collection...Porcupine yaaaaaay!
It's not a deal breaker for me, Rich can come on here and discount Stan ever appearing in this collection . i won't spit the dummy out and only buy 3 figs from the next extension, i won't agree with the decision but the last fig better be a doozy otherwise ye can stick it right *(*(*)0 &^(^9*&&%^^$^$£" %£"£%

LAWay said...

hehe its gotten nasty without me saying anything! Makes a change eh guys?

The only X-fans/characters business is silly. They represent a big portion of Marvel. Its like complaining that DC are making too many Justice League characters (to my understanding, practically every DC character is in the justice league).

As for deserving collectors, its a matter of opinion. CBR Beast said buying 2 DC figurines out of 50 or whatever number they are on makes him a collector and he is entitled to his opinion on how the collection should be made. Thats how he see's it. I myself have bought 4 DC figurines, would never in a million years call myself a collector of that collection, and would never infringe on the decision process or complain, because obviously i dont like the collection, characters or brand that much where I have only bought like 2% of the collection.


There SHOULD be a subscriber dedicated forum. I know people collect every issue but dont subscribe blah blah. But lets cut all the whining on who collects how many and what. You have this set up, you have a code to access the forums from your subscription, and you are able to talk and vote about characters with people who are guaranteed to be genuine collectors and not just in it for themselves.

I would love to see how many forum members and blog members are cut down, and then I would also love to see the honest opinion and voice of the collectors and really feel my voice and all theirs are getting heard.

Doesnt mean anything else has to close, just would be great to have this little extra thing.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Just because I have only bought 2 DC figurines, doesn't mean I should be forbidden for saying what characters I would like to see or voting in the polls if/when they happen.

Also, the idea of "Subscriber Exclusive Forums" is probably the most insulting thing I have ever seen. We already went through this regarding the polls. Not EVERYONE wants to subscribe, for a variety of reasons. Such as problems with EM's billing department, broken figurines, or wanting to be able to inspect the figurines before buying at an actual store.

Not to mention the other issue that has been brought up before. Not EVERYONE can subscribe. Some of us don't even have that option given what countries we live in. The U.S. for example, has to deal with Diamond Comics and going to a local Comic Shop to get them.

Not to mention, it would require EM to dedicate time and money for people to operate and moderate the forums. That's why the idea doesn't work. It's lucky we even have a Blog for the Marvel side of things, and that's only thanks to Rich putting his free time into it.

BobDiamond said...

Controversial as ever Leigh!!

An interesting proposition- but what about all those collectors who can not actually subscribe due to geographical hindrances, ie. they live across'The Pond' or some other fabled land - should they not get a say as well?
I can understand your frustration with the system, but ultimately there is never a 100% successful solution to this kind of stuff....maybe a good old-fashion tear-off survey sheet in the magazines on occasion perhaps?? That way, anyone who cares about an issue can at least have some say if they can be bothered to post a reply..
... And those Die-Hard Obsessive Types who would go out and buy multiple copies just to try and influence a vote?....Well if they go to so much extra trouble and expense over it, then perhaps they deserve their little victory- because they probably haven't got much else in their lives.

Personally, I like how things are at the moment- we chat, share ideas (that EM can see)and generally get our views across- it's cool.
And at the end of the day...they are just lead (and resin!) figures of superheroes...

(Sorry any Die-Hard Obsessive Types out there BTW...)


Robert said...

Leigh, it has been peaceful here of late and your last post, deliberately or not, is likely to cause ill-feeling and irritated posts. CBR Beast has patiently explained for the third or fourth time now why your idea of discriminating against non-subscribers is unfair and indefensible. I don't understand why you keep posting these comments unless you are intentionally not listening or are trying to provoke a reaction.

When we post here, it is as members of a community united by our interest in Marvel figurines, albeit with our own personal preferences. You seem to be fixated on divisions, even when divisions do not exist. It is beginning to look very much as if you enjoy winding people up and that's a great shame as you have a much more worthwhile contribution to make to this blog.

SinisterVenom said...

Normally I try to avoid getting involved in messy 'disagreements' such as this one, but this time LAWay I feel you are taking the biscuit and I need to have my say.
I think your idea is appalling and that you are insulting half of the people on this blog, if not more! As CBR Beast said, not everyone can be subscribers and many of us have genuine reasons for this. Yes, I am one of these non-subscribers who has so far collected every issue of CMFC, but I don't go round posting it in all my posts or whine about it as you put it.
At the end of the day, this forum was set up for ANYONE who has interest in the collection. Be it collecting them all, collecting their favourite figures or even if it's to voice the characters they want. In the end, it voices people's opinions and the guys at EM listen, they make what we want and they get sales from it. I mean, without us, they could probably have made figures that nobody would want. Look at the recent forum poll we just did for example, all of those results have shown EM what we really want and EM will use these results in the future to keep our best interests at heart. Now tell me roughly how many of the guys that voted do you think are subscribers?
My point is this forum and blog was made for everyone, both subscribers and non-subscribers alike and I believe that is how it should stay.
Before I go I will take this moment to apologize if I sounded too forward. But I have had a bad day today and reading that just blew my lid so I just fet I had to type something and let off steam.

SinisterVenom said...

I'm apologizing again for the way I described my point in my previous post. I am not normally like this so I will fall back for now until I feel calm enough again to post.

BobDiamond said...

Hi CBR Beast, from BD (don't think I've ever addressed you before..)

Anyway, I was just curious...which 2 DC figs. did you buy? (and is there anyone else from 'The Distinguished Competition' that you would get?)


Robert said...

For what it's worth, SV, I didn't see anything in your post worth apologising for.

P.S. New game? Who did CBR Beast buy? I am guessing that he bought Batman and Bats on a bike! (It's probably not as obvious as that. Swamp Thing? The Demon? Oh, I give up!)

SinisterVenom said...

Sorry Rob pal, I just felt like the way I said what I wanted to say just didn't sound like me.
But nevertheless I stand by the points I was making.

Robert said...

Gee, now you're apologising to me! :)

SV, you're a good man and you haven't said anything on here in all your posts that is within a million miles of being apology material. I like Leigh but he's the only person on here who owes anyone an apology.

You know, the more I think about this and past posts, the more I think it's a cage-rattling exercise by our resident artist.

Anonymous said...

"maybe a good old-fashion tear-off survey sheet in the magazines on occasion perhaps?? That way, anyone who cares about an issue can at least have some say if they can be bothered to post a reply.."

That idea was kicked around and tossed out before also. Due to a couple factors. Cost first of all. And then the fact that depending on what country you're talking about, they're not on the same schedule as the UK and such. So not everyone would get the mailer at the same time.

Robert said...

Getting off today's topic of 'debate' I have a question.

Several times I've heard people talk about campaigning on the forum. On here, I can only really think of Oot doing it. Anyway, how successful was that campaigning? I only ask as Oot mentioned the Stepford Cuckoos all the time and, if memory serves, they garnered very few votes. So, was it worth the effort or was the impact of campaiging largely neglible?

Anonymous said...

My two DC Figurines?

Gorilla Grodd and Detective Chimp.

And I'll likely buy Wildcat when he's solicited in the U.S., but that's in the not too distant future.

My top 5 wanted DC Figurines?

1. Wildcat (Tom Bronson)
2. Baby Wildebeest (Special)
3. Pantha
4. Kid Devil
5. Ultra-Humanite (Special)

6. Sam Simeon & Angel O'Day 2-Pack

BobDiamond said... got a point there about the tear-off slips CBR, I forgot that we don't get the mags all at the same time!
BTW, that is a weird set of choices for DC there some kind of a theme going there (besides apes!)?
SV, you come across as a genuine salt-of-the-earth type chap, and have nothing whatsoever to apologies's good to let off a bit of steam occasionally...just ask Robert!! :)

Oh, and while we're on the subject..I for one thought it was good to hear from The Mad Thinker again recently- so welcome back MT!

And're controversial, but we still love ya!


Robert said...

I actually know who (or what) Ultra-Humanite is! One of the DC comics my mother bought (it didn't matter how many times I tried to explain I wanted Marvel and only Marvel, she never listened) had him battle the JLA and JSA. It was pretty poor stuff except it was drawn by the wonderful George Perez and looked great. I have no idea what comic it was but it must have been '78 or so.

Anyway, that's a lot of animal characters, CBR Beast! Have you seen the rather humungous Green Lantern statue with the raccoon? There's one in the window in Glasgow's FP, although I realise that's a bit of a commute for you...

Robert said...

"{I}t's good to let off a bit of steam occasionally...just ask Robert!!"

What, there's another guy on here called Robert?!

BobDiamond said...

Robert-hi-why is there a large Green Lantern statue with a raccoon??

And is it your beloved Rocket Raccoon-which wouldn't make sense at all!

BTW, I know you are a Ross Andru fan...well I was in my local CS the other day, and they had this rather bizarre DC Comics GN collection of the old MARVEL(!) Doc Savage stories, drawn by Andru and written by the great Steve Englehart. Weird huh? (it even had a Steranko cover!) £9.99 - I might buy it next week, for old times sake!


SinisterVenom said...

Ok guys sorry for in fact, ignore that, you'll all tell me off for apologizing again so no more apologies from me. It's time I became good ol SV again.
I've chilled my beans now and I hope the rest of us can too so no more spitting any sinister venom at anybody (see what I did there?) and let's all get on like one big happy family of subscribers AND non-subscribers.

Robert said...

Well, Bob, the little raccoon was wearing a GL mask, so I can only assume he belongs/-ed to the GL Corps. I actually didn't notice him at first and was thinking that it was a pretty impressive statue. Then I clocked the raccoon and was about to snicker at the stupidity of DC when I had to stop myself. Unless the GL raccoon beat up Darkseid, I cannot even laugh at DC any more with their Batmite's and masked dugs and other nonsense. Honestly, the editor who okayed that issue where Rocket humiliated Thanos should be tarred and feathered. Then shot.

Thanks for the tip on the Andru book, Bob. Will look for it in FP on Friday.

P.S. SV, you're awful cute when you blush.

Robert said...

One for sale on eBay, Bob.

The raccoon is wearing dungarees! And we wonder why we have such a hard getting non-comic folk to take us seriously!

ted sallis said...

Just enjoyed Kick Ass on dvd . It has an interview wth Romita jnr, Millar and the one and only Tom Palmer, He was doing amazing work in the 70's and now nearly 40 yrs on the guy is doing his best work , what a guy. A Kickass/ Hit Girl double pack would be so cutesy wootsie!

Anonymous said...


I'm shocked you guys don't know Ch'p.

Anonymous said...

"Honestly, the editor who okayed that issue where Rocket humiliated Thanos should be tarred and feathered. Then shot."

Best scene in recent comic history. I thought they couldn't top him punking Gladiator, but they did. Proof that Rocket Raccoon truly is the tactical genius he's been touted as being from the start.

Robert said...

Words fail me, they really do.

BobDiamond said...

Nope, can't say I've come across Ch'p before CBR. It said in your link that he came from a planet of 'funny animal' type characters (sounds right up Robert's alley this one!). He then became suicidal, but after he was talked out of this, he was then hit and killed by a yellow truck!
Did Steve Gerber write this or something??!! Sounds a lot like a certain Duck and a certain Elf to me...:)


PS. I thought Robert was talking about Gnort before-'cause he almost fits the description...whatever happened to him anyway? Those early Giffen Justice League comics were classics....

Robert said...

I have nothing against funny animals, Bob. Top Cat was a feline Bilko and Scooby-Doo's Bob Hope cowardice was always worth a giggle. Honorable mentions should also go to Hong Kong Phooey, Muttley, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Tom and Jerry.

None of whom, incidentally, are a match for Thanos of Titan, a mad god who has challenged Celestials, Galactus and all the heroes of the universe - and won. (I had to insert that last part so that no one uses this plot in a future storyline.) There's a time and a place for everything. Funny (and furry) animals belong in Looney Tunes or Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

John said...

Robert, you have to understand Rocket Raccoon isn't about strength, but tactically outsmarting those stronger than himself. That scene with him and Thanos was instrumental in getting the current Cosmic story on path, not some cheap attempt to make him look cool. And as said many times, Thanos was at his weakest point possible.

Robert said...

My mind is now full of images of Shaggy pulling a mask off the funfair owner, only to discover it's Thanos. "He planned to use the abandoned funfair," explains Fred, "as the launching pad for a T-bomb, which would have wiped out everyone in the multiverse. But he forgot about Scooby's love of snacks and Scooby found his plans pinned onto the fridge door." In a voice like gravel grinding bones to dust, Thanos growls "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for you pesky kids!" "Rotsa ruck, Ranos!" says Scooby, salad dressing all over his face, to everyone's amusement.
Okay, everybody, sing along! "Scooby-Doobey Doo, Where are you? You're ready and you're willin', If we can count on you, Scooby-Doooooooo, I know we'll catch that Villain!

John said...

"There's a time and a place for everything. Funny (and furry) animals belong in Looney Tunes or Hanna-Barbera cartoons."

And if the MU was to be populated by only serious characters, we wouldn't have The Phone Ranger, Howard, Slapstick, or all of the wacky goofiness that can only be found in our beloved sci-fi medium of comics. A super-evolved raccoon is no different than Sleepwalker coming from the dream universe to fight crime or Society specific to only snake themed villains.

I love the MU for its eclectic cast of every range and type of character. A band of misfits like the Guardians of the Galaxy is a perfect example of this.

SinisterVenom said...

Robert if I have dreams tonight of Scooby and Shaggy unmasking the Green Goblin, Baron Zemo and Dr. Doom, I will be holding you responsible buddy! ;)

SinisterVenom said...

New title of the next Scooby-Doo film:

Scooby-Doo And The Menace Of The Chameleon.

Try having the master of disguises himself as te villain lol.

BobDiamond said...

Robert, I totally agree with you- it's absurd to think that Scooby-Doo could defeat Thanos!
Why..the very idea!!!

... However,Hong Kong Phooey, now that's different- he'd whip his ass!!!

All together now...
"Hong Kong Phooey,
Number one super-guy,
Hong Kong Phooey-
Quicker than the human eye..."

Of course, Hong Kong Phooey is great pals with myself and the other Sons of The Tiger, this is why I know this...


pirate adam said...


i just got he image in my head of Scrappy Doo attacking Thanos's ankle yelling "let me at him, LET ME AT HIM!!" and Scooby bravely pulling the little terrier away



Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think the MU would be a far less interesting place if any of the fun characters were tossed aside cause of a few fans who don't like them. Rocket Raccoon is played entirely serious, which is why it works. It's not like characters like Squirrel Girl who pull wins out of their butt. Rocket is a tactile genius and weapons expert.

Robert said...

All joking and silliness aside, I actually don't dislike Rocket. He was a point of complete disinterest until recently. That said, I do object strongly to how he is used in the MU, specifically threatening and torturing a character who has fought celestials and gods - and won. Of course I appreciate that the universe has different species, and that different comicbooks have different 'tones', some more light-hearted than others. That's fine. Just don't have ridiculous scenes where someone like the Black Cat can defeat Sabretooth. (Oh, hang on, someone had a dizzy turn and did that in a comic, too!)

Deadpool said...


How about giving the modding community the chance to choose the final slot.

The competition should be run based upon the best conversion of a figurine or best resculpt.

Alternatively give me the opportunity to choose the last slot and I assure you that collectors will not be disappointed with my choice.

Love Deadpool


Bullseye81 said...

I am thrilled beyond words can describe with the forum choice. To have 2 of my biggest wants confirmed in one shot is AWESOME! I haven't been this thrilled since they announced Songbird and Scarlet Spider along with 5 other characters last extension. I agree with some of the other posters regarding Avalanche, he certainly wouldn't have been my first, second or third choice for an x-villain, but i'm glad he's finally made it all the same. Besides now we can move on to the likes of Sebastian Shaw, Selene, Exodus, Dark Beast, Deathbird, Silver Samurai and the list just keeps on going...I would prefer Arachne in her Secret Wars costume, i don't care whether Domino is in her original or modern costume, all i care is whether the face looks right and secondly a cool looking gun wouldn't be a bad touch.

Robert, you were asking who voted for the Recorder a while back. It was texastwister1 and art4899.
Jacadoo, Stingray received 21 votes which places him tied for 17th or 14th depending on how you look at it (Sorry if your questions were already answered)

Congratulations to all of the collectors that got one of their favs, and a special thank you to the mods/admins of the forum for taking care of the poll, your hard work doesn't go unnoticed and is very much appreciated. As always thank you EM. You guys rock!

LAWay said...

Gah, you got me guys! I am just trying to be controversial for the sake of it. I've been gone for ages, what do you expect. ;)

But, I do intend a serious message in what I say.

How is it ok for one person to say 'x-fans have enough figurines and shouldnt get to vote any more x-characters'. but its not ok to say 'subscribers should get a vote as they are the ones keeping the collection alive.'

If I was one of those x-collectors, I would be offended. Because people are unsubscribers, they are offended. Thats the point I am making.

Also, the way we buy all the magazines, if you are a collector of every issue.
My forbidden planet takes the figurines out of the packet, and crumple the magazines in a box. You dont get to see the figurines until you take the magazine to the counter.
And either way, the figurines are posted either to you or the shop. If you get a dodgey figurine, you can return it. Honestly, I have only returned 1 figurines out of the whole collection, and didnt experience any problems.

For those across the pond...well...this is controversial, but sorry, tough luck. UK citizens cant subscribe to US magazines, play certain US games, go on certain US websites or register on some US forums, and most importantly, we cannot enter any US competition. With this being a UK product, while its great that its available for the world, lets remember its base is in the UK.

I am not saying this to purposely divide people, just to enhance the experience for collectors and subscribers and rewarding them for their loyalty and spending thousands of pounds on this collection. How much does it cost to set up a forum? Little or nothing. Does it need to be maintained. No, just updated with a post like the blog. The only difference, they may be 1 poll a year for subscribers.

You may be offended by these ideas, they are only ideas remember. I aint saying I hate you all and want to kill off all subscribers and kick them to the curb. I am saying I want to reward fellow subscribers and being realistic about what a UK company can do.

If anything, I should be offended. If someone who had only spent £20 on this collection compared to my thousands, and they are telling me my say and my opinions are worthless, well sorry, that is crazy.

Like I said, I do like stirring the pot and was throwing in comments when I saw it getting heated over another issue.

LAWay said...

I love you all. ;)

Deadpool said...

I have collected the Lord of the Rings, Multiple copies of the Marvel collection and the DC collection.

I too am a "thousands of pounds collector".

I subscribe.

I am in the UK.

My voice and opinions should be louder and have more clout than the half arsed cherry picking subscribers.

In summary I should be the ruler of this collection and possibly the world.

I would ofcourse settle for dominion over a continent or even a country provided it isn't Belgium or one of those middle eastern places.

To close ... you should worship me as your God.

Verification word = mantra - how odd.

Deadpool said...

While I am ranting and raving .... It annoys the (insert expletive of choice) out of me that the forum is probably populated by 20 quid cherry pickers.

I have given my pound of flesh to this collection.

I have paid my dues.

I have created some of the most awesome mods in the world.

I challenge anyone to match my commitment to this and any other Moss men collection.

Grrrrr gnnnrr

pirate adam said...

"cough, bullshit, coughcough"

excuse me i must be allergic to bull...couple of points really got stuck in me throat there

firstly, LAWay, i or nobody else has said that X-fans shouldn't get to vote for more X-Men, i said i think there are to many and would rather see some other marvel branches get a look in.

secondly, as for saying tough to our American brothers, well, could you be more selfish, i would be willing to bet that EM make more money from sales in the U.S.A than they do in the U.K, without the guys across the pond i doubt the collection would have gotten his far.

thirdly, you nor any other subscriber has anymore say what happens in the collection than any other person, whether they have collected 1,2,3,4 or every figurine so far, your pound is no more precious than anyone else's once again would be willing to bet there are more non-subscribers than subscribers and i dont recall anybody saying your opinions or ideas are worthless. for the record i have every fig except for four of them and i dont subscribe.

lastly, welcome back DP and you are right you have done some great mods, but even your majestic say has no more clout than this lowly Pirates or anybody elses i'm afraid


Deadpool said...

I have a final request.

Make Domino and Arachne look sexy.

The Moss Men and the sulptors clearly have no experience of women judging by the very oddly shaped female figurines earlier on in the collection.

DC have managed to capture some curvy girlies much better.

Avalanche and Pyro are figures we could have easily done without.

I doubt the forum polls represent the more mature Marvel or DC fan.

The twenty somethings there harp on about X-THIS and X-THAT; they sound like a bunch of bloody transvetites or trans-genders.

Deadpool said...

PS ... Aaaaargggh Matey my swashbuckling land lubber.

Thanks for that warm ,if a little wet and salty, welcome.


SinisterVenom said...

Ahh DP! You are a sight for sore eyes, welcome back! Where did you go? :)
LAWay...or Leigh as I might start to call you now, I do understand the point you are making with the whole people spending £20 compared to us spending who knows how much on the figures. However (well, you knew it was coming) despite this they should still be allowed to voice their own opinions. They are still spending their own money on the figures and if they voice the ones they want, then they spend more money if that character gets in. Not everyone can be expected to want to spend their money on characters they don't like.
PA if I were you, I'd get that bull allergy checked out, it's becoming more common these days. ;) That did make me chuckle and deserves another manly pirate hug, since the last was so good and I know how much you like them matey!

ted sallis said...

Nice to see Leigh back, I have rather worryingly had him stuck in my head for the last couple of days, Put the tissues away DP no homo erotica involved :{
I picked up a Stephen King book called Cell, i do love a good apocolyptic/ zombie yarn ,any boo
The main character is a comic artist who has just sold his stories to dark Horse comics unfortunately the world goes completely bugshit shortly after . I have that bloomin LaWay avatar stuck in my head whenever i pick up the book .
We could do with a subscriber only " thankyou for support" type fig....I managed to to get hold of 3 rooftop Spideys and flog them on to cherry pickers at a vulgar mark up :)

Robert said...

Leigh, whatever will we do with you?

Few, if anyone, would spring to your defence in denying anyone outside the UK equal rights to figures. Yes, anyone outside North America grew up denied cool toys and it wasn't nice. I'd also have loved to have bought the cereal with the box that had Sal Buscema art. Why only last week I tried to buy a quinjet only to find out that it was "Unavailable in UK". Hell, even the Amazing Spider-Man COMICBOOK wasn't distributed here for a few years in the '70s! (Due to the reprint titles.) None of that is any excuse for pettiness, though. The rule of thumb should be equal access for everyone, regardless of geography!

In fact, I just thought of an analogy. It's like the overweight kid who is called "Fatty" turning round to a kid wearing glasses and calling him "Specky Four-eyes". Having been in that position yourself, why would you want to do the same to someone else? Have you no empathy? Did reading the X-Men teach you nothing about equality?

Robert said...

"The Moss Men and the sulptors clearly have no experience of women judging by the very oddly shaped female figurines earlier on in the collection."

Only the one, the only, Deadpool could make a statement like that. Welcome home, DP.

mgf said...

I don't know how you could have a Stan Lee figure without Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko figures as well. Better to have Howard the Duck as a final figure.

Robert said...

"I don't know how you could have a Stan Lee figure without Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko figures as well."

Because Stan's roles as president, publisher, writer, editor, publicist and all-round visionary make his contribution to Marvel longer, deeper and broader than anyone else, even geniuses like Kirby and Ditko.

Robert said...

Stan Lee Factoid: Stan is currently the 22nd ranked actor in terms of box office takings thanks to his cameos in Marvel movies!

mgf said...

"Because Stan's roles as president, publisher, writer, editor, publicist and all-round visionary make his contribution to Marvel longer, deeper and broader than anyone else, even geniuses like Kirby and Ditko."

I'm afraid you are wrong. Kirby & Ditko were integral to the success. As great as Stan Lee is, and he is, those two artistic giants took his vision and realised it on the page. Far better to use a final spot for a character.

Robert said...

"I'm afraid you are wrong."

No, I'm not. This is not something that is a matter of opinion: the facts are clear.

Longer contribution: Stan joined Marvel (then Timely) in 1939. Soon afterwards he ended up editor after Simon and Kirby left. He remained so until 1972. Even since then he has been involved with Marvel in some official or honorary capacity until today. Both Kirby and Ditko came and went.

Deeper contribution: The Marvel of today is Stan's vision. Stan was the one who humanised the characters, who made them flawed Everymen who paid the rent and bickered. It was Stan's vision to keep the characters in the 'real' world, to have the characters interact, etc. Kirby's incredible designs were part of Stan's vision, not vice-versa.

Broader contribution: Stan was never just an editor or writer. From the get-go, he fostered a close relationship with the fans with friendly letters pages (that he doctored on occasion in the early days), No-Prizes, the MMMS, Bullpen Bulletin Pages, lecture tours, signings, etc. He created the Marvel brand, if you like.

I love Kirby and Ditko, too, and their contributions are undeniably brilliant, but let's not even begin placing them next to the total contribution that Stan has made to making Marvel what it is.

ted sallis said...

Well if the current trend of one lucky comp winner picking the last spot in each extension , The final fig in this collection could be anyone or dare i say anything?
Dr Bong, Peter Porker Spider-Ham,
The Recorder?

mgf said...

I know Stan's CV but I just don't see the advantage of having him as the last figure, particularly when so many superb characters are going to miss out.

Interesting how the final issue topic has risen to the top of the pile again. Is this more speculation or an air of impending inevitability?

pirate adam said...

mgf said

"Interesting how the final issue topic has risen to the top of the pile again. Is this more speculation or an air of impending inevitability?"

lol you raised the issue dude :)


ted sallis said...

This collection has lasted longer than most marriages. Hope there
are no husband and wife collectors out there, I thought dividing the music cd's with my ex was tough!
sweet dreams

LAWay said...

haha, i hope those dreams have been sweat. And of course those x-titles have taught me nothing. I am sick of them being everywhere in every comic and flooding this collection rant rant rant. lol

Just getting an opinion across folks. Notice I dont need to swear, or use aggressive or vulgar language to do so. So keep it civil.

PA - people have protested against X-characters being put into the collection. They have said about removing them from the polls so the option doesnt exist. It was brought up in this very blog. I aint saying that people are stating x-fans shouldnt get a vote, but people are saying that they should not vote on x-characters...which is pretty much the same thing.

I'm not stupid. I know there are thousands of non subscribers, thousands of collectors in other countries. Its regardless of what I am saying. I am not saying take anything away from them. I am not saying you should lose your voice.

However, I am saying that subscribers should be rewarded. Give us an exclusive poll, a subscriber exclusive figurine. If that means people will subscribe to get it, everyone wins.

Except the foreign collectors and the cherry pickers.

And a poll and exclusive figurines worth that much aggro for you to complain about?

I say it time and time again. I own 4 dc figurines. I am not a collector of the dc figurine collection. I collect DC memorabilia and merchandise, and this falls under it. But I collect of certain characters. I am not going to demand EM make certain DC figures, I honestly couldnt care what they do with the collection. If only 2% of what they make interests me, how could I possibly call myself a collector, nay, a fan of what they are doing?

Think logically with that thought instead of thinking selfishly of 'oh i should get everything despite not buying anything'.

LAWay said...

Also...i am in a dilemma.

I moved out of my house finally with my girlfriend (who hates the collection, thinks its a waste of money...little does she know how much i have actually spent).

No room for my collection in the flat, so its in my old room. Should I bring over favourites to the flat...leave them all together incase something happens?

You see, I have so fact, all of them, that its just a hard decision. ;)

LAWay said...

oh...lastly...Stan Lee as a figurine, I welcome it.

Dikto or Kirby...sod off.

I dont even know what they look like. Stan Lee is practically a perfect character design of a mad comicbook writing genius.

Without Dikto and Kirby, would Marvel have been as successful? I think yes, artists are dime a dozen. If it hadnt been them, it would have been someone else drawing them. The stories and characters would have stayed the same. Jack Kirby the most overrated comicbook artist of all time...or is it Wil Eisner?

I look forward to reading the hate and bile tomorrow. ;)
night folks.

(i luvs ya all, i'm just playing, but secretly mean it.)

Bagman said...

Some things just start to sound like a broken record.... same auld thing over and over and over.

max_0888 said...

yep, exactly why I don't post on here anymore...

oh, just wanted to say, YEAH ARACHNE!

BobDiamond said...

Max...I love your post about 'not posting'!
More surreal than Ted!


Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ted sallis said...

Listened to Stan Lee's performance as Senator Lieber in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. It is....awesome.
Friday sees the release oh a new spidermen game and the launch of the comp for the last slot.
What a week tae be geek

mgf said...

While artists are indeed a dime a dozen Kirby & Ditko were/are solid gold. The thought of a Herb Trimpe designed Inhumans Royal Family or Don Heck's Spider Msn makes me feel quite unwell.

The real test of the greatness of Kirby & Ditko is that their genius has yet to be surpassed. The Ultimate line re-imagined many silver age characters. Few artists improved on these nigh on 50 year old classics, and many were embarrassing by comparison.

I accept artistic style has changed, modern comic art is more of a pumped up movie storyboard than anything else. I read a new Marvel a couple of months ago. I forget which, but I think it had three full pages and two double page spreads and not much in the way of story. Perhaps it's cheaper to draw a page than having to letter it.

The art is often impressive, but it lacks the charm of the silver age in my opinion. Technically adept, without question, but lacking heart.

Perhaps a Stan Lee figure could be a mail away item. Perhaps something that invokes that old Marvel 60s and 70s standby of collecting vouchers over several issues. It would need to be available to overseas collectors, but that shouldn't be an insurmountable problem.

LAWay said...

yeh, no denying the costumes are iconic, and if thats the main reason they are regarded to highly, then fair dues.

Although, apart from spidey, everyone has had pretty much a successful redesign.

Maybe that can be a game. What characters have had a successful redesign, and which have failed miserably? the 90s, there were a bunch of very awful costumes. ^_^

LAWay said...

Also, you know what bugs me. Comments like:

"This is why I dont post here."

Seriously, add to the conversation, change the topic, add something constructive, share views and opinions. Why bother posting that you dont post here? We know that, thats why we dont see you on here. Just ridiculous that you have to try making yourself sound better than the rest of us who do comment and discuss these things here, like you're too good to get involved.

rant over.

Successful redesign. - Doc Ock.
Unsuccessful - Ultimate Green Goblin

Seriously, i hate the ultimate green goblin. Doc Ock has had some nice redesigns.

mgf said...

I'd agree about Ultimate Doc Ock, although the original version is still the benchmark for me. That Ditko panel where you see Ock's tentacles as pipes against the wall lives with me still.

Ultimate Electro would have looked great as any other original character, but it wasn't Electro, who has one of the most ludicrous costumes in comic history, yet... It's magnificent.

Funny how that mad mask of his is seemingly impossible to get right in 3 dimensions. The EM version looks great but isn't quite right as the mask does not meet over the nose, presumably because it didn't quite work in lead.

I'm not a fan of either modern Karnak or Triton. Karnak with the tattoos just doesn't work, and with Triton I'm not a big fin fan at all. Modern Drax is simply awful.

The worst of the Ultimate versions imo is Giant Man. Why have brown leather when you could have red and blue spandex? Horrible.

ted sallis said...

In some sick twisted alternative reality Stan Lee is sitting down with Greg Land and Rob Lefield asking them to design the look for the fantastic four,
I recently found a dealer trying to sell what was laughably catalogued as a Cap America pin up page by Rob Lefield for $2500 .I emailed him to say if he paid me $5000 i'd consider taking that crime against anatomy off his hands.
Ultimate Hawkeye and ahem Valkrye were cool

Robert said...

"Electro, who has one of the most ludicrous costumes in comic history, yet... It's magnificent." Spot on comment. It shouldn't work but it does.

"I'm not a fan of either modern Karnak or Triton. Karnak with the tattoos just doesn't work, and with Triton I'm not a big fin fan at all." Completely agree again.

"Modern Drax is simply awful." Totally.

Actually, I don't need to post anything. MGF is doing it for me!

Robert said...

I'm glad we're getting Annihulus this week. When I bought Ronan, I started an FF villains shelf - and was surprised how few there were: Doom, Mole Man, Klaw (I know, he could be in with the Avengers villains, too), Super-Skrull and of course Ronan. (There's one other that escapes me right now.) So, Annihulus will be welcome, as will Wizard and Puppet Master when they arrive. It's a pity Diablo fared poorly in the forum poll!

So, question for tonight: which confirmed-but-not-yet-released FF villain are you most looking forward to getting? (Annihulus counts as he only came out in the shops today.)

Robert said...

P.S. I have not tried to assemble the Frightful Four as we don't have the Wizard or Trapster yet.

Anonymous said...

Modern Drax is fantastic.

Way better than the horrible original look. Or the Pirate Hulk w/ Purple Cape look. Glad they went modern. Especially after how horrible Adam Warlock turned out. Should have done the modern version.

Robert said...

I'm going to try ever-so-hard not to say anything about my second favourite character...

So, CBR Beast, what's your next eagerly-awaited FF villain?

Anonymous said...

Re: Stan Lee...

Don't think he deserves a slot in the collection, since it's basically snubbing every other writer or artist who have contributed to the Marvel Universe. For example, Stan may have created the X-Universe, but wrote very few issues... and the characters were bland until he turned it over to other writers.

Only way I could grudgingly accept Stan Lee is in his Mayor persona from Superhero Squad.

Anonymous said...

My most wanted FF Villain?

I would have to go with Dragon Man, as a Mega Special. Though he recently became a good guy after getting a brain upgrade from Valeria Richards. Is actually a genius now, and is part of Reed's school.

If not him, I would have to say the other ruler from the Negative Zone. Blastaar. Though I care more about Blastaar from his appearances in Annihilation and Guardians of the Galaxy. I still want to see him get in soon.

Robert said...

I guess the confirmed-but-not-yet-released FF villains didn't interest you, CBR Beast...

Dragon Man and Blastaar are excellent shouts. The recent DM upgrade is a quirkly and fun development. (My favourite DM appearance is the Stern-Byrne Cap issues, where Cap uses his gauntlet in a novel way.)

Lots of the FF-related characters are allies, like the Inhumans and the Watcher. That's probably why there are not so many FF villains, although this week helps a bit with the release of Annihulus.

Think I'll go back and see what FF villains featured in the poll. Trapster featured, didn't he? Back soon!

Robert said...

Before I start, thanks again to SV for the lists. I didn't bother with one-vote characters. Interestingly, two FF allies scored much higher than any enemies.

FF allies: Thundra (22), Firelord (19), Nova (Frankie Raye) (7), High Evolutionary (6) and Agatha Harkness (2).

FF villains: Trapster (9), Diablo (8), Molecule Man (6), Blastaar (5), Terrax (5), Maximus (4), Airwalker (3), Mad Thinker (3) and Psycho-Man (2).

And, yes, I know that Heralds are hard to define and that Airwalker was resurrected and fought with the Surfer, Nova and Firelord (and Terrax) against Morg, so he could be an ally, too.

Robert said...

Now that I think about it, there aren't many Iron Man villains, either. Mandarin, Crimson Dynamo,, was there any others? I'd love to see the Titanium Man, Melter, Controller, Madam Masque...

Darn. Back to SV's lists!

Robert said...

Iron Man villains: Grey Gargoyle (27), Living Laser (6), Blizzard (4), Madam Masque (4), Ghost (3) and Titanium Man (2).

There's admittedly a few Avengers vilains in the lists like (Count Nefaria and Whirlwind with 18 and 17 votes, respectively), and Shellhead has fought them then, but solo Iron Man villains did not do so well.

And, when I think about it, GG has fought Thor and Hulk, too, so he's maybe not an IM villain, either!

Sorry about the multiple posting, guys.

SinisterVenom said...

Wow Robert, you're turning into Deadpool II ;)
To be honest with you, I would rather have Whirlwind and Count Nefaria over the majority of the Iron Man enemies. Out of the list of IM bad guys, I would rather have Titanium Man and he had the least votes!
As for FF villains, I would rather see Maximus or maybe Trapster.

ted sallis said...

I would love to see a few more Daredevil Foes , but i'm the first to admit some of his early foes were distinctly pish, But had a certain charm nonetheless,Losers such as The Jester ,Stilt Man,Leap-Frog, Aangar the Screamer,Man-Bull,Owl, Torpedo, Bird man etc
Out of that little lot Owl would probably be the only one with a realistic chance....

LAWay said...

298 characters created by Stan Lee.

Main characters, Hulk, Daredevil, Fantastic 4, Spider-Man, x-men, iron man, not including all their villains.

That is Marvel. No one else would have came up with them and laid down the foundations. Sure other writers have taken them from strength to strength, but same can be said about artists improving comic forms.

The fact remains, the ideas were laid out by Stan the Man. No one else had the same ideas, and arguably werent going to have the same ideas. Marvel wouldnt be where it is now without him. Ridiculous.

Also, Elektro, silly as his costume is, bizarre in how it just shouldnt is truly magnificent.

Thor redesign is another great example of something working incredibly well.

Ultimate Giant Man is a disgrace. As is the boring and bland Hawkeye.

max_0888 said...

I'm sorry guys, you are right that was rude and out of place! I just wanted to find a way to let you know that its more fun reading here and wanting to post when the discussion is about upcoming fig characters we want to have and the ones that are coming our way, like it is now :) I guess my approach was pretty bad, sorry again!

So, moving on, Dragon man is definitely high on my list! The big dragon on my FF4 shelf would totally rock! Thundra, Blastaar, Maximus, Lockjaw and Trapster are all missing imo! I really wish the collection will continue for a lot longer! Here's me hoping hehe

BobDiamond said...

I remember 'back in the day' when The Jester was basically DD's Arch-enemy, despite being to all intents and purposes a B-grade Joker rip-off (always liked the thing he did with his yo-yo however!)

Of course, that was before Miller came along with his much needed revamp, and it became all Bullseye, Kingpin, Elektra and Ninjas....which it still is really.

Poor old Jester has sunk into comic-book obscurity...quite a fall when you think about it.

Looks like DD himself might not be around for much longer...or at least Matt might not be....
(anyone else reading 'Shadowland' and the various tie-ins?)


PS. Robert...what do think the chances are of EM making a Gene Colan figurine???

I thought you might say that. :)

Robert said...

A Gene Colan figure, to be representative of his art, would be impossible, Bob. Colan is the greatest cheat and laziest sod in the history of comics. His faces are nearly always fully or partially obscured by art showing characters from extreme angles, being from behind, above, below; or blocked by clothing, swinging arms, shadow, etc. Likewise, hands and feet are seldom seen clearly as limbs are slightly out of panel, positioned behind the body, obscured by speed lines, etc. You name it, this "artist", would find a way to avoid drawing faces, hands or feet. Therefore, a Colan figure would need to have obscured hands, feet and hands regardless of how you looked at the figure. This is, of course, a physical impossibility, making a representative Colan figure impossible, too.

ted sallis said...

Ah Bob, i see you set auld Robert aff again, By happy coincidence by copy of Strange Tales # 170 arrived , so that exquisite Colan/Adkins page will soon be framed up and have pride of place on the wall,
Stan Lee is a god and therfore your god must be infallible?, I wasn't aware he hired mugs. Here's what god wrote on the last page of my own childhood bible otherwise known as "How to draw comics the Marvel way" by Stan Lee and John Buscema
The illustrations used in this book were drawn by the following artists,Who are among the greatest and most respected names in the comicbook field. We thank them one and all.
( In alphabetical order )
Neal Adams- Ross Andru- John Buscema - Gene Colan - Jack Kirby - John Romita
Not my words Robert Those are the words of your god Stan Lee.

ted sallis said...

I believe the term is "owned" :) :) :)

Robert said...

I am fully aware that Stan is responsible for hiring Gene, Ted. He is still my god, even if he is (very slightly) imperfect.

I would, however, point out that Stan has himself questioned Colan's professionalism in the past. Stan has admitted that Gene often failed to pace a comicbook the way he asked. One-part stories ended up as two-parters, and even when he managed to fit all the plot elements in, Colan often had to cram a lot into the last few pages because he has little idea about pacing. (I will try find the source later tonight.)

Also, I should point out that Stan is almost constitutionally unable to criticise anyone and is the greatest over-user of hyperbole in the history of man. Read any Masterwork introduction he's written to see what I mean. He's so enthusiastic about everything that he could talk about a pile of rubble and make you believe it's the Lincoln Memorial.

Sorry, but anyone who carefully looks at Colan art will see a sly avoidance of faces, hands and feet. The inventive ways he disguises his laziness are almost impressive. If you enjoy dishonest, reprehensible unprofessionalism, that is.

ted sallis said...

Wow! Robert, You mean for over 50 yrs, old Gene managed to con the biggest comic publishers in the US into believing he was a talented and very distintive artist of some merit?
He would have gotten away with it too if, if it hadn't been for you!
seriosly auld pal , you are perfectly entitled to dislike the guys work ,but some of the language you use to describe him is most un Robert like.
I used to cry inside when i picked up a marvel comic only to discover it was illustrated by Frank Robbins, but like his style or loathe it , i can recognise the guy had more artistic ability in one nut hair than i could attain in several lifetimes.
I could never call him a disgrace to his profession just because i didn't get it!

Robert said...

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."

Abraham Lincoln

ted sallis said...

Christ Robert yer going be apoplectic when ye open the Dracula mag,

I yams what i yams olive

Robert said...

What Dracula mag, Ted?

Well, tomorrow we should (hopefully) hear what the competition is.

Will we be allowed to pick variant figures if we win? Like classic Iron Man?

ted sallis said...

eh?......the one that will .. come with the Dracula figurine :),
I'm sure Rich will address what is and what isn't aloud regarding comp choices ,
I obviously want Bloodstone but if Rich allowed redoes to be nominated the chance to see a proper Captain Britain could prove too tempting.

Robert said...

Oh, right! Thought Drac was making an appearance in a monthly comicbook I buy, like the X-Men story that's coming up! (No intention of buying the figure, so my mental health will not be endangered by any ununecessary exposure to Colan's crimes against Marvel.)

Great shout for classic Captain Britain. Okay, that's my second choice and Recorder is bumped to number three!

mgf said...

Whatever the competition my money is on the winner being a female X-figure.

It's as certain as night follows day.

ted sallis said...

MGF ,Surely your not calling into question the integrity of the comp....are you?.
The very idea that EM may ignore the first dozen "winners" until they find a x villain with boobage is most hurtful.
I simply refuse to believe that Rich and co would keep picking winners until they found one that they thought would actually...sell

Robert said...

Not sure if you've seen this but have a look.

Robert said...

At the San Diego Comic-Con, there were props on display. All related to upcoming films. Cap's shield. Odin's throne. The Destroyer. Loki's helmet.

And the Infinity Gauntlet.

Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking...?

ted sallis said...


mgf said...

"MGF ,Surely your not calling into question the integrity of the comp....are you?.
The very idea that EM may ignore the first dozen "winners" until they find a x villain with boobage is most hurtful.
I simply refuse to believe that Rich and co would keep picking winners until they found one that they thought would actually...sell."

Of course not. Heaven forfend. I'm sure there was a perfectly simple logistical reason why you had to include your choice of figure with your entry. A time saving device, I'm sure. Save time having to make Vance Astro or Howard the Duck or Blastarr or Trapster or... ;-)

mgf said...

"Not sure if you've seen this but have a look."

I was worried fo a minute until I saw that was the lunch double, sorry, stunt double.

Love Cap's bike, but the rest gives vibrations of an hideous impending disaster.

Robert said...

Brilliant, brilliant stuff. I wanna live in America.

Robert said...

MGF, when I first saw the photos I also felt a shudder up my spine. Cap's bike does look cool, although I hope that's not twin-mounted machine guns at the front. Hints of the Batbike, methinks...

As for your suspicions of dubiety, it never crossed my mind that Eaglemoss would cheat. Why have a competition if they are so worried? They could just pick the top four from the poll.

ted sallis said...

Mgf i'm sure this time after we all send in the answer to the comp, The winner will be notified and have a bit of a chin wag with the EM staff regarding his or hers pick!!!
I'm sure if Dr Bong was drawn from the pot EM would be delighted....If they were to accidentaly lose said winners name, email address , Dna sample and subcription code then i would have to laff ha ha ha, and admit Exodus was probably a far wiser choice,

Anonymous said...

I doubt seriously that EM is choosing who they want to do from the entries. Rather than choosing the entry and making who the person wants. After all, they didn't toss out Siryn. So I really hope you arn't being serious.

When Beak gets in after I win, you'll see how on the up and up the competition will be. :)