Friday, 27 March 2009

Last minute sub...

Welcome back everyone.

This week I can announce who’ll be stepping into Ka-Zar’s place in the running order.

Drum roll please…

We’ve decided to go for Snowbird!

The reason I choose Snowbird is that as some people have pointed out we need a few more female faces in the collection and I also think it’s time to have another Alpha Flight member in the roster.

Destiny came a close second in my eyes (being a female X-villain) but looking through our reference, I found that there were more and better images of Snowbird. So sorry Destiny fans but I think she saw it coming! If we get another extension then Destiny will be top of my list.


I also wanted to stick-up the most recent running order 100-140. We’ve had to make a few shifts due to sculpting issues and hopefully to balance it out a little more.

101 War Machine
102 Hobgoblin
103 Baron Zemo
104 Taskmaster
105 Doc Samson
106 Madrox
107 Union Jack
108 Man Wolf
109 Ikaris
110 Machine Man
111 Shang Chi
112 Black Knight
113 Hellcat
114 Viper
115 Dazzler
116 Chameleon
117 X-23
118 Tigra
119 Son of Satan
120 Beta Ray Bill
121 Jack of Hearts
122 Crimson Dynamo
123 Jocasta
124 Gladiator
125 Sunfire
126 Titania
127 Gorgon
128 Jubilee
129 Ant-Man
130 Snowbird
131 Grim Reaper
132 Annihilus
133 Pyro
134 Prowler
135 Drax the Destroyer
136 Nomad
137 Enchantress
138 X-Man
139 Black Heart
140 Wasp

And finally a figure that no-ones seen yet:

I give you Zabu work in progress. And no he won’t be on the same base as Ka-Zar they’re going to be separate.



Anonymous said...

Zabu looks great! Also I agree with more female chatacters and Snowbird is a top choice

jarvis69 said...

Superbe ! Magnifique ! Somptueux ! ....Ho my god , I speak like Batroc...
Zabu looks amazing , really . And , thx for Snowbird !

Gremlin said...

AWESOME. Great choice EM you will please a lot of people with Snowbird...including me.
I was surprised to see Destiny nearly make the cut but then again she has played a major role in many XMen stories.

Zabu looks amazing aswell, well done. Sculpting people is one thing but animals are entirely different and he has been done perfectly.

Well done again guys!!!

Ryan Maxwell said...

YES!!!!!!!!! I'm SO HAPPY today! Thank you Richard and the great folks at EM for including another Alpha Flight member!!

Damien77 said...

Great news on Songbird - hopefully Moonstone will also make the extension !

Gremlin said...

Hey Damian I think you misread. Its SNOWBIRD the Alpha Flight member not Songbirdfrom the Thunderbolts.

buffduffdan said...

Think Snowbird has to be the best choice as she ticks a lot of boxes so kudos on that one :)

Was a little suprised by Destiny too, some bigger X-Villains left then her IMO but I wouldn't say no either as she'd make a cracking fig!

Zabu has to be one of the most detailed sculpts in the collection and I'm so glad now that you guys decided to make this 2 pack! Top work from the sculptors :D

Holy Wolf said...


I think I'm now officially the happiest bloke on the forums for a long time to come :)

Roll on Issue 130!

Oh and Zabu looks great so far, glad to hear they're on separate bases.

pirate adam said...

the gladiator and zabu figs look amazing still think somebody better than snowbird could have been included (in my opinion). any news on the remaining special editions, still hoping for ODIN!!

Pirate Adam

Webs said...

I too think that a better choice than Snowbird could of been chosen but i guess it was done to please the Alpha Flight fans on the forum.

It is good to hear however that Destiny will be in the next extension if we get one as shes a pretty important X-Villain and any true X-Men fan knows that. lets just hope theres a further extension.

I really think that there needs to be more X-Men Villains, could we not have a Double pack of Pyro & Avalanche and then Destiny could take Pyro's space in the extension line up?

jimbob said...

Yessssss!!!Thankyou so much!
Im so happy with your choice.

Awsome that Destiny was so close,a bit of a suprise,but you said that she is in the hopefully the extension so Destiny fans are going to expect her.Hope you going to keep your promise.

I also agree on Pyro and Avalanche double pack.I thought you would have kept them out of the polls,because they where a obvious double pack.

Zabu looks AMAZING!!!

Bring on more Alpha Flight and X-Men Vilains.

Im so Happy!!!!

Mr J said...

Its great news about DESTINY been included in any future extension im sure us X-Men fans will remind you of that statement come another extension but im sure you wont let us down you said the same with JUBILEE and were getting her.

Id like to support the idea of PYRO & AVALANCHE been a double pack it really would be great. DESTINY would then be able to have PYRO'S slot.

Richard I hope you'll consider it?

Marvelbeast said...

Wow, thanks for that news. Snowbird is an awesome looking character and I hope you go for the picture someone on the SHFF has in their signature as the basis for her sculpt.

Also Zabu looks great, I like the base. It looks like it will fit onto a CMFC plinth well, taking two spots 1 in front and one in the back.

Thanks for this update, I'm still thrilled about Snowbird :)

Anonymous said...

Shame it wasn't Destiny. Since there's no X-Villains in that extension at all.

jimbob said...

Yes!Destiny for Pyro slot and Pyro and Avalnche futre double pack,it makes sense.

Great Blog!

Killer Frost said...

Congrats to the people who wanted Snowbird ;)

Personally I would of liked Destiny more. She is a truly classic X-Bad Guy who has been and in someways still is an important character in the X-World.

Getting her in the next extension is fanstatic i just hope there will be one more than ever now!

Avalanche & Pyro as a Double Pack is a wonderful Idea as they always worked as a double team where you saw Pyro you usually say Avalanche also.

If that double pack could happen Destiny could have Pyro's space.

Win Win situation all round!

Anonymous said...

Avalanche and Pyro as a double pack would make a lot of sense. Because honestly, Avalanche has next to no character development. He's had quite a few appearances, but no major stories that really delve into the character's backstory. Splitting a mag with Pyro, who does have a fairly heavy character history, would make the most sense.

The best thing about Snowbird though... is that it almost ensures we'll get another extension when the time comes. Since now we're starting on Alpha Flight, with a number left to do still. So that's the positive side of things from that standpoint.

Travis said...

Was there any though about making Zabu on a base that won't take up 2 spots on an EM plinth?
Does EM figure no one uses the plinths anymore, so they are not trying to make the figurines fit in a single spot?

Could have had Zabu in a siting postion that would have worked better. Or an attack posed where he was raised on his two hind legs.

Doug said...

I applaud and will purchase Snowbird, but where's the love for Firestar?!??!?

She was one of the Spider-Friends for Pete's sake!

Thor8 said...

Wow really enjoyed the preview shots of Zabu,he's looking great so far! I'm also glad Snowbird has been inclueded in the collection thus giving us both another female character and another Alpha Flight member as well.

Speaking of female characters,how about Photon,Songbird,Firestar,Arachne, and Mockingbird as possible choices?

I also agree with the Pyro and Avalanche twin pack (or two pack).
I also believe that The Enchantress (whom to my dismay was set back to 137)shouild be made a two pack along with The Executioner. Please consider.

Gremlin said...

I would just like to point out that the blog doesn't say Destiny will be in the next extension if there is one, just that she has a fan in the EM towers. My guess is that she will probably make the cut in the 141-160 section but lets not go counting our chickens.

I am mixed about Destiny really. I agree she was a great character but I cannot help feeling there are more relevant and bigger female XMen villians out there - Deathbird, Spiral, Madalyne Pryor and Selene spring to mind. Saying that if they did make her I will happily buy her because she was an important character after all whose legacy continued far after her death thanks to her diaries.

I am also a fan for a Pyro and Avalanche doublepack. Maybe it can be a team pack with Destiny included and the magazine gives us a description of the Brotherhood teams throughout the times.

Cardcaptor said...

Richard clearly states that Destiny will be top of his list for inclusion in the next extension if there is one and since Richard picks alot of the figs shes in come the next extension.

Destiny is a very important villian who has left a lasting legacy in x-history. Thats more than Spiral (who rocks by the way), Deathbird, Selene or another Jean Grey rip-off have ever done.

Pyro & Avalanche as a double pack please!!!!!!

Then Destiny can have the Pyro x-villain space. Really gutted that an x-villain lost out to an Alpha Flight member! wheres the x-villians!!!!!

foxchilde said...

Ahhhh, so close to getting Destiny, she was one of my favourites for this collection.

I really really really hope she is included if a further extention is declared; she has a rich and detailed backstory and is best known for the things she did in the past and wrote for the future rather than just on panel. - It'd be a great mag too.

I would support the idea of her having Pyro's spot and Pyro having a double pack with Avalanche; the later of those two probably wouldn't have a good enough background on his own but has had enough impact to be included. Its a good thought! (plus it'd go a lonnng way to being able to get a 'Mystiques Brotherhood' team) :-D

MadWelshBoy87 said...

I've got to agree with what almost everyone has said in regards to a Pyro and Avalanche double pack. i'm saying as someone who really wanted Pyro in teh extention, but this IMO seem the only way that we'll get Avalanche into the collection. Some have suggested giving Destiny, Pyro's spot - tho im not a fan of the character, x-villan and female characters need more representation, so two birds with one stone there.

MadWelshBoy87 said...

I've got to agree with what almost everyone has said in regards to a Pyro and Avalanche double pack. i'm saying as someone who really wanted Pyro in teh extention, but this IMO seem the only way that we'll get Avalanche into the collection. Some have suggested giving Destiny, Pyro's spot - tho im not a fan of the character, x-villan and female characters need more representation, so two birds with one stone there.

jimbob said...

If yor a Pyro fan like i am,you would want Avalanche by his side.

Ive always thought that Pyro & Avalanche would be in the top three most wanted double packs with:

Cloke & Dagger
Aurora & Northstar

Cookie said...

I hope we can have a PYRO AND AVALANCHE Double Pack they sud be done together.

DESTINY could then get the free X-Villains place and we get another X-Villain and another female in the line up :)

The X-Villains have been so badly missed out and overlooked these past few extensions its just crazy there such a cool catagory.

Super Nanny said...

Zabu looks great!Nice choice with Snowbird!And the oder of the list looks good.

Pyro and Avalanche double pack please!

You cant have Pyro without Avalanche!They are a duo,double team,patners in crime!

More X-Men Vilains!Destiny for Pyro's place in the list.

Anonymous said...

The biggest reason why Avalanche needs to be packed in with Pyro.

From Wiki:

Avalanche's past, before Mystique recruited him for the second Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, is almost entirely unknown, except for the fact that he is an immigrant from Crete, in Greece.

Good luck making a magazine about just him.

Mr J said...

Pyro and Avalanche are a natural double pack and when the first double pack was introduced Pyro and Avalanche were one of the first couples i thought about.

I really dont think Avalanche's history could fill a solo mag and been with Pyro is his best chance at been in the collection. They would both look great together and an X-MEN Bad Guys double pack would be great and much needed for what is becoming a left out group.

Destiny been added would be amazing also :)

ghost said...

Gladiator issues 98 and 124 ????

Does this error mean room for one more?

Has Destiny influenced the time continuum to get a place in the collection after all????

jimbob said...

You know its two diffrent Gladiators?dont you ghost?

We have lacked in x-men villains and female in the collection,since Destiny is top of the list with Richard.Its a perfect situation to trade x-men villain female for Pyro place and have him as double pack with Avalanche.Both are make a fantastic duo.

Andrea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrea said...

Hi ghost, it is no mistake! The first Gladiator (issue 97) is the head of the imperial guard of the Empire Shi'ar and the second Gladiator (issue 124) is Melvin Potter, Daredevil's enemy

pirate adam said...



well guess what i agree with you i know i said there was no good X-Villains left but i did admit i may have been hastey! i do also believe that Destiny should have been put in before Snowbird but as Thor08 said if you make Enchantress a double with Executioner that would free up a space for Destiny which lets face it everybody seems to want so what do you say Rich! why not make everybody happy.

Pirate Adam

pirate adam said...

also if you make both double packs Enchantress & Executioner
Pyro & Avalanch
both obvious Double Packs then there would be room for Destiny and another character and i think almost everyone wants another female character so i'll through a name into the pot and i think
Thor08 may agree with me! what about Lady Sif as she has been a major character in Thor comics for years!

Pirate Adam

jimbob said...

Cool nice one pirate adam.
Its good that everyone agrees on the same thing for a change.

I hope we will get a response from Richard soon.

Pyro and Avalanche double pack!

Killer Frost said...

Totally Jimbob i dont think i have ever seen this blog so united! Its really nice :)

Pyro & Avalanche for a Double Pack hopefully Richard will consider it altho im sure he already has but out of all the figs 100-140 the most natural Double pack you could have out of that lot is Pyro and Avalanche for sure.

Its great to see people supporting the X-Bad Guys too.

Getting Avalanche put with Pyro and then Destiny getting the free spot would just Rock!

Thor8 said...

Ebony-Ivory, living in perfect harmony! It seems as though it's unanimous. Pyro and Avalanche double pack! As I've mentioned before more double packs would help speed up this collection making the waiting time for individual characters to be made, much shorter! I just hope that if this is taken into cosideration,the quality and details of the figurines won't suffer. Ialso hope you will consider Enchantress and Executioner!

Bane_17 said...

I think since the Executioner is a big character and he has a big Ax, he should have a double pack with the Enchantress. And then Destiny would fill out Enchantress's slot

Zabu is beautiful :-)

pirate adam said...


sombody agreed with me for a change thanks jimbob!! now how do i get Rich to agree to an Odin Special Edition?? hmmm

Pirate Adam

lipstick said...

If you want a woman, there is Firestar, too... Pfff.. for the next time...

jimbob said...

I do fancy Firestar for the next extension.
Now we have got most of the strongest characters confirmed,we could see more people agreeing with each other with futre figs.
Other characters could get a chance now.
The only left overs i feel from the top Marvel list is:

Hopefully we will get Blob,Sasquash,Sauron,Odin etc..
confirmed soon.

Thunderbolts has got a huge number of villains in their group,strong enough to carry the collection futher.Plus the demand on completing our teams,cant leave Alpha Flight half finished now;)

Thor8 said...

I believe there are a few other characters that can be paired -off in double packs,such as the following; Hellcat (#113)with Tigra (#118), remember Tigra was the original Hellcat(or Cat)or Hellcat and Son of Satan(#119),they used to be married. Another pair would be Gorgon(#127) with Karnak. The Wasp(#140) and Ant-Man(#121) yes I know this Ant-Man insn't Hank Pym but both of these characters are Pym related and created,and finally Enhantress(#138) and The Executioner. This would free various spots on the list and these double packs are a natural each. Hope you'll consider them.

Gremlin said...

I think there are better doublepacks out there which won't utilise already confirmed members.

Sasquatch and Puck
Northstar and Aurora
Longshot and Spiral
Stingray and Tigershark

Also I have to say there are far better female X-villains out there than Destiny.

Cassandra Nova
Madalyne Pryor/Goblin Queen
Lady Mastermind

I would take all of them over Destiny.

lipstick said...

Yes, I agree for Cassandra Nova and Spiral.

Cookie said...

The Top 5 Female X-Men Villains I think should be in the collection are:

1. Destiny
2. Spiral
3. Callisto
4. Deathbird
5. Cassandra Nova

I hope we see them one day but its like getting blood out of a stone to get male X-Men villains into the line up let alone female. I mean just look at 100-140 all were getting X-Villains wise is Pyro! :(

Jacadoo said...

I vote for Stingray and Tigershark as double pack - hey grim why not run an unofficial poll.

At least then Rich and the guys can see the level of demand rather than picking through the blog?

Robin said...

Yes Pyro & Avalanche for a twin-pack it would be really goood!

I would like also a twin pack of Deathbird & Vulcan at some point in the future.

I think specials of Blob, Sauron & Omega Red also.

there sud be more x-men baddies been put into the collection than there is at the moment. Dont understand why there just been left out I think having only pyro in the offcial 100 to 140 line up is not good enough for such a popular group.

Its not like any x-men baddies have been 100% confirmed as specials there only been considered.

It would be nice to get Blob as a wolvie film tie in but its gonna be something like wolverine on a bike or a film version of wolverine which would suck! :(

pirate adam said...

with everybody wanting an X-Baddie and more women the obvious solution is to make a double pack
Pyro & Avalanche
Enchantress & Executioner
are two obvious choices and people have posted a few other interesting combos, these would free up a few extra slots for people like Deathbird or Destiny. also i think Rich should put us all out of our misery and confirm a couple of upcoming specials people like Odin, Omega Red or Sasquache and how about a fenale special edition as we have yet to have one, Hela is a name that springs to mind. something for us all to think about.

Piate Adam

jimbob said...

The people want Pyro and Avalanche!
Also i like the idea of:

Blob & Toad
Sasquash & Puck
Longshot & Spiral

Thor8 said...

I believe it's time for a new post!

therese said...

What about Lockjaw?

Any thoughts of including it in the collecton