Thursday, 9 April 2009


Hello everyone, sorry for the once again delayed update to the blog, it has as always been very busy here at Eaglemoss.

From the comments posted I can see that the double-pack specials are very popular, with some great choices being suggested. I hope we can get as many double-packs into the collection as possible but we must remember that the double-packs do take the place of regular or mega specials in our schedules. So I’m going to have to balance them with the other specials.

I think the Pyro and Avalanche idea is very strong but I’m going to keep Pyro in the extended running order for now and see if we can get him into a double pack later on. So far our confirmed specials are:

Ka-Zar and Zabu
Cloak & Dagger

That takes us up to the end of October so I won’t be able to confirm anymore until a little further down the line. But, characters aside, what type of special would you want next: Regular, Double-Pack or Mega?

Right I’ve got just enough time to tease you with a new figure, I present Beta Ray Bill. At the moment this is the only shot of the figure I have but I’ll try and put a couple more up next week.


The Grim Reaper said...

One word..........AWESOME !!!

Holy Wolf said...

Another word.........STUNNING !!!

Anonymous said...

Beta Ray Bill looks pretty cool.

As for the next special, a regular special would be great. BLOB!!

After that:

Double Pack: Rocket Raccoon & Groot!!

Mega Special: Fin Fang Foom!!

Gremlin said...

So outstandingly wickedly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beta Ray Bill wasn't a character I particularly cared about but seeing that sculpt is just awesome. I want him and I want him now!!!!

I am liking the Pyro and Avalanche doublepack idea but lets have them further down the line. I want Northstar and Aurora before them please :)

To be honest I would like a normal special as the next special. Its nice to have a lot of variety but the bigger sculpts are also quite expensive and if we get a lot of them together the bank balance really feels it. Having the cheaper normal special spaces out the there are still so many large characters to do such as Blob, Mojo, Sauron, Sasquatch and Strong Guy.

buffduffdan said...

Beta Ray Bill looks great :D Brilliant work from the sculptors there!

Personally I'd like a regular special next but wouldn't mind a double pack either.

For special I'd hope Blob, double pack I'd like Northstar and Aurora or mega then Fing Fang Foom :)

Ryan Maxwell said...

While I'm not the biggest fan of Beta Ray Bill, I am EAGERLY awaiting his release. Outstanding sculpt!!!!

Ryan Maxwell said...

And yes, more double packs, please, starting with Northstar and Aurora and/or Puck and Sasquatch

Anonymous said...

Beta-Ray Bill is quality! You guys have done a fantastic sculpt. I Would love to see Northstar and Aurora as a double pack and Onslaught as a mega Special. Fingers crossed for Onslaught

Keep up the good work

jarvis69 said...

Welcome back !
Like Gremlin , I'm not a big fan of Beta Ray but....nice sculpt .
Hope we'll get soon some good news about the missing members of Alpha Flight ......( no pressure of course. lol)

Mr J said...

Beta Rey Bill looks great!

As for the next type of specials id like the following three next:


BLOB - Special

PYRO & AVALANCHE - Double pack

Killer Frost said...

Not a fan of the character but Beta Ray is a very nice sculpt.

I think a Double Pack of Northstar and Aurora should be next after Cloak and Dagger.

A special of The Blob or Omega Red next and then a double of Avalanche and Pyro.


keldorfire said...

A special of BLOB next (would be nice to get an X-Villain and hes the most wanted regular special currently on the forum) and then a Double Pack with Northstar & Aurora.

Getting a Double Pack of Pyro & Avalanche at some point down the line would be great also.

jimbob said...

You have done it again!!!Great Blog!

Stunning Bill fig!!

Great idea with Pyro and Avalanche double pack!

Blob & Toad double pack next please!

Why not a special with a regular fig,Blob & Toad,Sasquash and Puck.and so on.

Her is my list doesnt matter what oder they come out.






If there is room ODIN or LOCKJAW?

Gremlin said...

I agree that an X-villain special should be next and Blob fits to speak. It would be nice to get him and Toad together just to stop Toad clogging up the normal slots but Blob on his own would be fine.
After Blob I would also like Northstar and Aurora followed by a mega special such as Fin Fang Foom or a Celestial.

Hey EM if you really want to do something different how about a Brood Queen for a special. They have been an enemy of the XMen and Ms Marvel and a figure would just look awesome!!!!

Big Mattio said...

Been looking forward to Bill for quite some time and he doesnt dissapoint, thanks for the pic Rich. You've made me a happy man today! Think a special is needed after Cloak & Dagger, Blob is cool but remember when Onslaught won the mega special poll? Think he'd be better as a regular special ;-)

Cardcaptor said...

A Special next and it sud be an x-badguy!

Blob wud be the number one choice hes way overdue!!!

Omega Red and Sauron wud be the next obvious choices.

Jacadoo said...

Beta Ray looks absolutly fantastic.

No real preferance what comes next Special / Mega /twin - but for each my humble offerings:

Sasquatch - Special
Stingray and Tiger Shark - Double
Fin Fang Foom - Mega

Wheres Thor8?

After his reminder I thought he would be first to post.. And usually makes sound suggestions - not withstanding his love of the Wasp!!!

Webs said...

Id like a special next and it simply has too be Blob the brotherhood of evil mutants needs more representation and Blob should of been in the specials line up along time ago.

Id rather have Toad as a solo figure in an extension Blob and Toad are both popular choices and Doubles should have a really popular figure and a lesser known figure just like Professor Xavier and Lilandra.

After a special hopefully of Blob the vast majority of people want him i think we should have a double pack of either Pyro & Avalanche or Aurora & Northstar. Either way they should be the next two double packs.

MrKurdt said...

Another voice for BLOB un mega-special, with the movie Wolverine it will be perfect (sorry for my English)

foxchilde said...

Hey, cheers; whilst I am not especially a fan of B-R-B, it has to be said that it is a really nice sculpt. Nice one!

- My personal preference for the next figure to space things out would be a regular special (Preferably Blob to be honest!!). - Then a double afterwards. I actually love the double sets, but then there are also many many great potentials specials to be done and it'd be a shame to miss out.

Thanks again!

Nightstar1441 said...

Beta Ray Bill looks fantastic!

So glad we got a chance to see him.

And a lot of the choices for double packs are really great selections though I'd love to see some of the more off the wall stuff that was mentioned.

I know there was talk about a possible western pack of Rawhide Kid and Two-Gun Kid.

Red Wolf and Phantom Rider would make a great two-pack!

I know Speedball was mentioned with Penance as a possible choice - would much prefer Speedball as a solo character or if necessary with another New Warrior.

But what about:

Sabra and Arabian Night
Plant Man and Porcupine
Turbo and Torpedo
Firelord and Air Walker
Darkstar and Vanguard

and so many others.

Does not mean I don't want any of the x-double packs mentioned - just want to make sure we can get as much as the marvel universe as possible!

Thor8 said...

WOW! Now that's a nice looking sculpture,no make that GREAT looking!Congrats people you get better every time.Nice to see you miss me Jacadoo, believe it or not I check this blog daily and it really took me by surprise to see a new blog today, and with 21 comments already posted!Sheesh!

My preference on the next special would be a double pack! I like jimbob's idea of combining a regular special with a regular figurine as a double pack! That way you get two in one in more than one way! It would be a double pack special and a regular special at the same time. Give it some thought! Nice one jimbob.

I can't help but notice that the majority of the comments sent in lately are by X-Men fans. I have no problems with this but I'd like to hear suggestions from other fields of interest too. C'mon Pirate Adam write in.

Cookie said...

Beta Ray Bill looks really nice!



BLOB really is the one I wanna see done and since the X-VILLAINS are been left out of the extensions its the only way well get one and BLOB is the one most fans want.

CMON Richard give us a REGULAR SPECIAL of THE BLOB!!!!!! ;)

Super Nanny said...

Beta Ray Bill looks stunning!

Thanks for considering Pyro and Avalanche double pack!

Looks like Blob is the favorite for the next special after Cloke and Dagger!

But should we have Toad with the Blob special?

I dont mind,it would be good to have Toad tho,i think he is a big favorite as well.

Anonymous said...

Northstar & Aurora Double Pack Please!

If we can't have them, I guess a Special Blob figure.

Anonymous said...

I think for next spesial we should have a regular spesial. i'd personaly really like to have normal spesial, double pack, normal spesial, mega spesial.

Beta Ray Bill looks fantastic. Amazing sculpt.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see:
Blob Special
Pyro and Avalanche Double Pack
Sauron Special
Omega Red (does he really need to be a special?)

But my biggest question is...what happened to Onslaught?! He was the figure I'd been dreaming about!

lipstick said...

Northstar & Aurora


Mary Jane & Aunt May (people will love this).

pirate adam said...

as requested by Thor08 i will write in

Beta Ray Bill looks awsome and so he should as we all know he is an arse kicker.

as for the next special i am all for the Pyro + Avalanch double but if it is going to be later on then i once again vote the big daddy ODIN!! to be included be it normal or mega special and hope that if i post it enough times Rich may just agree, c'mon Thor08 you know you want the big guy imortalised in lead also, and once again how about a Warriors 3 triple, try and fit Balder in some how and an Enchantress + Executioner double makes great sense. as for other specials to be considerd the Blob is a good choice but could be made as a normal and not a movie tie in as the Blob in the movie sucks, i also think Omega Red is a good choice but is he worthy of a special? and Onslaught would make a nice special and as for sombody different what about Areas hes been an awsome character for a while now.

Pirate Adam :)

pirate adam said...

oh i forgot hows about a Balder + Heimdal double pack the two characters combined have more than enough back story for a mag and it takes nothing away from the current order.

Pirate Adam :)

jimbob said...

The question is how many specials and double packs can we fit in towards the end of this extension?

Before hopefully we move on to the next extension!

Blob is the favorite after C&D,and Onslaught deserves to be in somewhere after winning this poll i did not know about?

Auora & Northstar
Pyro & Avalanche

is in demand as well,how many more can we fit in before the end of issue 140#

Richie Rich said...

Totally agree that the next two double packs hopefully will be;

Northstar & Aurora
Pyro & Avalanche

As for what comes next well i think a special and i really hope that we can all finally get;

Blob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I wont expect it to be him the x-villains dont seem to be favoured by the people who decide who makes into the line-ups for some wierd reason!

The fans really want;

Pyro & Avalanche,
Northstar & Aurora.

Lets hope we get them.

Flippo said...

Hello peoples,

I have onley just found out that the series is going further than 100, Which is great news.
I do hope there whill be a mega special on Eternity/Infinity. The series cannot be complete without the god of gods.
Having said that, the Beyonder might not agree :)

Thor8 said...

You know just today I was wondering just what percent of the people who collect these figurines are aware of blogs like this one that keeps them up to date on the latest info related to this series,when Flippo happens to write in and adds credit to this inquiry. What can we all do to help other collectors keep up with the latest news and inform them of blogs like this one?

A_Jay said...

i'd love to see a spidey civilians special as the civilians are an important part of what makes spider-man so unique

aunt may
mary jane
j. jonah jameson

Timbo said...

No civilians for me thanks! well not yet anyway maybe if the collection goes past 250.

I dont really mind which kind of special is next id be happy with a double packs and Regular specials of...........

Northstar and Aurora

Avalanche and Pyro


Omega Red

jimbob said...

No civilians thanks.not for ages at least.They are not even on my list,not interested.

I still think Blob could be a double pack with Toad!

asura said...

This is the list I absolutely don't care about:

108 Man Wolf
110 Machine Man
111 Shang Chi
114 Viper
115 Dazzler
116 Chameleon
118 Tigra
119 Son of Satan
123 Jocasta
128 Jubilee
136 Nomad
140 Wasp

There are many other characters so far that I would have like to see later because other would have been more judicious at this stage.

I think it would be nice to provide some good looking characters and some that influence the CURRENT marvel universe such as Ares or Vulcan. It is so obvious that those figures could be great looking. From a sales point of view I don't even doubt. Look at the sales of the War of King event...and Vulcan is a key character of this event. And as for Ares, just take a look on the people who collect Marvel legends and how much the Ares is worth. I know people who collected the whole serie in order to get Ares (it is a "Built a Figure")!
And what about Omega red? The look of this character is so good.
Moreover, when I take a look at the DC collection, I just think there is a difference in the quality of the figures between both lines (Marvel and DC). Such a shame that I have absolutely no interest in DC since their figures are very well made.

pirate adam said...

in a way Flippo has a good idea i think we need more of the supreame powers of the marvel universe as we only have GALACTUS and Thanos (to an extent) thus far. Eternity, Infinity, Beyonder, Living Tribuneral and Odin(again) should be involved but without an extension there may not be enough special places left for them all, as for the next special i think a normal is due as the last one was a double and we know this is goin to be Kingpin, then a mega(Watcher already announced) then the double of Cloak and Dagger the order afterwards should be:
and so on until the collection comes to an end. i am also still hoping for a female special and have my personal favourites for this but will keep them to myself for now. the X-Men fans keep on goin on about a Blob and Omega Red special and i agree somewhat but there is 3 X-Men specials already, i am a THOR fan and there isnt a single special from Asgard :(

Pirate Adam

Thor8 said...

I stiil beleive that jimbob's suggestion should be seriously considered. A double pack special containing Blob and Toad gives you both a regular special and a double pack (two birds with one stone). You could do the same with Odin teaming him up with Balder, and Volstag with Fandral and other oversized characters with a regular size one. This would also lighten your schedule from having to alternate between double backs and regular specials. Think it over! Please make Odin!

Killer Frost said...

If Blob is done next (and he should be) id prefer he was a solo special but id be just as happy if he was a double pack with Toad but Blob really does deserve his own solo comic.

The X-Men fans have not had a regular special since Apocalypse (issue 6) the next regular special after cloak and dagger (if they are on the same base) will be issue 13 so thats quite a gap for such a popular group.

The most requested specials by fans alot of the time seem to be:

Northstar & Aurora
Omega Red
Pyro & Avalanche

all x-men characters the only ones who get requested nine time out of ten who are not x-men are:


People are right when they say Blob, Northstar & Aurora and Pyro & Avalanche should be the next 3 specials and after them break up the x-group with and Odin special and then the remaining x-chatacter regular specials can be done.

X-Men makes more money for marvel than Thor ever will and if its a choice between Odin and Blob the majority would quite clearly take Blob any day.

I also think people are sick of the x-villains been left out thats why the fans have really gotten behind The Blob, Pyro & Avalanche.

pirate adam said...

killer frost, the x-men only make more money than Thor because there is that many of them with so many spin off comics, 1 on 1 Thor would beat any x-character in a fight or making money for Marvel, i would also like to see Blob made as he is a good B-list character but he is not in Odins league who i believe is one of the only A-list characters left, hows about a few more of Galactuses heralds aswell. glad to see Thor08 has got behind an Odin special looks like he needs all the help he can get :(

Pirate Adam

Jacadoo said...

Pirate Adam makes a fair point with requesting Galactuses heralds, but safe to say a long way off +200...

Just goes to show with asuras list of dislikes that it doesnt matter what the running list may be - we will always disagree when not matching our own choices.

Personnaly I really want to see Tigra as she is usually drawn with a super sexy styling - please no comments regarding perving out on a lead statue......

Thor8 said...

Maybe X-Men make more money than Thor in the market today, but that doesn't necesarally mean that every Tom,Dick,and Blobby that shows up in thier mags is an A+ character. As Jacadoo points out when it comes to selecting our preferences there will always be disagreements.

Hey Jacadoo, so it seems you have a love fixation for Tigra huh! and here you are poking fun at me because I like The Wasp! Sheesh!

Jacadoo said...

Thor8 only one thing to say really GGGGGGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Captain Taggart said...

Got to say, ONSLAUGHT should be the next special after the ones mentioned - he did win the poll after all.

And I'm totally with Thor08 and pirate adam, ODIN should follow that - Odin has certainly made a much bigger impression on the Marvel U. than Blob (don't get the big love for Blob, though would like made as well).

I'm also with Asura about tackling members of current continuity, such as

And oh yes...NO civilians!! Give me strength!!

Cardcaptor said...

Blob > Odin

Theres currently a poll on the forum about which character people want to see made as a special next and do you guys know who is winning that poll and has been for weeks and weeks.........


Odin has not even made the top 5!

Also people who have voted in the next type of special poll who have selected "Regular Special Next" based on there comments afterwards did so because there hoping its gonna be Blob next, not everyone but the vast majority.

jimbob said...

Blob has been first from the beginig of the poll.He is ahead by far at the moment.
2nd is Sasquash which is good.

And yes for Ares fig!!!Hopefully he is on top of the list for the next extension.

pirate adam said...

YEAH!! another Odin fan at last i thought me and Thor08 were the only ones on this blog but then Captain Taggart comes along and gives me renewed faith that not everyone has a Blob infatuation, i have said that i agree Blob will make a good figurine however he isnt in Odins league, doesnt have as good a back story and doesnt deservs to be included if it means that Odin is excluded, and please dont make Blob a movie tie in, i've seen the film and he is only in it for a few mins and quite honestly he sucks(so does the movie by the way)people only want Blob because of the movie so i say watch it and then say he deserves to be made. Ares should also be made but only as a regular edition, and does no one else want a female special edition?

Pirate Adam :)

Webs said...

LOL I cant believe i have just read that...

" people only want Blob because of the movie so i say watch it and then say he deserves to be made "

That right there is the most stupid comment i think ive ever read on this blog.

I dont want blob because hes in a movie I like im sure most want him for i dunno maybe the fact hes been in marvel comics since.....


Hes also an X-Villain and one of the most well known ones who has been in the Brotherhood and other various groups over the decades and there clearly needs to be some more X-Villains added.

Movie character versions and comics character versions are two different things most of the time and anyone who acutally reads marvel comics and then watches a film version of a particular comic/character knows that.

The fans on this Blog want Blob!

The fans on the Forum want Blob!

asura said...

No, I still want Omega Red and Ares...

Thor8 said...

I've tried to avoid getting into this Blob or no Blob dilema since most of the time this kind of argument leads nowhere. I've noticed that in the past just because a character gets the most votes or request really doesn't amount to much cause once the poll is over people start to write in expressing thier dislikes of this or that character that was chosen.
It has happened on this blog and it has happened on the forum. Asura's list of dilikes is an example of this,(and I agree with about 85% of his list) yet according to the votes in the forum these were the most desired,but that didn't stop dozens of fans from writing-in to disagree with many of the chosen.
Heck lots of people are clamorring for Lockjaw and Howard the Duck while I can't really see these characters adding anything to this collection niether visually or any other way!

When I choose a character for a request I try to visualize a figurine that will look stunning,atractive,heroric. I think a Norse god in armour would beat an oversized dog,a duck or some fat dude any day of the week hands down!

Captain Taggart said...

Haha, it's amazingly funny how people get so defensive when their choices are questioned!

Let me just say this again as some people don't seem to understand - I (and others) want to see Blob made at some point, it's just there are other more influential characters I'd like to see first, such as ONSLAUGHT, ODIN, etc etc. Saying the length of history of the character is all well and good, but Blob's ultimately been a fat punching bag without serious ramifications for decades! Unfortunately most of the fans/voters probably only know Blob and not others due to the popularity of the X-Men (fair enough), but it's the MARVEL figurine collection NOT the X-Men figurine collection! But bring 'em all on I say.

Yeah Thor8 you're totally right we're never going to agree on the list (Son of Satan, Nomad - really?!?) but having a moan and getting suggestions up for people to love or hate is great stuff!

Here's one for you guys...RONIN. What do you think? How about ECHO?

jarvis69 said...
Sorry Captain , couldn't resist

jimbob said...

Ronin...Ronin...Ronin..ha ha!

Maybe Ronin and Echo double pack?:)

I dont think the people want the Blob because of the movie.He does'nt need a movie to get him into the collection.Richard said on the forum that Blob wont be a movie tie anyway.

I would like a Odin special as well.And other Marvel gods!such as:-


Blob is just my first choice and many others out of the specials.
And for good reason as well!

Lockjaw is doing really really well in the special poll 5th just after Omega Red ;)

Blob is the srongest special at the moment by far.He is just a classic villain!Richard cant ignore the massive request from us.

pirate adam said...

Wow i almost fell asleep reading Webs last post: 'Blobs been i marvel comics since 1964!!'
well guess what Odins been in marvell comics since 1962!! my maths may not be very good but i think thats longer. i just dont get why everyone has a hard-on for a big fat guy this blog must be 95% X-Men fans. Thor08 is right who will look better a C class fatty or an A++ Class God decked out in his Battle armour lol

Pirate Adam ;)

Jacadoo said...

Pirate Adam - I get the impression your not one for diplomacy.....

Odin - only OK, Blob - well if we must - but give me Sasquatch any day.

I have it on good authority he was seen in the woods of North America as far back as 1902 - so he beats both Blob and Odin....

Captain Taggart said...

Haha, well if you really want to get into it, Odin's been around since roughly the 9th century... I think that trumps 1902!! (But I want Sasquatch too, a double pack with Puck would be immense!)

Pirate adam - classic stuff love the anti-diplomacy, there is some serious man love going on for Blob. Maybe they're like them 'fat feeders' who fatten up their lovers and get off on obesity! Maybe we should get ORCA in on this lovin' poll too... (only joking guys, just playing!)

My fav choice is still Onslaught though. Don't know why Omega Red would need to be a special size, but bring him on too. If EM manages to pull off Modok I'll be mega-impressed!

Thor8 said...

Wow! This post seemed to be grindding to a stop and now all of a sudden it's on high gear again! The last few comments posted really made me laugh (I mean that in a positive sense)and really enjoyed reading them! I hope everyone is just poking fun at each other and nobody feels offended. After all we're all here to enjoy our common hobby and share our thoughts,likes and dislikes with respect!

I'm glad to see Odin get some more support from other fans other than Pirate Adam and yours truly,and as Jimbob pointed outin his comment, I too believe Both Blob and Odin should be incluededn this collection. I personally don't care much for the fat guy,but he has quite a follwing so...why not. I'd like to see some more immortals if possile also,such as The Warriors Three,Balder,Sif,Hela,Pluto,Zeus,ect. I know you most likely can't make them all,but I'd like to see some of them chosen!

Mr J said...

BLOB rules :)

The polls dont lie neither do the requests. Blob is number 1 ON here and on the forum poll.

Odin should be done eventually but far more people want BLOB, Omega Red, Sasquatch and Sauron.

X-Bad guys need to included more its really bad there not getting into the collection and I recall there catagory been one of the most voted on and popular in the polls.

I think its clear that Regular special is what the majority want next and based on the results on this Blog Page and the Forum, BLOB is the figure the majority want as the next regular special.

I think after the last extension results there were alot of collectors unhappy with the character choices so maybe its time for a popular choice that the majority want to be added.

As someone else mentioned Odin has not even ranked in the top 5 in the Forum Poll and Rich seems to listen to what the Forum has to say and its saying one word >>>>>>>



pirate adam said...

wow those last few comments really made me laugh and like Thor08 i too hope its all in good fun i know it is on my part. i want characters like Fatty(soory i mean Blob), Omega Red, Sauron, Toad and Onslaught to be made as they are good characters i just happen to be a Thor fan and think the Asgardians have been overlooked more than the X-men, but all this bikkering could be stopped if Rich would just announce a few more specials that are confirmed and if Odin is included i shall moan no more, defo think Balder should be made he is the Lord of Asgard at the moment you know.

Pirate Adam ;)

Jacadoo said...

Captain Taggart - you've killed me how do I compete against the 9th century!!

Its all good fun - even some of the arguments that sometimes break - Notice I did not even mention Pirate Adams name (ooopppsss)...

Anonymous said...

Odin would make more sense to release around the time of the Thor movie. Like Abomination was released around the time of the Incredible Hulk movie. That way it works as an unofficial tie-in. Which is what many of us wanted for Blob. Not a movie version or because he was in the movie. It just made sense, since he's in the movie.

Onslaught is a remnant of the terrible 90's, so I don't really feel any sorrow if he's a long ways off. Especially after the terrible mini-series that featured his return a year or so ago. I'd rather see Fin Fang Foom, an Iron Man baddy over Onslaught at this point.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I'm a huge Onslaught fan. Ok his return was alittle naff but he would make such an awesome figurine. He looks so badass. I don't mind who gets into EMs list. I just hope Onslaught is still being considered, I thought he won the Mega Special poll anyways? Bring on the Onslaught

pirate adam said...

look CBR Beast is back i kinda missed him lol although he does make a good point Odin would make perfect sense next year around the movie time also i dont see how Onslaught can be overloked as he won the poll and he does look badass. and CBR Beast what Iron Man baddie would you like i'd vote for MODOK or Crimson Dynamo

Pirate Adam ;)

The Grim Reaper said...

Cheers Rich, Black Knight looks great.....shame I can't post images into the posts here.


Thor8 said...

I for one would not like to have to wait till the Thor movie is released to see Odin produced,especially now that it has been slated to be released in 2011 instead of next year.(and The Avengers will be released in 2012).

A Jay mentioned civilians awhile back and even though I don't fancy the idea it got me thinking on one civilian who probably deserves to be inclueded in this colection. He could probably be incueded at the end of the run as a "SPECIAL" special and be given out to colectors that collect let's say 20 cupons that would be inserted in the magazines. Who is this civilian? You may have heard of him, they call him The Man...yep I mean Stan Lee!

Jacadoo said...

Stan Lee the only civilian worth considering.

Onslaught must be considered or are we to ignore the polls where the majority rule?

spidey_1979 said...

i'd like some spidey civilians. spidey doesn't seem complete without aunt may, jjj and mary jane. after all, they've been around longer than some of the villains we've seen.

aunt may (1962)
jjj (1963)
mary jane (1966)