Friday, 17 April 2009

Black Knight


Just enough time this week for a super quick update.

I give you the Black Knight:

Have a good weekend.


Anthony Stark said...

Pretty nifty :-)

jimbob said...

Excellent!Thanks Richard.

MrKurdt said...

Just Splendid

Anonymous said...

Short and sweet. Cool figurine

Anonymous said...

He looks great. Really pleased with the choice of costume. Have been really looking forward to him for ages. Just need Pete Wisdom and we'll have a nice little group for MI:13.

Anonymous said...

Black Knight looks great.

Another Avenger added to the ranks! :)

Thor8 said...

"Oh Momma,I want that one!" As CBR Beast said Great another Avenger added to the ranks! Now if only you would consider The "Original" Swordsman!

Thor8 said...

Before you start throwing sticks and stones at me,yes I know he's(Swordsman) not grade A and he's not well known by many,but I can dream and hope can't I??

pirate adam said...

black knight looks great, good job EM

Pirate Adam :)

dead_pool_123 said...

Waaw great figutine Richard..keep up the good work.
Don't forget omega red plzz ;)

Gremlin said...

Awesome looking sculpt, can't wait for the others like Tigra and X-23.

jarvis69 said...

Great fig , thanks a lot Richard

Jacadoo said...

Is it me or are the figurines getting better and better as the collection progresses?

I just can't wait to see Sasquatch when he comes around.

jimbob said...

My next Avenger must be Ares!!!!
He would be a awsome looking fig.

Thor8 said...

The next Avengers I'd like to see would be Starfox,Stingray,Photon or Mockingbird. Oh and of course Swordman!

jimbob said...

OK my list of Avengers is:

jarvis69 said...

Thor8 , I love U ! lol...I mean , about your choice ofc

Ryan Maxwell said...

My most anticipated confirmed figure and you did not disappoint. Well done again, EM!

pirate adam said...

wheres everybody gone?
Ares for the next Avenger!

Pirate Adam ;)

Thor8 said...

Hey Pirate I've been wondering the same thing. Where is everybody? Since not many fans have asked for The Swordsman,how about a double pack with him and Mantis?

ted sallis said...


ted sallis said...


jimbob said...

There is a 100th issue gold stamp on it.check the superhero forum for more exclusive stuff!:)

Baroni_08 said...

Great looking BLACK KNIGHT figurine along with BETA RAY BILL the collection is goin from strength to strength.I personally would like to see more of THOR'S allies & enemies and IRON MAN'S and THE HULKS to as his story and character has evolved in to something amazing.I think this would be good as we have already a nice amount of AVENGERS & X-MEN.But im sure RICH will do something to accomidate all the collection loyal fans. As for THE BLOB bein a special oh please god NO!!! a normal edition is worthy enough. As for ODIN a mega special is needed as his story is amazing and his figurine would be up there with the best one's. Dont you agree PIRATE ADAM & THOR08??? LONG LIVE ASGUARD !!! BUT ALL WILL BOW BEFORE THE KING OF SCARR !!!!!..thanks keep up the excellent work..

jimbob said...

I would have Odin as a special not a mega-special.These mega-specials could get in the way if we have to many.Asgardians would make great figs,i think because all the cool armor and the masculinity of these characters.

My top Asgardians is:


However i dont think we would have Odin soon im afraid,with the outstanding demand for Blob special and Onsluaght
deserving to be next followd by the double packs.Plus it seems to be just the two or three of you to be asking for Odin as next special at the moment.

jimbob said...

I forgot to mention Destroyer i would like in the collection as one of the Asgardians.;)

Thor8 said...

Glad to see other join the ranks of Asgard requesting more asgardians. My top choices in this category would be....

Odin (special)
Warriors Three
Destroyer (special)
Mangog (special)

I agree with Baroni_08 that more of other fields of the M.U.should be enriched,Hulk,Iron Man,FF ect.

jimbob said...

Richard did mention he would think about includeing some Asgardians in the next extension,which i am happy to have them till then.Need more x-villains at the moment please.Keep the balance.

Teams i would like in the next extension is:

Wrecking Crew
Brotherhood of evil mutants

It's not going to be easy to fit all these in:( and i haven't included MK,FF,AV,X-men.

These teams are quite strong in the forum.these are the rop teams at the moment.

HTDUCK said...

One of the best figures, glad this costume was chosen and can't wait to add Black Knight to the collection.
When will we get to see a preview of Howard the Duck? Surely he has got to be one of Marvel's 140 most Classic characters!

pirate adam said...

please please please dont include Howard the Duck. and as jimbob said that us Asgardians (glad to welcome Baroni 08) want Odin as the next special, we dont, we just want an Odin special and he is totally worthy of being a Mega Special, as for other Asgardians:

Sutur (would need a special)
Warriors Three
Hela (female special)

i too would like to see some other fields other than X-men being mentioned such as the cosmics, the heralds, ironman, Olympians and we must have Skaar the son of hulk included. the next specials have to be Kingpin and The Watcher we were told this ages ago.

Pirate Adam ;)

jimbob said...

Watcher is the next mega-special,out end of may i think?followed by Kingpin then double pack Ka-zar and Zabu and of course Cloak and Dagger in october.

I would like Blob and Toad double pack after that please!!!!!I still want Odin pirate adam,maybe it would be nice to have him when we get Enchantress :)

Howard the Duck does deserve to be in the collection at some point,maybe not in the 140 list tho.

Captain Taggart said...

I have to admit I'd like to see Odin as a mega-special, maybe horizontally on a throne with his ravens? It would certainly look impressive with that in the centre of a plinth with the other Asgardians around him!

Good call with Hela :) there def needs to be more women figs there's still plenty to choose from:

White Tiger
Phylla-Vel etc etc

After Cloak and Dagger I'd like to see a Northstar and Aurora double pack - ok they're more mutants, but just seems to fit!

As for x-villains, any suggestions? I'll throw SILVER SAMURAI and DANGER into the mix. Don't think DAKEN has done enough yet (plus he's kinda lameish...).

And what's the deal with the Howard the Duck big-love??!?! Don't get it, someone explain!

pirate adam said...

Omega Red, Avalanch, Pyro, Toad, Silver Samurai and Blob all deserve to be in the collection along with the Asgardians i previously mentioned but without a big extension i dont see it happening so a compramise should be reached and i am willing to leave out 1 Asgardian and let 1 X-villain in LOL what do u think a good compramise all round

Pirate Adam ;)

Captain Taggart said... about EXODUS, he'd be an interesting fig. And STRYFE would be visualy stunning.

Just thought, where the hell is CANNONBALL??? Apart from his current rubbish costume, he deserves a place!

jimbob said...

I would love EXODUS!!!!!!!!!!
Awsome character,he was mentioned alot a few blogs back :)

Thor8 said...

I have to practice what I preach so I have to respect those who want to see Howard The Duck in this collection,but quite frankly I can live without this happening.
Sorry guys,it's just that I don't care much for these funny animal type characters like Howard or Rocket Racoon,or Alfie.

wendybethm said...

EM will never make anything New Mutant related. They hate these characters. They also hate any character involved with Secret Wars. Don't know why? And no one at EM will explain why they hate these characters so much.

jimbob said...

There is a long list of requests.New Mutants at the moment is't on top.I would't like any of them at the moment.I wouldn't have expected them to be in 120 over the other characters we have had.

Who would be in the Secret Wars?

Captain Taggart said...

What makes you think that EM hates certain groups so much? Has something gone on I'm unaware of?

As for no 'New Mutants', I never think of them like that, I mean CANNONBALL was a part of X-Force and has now been in the X-Men for years. WOLFSBANE was in X-Factor and now is in X-Force. They're much more than the New Mutants! If EM are making X-23 (who's still relatively new) there must be smoe space for these two.

Not sure I understand about Secret Wars, as the heroes involved in that conflict have been made already (apart from Daisy, understandably). Do you mean the villains?

And just for the hell of it, I want to throw THE HOOD's name in the ring again!

Killer Frost said...

Im really shocked that No New Mutants have been added yet! For me there's 4 New Mutants that really deserve to be in the collection before the 200 mark they are.....

2nd: MAGIK

Hopefully those 4 will be done they really deserve too. I wont even mention the lack of X-Villains as we all know how badly that area has been neglected.

The last 2 extensions have had a damn lot of Avengers characters it would be nice if another extension is granted if the Avengers took a back seat for once to the X-Men Villains and New Mutants.

HTDUCK said...

Howard the Duck

Here is why I think he deserves to be included.

Howard was one of the major characters of the 1970s. I can remember a period when new titles were being released every month. I bought most of them. The Champions, Black Goliath, Marvel Chillers, Ms Marvel, Human Fly etc. but Howard the Duck stood out from them all.

Originally a "throw-away" supporting character, he was given his own short-lived title following demand from the readers.

Steve Gerber's Howard the Duck was a broad parody of fantasy, science fiction and super hero stories, but also an insightful satire of America in the 1970s. As an outsider "trapped in a world he never made", he was able to see through the absurdities of the society around him.

Collectors realised the potential of the character and there are stories that unscrupulous dealers high-jacked the first issue to cash in on demand.

Issue 1 parodied the popular sword and sorcery comics of the 70s, and guest starred the Amazing Spider-man, issue 2 had a science fiction theme, then in issue 3 Howard learnt the art of Quack Fu (kung fu being another craze of that decade).

Later issues tended, in the main, the steer away from the obvious and instead concentrated on what it meant to be a "trapped in a world he never made". Howard encountered money problems, religious fanatics, joined the Defenders and ran for President. His campaign was sabotaged by Canadian separatists and this contributed towards his nervous breakdown, as a result of which, he met the rock group KISS (their first comic book appearance) and the Son of Satan.

The initial run lasted only 31 issues, followed shortly after by 9 black & white magazines, a format which allowed some more adult themes to be included. By this time the writer Steve Gerber had parted ways with Marvel, and Howard lost some of his edge.

He was also one of the first Marvel characters to be given a daily comic strip in newspapers across America. The strip ran for over a year, before disagreements between Steve Gerber and Marvel led to him leaving the strip. Its quality soon deteriorated and it was not long before the strip was replaced by the Hulk.

Howard was considered big enough to make his, the first (non TV) movie of a Marvel character. How different might it be if the film had waited another 20 years? A CGI duck would have been better than a man in a suit.

He has enjoyed mixed success over the last 3 decades which is, in my opinion, down to a variety of reasons. Steve Gerber falling out with Marvel over the ownership of Howard, subsequent writers didn’t really understand the character and he lost his edgier side, becoming little more than a “talking duck”. Then the final nail was that ill-fated 1986 movie. To most people, their only knowledge of Howard the Duck is as George Lucas’s biggest flop.

However, he has remained popular with a loyal following and every few years he resurfaces (there has been a story in all but 4 years since 1973), having guest starred with Doctor Strange, Generation X, Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, and She-Hulk amongst others. Howard also featured in the recent Civil War and Marvel Zombies storylines and has just begun his latest mini-series. Marvel published the hardback Howard the Duck Omnibus in 2008. I can recommend this (or the cheaper B&W Essential Howard the Duck) for anyone interested in finding out more about him.

He has been mentioned so far in three issues of the CMFC, but surely deserves an issue (and figure) of his own.

Thor8 said...

Thanks for the extensive history seminar on Howard T.D,but I'm sure many of us are familiar with it.
It still doesn't convince me that this character should be inclueded in this collection. I mean there are other characters with longer and more contributing histories and I don't believe they should be inclueded either,such as JJJ or Jarvis,ect.

wendybethm said...

Well if you wnat a list of Secret war characters that should be made then let see.....
Molecule Man

jimbob said...

These secret wars characters all fit into diffrent groups so no wonder EM has not mentioned it!!

Travis said...

I'm wondering why there EM is blowing off Marvel 70th anniversary.
You'd think they would do something for it. A golden age character or a Stan Lee figurine.
Something at least.

pirate adam said...


that is the longest post i think i have ever read, congrats for doin your homework, dont change the fact that i dont think he should be included, but i respect your opinion and we all have our favorites. plus when is Rich goin to update the blogger and main site.

Pirate Adam ;)

Jacadoo said...

Howard the Duck deserves to be in the collection just as much, as some of the other notables - such as Aunt May and Mary Jane Watson.

That is NOT AT ALL!!!!!!

Issue 100 - come on give us Stan "the Man" Lee, true believers!!

Cookie said...

Ill have to pass on the idea of Howard the Duck just NO!!! Lol.

I would love to see about 5-6 X-MEN related characters in the next extension. There the other big marvel group and we seem to constantly for the last 2 extensions be getting that many (IF NOT MORE) Avengers characters so if its ok for them its ok for the X-MEN and Avengers can take a back seat slightly for one extension.

Would be nice to see other groups represented like New Mutants and more X-Villains. Its just wierd how a lame group like Alpha Flight gets passed of as X-Men and has been represented more than say The New Mutants.

Also a special of THE BLOB and a double pack of Pyro & Avalanche are needed and wanted definately!

jimbob said...

I think just 2 x-men and 2 Avenger characters in the next collection!just to give others a chance.

We need to fill out other groups that have filltered through this collection such as.

Alpha Flight
more x-men villains!

And then hopefully we will have a pattern on every extension a new team will be added.Plus going back and add more previous team members FF,X-MEN,MK,etc....

And Blob special with Toad.

Pyro and Avalanche double pack please!

Baroni_08 said...

Thanks for the history lesson on HOWARD THE DUCK, but he would only make the collection if there is a major update.And once again there are people askin for THE BLOB as a special why??? he is truley not a special character and would only get one for his character size.I totally agree on the PYRO & AVALANCHE double pack as they were a great pairing could also put TOAD with them thats a lot of X-VILLIANS now lets have others that are not X-MEN OR AVENGERS !! Lets have SKARR SON OF THE HULK , some of the WARBOUND more HERALDS, ASGUARDIANS and ETERNALS. Yes a STAN LEE figurine would be amazin to.I am sure EM will do something to keep us all happy and the collection something to be proud of. ODIN FOR MEGA SPECIAL LONG LIVE ASGUARD!!!!..

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. the Black Knight looks PERFECT. this is the look That I want for my avengers collection.

I Need to comment on the Howard the Duck discussion. This is not "cool looking obscure vilans from marvel" collection. This is about the characters. and its the characters that MADE marvel. This includes its divirsity and willingness to take on controversial subjects.

HTD is a satire character. One that has been well written for years. Ok, Lucas's bomb of a movie didnt help, but it speaks volumes that there were people willing to take a chance on it.

I think the bloggers who dont want civilians or HTD to be put into the collection are more concerned with look than content.

Put on a shelf together, HTD, J Jonah Jameson and Blink, I would wager more people would recognise and buy Jameson or the duck. Id bet those seeing Blink would confuse her for a Warcraft Night Elf.

Give the quality characters a chance. Include Howard , Jameson, General Ross And Mary Jane

Jacadoo said...

Rizokobold "characters that made Marvel" HTD - please tell me you are joking!!!!

jimbob said...

Specials poll update on the!BLOB and SASQUASH are miles away from the rest.BLOB 1st SASQUASH 2nd fantastic!!!!!!!!!

These both are the most anticipated specials in this collection yet!!!They are a must before the next extension.Then we will see who is the next favorites special is then ;)

The next extension its all going to be about availability,finding room for all these great characters that are on demand.

So it would be a good idea to have Toad with Blob and Puck with Sasquash,.That would be 2 less you would have to worry about fitting into the next extension.

Howard the Duck im sure his time will come!Not everyones favorite yet ;)

pirate adam said...

SpiderMan, FF4, Thor, IronMan, Captain America, Silver Surfer, X-Men none of these are characters that made Marvel what it is today, no it was all down to a little Duck, O M G, im sorry for being a nob about it but marvel has been around since 1939, the Duck since 1973 how on earth does that make him a character who made Marvel what it is?

Fatty (sorry Blob) 1st on the polls still? i still dont get all the love for fat guys.

Pirate Adam ;)

Banshee said...

Agreed Black Knight looks awesome. And also I think J.J.Jameson, Aunty May and Mary Jane would be great in the collection. Ive just heard cloak and dagger will be sharing a base, anyone know if thats for definite. I really hope not.

Baroni_08 said...

OK Howard The Duck made MARVEL what it is today, i dont think so at all .MARVEL was well established and growin before he came along. Yes we all want figurines that look good to and stand out, but me personally enjoy the characters with depth and a good story to.As for civillians in the collection no yes some have played major parts in a characters history, but there would be to many to bring into the collection and thers still to many good characters to bring out before civillians. BLOB number 1 on the polls and SASQUATCH number 2!! oh my god are people goin mad neither of them worthy of a SPECIAL.Come on RICH AND EM , ODIN for a MEGA SPECIAL !!. Lets have SKARR,CORSAIR,POLARIS,VULCAN,THE WARBOUND and is FIRESTAR comin soon. OH and a female character for a special is needed to,thanks.

jimbob said...

Cives would kill the collection at this point!Too many good characters still left that collectors still really want!

Who would be the female special????

pirate adam said...

Hela for the female special, please no civilians, what would you put in the powers and abilities part?

Pirate Adam ;)

HTDUCK said...

Rizokobold has been misquoted, he said that "...its the characters that MADE marvel. This includes its divirsity and willingness to take on controversial subjects." He didn't say that Howard MADE Marvel.

He is just as deserving as many of the other characters already made or confirmed.

Give the Duck a chance.

Jacadoo said...

I'll give the duck a chance - gas mark eight in between the carrots and potatoes...

Nice to see the diplomate is back Pirate by name!!!!

By the way why Odin mega special - when drawn he is only just taller than Thor?

Forget the Blob, no more fat love - give me Sasquatch!!

jimbob said...

I hope Odin and Onsluaght both be special size figs and not Mega-Secial!

Webs said...

Howard the duck definately NOT!

The next regular special should be Blob hes the one that the majority want most and thats a fact.

I dont want to see Sasquatch before Blob, Omega Red or even Sauron.

Northstar & Aurora should be done as a double and thats it for a while for Alpha characters and Alpha fans should be happy they got Snowbird but some people are never satisfied.

The next three specials should be:

Northstar & Aurora
Pyro & Avalanche.

spidey_1979 said...

i'd like some civilians. it's not just the heroes and villains with powers that have contributed to the rich history of marvel. some of the civvies have been just as important and are often far more recognisable characters. ok, you couldn't do a full issue for each one but whats wrong with a double or triple pack special. spiderman display shelf just doesn't seem complete without aunt may, mary jane and JJJ. and bruce banner and general ross would sit very nicely alongside the hulk

jimbob said...

I forgotten about Sauron!

If we might have too many x-men viillains special in the colection.I would pick Blob and Sauron over Onslaught any day :)

Thor8 said...

As I've mentioned many times before
I'd love an Odin special being done
but I have to agree with Jackadoo and Jimbob on the fact that HE is not Mega Special material. Megas are gigantic characters Like Galactus,Watcher,The Stranger,ect.
Sorry Pirate Adam and Baroni_08 I hope you don't feel betrayed.

Not only has there been a lack of x-villians in these extensions but a lack of bad guys in general. We have yet to see most of the Masters Of Evil, Graviton,Count Nefaria, Madam Masque,Moonstone and so on.

pirate adam said...

Thor08, you Traitor you should be banished from Asgard for ETERNITY!!

HAHA only kiddin, as i wrote in one of my previous posts i would love to have The All Father as a normal special, i just thought he would look awsome as a larger figurine decked out in his battle armour, crows on his shoulders, spear in hand ready to kick some arse, but if he is to be made as a regular then bring it on. please no civvies i would rather have The Fatty (Blob)

Pirate Adam ;)

Baroni_08 said...

Odin in any edition is what we want, as he is a great character and amazin story.Please no civillians as theres to many,yes some have had an important part in the marvel universe but theres still to many other characters left.Were still waitin on... ONSLAUGHT,ARES,CORSAIR,PYRO,TOAD, YES THE BLOB TO,SASQUATCH,FIRESTAR,VULCAN, POLARIS and SKARR and may be some of the WARBOUND.Not forgetting some more of the COSMICS & other villians from other feilds of the M.U. THORO8 should be banished from ASGUARD and sent to HELA TRAITOR !!! LOL. Still needed a female character for a special any ideas thanks ...

spidey_1979 said...

madame web?

spidey_1979 said...

i agree that there are too many civilians to do them all. but there are a few that are too important to miss out

Richie Rich said...

Id love to know why Rich and Em have decided to leave the x-bad guys out of the collecion on the whole its a really big and popular group to basically just ignore. Theres so many great x-bad guys.

I guess it may be because Rich and Em are mainly Avengers fans thats evident by there sheer numbers these past few extensions so alot of spaces go to that group which is a shame as x-men has just as many great characters and yet one big group (Avengers) takes priority over the other (x-men).

The X-Bad guy situation can be easily fixed, if there was.....

Regular Special - Blob

Double Pack - Pyro & Avalanche

Pyro's space in the line up could go to a Female X-Bad guy like Destiny or Spiral.

The x-bad guys would be where they should be currently number wise in the collection. It could be so easily fixed and people clearly want more x-bad guys and in particular Blob and a double of Pyro and Avalanche.

Richard please sort out the X-Bad guys situation.

jimbob said...

Baroni_08 we have POLARIS.I think you've confused me?:)She's Magneto daughter yeah!Thats the one you are on about.

Nice one Richie Rich!Totally agree with you!

Jacadoo said...

Just remembered a baddie - one villen noboddy seems to remember Super Adaptoid - some awsome battles with the FF4 - I think normal special.


Please dont be boring same old B list etc....

jimbob said...

No comment!:)

Baroni_08 said...

I do apologise jimbob yes we do already have POLARIS so that was my mistake. I dont agree with more X-MEN villians after what have already been announced,or more AVENGERS either the collection already has a nice amount of both factions. I personally would like to see more FF4, ASGUARDIANS, THE WARBOUND, COSMIC'S,STARJAMMERS maybe even some more of BLADE'S enemies and allies.Theres still so much more to be done i hope we all get something to full fill are marvel desires. And thats a nice choice of MADAME WEB for a female special anymore ideas anyone??? I think a top female character is needed for a special.....

Mr J said...

@ Baroni, dude we get the idea of who you want in the collection you really dont need to repeat the same thing everytime you post, Chill dude. Since your asking for Polaris to be done you clearly dont have an idea of whos in the line up past or present so head over to Wikipedia and check out the characters list. Also i did laught when you said we dont need x-villains after whats already been announced so basically Pyro (who sud be with Avalanche) sometime towards the end of 2010 is sufficient for such a huge popular group, yeah right, lol.

@ Richie Rich, Totally agree with you mate the travesty of whats been happening with the x-villains is really bad! I dont think its gonna change tho.

Id also like to see some New Mutants in the next extension also as someone else pointed out.

Baroni_08 said...

Oh MrJ did i make a funny joke for u to laugh at err no i didnt, i left my opinion like everyone else so you should just live with it.As for your comments over my mistake on POLARIS which i did take back,you should practice what u preach and check wikpedia and see MARVEL is a lot more than X-VILLIANS & X-MEN DUDE!!! So its no travesty on X-VILLIANS. RICH & the guy's at EM are trying to cover all faction's and give us all something we want in the collection which was all i was saying that id like to see thats my opinion is that ok with you MrJ DUDE!!! LOL. How about Hela for a female special, she has a good story and figurine would look cool??? thanks....

Cardcaptor said...

This Baroni_08 guy is so damn annoying! Where's he suddenly popped up from!

Baroni_08 practice what you preach, you state that Marvel is more than one group thats very true and yet you constantly request Thor Characters! Theres also no need to constantly post and request the same things in every post you make just like Mr J pointed out. So Drop the attitude its not need or wanted on here.

Anyways on to something important :)

Blob as the next special please and if not him then Sauron or Omega Red.

Also still really hoping to see Pyro & Avalanche become a double pack.


Baroni_08 said...

SO ive upset another X-MEN , X-VILLIAN fan boy i do apologise. Im free to post my requests and opinions as many times as i like just like anyone else, im not here to argue or give attitude to anyone. BUT one thing first Cardcaptor, you need to read all my post's again and you will see i dont just request THOR characters i have put many characters and factions down that i would like to see but thats my opinion so next time get ur story straight.After all this is the MARVEL collection not X-MEN & X-VILLIAN collection so because im a marvel fan of all its factions and want a wide varitey characters and storys makes me annoying well just accept that im not a X-MEN fan boy like u PLS ANY CHARACTER INSTEAD OF BLOB FOR A SPECIAL!!! There's bigger and better characters than BLOB still that could be done, thats my opinion thanks....

Killer Frost said...

LOL oh dear someone actually wants to have a pop at X-Men fans not the most clever idea us "X-Men fan boys" can be vicious. I love this Blog.

So Baroni any character next except Blob ok fine us "X-Men fan boys" will have Sauron, cheers mate. We know its not the X-MEN Villains collection if it was they would actually have to put some in the line-ups and since there pretty much not thats why people want them.

Oh and Baroni be nice or well send the X-Men after ya. :)

A_Jay said...

madame web on her chair would be a great special. If not enough on her own (like prof X) you could package her with aunt may or JJJ.

Gremlin said...

Its all well and good fighting between Blob and Odin but remember that if this collection end at #140 that still leaves about 6 special slots up for grabs. No doubt Odin will get one of those if Blob gets one too. Chillout guys.

asura said...

What about Ringmaster ??? He is an amazing character!!!

Ok, I stop to be sarcastic...just to say that I'm loosing my interest for the collection days after days...
This collection is way too classical for me with too many characters that made their appearance in the 70's, 80's and 90's...
I was hopping at least for Ares, and instead there will be characters such as Nomad, Wasp (which is redundant with the one of yellowjacket and other inunteresting characters). So I'll just get the 3/4 characters that sounds interesting for me and...that's it

pirate adam said...

31 X-Men characters including specials by my count, thats almost 1/3 of what we have already and more to come in the extension and yet you still moan that there isnt enough lol, Baroni hasn't made the same post over and over again he has made some valid points we do need a wider variety of characters and not just the X-Faggots, I'll probably get slated for this post but i dont care, if you only want the X-characters then only collect them and you should be happy then, oh this is just my opinion DUDE. lol.

Pirate Adam ;)

jimbob said...

Well it is the villains that we are on about.They are not x-men mate!

We all been saying that we want diffrent characters,but its still going to go back to x-men related character because its such a popular catagory.Especially at the moment!with the films and stuff!They dominate the marvel universe!

But i do want a balance in the collection,with our existing teams at the moment,there are not enough x-men villains,females,and avengers villains!

I hope EM is working towards this and gradually introduce other teams into the collection as well.

I dont mind your opinions Pirate Adam,you have made this blog very interesting!;)

Mr J said...

Ok Pirate Adam first off how dare you use offensive language like FAGGOTS thats the first post ive ever read on here where someones had a bad enough upbringing and education to use such vile chavish language.

Second were talking about specials who's the top of Richards specials lists??????? Oh yeah he stated the following as been on there:


You kinda notice how most of them are X-Related. So theres gonna be discussion about which ones will be done.

pirate adam said...

well Jimbob thats a nice thing to say, and i mean no malice to anybody on this blog what so ever. and u have posted some interesting comments too, you even agreed to an Odin special, i realy dont mind who is chosen for the collection but we have to have a vaster aray of characters X-Villains included:

Pyro + Avalanche double pack makes more sense than havin them both as individuals, but i would like a couple more Asgardians, Heralds, and some of the cosmic super powers, and i still think Hela for a female special although Madame Web is a good chice.

as for cardcaptor sayin:

"where has Baroni popped up from hes so damn annoying"

well where did cardcaptor come from this is the first time i have seen him post and he has a go at sombody straight away, now thats annoying!!

Pirate Adam ;)

Webs said...

Jimbobs hit the nail on the head ;)
there not all talking about x-men there talking about x-men villians a whole different group and in particular specials.

Blob, Sauron and Omega Red are all highly wanted and specials are the only way to get them and there much more wanted than Odin poll results prove it.

Baroni has stated some of the same things numerous times thats fine but it does make for slightly dull reading but we can all chat and talk about the collection aslong as were polite.

Pirate Adam your way out of line with your language as that sort of nasty terminology you so easily used is disgraceful!

jimbob said...

I agree,should have mentioned it in my last post.

Pirate Adam - watch your language ok mate!

I wonder if Power Pack has gone down th list.There was a bit of negative feedback towards them.And there have been other specials and Double packs been talked about more than POWER PACK!like


Thor8 said...

Boy, I've had one obstacle after another all day today trying to get a post in.

First of all I think Cardcaptor did come on a little too strong on Baroni_8,after all he accuses him of reapeating the same thing over and over and then states "on to something important" and repeats something every X-fan and thier cousins have already stated a zillion times before! DUH?! Ditto to Mr J.

Jacadoo I agree that The Super Adaptoid would make a great figurine,but he's not as forgotten as you might think. He's actually running in a poll right now in the forum (not doing as well as you'd like though)

And as for characters other than those constantly mentioned, there are three Super groups with eye catching costumes and interesting characters that have been greatly overlooked and they are.......

The Thunderbolts
The Soviet Super Soldiers
The Squadrom Supreme

Pirate Adam; From one Asgardian to another I know tempers sometimes flare-up,but try to keep the cool, after all...WE"RE THE GOOD GUYS DUDE!

jimbob said...

The THUNDERBOLTS members i would like is


The WRECKING CREW was also a part of THUNDERBOLTS and MASTERS OF EVIL.we need more villains please!

Thor8 said...

Hey Richard it's been three weeks since you've given us a post(not counting the Black Knight news flash). I know you must have some great news to give so please give!

Do you think it would be possible to make A Stan Lee figurine at the end of this collection's run? It could be a "Special" special You could probally have him sculpt as Super Stan or as a combination of characters like he was potrayed in an old Foom Magazine as homage to the man who started it all!

Anonymous said...

Pirate Adam....

Your opinion no longer has any merit for such crude and rude language and behavior. Hopefully when Richard returns he bans you from posting here. Language like that is certainly not appropriate.

People can have different opinions and still respect each other. Tossing around hateful terminology like that over a disagreement about little lead figurines? I honestly question your maturity level.

pirate adam said...
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pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...

wow i cant believe that little word has caused so much controversy i wouldn't mind but it was said in jest with no malice at all, i wasn't acctualy callin anybody who posts one if you read it properly and its hardly a very naughty word, well i can only appologise to anybody it has upset or offended and i will try not to upset anybody again, sorry guys, as for CBR BEAST sayin i should be banned well i say "grow-up man" like you said its about little lead figurines, and if i offend you so much then dont read my posts when i submit them, once again sorry to anyone i may have offended. as for the persoal attacks by Mr J and CBR Beast well very UNCOOL fellas i havent attacked anybody personally and to have my education and maturity called into question is bad enough but to critisise my upbringing is an attack at my Mother and Father and that is way out of order yet im the one who gets slated. a simple watch your language like Jimbob said would have surficed

Pirate Adam :(

jimbob said...

Good idea with the Stan lee figure Thor.Its probably too early to think about the last fig yet.The collection has a good 5 years yet i think?

Hope there is a blog update 2day,maybe some news on Cloak and Dagger.Wether they should share a base or they should have separate base?

Hey just 4 more comments and we've reached 100!

Jacadoo said...

I just can't believe so many negative bloggs for Pirate Adams miss-use of a silly word and one not even directed at anybody.

CBR pal give it a rest, the blog is kept alive with people like PA and as for banning people - stop being such a little girl - if you have nothing real to say then say nothing!!

Rock on Adam - I'm still laughing...

Come on Rich mate update the main site and blog - over due dude.

Oooopppss is dude considered abuse - I can hear CBR now...

Wadders said...

Spot on Jacadoo it seems some people want to run this blog like they run their forum.......

mighty_marvel said...

just wanted to show my support for a madame web special. she'd make a great looking figure

Anonymous said...

The term "Faggot" is crude, offensive, and hateful speech. Using it is certainly not something to joke about. Clearly the maturity level around here continues to sink lower and lower every moment.

Wadders said...

And the condescending levels are rising at an alarming rate. Come on it was obvious the guy wasn't aiming to cause offense and he apologized profusely for using the word. I think you have taken it a bit too literally.