Friday, 1 May 2009

Man or Machine

Hello people, things have quietened down a little this week so I’m back for a longer update than the last one.

First up just want to say it’s great that this blog is generating so many comments and giving us a lot of feedback here at Eaglemoss. However, can I ask that everyone tries to keep a cool head and refrain from using any derogatory language. It’s hard to always get your point across on a blog or forum and some posts can be misinterpreted so let’s all remember to be civil and respect each others views.

Now enough from ‘old man’ Richard, time to answer some questions about the way we choose characters for the extensions.

Firstly I’ve noticed that a lot of discussion has been on X-Men characters (especially villains) and how many we have in the collection. Well first up, I promise you we’re not anti X-Villains here at Eaglemoss, in fact we're not really anti anything. Between the chaps who work on the Marvel project and some of our other mags we’ve got a large cross-section of comic readers.

Dan (Designer) is a big fan of Kirby characters and wants to diversify the collection as much as possible to include the horror elements.

Alan (previous editor) loves the Defenders, some of the old ‘50s monsters, and obscure Daredevil characters.

Gary (DC designer) is a big fan of the ‘70s characters.

And I personally grew-up on X-Men comics from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

When we do choose which characters go into an extension we spend a long time coming up with a list of potentials (the last one was 150 characters long) we then choose based on a number of criteria including:

Number of comics the character’s been in.
Importance to the rest of Marvel Universe.
How good the figure will look.
The comic fans' perceived importance of the character.
The Marvel ‘family’ they fit into.

And belief it or not, we always look at the balance of the collection, and try to make sure that we have a fair number of characters from the main Marvel families.

There might be a few groups that are slightly underrepresented but we always strive to fill any extension with characters that help complete sets (Inhumans, Alpha Flight, X-Men…) as well as starting new ones such as Thunderbolts, Eternals, Guardians Galaxy. We also want to have a solid mix of old characters and modern ones to keep everyone interested.

At the same time we’re keen to have the collection reflect the Marvel Universe, in diversity and make-up. What does this mean? Well one example is with female characters (which I think we’re all keen to get more in the collection). A quick look through the Marvel Encyclopedia (DK edition) shows that Marvel’s characters are predominantly male with only around 25% female. Looking in our collection we’ve got 31 females out of 140 which is about 22% so we’re not that behind Marvel. Obviously this is just an example and we don’t actually sit around all day using stats to choose characters but hopefully you can see the point I’m making.

All in all it’s a tough balancing act and I hope you can see we think hard about it and, more importantly, I hope you agree with me that we get it more right than wrong.

So the big question: who’ll make the next extension if/when we get one? Well you’ll all just have to wait and see. Last time we let you guys choose a lot of the characters and I’m happy to let you choose a few more but definitely not all of them.

Will there be more X-villains? Yes.

Will there be some new groups started? Yes.

Will I reveal anymore right now? No

And finally a figurine update: Machine Man.


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Jacadoo said...

Honestly Rich cant believe you even commented on PA's mistake - enough of that excellent update to the blog.

When will the main site be getting an overhaul?

Editor said...

Forgot to add to the blog update but the main site should get an update early next.

Editor said...

I'm not having a go at any one person and doing my best to not sound like my father.

I love reading the debate and comments in this section and think it would be poorer if everyone agreed on everything.

Just a friendly reminder to keep it civil.


Holy Wolf said...

Well first off Machine Man looks great!

I haven't read the most recent blog comments, but I certainly appreciate the new info on how characters are selected, and it sounds to me like you guys at EM have it spot on.

Glad to hear that new groups will be started, makes me hopeful of a Songbird figurine to start of the Thunderbolts and add another female to the collection.

Also I'm glad to see EM are choosing the figs again next time. good work guys!

Killer Frost said...

Hey Rich great update thanks :)

Im really happy to hear that you and Em are going to be choosing most of the figures next time.

Great to hear about new groups been added id love to see CANNONBALL added to represent the New Mutants and EXODUS to represent the Acolytes.
Id love to see DESTINY included also to represent The Brotherhood.

Machine Man looks very cool ;)

Thanks Rich :)

Gremlin said...

Machine Man looks excellent. Another A+ figure. I love that you have his hand extended, it must be hard to figure out how to show what the character can do with such a small sculpt. Well done.

As you can see the people on here and the forum are very passionate about this collection so I really hope that it gets extended.

Thanks Rich for answering our begs for more X-villians. Heres hoping for some of them to be put in the special slots. And if there is another extension may I suggest the delightable SPIRAL.

Anonymous said...

Liking Machineman! And I'm still holding out hope for Onslaught!!!! Fingers crossed....

mighty_marvel said...

a few morlocks would be nice if some new groups are going to be started

Webs said...

Machine Man looks really nice!

So cool to hear about New Groups and more Female characters been added if there is another extension. I would really like to see:


Would be great to see those 3 group leaders added.

Female characters I would like to see are:


Great to hear about more X-VILLAINS been added if another extension is granted. Would be great to get a couple as SPECIALS also.

Big Mattio said...

Many thanks for the pic of Machine Man, so glad you went with the Kirby style, the new one looks a little generic!

Love the insight into the thought process behind character selection and look forward to a few surprises when the next extension comes. You guys are doing a great job of keeping a balance between various sections of the MU so far, but i'd love to see more Horror characters included.

Mr J said...

Cool update cheers Rich, Fantastic news about the X-Villains come another extension. New factions been included is also great would love to see the leaders first from the following.....

Cannonball from New Mutants
Nico from Runaways
Callisto from The Morlocks
Exodus from The Acolytes

Cheers Rich :)

pirate adam said...

oh look im still here! unlucky CBR BEAST, anyway i hope thats finished with.

Firstly: great update to the blogger and i have to admit i dont know much about Machine Man but he looks good.

Secondly: Jacadoo, what an A+++++ guy, at least he took what i said the way i meant it. TOPMAN!!

Pirate Adam ;)

jimbob said...

Very nice sculpt of Machine Man!

Not my most wanted fig tho.

Thanks for all the info Rich!:)

Zombula said...

Awesome sculpt of Machine Man & welcome addition also.
Ecstatic on news of possibility of Guardian of the Galaxy & Thunderbolt figs.
Dracula & Brother Voodoo would make awesome additions to the CMFC & Horror-wise also.
Collection keeps going from strength to strength .
Many thanks also to the guys in the office for compiling such interesting & informative magazines that accompany each figurine.

jarvis69 said...

Another nice fig ! and some good news too , thx Richard !

Captain Taggart said...

Machine Man looks great, as Gremlin said it must be really challenging to create variety with such a scuplt - nice one.

It's a shame people don't have a greater sense of humour with these posts, the mocking jokes made by bloggers are only intended to promote debate in a funny and entertaining way. Alas!

It's great to know how much thought and effort go into the choices. I can see that more double packs will no doubt be needed to try to please everyone, which is no bad thing, bring 'em on.

As for more women, got to have:

Hawkeye said...

Thanks for the update Rich - couple of suggestions if I may?

I'd love to see a figure of Jack Russell aka Werewolf By Night, which would tie in with the Horror theme mentioned by others. Loved the comic when I was younger... Secondly (and I know it's controversial) please can we have J Jonah Jameson. OK so he has no powers but he is an important player in the Marvel-verse and as such I for one would not rule out "civilians". Maybe this is one of the new groups you refer to?Light the blue touch paper and stand well back.....

Anonymous said...

Machine Man looks great Rich.

Not my favorite character, far from it... but, he turned out pretty damn good looking. Always nice to see the obscure characters show up. Of course, good luck with writing the magazine without running into trouble, what with the whole 2001 stuff. ;)

Cardcaptor said...

Machine Man aint a character i know lots about but he looks interesting! The sculpts keep getting better and better.

I really hope that you guys at EM pick atleast 17 out of the next 20 figurine choices if there's an extension again. Maybe have a vote on the last 3 spots. There could be like 20 characters from various groups all going head to head in one poll and the top 3 get made?
No more than 3 choices though after some of the character choices we got last time from the forum polls.

lipstick said...

Sorry for my english, but why you look only the number of comics? Firestar has appear in some comics but she is famous from the tv show ''Spiderman and his amazing friends''...!

Also, I believe we must have Aunt May and Jameson. This is not a Classic Superheroes Collection. It's a Classic Marvel Figurine Collection.

pirate adam said...

im sorry to people who want civilians and understand that they play a massive part in the marvel universe but if EM start adding them this collection could easy run for 10 years and where would it end, i do however agree with a STAN "THE MAN" LEE special edition, wasnt he once quoted as being THE ONE ABOVE ALL? i may be wrong but im sure i read that somewhere.

Pirate Adam ;)

spidey_1979 said...

i really hope there is a few more extensions yet. definitely need a few morlocks - CALLISTO, CALIBAN and LEECH at least. alpha flight needs finishing - NORTHSTAR/AURORA double, SHAMAN, SASQUATCH, PUCK. some big omissions from spiderman - HYDROMAN, ALISTAIR SMYTHE, HAMMERHEAD/TOMBSTONE double, MADAME WEB and really do think for spiderman you need JJJ, AUNT MAY and MARY JANE. i'm not saying here to do all civilians but these 3 do play a massive part in the spiderman stories and need considering. ODIN and ARES would make great looking sculpts. have a huge list of x-men and x-villains - FORGE, SAGE, WOLFSBANE, MARVEL GIRL, CANNONBALL, MAGIK, DOMINO, MARROW, VULCAN (have to have all 3 summers brothers), ONSLAUGHT, DARK BEAST, BLOB, TOAD, SAURON, OMEGA RED, SPIRAL, SELENE. start off starjammers with CORSAIR. will need the collection to go to over 200 i think

Robert said...

Love the collection and can only commend Rich and the team on their choices: pleasing everyone is impossible and they have obviously been very fair and careful.

I think this series could run and run and I for one would keep buying figures for years to come. I was a very happy bunny when Adam Warlock and Jack of Hearts were included and now dare to dream of the Recorder appearing one day in the distant future...

On another tact, I would definitely buy civilian characters like JJJ, so I hope an open mind is kept in that direction. Oh, and a Stan the Man figure is a must!


Baroni_08 said...

GREAT looking fig of MACHINE MAN, i to dont know much of his chracter but will look forward to finding out more in his issue.I totally agree also with you Pirate Adam on the civilian 's and STAN LEE and he is regard as 'THE ONE ABOVE ALL" . I also agree with you SPIDEY_1979 some great character's u have listed m8 i hope to see all of them an extension would defo have to do 200+ . Id like to see more of the HERALDS especially THE FALLEN ONE . And is it to early to say RED HULK or RULK as a issue to be done ,cos there is alot of secrecy about his character dont know if his story could do a issue , great job RICH and guys at EM .......

spidey_1979 said...

speaking of heralds RED SHIFT and STARDUST would make interesting looking figures although i realise they haven't been around very long compared to other characters. and staying with the galactus theme TYRANT could look amazing. going to x-men again wouldn't mind seeing the FOUR HORSEMEN at some point. and want to throw SHADOW KING in there as well

Thor8 said...

It was a long wait,but you sure made up for it on this update Rich.
I really enjoyed all the info you gave us this time around and although I was very grateful you let the Fans pick most of the choices on the last extension,I'm very,very glad to hear that you will be doing a good part of the choosing next time around.

For new groups there is...
Squadrom Supreme
Super Soviets
Thunderbolts(both old + new)
Masters Of Evil
Imperial Guard

For females there is...
Moon Dragon

If your planning on adding horror (which I personally don't care much for) there's...
Frankenstein's Monster
Werewolf (Russell)
The Mummy
The Zombie
whom all had their series in the seveties

Editor said...

Forgot to add to the blog update but the main site should get an update early next...

Sorry missed off the important part of that comment, early next week.

jimbob said...

Many think that the Thunderbolts characters would cover Masters of Evil.I worried, because that true Masters of Evil characters could be ignored.

My choice for the both would be:-

Radioactive man

Tiger Shark

And of course The WRECKING CREW!They go into both teams but i like to think of them as there own!

We have mostly small teams left know in the collection.So hopefully it will be easy to get good a full set of teams from know on.:)

ted sallis said...

machine man looks excellent .at the risk of being sychophantic i'd say the quality of the upcoming figs are getting better and better shang chi and beta ray bill especially. my vote for an upcoming special would be for one of Thors greatest sparring partners Ulik . Why does nobody else love this ugly troll?

Cookie said...

Gr8 sculpt of Machine Man excellent quality.

Some gr8 news on this update its sounding promising that there may be another extension :) Really good to hear about a couple of new groups been added if so. Really wanna see....

New Mutants get a Figure and Cannonball would be my number one choice.

Also gr8 to hear about the X-Bad Guys too.

Id love to see these 5 characters if theres an extension....


mighty_marvel said...

we already have quite a few members of Thunderbolts and Masters of Evil made or confirmed.

THUNDERBOLTS already made or confirmed include

Baron Zemo, Hawkeye, Bullseye, Green Goblin, Ant-Man and Nighthawk.

MASTERS OF EVIL already made or confirmed include

Baron Zemo, Enchantress, Ultron, Scorpion, Shocker, Absorbing Man, Titania, Doctor Octopus.

If the following were made I think you'd have a good contingent from both teams covered as many are in both teams.

Moonstone (MOE and TB)
Songbird (MOE and TB)
Mach IV (MOE and TB)
Blizzard (TB)
Radioactive Man (MOE and TB)
Atlas (MOE and TB)
Executioner (MOE) (would be nice as a double with the already confirmed Enchantress. could empty a space on regular running order)
Hydro-Man (MOE)
Man-Ape (MOE)

on a side note i'm not too interested in the horror figures personally, would prefer some spiderman civvies.

Richie Rich said...

I have no interest in the Horror Figures at all but hey thats just me, lol.

I think the follwoing figs sud make the next extension:


Im also well happy like a few others that your making the majority of the character choices next time I dont really wanna see a repeat of the last extensions character choices based of those polls conducted on that one forum to be honest. If there are gonna be character polls id say about 2-3 polls would be ok but please no more after last times terrible results.

Blob and Omega Red for Specials also!

Keep up the good work Richard.

Anonymous said...

Terrible results? Bwah?

Just because characters you wanted didn't win, the results were hardly terrible. The polls had a great turn out, and were run incredibly fair. Just because the results weren't what you wanted, doesn't mean they were terrible.

Sure, not everyone I wanted won either. But I'm hardly going to whine and stomp my feet cause someone I didn't care for won. This collection is for everyone, catering to one specific collector would be foolish in Eaglemoss' case.

Honestly, the top runners up in the polls are a great start for the next extention. Of course, Eaglemoss should mix it up a bit. Especially since the polls on the forums lacked a 'Spider-Man Villain' and 'Marvel Knights' choice, because those polls were ran on this site instead.

pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...


why are u still havin a go at me on the previous blog, dude get over it, Wadders and Jacadoo obviously knew the context in which i meant it and im not goin to apologise again, so stop whining and stamping your feet please. LOL

Pirate Adam ;)

Anonymous said...

First off machine man looks really nice. :) not too extreme but still action-ish.

I'm really pleased to hear a number of things in your post this time round. The inclusion of new teams is good, taking a real mix of the Marvel U and all those sort of things.

I thought of a character who ticks all the boxes for your list of reasons for inclution. His name is PETE WISDOM!

Number of comics the character’s been in: Enough
Importance to the rest of Marvel Universe.: British comunity, X-force, Xcalibur, MI:13. Very important to those groups.
How good the figure will look: Friggin' fantastic with hot knives at the ready.
The comic fans' perceived importance of the character: Well i think he's important, i'm a comic fan, so; check.
The Marvel ‘family’ they fit into: British comunity, Xcalibur, X-force, MI:13. Definatly a good list of under-represented teams.

So yeah i think i pretty much proved he needs to appear just there :P

Thanks for the sneaks and update onece again :D

Anonymous said...

I'm not big on Pete Wisdom, but I certainly wouldn't pass on him. There's a good chance he'd at least make for an interesting sculpt... as long as they had him manifesting his hot knives.

Jacadoo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jacadoo said...

Question: does anybody remeber a short run of Marvel comics during the 80's about three giant robots (controlled by humans I think) fighting off alien invaders?

Good story perhaps even candidates for a group of mega speicals as I remember they looked fantastic.

Anyway my request still stands:
Sasquatch Speicial
Odin Normal (PA/Thor8 stop flexing)
Stingray and Tiger Shark double

No civilians or horror packs please - it is bad enough having to accept another WASP - sorry Thor8 - she ain't no Tigra!!!

Saturn Lad said...

Not fan of Horror or Civilians really Id not want them taking up any character spaces.

For another extension my top three character would be,

* Forge
* Cannonball
* Stingray

Regular Specials top choices,

* Sauron
* Blob

Double Pack,

* Pyro & Avalanche.

Baroni_08 said...

ODIN is more worthy a special edition than SASQUATCH sorry Jacadoo , ur one of the few people i wouldn't disagree with normally put have to on that one. lol. MORG the EXECUTIONER & THE FALLEN ONE for a issue , And THE WRECKING CREW & FOUR HORSEMEN maybe as double pack's ?? . FIRESTAR ,MADAME WEB or HELA for the femlale special . Just for PIRATE ADAM more ASGUARDIANS , BALDUR & THE WARRIORS THREE !!! .

pirate adam said...

JACADOO!! whats happened i thought we were buddies now, an you go and stab me in the back LOL i thought we agreed on a normal special for ODIN, tell u what how about an ODIN - SASQUACH double pack.

only joking, before i get ripped to bits......

Pirate Adam ;)

Jacadoo said...

Baroni I semi agree with Odin over Saquatch in order of merit , but for me its a matter of scale - Odin is only slighly taller than Thor so for me not special size.

No point in making one offs as larger than drawn (yes I'm a full size Wasp hater) as I do not think it in keeping with the collection.

But only my humble opinion - just as Pirate Adam holds out for special size Odin and and Odin8, I think agrees should be normal.

Sasquatch is my own indulgence!!

feel free to disagree - I'm not as fragile as some on this blog and it makes for good reading and debate.

Please note no swear words were used in the compilation of this entry LOL!!

Jacadoo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jacadoo said...

Sorry Pirate Adam cant agree with Odin being special size....

Nearly as bad as Thor 8 and his fetish with Full Size Wasp - hang on - is fettish a bad word?

So who are we upsetting this time?

pirate adam said...

I dont think fetish is a naughty word, but it might upset someone u never know,LOL anyway if Colosus was big enough for a special then surely ODIN must meet the size criteria, Colosus figurine is hardly bigger than the THOR one and ODIN is bigger than his son. maybe Rich could state in the next update the process of picking Specials and weather size actualy matters.

ted sallis said...

dear mr Eagley moss
It might be a good idea to provide counceling for the drunken crack abuser who attempted to paint the nighthawk fig that just arrived .it's made my top three laughably bad paint jobs so far.
i would like to see a Bloodstone fig simply because he has a big gun and is fairly obscure.
kind regards
ted sallis

A_Jay said...

my personal preferences for any possible extension would be (in no particular order)

ares, odin, mockingbird, forge, cannonball, sage, dark beast, spiral, selene, wolfsbane, hydro-man, callisto, caliban, corsair, songbird, moonstone, radioactive man, vance astro and either thena or sersi.

would put enchantress into a double pack with executioner and pyro with avalanche then give the empty spaces to destiny and exodus.

also hoping for hammerhead/tombstone, northstar/aurora and deathbird/vulcan doubles.

sasquatch, madame web and omega red specials.

would like the 3 main spiderman civilians - jjj, aunt may and mary jane but no others. not interested in any horror figures though

A_Jay said...

agree with jacadoo about full size wasp. i'm quite happy with just having her sitting on yellowjacket's shoulder. would prefer to have a character we haven't already got

Thor8 said...

Why isn't a full size Wasp in keeping with the collection? Because size wise she uncompatible with the others? Heck then everyone who purchased the Galactus special would have to dump it since size wise The Galactus figurine would have to be at least four times the size it was done in order to keep with the size he is drawn in the comics.

I do Believe Big Daddy Odin should be a regular special (he could also be a mega since as a god he has the power to change his size at will)

Back to The Wasp, We have a full size Yellowjacket,and we're getting a full size Ant-Man so what's wrong with a full size Wasp?
I don't complain about your love for a Josie and the Pussy Cats reject,do I?

One last thing Jackadoo. Who the heck is Odin8 you mentioned in one of your emails? Ha Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, not sure what all the sudden complaining about Wasp is about. She's a unique independant character, who was glossed over in the Yellowjacket magazine. She was frankly done a disservice. So it's great to see that she's getting what she deserved from the start, her own figurine and spotlight. About time too.

As for Odin, I could give or take him. I definatly think they should hold off on him until the Thor movie. Releasing Abomination around the time of the Incredible Hulk movie was brilliant. So would releasing Odin around the time of Thor. As for size, he only needs to be a Special. The Mega Specials in my opinion should be reserved for those characters who can't really be done in scale.

Definatly in support of Sasquatch as one of the next specials. Would love to see him in a 2-Pack with Puck. Since Puck would be a smaller sculpt, it would be a great way of balancing out the cost of Sassy and Puck at the Mega Special price point.

Anonymous said...

Also, speaking of the two pack ideas...

Since it's possible that Pyro may be pulled out and put with Avalanche in a Double Pack... there's at least one other figurines that would make sense to double pack.

Enchantress would be great packed with Skurge, The Executioner. Especially since Skruge being able to support his own magazine is probably unlikely. He's like Avalanche, appeared a lot but with no major history outside of that.

Tanner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tanner said...

As far as Double Packs go Pyro & Avalanche wud be the one i wud like to see the most. Northstar & Aurora after wud be wonderful too.

I really like the idea of a Classic Character paired with a more modern one obviously the two characters wud have to share a history. Id like to see Deathbird & Vulcan as a Double and What about a Magik & Pixie Double Pack.

The next Regular Special id like is Omega Red i think he wud look visually stunning! Blob wud of course be a want as ive wanted him since day one.

As for another Extension i really hope there is one as id love to see Forge, Destiny, Wolfsbane and Cannonball included aswell as people like Marvel Girl, Toad, Exodus and Spiral.

Thor8 said...

I did mention pulling Enchantress off the regular list before and pairing her off with the Executioner thus giving way to some other figurine on the Enchantress' spot. The same could de done with Hellcat and Son Of SatanThese two couples are naturals for double packs!

Anonymous said...

Yep. Pyro & Avalanche and Northstar & Aurora would be great. Those are the two I want the most when you're talking about 2-Packs. Wouldn't mind a Classic Beast and Dark Beast pack either, since so many people still are vocal about getting the Cat Beast version.

As for Hellcat and Son Of Satan, I'd keep them seperate myself. Both have fairly detailed histories. They can support their own magazines. Skurge is gonna be tough, given his lack of history just like with Avalanche.

I also support inclusion of Marvel Girl, Forge, Spiral, Exodus, and Destiny in the next extention. Along with Longshot, Phyla-Vell, Moondragon, Rocket Raccoon, and probably a crapload more. Heh. I'm all for the line never ending at this point.

Baroni_08 said...

ODIN as a regular size special or a MEGA special will do as he definitely deserves a issue and his story is amazing and figurine could be one of the best. Why wait for the THOR movie which is to be released in 2011 for a ODIN issue , who knows if the collection will still be running then . I think ODIN would of graced us before then . Am not sure on how characters are chosen for special's if its on size or what ? But if TYRANT and ANNHILUSS are done they would be specials TRAYNT a MEGA special as he is same size as GALACTUS, and ANNHILUSS would have to changed from a upcoming regular issue to a SPECIAL . Why also are we gettin ANT MAN when we have already had HANK PYM as YELLOW JACKET ?? That space could be used for another character.

Anonymous said...


Why wouldn't the collection still be running in 2011? With what has been confirmed it's already going to be another 2 years before we get near 140. With a likely extention going beyond that.

Annihilus is being done in the regular line-up. He's already been announced. And don't expect nobodys like Tyrant and such to get made. There's very littler history to focus on, and they don't have name recognition like Galactus, Sentinel, Watcher, Fin Fang Foom, etc.

Re: Ant-Man. Uhhh, the space is being used for another character. It's Scott Lang, not Hank Pym. Totally different character and one who is fairly well liked. That's like saying why make Beta Ray Bill cause they already made Thor.

Anonymous said...

For your information:

Re: Tyrant. He doesn't really have enough history to really fillout a magazine. There's cosmic characters with a lot more history that have a better chance.

jimbob said...

I am not interested in the horror collection,civillians or the x-babies and other,if they sell bad can you please stop thinking about doing them,and consentrate on superheroes and villains!

And ha ha we are getting a regular size Wasp!
Whats the point on going on about it!

Giant-Man next!!!!!! ;)

And can you please,dont think because we have a thunderbolts member it counts as Masters of Evil as well!

Masters of Evil have their own enique members!!!!!!!!!!!

pirate adam said...

i agree a full size Wasp is required,

Odin + Bor double, i know Bor has no history but he would look awsome.

ETERNITY + INFINITY special double, lets face it they are the Marvel Universe.

Pirate Adam ;)

jimbob said...

Northstar & Auora
Pyro & Avalanche

should be the next two double packs!dont care what oder just get them out at somepoint!

we are dying to get them!;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Richard. Thanks again for the updates. As you now I'm a customiser and my latest piece is the Phoenix Force... Would you ever consider doing sculpts like this for the CMCF?

As in Aliens etc...

Jacadoo said...

Thor 8 sorry for the Odin mistake - who the heck is Josie?

Got to respect the passion in your mail though - Still a FS Wasp hater as I think it takes up a valuble spot.

Odin special I'm still not sold on the idea, truthfully speaking only a support character to Thor - now don't start spewing mythology or the horror crowd will start up again, with the same theme of justification. History over merit...

Mind you a Special of the Destroyer - who we all know grows with the amount of souls he absorbs, would be a very nice addition for the Asgard shelf - you think?

What about Stan Lee as a special in conjunction with issue 100?

Baroni_08 said...

CBR ... read what i posted properly i said ANNIHILUS would have to be changed from his upcoming REGULAR issue to a SPECIAL if specials are chosen on size. As for ANT MAN i only knew him to be HANK PYM ,as i dont really follow that character but will look forward to the ANT MAN issue now to find out more on the second ant man. Are you sure its not the third version , lol. Im totally with you Jacadoo on the STAN LEE figurine its a must , the collection wouldn't be complete without him . Is ONSLAUGHT still down for a special?? Oh and TYRANT has more history than some of the characters announced CBR ,and would look great as a figurine ......

A_Jay said...

i think the spiderman civilians should be included. as lipstick said earlier this collection isn't just described as a superhero collection, it's classic marvel. looking on wikipedia there's far more information about JJJ, aunt may and mary jane than there is about alot of the superpowered people we've had, had confirmed or people want. so it's clear they're classic marvel characters. also, if you remember the marvel family tree that came with issue 1 EM included aunt may and JJJ on that and only 4 characters from the family tree remain to be made or confirmed so EM must think of them as important characters. JJJ, aunt may and mary jane play just as big a part in the spiderman stories as the villains do and deserve to be included.

Wadders said...

If they were to include civilians at some point I would love to see a Rick Jones fig.

Webs said...

If the collction goes past 200 then id be cool with there been a civilian every now and then.

I have to echo the sentiments of a few others on here tho about the Horror characters! I really do not want to see them start taking any space in the collection just because one designer likes them. I really dont want Horror Characters and thats just my opinion.

Specials wise I 100% agree with Jimbob the next two double packs should be (not fussy about the order either):


Rich make it happen mate :)

Anthony Stark said...

The only thing that worries me is that if you include the Spidey Civilians then that kinda opens the floodgates for other secondary characters who could take priority over some pretty interesting superheroes & villains. As for the horror characters, I wouldn`t be too keen on them either, I`m all for variety but I think we`ve got a good thing going here so it might be wiser not to stray too far when diversifying.

Anonymous said...

"TYRANT has more history than some of the characters announced CBR ,and would look great as a figurine ......"

No, he doesn't. All of the characters they have announced or done have way more appearances and background. Read his profiles and issue appearances on various websites. He's not fleshed out and only appeared in a small number of issues in the mid-90's before being destroyed and never mentioned again.

A_Jay said...

@ anthony stark

take your point that secondary characters shouldn't take priority over the interesting heroes and villains but the 3 main spiderman civilians (JJJ, aunt may and mary jane) can't be classed as secondary characters. over the years they've been integral to many spiderman stories and it's only really in spiderman that the civilians are used to this extent. also, with hobgoblin and chameleon coming before #140 there's not many big spidey villains left. the main remining ones (imo hammerhead, tombstone, alistair smythe and jackal) all debuted in the 70s and 80s compared to the early 60s debuts of MJ, JJJ and aunt may so they have far more history. spiderman was listed as one of the five main marvel families by EM and if a balance of figures is to be kept through all five families then the spiderman civilians have to be considered.

@ CBR Beast

but you can't deny he WOULD make a good looking figurine ;)

clinten10 said...

hello to all the people of this blog.
not wanting to brag :)i seen the new x men movie and its awesome, few things i didnt agree wit but loved everthing else
rich was wondering about the collection and not wanting to make any trouble but who sculpts each figure and why are they not mentioned in the books they accompny .
and the last thing i wanna say is to all the ppl in this blog who so negativly say they dont want this or that'i consider myself a collector and ill buy any charector even those i dont'i dont want this collection to end so please people lets not complain about about wat we dont want and rather wat we still need

Baroni_08 said...

CBR BEAST , i dont need websites to find out the history of TYRANT , i know it and his story is quite good actually, and maybe someone who doesnt know the character might like to know more .And his figurine would look great with GALACTUS & THANOS. I to am not keen on civilian 's yes there are some very important to the MARVEL UNIVERSE but jf we start to have civilian 's we might miss out on some great characters that are left .....

jimbob said...

Over who would anyone want a civillian instead of?


i would hate if a civillian would take one of these guys place in the collection.I cant belive that x-23 has got into the collection before these guys!

The demand for superheoes and villains must reach about 300 mark!i would not like civillians after 200 either!

Jacadoo said...

Jimbob simple answer is no civilian would take preferance - unreal now all we need is Howard the Duck to raise his head again...

Just I'm clear we have had Odin mega or just special.. Duck or no Duck.... Civilians.... Horror selection.....

Ok Thor 8 and Pirate Adam you both win count me in voting for Odin - any size you want - it seems the loonies are taking over the asylum!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There's plenty of great Spider-Man villains left.

Grizzly and The Gibbon would make a great 2-Pack. Especially with Gibbon's increased relevance in the Marvel Universe with Marvel Apes.

Would love seeing the major players from the Soviet Super Soldiers as well. Darkstar, Ursa Major, and Perun. Maybe Red Guardian as a nice counterpoint for Captain America and Captain Britain.

ted sallis said...

i would actually love to see some figs based on the horror titles , they were some of the very first comics i bought as a kid. werewolve by night , brother voodoo, morbius,the living mummy, satanna? i have absolutely no idea who the heck blink is and after reading the mag i care even less, but as a collector of this series i understand she may well be of interest to other subscibers, so all you spandex fetishists let us horror fans have a fig or two

jimbob said...

ted sallis are you talking about the Midnight Sons?The team is shapeing up good at the moment.Werewolf by night would be a good finish to the team.

Killer Frost said...

Really not into the Horror Characters ill take a pass on them thanks. If i wanted horror characters id collect a horror based collection.

Im just hoping to see NEW MUTANTS get a character for the next extension.

Anonymous said...

Of all the horror characters, Dracula and Werewolf-By-Night would be the two that should get a spot in the collection. Since they have had the most interaction outside of their respective horror books. Dracula having a lot of interaction with the X-Men. And Werewolf-By-Night getting around a lot as well.

Gremlin said...

I say bring on the horror characters. I wouldn't want too many of them but maybe slipping Simon Garthe Zombie in wouldn't be too bad. We have Man-Thing in the collection and he loks awesome so why not others. Werewolf-by-night wouldn't be too bad either, but I would want Wolfsbane before him though.
On the civvie side I think JJJ could be made and thats it. JJJ has a distinct look and has been a key player in SpiderMan's world.

On the subject of two packs I would like to see Toad put with Blob, and Puck go with Sasquatch because both of the smaller characters would be difficult to justify in the main collection but if you tag them onto a bulkier fig as a special then it all works out.

Brandon G. DeStefano said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brandon G. DeStefano said...

Rich, I love what you guys are doing not only with the Marvel and DC collections, but also here with the blog. My only question is if there is a DC Blog, like your own, that fans can check into? I searched for one, but the one that comes up has no postings... Just curious. Keep up the phenomenal work! You all are artisans of the highest caliber!

Big Mattio said...

The Horror characters are an integral part of the Marvel U and it would be a shame to see soem of these great characters ommited, characters like Simon Garth:Zombie and Werewolf by night not only have long and interesting histories but are still running around in current continuity (check out the excellent Marvel Zombies 4) they would also make great figs!

I'd also like to see some of the absent Marvel UK characters get made, a Dragons Claw's team pack may be a stretch i admit, but Deaths Head always proves pretty popular, EM could be the first to ever produce a 3D rendition of this fantastic character

jimbob said...

Yes M:13 characters please!

I would have Exalibur but they have too many members from other teams that i dont want to take them out of!

I think when the Black Night comes out i think will put him with Captain Britain and Psylocke.

ted sallis said...

i had no idea who the midnight sons were . after a quick search on the interweb i see they feature some of marvels more supernatural charachters the more diversity in this collection the better . i am glad most of the next extension is being chosen by those fine folks at eaglemoss otherwise it would be another 20 xmen/ alpha flight figs.
i am in no way disrespecting fans of those teams but as they are the most vocal fans on
the forums there is a fear they could end up monopolising the collection. there was a lot more to marvel than spandex when i was a kiddie. shang chi werewolve by night,man wolf, frankenstein, dracula ,simon garth , killraven ( ok he may have been in the spandex camp)
My favourite fig in the collection is the Man Thing special and not a garish costume in sight.
of course the vast majority of the figs should be of the traditional superhero variety , but surely a couple of figs from marvels horror hey days isn't too much to ask.
Werewolve by night and simon garth would be great . i mean who doesn't like zombies?

Cookie said...

Part of the problem for me and many others is that there has not been enough x-men characters for the last 2 extensions. Theres actually only been 7 x-men characters confirmed out of the last 101-140 line up.

Multiple Man

Thats not very many for such a popular group (and x-23 and x-man aint exactly on the top of most peoples lists like Cannonball and Forge are) and by the amount of requests the x-catagory gets i think the next extension should have atleast 5 x-men characters. 3 Good Guys and 2 Villains.

The group that always gets the most character spaces is The Avengers they get loads of spaces so hopefully they only get about 3-4 spaces next time, thats what the X-Fans have had to put up with for the past 2 extensions. Seems fair that Marvels other big group the X Catagory gets its fair share next time.

Jacadoo said...

Does anybody remember the Shogun Warriors?

I think would look great as a group of three mega specials any thoughts?

mighty_marvel said...

we have mi:13 characters. there will be 3 before #140 - captain britain, black knight and blade. for a team thats appeared in about 20 issues thats not bad. there's only really spitfire and pete wisdom with any sort of decent history left for this team. alpha flight is way more underrepresented. been in way over 200 issues and we only have 2 of them confirmed before #140.

midnight sons is suitably represented. will have 6 characters before #140 - son of satan, man-thing, blade, ghost rider, morbius and doctor strange. but i suppose werewolf by night has the potential to look pretty good and he has a fair amount of history elsewhere as well so i'd be ok with him coming in.

but i'm just not getting all the requests for relatively minor characters. according to comicvine simon garth has appeared in only 28 issues, living mummy in 35, satana in 39, the destroyer in 45, the gibbon in 28, grizzly in 51, perun in 20, red guardian in 37, ursa major in 36.

surely appearances = importance and those numbers just dont seem enough when we're still missing people like forge (332), wolfsbane (428), caliban (163), songbird (197), ares (155), odin (352) . but one of the biggest omissions of all is J Jonah Jameson who has been in 1146 issues according to comicvine. he must be one of the highest appearance characters we haven't had yet.

mighty_marvel said...

don't think 18 issues in 1979/80 is enough to warrant three mega specials of shogun warriors

spidey_1979 said...

what about poor spider-man. only 4 for him between 101 - 140


Baroni_08 said...

Think AVENGERS get more just cos its very popular and has the vast amount of character's in it . I would like to see a few more X-MEN & X-VILLIANS , more SPIDEY villians and some more ASGUARDIANS , dont know much on the HORROR characters but wouldn't mind a couple. My main character's i would like to see are the HERALDS ,all have great storys and would be great figurine's and we have only one so far. FALLEN ONE or MORG would be cool especially the FALLEN ONE as he was the first HERALD.....

Jacadoo said...

Mighty Marvel thanks for the update - I knew the stats already.

My question was more to gauge interest and perhaps encorage some more meaningful responses.

I bet your a WOW at parties LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Shogun Warriors won't happen no matter what. They were licensed characters. Just like Rom and the Micronauts.

Death's Head is probably a huge problem to include, simply due to the majority of his appearance being in licensed properties that arn't going to be able to be mentioned.

It should be noted that the Comicvine counts arn't always accurate also. So I wouldn't put faith in the numbers.

mighty_marvel said...

was just making the point jacadoo that they are very minor characters to give one mega special to, let alone three.

sometimes stats and figures just help to get your point across. but amazingly enough i have learned that parties tend not to be the best place for them :)

mighty_marvel said...

i can't see them being that far off with the low counts though CBR Beast

Jacadoo said...

Cheers MMarvel - real shame character like Micronaughts and Rom won't be making the collection.

Such a shame although if somebody was up for a commission.....

Hawkeye said...

Interesting suggestions - what about mercenaries and henchmen like Crossbones, Hammerhead and Tombstone - good supporting characters but you'd probably struggle to fill a full magazine.

100% behind a Stan Lee Special - the man's a living legend!! EXCELSIOR!

pirate adam said...

ok then if were goin of appearance numbers, and yes CBR i know comicvine may not be 100% accurate then ODIN(352) deserves a place befor BLOB(266). OMEGA RED(66), SAURON(67) and SASQUATCH(299) (sorry Jacadoo) good thing it isn't classed on appearance numbers then or Fatty(sorry The Blob) may not make it, wont that be a shame. LOL

Pirate Adam ;)

spidey_1979 said...

after pyro/avalanche, northstar/aurora, enchantress/executioner,
vulcan/deathbird (think it's the only way we'll get the third summers brother)

think hammerhead/tombstone would make an ideal double pack.

and what would people think of quad packs in place of mega specials eventually. wrecking crew and four horsemen spring to mind.

jimbob said...

Cookie - Good point mate!It would have been cleary that Forge and Cannonball would have been prefered to X-23 and X-Man.And now we are unlikely to have them soon due to too many x-men in the collection.

Rich and EM just go with the popular characters please!Hopefully you know in the next collection on what we want now.

I still want more spidey villains.


With the Avengers its just almost everyone's been a member of.So with the next extension it is likely that some character has been an Avenger member.I have 3 x-men in my Avenger team already.

jimbob said...

Avengers and X-Men are here to make up other teams as well!

Same thing could be said to the Thunderbolts!

Richie Rich said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Richie Rich said...

@ Cookie, Spot On mate! I think five x characters is the perfect number for the next extension if there is one and i really dont think most x fans would be unhappy with...


Maybe DOMINO instead of WOLFSBANE but i think most of us would be thrilled with those five.

And of course an AVALANCHE & PYRO DOUBLE PACK ;)

Jacadoo said...

Spidy 1979 - love the idea of quad packs - but probably a non-starter if we consider the time needed to develop and produce each figurine.

Pirate Adam I can feel the point of the blade between my shoulders LOL...

For double pack choice I would like to add my vote:

1. Stingray and Tigershark.
2. Avalanche & Pyro.

jimbob said...

For the next extension could it be


the two would be the new favorite doublepacks?

Banshee said...

Am I the only one who wants to see MODOK as a figurine? Also can I put a vote in for Shanna, just to add to the number of females and to complete the Ka-Zar and Zabu family. Plus on the subject of the ladies I think Domino would look awesome.Definitely Northstar and Aurora double-pack after Cloak and Dagger of course :)

jimbob said...

I would love to have MODOK figure,but he is brushed to the side at the moment,there are more wanted villains out there.

jarvis69 said...

...108 comments...:) it's no more a blog , it's a forum ! lol

pirate adam said...

Jacadoo, buddy, im sorry,LOL and if its any consolation i would have Sasquatch before any of the X-umm MEN or X-Villains any day.

Pirate Adam ;)

jimbob said...

We are all seem to be having a good time on this blog!110 already thats quick.The collection has also attracted new members which is good for a longer lasting collection. :)

asura said...

I just wanted to explain the point of releasing Ares "for" me.
As many of us, I collect only characters I like or at least that can be great to display. My criteria are based on (in order of importance):
1) the choice of the character
2) the choice of the outfit
3) the quality of the sculpt
4) the pose (more valuable if dynamic for me)
5) the fact that the character belongs to a group

So for example I don't really like Mrs.Marvel and Black Widow. As single figures, the figurines don't interest me. However, if Ares is released in a future extension (or bi-pack) I would buy Mrs.Marvel and Black Widow in order to complete the Mighty Avengers. So the latters gained value for my eyes through a 3rd figurine (Ares)! And as an other example, I bought some X-men figures just in order to complete the X-men team.
I think most of the people collect to display their figures as teams and themes (X-men, Avengers, Cosmic, etc...)
And moreover, Ares would be a good opportunity to provide to the fans a RECENT character (i.e from the current comicbook storyline). For me it is just unbelievable that he hasn't be planned yet according to his importance in the current Marvel Universe.

And besides, as a special I really would like to see Omega Red.
And I am glad that FINALLY the modern version of Drax has been choosen and I hope he will be represented with his knives.
Thank you for that!

Banshee said...

Pyro and Avalanche + Aururo and Northstar are gr8 choices for double packs but are we going to see Cloak and Dagger anywhere in this collection.

Also filling in the female front Id love a Domino and Arachne figurine :)

Finally a Odin special would be gr8 but first I'd love an Onslaught figurine.

jimbob said...

Cloak and Dagger is confirmed and will be out in october. :)and then hopefully followed by Blob wich is not confirmed thats why people are saying who they would like after Cloak and Dagger!


Drax - Modern look.
Sunfire - Classic Giant-Size X-Men costume.
Nomad - Blue costume with yellow cape.
Gorgon - Classic first appearance.
Annihilus - first appearances.
Ant-Man - The original Scott Lang costume that looks fairly similar to Hank Pym's Ant-Man.
Jubilee - yellow coat and pink sun glasses.

WASP - please the ultimates costume!Its her best look,she looks modern and cool.And the look we are most familiar with.!!!!!!

Robin said...

Thats great costume choices for those characters are they all the 100% confirmed costume choices?

Machine Man looks really good will look forward to getting him.

As for any other character extension I would love to see a minimum of five x-characters. Cannonball, Domino, Forge, Destiny and Vulcan would be my personal picks.

The Horror characters ill always not bother with they are of no interest to me personally.

Really hope that Pyro and Avalanche will be the next double pack followed by Northstar and Aurora.

Regular specials wise id really like Blob and Omega Red.

jimbob said...

Not confirmed yet some are Richards prefrences from the forum,so they are likely to be.

It is too early to have Horror charcters in the collection yet.Buy the look at the response on this blog.

I would prefer other new teams to focus on,that have not been represtented much yet.

Wrecking Crew

Not my favorites but would rather have,

New Mutants

in the collection than the horror or western,kirby characters. :)

mighty_marvel said...

regarding specials, the normal size of the character does seem to make a difference as to who gets a special as the specials cost more because more lead is used in the figurine.

all the specials we've had so far the characters are listed as being over 7'5". i couldn't find height details for kingpin but i imagine it is his girth that gives him special status, being fat he needs more lead. the thing was only a regular figure and his height is listed as 7'1"

on this basis odin should only be in the regular line-up as he is normally smaller than the thing and roughly the same size and weight as thor. the same is true for omega red. going on normal size of character, which is what EM seem to have done so far, the next specials should be sasquatch and blob. their sheer normal size means they cannot possibly be done as a regular figure, whereas odin and omega red could be. for ease of getting all four of these characters into the collection, which most people seem to want, odin & omega red should be regular and sasquatch & blob should be specials.

apologies in advance to pirate adam, baroni and thor8.

Banshee said...

So Cloak and Dagger are confirmed for October but is it for definite that they will be sharing a base? I really hope not :(

jimbob said...

Hopefully we will have some update on Cloak and Dagger base or no base shareing fig soon.

Mr J said...

I think Cloak & Dagger would look best on a shared base.

There was a poll on the superherofigurine forum about Shared Base v 2 Bases and a Shared Base won. So based of the poll results there going to be on a Shared Base unless Rich decides to not go with the result.

Pyro & Avalanche for the next Double Pack please :)

Jacadoo said...

Pirate Adam and Thor 8 - please note I had absolutly nothing to do with Mighty Marvels latest blog....

But it is a point I have been making regarding scale and Odin.

MM you must try and get out more, the level of detail you go to - my head hurts LOL.

120 comments - this has got to be the largest blog to date and no arguments - MM is there a stat for this event?

Sasquatch next confirmed special please.....

No such hurry for the fat fella - sorry the Blob.....

jimbob said...

Jacadoo,dont be afraid of Pirate Adam and Thor8,they are both softys really :)

And guys no need to apologize every time you call Blob fatty because he is a Fat,Couch potato,Big whale,probably burns his backside on the light bulb every time he turns over in bed.he he.:)

He is an obesity man with super powers.And they better capture that look in his fig.So bring on that Fatty Blob thing!Ha

Jacadoo said...

Jimbob - not fear my friend, I just enjoy the comments and sometimes occasional "blog fight"!!!!

Got to respect you for calling it as it is though - too much PC for me - Blob = pie eater!!!

I'm sure i will be forgiven after PA's attack on the Sas!!!!!!!!

pirate adam said...

Jacadoo i think i may have been misquoted again, i didn't attack Sasquach i was only stating my preference for a God over a furry orange dude, lol (i was tryin to sound diplomatic then) as stated before bring on Fuzzy Wuzzy before any X-Dude good or bad, MM i agree with regular size OMEGA RED but surley you must admit ODIN could quite easily be made special size, if not i will have to settle for a regular. wheres Thor08 gone?

Pirate Adam ;)

mighty_marvel said...

i do agree he could easily be made into a special size. i really want odin in the collection in some form. i was just thinking that it would be easier to get more of people's wants into the collection with him just being a regular size. could even then put him into a double pack with another asgardian. i know you'd agree with extra asgardians in the collection pirate adam

Jacadoo said...

PA - I do agree with the Odin special - To be perfectly honest I would love a re-do of Thor as it is a very similer pose to the Bowen Statue I have already.

Mind you an Odin similer to the Bowen would look total class.

What has happened to Thor 8?

mighty_marvel said...

looked through all the suggestions of characters in this post and i think i've got a possible extension list of 20 and specials/doubles suggestions that would have a bit of something for everyone.

Moondragon (AVENGERS)
Mockingbird (AVENGERS)
Radioactive Man (MASTERS OF EVIL)
Caliban (MORLOCKS)
Forge (X-MEN)
Wolfsbane (X-MEN)
Cannonball (X-MEN)
Omega Red (X-VILLAINS)
Ronan (KREE) or maybe a horror character

Sasquatch (maybe with Puck) and Blob (maybe with Toad)

Pyro/Avalanche (Pyro space to Destiny)
Enchantress/Executioner (Enchantress place to Exodus)
Tiger Shark/Stingray

and would like to squeeze madame web in as special or double too. not sure, even with chair, whether she'd be big enough for a special.

think this would cover plenty of groups, has plenty of female characters and would complete alpha flight.

what do you all think?

spidey_1979 said...

anybody else think that starhawk has the potential to be an amazing looking fig?

jimbob said...

Nice list Mighty Marvel!Ares is more of Avenger tho nice try!;)

This is the number of representative i think each team should have!

1x Avenger
1x Marvel Knights
1x Spidey villain
1x Spidey allies
1x Asgardian
1x Excalibur (Pete Wisdom)
1x Defenders
1x Masters of Evil

2x X-Men
2x X-Men Villains
2x Cosmics
2x Thunderbolts
2x Inhumans
2x Wrecking Crew

This is just my prefrence with the singles,not added the Specials and the double packs!

Thor8 said...

Hey, I don't really care if Odin is made as a regular,a special,a mega special,or a Sunday special! I just want ol'Daddy Odin inclueded in this collection! If the Enchantress is pulled off the list in order to make her a double pack along with the Executioner then Odin can fill her spot on the list.

I really can't agree with Mighty_Marvel's theory on size for the Specials since neither Spider-Man,Colossus,nor Thanos are 7'5" tall, and they all were given special status. I do like the extension list MM put together though! It is pretty much balanced out and has something for almost everyone.

For those who've been asking where I've been,I was just sitting back reading the blog. I held back from commenting since I notice a lot of comments were being repetitive. Pyro-Avalanche to Blob to Odin to Northstar-Aurora to Blob to Pyro-Avalanche ect. ect. It's not that I don't enjoy reading them,it's just that I didn't have much to add till now.

Oh and one last thing, Jimbob step a little closer so I can smite thee with mine hammer and will see who the softee is.

Thor8 said...

Oh Jackadoo I forgot to mention that I totally agree with you that A pose similiar th the one by Bowen for the Odin figurine would absolutely look great! Hey lately I've been agreeing with you alot. That worries me, I miss the days when we used to stone each other within an inch of our lives!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Omega Red, Maverick, Exodus hopefully one day make it into this collection.

Cloak & Dagger are way over due and I'm really looking forward to these two. But for a big badguy Onslaught is the one for me. he woudl look quality!

mighty_marvel said...

glad you like my extension list suggestions thor8.

from stats i found armored colossus was listed as 7'5" and thanos 8'7". obviously depends on trustworthiness of websites so may be wrong. black spiderman was a special because of the extra lead used in the base. so far with specials it's all to do with the extra lead needed for the figures.

i think odin would make a good figure however he is done. really want him in the collection. i just thought that considering he can be done as either regular or special, we'd get more of peoples wants in the collection with him regular size.

spidey_1979 - agree that a starhawk fig would look pretty good

jacadoo - apologies for including a couple more stats in this post. i know it hurts your head. and something similar to bowen statue would look good.

jimbob - sorry i forgot pete wisdom in my extension suggestion list. could put him in in place of ronan

pirate adam said...

thats a mighty fine list MM but i would like to be greedy and have one more Asgardian in the shape of Balder, he could be done as a double with Odin quite easily as the two have a linked history but i a hoping for a larger Odin figure, does anyone know how many specials we are expecting without the extension?

Pirate Adam ;)

A_Jay said...

theres 4 confirmed up to october


by which time we should be somewhere around issue 110. reckon there'll be about 7 more before 140 but there's nothing confirmed as far as i'm aware

Thor8 said...

Just wanted to mention that if a Radioactive Man figurine is made, it would be great if he was painted with "glow in the dark" paint!

jimbob said...

7 specials left towards the end of 140!

My choice would be in no paticular oder:-

Blob & Toad
Sasquash & Puck

Auora & Northstar
Pyro & Avalanche


This will balance out our present collection perfectly,before we move on to the the next extension with new teams and characters.

Hawkeye said...

On the CMFC wikipedia page there used to be a link to a French fan-site that frequently showed work-in-progress figures and I definitely saw early sculpts for Odin, Sasquatch and Blob on there (anyone know why it disappeared?)

Odin was seated on a throne with some kind of bird on his shoulder so possibly a special given that pose?

jimbob said...

Maybe its gone because you are not allowed to mention it!!!!!!!!

Maybe check the superhero forum - customs and display and dont mention it again!;)

spidey_1979 said...

what has happened to the site update?

jimbob - really hope you're right about jubilee costume choice. simply HAS to be yellow coat and pink glasses. but you never know which way EM are going to go, especially with x-men. been a few debatable x-men costume choices imo

jimbob said...

Jubilee and Wasp was my favorite choice im afraid!Richard did't mention them both in the Q&A we had on the forum. :(

The rest was Richards choices he said.

I hope they don't do the same mistake like they did with Rouge costume.(what were they thinking!!)

That makes me wonder if we are having any re-dos in the futre of these figs?

Abomination should be re-done sorry.

Thor8 said...

I've had a theme on my mind for quite some time now and Jimbob just gave voice to it.I've been meaning to ask; If EM were to re-do a figurine from the first 100 run,which figurines would you pick and why? Please try to give constructive advice and comments,don't just say "I'd pick MR.Y or Ms.X because his figurine sticks!" Pick up to 3 choices!

I'll start by saying my first choice would be Captain America. I believe he should have been taller and huskier and the paint job on the figurine(at least the one I have) was a little lacking in detail.Second would be The Beast I would have prefered the more traditional look. The third is Carnage.This one I didn't even purchase becase to me he just looks like a melted slag (sorry) I'd do a complete make over on this one.

Don't get me wrong I'm really enjoying this collection and the great majority have been to my liking. I'm just curious about what others think about certain figurines and why.

Hawkeye said...

I'd like to see them redo the Emma Frost figure - she looks more like Britney Spears! Crystal was a poor one too. Other than that I'd struggle for a third as they've mostly been top notch, but if I was pushed Dormammu was a little on the dull side. Interesting to hear what others think....

jimbob said...

The quality of figs have gotten better,i guess it comes through experience.

The topic has come up in the forum now and then.Obviously not every is going to agree with every chosen look for the fig.

But some choices has left some of us baffeled?!e.g Rouge,Mystique,Captain Marvell

My three re-dos would be:-

Punisher - Same reason as Captain America,needs to be more muscular and more agressive looking!

Abomination - Crazy experiment that didn't work!If only the fig itself was good it would'nt be too bad.Check out trigun66 custom of Abomination in custom gallary 1st page.It is out of this world!!!!!I would pay double to get my hands on that version.

Captain America - Since we had Guardian fig,we have all realised how skinny and weak he looks.Its like the super serum has been sucked out of him.Would'nt want him too big,just a bit more muscle definition and have the shield faceing forward.Save the bulkiness for U.S Agent!!!;)

And there are a few ones like Emma Frost,Crystal,Elektra could be made more interesting!

jimbob said...

WOW how did i forget about Cable!

Has anyoune put him up against Bishop?Ha!

A_Jay said...

not a redo as such but always wondered why they didn't do a blue/yellow costume cyclops variant. would have just required different painting of the current model like they did with red phoenix and blue angel.

also, wouldn't mind jean grey redoing doing as jean grey rather than phoenix. have her in the green dress and pointed face mask.

agree with jimbob about rogue and mystique. very strange choices of costume. think blink could easily be turned into classic white costume mystique by a certain customiser

jimbob said...

Fig customising is a big part of the collection now.I think EM considers this when choseing a characters looks!

Robert said...

On the subject of figures that deserve being redone, I totally agree with the names mentioned. The Beast is one figure often criticised but there were others like Ghost Rider who also would have looked better in the classic costume. But my number one choice would have to be Captain Britain. His original costume and quarterstaff were perfect and I have no idea why anyone changed it...

Thor8 said...

As others have said, the sculpts have gotten better and better as time goes on. There is one detail I believe EM should take into serious consideration when making a figurine and that is the scale of the figurine. I love the Iron Man figurine and believe it has good details to it but it should have been taller and more massive. on the other hand Dr.Strange was made almost into a giant,taller than Thor and Hercules.

pirate adam said...

goin of scale i think VENOM is to small, looks like another black costumed SPIDEY, BEAST wrong costume and to small, JONNY STORM looks like hes had an accident with red paint, i know he was an early fig but he has no flame effect of note. PUNISHER, CAP, THING, RHINO and LIZARD too small and DR STRANGE to big IMO. my personal favs are THANOS, MEPHISTO and DR DOOM as for redoos i would love THOR in his current armour, however i take nothin away from EM i still believe they do a fantastic job with so many poses and costumes to pick from they will never please us all,

Pirate Adam ;)

pirate adam said...

hey Thor08 how u doin? was u on about the original IRONMAN or the movie tie in special? in the move he was huge bet the figurine is smaller than MOONKNIGHT who is listed at 6ft 2inces.

Pirate Adam ;)

Jacadoo said...

My re-do list: Captain America, Thor and Iron Man.

Crystel is weak also Saber Tooth seems a lot smaller (hight and stature) than in comic form.

MMarvel - do you know the appropriate size - is he correct to scale?

Carnage is one I put at the back of my shelf to hide him.

I think Abominaton could just be re-done with the correct base as not a bad pose.

mighty_marvel said...

jacadoo - having nothing better to do at the moment i checked it out and sabretooth is a bit too small in comparison to his listed height at the figure should really be about 4mm - 5mm taller.

he's by no means the worst offender in terms of scale though.

The following should have been between about 7mm and 12mm bigger.

Mephisto, Captain Britain, Cable, Carnage, Iron Man, Ultron, Lizard

And these should have been between 7mm and 18mm smaller.

Black Widow, Winter Soldier, Nighthawk, Dr Strange, Leader, Mole Man

There are others that are out to scale, but these are the worst in comparison to listed heights.

Jacadoo said...

Thanks Mmarvel - I was really disapointed with Saber Tooth, now I just feel cheated.

mighty_marvel said...

No probs jacadoo. I'm sure we all feel cheated now :)

Have just looked at mole man again and when you take out his staff the actual size of mole man himself isn't too bad

So, taking out mole man these should have been between 7mm and 11mm smaller.

Black Widow, Winter Soldier, Nighthawk, Dr Strange, Leader

Thor8 said...

Hey I mentioned the oversight on scale as a side note,but now most of you have concentrated your input based on this. What I'd really would like to hear is which figurine would you have re-done and why. Oh and Pirate Adam, I was refering to the regular Iron Man figurine(#12) in my last comments.

I personally re-did or customized if you prefer the term some figurines myself, I took Punisher and sanded out the wrinkles in his pants and shoe laces from his boots making them more sleek looking then I painted long black sleeves on his shirt with a high neck, gave him white boots and gloves and now he has the classic look. I made Mar-Vell with an extra figurine of Genis-Vell and re-painted Angel's costume blue which I personally prefer over the red one.

Well lets hear which re-do's you'd prefer.

jimbob said...

Not too fussed with the hights.

The only one i think that stands out is Cable on being very short!

Most of the other i would like a bit more detail,costumes,muscular definition more interesting poses.

pirate adam said...


i would like THOR in his current armour, JONNY STORM looking like hes on fire and the female LOKI, no only kiddin.

Pirate Adam ;)

Baroni_08 said...

WOW this blog is really gettin bigger and loads of comments , glad to see MARVEL'S fan base is so strong . Anyway tricky question that THOR08 , i would redo SUPER SKRULL , make him bigger and change his outfit colour even have him stretched a bit like Mr FANTASTIC , to look at you wouldn't know he was the SUPER SKRULL with all the powers of the FF4. LADY DEATHSTRIKE needs a total redo she's my worst fig . Maybe redo HULK in his WORLD WAR HULK armour and make him a bit bigger . You could change quiet a few but thats my opinion . PIRATE ADAM thought you loved JOHHNY STORM lol.....

jimbob said...

Re-do Hulk into World War Hulk?That would make it a variant which i would'nt mind!

Variants Specials!

World War Hulk
Iron Spiderman
World War II Captain America
Phoenix Force (jean Grey)

And i do agree that Super Skrull is small as well as Cable.Both two short.

Thor8 said...

I would re-do Doctor Octopus so he'd look like Doctor Octopus.
I'm planning on getting an extra Blink figurine so I can re-paint her and transform her into Mystique.
Captain Britain should have been taller and huskier.

lipstick said...

So, some choices from me:

Typhoid Mary
Cassandra Nova
Aunt May
Another Jean Grey figurine
Mary Jane
Silver Sable
Sebastian Shaw
And a special: Stepford Cuckoos

The Spidey family is full in green. We need more colors....

Anonymous said...

Lipstick good call on Silver Sable. I thought she would have been in this collection along time ago and would be a good boost for the lady characters and Spider-man allies.

As for Phoenix Force Jean grey I couldn't agree more. I made my own one on my blog and if EM did figurines like this I reckon they'd sell a ton!

jimbob said...

I wonder if we will get The Runners up from the last poll?
We've had Snowbird alaready!

Sauron (special)
Ronan The Accuser
Typhoid Mary

I like 4 or 5 from this list,my views has changed a bit since the last poll tho.

I like the Green theme in the spiderman catagorie.:)

Hydroman left for the spidey villain

Tombstone/Hammerhead (double pack)

spidey_1979 said...

variants i'd like

jean grey marvel girl

Banshee said...

Please no more variants. There OK but theyre taking valuable space where Specials, Mega Specials or double-packs could be placed. Pesonally I like one of each figurine not the same one multiple times just painted differently.

Also Id love Sauron, Odin or Madame Web as a special and hoping to see an Aururo/Northstar double-pack soon please :)

Banshee said...

Also a Sasquatch/Puck double-pack would be great following the Aururo/Northstar one. That would make a nice amount of Alpha Flight with Snowbird on the way too.

And is there anyway we can leave out the spiderman foes for a while it seems like we have everyone whos ever beared a grudge on Spidey LOL!!!!

Thor8 said...

I second Banshee's motion for no more variants for the same reasons he mentioned. I prefer one of each character and not various figurines of the same hero.

Hey Rich don't you have any news for us? When will the main site be updated?

spidey_1979 said...

Banshee -

people giving variant suggestions aren't saying they should be done before new specials and double packs. i don't think anybody wants repeats ahead of characters we haven't had yet. we're just giving examples of characters we'd personally redo if we could.

you can't leave out spiderman foes. thats like saying leave out x-men or avengers. spiderman is one of the five families characters are drawn from and deserves suitable representation. besides, theres so many left including hydroman, jackal, alistair smythe, hammerhead, tombstone, j jonah jameson

Banshee said...


I understand that and i never suggested people were saying that they should be entered in place of Specials. I was just voicing my opinion like everyone else and my opinion is that more than one of the same figurine just doesnt really add anything to the collection, repaint or not.

Also I never said leave out the spiderman foes, I just asked that they come at a later date to let other groups build up more substantially. I too would love Tombstone, Jackal and JJ Jameson but there are other Marvel characters I would like to see in the collection before these.

jimbob said...

Variants should be saved towards the end of this collection,when ever that may be.Or after the collection is finished!EM can do some extra cash with re-dos and variants!;)

With the spidey villains,im only expecting 1 in the next extension because of the demand for new teams,completion of exsisting teams and to give other characters a chance.
We might be lucky and get what i said before Tombstone and Hammerhead double pack special!

Hydroman is my first spidey villain choice for the next extension,hes waited long enough to get into the collection.He is a major spidey villain and also has been in many marvel villain teams.

Thor8 said...

Before there was Hydroman!
Before ther was Tombstone!
Before there was Hammerhead!...
THERE WAS MOLTEN MAN! I bet he would look kinda nifty with his golden molted body standing out in this collection.

spidey_1979 said...

EM couldn't have just one spider-man character in a possible extension of 20. spider-man is already under-represented. only 15 spidey characters in 1-100 line-up compared to about 30 x-men and 25 avengers. spider-man should be on a par with both these groups.

Thor8 said...

There are 16 spidey characters in #'s 1-100 plus 4 specials out of 12
which is 25% of the same plus a special give away plus four more characters approved in the next extensions. I personally would like to see others added,but there's no way I can say that the Spider-Man family is under-represented. I mean where would that leave Thor,Iron Man,Hulk,The F.F.,Namor ect. who also have a great line of nemisis?

spidey_1979 said...

even if it's 16 in 1-100 plus 4 from 101-140 is 20 at the most. thats only a 14% share of the regular line-up.

of the 10 proper specials released so far (movie iron man and black spider-man are basically variants so don't count) there is only rhino for spider-man plus 1 from the 4 confirmed is again 14%.

there are five families of characters - spider-man, x-men, fantastic four, avengers, marvel knights - surely each family should get around 20% of the figures each. fantastic four and marvel knights are under-represented too

jimbob said...

Maybe FF and Marvel knights have'nt got that many strong characters left?

Spider-man is'nt under-represented by far!He nearly all his major enemies in the collection!Like Richard said before he cant do everyone from each families.X-men and Avengers has got more major characters in their families which mebers do make other teams up in the collection.

I would love to get more spider-man members,but where would that leave :-Thunderbolts,inhumans,Wrecking Crew,Masters of evil,Cosmics,X-villains,Asgaridians,Alpha Flight?
Surely Richard said he is looking to biuld teams like these up in the next collection.

Thor8 said...

Hey Spidey_79; You can't leave out Kingpin and Cloak and Dagger from the specials because they've already been approved for production and the specials you mentioned are not variants, variants do not have seperate numberings. Aside from this family or not,having 14% or more of this collection dedicated to one single hero (even if he is the flag hero of marvel) is hardly considered under-represented.Remember this is the MARVEL figurine collection not the Spidey and friends collection!

Banshee said...

Completely agree with jimbob and Thor8. There are so many groups yet to be properley represented.
In particular I feel Alpha Flight have been jipped somewhat with only Guardian, Wolvie and the upcoming Snowbird there to make up the team. This could be quickly remedeed by two double packs Aurora/Northstar and Sasquatch/Puck (Although I would also like a Nemesis figurine at some point too). Then it would be easy enough to enter other groups such as Wrecking Crew, Asguardians, Inhumans and Masters of Evil into the regualar running list. Lets hope the next extension has a variety of characters that everyone can agree on and enjoy.

spidey_1979 said...

kingpin is more involved with daredevil now and i included cloak and dagger as the one from the four confirmed specials.

i know it is the marvel collection but you are missing the point that although spidey is one hero, the characters from spider-man make up one of the 5 marvel families. the collection is supposed to be balanced across these families. Therefore each family should have roughly 20% of the collection.

avengers and x-men both have about a third of the collection each, spiderman about 15%, fantastic four and marvel knights about 10% each. so spider-man, FF and marvel knights families are under-represented compared to x-men and avengers.

in no way am i saying that all i want is spider-man. i want odin and the rest of alpha flight etc as much as the next person. was originally just saying that if there was an extension of 20, spider-man shouldn't just get one spot in the line-up. should be at least 2 or most 3.

Banshee said...

OK I think everyone got there point across now just to sidestep slightly :) Who is everyone else looking forward to seeing?

Personally its Snowbird and Ant-Man for me. Also really looking forward to how theyre going to produce Jubilee.

Also does anyone else think Enchantress should be doublepacked with Executioner?

Killer Frost said...

Fantastic Four are have always been beyond Lame to me but as far as i can see there a few FF Villains left that deserve a spot in the collection.

The FF Heroes catagory is a different matter theres only 3 characters left that really should get a place they are Triton, Karnak and Thundra. After those 3 are done FF should only get one spot per 20 extension.

mighty_marvel said...

definitely should put enchantress with executioner. don't think he'd get in otherwise. but there's a few confirmed characters we've discussed at length that could easily be made into doubles.

only one way to do jubilee. yellow coat, pink top, blue shorts and pink glasses. after the diabolical costume choices for rogue and mystique surely EM have got to be sensible with jubilee.

mighty_marvel said...

on another note - where is the main site update??????

Thor8 said...

Hey Spidey_79; Don't get me wrong! I'm as much a Spider-Man fan as the next guy. I have a full run of Amazing (incuding Amazing Fantasy#15) and been collecting Spider-man for ages. I too would like to see other Spidey foes Like Molten Man.Hammerhead ect. It's just that I don't agree with the term "under-represented" 16% is pretty close to the 20% you request.Besides just because there are five main "families" mentioned in this collection,it doesn't necesarrally mean that all five have to have an even percentage of figurines made. Some branches of the marvel universe are more abundant than others character wise and so have more candidates to be represented.
But hey bring on the Spidey characters I'm all for it!

Thor8 said...

Oh, I almost forgot! As I've mentioned before, Banshee, an Enchantress and Executioner double pack is a must!

Banshee said...

I agree Thor8, although I worry with all the demands for double-packs such as Aurora/Northstar, Avalanche/Pyro, Sasquatch/Puck, Stingray/Tigershark and Tombstone/Hammerhead amongst others that Enchantress/Executioner may get overlooked. Surely not all these doublepacks will see the light of day with Specials and Mega Specials also in the line up.

mighty_marvel said...

i think double or even triple packs is the way forward if EM want to keep us all happy with who gets in the collection. maybe they could introduce double packs in the regular running order. one every two months for example. i'd be happy paying extra £6 every 2 months if more characters made the collection.

Timbo said...

PYRO & AVALANCHE is the double most of us wanna see happen. Id put them above Northstar & Aurora as Pyro has been announced for the last extension so theres a time issue on him so at some point Rich will have to decide if he goes with what the majoirty want and put him with Avalanche as a double or if he stays solo.

Id like Northstar he is a must but im not too bothered about Aurora.

If Pyro & Avalanche are done as a double i dont mind what double comes after them but PYRO & AVALANCHE are a must in this collection.

mighty_marvel said...

easy double packs to make in the 101-140 line-up

baron zemo/radioactive man (both masters of evil first roster)
man wolf/j jonah jameson
son of satan/satana

if you changed the release order round a bit these could be out roughly every 2 months and would keep valuable special spots free for odin, blob, sasquatch, sauron, madame web

jimbob said...

Hey Richard can you confirm Pyro and Avalanche double pack soon?And leave us guessing for a bit on who will take pyro's place.Give us something else to look forwrd to.:)

Anonymous said...

Mighty Marvel, I wouldn't cram everyone into 2-Packs. 2-Packs make more sense for either 2 characters who's history are intertwined. Or 1 character who has a lot of history, and a related character who has almost none. That's why Pyro/Avalanche makes sense. As Avalanche has almost no real background, where as Pyro is more well established.

You also seem to not understand that Double Packs -ARE- counted as specials. So the more Double Packs they do, the less slots can be reserved for regular and mega-sized Specials. I think we really need to see balance looked at here.

mighty_marvel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mighty_marvel said...

yes cbr beast i know double packs are currently classed as specials. the suggestion i was making was that you could release some double packs as part of the regular line-up now and again. it would only be an extra £6 every 2 months or so and we'd get alot more characters in the collection while simultaneously freeing specials slots. if you read my earlier posts properly you would have seen that this is the point i was making. personally i wouldn't mind this as any move that gets more characters in the collection is good by me.

jimbob said...

Im all up for double packs!Anyway to get more into the collection.;)
There is always an option of Special and regular figs double packs!like

Lockjaw and one of the Inhumans!

Dont think there will be more double packs than the
specials ,unless we are running out of good specials?People rather double packs than specials?

A_Jay said...

i'd be happy if EM released doubles in the regular run instead of as special editions. as long as it wasn't too often. every 2-3 months would be ok. like MMarvel says, any move to increase amount of characters in the collection is a good move

Anonymous said...

That won't happen with the current economy.

Also, you won't see a major change to the format of a partworks like that mid-stream. There would be tons of complaining, just like there already has been that they didn't stop at 60 like originally stated.

jimbob said...

Mighty Marvel

I thought about double pack replaceing regulars my self.Wasn't Yellow Jacket and Wasp a double pack!?Did'nt we get charged a bit more for them?

Kazar and Zabu could have been fine in the regular slot.(not complaning happy with the situation)Kazar and Zabu could cost less than any other double pack because i dont count Zabu as equal value to a rgular fig.

What im saying,is it possible that some characters could team up with someone lesser known that it could be valued less?EM could give us better deals with some of these double packs.And slot them into regular places.Example

Jigsaw and The Russian

The Russian great Punisher villain but dont think he would fill 2 pages of a mag.

Or civvies could have 2 for 1 offer because i would'nt pay full price for them ha ha!;)

mighty_marvel said...

i for one wouldn't be complaining about it cbr beast.

they could do a test first. release a single and a double in the regular line-up and ask subscribers to opt for one or the other to be sent. i reckon the double pack would sell better personally. as long as it wasn't a really regular thing i don't think many people would have a problem with an extra fig every now and again.

don't think yellowjacket and wasp counted as a double pack jimbob. was a while ago now but i'm sure it was the standard price point.

jimbob said...

I won't mind an extra fig now and then in the regular line up!

Hey Watcher should be out next week thurs 21st wohoo!

Kingpin next after,im torn on where he will go Spiderman or Marvel Nights as Dare Devil villain!

ghost said...

I used to enjoy reading the comments, but just lately it become the 'what just a couple of pople think' area (I won't mention names but you know who you are - surely one comment would do and then read what others have to say and leave it there... or go to the forum, and have your I want this, not this, yes this, tennis match!

Right thats the moan out the way.

Now that the collection has reached nearly 100, has Eaglemoss thought about restructuring the magazine?

The last 4 pages are (in some cases) just a filler, and since the history of marvel has finished why not use these pages to recount the history of a character that's popular but Eaglemoss has no intension of producing as a figure. For example - Human side kicks - lesser known inhumans - More recent heros etc.

This would be far more interesting than filling a page with "You comic (which most of us don't have) is worth £20".

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