Friday, 22 May 2009

Let's celebrate

Hi guys, I’m back for another update, my apologies for the wait.

First up I have the painted version of Ka-Zar and Zabu. Obviously these chaps aren’t wearing the usual bright coloured spandex that we’re used to but I think the more natural colours stay true to their comic portrayals and actually make them standout (in a good way) in the collection.

Next, I have the painted version of Madrox the Multiple Man. I know the costume choice was a little controversial at the time but I hope everyone will agree that the figure’s really got the ‘X-Factor’. You’ll notice that we didn’t put the M tattoo on his face. This was due to the fact that it’s a super-recent addition to his look and at the moment is a little story specific, rather than timeless.

As well as painted figures, I’ve also got a concept sketch of Gorgon.

And on top of that here’s the cover for our 100th issue – Banshee. I know some collectors were keen that we put in a special ‘one-off’ figure for our 100th, and the name Stan Lee has been mentioned. Doing Stan as a figure is an idea that I wouldn’t totally dismiss but I think if we did something like that it would come at the end of the collection, which happily we’ve not reached yet. Anyway, I hope you like the cover.

Finally, and I’m really spoiling you guys now, I have some news regarding Marvel’s 70th Anniversary. I’ve been thinking long and hard about how the CMFC can join in with the celebrations and we’ve come up with the idea (which I think a few have mentioned) of making a special of the Destroyer. He’s a Golden-Age character who made his first appearance in 1941 and is one of the first Marvel characters created by Stan Lee. While I’m still planning the magazine element of the special, I can say that it won’t just focus on the Destroyer but will touch upon many of the Golden-Age characters as well as Marvel’s entire 70 year history.

For those of you wondering why the Destroyer? Well, when you look back through Marvel’s earliest characters he’s one of the most recurring and popular outside the big three of the time: Captain America, Sub-Mariner and Human Torch. As we’ve already made figures of each of these characters (I know it was FF torch not Golden-Age but they would look similar) I thought we’d get another character in the collection rather than having another version of one already made. And for those of you worried about the special running order, we’re not losing any of the confirmed specials or giving away a slot for another character, the 70th Anniversary special will be an extra. We’re planning to slightly tweak the release dates for later specials so that the Destroyer can comfortably fit in; he’ll be out during the start of October (the official month for the 70th Anniversary).

Right that is your lot, have a great Bank Holiday weekend.


Anonymous said...

Ka-Zar and Zabu are awesome! Thanks for the update rich. When is the main site getting an update?

Cardcaptor said...

Ka-Zar looks good, the Multiple Man costume selected was great and the Banshee cover is very nice.

Totally not interested in Destroyer but im glad to hear that hes an extra figure thats been put in this year rather than taking up a specials slot next year.

Have to say as an X-MEN fan im becoming pretty ticked off there's not been an X-MEN regular special since Apocalypse!

Banshee said...

Ka-Zar and Zabu are amazing !!! Cant wait for their release (Anyone know when this is?).
Madrox also looking great and I for one love the choice of costume.
As for Destroyer, I neither am totally intersted in him as a character but I'm glad to hear that he won't be affecting the running order.

Killer Frost said...

Kaz-zar & Zabu are nice and im sure rich showed us painted Multiple Man ages ago but he looks great.

Destroyer will be a pass for me just not interested. Ive got to say that im becoming so disillusioned as a fan of X-men with the lack of specials like The Blob and Omega Red and there been so many great characters like Cannonball, Domino, Forge just to name a few that have not seen the light of day.

Ive have little to no faith that Pyro will be in a Double Pack with Avalanche to be honest despite the fact that so many want it.

Ive brought alot of the non related X-men figures but from now on I will be only buying X-men/X-villains figures.

Thor8 said...

RICH YOU'RE ALIVE!,I almost hired a P.I. to find you! The double pack feature looks pretty cool. I think Kazar out shines Zabu! Madrox looks nice although I didn't care much for this costume choice,(just my personal taste,no negetive feedback intended). And the sketch for Gorgon looks quite appropriate.

I for one look foward to The Destoyer and the special mag that comes with it. It should shed some more light on those heroes form yesteryear!

Anonymous said...

Ka-Zar gives me hope for a Kamandi figure in the DC collection. :)

Jacadoo said...

Kar-Zar and Zabu look absolutly fantastic - I cant tell you how much I am looking forward to the Destroyer..

Zombula said...

Awesome Ka-Zar & Zabu sculpt !
Madrox also looks neat.
Confirmation of Destroyer has made my day - thanks guys !
Myself & Mr.G have been pushing for this character for a long , long time - perfect choice.

Webs said...

Ka Zar looks very cool and Zabu looks fine.

The only specials i want to hear about currently are...


I aint gonna buy Destroyer but I am also happy that the character is not taking up a special space for 2010.

The Grim Reaper said...

Good news all round there Rich and glad you managed to sort out the 70th Anniversary timings. You didn't have a lot of room to play with but it will all work out rather nicely ;-)

Ka-Zar and Zabu look stunning (as expected) and I think Destroyer is a fitting fig. Just hope my subby pack is at home when I eventually get there.

Have a good Bank Holiday weekend all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rich. Thanks for the update.

Kar-Zar and Zabu look awesome! I really can't wait to get Madrox though!

Please can I ask, any word on X-23? As my fave Marvel Character, I can't wait for her!

Mr J said...

Kaz-Zar looks great not to fussed about Zabu tho.

Destroyer is one special much like the Iron Man movie one that Ill not be buying thanks.

Richard any news on a Blob special and Pyro & Avalanche been turned into a double pack?

Anonymous said...

Will definitely be buying the Destroyer fig! Really pleased to hear about that one :)

Kazar and Zabu look great and I really like the neutral colour tones to them, I think it will make them stand out against the assault of colours that are the rest of the collection. lol

Also liking the Gorgon concept art as I think it suits the characters well. Here's hoping the finished product looks like that, and it doesn't get changed a lot like Cyborg Superman did in the DC collection


Richie Rich said...

Ill celebrate when characters like:

Cannonball, Domino, Wolfsbane, Forge, Warpath, Destiny, Blob and Exodus are in the collection.

@ Killer Frost, agree with you mate i have decided to only buy the x characters from now on too. I totally get what you mean about been disillusioned with regards to the x characters been added (or not as the case is) to the collection.

I'll not hold my breat about Avalanche and Pyro. :(

foxchilde said...

Oh wow, excellent, I love Multiple Man painted! (I totally approve of your choice of costume!!)He's a real highlight of the collection for me.
Actually, now he's confirmed it would be really good to see some of the other X-factor characters appearing in the long run, both old and new. (M/Monet, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane, Forge, Wolfsbane, Layla Miller)

Kazar and Zabu also looking cool.

ted sallis said...

Ka-Zar looks amazing . after seeing him in the flesh coloured paint . but it make me kinda sad too because i can just imagine how fab a conan fig would have looked. Or Red Sonja in her itsy bitsy teeny weeny chainmail bikini.

Anthony Stark said...

Madrox looks fantastic, good job. Ka-Zar looks just about as cool as a half-naked man with a sabre-tooth tiger can look I guess. Anyway, Destroyer will be a welcome addition to the collection, cheers! :-)

jimbob said...

Ka-Zar and Zabu looks amazing!!

I love the double packs!!:)



We want these sometime soon please!!

Travis said...

Anyway we can get a side view picture of Zabu? Just kinda of wondering how much plinth space I'll be lossing to a retangular base compared to a square one.

Cookie said...
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Cookie said...

Ka-Zar reminds me of a broke down He-Man (I mean that in a nice way) lol. They make a very striking double pack, very nice.

Destroyer cant say i care too much for him so will not be buying him.

Madrox is fantastic but you did show him to us last December fully painted on this very blog but thanks for showing us him again.

Now a question for Rich :) Do you have any idea who some of the specials for next year are going to be yet?

I think alot of us want some X-Villains specials like Blob and Sauron.

Also has any decision been made about a Pyro & Avalanche Double Pack?

pirate adam said...

Finally an update, and a good one at that. the figs look great and cant wait for DESTROYER, should be awsome, i see the X-fans are still moaning, get over it guys if the BLOB and PYRO - AVALANCHE specials are to be done then they will be and saying u will only collect X-characters from now on is pretty sad i for one want a complete collection even if i have to get a BLOB special.

Pirate Adam

Timbo said...

Yay an update was great to see one this week.

I dont seeing any moaning PA people are stating there opinions which they are entitled to do.

Ka-Zar and Zabu look really good thanks for the Pic. Not into Destroyer so will skip him.

Surely Blob and Pyro n Avalanche as a double pack will happen there so popular. If Pyro n Avalanche were not made as a double there would probably be a riot due to the amount of requests they have been getting both on here and the SHFF, LOL. :)

The Grim Reaper said...

I almost forgot, It is fair to say that thanks ought to go to Gort and Zombula; Both have pushed for an Anniversary fig and both wanted it to be Destroyer..

Nice one guys

casual fan said...

everytime Rich leaves a post we go through the same people crying about what they want and what they are not going to buy.

well guess what u aint got your favs made? TOUGH! move on and be thankfull Rich shares so much with us!

sigh.... its real off putting people crying over what they want it never changes!

i hardly ever post but couldnt help it this time.

you know my fav isnt in the collection but i dont post moaning about it because it aint worth it. rich knows the score so just trust... relax and enjoy

Saturn Lad said...

Richard clearly listens to a couple of people on the forum who have his ear about character requests thats clearly how Destroyer and Snowbird (who was chosen over an x-villian!) got into the line ups. Having friends in high places is great for the privliged few.

As far as only buying specific figures goes Im a Spider-Man and X-Men fan but i do prefer X-men. I had a subscription for quite a while but i cancelled it when i saw the 101-120 line up. When i saw that i was only going to be getting 3 X-Men figures Madrox, Dazzler and X-23 (who i do not think should of been chosen over girls like Domino, Wolfsbane and Magik) I cancelled my subscription. 3 x-figures and no villains out of 20 character spaces was not good enough for me. Now i only buy Spider-Man and X-men figures specifically.

I want Blob and yes Avalanche & Pyro as a double. Seeing someone like Destiny get Pyro's space would be wonderful aswell.

Jacadoo said...

Casual fan - I see your big on diplomacy.

But I have to agree complining x-characters are not being produced at agreater pace, is POINTLESS, Rich and the guys need to try and balance the running order out a little - not moaning mind you....

Just so happy the Destroyer is making an appearance some time soon.

casual fan said...

Jacadoo im a diplamatic guy!

i just grow tired of reading the same shit on different blogs!

Rich is one guy and he has to make dicisions for everyone.

i must say tho that is the best update we have had... feel spolied

casual fan said...

spoiled even

The Grim Reaper said...


casual fan said...

and diplomatic!

ta grim!

ted sallis said...

can i ask mr eagly moss how many subscribers there are to the cmfc , do the numbers begin to dwindle the the longer a collection goes on ? i should imagine the original take up would be quite high given the strong profile of the core marvel charachters but as the collection moves into charachters with a lower profile do the subscriber numbers drop dramaticaly?
what is the minimum viable subscriber numbers for the suits at eegly moss to make an honest living! Gawd luv em

Baroni_08 said...

Great update , new figs look great and will look great in the collection . Why are people saying they wont be buying DESTROYER ??? i will be as i want a complete collection and dont know much of his story so lets have him . AH PIRATE ADAM my old friend i agree with you its not the X MEN collection get over it !!! Rich and the EM guys trying to do something for everyone as Jacadoo pointed out so everyone's favourite will come sometime or another , X MEN fans you have a few coming up so be happy.Im a fan of the HERALDS and we have only SILVER SURFER , but i will collect everyone why start the collection if not to finish it ?? good job Rich thanks..........

Tanner said...

Ka-Zar & Zabu look very neat big thumbs up!

Lovin the concept sketch of Gorgon, id love to see the concept sketch for Jubilee! :)

On another note however Destroyer = meh as does the idea of a Stan lee figure.

Mr Jackson please put us out of our misery about Pyro & Avalanche been a double and just say they will be? ;)

Michael O'Connell said...

I, too, am dying to see (not whining about!) an update to the official site. I'd love to see all the completed forthcoming figures up there.

I am so addicted to these things!! Love this collection!! As a 70s Avengers fan, I've been having a great time putting together "my" Avengers team (which is why I'm so blown away that I'm going to be able to add a Jocasta! Woo hoo!). I want to finish the Avengers first, but really, I have yet to see one of these figurines that I wouldn't want to have. This has been great fun, since I haven't really collected anything in a very long time - I'm having a blast.

I'm going to back the people who want New Mutants figures. Those would be great! As a big fan of the Marvel space stuff, I'm going to put in my begging for a Starlord figure. I can't wait to get my hands on the Shang-Chi figure - that's one of the coolest ones we've seen yet! And I must wholeheartedly agree that the Madrox costume choice was the right one. Awesome.

Sorry, my first time posting, so I'm hitting a lot of ground and rambling...

Thanks for these awesome figs, guys, and keep 'em coming!

buffduffdan said...

Great blog update Rich :D

Ka-Zar & Zabu looks amazing! And I still love that Madrox fig, definitely the right costume choice!

Excited for the Destroyer fig and nice to have the CMFC mark the event. We did run a poll on the SHFF to determine the interest in him which came out positively I do believe and I for one will be buying - long as he's on a black regular base ;)

Do seem to be a lot of over-zealous X-fans on here. Appreciate the impatience as I'm a big X lover myself but this collection is for all, not just those who pick up select area's. Let's not forget we did get 3 x-characters in the 120 - 140 extension and we just had a Prof X double pack so I think we're doing well!

pirate adam said...

JACADOO, i thought i was the diplomatic one??

also great to see im not the only one who thinks the X-fans are moaning. LOL

Pirate Adam

Jacadoo said...


I fell off my chair laughing.....

Just waiting to see who you / I will upset during this blog.

Have to say some good comments so far, but I fail to understand the Destroyer haters - its not like hes a full size WASP!!!

Oh dear I can hear a certian Asgardian typing already....

Thor8 said...

Hey Michael O'Connell; I just wanted to welcome a fellow Avengers fan aboard! Hope you'll be posting regularly. As an Avengers enthusiast do you believe the SWordsman deserves to have his figurine done? What about a Giant-Man or Goliath special?

jimbob said...

Im happy that the Destroyer is'nt replaceing the normal special slot!!!

I will be buying him!:)
And if you are thinking of any more golden age characters i would like Whizzar and Miss America to be next.

And a note to Alan!
Can you persuade Richard to have Gargoyle and Clea for the next extension please!

I will be satisfied with the amount of Defenders in the collection!thankyou ;)

Thor8 said...

Jacadoo my good friend! Don't you have a cat (woman) to feed?

Anonymous said...

I've just noticed that Kazar seem to have the opposite of Batman's problem.

While Batman gets criticised for having nipples when he's not supposed to, it seems Ka-zar doesn't have any! poor guy.


pirate adam said...

ahhh Casual Fan said a real naughty word, LOL CBR will not be happy ''fingers on lips children the headmaster will be back'' LOL

JACADOO hope you didn't hurt yourself falling off your chair.

Pirate Adam

Ramshackle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jimbob said...

New mutants!

Cannonball,Warpath and Sunspot please!

they can go into th X-Force team im trying to build up.:)

Miss Medusa said...
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Miss Medusa said...

Heya, I really wanna throw out my top ten requests for some of the badass babes this collection is missing.

1. Domino (Number 1 choice)
2. Sage
3. Mirage aka Danielle Moonstar
4. Destiny
5. Callisto
6. Magik
7. Rachel Grey
8. Spiral
9. Wolfsbane
10. Siryn

Really wanna see more girls in the collection. I was shocked to learn that after Blink was out there will not be another female released until Viper is out in the last week of December/begining of January! :( :( :(

I really like the idea of Pyro and Avalanche been together that would rock! I have much love for Blob too and bring on the New Mutants. :)

Jacadoo said...

Thor 8 - Miow!!

Pirate Adam still trying to recover - also from the naughty word Casual Fan used (and I add spelt perfectly), just hope he does not get beaten too badly by the "Moral League of Gentlemen".

Miss Medusa - you have got to be happy Tigra is promised, what more could you ask for?

Have to support Baroni 8 with collecting the heralds, I have the Bowen Galactus and they will look fantastic, stationed around him in my display.

Anonymous said...

Ka-Zar and Zabu look fantastic. Thanks for the preview. Looking forward to Gorgon and Destroyer as well. While not my favorite characters, I know that no matter who you make they'll end up looking fantastic.

I'm certain we'll get another extention, and the a lot of who people are asking for will happen then. I also have no doubt we'll see pyro and Avalanche as a 2-Pack. As well as Blob, Toad, and numerous other X-Characters in addition to everyone else. Just glad that Destiny is on the top of Richard's list for the next extention. Shame we didn't get White Costume Mystique to go along with her. I'd fully support a 2-Pack featuring Classic Mystique and Destiny if it was possible. ;)

Also, Shame to see the usual trollish behavior occuring on the Blog. But as usual, it's easy to be a jerk on the internet when you're hiding behind the computer screen. There's no reason to be rude or calling people whiny just cause they're passionate about the collection and want to see their favorites made eventually.

Anonymous said...

Also, some really great suggestions there Miss Medusa. We really could use a few more females. I'm always for seeing them pop up in the collection.

Top 10 Most Wanted Females:

1. Destiny
2. Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey)
3. Sage
4. Phyla-Vell
5. Moondragon
6. Nova (Frankie Raye)
7. Magik
8. Goblin Queen (Madelyn Pryor)
9. Selene
10. Madam Masque

Of course, I could easily list another 10. Such as Firestar, Domino, Callisto, Karma, Wolfsbane, Dani Moonstar, and so on and so on.

Anonymous said...

Gah, left off one of the most important females. Especially since Marvel just brought her back with Secret Invasion.

Mockingbird. Another great addition to the Avengers line-up.

Jacadoo said...

CBR Beast - what are you babbling on about now?

The first part of your post makes sense and then you decend into tripe.

When will you realise the majority of posts on this blog are light hearted and fun based - only when you and your compatriots get involved do things take a nasty turn.

The collection is for people who enjoy collecting 3 inch lead figures - thats all.

The people who do not want certain figures, have the chanceto tell us why they do not want particular figures.

One of the main reasons for this blog is for Rich to gauge customer reaction and feedback for future running order - he has said this many times.

Take a deeep breath and try and lighten up - nobody has been harmed.

Anonymous said...

"One of the main reasons for this blog is for Rich to gauge customer reaction and feedback for future running order - he has said this many times."

I don't see how trolling and personal attacks contribute to that.

Anonymous said...

Glad that Destroyer won't take up a slot in the specials order. Which means he won't shove someone else out of the line-up. Not entirely sure about calling him a 'Special' though. Not like he's a larger character. Maybe the magazine will be double sized or something. Anyway, regarding specials.

Here's what would make me happy to see before the collection ended.


1. High Evolutionary
2. Nimrod
3. The Beyonder
4. Omega Red
5. Arnim Zola
6. Awesome Andy (Awesome Android)
7. Mojo
8. Sauron
9. Modok
10. Madame Web

Double Packs:

1. Blob & Toad
2. Dark Beast & Beast (Apeman)
3. Groot & Rocket Raccoon
4. Phyla-Vell & Moondragon
5. Sasquatch & Puck
6. The Fury & Mad Jim Jaspers
7. Corsair & Hephzibah
8. Ch'od (w/ Cr+eee) & Raza Longknife
9. Spiral & Longshot
10. Gibbon & Grizzly


1. Fin Fang Foom
2. The Shadow King (Astral Form)

jimbob said...

I like about 50% of your list Beast!I definitely want Phyla-Vell & Moondragon double pack in the next extension!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It makes sence with their history!;)

jimbob said...

And also i got Gladiator fig!And just to let you know he is not the perfect fig in the collection!

His arm gets in the way of his face,and he did'nt have the best scuplted face to begin with!

just thought you should know Richard!;)

Thor8 said...

CBRBeast! The reason The Destroyer figurine is being dubbed a special is because it's a "Special" figurine that does not follow the regular numbering of this collection. A figurine does not have to be larger than the figurines in the regular run to be a special, it just needs to have some characteristic that sets it apart from the regular run, for example the Stan Lee special that might be done at the closing run of this collection!

pirate adam said...

WOW this blog died quickly only 57 comments and no argument of any note, "Jacadoo we must be loosing our touch"

right then i'll pick a fight

"I hope Sasquach gets ignored thoughout the whole collection"

OK who wants to start? LOL

Pirate Adam

jimbob said...

Not much to say now Pirate Adam,
than just wait till we get news on the next extension.

Should go on the forum there is plenty of things to discuss on there mate!;)you could spend a day on it!ha

Jacadoo said...

Ok Adam lets do it - Odin wears girls clothes and has pierced nipples....

Must be the quickest end to a blog on record and after such a detailed update - cant understand it.

Anonymous said...

"Jacadoo said...

Ok Adam lets do it - Odin wears girls clothes and has pierced nipples...."

At least he has nipples, poor Kazar, no wonder he hides away in the jungle, the bloke must be highly embarassed, maybe that's why he has big muscles, to make up for his insecurities about his physical appearance...


Andrew said...

Hi everyone, Some great suggestons for characters. I think the top ten I would like to see most would be;

9th TOAD

Pyro must be in a double pack with Avalanche!!!!!!!!

The Blob is my number 1 specials "want" Think Sauron could be a regular figure to be honest but so could Omega Red but Omega Red would look very cool done in "special" size.

Really hoping to see Pyro done with Avalanche this is the thing I want too see most in the whole collection right now.

pirate adam said...

HAHA JACADOO, well Sasquach is nothin but a giant hamster, he need one of those giant balls off gladiators so he can run and run all day, i'll even throw in a huge chew toy for him, and bring on full size WASP!!!! LOL

Pirate Adam

Jacadoo said...

Adam you just had to up the game and mention the WASP - just not even a fair fight, you should be ashamed I'm sure Thor8 will be happy.

King Chris "no nipples Kar Zar" dude I was eating my dinner...

Thanks for the help with my NEW diet!!!!

OK lets get this blog really going again - top three most unliked figurines so far (so far rules out FS wasp).

1. Impossable man - just hate the character.
2. Sabertooth - poor figurine.
3. Carnage - a red melted mess.

This is no an excuse to have a go at Rich - just a discussion thread.

Thor8 said...

My 3 most disliked figurines are;

1) Carnage--looks like a wax figurine left over a hot plate.

2) Blade--Don't care much for the character or how the figurine looks

3)Doc Ock--Would've prefered the classic look.

Hey you know what would make this collection rock?, A mega size special of THE WASP, after all she was able to grow to giant size lately. Wait!, Jackadoo climb down from that stool and take that noose off your neck(or is it the other way around?) I was only kiddin' mate,whew for a moment thier I thought we loose you.

pirate adam said...

your right JACADOO i am ashamed of myself, so i will redeem myself.......


my 3 most hated figs:-

BEAST (i like the character but wrong costume and to skinny)

Pirate Adam

jimbob said...

I knew you change your mind Pirate Adam!:)

3 worst figs:-

1)Cabel - At 6'8" should tower over most figs like Hercules.!

2)Punisher - My favorite character,this is not what i expected!And whats with his receding hairline!!!!!!

Gladiator - With Banshee haveing the best detailed face so far,why could'nt Gladiator have the same treatment instead on haveing a face like a teletubby!

ted sallis said...

what's up with gladiators head ? it's like an amalgam of golem and elvis. he be ugly.
top three duffers excluding gladioli
1 cap britain just too dull for words.
2 cap america was this a sculpt of him before he took the super soldier serum ?
3 punisher, mr burns looks more intimidating

Banshee said...

Abomonation - Just really hated the base and it ruined the sculpt for me.

Sabretooth - Whats with the wierd face?

Crystal - Dull Dull Dull.

Cant wait to see the final sculpt of Cloak and Dagger hope we get a sneak peek soon :)

Thor8 said...

HI Rick took a peek at the main site and was glad to see it was updated. I expected to see more pics added though.

Sure am glad you decided to give Taskmaster his original look over the way he's being draw today.His stance is nice also,would have preferred Black Knight in a similar pose also. Not that I'm saying that I don't like the Black Knight figurine.

Sure wish The Swordsman could be given his spot in this collection. I chose characters for two main reasons; That thier costumes be eye-caching and that they have enough history to fill a mag,and The Swordsman has both!

Hawkeye said...

Just checked the new figures and I am absolutely loving the Hobgoblin one! Nice work.....

jimbob said...

I see Zemo looks like his hood is not as red as shown on the forum.
Last minute change is it?

It's not too late for the others to improve Gladiator face!!

pirate adam said...

the figurines just keep gettin better with the odd exception and personally think WAR MACHINE looks fantastic, dont understand why it took so long to get him in the collection.

Pirate Adam

pirate adam said...

ECHO ECHO echo echo........

wheres everyone gone?

hope we get an update today just to get things goin again, i even miss CBR shouting at me LOL

Pirate Adam

Thor8 said...

Going back to the latest five figurines featured on the main site

War Machine: Looks great with lots of detail and nice stance.Though I beleive that just like the Iron Man figurine it should have been a little taller and heavier.

HobGoblin: This one is near perfect,looks very authentic,great job!

Baron Zemo: Very well done pretty detailed,but I don't quite like his pose.

Taskmaster: Looks great! He's up there with the Hob Goblin figurine.
He's gonna look great added to my Avengers set.

Doc Samson: Very well done. He looks a whole lot better in this site than he did in the peek you gave us in a previous post.

Well just my humble opinion of what I think of these latest additions,Keep 'em coming!

Jacadoo said...

Come on Rich, give us something to debate over.

Still can't believe this bog has limped along so badly this time, given the recent updates.

mighty_marvel said...

it's great that the sculpt quality is improving so much but please keep them to roughly the same scale as the first 100. war machine is ok (shame iron man wasn't made the same size) but the others are too big compared to the figs so far. good examples are that doc samson should be about the same height as war machine and hobgoblin should be roughly the same height as spiderman.

Thor8 said...

The topic that Mighty_Marvel brings up is a very valid one and one that has been mentioned before. I went back to the main site to do some comparrison and noticed something quite odd,and that is that the hieght written under each figurine photo doesn't quite match what we see. What I'm referring to is the following;
If you look at figurines #81 thru #85 you'll notice that deathlock is stated to be 98mm yet with the exception of Mole Man he is shotter than all the others whom range from 91mm to 93 mm.
Figurines #86 thru #90,Lady Deathsrtike at only 88mm towers over all the others that range from 9o to 97mm.
Baron Zemo(Figurines #101-105) at
just 91mm seems the equal of Doc Samson whom measures 102mm. Even Taskmasters base seems smaller than the others bases. So just how acurate are these photos and the info provided?

Aside from that you should use some type of guide (like maybe the Marvel Official Guide to the MU)to get the stature of each figurin more accurate.

ted sallis said...

with this collection set to run until at least 2012 are there any plans for future movie specials ?
the thor movie is due in 2011 hopefuuly his look will be totaly different from the classic look of the regular figurine therefor a movie special would be justified in the same way as the iron man movie special, a wolverine movie special would have been great as the regular fig wasn't that impressive. also whatever charachter micky rourke is playing in iron man 2 should be immortalised in lead

Jacadoo said...

I agree with Ted Sallis and think movie specials have place in the collection - all appart from Howard the Duck....

I liked the Iron Man special and am hoping to see Wolfie in leather jacket along with Thor and updated Iron Man some time soon.

spidey_1979 said...

movie specials would be ok as long as they didn't take up new special places. there's too many good characters we haven't had yet to consider putting variants in place of new specials.
also, i agree with mighty_marvel and thor08 that the scale of the figures needs to be kept consistent. looking on i found that doc samson, iron man and luke cage are all listed as being 6'6" yet their figures (if the measurements on the site are accurate) are 102mm, 86mm and 95mm. i understand they won't be able to get them exactly the same but the difference between these 3 is too much imo

Thor8 said...

I really don't feel that movie versions of the characters, especially characters already done are appropriate right now,not with so many other candidates still out their with potential of earning a spot in this collection.
Believe me I am a loyal Thor fan who owns a complete collection of Thor comics,yet I would rather see a Mangog,an Odin,a Balder or any of the Warriors Three get their figurine done over another Thor figurine at this moment. This kind of trend tends to kill a series. I've seen it happen before,when you start to make various repeats of one or two characters collectors start to tire of them and the collection as a whole comes to a sudden stop.

jimbob said...

I would definitely buy variants of the big main characters,like THOR,

but only towards the end of the collection or after EM says they wont do anymore but they could still carry on the variants.

And i would love it if we get the Three Warriors in the collection!

Three Warriors team pack please!!!

Hawkeye said...

Just to go off tangent for a bit, anyone else remember a Marvel character called the Human Fly who was based on an actual "superhero" (or glorified stuntman)? He would be a cool figure but I'm guessing there would be limited interest as he wasn't around for long and is not well known.

ted sallis said...

funnily enough the human fly was probably one of the few marvel comic titles that our wee corner shop stocked. even as a kid i hated the bugger if i remember correctly that was down in no small part to frank robbins art . i loved the invaders comic from the same period despite robbins freaky looking artwork, Omega the unknown is also fairly err unkown?
but my favourite figurine that will never be made would have to be Bloodstone

Jacadoo said...

Hawkeye I remember the human fly - got to be one of the worst characters ever!!

Sorry - perhaps a good subject, for discussion tho - who was the worst character or most hated?

Come on Thor8, Adam, Ace, Baroni and MMarvel - CBR and the boys - just who is the worst?

pirate adam said...


no only kiddin my vote would have to be, errrmm

i wanna say BLOB just to see the reaction and have a laugh but honestly i cant think of any that i hate except PIP THE TROLL!!

Baroni_08 said...

Who is the worst or most hated character ???? mmm thats a tough one Jacadoo m8 . I'll be honest i do hate BLOB sorry X- VILLIAN fans but he is rubbish as a villian and for some reason i dont like HANK PYM i dont know why i just do. but there my opinion . And i know Pirate Adam luv's BLOB & HOWARD THE DUCK , oh no thats done it trouble is coming ..........

Jacadoo said...

Baroni - no need to worry about Adam any more buddy, he has come over all hippy, digging the peace man.

Perhaps you don't like Hank Pym because of the (dare I say it)....

WASP full size factor - oh no here comes the God of Thunder..

Seriously I have never thought much of Baron Zemo or even Reed Richards - yes I don't like Reed OK, I'm ready for the backlash.

For me the FF have lost their way over the last few years and it appears that appart from the Onslaught saga nothing else is worth mentioning.

Lets see how long Marvel will continue to churn out the endless drivel of story lines - now only my opinion and nobody died while I posted so....

Banshee said...

Jacadoo, I totally agree with you mate. Reed Richards also really grinds on me. I think it's because he's always seemed a little smug to me. Sure he's brainy, brave and all the other great atributes but at the end of the day he's an annoying dork. Sorry :p

Hawkeye said...

Jacadoo - no need to apologise! We all have our favs and it would be a very dull world if we all liked the same things! Besides, the 15 year old me liked things that I wouldn't so maybe if I looked at the Human Fly now, I'd have a different view.

Most annoying character? Impossible Man.

(BTW, now that we've got Kazar, can we have his wife, Shanna - that would be one for the collection - just see p263 of the Marvel Encyclopedia !)

pirate adam said...

hippy, diggy, the peace man!!!!

well then i was tryin to be nice but no more,

IMO with the exception of wolverine the x-men suck and the only good x-villain is magneto. also alpha flight i could do without. and i agree on the reed richards topic and would like to include tony stark and his massive ego......

thank you

Pirate Adam

ghost said...

What the ****!

Did the formum just change location.

What the hell has all this got to do with the collection!!!!!!!!!


Richard, a lot of people come up with some really great ideas, opinions, questions etc, how about.. and this is only an idea... answering some of them????

This would stop some of the tennis comments and give the grown-ups a reason to read and comment on your blog.

Thor8 said...

HI Ghost,I was wondering when you'd show up again. I agree with you about answering the questions asked on this blog.Just the other day I was thinking back to some of the inquiries I myself have asked and that have gone unanswered and was about to request the same thing. So how aboutit Rick? I know your a very busy man,but do you think you could review some of the questions asked here and give with some replies?

Jacadoo said...

Ghost - simple answer is some of us were bored and get a little sad humor in this blog.

To be perfectly honest as you say it appears hardly any questions ever get answered and to keep going back and forth with the same "tennis" is pointless.

So these offline discussions if for no other reason keep people coming back in.

ghost said...

I think more of us would 'appear' if our views were acknowledged.

Most of us have been collecting since the beginning and will probably stay till the end, and I think most have been at least 95% delighted with the collection.

But as it's grown it's also needed to develop (unlike the website), and without answering our views it's very difficult know whether we're just wasting our time by commenting.

Some feedback would shut some folk up or encourage others to come up with some great ideas.

For instance - Personally I think the Centre Spread is (and has always been) a total waste of paper. I'd much rather have either a more detailed 'life story' or even 'one-off' chapters covering either a connected character (which won't ever get modelled - like General Ross) or even the process involved in creating that issues particular model - from sketch to final piece.

If this is a **** idea then say something... this shuts me up, and stops people echoing my sentiments.

...and breath...

...thats better....

Jacadoo said...

Ghost - yes the main site and lack of dependable updates to the blog is a major bone of contention.

I have been collecting from the start - every variant and special give me the T Shirt now!!

For me I cannot see why we cannot have lets say one blog where Rich and the guys ask for our questions and then sets out to answer them in an organised way - come on Rich...

But manage it here not on other forums - beast and grim did a good job with helping with the last poll, but I for one don't want to join another forum (mind you, I do not think I would be welcome).

jimbob said...

Any chance on some conformation on PYRO & AVALANCHE double pack!One less thing we dont have to reapeat on this blog!;)

pirate adam said...

hey ghost, i for one quite enjoy the center pages of the mags but i do like your idea of putting some info on a character that will never be made in perhaps the last 2 pages as i dont bother to read them.

i also agree that Rich could answer some more questions posted on this blog, for example will we ever see ODIN, BLOB, ONSLAUGHT, OMEGA RED, ect ect....
dont need to know when just if they will be included (dont care much for BLOB though)..

on another note Jacadoo your the peace lovin hippy boy LOL

Pirate Adam

jimbob said...

It might be a bit too early to know about the next special line ups!

Otherwise Richard is going to run out of material to give us on this blog later on.;)

I would'nt mind seeing more sketches of upcoming figs before they get done.So Richard could get our feedback on them.

DC have made some bad costume choices lately,Im just a bit nervous that the Marvel collection might do the same.

The Grim Reaper said...

Jacadoo, and all really, being part of our forum is no bad thing and you would all be welcome. We don't have many rules, just ask that posts are constructive and thought out. Most on here would do this without a problem so all would be sweet. We all fall out over something now and again but it all blows over.

We mods/admins notice that it tends to follow a cycle - everyone happy for about 6 weeks then chat gets heated for a week then it picks up again and so the cycle continues infinitum.

When you have been around folk online for a long time you get to know their traits and which buttons to press to wind folk up and , more importantly, which ones to press to calm things down ;-)

I agree that there are lots of questions on here that remain unanswered, I guess mainly because the answer is not yet available and also there is a lot of chit-chat to wade through to get to the meat (and I know how busy these guys are). That's why everynow and again we trawl through our posts and send of a Q&A list to the guys at EM....we normally get open and honest answers back within a couple of days. :-)

Webs said...

Totally agree with Jimbob on Pyro & Avalanche come on Rich confirm them and then 99% of the blog and forum can stop requesting them non-stop, LOL. :)

Pyro & Avalanche really would be a stunning double pack.

Oh and most of us want our Blobby special. Bring on The Blob ;)

Miss Medusa said...

Pyro and Avalanche would rock! Yes please bring them on!

The figure I think im most excited about and just cant wait for is Jubilee. I really hope shes in the correct outfit which is Her yellow coat and sun glasses look. Im so excited to finally get her.

I hope one day that Domino, Sage and Destiny will also be done.

asura said...

can someone tell me what happened those last month concerning fan choices?
I just saw the idea of variants. I would love to see variants, especially:
- Wolverine (Logan, with a white Tshirt)
- Red Hulk
- The new captain america
- Thor
- Luke Cage

And any news about Ares, Vulcan or Omega Red ?

Thank you for answering!

jimbob said...

I prefer WII Captain America variant with the coat.

asura said...

I just found out who was the destroyer!!! I was thinking about the ennemi of Thor and was very glad about that. But this isn't the case and instead of, it's another old character...
Why does Eaglemoss have a preference for old characters? I still can't understand...
I just wish this will not sell well so that they will stop releasing those old characters and bring us new ones!

jimbob said...

EM has to keep everyone happy!Im not a big fan of the Golden Age characters,but since we are getting Union Jack and Destroyer EM could go for INVADERS team to give the Golden Age characters a decent display.

Miss America
Blazeing Skull

However they are the last characters i would like in the collection,but not fussed about it.;)

Jacadoo said...

Asura how did you find this out - I was under the impression the destroyer WAS Asgards protector supreme, not some old F**T who noboddy cares about anymore.

Rich come on, we don't need padding out with these characters; when there are so many more up to date characters that are continually asked for here in the blog and in Grims last polls.

I sense a growing discontent with a lot of collectors.

For me this is only hurting the collection - surley any collector wanting the so-called "Golden Age" (I add a note the same golden age when Marvel nearly went chapter 11 - because nobody wanted to read about weak characters and story lines) must be in the monority and the running order should at least reflect some level of loyalty to the majority of collectors.

So tell me Rich how was this destroyer selected - or perhaps just give some assurance you are listening.

The Grim Reaper said...

70th anniversary = special occasion = suitable long time standing character = DESTROYER

easy really ;-)

Anonymous said...

Destroyer isn't in the regular running order, nor is he taking up a special slot, so I really don't see what the fuss is about. He's not taking anyone else's slot, he's just a bonus for those who want him, myself included.


Anonymous said...

Which Destroyer is he anyways? Also Rich what's going on with Onslaught? He was confirmed awhile back...

Jacadoo said...

Grim and Chris - guys the question was "How was he selected, WHEN there are so many more popular options".

So as I said before - I bet its a minority of people who want this "golden age" character.

He means nothing to me and god knows why he would be selected to be such a noteworthy landmark figure such as a 70th anniversary - why not the Odin special far more to offer to the collection.

So guys back to you "Why and How"??

ted sallis said...

hi mr eaglymoss
i have an idea for you to ignore. . how about a video blog showing the creation of a new figurine from concept sketch to the finished article perhaps you could show us behind the scenes on the decision making process etc.
it's probably a lame idea so i will try and redeem myself by asking a searching question
if man wolf and tigra had a baby just how cute would that be ?

asura said...

I like the last idea :)

I would love to see work in progress of the sculpts. It's already very good that we could get a concept sketch of Gorgon (even if I would have prefer a modern version...well modern, allways modern...)

Maybe somedays, we fans, will be able to influence the pose and the sculpt of a figure!