Friday, 5 June 2009

Short but sweet

Hello everyone and welcome back for another figurine update.

As someone pointed out in the last update, I had posted an image of Madrox before (doh!) so to make up for it here are three new images of painted figurines.

I present Gladiator, Jack of Hearts and Jubilee.

As always let me know what you think in the comments section.

Have a good weekend.


buffduffdan said...

First of all cheers for the pics Rich, think your spoiling us ;)

My fav of the bunch has to be JOH. Looks really detailed and I like the pose. Jubilee is great too and Gladiator should look right at home in the MK section!

3 top figs IMO

Jacadoo said...

Not a fan of Jack of Hearts but what a figurine I have to say fantastic paint job. Gladiator and Jubilee - superb.

Jubilee looks really great - perfect pose and costume.

Can't wait to add them to my collection.

Ted Sallis are you related to Pirate Adam by any chance?

Guys I'm still a little confused the special to mark 70 years - is The Destroyer a la Asgard?

Thor8 said...

Hi Rick; I really enjoyed the latest pics. My favorite being Jack of Hearts,he'll make a great addition to my Avengers set.

Jackadoo and Asura Rick pointed out very clearly that The Destoyer special being made for Marvel's 70 years celebration was the "GOLDEN AGE" hero. He clearly said that he was one of the earliest characters that reaccures most often aside from "The Big Three" from that time period he also mentioned that he first appeared in "1941". Odins creation didn' make it's debut until 1965. Don't you guys read Rick's posts?

As for golden age characters being in this collection, I ask; WHY NOT?! this collection is titled The "CLASSIC" Marvel Figurine Collection isn't it?
Besides what better way to publish a 70 years celebration than featuring a character that was around at that time?

Oh, and Jackadoo as for Marvel almost going chapter 11 because of heroes no one was interested in reading. Did you hear the ione about a certain jolly grean skin giant who got his series cancelled after onlt 6 issues for the same reason? How about a group of teenage misfits who book was cancelled after 66 issue due to poor sales? Any idea where they are now!

Anonymous said...

Wow Rich you have spoilt us today, 3 painted unseen figurines!!

I think they all look great, Jack of Hearts looks very detailed, and Jubilee has a perfect pose and costume choice. Very happy with all three indeed. :)


Najimou said...

Hi richard !
Im Hakim from france and from superhero forum

i am very very happy to see jubilee figurine . Since i begin the collection , i fighted on forum to have jubile one day and my dream will become true !
The pose , costume and her face are perfect ! I will have her maybe in 2 years because i'm in france but you make a happy man with this news !!

thank you very much !!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rich! Akk those looks very cool indeed!

Anonymous said...

Also Rich, after seeing the MODOK, shall we say, 'variant' does this mean your people at EM have been working on a Modok figurine, or was that produced purely for your benefit?


jimbob said...

All 3 looks amazing!!!


Killer Frost said...

Ah Jubilee :):):):):) She looks fantastic actually shes perfect!

Jack Of Hearts looks cool too.

Gladiator not one im interested in to be honest.

Thanks for the pics ;)

spidey_1979 said...

Very happy that x-men costume choice is finally spot-on. after the disappointing rogue, mystique and others jubilee is exactly as she should be. well done on this one, only disappointing thing is that we'll be waiting over a year for her

pirate adam said...

Jacadoo, y do u think im related to TED SALIS??

i am related to somebody on this blog but im not telling who.

anyway, Rich, thanks for the sooner than usual update, Gladiator and JOH look stunning, i dont care 1 iota for Jubilie (character or figurine) but at least the X-Fans aren't moaning for the time being.

i knew all along about the destroyer special not being the Asgardian armour but still hope this may be made in the future.

Pirate Adam

Miss Medusa said...

WOW JUBILEE is a STUNNER! One of the best female figures so far and her earings are well cute :)

The other 2 dont really interest me but Jack of Hearts looks quite nice.

Any news on a Pyro and Avalanche double pack?

Thank You.

ted sallis said...

gadiator and jakoharts look like they have just stepped out of a marvel comic circa 1977 which is the the authentic classic look i was hoping for. jubilee is what hanah montana fans were hoping for like she really like totaly rocks.
but the big question is ,if thor and the hulk had a battle to the comic death who would win if
A : the hulk had a lisp
B Thor was gay

Anonymous said...

Jubilee is perfect! Great sculpt!!!!

MACHVII said...

Dear Sir,

Seeing Jack of Hearts has made my day.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics this round.

Jubilee is perfect. Glad I can finally add her to the X-Men shelf. She'll stand out from the rest of the crowd pretty well. Shame she didn't have some fireworks sculpted on her hands though. But either way, she turned out great.

Jack of Hearts looks great. Not a huge fan of the character, but I'm pretty sure that at least one person is happy with how she turned out. He'll look good with the rest of the Avengers. Also for fans of JoH, looks like he's coming back from the dead.

As for Gladiator (Melvin Potter), meh. I really don't have much to say about the character or the figurine. He'll get stuck with Daredevil and friends on my shelf, but he's certainly not one I'm giddy to be purchasing.

Anonymous said...

Re: Destroyer...

Hopefully it opens the way for a few more of those Golden Age characters. A Miss American and Whizzer 2-Pack would be nice at the very least. Wouldn't mind a WWII Cap w/ Triangle Shield and Bucky 2-Pack when the Captain America movie opens.

Timbo said...

Very sweet indeed!

Jubes looks top notch! as someone else said shes perfect! So many people have wanted her and been looking forward to her for a long time so cheers Rich & EM.

Jack of hearts looks interesting know nuffin about him but hes nice.

Gladiator (melvin) is kinda meh tho!

Cant wait to see pics of Sunfire and hopefully Pyro AND Avalanche TOGETHER as a double pack!!!!!! :)

Banshee said...

Absolutley stunning figurines. All 3 look amazing, the collection goes from strength to strength. Well done you guys.

Although in the next update could you possibly answer some of our questions. Maybe the ones we voted for on the forum such as will Cloak and Dagger be on one base or two. Pyro/Avalanche seems to be a hot topic at the moment too ?

Thanx guys great update.

Anonymous said...

"Will Cloak and Dagger be on one base or two."

Still hoping for seperate basis myself. The characters have appeared seperatly and are not joined at the hip. I have no problem if Cloak's cloak came around the front of Dagger's body if they were posed together. But I think sticking them together is a huge mistake.

Cardcaptor said...

Jubilee and Jack of Hearts Rock!!!!! Jubilee is my fave outta the two tho and god its gonna be hard waiting so long for her. Not a fan of Melvin Potter however hes one to miss for me!

Imagine if the first we hear about Pyro & Avalanche is seeing there pics here on the blog :) One can dream i guess, LOL. Cmon Rich Bring them on.

Gremlin said...

I am well impressed with Jack of Hearts but then again with the character design he was always going to be a visually stunning character.
I am not bothered about Gladiator really, its more the fact that I never read a comic with him in. That aside he is still a great looking figure and you have given him a distinctive pose.

Jubilee is the best of the three for me. She was a character I wasn't too bothered about (there are better Xmen imo....cough cough Cannonball, Wolfsbane, marvel Girl cough cough). But seeing her sculpt you have really nailed the look. I love the fact she looks like she is going to shoot fireworks out her hands. Its hard to see but I am hoping the earings are her Jubilee earings.

Well Done EM

Mr J said...

Nearly went into shock when i saw that pic of Jubilee!

Jubilee was the character that was my number one "want" (now its Destiny) and shes been well and truly worth the wait as she is simply one the best scultps in the entire collection male or female. Outstanding!

Whoever sculpted her should specifically sculpt many more of the female characters the quality compaired to the Crystal figure is levels above.

Oh and of course Pyro and Avalanche please (Soz Richard you must be sick of reading and hearing all these requests for this particular double but there a must have!)

Tanner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tanner said...

Jubes really does look great, Id be willing to guess that the guy who sculpted her also sculpted Polaris and Emma Frost too. I hope the sculpter gets a big bonus he sure deserves it.

JOH looks lovely really nice paint job.

Gladiator is not a character i particuarly wanted to see in the line-up this early so he is slightly as some others have said it... mehhhhhh!.

Looking forward to seeing sculpts of Viper, Gorgon and Sunfire.

The Avalanche and Pyro campaign is still as strong as ever :) Really hope we get them together.

jimbob said...

I hope we will have some news on Pyro & Avalanche double pack on the next blog update!

Two main double packs!

Pyro & Avalanche
Auora & Northstar

Im sure you can fit these two and the two most popular specials from the forum before end of this extension!

We have waited and campaigned long enough.


P.S Also thanks to the sculpters at EM keep up the good work,you guys deserve alot of credit for this collectio!:)

jarvis69 said...

Hi Richard and thanks again to share your passion with us ! :)
The three new pics are GREATS...
By the way....still no nrws about the next extention ? lol
ps : About " golden age " characters , no pbl for me

lipstick said...

Οh my god! Jubilee is perfect, great, fabulous!!!
And the other 2 are amazing.

Very good job. Contrinue like that.

mighty_marvel said...

i know its wikipedia so not necessarily accurate but if you search for classic marvel figurine collection it lists cloak and dagger as being on a shared base. can rich clear this up for us once and for all please? will they be on a shared base or not?

like everyone else i think that jubilee is nigh on perfect and for me just highlights how badly rogue was done. would love a complete redo of rogue

jimbob said...

Im undisided about Cloak and Dagger base,what about just doing two bases!Shared and separate base and let us decide on which one we want to purchase!Both would sell well!

Webs said...

Good grief! They all look great. Im thrilled that Jubilee looks well yeah perfect! The ear rings are a great little touch. She's the best sculpt out of all three of them!

I wud also love to hear some news on PYRO & AVALANCHE even if its a no :( no doubt well all be gutted lol, but atleast well know. However due to the mass requests on here and the SHFF they wud surely be a very big seller.

Getting DESTINY popped into PYRO'S space in the 121-140 extension line-up wud be out of this world! ;)

Here's hoping we get BLOB at some point in time aswell.

ted sallis said...

hold on to your william shatner replica corsets. while scavenging through the wheelie bins behind eaglemoss tower i discovered a provisional line up for the next planned extension 141 -160
141 the beyonder
142 sausage boy
143 foolkiller
144 thundra
145 togo
146 bloodstone
147 modred the mystic
148 arable farming
149 kendo nagasaki
150 a blood brothers doublepack
151 the living eraser
152 molecule man
153 joe bugner
154 a pot noodle
155 batroc zee leeper
156 betamax
157 dragon mam
158 the invisible man
159 huggy bear
160 godzilla
to all the guys on this forum who were campaigning for the togo fig , we did it you guys we frickin did it!!

Anonymous said...

Uh huh. Don't quit the day job.

There's tons of big characters left for the next extention. There are some good suggestions there... but Godzilla for instance like Rom is a licensed character. Not gonna happen.

Baroni_08 said...

Great new pic's of GLADIATOR , JOH & JUBILEE , they will look ok in the collection . I dont really care about these character 's especially JUBILEE, i think there was better and more deserving character's that should of had that walking firework displays place , lol but im true to my collection and will collect all figurine's . See all the X-MEN fans are out again lol, Can we have a couple more HERALDS next extension pls RICH , great job guys keep it up........

pirate adam said...

JACADOO!! where are you?

Richie Rich said...

That pic of Jubilee has just made my day! absolutely cant wait to get her its so great that shes been done to such a high standard and she really is the best sculpt out of the three.

Yes some news about Avalanche and Pyro please Rich, we want this Double-Pack so MUCH.

Jacadoo said...

Hi Pirate Adam - still here trying to recover from not getting THE DESTROYER - mainly due to my limited knowledge - I only knew of one!!

I think our friend Ted Sallis is loosing the plot - but you just have to respect the effort he put into his extension and CBR telling him why Godzilla wont be done - LOL!!!!!

Rich just two questions keep re-surfacing please give some guidence, so we can move on:

1.PYRO & AVALANCHE - double pak gonna happen?
2. Cloak and Dagger single / double base - I really don't care, but prefer single.

I'm with Baroni - WHERE ARE THE HERALDS!!!!!!!!

pirate adam said...

yay jacadoo's back

i'm with him and baroni.........

lets have some heralds

Cookie said...

Damn they all look cool, not so much interested in Gladiator but the other 2 look really great and Jubilee really is the stand-out figure of the three.

looking forward to seein a pic of Sunfire, Blackheart and Chameleon.

Avalanche & Pyro all the way! they surely have to be the first special of 2010. Destiny or Callisto for Pyro's free space.

Cheers Rich.

jimbob said...

What characters would be in the Heraldas???

Thor8 said...

What heralds should be made? I'd say Firelord is a must,and Terrax and Nova are good candidates.
How about The Destroyer? (The Odin creation), That way you'll have a herald and a Thor foe both in one.
I truly hope you'll be able to answer some of the long going questions in your next post Rick,
that way many of us can go on to other themes.

Baroni_08 said...

HERALDS that could be done , the original and first , THE FALLEN ONE , MORG THE EXECUTIONER ,NOVA , TERRAX thats just to name a few . We must be due a couple of them since we only have one herald already out of a 140 figurines . Could even do a double pack ..... Cmon RICH & EM more heralds to go with GALACTUS .......

jimbob said...

I would love to have Terrax!!!!!!!!
Hes not far off my most wanted cosmic!

I also think there are other cosmics most wanted than the Heralds!

Ronan the Accuser
Star Jammers (Team pack)!

But i would'nt mind the Heralds,they all look cool!

In fact any cosmic character would make a great looking fig!!!!!:)

Goth Prince aka Andrew said...

Really cool pics Jubilee and Jack of Hearts are my favourites out of the three.

I really do want a Pyro n Avalanche double pack so i hope we can hear something about that.

Most wanted regular specials i want too see done are;

Omega Red

Anonymous said...

I agree would love to see some heralds in the collection. But as I always say I'm holding out for an Onslaught fig... He'd look amazing!

asura said...

I am not a huge fan of those characters but I have to admit that they have good sculpt and nice POSES !
I think the most important in the final outcome of a figure is the pose. I hope Eaglemoss will avoid to make poses with crossed arms or fist on the hips in the future (I didn't like the poses of Quicksilver, Mrs.Marvel or Hercules for example and thus, didn't buy them). I hope Blackheart will get a nice sculpt or at least look alike Mephisto or Thanos for the pose.

Moreover, bring us OMEGA RED !!!

Thank you

Robin said...

Jubilation Lee looks out of this world the best female figure so far hands down!

Yes bring on Pyro and Avalanche they are so much wanted.

I really agree that Omega Red must be done hes visually so nice I hope he is in the collection one day. Sauron and Blob are much wanted too.

Thor8 said...

I sure hope the X-Boys and girls get there answer soon about Blob, Pyro & Avalanche, Sauron, and Omega Red real soon, If not I just may have to pull a dissapearing act like Ghost does. (Don't wory Ghost I'm not critizing you I'm backing you up). No matter what the topic is ,it all seems to go back to the same request over and over again. Are Pirate Adam,Baroni_8 and myself the only ones in this blog who aren't X-Men freaks!

Ramshackle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jacadoo said...

Thor 8 you can count me also in the minority of non X Freak - although excellent story line - I lean towards Alpha Flight and the Avengers.

I am sick of hearing the same requests - RICH dude save us from this repeating themem the records scratched beyond repair!!

Now if they were asking for Tigra....

Saturn Lad said...

Oh not Alpha Flight there beyond LAME, thats the reason there comics failed to sell time and time again relaunch after relaunch. There a running joke at Marvel, lol.

Northstar's cool tho and Aurora has had her moments.

Love the pictures as many have said Jubilee is perfection! and the other two look great also.

Lets please hear something about Pyro & Avalanche we want them ASAP! :)

Sauron, Blob and Omega Red for specials i support fully!

Thor8 said...

Welcome aboard Jackadoo! Any one else want to hop on? It's not that I don't like the X-Men It's just that enough is enough.
I can't wait to see a pic of the Tigra figurine. I sure hope the pose they give her does her Justice
It sure was a let down when they didn't make a figure of her in the marvel legends series so I'm very eager to see what she'll look like in this collection.(Stop drooling Jackadoo).

Anonymous said...

They did make a figure of Tigra in Marvel Legends. I'm looking at it.

Thor8 said...

CBRBeast; They did what series #?
Are you sure your not confusing it with the "United We Stand" series from the animated cartoon? If not please let me know which Marvel Legends series she belongs to.

Miss Medusa said...

Yeah there is a Tigra action figure from Marvel Legends she was released as part of the Nemesis (Holocaust) Series. She's a really nice figure.

pirate adam said...


if i presume right and they are all wanted as some sort of special edition then thats another 5 X-MEN/VILLAINS specials to go with the 6 we already have making 11 and not a single ASGARDIAN special to be seen, to me thats just plain greedy, i would say 2 at most and they should be ONSLAUGHT and PYRO and AVALANCH. ohh and JUBILIE is a poo character no matter how good the sculpt is and its the worst of the 3.

Pirate Adam

mighty_marvel said...

sauron and omega red could be done as regular figurines imo. they would be some of the taller regular figs but could be done in the regular line-up. onslaught and blob could not be done as regulars due to their sheer size and should be specials. would like a madame web special. her in her chair would look good in the collection. odin could be done as a regular too but have to say he has the potential to look amazing as a special so however he is done would be fine by me

jimbob said...

I think Sauron is a special because of his wings.He is only
200bls so not very big.Definitely a must have in the collection!

There are rummors that MODOK is going to be after Cloak & Dagger.The only problem with that is if it pushes 1 of our most wanted specials out of the running for this extension!

Pyro & Avalanche
Blob & Toad
Sasquash & Puck
Auora & Northstar

Baroni_08 said...

Were all just repeating ourselves on here but ok then. First off BLOB & SAURON no were near bein candidates for special's there both not good enough. Pyro & Avalanch i agree totally on these two bein a double pack . Onslaught , Madame Web ,Odin ,The living tribunal and a lot more character's deserve special slots before BLOB !!. Omega Red & Toad and who ever else should be made but in time with the rest of X-MEN & X-VILLIANS like THOR 08 and Jacadoo & Pirate Adam will agree this is not the X-MEN collection its the MARVEL collection lets give other factions a chance. Cmon RICH time to give some answers out on all these on going arguments ..........

Cardcaptor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cardcaptor said...

@ Baroni
"First off BLOB & SAURON no were near bein candidates for special's there both not good enough"

What are you talking about? Richard has already listed BLOB & SAURON as possible candidates for inclusion on this very blog.
BLOB also won the poll on the SHFF as been the most wanted Regular Sized special.

Thor8 said...

Not trying to throw dirt on anyone's image,but I wouldn't use the SHFF as such a reliable source for survey purposes as I have come to notice that this is a refuge for X-Men Fanatics.
Definately the only way to solve this delema is by getting some answers from the EM gang. Rick and the rest of EM if you do a survey try using more than one source for best results,like mag stands and comics shops were your product is sold. Forums (and I'm not refering to any ONE specificly) tend to be one sided in many occasions!

Baroni_08 said...

Ok Cardcaptor , you tell me why and what make's BLOB & SAURON so worthy enough to be specials . I dont care about surveys and all that crap , they were only maybe's to be done as specials , SO pls tell me, there storys are not that good, yeah there figs might look ok other than that nothin .One has wings so did Vulture and the other is big and FAT and there power's are not that good either so both good easily be done as normal editions . There are far more worthy characters for specials.

IM ready for the X-MEN fan backlash , but i have my allies Pirate Adam what do you think on this ?????

Miss Medusa said...

Baroni 08 you really seem to have a bad attitude. Calm down and drop this x-men hate.

Ill tell you why Sauron and Blob are "worthy" to be in the collection and thats because most of the fan base who comments on the collection wants them.

You say you dont care about "surveys and all that crap" well thankfully EM and Richard Jackson do as there intelligent enough to know that the customer is always right and to be a succesful business they need to listen to there customers to make money and be succesful which lets this amazing collection continue.

Blob and Sauron are completely wanted by the majority and majority rules learn to accept that most people do not seem to agree with you.

You really seem to want to start some kind of war (Baroni08 vs The X-men), here's some advice... Its a war you will not win!

I believe were all entitled to request our faves and most wanted figs. If people do not like that then maybe they might not want to read the blog or join any forums.

Anonymous said...

All characters are good enough to be made. Regardless of whether or not you like them. I couldn't give a flying fig about the Asgardian Destroyer, Odin, and Onslaught, but I'm not about to whine or stamp my feet if they get made. The collection is for everyone, not just one fanbase. Odin will likely get the nod, Destroyer... would probably have to be packed with someone. He's not really much of a character, more of a plot device.

The only thing holding some characters back is the lack of history. Some of the heralds are mere plot devices for example. I can certainly see Firelord, Terrax, and Nova (Frankie Raye) get made though. Since they actually have not only the appearances but they history to support it. But I'm hoping to see more cosmic stuff in general. Bring on Phyla-Vell, Moondragon, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Star-Lord, Ronan The Accuser, Blastaar, and more.

Both Blob and Sauron deserve to be made. They have the history, and both are fairly major X-Baddies... an are that hasn't been addressed for a while. And yeah, there's no way for Blob to be made as a regular figurine. He's too large, both in height and girth to be produced at the regular price point. Sauron possibly could be done as a regular figurine, but I think doing him as a special allows them more wiggle room to be dynamic.

And the SHFF has a diverse fanbase. Not just X-Men fans. Everyone is represented. Just cause you have issues with the forum, doesn't mean you should twist the facts. Just because you're not happy with the results of the polls that helped choose the last extention doesn't mean that the polls weren't run fair. Especially when you consider all the cheating that occured when Rich tried to run the polls here. The results speak for themselves as to what people want to see in the collection.

Face it, the online polling was the only way to really get accurate results across the entire fanbase. You can't inlcude a survey in with the figurines, because that way you're only getting results from the UK. Since the other countries that get the figurines arn't going to get them at the same time, and most arn't going to pay overseas postage to return a survey.

Cardcaptor said...

Miss Medusa your spot on!

Im not gonna even respond to the guy hes a trouble maker who likes to stir things its so sad.

What are these rumours about a Modok figure? That would be great I did not think we we get him.

Mr J said...

Miss Medusa and CBRBeast are both right great posts guys.

Bring on BLOB, SAURON and MODOK (has there been some kind of leak about him then?)

Baroni_08 needs to get the chip of his shoulder and polls are an essential way for EM to find out what people are willing to spend there cash on.

Anonymous said...

Re: M.O.D.O.K.

A picture of a fully sculpted and painted Modok was sent to SHFF by Rich (I Believe). Of course, the figurine appears to have a likeness of Rich's face. But the rest of the body is fairly accurately sculpted otherwise. A note, apperantly the last time Rich sent them a tease like this it was the DC Figurine of Batman on a Bike that had Alan's face. So take it with a grain of salt that they're doing him as a special. It looks pretty good, but I wish they had him floating on a flame cloud like they did the Marvel Legends figure.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I forgot how you can't post long links here. Ummm... try this:


Just put the two halves together.

Baroni_08 said...

Miss Medusa i dont have a bad attitude or h8 the X-MEN one bit cos growing up i was a big X-MEN fan and until this day WOLVERINE is still one of my all time favourites . I was just answering wat Cardcaptor had questioned me over. As for me bein a trouble maker grow up Cardcaptor just cos im not a big X-MEN fan and give my opinion like everyone else im sad , think you should think first next time before you challenge someone's opinion . I do agree with CBR everyone will be made at some point if you like them or not and we will all have favourites , just like to see more variety in the collection , which i am a true fan of and have collected all figs liked or not . ..........

Anonymous said...

There's tons of variety in the collection.

But the fact is, the Avengers and X-Men are going to dominate the collection no matter what. They're the largest teams, with the most characters, and the highest sales figures.

And Spider-Man's gonna be pretty close behind, because he's got a large rogue's gallery that have been done. It's just common sense to assume that Marvel's largest properties are going to heavily factor into any merchandise.

Banshee said...

Wow I really hope MODOK is made the figurine looks awesome (aside from having Rich's face on it. Sorry Rich LOL!!)

I also agree that Blob and Sauron deserve a spot in the collection. Blob is one off the major baddies i remember since being a kid.

I understand that some people don't want him in the collection but we all have figurines that we don't 100% want. I have no desire for Asgardins or to be honest (and your all gonna hate me for this LOL) Avalanche, however I would happily purchase them. The collection must be kept diverse or everyone would lose interest. So instead of all bickering and bitching let's try and come up with amicable decisions that will keep everyone moderately happy and make the collection awesome.

Anonymous said...

No love for Avalanche, Banshee?

I can't wait for him and Pyro myself. I really wish we could get another Mystique in her White Outfit. Would love to put Freedom Force together on my shelf. And she'll really be the only figurine that won't fit with the others.

Just can't wait for Destiny, Blob, Pyro, and Avalanche. Then hopefully we'll get Spiral (likely in a 2-Pack with Longshot) and Arachne.

jimbob said...

I love it!!!

Baroni_8 is just trying to get a reaction out of us!Ha ha nice try mate;)

EM is working close with the figurine forum it has over 1,000 members,why would'nt they do their market research from this?

There are so many X-Men characters i want but i would be happy if we just get 2 X-Men in the next extension and give others a chance.

We dont need to say much to defend the Blob special the forum poll speaks for it self ha!

Jacadoo said...

Baroni 8 for me your OK buddy - the rest of you get a grip!!

Fair comments from CBR (I cant believe I'm saying it - my fav sparring partner - appart from Grim)..

Miss Medusa my monies on Baroni to kick XButt - only joking but we all have differing tastes and we all want our own picks first.

Mind you - if your sad like me you will buy whatever comes and in whatever order I get it.

Sauron not a particular want and fat boy - well enough has been said about him, cancel them all and give me Alpha Flight!!

Oh and Stingray double pack with Tiger Shark!!

Mind you I'm still laughing at the way Jimbob has come out swinging for the pie eater!!

jimbob said...

Ha ha.

Yeah Alpha Flight!!!

Ill back you up on that one Jacadoo!;)

Sasquash & Puck double pack!!!

Thor8 said...

In the post Richard publised on May 1st Mighty_Marvel posted a list that I find was quite balanced and fair. There were a few choices I personally don't really care for but there was something for just about everyone.
I believe we all should follow suit and if we send in a list of suggestions we shouldn't be egoistical about it and try to versify our list so that we get something of what we want and so will everyone else.
I mean I'm an old Avengers fan and I could easily send in a list of wants requesting they make Stingray,USAgent,Mockingbird, Arachne,Starfox,and a double pack of Swordsman & Mantis,and a Mega Special of Goliath and a Battle armour Thor Special, ect. but would the rest of you find this fair or reasonable?

Banshee said...

Jacadoo and jimbob are spot on. I too would love to get Alpha Flight into the collection. It'd be a simple process really, already having Guardian and Snowbird on the way, an Aurora/Northstar and Sasquatch/Puck double packs and then one spot for Shaman in the next extension.

Sorted :)

mighty_marvel said...

thanks for mentioning my suggestion list thor8. i just went through everyone elses suggestions and new groups mentioned by rich on the blog and tried to include as many groups as possible, plenty of females, finish alpha flight and ones that would look good as figurines without going to relatively obscure characters. there was plenty on it that i wouldn't choose if i was designing the collection just for me as i would have lots of xmen and spiderman. lets see a few other people do the same. make a 20 list and special suggestions that include a bit of everything.

this is mine (have changed it a bit following comments from last time)

Moondragon (AVENGERS)
Mockingbird (AVENGERS)
Radioactive Man (MASTERS OF EVIL)
Triton (INHUMAN)
Caliban (MORLOCKS)
Pete Wisdom (EXCALIBUR)
Forge (X-MEN)
Wolfsbane (X-MEN)
Cannonball (X-MEN)
Omega Red (X-VILLAINS)
Ronan the Accuser (KREE)

Sasquatch (maybe with Puck), Blob (maybe with Toad) Odin, Madame Web

Pyro/Avalanche (Pyro space to Destiny)
Enchantress/Executioner (Enchantress place to Shaman)
Tiger Shark/Stingray

mighty_marvel said...

oh, and a mega special

atlas/goliath/power man (whichever one you want to call him)

Anonymous said...

I was with you until you mentioned Giant Man as a Mega Special. Honestly... I'd rather see the Mega Special size be retained for characters that can't be done to scale. Plus we already have Pym, Hawkeye, and Lang in other costumes. So that really only leaves Black Giant Man. I'd personally rather see Fin Fang Foom in the Mega Special slot.

jimbob said...

Atlas mega special definitely!!!!

Would look really good among the THUNDERBOLTS figs.

It would also be nice to have Pete Wisdom in the next extension,something diffrent!

mighty_marvel said...

fin fang foom also a good idea for a mega special cbrbeast. would be more than happy with that too as would be a very unique looking fig for the collection

Thor8 said...

Just wanted to thank CBRBeast and Miss Medusa for informing me about the Marvel Legends Tigra figure I'm now in the process of getting one soon. Due to various reasons I've been unable to visit toy or hobby shops for awhile and was unaware of this series being done, thanks guys!

Hey does anybody else collect anything else besides the EM figurines? Maybe we can help esch other out onfinding what we need just like CBR andMedusa helped me.

jimbob said...

Good double pack selection MM

My double packs would be:-


jimbob said...

I forgot WRECKING CREW team pack!

If EM was only to be able to fit one team pack in this collection Wrecking Crew would be the best choice!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok as an X-fan haha! What would you think about an Omega Red and Maverick double pack?

Bit off topic but I can't remember when this collection started? I got spider-man on day 1 but it seems years ago... I hope this collection has many more years left in it.

I also support Alpha Flight

mighty_marvel said...

four horsemen team pack would be good too. imagine how good they'd look around apocalypse

mighty_marvel said...

been going just over four years i think james

Anthony Stark said...

Jubilee is simply fantastic, I can finally complete my X-Men (1992) cartoon line-up. That was a while good T.V show, it`s a shame the X-Men cartoons that have come after it can`t even hold a candle to those episodes. Anyway, great update! :)

jimbob said...

Cant wait to get Jubilee!!!
The won that almost got away he he.

Thunderbird would be my last X-Men to collect.It would be nice to complete the classic Giant size X-men.

I do hope Richard would consider team pack into this collection.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked when the CMFC first came out, I'm pretty sure Spiderman was released September 1st 2005. A very long time ago now!!

It really has flown by!


Jacadoo said...

As King Chis says 4 years already for this collection - unbelievable we still do not have Sasquatch!!!

OK I'm only joking - I expected Stingray as well by now!!

Jimbob is spot on asking for Thunder Bird to complete what I feel to be the best Xmen line up.

Thor8 said...

Wow 4 years, I've only been collecting this series for just 1 year now,give or take a month or so. I was lucky enough to pick up just about all the figurines I needed except Deadpool which I purchased thru ebay but never received.

I'd love a Stingray figurine and if they double him up with Tiger Shark it would be even better still.