Friday, 26 June 2009

Kill, crush, DESTROY

Hi Guys,

Another quick update but this time I will attempt to answer some of the questions from the comments sections:

“What's happened to Onslaught?”

Still on the backburners, we’ve not finalised the number or type of specials for next year but he’ll be on the shortlist. He’s one of my favourite candidates.

“Please please, PLEEEEASE, let the X-Fans know in your next post if you will be or won't be doing the Pyro and Avalanche double pack and the Blob special so we can finally get a rest and move on to other topics!”

Not the news you want to hear but as above (for Onslaught) we’ve not sorted out next year’s specials but once again Blob is one of the characters I don’t think we’ll be able to leave out. As for Pyro and Avalanche – well I know there’s been a lot of support for double packs but we’re still waiting to see just how we can put them together and how frequently we can offer them. At the moment Pyro is on the regular running order but that doesn’t mean he can’t be pulled out and made into a special with Avalanche. The only thing to remember is that double-packs would take the place of other specials making it hard to fit all the oversized characters in.

“Why oh why keep the centre spread, and axe 4 pages of info?”

Initially we decided to keep all features of the magazine intact so that it retained everything it previously had. We also slightly tweaked the format of the History section from 4 columns of text to 3, which actually gives more room for text. Plus we’ve cut down on sidebars unrelated to the character. This means that we didn’t really lose two-pages of history (text) but more like one. However, I must concede that we’re thinking of mixing things up a little and perhaps for characters that deserve more history, we’ll lose the middle pages instead. But I can’t say which (if any) characters this will be for just yet.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I am listening to feedback.

“Cloak/Dagger 1 base or 2?”

We’ve gone for one base and I hope to have preview shots very soon.

“Any chance of a sneak peak of Destroyer or Cloak and Dagger in the next update?”

Yep checkout the below image and leave your feedback in the comments section.

Have a good weekend.


Anthony Stark said...

Whoah! Destroyer looks awesome, good job. Very happy that Cloak & Dagger are gonna be on the same base. Another great update, Cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh-Oh, I spot the first civvie of the collection, admittedly he does look a bit...dead...heh.

Destroyer looks very cool and I'll certainly be picking him up.

thanks for answering the questions Rich, good to know the specials for next year are still being considered. Personally I would have preferred Cloak and Dagger on separate bases but I guess it's not a huge deal, so long as we can still see both characters fully (rather than just seeing Daggers head poking out of Cloak).

Glad to know we haven't lost as much info from the mag as it might first appear, and I appreciate that the centre spread might go eventually to make room for more info :D

Thanks again


Ryan Maxwell said...

Wow. Perfect!

buffduffdan said...

Destroyer looks amazing :D Definitely wasn't expecting that but I like it! Glad Cloak n Dagger are going to share a base too as it makes sense to me!

The Grim Reaper said...

Destroyer looks good mate, willl EM do me a one-off special of him standing on a policeman holding a laser speed-gun.


Bobbyvjay said...

Destroyer is just fantastic, reaaly looking forward to getting that one now, and to read up on his history, as Iv only ever seen him in a 90s Spider-man cartoon.

Gremlin said...

Awesome job with the Destroyer.
Thanks for taking the time to answer some of the questions that have been bounding around, its much appreciated.

As for the Pyro and Avalanche double idea I have to say since you have cut the mag down I am all for keeping Pyro as a normal. Give the double slot to someone who really deserves it Like Northstar and Aurora, or perhaps put a small characetr with a large one like Toad and Blob or Puck and Sasquatch.

Robin said...

Destroyer looks very interesting nice sculpt.

Thanks for the answers on various questions. Cloak and Dagger on a shared base is cool was the best option for sure and with regards to Blob he most certaintly is a character that you must not leave out next year ;)

Cheers Rich :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Destroyer looks great. Can't wait.
Bring on more of the Golden Age heroes!

Not jumping for joy over a single base for Cloak and Dagger. Since they have appeared seperatly and their not joined at the hip... but eh, will make the best of it.

And Gremlin, in Pyro's case... remember that specials are keeping the 20 page count for magazine. Plus, pairing him with Avalanche isn't going to cut down on Pyro getting covered. As has been mentioned before, Avalanche has very little history outside of his appearances. Pyro at least has a backstory and such. So a double pack would be the best choice, since doing Avalanche as a single would be difficult with the lack of info.

jimbob said...


Did'nt expect that pose of the Destroyer!

Looks amazing!!:)

As for Pyro and Avalanche,i would still like them as a double pack along with Auora and Northstar.Two most wanted double pack in this collection!!

jarvis69 said...

Another amazing work with the Destroyer !
Hope the collection'll give us some other golden age characters

Anonymous said...

The Destroyer base is... er... Different, lol. Haha.

I'm pleased it's one base for Cloak and Dagger. Yay!

Please Rich, any news on X-23? I'm dying to see what she looks like!

Anonymous said...

She looks like a she-male Wolverine. ;)

jarvis69 said...

...without cigars ! ;)

Miss Medusa said...

LOL yeah X-23 is Wolverine with Boobs. Still cant believe she has got into this collection over original cool characters like Domino, Magik and Wolfsbane.

Destroyer looks interesting Ill pass on him but he does look interesting.

Jimbob is 100% right Pyro and Avalanche and Northstar and Aurora are the 2 most wanted double packs in this collection so surely they will eventually be done.

And yes its simply time for Blob in 2010 :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rich for answering the Q about Onslaught... What will I ask about now? I really hope he makes it :D

Fantastic Destroyer sculpt! Love that he's standing on a dead marine! Quality!!!

Killer Frost said...

Destroyer looks cool not one ill be getting so ill pass. The culpt is very nice but I would not want to see bodies or anything similar on other specials.

You can just see the meeting at Marvel where the oh so creative individual who came up with X-23 came up with the idea of her, it went something like this.....

"We have Wolverine in every x-book going and also the Avengers how can we get even more Wolverine in X-Men and Marvel comics??? Oh I know lets make a female version" LOL.

X-23 Sucks! Miss Medusa all three of those X-Ladies you mentioned deserved to be in before that rip off character X-23. Were lacking female characters in the collection so when females are picked lets get cool ones like Spiral, Photon and Domino.

Anonymous said...

I don't really mind X-23. But yeah, I think there's a lot of characters with longer historys that I would have rather seen first. Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey), Sage, Illyana. Those 3 for starters.

jimbob said...

I've started to like X-23!

My female list is:-


Cant wait to see Cloak and Dagger!

Still undesisive about 1 base or 2?

Will just have to wait and see.:)

thor51 said...

More great figures. How about the Destoyer from Thor? I would also like to know do you plan to do any of the Ultimates or that universe? Thanks Brad

Anonymous said...

I think the only way that they could do Destroyer would be in a 2-Pack. Since he's not really a character, more of a plot device.

Travis said...

So now the big question. How much will Destroyer set us back. Will he be priced like a regular figurine or like a special?

And why no swatika? If he is a german solider for WW II then he should have a swatika.

ghost said...

Destroyer looks fantastic (especially with the dead nazi). Only one flaw - the scull on his chest... it looks a little happy!

But I hope mine (whenever it's due to appear) has his trousers painted this well, I can see all sorts of strange effects happening when the little chinaman you employ starts rushing that off the production line!

Anonymous said...

He's gonna be priced as a special.

Re: Lack of Swasticka:

If they added that, they wouldn't be able to sell it in Germany. And possibly in other parts of the European Union. If I recall correctly, you can't put that symbol on merchandise that is available there. Plus it's in incredibly poor taste.

Zombula said...

Destroyer is awesome !
Many thanx EM chaps - more Golden Age guys please & more Horror types also.
Stunning sculpt & dynamic base - collection grows stronger & stronger.

Travis said...

Why would a swasticka on a WW II german solider be in poor taste CBR Beast? That's their uniform. Is it poor taste to have the Union Jack on Union Jack's figurine because of the atrocities of the British empire. Of course not. It would be stupid.
We can not censor our past. No matter how ugly it is. And every country, including the US is guilty of atrocities. Heck we tried to wipe out the American Indians. Does that mean EM should have made Captain America without a star on his chest or his sheild?

By trying to cover up the mistakes of the past your only going to doom yourself or future generations to repeat those mistakes. And that's what's in poor taste.

Anonymous said...

Don't be a doof.

It's a nazi swastika. It's not gonna be put on merchandise. Just look at your Red Skull figurine. Do you see one? No. Get the picture.

Thor8 said...

The Destroyer looks pretty cool, the pose selected really took me by surprise.
Thanks for answering some of our long going questions Rick, maybe now tensions will ease up a bit and we can move on to new topics.
Somewhere down the line it would be nice to see other golden age heroes done.
Oh and I see we have another asgardian joining our merry band of collectors. Welcome aboerd Thor51

Gremlin said...

On the subject of X-23 anyone who has been reading anything with her in will know what a complex and appealing character she is. She fights alongside Wolverine in X-Force and readers of this know that the similarities end after their powers. The reason she is in the collection is because although she is new she has incredible staying power and I fully expect to see her front and center in comics in 20 years time.

I also fully support your points that characetrs like Domino, Spiral, Clea and Firestar should be in the collection. Just remember that this collection isnt just for people who were reading comics in the 80's and 90's, its also for those who are reading them now.

I am personally hoping we will have Rachel Grey and Spiral in the next extension alongside some newer characters like Nico Minoro (Sister Grimm) and The Hood.

Keep up the good work EM and keep throwing us some curveballs.

Ramshackle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Baroni_08 said...

Great looking Destroyer fig , im looking forward to it as i dont know much about his history .

Im in total agreement on the lack of female character 's in the collection there should be alot more !! Firestar especially .

I cant understand why some people start the collection and dont get every issue . Ok there's lots of character 's i dont like or follow but i have still got them just so my collection is a complete one .

Just off topic a minute on a forum last night a burning question ' Who is the most powerful marvel character ' i just thought id like to see who you guys & gals think is and why . Good job Rich & EM .

Baroni _08 .....

Travis said...

Only a simpleton wouldn't understand why any form of cenorship is wrong, and would resort to name calling to make an invalid point. Must be the only way you can win an agrument.

Now for the grown ups out there who might respect someones opinion.

The Red Skull had more appearance without a swatika than with. I don't think anyone was expecting to see him in a green jumpsuit with the swatika on his chest.

I understand certain countries will not allow any products sold with a swatika. Which is wrong.
If those countires want to hide under their little blankets let them. No need for everyone else to.

EM always stands up for every character they make. No matter how much they might get bashed. Like X-23 or X-Man. Nor did they flinch with Son of Satan, eventhough there are those out there that think he is a satanic character that should not be made.
Good for them.
Too bad EM couldn't use some of that moxy to make the solider as authentic as possible.

ghost said...

Totally agree with you Travis, I hate censorship. I personally have no problem with seeing the Swatika, it's the personification of evil and gets the point across as to who the enemy is! But if this collection is aimed at societies who have got issues with it, then I think EM are right in using a bit of common sense.

Although, why not have a version for Britain and a variant for Germany?

Jacadoo said...

Sorry for a bit of a mixed bag – bare with it………

I simply do not believe you contributors cannot understand the symbolism of the Swastika – you all should be ashamed.

I still can’t believe The Destroyer was selected – although great looking figurine - our friends within the SHFF will probably tell me, why he deserves this spot.

I for one collect every character (even if I complain) and think we do need more female characters.

I was back in the UK this week and saw the non-glossy mag – I for one think it looks better than the previous version.

Just got to re-highlight one main problem for me – the new characters are amazing. BUT they make the originals look boring (Catain America, Thor, Iron Man, Punisher etc).

We have previously voted on re-do’s – Rich is there any way you would consider a few additional specials – I for one would welcome a new Captain / Thor / Iron Man.

Whats up Pirate?

mighty_marvel said...

thor8 - just read your 20 list from the last post. fair amount on there that i toyed with putting in my own. good suggestion of thunderbird. would be nice to finish giant size x-men lineup. might have to alter my own list to include him now. think 3 spiderman characters is too many though, he tends to get 2 slots in 20. but overall an interesting list with plenty of variety.

anyone else wanting to do an extension list, please don't just fill it with characters from one area. try and produce a list that could potentially be released with characters from all areas of the MU.

baroni - most powerful character is one-above-all. he's omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent - you can't get any more powerful than that

Thor8 said...

I am neither totally against nor in favor of censorship, since sometimes I believe it is necessary to apply the same. Nor am I in favor of name calling or insults in order to get a point across,but if I resort to the same in order to defend myself,isn't that just as bad? I believe I've said this more than once before,we are all here because we share a common hobby and wish to share our likes and dislikes with others. It's more fun and enjoyable when we can do so with respect. This doesn't mean we won't get into arguments or disagreements on certain topics, heck I love having a free for all with Jackadoo, Pirate,Baroni Jimbob,Ghost,and the rest of you guys,but we should all try our best not to offend or disrespect one another so this blog can keep being what it's suppose to be and that is "FUN"

On a different note I agree that a re-make of Thor,iron Man and Captain America(especeally Cap) would be great you can also add Crystal and Captain Britainto that list, and one I know Jacadoo would love atriple pack of the Wasp wearing a variety of her costumes!

jimbob said...

Here is my list for the next extension!

THUNDERBIRD(the last x-men)

It does change now and then tho!

Thor8 said...

I tend to check the previous posts just in case someone posts something there that I didn't read.
It so happens that in this case someone did. It was Mr.Ted Sallis with whom I had a dissagreement with awhile back. He clearly explains what he intended with the post we argued over and apologized for any offense caused. I just want to tell ted that I too thought it over and realized that I may just have reacted too quickly to your post. As you said it's easier to see when someone is jesting when you are both face to face. So I hope curiosity gets the better of you and you log in before 2013 as you mentioned in your post and read this,because the only way I'll accept your apology is if you accept my as well

Anonymous said...

Destroyer look brill. Really impressed with that one :) look forward to seeing it soon. A little dissapointed the cloak and Dagger will be on one base personaly but i guess i'll have to wait for the final image before i make up my mind.

I have a question also, when can i expect to be seeing Pete Wisdom in the collection. And i will not allow the answers "not at all" or "unconfirmed" :P ;)

spidey_1979 said...

after much deliberation this is my ideal extension lineup as requested by M_M and thor8. think it covers alot of bases.

1. J. Jonah Jameson
2. Hydro-Man
3. Thunderbird
4. Cannonball
5. Domino
6. Callisto
7. Exodus
8. Ares
9. Mantis
10. Ronin (Maya Lopez)
11. Frankie Raye
12. Balder
13. Pete Wisdom
14. Ronan the Accuser
15. Sersi
16. Triton
17. Crimson Cowl (Justine Hammer)
18. Radioactive Man
19. Moonstone
20. Songbird
1. Pyro/Avalanche
2. Enchantress/Executioner
3. Northstar/Aurora
4. Vulcan/Deathbird
5. Tombstone/Hammerhead
6. Corsair/Hepzibah
1. Odin
2. Sasquatch and Puck
3. Blob and Toad
4. Onslaught
1. Atlas
2. Fin Fang Foom

mighty_marvel said...

good list spidey. plenty of female characters in there to redress the balance a bit. think a female special is needed too though - i'm still rooting for madame web personally. major omission for me is forge but otherwise would be reasonably happy with that as an extension lineup.

who would you give the empty pyro and enchantress spaces to if they became double packs?

spidey_1979 said...

definitely destiny to replace pyro and a master of evil to replace enchantress. possibly man-ape

jimbob said...

Perfect,perfect double pack mate!!!

1. Pyro/Avalanche
2. Enchantress/Executioner
3. Northstar/Aurora
4. Vulcan/Deathbird
5. Tombstone/Hammerhead
6. Corsair/Hepzibah

These have to be the obvious double pack line up!

And also the Specials are spot on as well!!

1. Odin
2. Sasquatch and Puck
3. Blob and Toad
4. Onslaught
1. Atlas
2. Fin Fang Foom

I hope the Wrecking Crew would be considerd as the first Team Pack in this collection!

A_Jay said...

loving your extension list spidey. double and specials suggestions also good but agree with mighty marvel and would also like to fit madame web in there somewhere.

if they do a team pack good suggestion from jimbob with the wrecking crew. think four horsemen would be good too and would provide opportunity for archangel.

while on subject of xmen villains - with the heroes currently outnumbering villains, which xmen villains do people think are the main ones still missing from the collection. (not including ones that rich has already said are likely to be made like destiny and blob)

i'd like to have brood, xorn, shadow king, sebastian shaw, selene and fenris

asura said...

Now that I've seen what you did with Destroyer (just a shame it wasn't the asgardian one!!) I want ARES even more!
Please Richard, just take a look at most of the covers, he appears in many of them! Mighty avengers, New avengers, Dark avengers, Secret Warriors, Warmachine, Uncanny X-men...this character shouldn't be ignored !!!

asura said...

Oh and I also like Spidey's list since it includes ARES, RONAN and VULCAN !!!!

Banshee said...

Hey Rich, Thanx for answering the questions. To be honest Im a little disappointed Cloak and Dagger are sharing a base but Im sure itll look amazing anyway. Talking of amazing..... Destroyer WOW!!!!!

jimbob said...

The only thing with Cloak and Dagger is i hope the scale would be not too big!As in hight,both are not tall characters!

mighty_marvel said...

done to roughly the same scale as the earlier figurines cloak should stand about 85mm high, with dagger around 80mm. but em have been making the newer figures alot bigger, so we'll have to wait and see what happens with them.

wish they would be consistent with the scale though as the newer, larger figures are making some of the early ones (iron man, captain america etc) look really small in comparison

Thor8 said...

stiA lot of us totally agree with you M_M about the scale consistancy on some of the figurines. Some of the earlier figures look kind of scrawny when compared to some of the latest ones. Compare Iron man with War Machine,or Captain America and Captain Britain with say,Guardian or Moon Knight. Thier height is another thing EM has to watch out for. They made Doc Strange a virtual giant and Cable and Thor too short. Wouldn't really mind if at the end of this collection's run some of these figurines had a remake done. But dispite of these very minor flaws this is still one of the best collections of it's kind I have ever seen. Keep up the great work EM!

asura said...

And please don't forget to release the Destroyer (the real one) for the Thor movie in 2011

mighty_marvel said...

agree thor8 that collection is one of the best of its kind and scale issues are minor.

that is unless em carry on increasing sizes like they have been doing and we end up with jubilee and wasp being bigger than the thing!!!!

mighty_marvel said...

what are the main remakes peope would like at the end of the collection if possible? give examples of ones that are wrong to scale and poor sculpt quality.

scale wise definite redos include iron man, captain britain, lizard (all way too small) and dr strange (way too big)

quality wise i'd go for crystal and rogue

ghost said...

There are only two figures a really don't like (and hide at the back of the collection) Captain Britain and The Leader. Both are terrible. IMO Captain America etc are OK, different artist have drawn them in a variety of ways, some muscle bound freaks, other more natural, so I'm not bothered if they are not as butch as some would like. Height issues though....mmm... has to the Hulk... he's tiny.

What I can't understand (and annoys me more) is why EM always give boring poses to characters that have very little in the way of costume. Such as Wonderman, Crystal and the soon to be Doc Sampson. The characters are important and agree that are needed in the collection, but some creative juices could have been used to enhance otherwise dull figures.

Thor8 said...

Okay M_M I've done this before,but here I go again. The figurines I'd most like to see made over would be Crystal,Cap.A,Cap.B and Doc Ock.
There are others that have issues of height and other smaller details,but like Ghost mentioned they are acceptable.

jimbob said...

There is only one i really want redone!

Cable 6'8" 350lbs- Leader of X-Force been made way too small!!!!!!!!Co'mon EM sort himm out!

Xie Shi Hua said...

Hey, any chance of a DC blog? and for all you posters; any other scale anomalies for Marvel and DC I need to know of?

asura said...

I would like to see Wolverine with a better sculpt, and cable of course! As for a variant...why not Red Hulk?

ghost said...

Red 'small' Hulk? No thanks. Red 'Re-modeled' Hulk, oh yes!

Always wondered why the Hulk model, seen in background on one of EM's website photos, was never made. It looks a far better figure.

Gremlin said...

For all of you who have posted lists around be prepared to be shamed by my amazing list :)

Rachel Grey
Simon Garth Zombie
Typhoid Mary
The Hood
Radioactive Man
Vance Astro

How awesome would that extension be. Whats that EM? Why yes I am available for a job.

asura said...

Gremlin I would take all those ones:

Rachel Grey
Radioactive Man
Vance Astro

Especially Ares, Tigershark and Vance Astro...but of what I've seen so far, I can still dream and hope :(

jimbob said...

Sorry Gremlin there are only 10 i would like from your list!:)

Radioactive Man

limegrove said...

this may seem a bit random but i recently read a thunderbolts story wherein bullseye got beaten and broken by a charachter called " american eagle ".
probably no chance of him featuring in this collection ,but one of my fav story arcs of recent years

jimbob said...

Hey guys,Q&A upadate from Rich on the forum!

Very interesting!

Possible next mega-special

A Celestial
Fin Fang Foom
Mojo (because of bulk)
MODOK (because of bulk)

Some of these could be a regular special as well!

And Richard said he has not made a special list for next year,so i think we should help him!

So here is my special list:-


And yes Richard i do prefer double packs instead of some of these specials!!!!

Freakazoid37 said...

Pretty cool Destroyer...

Here is a question, have you thought of putting in new sections to the magazine? i know you recently shrunk the size of the magazine to keep costs down but hear me out...

Do we really need that much of a detailed history of the character? with all the major characters history covered i think we could afford to have a brief sum up of all the characters going forward and only have them appear on three pages...

so what would you do with the other four pages?

We'll i thought maybe you could include the design processes of the figurines. Maybe a retrospective of past figurines and how this figurine was designed.

Its the one thing about the magazine i felt was missing, was the actualy fact it doesnt mention anything about the figurine. LOL yet the title is Classic Marvel Figurine.

Thor8 said...

Freakazoid has brought up a valid point. This magazine should have some section where info on the figurines and thier developement are explained and shown. Maybe Richard can narrate why and how he decided to start this collection, and the steps taken in order to get it started.

Like jimbob I prefer double packs also, wishing to see the following;
Stingray- Tigershark
and for specials;
Destroyer (Odin's invention)

Y'know I haven't seen a comment from The Pirate on this post.Did someone finally sink his ship? Did they make him walk the plank? Was he hung for overdosing the Blob with slim fast and putting pink dye in Sasquatch's shampoo?
Where are you P.A.?

ghost said...

Unlike some, I prefer the larger specials, the double packs are OK, but often one of the halves is quite weak (I wouldn't have lost much sleep if Lilandra had not been done - and yet the large specials are consistantly much better designed figurines. My favouite 2 figures in the entire collection have been Thanos and Man-Thing, so long may this trend continue.

Can't wait for:
King Pin (who looks fantastic)
Odin (the throne idea looked great)
Fin Fang Foom (Will this be a mega mega mega special)

pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mighty_marvel said...

i think most people have come around to odin being done as a special now PA so not including him on regular figurine lists

asura said...

I just saw the Q&A and...oh my god! Who has such a bad knowledge about the marvel universe to say that Omega Red had less than 30 appearances and had a poor development? Obviously, this person doesn't even know the character... (1st question)

As for the mega special I would go for Odin (maybe Onslaught or Mojo) and that's it. I would never buy the others that's for sure.

If another extension is made I really hope Ares and Omega Red will be considered...those would make fantastic figurines.

And will Destroyer (Asgardian) ever be considered? The Asgardian universe has been ignored since the begining...

pirate adam said...

Asura is absolutely right Asgardians have been overlooked

Pirate Adam

A_Jay said...

this is the regular extension and specials i'd like to see

Omega Red
Nova (Frankie Raye)
Ronan the Accuser
Pete Wisdom
Simon Garth Zombie
Vance Astro
Crimson Cowl (Justine Hammer)
Radioactive Man
Abe Jenkins

Mostly agree with spideys specials. Have slotted madame web in too though


Vulcan/Deathbird Tombstone/Hammerhead


Madame Web


Fin Fang Foom

jimbob said...

Richard has also said that the size changers will never be made as mega-special!!!!!!

Special only!!!

ATLAS mega special please!!!!!

asura said...

Oooow yes! How could I forgot Ronan the Accuser!!!!

I like A-Jay's list as well!

Gremlin said...

I dont get the Omega Red love. There are dozens of better x-villians out there before we resort to wasting a slot on him. Ok he was popular in the early 90's but now he is barely heard of unless someone goes to Russia, then he is the obligitory bad guy the good guys beat up. If you want a x-villian special how about Mojo or Sauron.

pirate adam said...

hey Jimbob a quick question about your last post

if Rich has said that size changers will never be made as Mega Specials, then why have you asked for Atlas to be made as one?

im not being a tool, i was just wondering, i dont mind size changers being Megas i would love Odin to be one.

finally wheres Jacadoo?

Pirate Adam

asura said...

Hmm Gremlin, apparently you don't read the current comic books... Omega Red appears this month in Wolverine Origins and appeared recently in Uncanny X-men and Wolverine Origins (again). And the design of the character is just so good to be ignored. In my opinion, so much better than a fat guy (Blob) or a small guy with a toad's tongue...

jimbob said...

Pirate Adam

Maybe he would change his mind about the mega-specials!

He does listen to us,and if there was a big demand for the size changers to be done as mega-special,then maybe he would consider it!

Just like he is considering Pyro & Avalanche double pack!

pirate adam said...

i once again agree with Asura, Omega Red would be a much better choice than Blob.

Surtur for a Mega Special!!!

Pirate Adam

spidey_1979 said...

one size changer done as a mega special would be good. seems to me its the best way of showing a size changers power.

how many characters are left that could ONLY be done as a mega special due to their normal size and have a chance of being made?

obviously there's fin fang foom (30 odd feet tall - no option but as a mega special). who else???

Dennis said...

Hi , sorry to change the subject but where is Howard the duck

jimbob said...

Atlas can go up to 60ft tall!

He can grow the tallest out of the other size changers i think?

These are what is on Richard mega-special working list:-

A Celestial
Fin Fang Foom
Mojo (because of bulk)
MODOK (because of bulk)

Jacadoo said...

Hi PAdam still here - but with very little to say. Time is now for Rich to really take the bull by the horns and answer all the re-occuring questions.

For me On-slaught over fatty any day of the week!!

Mega specials what about the Celestials?

Thor8 said...

I strongly believe that size changers should be considered as candidates for mega specials,but if push comes to shove I'll settle for a normal size figurine as long as I'm able to get Goliath/Giant Man and Atlas. It would be cool if they could be made mega size with a regular size copy on the same base thus enphasizing thier power. I know this is highly unprobable but I can dream can't I? Other mega possibilaties are The Stranger and a Celestial.

Odin,Modok nor Mojo should be mega special,(not big enough)but this is just my opinion.

pirate adam said...

Living Tribunal should defo be made as a mega special and Onslaught, dont know why Rich put him on thr back burner

Pirate Adam

Baroni_08 said...

On the subject who for mega special id say TYRANT is the same size of GALACTUS.Has a good story but not enough history, but would look great as figurine .

And would definitely have Omega Red over Blob any day !!


mighty_marvel said...

onslaught doesn't have to be done as a mega special. his standard height is listed as 10' which is only a little taller than juggernaut. could be done as a normal special.

same with odin. definitely warrants a special edition for him but not a mega special in my opinion.

from jimbobs list i would most like fin fang foom done as a mega special.

also in agreement that at least one size changer should be done as a mega special. would go with atlas

pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...

if the extension is agreed to how many more specials not including the already anounced ones do u think we can expect? i would like :-

3 normal
2 doubles
2 mega

Pirate Adam

mighty_marvel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mighty_marvel said...

i think announced specials take us to the end of this year so we'll be around issue 112. that leaves 28 issues to 140 + 20 issues in an extension is 48 regular issues. imo specials should be out roughly every four issues. that would be 12 specials potentially.

i'd like

5 doubles - pyro/avalanche, enchantress/executioner, northstar/aurora, tombstone/hammerhead, corsair/hepzibah

5 regular specials - odin, onslaught, blob, sasquatch, madame web

2 mega specials - fin fang foom, atlas

but we'll probably only end up with 8 - 10

Holy Wolf said...

Personally I'd like to see Fin Fang Foom as the next mega special, and then see if they can replace mega specials with team packs or something after that as there's no-one else I really consider worth having a mega special for.

Onslaught and the size changers should all just be regular specials IMO, same for Odin. No need at all for any of those to really be considered as mega-specials.

jimbob said...

Size changers as special size fig,would not do the characters justice!!!!!!!!!!!

Specials are for 7ft-9ft,and size changers do not stop growing to this size!

Regular size would be dull!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lovin the Onslaught love! I think he should be a Mega Special as he is a big chap! But the question is which form of Onslaught?

The form of him like Magneto:

or monster like:

I personally like the Magneto look

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

So sorry here's the monster look...

The last link didn't work:

ghost said...

Once all the premier characters are done, why dilute the collection with lesser pieces if there are considerably more 'larger' premier characters to be done? Personally I'd like to see the collection end with a series of specials and mega specials, maybe 1 per month. This would allow size ability characters as well as giants to be made as large pieces instead of worrying about there not being enough 'slots' left and therefore compromising by either producing them too small or worse, not bothering at all!

mighty_marvel said...

i'd go for the magneto style onslaught

but still think that he could be done as a special rather than as a mega as he is only a little taller than juggernaut who was done as a special.

pirate adam said...

i would go for Magneto style as a mega. im not a big fan of mega specials butagree that some character must be done this way, i would like 3 more

Living Tribunal

and settle for Odin as a normal special but wont moan if he is made into a Mega.

Pirate Adam

asura said...

I purchased Galactus today. Since the size is not really respected (this has nothing to do with the sculpt or the quality, which are great, but the scale) I wouldn't mind not to see other Mega Specials at all.
For me it's either Odin or Onslaught but if we have to choose between characters with an O... why don't we all choose Omega Red :P

Oooh and I totally respect the choices of others...but when I see "Howard the Duck"...sorry I can't stop laughing...siriously :)

PS: Richard, what is wrong with Ares? Is the marketing department of Eaglemoss afraid that he wouldn't sell? Anyways, keep doing a great job, this collection is awesome !!!

Miss Medusa said...

Ok guys ive decided to do the characters I wud like to see make the next extension list see what you think?


G-Mac said...

I'm a huge fan of the figurines & have about 60 of them so far, i get my favorites first when they come out & then backtrack & get the others.... Here is my wish-list: 1.Lockjaw 2.Quasar(new,his daughter) 3.Starlord 4.Ronan 5.The Hood 6.Jigsaw 7.Vengeance 8.Lilith 9.Satana 10.Rocket Racoon ....What would be insanely sweet is a double pack of Groot & Rocket Racoon, but just Rocket Racoon would make me geeked!!

pirate adam said...

i like Miss Medusa's list, but again no Asgardians, what about Sif or Balder? i would also like to see Vulcan in any extension you cant just have 2 of the Summers brothers.

.....and we must have Ares he is an awsome character.

Pirate Adam

jimbob said...

Im suprised that the Asgardians have not made much of an impact on this collection yet!

Nobody seems to have them on there list!

Ares must be a definite for the next extension!He cant lose out again!!

mighty_marvel said...

spidey and ajay both have balder and odin on their lists in this post. as did i in my list from a few weeks ago. so there is some love for the asgardians out there jimbob and PA.

ares has cropped up in a few lists too

asura said...

Woooow Pirate Adams! You just quoted two of my favortite characters of the marvel universe!!! Ares and Vulcan would be a great addition to the collection!

Gremlin said...

For Asgardians I would like hela done. Female - tick, villain - tick.

On the subject of Megas I dont want Odin as a mega, I really am not keen on paying a huge price for a character who could easily be a normal special. Megas should be saved for outsized characters like Fin Fang Foom and the Celestials, either of those would be awesome for the next mega.

I dont care if Onslaught never makes it, but if he has to be made then stick him as a special as his size has varied a lot.

mighty_marvel said...

hope we get an update today. and that all the questions are given proper answers this time

jimbob said...

He has given us answers!

He is not confirming anything till later on in the year!!!!!!!

I hope that we get two double packs next year.


I reckon that Pyro & Avalanche should be pushed into the next extension special list.Unless Richard wont have Toad with Blob double pack,then that should make space for a Pyro and Avalanche double pack!

asura said...

Is the grim reaper still on the schedule? I hope so! He would make a fantastic figure!

Zombula said...

Yes Asura - Grim Reapers pencilled in for around the number 131 ..... .
Still need more villians in the collection imo ....... Such as these for these characters .....

Daredevil .... Cobra / Mr Hyde.
Captain America .... Constrictor.
Ghost Rider ..... Orb.
Iron Man ..... Ghost.
Spiderman ..... Jackal / Cardiac / Tarantula.
Black Panther ..... Klaw.
Yellowjacket .... Whirlwind
Fantastic Four .... Puppet Master / Wizard.
Thor .......... Ulik / Destroyer.
X-Men ........ Omega Red / Brood.

..... and hopefully " White Tiger " will be made at some point ........ prays ! .

THOR said...

Hello just wanted to say good job for destroyer,he looks amazing.Other thing is that i would like to see Omega Red as special very much.He is a very important character.Have a good weekeng.

ted sallis said...

thor 8 i am more than happy to accept your apology , water under the bridge and all that.
i have not gone off in any kind of a sulk , it's just that i have gotten all i wanted from this forum ( for a while at least )
for the first 3 years of this collection all i knew of upcoming figs came from the " coming next issue " section on the back of the mags.
now i know the line up until well into 2011
when i said i would log on again in 2013 to see how the 200th ish was coming along i was only half joking but reading the want lists on this site 200 seems like a realistic target ( yes i know we've just reached the 100th ish )
but there are just so many cool/cult charachters in the MU
i think i first joined this blog when there was a vote in progress for one of the extensions. i believe rich scrapped it due to some voting iregularities? , which is a shame as being able to have a say in this collection was one of the things that most attracted me to this forum,
hopefully we will all be able to vote on charachter shortlists for the 150th and 200th issues ,
and bless zombula for citing Ulik for a place in this collection .

Thor8 said...

Hi Ted; Boy,talk about coincedance. Just yesterday I was thinking back to that post I wrote and was wondering if you ever got around to reading it,sure glad to know you did. Just like you what first attracted me to this blog were the votes for the next extensions being carried out in this blog. I really liked the format Rick had put together,and was very dissapointed when they were unable to go thru with it till the end. Oh one last thing,you guys have my vote for the Ulik figurine (preferably a special).

pirate adam said...

welcome back Ted Salis.

great shout by Gremlin for Hela to be included i'm not 100% sure but i think she may be tall enough for a regular special, maybe Mighty Marvel can confirm this but it would be great to have a female special........dont u agree?

Pirate Adam

asura said...

Wow Ulik! That would be awesome! But even if he's one of my favourite Asgardian characters, he will not be made before Odin I think

jimbob said...

Sorry Pirate Adam,but She-Hulk and Tatiana is taller than Hela and they are in the collection as regular figs.

What about Madame Web as special?

mighty_marvel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mighty_marvel said...

hela is 6'6". mostly characters of about her height, such as doc samson, war machine, gladiator, bishop, she-hulk, are done as regular figures.

whether hela is done as a special or not would probably come down to how much extra lead would be needed for her cape, as the shorter characters chosen for specials, such as kingpin at 6'7", are put as specials because of the extra lead needed to make the figure (kingpin needing more lead because of body girth)

when an asgardian is done as a special i'd personally go for odin over hela as he has more history and would look amazing as a special.

but i do agree that a female special needs doing.

problem is there's not many tall/large female characters in the MU. big bertha of the great lakes avengers definitely fits the size requirement but is too obscure in my opinion. thundra is quite tall, between 6'7" and 7'0" depending on where you look, but if done could be as a regular figure about 100mm high - being roughly the same height as she-hulk.

personally, for a female special i'd go for madame web. extra lead would be needed for her chair and a spidey ally rather than a villain would be nice.

of course, they could always do a giant version of janet pym!!!!!!!

Thor8 said...

Mighty_M; According to The handbook of The Marvel U Hela is 7'
tall and in norse mythology she is described as being somewhat of a giantess. So based on this and the extra lead needed for her attire she just might make the special category. I'd enjoy her figurine even if she's made as a regular,just as long as they get her hieght right and doesn't turn out as a pygmy.
Oh and I can't express how much I laughed imagining the expression on Jacadooo's face when he read your suggestion for a giant version of Janet Van Dyne(no longer Pym).Priceless!! HA HA HA HA!

mighty_marvel said...

like all heights for characters there's differences depending on where you look. i got 6'6" off i'm guessing the differences come from different artists drawing the characters differently.

it is still likely however that only one asgardian will be given special status. if this is the case then odin is the obvious choice above hela. hela could then be done in her without cloak form of half decayed, half healthy and definitely be a regular figure

i'm waiting for the response from jacadoo about the giant janet van dyne (formerly pym) as i put that in there especially for him

asura said...

The only female I would like to see as a special is Spiral !!! She could be an amazing figurine, potentially one of the best specials!

mighty_marvel said...

spiral not big enough for a special edition in my opinion. she's only 5'10". even with 6 arms i don't think the figure would be big enough to warrant a special edition price point

Anthony Griffin said...

If Pyro is pulled out and made into a special pack with Avalanche, would it at all be possible to put Magik in his place. She has got a rich background and would also make a really cool figure. Also it would coincide with her return. She is one of my favorite characters. What do all of you guys think?

Buffy/Angel fan said...

Hello everybody, I'm a new to this site. I was thinking about a Thundra figurine. I know its not anounced yet but if there was a Thundra figurine, would it be a normal figurine or a special?
Its becuase I know she is 7 foot or maybe even bigger, if Odin is going to be a special why can't Thundra? Plus Odin's height is 6'9 which means he is smaller than Thundra.

ted sallis said...

4 years into this collection and not one female special?.
i know the MU is predominatly male but surely we can accomodate at least one female special .
i can see mighty marvels point about the scale issue , i dont want my collection thrown out of kilter with a special of hellcat or dare i say spiral. however i think those female charachters who almost reach the height criteria could be considered . i mean kingpin a charachter whose super power is being able to eat the entire Mc Donalds menu in one sitting is being honoured with special status, surely Hela deserves the same status?

mighty_marvel said...

like i've said before specials are given to figures that cannot be done as a regular price point of £5.99 because of extra lead used in the figurine.

problem with the majority of females in the MU is that they're just not big enough to warrant a special edition price point.

shorter characters that have been made specials such as the kingpin are specials because extra lead is needed somewhere in the figure. in kingpin's case his extra girth needs more lead.

thundra is tall, but also still quite slim so could probably be done as a normal figure roughly the same size as she-hulk, who also borders on 7 feet tall.

with hela, extra lead probably would be needed for her cape so she could make special status. i think however, that only one asgardian will be given special status, and if that is the case it should obviously be odin.

he could be done on a throne in full regalia with a battleaxe and would look amazing. meanwhile a normal of hela could be done in her without cloak form of halk healthy/half decayed and would make a good looking regular fig.

for a female special, which i agree should be done, there's a choice of 2 in my opinion. big bertha (who is too obscure) or my favaoured choice of madame web. the extra lead is needed for her chair, so she can't be done in the regular line-up, and more spidey allies in the collection would be nice.

mighty_marvel said...

anthony - i imagine if/when pyro is pulled for the double pack that his place would go to destiny. she's been next in line for a while now and replacing one brotherhood member with another seems most sensible.

i do agree that magik deserves a place in the collection at some point though. figure of her with soulsword would look good

spidey_1979 said...

completely agree with m_m that odin should be the asgardian done as a special. he has the potential to look WAY better than hela as special size.

also agree that madame web is the logical choice for a female special. good call

Gremlin said...

So what if their are no female specials. I don't want to force a special out of a female for the sake of it when she can easily be done as a normal. The special slots are tightly fought over, so many characters and possibilities, lets not waste them on characters who can go in the normal extensions. Before this collection is out I want to see...

Northstar and Aurora
A Celestial
Fin Fang Foom
Shadow King

All these can be done as specials, doubles or mega specials.

pirate adam said...

why cant we have 2 Asgardians as specials? they have been overlooked more than any other group in the marvel universe and i can only think its because Rich and the guys at EM aren't fans or they are to easily influenced by a couple of people on this very blog or another. then, i agree that the specials started out due to the size of the character but recently a few of the normal editions have been made as large as some of the specials, just compare Gladiator or Dr Strange to Collosus and there are a couple of others i could mention, with this in mind Hela could very easily be made into a special edition and warrant the price tag. in my opinion she is the best of very few females that could be made special.

Pirate Adam

spidey_1979 said...

to be fair PA, there's thor, loki, beta ray bill, enchantress, valkyrie already done or due. and i imagine odin is very likely.

there's plenty of other groups that have less representation than the asgardians. there's 0 olympians and celestials for example.

Thor8 said...

Well not exactly 0 olimpians Spidey,we do have Hercules and judging by the demand Ares is sure to be made. As for Celestials,
we'll probably get one as a mega in represantation of this group as a whole,not much indvidual history to merit more than one.
As far as female specials go I have to agree with the Mighty_M. Why pay more for a figurine at "special" price if it can just as easily be made as a regular. A special is classified as such due to the cost of it being made(more lead,paint)and as M_M has already mentioned various times most females just don't fill the bill. Of all the females mentioned I believe Madame Web due to her ever present chair merits the "special" category. Oh yes and Janet Van Dyne as Giant Girl,right Jacadoo!
As for more than one Asgardian being made as a special, I say:why not? Spider-Man has had three so far(not counting the subsciber give away) and there are quite a few asgardians with rich backgrounds that merit being made and they are;
Odin(in full attire)
Warriors three triple pack

Thor8 said...

If a triple pack is out of the question,then make it a Volstagg special and a Hogun and Fandral double pack!

ghost said...

Hi Rich,

Chances are that in the latest extension (based on how frequently you've been dishing them out) we'll only get 3 specials, 1 double pack(?) and only 1 mega special.

That leaves a huge amount of large figures to be done. And even if we had another 20 figure extension that would only leave room for 3 more specials and maybe one more mega special.

Given the amount of requests for popular large figures, how are you going to fit them all in?

You can't keep producing average characters just to get the more sort after but larger characters.

So if cost is an issue why not alternate between regular and then special every fortnight (instead of special and reg in the same week)? Costing about £15 per month instead of £12).

This would allow some excellent characters to fit into the collection without either missing them out or costing us the earth.

Jacadoo said...

Thorn 8 - you hit me twice while my back was turned (moving back to the UK from France)....

Only one real female special would have to be Madam Web - Janet Von DIMM just does not cut the mustard!!

Regarding Asgardian specials: Volstag, THE DESTROYER and at a push Odin....

If we have Odin then we must also have big daddy Zeus, to go with Hercules, Aries etc

Nice to see Mr Salis is back.

jimbob said...

Yeah Madame Web is the only special out there!

But this collection does'nt desperately need a female special so why force it?!!!!So many other great special out there to get through!

Possible Asgardian specials:-


These guys are to big to be a regular fig!

Thor8 said...

Hey Jackadoo you're back!! Glad to hear from you again and know you enjoyed my friendly signs of appreciation towards you.But I can't take all the credit though, Mighty_Marvel was the one who came up with the great idea of a Giant Girl special and knowing what a big(no pun intended) fan you are you automaticaly came to mind.
Iagree with you and jimbob's suggestions for asgardian specials but you both left out Mangog and that's a no no!

jimbob said...

What amout Mega-Special YMIR!!!

He is 1000ft tall enemy of THOR!

Cookie said...

The group thats been the most overlooked in this collection is THE NEW MUTANTS!

Theres not a single one in the collection and thats just down right disgraceful!

Lets get:


Thats only 3 of them but it would be something atleast!

Goth Prince aka Andrew said...

The Asgardian fans are just as greedy and the Alpha Flight fans they already have a couple or few characters and yet keep acting like they have none.

I really hope that the next extension gives us a minimum of 1 New Mutant. If I could pick it wud be Cannonball or Moonstar.

mighty_marvel said...

totally agree guys. everyone tries to push their favourites more and thinks they're overlooked. thats why i started the posting of extension lists that had characters from across the MU. lots of characters from one group just aren't going to be made in succession.

thats also why i think it's unlikely that 2 asgardians will get regular special slots in the current run + possible 20 extension - because the collection needs to be varied and include as much of the MU as possible. thats why my support is for odin as an asgardian special and madame web as a female special. would be happy for an asgardian double pack alongside a special in the current run - would love to see enchantress/executioner. if hela isn't done as a regular she should wait until the 161 - 180 extension specials in my opinion (assuming odin has been done in the meantime as he deserves to be)

Thor8 said...

I'm not trying to be greedy. Nor am I requesting that all of the characters I mentioned be made in the following extension. I just mentioned a few possibilaties from which one or two can be picked. As you may recall M_M I was one of the first to answer your call for a varied listing and back you up on your request that others do the same.

pirate adam said...

i dont think that asking for 2 asgardian specials is asking for much when there is none in the 140 planned issues yet we have 5 X-Men specials and there fans want more so how are we being greedy, tell me that?

Pirate Adam

mighty_marvel said...

greedy is probably the wrong word. people just naturally push their favourites more - it's human nature.

but i still think that 2 regular specials in the current run + 20 extension for asgardians is too much. PA says x men have 5 specials - true they do, but only 3 of these are regular specials. the other 2 are double packs.

that's why i made the suggestion earlier that the 2 specials asgardians should get are 1 regular and 1 double pack. i think that's a fair compromise

jimbob said...

Chill out guys!!!!

Its just Asgardian talk!!

Talking about the possibility of what some Asgardians could be made as.

Happy enough to talk about other team groups as well!

Thor8 said...

Rick; Sure hope we get a post this friday,and I'd like to see your main site get a much needed update very soon also!

I've been thinking of many characters that would make keen looking figurines but may be a problem in filling a complete mag with info on them. Characters such as members of the original Zodiac, Squadrom Supreme,Guardians of the Galaxy,Soviet Soldiers,and a few golden age heroes. Then it accured to me that various collectors have requested changes in the mag and that you could probably kill two birds with one stone by dedicating part of the mag on info of these characters and part of the mag with info on how the figurines and mags are done, how the decisions of picking the different characters are reached and part to history facts on the marvel universe,it's writers, artis,ect. and comics in general. This is just a suggestion not a request or demand. Hope you'll consider it.

ted sallis said...

okay i give in if we can only have one asgardian ,then it should of course be odin... as long as it's modelled on brian blessed .
if you click on my name you can see a nice shiny spidey mosaic.

Miss Medusa said...

I would definately love to see some of the New Mutants in the collection.

What about a New Mutants double pack? CANNONBALL & SUNSPOT would be a good choice altho I really want to see MIRAGE as I just love Dani.

I dont expect all the New Mutants Like Magma and Karma (altho I would love them) but just 2-3 would be so great. I hope we see MIRAGE, CANNONBALL, MAGIK AND SUNSPOT one day.

nasia said...

Here is my ideal extension 141-205 (in no particular order) in this marvelous collection

15)Gargoyle (Defenders)
24)Howard the Duck
27)Deacon Frost
28)Count Dracula
29)Purple Man
32)Dark Beast
39)J.Jonah Jameson
40)May Parker
44)Red Ghost
49)Yellow Claw
51)Ronan the Accuser
56)Typhoid Mary
58)Radioactive Man
60)Puppet Master

6)Madame Web
8)Omega Red
9)Queen Brood
11)Swadow King

8)Mr Hyde/Cobra

1)Fin Fang Foom
3)Lord Chaos

This list reaches 200+ in the order.
Everyone is welcome to express his opinion.
Richard take this list into account!!!!

jimbob said...

Nice list nasia!

I love your double pack choices!

I think that Cannonball will make the next extension.EM will surley would want to start a new Team in this collection,and that being New Mutants!

Or i would like to count some of them as X-Force members!We have Cable and X-23 so i would be happy if Cannonball,Domino or Warpath(special)would make it in the next extension.

mighty_marvel said...

nasia set a challenge i couldn't resist. only did an extra 60 rather than 65 but it's near enough. again it's in no particular order - i just mostly put similar groups of characters together.

1) J. Jonah Jameson
2) Hydro-Man
3) Jackal
4) Demogoblin
5) Silver Sable
6) Puma
7) Thunderbird
8) Cannonball
9) Domino
10) Wolfsbane
11) Forge
12) Magik
13) Rachel Grey
14) Archangel
15) Callisto
16) Caliban
17) Exodus
18) Omega Red
19) Spiral
20) Sauron
21) Shaman
22) Ares
23) Mantis
24) Ronin (Maya Lopez)
25) U.S. Agent
26) Arachne
27) Moondragon
28) Swordsman
29) Stingray
30) Immortus
31) Frankie Raye
32) Balder
33) Sif
34) Hela
35) Pete Wisdom
36) Ronan the Accuser
37) Red Ghost
38) Simon Garth Zombie
39) Clea
40) Gargoyle
41) Shroud
42) Nico Minoru
43) Hood
44) Owl
45) Purple Man
46) Sersi
47) Starfox
48) Thena
49) Triton
50) Karnak
51) Maximus the Mad
52) Vance Astro
53) Crimson Cowl (Justine Hammer)
54) Radioactive Man
55) Moonstone
56) Songbird
57) Abe Jenkins
58) Tigershark
59) Constrictor
60) Blizzard

Pyro/Avalanche (Empty space to Destiny)
Enchantress/Executioner (Empty space to Whirlwind)
Mister Hyde/Cobra
Aunt May/Mary Jane

Madame Web
Brood Queen

Fin Fang Foom

Wrecking Crew

Really hope we do get to 200+ issues. As we have shown, the characters are definitely there for it

ted sallis said...

it looks like my prediction that this colletion would reach the 200 mark may have been a tad on the conservative side.
However it looks like i will have to find a talented customiser if i am to ever get my bloodstone figurine.
There is probably more chance of em making a cosmic cube figurine

spidey_1979 said...

like the longer lists. shows this collection should still have a lot of life in it yet. far too many good characters mentioned to think about ending it any time soon.

ted - don't see why bloodstone won't be done before too long especially if they start bringing in monsters. he's been around for long enough and why have monsters if you don't have the hunter. and there's an obvious double pack of ulysses and elsa