Friday, 12 June 2009

The times they are a changin...

Hi guys,

Time for another figurine update but before we get to that I have some news regarding the magazine.

As I’m sure everyone is aware, the current economic climate is forcing all businesses to re-evaluate their strategies and products, from car manufacturers to newspaper and magazine publishers. Here at Eaglemoss we’ve been affected by the downturn as much as anyone else and the fall in the UK’s currency has led to a much higher increase in production costs, especially for our figurines. In order to keep to our commitment of providing a quality Marvel figurine and magazine without putting the price above £5.99 (per issue) we’ve deemed it necessary to reduce the page count from 20 to 16 pages.

The new page count will take affect from Issue 101 (War Machine) and will involve a reduction of pages from across the magazine to allow us to keep all the standard features.

As the editor of the collection, I want to assure you that the figurine quality will not be affected by the difficult economic climate.

I know some collector’s are going to be disappointed that we’ve had to make this cut but I hope that you understand the necessity of the change.

I hope you can see from the images I’ve posted in recent weeks, as well as today, that we’re dedicated to maintaining the high standard of figurines.

With your support I strongly believe the collection will weather this economic downturn and continue past our current 140-issue run.

As a side-note I would like to mention that the page count for the special magazines will remain at 20-pages.

With that announcement aside I’d like to post an image of a figurine still in development, I give you a work in progress shot of Blackheart.

I for one was a little worried about this character; with the inconsistent look from the comics I wasn’t sure if we could do him justice. I’m pleased to say that I think we’re heading in the right direction. We may need to shorten or calm down some of the spikes coming off his head (don’t want them breaking in the box) but he’s looking good.


Ryan Maxwell said...

I'm fine with changes to the magazine. I don't even open them unless I need photo references for a custom job.

Blackheart looks nice. Hope the fans that wanted them are happy!

The Grim Reaper said...

Thanks for the open and honest blog regarding the magazine trim....there are very few companies out there who would take the time and effort to explain the reasons for change to their customers; most would just plough on and hope no one thank you for that.

I can't speak for the whole SHF forum but the consensus I "feel" is that the magazine is secondary to the collection and it is the figurine which form the main draw. I read the mags and get a lot of info from them (my comic buying days are long passed) so as long as the quality is still there, it should not be too much of a problem if the quantity is not there.

Personally I think you will have the support of 99.9% of the collectors from all forums with you on this decision.

Blackheart looks good, i'll jhave to have a look at him in the e-mail later.

The Tracker said...

No problem with the drop in pagination at all. Just keep this unique and important collection going.

If things deteriate further give me a shout. I'm available for fraudulent compensation claims, insider trading, dodgy expenses claims, but I must insist on a 50/50 share of the loot and a Lockjaw special.


pete said...

So why have the DC mags been shortened when they are a £1 more expensive per issue?, also they lose the glossy paper used by the Marvel mags.

I'm trying to look for positives and the best one I can come up with is now you only have so many pages to fill then hopefully some of the more obscure characters who couldn't fill a mag before will get a look in.

Banshee said...

I too am fine with the changes to the magazine, although I do read most of it I can see some areas that you could trim without losing vital information.

Blackheart looks good, I agree that the spikes on the head may need shortening a little..

Any chance of a sneak peak of Destroyer or Cloak and Dagger in the next update?


jimbob said...

Not fussed about the magazine,prefer just fig on its own!The Magazine is'nt that important to me!

Get all my info on characters from comicvine!

Hey maybe you could put all the characters you have done in this collection and put their profile on the CMFC wbsite!

Anonymous said...

As a Blackheart fan I love him! A quality figurine to represent him.

As for the mag I'm with Jimbob. I like reading the mag but if it wasn't there I wouldn't mind as it's the figurine I'm interested in.

Can't wait to see a colour image of Blackheart with his piercing red eyes!

Jacadoo said...

I'm with Grim (for once) and Jimbob the mag is secondry and I would not miss it at all.

I don't have any experiance of Blackheart - OMG looks great - leave as is spikes and all!!

Please feel free to drop the mag completly, as long as the figurines continue!!

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear about the page loss, but the magazines have been padding out the issues a bit for a while. Focusing on the story of Marvel instead of the character. Most of the time out of necessity, due to there being not as much info bout lesser characters. So it's not a huge loss.

Blackheart looks pretty good, but there's something off about him. I hope his body doesn't end up smooth like that. He had a lot of texture in the comics, as far as I recall. Here's a picture of the Marvel Legends figure that was a pretty good representation.


Anonymous said...

Pete: It was several years after the Marvel license was secured when they got the DC one. It's a possibility that they had to pay more for the DC one. Which would explain the higher price point and already reduced magazine size.

And I love the magazine just as much as the figurine. I'm against the suggestion that you drop it entirely. Besides, I have a feeling that they wouldn't be allowed to do the figurines minus the magazines due to license rights.

Thor8 said...

If the mag were to be drop completely,would the price on the figurine drop as well?

Not a fan of Blackheart,I won't be acquiring this one. It looks pretty well done,hope his fans enjoy it.

Back to the magazine. If you are going to drop 4 pages,I hope the center spread is one of the articles to go,doesn't really do much for the contents of the book anyway. Two other pages that can be eliminated can be the ad for the following issue and the "What are your comics worth article.

And Rick,you forgot to answer some of the resurging inquiries this round again.

lipstick said...

For the next characters don't need 20 pages...

Anonymous said...

I'm also fine with the mag changes. The mag is nice for a once read though and referance, but it's really the figurines that most of us pay for.

Any progress on X-23? I'm dying to see her!

Anonymous said...

Have to say the magazine shortening DOES bother me. I know i'm in the minoraty but the mag is eaqualy if not more important to me than the figs. I would never have started this collection if it weren't for the mags and i do read them all. I just hope that the pages removed are the last two about the character creation stage and all that stuff(as those are the pages i stopped reading after about issue 10) and that the history and powers page count can be left at an eaqual number.

I am curious as to whether we'll see the covers change for this collection as we did for the DCFC as that was a very big dissapointment to me. Espesialy sinse we are paying an extra £1 for a mag which (currently) has less pages and a lower paper quality.

Black heart looks nice but the face looks a little off to me. Possably it will look fine painted and i agree the spikes need a but of a tone down.

sweet2cute said...

I also am a big fan of the magazine, and can not believe that cutting four pages would save any money. The DC collection has been cutting corners for quite some time with their magazines,and the figurines cost more than the Marvel figurines.
This is just another way of taking away something we've been paying for. Four pages does not cost £1. If it does then maybe EM should change printing companies, and fire who ever decided to pay such outrages printing fees.
Don't worry Jayms I'm sure the glossy covers are going to go away as well.

I know nothing about Blackheart. And since the magazine is 4 pages short it won't be worth my time or money to pay for him. I guess EM doesn't want to explain the origins of this character in a descent size magazine that would help educate the people who are not fans of this character why they should buy him.

I guess EM only wants you to buy the character if you know who they are.

Gremlin said...

Awesome pre-production. I agree whilst the fig looks awesome you may need to calm down the spikes otherwise there will be breakages. That said Lady Deathstrike had a similar problem but for the most part her fingers stayed in tact.

Really hoping we see an extension past 140. I am in this till the end, you make them, I'll buy them.

Anonymous said...

Thing is that's what Blackhearts face looks like. I think EM have nailed his look perfect. One of the best ways to see how Blackheart looks and moves is to purchase or play the capcom vs series... Games like: Marvel Superheroes vs Street Fighter or Marvel vs Capcom 2. But before this he was in the vs game: Marvel Superheroes again by Capcom along with another odd-ball character! Shuma-Gorath

ghost said...

I agree with jayms and sweet2cute. I started this collection because of the entire package. I stopped reading Marvel comics a decade ago (I'm actually a diehard 2000AD Fan!) but this has been an excellect way to catch up with the characters I used to love, and meet the new ones.

If I wanted just the sculpts then I'd have continued collecting the other odds and sods out their (and some are a lot better).

If the mag loses any of the important pages then I for one will think its time to stop.

IMHO you should only drop: Page 2, the centre spreads, and the Value pages.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't let this collection fizzle out, if you can't make any money with it, then let it die in style!

jimbob said...

I would just like to say that the CMFC is like a mini Bowen collection to me!

The sculpts have been great and are fantastic to display!!!!

This is a figurine collection not a magazine collection!!ha ;)

So i do hope that the magzines wont hold back on any futher future extension!

asura said...

Hi Richard!

First of all, I have almost no care about the magazine, I barely take a look about the pictures sometimes. I buy the figurine, not the magazine.

Secondly, I have to say that I am really impressed by what have been done for Blackheart. I have no regret that I voted for him :)
It has been a while that I didn't feel this happyness about a figurine from Eaglemoss. Maybe you could shorten the spikes or maybe sculpt them in a different manner.

Anyways good job!

PS: Hope there will be another extension so that we will see Omega Red, Vulcan, Warpath and my favourite one: ARES !

jimbob said...

With Blackheart spikes i think they should be more,and swept back instead on sticking out!:)

The Grim Reaper said...

I'm with Grim (for once)

what do you mean you cheeky beggar..;-)

Jacadoo said...

Ha Ha Grim - I thought you missed that one... Normally we are at opposing ends of the table!!

Definatly I echo Jimbob regarding mini Bowen collection and the importance of the figurine over the mag.

So much so I went out and purchased the Bowen Destroyer, to get over my disapointment of not getting the CMF version as I hoped.

Drop the mag and garantee another extention Rich, fair trade!!!

jarvis69 said...

.....Why not a fig without head ? ;)
Seriously , no pbl for me about the mag.....sometimes , I don't even open it!

Killer Frost said...

Blackheart looks very cool ;)

Have to echo many of the guys on here im not really too bothered about 4 pages been cut. I like most buy the collection for the figures and while I do like the mag its not the big selling point the figure is.

Thor8 said...

Well since most of the fans and collectors state that they really don't care much for the mag and you're trying to cut cost and not burden the collector with a rise in price, why not just drop the mag completely,sell just the figurine,and lower the price some.

jimbob said...

I like the idea of putting the profiles of each character made in this collection on this website instead of magazines.

Cut the magazines down gradually and see what happens!

ghost said...

Why do the kids just want the toy? The adult collectors out there might enjoy the read.

The magazine is excellent - if it had been crap or not there would the series have been a success... I don't think it would have!

Thor8 said...

No one has said that this magazine is "crap" Ghost, all that the majority have said is that if the mag has to be shorttened or eliminated it would be okay by them. I for one enjoy the read as you mentioned, but the truth is if it's necesary to cancell the mag,there are other alternatives where you can get info on your favorite (and not so favorite) hero/villian.

Just one last thing; This "kid" started this collection for the figurines,the mag was just an extra for me,so why does this fact keep me from becoming an adult?
Why do some "adults" act and talk like "kids" when they don't agree with something?

Gremlin said...

I collect this for the figures. In 20 years time when I still have these on the shelf I will be glad EM saved money on the magazines and not on the sculpts themselves. For the most part the magazine become out of date quite quickly, they are a nice read at the time but then they are put in their binders and stored away.

I am really holding out for another extension so we can see some sorely missed characters such as Cannonball, Moondragon, Photon and of course my favourite.....SPIRAL.

pirate adam said...

what a load of trash talk, i dont mind the magazine being cut down to keep the quality of the figurines and i have said it wont be the worst thing to loose the last 2 pages and cut the middle 2 pages to 1 and the friends and foes page to 2 instead of 3, there you go 4 pages lost and nothing important missing, but saying loose the mag completely is absolute "BOLL***S" i only collect because of the package and it wouldn't be as successful without the mag therefore we wouldn't get the extension that we all want.

Pirate Adam

pirate adam said...

oh and BLACKHEART should have more spikes and swept back not stickig out

Pirate Adam ; )

mighty_marvel said...

in agreement with most other people about reduction of the mag. personally i only tend to read the character history up to the centre page and not bother with the rest. the centre page spread is pretty pointless, the foes/allies information is mostly mentioned in the character history and the comic value bit wouldn't be missed.

as long as the fig quality remains, having four less pages that i probably wouldn't read anyway is ok by me.

hope we hear about a further extension soon. and an answer to the often repeated pyro/avalanche double request would be nice

Baroni_08 said...

Hope we get some new's on another extension soon thats if there will be one,

As for the magazine im ok with it bein shortend as long as we dont lose it completely .As its a really good read sometimes and helps with characters that i dont know much about. So i agree with PA on the magazine .

BLACKHEART looks good so far , more spikes and swept down his back and that should do it for another top figure .

Hope we might get a HERALD double pack would be amazing if we could, Fallen one & Nova would be my choices . More Asgurdians ,Alpha Flight, frightful four ,Ronan the Accuser and Firestar ,Some news soon Rich & Em pls........

Webs said...

I like the Magazine alot I think the combination of the Magazine and Figure is great.

The figure is the reason I collect though. The magazine been reduced by 4 pages is not really a big deal as we have all seen the quality of the figures keeps getting better and better (except for Crystal of course!) ;)

There has to be another extension I need some NEW MUTANTS IN THE COLLECTION!!!!!!! LOL.

ghost said...

Hey Thor8, I never aimed my views at you in particular, but as you bought most of you're figures off ebay you're views stand for nothing. You are the typical child who thinks your view is incredibly important... but its not...

I enjoy the magazine, and I image a lot of others do too, (and I agree 4 pages are not going to be missed - but I can think of other things to put in place of the centre spread rather than saving 20p by losing them.

Rich, don't let the negative feedback make you think the magazine is redundent - It's not - I would miss this collection if it stopped but I don't want compromise keep the magazine strong and the collection unique. If you need to increase the cost by 50p then do that - don't slowly allow the collection to get cheap and nasty.

pirate adam said...

hey ghost lighten up on Thor08 he has been part of this blog for ages and i personally appreciate his opinion (even if i dont agree with it inthis case) as i'm sure others do no matter how he gets his issues. besides you dont want to face the wrath of the THUNDER GOD now do you?

Pirate Adam

Thor8 said...

Oh Golly Miss Molly! Did I step on someone's toes?
Thanks for steping up for me Pirate Adam I'm very grateful,but don't worry even if it's hard for Ghost to understand,I'm a big boy and can fend for myself
All those who read my previous post will have noticed that at no moment did I imply that the magazine should be discontinued, rather I stated that "IF" it were decided to have it cancelled there are other sources that can be useful for all who desire info on a given character.
Nor did I,Ghost,state that I took your comments personnally or that they were directed at me in particular.Yes it does make me uneasy when someone qustions or judges others maturity,inteligence
or taste,just because thier preferences don't match thiers. I mean I could just as easily accuse you of being a kid for throwing a tantrum "becwuase the big bad meannie wants to take awey my book with the pwetty pictues in it" but I won't stoop to that level.
Oh and yes I've purchased the majority of this collection thru Ebay. Now could you please explain
in words that a kid like me can understand,how in the world does this fact measure my maturity or gives or takes value from my views and opinions?
I'm afraid Ghost that many of the opinions you you expressed in your post were truly quite shallow and criied little wieght ,oh but then you are a Ghost, right?

pirate adam said...


i told you not to rile the GOD OF THUNDER, now look what you've done Ghost, woken a monster LOL

and Thor08 us Asgardians must stick together theres not too many of us on this blog.

Pirate Adam

pirate adam said...

and with a mag for pages less a PYRO - AVALANCHE double pack may actually be able to fill a magazine.

Pirate Adam

mighty_marvel said...

pyro-avalanche double pack would be classed as a special and they're staying at the same number of pages

ghost said...

Riling the Thunder God is the least of my concerns. I don't care if she insults me, but I obviously hit a nerve.

A lot of characters just lately have been new to me and until I read the Mag had no idea how they fitted into the great scheme of things.

I'm not saying that things shouldn't change but giving Rich and his team the impression that we don't mind the mag being dropped in favour of the figurines being made is wrong. Many of us do mind.

Why buy a figure of say "Destroyer" who I know nothing about, I may as well be buying something that someone has just made up for a Warhammer game!

Travis said...

You don't need to worry about EM raising the prices on the UK costumers. It seems that EM has been raping the US costumers for quite sometime. While UK costumers are paying £5.99 which converts to $10, we US costumers having been paying $12. When this collection first hit the US we were payin $10. But then the price went up $2. I thought everyone got the price increase. I guess I was wrong there.
And when the double packs come to the US we will be charged $32 which equals £20. I believe in the UK you are charged £16.
So as long as Richard is getting his extra money from us American then you people in the UK should be fine.
And since we pay more in the US we should be getting the 20 page mag.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ghost everyone has the right to share their views... What makes you think yours is important and other are not?

I find the mags don't give enough information and if I want to find out anything else on a character then I'll jump to wiki or comicvine.

Anyways as I say in every update... Rich, What's happened to Onslaught?

Thor8 said...

Ghost; No one is trying to give Rick the impession that nobody minds if the mag is dropped. Those who DON'T mind have thier say, and those who DO mind have thier say, it's as simple as that.

And as far as insults go, I frankly don't recall insulting anyone,but I do recall someone calling all those who disagree with him (and I said Him not Her)kids. Not that being a kid in itself is degrading,but in the sense of questioning ones maturity is another thing competely. We should learn to have our say wiyhout kicking sand in other peoples faces.

And on a lighter sense:Rick when will we get a peek of the Destroyer special?

Jacadoo said...

Travis I used to buy aditional figurines for friends in China and the USA, I would think the additional price you pay is tied up in transporting over the pond.

Mind you I only wish I could have posted for such a low price.

I would have much preferred in place of a magazine perhaps a character profile card (double sided) that we could have as a filing system.

So when we want to look up a particular character we could go directly to our CMF bespoke file and extract the charater profile.

Thor8 said...

Jacadoo; I second the motion for a profile card! Good one Jacadoo.

Anonymous said...

I third it... Top idea

pirate adam said...

i do agree with Ghost the mag cannot be dropped tottally as i also enjoy reading about the characters i know little of when they turn up without having to go online and i dont thinkk a profile card can do this collection any good,

sorry Jacadoo, lame idea

it is good however to have a bit of an argument goin i've missed it LOL

Pirate Adam

Cookie said...

I dont want the Mag to stop I think its a nice combo to have the fig and the mag.

Rich bring on the New Mutants and The Blob! oh and Pyro & Avalanche :)

Anthony Stark said...

Yeah I agree completely. You cannot continue this collection without the magazine to complement the figurine. You can`t release figurines without highlighting the stories and artwork that made these characters so great. Although I don`t think it`s a terrible idea to lose a few pages of filler.

Nightstar1441 said...

I will be disappointed that the magazines will be reduced but I do understand the fiscal nature of such a decision and this must not have been an easy one to reach on the part of EM.

I know they will maintain all of the sections that we have become accustomed too and the effort to let the fan base know of the upcoming changes.

Even though many people love the figures - there is a tremendous amount of effort put into the magazines.

Reading through them reminds me of all the classic comics I read as a kid bringing back fond memories.

I am glad EM is taking steps to ensure the collection stays strong by maintaining their price point and doing what they can to help out the fans of such a wonderful series.

Travis and Jacadoo - just an FYI - the US is not getting raped.

When the collection finally made it to the US - the exchange rate between the dollar to pound was an equal 2:1

So the 6 pound price point translated evenly to the $12 cost per figure.

Since then - the pound has lost some value (kinda wish the dollar got stronger but alas that is not the case) which is why the exchange rate is now different.

This might explain the variances that you are currently seeing.

Hope this helps

ghost said...

Profile card?

Rich, are your team considering a Pokimon Collection it looks like there would be a few interested.

Sorry, couldn't resist...

Reminder to self "Must Fight Urge"

I do honestly apologise if I upset you Thor8, it wasn't my initial intention (you just happened to be the first to nibble), it's just very frustrating when people want to change something that was a fundamental part of starting this collection. After spending £... (I'll leave this bit out as it will scare the wife)... I don't want it to degenerate into a 'Kinder Egg Surprise'!.. and to be fair, looks like most want the mag... I know let start another poll on the forum ;)

Thor8 said...

Ghost; No need to apologize, we all blow our lids sometimes when things don't go the way we'd like them to. As I mentioned before I really don't want the mag to be cancelled,I do enjoy reading it, Although I wouldn't mind a change or two like the center spread and the back cover.What I was referring to was that to me the figurine holdr preference over the mag, I was not implying that it should be eliminated, so if the majority would prefer the mag to stay(and I believe they do) so be it! As for leaving out how much this collection has cost you in consideration of the missus, I hear ya talkin' buddy!

So that having been cleared(I hope) back to you Richard! Please please, PLEEEEASE, let the X-Fans know in your next post if you will be or won't be doing the Pyro and Avalanche double pack and the Blob special so we can finally get a rest and move on to other topics!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add my 2 cents quickly to the magazine debate, and am going to agree with what Pirate Adam initially stated.

The magazine is fine to lose 4 pages, it's more than do-able without losing too much of the content. Certainly the double page centre spread has always been a waste of time, and I wouldn't notice too much if the friends/foes section lost a page either like the DC mags did etc.

It makes sense that the magazine can continue from issue 101 onwards with less pages, afterall the characters we have now have far less history than the likes of Spiderman, Wolverine etc and a lot of the friends/foes stuff has been repeated before in previous mags.

However I would never appreciate it if we lost the mags, as to me thei're an integral part of the collection. I love the fact that I have such a huge amount of literature on the Marvel characters and their history at my disposal in printed form. I'm sure many of us have the Marvel encyclopedia which is great, but you only get between a paragraph and a page for each character. So with the mags whether they're 16 or 20 pages they still represent a significant extra amount of information than is normally available printed.

As for cutting the magazines completely in order to reduce the price, how cheap do you think they could make it? I'm guessing 80-90% of EM's expenses with this collection go towards the cost of the figurines production, packaging and transportation. Is it really worth losing such a great magazine just so we can save 50p a fortnight? If the magazine came out on it's own as a partwork without the figurine, I'd guess it would have a RRP of about £2.99 alone. The CMFC still represents fantastic value for money and I think people forget that.

Holy Wolf

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Ted; Is your post suppose to be a sample of sick and twisted humor? I for one find it to be disrespectful not only to Rick and the EM gang but to all whom enjoy this blog as well! It's in very poor taste buddy!

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dennis said...

Hi , why just not put the price to £6.99 and keep the pages

ted sallis said...

dear rick
if my sick and twisted humour has indeed caused you any offence . i apologise.
in general there are 2 types of geek in this world . there is your every day regular person who enjoys this hobby while still managing to function in social situations and who takes the gentle mockery of his hobby, in good humour.
the other type are unrellentingly serious about this hobby no mockery or sarcasm no matter how gentle will be tolerated . these humourless obsessives make the most ardent trekkie fan seem well balanced by comparison.
i was scratching my head about the " sick and twisted" accusation
i jokingly suggested that perhaps only painting the front of the figurines would be a money saving option or turning over a couple of pages to adult phoneline services would be another source of income to keep this collection going . i just could not see why thor 8 found this to be so sick
or even weirder why he thought it a personal insult to the editor all the em staff all the bloggers on this site and all the little bunny rabbits frolicking in the meadow,
then it hit me thor is indeed eight years old , so my mention of the s-e-x word on a forum for little toys was probably misjudged
although thor 8 it states clearly on all the packaging that these figurines are not intended for play by children under the age of 14 . whose a naughty little sausage eh?
kinder eggs have a new madagascar collection out plus the eggs are simply scrummy
thor8 you have the makings of an excellent drama queen when you grow up.
if there is anyone one else on this blog ( apart from mary whitehouses grandson ) who found my previous post offensive . i will be more than happy to remove it

Anonymous said...

Ted mate totally off topic but what is shezza's place? and why does it use my old blog URL?

Jacadoo said...

Ted – I think you are quite crass and enough already of your mission of attacking Thor 8 at every chance.

My friend in short if you have nothing real to say – say nothing and keep your ignorance to yourself, I don’t need to read it and I’m sure nobody else wants to either.

So be as good as your offer and drop the comments dude.

ted sallis said...

i have no idea i must have clicked on your user name at the top of your blog entry. did i do a bad thing?

ted sallis said...

dear jacanory
"attacking thor 8 at every chance" ??
i replied in one post to a direct accusation levelled against me.
you find me crass i am tewibbly sowwy . you must be a type 2

Anonymous said...

No matter just wondered why you follow a blog that was set-up to misdirect my old customers from the SHFF days

Jacadoo said...

Oh here’s an idea for the bog....

Rich how about an idiot filter that way we won't have to read the slobber from Sallis?

Has mom forgot to wash and dress you again, do try an remind her boys clothes next time - fool!!

I know its easy for you to be brave on a blog.

Now stop stealing your sisters make-up and please just go away...

ted sallis said...

dear idiot
my god , are you the poster boy for the retarded.?
i get into an arguement with a blogger about figurines and you call me an underage cross dresser ?
and please don't accuse me of hiding behind my online persona .
it just shows you up for the incestuous nutter you are.

Thor8 said...

Hey Jacadoo: How are you my friend. Just wanted to give you a note of gratitud for backing me up,and I'd also would like to suggest that you do what I did and just ignore the garbage mouth comments made by ignorant bloggers. I was kind of tempted to reply to him myself but I thought it over and the truth is I have much better things to do than to waste my time on losers!
Peace my friend!

Jacadoo said...

OK I must apologise to everybody who visits this blog – if had known Ted Slobber was punching above his intellectual weight, I would have passed on making comments to support Thor 8.

So Teddy I’m very sorry, do keep taking the pills and leave making silly comments against decent contributors to this blog, to people worth listening to.

Thor 8 no problem buddy, as the immortal man himself say’s “Nuff Said”.

ted sallis said...

happy fathers day one and all
my kids gave me a selection box of of japanese and american candy
we have enjoyed a breakfast of pink juice from japan and peanut butter cookies .
as soon as i saw this blog my shoulders sagged .
i think the strange pink juice has allowed me to have a moment of clarity
jac doo and thorate you are the humourless incestuous type of geek social misfits that i despise .
the sun is shining we are off to the park.
i feel ashamed that i wasted valuble quality time on a pair of naughty children playing grown ups.
ive subscribed to this collection since the first issue and i was happily ignorant of this blog until a few months ago.
thor ate heres a rule of thumb to gauge whether someone is sick and twisted .
holocaust deniers = sick and twisted.
dr harold shipman = sick and twisted.
blogger making joke about partially painted toys = a big dumb idiot for logging on to this incestuous geekfest.

Jacadoo said...

Ted don't take things so serious, SOME items you have posted have been quite funny.

So go out - the sun will probably do you some good and thanks for the best fight I've had in a while!!

Nobody died - so no foul.

pirate adam said...

im interested to know what mr sallis said as he deleted it before i had a chance to read it.

i did find this little bout of name calling quite amusing though, but why are people all of a sudden picking on Thor08 who is one of the better people on this blog and well done Jacadoo for sticking up for him, though he wont admit to need ing help its nice to have it.

now then, i have a bone to pick with Mr Jacadoo!!

i cant believe you thought i was related to Ted Sallis, the guy is obviously a few bricks short of a house (no offence ted). LOL

Pirate Adam

Jacadoo said...

PAdam it was an easy mistake to make – he has all your charm and charisma!!!

LOL – Oh my sides are hurting….

asura said...

Who would like to see an ARCHANGEL figurine from Eaglemoss ?????????

Webs said...

Damn this blog is going down hill its gonna get to the point where Rich does'nt even bother to read it anymore with the amount of crap thats been posted on here.

Ted do the blog a favour and stop posting rubbish on here.

Thor8 said...

CBRBeast and Miss Medusa: If you guys are reading this I'd like to reguest a favor from you. A while back you guys were kind enough to inform me of the existence of a Tigra Marvel Legends figure. I would like to know when this figure became available since it seems to be a very hard to get figure.

On the subject of the page reduction; Do you think it would be possible to place the "next issue" feature in the inside of the back cover where the "what are your comics worth" section is, and eliminate the center spread?

Baroni_08 said...

Thor8 , i dont know when the TIGRA marvel legends figure came out m8 but she was part of the Holocaust series , which was a wal mart exclusive line up . So should be pretty recent , check wiki to be definite buddy ,
Glad all that nonsense over the last few day's has died down , lets keep it to marvel topics pls , or im lettin PA lose lol. Any news on a Odin fig & some more Heralds , & FIRESTAR pls EM & Rich OH wait PYRO & AVALANCH double pack pls .( just for the X - men Fans ). lol

Baroni _08 ..........

Thor8 said...

Thanks for the info Baroni_08. Yes I'm aware that it's a Walmart exclusive and I have a friend in the toy dept. of a local store on the look-out. I just wanted to be sure it was recent since internet sellers are asking for an arm and a leg for one of these.

I've heard nothing about an Odin or any heralds figurines so far, but I do hope Rick will shed some light on this (along with the Pyro-Avalanch,Northstar-Aurora,Blob, Sasquatsh,ect.)very soon.(hopefully in his next post)

Hey Baroni,Jackadoo,Pirate A, and Jimbob, What do you guys think about a Battle Arour Thor or a Lord Thor figurine?

Jacadoo said...

Battle Armour Thor for me - or even Thor/Detroyer Armour, have you seen. Bowen did as a bust looks really good.

Can't say I seen much of Lord Thor variant.

Anonymous said...

So it seems some subbies have got War Machine today and it seems like 4 pages of writing have been eliminated, while the centre spread image still remains. I was just wondering if there was any reason for this decision? Is it a way of saving further money rather than just cutting the cost of printing, I don't know if the writers get paid by word count or something?

Also, well done to Jacadoo for keeping the peace this week. I think we're all used to a bit of banter on here but there's really no need to take it all so seriously and start a name-calling war, and I'm not pointing the finger at anyone specific, just a general point.

Holy Wolf.

Jacadoo said...

Cheers King Chris - I just think people seem to forget these are only 3" lead figurines and there's no need for personnel insults.

Yes I have been guilty in the past the word "Dilluted" springs to mind, for some reason.

There are some real characters on here (Adam and Baroni spring to mind) but its never personnel, so come on lets get back to the real reason for this blog....

Sasquatch anytime now Rich, any chance of swapping Big orange for FS Wasp (oh no here comes the god of thunder)....

ghost said...

Can I be the first to say...



The new 16 page mag is a joke (hence the pantomime jibe). Why oh why keep the waste of paper, also known as the centre spread, and axe 4 pages of info (the real reason theres a mag in the first place).

What next... just the cover?

On the plus side - the matt finish is far nicer than the gloss. Incidently the finishing process to achieve this is quite expensive... are you sure you can afford it!

And oh yeah....

Now you've got less to do... ANSWER SOME OF THE QUESTIONS!!!! and update your website.

Timbo said...

Lets hope for an update this week and a sneak peak again cant wait to see Sunfire.

There are so many questions will we get Blob, a Pyro and Avalanche double pack with Destiny taking Pyro's space?

Really enjoyed the Banshee Mag was a great read kinda made me want Siryn in the collection.

Still hoping theres an extension as my collection so badly needs:

Cannonball, Domino, Forge, Longshot and Exodus.

spidey_1979 said...

have to say i think they've done a good job with the magazine reduction. if i didn't know it had been reduced i don't think i would have noticed it

don't think the heralds should be done just yet as many of them would struggle to fill even a 16 page magazine, unless it's as a team pack. and if we do get team packs i would like to see the four horsemen too.

still way too early for variants. we haven't even had odin or balder yet, so battle armour thor or lord thor should be some distance off.

on another note if we get an extension i would like to see JJJ in the spiderman slot

Baroni_08 said...

Any of the Heralds could fill a 16 page mag and are deserving of a place in the line up if there was or is a extension . Im all for a double pack Nova & Fallen One my picks of the heralds . So i hate to disagree with u on that one Spidey buddy . But i agree on JJJ for a Spiderman character to be done eventually .

Lets have some new news and a update pls Rich lots to be answered .......

Baroni _08 .........

Thor8 said...

Gee you guys are lucky! You already have Banshee and War Machine in your mitts. I'm still waiting to get Shocker! Which reminds me,I've been trading opinions,wish lists,arguments, insults,ects with alot of you guys and I don't even know where you're from(except Travis who recently mentioned being from the USA). Me, I'm from The island of Puerto Rico in the Carribean sea.

One last thing,spidey 1979,I totally agree with you about not beieng time yet for variants to be made. I just mentioned those Thor variants to my fellow asgardians as a personal fantasy wish I would like to see come true some day.

pirate adam said...

big fat NO!! on civilians, lets not start that again, no civilian desrves a place over any hero or villain, X-Men included. LOL

Pirate Adam

spidey_1979 said...

personally i think you could class JJJ as a spiderman villain - he's been a thorn in his side for years after all. spider-man will get at least one slot in an extension and there's only really hydroman, jackal and JJJ left to do. of these three JJJ has had the most impact and the most history so edges it for me.

baroni - was just trying to say that if heralds were done soon, i would prefer them as a double or team pack rather than as singles. i didn't mean to imply they don't deserve to be in the collection because i would like some of them in there too

Baroni_08 said...

Im with you Spidey buddy i understood what u ment , i was just sayin any Heralds have a story to fill the new 16 page mag , i definitely wouldn't say no to a double pack or team pack more Heralds the better .

JJJ will most certainly be done at some stage , im not to fussed on civilian 's but some eventually will be made as there is some key civilian character 's. I would like to see Hydro man to he could be a awsome fig .

In the run up to issue 140 who do you want to see most ?? Pirate Adam , Spidey , Jacadoo, Thor8 and everyone else .

Baroni _08 ........

Banshee said...

Theres a few I can't wait to see. Snowbird being the main one, then Jocasta and Enchantress. Also I cant wait to see how Cloak and Dagger finally get done.

Although I can't wait to see them I'd sooner have some of our questions answered in the next blog, like Pyro/Avalanche or Cloak/Dagger 1 base or 2, Blob or news on the next extension.

Rich any chance of answering some of the burning questions in the next blog.

Jacadoo said...

Hi Baroni my choices would be;
1. Sasquatch.
2. Stingray (poss double with Tigershark).
3. THE DESTROYER (Asgardian).
4. Odin.
5. Goliath.

Yes I'm easily pleased.

mighty_marvel said...

looking forward to getting hobgoblin next month. further in the future i've already cleared a space for beta ray bill and really want to see what they've done with enchantress (especially so if em be sensible and put her as a double with executioner)

Cardcaptor said...

The 2 big questions I cant wait to hear about are....

1. When is BLOB gonna be done hes so long over due its crazy!

2. News about Pyro and Avalanche been a Double Pack (which I and many others so hope happens)

Hawkeye said...

Defo want JJJ - he's a mainstay of the Marvel Universe - he helped create Scorpion, he's Man-wolf's Dad and a perennial pain in the a**e for Spidey - ticks all the boxes for me, civilian or not (sorry PA).

Also, having recently read the Captain Britain: Secret Invasion novel, I'd like to see Spitfire (unless I've missed something and she's already included but I don't think so).

Also at risk of repeating myself I think Hammerhead and Tombstone make an obvious double-pack so I'd like to see those at some stage).

spidey_1979 said...

repeating requests and questions is what this blog is all about. if we do it enough rich might eventually answer some of them!

agree with you hawkeye about the no-brainer double pack of hammerhead and tombstone. hopefully will be confirmed after pyro/avalanche and northstar/aurora.

and nice to have someone else behind including JJJ. i can hear the rant coming from PA already.

pretty obvious i know, but am looking forward to getting hobgoblin, manwolf and chameleon

thor8 - i'm in england

Thor8 said...

Baroni: My choices would be;
Double Packs:
Mega Special:

Baroni_08 said...

I personaly am lookin forward to Beta Ray BIll , Drax the Destroyer and Annihilus ( who could of been a special in my opinion ) . Also Chameleon to have the original insidious six .

my 5 choices to be in the extension .
Fallen One.
Hydro man .
Baldur the Brave .
oh one more Ronan the Accuser.

Odin .
Madame Web .

Grand Master .

There only my opinion , so they wont be everyone 's cup of tea but its intresting seeing who is a fan of who .And i know Pirate Adam definitely wants BLOB lol haha (thats done it now ) and Howard the duck LOL .
Thor8 you asked were we are from im from England buddy.

Baroni _08 .......

pirate adam said...

Thor08 - i am very disappointed in you, only putting the grand daddy 5th on your list. tut tut

Spidey - JJJ, i would rather have Baroni08 kick me in the testicles, sorry buddy. LOL

Cardcaptor - if Blob is way over due and i'm not saying he isnt then how far over due is ODIN who in my opinion is 1000 times a better character.

Baroni08 - i am also looking forward to BETA RAY BILL and does anyone know if NOVA aka Frankie Raye is being included? i hope so it would give the sculpters a chance to redeem the dismal Johny Storm fig.

........and being a Pirate, i am from the Seven Seas arrggg!!

mighty_marvel said...

i reckon spiderman will only be getting one slot in any extensions from now on so it'll probably be hydroman if we get 141 - 160 plus a double of tombstone and hammerhead.

if we get 161 - 180, and there doesn't seem to me a good reason why we shouldn't, i'd be happy for the spidey slot in that to go to JJJ.

i'm still for the extension suggestions i gave in the last post from 5th June. i'd like to see some other lists of 20 and doubles/specials/megas suggestions that are from right across the marvel universe rather than a few favourites from one area. come on baroni, PA, thor8, spidey - take up the challenge

and i'm from england too thor8

Thor8 said...

I imagined most of you guys would be from England since this is a collection being manufactured there(and a great collection may I add).

Pirate; I knew placing my daddy 5th would catch your eye. Oh,and I'm from the carribean sea where the most notorious pirates in history set sail,sodon't get tough with me matey.So Arrggg right back atcha!

Mighty_M; I've put my list together a few times but never gotten around to posting it. I'll try to do so soon.

Spidey; I'm not to fond of civvies in this collection,but if one deserves to be there it definately is ol' skinflint,flat top JJJ!

Richie Rich said...

My TOP wants in these catagories are:



Regular Special:


Mega Special:


Double Packs:


Saturn Lad said...

I would love a Starjammers double pack of Corsair & Hepzibah and then eventually we could get a Double of Raza and Ch'od that way we could have a complete Starjammers that would be great!

Pyro and Avalanche is a must have as is Blob.

Thor8 said...

Okay Mighty_Marvel here's my extension suggestions you reguested from us;

Alpha Flight
Masters Of Evil
11)Molten Man
Squadom Supreme
15)Doctor Spectrum
Double Packs
4)Titanium Man
mega Specials

Remember everyone these are just my personal choices so please don't have me shot if you don't agree with some or any of them, and do send in your own so we can compare notes! (I know Jacadoo is dying to reguest a Janet Van Dyne Giant-Girl mega Special)

Ramshackle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Uhhh, looks like Ramshackle and Richie Rich forgot to read the rules for this listing, so Mighty_Marvel, would you do the honors.

Miss Medusa said...

An EXILES double pack would be really nice. Morph and Nocturne would make a great double pack, really nice idea Ramshackle.

Deathbird and Vulcan would be nice also.

Starjammers could easily be done and dusted with 2 double packs too which would be great.

Corsair and Hepzibah

CH'OD and Raza Longknife

Baroni_08 said...

Thor8 , your list is not to bad m8 i agree with most of your selections, but i would change a couple . But at least u tried to cover all groups not like some people . If you changed a few with , Nova , Hydro man , Ronan the Accuser, Vulcan , Corsair ,Toad and Firestar were gettin somewhere m8 . I will have go at list so im not judging anyone there all good but you have to cover all groups .

Baroni _08 ......

ted sallis said...

so i had headed off into the sunset when i felt a twinge i thought it was indigestion turns out it was guilt .
when i made the jibe about turning over 2 pages of the mag to sex lines because we're all socially inept geeks it does appear to be completely offensive
i was in actual fact mocking the stereotype image that some non believers have of comic fans .
when you are face to face with someone it is a lot easier to read when something is said in jest.
i made the mistake of just assuming everyone would automaticaly get where i was coming from. thor8 stood up for the bloggers on this forum thinking i had direspected them.
i got tired and emotional everything then got a bit weird. i couldn't head off into the sunset without offering thor 8 and indeed mr jacadoo a full and sincere apology.
i fully intend to log on again in the summer of 2013 to see what plans are afoot for the 200th issue i thought the hundreth issue was a real missed opportunity. for the 200th issue i want a gold plated mega special of stan lee. to hell with the scale issues!
i am now going to take the advice of my new best friend mr webbs and and bugger off and stop leaving garbage posts. i couldn't agree with you more me old cock.
best wishes to one and all . see you in 13

oldboy said...

Would like to suggest Goliath as a Mega Special, the red and blue outfit with the chest harness version. Also any plans for Gamorra, Satana, Firebrand, The Controller, Spectrum.