Friday, 13 March 2009

Custom Comp winners

Welcome back to another blog update. This week I thought I would put up a few images of some custom Marvel Figurines.

Each of the figures below one their respective category on the superherofigurineforum, with Zombie Sue Storm chosen by the guys at Eaglemoss as our personal favourite.

Category 1 – REPAINT
The original CMFC or DC figurine has been repainted. NO original material has been removed, NO material (fimo, Das, clay, plastic etc) has been added…..just paint.

Category 2 – REMODEL
The original CMFC or DC figurine has had additional material added or original material removed (capes, weapons, wings etc)

Category 3 – RESCULPT
The original CMFC or DC figurine has been substantially altered to create a new interpretation. This will include all aspects of Categories 1 and 2 with the addition of limb/torso removal and repositioning, additional non-cmfc accessories added and / or complete re-sculpt from scratch using CMFC or DC as the “idea”.

Eaglemoss Winner:

To the guys who made these and ran the competition, thanks a lot and my apologies for taking a while to put them up.

I can also reveal some news on the Specials front this week. We have another double pack lined up after the Kingpin Special. The characters we've chosen for this double-pack are Ka-Zar and Zabu. I know we previously had Ka-Zar in the regular running order but it just didn't seem right that he wouldn't have his big sabertooth cat with him. I think the pair make a fantastic addition to the collection and are one of the most natural double-packs we could have put together. Lets face it, Ka-Zar simply doesn't appear without Zabu.

I hope to have some images of the sculpts ready in the next couple of weeks.

Obviously that means we have another free space in the collection, and I plan to have this sorted out by next week. I'll be looking at the recent character polls and discussing with all the guys who work on the project.

Right, have a good weekend everyone.


Holy Wolf said...

Great news on Zabu!

I know it's a while ago now but congrats again to the custom comptition winners, they all look great :-) and thanks to Rich for the prizes, I've got my Spiderman artwork ready to be framed!

Interesting that we're getting another character added to the 100-120 lineup, maybe we won't have to wait til 2011 for another Alpha FLight member after all ;)

Gremlin said...

Awesome news on Ka-Zar and Zabu. As you said they are never featured seperately and the special treatment should do them justice considering they are both so unique to the MU.

As for filling the slot may I suggest an enemy of the XMen such as Spiral or Exodus...:)
I am sure the forum will be alight with ideas and wants.

Great work guys

Bobbyvjay said...

Ka-Zar and Zabu, best news Iv had all day =D

Well done to the comp winners too.

Anonymous said...

Great news!!

I've been rallying for this since Ka-Zar was first announced. So I would be honored if I had something to do with the decision. You really can't have Ka-Zar without Zabu. It just does not make sense. So this is awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I suggest Sage for the empty slot. Since she's a major X-Men character who somehow got shafted from being in the polls.

jarvis69 said...

Congratulations to all our artists.
ZABU !! Yesssssssss , really good news for the collection. And , maybe soon Lockjaw ?

buffduffdan said...

Well done to all the comp winners, the customs are brilliant and some great work!

Really cool news on Ka-Zar and Zabu too :) I'm sure both of them will look fantastic and makes perfect sense! Good to know you guys are really on the double pack bandwagon now and hope Cloak & Dagger and Northstar & Aurora aren't too far behind ;)

As for the free spot, got way too many suggestions (Typoid Mary, Cannonball, Exodus, Thundra, Moondragon) to name but a few :D I'm sure you guys will pick an awesome charactert though

Anonymous said...

Snowbird, Songbird or Ares are my preferences :-)

Mr J said...

I really hope that an X-Men character will get the free space theres already lots of Avengers characters in and X-Men has so many great characters left. Id really hope for any of the follwoing:


Anonymous said...

Well, to fill Ka-Zar's slot, there is one extremly obvious choice. Who better to fill his spot than his wife, Shanna the She-Devil? Then with the family will be complete. Ka-Zar, Shanna and Zabu!

jimbob said...

Yesss!Ka-Zar and Zabu fantastic.
Wasnt fussed on Ka-Zar fig,but now Zabu is going to be made as im starting to like these characters.

So now there is a space for issue 113.Hopefully it will be someone obvious like Toad,Snowbird,Forge or Hydro man.And not someone we havent heard of,please dont do that.

Excellent on the customs.this is something i am really getting into.
And there alot of talented artist out there.

foxchilde said...

Glad about the choice with Ka-Zar, think that'll be really cool.

For the empty slot, it'd be great to see Sage. I was real disappointed that she didn't make it into the origional poll, and it would be an excellent slot for her.

Failing that, possibly an individual X-Villain? Spiral springs to mind! :-)

asura said...

Since I am very disapointed by the last poll, I am very glad to hear that there is a new chance to get another character. Please bring us characters from the recent storylines!
I am still waiting for Ares and Vulcan in the collection. Ares has the potential to be one of the best looking characters!

Killer Frost said...

An X-MEN character for the free character slot for sure!

I think an X-MEN bad guy would be good as there are only Gladiator and Pyro coming up and Pyro is a long way off. Id think EXODUS, SPIRAL & VULCAN would all be great choices.

If not a bad guy then a hero like; FORGE, CANNONBALL or SAGE (as it was outrageous that she was left out of the polls when characters like Meggan and alpha flight were included when there not even X-MEN apart from Northstar of course)

Stuu said...

Exodus would make a great model I agree. But we do need some more girls in this collection.

Well done to the people in the competition. But from what I saw and heard the competition was very controversial lol!

jimbob said...

Just thinking about it,i think Snowbird would be the best choice.A chance to complete the Alpha flight team.

As much as i would like Toad,on the bases on closely completing a team im going for Snowbird.

Im glad Exodus is being mentioned alot.

Webs said...

XMEN all the way for the new space!

I agree that the last extension did not have a good ratio of male to female characters so a female X character wud be cool. The best choices for me would be any of the following:

Rachel Grey

If a male X character is selected thats great too tho. It seems like team leaders are picked before there team mates on most occasions so I think New Mutants wud be a great team to represent. There leader is Cannonball so he wud be a great choice.

Cookie said...

Im totally going to hope for an
X-Villain for the KaZar space.

If you look at the line up from 100-120 there is NOT ONE SINGLE X-VILLAIN!

That seems wrong to me. I think that the best X-VILLAIN to pick would be any of the following;

Toad, Exodus, Spiral, Vulcan, Destiny, Sebastian Shaw and Deathbird.

Travis said...

I wish EM would have done Rogue like to custom on shown. I never understood why that costume was never pick for the actual figurine.

pete said...

Please don't shoe-horn Zabu onto one big base with Ka-Zar, he deserves his own base!.

Gremlin said...

Its great to see all the different suggestions for possible characters to fill the vacant slot. The favourite on the forum so far seems to be Snowbird. This is unsurprising considering Alpha Flight is the most wanted team (there are polls to prove it too :)). I think she would make a beautiful sculpt and would definately please many people.
I am also liking the suggestions of an X-villian filling the slot since Lady Deathstrike was the last one at #86 and there won't be another till at least #121. My suggestions still stand with Spiral and Exodus.

Richie Rich said...

Id like to think it wont be an Avengers, Defenders or Marvelm Knights characters but well wait and see!

An X character would be great particuarly a villain i had not actually realised that there were gonna be so few from Lady Deathstrike onwards.

My top 5 choices for Vilains would be;

The Black King

Id love to see these 4 good guys in the collection also.


I think the people on that forum have chosen enough characters. snowbird sucks.

The Grim Reaper said...

Some good news alround there Rich, seems a very popular decision.

as for who will fit the slot.....

....SUPRISE US.....

Keep it a closely guarded secret, and don't even show who it is on the back cover of the preceeding mag. We'll only know when it either gets delivered, or someone posts a pic of their new arrival.

How's that sound? ;-)

jimbob said...

Sorry to disagree with you Grim,but that sounds irritating not knowing.

Cant mess about with selections,get it done.

The last two blogs have been great cause we've been told who is in the collection,this is the news that we like to hear,more confimed figs please.It gets us in a good mood.:)

Comon Snowbird!

Holy Wolf said...

Gotta love all this Snowbird support :)

jimbob said...

Snowbird Snowbird Snowbird!

We all want the Alpha Flight team!

pirate adam said...

i dont realy care about zabu bein with ka-zar as i have said EA have done a fantstic job so far and will continue to do so. hows about Balder the Brave for the empty slot as there are no good X villains left and i think that the Gladiator that has been anounced is not the Shiar Gaurd.
any news on an Odin special lets face it you all know it makes sence.

Pirate Adam

Thor8 said...

It seems to me that most people have concentrated on the different Marvel teams and thier respective villians and have not given much thought about the individual heroes and the many foes available.
You could well pick an Iron Man villian or a Thor,Daredevil,or Sub-Mariner foe. A Radioactive Man with glow in the dark paint would make a great figurine!
If you decide to fill the gap with a hero I think Stingray or The Original Swordsman would make eye-catching figurines due to thier unique costumes design and colors!
Last but not least,when will you be finally updating your main site?
It is way time this was done.

Holy Wolf said...

Pirate Adam,

There are two Gladiator's confirmed in the CMFC so far: Both the Shi'ar Guard and the Daredevil foe


Chris Towell said...

I for one agree with Grim. Make it a surprise. I like seeing scoops don't get me wrong but it is nice to be surprised for a change, (think the last time I was surprised was when I opened a subby box and found Apocalypse in there as well). Didn't even know he was made.

MrKurdt said...

Who is Ka-Zar without Zabu AND SHAANNA ?

Good news, but it could be better if Shaanna will see life in this great collection.

buffduffdan said...

I have to agree, getting Shanna in there either as the free slot (or even as a triple pack ;)) would be awesome! People always mention teams not being complete so why not sort it from the start? Wouldn't have to be all at once but at least we know we'd be getting them all and Shanna did come 9th on the MK poll so she obviously has fans!

Still I like the idea of it being a bit random and not an obvious runner-up or something.

I'd at least like to know who it is though just out of curiousity :D Sorry grim!

Anonymous said...

Pirate Adam: "there are no good X villains left"


1. Dark Beast
2. Destiny
3. Toad
4. Avalanche
5. Silver Samurai
6. Spiral
7. Goblin Queen
8. Exodus
9. Sebastian Shaw
10. Deathbird
11. Cassandra Nova
12. The Shadow King
13. Holocaust
14. Nimrod
15. Black Tom Cassidy

There's 15 right there off the bat.

Jacadoo said...

The Rogue sculpt was superb - I agree with Thor8 and his call for an update to the main site.

Now completly overdue and no real reason why it cannot be done.

As the filler I would ask for Stingray - sure to be a nice figurine.

pirate adam said...

to cbr beast

i do apologise there are a couple of "good" X-Villains let like toad, silver samurai, omega red and avalanche as for nimrod we already have the sentinel figure and nimrod is just a future sentinel. i'm sure you'll disaree with me again but hey i dont care!!
and to HOLY WOLF i didnt know that both Gladiators had been confirmed but i hope your right cos the the Shiar Guard Gladiator is an awsome character

Pirate Adam

Anonymous said...

Pirate Adam: "nimrod is just a future sentinel."

No. Not really, no. Just like Bastion isn't just another Sentinel. Nimrod actually has a personality and a signifigant storyline. Plus he's much more unique looking than the average Sentinel.

Ryan Maxwell said...


Mr J said...

Having thought about the confirmed line up to 140 im really behind the idea of an x-villain taking the space!

The x-villains was a hot poll and very close and its a group that frankly Richard has not balanced very well in the collection.

From Issue 87 Lady Deathstirke onwards were getting Issue 98Gladiator (altho it could be argued hes more of a tweener character rather than strictly a villain) and then Pyro sometime between 121-140 and thats it!

So we need some more x-villains. Hopefully we will get specials of Blob, Omega Red and Sauron but right now were getting two x-villains upto 140 and thats not enough. The poll proved what a popular catagory the x-villains is.

jimbob said...

I agree we need more x-villains.
There are only 6 Brotherhood members out at the moment,against 15-16?x-men members with more on the way.

Pyro-confirmed(should have Avalanche by his side),Blob and Sauron possibly on the list.Still wont be that many tho compare to the x-men team.

Dark beast
The Shadow King

These are great individual villains as well.

However as much as i would love to have a x-men villain,im still going to back SNOWBIRD!

Alpha Flight is a small team and would be simple to complete.So we could consentrate on other teams then.

SASQUATCH-not yet confirmed
AURORA NORTHSTAR-not yet confirmed
SNOWBIRD-2nd in the x-men poll

If we have these this year,that will leave two left.


pirate adam said...


i told you i dont care what you think!! just answer one question is Nimrod a sentinel from the future YES or NO????

Pirate Adam ;)

Anonymous said...

Pirate Adam: "i told you i dont care what you think!!"

Wow. Someone never learned manners.

jarvis69 said...

Btw....Snowbird ofc !

Cardcaptor said...

X-MEN 4 EVA!!!!!!

Gotta have:



Travis said...

Nimrod is a Sentinel created in an alternate reality Earth-811. So he's not from the Earth 616 future.

Thor8 said...

Hi Richard; I was very pleased and surprized to see that you finally updated your main site. I especially enjoyed the Valkyrie figurine although all five look great. I think Valkyrie is the best female figurine done so far.
She looks very femenine yet noble and powerful!

I hope you really mean it when you state more comming "VERY SOON"

Jacadoo said...

Rich and the team many thanks for the main site update, next five figurines look awsome - can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

Thor 8 said
"I hope you really mean it when you state more comming "VERY SOON" "

Looks like you were right mate, a further 5 got added this afternoon :)

Thor8 said...

WOW!! Five more in just under a day
that is awesome indeed! They all look great,they really do. So much so that I wasn't planning on getting the Blink figurine but now that I've seen a better shot of her I'll probably get two of them because I believe I can easilly custumize one into a Mystique with her classic look. Good work guys!

pirate adam said...


i do have manners but i also have a respect for other peoples opinions!!

Pirate Adam

Clinten said...

Hey richard thanx alot 4 your blog update and especally thanx 4 the main web page updated .rich i was wonderin if you could maybe say if you and the guys in the office had the say who would eaglemoss choose the 121-140 figurine list be and about the new x men movie commin up i feel the blob would not be aropriate and i think a sculpt of wolverine breakin out of his tank or breakin out of the weapon x facilaty wit his helmet on well i hope i made sence of what i said and thanx again

jimbob said...

Yes,i hope you can fit The Blob in when the film is out.It would be the best time for this,with the hype and everything.

Keep the Specials and Double Packs coming this year!

Webs said...

BLOB hopefully has to be in the specials line up this year and bringing him out in time for the Wolverine movie makes perfect sense since BLOB makes his X-Men film debut in it.

Please Richard im guessing your not a big X-Fan but an X-Men regular special is long overdue, its been along time since we got Apocalypse!

I think its about time we got another regular X-Men special and peeps are right the X-Bad Guys are really been overlooked and theres so many good ones left too.

Killer Frost said...

A Wolverine variant is NOT what I want to see taking up a specials spot. I mean Wolverine on a bike or whatever would suck there should be new characters added into the collection not the same characters recycled.

What would be next a "GOLD SPIDERMAN" statue LOL.

Blob is a must and people clearly want him the collection.

Omega Red would also be a stunning piece and a very cool character to have.

Thor8 said...

I agree with Killer Frost! There are still too many good prospects out there who deserve a spot in this collection before you start making repeats of any given character. I believe that more double packs would solve the problem of having to wait too long to see our favorite finally make it to the market. Think about this.

jimbob said...

Wolverine hasnt been mentioned anyway.
The Blob has been considered as movie-tie fig.

Thor8 said...

If and when you make The Blob figurine,please have it made based on the classic comic version and not the way he'll be portrayed in the movie.

jimbob said...

It looks like the favorite for ka-zar replacement on the blog is an X-Men villain.Hopefully out of the lot it would be Avalanche,because of Pyro.

I still hope it will be somebody from an existing team that we have already in the collection,so we can get closer on completing them.

There is a lot of negativity and annoyance towards an oddballs fig on the forum.

Its nice to have them but not too many,they have no value,and just weaken the collection.

There are so many good figs on demand like ARES, SNOWBIRD, HYDROMAN,TIGERSHARK,SPIRAL etc and to but another oddball fig in the list just slows it down on us getting these popular characters and completing the teams.

Thor8 said...

Hydroman is a popular character?

jimbob said...

Hydroman is the last one i want to complete the sinister 12 team.Its brilliant that we almost have all the spidey villains.

Thunderbird is the last one i need to complete the x-men team.I was satisfied after prof x came out.But since we are having Banshee and Sunfire x-men legends,Thunderbird cant be left out of this.

Jacadoo said...

After reading the comments regarding the replacement figurine - remind me again "who said there were no real A listers left"????

Thor8 said...

Jacadoo said: another oddball fig in the list just slows it down on us getting these popular characters and completing the teams.

What I'd like to know is how do you classify an "oddball character?
You yourself state that the reason you wish to see Hydroman get his own figurine is so YOU can complete the sinister 12 in your collection and ditto for Thunderbird. Now I can understand your desire to see these figurines done and what they represent to you,and that's absolutely fine,but you see, what may seem as "oddball figs" to you, like Swordsman,Starfox,Goliath,and Photon are just as significant to me for basicly the same reasons Hydroman is to you!

So again I ask,what can we truly consider an "oddball fig"? A character that is truly very obscure in the Marvel U. or just simply some character we just don't care much about?

Now although I used Jacadoo's comment as an example for what I'm trying to express,it doesn't mean
in any way that my comments are directed to him personally. I believe that most of us at one time or another have made similiar comments. I just to state a reminder that: ONE MAN'S GARBAGE IS ANOTHER MAN'S TREASURE!

jimbob said...

Oddballs are D listers lower rank figs,some are dull some are great,old or new characters.
This was debated in the 24th febuary blog,and has been a hot topic in the forum.

With one place left should we have a familiar name character or a unknown,forgotten,new character.

With 2 years before the next extension this topic has been 50/50with the forum members.

Thor you should get on the forum more,its great.ive only seen your name onece.
We get more exclusive meterial on there mate.

Jacadoo said...

Thor8 no offence taken at all - especially as you were quoting someboddy else's sentiments.

You make a fair point regarding odd balls, none of us are the same we all have our likes and dislikes - please do not mention full size wasp........

Thor8 said...

Jacadoo sorry about the mix-up,glad you weren't upset about it.

Jimbob; What I was refering to when I asked about classifying an oddball was who and how do you determine a character is "D" rate not the definition of the term.I'm aware that ther are certain characters like say,The Gibbon,Grizzly,Mr.Fear and so on that most likely fall into this group,but there have been lots of good characters that have been rated as such just because they don't appeal to a certain group, and that's unfair!

Hey Jacadoo look no mention of THE WASP! (HA HA! Just kiddin' there buddy)

TzAtZiKiS (no onion) said...

Cool news!!! Ka-zar in da house!!!! :D

ps.I also hope Spiral will be immortalised in lead too. :)

Thor8 said...

Hi Richard,it's been two weeks since we've heard from you. Hope you have some very good news when you place your next post!


Richie Rich said...

I hope there's some good news too.

Hopefully it will involve an
X-Villain been put into the line up via #113 space and hopefully a special of The Blob or Omega Red!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there are plans to do new, improved versions of characters who first appeared ages ago? ... I have just started collecting (a late starter, I know!) ... I totally love the collection, but feel that some of the earliest figurines lack the size, dynamic pose and polished look that we find in the more recent ones. Surely a taller, more powerful Silver Surfer in hi-tech metallic paint would be awesome. A new Invisible Woman hovering on, or projecting, force fields would be spectacular. An Emma Frost encrusted with little diamonds would be sublime. And so on...
I wonder if some of you, my fellow collectors, agree that it'd be great to have new improved variants?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there are plans to do new, improved versions of characters who first appeared ages ago? ... I have just started collecting (a late starter, I know!) ... I totally love the collection, but feel that some of the earliest figurines lack the size, dynamic pose and polished look that we find in the more recent ones. Surely a more powerful Silver Surfer in hi-tech metallic paint would be awesome. A new Invisible Woman projecting force fields would be spectacular. An Emma Frost encrusted with little diamonds would be sublime. And so on...
I wonder if some of you, my fellow collectors, agree that it'd be great to have new improved variants?

Anonymous said...

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