Friday, 27 February 2009

Questions, answers and the Kingpin

Hello again,

As promised, this update I'm going to do my best to answer some of the recurring questions in the comments section, while also giving you a figurine update.

But first, I just want to address some of the comments that have come up due to the characters that made the extension.

My goal as editor of the CMFC is to try and put as many characters from across the Marvel Universe in the collection as possible. I need to balance the different 'aspects' of Marvel (Spidey characters, X-foes etc...) with the modern characters, the old characters, the popular, the niche and the more bizarre characters. It's absolutely fantastic that this collection evokes such passion from its collectors and I'm thrilled that choosing which characters to immortalise in lead is such an exciting process. However, what we do all have to remember is that it's impossible to tailor make the collection for each and every fan. Some characters you may feel deserve a place in the collection, another fan may think are a waste of space. So it comes down to a delicate balance when choosing new characters for the magazine and I genuinely hope that everyone can look forward to at least one figurine from the recent extension.

In a way I also like to think that we (the guys working on the mag) can act as ambassadors for each and every character in the collection. So you don't like X-Man/Jocasta/Son of Satan etc, well it's our job to show you that these are great Marvel characters with a rich history (whether that be 50 issues spread over 40 years or 100 issues in the '90s) and that they make great looking figures. Hopefully it's something we can achieve and something we'll always aim to do.

So moving on, I want to break down answers into a few segments.


The images we use in the magazine come from a number of sources. First Marvel have a database that we can download hi-res images from. These images tend to be from more recent or recently re-printed comics. The second method for getting images is to buy the comic and then scan artwork.

For scanned artwork the resolution it is scanned in at varies depending on the size and quality of the artwork, and the size we want to use it at. In general, we scan in between 400-800 dpi and then resize in photoshop to the standard 300 dpi print size.

All scanned artwork is cleaned up in photoshop using many different techniques including: recolouring, boosting blacks, as well as different types of blur and sharpening effects.


I'm very keen to put up shots of the sculpting and figurine process, discussing techniques, materials etc... but as I'm not a sculptor myself I want to get the guys who do the work on board. I'm currently discussing it with them and we'll see what we can do.

Main site:

I know we're a little behind schedule with the main site updates but we've had a couple of the Internet guys leave recently. I'm sure it'll be sorted very soon and we'll get back to regular updates.

Specials & double packs:

So far, I can confirm that (as previously mentioned) the Watcher and Kingpin will be the next two specials, after that I'm hopeful to get a Cloak and Dagger special out followed by another double pack. We're also looking at producing a figurine to tie-in with the Wolverine movie the details of which haven't been decided upon. Perhaps a Blob figure (as he'll be in the film) will work but I can't promise anything yet.

Looking further ahead to later specials, the characters that are on my 'working list' (but by no means definite and NOT in a running order) are:

Northstar & Aurora double pack
Omega Red
Power Pack (special double pack)

Plus a nearly unlimited list of other double packs.

We don't have a fixed schedule for the type or number of specials that we're going to produce this year but I'm looking to get the correct balance so that we can get as many characters into the collection without it costing the world and without the specials becoming regulars.

As far as double packs go, I believe Prof. X and Lilandra was successful (and the demand is there for more) so I will be sitting down with our marketing dept. and bosses in the next few weeks to discuss schedules.

Right, I hope that's answered a few questions so I'll move to the figurine update: the Kingpin painted!

As you can see we've gone for the classic white jacket costume with purple pinstriped trousers. The pose was adapted from a number of different sources with the sculptor producing a final sketch. I hope you'll all agree it captures the ruthless essence of the character and looks fantastic.

That's your lot, have a good weekend everyone.


Jacadoo said...

Rich many thanks for the update and putting up with all us old women crying about whats right and whats wrong - more importantly even greater thanks for confirming Sasquatch (old version please).

Look forward to the updated main site - King Pin is superb.

Now if you could just upset the guys again - the last comment stream was an absolute blast!!!!

Roll on Stingray and Tigershark!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kingpin. is. AMAZING.

Thanks for all the answers to our questions, I'm certainly looking forward to more specials. Again it's interesting to hear more about how the magazine is put together. How does one gain access to this holy grail of high res marvel pics known as a database? ;-)

Jacadoo, Sasquatch isn't confirmed, they're just considering him as a special at some point.

Any comment on the characters that came close runner ups in the polls and what there chances are of getting in if we have future extensions?

Thanks again for all the info, it's heaps. Suprised my head hasn't exploded at all the new info.

Keep up the good work!

Holy Wolf

pirate adam said...

great update rich and kingpin looks awsome now if you would do the same for odin i would be very happy indeed

pirate adam

pirate adam said...

hey thor08

great to see somebody else has their priorities straight regarding an odin special. also a great idea about a warriors three triple pack and balder the brave should defo be included somehow after all he is thors brother even if we have to wait for the next extension (with any luck)

pirate adam

Jacadoo said...

So I can only live in hope regarding Sasquatch and focus on the positive.

But Chris stop acting as if your Rich's love child - your comments are allways the same....

Get a life boy and stop the nit picking - we are all human - Some of us without dilutions of grandeur!!!!

jarvis69 said...

Thanks again for the news Richard . The Kingpin Have already his place near DD Elektra and Bulleye . Hope the double pack'll be successful !!
The "fight" of last week was VERY funny ...or sad , I cannot decide yet .

The Grim Reaper said...

Just wondering what a diluted grandeur looks like...LOL

Nice update Rich and bodes very well for the future, Kingpin looks as I expected and how I remember him - spot on!

Have a good weekend all...moff home to make some serious space in my display cabinet - looks like i'm going to need it.

Top tip - shares in Argos may go up over the next few months as, if like me, collectors will be out buying new cabinets.

As for the fight off....sadly it was VERY FUNNY.

Anonymous said...

Sadly it seems people are trying to start a fight with this update as well.

As for having 'dilutions of grandeur' Jacadoo well I apologise, I clearly don't have the 'fully concentated dose of grandeur' that yourself seem to posess. How's that for nitpicking?

I don't understand your reasons for launching a personal attack against myself so I'm going to let it slide in hope we can avoid the debate of the last blog post.

Back on topic and a question for Rich, if you're only just considering a special to coincide with the Wolverine movie that's out in May, how late can you leave it to make a final decision and still get the sculpt/mag produced, marketed and delivered on time?

Anonymous said...


If Sauron was a planned Special, why was he even included in the recent figurine poll that specifically excluded characters like Blob and Omega Red cause they were too large to be normal figures. His inclusion technically tainted the results of the poll, considering how many votes he got that would have went to other characters. Love the figurines, but I have to call shenanigans there.

jimbob said...

Yes!!!!very nice King Pin.

Looks close on getting more Alpha Flight members.

Im glad you are thinking on doing another movie special fig,Blob will be the best!

Sauron special please.

Let us know soon as possible when these will be confirmed.Thankyou

Anonymous said...

What's the price point for Kingpin, will he be the usual £9.99/8.99?

chewiebeast said...

Richard you're a lucky man - if I lived any closer I'd kiss you!! Sauron on a working specials list is the major highlight of this weeks blog for me and I'm sure the guys on the SHFF are hoping he'll be confirmed to shut me up! :D

It has raised the question of why Sauron made it into the recent polls if he is on a specials list, but I'm not complaining!

Kingpin is another EM masterpiece! He looks like he weighs a hefty bit and the pose is fantastic - truly one of the best to date.

Very much enjoyed reading through this rather meaty update, so thanks for putting in extra time for us this time round!

Jacadoo said...

Ha Ha Can't have a king without his Queen.

No matter how GRIM she may be!!!

Rock on boys and stop taking it all so seriously.... Its just a bit of weekend fun -

Can't believe my watered down mistake!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Firstly, Thanks for answering my question about the image sizes. Its really interesting to know and very useful for producing my own work.

Next, Kingpin looks awsome. Really great pose that captures the character perfectly. Well done once again guys.

Lastly, If you need a new web designer i'm free lol ;) :P

Thor8 said...

Wow! My congratulations to all the EM staff! The Kingpin figurine is just perfect in my opinion. The stance,his features, the clothes all nicely done.I have really enjoyed this latest post and all the info given.Looking forward to the update on the main site.

Oh and about the Odin Special,even though the seated version presented in the SHFF looked great I would prefer a standing version with regal looking armor similar to
the statue made by Bowen Designs.

Glad to see that the majority have put away the guns,knives clubs and stones and we can all continue to enjoy our hobby. Peace everyone!

Travis said...

Since Sauron is a special now will that mean Pyro will be made in the 120-140 extension? Or have you decided who to replace him with soemone else?

The Grim Reaper said...

It is possible guys that Sauron was not on a specials list two months ago BUT due to his overwhelming popularity AND comments on the forums saying things like "SAURON WILL BETTER SUIT BEING MADE AS A SPECIAL"

etc etc etc...He now gets pushed up the rankings.

Anonymous said...

"Since Sauron is a special now will that mean Pyro will be made in the 120-140 extension? Or have you decided who to replace him with soemone else?"

Pyro was always going to be made in the 121-140 extension. He was the one who won the poll.

Anonymous said...

And some suggestions to add to Richard's 2-Pack list.

1. Beast & Dark Beast
2. Longshot & Spiral
3. The Hood & Madame Mask
4. Mystique (Classic) & Destiny
5. Phyla-Vell & Moondragon
6. Deathbird & Vulcan
7. Misty Knight & Colleen Wing
8. Corsair and Hephzibah
9. Shanna the She-Devil & Zabu
10. Rocket Raccoon & Groot

And then of course multiple sets to complete the Marauders, New Mutants, and Young Avengers.

jimbob said...

I would have loved PYRO double pack with AVALANCHE i guess it to late now.

Everyone is excited about Sauron being a special i hope you can confirm him and more soon as possible Richard.

Anonymous said...


If they don't want to do a new Mystique in her white costume, they could always double pack Destiny and Avalanche.They did serve on Mystique's Brotherhood/Freedom Force together. And Destiny helps fill the hole regarding Avalanche's lack of history.

Travis said...

Maybe we could get a Firestar and Justice two pack to represent the New Warriors.

Nightstar1441 said...

Great news about the specials and double-packs.

I've always thought double-packs are a fantastic idea of getting great characters into the collection who have been such an important part of the Marvel Universe but may get overlooked due to lack of development/story.

A lot of key villians fall into thos category so I'm hopeful we can see more truley inspriational and unique characters.

So let's not book up all the great characters into double packs - we still need plenty of regular issues to hit 300+ :)

Fabio Mucci said...

Good. Kingpin looks cool and i'm happy of the possibility of Power Pack as specials (and Cloak & Dagger). But i'm still wait for an Howard the Duck figurine!

jimbob said...

26 figs a there anyway that some of us can fast track through this collection?

MrKurdt said...

For Power Pack, did you plan to take Franklin Ridchards with the 4 Power

Thor8 said...

Wow Grim,if what you mentioned in the previous poll and The Avengers'
allies are one of the categories that will be enclueded in the next polls,I'll have a greater chance of seeing at least one of my favorites make it into this collection. Is there a possible date as to when the next polls will be held?

jimbob said...

It would be best to comfirm the special list you have shown us in this blog,and not dissapoint some people.

Even tho i have no interest in the power pack special.I would not want their fans let down.They seem to have a lot of support and could attract more collectors it seems.

Richard you said,you might fit more specials/double packs in this year maybe thats where we might get to pick?

My double pack choices would be.


The Grim Reaper said...

The enthusiasm is astounding, the underhand sniping both tiresome and familiar: grow up.

as for more polls....that decision is purely Richards, but we are more than willing to help organise, host and monitor any polls we are asked to to do over on SHFF.

Let's all wait and see what the next few months bring. A lot can happen in a short time, who knows some on here may even pass through puberty ;-)

Ryan Maxwell said...

Kingpin is wonderful, excellent work! I'm definitely getting one to turn into Deadly Ernest (even an Alpha Flight fanatic like me has to realize that it will be a LONG time before he is considered lead-worthy :^) ).

I'm so happy to see THREE Alphans on your working list, Rich. Here's hoping they are confirmed before long. And if you are doing Sasquatch, you've just got to do the Byrne version, please. John himself is a huge fan and collector of these figures, I know he'd be thrilled to see Walt done up right.

Ryan Maxwell said...

Oh, and Puck would be a great choice to include in a double pack with Sasquatch. I'm just sayin'...

jimbob said...

Dont need a poll for Alpha Flight,might as well get them all out.Remember they are the most requested team on this blog.There are three on the working list.Snowbird 2nd in the poll should be included in the 140-160 extension hopefully.That leavs Puck and Shaman left,double pack or induvidal figs?

Giant-Man/Goliath mega special please.The last major Avenger and mega special left in this collection.

jarvis69 said...

I agree with Ryan and Jimbob : Alpha Flight is an OBLIGATION in this collection .

Anonymous said...

"Giant-Man/Goliath mega special please.The last major Avenger and mega special left in this collection."

Likely not going to happen. We already have Hank Pym. And frankly, Fin Fang Foom is more deserving as a Mega Special over someone we already have.

Anthony Stark said...

I really like the look of the Kingpin figurine there. Not only is he a major Spidey bad guy, but he was also the best character in the 90s Spider-Man cartoon as well, so I’m well chuffed he is on his way. The number of Spider-Man villains is growing in this collection but there are still a few more that could be included, let’s not forget characters such as:

Molten Man

Maybe they’re not instant classics but I think they would look pretty good as figurines.

Thor8 said...

I totally agree with Jimbob and would als love to see a Giant-Man/Goliath mega be done and added to this collection,so come on Avengers fans,lets start requesting!

casual fan said...

i am possibly alone on this but news like this doesnt excite me.

kingpin looks awesome

but we have been collecting 4 years when will it end???

casual fan said...

you do realise your all calling for a extention but that will take another 4 years to get through?

as a casual fan i didnt sign up for this and as someone pointed out last time all the "a-list" characters are gone.

i feel i had to sign up and comment! as all i read is people arguing about their fav characters when unless your a serious fan there is not much to look forward to.

The Grim Reaper said...

Not too sure where you're coming from there Casual you subscribe and get all the figures or do you just pick and choose buying the ones you want?

If you subscribe then I can understand that a further extension may be enough for you to call it a day (dilemma then is the completist NEEDS to carry on colectin), if you are a casual-collector and just pick and choose, extending the collection does not affect you. if you get my drift ;-)

Mr J said...

Kingpin looks stunning! really top notch!

Lovin the potential specials list (minus power pack) lol.

Blob, Omega Red, Sauron and Northstar & Aurora as a double pack would be fantastic I really hope well get to see them all in the collection. :)

Oh and as for the latest extension im very excited were getting Jubilee and Pyro ;)

Anonymous said...

"but we have been collecting 4 years when will it end???"

Hopefully never. I can see 300+ easily.

There's plenty of major characters left. And a lot of interesting B and C listers left to do.

Yes, all the true A-Listers are done. But they've been done since the first 40 to be fair.

Travis said...

Sorry CBR Beast but I still believe there are some A-listers that still have not been made. I'd put Rachel Summers on the A-list as well as Firestar since she got quite a few votes. Plus Mary jane Watson who has over 1000 appearances in Marvel comics.
(And yes I know I'm the only one that puts the Beyonder on the A list. But I am the product of the 80's.)

Mr J said...

There are A-lIST characters left as others have mentioned Rachel Grey (Marvel Girl) is an A-List character id also say characters such as Cannonball, Forge and Toad would be classed as A-lIST also.

Jacadoo said...

For me no need for an additional poll as the second and third placers almost read as a running list anyway.

I agree many A listers still out there - 4 years.... is it really that long, seems only yesterday when my wife brought me home Spider Man.

jimbob said...

There are a few A-listers left i think?Toad and Forge is definetly two of them.Everyones ranking is diffrent i guess.

With the Marvel films coming out in the next few years will surely knock a few characters up the ranks,so pay attention to them Richard.

Anonymous said...

A-Listers are characters that everyone knows who can support an ongoing. Folks like Rachel Grey are B-Listers. Yes, I want Marvel Girl as much as anyone. But you're fooling yourself if you think she's an A-Lister. Neither are Forge, Firestar, or Toad.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree that the A-listers all are done now, and were mainly done a long time ago.

As for Goliath, I'd like Bill Foster to make the collection, but as a large regular special not a Mega Special.

pirate adam said...

i agree there are still a few so called A-listers left but they are only just A-listers and there are pleny of other characters to warrant an extension as for Mary Jane Watson what are thinking Travis? what doees she do except get kiddnapped and hen Spidey has to go and save her! you could make a better issue just useing Mjolnir(Thors Hammer for people who dont know)lol, anyway i dont care as i said before the guys at EM are doin a great job.

ODIN for a mega special(yeah i said it again)

Pirate Adam

Casual_fan said...

yeah grim i have them all up to now including specials,varients and rooftop characters.

i apologise if people dont see where im coming from but i really dont know of some of the characters being called for. does that make me any less of a fan? possibly?

i think the point im making is when i started on this yourney we were not in a global recession, when we started this collection i wasnt engaged and saving for a house. i guess the point is that i expected this to stop at 60 but now im being told i have another 4 years of collecting to go.

dont get me wrong i love the collection and will continue to buy until i have them all. but my point is if we could speed up the next 100 this collection wouldnt be another 4 years long!

but on the flip side, bar the arguements you guys seem to be having the time of your life! so why should they stop? im just making the point that im a casual fan who to be honest doesnt have any favs left now apart from toad.

Jacadoo said...

For me Goliath = Bill Foster and has to be a mega special, character is the same scale as sentinals!!

Casual fan I see your point, but I think this collect or lesser versions had been kicked around for years - now we have a quality collection.

I really think the demand will keep it going and in four years time we will all still be here (arguing / debating) Grim running polls etc....

Still would be nice to be able to compare collections as I'm sure all the Marvelites have rooms bursting now, as the collection starts to take real shape.

So roll on the next four years and extension 280 to 300.....

I just hope I'm still not waiting for Sasquatch, Stingray and Tiger Shark.....

jimbob said...

Well said jacadoo,the collection is starting to take shape .Hopefully we will get more organised on even and completeing the teams in this collection.And then move on to other teams maybe.

There are still more familiar characters everyone still wants so i dont see why this collection would finish after 140.
And with the Marvel films coming out,will only make people want these figs even more.

Thor8 said...

Casual Fan and others: I see where you're coming from and I respect your opinion,but as I've stated before no one is obligated to buy anything if they don't really want to. Just purcjhase the ones you feel are worth your while. Now if you're more of a completist more than a casual fan,that my friend is another story.

Before signing off I just wanted to add that I prefer Hank Pym as Goliath/Giant Man over Bill Foster,yet who says you can't have both?

Jacadoo said...

Thor 8 - Hank and Bill - now thats a serious addiction!!

jimbob said...

Goliath (Bill Foster)

I would love to have all three of these Mega-Special in my collection.

Giant-Man (Pym) i would want the most out of the three.But with futher extension on the card we could have all three.

Brent said...

Great to see your Specials short list. I notice that you don't have M.O.D.O.K. there. Is he still being considered? I know some of you were keen to do one of him.

I'd be buying it for sure. Any chance of M.O.D.O.K. still making a special?

Mr J said...

Id like to ask Richard if theres any chance we might get a female special in the collection.
I think SPIRAL would make an amazing figurine and shes taller than alot of the male characters and with her six arms and swords/weapons she could surely be made as a special?

jimbob said...

Nice one!if spiral wont be made as a special she could be made on a special base anyway.

I hope you do a question and answers blog again Richard,thats what has made this one such a good one.

omega said...

have an archangel with metal wings special.
there has been a angel figurine and a blue angel figurine.
and why not a one time archangel with silver wings figurine special.

Jacadoo said...

Omega - can't believe Arch Angel special has not been asked for before or made it into a poll (shame on you Grim)!!

Definate A lister and would be a great addition.

jimbob said...

It would be great to have a nother special similar to spiderman on the roof top special.
DC is doing Batman on a Bike,so hoprfully we will have one similar soon.
Cant see us getting one this year with so many specials on demand.
Plenty of time tho.

Here what would be my choices.

Archangel with metal wings
Ghostrider on bike
Green Goblin on glider
Dare Devil on roof top

ghost said...

There are some fantastic sculpts available to buy - including Archangel, ghostrider on a bike, green goblin on glider etc...

I, for one, am glad that this collection concentrates on variety.

I don't need 37 spiderman figures in various coloured costumes just cause they would look cool - I just need one, with a great magazine to show the rest.

If people want various versions, go get them, they don't need this collection to do it.

Personally I'd like to see Lockjaw, MODOK, moondragon etc... none of which have had any attention yet, over repeats any day.

It's like watching DAVE.

Mr J said...

I agree that the collection does not need the same characters done over and over again in various poses!

If people wanna collect the same characters time and time again then collect the DC collection because its always gonna trade of the backs of Batman and Superman because DC lack what Marvel has in Bucket loads which is CHARACTER DEPTH, CHARACTER DESIGN & A SELECTION OF BIG NAME COMIC TITLES.

The awful Iron Man special was bad enough we need new characters for specials in the collection as there are enough great characters that are missing still like BLOB & OMEGA RED.

Jacadoo said...

Mr J - simply can't agree the collection will continue as long as there is demand - so tell me did you buy the irom man special?

Like us all its your own choice.

I for one do not mind one off specials such as Iron man / Arch Angel - as long as not part of the main collection it allows the individual collector the choice to buy or not.

I do however take on your comments regarding DC - I subscribe, but not for long if we start to see high repeats of characters.

jimbob said...

I dont see why Eaglemoss can do custom figs them selves.Instead of us having it off members.

Theres nothing better than getting an official Red Hulk or Green Quick Silver from the company that makes them.

They are all in demand!I just prefer if i was getting it off Eaglemoss.

Or what would be Great is if the custom figs people can get a none painted Fig so they can customise it them shelves without going over the paint.

These guys are quite busy with requests all the time,and they are doing a good job off it too.

Anonymous said...

On that note I'm up for helping out with any custom figurines that people wish to own:

Also got a comp up on ATM to win my Shuma-Gorath figurine!

Anonymous said...

Also I thought Onslaught was confirmed? Back in July you posted this:

"And lastly I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted in the mega special poll. It would seem that Onslaught narrowly beat the Watcher, so I think I know what the next two mega specials will be after the Sentinel"

The Grim Reaper said...

So last couple of blogs have been pretty cool in showing the process for designing a magazine cover.

Want to have a go at making your own?

There is a competition underway at the moment over on SHFF to design a DC or CMFC magazine (well 3 covers in fact as I know some of you will have difficulty deciding which of your faves you want to do) ;-). Al and Rich have kindly offerred to be the judges and there will be a prize to the overall winner. pop over to (SHFF) and have a look at some of the great ideas up on show already.

Closing date for entries will be 27 March 2009, judging results hopefully 1st week of April.

please e-mail your work to me



jacethemace said...

Agreed on the Kingpin model-it HAD to be good!

First time post on here and having done a bit of speed reading on who and how you would like further models to be depicted i am surprised (apologies if this has been mentioned before!) that no-one has put a shout out for some more of the big G's heralds? Surely the likes of Terrax,Morg etc not only deserve a mention and would surely look amongst the best models in the collection so far if the pose was right ..........oh cant wait for Gladiator too!