Friday, 6 February 2009

Patsy Walker: Hellcat

Hi guys,

It’s Friday so I guess that means it’s time for another update.

First, I just want to say thanks for all the positive feedback to last week’s update, from now on I think I’ll try and mix-up the updates so that we show figurine sneak peeks as well as little bits and pieces from the magazine.

So as promised a figurine preview: Hellcat painted.

As you can see it’s the classic yellow Hellcat costume. The only point to note (other than it being a lovely sculpt) is that we’ve gone for a PVC effect on the mask, boots and gloves. This should give a similar effect to the Catwoman figure that our fine friends on the DC Figurine Collection put out.

As well as the figurine update I have a couple of covers to show: Issue 93 – Valkyrie and Issue 95 – Impossible Man.

Both these covers feature commissioned artwork by the fantastic artist Jack Lawrence. Jack is a UK based-artist whose previous work included Lions, Tigers and Bears from Image comics and Darkham Vale (from an independent publisher), as well as many others.

It was a real challenge to find a suitably large image for either of these characters and hopefully you’ll agree with me that Jack’s done a great job of capturing the essence of each character.

Right that’s your lot for this week, have a good weekend.


jarvis69 said...

Waoooo !! Thanks for this preview . Hellcat really looks great !!! Another girl in the colection and , for a French , there is NEVER enough girls !! lol

lipstick said...

Ηellcat!!!! Wow, oh my god oh my god! Just PERFECT!

(And this is a yellow spandex, isn't it?)

The Grim Reaper said...

Hellcat looks very good and should make a great base fig for some good customs too. I got Warlock and Shocker today.....Warlock is ok actually but why the decision to garb shocker in glossy spandex? Shiny togs just don't look right on a bloke....

Anonymous said...

Hellcat looks nice. not one i was looking forward to as i know little about her. She looks good though and it'll hopfully be a good read.

Loving the Impossible man cover, looks quite perfect to me

Jacadoo said...

When will we see an update to the main site - I live in France and cannot see new figures until I pay for them to be shipped from my home in the UK - Hell Cat is nice.....

The Grim Reaper said...

Thanks for the Hellcat image Rich, pretty good sculpt, well received on SHFF.... and fairly obvious why she is having difficulty standing up straight....if you know what I mean; hope she has a good chiropractor.

Image of Mandarin mag cover not shown....have you sent it back to get it renumbered? ;-)

"Whistle whistle"



Marvelbeast said...

Have you considered putting in a reply card in one issue of the magazine asking people to name characters that they want?

jarvis69 said...

Marvelbeast , don't forget the French fans please.We're very late here , we've got Wonder-Man this week !!
If Eaglemoss ask for what character we want with a reply card , the collection'll be over in UK before our answer arrive !! lol

Thor8 said...

I really like the Hellcat figurine. Do you think a variant could be made with her dark blue(black?) costume

The Grim Reaper said...

Poll results LEADERS so far are:


Polls close in about 10 days, so, if you are happy with the above figurines in the collection then that is cool, if you are not then please pop over to

and have your say.....

If you have difficulty registering or posting go here:

or send me an e-mail

cheers all