Friday, 13 February 2009


A very quick update this week as I am a bit pushed for time.

Below is the paint master of Dazzler.

I also just wanted to remind everyone to go and vote in the polls on Http:// (link below)

Time is nearly up with the polls due to end in 9 days. This is your chance to choose a character for the 121-140 extension. Don't worry if your favourite isn't winning, still vote because you never know we may get another extension.

I did say it would be quick.

Have a good weekend.


Chris Towell said...

Very nice sculpt of Dazzler! Top work!

Just a quick point, we know Mandarin is number 94 but why does it say 93 on his magazine cover? (Not wanting to be picky just an observation)

Anyway brilliant work as always just can't wait to see Jubilee now!!

Anonymous said...

Looking cool! When's she due?

jarvis69 said...

...".we may get another extension."...

???REALLY ??????? Yesssssssssss
Do it , do it , do it......
ps: Dazzler is cool

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

I love this "retro" style.
Cannot wait to see Madame HYDRA!

Jacadoo said...

Come on - time for an update to the main site, must be over due. I think everybody knows there will be an extension - 20 at a time, but please provide some level forward vision of the confirmed figurines via the main site - dazzler not one of my fav's but an important addition - roll on Sasquatch special!!!!

Lux said...
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Lux said...

Dazzler looks fab :)

Im still hoping well see a Northstar & Aurora double pack and specials of The Blob and Omega Red at some point.

Also hoping to see Cannonball, Magik and Firestar in the collection also.

asura said...

Another extension ? I knew it !!! I'm very glad ! If the top 3 characters of every list could have been would be awesome. I really want Ares, Drax the destroyer, Warpath (still don't know why he hasn't been made yet...) and lots of other cosmic characters such as Ronan the accuser, Van astro, etc...
And OMEGA RED as a's compulsory :D

Thank you!

Richie Rich said...

Omega Red is a must he would look amazing!!!!!
Blob wud look great too, i mean who does'nt love Blob?
A Aurora and Northstar double pack would be great also.
Im hoping well see the following figurines eventually my top 15 wud be:

Marvel Girl
Seb Shaw

Cookie said...

There sud deffo be some more regular X-Men specials we have not had one since Apocalypse. The twin pack of Xavier & Lilandra was great but thats not a special its a twin pack.
Omega Red & Blob would rock and a Sauron special would look so cool.
I mean by the end of this extension well only have 4 X-Men characters in a 20 character extension thats not enough there should e atleast 6-7 X-Men related characters. Theres loads of Avengers characters in this extension yet only 4 X-Men characters and X-MAN is a fairly lame character when people like Cannonball, Marvel Girl, Warpath, Longshot, Spiral and Vulcan have not been done.
X-Men = Sales which = Money!!!!!!

Thor8 said...

I would really like to see The Swordsman,White Tiger,Stingray,
Starfox,Photon,Arachne,and definetly a Goliath or Giant-Man Mega Special. How about a Battle Armour Thor Special,I think that would be very cool!

asura said...

So I put here my favourite characters :P

- Ares (because of his importance in the Avengers series and because Tony Stark described him as a mix between Wolverine and Thor...)
- Vulcan (because of war of king and because he is Cyclops and Havok's brother)
- Omega Red (because he belongs to the weapon X characters such as Wolverine, Deadpool, Sabertooth, Lady deathstrike...)
- Warpath (because he is an amazing character with his two knives and because he became important in the recent storylines and in X-force)
- Drax the destroyer (should I really explain why ? And please, the recent appearance)
- Ronan the accuser (because he bears a hammer...And hammers are that a good explanation ? In fact we need more cosmic characters...)
- Hyperion (because he could make a great figurine)
- Swordman (to complete the last thunderbolt team)

Making characters that appeared recently is obviously a good strategy for the sales...and those characters are all visually stunning!

Freakazoid37 said...

Hello, i have a couple of questions i hope You can answer them.

1. Whats happend to the website updates? were now onto shocker/bishop yet the latest figurines seem to still show only upto warlock. yet the site was recently updated to show Xavier.

2. You talked before about Multi-packs and giants and specials all having different timelines. Just out of interest is there a schedual we can expect such specials to appear... like every other month and the sequence is special, mega-special, double-pack... or special, mega-special, special, double-pack?

3. In the past this collection has seemed to focus more on one particular area than others. For example... there is more x-men and avenger characters than spiderman, fantastic four and marvel knights. now that the series is going to reach 140, the popularity seems to show that it will reach this, but the thing is what ive noticed with the poles is that your looking at one or two characters from each section to go beyond. thats fine but collection wise, my cabinate displays them by the five original factors, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Marvel Knights and X-Men... im running out of room for x-men and avengers but the others still look a little sparce. Being that this is a collection would there be any way to sway more to the other three more so each section looks more even?

jimbob said...

I agree,i hope eaglemoss will even the teams up before the collection comes to an end.
We have enough avengers and spiderman villans,x-men team and marvel knights just cloke and dagger left.

What about Alpha Flight, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants,Thunderbolts,
These teams need a few more members please.

Thor8 said...

I agree with Jimbob. Even though I'm an avid Avengers fan and would like to see some additional Avengers added to this collection, I believe other teams such as The Thunderbolts,Alpha Flight,Soviet Super Soldiers,Botherhood Of Mutants,Masters Of Evil and Inhumans should get their share in this collection.

Thor8 said...

Now that the polls are over and the winner of each catagory has been picked,will there be another poll for the next extension should it be approved? If so who picks the characters that will compete in each catagory? What critics are used to place each charcter in the corresponding catagories?
The reason I ask is because I noticed (to my judgement)that some candidetes seemed to be out of catagory,for example The Swordsman is not an Avengers' villan but rather an Avenger himself,and The Crimson Dynamo(who happens to be the winner}has hardly ever had anything to do with either The Avengers or The Thunderbolts and should've been done as a "special" anyway due to his size.
Other catagories like the cosmic characters had quite a few candidates who may be from space but are hardly considered "cosmic"
in nature.
Don't get me wrong,I'm not trying to kick dirt in anyone's face. I'm quite pleased with most of the winners in the recent polls,
it's just that I'm curiousas to who and how they are put together.

Jacadoo said...

Just a few comments:
1. I agree with the comments regarding more variations in the teams – I especially want Alpha Flight, Defenders and the Inhumans.
2. I really can’t see the collection stopping at 140 – but I’m sure all is dependant on sales, for which EM must delay the more favoured or requested figurines to ensure longevity.
3. The current web site is a joke – please update, this blog is no substitute and not well maintained with updates.

The Grim Reaper said...

The polls over on SHFF have now closed. The 8 top characters as chosen by you, the collector, are:

Crimson Dynamo
Drax the Destroyer

Hopefully Rich will be on later to confirm these to you. Thank you to all who voted, it certainly made for an interesting few weeks.

So with these 8 and the other 12 already selected it means the 121-140 run will look like this:


I was kind of hoping Grim Reaper would make it into the collection but was happy to wait until fig #666 .....

Now if anyone thinks these will not make a superb addition to the collection then I guess you need to look at collecting model tractors ;-)

jimbob said...

What about specials?can you confirm any more?You have been working on Blob and Sasquash,Onslaught has been mentioned.Ease our minds.

Jacadoo said...

Great news regarding the final line up after the poll - Stingray was a real wish, I suppose I start begging now for a double pack with Tiger Shark???????

Has Sasquatch been confirmed as a special - or has I miss read jimbob's post?