Friday, 21 May 2010

Thunderbird is go...

Sorry for the lack of update last week, I was away in Hamburg on Wednesday cheering on Fulham FC and so had a lot of catching up to do on Friday.

A number of us (including Alan Cowsill) are heading down to the Bristol comic con this weekend (hence slightly early update today) so if you’re down there we might bump into you.

Anyway, to kick this week’s update off, I’d like to put show you guys Drax the Destroyer and explain the choice of costume because I know it’s a little controversial.

We looked at all the options for Drax and after a lot of debate and a few e-mails back and forward to Marvel we went for the modern look. Essentially we decided that there were three looks to Drax: the original, the Infinity Watch and the modern. Straight away the Infinity Watch look had to be ruled out, as the character is over 7 feet tall in this incarnation – he looks a lot like the Hulk in a purple cape.

This left us with the classic and modern looks, each of which seemed to have a lot of support. After going through a lot of comics we noticed that the modern version of Drax appeared in more issues and had a lot more (and often better) artwork than the classic version. We also took in to consideration the comments we’ve had about putting more modern (and hence relevant to today’s readers) characters in to the collection. As Drax had a mini-series in this form, starred in a few major crossovers (Annihilation, Annihilation: Conquest) as well as Guardians of the Galaxy, and is likely to be back in Thanos Imperative, we thought this costume would be easily recognised.

We definitely considered the original costume. I thought it looked a little like Adam Warlock’s and personally I wasn’t too happy with the way the costume or figurine of Warlock turned out in our collection. I just also want to say that Dan’s comments about capes and saving money is out of context and at no point did we decide to go with the modern version because it might cost less. There are a number of factors that we must take into account to do with manufacturing cost (as I’m sure you expect) however Drax’s cape was not a big factor. Yes caped characters cost more to make but in the end it all balances out.
And as a side note, Dan himself actually championed the modern version in the office.

Anyway, with that aside I’d like to announce another character for the extension: Thunderbird.

This is a character we’ve wanted to include for a while and one that finishes the Giant-Size X-Men roster, which is one of the most important issues in the history of the X-Men. The reason he’s not been included so far is due to his height and also the fact he dies shortly after his debut. After looking through Marvel Handbooks and his first appearance we believe the character is just over 6’. According to numerous sources he’s 6’ 1 ½”. There has been some confusion in the past as in some modern handbooks he’s listed as 6’ 10”, which would make him too big. When it comes to the magazine we’ve decided to also include details on Warpath (the second Thunderbird). I know there were suggestions of doing them as a double pack but at the moment we have more important double packs to try and get through.

Lastly, here’s another sneak peek, an early stage sculpt of Hydroman.

Have a good weekend.


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Gremlin said...

Wow.....I wasn't expecting Thunderbird. Glad he is in though as he completes the All-New, All-Different lineup. I know you say his mag will feature Warpath but I hope that doesn't exclude Warpath from the collection in the future.

Impressed that Hydroman has been sculpted already. He looks fantastic and I am glad you used that piece of art as a muse. Can't wait to see how you tackle the water effect on him.

Anonymous said...

it is a privilege to be the first person to comment on this weeks update.
excellent news all round + loving the sculpt of hydro man. nice work guys.

Anonymous said...

oh crap , make that second person to comment , damn you work fast gremlin 'ol fella !!

ted sallis said...

Thanks for the Drax explanation , Not overly excited about Warpath, but Hydroman is simply astounding ,Hope the paint job does the sculpt justice.

Simon said...

hydroman figure looks awesome, cant wait to see it painted! glad thunderbird made it althought i'll echo gremlin's comment that i hope it doesn't exclude warpath from the collection in the future.

jarvis69 said...

Nice explanations about Kratos...ooops , Drax , but no way , not for me ! :(
I prefer the other news . I wasn't expecting Thunderbird honestly , I thought I was the only one who want Hin in the collection ! lol
Nice Hydro too btw!

Editor said...

Including Warpath info in the Thunderbird mag does definitely NOT exclude him from the collection.

ted sallis said...

Warpath? I did of course mean to say i was not really fussed about Thunderbird . Who's next Uri Geller? or maybe Pope John paul :).
Drax i'm afraid looks like the skankiest type of videogame box art and is of no interest to me whatsoever, Although i can understand the reasoning for the chosen look. It'snot for me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I actually never expected to see Thunderbird. Especially given his lack of history and issues under his belt. I hope this doesn't rule out Warpath in the future though, especially since you said you'll be covering Warpath in the magazine.

Still, he's a great choice and at least with Necrosha, you'll have a bit more history to utilize for the magazine. But yeah, hopefully this doesn't doom Warpath to never being made, as I said above.

I'm perfectly happy with the choice you guys made for Drax. I prefer this look, since Marvel really has elevated him in the comics as of late. Plus he finally got the kill on Thanos in this appearance. So it's certainly worthy. And yeah, Dumb Hulk w/ Purple Cape or Drax in Adam Warlock's Costume just wouldn't have been very satisfying. Plus hopefully we'll see more of the modern GotG. Like Rocket Raccoon.

Hydroman looks good so far, but the spout area of his body looks a bit too thin and busy for my tastes, But I'll wait and see the finished version before I make a final judgement.

Anonymous said...

"Including Warpath info in the Thunderbird mag does definitely NOT exclude him from the collection."

Good News Everyone! :D

TIM said...

I love these figures and have been collecting them from the beginning. Drax is cool and Thunderbird is a must. i love the factthat some of the older villans are being made. My question is where is Crossbones? I have never seen him even mentioned. he would look very cool. Others: Moonstone, Thunderball (would love the enitre wrecking crew but not sure if there is enough material for Bulldozer/piledriver), Executioner (Skurge), Silver Samuari, Terrax, Titanium man, Cobra, Diamondback...

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Tim, I agree that the collection is sorta lacking in villains. Hopefully now that they're burning through the major heroes, we'll see more villains make it in. I'm sure Crossbones and Moonstone are on their radar, due to the new Thunderbolts team. Hopefully Ghost is as well.

Here's hoping we see them, as well as some of the major X-Baddies that still haven't gotten love as of yet. Avalanche, Black Tom Cassidy, Dark Beast, Deathbird, Exodus, Holocaust, Mastermind, Sebastian Shaw, Selene, Silver Samurai, Stryfe, and so on and so forth.

buffduffdan said...

Sorry but you've lost me with Thunderbird. There were plenty of better X-choices before him and personally I didn't see him coming for a long time. Just to complete a line-up that lasted a few issues just doesn't really cut it with me, think a Warpath special would have been better IMO!

Hydroman on the other hand looks amazing and as a character I wanted in the collection for a long time, I think he looks brilliant :D

Fanboy said...
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Fanboy said...

My biggest worry when I saw this post is that this may make Warpath harder to get later down the line. I'm excited that we have a completed team and the cool thing about Thunderbird is that he's actually small enough to make as a normal fig (unlike his younger brother). I just know that Warpath is one of the most wanted figures circulating the polls these days, so I'm happy to hear that Thunderbird doesn't exclude James after all.

Anyway, I am indeed happy about Thunderbird. So awesome. And let's not forget that first image of Hydroman. He looks fantastic, and mostly like I (and many others) expected. Very dynamic pose, and while he is remeniscent of Sandman, he's different enough that they'd make very cool complimentary pieces.

Ryan Maxwell said...

Hydro-Man looks fantastic!!

Fanboy said...

Also, I like new Drax. We've had a run of old school versions of characters, so it's nice to see a modern incarnation. Plus, he's had alot of good character development recently, so it's kind of like a memorial to that.

captainfur said...

Yay! Thunderbird! This made my day.

Mr J said...

Sorry but this choice sucks! How can you really justify putting in this no mark over characters like FORGE, WOLFSBANE, SUNSPOT, MIRAGE, LONGSHOT, DOMINO and WARPATH! so many wonderful x-men choices that you could of made and you go with this one.

Plus please dont tell me your not putting in an x-villain into this extension? for the last 2 extensions the one group fans have been saying constantly they want more of is x-villains and the minute the fans had a chance 2 x-villains win the last big poll and get made. There needs to be a x-villain this extension.

BobDiamond said...

Very happy with Thunderbird! With him and Sunfire, I feel The classic X-men are basically complete.
Top of the wish-list for next time round.....
White Tiger
Baron Strucker


ps. AMAZING looking Hydroman!

Anonymous said...

"Sorry but this choice sucks! How can you really justify putting in this no mark over characters like FORGE, WOLFSBANE, SUNSPOT, MIRAGE, LONGSHOT, DOMINO and WARPATH! so many wonderful x-men choices that you could of made and you go with this one."

Probably because those characters actually have some major support, and can likely be tentpoles for future expansion. I see T-Bird being like Rich's choice of Destiny last time. A fairly important character, who people seemed to want... but not in signifigant numbers.

Holy Wolf said...

Not sure I support the inclusion of Thunderbird. Just don't think he's necessary for at least another 100 issues of the CMFC, I agree with Dan that it would have made more sense just to have Warpath or someone like Forge...

mighty_marvel said...

i'm pleased thunderbird is in. i have two big spaces in my main x-men display shelf just sitting there waiting for sunfire and thunderbird. expected him later, or with his brother, but am glad he's in. hopefully my other deliberately left gap on my spider-man shelf will be filled this extension too.

hydro-man looks awesome. can't wait to get him.

4 more EM choices. i'd go for

1) vance astro
2) swordsman
3) sebastian shaw/selene/silver samurai
4) JJJ

jimbob said...

So happy that Thunderbird has made the collection!

Can understand that bigger X-characters are beeing held back for futre extension.

WARPATH is so far in the special list poll guys!

Sauron 39
Lockjaw 33
Mojo 28
Strong Guy 25
Odin 21
Atlas 14
Dragon Man 12
Hulkling 10

Expect him after OMEGA RED,SAURON and Mojo.

With possible fight of between him and Strong Guy for the next x-special after that.

Now EM need to concentrate on the x-villains Brotherhood,which we are still lacking in.

Avalanche first please to coplete Mystiques Brotherhood.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the list of comic appearances for Thunderbird, he's managed to reach/exceed the 20 Issue mark now. So once they start working on the magazine, they might not need to talk about Warpath quite as much as they think they well. He does have a number of appearances, mostly in flashback stories involving Warpath that expanded on his history. He'll certainly look fantastic, and this way people don't have to give up on seeing either Warpath or Thunderbird making the collection, since both are possible. Plus, he was recently resurrected as a TO Zombie under Selene, someone else we need.

Also, the magazine can devote quite a lot of focus to the Exiles version of Thunderbird as well. Since he was a prominent character in that book, though not in the same look. Plus as a few like myself have mentioned, there's Thunderbird III (Neal Shaara) who likely wouldn't find his way in the collection in any way, shape, or form anytime soon. So they might not need to focus as much on Warpath history outside of the connection to T-Bird after all.

Robert said...

The choice of Thunderbird seems to me to be just about completing the All-New line-up and nothing at all to do with whether he is a popular character. As a completist myself, I don't disagree with that policy in itself but I'm sure lots of other x-characters had a strong case, too. Let's face it, Thunderbird wasn't around long enough to care about. And when he was around he was an obnoxious jerk who didn't listen to other people, and he died precisely because he was an obnoxious jerk who didn't listen to other people. At the time, no one really noticed his passing as we had a bunch of other characters like Wolvie, Colossus, Storm and Nightcrawler who were much more interesting.

As for Hydro-man, I'm not all that bothered but accept he's been mentioned a lot on here and is a popular choice. The sculpt looks quite dramatic.

As for modern vs classic, it doesn't entirely make sense to me that we have related characters from different periods standing together. We have a classic Warlock, I think we're getting a classic Moondragon, but we have modern Drax. I know it's the same character but in the comics these incarnations never met.

After so many great reveals, I suppose I was heading for a rather disappointing one this week...

Deadpool said...

Thunderbird - meh -
Arrogant and very dead -
Such a short life does not justify his position in the collection for a long long time.
Yeah yeah he completes the all New X-MEN but as i said earlier - meh.

Hydroman - very nice - I have some water effect resin just waiting to be melted over him and swirled around.
Obviously I will buy two.

Well for my next project I am considering Archangel - I've been doing a little planning and I think the wings are possible.
I have'nt decided which figure to use as the basis though but I'll let you know.

And for this weeks game ... ta da.

Which figurines in the Marvel or DC collection do you think would make a good base for which characters?

I'll start with -
DC Huntress could easily be remodelled as Marvel Jackpot.

Hey Beast did you see my mods to create Captain Britain and Shi?

Captain Britain



Robert said...

Eight to go.

No cosmic character yet. What about the High Evolutionary as a speculative guess? He's got a long history going back to 1966 when Stan and Jack created him, he's appeared in loads of different titles (including the Evolutionary War that crossed over into many annuals in '87), and I believe has been appearing in the Annihilation series, too, so he's also got recent exposure.

P.S. I know his height can vary (he stood toe-to-toe with Galactus at one point!), but his official height is 6' 2", so he would not need to be a special.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, hopefully we get a cosmic next week. Seems odd we don't really seem to get a lot of them from Eaglemoss. Yeah, I know the cosmic books are low-selling niche books, but some of the characters are fantastic. Still championing ole Rocket Raccoon here. :)

Suzene said...

" the moment we have more important double packs to try and get through."

Tease. ;)

I admit, the comic-book dinosaur in me is kinda stoked to see Thunderbird making the cut. It's also reassuring, because it does at least hint that completionism is considered a good thing over at EM, so the it's looking good for teams that have been started so far to get their full line-up produced eventually.

Robert said...

So, CBRBeast, working on the principle that Rocket Raccoon is a longshot, who would be your guess for a cosmic were we to get one? (Despite my earlier post, I think someone like Terrax or maybe Nova (Miss Raye) is probably more likely than the High Evolutionary, worthy inclusion though he is.)

Anonymous said...

I don't think Rocket Raccoon is really a longshot. But I think Eaglemoss would likely hold him back for a 2-Pack with Groot ala Sassy and Puck.

As for this expansion? I'd say Vance Astro w/ Cap's Shield or Nova are pretty likely inclusions. Though I would love to see Blastaar or Deathbird as well. We'll see.

Thor8 said...

Absolutely pleased to see Thunderbird added to the collection. Would love to see one or more of the following fill the vacant spots still available;

Swordsman (original)

White Tiger (original)



As for the Hydroman sculpt,I just hope the water spout at the base doesn't snap when shipping.

Anonymous said...

Hydroman looks amazing. With those rich details and dynamic pose, it's almost like a Marvel Kabuki figure in smaller scale. For £5.99 that's quite simply amazing.
Thanks EM!

Thunderbird is a fab choice too, for the reasons explained by Rich.
His inclusion should actually be welcomed with an applause and great excitation. It means no character is too 'minor'. I'm absolutely thrilled to think that some of the so-called minor characters we love have the potential to appear in the CMFC.

Anonymous said...

next four i'd go for :

red guardian
jj jameson

next game - lack of villains ?

make a list of villains you'd like to see included in this marvellous collection.

ted sallis said...

Although surprised by Tbirds inclusion ( this early ) I am happy for all the fans of this character who are probably still in shock . If say the Controller or Princess Python had got the nod. I would still be grinning like an idiot and not caring a jot about the chorus of boo's.
Still i think Rich will act decisivly to quell any dissention in the ranks by announcing a sure fire favourite my bet would be probably Bloodstone.

dallen238 said...

Hi,yet another x character but i understand the reason for his inclusion,Drax is rubbish and i wont be buying him,if that means iv got to cancell my subscription then so be it,the problem with the modern characters is that the costumes are so boring,they either have black leather with ammo pouches all over or they are just street clothes with a big gun or sword.
I'm not sure about the Hydroman sculpt so i'll just wait and see.

mighty_marvel said...

most wanted villains. off the top of my head:

sebastian shaw
silver samurai
dark beast
shadow king
brood queen

mighty_marvel said...

and just remembered


Anonymous said...

Next Four:

Vance Astro (GotG)
Photon (Avengers)
Patriot (Young Avengers)
Avalanche (X-Villains)

As for the villain question... Top 10:

Dark Beast
Sebastian Shaw
Shadow King (Astral)

Thor8 said...
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Thor8 said...

Not pleased at all with the "look" chosen for Drax and I don't really believe I'll be purchasing this one, but I refrain from using expressions such as lame,sucks,ect. Just because I don't like it doesn't mean it's bad or undeserving.
As for Thunderbird being included in this collection "too early".I totally disagree. In the past it has been commented that it is necessary to alternate more popular characters with less known ones in order to keep the collection going smoothly and sales strong. As it has been stated before if EM gives us all of the top notch characters first and leave the (hate using this term) "D" listers for last sales would drop faster than a mega special in a bucket of water! Heck Blade was made sixth in this collection and mates he sure isn't no "A" list character in the MU.

As for the 4 spots left in this extension I don't think they should be X-Men related,not because I don't like them,but because there's a 90+% probability that those chosen in the forum's polls will take care of that(they always have in the past).

My top ten villains are;

Princess Python
Count Nefaria

John said...

Im totally shocked by current eaglemoss policy.

Thunderbird instead if WARPATH ???!!!

why on earth!?

Thunderbird is much weaker, less popular...also, he appeared only in few decent comics...

While WARPATH was the core member of X-Force and the most popular "indian" character in Marvel universe.

Seriously eaglemoss...

Really hope u will push WArpath as a special.

ted sallis said...

Thor8 ,You have great taste in villains :)
How cool on the coolometer would Princess Python look replete with her "pet" ?
Heck, I can feel a hankering for the one and only Ringmaster!!

Anonymous said...


Why Thunderbird over Warpath? For the exact reason stated in the last line of your post. Cause Warpath is Special Sized because he's 7'2". So he wouldn't be included as a regular selection anyway. And much like with the Astonishing X-Men, we now have the full All-New All-Different line-up. Eaglemoss has said that completing teams is somewhat important. So that's just what they're doing. :)

Anonymous said...

Hydro-Man looks class. He looks almost identical to the way he looked in the Spider-Man (1994) cartoon. I'm well impressed. Also, Thunderbird has been a long time coming, it's good to see he's been finally added. Fantastic update! :)

Robert said...

Ten villains. Won't be able to keep it down to only ten, sorry.

Tarantula, Magus, Controller, Molten Man, Crossbones, Whirlwind, Diablo, AIM technician, HYDRA agent, Blastaar (special?), Skurge, Hammerhead, Stegron, Terrax and Immortus.

Villain specials Sphinx and Titanium Man.

And Hurricane from Captain Britain's old UK weekly. It seems that as this is a UK collection we should be able to pander to the old British fans at least once...

Jacadoo said...

Modern Drax is the perfect choice, Thunderbird anther big tick in the box.

Als I have got to throw my hat in the ring regarding the lack of villans - too many to mention.

ted sallis said...

So imagine the scene Thor has just delivered the knockout blow to the hulk sending him oop north, leaving him buried deep in the lunar landscape.
what would be a the most suitable sound effect..Either
(A)BATHOOM!! or..
Now i want this taken seriously no Spoinks! or Pakows!

Anonymous said...

hey teddy boy , you forgot thwack !!

villains ?
i can think of more than 10 , and by the way thanks ted for the mention of the ring master , i'd love to see him in this collection.
so anyway here goes .............

atlas * blacklash * blackout
blastaar * blizzard * boomerang
constrictor * crimson cowl
crossbones * crossfire * dark hawk
diamondback * dreadknight * eel
fire lord * grandmaster * graviton
grey gargoyle * hyperion * man ape
melter * modok * moonstone
speed demon * super adaptoid
avelanche * caliban * callisto
death bird * exodus * mad thinker
mesmero * mojo * onslaught
red guardian * sauron
silver samurai * vertigo * wendigo
wild child
air walker * attuma * diablo
high evolutionary * maximus the mad
nova * red ghost * terrax
texas twister * trapster
basilisk * black tarantula
hammerhead * jackal
jack 'o' lantern * jj jameson
puma * spot * stilt man * tombstone
baron mordo * baron strucker
jigsaw * king cobra * owl

Robert said...

Just read Avengers #1. If you're Old School, there's one return there that will have you giggling like a schoolgirl. I would love to say more but don't want to be a spoiler.

P.S. Ted, I vote for "Braggadoom!"

ted sallis said...

"Braggadoom" is that not a scottish village that apears once in a hundred years?
There must be a power chart somewhere that has the definitive answers .
Is the POW! mightier than the ZAP!The

Robert said...

Some worthy names there, Mad Thinker. Thing is, I'm not sure all the names you mentioned deserve to be classed as villains. The High Evolutionary, for instance.

Nova was a Galactus Herald but if I remember correctly she tended to steer the Big G away from inhabited worlds. She was basically a good, if niave, kid.

Firelord more often than not fought on the side of the good guys as well. Yes, he's another Herald but that does not make you evil (see Silver Surfer).

And Diamondback - villain or reformed villain? Her outlaw days don't take up much of her history, I think. She abandoned the Serpent Society pretty early on in Cap's book, if memory serves.

Puma was a hired assassin when he first appeared but didn't he help out Spidey at times? I know he fought with Spidey against the Hobgoblin in one story in Spectac Spidey, for instance. (The Spidey experts on here can maybe clear that one up for us.)

And wasn't the Texas Twister a member of a Texan superhero squad as far back as the 1970s (I remember him appearing in Cap)? And I seem to recall he was part of the Initiative teams, too. He's more misguided at times than villainous.

And Red Guardian is often fighting for his own ideology, which sometimes conflicts with outside concerns, making it appear he's in the wrong. I'm unaware of any times he was evil.

Not sure about Hyperion, either. As I recall in a famous Avengers storyline, he and his team of the Squadron Supreme were misled by a boss wearing the Serpent Crown. Hyp believed he was defending his world. I can't remember the first appearance with the Squadron Sinister, so I'll need to check.

I think I'll stop now. The list needs work, MT.

ted sallis said...

Spakow!! and Fud! Lithuanian superheroes?.. or underused sound effects?

Robert said...

I think Bragadoom was a monster that Ben Grimm and Luke Cage fought in the old MTIO. He named himself after a sound effect!

Ah, the '70s...

Mr J said...

If completeing teams is important then we need LONGSHOT, FORGE & SAGE to complete the main X-MEN group.

MIMIC is a villain so he would be needed as well.

John said...

What's MTIO? I've seen it here a few times...

Well, this is awkward. There's two John's now, I guess. I need to figure out how to change my name to something clever rather than my real name being pulled from Gmail. OR, I could always end with a clever catch phrase...

I'd complain about Thunderbird, but then I did get my 2 biggest wants this extension in Wizard and Sasquatch, so I can't say much. PLUS, I'm a much bigger fan of current Drax, LOVE the character, and HATED the old look.

Not sure about Hydro-Man yet. Pose looks great, and he's one of my favorites for the collection, but... is he too bulky? It's probably the angle, or the fact that the water spout is very thin, plus he IS a big guy. It's probably nothing. I'm sure it will look great.

I'll just complain anyway. Thunderbird went on, what, 2 missions before he died? He was written to be extremely unlikable, correct? He's ANOTHER X-character, and pretty much guarantees Warpath will take up another Special slot, even though X-fans have Blob, Omega Red, Cloak and Dagger, with SO many others leading the polls. Did we really need this guy? You want another X-character, I'd be fine with one with a lot of history. You want a more obscure character, there's a LOT of non-x-characters to choose from.

Sebastian Shaw, Silver Samurai, Domino
High Evolutionary, Princess Python, Mantis

would have been great by me.

The good news of course is that I'm sure the sculpt will look amazing (as usual with EM,) this means that we're no longer looking for characters with strong histories or fleshed out character (so hopefully Gravity soon,) and we're getting completion of teams (Maximus the Mad and Lockjaw, Shaman, TRAPSTER!)

Bullseye81 said...

I can't help but have mixed feelings about Thunderbird. On the one hand i'm happy to see him because he completes a team, his sculpt will look stunning but most importantly it shows us virtually any character can make it in. On the other hand i can think of about 30 X-characters i'd have rather had (not including villains)than Thunderbird simply for the fact that i know these other characters more. Which leads me to my final worry, i fear this may jeopardize Domino's chance in the polls. I think people might assume she will get in so they won't vote for her, as you can probably tell Domino is one of my favs yet to be made and i'm anxious for her inclusion.

Top Ten Villains
The Rose
Sebastian Shaw

honorable mention to about 50 others, i think this list could change

Robert said...

Sorry, John. MTIO means Marvel Two-In-One, an old team-up title that starred the Thing. It started in the early 1970s and ran for 150 issues.

Robert said...

My mistook. Marvel Team-up ran for 150 issues. Marvel Two-In-One ran for 100.

John said...

Thanks Robby ;)

-The 1st John

pirate adam said...

Drax - Wrong choice, great sculpt

Hydroman - Looking good

Thunderbird - could not care less, another X-Man, just what we need. NOT!!

that is all, good bye, again.

jimbob said...

Inhumans - completed

Giant size x-men - completed

Marvel Knights team - completed

How about AVALANCHE to complete the Brotherhood team so we all can focus on new teams!

Robert said...

Standard-sized Inhumans are completed. A special of Lockjaw is really needed to complete the Inhumans, though.

Not an X-fan but I can't argue with Avalanche. That's a name that pops up a lot. He'd make a cool figure.

Deadpool said...

I just received Cloak and dagger.
Excellent model - but it's a shame that Dagger wasn't done in her entirety as a separate figure on an insertable base.

Since I was bored yesterday I did Archangel.

Here are a couple of images.
I chose a gold tint for the wings because it looked better.

I also created them out of 4 distinct laminated layers to give the illusion of depth and motion.

I also decided to make him hover above his base.

I now understand why the Moss Men chickened out of making one for the collection - he is rather big with his wings on.

ではまた。 - see ya later

Deadpool said...

Oh and yes that is another one of my oil paintings in the background :0)

Deadpool said...

Now then.

Does anyone with a half decent memory remember my suggestion for bare figures - I called them figure blanks.

Well you've seen 3 examples of what I can be done in a couple of hours to mod figures into new ones.

I therefore resurrect the idea and request figure blanks by mail order on demand.

Anonymous said...

ok smart arse lol , just because there may be some characters in my list who are not 100% committed to the villainous cause does not mean they should not be included.
for example red guardian faught against captain america , so i'd display him as a captain america villain.
but thanks for the info , you've certainly done your home work

Anonymous said...

You keep mentioning figurine blanks. Which continues to make sense. Considering the variety of poses and body shapes, you're better off just modding existing figurines. Since with 200+ figurines between the Marvel, DC, and etc. collections, you can usually easily find one that fits the character you want to make.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SinisterVenom said...

Ah, glad to finally get a sneak of Drax, I've been waiting to see that one. Hydro-Man is looking great too, just wish we didn't have to wait so long for him.
I'm not surprised about Thunderbird to be honest, I was thinking about him a few weeks ago and considered him a likely choice for the extension. Still I'm not complaining.
I noticed the Cloak and Dagger special being advertised by sticker when I recieved my Gladiator issue the other day. It's great that we get told when they are out again but surely it was better before when the slip came in the issue and we could send off for them?
Oh well, at least we know they're due out now so we can order online, if not now then soon.
Til next time True Believers!

Robert said...

So Red Guardian fought Captain America and that makes him a villain, Mad Thinker? Cap also fought Iron Man during the Armor Wars, so by your logic that makes him a villain, too. Due to misunderstandings, mind control, doppelgangers and so on, Cap has pretty much fought everyone in the MU so your heroes shelf will be bare and your villains shelf is going to be rather busy, MT!

"Homework"? Actually, as usual I was relying on my memory of actual stories in actual comicbooks. It's far from perfect but good enough to drive a quinjet through your badly flawed list. I am pertubed by your inclination to consider reformed villains as still villianous. Thank goodness you were not in charge of the Avengers when Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver showed up at the mansion door!

And there are Heralds and there are Heralds: Terrax was a brutal dictator but Frankie Raye was an ordinary, niave girl who was the victim of childhood accident caused by a irresponsible uncle, etc. Admittedly, she started off as rather indifferent to other races until the Surfer had a word and she saw the light. To condemn all th Heralds by association is rather worrying. Let's hope you never have to sit on a jury, Mad Thinker. Innocent people could be imprisoned for years.

BobDiamond said...

Hmmm. another of those strange Chinese spam things.....

been catching-up on the posts from the week-end...
The inclusion of Thunderbird sure has split the fan-base...
I personally believe he is a worthy addition, but I can see the point of those who see that his brother Warpath, has basically 'eclipsed' him in terms of fame and appearances.
I think Thunderbird's appeal is based, not so much on him as a character, but his moment in Marvel history. His death at the beginning of the whole revitalized X-Men franchise, was a monumental event, and grabbed the readership's attention as much as the whole team's first appearance a few issues before, or the explosive introduction of The Pheonix not long after. His death was one of the events that heralded a 'new' style of Marvel comic, and began the legendary run of The All-New, All-Different X-Men, which in turn changed (for good or ill)the landscape of the entire Marvel Universe.
That's why Thunderbird deserves to be included, not so much because of himself, but for the classic 'moment' he represents.

I was going to go on about top villains and reformed characters, but I think I'll save it for my next outing...

ted sallis said...

Just checked out your Archangel DP , Wonderful stuff.
Just witnessed something called Catwoman on ITV 2 , It was so utterly and completely awful that i ended up loving every minute

Anonymous said...

well well well , you're at it again robbo my old friend.
no worries i understand where you're coming from but i still want to display red guardian as an enemy of ol cap.
+ nova as a herald rather than an innocent victim.
silver surfer started out as a herald but i'm still classing him as a hero but everyone has there own agenda when it comes to their displays.
do you understand what i am trying to do ?
not getting into a row with you mate , as you make good points but i hope you respect my views dude.

Robert said...

I'm not questioning your right to put figures wherever the notion takes you, MT, only your rationale. You are free to kiss them goodnight before bed if you feel the urge. (Not that I'm trying to put ideas in your head or anything.) Frankly, it's hard to tell whether your take on the MU is based on ignorance, niavete or a disturbing combination of both.

John said...

Personally, I set mine up based on area of the MU followed by character association. For example, I have a FF/Cosmic shelf where Silver Surfer stands next to Galactus, next to Uatu, Inhumans close by due to them being neighbors, Blackbolt and Medusa near the front, etc. etc.

Robert said...

Just placed Gladiator on my shelf and noticed the huge difference in height between him and Kraven the Hunter. I had always imagined Kraven to be a huge hulking brute of a man and was surprised by the difference between these two. Sooooooo, went off and checked. Sure enough, Kraven is said to be 6 feet tall and Melvin 6 feet 6 inches. Well, another childhood illusion shattered! Anyone else surprised by that? Or any other size differential? (I know someone was talking about how Cap is quite weedy compared to the likes of Vindicator a while back.)

ted sallis said...

I keep my shelves as random as possible if there is any association between the characters it is purely incidental,
I have neither the time or inclination to look up the history of every character. ooh! should Hulk be in the Defenders or Avengers section blah! blah!
my only theme so far is a painted Beyonder background with a randomly chosen 50 Marvel/DC characters A kinda Secret Wars Marvel DC crossover type thingamajig

LAWay said...

Happy with this update, not much more to add really. Understand the explaining of Drax, just a shame his design is quite dull and the knives look a little silly.

Thunderbird, cool. Important to the new x-men, and without him there wouldnt be warpath. I always liked his design anyway.

Hydroman looks a thing of art, amazing sculpt. Hope the paints really do him justice.

-Little extra thing, I do a daily drawing on my blog, suggest something for me to draw as I am behind on my drawings. Will try to do as many as I can/want. ;)

Robert said...

LAWay, what a great invitation! What about classic Drax taking modern Drax's knives off him and cuffing him round the ear like a disappointed parent? (Knives to take out Thanos!??!! What??!! Surely you'd need something more impressive, like an Infinity gem or somesuch...?)

Okay, that's not a serious request. What about one or more of the Stepford Cuckoos? No interest myself but One-of-Three is unlikely to see them in the collection anytime soon and he's such a fan it would really make his day...

ted sallis said...

Man i wish i would actually check out my own profile now and again.
I looked at my Beetle blog and noticed a new posting it was from Dan the Man. All i can say is thanks for the offer , I am truly amazed at the level of interactivity you allow us with this collection and i aint cancelled my subby.
I have since purchased a lovely complete FFF

LAWay said...

I'll get a stepford cuckoo done sometime soon...may just duplicate 1 figure twice to make the 3. Ah...cheating...:)

Robert said...

LAWay, you are a knight amongst men.

(Really wish I could see One-of-Three's face when he sees your work.)

P.S. Had a look at your art a week or two back and was of course mighty impressed. Between your art, Ted's mosaics and painting, Deadpool's figure mods and poetry, I feel quite useless!

BobDiamond said...

Refering back to Rob's and Mad Thinker's earlier debate about good guys/ bad guys etc.....
What has made Marvel so great has been it's ability to change and grow, and this has been seen clearly in the chances it's taken in changing the status of some characters from bad to good (and occasionally, from good to bad). Some of the major Heroes started off as major Villains, and some characters will always be in the grey area inbetween (Punisher, Hulk, Sub-Mariner ...)
No team has represented this 'redemption policy' more than The Avengers.
The following are all Avengers who started out on the 'other-side', and many of them are the most beloved and 'classic' Avengers of all....

Black Widow
Scarlet Witch
Antman II
YellowJacket II

Sandman went from bad to good, to bad again...The jury's still out on the status of The Scarlet Witch... and The Sentry was both ultra-hero and ultra-villain combined constantly! (no easy feat for writers.)

It's this constant 'grey' area which makes The Marvel Universe so unique and compelling, and why it stood out in the crowd 'way-back-when', thanks to Stan, Jack and Steve...


Robert said...

Excellent post, Bob. You summed up the MU perfectly.

Returning to something Ted said earlier about the Hulk: Avenger or Defender? I've got him with the Defenders as he was only very, very briefly in the Avengers.

BobDiamond said...

Me too Rob!
The Hulk will always be a Defender first in my book.
BTW...Have you noticed how many Teams the Sub-Mariner has been in?

The Invaders
The All-Winners Squad
The Defenders
The Avengers
and now The X-Men!
(I think he was in something called The Deep Six too, but that doesn't really count!)

Has there been any hero who has been in more groups than this?

An idea for a game perhaps???

Intrigued Bob

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've read that a Marvel show is coming to London's Madame Tussauds. It would be great for Eaglemoss to advertise the CMFC in the museum itself, if they can strike an agreement with the Tussauds company via Marvel. One of the main attractions of the exhibition will be the group of wax statues of major Marvel characters including Hulk and Spider-man. I think visitors would love to find CMFC figurines on the shelves in the museum's shop or at least some brochures/flyers about the CMFC. I'm sure this could boost both the profile and the sales of the collection, guaranteeing that it can go on for years and years until we get all the characters we want.

Anonymous said...

"Has there been any hero who has been in more groups than this?"


Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
X-Treme X-Men
Astonishing X-Men*
Secret Avengers

* - Astonishing X-Men if you consider them a splinter group. Some do, some don't. But Hank was a part of the Astonishing sub-team at the same time as the X-Men, so it's debatable. While the other X-Related teams he was a member of were distinct and seperate from the X-Men.

Anonymous said...

robert :

any chance you can take your comment back about me being ignorant ?
i wasn't very happy with you calling me that.
you know i am not a reader like you so the only info i get is off of the internet.
and i used to love the 90's cartoons on tv.
so your knowledge is far superior to mine , please be gentle , i'm a fragile human being.

other characters i missed out -

general thunderbolt ross
bulldozer + piledriver + thunderball
the fixer

Robert said...

Mad Thinker, I used the term ignorant to mean "lack of knowledge (about a thing)". You don't read comics, therefore you don't really know the stories, characters, creators, etc. I'm sorry if you felt insulted but it's true and there's no way to sugar coat it.

Deadpool said...

I've put this off too long.

I'm going ...

Goodbye ... :0)

LAWay said...

Whats with leaving Deadpool? Probably wont get an answer if you are true to your weird...but that last comment was quite out the blue.

Also, you on any website with your custom marvel figurines, I would like to keep tags on you if you are leaving.

jimbob said...


Ok bye Deadpool!

Maybe he has moved to the forum?

ted sallis said...

His ladyfriend Hel posted up DP's customs over on the forum, Maybe that will be his new haunt?
Oh and Rob, Hulk can't be classed a Defender weren't they the "greatest non-team of all" ?

Robert said...

That post from Deadpool was a bit weird. If he's going, it would be nice if he explained why. Rather he wasn't going to stop posting, mind you...

Ted, that "non-team" stuff was a bit of a myth. They had a leader (Dr. Strange), a headquarters (Strange's home), a fairly settled line-up for large chunks of time with recognised core members (their roster was no more changeable than the Avengers when you look at it), they had recognised adversaries like the Headmen, and so on. The Defenders were a team, don't let their press fool ya!

BobDiamond said...

Hi CBR Beast!
...and thanks for the response about the Beast's teams. I must admit, he was the only other character who sprung to mind when it came to multiple 'group-joining'!
However, because I like a good debate, I have a few comments to add...
Firstly, I'm not entirely sure that all those different X-Men groups should be seen as completely individual teams- I would classify them altogether as just 'X-Men'. I would do the same with the Avengers, including the old West Coast branch. I accept X-Force, X- Factor and even X-Statix as sepparate groups purely because of the name change....
Also, I don't think The Exterminators counts because wasn't this just a pretend name that X-Factor used to fool the public?
BTW, when was regular Beast a member of The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants?
..and what is The X-Club?
I haven't been a regular X-Men follower since the late 90's, so I've probably missed a few things...
Now back to Subby..
Am I allowed to count his membership in The Illuminati and The Cabal? I think these probably would count as 'Teams'. However, I don't think his membership of The Order counts, as this was just a temporary name used when The orig. Defenders went a bit barmy for a time.
Let me know your views CBR, and can you think of anyone else who has been in 5 or more teams?


BobDiamond said...

I've just thought of one! (playing my own game here...A bit sad that...)
Anyway, Angel/ Archangel has been in....
4 Horsemen of Apocalpse
(any others?)


mighty_marvel said...


alpha flight
new avengers
secret defenders
new fantastic four

and must be some other teams i'm fogetting

ted sallis said...

That headmen story freaked me out as a lad. Chondu the mystics brain in Bambi, Nighthawks brain went walkabout and an Elf with a big gun. Jeez That Twin Peaks was easier to follow :)
Was that elf ever explained?

Robert said...

I only really read it for the art. After Sal left it had minimal appeal, except for a wee run by, who was it, Keith Giffen...?

Anonymous said...

Beast was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants for a couple of issues during his solo run between X-Men and Avengers. He was manipulated by Mastermind, and joined Blob, Unus, and Mastermind until he regained his memories.

Not all of the X-Men teams can really be counted under the X-Men. The original X-Factor certainly can't, because it was functionally seperate from the X-Men. And yes, the X-Terminators were just a cover identity of X-Factor. But they had seperate costumes and cover identities. It could be considered a seperate team.

X-Treme X-Men (aka X.S.E.) was a functionally seperate team as well. As it was formed as a group that was not based in the mansion and their mission statement was to gather the Books of Destiny, to keep them out of dangerous hands, including Professor X's. Storm even clashed with Emma during this period. So I'd consider them seperate.

X-Club was the team that Beast formed of some of the most intelligent people on earth to help solve the Mutant Extinction problem. It includes Beast, Dr. Nemesis, Madison Jeffries aka Box, Dr. Yuriko Takiguchi, and Dr. Kavita Rao. And occassionally Archangel and Psylocke played a part.

And The Cabal and Illumanti are Groups/Teams as far as I am concerned. But anyway...

BobDiamond said...

Cheers CBR Beast, very informative- especially about The Beast's time in The Brotherhood. I should've known that one, because I've got most of his solo run from Amazing Adventures (was it?)!
Excellent list MM, on Wolverine. I think he was also in something clandestine called Team X, which could have been another name for The Weapon X Program.

Talking of Weapon X...that last one from Deadpool out-weirded his usual weird self.
Hope you're not gone for good DP, this blog needs you!

Elf With A Gun!
...they did try to tidy-up the loose ends eventually, with having a whole bunch of Elves doing some kind of cosmic 'collecting' of odd individuals...but I can't remember much more than that.
I think they should have left it alone with the orig. Elf getting hit by the truck...some mysteries are better left unexplained.

BobDiamond said...

Talking of weird, where has everyone gone? The last post was 4 hours ago.....spooky.

John said...

"Am I allowed to count his membership in The Illuminati and The Cabal?"

I'd say absolutely. ;) A team doesn't have to be brought together just to fight.

John said...


Sinister Six
Frightful Four
Wild Pack (Silver Sable)
Avengers (reserve)
Sinister 12
Intruders (?)

BobDiamond said...

Looks like it's just you and me tonight Sandman list btw
Anyway, here's The Black Knight's list of teams:

Masters of Evil (infiltrated)
Defenders (briefly)
Heroes For Hire
Not a bad list....for any self-respecting superhero.

Goodnight John Boy!

Bullseye81 said...

This is the top 5 females who our not in the collection and i think should be, based on merit not preference (i'll try to be as unbiased as i
{comic app info was all from comicvine so i apologize if they are inaccurate}
1) Wolfsbane-She's played a key part on numerous x-teams not to mention you could base it on her app. alone. With 522 i think she's the highest non civilian female yet to be included

2) Moonstone-Original T-bolt, has a long history and is still prominent in comics today...she also has 345 app (hightest female villain left)

3) Photon- Been in important story lines in both the Cosmic and Avengers worlds (so she should appeal to a broad spectrum of fans), plus she was leader of the Avengers! (that should be enough right there)

4) Spider-Girl-I know to some she might be a curve ball, but with 252 app.(this number seems high), while being the primary character in most of them is rather impressive. Is there a different female character (non civilian) who has more solo app than her? or even a male? If there is i think that character should be made as well. Also she's arguably the biggest character from the MC2 Universe (based on app and perceived popularity) and if we want a collection that covers all of Marvel surely you'd at least have to give one figurine to the MC2 Universe (she would be the logical first choice).

5) Meggan- Since the collection is made out of Britain it seems logical they would receive semi regular representation (n you are probably due). She is also the last founding member of the most iconic British Squad of all time Excalibur (imo).

here's my top 5, based on want/like
1) Spider-girl
2) Domino
3) Arachne
4) Moonstone
5) Wolfsbane

I said i would try to be

What is your top 5 females (based on merit)?

Gremlin said...

I wholeheartedly support all five of those characters.
I was thinking the other day that Meggan would actually be a nice curveball. She isn't someone who springs to mind but she has clocked up a lot of page time in her 25 years in comics. Plus is EM like completing teams then how about putting her in for the Excalibur lineup.

Wolfsbane aswell is incredibally deserving. As you said she has been the mainstay on teams such as New Mutants and X-Factor. She is a MUST.

At this point I would say PHOTON is a huge omission. As leader of the Avengers I am surprised she hasn't made it sooner.

I have finally gotten over the Thunderbird news. In a way I am glad he is in but it just feels like he is taking the place of someone more deserving.

Robert said...

My Top 5 women, Bullseye.

1. Mantis
2. Captain Marvel
3. Gamora
4. Gwen Stacy
5. I'll get back to you on number 5 after I give it a bit of thought...

Robert said...

5. Hela.

BobDiamond said...

I wasn't sure if I was supposed to do heroes and villains (for fav. ladies) I did 2 lists (because I love lists!).

1. Gamora ( Classic Starlin/ Warlock character. Orig. costume PLEASE)
2. Mantis ( Classic Avengers. Orig. costume..and not green please..)
3. Clea (excellent addition to The Defenders line-up)
4. Photon/Cap Marvel II (long serving, and leader of The Avengers)
5. Thundra (always been my fav. fightin' lady!)

SPECIAL: The Stepford Cuckoos (I've come round to thinking that they would make a wonderfully unique sculpture)

1. Moonstone(a central character in all that's happened in the last few years)
2.Deathbird (dynamic and again, very central to X-related and Cosmic stories)
3.Volcana (would go well with Titania, and an unusual look)
4.Morgana le Fey (major player in Avengers)
5. Madam Masque (long history, and recent ties with The Hood/ New Avengers stories)

SPECIAL: Death holding dead Captain Mar-vell-classic cover image)


Anonymous said...

i'm just wondering how many more damaged fing fang foom issues i am going to receive i am currently in possession of two and i must have had about 5 damaged one's now.
also i got union jack issue and the magazine was torn. the cost of phoning eaglemoss about these problems is high being as you have to phone an 0845 number.
no wonder they have lost so many subscribers !!
rich , is there anything you can do to help myself and others who have had similar problems ?

LAWay said...

Finished that Stepford Cuckoos request drawing. Please check it out guys.

See...I can play nice. ;)

As for 5 females that havent been made:
5)Moonstone miss marvel

Thats me done for now. More drawing suggestions welcome. :D

pirate adam said...

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mighty_marvel said...

marvel ladies

1) nico minoru
2) moonstone
3) gamora
4) wolfsbane
5) arachne

John said...

Glad to see Pirate Adam posting again...

Top 9 females to be made? Sure.


Madame Web
Squirrel Girl
White Rabbit

max_0888 said...

Oh I definitely want Meggan too. She would be an awesome cuverball! She had a lot of appearances, a must for the british, and need to complete the excalibur team. She has a great look and could easily fill a mag.

Id also vote for Moonstone, Arachne, Wolfsbane and Monet

Robert said...

LAWay, just popped over to look at the Stepford Cuckoos drawing. Lovely stuff. Thanks for doing that.

Not sure if One-of-Three is even aware of it yet as he's not been on here, as far as I can tell. Could someone on the forum let him know as I think he goeson there sometimes...?

ted sallis said...

Nice work LA Way ,very distinct stylee well suited to The Stepford Cooks. Kinda Power Puff Girls meets Gerald McBoing Boing.
My 4 year old will explain who they are :)
Hey Pirate Adam would really love to see how your finished Bor custom turned out, If it went belly up, don't despair try ,try and try again . As the great Frankie of hollywood once said about his first attempt at the same custom " BOR!! What is it good for? startit again BOR!! what is it good for?"

jimbob said...

Yeah any chance of a british character in this extension EM!

Pete Wisdom or Meggan

LAWay said...

Thanks Rob & Ted. Sadly I know perfectly well the Powerpuff Girls and Gerald Mcboing boing which I think I am justified in knowing doing animation and being mid early 20s as they are kinda old things.

Chirping in on British heroes, while searching for females I was remembered of Lionheart which would be an ace figurine. We could go obscure with captain UK too. ^_^

Hawkeye said...

Spitfire or Excalibur for any British extension for me guys.

ted sallis said...

Will there ever be a time in this collection when some Golden age characters could at least be considered? Oh! and Spitfire or Lionheart would look very nice

pirate adam said...

Ted, Bor still needs to be painted not got round to it yet

Robert said...

I think I would be pretty annoyed if Lionheart appeared in the collection and we didn't have the original Captain Britain. She's just stealing someone else's costume. It annoyed me when she appeared in the Avengers and it still annoys me.

Apart from that, the lion is distorted when its worn over a female figure. That's why Union Jack was made male - originally the character was to be called Union Jackie (no joke) until Roy Thomas realised what a pair of bazungas would do to the stripes...

I see our lost comrade PA is back, sort of. Ach, you miss us, don't you? Even our blah-blah-blahing.

ted sallis said...

Bazungas! and Union Jackie, They just sound so right together :)
Anyone seen the Destroyer photo from the upcoming Thor movie? Someone posted a pic of the actor suited up for some motion capture malarky. It does give me reason to hope, It might actually be....Good?

BobDiamond said...

I'm right there with you Ted, we NEED more Golden Age characters...

It's odd when you think of it, but we still (technically) haven't got the hero who started it all- The Original Human Torch (OK, The Sub-Mariner appeared shortly before, in 'Motion Picture Funnies' or something blar, blar- oops, gone all Pirate Adam there for a minute, but it was The Human Torch who appeared on the cover of 'Marvel Comics' no.1 back in 1939).
I strongly believe this set cannot be complete without him.
As I've said before, a sculpt of The Torch and Toro combined on one base would look awesome, and wouldn't look similar to the FF version.
As for other GA characters...I loved the fact we got The GA Destroyer, but I thought it totally out of place and unnecessary having him standing over a dead soldier. I know EM wanted to make him a Special, but rubble or a broken tank would have been more tasteful I think. After all, The Punisher hasn't got piles of body-parts around him...

Other GA characters I'd love to see include:
Miss America
GA Angel
GA Vision
..and most important of all-
The Blazing Skull!


Anonymous said...

time for some naughtiness , those easily offended look away now.

top five fanny :

1: aracne
2: lionheart
3: moonstone
4: darkstar
5: vertigo

top five skirt i wouldn't like to take on a date :

1: big bertha - i don't do fatties.
2: marrina - i hate women that smell of fish.
3: hepzibah - not that type of pussy stupid !!
4: callisto - no thanks , she's a minger.
5: mantis - upset her on a date + you could end up with a kung foo kick to the nuts , ouch !!

Robert said...

No Black Widow, MT? Have you seen those Granov covers! ;)

And as for ugly woman, look no further than MODAM!

On the subject of GA heroes, I'd only like Bucky, Hammond Torch, Toro and classic Subby in green trunks. And the Whizzer due to his appearnaces in the Avengers in the '70s. Otherwise, the comics from then are practically unreadable...

Oops. More blah-blah!

Robert said...

Come to think of it, MT, you're a bit rash elbowing Mantis. She had a rather, um, interesting past and she'd teach you a thing or two in the bedroom!

ted sallis said...

Karen Page, Daredevils one true love was also a porn star. Goodness knows what that means, Probably something mucky.
If she actually existed that might make her top of your "Fanny" list MT.
I'm off to wash my filthy mouth out with soap

Robert said...

I just had a scarey thought that Mad Thinker is working up to asking us which male hero would we get it one with if we had to pick one...

BobDiamond said...

Being that he is The Mad Thinker, he would probably go for 'Awesome Andy', programed to do whatever he wants..
..that doesn't bare Mad Thinking about!

Robert said...

Probably my imagination. I was just wondering if the regular references to women and "fanny" was something of a cover story. Or a preamble before he outed himself. (You will of course note that three of the five fanciable women in his list wear costumes originally worn by men: Arachne wears Spider-Man's old costume, Lionheart originally wore Captain Britain's old costume and Moonstone wore the male Moonstone's old costume. Subliminal message or deliberate clue? Come to think of it, he also dismissed nearly all of the women in the collection as "trannies" earlier. Another hint?) Whatever the truth, we welcome all sexual orientations and persuasions on here, Mr Smith.

Anonymous said...

robert :

first of all - i thought we were talking about female characters that aren't in the collection yet , hence the reason i left out black widow.

secondly - when you mention lionheart
moonstone + aracne wearing men's clothes you could have used those characters in my previous game :
tranny or fanny.

thirdly - i can assure you i am 100% straight

and finally - i'm not as bad as deadpoo , who clearly seems to get turned on by female figurines.
there's a picture on google images of a mary jane sculpt. she's hanging out petie parkie's undies.
now if that don't turn 'ol poo pants on ?

Robert said...

Mad Thinker.

1. You did not say it had to be women who had yet to appear in the collection. I did notice this pattern but thought your choices were more to do with your previous criticism of the female sculpts so far.

2. There is nothing wrong with being gay. Whatever someone wants to be, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, is fine. I just wondered if you needed a wee bit of encouragement to come out of the closet.

3. Stop deflecting attention onto Deadpool. What are you trying to hide...?

Anonymous said...

i too have nothing against gays , heck i'm talking to you aren't i ?
bet you are only married to a woman to cover up your true sexuality lol.
anyway can we get back to the subject that is marvel ?
i need to think up my next mad scheme.

Anonymous said...

p.s , i don't think this blog would be the same without comedy , let's all keep it up eh ?

Anonymous said...

perhaps i may indulge you with another identity crisis.
ideas anyone ?

Anonymous said...

well hello boys

Robert said...

You're STILL trying to change the subject and deflect attention!

Actually, when you think about it, Mr Smith, the clues were there all along.

I mean, "slap stick"! How did we miss that?!!

You might as well have drawn us a picture!

Robert said...

Hello, Fanny the Tranny!

a.k.a. Mr Smith
a.k.a. Smiffy6754
a.k.a. SlapStick
a.k.a. Mad Thinker

P.S. You aren't wearing enough make-up...

John said...

I just wanted to chirp in my full support of Golden Age characters.

I, too, feel the collection wouldn't be complete without Torch. But how do you do it where it's VERY distinctly the original? I don't know that adding Toro really counts. That just makes a very expensive figurine...

Miss America

I'd actually like a few of The Twelve. Phantom Reporter has really come to life in the current Marvel Universe. The first Black Widow seems extremely interesting.

And of course, we NEED to turn our attention to the 50's next. Specifically the Agents of Atlas. Let's start with the Uranian. :D Marvel Boy for the Marvel Collection?

BobDiamond said...

Cheers for the support with the GA Torch John,
As for making him distinct from the FF one, the same problem presented itself to the great Jack Kirby back in an early FF Annual where they fist reintroduced the original Torch into the modern Marvel Universe.
In this issue Jack drew the original HT in a much looser,orange, fiery style, compared to the tighter red FF version. A separate identity can be achieved visually in this way I believe.
However, adding Toro would make an excellent Anniversary Sculpt I think- issue 200 perhaps?

Totally off the there anyone else out there who would love to see 'Xemnu The Living Titan' as a Special Figure?
I think he would look excellent! He's had loads of history- he was the first character called The Hulk after all, so pre-dates The FF, and has been a major villain for the Defenders, Hulk and She-Hulk...and he looks Brilliant!! (scary and cuddly at the same time..)
Just a thought,

BobDiamond said...

Xemnu sparked an idea!
I am now going to compose an alphabetical list of characters that aren't on the official inclusion list yet, but who I'd love to see....(it's late, the curry was great and I'm still on the wine...)

Angel (GA Original)
Baron Strucker
High Evolutionary
Living Lazer
Omega The Unknown
Silver Samurai
White Tiger
Xemnu The Living Titan
Yellow Claw
Zaran The Weapons-Master

That was easier than I thought it'd should all have a go!


Gremlin said...

Well since we are on confirmed figure 172 I will do my ideal list to #200. I mean c'mon, if Thuderbird is confirmed then the collection must be doing well.

Brother Voodoo
Captain Mar-vell
Count Nefaria
High Evolutionary
Sister Grimm
Vance Astro/Major Victory
White Tiger

I feel that's a decently balanced lineup with a nice spread across XMen, Avengers, MK, cosmic and SpiderMan.

Hawkeye said...

Going back to a well worn subject, when is the main site going to be updated? The standard figures are nearly up to date (as are the DC ones), and I'm wondering how well the Cloak & Dagger figures are selling given that there's been no advertising for it on here (apart from us, the cogniscenti, of course:)). I know you've previously said it's out of your hands Rich but from a marketing point of view, it's not brilliant.... Small grumbles in an otherwise perfect world ;)

Anonymous said...

ooooooooooh that hurt

Anonymous said...

hi honey i'm home

Robert said...

Trying not to get my hopes up too high that we get an update tomorrow - Rich said he'd be at the Bristol Comic-Con last weekend, so he may not have time - but hoping for a cosmic character. Or an Avenger. Have convinced myself that this extension will see one, maybe even two, Avengers from Swordsman, Arachne, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Starfox, Stingray and Mantis. Any other likely candidates, guys?

Robert said...

And, does One-of-Three know about LAWay's drawing of the Cuckoos yet? Seems a shame when LAWay went to all that bother to produce a lovely drawing...

Gremlin said...

Photon has to be done. As ex-leader of the Avengers I am surprised she hasn't appeared yet. Plus we have only had one Avenger (mockingbird) this extension and very few last......she is needed.

Robert said...

I hope they do include her soon and that they call her Captain Marvel rather than Photon or Pulsar. That's what she was when she was introduced in that Spidey annual in the '80s and that's what she was called when she was leader of the Avengers.

We have two Gladiators, so it's not as if we can't use the name Captain Marvel for a second character in the collection, either.

Robert said...

Come to think of it, Julie Carpenter spent most of her career as Spider-Woman and only recently took on the name Arachne, so maybe she deserves to go by her original code-name, too, regardless of the confusion of Spider-Women.

John said...

I'd rather see Photon and Arachne. That is... if these seem like the names for these characters for the foreseeable future. Kind of like, I'm glad we're getting Songbird instead of Screaming Mimi.

And I was thinking, maybe they're saving Photon, Domino, etc. as... what did someone else call it? Tentpole characters for future extensions. I mean, Thunderbird over Sebastian Shaw or Forge? Thunderbird's got the 'importance' and is of 'classic story,' but few were campaigning the guy.

Robert said...

I see where you are coming from, John. Why make a figure of a character when that version of the character is not in the comics you buy now?

However, I just wonder about the recognition factor. Would Monica be more recognisable to a cross-section of Marvel fans if she was in her old Captain Marvel costume or as Photon or Pulsar in her more modern looks? I can't comment on that beyond guesswork but for someone like me who collects all the Avengers titles I only really know her as Captain Marvel.

LAWay said...

I'm not worried too much Rob, when he shows up I can always steer him towards the drawing anyway. If anyone else wants to request a sketch let me know. I already did an A-Z of most marvel ladies.

I would love to see an Arachne figurine, but its like a cache 22. Most female figurines dont look too good, although the newest enchantress was a beauty, so while I want an Arachne, I am worried she will look like a tranny, and thus would be happy playing it safe and having Constrictor or a spiderman update...spiderman 2099. ;)

Thor8 said...

If we do get an update tomorrow I'd like to see:

A) A male Avenger=Swordsman,Stingray
B) A female Avengers=Arachne,Photon
C) A female villain=Princess Python
D) A classic villain=Whilwind

Deadpool said...


Well my meagre offering at this ungodly hour - in the dead of night, cold, wet and weary, is: -

A quack pack containing the following superb Marvel legends: -

Howard the Duck
Rocket Racoon

Gotta run cya...


BobDiamond said...

Confucius Say:
'One man's Tentpole, is another man's Slacky Canvas.'

Grasshopper Bob

Robert said...

Darn. No update. Oh well. Time to speculate again. I'll use the old 'families' as my starting point, although I can see how some of my classifications - like the Beetle - might cause disagreement.

Let's see, we've had two Spidey villains (Hydroman and Beetle) but no Spidey hero. THREE X-Men heroes (Northstar, Magik and Thunderbird) but no X-villains. One FF hero (Karnak) and two FF villains (Puppet Master and Wizard). One Avenger hero (Mockingbird) and one Avenger villain (Tiger Shark). We have only one MK character, a hero, in Shanna. Lastly, there's Sif, who I would class as an Asgardian although I accept some would place her in the Avengers group.

Now, using this simplistic categorisation, for the last eight slots we can perhaps expect...
1. At least one X-villain. I am ignorant of the X-Men from the early 1980s so I'll leave it up to better qualified people to speculate except to say that the Silver Samurai is mentioned a lot.
2. One Spidey-related hero. White Tiger? Hmm. Ideas, folks?
3. Only one Avenger hero so far. Strong chance of Swordsman, Spider-Woman/ Arachne, Captain Marvel/ Photon, Starfox or even Mantis.
4. Only one character from MK. What about Jigsaw as MK villain?
5. No cosmic characters yet. As we're getting Drax from the recent Annihilation series, what about Gamora as a possibility?


John said...

I vote Gamora.

Hey, Robert. I was looking through a Hercules preview on newsarama and noticed a Recorder character. I don't know if its the same robot you were talking about a few weeks ago, but thought I'd let you know.

Gremlin said...

Those sound good.

It interesting to see how people classify the chaaracters.

I wouldn't put Northstar in the XMen. he is Alpha Flight through and through. Sif is a hard one to put in a place but I would say that since the Asgardians have got a fair amount in now she can go with the rest of them.

If I were EM I would announce Deathbird, Vance Astro and Photon. All three have the cosmic aspect to them but Deathbird also doubles as an X-villain and Photon is also a major Avenger. The forum will probably pick at least one XMan and hopefully some more villains and Avengers.

An idea might be to do categories to vote in so that a level of control is given to the characters being confirmed.

The two competition votes should be interesting because no one can predict who will be chosen. Could be old, could be new, could be Xmen or Avengers or MK's or cosmics..

Robert said...

Thanks, John. Tried to find the article you mentioned on the Newsarama website and couldn't see it. It will be the same character, tho', of that I'm sure. When I was little I just loved the way he talked and I've always had a major soft spot for him. If they run another comp, he'll be my pick (again).

Gremlin, I see what you mean about Alpha Flight. I first saw Alpha Flight in X-Men ages ago and I guess I am just lumping all the mutants together. That's probably comparable to folk lumping Asgardians in with the Avengers because of Thor... Can't see any argument against your choices, either. At least you weren't asking for a raccoon. (I just read Thanos Imperative: Ignition and the mad titan and bushy-tailed mammals are a dumb-as-spanners mix.)

P.S. Thanks to John and a visit to Newsarama I saw a hilarous video clip for Iron Baby. You really have to go watch it!

Robert said...

Found the Hercules comicbook on the official Marvel site. It IS the Recorder!! Brilliant!

He he hehe he he he.

I didn't know he was in it and wasn't planning to buy it until now. Cheers, John. Next time you're in Glasgow, I owe you a pint!

He he he he he he he.

Anonymous said...

just got my cloak + dagger special and it looks excellent

ted sallis said...

Yep C+D look great as does that old cheesey Z lister The Gladiator . Yep superglue a couple of angle grinders to your wrists and your ready to go toe toe with shellhead :) Sunfire looks very nice too. All in all aterrific subby pack.

LAWay said...

Received my Cloak & Dagger today, first time laying my eyes on it. Sigh. So much flat black on the inside of cloak. I dont know what I was expecting, and it looks pretty nice, and I am personally happy they are on one base.

Gladiator is a meh...really dont like or need him in the collection and there are more deserving characters. Sunfire, another meh. Hate the design of the character, so I was never going to be happy. I longed for a AOA sunfire, that would have been awesome. Alas.

Also, deeply sad to see Titania on the back of the next issue. Another collection to the Trannys. When the promotional image looks awful, you know the poorly painted ones we receive will be absolutely shocking. All those who WANT dynamic posing and all that, hope you are happy for ruining what could have been a sexy little figurine if she was just posed standing normally.

Not the best delivery, but by no means the worst. Roll on the update.

BobDiamond said...

It occured to me a while ago, that the vast majority of us on his blog must be regular comic buyers, as well as collectors of these amazing figurines.
I thought it would be interesting to see what titles we get on a regular basis, just to compare notes- that sort of thing...

Personally, as some of you know, I'm a massive Avengers fan. So now that things have 'changed' a bit at Marvel, I'll be collecting:

Avengers (so-so first issue...)
Secret Avengers (an excellent first issue)
New Avengers
and Avengers Academy (I'll give this a go, see how it pans out.)

My other Marvel 'regular' titles:

Captain America (superb for the last few years.)

Daredevil (hugh cross-over event about to begin- 'Shadowlands' Lots of street level and kung-fu types together! Bring back Iron Fist!)

Thunderbolts (always changing, excellent 'new' beginning with Luke Cage and Man-Thing!)

Secret Warriors (always intiguing and it's centred around Nick Fury- what more could you want!)

SHIELD (just begun- looks excellent so far)

Atlas (used to be 'Agents of..', hopefully will keep up the high standard.)

I'm also going to collect the 'Thanos Imperative', as it continues from GOTG, which has just finished.

I also collect a few mini-series ('Seige' obviously..), the best recent one was 'The Marvels Project', re-imagining the origins of the MU in WW2.
A few Avengers minis out at the moment too, looking forward to 'Avengers Prime' especially.

As for the 'Competition', I collect only one 'regular' from DC. The amazing 'Secret Six', the best DC comic since 'The Suicide Squad'.
I hate to say it, but it is also a lot better than most Marvel titles at the moment.
Thoroughly recommended!! (try it Rob, you might like it!)

I collect 2 titles from Dynamite regularly....
Superpowers- (which sadly to say is really beginning to drag, and thankfully is coming to an end soon. Excellent Alex Ross covers though.)
The Boys- Brilliant Garth Ennis title. I try to check out most GE titles, but not all have been great in the last few years. (I would still be a regular Punisher buyer if he was still on it.)
I also get his 'Wormwood', which is very good at he moment.

That's about it for my monthly buys....I'd love to know what the rest of you get/ recommend out there!


LAWay said...

I used to collect comics. I correct that, my older bro used to buy the comics and I read them. Personally I buy the graphic novels and collections as my comicbook shop is too much of a trek to go down to buy from.

I did read all things Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, Ultimate spidey and Ultimates, Thunderbolts and a bunch of others that I cant remember now.

Now I just wait until things appear in a collection to buy. I still keep on tags of things and read comic reviews, I just dont get time to visit my comicshop to buy them.

Robert said...

Bob, all the Avengers titles, as well as Thor, Cap and Iron Man. Also FF and all the Hulk titles. Limited series with any of the above and other LS like Siege, The Marvels Project (from a recommendation made on here), etc. Also all Masterworks and most Essentials. Like you, I stopped buying Punisher when Ennis left.

P.S. What about Puma as a Spidey ally? (Yeh, I know they founght a lot, too.)

ted sallis said...

Mostly TPB's is how i read my comics these days. Oh! and the Sunday Post for Oor Wullie and The Broons!

Anonymous said...

Northstar was never officially confirmed. There was only a hint that EM will do their best to include him in this extension if the Northstar & Aurora double pack is not approved.

Personally I would be prefer Northstar as a solo figurine.

Thor8 said...

Bob, I collect all Avengers titles (except Ultimates),Thor,and Spider-Man.

BobDiamond said...

OK, Top Ten time again!....
Top 10 Marvel Speedsters (Runners only)

1. Quicksilver
2. The Whizzer - Golden Age
3. The Whizzer - Squadron Supreme
4. Speed-Demon
5. The Blur - Supreme Power
6. Makari (aka Mercury, aka The Hurricane)
7. The Runner - Elder of The Universe
8. Speed - Young Avengers
9. Calamity - The Order
10. Hermes


james said...

Good list, Bob. Although technically, the Runner is not running fast but teleporting. (See Thanos Quest for explanation.)

Bullseye81 said...

Great question Bob, i've been wondering that for a while myself (which comics we currently collect). Like you and Robert i collect all the main Avengers titles (i'll give Academy a go, but i don't have high hopes for it), Daredevil, Thunderbolts, Secret Warriors, Wolverine Origins, X-Force, Uncanny X-men, all the Deadpool titles, Amazing Spider-man, Web of Spider-man, Marvel Adventures Spider-man, Ultimate Spider-man, Ultimate X, Ultimate Avengers. I also collect Dark Wolverine, X-men Legacy, Captain America, Punisher MAX, Incredible Hulk, on a semi regular basis. Like most of you i tend to pick up limited series here and there (like Spider-Girl, Peter Parker, Siege...)

I'm down to 2 titles from DC (used to be much higher). Batman Confidential and Batman/Superman.

I also collect all of the GI Joe titles from IDW.

Wow, i collect a

Anonymous said...

you lot are lucky , i'm only on manwolf + icarus and i'm a subscriber.
i wish i was up to sunfire + gladiator.

BobDiamond said...

Now that you mention it James, I vaguely remember that explanation myself.
I will now officially replace The Runner with...Whiz-Kid from 'The Initative'!

Btw, thanks to everyone who responded with their 'titles' lists...looks like there are a lot of Avengers fans out there!
Also, very impressive list Bullseye, where do you put them all!
Ps. Bullseye, I just saw The 'GI Joe' movie last night- kind of enjoyed it in parts- but how does it compare with the comics? (I've never actually read them). Also, is it based more on the comic or the toy range?
PPs. I recently saw an amazing picture on a Nick Fury website of Fury fighting Cobra Commander!thought you might like to know...


PPPS...Highly Recommend 'Old Man Logan' graphic novel (not usually a buyer of Wolverine, but this is superb - and it has the Spider-mobile in it!)

John said...

Robert, I would love it if Puma were confirmed.

Bob, here's my titles:

Thunderbolts; started with New Thunderbolts when Mach IV started it up. Loved it. I simply put up with it when it got all dark because Songbid's my favorite female superhero. Continued through the last mediocre stories for the new Ant-Man, who I'm a big fan of. And the next line-up looks VERY promising minus Luke Cage.

Amazing Spider-Man: Dropped it after the "Norman and Gwen Story." Skipped the devil story, but since Brand New Day, it has been non-stop excellent. Favorite title.

Agents of Atlas: Favorite team. I think most of you know that of me by now though, as much as I push for figurines of them.

Avengers: the Initiative: was my favorite book. I loved how they had too many plot threads to keep track of and a cast of 1,000, ALL of which were interesting. But that's Dan Slott for you. The next book I'm not at all sure about because it looks like the characters we're following aren't as interesting. But we'll see.

FF: I'll be getting back into when I find a writer good enough to live up to Mark Waid or Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. I'll try out Hickman soon.

Anything starring Deadpool.

I collect all the cosmic stories since Annihilation, but recently decided to drop Nova. I became disinterested when they changed World Mind and he started taking on Recruits. Everything with Ego was great, but I feel the dynamic of the book has changed to far. I LOVE GotG, and REALLY want Rocket Raccoon as a figurine.

Otherwise, like LAWay, I wait for trades. For me its just easier to store them than in long boxes. I just got Brother Voodoo and the final 1602 story.

Robert said...

John, totally get where you are coming from on the Gwen and Norman issue. After thirty-odd years, I stopped buying Spider-Man comics after the Sins Past storyline, too. I grew up on the UK Spidey reprints when Gwen was still alive and to see what JMS did disgusted me more than any other story I've ever read. I haven't bought a Spidey comic since.

As for FF, the feedback from fans is positive but while it looks great I am rather bored with it. It's a pity because the Fix Everything story was very good and unfortunately the regular series is not half as good (in my opinion).

LAWay said...

Damn Madthinker, that is fucked up. Excuse the language, but how far back is that? I cant even remember who icarus is (one of the few figurines that should never have been made probably in my eyes).

Oh, and I plan on picking up Old Man Logan. Saw it cheap on WH Smith and Amazon, hardback, £14-£16.

John said...

Robert, after Quesada's "make a deal with the devil" story, these are seriously some of the best Spidey stories I've read. The characters come in strong and fast, the pacing's amazing (especially at 3 times a month,) new villains are interesting, and besides; its Van Lente, Slott, Wells, and Waid on ONE title!

LAWay, I don't read anything with the Eternals, but I AM glad that the fans of the book have at least one character to represent their story lines. I mean, I don't know anyone that reads Thor, but look how many Asgardians are in the collection. A little diversity now and then never hurt anyone. ;)

david said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BobDiamond said...

Still in Top 10 mode I'm afraid....

Hawkeye's Perfect Ten:

1. Hawkeye
2. Clint as Ronin
3. Clint as Goliath
4. Mockingbird
5. Swordsman (orig.)
6. Trickshot
7. Black Widow
8. Captain America (Steve)
9. Scarlet Witch

Honourable Mentions to:



Anonymous said...


I collect all Marvel comics. Yeah, absolutely all of them. What I would like to know is, if the CMFC figurines you like and buy are a reflection of the comics you like and buy.

Personally, my comic book preferences and my figurine preferences are not connected.

I will buy a figurine if it looks good in terms of design (physical features, costume and gadgets) and it it captures the essence of Marvel art and it is a study on the Marvel Universe myhtos.

So, for example, I would love to see more Eternals in the CMFC. Not because I'm a fan of the series (although I kinda am) but mostly because I think Makkari and Ajak would make awesome figurines.

I'd love to know what you guys, my fellow CMFC collectors, think about this approach.

BobDiamond said...

I'm with you on the inclusion of more Eternals for the collection Kirlianeyes, particularly Ajak and Makkari, as the Kirby design costumes are stunning.
The Icarus figure is one of my favourites so far because he stands out so much.
I would also like to have Sersi included, not so much for the costume, but for her connection to The Avengers and The Black Knight.

DC's New Gods would also make an amazing collection, however EM only seem to be making Darkseid, Orion and Mr.Miracle.
Big Barda, Granny Goodness and Metron would also be fantastic sculpts.

On another note entirely...I realise I missed out Hawkeye 2 (Kate Bishop) from my earlier list- so she gets an Honourable Mention too!

BTW..Rob, or anyone who has just read 'The Thanos Imperative:Ignition'.
Was the back-up Thanos/ Destroyer story the one that originally featured in the 70's 'Logan's Run' comic?
I remember reading about this legendary back-up tale years ago, and how it made 'Logan's Run' issue 7(?) highly collectable- but I've never seen it reprinted anywhere.
Great start to 'The Thanos Imperative' I thought, esp. with the last page inclusion of evil ******* ******!


PS Where does the nom de plume, KIRLIANEYES come from?

Gremlin said...

Now that we have got to this stage in the collection I am looking at C, D and E list characters on a visual basis. There are some good characters out there but their looks are so bland that I would prefer lesser known characters with better looks.

As far as Eternals go. I know very little about them but since Sersi has the link with the Avengers I guess she would be the next logical choice.

Robert said...

John, thanks for the recommendation. Apart from the JMS blasphemies, I am also a bit tired of writers torturing Pete/ Spidey. And money and storage are an issue. I miss Web-Head, though.

On the subject of figures, my buying has nothing to do with aesthetics. If I remember a character, maybe a particular story, then that's my connection.

Yeh, Bob, it's from Logan's Run #6. It was the only appearance of Thanos I had not read up till the end of his own series not so long ago. I was largely unmoved by the Ignition issue. Not enough Thanos and too many talking mammals. Really weird mix. Incidentally, I was buying Hulk when Rocket first appeared; it left me cold then and a few decades later I'm no warmer...

John said...

"I am also a bit tired of writers torturing Pete/ Spidey."

Robert, its neat to me how different our tastes are in comics. I Love the fact that Pete always has people turn on him when he tries to do good. The classic underdog, the Parker Luck, I find it inspiring that he continues to go on even when the world completely hates him.

My favorite story arc ever was called "Manic Monday" by Zeb Wells. It was just about how the Shocker can't catch a break, and by the end, he still goes to jail. Maybe that's why Shocker's my 2nd favorite comic character...

And I Really love the eclectic mix of characters and ideas that the Marvel Universe continues to evolve into. The fact that there IS a talking raccoon, and a tree that's supposedly a kind of a planet is WHY I love the GotG so much. I mean, look at my favorite team; a rejuvenated FBI agent, a Syren from the days of Jason and the Argonauts, a man cursed with a gorilla body, the boy who grew up on Uranus, a left over robot from the 50's, and royalty from Atlantis. So of course I love Rocket as well.

John said...

When I discovered the collection, I was just going to buy figurines of the characters I REALLY liked (Yellowjacket, Shocker, etc.) but then I saw the Mandarin figurine at a shop and it looked really good.

So then it was going to be only characters I liked or ones that looked good... or one's with histories I liked... and eventaully I thought "I can't just get every figurine EXCEPT Blink and Jubilee," so I got those too.

So, yeah, the MU has such a strong history and, like I said, I love the eclectic nature of their world, so I just get every Marvel one now. With DC, I try to just stick to Batman and the villains that I know (Creeper?) Still waiting on Mad Hatter and the Ventriloquist...

Robert said...

I get what you mean, John. Peter Parker's resilence is heroic in the full sense of the word. But I like Peter as a person/ character and it would be nice if he was allowed an issue or two without some sort of tragedy or mental torment. When I was a kid, Pete lost Gwen, then a "clone" showed up, he was hounded by the Bugle and hunted by the police who suspected him of implication in the deaths of Captain Stacy and Norman Osborn. On top of that was troubles with May's health, paying bills, his lovelife and finding a home. Tough, but small potatoes compard to what was to come: the fake parents, the clone saga, May "dead", MJ "dead", it's a never-ending assault on him and I think I'm tired of the emotional wringer that is his life. After thirty-five years of it, enough is enough. I still read my old Spideys (I'm actually rereading Sal B's second spell on Spectac at the moment), of course. I just don't want to watch any more as a character I like is being tormented in ever more vicious (and sometimes implausible) ways.

BobDiamond said...

Sorry about this, but I had a weird idea for another top 10...

Top 10 Hairy Types!!

1. Sasquatch
2. Wendigo
3. Xemnu The Titan (my favourite)
4. Ursa Major
5. Tigra
6. Beast
7. Werewolf by Night
8. Wolfsbane
9. Manwolf


navaho said...

I collect the FF, Spidey, all things Hulk and everything Norse-like. Often I'll buy a comic if the storyline interests me so I have many Cap America, Wolverine, XMen, Avengers, etc. I love the offbeat as well, Marvel Zombies, Marvel Apes, etc. I think what I'm trying to say is I pretty much buy everything and anything in the MU.

LAWay said...

Still no update? :(

£15.99 for Cloak & Dagger, fair?
I just realized I paid £15.99 for Ka-Zar and Zabi! And Prof X & Lilandra!

Geez I should look at my bill more. Two packs cost more than two single figurines? £2 to subscribers, £3 more to non subscribers. Are they really more expensive to produce?

Leave 2 packs for old characters revisited in new costumes. The other characters I will happily wait and buy at a cheaper price as its not as if they are that important characters to justify the price raise.

Anyway, adding fuel to these boards to spark conversation. This update has seemed quite quiet.

Anonymous said...

I think there are genuine reasons why a double pack will cost more than 2 separate figurines, and I'm sure EM can explain.

In the case of Prof X, there was a wheelchair which looks like it required a different manufacturing process. In the case of Zabu, its size & weight alone was almost special-size. Maybe that explains?

In any case, LAWay, quite frankly I can't believe that you want to comment on the extra £2 every now and then. EM have not increased the price ever since the collection started, which is an extraordinary feat when you consider the current financial scenario across all industries.

The way I see it, it's amazing that we are still paying £5.99 per figurine when they could easily cost £6.99 like their DC counterparts. So I don't care about the extra £2 or £3 every now and then. Regardless of EM's genuine technical reasons for the extra price, I'm happy to give it as a reward to EM, for their efforts to continue to produce as many interesting Marvel figurines as possible. I want the CMFC collection to be hugley successful and continue for another decase, so of course I also want it to be a viable sustainable business.

What's more, with about 24
figurines a year, priced at £5.99 instead of £6.99, I see that I am saving £24 a year.

So c'mon, guys.
Let's focus on getting EM to continue to produce all the Marvel characters we want.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, I made a few typos, as usual.
One in particular:
decase = decade

"I want the CMFC to be hugely successful and continue for another decade, so of course I also want it to be a viable sustainable business".

PS. Has anyone had funny words appear in the WORD VERIFICATION section of this blog? Right now, I have MESUCKS. lol

Robert said...

I never really notice how much the figurines cost as they bought at the same time as a fistful of comics...

P.S. My verification word is "polen", kind of appropriate considering the time of year. (And, yes, I realise it's misspelt.)

LAWay said...

Yeh, I understand its not much.
The wheelchair is slightly extra, but in all honesty, would Prof X be a special by himself? No. The Thing wasnt and he is chunky. Zabi would not be a special by himself, heck, wouldnt make the collection by himself. I dont think he is that much bigger than another figurine really.

Talking about less magazines to produce aswell. How much do you think it costs to produce the magazine? 50p-£1, or more?

I am just under the thinking that when you throw in more of the same, to buy it you should be paying less that what is usually the case to buy more, as you are buying in bulk so to speak. 2 figurines should cost equal to or less than two normal figurines, as its a big buy to make. Take away an extra magazine and it should also be cheaper.

Its a minor thing I just thought could be discussed as its quiet here.

Didnt someone say the DC figurines are slightly bigger? They seem more complicated in their sculpts and poses and maybe thats the reason why the extra money.

I think what should be considered is 'would this character be a special by itself?' Throwing together 2 characters who would not be specials normally, then charging an extra price seems a little unfair. I would prefer purchasing them separate in those cases.

Cloak & Dagger are different because of the sculpt it makes it more of a statue type feel I guess and may get away with this rule. Its more like a diorama. It feels a little more special than the others. Maybe a Ka'zar and Zabi together posed cool in a diorama way would have been more special and justified.

2 on a base is the way to go to make them feel special, but not to separate them so they feel like two separate figurines glued on one base. Cloak & Dagger should be what all 2 figurines together should be measured at as a special.

Otherwise 2 packs should be equal to or cheaper than 2 separate figurines.

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