Friday, 11 June 2010

A Tale of Two Captains...

Hi Guys,

My apologies for the lack of recent updates, I’ve been extremely busy and despite my best intentions, 7pm Friday arrives and the working week’s gone.

I’d like to start this update by announcing a further two figures for the extension:


Photon (Monica Rambeau)

Two very popular characters strangely enough both have gone under the codename Captain Marvel. Mar-Vell’s costume is pretty much obvious but what do you think about Monica’s? She’s had a few different costumes – I’m not going to list them all here, but if you know what you’d prefer let me know in the comments.

A very early sneak peek of Cannonball. As you can see we went for something a little special with this sculpt. We wanted to capture him taking off and were inspired by some of the rocket man style posters from the 50s.

This week I have the painted versions of Sasquatch and Puck, as you can see they are on separate bases.

And also an update to the paint stage of Pyro – we had to change this for Marvel.

I know, just a short update but life isn’t getting any quieter around the office. I’ll do my best for another longer update next week, if there’s any burning questions put them in the comments section and I’ll do my best to answer.

Have a good one.


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jimbob said...

All good news exept for Pyro!

He is far too big?

And i cant tell yet if it is a good sculpt or not?

Its not clear yet.

mighty_marvel said...

knew another avenger would be in. was expecting a male as we already had mockingbird but photon is good too. monica needsto be done in the costume you have her pictured in. hopefully this means swordsman is pretty much a cert for the next extension.

mar-vell i'm not too bothered about at this point. i know he's a classic important character but figure wise he's not going to look that much different from the captain marvel we've already got. can't see why a mar-vell variant of that fig just wasn't done.

the WIPs all look good but pyro paint job looks a little cartoony. needs toning down a bit imo

Mr J said...

Can we get FORGE next week?

Cannonball looks very good as do Sasquatch & Puck.

Pyro looks ok not as good as I had hoped maybe he will look better in hand.

mighty_marvel said...

i'll be very surprised if EM confirm any more x-men heroes. there's already 3 plus an x-ally, and it's very likely the forum will vote in at least one, if not two, x-men. i'm hoping for an x-villain.


LAWay said...

Love the extension updates, and sasquatch and puck look real nice. Dont think cannonball neccessarily deserves an extra special sculpt, makes him more important than he is and throws him off with the scale of other characters.

What are the changes with Pyro? He looks quite big and awful. Rubbish costume, and like I said when we first shown the sculpt, horrible.

Look at it from the front, you cant even see his face! Poor design and planning guys, and most angles the position of his legs just looks weird. Sorry, but scrap it, its just horrible. As my tutor once said, you cant polish a turd. Start over, arms down to the side, head down looking up, straight on view, flames coming out but then floating up to his sides.

Otherwise this character is going down as one of the worst in the collection along the likes of shang chi, and we dont want that, not with pyro.

Anonymous said...

Good update. Though I wish we would have gotten a modern GotG member instead of Captain Mar-Vell for the cosmic selection. But people have been wanting Mar-Vell for a while now, so hopefully this satisfies them. Really was hoping we'd see Domino and Forge announced, so the forum vote would get shaken up a bit. Since those two are likely obvious ins.

Photon is a great choice, and the costume you have pictured is fine. I certainly prefer it to the Nextwave costume. So hopefully that's the one that you go with. Now we just need Arachne to get the major Avengers left out of the way. So that's good stuff.

Sasquatch/Puck, Cannonball, and Pyro look great. Especially Sassy and Puck. Can't wait to add them to the collection. They're really gonna stand out. And thank god for seperate bases. The combo bases would have made Puck hidden on most collectors shelves.

As for questions...

Well, I'm of course curious if you guys have made any consideration of adding Agents of Atlas to the collection. A 2-Pack Special/Regular of Gorilla Man and M-11: The Human Robot would be fantastic. And is one of my most wanted 2-Packs after Groot/Rocket Raccoon, Hulkling/Wiccan, and Ch'od (w/ Cr+eee) and Raza Longknife.

jarvis69 said...

Really , really good update !
MAR-VELL ! At last! One of the most iconic character of the Marvel Compagny.....( The death of Marvel was the first Tpb ...)
About Photon , pls keep the white suit .
I'm really happy with Sasquatch and Puck and I know I'm not the only one ( isn't it Ryan ? lol ).
U ask for questions so....I have one for You . Any chance for a Puma in the collection ?

Go back to work busy guy! See U soon ! lol

jimbob said...

I would like to know why did Marvel change Pyro costume?

Very disappointed with the outcome
at the moment!

max_0888 said...

Really great update today! I think both characters needed to be included for a long time! I can't believe we finally have Photon! She needs her original costume!

I am thrilled about Cannonball's WIP sculpt! It is really impressive, good work! I wasn't sure id like it with the black havok costume, but seeing that sculpt, he could be in Rob Liefield's purple costume and id still be excited as hell! I am more than happy about this!

Sasquatch and Puck looks perfect too! Way to go with the seperate base!

So, we now have 14 confirmed characters! Only six left! I really hope that Moonstone finds a way to get in there! She could take the female villain spot this extansion :)

Id also really like Jessica Jones (Jewel).

Meggan, Wolfsbane, Gamora, Longshot, Arachne and Monet are all in my top 10 also!

Holy Wolf said...

Really liking the cannonball and alpha flight sculpts. Think Pyro needs A LOT more work on it tbh.

What I really want to know is, what happened to your Loki fig in that pic?!

Oh and Fooooorge next surely?

buffduffdan said...

2 characters that were way over-due a confirmation :) Very pleased with them! Photon should be done in the costume picture, not the modern one though please. Classic all the way here!

Sasquatch & Puck look brilliant and the decision to have them on seperate bases was the right choice in my opinion. I presume the sales of those 2 will affect the likelihood of us getting a Northstar/Aurora double?

Finally Cannonball looks good taking off and glad you guys went with the decision to show him using his powers. Pyro looks great painted too! Both will look great with the rest of the mutants :D

jimbob said...

I think Pyro needs to go back to the Drawing board.

Needs a re-think on the sculpt design.

At the moment from the forum the custom Angel sculpt into Pyro looks more the scale and detail sculpt that Pyro should be like.

Anonymous said...

Well, here's the most current forum vote for the #161-#180 extension. Eaglemoss has been doing a pretty good job so far. Though we can see some clear leaders for the eventual forum vote. Here's the top 20+ (34 including confirmed choices). After 154 votes...

1. Domino (50 Votes)
2. Forge (40 Votes)
3. Tigershark (40 Votes) - Confirmed
4. Magik (38 Votes) - Confirmed
5. Arachne (33 Votes)
6. Photon (30 Votes) - Confirmed
7. Warpath (30 Votes)*
8. Captain Mar-Vell (29 Votes) - Confirmed
9. Silver Samurai (28 Votes)
10. Longshot (25 Votes)
11. Mockingbird (25 Votes) - Confirmed
12. Avalanche (23 Votes)
13. Moonstone (23 Votes)
14. Beetle (22 Votes) - Confirmed
15. Gamora (20 Votes)
16. Wizard (20 Votes) - Confirmed
17. Firelord (19 Votes)
18. Karnak (19 Votes) - Confirmed
19. Omega Red (19 Votes) - Confirmed Special
20. Grey Gargoyle (18 Votes)
21. Wolfsbane (18 Votes)
22. Hyperion (17 Votes)
23. Sage (17 Votes)
24. Selene (17 Votes)
25. Tarantula (17 Votes)
26. Death's Head (16 Votes)
27. Northstar (16 Votes) - Confirmed
28. Baron Mordo (15 Votes)
29. Hammerhead (15 Votes)
30. Stingray (15 Votes)
31. Ronan The Accuser (14 Votes) - Confirmed Special
32. Attuma (14 Votes)
33. Darkhawk (14 Votes)
34. Puck (14 Votes) - Confirmed 2-Pack Special

Robert said...

Great news. This extension is definitely the best of the last three or four. Can't believe how happy I am with the choices so far.

Mar-Vell. I repainted the first Captain Marvel so I kind of have him, but still very happy and will of course buy him.

Captain Marvel II. Very, very happy. Thankfully, everyone so far has asked for the classic silver costume! Brilliant.

No one can say that Rich and the team aren't listening to us after those picks...

ghost said...

Sasquatch and Puck - WOW! Can't wait.

Cannonball - Excellent! Nice to see things being done differently, specially to these 3rd tier characters.

Mar-vell - ??? why (not in the least bit interested in the same figurine being done again, hope the pose is totally different to make up for it.

Photon - Again, not bothered about but final scult will probably be nice.

and Pyro.... Think EM need to scrap and start again... Total rubbish! Worse than 'Leader' (and I thought that would be impossible).

Ryan Maxwell said...

Great update! For Marvel/Photon/Monica, do exactly what is showing here. Her first costume, her original hair style. She's been my number one want (outside of Alpha Flight), so I'm a happy man today!

navaho said...

Not too excited by Mar-Vell or Photon, but Saquatch and puck look awesome. Cannonball looks great jetting off, makes me wish we could have done something similar with either Nova or Torch. Pyro looks plain awful, the colours are too loud and he looks like a fruit salad sweet. Please change it if you can, even the pose is very gimmicky.

jimbob said...

Regarding Captain Marvel hope the pose wont be the same as Genius-vell.

And i agree please scrap the Pyro fig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please listen to who cares for the character.


LAWay said...

The collectors are pretty adamant, Pyro needs work.

Even it if means no flames, I am happy with that. We didnt need spiderman shooting webs, or warmachine firing rockets. Fire in a sculpt just looks bad. Very bad.

Mr J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ted sallis said...

Great update. Marvel and Mar-Vell are 2 choices i am delighted with Puck and Sasquatch look mighty impressive, Not sure at all about yer man Pyro, Although Cannonball looks to be shaping up very nicely indeed.

Robert said...

I kept quiet on the subject of Pyro as I am not an X-fan, but I have to admit I did think the sculpt looked one of the poorest in the entire collection.

Mr J said...

I think the Pyro figure needs to be done again!

Next Week I wanna see either FORGE or DOMINO. FORGE has consistantly polled higher than Photon and Mar-Vell so why is he constantly been ignored by EM?

FORGE been confirmed will make the polling much more interesting as there is no way he wont be in a top 3 vote.

Robert said...

Jimbob, would think there's a strong chance that Captain Mar-Vell will be posed with arms aloft, clanging his wrist-bands together...

Anonymous said...

"Mar-vell - ??? why (not in the least bit interested in the same figurine being done again, hope the pose is totally different to make up for it."

Cause it's not the same figurine being done again. The one we got was Genis-Vell. This is the original Captain Marvel.

Gremlin said...

Wow, that's cetainly made up for the lack of recent updates....where to begin?

Right, I am so glad you listened to my idea of putting both Captain Marvels in :), oh alright you were probably going to do it anyway....
Both are excellent choices and it adds another cosmic and another Avenger to the ranks. could not be happier.

Now for the sneaks.

Cannonball looks amazing, really glad you are taking risks with characters like this because it's paying off.

sasquatch and Puck - Glad they are on seperate bases. I can have Puck at the front and Sasquatch at the back now.

Pyro - I am not sure what all the fuss is about. He doesn't look too different from his original sculpt and the colours are what he wore in the comics. He looks great to me and will boost the ransk of the Xmen villains.

Great update.

PS - Photon's costume has to be the one you chose as the picture. Her newer Nextwave one isn't that great....they just added a coat. In this case I would stick to the classic costume because thats when the best Photon stories were.

mighty_marvel said...

Personally i don't care if the forum vote is interesting or not. I would rather have a guaranteed diverse as possible extension. The best way to do this is for EM to not confirm forge or domino and leave them to get in via the vote.

There's already 3 x-men plus an x-ally confirmed by EM and i would hope it's likely that we'll get an x-villain. If forge is put in as well that will be 6 x-men related characters from EM. There's then a pretty good chance that forge's votes will simply go to the next most wanted x-men character and along with the almost certain domino that's potentially 8 x-men related characters in the extension. Most people would agree that's too many.

To diversify the extension as much as possible i'd remove northstar from the regular order and put him as a double with aurora, then give his position to an x-men villain. The last 2 remaining EM spots i'd give to a marvel knights character and a new team (runaway or young avenger). Domino and forge would then likely be in through the vote. This would give 6 x-men characters in the extension which is about right imo.

pirate adam said...

why is Pyro so big? him and Spidey are both listed at 5'10, yet the Pyro sculpt towers over Web Head...i dont like it, start again.


BobDiamond said...

I couldn't be happier with the choices this week, especially the inclusion of the original Captain Marvel! I feel my 'classic' characters are just about done with his inclusion. Absolutely Brilliant!
I really didn't think there would be a chance after having Genis (2 versions at that- anyone else get the white costume version?).

Cannonball looks AMAZING!
This is one character I had no time for, but he's going to look excellent with the rest of the X-Men.

Got to say I agree with just about everyone else about Pyro the moment he looks extremely iffy- colours, head angle etc.
I'm confident EM will sort it out though.

Now... to celebrate the arrival of , not one, but two Captain Marvels to our shelves, and because this is, after all a MARVEL collection, I give you ....

The Top Ten 'Marvel' Named Characters!
(Marvel Characters only)

1. Captain Marvel (Mar-vell)
2. Captain Marvel II (Photon)
3. Captain Marvel III (Genis)
4. Ms. Marvel
5. Ms. Marvel II (She-Thing)
6. Marvel Boy (the Uranian)
7. Marvel Boy ( Nor-Varr)
8. Marvel Girl (Jean Grey)
9. Marvel Girl II (Rachel Summers)
10. The Blue Marvel

Special mention to

The Black Marvel (Golden Age),
MarvelMan (Marvel have now bought the rights to this character)
...and about a gizillion other guys called Marvel Boy over the years!

Cheers for now ( Captain Marvel- WaHOOO!!)

Captain BD

LAWay said...

Thats the problem. Pyro looked bad back then. We hoped something may change, or the colours would improve it, but obviously alot of people dont think so.

pirate adam said...

Mighty Marvel,

even 6 X-Characters in an extension of 20 is far to many its almost a third of the extension 3 or 4 would be plenty.


mighty_marvel said...

but at least 6 is better than the potential 8 there could be if EM use their last choices to put in forge and the usual x-villain

Gremlin said...

Well the way around that is to have a category style vote instead of an all-in-the-hat vote.

Also it all depends on how you split the characters we have already confirmed. I only see two Xmen there. Magik and Thunderbird.
Northstar will be on my Alpha Flight team and I guess when people say X-ally they are talking about Shanna maybe? I for one have never counted her as an x-ally and never will. She is a MK through and through. She has just as much links with the XMen as she does the Avengers.

ted sallis said...

Heh hey Saxondale Diamond ,He's a cool geezer, Theres a blooger on here that makes me think of Lembic Opic.
The more i look at Pyro the worse it gets, this is something from a happymeal . What are his legs doing? is he trying to squeeze one off?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but a category style vote is not the answer. It limits things far too much. If I was forced to vote for characters I don't care about, it would be pretty lame. The open ended vote is the only way to really allow people to have an actual voice.

And so what if there's 6 X-Men characters in an expansion. They and the Avengers are the two teams who have the largest ammount of fairly prominant characters that are left undone. The last expansion/vote gave us 6. And it was one of the best ones ever.

Marvel Girl

If that's what the fans want, so be it.

Thor8 said...

I was completely pleased to see that Photon has been finally approved and that we will also be getting Mar-Vell,whom I really don't understand how his son was picked over him in the first place or why the variant made was not him.Just like Robert I repainted an extra Genis-Vell I had to Resemble Mar-Vell,but I'll be more than happy to buy this one whom I expect to be in a different pose.

Loved the Sasquatch and Puck figurines and Cannonball seems to be promising.Okay,as if it weren't obvious enough at this point.Pyro is a no go.Bad pose wrong stature,bad coloring he needs a complete makeover,if it means putting further down the production list in order to get him done right (like you once had to do with Blackheart)then,so be it!

I don't believe it necessary to confirm Forge or Domino on this blog,there's a 95%+ chance of them being the picks in the forum. I believe you should give these slots to some loose cannons like...

White Tiger
Princess Python
Vance Astro

Mr J said...

I do not want a catagory style vote I want to be able to pick the characters I want not select ones other people think I should be picking from.

An open vote is the only vote worth having!

pirate adam said...

oh well put all the X-Men in that you want, makes no difference to me, just means i'll save even more money per month as i now only collect the figs that i want and in the last two extensions there hasn't been many. wish i had done this from the start the only X-Men worth colecting are Wolverine, Colosus and Magneto the rest are a waste of space.

BobDiamond said...

OK, I'll bite Ted....
Who on the blog reminds you of Lembit Opik (of all people!)?
I mentioned before on a post that you always struck me as a Surreal sort of fellow- this kind of proves my point I feel!!

And I'm with Mr J...If there is going to be any kind of voting for characters, then we shouldn't put them into so-called families. We all group these figurines differently anyway (I don't even have Lilandra and Prof.X together, and they were a double pack..).
We should just pick the characters we like best. End of. (as Gene Hunt would say)


PS.....anyone else missing Ashes to Ashes?

Robert said...

I can't disagree with the call for an open vote or with using the polls as a guide to future figures.

However. I am not keen on possibly having 8 mutant-based figures in the extension. (Sorry, I still think Alpha Flight are part of the X-Men uiverse.) That is too much from one "family" in one extension. Incidentally, if there were 8 FF, or 8 Spidey, etc., I would also think that was an imbalance. It's nothing to do with personal taste and my aversion to the X-verse, it just seems unfair.

And then I remember the poll, which I've always supported as a means of selecting new figures. So I am unsure what position I am adopting here!

P.S. Ted, go get a box set of season one of "Kung Fu". Utter brilliance. I loved it first time round in the early 1970s and it's just brilliant, classic tv.

mighty_marvel said...

i'm for a free vote but alongside this i think that EM's choices should be made in line with what is likely to get through in the vote to ensure a diverse collection that will have something which appeals to all collectors. this is why i think EM should not confirm forge or domino. if they do we could potentially have 8 or 9 x-men related characters in this extension. i'm an x-men fan but even i think this is too many and not fair for the fans of other areas of the MU.

maybe for future extensions EM should let the forum vote in their characters first. EM can then work their choices around this which ensures a fair and diverse selection of characters

BobDiamond said...

These 'Forum' types sound a bit shadowy....are they similar to Norman Osborn's Cabal perhaps....or ARE they The Cabal!!!??? (cue scary music..)
Dun, Dun, Durrrr...etc.


Robert said...

Still unsure about this issue but leaning towards Mighty Marvel's solution at the moment. From what I can gather from comments in the past, the forum does seem to have a large number of X-fans. Not sure how representative that is of the folk who collect these figurines. (That doesn't seem to be the case on here so much, although I realise the regulars here are much smaller in number.)

I'm not sure if Rich has stated how many will be selected through the polls, either. How many will Eaglemoss select? Five, with two through polls and one competition...?

pirate adam said...

i wouldn't be averse to 8 Asgardians making the extension =)


BobDiamond said...

After we've had the entire Sons of The Tiger plus The White Tiger, there wont be many spaces left anyway.



Robert said...

Love the idea of more Asgardians but I think one per extension is our limit, PA. Maybe we might get more confirmed nearer the time of the Thor movie and (hopefully) increased exposure? (Warriots Three, hint, hint!) Who would be your next choice?

Confident of at least one more Spidey-related character to be confirmed by Rich. Not sure who, though.

P.S. New game: Who do you want to win the World Cup, based on comic reasoning? I am rooting for Japan to do well (due to Claremont and Miller's Wolverine LS) and the USA (since that's where Stan hails from).

mighty_marvel said...

thor movie must surely = odin special

was hopeful of JJJ after rich's comments a while back but think he'll make it next time now.

would be happy if the last EM choices are from:-

nico minoru
vance astro
brother voodoo
silver samurai
sebastian shaw

Robert said...

Interesting list, Mighty Marvel. Have a feeling that civilians are not going to appear yet, so no JJJ, and also feel that it may be one extension too early for a Young Avenger. As for the rest of your list, they look very strong candidates and none of them would surprise me if they made an appearance in the few remaining slots.

sergiogf said...

Sasquatch & Puck: Absolutely Great¡
Mar-vell & Photon: not interested in
Pyro: Try Again

Forge, Longshot or Moonstar next week????

pirate adam said...

hows about a Herald? we only have the Surfer so far


mighty_marvel said...

JJJ isn't a civilian, he's an antagonist. but there's no reason to go over that old chestnut again

Thor8 said...

I believe the Forum will be given the privilege to pick 3 figurines,at least that's the way it was done the last time.And yes X-Fans seem to come out of the woodwork when it's polling time at the forum,just check past results and see for yourselves. Now some will say "well if that's what collectors want,then that's what they should get". True if that were in fact the case,but in reality I don't think the forum really reflects the wants of the majority of the collectors. I have always felt that the forum is a place for X-People to gather and that's why I hardly ever post there since like Robert I hardly ever follow the X-Men books these days!

Robert said...

Okay, he's an antagonist, Mighty Marvel, but he's a non-costumed antagonist. And so far most everyone in the collection has been wearing a costume, armour or has fur, odd coloured skin, etc. The only exceptions I can think of are Ka-zar and Shanna and, while you can buy a cigar and suit from any decent high street clothes store, I'm stumped to think of any store apart from fancy dress shops selling loin cloths or a pet shop that sells sabre-toothed tigers! :)

PA, I was thinking about a Herald earlier today. Unfortunately, that would come under cosmics and we've just got Mar-Vell. Be great if we got one, though, and I hope your suggestion is correct. Or the High Evolutionary, who has appeared in loads of different comics, even places you would not suspect like Hulk (Sal on pencils and inks!).

Robert said...

Thought Jacadoo might show his face today...

Thor8 said...

Robert;So we've already gotten a cosmic,that shouldn't keep us from getting another one. It sure as heck doesn't stop the X-People from getting more and more of what they want!!!

Robert said...

Yeh, Thor8, I am with you on wanting more Asgardians, cosmics, etc. However, looking back each extension seems to have settled into a pattern of one Inhuman, one Asgardian, one maybe two cosmics, etc. However, the bulk of the collection devoted to the original five "families". I'm not saying what I think the SHOULD be in the collection, rather it's a case of what I think WILL BE in the collection. If it was up to me the next extension would be mostly Asgardian and cosmic...

Robert said...

And even putting aside the Avengers and X-Men, who have casts of 1000s, there are also incomplete teams: Alpha Flight, Defenders, Wrecking Crew, etc. This won't be popular, but I hope these teams are complete, or nearly complete, before we see new teams like the Young Avengers.

Thor8 said...

Young Avengers??? Runaways??? What about older classic groups we haven't even gotten a glimpse of like Hydra,AIM,Squadron Supreme,Soviets,Sons of The Serpent,Guardians Of The Galaxy,ect.

Thor8 said...

Was Jacadoo replaced by a Skrull when no one was watching during the invasion saga? Where are you mate?

mighty_marvel said...

there's a fair few characters already in the collection whose clothes you could do a reasonable job of putting together in high street stores - prof x, madrox, kingpin, jubilee, luke cage, and except for the weaponry blade and punisher.

so him wearing a suit is no reason to keep JJJ out of the collection. he's got more history and impact than ANYBODY left to do. and you can't tell me that any true marvel fan would not recognise a figurine of JJJ if they saw one. but as i said, no need to go over this old chestnut again.

on the subject of heralds - terrax special - nuff said

BobDiamond said...

You see guys, this is why we need The Sons Of The Tiger- because they tick so many boxes at once.
Surely everyone remembers these historic events...

1.The SoTT join the X-men.
This happened when they discovered their mutant ability to recite The Tiger Oath in perfect harmony and unison.

2. Abe Brown became a Herald of Galactus, (sometime after The Air -Walker) The Jive -Talker.

3.The Tigers were given honourary Asgardian status after the Classic 'Deadly Hands of Asgard' Epic.

4. ...And most importantly-
The SoTT have been Secret Avengers for quite some time fact so secret that no-one else knows about it.

See what a major role they have had over the years?
Their inclusion in this collection is long over due.


ted sallis said...

Herald Mc Boing Boing would be a hit with my son.
Terrax for me though.

foxchilde said...

I don't think Pyro looks too bad. Very bright colours. Actually, I wonder why Marvel wanted it changed? - In comics, the guys been dead for over a decade, so it can't be like there is a new costume clash, can it?

Cannonball, wonderful; looks like one of the collections best.

Photon is good and welcome news - her absence has been felt for a little while now. I am pretty neutral to Mar-vell.

And Forge would be a good pick. I don't seem to feel this extension is anywhere near as X-Heavy as the last. With just Magik, and Thunderbird (total curveball). Northstar really is an AP character, and no X-Villain.

mighty_marvel said...

have you all seen the bowen pyro bust?

EM should try to get something like that. if not the full pose, at least the painting and the hair

LAWay said...

Mighty Marvel - Brilliant idea.

Loved it so much I did a sketch up of what it could look like. Check it out guys, this is the Pyro we should get!

Simple, yet powerful, instead of awkward and obstructive. Make it happen EM! ;)

John said...

Robert: "Okay, he's an antagonist, Mighty Marvel, but he's a non-costumed antagonist. And so far most everyone in the collection has been wearing a costume, armour or has fur, odd coloured skin, etc. The only exceptions I can think of are Ka-zar and Shanna and, while you can buy a cigar and suit from any decent high street clothes store, I'm stumped to think of any store apart from fancy dress shops selling loin cloths or a pet shop that sells sabre-toothed tigers! :)"

Kingpin. Human antagonist.

Let's get JJJ in this collection :)

John said...

I'm not really a fan of either Captain Marvel, but I am very happy for their fans. The sculpts will look great. They're filled with Marvel history. Great choices.

I am SO glad EM choose the costume Cannonball is wearing. I need to see a better resolution on the face before I decide how much I like it, but I AM very satisfied.

Sasquatch and Puck are PERFECT!!! EM, I love you. And thank you for the separate bases. When this sells well, lets confirm the twins, then go for Shaman and Vindicator. And this is really going to sell, I can feel it.

Pyro... I hate to add more to the... fire, but
He's too tall.
The head looks funny.
The fire (while I like the fire and his hand being up) obscures the face.
The paint looks like a cartoon.

I think the main problem comes from the look his head gives to it.

But I just want everyone at EM to know that even when we bitch about things like this, we all really do appreciate all that the members at EM are doing. You do a fantastic job and are deeply thanked.

And I'm going to echo half the posters here and ask for no more X-characters for a while. Agents of Atlas? Gamora? JJJ?

Robert said...

I see where you are coming from, however I dismissed Kingpin because of his enormous size, Mighty Marvel. Yes, he's wearing fairly normal civilian clothes, nevertheless I don't look at him and see a "normal" man. I mean, I see folk who dress like JJJ and are the physical size of JJJ in town every time I go there. The only thing that's unusual about him is the Hitler 'tach. There's some right fat people in Scotland but I've yet to see anyone like Kingpin. Real obese people don't look like that.

So, let me polish my comment one more time: "Okay, he's an antagonist, Mighty Marvel, but he's a non-costumed antagonist. And so far most everyone in the collection has been wearing a costume, armour or has fur, odd coloured skin OR LOOKS PHYSICALLY ABNORMAL, etc. The only exceptions I can think of are Ka-zar and Shanna and, while you can buy a cigar and suit from any decent high street clothes store, I'm stumped to think of any store apart from fancy dress shops selling loin cloths or a pet shop that sells sabre-toothed tigers! :)

By the way, I'd like to see JJJ in the collection. I'm not arguing against his inclusion, only my suspicion he's not going to appear in the latest extension.

jimbob said...

Why is Pyro so big!!!!

Cant get over it.

Might have been better if EM displayed him with his fellow Brotherhood team instead of Loki and Spider man.

Dont understand why they dont do this?Display charcter that we would display them against.

Like Sasquatch and Puck got displayed against Blade and Nightcrawler,when they could have picked Guardian and Snowbird.

majin oni said...

great update, I can't wait to see the paint job for cannonball.

Pyro though man that one needs a revision.

John said...

Good job on separating puck from sasquatch!


Suzene said...

Cannonball's looking pretty darn spiffy, but Sasquatch and Puck look amazing! Kudos, EM -- I'll be looking to get my hands on these ASAP!

Ladder said...

Cannonball = Amazing

Sassy & Puck = Amazing

Pyro = Needs to work but is not that bad.

Forge next week please. Thunderbird was a horrendous X-Pick so we need a decent one other than Magik who is wonderful. I would be happy with Domino too.

Anonymous said...

MAR-VELL: I'm cosmically ecstatic that he's been included at last. One of the best Marvel characters ever. His classic, iconic features will make the whole CMFC look even more awesome.

PHOTON: super happy that Monica Rambeau has made it. She really should be in the classic Photon costume seen in the picture, which is Marvel design at its finest,
and not the boring civilian uniform seen in Nextwave.

SASQUATCH & PUCK: beautiful, but in my opinion Sasquatch needs some colour wash/nuances to create an effect for the hair frills.

CANNONBALL: awesome sculpt which captures the character's attitude and power. Top class.

PYRO: I like the sculpt but the colours are way too kitsch. Also, the flame-throwing arm would be best bent at the elbow, with flame pointing upwards, instead of being stretched forward. Size-wise, he really is way too big. I will re-post my comments about size. Next...

LAWay said...

Anyone see my redesign of Pyro like Mighty Marvel suggested?

pirate adam said...

Roberto, what comics do you currently collect? did you see the recent "replacement Thor" 4 part mini? very corny but good fun


mighty_marvel said...

love your pyro design LAWay. his pose would fit in much better. really do hope EM think again on the mankini as well though

LAWay said...

Thanks Mighty Marvel, it was an inspired suggestion on your part that made me want to draw something up.

But yeh, I aint a fan of that mankini. Would love an explanation as to why they went in that direction of costume and didnt go the route of the bowen and marvel legend costume choice which is much better and possibly more known to the character.

Jacadoo said...

Been trying to post from Friday morning - and keep getting kicked.. Dumb Skrulls - you cant stop meeeee..

Anyway my post as it was.

Sasquatch - for me best special so far, pose version - the list goes on!!

Cannonball - although I'm not a follower got to be one of the best regulars to date.

Mar-vel and photon - also a yes with me.

But WTF - Pyro NO NO NO, please show some quality control and re-do this figurine.

I'm with PAdam - why no herald, a little Nova or Terrax would go a long way.

I'm not with PAdam - who needs Asgardians (ok we need warriors three, Sif Baldor even Odin) - mind you I remember somebody saying something about BOR, or were my eyes deceiving me.......

Jacadoo said...

LAway - your version of Pyro anyday

Jacadoo said...

Just a note to you all out there picture the scene - end of Iron Man 2, sitting waiting for the end shot (you know its coming) credits rolling - non-believers walking out....

And then the cinema stops the movie!!!

Yes thats right no Thor teaser, just me and my family sitting in pop corn.

So I complain - what the hell, and I'm told "your in the isle of man now".....

Someboddy please explain or just feel sorry for me and yes - I paid extra for the premier screening.

Robert said...

PA, I buy all the Avengers titles. I bought Avengers the Initiative, but won't buy Avengers Academy. Also FF, Thor, Cap, Hulk, Red Hulk, and any limited series or other appearances that those characters make like Civil War, Siege, Secret Invasion, etc. I used to buy Punisher but stopped when Ennis left. I used to buy lots of Spidey like Amazing, Web, Spectac, MTU, etc. Then it was just Amazing until "Sins Past" and then even that was dropped. I also buy all Masterworks and some Essentials.

Why do you ask? Idle curiosity, pyschology profiling or evil plot?

Robert said...

Yaaaahhh! Jacadoo is back!

Nice to see the old gang back.

LAWay said...

Thanks Jacadoo. Pyro really needs to go back to the drawing board. I will resent EM for making this figurine otherwise, especially the feedback in these comments. It has to go down as one of the ugliest ever made if it goes ahead.

Sorry about not being able to see the end of credits scene. Have you tried youtube? It usually has stuff like that.


enough warning I think. ;)

pirate adam said...

Hey Rob, i would like to think that my question was part of an evil plot but i was just curious as i remember you saying that you spent lots each month on comics.

Hello Jacadoo me old pal,

whats going on are you with me or not? you cant keep messing with my head like that buddy...

...and Bor has been placed into suspended animation for the time being, since i posted the pictures of him he has been given a nice coat of yellow primer and now awaits painting, trouble is my painting is terrible at best.


jimbob said...

LAWay yor Pyro pic looks amazing!

Please EM pic his design!: )

Rich i know your an X-Men fan,and im sure you feel the same way as us.

LAWay said...

haha cheers jimbob.

I dont mean to offend the EM guys, dont have a problem with alot of the sculpts, but Pyro really does need to be stopped before going to production.

Cant see many people picking him up while browsing in a shop.

Gremlin said...

I think people are over-reacting with the Pyro situation. Saying that he is the worst figure ever and that his production should be stopped is over-doing it a bit really.
Pose wise I think it's good.
Costume wise it's pretty much spot on what I was expecting.
As for the size, I can see that he might be a little bit bulky but then again so is Hawkeye. Spiderman isn't the biggest character so using him as a comparison has made the size-differnce seem worse than it is.

The things that some people have said have been verging on disrespectful to the people that make all these figures.

SinisterVenom said...

WOO IM BACK! I was disappointed to see juat the 1 update though...ah well better than none!
I'm happy with the decision to put Photon in the collection but Mar-vell? Seriously? That slot could easily been given to a more deserving character such as Forge or Silver Samurai.
Sasquatch and Puck look absolutely amazing! Can't wait to have them with the rest of the collection. Even Cannonball looks awesome. I'm loving how you made him look.
Now about Pyro, personally I had no problems with this choice of costume but looking at the fig, he does seem quite tall and a little too bright compared to the other figs. Maybe you could lower the flame in front of him too so we could see his face? Other than that I'm not too bothered.
Not many slots left are some of my favourites I'd like to see appear:
Silver Samurai
Baron Mordo

Til next time guys

ted sallis said...

Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade it's not being disrespectful . The rest of this weeks blog update has been met with almost universal praise, The Sasquatch ,puk and Cannonball sculpts are all wonderful even to a non x-phile like me. But sometimes you have speak your mind rather than sycophanticaly kiss the ring.
I remember the Power Rangers craze from years ago, There was the official merchandise, then there was the cheap knock off crap that would be on sale in Supersave or poundshops Galaxy police or Force rangers you know the cheap crap i mean . Well sadly Pyro looks like some cheap CMFC imitation that should be on sale in poundland.
It would be such a shame to have to befoul my shelve with him.
Oh and best of luck to my English neighbours this evening.:)

LAWay said...


I dont mean to be disrespectful, but are you looking at the figure?

Pyro is standing on a slant and is huge, meaning if he stood up straight he would be huge. Same problem was with shang-chi.

The pose, placement of the back leg and the raised forward arm is what ruins the figurine. The front arm raised hides his head completely on a front on view, meaning when displayed with other figurines from the front with the 'marvel' logo displaying, it looks ugly and you cant even see him. The legs and the costume design make his legs look abit feminine and gangly. The position of the back leg does not make a good looking silhouette apart from the front and back angle, which is redundant when the arm then ruins the front angle.

Even if that leg was planted firmly, it would be an improvement. Lower the arm, or pull it back and bend the elbow to allow some face space and thats an improvement. Get rid of the fire, and thats an improvement.

There is nothing they will do if this is at the paint stages as its been approved and they may have had the figurines all cast and awaiting painting. As subscribers to a product we need to tell them if we are happy or not with what we are receiving. If the subscribers dont like the product and are not happy to receive it, why would the casual buyer, which essentially these figurines have to appeal to too. Seems like many, like I, if we werent subscribers, we wouldnt add this figurine to our collection. That is a serious issue if getting not a handful of comments, but alot of negative feedback.

I want EM to make the best products it can, not only for me, but for future collectors. The day standards start slipping is when subscribers walk, and people stop casually buying in shops. I know EM dont have to listen to us. If this blog didnt exist, we would have had to like it and lump it. But since we have a way to express our opinions, its a great opportunity to hopefully change a figurine before it leaves many disappointed.

Robert said...

I'm glad to see you back, SinisterVenom. Can I ask a question? Honestly, I'm not being rude or anything, just curious:

Are you under the age of 30?

I'll explain why I am asking after you reply. I promise it's not a set-up or rude in any way...

John said...

I do like LAWay's redesign. However I need to throw out a voice that I really like the Shang Chi figurine. It's one of my favorites. I don't want EM to think most collectors didn't like it.

jimbob said...

I think Shang-Chi got away with it because he did'nt stand taller than the other small figs with his stance.

Robert said...

I'm with John. After the first 60 came out, my wants list was headed by Adam Warlock, Jack of Hearts and Shang-Chi. And while Adam was a little disappointing, the other two looked great to me. The only thing is that I have to get round to painting the dots on Chi's gi...

SinisterVenom said...

You are right Robert, I am actually 22 next month. However did you guess?

ted sallis said...

Heh, heh Rich, you must be loving all our bitchin and moaning over this geek shit,Eaglemoss are not in the charity biz, I'm assuming it's us old time OCD cases that are the backbone of this collection.
Personaly i thought Pyro was an Albanian social security payment.
I think if you were sensible enuff to just scrap PYRO and start from scratch, you would make most loyal collectors mucho happy

Robert said...

Hi, SinisterVenom. I have a pet theory - it may be cobblers, I'm not sure yet - that the desire to see Mar-Vell in the collection is largely a generational thing. It seems likely that the vast majority of folk who were very keen for Mar-Vell remember him first time round. Even if it's not from his own comic, from appearances in Marvel Team-Up, Hulk, Avengers and so on and remember the shock when he died of cancer c.1981, an utterly unthinkable story back then. He was never an A-lister like the Big Three or Spidey, of course. Nevertheless, he was a major character in the 1970s (thanks mainly to a certain Mr Starlin) and folk like me, who are double your age (and feel it!), will have a different reaction to him. From the Death of Captain Marvel he is just that dead guy everyone talks about. Sometimes he pops up as a zombie or in a dream but that's about it. The same thing probably happens with Gwen and MJ. I much prefer Gwen to MJ and that gives my age away, too. That's why I suspected you were a different generation. It wasn't a criticism or anything negative, just an observation that our age can define who we want to see.

LAWay said...

Maybe it was just me who didnt like Shang Chi then...

Robert said...

Had another look at Sasquatch and Puck and they really are superb. Puck is so hairy it's gross.

As for Pyro, I've had another look at the flames and they look a bit like brush extensions. The flames are not projecting out very far before they start to go upwards. Basically, if you stand one metre in front of Pyro his flames will pass safely over your head...

Laughed at the Loki, though, with his head on fire! Nice touch which I missed first time.

LAWay said...

Rob - I am 24, and havent really read about Mar-vell. But I prefer the original captain marvel because its a much better design imo. I got the marvel legend version of him, and passed on the newer version as I dont like it that much.

Robert said...


Was that was another one of my theories going down the toilet? Darn and drat!

John said...

Rob, I think you're right. I started reading comics in '96. For the longest time, I never even heard mention of Mar-Vell. Then when I finally did, it was just his death. It made me feel like that was the only thing he was famous for. Its still about the only thing I hear about.

My word verification is "vator," Darth Vader's evil brother. ...or good brother.

John said...

Let me attempt to change the tone of this update.

I had some ideas for the Wizard's pose. I remain with the idea that Paco Medina had the best design of the character.

I said a while ago that I'd prefer that he be floating, but as I started some sketches, it's hard to make a figure of that, ON a base, without it looking like he's just on his tippy-toes...

I took some pictures of Medina's Wizard out of my FF comic. ...unfortunately, I don't have a scanner, and I could get the pictures to not be blurry. So they're blurry as hell, but I still think the general pose shows through.

Again, I tried sketching out that first image, but on the base it looked more like he was dancing. But if we could somehow figure out a proper way to get him to float (figure out those feet) the arms really look great slightly out from the sides, making his body into an upward arrow.

Finally, if floating doesn't work, I'd like to see something similar to this:

Basically, arms folded, head tilted back, I'd turn his chest away from a forward face, and give him a cocky grin. The biggest cocky grin you can sculpt. Remember, this guy thinks he's better than everyone, a greater inventor than Reed Richards, which is why I think a folded arms/pompous figurine would look great as well.

Floating or arms folded, definitely go with a tilted back head and cocky grin. I hope this helps. Wizard is one of my FAVORITE Marvel characters.

Anonymous said...

With only a few slots left in the current extension, I thought I'd show my list of wants:

Sunspot (New Mutants)
Hyperion (Squadron Supreme)
Anole (New X-Men)
Danger (X-Men room alive!)
Gargoyle (Defenders)
Vulcan (X-Men villain)
Yondu (Guardian of Galaxy)
Attuma (Namor villain)
Gravity (cosmic)
Magma (New Mutants)
Makkari (Eternals)
Crossbones (Cap villain)
Sleepwalker (Mindscape dimension)
Dr Spectrum (Squadron Supreme)
Grandmaster (Elders of the Universe, in human size)
Xorn (real one, not Magneto!)
Caliban (in his modern look)
Vertigo (Marauders)
Marvel Boy (the Uranian, in his current incarnation)
Darkhawk (New Warriors, etc)

plus these,
hopefully in double-packs:
Wiccan & Hulkling
Swordsman & Mantis
Corsair & Hepzibah

Jacadoo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jacadoo said...

PAdam - sort of with you dude, but being the only Olympian on the blog (so it seems), its hard for me to admit wanting more cursed Asgardians lady boys!!! LOL

Mate come on if you need some paint / brushes - you have just to ask..

Try and break the Asgardians mantra and don't run from a battle!!!!

LAWay said...


Not sure how they would do a floating or flying character really. they can cheat with effects like smoke, fire, water...but not if someone just floats.

That being said, I dont think Wizard should float. I dont think it screams wizard, it isnt really his mean selling point of sum up his character, and I would prefer him just looking sinister like he has thought up a real dastardly plan.

I dont really want EM to push these sculpts and make them too dynamic. Cannonball looks great, but will look out of place in the collection. He will be too big, and what gives him the right to be flying when we have so many A-list fliers grounded.

Is this good reason to perhaps go back and redo some characters to make them more dynamic? There was a worry of the amount of lead on capes, but what about the amount used in lumps for these effects? And if production costs are an issue, surely the less time spent designing by having more default poses like the first 80-ish would make production quicker and cheaper without having to spend time thinking up of outlandish poses.

I like the idea, but they dont fit with the collection.

Gremlin said...

I am not a huge fan of Asgardians but then again I don't not like them either....if you get what I mean. I hope that we get Hela next purely for the visual aspect of the character.
I display the Asgardians along with the Avengers because to me thats the closest family they belong too. So for me the Avengers have done well this time with Mockingbird, Photon, Sif and Tigershark.

As for questions Rich said we could ask....

Could you clear up the deal with Northstar please. In my mind he is staying in the regular lineup but there are a few people who seem to think he is still down to be part of a doublepack later on.

Robert said...

Half-agree with Leigh and half disagree. Wizard does not need to float any more than we need to see Pyro's flames but you can't deny that his anti-gravity discs are the gadjet he is very closely associated with. He used them in every battle and it's only now, scheming with MODOK, Red Ghost etc. rather than direct attacks, that he is making appearances and NOT using them.

Robert said...

Maybe instead of floating Wizard could be posed about to throw an anti-gravity disc...?

And if Asgardians fall under the Avengers banner, then surely Alpha Flight must fall under the X-Men banner?

LAWay said...

I just went through the old posts on this blog. Some great looking figurines due to come out.

But where are all the old members? There were so many names I havent even seen since coming here.

Also, wheres all the competitions? Seems like EM were quite involved. Was there a reason for this or just a lack of time nowadays?

LAWay said...

I know what your saying Rob, but a floating wizard would look odd in the collection of non floating characters.

Like I said, spidey isnt shooting webs, human torch is not in a spiral of flames, invisible woman is not forming a forcefield or turning invisible, green goblin hasnt got his glider or throwing a pumpkin bomb...

Its nice to want to make these characters look more dynamic, but they will just look odd in the collection. I would feel sort of robbed that the A list characters were done so static if EM really started pushing the boat on making these characters dynamic.

Robert said...

Em... the Torch may not be in a spiral of flame but he's still on fire and manifesting his power. And as I recall, the Goblin is holding a pumpkin bomb. He's not about to throw it, admittedly, but it's a bomb and he holding it up with an implied threat.

Also, now that Cannonball is flying it seems a distinct possibility that other flyers will be posed in a raised position. Eaglemoss must be struggling a bit with new poses and we may see more dynamic poses in future.

Still, I probably prefer a Wizard standing rather than floating. I just think of anti-gravity discs when I think of him and suspect that may feature somehow, possibly about to be thrown or with three in one hand like Gambit with his playing cards in the comics

Robert said...

Oh, Leigh, about seventy per cent of the past bloggers here were one guy. You know him as Mad Thinker.

mighty_marvel said...

i put asgardians alongside the avengers too. and alpha flight alongside x-men. i associate the savage land mostly with x-men also.

this is why, for me, except for an x-villain (which is a must) the x-men are doing pretty well already this extension

LAWay said...

haha really? Thats a shame, especially since there only used to be about 40 comments per post. Seemed like there were a couple of ladies too. *wink wink*

And while the things you mentioned are true, I dont mind seeing Wizard holding his disc...DISC. (just to be clear). But not floating. It would just be out of place.

Robert said...

Well, I'm slightly exaggerating, Leigh. All the posts by Smiffy5648 (or something like that), Slapstick, Fanny the Tranny and Mad Thinker are one guy. I forget if he had other aliases. Ted came on as Jabba the Slut for a bit. There's been on-going rumours of others multiple-posting, including myself (which is a bit weird, but there you go). I also think a few folk have one alias here and another on the forum, which confuses things further. When Bob first arrived here not so long ago it was suspected he was me! Poor guy had no idea what the hell was going on!

BobDiamond said...

Talking of Bob, here I am!

I've been reading this long stream of posts on possible poses for The Wizard sculpt.
There is a way to show a slight feeling of hovering/ floating that would work.
Those of you who collect the DC series may have the John Stewart Green Lantern which has the character floating quite elegantly on an added 'pole'of green light. It is hardly noticable, but certainly makes the figure different from the other GLs.
This is the same figure that our friend Deadpool used for his superb Captain Britain custom BTW, and the added 'piece' didn't distract from that.

On the issue of Cannonball...
Personally I think EM have done an amazing job of turning a rather dull, one-trick, character into a very dynamic figure that actually shows off that one unique power of his extremely well.
I would be backing more original sculpts like this.


jangles said...

Extremely excited about the addition to photon! Would love her in white and the "afro" though, the new costume sucks.

I really like the cannonball scpult and hope moonstar joins him in this extension. For the last six slots I'd want:
1) Domino (X-force- wolverine-x-men interesting character)
2) moonstar (she's just awesome- i'd want her red bandanna and shorts costume though when she was running with x-force, she was "kick ass" during that run )
3) Moonstone (thunderbolt, avenger, masters of evil, hulk the girl deserves a spot and it'd be nice more thunderbolts)
4) Singray (the costume is weird and unique and they'd do an awesome job)
5) Wolfbane (her and moonstar are the most deserving females that are left. Wolfbane has been every x-men team out. visually she's appealing.)
6) Silver Samurai (His costume design is just complex and detailed that it would look awesome as a figurine also you'd grab some wolverine fans).

jimbob said...

I think 2 places are going to go to Guardian of the Galaxy and Young Avengers.

Which could leave 4 place left now.

There are polls up right now on which character and team should be in this extension.

It would be great to get some confrimation friday on this.

And maybe some news on Aurora and Northstar double pack as well please.

Robert said...

If that Guardian is Gamora in her classic costume, I'm all for that, Jimbob.

Gremlin said...

Last six places.....

I would like..

White Tiger (Marvel Knight)
Gamora (Cosmic)
Brother Voodoo (Supernatural/Avenger Ally)
Deathbird (Cosmic/X-villain)
Vance Astro (Cosmic)
Moonstone (Avenger Villain/Thunderbolt)

BobDiamond said...

Last 6 Regular places?
Sounds like a good idea for a game.
My choices would be:

1. Swordsman -orig.
2. White Tiger- orig.
3. Mantis
4. Starhawk
5. Baron Strucker
6. Gamora- 1st costume


mighty_marvel said...

last 6 places

silver samurai
vance astro
brother voodoo
nico minoru

jimbob said...

Ok last 6 places for me would be


BobDiamond said...

And number 6 Jimbob is......???


ps. I expect you were going to put Swordsman...!

jimbob said...


And the 6th is',

Go on then SWORDSMAN (Original)

Robert said...

Last six (all classic versions, of course):
1. Gamora
2. Tarantula
3. Hogun the Grimm
4. Fandrall the Dashing
5. Volstagg the Valiant (a.k.a. Volstagg the Voluminous)
6. Mantis

And, yes, I know I am dreaming...

Thor8 said...

My 6 choices are;

White Tiger

Thor8 said...

AS far as poses are concerned I agree with LAWay> Poses should be eye catching yes,but they should not be done too exotic or outstanding in the sense that they will stand out too much in the collection making them seem out of place or not really part of said collection. Sure they can be made in such a way that they will tell us something about the character involved especially if he or she are not as popular as say Spidey,Wolverine or Thor whom as mentioned before do not need to be manifesting their powers in order for someone to know what they can do,but it should not be taken to lengths that alienate the figurine in question from the others. Lets keep them cool but simple!

LAWay said...

Nicely put Thor8, glad someone else shares the same view.
Playing THE game of the final 6...

1)Silver Samurai

LAWay said...

Oh, I forgot a 6th. Um...

6)Spiderman 2099


max_0888 said...

For the last six spot, I would choose:
1- Wolfsbane
2- Moonstone
3- Meggan
4- Jessica Jones (Jewel) c'mon, she would rock! Alias is one of my fave comic series! Pulse was awesome, and ive looooved her as a supporting role in new avengers. Now she'S back to her costume, we need her :)
5- Longshot
6- Arachne

John said...

LAWay, you truly are my evil twin. :D

And thanks Bob. Similarly, I was about to post a comment about Torch. I imagined the pose close to this with the arms out making an upward arrow of the body which really gives the impression of floating, but didn't know if people would buy that he was floating when in a regular costume. That John Stewart idea is perfect! EM, can we get a combination of Torch and Stewart for our Wingless Wizard figurine, please?

And all this talk of names reminded me; I'm "John" here, but "Wingless Wizard" on the forum. I used the name in hopes that this figurine would get made. Helping to spread the word. :)

Robert: "If that Guardian is Gamora in her classic costume, I'm all for that, Jimbob."

I'd be all for Gamora too... in her CURRENT outfit. ;)

jimbob said...

I would also like Gamora in her Annihilation costume.

Timothy said...

AWESOME picks so far. :)


jimbob said...

Just one final thing about Pyro and Spider-man EM.

You know they are the same height?


and Spider-man is a bit heavier than Pyro.

Just to let you know Rich.


pirate adam said...

Jacadoo, cant believe you called the Mighty Asgardians LADYBOYS dont the Olympian "men" walk around in skirts and dresses while the Asgardian MEN like to wear Armour and hunt Frost Giants.

i have a couple of weeks of work soon Buddy, so i'll get to work on painting Bor.


LAWay said...

Maybe not so much your evil twin John. maybe I AM you, your dark schizophrenic side that just posts on blogs.

Robert said...

How many of those who prefer the modern Gamora over classic Gamora have read the First Thanos War, the Starlin Warlocks and Captain Marvels, the Infinity Trilogy and Warlock and the Infinity Watch? Just wondering...

LAWay said...

Definitely the new costume if that is the costume with the least amount of clothes version.

Gets my thumbs up.


Filthy beggers.

meady said...

love the two captains, great choices, please consider Starfox!
Pyro not nice

BobDiamond said...

Right, short 'game' time guys....

Name 2 characters that have debuted in each decade, that you would like to still see made. (ie, haven't been announced yet)

My choices:

39/40s- Orig. Torch/ Whizzer

50s- Marvel Boy/ Orig. Black Knight

60s- Swordsman/ Baron Strucker

70s- White Tiger/ Killraven

80s- USAgent/ Spiderwoman II (Arachne)

90s- Access/ Spiderman 2099

00s- Iron Patriot/ New Cap. America


Guilherme said...

I LOVE most of the CMFC but the fire in the right hand of Pyro doesn´t look good. Maybe in hands I change my mind.

mighty_marvel said...


Whizzer / Namora


Simon Garth / The Uranian


J Jonah Jameson / Vance Astro


Moonstone / Brother Voodoo


Forge / Arachne


Domino / Pete Wisdom


Nico Minoru / The Hood

BobDiamond said...

Very cool list MM.

I had completely forgotten about The Hood!
I would have probably put him in my list if I'd remembered.

Also, I like your inclusion of Simon Garth in the 50s catagory. It was only last week while reading the 'Comic Book Legends Revealed' on the CBR website, that I found out about his 1950s debute (pre-Comic Book Code days!).

BTW, if any of you still haven't discovered the CBR site, then look for it. It's full of great reviews, blogs and articles, esp. 'Comic book Legends Revealed', which is always fascinating.


BobDiamond said...

This one is for you Rob!

Just after I posted the message about the CBR site, I went on it, and found this article!
Mind-blowing Thanos-related stuff!

Weird, right?


Kal Brindle said...

Hey Rich and Assorted Blog Fans,

Photon - fantastic choice - I'd definitely prefer her in the costume you have posted - afro and all. She has been missing for a long time and I'm delighted you added her to this extension.

Captain Marvel - another great addition. This is the Captain Marvel who should have come first - don't get me wrong, Genis is deserving of his spot too, but I'm delighted you've rectified this oversight (IMO).

Puck and Sasquatch look fanfrickintastic!! I am SO happy you went with separate bases. I am one happy cowboy and frankly think Sasquatch's sculpt is the best of the collection. Love the detail on Puck too. Any chance we can see them with Guardian and/or Snowbird?

Cannonball looks awesome too - great sculpt all round. I was worried the blast effect would be too much, but I am delighted with the sculptors choice - he's gonna be an amazing addition to the collection. With Magik's addition that's two New Mutants in - any chance we'll see Mirage/Danielle Moonstar next?

After the brilliance of these sculpts it's not surprising that Pyro is coming under fire. He's not your best effort, but I have faith that once in hand he'll be better than we think. It is a shame about the costume choice. What was Marvel thinking - his classic/original costume was a much better choice.

To the guys who think the Forum is stacked with X-Fans, I think you're mistaken. There have been two forum votes so far, adding six characters to the collection.

Ant Man II - an Avenger
Jack of Hearts - a Cosmic/Avenger
Jocasta - an Avenger
Moondragon - an Avenger/Defender/Cosmic
Spiral - an X-Villain
Toad - an X Villain

Pretty clearly no X-Men have been added only two X related villains who have featured just as prominently in other Marvel titles. Yes there are many X-fans on the forum, but the vote can and has gone all over the place and is frequently very close.

Don't for a second think your voice won't be heard if you are a member of the forum. Even if your favourite doesn't make it to the top they'll move up the list and end up firmly on EM's radar and in the minds of other collectors.

There's also the promised contest Rich mentioned. How cool would it be to win that? I guess we'll have to ask Max from Montreal who won last time.

So which sic figures do I want to see in the next reveal? Easy...

Baron Mordo
Count Nefaria
Grey Gargoyle
Texas Twister

Honourable mentions to: Aurora, Arcade, Red Wolf, Darkstar, Thundra, White Tiger, Shroud, Stingray, Sebastian Shaw, Attuma, Alkhema, Random, Dust, Wiccan, Yondu, Thunderstrike, Hela, Mantis, Shaman, Hector, Marrina, Justice, Lorelei, Mastermind and Mesmero.

In closing Rich, I have to ask if you're any further ahead with your decision regarding the Beaubier twins two-pack. Is Northstar going to be in this extension as a regular figure or will we see him with his sister in a two pack later this year? Sorry to be a pain, but Jean Paul is my most wanted figure ever after Banshee and I'm dying to find out how quickly he'll be joining the collection.

Thanks and sorry for the essay.

Kal B.

Thor8 said...

Kal Brindle: I may be mistaken but I don't recall Ant-Man II,Jocasta or Jack Of Hearts having been confirmed through a forum poll,and I'm not too sure about Moondragon either

max_0888 said...

Yes they have Thor8! For the 121-140 extansion Ant-man (Scott Lang), Jocasta and Jack of Hearts got in with the forum! So three avengers and no x-characters!

Last extansion, the forum got Moondragon, Toad and Spiral in!

So, as much as people can say the forum is only for x-fan...this is the proof that its not really true! There are a lot of x-fans, but in the end, more avengers got in because of the forum than x-characters. Anyway, all 6 of them are awesome characters, so I wouldn't complain!

As for Siryn...well...that's mostly because of me ;) hehe! Really guys, I hope everyone could win the competition I won! Best thing ever :) Wish you all the best of luck!

Robert said...

Thanks, Bob! Absolutely daft-as-a-brush stuff. It makes the Hostess Twinkies ads look sensible (yes, even the Hulk fighting roller-skaters).

As for the forum being dominated by X-fans, I can't comment other than to say let's just wait and see what happens in the next poll. (Actually, I still think 2 out of 6 proves that X-fans have a fair bit of clout.)

SinisterVenom said...

Interesting theory Robert, and even true in a sense. I mainly am keeping an eye out for the characters I know of or heard of but I am also keen on those that I know not so much about.
When the collection began I decided to collect the figures for a few reasons and one of them was to learn more about the Marvel Universe. It's like I know a lot about most of the characters we've had so far but there have been facts I knew nothing of. For example, I knew a fair few things about Mystique, like her being the mother of Nightcrawler and Graydon Creed and adopting Rogue etc but I knew nothing of her relationship with Destiny. So I am even learning more about the characters I already know and I have to admit there have been some folks I've never heard of, such as Doc Samson, Ikaris and Sentry.
Plus I do know of some of the 'goldie oldies' characters like Whizzer, Miss America and the (famous) death of Gwen Stacy storyline.
I suppose we all share the love we have for Marvel both then and now, just some points more than others.
Whew...and now my fingers hurt from all that lol.
And don't worry Rob ol' pal, I didn't think for a second you were being negative or anything like that.

LAWay said...

I find it annoying the lack of connectivity and interaction with this blog and the forums which supposedly the more important decisions get made. Why arent contests and polls announced on the blog? I feel I am missing out by not visiting the unofficial forums.

Deadpool said...

OK i'm back but only briefly.

There are a few things need to be addressed here.

1. Sasquatch and Puck are excellent.
2. Marvy Mar vell ... yeah ok he may form the basis for a few mods.
But does he count as a resculpt because we already have a Captain Marvel?
If so then do a few more resculpts.

3. Pyro --- I do not believe you guys. You harp on incessantly for Pyro, you say how great the unpainted sculp is and then you complain about him.
Be grateful.

If it was up to me... which it may be in the future .... I would listen to your concerns about Pyro and then ditch any future X-characters.
The collection is already bloated with mutants.

To my mind we need more Avengers and cosmics.

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

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mighty_marvel said...

the collection is no more bloated with mutants than it is with avengers. counting both normal figs & specials and including heroes, villains & allies of both groups there's approx 60 x-men characters so far and 60 avengers. spidey, knights and F4 all have approx 25 characters each. cosmics is the least with about 10 but they weren't one of the original groups of the collection so this is to be expected. i'm sure their ranks will swell soon enough

mighty_marvel said...

and mar-vell is not a resculpt because although he shares the captain marvel name with genis-vell he is a different character. although costume-wise he will look very similar. just hope they use a significantly different pose

still cannot understand why when captain marvel got in at the start of the collection the magaizine didn't cover both mar-vell and genis-vell and the variant that was released at the time was mar-vell rather than genis-vell in a different costume

mighty_marvel said...

LAWay - polls used to be done on here but apparantly there was a lot of cheating with people having multiple blog accounts

LAWay said...

I never said the Pyro sculpt looked good. I thought it looked bad unpainted and hoped it would change.

Since the New Captain Marvel is a different person yet the same name, who else could we have that can be done like this?

Marvel themselves list their characters and include alternate universe like the Ultimate universe. Sometimes these characters do have different names, and they certainly have a different history to regular marvel continuity. These should be made too.

BobDiamond said...

Talking of Access...

Although no one was really (apart from me in my choice of 90s characters)...
He must be the only original character in comics that is jointly owned by both Marvel and DC.(not including the actual Amalgam characters themselves).

A pretty unique position when you think about it. If for no other reason, he would make a great 'link' between the two EM collections.
I know there are a lot of DC Nay-sayers on this blog, but I would love another big cross-over event with the Distinguished Competition.
And one that featured Access would be particularly cool.


(PS. Waiting for Rob to shoot that one down in flames!)

Robert said...

Bob, Bob, Bob. Whatever are we going to do with you? There you are, talking knowledgeably, wittily and intelligently about various topics and then, wham, the Daft Train runs over you and all of sudden it's DC this and DC that. Just remind yourself, there is a God and he is Stan Lee. Say it over and over until the truth sinks in and you can discard your apostasy forever.

Not keen on Leigh's idea of alternative universe characters. We've got enough interesting ones in the main MU to keep the collection occupied for years to come.

Nice to see Deadpool back and still no closer to getting a handle on his self-medicating...

John said...

mighty-marvel, I put my FF with the cosmics. My thought is that they're explorers BEFORE superheroes and have more connection to alternate dimensions and space than any other group.

LAWay, just join the forum.

As for categories in general... everyone's going to display their characters differently. For example, I have my Ka-Zar in Marvel Knights because he's so connected to every group here and there (like Dr. Strange.) I don't put my Alpha Flight with X-Men (because I LOVE Alpha Flight and they're too good for them, bwahahaha.) Kingpin's not with Spidey (because to me he's a Daredevil character) so he's on my "Villains" shelf. So it's very hard to say any group is bloated. ...except X-Men....

John said...

"Not keen on Leigh's idea of alternative universe characters. We've got enough interesting ones in the main MU to keep the collection occupied for years to come."

HEAVILY agreed!!!

Robert said...

Re: John's last post: Yet another example of John showing great taste, perceptive intelligence and wisdom.

(Oh, and you cheque's in the post, too!)

Robert said...

Oh, I put Ka-zar with the MK characters, too. And Kingpin was a Spidey villain when I was knee high to a moloid, so he's in with the Spidey villains in my house.

LAWay said...

bah! Poppycock! boulder-dash!

Admittedly its a bad idea because characters like spidey havent changed, although some are drastically different.

Save them for 2 pack specials? An Ultimate Cap and Iron Man?

But are there any other characters other than captain marvel and antman who share the same hero name, but are different under the mask?

Also, I am on the forums, I just couldnt find any information about contests.

Robert said...

Wasn't Boulder Dash a computer game, Leigh?

On the question of people wearing the same "mask", Iron Man was Rhodey in the 1980s. During a time when Shell-Head still wore the classic armour. I may not have mentioned it before but we could definitely make room for a classic Iron Man. He is back wearing it again in the comics, too...

LAWay said...

But we have had war machine, so we cant have another rhodey.

As much as I want a classic iron man, gotta stick by the rules or the redos that other people have proclaimed.

Thor8 said...

LAWay; Yes there are other heroes that have shared the same moniker in the past such as...
Goliath= Pym-Foster-Josten-Barton
Giant-Man= Pym-Foster
Yellowjacket= Pym-DeMara
Power Man=Cage-Josten
Ms Marvel=Danvers-Ventura
Black Knight=Whitman-Garrett
and many other that could be listed.

John said...

There's a few Marvel Boys. Actually, the Uranian (the Marvel Boy from the 50's is my current #1 want.)

There are 2 Hawkeyes.
We already have 2 Gladiators.
There's a second of MOST Spidey villains (3 Vultures + the Vulturians, 2 Rhinos, 2 or 3 Kangaroos, 87 Goblins, 2 or 3 Mysterios, etc. etc.)
2 Nightcrawlers.
A few Black Widows.

And all characters are very different from each other.

Robert said...

The longer this collection goes on, the more likely it will be that we will see classic Iron Man, original Bucky, classic furry Beast and other characters that have already appeared in another guise, Leigh.

I don't think we should allow "rules" to limit our imagination or, indeed, the collection. Stan ignored all the "rules" when he made a skint teenager with girl problems a comicbook hero and look where it led.

(Really, who needs the Bible or the Teachings of Buddha when we have THE MAN for lessons in life?)

jimbob said...

The thing with Pyro,its going to be easy enough for people who dont care about the x-men or the character to say it's good or we should stop complaing about the sculpt.

I hope Rich will listen to us who are passionate enough about Pyro character to be the best it can be,and just gives us a comment on his thoughts on friday about it,like he has done with a few others that's had negative feed back(Wasp-hair,Drax-costume).

Robert said...

Just remembered: another week and another update and STILL no hint as to the secret project that Eaglemoss are planning...

P.S. Kudoes to Thor8 and John for their impressive memories. I could only think of Black Panther...

BobDiamond said...

At the moment there, LAWay, there are 3 different Black Widows in the MU- Romanov, Belova and Voyant (The GA one in The Twelve)

Also, 2 Novas- Richard Rider and Frankie Raye ( who I believe is just being reintroduced in The Heralds mini-series )

And there are 2 guys called Gorilla Man!
One in The Agents Of Atlas, and the other in the villain team The Head Men.


ps. Not forgetting that we have 2 guys called Gladiator already in the collection...

BobDiamond said...

...And (how could I forget) there have been FOUR versions of The White Tiger.
BTW, does anyone else remember the really cool High Evolutionary created one from the first 'Heroes For Hire' series? The second best version of all, next to the original.

There's also going to be a 3rd Power Man soon too, to be introduced in a Shadowlands mini.


LAWay said...

good to see there are others. My mind froze and I could only think of a handful so I chose not to embarrass myself.

Would love some feedback from the EM guys about Pyro and that super secret project...and competition? The more feedback the better really.

Infact, employ me as the blog supervisor and just tell me all the juicy info for me to relay. I wouldnt blackmail bloggers, honest.

Thor8 said...

Yes sir there are quite a lot of people running around in the MU whom have or have had the same moniker,but going back to the subject of what group or branch of the MU is the most bloated,I believe it's all a matter of how you classify certain characters and how you divide or sub-divide them in your collection. Samples of this are...
Namor:He's a Defender,an Avenger,an FF ally/foe a GA Invader
Beast:He's an Avenger,Defender,X-Man
Silver Surfer can be grouped as a cosmic,a Defender,an FF ally
Wolverine,Angel,Dr.Strange,and many others have the same situation. Even in the introductory mag that list the 5 original main branches in this collection list characters under one "family" that could well be placed under another. The reason I guess the X-Men tend to stand out more than the rest is due to the fact that with a few exceptions they tend to keep to themselves within the MU as a class apart.

Thor8 said...

LAWay;It was once suggested in the past to have a Blog rep.,but it wasn't received well by some bloggers so the subject was dropped like a hot potato. But if you want the job good luck mate!

Robert said...

Leigh, Thor8 is too polite to mention that the Blog Rep idea was mine. I temporarily had to join a witness relocation programme...

Anonymous said...

"I find it annoying the lack of connectivity and interaction with this blog and the forums which supposedly the more important decisions get made. Why arent contests and polls announced on the blog? I feel I am missing out by not visiting the unofficial forums."

There's a variety of reasons for that.

1. Cheating - The polls that were ran here were ripe with cheating. Hence why they were tossed out and moved to the forums where it was easier to keep an eye on them. The forums are more secure and the IP addresses can be tracked to prevent the cheating if/when it does happen. The forums have already proven they're on the ball and kicked out those few who tried to manipulate the votes.

2. More People - Face it, there's about 10-15 Regulars on the blog. So they results are signifigantely skewed by that. Where as the forums have a great deal more posters, so the results are from a larger cross-section survey.

3. Support - The forums have been there from the beginning and have done a lot to support and keep the collection going beyond the original plans for 60. They often get sneak-peeks and news because of how long they have supported the line.

LAWay said...

Why wasnt the CMFC just a forum instead of making it a blog then? They could have everything contained in one website and it would have been much easier to follow.

Anonymous said...

Because this is something Rich does for free on his own time. A forum would require the hiring of moderators and staff, and such to keep it running. Where as the Unofficial Forums are run by fans for fans.

LAWay said...

Makes sense, fair enough.
Anyone got any ideas for me to draw something? Maybe an upcoming character in the CMFC?
Maybe someone you wish to see in a future extension?

Give me a shout. Sometimes I am bored and have no idea what to draw. :)

Thor8 said...

LAWay;Do you think you could draw a double pack feature of The Swordsman and Mantis,or how about an Odin or a Destroyer (The Odin creation)?

Thor8 said...

Y'know CBR Beast has brought up a subject (when he mentioned that there are about 15 regulars on this blog) that I have been giving some thought to lately. There was a time when there were many more regular bloggers on this site and others that would pop up once in awhile. Lately the number has gone down quite considerately. Do these fans still read this blog even though they do not comment? Maybe we can get other collectors we know to take a look at this blog and maybe join our little band of merry men.

Anonymous said...

I think the often unpleasent nature of some of the blog posters keep people away from posting here. On the Forums there's some ground rules and mutual respect for the most part. It leads to a more relaxed and friendly environment that welcomes people. Here it's like a melee of opinions being tossed around at times, often with little respect or regard given to the fact there's a human being with a valid opinion behind these posts.

John said...

Yeah, it is VERY friendly and supportive in the forum. And as there's no direction to the conversation, I bet most people just read the update and then go talk about it on the forum.

John said...

Robert, these seem contradictory;

"Not keen on Leigh's idea of alternative universe characters. We've got enough interesting ones in the main MU to keep the collection occupied for years to come."

"The longer this collection goes on, the more likely it will be that we will see classic Iron Man, original Bucky, classic furry Beast and other characters that have already appeared in another guise, Leigh."

I agree with your first post as once we start to go into other dimensions, we eventually give up searching out characters that wouldn't get made otherwise (like Recorder.) But I don't see the difference in having the A0A Wolverine vs. one of Wolverine's older outfits in the regular universe. They're both Wolverine, who we already have, and they both take a spot away from a character we haven't seen yet. I'm not happy with Winter Soldier, but once Bucky's made, it opens a HUGE door for resculpts. And goodbye Recorder, Princess Python, M-11, etc. etc.

mighty_marvel said...

i think that's a little harsh cbrbeast. i have never known it to be unpleasant or disrespectful on here. there was one blogger who sometimes got a little close to the line but he seems to have mellowed out a bit lately ;-)
and sure, differences of opinion arise sometimes, but the forum doesn't ever reach a universal consensus on topics either. and the forum has different threads for different stuff so it avoids the 'melee of opinions' as you put it. if all the threads were put into one, like on this blog, it would be a 'melee of opinions' over there too. the forum and the blog both have different things to offer and i for one enjoy posting on both

LAWay said...

lol dont worry, i'll keep away from the forums so it stays peaceful. :P

Thor8. I'll have a go at it later tonight. You mean like I did with Pyro?

Personally I cant see why we cant dip in every now and then into alternate universes. I mean like 1 in ever 4 or 6 issues isnt taking too much away from other characters. That being said, alot of the extension characters announced I have been happy with, so maybe it was the current or last extension that just irked me.

mighty_marvel said...

LAWay - could you have a go at a possible design for a JJJ fig. rolled up bugle in one hand, spidey mask in the other and looking like he's about to bark 'Parker'

LAWay said...

I'll give it a go. Honestly, thats how I envision how a JJJ figurine should be too. lol I'll see what I can get done tonight as I have some work I gotta sort out first.

Robert said...

John, I'm not sure I understand why you think the statements you quoted are contradictory.

Classic Iron Man was from the main Marvel Universe, sometimes called Earth-616. Ditto blue Beast and Bucky. All of these characters interacted with pretty much all the other characters in the collection. Beast was in the Avengers, so he'd stand next to Thor, Cap, classic Iron Man, etc., and it would be like a scene from a 1970s comic. I can give hundreds of other examples.

That's not the case with Ultimate Cap, for instance. He's from a different Marvel universe. (If it has a number, which I suppose it has, I just don't know it.)

So, sorry, I think we are talking two completely different things and I don't see how classic versions of characters can be interpreted as characters from another universe.

As for what CBRBeast had to say, I can only suspect he's including me and some of my comments to Mad Thinker. Actually, this would be a good opportunity for me to explain to the newer posters here like Leigh why I don't cut Mad Thinker any slack. He's the only person I've been critical of on here and that's because he made derogatory comments about my wife, made up some outrageous and hysterical lies about what I had been saying in posts, swore at me several times and even came on under another alias for his attacks. After that, I was unforgiving in my retorts and I make no apology for doing that. If you think I'm going to sit back and meekly let him say what he wants about me and my wife, you're mistaken.

LAWay said...

Totally understandable there Rob, I dont want to judge.

Anyway, got that J Jonah Jameson sketch done. Check out my blog for some good ol JJJ. I went for what has worked before, because if it aint broke, dont fix it. ;)

Let me know what you think.

pirate adam said...


i dont think so, all the jest on here is in good humour in my opinion.

...and i am itching to know who MM is on about


LAWay said...

I think it was me PA. I came to the blog pretty negatively and was quite a dick. My heart was in the right place but I wasn't the best expressing my words.

Tis what I thinketh anyway.

Robert said...

Love the JJJ pic, Leigh. Final proof, if we needed it, that civilians/ non-costumed adversaries or whatever we might call them would make great figures.

I will spare you my usual soap-boxing about civilians as you can probably write what I would say for me, except to say my First Family look kind of incomplete without Franklin and Valeria...

LAWay said...

Thanks Rob. My viewpoint is that they are pivotal characters, we are not talking about having a figurine of the guy spidey saves in Amazing Fantasy, just important characters that are not supers.

My theory, if Marvel is willing to make action figures, statues, busts and other merchandise of civilian characters, not only do Marvel think these characters are important, but so do the fans who buy and demand them. So I say make the figurines of civilians that have sold well in bust and statues.

BobDiamond said...

Some of the reasons why I come on this Blog...

The odd-ball mix of entertaining personalities.
The totally, unexpected Surreal moments.
The occasional heartfelt tantrum!
The totally-off-the-subject-of-figueines-but-who-gives-a-**** conversations....
and above all...
The chance to reminisce like an old fart with similar-minded folk.

I also love to chat about this amazing hobby we all if this Blog is often a mixed-up 'melee of opinions', then I for one think it's all the stronger AND entertaining for it.


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